27 Plus 4 More Is 31

Oct 31 19:21:47 <Maddy> Alice drives the fastboat towards the thingy.
Oct 31 19:21:54 <E4D> «All right, people, I'm on the 30 mike mike, you want fire and brimstone on Halloween, I'll give it to ya, just get clear and gimme the word.»
Oct 31 19:22:05 <Tom90deg> «Right then»
Oct 31 19:22:28 <Maddy> 4df+3 looking for someway to either get in or signal the person inside.
Oct 31 19:22:29 <Glacon> Maddy: looking for someway to either get in or signal the person inside.: 3 (4df+3=0, 0, 0, 0)
Oct 31 19:22:35 <MisterFlames> 4df+4 (Occult Midnight considers her options here, preparing her mind.
Oct 31 19:22:35 <Glacon> MisterFlames: (Occult Midnight considers her options here, preparing her mind.: 3 (4df+4=+, -, -, 0)
Oct 31 19:22:40 <Tom90deg> "ALice, you ever seen one of these before?
Oct 31 19:22:55 <E4D> There's a small hatch visible on one end.
Oct 31 19:22:55 <Maddy> "N-not up close."
Oct 31 19:23:05 <E4D> Right above the waterline.
Oct 31 19:23:11 * Laito-Dishes (~moc.retrahc.om.slts.pchd.5D68B3DB-CRInys|sirhc#moc.retrahc.om.slts.pchd.5D68B3DB-CRInys|sirhc) has joined #afteractionmission
Oct 31 19:23:36 <Tom90deg> "Is this where they throw dangerous thing to get them away, or keep things SAFE from dangerous things?"
Oct 31 19:24:17 <Maddy> She manouvers the boat over to the hatch. <It's how they make sure stuff survives bad things. C-could be staff, c-could be a priject they w-were particularly fond of.>
Oct 31 19:24:22 <MisterFlames> "Got me," Midnight says.
Oct 31 19:24:42 <Tom90deg> "Right then."
Oct 31 19:24:59 <Maddy> <Zoe, c-can you open t-the hatch? I'l c-cover you.>
Oct 31 19:25:34 <Tom90deg> "Will do."
Oct 31 19:25:47 <Tom90deg> Zoe heads over to the hatch. "Ready?"
Oct 31 19:26:23 <E4D> There's a large steel handle on one side, chrome, and a white, circular turnhandle in the center.
Oct 31 19:26:25 <Maddy> Alice has her gun up. <R-ready.>
Oct 31 19:26:39 <Tom90deg> Zoe tries to turn the wheel.
Oct 31 19:26:40 <MisterFlames> Midnight stands by as well.
Oct 31 19:28:34 <E4D> It rotates easily, stopping after a few turns.
Oct 31 19:29:39 <Tom90deg> Zoe pulls the wheel towards herself.
Oct 31 19:30:47 <E4D> It lift easily, apparently a light fiberglass with a metal liner.
Oct 31 19:31:02 <Tom90deg> "Open…"
Oct 31 19:31:08 <Tom90deg> Zoe looks inside.
Oct 31 19:32:09 <E4D> It's white. Stark, sterile white. There's a metallic grate on the deck, a 3x3 meter little room.
Oct 31 19:32:32 <E4D> There's a few steps leading down to the floorgrate, and what appears to be an airlock beyond that.
Oct 31 19:33:06 <Tom90deg> "Huh…All clear! There's a airlock and a floorgrate."
Oct 31 19:33:12 <Maddy> Alice nods. <I'll t-take point. M-midnight, try to keep us updated if t-the mind seems hostile.> Alice climbs up.
Oct 31 19:33:26 <MisterFlames> "Right."
Oct 31 19:33:33 <Tom90deg> Zoe heads in, looking down the floorgrate.
Oct 31 19:33:47 <E4D> There's a small window in the airlock, just a little square of reinforced glass.
Oct 31 19:34:05 <Maddy> 4df+3 looking in the window
Oct 31 19:34:06 <Glacon> Maddy: looking in the window: 4 (4df+3=+, 0, 0, 0)
Oct 31 19:34:36 <MisterFlames> «The mind seems… active, busy with something. Not sure what»
Oct 31 19:34:51 <Maddy> <Alright.>
Oct 31 19:34:57 <Tom90deg> "Hm…If we could keep this itd be pretty nice."
Oct 31 19:35:09 <Tom90deg> 4df+2 looking down the floorgrate
Oct 31 19:35:10 <Glacon> Tom90deg: looking down the floorgrate: 2 (4df+2=-, +, +, -)
Oct 31 19:35:11 <E4D> It's a well-lit hallway, about the height of the room they're in, about twice as long, vertical struts on the sides, with the left and right curving in with the hull,
Oct 31 19:35:21 <E4D> There's another airlock door at the end.
Oct 31 19:35:35 <E4D> Zoe can see a few drains, and a pump below the grate.
Oct 31 19:35:49 <Tom90deg> "Pump down here."
Oct 31 19:35:59 <Tom90deg> "So, through the airlock?"
Oct 31 19:36:16 <Maddy> <Mhm…>
Oct 31 19:36:31 <Maddy> «Jason, we're in the ship, g-going in further.»
Oct 31 19:36:31 <Tom90deg> "Same as last time?"
Oct 31 19:36:37 <E4D> «Copy that.»
Oct 31 19:36:41 <Tom90deg> Zoe takes station near the door, ready to open it.
Oct 31 19:36:54 <Maddy> <Ready when y-you are.>
Oct 31 19:37:44 <Tom90deg> Zoe pulls the door open.
Oct 31 19:38:41 <Maddy> Alice stands ready for…whatever comes next.
Oct 31 19:39:35 <E4D> A delicate female voice comes from an unseen speaker. <X<Senior Researcher Alice Erdrich, welcome to Prometheus Labs RCPV 2-1-9. We hope you enjoy your stay.>X>
Oct 31 19:39:52 <Tom90deg> "Huh…That's a handy trick."
Oct 31 19:39:53 <E4D> The lighting in the hallway turns to a light, cool blue.
Oct 31 19:40:20 <Tom90deg> "Maybe you could say we're you're assistants?"
Oct 31 19:40:32 <MisterFlames> Midnight continues to monitor from the Zodiac.
Oct 31 19:40:44 <E4D> <X<All inboard personnel, please enter the forward sterilization chamber.>X>
Oct 31 19:40:49 <Maddy> <Hmm..> she clears her throat, speaking aloud for a moment. <Is there a voice interface for this vessel?>
Oct 31 19:41:04 <E4D> There's no response.
Oct 31 19:41:29 <Maddy> <Worth a t-try…I don't know if you should come into the sterilization chamber…>
Oct 31 19:42:15 <Tom90deg> "Hm…Well, if it's small, I can port through it with midnight."
Oct 31 19:42:33 <Tom90deg> "you want to check it out first, see if you can get the boat talking?"
Oct 31 19:42:40 <E4D> The chamber she opened is about 10 meters long.
Oct 31 19:42:47 <E4D> Same height as the room they're in.
Oct 31 19:43:01 <Maddy> <…just let be go first. I g-got my suit.> Alice takes a deep breath and steps in.
Oct 31 19:43:07 <Tom90deg> "Right then."
Oct 31 19:43:12 <Tom90deg> Zoe stands back.
Oct 31 19:43:57 <E4D> <X<All recent boarding personnel are requested to enter the sterilization chamber prior to interacting with ship systems.>X>
Oct 31 19:44:12 * Dexanote is now known as dexanote
Oct 31 19:44:19 <MisterFlames> «Alice, did you want me to join you?»
Oct 31 19:44:22 * ChanServ gives channel operator status to dexanote
Oct 31 19:44:26 <Tom90deg> "Guess we have to…"
Oct 31 19:44:35 <Maddy> «Up to you, Midnight, I don't know what's in h-here.>
Oct 31 19:44:39 <Tom90deg> "We'll stay by the door. If we start to suffocate, we'll get out."
Oct 31 19:44:53 <Maddy> <Alright. Lets d-do it.>
Oct 31 19:44:57 <Tom90deg> Zoe reaches down and scoops up Midnight. "Shall we? Don't think I ever teleported with you before."
Oct 31 19:45:12 <Maddy> Misnight isn't in the ship
Oct 31 19:45:26 <MisterFlames> Midnight runs inside the ship, "Yes, let's do this."
Oct 31 19:45:42 <Tom90deg> "Right then, once more into the breach."
Oct 31 19:45:44 <Maddy> <Alright s-step in guys.>
Oct 31 19:45:49 <Tom90deg> Zoe follows Alice into the room.
Oct 31 19:46:35 <MisterFlames> Midnight resigns herself to being carried by Zoe. Not that this is a harsh task.
Oct 31 19:46:56 <E4D> As soon as they enter, the door behind them wheels closed, and the lights inside turn an intense hyperviolet.
Oct 31 19:46:57 <Tom90deg> Zoe gives Scratches. "Heh, just till we get through."
Oct 31 19:47:03 <E4D> It's almost too bright to see.
Oct 31 19:47:12 <Tom90deg> "Hell…"
Oct 31 19:47:31 <Tom90deg> Zoe squints her eyes almost shut. "Is this normal for decon?"
Oct 31 19:47:35 <Maddy> <That's normal>
Oct 31 19:47:41 * Dae (~ten.xoc.ta.np.A71FDC51-CRInys|eziladeaD#ten.xoc.ta.np.A71FDC51-CRInys|eziladeaD) has joined #afteractionmission
Oct 31 19:47:54 <Tom90deg> "Well, just yell if something not normal happens."
Oct 31 19:48:06 * Daedalize has quit (NickServ (GHOST command used by Dae))
Oct 31 19:48:11 <Maddy> <Mhm.>
Oct 31 19:48:13 * Dae is now known as Daedalize
Oct 31 19:49:11 <E4D> The lights switch abruptly back to the stark white.
Oct 31 19:49:25 <E4D> <X<Thank you. You may now proceed forward.>X>
Oct 31 19:49:37 <Maddy> <Well, that's a r-relief.>
Oct 31 19:49:43 <Tom90deg> "Indeed…"
Oct 31 19:49:49 <MisterFlames> ~Are you all right, Cricket?~
Oct 31 19:49:49 <Tom90deg> Zoe sets midnight down.
Oct 31 19:49:52 <Maddy> Alice procedes forward.
Oct 31 19:50:04 <Tom90deg> And follows after Alice.
Oct 31 19:50:12 <E4D> ~Fine.~
Oct 31 19:50:34 <E4D> There's a stairwell past the next hatch, leading down, back in the direction they came.
Oct 31 19:50:52 <Tom90deg> "how big IS this thing?"
Oct 31 19:51:28 <Maddy> <Y-you saw it, it's like…p-pretty big.>
Oct 31 19:51:40 <Maddy> Alice carfuly moves forward.
Oct 31 19:52:42 <MisterFlames> "Wonder what we'll find."
Oct 31 19:52:58 <Maddy> <Indeed>
Oct 31 19:53:09 <Tom90deg> "Right then…Just thought it was a small thing…"
Oct 31 19:53:16 <Tom90deg> Zoe follows closely.
Oct 31 19:53:21 <E4D> It's all still brightly lit, down below. The deck is smooth tile, immaculately kept.
Oct 31 19:53:23 <Maddy> 4df+3 keeping an eye out
Oct 31 19:53:24 <Glacon> Maddy: keeping an eye out: 3 (4df+3=-, +, +, -)
Oct 31 19:53:30 <Tom90deg> "Looks to be in great shape."
Oct 31 19:53:36 <Tom90deg> 4df+2 Zoe is also looking around
Oct 31 19:53:37 <Glacon> Tom90deg: Zoe is also looking around: 1 (4df+2=0, +, -, -)
Oct 31 19:53:45 <E4D> Alice can see a weapon laying on the floor at the bottom of the stairs.
Oct 31 19:53:46 <Maddy> <Hope t-there's not more robots.>
Oct 31 19:53:48 <E4D> And a lab coat.
Oct 31 19:53:56 <E4D> And a pair of slacks and a button up.
Oct 31 19:54:01 <E4D> And a pair of shoes.
Oct 31 19:54:18 <Maddy> <…> She aproaches carefully. <Uuuhh, g-got some clothes and a weapon here. N-no body.>
Oct 31 19:54:23 <Tom90deg> "Huh…
Oct 31 19:54:40 <Tom90deg> Zoe approaches, looking for anything like ash, dust or anything.
Oct 31 19:54:57 <Tom90deg> She also pats the pockets, looking for ID, or anything useful
Oct 31 19:55:02 <E4D> Alice, perception
Oct 31 19:55:16 <E4D> Zoe's hands come away sticky.
Oct 31 19:55:16 <Maddy> 4df+3 eyes
Oct 31 19:55:17 <Glacon> Maddy: eyes: 1 (4df+3=-, -, -, +)
Oct 31 19:55:20 <Maddy> >:|
Oct 31 19:55:24 <Tom90deg> "Eeehhh"
Oct 31 19:55:31 <Tom90deg> "It's sticky…"
Oct 31 19:55:32 <E4D> It's not hard to see there's a viscous substance on the coat.
Oct 31 19:55:38 <Maddy> <Why would you t-touch it. I didn't even touch it.>
Oct 31 19:56:15 <Tom90deg> "Cause I thought there might be a access card or something useful. This is my first time infultrating a high-tec sub made by a huge sciene lab
Oct 31 19:56:22 <Tom90deg> Zoe looks on the slacks, if they're dry
Oct 31 19:56:33 <Tom90deg> "It…tingles a bit. Great…"
Oct 31 19:56:58 <Tom90deg> If they're dry, she'll wipe her hands offf on them. "Blarg."
Oct 31 19:57:14 <Maddy> <Yeah, y-you don't have to b-be a master l-lab h-heister to know not to t-touch weird shit.>
Oct 31 19:57:26 <Tom90deg> "Duly noted."
Oct 31 19:57:43 <MisterFlames> "Hopefully, it's not something that won't heal." Midnight says. She watches her step.
Oct 31 19:58:00 <E4D> Ahead, a few lights are dim.
Oct 31 19:58:07 <Tom90deg> "It was probaly just a mild acid from whatever ate him."
Oct 31 19:58:09 <E4D> perception, everyone.
Oct 31 19:58:12 <Maddy> Alice keeps moveing forard. <Anyting else f-from the mind?> Alice hits her lights.
Oct 31 19:58:15 <Tom90deg> 4df+2
Oct 31 19:58:15 <Glacon> Tom90deg: 0 (4df+2=-, -, -, +)
Oct 31 19:58:16 <Maddy> 4df+3
Oct 31 19:58:17 <Glacon> Maddy: 3 (4df+3=+, -, 0, 0)
Oct 31 19:58:35 <MisterFlames> 4df+4 Perception
Oct 31 19:58:35 <Glacon> MisterFlames: Perception: 1 (4df+4=0, -, -, -)
Oct 31 19:59:09 <E4D> Alice can make out a few more uniforms laying around, a gray uniform here and there with web gear, all coated in the same viscous substance. Midnight can make out the same. Kitty eyes and all.
Oct 31 19:59:46 <Maddy> <Oooh, boy…this is not…I'm not liking t-this,>
Oct 31 19:59:55 <MisterFlames> "That goop does not reassure me." Midnight agrees.
Oct 31 20:00:10 <Tom90deg> "You're telling me….where is the central command station?"
Oct 31 20:00:56 <Maddy> <Y-yeah…guess we should h-head there.>
Oct 31 20:01:27 <MisterFlames> "Lead on." Midnight moves toward one of the bodies, careful of her footing, but she pauses to check its scent.
Oct 31 20:01:32 <E4D> There's only one direction. A few sets of clothes lay on top of each other, with slices evident around the pants legs.
Oct 31 20:02:23 <E4D> There are a few assorted desks on either side of the cleanroom, chairs, a few lamps, none burning.
Oct 31 20:02:24 <Tom90deg> Zoe follows, still idly wipeing her hands off on her pants and coat
Oct 31 20:02:33 <Tom90deg> "Want to check the desk?"
Oct 31 20:02:47 <Tom90deg> "MAybe they have a nice file that says, "Here is what we have on board:"
Oct 31 20:03:08 <Maddy> <Hehe, maybe. I'll cover you.>
Oct 31 20:03:11 <MisterFlames> "Smells like bile," Midnight says of the uniform. "If I had to guess, Zoe, you've got stomach acid on your hands."
Oct 31 20:03:20 <Maddy> <Got g-gloves?>
Oct 31 20:05:08 <MisterFlames> "You know, if we're going to do this sort of thing, we really ought to have supplies for it."
Oct 31 20:05:12 <Tom90deg> "GReat. I wiped it off, good thing Acid wash is cominb back in style."
Oct 31 20:05:20 <Tom90deg> "That sounds like a great idea.
Oct 31 20:05:35 <Tom90deg> Zoe heads over to the desk, and starts to search trhough them.
Oct 31 20:05:47 <E4D> There's a whump up ahead.
Oct 31 20:06:02 <Tom90deg> Zoe looks up. "I hope that was the engine."
Oct 31 20:06:32 <Maddy> <I doubt it. Midnight? The mind?>
Oct 31 20:07:00 <E4D> The door ahead is a steel door with a vertical handle. A thick glass porthole inset.
Oct 31 20:07:10 <Maddy> 4df+3 peeeeking
Oct 31 20:07:12 <Glacon> Maddy: peeeeking: 4 (4df+3=0, -, +, +)
Oct 31 20:07:30 <Tom90deg> Zoe continues to search through the desks quickly
Oct 31 20:08:09 <MisterFlames> "Active, intent… satisfied?"
Oct 31 20:08:39 <Maddy> «Jason? Shit's w-weird in here, people look like they w-were digested…»
Oct 31 20:08:50 <E4D> A lot of the papers are shredded, a few hastily destroyed with fire. One number is frequently seen: 27.
Oct 31 20:08:59 <E4D> «Copy? Advise?»
Oct 31 20:09:03 <Tom90deg> "Got something. 27."
Oct 31 20:09:09 <Maddy> «Send it.»
Oct 31 20:09:13 <Tom90deg> "Most everything is wrecked."
Oct 31 20:09:36 <Tom90deg> "Just this number, over and over, 27."
Oct 31 20:09:42 <Maddy> <Sooo, n-nothing, d-dang.>
Oct 31 20:09:49 <Tom90deg> "Sorry."
Oct 31 20:10:00 <E4D> «Stand by.»
Oct 31 20:10:00 <Maddy> <Not your fault.>
Oct 31 20:10:04 <Tom90deg> Zoe wanders over to the porthole where Alice is, looking through it.
Oct 31 20:10:06 <Tom90deg> 4df+2
Oct 31 20:10:07 <Glacon> Tom90deg: 0 (4df+2=-, +, -, -)
Oct 31 20:11:11 <MisterFlames> "The mind is just ahead."
Oct 31 20:11:30 <Maddy> «S-standing by.»
Oct 31 20:11:41 <Tom90deg> "What do you think? Where'd the main controll room? I guess just ahead as well?"
Oct 31 20:11:45 <Tanhony> Fleshspore 27 is eating another body with a few of its mouths when it notices a face looking through the porthole at it. It slowly rises up, rudimentary limbs bringing it into an upright position.
Oct 31 20:12:00 <Maddy> <…uuuuh.>
Oct 31 20:12:01 <Tom90deg> "Oh bloody buggeing HELL…."
Oct 31 20:12:05 <Maddy> <Shoggoth.>
Oct 31 20:12:13 <Tom90deg> "I say we leave."
Oct 31 20:12:22 <Maddy> Alice starts to back up.
Oct 31 20:12:25 <Tanhony> Fleshspore tilts its head curiously.
Oct 31 20:12:33 <Tom90deg> Zoe follows.
Oct 31 20:12:34 <MisterFlames> "Shoggoth? Doesn't feel like a Shoggoth." Midnight says.
Oct 31 20:12:37 <Tanhony> "Hullo." It gurgles.
Oct 31 20:12:44 <Tom90deg> "Hm…Hello?"
Oct 31 20:12:55 <Maddy> <That's…new.>
Oct 31 20:13:08 <Maddy> «W-we got…something. It's talking.»
Oct 31 20:13:08 <Tom90deg> "Normaly your monsters don't say hello first, right?"
Oct 31 20:13:18 <Maddy> <No, not generally.>
Oct 31 20:13:20 <E4D> «Who are they?»
Oct 31 20:13:28 <Maddy> «It's a…blobby thing.>
Oct 31 20:13:33 <Maddy> «Standby.»
Oct 31 20:13:39 <Tanhony> Fleshspore wanders up to the porthole and sticks its smily face against it.
Oct 31 20:13:52 <Maddy> <W-who are you?>
Oct 31 20:14:04 * dexanote has quit (Connection reset by peer)
Oct 31 20:14:10 <Tom90deg> Zoe smiles weakly and waves
Oct 31 20:14:28 <MisterFlames> "Well, that's interesting." Midnight says.
Oct 31 20:14:31 <Tanhony> "Twenty-seventh."
Oct 31 20:14:39 * dexanote (~ten.elbacogc.emoh.AB16CE54-CRInys|alliztahc#ten.elbacogc.emoh.AB16CE54-CRInys|alliztahc) has joined #afteractionmission
Oct 31 20:14:43 <Maddy> <What happened here?>
Oct 31 20:14:58 <Tom90deg> "Midnight, can you tell how…smart this thing is?"
Oct 31 20:15:31 <Tanhony> "No food for them. Went tired."
Oct 31 20:15:48 <MisterFlames> "It's sapient, strong-willed." Midnight says. "No idea on intellect, though, that's not really something I can pick up without an in-depth probe."
Oct 31 20:16:01 <Maddy> <…so they starved?>
Oct 31 20:16:37 <Tom90deg> "Maybe it's not…malacious. Just like a hungry dog or something, and no food, so it made do."
Oct 31 20:16:43 <Tanhony> "Didn't think." It motions with a few entrails towards a body. "Food there. Didn't think smart like me."
Oct 31 20:17:03 <Maddy> «Jason, the uh..it s-says the people starved to d-death…looks like it ate the bodies»
Oct 31 20:17:16 <E4D> «What is *it*?»
Oct 31 20:17:25 <Tom90deg> «A shoggoth.»
Oct 31 20:17:36 <Maddy> «Its a jelly person.»
Oct 31 20:18:17 <Tanhony> Fleshspore pulls itself into a vaguely humanoid shape.
Oct 31 20:18:28 <MisterFlames> "I heard about those on the internet. Slime girls."
Oct 31 20:18:33 <Tom90deg> "Are you by yourself?"
Oct 31 20:18:47 <Tom90deg> "Midnight, have you been browsing inaporpriate sites again?"
Oct 31 20:18:47 <Tanhony> "All food but me."
Oct 31 20:18:48 <Maddy> «I have no i-idea what to do, hun…»
Oct 31 20:19:15 <E4D> «There any records on the ship?»
Oct 31 20:19:16 <Tom90deg> "It seems…nice enough. At least not any worse than Shank. And if we can get this whole sub…That's really good, right?"
Oct 31 20:20:11 <Maddy> «Most are d-destroyed. Hard c-copies anyways… I'm g-going to look for a computer.» Alice looks at Zoe. <I don't think we know anyone who can drive a sub,>
Oct 31 20:20:40 <Tom90deg> "This is pretty high tech, i suppose it's out of the question there's an autopiolit? maybe computer controlled?"
Oct 31 20:20:40 <Maddy> Alice looks for a functioning computer
Oct 31 20:20:48 <E4D> Zoe will be reminded that the ship is drifting dead in the water, with the crew dead because of lack of supplies.
Oct 31 20:20:59 <E4D> Alice, Perceptionay!
Oct 31 20:21:01 <Maddy> <Subs are crazy c-complex to crew.>
Oct 31 20:21:04 <Maddy> 4df+3
Oct 31 20:21:04 <MisterFlames> "Probably supplies we can get." Midnight says.
Oct 31 20:21:05 <Glacon> Maddy: 3 (4df+3=0, +, -, 0)
Oct 31 20:21:21 <E4D> She locates one easy enough, a wall terminal.
Oct 31 20:21:29 <Tanhony> Fleshspore sways on its feet for a moment, before crouching back down and resuming its meal.
Oct 31 20:21:53 <Tom90deg> Zoe heads over to Alice.
Oct 31 20:22:07 <Maddy> Alice heads to a computer, trying to access anything on this 27.
Oct 31 20:22:53 * dexanote is now known as Dexanote
Oct 31 20:22:57 <Maddy> «Jason, you there?»
Oct 31 20:22:59 <E4D> She reaches the backups easily, with her access.
Oct 31 20:23:03 <E4D> «Send it, hun.»
Oct 31 20:23:16 * ChanServ gives channel operator status to Dexanote
Oct 31 20:24:00 <Maddy> «Looks like it w-was an attempt t-to grow organs for t-transplanting, t-then it got smart. Then the world ended.»
Oct 31 20:24:18 <E4D> «Dr. Heart.»
Oct 31 20:24:46 <Tom90deg> "Huh. Is it mean or just hungry?"
Oct 31 20:25:09 <E4D> Zoe, Midnight, perception
Oct 31 20:25:15 <MisterFlames> "Geeze…. like Renee." Midnight's fur bristles.
Oct 31 20:25:15 <Tom90deg> 4df+2
Oct 31 20:25:17 <Glacon> Tom90deg: -1 (4df+2=0, -, -, -)
Oct 31 20:25:21 <MisterFlames> 4df+4 Perception
Oct 31 20:25:22 <Glacon> MisterFlames: Perception: 4 (4df+4=+, 0, -, 0)
Oct 31 20:25:26 <Maddy> «Hehe, s-sounds like it. It s-seems to b-be aimiable enough…it ate the scientists, but they were dead already…so I'm not sure…»
Oct 31 20:25:28 <E4D> A plastic bag hits Zoe in the face.
Oct 31 20:25:49 <E4D> Midnight spots a set of lab equipment Dusty would have been glad to have. OH WAIT, HE'S GONE.
Oct 31 20:26:49 <Tom90deg> "Alice, any info on how this sub moves?" Zoe is still holding out hope that they can take it with them.
Oct 31 20:27:01 <Tanhony> I finish eating and flip over a table in boredom.
Oct 31 20:27:07 <Tanhony> I mean Fleshspore does
Oct 31 20:27:07 <Tanhony> derp
Oct 31 20:27:28 <Maddy> «It's noted that 27 is actually…non violent.»
Oct 31 20:27:45 <MisterFlames> "Doesn't seem violent, just hungry."
Oct 31 20:27:47 <Maddy> <Zoe. We're not taking the sub.>
Oct 31 20:28:10 <Tom90deg> "Aw…." Zoe sadface. "Alright…"
Oct 31 20:28:20 * Laito-Dishes is now known as Laito
Oct 31 20:28:56 <Maddy> Alice steps back to the porthole. <27, r-right? Got a name you p-prefer?>
Oct 31 20:28:58 <E4D> «is it smart?»
Oct 31 20:29:10 <Tanhony> "Twenty-seven."
Oct 31 20:29:20 <Maddy> «It seems to be sapient. Answers q-questions.»
Oct 31 20:29:35 <Maddy> <Alright. 27 it is.>
Oct 31 20:29:41 <E4D> «Your call, hun. Midnight got anything on it?»
Oct 31 20:29:49 <Tom90deg> "What is five plus three?"
Oct 31 20:30:06 <Tanhony> "Five with three more than five."
Oct 31 20:30:35 <Tom90deg> "He knows numbers, that's something."
Oct 31 20:30:40 <MisterFlames> "Got you there, Zoe." Midnight walks over. "I'm willing to go in and talk."
Oct 31 20:31:03 <Tom90deg> "Want me to come with just in case? We can seal the door behind us."
Oct 31 20:31:06 <Maddy> <I'm going to l-let you out…no funny stuff, k? We're not food.>
Oct 31 20:31:16 <MisterFlames> «It's sentient and sapient. I'll need to talk to it before I can decide.»
Oct 31 20:32:38 <MisterFlames> "Well, if Alice opens the door, that should be enough."
Oct 31 20:32:46 <Tom90deg> "Right then…"
Oct 31 20:34:40 <Maddy> Alice opens the door, keeping Jason's rifle trained on 27. <Alright, l-lets figure stuff out.>
Oct 31 20:34:59 <Tanhony> 27 eases its way out of the room.
Oct 31 20:34:59 <Tom90deg> "Right then."
Oct 31 20:35:26 <MisterFlames> "Hello, Twenty-Seven. My name's Midnight."
Oct 31 20:35:45 <Tanhony> "Hullo."
Oct 31 20:36:37 * Salmander is now known as Salaway
Oct 31 20:38:10 <Tanhony> "Why aren't big?"
Oct 31 20:38:11 <MisterFlames> Midnight is a small black cat, although whether Twenty-Seven knows what a cat is would be debatable. "How long have you been here?"
Oct 31 20:38:18 <Maddy> <Come on Mid. I d-dont wanna be here forever…>
Oct 31 20:38:34 <MisterFlames> "This is the size I am, I'm different than the others."
Oct 31 20:38:41 <Tanhony> "All the time."
Oct 31 20:39:06 <MisterFlames> "What happened to the other people here?"
Oct 31 20:39:34 <Tanhony> "No food for them. Didn't think when others were food."
Oct 31 20:40:36 * Dexanote has quit (Connection reset by peer)
Oct 31 20:41:11 <MisterFlames> "Do you know what happened to their food?"
Oct 31 20:41:12 * Dexanote (~ten.elbacogc.emoh.AB16CE54-CRInys|alliztahc#ten.elbacogc.emoh.AB16CE54-CRInys|alliztahc) has joined #afteractionmission
Oct 31 20:41:38 * ChanServ gives channel operator status to Dexanote
Oct 31 20:41:39 <Tanhony> "Ate it all, then there weren't food, then they were food."
Oct 31 20:41:41 <MisterFlames> ~It usually takes weeks for a person to starve to death, doesn't it? I mean, if you've got water and air…~
Oct 31 20:42:04 <Maddy> ~A while…but they might not have had water either.~
Oct 31 20:42:23 <MisterFlames> "Did they have water to drink?"
Oct 31 20:43:04 <Tanhony> "Said the Pourfire was broken."
Oct 31 20:43:23 <Tom90deg> "Ah, that's bad."
Oct 31 20:43:56 <MisterFlames> "Purifier?"
Oct 31 20:44:17 <Tanhony> "Don't know. Pourfire were broken."
Oct 31 20:44:54 <MisterFlames> "All right… have you ever looked outside this place?"
Oct 31 20:45:33 <E4D> «Should I drop anchor?»
Oct 31 20:45:49 <Tanhony> "Food everywhere. Look at food then sleep."
Oct 31 20:46:46 <Maddy> «I…I guess?»
Oct 31 20:47:06 <MisterFlames> «I think so. Twenty-Seven here… I think it's child-like. Might be helpful, I don't know. It's… ignorant, I suppose.»
Oct 31 20:47:11 <Maddy> <Think we could finish this convo in the ship? I don't like being in here.>
Oct 31 20:47:29 <MisterFlames> "Would you follow us, Twenty-Seven?"
Oct 31 20:47:51 * Salaway has quit (Connection reset by peer)
Oct 31 20:48:26 <E4D> «Your call, hun.»
Oct 31 20:48:58 <Tanhony> "Yes." 27 gets up.
Oct 31 20:49:15 <Maddy> «I'm g-going to bring it on board, if it's w-willing…we can figure shit out there, and not on a b-broken creepy sub.»
Oct 31 20:49:27 * Salaway (~ten.elbacwahs.gc.63A9248-CRInys|rednamlaS#ten.elbacwahs.gc.63A9248-CRInys|rednamlaS) has joined #afteractionmission
Oct 31 20:49:57 <MisterFlames> "Okay, let's go, then." «I would suggest sending John, Nick, and Alicel over here for salvage operations. Might be things we could use here.»
Oct 31 20:50:35 <MisterFlames> Midnight leads them back to the entrance.
Oct 31 20:50:43 <Tom90deg> Zoe follows.
Oct 31 20:51:08 <Maddy> «According to files, and Midnight, it's not at all v-violent. On o-our way back.» Alice goes.
Oct 31 20:51:13 <E4D> They'll see the ship has been brought alongside, and moored to the sub,
Oct 31 20:51:14 <Tanhony> Fleshspore trails behind.
Oct 31 20:51:17 <E4D> «Copy.»
Oct 31 20:51:47 <E4D> They'll also notice the 30mm cannon is pointed just offside of the entry hatch.
Oct 31 20:52:08 <Tom90deg> «John, Nick, Alicel, you here?»
Oct 31 20:52:15 <MisterFlames> How reassuring. Midnight hops up and out.
Oct 31 20:52:30 <Maddy> Alice gets back into the Zodiac, ready to go.
Oct 31 20:52:30 <Soulless> «I can hear you.»
Oct 31 20:52:50 <Tanhony> 27 pulls itself out of the entry hatch.
Oct 31 20:52:57 <Tom90deg> Zoe heads into the zodiac.
Oct 31 20:53:06 <E4D> «That our contestant?»
Oct 31 20:53:11 <MisterFlames> «You know, since there is light and air, it's likely to have battery power. Perhaps the batteries might be useful.»
Oct 31 20:53:17 <MisterFlames> «Yes, Jason.»
Oct 31 20:54:36 <E4D> «Bring 'im up.»
Oct 31 20:54:53 <Soulless> «What is needed, Zoe?»
Oct 31 20:55:18 <Tom90deg> «Ah we got a high-tech sub here, might be good for salvage.»
Oct 31 20:55:59 <Maddy> Alice brings them back to the winch and hooks it up. «Bring us up, babe.>
Oct 31 20:56:00 <Maddy> >
Oct 31 20:56:13 <E4D> «We can handle that later. On it.»
Oct 31 20:56:39 <E4D> Jason dismounts the 30mm gun cradle and jogs to the rear of the boat, winching the Zodiac up.
Oct 31 20:57:20 <Maddy> 27 might notice a eel the size of th ship hooked up to the side.