A Warning of Vengence

Oct 06 20:52:33 <Photosynthetic> Glen meanders through the nearby woods.
Oct 06 20:53:17 <Rights> ~So.~ Ghost speaks to Bou! ~…You're a sassy plant.~
Oct 06 20:53:46 <Maddy> "Whosat!"
Oct 06 20:53:52 <Maddy> Bou stops dancing!
Oct 06 20:54:09 <Rights> ~I'm a ghost. I like your dancing.~
Oct 06 20:54:30 <Maddy> "Thank you! A Ghost is like a dead persn right?"
Oct 06 20:54:35 <Maddy> "But not a zombie."
Oct 06 20:54:38 <Rights> ~Yep!~
Oct 06 20:54:45 <Maddy> "Neat!"
Oct 06 20:55:23 <Rights> ~I'd liek to think I'm not nearly as gross as a zombie.~
Oct 06 20:56:00 <Maddy> "I've never met a zombie. So you're invisible?"
Oct 06 20:56:22 <Rights> ~Yep. Midnight can see me, though.~
Oct 06 20:56:40 <Maddy> "How crumb?"
Oct 06 20:56:47 <Rights> ~She's an animal, and a witch!~
Oct 06 20:57:06 <Rights> ~Some other animals and magic types can see me too.~
Oct 06 20:57:40 <Rights> ~Otherwise, I'm all invisible.~
Oct 06 20:58:19 <Maddy> "Hah! Must be interesting."
Oct 06 20:58:47 <Rights> ~It is. It's a little lonely, but ti's cool to be able to watch everybody.~
Oct 06 21:01:17 <E4D> Jason follows after Glen.
Oct 06 21:02:06 <Photosynthetic> Glen pauses to let him catch up. "Hello," it says, once they're side-by-side.
Oct 06 21:02:24 <E4D> "Good evenin'."
Oct 06 21:02:48 <Maddy> "Being alone isn't so bad. I get funny when I'm not around humans though."
Oct 06 21:03:01 <Rights> ~Lonely.~
Oct 06 21:03:08 <E4D> "Probably not safe to be out here on your own. 'Specially after how we found ya last night."
Oct 06 21:03:27 <Maddy> "Lonely might be what humans feel, but I dont think plants get lonely."
Oct 06 21:04:09 <Rights> ~They totally get lonely.~
Oct 06 21:04:15 <Rights> ~Why else would they always grow together?~
Oct 06 21:04:24 <Photosynthetic> "I… needed a little time. Thank you for coming after me."
Oct 06 21:04:42 <Maddy> "Well if that's the case, I'm never alone then. Always plants."
Oct 06 21:05:09 <Rights> ~Except for cactuses, those just seem like bitches. Then again, I don't know. Most plants don't talk.~
Oct 06 21:06:19 <Maddy> "But when I'm not with people, I forget my arms arnt supposed to bend this way." she clasps her hands togehter, steps over her own hands and brings them back over her head and infront again.
Oct 06 21:06:54 <E4D> "'S my job."
Oct 06 21:07:39 <E4D> "And don't mention it. So… shit was hectic yesterday." He looks down at the small animal. "Can you explain to me again… well… what you are?"
Oct 06 21:07:41 <Rights> ~Hah! You look like you're made of rubber…but maybe it's just hard to remember.~
Oct 06 21:07:41 * Soulless has quit (Ping timeout)
Oct 06 21:08:02 <E4D> "Didn't settle right after the inbound arty."
Oct 06 21:09:55 <Photosynthetic> Glen nods. "Understandable. I am the personification of people's love for a certain city park. A sort of genius loci."
Oct 06 21:10:08 * MartinSage (~PI.34B48452.E41C05EA.A4872BFD|esaCH#PI.34B48452.E41C05EA.A4872BFD|esaCH) has joined #afteraction
Oct 06 21:10:35 <Maddy> "I think…I was made to immatate the person would would have bought me if the lab dudes haden't tried to set me on fire."
Oct 06 21:11:19 <E4D> "Oh… yeah. I remember now. Sorry for makin' ya repeat yourself."
Oct 06 21:11:33 <Photosynthetic> "It's all right."
Oct 06 21:11:41 <E4D> "So, you know the Library people? Dusty, Midnight, Zoe… and Shank?"
Oct 06 21:11:41 <Maddy> "When I got no one to immatate, I just…" she shrugs.
Oct 06 21:12:38 <Photosynthetic> At the fourth name, Glen shudders. "Yes, but not — Well. I know Dusty and Midnight. I think I remember Zoe. The fourth…" It trails off.
Oct 06 21:12:41 <Maddy> Bou is kinda sounding like a mix of Jason and John right now, in terms of accent.
Oct 06 21:13:01 <Rights> ~Imitating isn't so bad. It's how children eventually develop.~
Oct 06 21:13:20 <Rights> ~You should imitate me. I'm much sexier than the boys. Also, I flew helecopters.~
Oct 06 21:13:29 <E4D> "You can go ahead. I don't like 'im either."
Oct 06 21:13:29 <Maddy> "Woooah!"
Oct 06 21:13:31 <Dexanote> Shank walks through Ghost.
Oct 06 21:13:36 <E4D> "Gonna kill him some day."
Oct 06 21:14:16 <Maddy> "Sometimes people call me kid. I think it's cause I'm short."
Oct 06 21:15:00 <Rights> ~You both look AND act like one.~
Oct 06 21:16:27 <Photosynthetic> Glen looks up at Jason, eyes wide. /"How?"/
Oct 06 21:17:10 <E4D> "I already did it once. Made the mistake of putting him back together. Would you believe flaming cat piss?"
Oct 06 21:17:10 <Maddy> "Think so? I don't know if it's fair to compare. Not people, don't work the same way."
Oct 06 21:17:57 <Photosynthetic> Glen's eyebrows do something incredulous. "No!"
Oct 06 21:18:30 <E4D> "Fire works just as well. Kept the chain and locked it up for a while. All you gotta do is burn it."
Oct 06 21:19:08 <Rights> ~True enough. You could be very smart and mature by plant standards.~
Oct 06 21:19:30 <Maddy> "Hehehe, would you believe, I am 3!"
Oct 06 21:19:43 <Photosynthetic> Glen lifts its chin. Its expression is equal parts fear and morbid hope. "I can't believe it. Death can /die?"/
Oct 06 21:19:44 <E4D> He pats the rifle, then flicks a switch on an underbarrel device mounted where a grenade launcher could go. A wire at the end immediately glows white hot for a moment before he flicks it again, turning it off.
Oct 06 21:19:46 <Maddy> "Wait! 4."
Oct 06 21:20:16 <E4D> "I've killed a lot of things, Glen. Shank ain't the worst of it."
Oct 06 21:20:36 <Rights> ~Four? What a /big/ girl.~
Oct 06 21:21:43 <E4D> "Seems like he's had a bit of a change since he… well, changed… but I don't know how much of a change it was. Or to what real effect. Pays to be ready."
Oct 06 21:21:53 * Break (~ten.nozirev.soif.acnasl.A748E19A-CRInys|tpircsnn#ten.nozirev.soif.acnasl.A748E19A-CRInys|tpircsnn) has joined #afteraction
Oct 06 21:22:36 <Maddy> "Hehe, it's young in human time yeah, but like, I was talking at like a week old, so I'm not sure how it compares."
Oct 06 21:22:46 <E4D> "But yes… you hit it hard enough, Glen, and death can die."
Oct 06 21:23:01 <Rights> ~True enough. Were you smaller when you were first born? Made?~
Oct 06 21:23:25 <Maddy> "I don't think so, I'm the smallet of all of the girls made."
Oct 06 21:23:35 <E4D> He walks along quietly beside the animal, checking their flanks and behind them every few steps.
Oct 06 21:23:43 <E4D> "We're out a ways. Might want to bring it back."
Oct 06 21:24:01 <Rights> ~Aww. If you grew, maybe you'd keep growing, like a tree.~
Oct 06 21:24:05 <Photosynthetic> Glen nods, pensive. "Yes, let's."
Oct 06 21:24:09 <Rights> ~And then you'd outlive us all AND be taller.~
Oct 06 21:24:32 <E4D> He starts back, waiting for Glen to step off ahead of him.
Oct 06 21:24:41 <Maddy> "Oh man, I could get as big as Stickman." she stands on her tiptoes and puts her hands above her head.
Oct 06 21:24:54 <Photosynthetic> Glen does so, occasionally glancing at him over its shoulder. "Jason?… Thank you."
Oct 06 21:25:12 <Rights> ~So big! You need to get bigger than him, then you can carry him around.~
Oct 06 21:25:46 <E4D> His eyes track across the woods around them, and he speaks without looking down. "For what?"
Oct 06 21:26:12 <Maddy> "Haha, I don't think he'd like that."
Oct 06 21:26:34 <Rights> ~Well, fuck him.~
Oct 06 21:26:44 <Rights> ~He's a creep.~
Oct 06 21:27:22 <Photosynthetic> "Being an example."
Oct 06 21:28:43 <E4D> "An example."
Oct 06 21:28:49 <Maddy> Alice is pacing around near the woods where she saw Jason go off.
Oct 06 21:30:02 <Maddy> "Creepcreep." Bou sits in the mud.
Oct 06 21:30:28 <Rights> ~Creeeeep.~
Oct 06 21:30:39 <Rights> The ghost is also sitting in mud, but nobody notices.
Oct 06 21:31:22 <E4D> "For what?"
Oct 06 21:32:02 <Maddy> "Ghost, do you live in these woods, or are you traveling with these people?"
Oct 06 21:32:16 <Rights> ~Oh, I'm travelling with them.~
Oct 06 21:32:20 <Rights> ~I got nothing else to do.~
Oct 06 21:32:57 <Rights> ~NOt much to do when you're dead.~
Oct 06 21:33:27 <Maddy> "Ahaha! Yes I suppose."
Oct 06 21:33:48 <Photosynthetic> "For…" Glen pauses, looking for words."
Oct 06 21:33:49 <Rights> ~Plus, voyerism's only fun if there's people to watch!~
Oct 06 21:34:22 <E4D> Jason stops, waiting.
Oct 06 21:34:44 <Dexanote> Shank crosses their path, holding several plants in his arms
Oct 06 21:34:57 <E4D> He looks toward the camp's directio- "Hey, Shank."
Oct 06 21:35:06 <Photosynthetic> "For… Oh, fiddlesticks." It would probably be blushing if it could. "Resilience. Asserti— eep!"
Oct 06 21:35:15 <Photosynthetic> It actually squeaks quietly, shrinking back.
Oct 06 21:35:41 <E4D> "Don't worry, Glen. He ain't gonna hurt ya."
Oct 06 21:35:52 <E4D> He takes a step forward. "Are ya, Shank?"
Oct 06 21:36:31 <Maddy> Alice hears rustling and looks around…it's just Bou shaking out her hair.
Oct 06 21:36:45 <Dexanote> "Jus' over listenin to ya sayin you'll kill me again. An' findin new parts." He gently uproots a sapling. "Y'know, tha usual."
Oct 06 21:36:57 <Rights> The ghost chcukles. ~You're a cool plant.~
Oct 06 21:38:36 <E4D> "I warned you before you did it, Shank. I ain't sayin' now, and I ain't sayin' without reason. But you bought it when you did what you did. Just remindin' myself."
Oct 06 21:38:44 <Maddy> "Thanks Ghost. I'm glad you're around."
Oct 06 21:38:46 <E4D> "It's like death. Justice comes to everybody, Shank."
Oct 06 21:39:16 <Dexanote> "Yeah, course."
Oct 06 21:39:34 <Rights> ~No prob. I'm usually around.~
Oct 06 21:39:36 <Maddy> Alice is still pacing.
Oct 06 21:39:37 <Dexanote> "Ya never see me goin after anyone right now, though."
Oct 06 21:39:56 <Dexanote> "An' again, i'll tell you, Dusty cocks up more than me."
Oct 06 21:40:06 <E4D> Jason leans around him, looking off toward the camp, barely able to make out Alice's outline.
Oct 06 21:40:24 <E4D> "Dusty didn't kill my wife."
Oct 06 21:40:33 <Photosynthetic> Glen startles.
Oct 06 21:40:40 <Dexanote> "Not yet."
Oct 06 21:41:01 <Dexanote> "But do ya trust 'im?" Shank follows Jason.
Oct 06 21:41:09 <E4D> He pokes him in the chest. "And if he comes close, he'll go the same way everything else that tried did."
Oct 06 21:41:46 <E4D> Jason's firing hand is whitening around the grip of the rifle.
Oct 06 21:42:24 <E4D> "Besides. I ain't what *could* happen."
Oct 06 21:42:39 <E4D> "It's what's already been bought and paid for."
Oct 06 21:43:08 <Dexanote> He shifts, considering. "Vengeance… I like that."
Oct 06 21:43:37 <E4D> "You've never *seen* vengeance. But you will. Someday."
Oct 06 21:44:06 <E4D> "And it'll scare you like the King did."
Oct 06 21:44:12 <Dexanote> "Mmm. Tell me stories."
Oct 06 21:44:18 <PaulS_laptop> John happens by
Oct 06 21:44:37 <Dexanote> "An' thaz not jus' pickin at you. I wanna know what you've done… 's in your eyes, but I want tha whole thing."
Oct 06 21:44:51 <Dexanote> we can go to AAM if we're stealing the room
Oct 06 21:45:02 <PaulS_laptop> "He beat a reality bender to death with his helmet. Inside somebody else's head." and keeps walking on
Oct 06 21:45:56 <E4D> He grins. It's not friendly. "I usually don't tell stories, Shank. Shit tells itself. I might be able to let you in on a few sometime, though, if you ask real nice."
Oct 06 21:46:05 <E4D> He steps around him, heading for the camp.
Oct 06 21:46:06 * Laito (~moc.retrahc.om.slts.pchd.5D68B3DB-CRInys|sirhc#moc.retrahc.om.slts.pchd.5D68B3DB-CRInys|sirhc) has joined #afteraction
Oct 06 21:46:16 * MartinSage stares off towards the east, cradling his rifle with his boonie pulled down low.
Oct 06 21:46:20 * MartinSage is now known as Sage
Oct 06 21:46:23 <Dexanote> Shank smiles.
Oct 06 21:46:28 <PaulS_laptop> "Yo, Sage, sup?"
Oct 06 21:46:33 <E4D> "Come on, Glen."
Oct 06 21:46:52 * Sage snaps out of his reverie. "Hey brother, just thinking. Wonder what's going down back home now."
Oct 06 21:48:05 <Photosynthetic> Glen skitters sideways, giving Chainshank a wide berth, and follows Jason back towards camp.