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14:57 Ragazzo Dusty sits atop the stryker, keeping an eye on bruce.
14:58 Salmander Redd sits atop the Bruce, keeping an eye on Dusty
14:58 Ragazzo "That can't be comfortable."
14:58 * Soulless joined #afteraction
14:58 E4D Jason sits a short distance away, holding the end of the 20-pound sledge, eyeing the cat.
15:00 Nusquam Samil sits atop Eve, contemplating the sledgehammer, and the stick figure's dubious lack of caution last night.
15:00 Salmander "It's my new ride."
15:00 Ragazzo Dusty slowly dismounts the stryker.
15:00 Ragazzo He goes over to Bruce.
15:01 Ragazzo "Not much of a paint job."
15:01 E4D "Hey, yo, Samil! You the new hood ornament? Shank might want his spot back."
15:01 Ragazzo He chuckles, checking if the Bruce is asleep.
15:01 Nusquam "He can bitch whenever he turns up."
15:02 Nusquam He yawns and stretches. "Two things I been meanin' to tell ya."
15:02 Nusquam "First of all, pretty sure that cat's filled with molten rock and shit, so crackin' it with a hammer's probably a bad idea."
15:03 Nusquam "Secondly,
Stick encountered several assassins while out foraging for firewood,"
he says, gesturing to the tree line not very far away.
15:03 E4D "…"
15:03 Nusquam "So, assuming they weren't retarded, they know where we are."
15:04 E4D He speaks slowly "… Where are the assassins now?"
15:04 E4D "Did he kill them?
15:04 Nusquam "No. He fucked 'em up. Strung one up. Buried another alive. Dunno about the rest. Shank went through and took care of 'em."
15:05 Nusquam "…as unlikely as that sounds."
15:05 Nusquam "Stick said he wanted to send a message."
15:06 Nusquam "He also said they waylaid him, so they had the drop, and likely reported their whereabouts."
15:06 Nusquam "I think here is a very bad place to be."
15:09 E4D "…"
15:09 Nusquam "I shoulda said somethin' last night, but I was pissed at not thinkin' straight."
15:09 E4D Jason stares at him for a moment from behind a pair of Oakleys. "Mother of God…"
15:10 E4D He
15:10 Nusquam He jumps down from atop Eve and heads over to his tent, hurriedly disassembling it.
15:10 Waxx Samil and Dusty
15:10 *
E4D is now known as Dodridge
15:10 Waxx Roll defense now
15:10 Nusquam 4df+2
15:10 Glacon Nusquam: 2 (4df+2=0, -, +, 0)
15:11 Ragazzo 4df+4 Ffffu
15:11 Glacon Ragazzo: Ffffu: 6 (4df+4=0, +, +, 0)
15:11 Waxx 4df+3 Incoming
15:11 Glacon Waxx: Incoming: 2 (4df+3=+, 0, -, -)
15:11 Waxx Two rounds zip past Samil and Dusty's head, impacting in the dust before you ever hear the shot.
15:11 Ragazzo "Ffffu-"
15:12 Dodridge Jason goes flat, diving into a small dip of microterrain, and presenting his rifle from the prone. "CONTACT!"
15:12 Ragazzo Dusty grabs Bruce and lugs the Cat with him towards cover.
15:12 Nusquam Samil gets as low as he can, abandoning the tent and rushing to Eve, climbing in.
15:12 Waxx There seems to be no immediate source of the fire. You can roll perception if you like.
15:12 Ragazzo He's also using bruce /as/ cover, but shush.
15:12 Ragazzo 4df Perc.
15:12 Glacon Ragazzo: Perc.: -2 (4df=-, -, 0, 0)
15:12 Dodridge 4df+4 Jason looks around, trying to identify the direction of fire. "ANYONE SEE ANYTHING?"
15:12 Glacon Dodridge: Jason looks around, trying to identify the direction of fire. "ANYONE SEE ANYTHING?": 5 (4df+4=0, +, -, +)
15:12 Nusquam He quickly heads for the turret.
15:12 Waxx Dusty gets a face full of dirt. It's hard to see much of anything!
15:13 Dexanote "!?! Myow?"
15:13 Dodridge "SHUT UP, BRUCE!"
15:13 Waxx Jason's
trained eye picks out a clump of trees off in the distance, with some
underbrush and a few bushes. It's a little too perfect….
15:13 Dexanote 4df+4
15:13 Glacon Dexanote: 6 (4df+4=0, +, 0, +)
15:13 Waxx 4df+3
15:13 Glacon Waxx: 3 (4df+3=0, +, -, 0)
15:13 Dodridge 4df+4 He sights in with his ACOG, trying to pick out a target (Maneuver for bonus to ranged)
15:13 Glacon Dodridge: He sights in with his ACOG, trying to pick out a target (Maneuver for bonus to ranged): 4 (4df+4=0, +, -, 0)
15:14 Waxx Bruce's constant noisemongering draws some fire in his direction. Whoever is doing the shooting doesn't seem to be very good.
15:14 Nusquam 4df+3 Samil scans the surroundings through the turret's optics.
15:14 Glacon Nusquam: Samil scans the surroundings through the turret's optics.: 2 (4df+3=+, -, 0, -)
15:14 Salmander Redd just crumples on top of Bruce.
15:14 Ragazzo Dusty bats bruce on the nose lightly. "Shhh!"
15:14 Waxx Dodridge is able to see leaves moving in the brushes in time with the shots, probably a result of gas venting from a rifle's muzzle.
15:14 Dexanote > : (
15:15 Dodridge "ENGAGE!"
15:15 Ragazzo Dusty tries to tug bruce behind a vehicle.
15:15 Waxx Everyone go ahead and roll whatever you'd like.
15:15 Waxx Or any other action for that matter
15:15 Nusquam Samil aims the turret at the indicated location, ripping into it with the Bushmaster.
15:15 Dexanote 4df+4 Ath to throw Redd off himself
15:15 Nusquam 4df+7
15:15 Glacon Dexanote: Ath to throw Redd off himself: 1 (4df+4=0, -, -, -)
15:15 Glacon Nusquam: 7 (4df+7=0, +, 0, -)
15:15 Dodridge 4df+8 Tapping the temp aspect and burning AP. Jason fires a quick burst of 6.8mm SPC into the area he saw fluttering.
15:15 Glacon Dodridge: Tapping the temp aspect and burning AP. Jason fires a quick burst of 6.8mm SPC into the area he saw fluttering.: 10 (4df+8=+, 0, +, 0)
15:15 Dexanote S C P
15:16 Salmander 4df+1 athletics to stay on >
15:16 Glacon Salmander: athletics to stay on >: -1 (4df+1=+, -, -, -)
15:16 Salmander nooooo
15:16 Dexanote Redd is now under Bruce
15:16 Waxx The Bruce bucks and rears, throwing Redd into the dirt.
15:17 Waxx Jason's burst rips into the treeline. There's a muffled shriek and there is a pause in the enemy fire for a moment.
15:17 Waxx Anyone else?
15:17 Waxx Oh sorry Samil
15:18 ***
Salmander quit (Quit: Hey, you've tried to reach me, Salmander. I'm not
here right now, so please leave your name and number at the .tell.)
15:18 Ragazzo 4df Athletics to pull bruce behind a vehicle, and off redd
15:18 Glacon Ragazzo: Athletics to pull bruce behind a vehicle, and off redd: -1 (4df=0, -, +, -)
15:18 Dodridge Jason
fires a protracted burst into treeline as he scuttles back behind the
LAV, tucking the barest portion of one eye and his rifle around the
side, just enough to sight in from a good supported positon.
15:18 Waxx Samil
brings the Bushmaster to bear on the treeline just moments after Jason
fires. The chaingun opens up and unleashes a torrent of red tracers into
the undergrowth, igniting a small brush fire. All enemy fire ceases as
smoke begins to rise, forming a beacon on your location.
15:18 Dodridge A mag is released, and he slaps another one in, sending the bolt home.
15:19 Waxx There's no noise but the sound of the crackling fire and the echoing report of the Bushmaster as it fades away.
15:19 Nusquam "Should I keep a lookout from here or help pack shit up?"
15:19 Ragazzo Dusty does so! With alacrity!
15:20 Nusquam He sounds like he's on the verge of panicking.
15:20 Dexanote Bruce waddles after Dusty
15:21 Nusquam Like he's trying to force his voice into a calm tone, but that only makes it sound even more on edge.
15:21 Dodridge "Samil!
Driver's seat!" Jason drops Eve's ramp and grabs his and Alice's gear,
tossing it inside and clambering in, raising the ramp several feet, so
that it's almost closed. He scuttles up into the turret. "GET THIS
15:21 Waxx Samil
15:21 Waxx Roll mental defense
15:21 Nusquam Samil dives into the drivers seat.
15:21 Nusquam 4df+2
15:21 Glacon Nusquam: 3 (4df+2=+, -, +, 0)
15:22 Dexanote Shank fades in on top of Eve. "Whaz u-" he sees the burning bush. "… Aight." He fades out.
15:22 Waxx Samil thinks he sees a flash of movement along the crest of a low rock formation nearby. Or does he?
15:23 Nusquam He fires up Eve and starts driving in circles as ordered, his gaze darting back to the rock formation.
15:23 Nusquam 4df+3 Perception
15:23 Glacon Nusquam: Perception: 4 (4df+3=+, 0, 0, 0)
[16:24] <Waxx> He looks again….nothing there, for certain.
[16:24] <Waxx> Even so, the experience is mildly unsettling.
[16:25] <@Maddy> Alice is here now, tell her to do something!
[16:25] <~Dodridge> "Alice! Turret! Get the big gun!" Jason climbs up to the minigun, making room for Alice."
[16:26] <&Nusquam> His eyes dart across the landscape uneasily as he weaves around in a broad path outside of camp.
[16:26] <~Dodridge> «Just keep 'er moving Samil. Stay sharp.»
[16:27] <@Maddy> Alice gets the hell up there.
[16:27] <Waxx> Samil doesn't see any more phantom mirages, but his nerves are up regardless.
[16:28] <~Dodridge> 4df+6 Jason wheels the 6-barreled gun 'o death around in wide arc, sweeping likely locations for any additional targets of opportunity, eye on the small digital display by the receiver's left.
[16:28] <Glacon> Dodridge: Jason wheels the 6-barreled gun 'o death around in wide arc, sweeping likely locations for any additional targets of opportunity, eye on the small digital display by the receiver's left.: 6 (4df+6=-, +, 0, 0)
[16:29] <Waxx> There's nothing left. No enemy contact and no enemy fire. The only sign that anything happened here at all is the burning copse of trees.
[16:30] <&Nusquam> Samil just keeps driving like he was told, tapping the steering wheel nervously.
[16:30] <~Dodridge> "Take us over to the trees, Samil."
[16:30] <Soulless> Alicel chills in one of the vehicles.
[16:31] <~Dodridge> «Good shooting, by the way. Just like a video game, huh?»
[16:31] <~Dodridge> «Just move the joystick and press the button, right?»
[16:31] <&Nusquam> "Guess so…" he turns sharply and heads for the burning patch of vegetation.
[16:33] <~Dodridge> "All right, Alice, take my spot, and cover me, ok? I'm going out."
[16:33] <~Dodridge> «Halt, Samil.»
[16:33] <@Maddy> "R-right, be careful.>
[16:33] <@Maddy> "
[16:33] <&Nusquam> He slowly brings the vehicle to a stop.
[16:34] <~Dodridge> Jason plops down past Alice, grabbing a large fire extinguisher from under a bucket seat. He drops the ramp and tromps heavily off the platform as it lowers.
[16:34] <Waxx> The fire is spreading rapidly, consuming the dry underbrush like Bruce would consume a pan of lasagna, likening him to Garfield if I may.
[16:34] <~Dodridge> "…"
[16:35] <@Dexanote> Shank fades in halfway and fades back out.
[16:35] <Waxx> One of the bodies is already engulfed in flame, the other is beginning to smoulder a bit. Both of them are wearing crudely made ghillie suits and carrying old hunting rifles.
[16:35] <~Dodridge> He scuttles around, blasting the brushfire with the high-capacity ABCD extinguisher as well as he can.
[16:36] <&Nusquam> "Way to bitch out, scarecrow," he mutters under his breath.
[16:36] <~Dodridge> He hits the bodies first.
[16:36] <Waxx> PSSSSSHHHHTTT
[16:36] <Waxx> The flames are blown out, but the charred body is unrecoverable. It's missing some major pieces, anyway. Jason's kill is more easily recognizable.
[16:37] <Waxx> At a glance, the guy doesn't look military. He's a little older, mid-40's. Looks like a local.
[16:37] <~Dodridge> He finishes off what's left in the extinguisher, and hauls both it and his kill back to the parked LAV, dragging the sniper by the collar.
[16:37] <Waxx> The giveaway though is the black and white armband wrapped around his left upper arm.
[16:38] <Ragazzo> Dusty looks over at the bodies Jason is dragging.
[16:38] <Soulless> «Was all that necessary, Jason, sir?»
[16:38] <&Nusquam> «Just shut the fuck up and pack up your shit.»
[16:38] <Soulless> «I have nothing to pack, sir.»
[16:38] <&Nusquam> He still sounds on edge.
[16:38] <Ragazzo> "Was it just two people, you think?"
[16:39] <~Dodridge> «Motherfuckin' CI. We're gonna have company. If you don't have your shit stowed, get it that way now.» He tosses the extinguisher in first, then hefts the body inside.
[16:39] <Soulless> «Yes, sir.»
[16:39] <@Maddy> Alice keeps scanning around.
[16:39] <Ragazzo> Dusty goes about storing his shit.
[16:39] <Soulless> Alicel helps to get with the packing of everyone else's shit.
[16:39] <~Dodridge> "No. They were observing, and likely reporting." He checks the body for a radio and any sort of identification, or concealed weapons, patting the corpse down from head to toe.
[16:39] <Ragazzo> So much shit is getting handled.
[16:40] <Waxx> The guy has a handheld two-way radio, not of military issue but capable of transmitting a few miles over open terrain.
[16:40] <Waxx> Nothing about this guy indicates that he was military.
[16:40] <&Nusquam> Samil is doing is best not to look at the corpses.
[16:41] <~Dodridge> He holds it by the antenna and slams it against the hull of the LAV, shattering it, and presses the pieces back into the guy's pockets. Grenades? First aid equipment? Spare ammunition?
[16:41] <&Nusquam> his*
[16:41] <Waxx> Nothing of the sort. Just a radio and spare ammunition for his hunting rifle.
[16:43] <Soulless> Alicel successfully packs the majority of shit away.
[16:43] <~Dodridge> After looking over the body one more time, he clears the rifle and lays it and the spare ammo on a seat in the LAV, and picks the body up, carrying it out of the LAV, considerably more awkwardly now that he's hefting it down the ramp. He places it on the ground, removes the man's ghillie suit, folds his arms over his chest, and covers him…
[16:44] <~Dodridge> … and then turns to retrieve a Jerry can of diesel.
[16:45] <~Dodridge> He douses the body, then removes a tracer cartridge from a magazine with an orange band painted around, and quickly pries the bullet from the casing with his Leatherman, pocketing the casing and dumping the powder on the man's chest, and placing the round on top. He lights a match and tosses it to the powder…
[16:45] <~Dodridge> … igniting the tracer's magnesium payload and touching the diesel off.
[16:45] <Waxx> Dodridge unlocked achievement: FWOOSH
[16:47] <~Dodridge> He watches for a moment to make sure the whole body catches, then returns the Jerry can to its carrier, locks the holding bar, and climbs inside. «Samil? Get us back to the camp. We need to finish cleanup.»
[16:48] <&Nusquam> He silently cranks the wheel to the left, turning back toward the camp, still cautiously surveying the landscape.
[16:48] <Soulless> As soon as they're in camp Alicel help everyone get their shit in the vehicles.
[16:49] <&Nusquam> He clambers out of Eve and finishes disassembling his tent, packing it away along with his other possessions.
[16:49] <~Dodridge> «Everyone, you got 5 mikes. Let's make this snappy. If you ain't ready, you're gettin' left behind. I want no one on the two-ways for a half-hour after we step off. If you're in Florence, and you need something, herringbone to the side, and we'll stop and check up. Copy?»
[16:50] <Ragazzo> «Sure.»
[16:50] * Laito (~moc.retrahc.om.slts.pchd.5D68B3DB-CRInys|sirhc#moc.retrahc.om.slts.pchd.5D68B3DB-CRInys|sirhc) has joined #afteraction
[16:52] <~Dodridge> Jason strips down to his Under Armour and hurriedly begins pulling on Oxide behind the LAV. "Hey, Alice? Might want to get dressed in your Sunday best."
[16:52] <&Nusquam> He removes his helmet from a strap on the pack, putting it on as he climbs back into Eve.
[16:53] <~Dodridge> "HEY, SAMIL."
[16:53] <~Dodridge> "OVER HERE."
[16:53] <@Maddy> "R-roger that." alice gos to get El-Ahrairah.
[16:53] <&Nusquam> "Yeah?"
[16:53] <&Nusquam> He climbs back out, pack in hand, heading off toward Jason, looking generally paranoid as his gaze darts about the landscape.
[16:54] <~Dodridge> Jason's pulling on the arm pieces, locking them in place at the shoulder. "Way to keep your head on straight. Seriously. Good on you."
[16:54] <~Dodridge> He gives a little nod, and then begins snapping the lower arms and gloves on.
[16:54] <Soulless> Alicel sits back in Eve, pretty chill all things considered.
[16:54] <&Nusquam> "…I almost fucking lost my head, man."
[16:55] <~Dodridge> "Happens to the best of us."
[16:56] <&Nusquam> "No… I felt it."
[16:56] <@Dexanote> "Yeah, no biggie." Shank fades in.
[16:56] <&Nusquam> "Fucking centimeters, man."
[16:56] <~Dodridge> Jason shrugs into the MARPAT uniform he'd removes minutes before, pulling his tactical gear on over that. After stowing the light rifle and the 941, he pulls his heavier armament from his gun bag, dropping the rifle, pistol, and shotgun into their carriers.
[16:57] <~Dodridge> "Yeah, the little pull? You get that when they get too close. Hell of a motivator to get movin', huh?"
[16:57] <&Nusquam> Samil decides it's probably best to follow suit, and begins donning his own armor. He nods slightly.
[16:58] <@Dexanote> retcon out Shank fading in
[16:58] <@Maddy> Alice pulls on her uniform and armour and stuff, she's like a mini spartan. Well not really.
[16:58] <~Dodridge> "Remember, dude. Shit can only save your ass if you have it to hand and ready to go. But listen." He stares at him for a moment. "You did good. You can think about how close it came later. We gotta move now."
[16:59] <&Nusquam> He puts the vest on backwards, then realizes his mistake, removing it and putting it back on the right way.
[17:00] <&Nusquam> "I know."
[17:01] <Waxx> Samil unlocked achievement: CASE OF THE JITTERS
[17:02] <&Nusquam> Once he's finished putting on his own armor, he clambers back into Eve, stowing his pack but keeping his weapons on their slings and handgun in its holster on his side, with his riot shield laying across his lap.
[17:02] <Ragazzo> Dusty is just in whatever vehicle bruce is in.
[17:02] <~Dodridge> Jason shoves a white and black piece of cloth into his drop pouch.
[17:02] <Ragazzo> Checking him for bullet holes.
[17:02] <@Maddy> Alice is in the LAV in some capasity.
[17:03] <Waxx> Bruce has suffered no injuries.
[17:03] <@Dexanote> "Myow."
[17:03] <~Dodridge> Jason climbs up past Alice, patting her on the back. "Just another day, huh?"
[17:03] <Ragazzo> Dusty scratches bruce behind the ears.
[17:04] <~Dodridge> He settles down into the bustle rack, waving at the crew of Florence, then circling his arm and pointing at the road.
[17:04] <@Maddy> "Yyyyeap."
[17:06] <&Nusquam> Samil's in the LAV's crew compartment, tapping his foot nervously.
[17:08] * Dexanote (~ten.elbacogc.emoh.8DF857A-CRInys|alliztahc#ten.elbacogc.emoh.8DF857A-CRInys|alliztahc) Quit ( Quit: ChatZilla 0.9.87 [Firefox 3.6.22/20110902133716] )
[17:09] <Waxx> Samil Achievement Progress: KEEPING THE BEAT (10/10000)
[17:10] * Waxx (moc.rr.ser.oen.1F7C9A8-CRInys|xxaW#moc.rr.ser.oen.1F7C9A8-CRInys|xxaW) Quit ( Quit: A bear is just a man who made a choice. )
[17:12] <~Dodridge> <Get 'er moving, Samil.>
[17:15] <&Nusquam> He clambers up, briefly contemplating where to stow the shield before setting it behind the seat and settling in.
[17:15] <&Nusquam> "Where are we going?"
[17:16] <&Nusquam> Pending an answer, he just starts driving.
[17:18] <@Maddy> <We're a-about 170 K f-from Potts Point, s-should we just p-push through?>
[17:18] <@Maddy> *km
[17:18] <Soulless> «I still do not understand why we are constantly being watched and followed.»
[17:19] <@Maddy> «Because Charon is a w-wnted man.»
[17:19] <&Nusquam> «CLEAR THE FUCKING AIRWAVES!»
[17:19] <Soulless> Alicel stays silent.
[17:20] <~Dodridge> <Thanks, Samil.>
[17:21] <~Dodridge> <Just go east for now.>
[17:21] <&Nusquam> He gradually turns eastward. "Find a road or keep off of 'em?"
[17:22] <~Dodridge> <Stay on 'em for now. A small group like us can move faster on the road than a column like they've got can.>
[17:23] <&Nusquam> "How do we know they aren't ahead of us?"
[17:23] <&Nusquam> "We've been heading east for a while now."
[17:24] <~Dodridge> <We left 'em behind us. And it's a sure thing we'll run into them back west. I say the off chance of running into a small force is better than a solid bet on hitting the main body, right?>
[17:25] <&Nusquam> "I was thinking more of detouring Northeast or Southeast, off-road, terrain willing."
[17:26] <~Dodridge> <Puts a longer drive between us and Potts. We take an offset, that gives more time to run us down on the road, too.>
[17:27] <&Nusquam> He just nods, not that anyone can see it.
[17:28] <&Nusquam> "Has our destination been discussed over the radio since we picked up Charon?"
[17:28] <~Dodridge> <Probably, but we're not on open channels.
[17:29] <~Dodridge> <To understand what we're saying, someone would have to *give* them the crypto key.>
[17:29] <~Dodridge> <It's only good for a few days anyway. I've been rolling crypto three times a week since we left.>