Adhelami's Dream

@@Nov 22 19:49:33 <John_Williamson> "Vhen?"
Nov 22 19:49:45 <Zoe_Chantili> "What the…."
Nov 22 19:49:50 <Artemis> -- wait.
Nov 22 19:49:55 <AliceD> "…."
Nov 22 19:50:05 <Jillian> Jillian blinks and looks around.
Nov 22 19:50:15 * Bouncl (~ten.nozirev.soif.cdhsaw.F89E38BE-CRInys|alliztahc#ten.nozirev.soif.cdhsaw.F89E38BE-CRInys|alliztahc) has joined #afteractionmission
Nov 22 19:50:23 <Dexanote> "Ah shit."
Nov 22 19:50:54 <AdhelamiGM> Disorientation— A LOT OF IT— suddenly rushes to everyone. Blurriness, a headache, imbalance…
Nov 22 19:51:09 <Illia> Illia shakes her head and growls in frustration.
Nov 22 19:51:43 <Jillian> Jillian reaches out to steady herself, but ends up falling to her knees.
Nov 22 19:51:55 <Zoe_Chantili> Zoe shakly gets to her feet, trying to keep her balance. "Oi…."
Nov 22 19:52:12 <Dexanote> Myr steadies herself, taking a deep breath. "This is always unpleasant…"
Nov 22 19:52:13 <Jason> <What the fuck? Everyone? Sound off!> Jason looks around, a little confused by this latest turn of events, trying to get a bearing on his surroundings.
Nov 22 19:52:26 <Zoe_Chantili> "I'm here."
Nov 22 19:52:31 <Dexanote> "I'm right next to you, Jason."
Nov 22 19:52:35 <John_Williamson> "Ugh, I feel like ass. How much did I drink last night?"
Nov 22 19:52:39 <AliceD> "I'm h-here." Alice dusts herself off, having fallen over.
Nov 22 19:52:55 <Zoe_Chantili> "Feels like that time we drank that weird apple cider a bit…"
Nov 22 19:52:56 <AdhelamiGM> And cold. Speckles of wetness fall onto them, the sound of white noise— It's raining, steadily. They're on dirt ground.
Nov 22 19:53:06 <Jillian> "Here"
Nov 22 19:53:12 <Artemis> Artemis stumbles about, stunned by the strange transition. "H-…. here..
Nov 22 19:53:41 <Jillian> "None John" Jillian grabs his sleeve and pulls herself up.
Nov 22 19:53:41 <Illia> "Dirt? Land?" She looks around. "Artemis, where are you? ARTEMIS?"
Nov 22 19:53:59 <John_Williamson> "That's the problem, then."
Nov 22 19:54:03 <Artemis> "O-over here, Illia… Where is Sehlvi?"
Nov 22 19:54:12 <AliceD> Alice looks up, letting the rain fall on her face. "Well shit."
Nov 22 19:54:27 * Illia has quit (Connection reset by peer)
Nov 22 19:54:34 <Jillian> Jillian sighs. "Fucking tan t's" her shirt clings.
Nov 22 19:54:36 <Jason> Jason reaches up and folds a tiny brim over the visor. He snatches a tiny guncloth from a pouch on his vest and wipes it clean, then replaces it. <Got a brim for a reason, hun.>
Nov 22 19:54:58 * Illia (~ten.enilnotpo.nyd.8200F7FA-CRInys|alliztahc#ten.enilnotpo.nyd.8200F7FA-CRInys|alliztahc) has joined #afteractionmission
Nov 22 19:55:02 <AliceD> "I d-don't have my helmet."
Nov 22 19:55:16 <John_Williamson> John takes his glasses off and smears them on his shirt
Nov 22 19:55:26 <Zoe_Chantili> Zoe looks up at the sky, blinking at the rain, looking for anything becides the dirt and the rain.
Nov 22 19:55:27 <AdhelamiGM> About them, the area far around seems blurry. Hard to focus. It's obviously country. A dirt road stretches out far ahead of them, made muddy by the rain. There is a forest in the distance— and a Very thin, tall, very black tower reaching into the grey sky.
Nov 22 19:55:45 <Jason> <Great. Steven King.>
Nov 22 19:55:46 <Illia> Illia moves over to Artemis. "I do not know where she is…"
Nov 22 19:56:08 <Jillian> "Let me see them" Jillian holds a hand out to John.
Nov 22 19:56:18 <John_Williamson> "The man in black fled across the desert. And the gunslinger followed."
Nov 22 19:56:31 <Artemis> "Sehlvi!" Artemis calls.
Nov 22 19:56:39 <AdhelamiGM> There is no reply.
Nov 22 19:56:44 <John_Williamson> John passes his glasses to Jill.
Nov 22 19:56:54 <Zoe_Chantili> "Man, I hope not. I don't want to go against that huge bear."
Nov 22 19:56:57 <Artemis> An echoey voice sounds from all around, the sky even, loud and clear. ".. The fuck? What's…. huh." Alex?
Nov 22 19:56:58 <Illia> "Adhelami!"
Nov 22 19:57:09 <AliceD> "Bear?"
Nov 22 19:57:16 <Jillian> Jillian takes out a rag from her tool belt and cleans them. "There"
Nov 22 19:57:23 <Jason> Jason looks up at the sky. <LAITO! WHERE THE HELL ARE YOU?>
Nov 22 19:58:03 <Zoe_Chantili> "You never read the Dark Tower Series? In the third book there's a giant 40 foot tall robot bear."
Nov 22 19:58:09 <Dexanote> "Oh great."
Nov 22 19:58:16 <Artemis> * "I uh…. I don't know exactly. I can see you though, way down there. This is… huh." *
Nov 22 19:58:35 <AliceD> "What the fuck."
Nov 22 19:59:15 <Zoe_Chantili> Zoe shakes her head. "I'll explain later Alice, it's not important now."
Nov 22 19:59:19 <John_Williamson> "Hm?"
Nov 22 19:59:42 <AliceD> "I wasn't waht the fucking at you…"
Nov 22 19:59:42 <John_Williamson> "I don't care about shardik. I just don't want to have to deal with those lobster things."
Nov 22 19:59:43 <Jason> Jason looks around again for a minute, then takes a few steps down the muddy road, stopping and pacing back and forth a bit.
Nov 22 19:59:57 <AliceD> Alice sticks close to Jason.
Nov 22 20:00:00 <Artemis> "Just… hang tight, guys… this is a little… yeah. Be right with you."
Nov 22 20:00:09 <Jason> «Alexander Laito, this is Jason Dodrid-…>
Nov 22 20:00:14 <Jason> «Copy that.»
Nov 22 20:00:29 <Zoe_Chantili> "Oh sorry, heh, force of habit."
Nov 22 20:00:29 <Jillian> Jillian sighs, she knew she should have kept her rifle on her. She pops the snap on her hip holster.
Nov 22 20:00:31 <John_Williamson> John takes a position to the rear left of Jason, as per usual.
Nov 22 20:00:35 <Artemis> Artemis looks all around. What is this sorcery!
Nov 22 20:00:43 <AdhelamiGM> Suddenly, from the forest before them— A scream. Sharp and quick, like a child's scream!
Nov 22 20:00:55 <AliceD> Alice turns towards the scream.
Nov 22 20:00:57 <Artemis> Artemis' head snaps in that direction, eyes wide.
Nov 22 20:01:15 <Jason> <Get on that!> Jason's rifle comes up as he runs in the direction of the scream.
Nov 22 20:01:18 <Illia> Illia crouches at the shout, and stares at the source.
Nov 22 20:01:34 <John_Williamson> the PDW comes out. *ziiipclak*
Nov 22 20:01:38 <Zoe_Chantili> ZOe heads after Jason, running towards the scream
Nov 22 20:01:40 <AdhelamiGM> And down the road, their eyes focus— a little girl comes running toward them frantically— but she's quite far off. A good few hundred meters.
Nov 22 20:01:49 <John_Williamson> John follows, in usual position
Nov 22 20:01:50 <AliceD> Alice follows, shot gun…where did she…never mind, Alice has a shot gun.
Nov 22 20:01:53 <Jillian> Jillian pulls out her 9mil, aiming at the woods.
Nov 22 20:02:02 <Artemis> Pause.
Nov 22 20:02:03 <Illia> "Jason! Merde, tout la monde sont fou…" Illia takes out her sword.
Nov 22 20:04:25 <AdhelamiGM> And behind her, a large, black, big-cat creature chases the light-haired child. It gallops after her, like a tiger. It's eyes glow yellow, and black whisps are whipped off it's great paws. Picking up it's pace with a burst, it overruns the child and pounces on her, taking her down.
Nov 22 20:04:50 <AdhelamiGM> It's roar is a sharp screech, drowning out the sound of the child's screams.
Nov 22 20:04:55 <Artemis> Unpause
Nov 22 20:05:05 <Jillian> Jillian's eyes get wide.
Nov 22 20:05:28 <Jason> <FUCK! PUT IT DOWN! KEEP IT AWAY FROM HER!>
Nov 22 20:05:42 <Zoe_Chantili> Zoe dashes forwards, teleport dashing towards the child, trying to slam into the cat. (1 AP)
Nov 22 20:06:12 <Artemis> Combat starts here--- wait your turn. Zoe goes first.
Nov 22 20:07:05 <Illia> Ew. Just a question.
Nov 22 20:07:13 * Ragazzo (ten.llebcap.31ntlp.lsd.8C325433-CRInys|tibbiM#ten.llebcap.31ntlp.lsd.8C325433-CRInys|tibbiM) has joined #afteractionmission
Nov 22 20:07:41 * CondorTalon (~moc.sregor.elbac.ten.epc.4DCF5DB1-CRInys|resu#moc.sregor.elbac.ten.epc.4DCF5DB1-CRInys|resu) has joined #afteractionmission
Nov 22 20:09:20 <AdhelamiGM> ---
Nov 22 20:09:26 <Artemis> Go, Zoe.
Nov 22 20:09:41 <Zoe_Chantili> 4df+3 Kitty-kabobs!
Nov 22 20:09:41 <Glacon> Zoe_Chantili: Kitty-kabobs!: 2 (4df+3=+, 0, -, -)
Nov 22 20:10:25 <John_Williamson> 4df+7 tagging "and the answer is a gun" John opens fire, the first six rounds of the 25 round burst are out before the recoil is even felt. Precision automatic fire ftw.
Nov 22 20:10:25 <Glacon> John_Williamson: tagging "and the answer is a gun" John opens fire, the first six rounds of the 25 round burst are out before the recoil is even felt. Precision automatic fire ftw.: 5 (4df+7=0, -, 0, -)
Nov 22 20:10:42 <Illia> 4df+3 Mind: Illia taps Holy Dreadnaught to focus the attack on her. Monster must beat this roll. (1 AP)
Nov 22 20:10:42 <Glacon> Illia: Mind: Illia taps Holy Dreadnaught to focus the attack on her. Monster must beat this roll. (1 AP): 4 (4df+3=+, -, 0, +)
Nov 22 20:12:33 <Artemis> 4df+2 Against Illia
Nov 22 20:12:33 <Glacon> Artemis: Against Illia: 6 (4df+2=+, +, +, +)
Nov 22 20:12:47 <AdhelamiGM> Holy fuck it really wants to eat that little girl.
Nov 22 20:12:51 <Illia> Fuck that monster.
Nov 22 20:12:56 <Artemis> The huge, catlike creature glares at Illia with gleaming yellow eyes.
Nov 22 20:14:13 <Artemis> Artemis charges up behind Illia. No one has seen Artemis and Illia confront something together, but needless to say, it's pretty impressive to watch.
Nov 22 20:14:18 <Artemis> 4df+5 Leaping thrust!
Nov 22 20:14:18 <Glacon> Artemis: Leaping thrust!: 5 (4df+5=0, 0, -, +)
Nov 22 20:16:50 <Jason> 4df+5 Jason drops to a knee in the muddy ground, sighting in and throwing out a hammered pair of .338 LapMag rounds at the huge cat's body, just behind the front legs.
Nov 22 20:16:51 <Glacon> Jason: Jason drops to a knee in the muddy ground, sighting in and throwing out a hammered pair of .338 LapMag rounds at the huge cat's body, just behind the front legs.: 3 (4df+5=+, -, -, -)
Nov 22 20:17:45 <Jillian> 4df+2 Survival maneuver. Jillian tries to find the most effective place to send shots.
Nov 22 20:17:46 <Glacon> Jillian: Survival maneuver. Jillian tries to find the most effective place to send shots.: 2 (4df+2=+, -, 0, 0)
Nov 22 20:18:33 <AliceD> 4df+4 Alice charges in a little closer, blasting the giant kitty with her shotgun.
Nov 22 20:18:34 <Glacon> AliceD: Alice charges in a little closer, blasting the giant kitty with her shotgun.: 3 (4df+4=-, +, -, 0)
Nov 22 20:19:58 <Dexanote> 4df+4 Stealth | Myrtle shifts, and ducks back, becoming a detail in the rain.
Nov 22 20:19:58 <Glacon> Dexanote: Stealth | Myrtle shifts, and ducks back, becoming a detail in the rain.: 5 (4df+4=+, 0, -, +)
Nov 22 20:24:21 <Artemis> Zoe's assault is batted away by a huge, shadowy paw. Ouch! John's PDW shreds into its flank, but doesn't seem to have a great effect much. Illia's psychic taunt feels like its been left out in the rain. Artemis manages to pierce the pohnpohn's hide and shear away a bit of shadowstuff from its body. Jason's doubletaps blast wide holes through its shoulder.
Nov 22 20:24:22 <Artemis> With all the rain and slippery mud, and accounting that the beast is really quite shadowy and somewhat blurry, Jill can't find a decent setup. Alice's shot seems to mix in with all of John's little bullets, seemingly doing little at all, and Myrtle disappears into the cold darkness.
Nov 22 20:28:24 <Artemis> The huge cat ~screeches~ sharply, rather than roars, grinding the little girl a bit deeper into the mud with its other paw. It's a pretty fucked up sound for a huge feline to make, and very uncomfortable, though Myrtle finds it almost unbearable.
Nov 22 20:29:10 <Artemis> 1d8
Nov 22 20:29:10 <Glacon> Artemis: : 1 (1d8=1)
Nov 22 20:30:06 <Artemis> The giant cat takes another swipe at Zoe!
Nov 22 20:30:10 <Artemis> 4df+4
Nov 22 20:30:10 <Glacon> Artemis: : 4 (4df+4=0, +, -, 0)
Nov 22 20:30:14 <AdhelamiGM> The young girl gasps and kicks under the paw… She seems to have grey hair. She gulps and screams.
Nov 22 20:30:43 <Zoe_Chantili> 4df+4
Nov 22 20:30:44 <Glacon> Zoe_Chantili: 3 (4df+4=-, +, -, 0)
Nov 22 20:31:38 <Dexanote> Myrtle just buckles, gripping her ears. Not that anybody would notice, but god damn.
Nov 22 20:32:10 <Artemis> Zoe is pummeled with an enormous paw that is trailed by a painful cold tearing across her chest as the shadowy claw dig deep.
Nov 22 20:33:02 <Zoe_Chantili> "Ahhh!" Zoe falls to the ground, rolling up, her top slightly shredded and cuts traling across her.
Nov 22 20:33:09 <Illia> Hot
Nov 22 20:34:11 <AdhelamiGM> The wound left behind is black, cold, and stings like a motherfucker. That shit hurts!
Nov 22 20:34:40 <Zoe_Chantili> Zoe hisses, getting ready to take another swing at the demon cat.
Nov 22 20:34:51 <Artemis> Attacks, go---- Zoe
Nov 22 20:35:06 <AdhelamiGM> Dis cat is agitated, to say the least.
Nov 22 20:35:16 <Zoe_Chantili> 4df+3 Slash at me you bitch!
Nov 22 20:35:17 <Glacon> Zoe_Chantili: Slash at me you bitch!: 1 (4df+3=-, 0, -, 0)
Nov 22 20:35:23 <Jason> <DRAW IT AWAY!> Jason slings the rifle, pulling a massive combat knife from its sheath.
Nov 22 20:36:44 * Jillian has quit (Quit: ajax IRC Client)
Nov 22 20:37:52 <John_Williamson> 4df+7 tagging "and the answer is a gun" again. 280lbs of angry, mobile redneck muscle charges the cat and slams into it. Followed shortly thereafter by the actual attack. Magdump of hyper velocity aluminum rounds at 1700rpm
Nov 22 20:37:53 <Glacon> John_Williamson: tagging "and the answer is a gun" again. 280lbs of angry, mobile redneck muscle charges the cat and slams into it. Followed shortly thereafter by the actual attack. Magdump of hyper velocity aluminum rounds at 1700rpm: 9 (4df+7=0, +, 0, +)
Nov 22 20:38:38 <Illia> 4df+3 Get away from her, you bitch! Tapping Holy Dreadnaught again for 1 AP.
Nov 22 20:38:38 <Glacon> Illia: Get away from her, you bitch! Tapping Holy Dreadnaught again for 1 AP.: 2 (4df+3=-, +, 0, -)
Nov 22 20:39:53 <Artemis> 4df+2 HISS
Nov 22 20:39:54 <Glacon> Artemis: HISS: 1 (4df+2=-, 0, +, -)
Nov 22 20:41:01 <Artemis> Artemis side steps as the cat ~screeches~ at Illia with rage, then swipes at its exposed throat.
Nov 22 20:41:12 <Artemis> 4df+5 CUT
Nov 22 20:41:13 <Glacon> Artemis: CUT: 5 (4df+5=+, -, 0, 0)
Nov 22 20:42:21 * DexaDexa (ten.elbacogc.emoh.AB16CE54-CRInys|tibbiM#ten.elbacogc.emoh.AB16CE54-CRInys|tibbiM) has joined #afteractionmission
Nov 22 20:42:27 <Artemis> He staggers it, and Jason may find this a great opportunity to blast its reeling face with bullet. 1 Artemis AP used.
Nov 22 20:43:24 * Dexanote has quit (Quit: ChatZilla 0.9.87 [Firefox 8.0/20111104165243])
Nov 22 20:44:09 <Jason> 4df+7 Using AP. Jason says fuck that and charges, 320 pounds propelled as fast as the suit can carry it, and dives at the thing as he raises the blade. It reaches the apex as he makes contact, and she stabs, hacks, and slashes again and again at the thing's face and neck, trying to hit something vital.
Nov 22 20:44:10 <Glacon> Jason: Using AP. Jason says fuck that and charges, 320 pounds propelled as fast as the suit can carry it, and dives at the thing as he raises the blade. It reaches the apex as he makes contact, and she stabs, hacks, and slashes again and again at the thing's face and neck, trying to hit something vital.: 11 (4df+7=+, +, +, +)
Nov 22 20:44:51 <Artemis> …. uh… next person go.
Nov 22 20:45:02 <DexaDexa> Jillian
Nov 22 20:45:15 <Illia> I think she got d/c'd
Nov 22 20:45:31 <Artemis> Alice
Nov 22 20:46:53 <AliceD> 4df+6 Burning AP Alice hits her suit up to get her moving faster, she runs under the irate feline to scoup up the leetle one.
Nov 22 20:46:54 <Glacon> AliceD: Burning AP Alice hits her suit up to get her moving faster, she runs under the irate feline to scoup up the leetle one.: 9 (4df+6=0, +, +, +)
Nov 22 20:49:03 <DexaDexa> 4df+0 going for Occult|| Myr struggles to her feet in the rain, eyes watering from the horrible noise. What the hell is this thing and has she seen one before.
Nov 22 20:49:03 <Glacon> DexaDexa: going for Occult|| Myr struggles to her feet in the rain, eyes watering from the horrible noise. What the hell is this thing and has she seen one before.: -2 (4df+0=-, -, +, -)
Nov 22 20:49:10 <DexaDexa> She can't even see.
Nov 22 20:49:36 <Artemis> Hold please.
Nov 22 20:55:26 * Illia has quit (Connection reset by peer)
Nov 22 20:56:03 * Illia (~ten.enilnotpo.nyd.8200F7FA-CRInys|alliztahc#ten.enilnotpo.nyd.8200F7FA-CRInys|alliztahc) has joined #afteractionmission
Nov 22 20:56:12 <Artemis> Zoe's sword just doesn't seem to be doing -anything-. The cat reels as John slams into it, shadowy body parting with hundreds of rippling holes as the bullets tear it apart. The cat does almost nothing to defend itself as it glares hatred at Illia, while Artemis' deadly slash that claims a large portion of its throat and Jason's horrible fury slowly but surely works the cat's head off.
Nov 22 20:56:13 <Artemis> It poofs into wispy bits on the chilly breeze. Alice performs some kind of insane, yoga-enhanced sliding maneuver as she whisks the crying girl from under the beast. And for all of Myrtle's occult knowledge and exposure, there is simply nothing to know about what they are facing.
Nov 22 20:56:13 <Artemis> Before the cat can collapse in on itself, it simply vanishes.
Nov 22 20:57:11 <Jason> Jason tumbles to the ground, his mount vanishing beneath him.
Nov 22 20:57:34 <AliceD> Alice holds the girl tight to her chest, shifting her weight onto her hip. She gently pets her hair. "Shhhh, you're safe now…"
Nov 22 20:57:55 <John_Williamson> John picks himself up, caked with mud after slamming into the shadowcat
Nov 22 20:58:03 <Zoe_Chantili> Zoe gets to her feet, her arm clutched to her chest. "bloody buggering hell, this burns…"
Nov 22 20:58:15 <AdhelamiGM> The little girl, grey-haired and dressed in a simple tan and white dress, cries quite hard into the woman's chest. Blubber, blubber!!
Nov 22 20:58:28 <Zoe_Chantili> "Is she alright Alice?"
Nov 22 20:58:36 <Jason> <Someone get the little girl? Alice, if she's okay, can you handle Zoe?>
Nov 22 20:58:39 <John_Williamson> He changes mags. The red taped mag drops free, and into a pocket. A green taped mag slides into the gun. That ludicrously absurd .22mag raufoss
Nov 22 20:58:59 <DexaDexa> Myrtle takes a moment, digging around for her earplugs.
Nov 22 20:59:02 <DexaDexa> 1d2
Nov 22 20:59:02 <Glacon> DexaDexa: 2 (1d2=2)
Nov 22 20:59:04 <Zoe_Chantili> "I'll keep, make sure the little girl is ok."
Nov 22 20:59:10 <Jason> Jason glances over at John. <Nice shootin', Tex.>
Nov 22 20:59:15 <Artemis> Artemis huffs and puffs, going over to the little girl in Alice's arms, eyes widening. "… Adyelami?"
Nov 22 20:59:25 <John_Williamson> "Thanks. Shoulda brought somethin' bigger"
Nov 22 20:59:36 <DexaDexa> She does not find them. Swearing under her breath, she shivers in the rain.
Nov 22 20:59:39 <Illia> Illia sighs softly as she walks towards the girl. She kneels down and rests a hand on her shoulder.
Nov 22 20:59:58 * DexaDexa is now known as Dexanote
Nov 22 20:59:59 <AliceD> "S-she ain't letting go. Gimme a sec." Alice keeps trying to comfort the girl, with a calming shoosh and a gentle pat.
Nov 22 21:00:04 * ChanServ gives channel operator status to Dexanote
Nov 22 21:00:35 <AdhelamiGM> "P-P-Pohnpohn...Ch-Ch--" The sniffling little girl turns her big, gold eyes on the man.. "H-How... D-Do you..." It's odd. She's speaking another language-- but they understand it. Snuff, snuff, CRRRYYYY!!
Nov 22 21:01:22 <AliceD> "It's ok Adhelami. We're friends…Pohnpohn is gone now."
Nov 22 21:01:25 <Zoe_Chantili> Zoe looking at her wounds, seeing if there's blood or some kind of magic crap…
Nov 22 21:01:26 <Illia> "Peace, young one. You are safe now…" She smiles at her, gently.
Nov 22 21:01:26 <AdhelamiGM> She lets go of Alice to messily rub her eyes with the palms of her hands.
Nov 22 21:01:49 <AdhelamiGM> The wound seems to be smoking blackness, Zoe.
Nov 22 21:02:02 <Jason> Jason drops his tactical vest and gear from over Oxide into the mud, and removes the oversized camouflaged jacket he wears over the suit. He hefts it toward Myrtle. "Catch."
Nov 22 21:02:04 <AdhelamiGM> There is a lack of blood. But it burns like fuck.
Nov 22 21:02:23 <Zoe_Chantili> Zoe hisses lightly. "Hell…"
Nov 22 21:02:48 <Jason> He puts his gear back on in a hurry, checking out through the rain for any other potential hostiles.
Nov 22 21:03:05 <AliceD> Alice doesn't know what you call a child, and Dahn doesn't seem right… "Sweetheart, can you stand with Artemis? I have to check on another…"
Nov 22 21:03:28 <AdhelamiGM> The little girl nods, and then reaches out to hug Artemis, snuff-snuffling…
Nov 22 21:03:40 <Artemis> Artemis kneels down, not know what to make of this at all.
Nov 22 21:03:47 <AliceD> Alice goes over to Zoe. "Oh uh…shit…"
Nov 22 21:04:11 <AliceD> 4df+4 Welp. Alice tries to do /something/ foe Zoe, not really sure about magic…"
Nov 22 21:04:12 <Glacon> AliceD: Welp. Alice tries to do /something/ foe Zoe, not really sure about magic…": 7 (4df+4=+, +, +, 0)
Nov 22 21:04:14 <Zoe_Chantili> "You're telling me…no blood but it burns like hell."
Nov 22 21:04:16 <John_Williamson> John walks over and takes up a position by Artie. "Fuckin hate cats"
Nov 22 21:04:33 <Zoe_Chantili> "And another jumpsuit ruiend. Hope this dosn't carry over…"
Nov 22 21:04:48 <Dexanote> She takes the jacket. "Thanks Jason."
Nov 22 21:05:07 <Artemis> Alice seems to do medicine. It seems rather strange in that Alice doesn't actually -do- anything, but medicine happens somehow, and Zoe's wounds are disappearing.
Nov 22 21:05:18 <AdhelamiGM> The little girl clings to him, "…I should know your name…" Snuff, "I… Feel like I should…" Dat big-eyed stare.
Nov 22 21:05:22 <AliceD> "Welp."
Nov 22 21:05:33 <AliceD> "I'm a w-wizard, Harry."
Nov 22 21:05:33 <Zoe_Chantili> 4df+1 Medical
Nov 22 21:05:33 <Glacon> Zoe_Chantili: Medical: 1 (4df+1=-, 0, 0, +)
Nov 22 21:05:54 <Jason> <Ha.>
Nov 22 21:05:59 <Zoe_Chantili> "Damn…heh, impressive. Thanks Alice. Wonder what's up with that…"
Nov 22 21:06:17 <Jason> <You feelin' all right, Zoe? Can you keep movin'?>
Nov 22 21:06:21 <AliceD> "…might have s-something to d-do with where we are."
Nov 22 21:06:30 <Illia> "Young one, he is your Sehlvi, and I am your guardian." She kneels down next to her.
Nov 22 21:06:44 <Zoe_Chantili> "Oh yah, I'm fine now…Luckly it didn't tear up my undershirt too much."
Nov 22 21:06:45 <Artemis> Artemis hugs the girl tight. "We're…. here to help you."
Nov 22 21:06:49 <Dexanote> Myr sticks near the group, Stealth'd and quiet.
Nov 22 21:06:59 <AdhelamiGM> "M-My Sehlvi..?? R-Really..??"
Nov 22 21:07:00 <Artemis> Zoe's shirt is actually perfectly fine now.
Nov 22 21:07:01 <Zoe_Chantili> Zoe streches a bit, and sheathes her sword again. "Ready when you are."
Nov 22 21:07:15 <AdhelamiGM> SNUFF! Blink blink…
Nov 22 21:07:20 <Zoe_Chantili> Zoe looks down more curious. "When'd you get sewing skills like that Alice?"
Nov 22 21:07:32 <Zoe_Chantili> "This is going to be a weird day."
Nov 22 21:07:58 <AliceD> Alice moves over to Jason. "Hehe, raised by my dad, had to darn my own s-socks…" she looks to Jason. "this reminds me of something."
Nov 22 21:08:09 <Jason> <Hmm?>
Nov 22 21:08:22 <Artemis> Alex speaks up again, from somewhere above. * "Hey, nice work with that cat, guys, uh… I thiiink we're in Adhelami's dream. Specifically a one being controlled byyyyy…. K-…Kaiina…" *
Nov 22 21:08:33 <AdhelamiGM> Suddenly, a voice speaks out, in the sky. Speaking in a different language like Adhelami, but they understand perfectly.— *"What are you doing here?"* The voice is firm, and loud, but soft and gentle. The same voice Illia heard!
Nov 22 21:08:50 <Zoe_Chantili> "Great…So dark tower is a likely bet for a destination?"
Nov 22 21:08:52 <AliceD> "Emily. W-when we ended up in her head." Alice looks around.
Nov 22 21:08:59 <AliceD> "Oh that not good."
Nov 22 21:09:02 <Illia> She stands up and stares up at the sky. "You…"
Nov 22 21:09:05 <AdhelamiGM> *"I thought I told you not to interfere. You, the firey one."* He means Illia.
Nov 22 21:09:13 <Illia> She has a low growl in her voice. "You…"
Nov 22 21:09:16 <John_Williamson> "Alice, you think we're gonna end up having to deal with another Headley?"
Nov 22 21:09:20 <Dexanote> Myr flatfaces at Ilia.
Nov 22 21:09:21 <Illia> "You have harmed her. I will find you."
Nov 22 21:09:23 <AliceD> "Looks like."
Nov 22 21:09:27 <Jason> Jason pats his rifle and points over at John. <Don't worry. We got yer gunmen right here.>
Nov 22 21:09:29 <Artemis> Artemis looks up, scowling.
Nov 22 21:09:29 <AdhelamiGM> *"Did you not explain this to the others? Did you not understand?*"
Nov 22 21:09:34 <Illia> She raises her voice slowly. "I will find you, and I WILL END YOU."
Nov 22 21:09:49 <Illia> Artemis can feel waves of heat from her, anger more vicious than before.
Nov 22 21:10:35 <Illia> She hits her breastplate with her sword and roars at the heavens.
Nov 22 21:11:14 <John_Williamson> "Jason, you want this one's scalp? Or should I?"
Nov 22 21:11:27 <AliceD> "Ugh, no more s-scalps."
Nov 22 21:11:37 <Jason> <Settle the fuck down, people.>
Nov 22 21:12:05 <AdhelamiGM> *"While I admire the make of your guns… It is a shame they are so delicate… Fools. You want to make this difficult. I will make this difficult.*" Suddenly, blackness seems to… leak upward, gravity-less, *"I have become wise to your little machines and your tricks."* And it throws itself, with precision, onto their guns.
Nov 22 21:12:18 <Jason> Jason turns, starting off down the muddy road, rifle cradled. <Someone get the girl movin'?>
Nov 22 21:12:24 <Zoe_Chantili> "John, unless you can scalp vapor…."
Nov 22 21:12:31 <AdhelamiGM> Holstered or not, they leak into all the bits and pieces, finding every crevice and hole to glob into.
Nov 22 21:12:33 <John_Williamson> "I can."
Nov 22 21:12:36 <Zoe_Chantili> "Oh bloody hell."
Nov 22 21:12:39 <AliceD> "Fuk."
Nov 22 21:13:00 <AliceD> "W-well, time to see if your lessons are p-paying off, hun."
Nov 22 21:13:00 <John_Williamson> "Fucker. I LIKED THAT GUN." he shouts at nobody in particular
Nov 22 21:13:08 <AdhelamiGM> It becomes a tar-like sludge.
Nov 22 21:13:14 <Jason> Jason looks up. <Well bring it, bitch, I don't need a fuckin' gun to be a threat to life.>
Nov 22 21:13:29 <Illia> Illia growls as she kneels down next to tiny Adhelami. She brushes her hair, protectively.
Nov 22 21:14:09 <Dexanote> Myrtle looks at her gun
Nov 22 21:14:18 <John_Williamson> John reaches down into the pocket of a bag on his belt. "Jason, authorization to use demolitions?" faint grin. The *bad* kind of grin.
Nov 22 21:14:26 <AdhelamiGM> "T-The man talking… He took my mother…" The little girl whines.
Nov 22 21:14:26 <AdhelamiGM> Dat gun is plugged up.
Nov 22 21:14:27 <Dexanote> It's a 9 millimetre longbarrel Colt 45, modified for an 8 shooter.
Nov 22 21:14:30 <Zoe_Chantili> "Need a knife Myrtle?"
Nov 22 21:14:47 <Artemis> Myrtle's gun is heavy. Trigger won't pull. John doesn't find any explosives on him.
Nov 22 21:14:55 <Dexanote> It's inlaid with a modest silver design of ivy, with her initials in it.
Nov 22 21:14:56 <Illia> "We will find her, young one. We will find both of them."
Nov 22 21:15:32 <John_Williamson> He pulls out what he thinks is explosive. He instead finds muck in his pocket.
Nov 22 21:15:32 <Dexanote> She drops it in the mud, and takes a deep breath. "Alright then. Lets kill it. I want a knife."
Nov 22 21:15:50 <Artemis> John searches ALL of his pockets and satchels, reaching elbow deep into them. Nothing. Muck, too.
Nov 22 21:15:55 <Zoe_Chantili> Zoe pulls out two eel tooth knives and hands the over to Myrtle.
Nov 22 21:16:00 <AliceD> Alice is a little pissed about her pistol, but she grits her teeth. "It's ok…it's fine…this isnt really r-real like that. W-we get out of this, y-you;ll ge your Gaurdian's gun back."
Nov 22 21:16:07 <Zoe_Chantili> "Enjoy, these are pretty good."
Nov 22 21:16:29 <Dexanote> "Thank you Zoe, these will do nicely."
Nov 22 21:16:38 <Jason> <Well, let's keep it movin'. We ain't gonna find shit or shingles just standin' here.>
Nov 22 21:16:43 <AdhelamiGM> *"You all are stuck in my reality now. Your bodies are left behind, but I have your minds. This is my domain now. You are no longer in the Weaver's reality. I will get what I have come for."*
Nov 22 21:16:56 <John_Williamson> Off a small part of his belt. A knife. It's old, very old. And honed to a very sharp edge. Rusty, though, and stained with deep brown stains.
Nov 22 21:17:02 <Zoe_Chantili> "Better entieties than you have tried."
Nov 22 21:17:05 <AliceD> Alice moves up behind Jason. "Right b-behind you, babe."
Nov 22 21:17:08 <AdhelamiGM> The voice is soft and calm as ever.
Nov 22 21:17:13 <Zoe_Chantili> Zoe follows the group.
Nov 22 21:17:19 <Jason> Jason's still walking toward the forest.
Nov 22 21:17:27 <Artemis> Artemis picks up Adhelami and follows the others.
Nov 22 21:17:31 <Dexanote> Myrtle follows, just behind Jason and Alice.
Nov 22 21:17:36 <John_Williamson> "I done come for somethin' too, boy."
Nov 22 21:17:42 <Illia> Illia has her sword out, in front of Artemis and Adhelami.
Nov 22 21:18:18 <AliceD> "Zoe, c-cover our s-six."
Nov 22 21:18:27 <Zoe_Chantili> "Will do."
Nov 22 21:18:29 <John_Williamson> John follows Jason
Nov 22 21:18:36 <Zoe_Chantili> Zoe turns around, wathing the read as they walk.
Nov 22 21:21:10 <Artemis> The more people start to observe themselves and their surroundings, everything seems just slightly off. Things are a little exaggerated. Illia's sword is far too big despite not feeling any different. Zoe's eel knives are blurry and look more like regular knives when focused on. The surrounding area turns fuzzy in the peripheral.
Nov 22 21:21:25 <AdhelamiGM> Suddenly-- the rain stops. Everything is dry, the mud is gone. The sun is shining. The air is still chilly, but the sun's warmth is pleasant. It's as if they barely needed to move, the forest coming up upon them. The tree tops are whispy, like green and yellow fluff lazily rustling about. Upon looking behind them, the country field is gone. There is now only forest left.
Nov 22 21:21:37 <AdhelamiGM> They are all dry and clean. The muck is gone..!
Nov 22 21:21:53 <AdhelamiGM> It all seemed so sudden-- but natural, as if this is how it is supposed to happen.
Nov 22 21:21:58 <AliceD> "Yeeeaaah, this is just like Em's brain. Shit c-changing and being weird."
Nov 22 21:22:08 <Jason> <Keep truckin'.>
Nov 22 21:22:18 <Zoe_Chantili> "Wonderful."
Nov 22 21:22:27 <Zoe_Chantili> "I don't suppose lucid dreaming techniques would do anything?"
Nov 22 21:22:34 <AdhelamiGM> Those trees are so damn pleasant, the way they wave lightly in unison.
Nov 22 21:22:57 <AdhelamiGM> Little Adhelami smiles to Artemis, "Is your name Artemis or Adrian?"
Nov 22 21:23:11 <AdhelamiGM> "These are the only two names I could possibly decide on for you to be..!"
Nov 22 21:23:29 <Artemis> Artemis looks at her, uncertain, but smiles at her infectious smile. "Ah… which one do you like more?"
Nov 22 21:25:24 <AdhelamiGM> Damn that smile is a smile, "Sehlvi!" She waves her short-haired head with a giggle.
Nov 22 21:25:24 <AdhelamiGM> There is a caw, up in the trees. That's odd, there wasn't chirping before.
Nov 22 21:25:44 <Artemis> * "Guys… this is cool. I think I'm… i dunno, like… -touching- Adhelami's subconscious. Like, it's right here. I can see things… maybe even do things.." *
Nov 22 21:26:06 <AliceD> Alice shifts her attention up so Jason can keep looking forward as they move.
Nov 22 21:26:22 <Dexanote> Myr pauses, and glances at Artemis.
Nov 22 21:26:22 <AdhelamiGM> Bop. Alex feels a slight twinge that says DON'T GO INTO MY SECRET IMPORTANT BITS
Nov 22 21:26:36 <Dexanote> then eyes back up.
Nov 22 21:26:39 <Artemis> * "Ow, fuck, sorry, okay, jesus…" *
Nov 22 21:26:40 <Zoe_Chantili> "No. Don't do anything to her mind."
Nov 22 21:27:01 <AdhelamiGM> Caw. They feel like they are being /watched/. Hard.
Nov 22 21:27:21 <Artemis> Artemis reluctantly pulls his gaze away from Adhelami to look up.
Nov 22 21:27:32 <AdhelamiGM> Up in a tree's branch, a HUGE raven-like bird-- a shadow creature, stares at them with it's glowing gold eyes.
Nov 22 21:27:35 <Illia> Illia looks up…
Nov 22 21:27:45 <Dexanote> "Ah. Shit. A crow."
Nov 22 21:27:46 <AdhelamiGM> CAW. It's mouth doesn't move.
Nov 22 21:27:53 <Dexanote> if shank was here, it would already be dead
Nov 22 21:27:56 <Jason> <Too bad Shank's not here…>
Nov 22 21:27:59 <John_Williamson> "fuckin hate birds, too"
Nov 22 21:28:00 <Zoe_Chantili> "Too bad Shank's not here. He hated those?"
Nov 22 21:28:06 <AliceD> "Keep moving."
Nov 22 21:28:16 <AdhelamiGM> CAW. Another one, suddenly. It watches them intently, as well…
Nov 22 21:28:30 <Illia> Illia grips her sword tightly.
Nov 22 21:28:32 <AdhelamiGM> And then another.
Nov 22 21:28:33 <Zoe_Chantili> "Ah geeze…Anyone see the Birds?"
Nov 22 21:28:40 <AliceD> "Guh, gonna have a m-murder on our hands soon."
Nov 22 21:28:40 <Dexanote> "Shut up Zoe Chantili."
Nov 22 21:28:42 <Illia> She shakes her head.
Nov 22 21:28:43 <John_Williamson> John starts looking about for a rock
Nov 22 21:28:43 <Jason> <You heard the lady. And yeah. It's *birds*.>
Nov 22 21:28:50 <John_Williamson> while walking
Nov 22 21:28:53 <AliceD> "Just keep going."
Nov 22 21:28:54 <Zoe_Chantili> "No, the movie…never mind…"
Nov 22 21:29:02 <Zoe_Chantili> Zoe keeps on walking, drawing her sword.
Nov 22 21:29:03 <AdhelamiGM> And another. It's as if they simply appear. Little Adhelami clings to Artemis, "…He's coming."
Nov 22 21:29:28 <John_Williamson> "Let 'im come. If he comes, he sure as fuck won't get away."
Nov 22 21:29:36 <Dexanote> "I know the movie." She grits her teeth. Does the Stealth maneuver count from earlier, or shall I reroll since I broke it by talking to people?
Nov 22 21:29:41 <AdhelamiGM> A hiss. Suddenly, a shadow-snake with beady eyes, wrapped around one of the tallest trees. It's fucking huge.
Nov 22 21:30:20 <AdhelamiGM> And another snake. Another bird. Another. Another. This beautiful, pretty little forest is starting to get overrun with black.
Nov 22 21:30:54 <AliceD> "Whooo, this is g-getting creepy."
Nov 22 21:31:13 <Artemis> Myrtle, roll stealth. Compelling scene aspect Subconscious Expectations. Add +2.
Nov 22 21:31:14 <Jason> <Pick it up.> Jason walks a little faster. <Fuck it, the closer we are to the edge, the simpler this gets.>
Nov 22 21:31:21 <Zoe_Chantili> "Rodger."
Nov 22 21:31:26 <Dexanote> 4df+6
Nov 22 21:31:26 <Glacon> Dexanote: 8 (4df+6=+, -, +, +)
Nov 22 21:31:28 <AdhelamiGM> Little Adhelami buries her face in Artemis' shoulder, clinging to him.-- Suddenly, the edge seems SO. FAR. AWAY.
Nov 22 21:31:37 <Artemis> Myrtle vanishes.
Nov 22 21:32:03 <AdhelamiGM> And then the group is stopped (Pause)…
Nov 22 21:32:08 <AliceD> "Oh d-don't you start lying to me, f-forest." Alice glares.
Nov 22 21:34:09 <Zoe_Chantili> Zoe moves over to Alice, talking quietly. "Could be Ami…if she gets scared, the forest gets bigger or something…"
Nov 22 21:34:18 <Artemis> --- Pause
Nov 22 21:35:09 <AdhelamiGM> Black Bricks. One grows into existence. Then another. And another and they build and build, rapidly unfolding to life, up up up, around them, encircling around the group. Imprisoning them in a circular dark wall.
Nov 22 21:35:10 <AdhelamiGM> All along the edges, birds stare down at them with intent-- snakes slither in through cracks and holes... The sun has gone, and there is no light-- but they can all see each other as bright as day. Glowing dots of eyes all around them, unblinking. They are overwhelmed with a horrible sense of dread.
Nov 22 21:35:46 <AdhelamiGM> It was all so sudden, as if there was no way to react.
Nov 22 21:36:17 <AliceD> Alice grits her teeth.
Nov 22 21:36:25 <Illia> Illia brings her sword up to bear.
Nov 22 21:36:36 <Jason> The Goliath comes up. Jason passes Alice his Tatang.
Nov 22 21:36:53 <AdhelamiGM> Little Adhelami continues to hide her face, and begins to cry. It's -So silent- otherwise…
Nov 22 21:37:16 <AliceD> She nods, griping it, and taking her own knife in her other hand.
Nov 22 21:37:26 <Dexanote> Myrtle does not react. She stands unmoving, just another pair of eyes in the dark.
Nov 22 21:37:32 <AdhelamiGM> *"I have complete control over your fate, do you understand that…?"* Kaiinithal's gentle, firm voice.
Nov 22 21:37:33 <John_Williamson> John's scalpin' knife rests easily in one hand.
Nov 22 21:37:36 <Jason> <Circle up.>
Nov 22 21:37:46 <Artemis> Artemis backs up against the wall, lance in one hand, Adhelami held by the other.
Nov 22 21:37:48 <Zoe_Chantili> Zoe does so, sword out.
Nov 22 21:38:07 <Illia> Illia covers Artemis' other hand, protecting Adhel.
Nov 22 21:38:17 <AdhelamiGM> *"Do you understand..??"* He reiterates.
Nov 22 21:38:40 <John_Williamson> John takes jason's left rear. So about the 10 of clock position
Nov 22 21:38:45 <Jason> <Yeah, we heard ya the first time.>
Nov 22 21:38:55 <John_Williamson> "You ain't gonna be controllin' shit."
Nov 22 21:39:03 <Jason> <Listen, whoever ya are, I ain't impressed.>
Nov 22 21:39:13 <Illia> "You will not control my fate. Or that or my bonded and the young one."
Nov 22 21:39:17 <Zoe_Chantili> "Better creatures than you have tried."
Nov 22 21:39:26 <Zoe_Chantili> "And we're all still here."
Nov 22 21:39:42 <AliceD> Alice stands in the dark in silence, sharpening her knives.
Nov 22 21:39:54 <AdhelamiGM> Suddenly, there is laughter from him-- that disintegrates into the cawing of ravens and the hissing of snakes...
Nov 22 21:39:54 <AdhelamiGM> "*Fine*"
Nov 22 21:40:24 <Artemis> Alice's knives are -extremely- sharp. Like, comically so. All of their edged weapons are.
Nov 22 21:41:04 <Jason> <Alex? Where ya at, man? Little direction here?>
Nov 22 21:41:44 <Zoe_Chantili> Zoe draws her other knive, sword in one hand, knife in the other.
Nov 22 21:42:15 <Artemis> * "Oh man, I'm trying… this is… wait, gimme a minute…" *
Nov 22 21:42:15 <Artemis> The shadowy ravens swoop in to attack, and the serpents slither through the wall's cracks.
Nov 22 21:42:15 <Artemis> ---- Battle Line --- Shadow creatures go first
Nov 22 21:43:10 <Artemis> A raven dives at Zoe, cold beak gnashing.
Nov 22 21:43:10 <Artemis> 4df+3 PECK PECK
Nov 22 21:43:11 <Glacon> Artemis: PECK PECK: 4 (4df+3=0, -, +, +)
Nov 22 21:44:22 <Zoe_Chantili> 4df+4
Nov 22 21:44:23 <Glacon> Zoe_Chantili: 5 (4df+4=0, -, +, +)
Nov 22 21:45:14 <Zoe_Chantili> Zoe spins to the side, leting out a yell as the bird flies by.
Nov 22 21:45:56 <Artemis> FLAPPING EVERYWHERE OH GOD THE BIRDS. John feels something start to coil around his leg.
Nov 22 21:46:21 <Artemis> 4df+6 Unf
Nov 22 21:46:21 <Glacon> Artemis: Unf: 7 (4df+6=0, 0, +, 0)
Nov 22 21:47:06 <John_Williamson> 4df+3 defense. John slides one boot down along the side of his leg.
Nov 22 21:47:07 <Glacon> John_Williamson: defense. John slides one boot down along the side of his leg.: 3 (4df+3=0, -, 0, +)
Nov 22 21:47:29 * Illia has quit (Connection reset by peer)
Nov 22 21:47:59 <Artemis> The serpent coils shockingly quickly around his leg. No damage, but John is held in place.
Nov 22 21:48:01 * Illia (~ten.enilnotpo.nyd.8200F7FA-CRInys|alliztahc#ten.enilnotpo.nyd.8200F7FA-CRInys|alliztahc) has joined #afteractionmission
Nov 22 21:48:26 <Artemis> Illia finds a pair of ravens in her face, flapping and pecking and clawing.
Nov 22 21:48:29 <Artemis> 4df+4
Nov 22 21:48:35 <Artemis> 4df+4
Nov 22 21:48:35 <Glacon> Artemis: : 7 (4df+4=+, +, 0, +)
Nov 22 21:48:54 <Illia> 4df+4 FUCK YOU BIRDS.
Nov 22 21:48:55 <Glacon> Illia: FUCK YOU BIRDS.: 4 (4df+4=+, -, -, +)
Nov 22 21:49:36 * Dexanote_ (~ten.elbacogc.emoh.AB16CE54-CRInys|alliztahc#ten.elbacogc.emoh.AB16CE54-CRInys|alliztahc) has joined #afteractionmission
Nov 22 21:50:19 <Artemis> Their claws and beaks hurt as they dig deep into muscle, and their constant flapping is just fucking distracting. -1 body.
Nov 22 21:50:24 * Dexanote has quit (Quit: ajax IRC Client)
Nov 22 21:50:53 * Dexanote_ is now known as Dexanote
Nov 22 21:51:13 <Illia> She screams in pain as they dig into her, through her armor.
Nov 22 21:51:21 <Artemis> Jason is not attacked, but Alice -is-. Jason may roll against two attacks in place of her if he wishes.
Nov 22 21:51:46 <Jason> He will.
Nov 22 21:51:52 <Jason> >:|
Nov 22 21:52:06 <Artemis> 4df+4 First, roll PDEF or Ath, whichever you like
Nov 22 21:52:07 <Glacon> Artemis: First, roll PDEF or Ath, whichever you like: 4 (4df+4=+, 0, 0, -)
Nov 22 21:56:28 <Artemis> 4df+4 Second, try to beat both.
Nov 22 21:56:29 <Glacon> Artemis: Second, try to beat both.: 6 (4df+4=+, 0, +, 0)
Nov 22 21:56:53 * Sabitsuki (PI.07EA0955.AF5E4523.7DD1A3C6|tibbiM#PI.07EA0955.AF5E4523.7DD1A3C6|tibbiM) has joined #afteractionmission
Nov 22 21:57:01 * ChanServ sets mode +a #afteractionmission Sabitsuki
Nov 22 21:57:01 * ChanServ gives channel operator status to Sabitsuki
Nov 22 21:57:06 * Sabitsuki is now known as Praetor
Nov 22 21:57:26 * Jason has quit (Quit: ajax IRC Client)
Nov 22 21:58:20 <AliceD> 4df+4 Athletics, getting the fuck out of the way.
Nov 22 21:58:21 <Glacon> AliceD: Athletics, getting the fuck out of the way.: 8 (4df+4=+, +, +, +)
Nov 22 21:59:33 <Artemis> Alice moves so deftly and swiftly out of the way, the raven divebombs right into the earth, poofing into nothingness.
Nov 22 21:59:49 * Daedalize has quit (Connection reset by peer)
Nov 22 22:00:20 * Daedalize (||eziladeaD) has joined #afteractionmission
Nov 22 22:01:44 * E4D (PI.57859BDB.5B8DAF65.392216F3|tibbiM#PI.57859BDB.5B8DAF65.392216F3|tibbiM) has joined #afteractionmission
Nov 22 22:01:50 <Artemis> Myrtle feels like she's one with the brick wall, and it doesn't seem like the creatures know she's there. A serpent slithers upon Artemis, looking to snatch the girl from his arms.
Nov 22 22:01:57 <Artemis> 4df+6 SNAKE
Nov 22 22:01:58 <Glacon> Artemis: SNAKE: 5 (4df+6=0, -, +, -)
Nov 22 22:02:04 <Artemis> 4df+5 FRENCH
Nov 22 22:02:04 <Glacon> Artemis: FRENCH: 6 (4df+5=+, +, -, 0)
Nov 22 22:02:29 <AdhelamiGM> Little Adhelami screams!!
Nov 22 22:02:34 <Artemis> Artemis swipes his too-long sword at the snake, keeping it at bay.
Nov 22 22:03:06 <Artemis> Your turn, Zoe
Nov 22 22:03:46 <Zoe_Chantili> Zoe's head snaps around as she hears Ami scream and moves to the snake, sliceing downwards
Nov 22 22:03:48 <Zoe_Chantili> 4df+3
Nov 22 22:03:49 <Glacon> Zoe_Chantili: 3 (4df+3=-, +, +, -)
Nov 22 22:06:03 <John_Williamson> 4df+3 athletics. John grabs the snake around his leg and attempts to rend it clean in two. RETARD STRENGTH!
Nov 22 22:06:04 <Glacon> John_Williamson: athletics. John grabs the snake around his leg and attempts to rend it clean in two. RETARD STRENGTH!: 5 (4df+3=-, +, +, +)
Nov 22 22:07:09 <Illia> 4df+4 Illia slashes at it with her goddamned sword to clear it out. Fuck you snake.
Nov 22 22:07:10 <Glacon> Illia: Illia slashes at it with her goddamned sword to clear it out. Fuck you snake.: 4 (4df+4=+, -, -, +)
Nov 22 22:08:16 <Artemis> Jason's turn.
Nov 22 22:08:49 <E4D> Jason raises the Goliath, ready.
Nov 22 22:09:48 <Artemis> Jason has a bird fluttering about Alice. Go for it.
Nov 22 22:10:06 <E4D> >:|
Nov 22 22:11:38 <E4D> 4df+9 Power and tagging Defcon. The second mission of the individual Marine is to repel the enemy's assault by fire and close combat. That's exactly what he does. Jason sprints at the large bird, bringing the nearly foot-long blade down in a vicious sweep aimed to decapitate the thing.
Nov 22 22:11:38 <Glacon> E4D: Power and tagging Defcon. The second mission of the individual Marine is to repel the enemy's assault by fire and close combat. That's exactly what he does. Jason sprints at the large bird, bringing the nearly foot-long blade down in a vicious sweep aimed to decapitate the thing.: 6 (4df+9=-, -, 0, -)
Nov 22 22:13:05 <Artemis> Jason's huge knife clangs against the raven's whipping beak, SCRAWing at him harshly.
Nov 22 22:13:10 <Artemis> Alice?
Nov 22 22:13:53 <Artemis> Zoe and Illia make short order of the snake threatening Artemis and Adhelami. John tears his apart, turning to cold shadowy mist in his hands.
Nov 22 22:14:17 <AliceD> 4df Alice hasn't gone over hand to hand with Jason yet, but she does her darnded to take both her knives at the nearest bird.
Nov 22 22:14:17 <Glacon> AliceD: Alice hasn't gone over hand to hand with Jason yet, but she does her darnded to take both her knives at the nearest bird.: -3 (4df=-, -, 0, -)
Nov 22 22:15:47 <Artemis> Alice stumbles, still retaining some momentum from her epic dodge just half a second ago.
Nov 22 22:16:02 <Dexanote> :)
Nov 22 22:16:16 <Artemis> Myrtle's go
Nov 22 22:16:20 <E4D> Jason leans over, catching her arm.
Nov 22 22:16:49 <Dexanote> She's almost daring him to come at her. But she stays calm in the din; a wallflower, untrained in combat, no plan, no weapons worth a damn. And you know what else she doesn't have? Any fucks left to give. It doesn't matter if it was just a dream; you broke her gun. Perception roll, tagging Severe Senses, to find a weakness or focal point.
Nov 22 22:16:55 <Dexanote> 4df+4
Nov 22 22:16:55 <Glacon> Dexanote: 5 (4df+4=0, +, 0, 0)
Nov 22 22:18:05 <Artemis> PM incoming.
Nov 22 22:20:42 <Artemis> * "Oh, man, okay, I'm gonna try something, just hold on guys…" *
Nov 22 22:24:28 <Artemis> The ravens and snakes pour into the well in ever increasing numbers, swarming over everyone.
Nov 22 22:24:29 <Artemis> * "John, john, have a look at this." * Suddenly at John's feet appears a little white ball.
Nov 22 22:24:57 <John_Williamson> "What's this?" he picks it up
Nov 22 22:28:55 <Artemis> It's a patched-together sphere made of something like thick burlap cloth. All around about the size of a grapefruit, and packed tight with something that feels like powder under a squeeze. The 'top' of it is capped with a circular bit of leather sown into it stamped with a rough X. A little string attaches the ball to a tiny knife with a rough-metal blade.
Nov 22 22:29:45 <Artemis> Roll Mechanics, John.
Nov 22 22:30:00 <John_Williamson> 4df+6 tagging "I solve practical problems"
Nov 22 22:30:01 <Glacon> John_Williamson: tagging "I solve practical problems": 5 (4df+6=+, 0, -, -)
Nov 22 22:32:18 <Artemis> Oh yeah, 100% DC achieved. This is definitely a bomb of some kind. A cloth shell packed with volatile explosive powders. On having a second look at the knife, he can discern that the blade is some kind of igniting tool. John is pretty sure one is supposed to punch it into the leather X to start the reaction.
Nov 22 22:32:34 <AdhelamiGM> "It's Bohndonde!" A 'Boom ball,' as they understand it.
Nov 22 22:32:35 <AdhelamiGM> Suddenly, the crows and snakes back away, retreating from them-- "*...What is this. What is going on? Who are you..?"* Kaiinithal questions Alex.
Nov 22 22:33:06 <Artemis> Somewhere, Alex laughs. * "I'm cheating. You mad?" *
Nov 22 22:33:45 <John_Williamson> John's grin appears again. The *bad* kind of grin. Or good, depending on which side of the grenade you're on.
Nov 22 22:33:49 <Zoe_Chantili> "A bomb eh? And the walls come tumbleing down!"
Nov 22 22:34:03 <Dexanote> Myrtle calmly strolls behind John.
Nov 22 22:34:04 <AdhelamiGM> "*Then I will shift the game as well.*"
Nov 22 22:34:13 <AliceD> "Oh jeeze."
Nov 22 22:34:31 <John_Williamson> "You all might want to reach minimum safe distance."
Nov 22 22:34:43 <AliceD> "There are w-walls in the way."
Nov 22 22:35:26 <John_Williamson> "then back the fuck away from that one" he points at one of the walls.
Nov 22 22:35:46 <Zoe_Chantili> Zoe does so, Hunkering down. "Fire in the hole?"
Nov 22 22:35:53 <Artemis> Pause.
Nov 22 22:38:20 <Artemis> Unpause
Nov 22 22:38:23 <Dexanote> Myrtle whispers something in John's ear and motions to the wall.
Nov 22 22:38:34 <AliceD> Alice moves the fuck away, locking down her suit just in case.
Nov 22 22:39:09 <Illia> Illia crouches in front of Artemis and Adhel, blocking them from the blast.
Nov 22 22:39:20 <Dexanote> Myrtle is fucking gone man. Stealth of 8 still.
Nov 22 22:39:32 <Zoe_Chantili> Zoe moves behind ALice and Jason. Use that armor for something!
Nov 22 22:39:33 <John_Williamson> John walks over to one of the sides of the wall, away from the group. There's a crack in the wall. He uses his knife to widen it to make it fit. He plants his charge and arms it.
Nov 22 22:39:38 <John_Williamson> Do I need to roll again?
Nov 22 22:40:03 <Artemis> Whatever you would use for demolitions with a +2 maneuver from Myrtle's observation.
Nov 22 22:40:12 <Artemis> Engineering would work.
Nov 22 22:40:42 <John_Williamson> 4df+8 tagging "a whiff of the ol brimstone and myrtle's observation. Engineering. John chuckles and backs away.
Nov 22 22:40:42 <Glacon> John_Williamson: tagging "a whiff of the ol brimstone and myrtle's observation. Engineering. John chuckles and backs away.: 6 (4df+8=+, -, -, -)
Nov 22 22:41:25 <Artemis> Compelling Whiff of Brimstone for a reroll.
Nov 22 22:41:50 <John_Williamson> 4df+8
Nov 22 22:41:51 <Glacon> John_Williamson: 6 (4df+8=0, -, 0, -)
Nov 22 22:42:14 <Artemis> 4df+8 Welp
Nov 22 22:42:14 <Glacon> Artemis: Welp: 8 (4df+8=-, +, 0, 0)
Nov 22 22:45:16 <Artemis> Working with primitive alien explosives is just not what John is used to. All the same, the bomb starts to smoke and fizzle as the knife is plunged into the cap, then BAHBYOWM! A very brief, forceful explosion bursts a small hole in the wall. Not as big as you'd hoped, but the job is done. They may need to dig some of the shadowy rubble aside to get everyone out though.
Nov 22 22:45:44 <Artemis> No one is hurt, and the wall isn't collapsing or anything.
Nov 22 22:46:18 <E4D> <Directional charge. Awesome.>
Nov 22 22:46:29 <Zoe_Chantili> Zoe glances down at the hole. "I can start to dig from the other side if it needs to be cleared."
Nov 22 22:46:29 <AdhelamiGM> *"I won't have this."*
Nov 22 22:46:52 <John_Williamson> "Well, it did something, at least"
Nov 22 22:47:15 <E4D> Jason strolls over, prepared to bat the wall into submission and knock a hole out big enough to climb through. <I won't have this, I won't have this. You're lookin' pretty bitched-out from here. If you wouldn't have this, it wouldn't be happenin'.>
Nov 22 22:47:16 <Zoe_Chantili> "I think we've got a sore loser on our hands…"
Nov 22 22:47:21 <AdhelamiGM> Suddenly, RAVENS AND SNAKES ATTACK ARTEMIS IN A HORRID GROUP ATTACK!! They want Little Adhelami!
Nov 22 22:47:21 <AdhelamiGM> 4df+8 !!!CAWHISSGIMMIEDATLITTLEGIRL
Nov 22 22:47:22 <Glacon> AdhelamiGM: !!!CAWHISSGIMMIEDATLITTLEGIRL: 7 (4df+8=0, -, +, -)
Nov 22 22:47:41 <Zoe_Chantili> "Gimme her! I'll get her out!"
Nov 22 22:47:44 <Artemis> Artemis shouts and throws himself in front of the Adhelami!
Nov 22 22:47:59 <Illia> Illia stands over Artemis, blocking him and Adhel.
Nov 22 22:48:11 <Artemis> 4df+7 Tagging Clockwork Champion
Nov 22 22:48:11 <Glacon> Artemis: Tagging Clockwork Champion: 9 (4df+7=+, +, +, -)
Nov 22 22:49:16 <Artemis> Artemis kneels and hugs the girl close, weathering the avian attack. He's suddenly wearing his thick robes, but they glisten with a metallic gleam. He and Adhelami are entirely unharmed.
Nov 22 22:49:41 <AliceD> Alice tries to help get the hole bigger.
Nov 22 22:50:07 <E4D> Jason pounds at the wall like Chris Redfield would punch a boulder.
Nov 22 22:50:16 <Zoe_Chantili> "Move over, I'll work from the other side! Just…keep a open space so I can get back in."
Nov 22 22:50:28 <E4D> He, however, is wearing Oxide and generating several hundred newtons per swing.
Nov 22 22:51:00 <John_Williamson> John walks over to Artemis, and puts himself between as much of the assaulting snakes/birds and him and adhel as possible.
Nov 22 22:51:03 <Zoe_Chantili> Zoe eyes the hole, looking for a clear space
Nov 22 22:51:09 <John_Williamson> He *is* a big target.
Nov 22 22:52:27 <AdhelamiGM> The birds raise up and circle over-head… The snakes back away, wave about, and watch… they stop the attack. "*Something is not right here.*"
Nov 22 22:52:53 <Artemis> * "She's fighting back, K. She's helping us help her fuck you over." *
Nov 22 22:52:54 * Dexanote has quit (Quit: ChatZilla 0.9.87 [Firefox 8.0/20111104165243])
Nov 22 22:53:00 <Zoe_Chantili> "Hey Jason, I think we found someone stupider than me."
Nov 22 22:53:24 <AdhelamiGM> Little Adhelami giggles up at Artemis with a big grin, "I really do trust you, don't I? Hehe~"
Nov 22 22:53:30 <E4D> <Oh?> He's still beating at the wall.
Nov 22 22:53:44 <AdhelamiGM> *"…That would mean she is projecting. That is not possible."*
Nov 22 22:53:46 * Dexanote (~ten.elbacogc.emoh.AB16CE54-CRInys|alliztahc#ten.elbacogc.emoh.AB16CE54-CRInys|alliztahc) has joined #afteractionmission
Nov 22 22:53:59 <Zoe_Chantili> "You'd be amazed how often we hear that. You really would…"
Nov 22 22:54:12 <E4D> Jason looks up and shouts. <I still hear bitchin'!>
Nov 22 22:55:00 <AliceD> "This is y-your realm, Adhelami, you have the real p-power." She grins, remembering Emily's power against Headly.
Nov 22 22:55:56 <Artemis> Artemis grins, and stands up with the girl. "I promised to protect you."
Nov 22 22:55:56 <Artemis> Jason is pummeling the -shit- out of the blasted wall, and the opening has widened enough to get through it. Jason notices the wall thickening itself, shifting and growing to keep them in, but not fast enough to worry about.
Nov 22 22:56:15 <Zoe_Chantili> "Come on, hole's open!"
Nov 22 22:56:20 <AdhelamiGM> There is silence-- the birds and snakes suddenly POOF! away, black smoke rising. *"So be it."*
Nov 22 22:56:34 <Illia> "Artemis, go before me. Get her through.
Nov 22 22:56:36 <Illia> ""
Nov 22 22:56:46 <Illia> The wounds hurt when she moves
Nov 22 22:56:51 <Zoe_Chantili> "Jason should go first, keep the exit safe.
Nov 22 22:57:06 <AliceD> "Ilia, llet me help you."
Nov 22 22:57:18 <Zoe_Chantili> "I'll go last, I don't need a hole."
Nov 22 22:57:53 <AliceD> Alice offers an arm for the woman to lean on. "I'll s-see to your wounds once w-we're on the other side."
Nov 22 22:58:04 <Illia> "No. I will not slow you down."
Nov 22 22:58:12 <Illia> She pushes her away, motioning for her to go through.
Nov 22 22:58:35 <Zoe_Chantili> "Stop argueing! Go on!"
Nov 22 22:58:40 <E4D> Jason pushes through.,
Nov 22 22:58:47 <AdhelamiGM> Adhelami looks at Illia behind Artemis, "Please let the doctor lady help you, ok DahnDahn?"
Nov 22 22:58:49 <Artemis> Artemis nods and hefts the girl in his arms, following Jason through.
Nov 22 22:58:53 <Dexanote> Myr waits at the edge of the hole.
Nov 22 22:58:54 <John_Williamson> John pushes through, shoving wall aside as he goes.
Nov 22 22:58:57 <AliceD> She's reluctant to leave her but goes through.
Nov 22 22:59:00 <E4D> <Ha, didn't keep us in. Cry some more!>
Nov 22 22:59:09 <Artemis> Alex laughs.
Nov 22 22:59:11 <Illia> She nods and moves forward, through the hole.
Nov 22 22:59:25 <Zoe_Chantili> "You next Myr."
Nov 22 22:59:38 <Dexanote> She slips through. "Now."
Nov 22 22:59:54 <Zoe_Chantili> "Illia, go on…"
Nov 22 23:00:07 <Illia> Illia clambers through, wincing as she does.
Nov 22 23:00:28 <Zoe_Chantili> Zoe eyes the hole, taking a deep breath and crawling through.
Nov 22 23:01:41 <AdhelamiGM> They are back out into the forest. The wall then suddenly seems to melt into sludge and sliiidee away into the shadows of the trees…
Nov 22 23:02:10 <Zoe_Chantili> "Heh….I beleive the score is two - nill."
Nov 22 23:02:14 <AliceD> Alice stops near Illia. "C-can I look at you now?"
Nov 22 23:02:36 <Illia> She nods and stands for Alice to examine her wounds.
Nov 22 23:03:05 <Artemis> Artemis sets the girl down, holding her hand instead. She's a little too big to carry around constantly.
Nov 22 23:03:43 <AdhelamiGM> Adhelami pulls on his hand a little, "Are you really my Sehlvi?"
Nov 22 23:03:55 <AliceD> 4df+4 Alice digs through her pouches for a first aid kit and sets about cleaning and healing any wounds she can.
Nov 22 23:03:56 <Glacon> AliceD: Alice digs through her pouches for a first aid kit and sets about cleaning and healing any wounds she can.: 6 (4df+4=+, +, -, +)
Nov 22 23:04:39 <Illia> 4df+4 Med
Nov 22 23:04:39 <Glacon> Illia: Med: 4 (4df+4=-, +, -, +)
Nov 22 23:05:09 <Illia> 4df+1 Body
Nov 22 23:05:10 <Glacon> Illia: Body: 0 (4df+1=0, -, 0, 0)
Nov 22 23:06:38 <E4D> Jason idly twirls his truly *massive* blade.
Nov 22 23:06:47 <Artemis> Alice finds that her medkit holds literally everything a doctor needs to do doctory things. It's like an infinite tacklebox of medicine and, after seemingly perusing the wonder of this marvelous box, Illia has been cured of her shadowy wounds as Alice shuts the kit.
Nov 22 23:06:50 <Zoe_Chantili> Zoe eyes the black tower, trying to judge distance.
Nov 22 23:07:09 <Illia> "Thank you." She nods.
Nov 22 23:07:41 <AdhelamiGM> The tower seems so far away. Le Bluh.
Nov 22 23:08:21 <Artemis> Artemis smiles down at Adhelami. "I am. And you are mine. We protect each other."
Nov 22 23:08:26 <AdhelamiGM> "I want to tell you a secret." She tugs on his arm.
Nov 22 23:08:29 <Zoe_Chantili> "Think we're getting close to that thing?"
Nov 22 23:08:34 <Zoe_Chantili> *closer
Nov 22 23:08:40 <Artemis> He kneels down for her to speak.
Nov 22 23:08:52 <E4D> <Who knows. That's our target, though. One step forward until we get there.>
Nov 22 23:08:57 <AliceD> Alice smiles, and looks again at the tower. "You are lying to us, Kaiinithal, y-you're not so far, are you?"
Nov 22 23:09:18 <AdhelamiGM> SNEAKATTACK!! Cheek kiss!! EYAHAHHA She bounces because it was so hilarious.
Nov 22 23:09:18 <AliceD> "anyone else need Medical?"
Nov 22 23:09:38 * CondorTalon has quit (Client exited)
Nov 22 23:10:08 <Illia> Illia glances at mini-Adhelami and Artemis, shaking her head. She doesn't do anything because is kid.
Nov 22 23:10:15 <Artemis> Artemis blinks, critically sneak-attacked and befuddled with surprise. "Ah… You are devilish as ever."
Nov 22 23:10:38 <Artemis> Artemis is speaking French, but… also not-french.
Nov 22 23:10:44 <AdhelamiGM> *"I am everywhere.*"
Nov 22 23:10:46 <Zoe_Chantili> Zoe lets out a little laugh.
Nov 22 23:10:58 <AdhelamiGM> --Suddenly, however, the sun BLINKS and turns into a moon-- and the whole sky become blanketed in navy blue. The air becomes chilled, and the ground covered in snow.
Nov 22 23:11:23 <AdhelamiGM> Buildings suddenly rise, small buildings, like a village. All the lights are out. So very dark and quiet.
Nov 22 23:11:38 <Zoe_Chantili> "Hm…"
Nov 22 23:11:45 <Dexanote> Myrtle shifts, quiet as death.
Nov 22 23:12:01 <E4D> Purple death.
Nov 22 23:12:21 <AliceD> "Oooh, snow." Alice smiles.
Nov 22 23:12:37 <Artemis> Is Myrtle even still there? No. She has become ~the night~.
Nov 22 23:12:44 <E4D> Jason scoops some up and *paffs* a snowball against her suit.
Nov 22 23:12:45 <Zoe_Chantili> "Seems like forever since I saw snow."
Nov 22 23:13:07 <Zoe_Chantili> "Think this is Ami's home village?"
Nov 22 23:13:19 <AdhelamiGM> It's so fluffy and cottony. Like you imagine. The snow is not very cold. But it is. But it isn't.
Nov 22 23:13:23 <Illia> Illia is quiet. She remembers…how it was before…
Nov 22 23:13:37 <AliceD> Alice snickers.
Nov 22 23:13:44 <Artemis> Artemis looks around, then back to the girl. "Where are we?"
Nov 22 23:13:51 <E4D> <Uh, weren't they nomads?>
Nov 22 23:14:13 <John_Williamson> "Maybe it's the other folks. Th' nazis"
Nov 22 23:14:14 <E4D> <Probably not her village. Nomads can't exactly afford to build a big-ass village in a snowy area.>
Nov 22 23:14:21 <AliceD> She paffs one back at Jason. "Yeah, u-until they w-wer forced into cities."
Nov 22 23:14:24 <Artemis> * "They had villages and such. They just moved a lot. A loooot." *
Nov 22 23:14:34 <AdhelamiGM> "Apahete!" Little Adhelami throws her hands up!
Nov 22 23:14:38 <Artemis> Alex hums, and if searching through things.
Nov 22 23:14:47 <AdhelamiGM> It's the village-- PAFF. Alex gets a bop.
Nov 22 23:15:05 <Illia> lol
Nov 22 23:15:25 <Artemis> * "Fuck, I didn't even touch the dark stuff…." *
Nov 22 23:15:36 <Zoe_Chantili> "Hm…well, onwards?"
Nov 22 23:15:48 <AdhelamiGM> Then, behind the group-- "Adhelami..?"
Nov 22 23:15:56 <AliceD> Alice turns.
Nov 22 23:16:43 <Illia> Illia turns, hand on the sword's hilt.
Nov 22 23:17:10 <Zoe_Chantili> Zoe turns arounds, hand behind her head, grasping her sword.
Nov 22 23:17:18 <AdhelamiGM> A very pleasant woman's voice. There stands a beautiful woman, tall, in a long dress, similar in design to Adhelami's traditional clothing. Her hair is long, tied back, as long as her waist. She looks like Adhelami very much, and her eyes are just as gold. It all seems so clear and detained, despite the night.
Nov 22 23:18:06 <Illia> "Peace be with you." Illia stands up straighter, less like a waiting predator.
Nov 22 23:18:20 <AdhelamiGM> "Mother!!" Adhelami gasps, and suddenly darts from the group with her CHILD SPEED, straight to her mother. The woman falls to a knee to embrace the child.
Nov 22 23:18:46 <AliceD> Alice stands next to Jason, smiling but wary.
Nov 22 23:18:50 <Zoe_Chantili> "Ah, well, that's good…"
Nov 22 23:19:32 <Artemis> Artemis smiles and follows a few paces toward the girl.
Nov 22 23:19:37 <AdhelamiGM> She looks up, "…Are these your friends..?" She asks gently, looking down to the girl. Adhelami points, "Yeah!! And that's my Sehlvi!!" To Artemis.
Nov 22 23:19:45 <Illia> Illia walks after Artemis, following the two.
Nov 22 23:19:50 <Zoe_Chantili> Zoe follows
Nov 22 23:20:02 <Dexanote> Myrtle follows, trailing behind.
Nov 22 23:20:18 <AdhelamiGM> The woman looks up to him, "…I see."
Nov 22 23:20:19 <AdhelamiGM> Her eyes sharpen. "That's disgusting."
Nov 22 23:20:28 <Artemis> Artemis' smile dies.
Nov 22 23:20:42 <Artemis> ---- Pause
Nov 22 23:22:39 <AdhelamiGM> Suddenly, she grips the child, and Adhelami gasps-- And her body becomes completely black, bursting violently outward and into lines.
Nov 22 23:22:39 <AdhelamiGM> A black cage forms around the girl, and she screams, "MOTHER!!" She begins to cry, her eyes still wide as she backs up against the bars.
Nov 22 23:22:57 <Artemis> * "Shit shit shit, hold on, hold on, hold on…." *
Nov 22 23:23:18 <Zoe_Chantili> Zoe moves forward, to the cage, looking how much space is in there
Nov 22 23:23:31 <AdhelamiGM> *"It is disgusting, you know. Is he really your Sehlvi? 5 ages older than you? A man? You're a sick girl.*" Kaiinithal laughs.
Nov 22 23:24:20 <AdhelamiGM> The space in the cage is small, enough for her to sit up, but barely any to move around in. No doors. No locks. It's solid.
Nov 22 23:24:24 <Artemis> Okay, unpause
Nov 22 23:24:43 <Illia> Illia runs forward and grabs the cage, trying to pull it apart.
Nov 22 23:25:06 <Dexanote> Myrtle looks around, windows and sky. Something should have a clue.
Nov 22 23:25:27 <John_Williamson> John stalks forward to the cage. "Zoe, enough space for you?"
Nov 22 23:25:28 <AdhelamiGM> Nothing. That shit is strong. It doesn't budge. Little Adhelami cries out, now sobbing and afraid.
Nov 22 23:26:05 <AdhelamiGM> *"I told you I could cheat too.*"
Nov 22 23:26:05 <Illia> "Young one, come here." She reaches into the cage, motioning for her to give her her hand. "Do not cry, we will free you."
Nov 22 23:26:17 <E4D> <I got a deal for ya, asshole. Let 'er go, and there won't be a problem.>
Nov 22 23:26:45 <Zoe_Chantili> Zoe moves forward, trying to reach into the cage. If she could just get her arms around Ami…."Vhen! Do you remember me? Zoe?"
Nov 22 23:27:17 <Illia> "No good, Zoe. The bars are too small, too strong…"
Nov 22 23:27:36 <AdhelamiGM> *"I have a deal for you, you who forces animals upon your mother, get out of my realm, and I may let you keep her body.*"
Nov 22 23:27:37 <Zoe_Chantili> "She can break them. This is HER mind. She is the one in controll."
Nov 22 23:28:22 <Dexanote> Myr snickers quietly at the insult.
Nov 22 23:28:25 <Zoe_Chantili> Zoe crouches down, looking at Ami. "Ami, you can break this…"
Nov 22 23:28:39 <Artemis> * "Ah…. doesn't work like that Zoe… Everyone get out of the way." *
Nov 22 23:28:46 <E4D> <What the does that even *mean*?>
Nov 22 23:28:56 <John_Williamson> "It means he needs to die"
Nov 22 23:28:57 <AliceD> Alice shakes her head, listening to Alex.
Nov 22 23:29:10 <E4D> Jason heeds the advice, stepping back.
Nov 22 23:29:16 <Zoe_Chantili> Zoe looks up. "You have no idea who is coming for you do you."
Nov 22 23:29:21 <Illia> Illia jumps back.
Nov 22 23:29:27 <Zoe_Chantili> Zoe takes a step back form the cage.
Nov 22 23:29:47 <AdhelamiGM> Adhelami cries, "Sehlvi!!" Then… Shadow goo suddenly begins to creep into the cage, along the girl's feet and up her legs. She SCREAMS
Nov 22 23:29:50 <Zoe_Chantili> "If you had any idea who was coming to erase you from exsitance you would run and hide like the coward you are."
Nov 22 23:30:06 <Artemis> "Form a circle!" Artemis shouts. He's point out to the edges of the dim town, where the shadows have started to move in.
Nov 22 23:30:33 * ChanServ gives channel operator status to Dexanote
Nov 22 23:30:35 <Zoe_Chantili> Zoe moves into position in the circle.
Nov 22 23:30:42 <AliceD> Alice grabs Jason's and whoever is closet to her left and pulls them into a circle.
Nov 22 23:31:30 <AdhelamiGM> The shadows of the buildings, whatever shadow formed by the moon, begins to pulls out of the ground. Beasts with large glowing eyes— thin, unnerving limbs. Shadow warriors, with black blades for arms.
Nov 22 23:31:49 <Dexanote> Myrtle's around the circle, somewhere. Close, very close.
Nov 22 23:31:54 <Zoe_Chantili> "WIsh I brought one of the Dusty speicals…."
Nov 22 23:31:59 <Illia> Illia does.
Nov 22 23:32:03 <John_Williamson> John stands to one of the sides of the cage, facing a warrior
Nov 22 23:32:07 <E4D> Jason mutters quietly, <I think I saw this in an RPG I played once…>
Nov 22 23:32:30 <John_Williamson> "Wish I had an RPG right now"
Nov 22 23:32:35 * Nioki (~PI.AB9185D2.D8A0C2FC.83F9F55B|alliztahc#PI.AB9185D2.D8A0C2FC.83F9F55B|alliztahc) has joined #afteractionmission
Nov 22 23:32:48 <AliceD> Alice tries to keep calm, she really needs to work on her hand to hand.
Nov 22 23:33:07 <AdhelamiGM> *"I don't wish to be cruel, but you are leaving me to become this way. I will have what I want, one way or the other.*"
Nov 22 23:33:28 <E4D> Jason can sense the distress. <It's okay, hun. We gotta fight, you hold 'em, and I'll kill 'em.>
Nov 22 23:33:44 <Artemis> * "Haha, ehahahaha, you mad, bro." * CLANK. Suddenly the cage has a glowing white door and a thick, white lock hanging from it. Two little white tools clink into the snow before the cage.
Nov 22 23:33:47 <Artemis> * "Zoe, pay attention, you're terrible with that sword." *
Nov 22 23:33:47 <AliceD> "R-right."
Nov 22 23:34:11 <Zoe_Chantili> Zoe spins around, a grin forming. "Oh how I've missed you…."
Nov 22 23:34:28 <AdhelamiGM> *"What. No."* Suddenly, three black dots form on the lock.
Nov 22 23:34:29 <John_Williamson> "Zoe, you want me to, or do you want the honor?"
Nov 22 23:34:31 <Zoe_Chantili> Zoe dashes forward, grabbing the tools. "Hold em off!"
Nov 22 23:34:50 <Zoe_Chantili> 4df+6 tagging "Stop Thief!"
Nov 22 23:34:51 <Glacon> Zoe_Chantili: tagging "Stop Thief!": 2 (4df+6=-, -, -, -)
Nov 22 23:34:59 <Illia> Illia brings her sword out, ready to cover Zoe.
Nov 22 23:35:39 * Bright is now known as I
Nov 22 23:35:49 * I is now known as Bright
Nov 22 23:36:51 <John_Williamson> John moves to cover them.
Nov 22 23:37:01 <Artemis> Zoe is far too hasty with the lock. She doesn't know what she's dealing with. She may need to study it.
Nov 22 23:37:24 <Zoe_Chantili> Zoe stops and takes a breath. Looking closely at the lock. 4df+3 preception
Nov 22 23:37:33 <Zoe_Chantili> 4df+3 Preception
Nov 22 23:37:33 <Glacon> Zoe_Chantili: Preception: 6 (4df+3=0, +, +, +)
Nov 22 23:38:00 <AdhelamiGM> There are shadows inside the cage creep up little Adhelami's legs and hips… She SCREEAAAMMMSS!!!
Nov 22 23:38:00 <AdhelamiGM> The shadow warriors all move in preparation in unison. One black dot on the lock turns red. "*I always win.*"
Nov 22 23:38:14 <Artemis> Zoe's a professional after all. The lock is strange. It's unlike anything you've ever seen before. The tumblers on the inside are shadowy black, and not only is there one turning mechanism, there's three. You have to turn each mechanism to get to the next one. You'll have another go at it when I tell you.
Nov 22 23:38:31 <Artemis> ----- Pause
Nov 22 23:38:34 <AdhelamiGM> The black dot DOES NOT turn red. Sorry.
Nov 22 23:39:14 <Artemis> --- Battle line, Party goes first, starting with John.
Nov 22 23:40:53 <John_Williamson> 4df+3 intimidation. John is a Bad Motherfucker. Shadow critters should back the fuck off.
Nov 22 23:40:54 <Glacon> John_Williamson: intimidation. John is a Bad Motherfucker. Shadow critters should back the fuck off.: 4 (4df+3=-, +, +, 0)
Nov 22 23:41:48 <Artemis> The shadow creatures lumber silently forward, equally as menacing as John.
Nov 22 23:41:48 <Artemis> 4df+3
Nov 22 23:41:48 <Glacon> Artemis: : 3 (4df+3=+, -, 0, 0)
Nov 22 23:42:16 <AdhelamiGM> Kaiinithal shifts from where he is… These people are getting to him. Hard. He doesn't like this. It was supposed to be easy.
Nov 22 23:42:28 <AdhelamiGM> The shadow monsters hesitate, as if their puppet master won't make a move.
Nov 22 23:43:27 <Artemis> Illia is next.
Nov 22 23:43:50 <Dexanote> Myrtle feels vaguely uncomfortable for a few moments.
Nov 22 23:43:51 <Illia> 4df+4 Using stunned to take out a target. Cut through the body.
Nov 22 23:43:52 <Glacon> Illia: Using stunned to take out a target. Cut through the body.: 5 (4df+4=0, +, -, +)
Nov 22 23:44:39 <Artemis> Artemis follows up Illia, engaging a second shadowman.
Nov 22 23:44:44 <Artemis> 4df+5 SWIPE
Nov 22 23:44:45 <Glacon> Artemis: SWIPE: 7 (4df+5=0, 0, +, +)
Nov 22 23:45:44 <Artemis> Artemis and Illia undo a pair of shadowmen, despite their equal defense. Jason is next.
Nov 22 23:47:00 <E4D> Jason looks back at his wife. Battle couple activate!
Nov 22 23:47:36 <Artemis> Battle couple time two TIMES FOUR COMBO!
Nov 22 23:47:41 <AliceD> 4df+7 Burning AP to use her suit to help her movements be more controlled, Alice morphballs around a shadow man and attepmts to grapple him for Jason to take apart.
Nov 22 23:47:42 <Glacon> AliceD: Burning AP to use her suit to help her movements be more controlled, Alice morphballs around a shadow man and attepmts to grapple him for Jason to take apart.: 5 (4df+7=-, -, -, +)
Nov 22 23:48:43 <AliceD> 4df+7 No no, re rolling, Burning AP lalala
Nov 22 23:48:44 <Glacon> AliceD: No no, re rolling, Burning AP lalala: 6 (4df+7=-, +, 0, -)
Nov 22 23:48:54 <Artemis> Compelling Scene Aspect: Subconscious Expectations, because Dahn Aleece is so flexible… That's an 8 now.
Nov 22 23:49:09 <AliceD> Yay!
Nov 22 23:49:21 <Artemis> 4df+7 Matching shadowferver!
Nov 22 23:49:21 <Glacon> Artemis: Matching shadowferver!: 8 (4df+7=0, +, +, -)
Nov 22 23:49:47 <Artemis> Alice grapples the thing, but its tremendously hard to hold onto. For now, she's got it though.
Nov 22 23:51:09 <E4D> 4df+9 Tagging Alice's maneuver and using an AP. Jason lunges at the stricken shadow warrior, driving the the point of the massive combat knife's blade square at the target's face, aiming to completely skewer its head.
Nov 22 23:51:09 <Glacon> E4D: Tagging Alice's maneuver and using an AP. Jason lunges at the stricken shadow warrior, driving the the point of the massive combat knife's blade square at the target's face, aiming to completely skewer its head.: 10 (4df+9=+, 0, +, -)
Nov 22 23:53:17 <Artemis> Goodness. It's like the shadowman is not even there. Jason for some reason painlessly crashes into Alice without skewering her head as expected. Suddenly huggings?! The shadow was obliterated.
Nov 22 23:54:03 <E4D> O_o
Nov 22 23:54:16 <AliceD> "Jason, this is h-hardly the time." she snickers.
Nov 22 23:54:49 <Artemis> * "Dream logic is triiiiiipyyyy~" *
Nov 22 23:54:52 <Artemis> Myrtle.
Nov 22 23:54:55 <E4D> <It's *always* the time,>
Nov 22 23:55:02 <E4D> Jason wheels around, looking for another target.
Nov 22 23:55:26 <Artemis> Plenty of shadowmean forming from the encroaching darkness.
Nov 22 23:55:35 <Artemis> They're getting bigger, more solid.
Nov 22 23:55:49 <AdhelamiGM> Myrtle's next move
Nov 22 23:56:33 <Dexanote> 4df+2 perception|| Myrtle glances around, strolling between the shadow beasts; any weaknesses at all?
Nov 22 23:56:34 <Glacon> Dexanote: perception|| Myrtle glances around, strolling between the shadow beasts; any weaknesses at all?: 3 (4df+2=+, +, -, 0)
Nov 22 23:58:22 <Artemis> Looks like solidified shadow to Myrtle, who is still just part of the scenery. Does Kaiinithal even know she's there?
Nov 22 23:58:43 <AdhelamiGM> No. He cannot see her in the group.
Nov 22 23:58:59 <AdhelamiGM> Zoe, go.
Nov 22 23:59:40 <Zoe_Chantili> Zoe takes a deep breath, steadying her hands, and moves to open the lock
Nov 23 00:00:00 <Zoe_Chantili> 4df+8 (Tagging, Manuver)
Nov 23 00:00:01 <Glacon> Zoe_Chantili: (Tagging, Manuver): 6 (4df+8=-, -, 0, 0)
Nov 23 00:00:08 <AdhelamiGM> Adhelami screams in the cage, trying to kick, but only finding her limbs restrained by the shadows creeping over her body. She sobs with terror. "SEHLVI!!"
Nov 23 00:00:43 <John_Williamson> "don't worry darlin, we got ya" over his shoulder
Nov 23 00:00:52 <Zoe_Chantili> Zoe uses the last AP to reroll.
Nov 23 00:00:55 <Zoe_Chantili> 4df+8
Nov 23 00:00:55 <Glacon> Zoe_Chantili: 7 (4df+8=0, 0, -, 0)
Nov 23 00:01:33 <Zoe_Chantili> (DIsrecard)
Nov 23 00:01:35 <Artemis> Too late. Zoe manages to rack the tumblers and turn the first mechanism. No reroll needed. The second mechanism looks a bit more challenging.
Nov 23 00:02:10 <Zoe_Chantili> "One down!"
Nov 23 00:02:12 <AdhelamiGM> The first dot changes to green!
Nov 23 00:02:20 <Artemis> Everyone but Zoe, Mental Defense
Nov 23 00:02:37 <E4D> 4df+4 <?>
Nov 23 00:02:37 <Glacon> E4D: <?>: 4 (4df+4=0, 0, 0, 0)
Nov 23 00:02:38 <AliceD> 4df+3 Hnnng
Nov 23 00:02:39 <Glacon> AliceD: Hnnng: 3 (4df+3=+, 0, 0, -)
Nov 23 00:02:39 * Daedalize has quit (Ping timeout)
Nov 23 00:02:50 <Dexanote> 4df+4 ha HA
Nov 23 00:02:51 <Glacon> Dexanote: ha HA: 1 (4df+4=-, -, 0, -)
Nov 23 00:02:51 <John_Williamson> 4df+4
Nov 23 00:02:51 <Glacon> John_Williamson: 4 (4df+4=0, -, 0, +)
Nov 23 00:02:54 <Artemis> 4df+4 Tagging ES for Artemis
Nov 23 00:02:54 <Glacon> Artemis: Tagging ES for Artemis: 7 (4df+4=+, +, +, 0)
Nov 23 00:02:58 <Illia> 4df+4 mdef, bitch.
Nov 23 00:02:58 <Glacon> Illia: mdef, bitch.: 4 (4df+4=+, 0, 0, -)
Nov 23 00:03:10 <Artemis> One moment
Nov 23 00:07:26 <Artemis> A pair of shadowmen clamor torward Jason and Alice, leveling wide, flat blade hands at the married couple, but they pass through harmlessly, Nevermind Myrtle, who is still invisible. John gets cut though, as a rather tall shadow slices at him. Artemis and Illia are untouchable. Both of their shadowfoes failed miserably to overcome their steely resolve.
Nov 23 00:09:48 * Illia has quit (Connection reset by peer)
Nov 23 00:10:03 <Artemis> ATTACK ROUND GO. John! Your turn.
Nov 23 00:10:12 <John_Williamson> 4df+3 intimidation maneuver. John barrels up to one of them, bleeding and spitting on it. "YOU DON'T KNOW WHERE I BEEN, BITCH"
Nov 23 00:10:13 <Glacon> John_Williamson: intimidation maneuver. John barrels up to one of them, bleeding and spitting on it. "YOU DON'T KNOW WHERE I BEEN, BITCH": 0 (4df+3=-, -, 0, -)
Nov 23 00:10:22 * Illia (~ten.enilnotpo.nyd.8200F7FA-CRInys|alliztahc#ten.enilnotpo.nyd.8200F7FA-CRInys|alliztahc) has joined #afteractionmission
Nov 23 00:11:09 <Artemis> Compelling scene Aspect: Subconscious Expectations because Vehn John can be so scary!
Nov 23 00:11:22 <Artemis> Reroll :|
Nov 23 00:11:31 <AdhelamiGM> Adhelami's subconscious is coming through!
Nov 23 00:12:41 <John_Williamson> 4df+3 large, hideous man that Adhel *knows* is a *real* monster charging them. Fucking scary.
Nov 23 00:12:41 <Glacon> John_Williamson: large, hideous man that Adhel *knows* is a *real* monster charging them. Fucking scary.: 5 (4df+3=0, 0, +, +)
Nov 23 00:13:22 <Artemis> 4df+3 Hisssssssss
Nov 23 00:13:22 <Glacon> Artemis: Hisssssssss: 5 (4df+3=0, +, +, 0)
Nov 23 00:13:58 <Artemis> The shadows are growing wary of you, John Williamson, they flutter in the breeze unnervingly.
Nov 23 00:14:08 <AdhelamiGM> Kaiinithal shakes his head a little, *"I won't lose."*
Nov 23 00:14:22 <Illia> Illia chuckles.
Nov 23 00:14:25 <Artemis> Illia!
Nov 23 00:15:06 <Illia> 4df+3 Using last AP point. Focus your attacks on me, bitches.
Nov 23 00:15:06 <Glacon> Illia: Using last AP point. Focus your attacks on me, bitches.: 1 (4df+3=-, -, -, +)
Nov 23 00:15:53 <Artemis> Compelling Subconscious Expectations: Dahn Illia can be so…. -fierce-… Reroll that shit.
Nov 23 00:16:26 <Illia> 4df+3 Fucking bullshit. I could cut a whole goddamned horde.
Nov 23 00:16:26 <Glacon> Illia: Fucking bullshit. I could cut a whole goddamned horde.: 2 (4df+3=-, 0, -, +)
Nov 23 00:16:37 <Artemis> 4df+3 Hissss
Nov 23 00:16:38 <Glacon> Artemis: Hissss: 2 (4df+3=-, +, -, 0)
Nov 23 00:17:07 <Dexanote> pause
Nov 23 00:18:33 <Dexanote> Compelling Die By The Sword, on Illia, using one of Myrtle's AP, for a reroll.
Nov 23 00:18:39 <Dexanote> Unpause.
Nov 23 00:18:46 <Artemis> Fair enough.
Nov 23 00:19:02 <AdhelamiGM> I'LL ALLOW IT
Nov 23 00:19:11 <Illia> 4df+3 Reroll.
Nov 23 00:19:11 <Glacon> Illia: Reroll.: 2 (4df+3=0, -, -, +)
Nov 23 00:19:14 <Illia> …
Nov 23 00:19:24 <Artemis> I'll take your 4 in the other room.
Nov 23 00:19:38 <Illia> k
Nov 23 00:19:39 <Dexanote> Myrtle whispers encouragement in Illia's ear.
Nov 23 00:21:10 <Artemis> For a moment, the shadowmen stop what they are doing and stare at Illia, wavering, wisps flickering in the breeze. This isn't right. Not at all. They start to lumber toward her.
Nov 23 00:21:10 <Artemis> All several dozens of them.
Nov 23 00:21:26 <Illia> Illia grins.
Nov 23 00:21:31 <AdhelamiGM> *"Wait…*"
Nov 23 00:21:33 <Dexanote> Myrtle nopes off
Nov 23 00:21:42 <AdhelamiGM> "*What is this.*"
Nov 23 00:21:49 <AdhelamiGM> Kaiinithal has lost control of his puppets.
Nov 23 00:22:01 <Illia> "Your match, Kaiinithal." She laughs.
Nov 23 00:22:11 <AliceD> Alice grins. It's not a really nice grin.
Nov 23 00:22:27 <Artemis> Artemis allows himself a smirk amid his grim panic for little Adhelami and he swipes at one of the approaching shadowmen.
Nov 23 00:22:31 <Artemis> 4df+5 !
Nov 23 00:22:31 <Glacon> Artemis: !: 5 (4df+5=+, 0, 0, -)
Nov 23 00:22:47 <Artemis> Floof~~ Gone. Jason.
Nov 23 00:22:52 <AdhelamiGM> *"…I see you are a formidable group.*"
Nov 23 00:23:19 <AdhelamiGM> *"The games stop now.*"
Nov 23 00:23:31 <Dexanote> Myrtle strolls between the shadow men, arriving behind Alice and Jason.
Nov 23 00:23:42 <Zoe_Chantili> "You sound like a second rate stave villian."
Nov 23 00:23:47 <E4D> <Get 'em, hun.>
Nov 23 00:23:47 <Zoe_Chantili> *stage
Nov 23 00:24:30 <AliceD> 4df+7 burning more AP, Alice uses her knives, not as weapons, but tools to dig into and climb a lumbering creature and keep him distracted with getting her of its back.
Nov 23 00:24:31 <Glacon> AliceD: burning more AP, Alice uses her knives, not as weapons, but tools to dig into and climb a lumbering creature and keep him distracted with getting her of its back.: 9 (4df+7=+, +, -, +)
Nov 23 00:25:56 <Artemis> Oh, it's lumbering alright. Since the men have started to slowly march on Illia, they've started to combine and grow. Alice's knives dig in and make perfect climbing tools somehow.
Nov 23 00:27:09 <E4D> 4df+11 Tagging the maneuver and burning an AP. Jason charges again, stabbing furiously around his wife, trying to rip, tear, and cut away violently, hacking at any exposed bit he can in an effort to maim, hurt, and wound. I! AM! BEOWULF!
Nov 23 00:27:09 <Glacon> E4D: Tagging the maneuver and burning an AP. Jason charges again, stabbing furiously around his wife, trying to rip, tear, and cut away violently, hacking at any exposed bit he can in an effort to maim, hurt, and wound. I! AM! BEOWULF!: 12 (4df+11=-, 0, +, +)
Nov 23 00:30:35 <Artemis> 4df+8 welp
Nov 23 00:30:36 <Glacon> Artemis: welp: 10 (4df+8=-, +, +, +)
Nov 23 00:30:45 <Artemis> Nope. The shadows are growing together, like solid masses moving in each other. The cold hard darkness they're made out of is becoming so much more difficult to harm with weapons, like the dream wants your attacks to be feeble. Jason, however, flatout denies this with a single-minded rage that cannot quite be described. The twelve foot-tall shadow giant disintegrates.
Nov 23 00:30:56 <E4D> Down's for the dyin'.
Nov 23 00:32:09 <Artemis> Myrtle?
Nov 23 00:33:52 <Dexanote> Uh.
Nov 23 00:34:02 <Dexanote> Myrtle's got nothing. She just watches, impressed.
Nov 23 00:34:21 <AdhelamiGM> Turn skip. That is OK. <3
Nov 23 00:34:38 <Zoe_Chantili> Zoe barely notices, her whole world is that lock and the tumblers. One down…
Nov 23 00:34:39 <Dexanote> Yes.
Nov 23 00:34:57 <Zoe_Chantili> 4df+4 Pick that lock
Nov 23 00:34:57 <Artemis> Myrtle gets a +2 to whatever her next action is, because she's got all the power and time in the world to figure something out.
Nov 23 00:34:57 <Glacon> Zoe_Chantili: Pick that lock: 3 (4df+4=-, +, 0, -)
Nov 23 00:35:20 <AdhelamiGM> The Shadowy stuff continues to creep up Adhelami's body, now reaching her neck. Breathing heavily, still screaming and crying like a horrified, dying child would.
Nov 23 00:35:41 <Zoe_Chantili> Reroll. Last AP
Nov 23 00:35:52 <Zoe_Chantili> 4df+4 Glacon I will kill you
Nov 23 00:35:53 <Glacon> Zoe_Chantili: Glacon I will kill you: 6 (4df+4=+, 0, +, 0)
Nov 23 00:37:07 <Artemis> Zoe -almost- thought she lost it, but some lucky twist of her picking tools turns the mechanism over. Phew!
Nov 23 00:37:17 <Artemis> Black dot turns green.
Nov 23 00:37:26 <Zoe_Chantili> Zoe lets out a deep breath. "Two down!"
Nov 23 00:38:33 <Artemis> The shadowmen have become Shadow giants, and they march on Illia.
Nov 23 00:38:57 <Illia> "It will finally be a fair fight."
Nov 23 00:40:46 <Artemis> The first giant lumbers forth, swinging a massive shadowy cleaver hand at the Dreadnaught.
Nov 23 00:40:53 <Artemis> 4df+6 Fwish
Nov 23 00:40:54 <Glacon> Artemis: Fwish: 5 (4df+6=-, 0, -, +)
Nov 23 00:41:20 <Illia> 4df+4 Defense. Fuck you.
Nov 23 00:41:20 <Glacon> Illia: Defense. Fuck you.: 2 (4df+4=0, 0, -, -)
Nov 23 00:41:35 <Artemis> That's at a +2 you dumpass.
Nov 23 00:42:13 <Illia> 4df+6 Lol I'm idjit
Nov 23 00:42:14 <Glacon> Illia: Lol I'm idjit: 8 (4df+6=+, +, -, +)
Nov 23 00:44:10 <Illia> Illia blocks the attack by dodging forward and deflecting it's swing. Lumbering idiots move too slowly.
Nov 23 00:44:43 <Illia> She stands back up, grinning from ear to ear. "Best you got?"
Nov 23 00:45:11 <AdhelamiGM> *"You are formidable, even if your mind is weak.*" He says to Illia.
Nov 23 00:45:16 <Artemis> Three more, Illia. They step up and surround her, ignoring Artemis' furious attempts to damage them for the present.
Nov 23 00:45:32 <Artemis> 4df+6 shadowy slice
Nov 23 00:45:33 <Glacon> Artemis: shadowy slice: 9 (4df+6=0, +, +, +)
Nov 23 00:45:48 <Illia> 4df+6 Dodge the cut.
Nov 23 00:45:50 <Glacon> Illia: Dodge the cut.: 3 (4df+6=0, -, -, -)
Nov 23 00:46:15 <Illia> She shouldn't have grinned. The cut hits her in the side. Hard.
Nov 23 00:46:29 <Artemis> Illia takes the burning cold slash as the blade whispers around her parry. Another.
Nov 23 00:46:35 <Artemis> 4df+6
Nov 23 00:46:35 <Glacon> Artemis: 6 (4df+6=+, -, +, -)
Nov 23 00:46:53 <Illia> 4df+6 I am a dreadnaught, goddamnit!
Nov 23 00:46:54 <Glacon> Illia: I am a dreadnaught, goddamnit!: 5 (4df+6=+, -, 0, -)
Nov 23 00:47:25 <Illia> She gets hit again…dear christ…
Nov 23 00:47:45 <Artemis> Another icy burst burst flows through her, stealing a bit of her strength.
Nov 23 00:48:02 <E4D> <Alice! Get her pulled back! I'll cover!>
Nov 23 00:48:16 <Artemis> 4df+6 Last one…
Nov 23 00:48:17 <Glacon> Artemis: Last one…: 6 (4df+6=0, 0, -, +)
Nov 23 00:48:33 <Illia> 4df+6 Adhelami had better be safe.
Nov 23 00:48:34 <Glacon> Illia: Adhelami had better be safe.: 7 (4df+6=+, -, 0, +)
Nov 23 00:49:36 <Illia> She smiles, despite the pain, and rolls past the last cut to safety. She's wounded, but not out. "Zoe, get her free."
Nov 23 00:49:57 <Artemis> Illia manages to fend off four 16 foot tall shadow giants.
Nov 23 00:50:06 <Zoe_Chantili> "Working on it! These locks are half there, half fake and have changing!"
Nov 23 00:50:13 <Zoe_Chantili> *half
Nov 23 00:51:10 <Artemis> Zoe, try again. Compelling Stop, Thief!
Nov 23 00:51:13 <Artemis> +2
Nov 23 00:51:31 <AliceD> 4df+7 Last AP Alice pushes her suit to the limit to haul Illia away, confident they'll still follow her, but away from the cage.
Nov 23 00:51:31 <Glacon> AliceD: Last AP Alice pushes her suit to the limit to haul Illia away, confident they'll still follow her, but away from the cage.: 4 (4df+7=0, -, -, -)
Nov 23 00:51:50 <AdhelamiGM> The goop slowly creeps up the little girls' body, her screams cut short as it seeps into her mouth.
Nov 23 00:52:29 <Artemis> 4df+6 Shadow giants
Nov 23 00:52:29 <Glacon> Artemis: Shadow giants: 4 (4df+6=-, -, -, +)
Nov 23 00:52:35 <Zoe_Chantili> 4df+6 Glacon!
Nov 23 00:52:35 <Glacon> Zoe_Chantili: Glacon!: 7 (4df+6=0, +, +, -)
Nov 23 00:52:37 <AdhelamiGM> Adhelami is no longer screaming-- or, at least you can't hear it.
Nov 23 00:52:43 <Artemis> Pause.
Nov 23 00:55:42 * Doctor_Light (||tibbiM) has joined #afteractionmission
Nov 23 00:55:47 <Artemis> Alice manages to push through the giants surrounding Illia and trot away.
Nov 23 00:55:47 <Artemis> Zoe: Fuck, this lock is hard. Maybe one of the hardest you've ever met. The tumblers move. They disappear and form and multiply, and generally don't make sense. Just as the Shadows creep up over Adhelami's neck, the mechanism turns over and the lock simply falls from the door and poofs into the snow.
Nov 23 00:57:44 <Artemis> Unpause.
Nov 23 00:58:19 <Zoe_Chantili> Zoe dives for Adhelami, trying to pull her free of the black shadows. "I Got it!"
Nov 23 00:58:25 <Artemis> And yes, as Zoe opens the white door, the cage disintegrates into wispy smoke, as well as the giants.
Nov 23 00:58:38 <E4D> <Fuck yea!>
Nov 23 00:58:57 <AdhelamiGM> Even the shadow goo around Adhelami fluffs off her like snow… Adhelami breaths heavily.
Nov 23 00:59:01 <Illia> "C'est marvelieux." She's happy…
Nov 23 00:59:07 <AliceD> Alice looks ever Illia's wounds. "B-be still, please."
Nov 23 00:59:26 <John_Williamson> "Y'allright, Vhen?"
Nov 23 00:59:28 <Illia> "Of course."
Nov 23 00:59:32 <Zoe_Chantili> "Fuck you you shadow thing! You'll have to work harder than that to keep something I want away from me!"
Nov 23 00:59:48 <AliceD> 4df+4 Alice be a doctor!
Nov 23 00:59:49 <Glacon> AliceD: Alice be a doctor!: 7 (4df+4=+, +, 0, +)
Nov 23 00:59:54 <Dexanote> "Hey, Kaiinithal. I'm impressed, you didn't notice me the whole adventure." Myr says from behind a disentegrating giant."Weak."
Nov 23 01:00:00 <Artemis> * "Oh, oh, oh, kiss mahse'f, oh, oh, take that!" * What is Alex doing?
Nov 23 01:00:13 <AdhelamiGM> Little Adhelami cries all over Zoe.
Nov 23 01:00:39 <Artemis> Artemis rushes to Illia, looking her over, then to Adhelami. "Sehlvi? Are you alright?"
Nov 23 01:00:51 <Zoe_Chantili> Zoe holds her tight, patting her back, and looks up. "Now you up there, watching….Run and hide. We are coming for you and Hell's coming with us!"
Nov 23 01:01:15 <Illia> "Young one is fine…she is safe…" Her breathing is harsh, but consistent. "I…I'll be fine…"
Nov 23 01:01:29 <Dexanote> "Don't hide, actually, that would be cowardly. Can't have a blind coward causing all this trouble, can we?"
Nov 23 01:01:54 <AliceD> Alice fixes Illia, I hope.
Nov 23 01:02:10 <Illia> 4df+2 Of course you will.
Nov 23 01:02:11 <Glacon> Illia: Of course you will.: 2 (4df+2=-, +, 0, 0)
Nov 23 01:02:15 <Illia> ^Wounds
Nov 23 01:02:20 <Dexanote> Myr stomps one foot, dropping her Stealth.
Nov 23 01:02:47 <Illia> Amidst the waves of pain and frustration from Illia, Artemis can sense pings of joy and comfort. Adhelami is fine…Illia has done her duty.
Nov 23 01:02:58 * Tox (~ten.nozirev.soif.cdhsaw.0C999153-CRInys|agemO#ten.nozirev.soif.cdhsaw.0C999153-CRInys|agemO) has left #afteractionmission
Nov 23 01:03:01 * Tox (~ten.nozirev.soif.cdhsaw.0C999153-CRInys|agemO#ten.nozirev.soif.cdhsaw.0C999153-CRInys|agemO) has joined #afteractionmission
Nov 23 01:03:12 <Zoe_Chantili> Zoe pats Ami's back. "It's alright Ami…Vhen is here, we'll keep you safe."
Nov 23 01:03:19 <Artemis> Alice seems to magic Illia's wounds away yet again. Simply rubbing the cuts seems to feel like rubbing Illia's unharmed body. Oh wait! It's unharmed!
Nov 23 01:03:28 <Artemis> How about that.
Nov 23 01:03:32 <Dexanote> rubbing… body
Nov 23 01:03:38 <Illia> Hot
Nov 23 01:03:52 <AliceD> "Man, if only I c-could do this on the s-ship. Heal p-people that is."
Nov 23 01:04:04 <John_Williamson> "Myrtle, you took the words out of my mouth. The fuck's been hidin'. I wanna meet him."
Nov 23 01:04:13 <Zoe_Chantili> "That would be handy…Forgot how long it's gonna take to heal without midnight."
Nov 23 01:04:25 <Illia> She gives Alice a smile. "Thank you…"
Nov 23 01:04:52 <John_Williamson> "Jager was a dipshit dancing around a fire in a loin cloth, an' we list him up with frags. Headley was a shadow freak. I wonder what this pissant's gonna look like."
Nov 23 01:04:54 <AdhelamiGM> "This has gotten to be a little ridiculous." The air suddenly becomes stale-- the night is whisked away to greyness, and the buildings collapse flatly. There is nothing but the group, the road in the country, and A very tall, gaunt, lanky individual. Pale, and sleepy-looking... He reaches his hand out and grips it gently.
Nov 23 01:04:54 <AdhelamiGM> Suddenly, everyone's body feels seized.
Nov 23 01:05:00 <AliceD> "It's m-my job, miss."
Nov 23 01:05:21 <Artemis> Artemis turns and glares, gripping his lance tightly.
Nov 23 01:05:39 <AliceD> Alice squirms a little, she doesn't like this.
Nov 23 01:05:47 <Illia> Illia tries to grab her sword out again, struggling against the force.
Nov 23 01:05:57 <Zoe_Chantili> Zoe glares at the figure, still holding Adhelami
Nov 23 01:06:00 <AdhelamiGM> He is an unimpressive individual. He looks so weak, pale, sickly. He breaths out gently.
Nov 23 01:06:06 <John_Williamson> John turns. He doesn't glare. He *grins* at it. Not many of them would know what that grin means, although most of them have an idea.
Nov 23 01:06:14 <Zoe_Chantili> "Shank was scarier. Hell, JOHN is scarier."
Nov 23 01:06:17 <Dexanote> Myr grits her teeth. "Aha, can't face us in any fair fight."
Nov 23 01:06:25 <AdhelamiGM> "Are you all with her on the physical plane..?"
Nov 23 01:06:38 <E4D> <Who's askin'?>
Nov 23 01:07:17 <AdhelamiGM> "She must have dragged you all into this. It is such a pity."
Nov 23 01:07:32 <Illia> "She is worth it." Illia has fierce stare.
Nov 23 01:07:40 <Zoe_Chantili> "Noone dragged us. We came."
Nov 23 01:08:06 <Artemis> In the sky, somewhere, that pest Alex hums. * "Let's get a little light in here…" * The moon flips over as if it were a coin, and on the other side is the sun. * "That's better." *
Nov 23 01:08:13 <Zoe_Chantili> Zoe is getting slightly nervous, being frozen in place.
Nov 23 01:08:15 <John_Williamson> "So, who are ya, BOY" there's a lovely dose of venom in his voice.
Nov 23 01:08:50 <AdhelamiGM> And with the sun, Adhelami is no longer a child-- She becomes her age, breaking free from her childish mind and limitations, "KAIINITHAL!!" She cries out, the only one able to move it seems.
Nov 23 01:09:00 <Dexanote> A shadow crosses Myrtle's face, as she realizes she can't use her Power if she can't move.
Nov 23 01:09:09 <Artemis> Artemis blinks, stunned by Adhelami's force of voice.
Nov 23 01:09:16 <Artemis> She's never spoke in such a way!
Nov 23 01:09:24 <Illia> Illia is stunned as well.
Nov 23 01:09:28 <AdhelamiGM> His eye flicks to Adhelami, "…The Protector of Life." He says softly to John. God, what a pleasant voice.
Nov 23 01:09:32 <Zoe_Chantili> "Beware the fury of a gentle man Kainthal."
Nov 23 01:09:59 <AdhelamiGM> "Ehliet is not dead." He glances at Adhelami once more. Her eyes widen.
Nov 23 01:10:04 <AliceD> Alice is actually quite distressed by being restrained, most probably haven't seen her in this state of distress, but John and Jason have.
Nov 23 01:10:21 <John_Williamson> "If that little faggot's the protector of life…well, all I can say is I was expectin' a lot more."
Nov 23 01:10:27 <E4D> <It's all right, hun. Be still.>
Nov 23 01:10:37 <Zoe_Chantili> Zoe is trying to remain calm, keeping down her claustrophobia.
Nov 23 01:10:39 <AdhelamiGM> Kaniithal is enjoying the stress coming off of others, just a little. It doesn't show.
Nov 23 01:10:42 <John_Williamson> "Honestly, I'm a little underwhelmed."
Nov 23 01:10:53 <Dexanote> "I'm surprised he didn't see me."
Nov 23 01:11:32 <AdhelamiGM> "You are all so skilled. This must be truth." He looks up to the sky, "Vhen Adhelami, I would reconsider calling this man your Sehlvi." He motions to Artemis.
Nov 23 01:11:41 <Zoe_Chantili> "Me too. Shank was scary. Hell, Howl was scarier. So was Todd, John, That chained psychic, Dusty if you let him near anything flamable…"
Nov 23 01:12:59 <Artemis> Artemis' brow furrows a bit deeper as his body struggles against the hold.
Nov 23 01:13:15 <Dexanote> "I mean… the Protector of Life should be able to see all, shouldn't he?"
Nov 23 01:13:21 * Doctor_Light has quit (Quit: ajax IRC Client)
Nov 23 01:13:25 <Dexanote> She's a noticeable amount more guarded than John.
Nov 23 01:14:01 <AdhelamiGM> "I am sorry, but, none of you were invited to this place of privacy. I won't answer questions. I will have to banish all of you. I have work to do." He puts out his hand, and it's in a flash. Kaiinithal is suddenly on the ground, gripping Adhelami by the neck, on top of her. As if it as all natural. He looks up calmly, "Goodbye."
Nov 23 01:14:01 <AdhelamiGM> All of their binds are released, and they are all able to move-- for just a second.
Nov 23 01:14:18 <AdhelamiGM> Until they are all suddenly woken up, Back in the AA room.