30 Years of Emotions

Jan 30 22:21:25 <Adhelami> Adhelami scurries to the observation room, stopping at the door and peeking into the window if there is one.
Jan 30 22:21:44 * PaulS_worktop (~moc.rr.zib.es.0BDA26FA-CRInys|_nrehtuoS#moc.rr.zib.es.0BDA26FA-CRInys|_nrehtuoS) has joined #afteraction
Jan 30 22:22:35 <Liebe> There is. Emory stands with her back turned in some closet, silently looking up at a rack of cleaning supplies.
Jan 30 22:24:35 <Adhelami> Adhelami watches her… and waits for a good, tactical moment.
Jan 30 22:26:00 <PaulS_worktop> John, meanwhile, is sitting out in the cold, playing banjo
Jan 30 22:26:14 <PaulS_worktop> mournful tunes play out over the snowscape
Jan 30 22:26:33 <Liebe> Emory finds a pan and broom and then turns and silently begins sweeping up the broken hard drive, the small electronics clicking and clutching with metallic noises as they bunch up in the dust pan.
Jan 30 22:27:09 <Adhelami> Adhelami decides in this moment to enter…
Jan 30 22:27:14 <Adhelami> "Dahn Vreeska?"
Jan 30 22:28:23 <Liebe> "Hm?" She looks over her shoulder.
Jan 30 22:32:35 <Adhelami> "I think… I think I have found the best words to express how I am feeling!" She smiles brightly.
Jan 30 22:33:46 <Liebe> "Is that so." She turns her head back. Sweep, sweep.
Jan 30 22:34:42 <Adhelami> "Ah, yes… I am very proud of it…" Adhelami's quiet little feet step forward…
Jan 30 22:35:41 <Liebe> 4df+7 …
Jan 30 22:35:42 <Glacon> Liebe: …: 7 (4df+7=0, 0, 0, 0)
Jan 30 22:35:52 <Liebe> 4df+3 …?
Jan 30 22:35:53 <Glacon> Liebe: …?: 1 (4df+3=-, -, 0, 0)
Jan 30 22:35:54 <PaulS_worktop> 4df+5 music plays out across the snowscape. John is still there despite his player knowing better. May as well run with it!
Jan 30 22:35:54 <Glacon> PaulS_worktop: music plays out across the snowscape. John is still there despite his player knowing better. May as well run with it!: 3 (4df+5=0, 0, -, -)
Jan 30 22:36:04 <PaulS_worktop> (intimidate roll)
Jan 30 22:36:23 <Adhelami> ??? What do i roll against
Jan 30 22:36:46 <Adhelami> to sabs
Jan 30 22:36:47 <Liebe> Tau's silent machinations aren't noticed even as the pieces of the hard drive crunch together loudly, Emory curses a little; Adhelami's footsteps are dead silent under the noise.
Jan 30 22:36:57 <Liebe> i got it love
Jan 30 22:38:14 * Dexanote (~ten.elbacogc.emoh.CBFED478-CRInys|alliztahc#ten.elbacogc.emoh.CBFED478-CRInys|alliztahc) has joined #afteraction
Jan 30 22:38:25 <Adhelami> With skillful, graceful hands, Adhelami whips the thread over the woman's head like a garrote!! and pulls it against her neck! "My threads say it better, I think!"
Jan 30 22:39:55 <Dexanote> …
Jan 30 22:41:53 <Adhelami> Sympathy, guilt, lonliness, longing, regret, and the immense feeling that she's lost something so dear and important begin to flood Emory's entire person, the emotions thick and immensely heavy, welling up in her near-instantly and gripping at her.
Jan 30 22:43:01 <Liebe> She immediately makes a little choking noise, dropping the pan and broom and reaching firmly for the girl's hands - she manages to quickly squeeze Adhelami's hand joints in a painful grasp, but - feelings.
Jan 30 22:43:58 <Adhelami> Adhelami only winces a little. NO REGRET OR GUILT. "A-Ah… Dahn, do my words make sense now? Are you understanding…??" Smile.
Jan 30 22:44:46 * Doctor_Light (ten.tsacmoc.aw.1dsh.5300FD19-CRInys|tibbiM#ten.tsacmoc.aw.1dsh.5300FD19-CRInys|tibbiM) has joined #afteraction
Jan 30 22:47:53 <Liebe> "Bitch…" She only manages to wheeze that out before tears overwhelm her eyes, bidden there by something lost and deep.
Jan 30 22:48:09 * E4D (PI.02A02C13.F6269241.1099D908|tibbiM#PI.02A02C13.F6269241.1099D908|tibbiM) has joined #afteraction
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Jan 30 22:49:13 <Adhelami> "I am only trying to help, Dahn..! Help you discover something deep!" She loosens the thread a bit as she feels the woman's aura /melt/.
Jan 30 22:50:24 <Adhelami> "Do you remember Little Tau? Smiling and calling you, ah, 'mee-mah?' She loves you so very much, you know…"
Jan 30 22:52:03 <Liebe> She sinks into the pile of destroyed electronics, the scrap cutting her unprotected knees, her glasses falling off her nose and hitting the ground somewhere. "Shut up…" Unburdened by the glasses, Emory's tears wet the tile.
Jan 30 22:53:03 * Doctor_Light is now known as Light
Jan 30 22:53:56 <Adhelami> Adhelami ties the thread's ends a little, "You've given up a lot, haven't you?" The white-haired girl knows that she's not feeling any sympathy in this moment, but she tries to fake it as best she can.
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Jan 30 22:55:55 <Liebe> "I won't - " She gasps desperately, throat clouded by 30 years of repressed emotions. "My job - "
Jan 30 22:57:46 * PaulS_worktop (~moc.rr.zib.es.0BDA26FA-CRInys|_nrehtuoS#moc.rr.zib.es.0BDA26FA-CRInys|_nrehtuoS) has joined #afteraction
Jan 30 22:57:58 <Adhelami> "Is such a heartless thing worth more to your than the love of your granddaughter? The last family you have? Dahn, my entire /people/ have been destroyed. It is almost offensive to think you would so easily throw her away because your work says you should."
Jan 30 22:58:53 <Liebe> Her nails scratch the perfectly white, the filed points screeching. She tries to work up enough rage to simply tear one from the floor and beat this girl to death with it.
Jan 30 22:59:05 <Liebe> "Fuck *you*."
Jan 30 23:00:14 <Adhelami> "Having emotions is not something to hate, Dahn. And I am sorry if you want to do those things to me, but I have someone I love very much, ok?" Pap pap.
Jan 30 23:02:41 * Heiden_ (~ten.htuoslleb.mem.F516F4C5-CRInys|nedieH#ten.htuoslleb.mem.F516F4C5-CRInys|nedieH) has joined #afteraction
Jan 30 23:04:07 <Liebe> She reaches into her coat. The shotgun is there. It'd be easy. Her hands slip on the stock - when did her hands get so bloody…? She withdraws one of them to look at it, blinking through tears, realizing she'd torn off one of her fingernails off in the space between the tiles as she thrashed.
Jan 30 23:04:27 * Heiden has quit (Ping timeout)
Jan 30 23:05:52 <Adhelami> "I have always been told that my elders are wiser than I… Please prove that correct, Dahn Vreeska, won't you? Are you wise? Or are you just a fool, running away from the complexities of relationship? Did someone hurt you? Can you not admit that? Are you afraid of it..?" She notes the blood. The lack of sympathy is hard to deal with… But, no guilt, no regret. Nothing. She merely sighs.
Jan 30 23:07:15 <Adhelami> "Or are you simply afraid of showing a kind of weakness..?" She shifts a little, tilting her head.
Jan 30 23:07:38 <Liebe> Her tongue runs over her false molar. She can feel it's tiny heart beating there; the Beta egg, demanding to be spat into this girl's face. She shudders with indignant rage and sorrow that isn't her own. "…hate."
Jan 30 23:08:37 <Adhelami> "I'm sure all the other feelings are too overwhelming for you to feel such a thing, Dahn. Do not lie to yourself."
Jan 30 23:10:03 <Adhelami> Yarn tug tug.
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Jan 30 23:11:54 <Liebe> She thrashes, trying to buck the smaller woman. Breathe. She needs room to breathe. Her face is red. Can't see from tears.
Jan 30 23:12:59 <Adhelami> Adhelami had tied a knot into the string during the whole process, and quickly stands and back away. The thread is very light, and she can barely feel it, honestly.
Jan 30 23:13:37 <Adhelami> "I wanted to show you what was hiding beneath a thick surface."
Jan 30 23:15:45 * Dr_Kens (~ude.sregtur.EEB0AF8F-CRInys|sneK_ehT#ude.sregtur.EEB0AF8F-CRInys|sneK_ehT) has joined #afteraction
Jan 30 23:15:51 <Liebe> She beats her fist against the tile once, and then forces herself to stand, mental bulwarks endlessly slamming against the tide of emotions and failing. She leans back on Sarah's vacated tank, and her hand gropes wildly under the coat for the stock of the shotgun again.
Jan 30 23:16:31 <Liebe> She's bleeding freely from her shins, cut up by the destroyed hard drive.
Jan 30 23:17:59 <Adhelami> "How many people have you hurt in your lifetime, Dahn?" Adhelami gives a frown. This… girl, this thing, she has such a gentle look about her. She takes a deep breath.
Jan 30 23:23:23 <Liebe> She gets the gun out, but the slings holding it there prove troublesome, and in her haze she drops it, the weapon going off and depositing a loud of buckshot into a cabinet.
Jan 30 23:24:07 <Adhelami> Adhelami still feels fear! She screams and stumbles, holding her head. Fuck fuck fuck fuck.
Jan 30 23:26:33 <Dexanote> Myr wakes up in the common room. Were the bullets in her dream or in real life.
Jan 30 23:26:50 <Nioki> Alanoch sits in the common room, staring blankly at a wall.
Jan 30 23:26:56 <Liebe> She pants, tears destroying her finely aged face, and hisses between clenched teeth. "Out!"
Jan 30 23:27:02 <Dexanote> "Did you hear something?"
Jan 30 23:27:45 <Nioki> He blinks, the looks over at Myrtle. He obviously wasn't paying attention.
Jan 30 23:28:03 <Ragazzo> LAncius is up, immediately.
Jan 30 23:29:01 <Dexanote> She stares at lancius for a moment, then sighs. "Nevermind."
Jan 30 23:29:32 <Nioki> Alanoch looks down at his radio. That was an unpleasant background noise for the unpleasant warning.
Jan 30 23:29:35 <Laito> Artemis perks up at his radio.
Jan 30 23:29:41 <Ragazzo> «What?»
Jan 30 23:29:52 <Adhelami> Adhelami turns, looking to her with wide eyes and a furrowed brow… "No! Not until you admit your feelings to yourself! I have never met a more stubborn elder woman in my life! It is not a quality to be proud of, you foolish woman!!"
Jan 30 23:30:03 <Ragazzo> LAncius immediately makes for up top, pulling on his armor.
Jan 30 23:30:07 <Adhelami> "You are wasting your life away!"
Jan 30 23:30:14 <Nioki> He stands, black threads swirling into shape around him.
Jan 30 23:30:52 <Dexanote> 4df+4 myr gets up
Jan 30 23:30:52 <Glacon> Dexanote: myr gets up: 5 (4df+4=-, +, +, 0)
Jan 30 23:30:54 <Maddy> Alice has run to the common room. <What w-was that?>
Jan 30 23:31:06 <Nioki> As he rushes towards the way up, lights flicker and die around him.
Jan 30 23:31:16 <Liebe> They are in the observation room.
Jan 30 23:31:27 <Liebe> adhelami and emory are anyway.
Jan 30 23:31:31 <Dexanote> She nips off and grabs her backpack of stuff, slings her gunbelts and returns to the common room after Alice.
Jan 30 23:31:36 <Nioki> "John."
Jan 30 23:31:37 <Light> Sophia blinks awake, in the common room, hearing the noise and noting the commotion.
Jan 30 23:31:48 <Maddy> <Not that, Jason's on t-that, the gunshot.>
Jan 30 23:32:23 <Light> «Whose noise?» She asks into the radio.
Jan 30 23:32:41 <Liebe> "I will never…feel sympathy…for monsters…like you." Oops. She must've been biting her tongue pretty hard. Blood trickles out of her clench teeth.
Jan 30 23:33:12 <Dexanote> "… Where's Adhelami?"
Jan 30 23:33:46 <Adhelami> "I am not asking you to feel sympathy for me! I am asking you to love your granddaughter! Your worthless pride is only causing pain for the both of you." Adhelami is now feeling… Anger.
Jan 30 23:34:07 <Light> "Why would she have a gun?" Light frowns.
Jan 30 23:34:29 <Dexanote> "… She wouldn't."
Jan 30 23:34:31 <Adhelami> "I do not need Sympathy, Dahn. I have all the people in the world that I need to love and care for me. I think sympathy is best spent on /you/."
Jan 30 23:34:32 <Maddy> <We g-gave her one a w-while ago, b-but that w-was a shotgun shot.>
Jan 30 23:35:00 <Maddy> Alice is jogging down the hall. «Adhelami? W-where are you?»
Jan 30 23:35:14 <Dexanote> Myr glides after Alice.
Jan 30 23:35:17 <E4D> «John's requesting Panicide. He's got a suit breach up top.»
Jan 30 23:35:28 <Liebe> "You know *nothing*, idiot child."
Jan 30 23:35:29 <E4D> «The hostile is still present.»
Jan 30 23:35:45 <Liebe> "You understand NOTHING."
Jan 30 23:36:00 <Ragazzo> «I'm heading up. What sort of hostile?»
Jan 30 23:36:01 <Nioki> Alanoch is nearing the way up, his eyes glowing a dim but painful violet.
Jan 30 23:36:35 <Adhelami> For some reason, Adhelami's radio isn't turned up. "I have never met such a foolish elder in my entire existence."
Jan 30 23:36:51 <Adhelami> She was probably playing with the knobs again. Ah geez.
Jan 30 23:36:57 <E4D> «The Flesh.»
Jan 30 23:37:07 <Laito> Artemis is on his way to John's threat. It will take him a few minutes to get there.
Jan 30 23:37:17 <Ragazzo> Lance is doing the same.
Jan 30 23:37:34 <Ragazzo> «The monstrous parasite entity?»
Jan 30 23:37:48 <Maddy> Alice heads in th general direction of the gunshot. <Vhen? Vhen!>
Jan 30 23:38:14 <Adhelami> There are voices coming from the Observation room!
Jan 30 23:38:46 <Maddy> Alice tries the door!
Jan 30 23:39:02 <Adhelami> "It is not too late to change, Dahn." It's open! Supposing it does not lock automatically.
Jan 30 23:39:08 <Dexanote> Myr is right behind Alice.
Jan 30 23:39:36 <Light> Light grabs her sidearm and charges up after the others towards the Flesh, but falls back, knowing she won't be much good in the middle of it.
Jan 30 23:39:46 <Liebe> Emory stumbles foreward, choking like a SCP-940 victim herself, unable to stop the emotions - dim thoughts assure her the SCP is doing this with her presence. Instincts move her forward. She'll choke her if she has to.
Jan 30 23:40:09 <Adhelami> Adhelami doesn't move.
Jan 30 23:40:37 * Photosynthetic (~PI.614ACC7A.258A280E.2CDB850E|alliztahc#PI.614ACC7A.258A280E.2CDB850E|alliztahc) has joined #afteraction
Jan 30 23:40:56 <Maddy> Alice steps in, gun raised. <Adhelami, a-are you ok?> She looks at the woman.
Jan 30 23:41:01 <Dexanote> 4df+2 Perception, at Vriska.
Jan 30 23:41:02 <Glacon> Dexanote: Perception, at Vriska.: 2 (4df+2=-, 0, 0, +)
Jan 30 23:42:34 <Liebe> She bears down on Adhelami, loafers causing the discarded scrap to clink as she walks through it, still crying, her tanned arms reaching up to crush the metahuman before her's throat.
Jan 30 23:43:18 <Maddy> May I intercept?
Jan 30 23:43:54 <Adhelami> Emory was probably very close to Adhelami. HOW WOULD YOU LIKE TO INTERCEPT
Jan 30 23:43:54 <Dexanote> May I help?
Jan 30 23:44:01 <Liebe> Yessss.
Jan 30 23:44:28 <Maddy> Adhelami, I would like to simply get inbetween the,
Jan 30 23:44:32 <Dexanote> Alice, first. Me after. Go Alice.
Jan 30 23:44:38 <Adhelami> K!
Jan 30 23:44:54 <Maddy> 4df+4 Athletics to get in the way
Jan 30 23:44:55 <Glacon> Maddy: Athletics to get in the way: 5 (4df+4=0, -, +, +)
Jan 30 23:45:54 <Liebe> 4df+2 Strong, but blinded at the minute
Jan 30 23:45:54 <Glacon> Liebe: Strong, but blinded at the minute: 2 (4df+2=0, -, 0, +)
Jan 30 23:47:51 <Liebe> Alice does as she pleases.
Jan 30 23:48:05 <Maddy> Alice simply puts herself between the two. <Dr. Vriska. I know your f-feelings towards anomaous humans a-are negative, and I'm n-not sure w-what's going on here, b-but I told you w-we intend to leave tonight, I'd a-apreciate if w-we could stop this here.>
Jan 30 23:48:10 <Nioki> Alanoch waits for orders, standing near the way up.
Jan 30 23:48:15 <Adhelami> Emory is a bloody mess, btw. Hands, shins, tongue…
Jan 30 23:48:18 <Dexanote> Myr slides behind Vriska.
Jan 30 23:48:26 <Adhelami> Adhelami is bloodless and fine.
Jan 30 23:48:56 <Laito> Artemis is hoofing it to the exit hatch! Almost there!
Jan 30 23:49:25 <Maddy> <I'll s-see you your injuries if you'll allow, a-and you'll never see us again.>
Jan 30 23:49:40 <Ragazzo> LAnce is right behind him.
Jan 30 23:49:46 <Liebe> Emory doesn't respond. She's a wreck, obviously, face red both from emotion and blood, she struggles against Alice.
Jan 30 23:51:17 <Maddy> Alice tries to be as gentle but firm as possible and lead the woman to a chair.
Jan 30 23:51:58 <Dexanote> Myr quietly nips off top towards where John is.
Jan 30 23:52:29 <Liebe> She snaps up the revolver from her desk as Alice leads her close to it and whirls it quickly at the white haired woman, using her height advantage over Alice.
Jan 30 23:53:04 <Adhelami> Adhelami's eyes widen as she breaths in very suddenly.
Jan 30 23:53:24 <Liebe> Click.
Jan 30 23:53:33 <Liebe> Click click click click click.
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Jan 30 23:54:20 * Liebe is now known as Praetor
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Jan 30 23:54:32 * ChanServ gives channel operator status to Praetor
Jan 30 23:54:36 <Maddy> 4df+4 Using athletics to tackle her to the ground is possible.
Jan 30 23:54:38 <Glacon> Maddy: Using athletics to tackle her to the ground is possible.: 4 (4df+4=+, -, 0, 0)
Jan 30 23:54:41 * PaulS_worktop1 (~moc.rr.zib.es.0BDA26FA-CRInys|_nrehtuoS#moc.rr.zib.es.0BDA26FA-CRInys|_nrehtuoS) has joined #afteraction
Jan 30 23:55:27 <Adhelami> Shaking, Adhelami releases her breath, gulping. Oh thank the metal lord.
Jan 30 23:55:32 * Praetor is now known as Liebe
Jan 30 23:55:50 <Liebe> 4df+2 yep
Jan 30 23:55:50 <Glacon> Liebe: yep: 3 (4df+2=0, +, +, -)
Jan 30 23:55:51 * PaulS_worktop has quit (Ping timeout)
Jan 30 23:57:03 <Maddy> Alice pins her to the ground, trying her best not to further injur the woman. <Adhelami. LAV. Now.>
Jan 30 23:57:23 <Adhelami> Adhelami turns to leave quickly, scurrying out of the room.
Jan 30 23:58:14 <Liebe> Emory's gun clatters against the ground and she lies there, barely breathing, tears still flowing, but otherwise quiet.
Jan 30 23:58:19 <Adhelami> The yarn is still on Emory. If Alice touches it, she begins to feel Sympathy, guilt, lonliness, longing, regret, and loss. D:
Jan 30 23:59:19 <Maddy> Alcie is in her suit, so she's good. <Emory please. I don't want you to injur yourself further. I need an explination o what the hell is going on right now.>
Jan 31 00:00:03 * PaulS_worktop1 has quit (No route to host)
Jan 31 00:00:21 <Liebe> Emory can't talk like this. There's blood pooling in her mouth and laying on the floor like this isn't helping.
Jan 31 00:00:37 * PaulS_worktop (~moc.rr.zib.es.0BDA26FA-CRInys|_nrehtuoS#moc.rr.zib.es.0BDA26FA-CRInys|_nrehtuoS) has joined #afteraction
Jan 31 00:01:21 <E4D> «Alice, we need to get up top! John's in contact with a six one zero! Suit's breached!»
Jan 31 00:02:36 <Maddy> «I've got a situation here, give me a moment.» Alice gets off the woman and attempts to lift her and ring her to a bed of some sort.
Jan 31 00:03:06 <Light> Light, rustling about for the good first aid kits, straightens up. «Is it still moving?»
Jan 31 00:03:42 <Nioki> 4df+5 Perception->Luxomancy. Alanoch Pulls in light from wherever he can sense it. The space around him is an almost solid swarm of black threads.
Jan 31 00:03:43 <Glacon> Nioki: Perception->Luxomancy. Alanoch Pulls in light from wherever he can sense it. The space around him is an almost solid swarm of black threads.: 4 (4df+5=-, 0, +, -)
Jan 31 00:04:02 <E4D> «Yeah, it's movin'.»
Jan 31 00:04:59 <Maddy> 4df+4 Medical to try to asses and treat Emory.
Jan 31 00:05:00 <Glacon> Maddy: Medical to try to asses and treat Emory.: 4 (4df+4=0, -, +, 0)
Jan 31 00:05:27 <Liebe> Emory is barely concious. There are beds in the researcher's quarters next to the observation room.
Jan 31 00:05:49 <Liebe> Bleeding from shins, mouth, and left hand.
Jan 31 00:05:54 <Light> "Shit." «Alice, where are you? Get up there, I'll take over.»
Jan 31 00:06:15 <Maddy> <Jesus…> «Researchers quarters.»
Jan 31 00:07:07 <Light> Light promptly grabs her hurridly-assembled kit and dashes there.
Jan 31 00:07:41 <Maddy> Alice dashes to AAM as soon as Light's arrived.
Jan 31 00:09:07 <Light> "Good luck," Sophia says, passing her, then finds her patient. "Nice to meet you. Sophia Light."
Jan 31 00:10:19 <Liebe> Emory's eyes roll over and track Sophie for a brief moment. She breathes in sharply.
Jan 31 00:11:41 <Light> She starts pulling stuff out of the kit, and looking Emory over before treating the lacerations.
Jan 31 00:11:59 <Light> 4df+3 Keep Calm and Pretend to Be a Medical Doctor
Jan 31 00:11:59 <Glacon> Light: Keep Calm and Pretend to Be a Medical Doctor: 1 (4df+3=-, -, 0, 0)
Jan 31 00:12:53 <Liebe> Light know what she's doing, and they're just simply cuts on the shins and hand, though a fingernail has been jaggedly ripped off.
Jan 31 00:13:21 <Liebe> Light may also notice the string of multicolored yarn around the woman's neck like a garrote.
Jan 31 00:14:13 <Light> Still, it's a little painful, she's a bit rusty- "What's this- electronics… Here, can I remove this?" She touches the bit of yarn.
Jan 31 00:14:31 <Adhelami> She begins to feel Sympathy, guilt, lonliness, longing, regret, and loss. INTENSELY.
Jan 31 00:14:48 <Adhelami> The emotions flood into her at an overwhelming rate, in fact.
Jan 31 00:16:25 <Light> "Alpha and-" she jerks her hand back and inhales, not finishing her strange archaic curse.
Jan 31 00:17:59 <Adhelami> The feelings are going to linger, and take a little time to wear off.
Jan 31 00:18:04 <Adhelami> Minutes at most.
Jan 31 00:19:53 <Light> She breathes heavily twice, then controls it, mentally whipping herself into shape- jesus, she should know better then this, what the hell is- her resilient mind shakes it off soon. As it does, she pulls on gloves and takes a pair of tweezers and scalpel. "Is it okay if I take this off?"
Jan 31 00:20:06 <Light> *Not scalpel. Scissors.
Jan 31 00:22:15 <Liebe> Emory can barely move, but she manages an affirmative gesture with her eyes.
Jan 31 00:22:52 * Light removes it, avoiding contact, and -delicately- sets it on a table to the side.
Jan 31 00:24:54 <Liebe> As Light leans in to cut it, Emory jerks forward in a sudden gesture of feral strength and drags Sophia's head close to her mouth. She hisses a curse - "No compromise." - and then slumps back, eyes shuting.
Jan 31 00:25:06 <Maddy> «Light, if you can, get panicide ready and suit up. Anyone else left underground, I want you in the LAV or trailer, and stay there.»
Jan 31 00:26:12 * Light blinks and pulls backwards, probably not successfully until the woman slumps. Light pulls off a glove and feels for her jugular pulse.
Jan 31 00:26:30 <Liebe> She's alive.
Jan 31 00:27:54 <Light> «Coming.» She gives the woman a double take, then looks for the panicide and the suit, and begins preparing both.
Jan 31 00:31:31 * Light wills that action to be some sort of instinctive thing, since she never -heard- the woman was insane, and before she can start calculating the odds she secures the facial mask and hauls ass up the stairs.
Jan 31 00:34:42 <Liebe> Tau goes to the trailer where she presuambly finds Adhelami?
Jan 31 00:36:41 <Adhelami> Adhelami is there, thoughtful, feeling down.
Jan 31 00:38:45 <Liebe> "Ahhh, Sehlvi, how did it go…?? I heard the radio chatter." She wheels up next to her.
Jan 31 00:39:11 <Dexanote> Myr is in the trailer with Adhelami, behind a 5.
Jan 31 00:39:41 <Adhelami> "She reacted very, ah… intensely. She cried a lot. But I am hoping that there is a lasting effect."
Jan 31 00:40:07 <Liebe> 4df+3 Token Myrtle roll
Jan 31 00:40:08 <Glacon> Liebe: Token Myrtle roll: 5 (4df+3=0, +, 0, +)
Jan 31 00:40:56 <Dexanote> She's sitting on Adhel's left side.
Jan 31 00:41:46 <Liebe> She blinks. "Ah, sorry Myrtle, I did not see you there." Shake shake. She pulls herself out of the wheelchair and sits down nexto Adhelami, loping an arm around her shoulder.
Jan 31 00:42:19 <E4D> Private. <Goddamnit, *really*? Alice, decon in a hurry and get the IV. She's gonna try to fucking spray the shit on him? *Look*. It's fuckin' *inside* him.>
Jan 31 00:42:28 <Liebe> Right side. She doesn't sit on Myrtle, that'd be silly.
Jan 31 00:42:28 <E4D> Derp, channel
Jan 31 00:42:49 <Adhelami> "She hurt herself though." Adhelami Huffs. Normally she would say, 'I am sorry.' Hell, she would probably be crying. But, no sympathy, no guilt, no regret.
Jan 31 00:43:44 <Liebe> "She is stubborn. My whole family is very stubborn."
Jan 31 00:45:03 <Adhelami> "I told her that you loved her, and that she needed to dig deep and find her love for you. We will see." She hugs Tau.
Jan 31 00:46:50 <Liebe> "…Thank you, love. It means much to me that you did that for her, even if it doesn't change anything in the end. Let us hope." She kisses Adhelami's crown and lightly pats her back, staring up at the trailer's ceiling and waiting.
Jan 31 00:47:18 <Adhelami> "I do not feel bad, and it is a horrible feeling." Puff.
Jan 31 00:48:07 <Dexanote> "You did the right thing."
Jan 31 00:48:27 <Liebe> "When do your emotions return?"
Jan 31 00:50:36 <Adhelami> "In… ah… I will be ok with an entire night's sleep. They grow back slowly, it seems."
Jan 31 00:52:26 <Liebe> She frowns. "Ok. I just do not want you to wake up and suddenly feel all this at once again."
Jan 31 00:52:58 <Adhelami> "I won't." She smiles brightly, "Do not worry."