After School Retention

May 27 17:28:04 <Dexanote> Myr looks at Ari. :|
May 27 17:28:12 <Ragazzo> Arnold snorts.
May 27 17:28:14 <Pemander> She grins.
May 27 17:29:45 <Echo> «Okay, so… we just keep the doors propped open.»
May 27 17:29:53 <Echo> «All we gotta do.»
May 27 17:29:55 <Pemander> «Yep, that's the plan.»
May 27 17:31:42 <Vorcha> Azazel looks at Evan. "Why do we need the doors to stay open?"
May 27 17:33:31 <Maddy> The school looks considerably less creepy in the daylight.
May 27 17:33:57 <Dexanote> "Because if they close they don't open to the same place." Myr arrives, parking the truck near the front doors.
May 27 17:33:58 <Ragazzo> "This doesn't look too bad."
May 27 17:34:07 <Echo> He hops out the back after they arrive and waits for the others at the door.
May 27 17:36:03 <Dexanote> Myr hops out as well, stretching and making her way to the door. "Eugh…"
May 27 17:36:35 <Vorcha> Azazel follows.
May 27 17:37:22 <Ragazzo> Arnold follows.
May 27 17:38:25 <Pemander> Arianna heads after them, taking up the rear.
May 27 17:38:52 <Maddy> When they go in, the lobby i much the same, though is obviousl the graffiti isn't the exact same. There's are at least 2 fewer cocks than before.
May 27 17:39:52 <Echo> "Okay, so… the front door. Don't need to block it, keep someone inside, and hold it open while we're out."
May 27 17:40:21 <Echo> "We got middle school-type math yesterday, right? Fifth grade?"
May 27 17:40:52 <Dexanote> "Yeah. What should we get first today? English?"
May 27 17:41:23 <Ragazzo> "….?"
May 27 17:41:57 <Echo> "Yeah, that shit's important."
May 27 17:42:09 <Ragazzo> "…." Arnold has deja vu.
May 27 17:42:27 <Pemander> "Totally."
May 27 17:42:48 <Pemander> "The office is messed up, so I guess the only thing we can do is check classrooms until we find one for english."
May 27 17:43:24 <Vorcha> "Then let us hope our search is short yet fruitful."
May 27 17:44:32 <Echo> "… wait…
May 27 17:44:34 <Echo> "
May 27 17:45:07 <Echo> "What if we just busted open peoples' lockers. And got, like, sets up books for whatever grade instead of spares in a classroom."
May 27 17:45:17 <Echo> *of
May 27 17:45:24 <Ragazzo> "…huh."
May 27 17:45:30 <Pemander> "Dang, good idea."
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May 27 17:47:35 <Pemander> Arianna peers around for the nearest set of lockers.
May 27 17:47:54 <Maddy> There are lockers that lind the walls of the wings to the left and right.
May 27 17:48:10 <Pemander> Ari heads over to the right wing.
May 27 17:48:45 <Maddy> The hall is really really really long, thre have got to be like 40 doors.
May 27 17:48:47 <Echo> Scott heads to the closest one and slams the strike plate on the butt of his rifle against the lock,
May 27 17:48:56 <Maddy> Success!
May 27 17:49:05 <Ragazzo> Arnold goes and pries one open with a knife.
May 27 17:49:09 <Ragazzo> Or tries too
May 27 17:49:26 <Echo> He unhooks the busted lock, tosses it to the floor, and opens the locker. Any luck?
May 27 17:50:01 <Dexanote> Myr realizes how horrible it would be to find a skeleton in a locker.
May 27 17:50:23 <Vorcha> Azazel realizes he probably wouldn't be adept at breaking open a locker.
May 27 17:50:34 <Maddy> This is probably a girl's locker. There's a lot of pictues Donny Ozmand…from like the 70s
May 27 17:50:53 <Echo> "…" Any books and such?
May 27 17:51:16 <Maddy> There's also a copy of To Kill a Mocking Bird, a grade 8 science book, and a jacket.
May 27 17:51:49 <Echo> "… fuck it, grab it all. Some little kid might like the jacket."
May 27 17:52:05 <Pemander> Arianna nods and gathers everything up, then stuffs it in her backpack.
May 27 17:52:13 <Pemander> Except the pictures of Donny Osmond.
May 27 17:52:17 <Echo> "Guessin' this block of lockers might be for some of the older ones."
May 27 17:52:19 <Pemander> Okay, one picture of Donny Osmond.
May 27 17:52:34 <Echo> He sidesteps and busts the next, then starts moving down the line.
May 27 17:52:58 <Pemander> "Hm, okay."
May 27 17:53:07 <Pemander> "Let's start organizing them into piles as we take them out."
May 27 17:53:10 <Maddy> Yep, sems most of these lockers are 8th grade, though some have math rather than science, and some have Frankenstein rather than Mocking Bird
May 27 17:53:16 <Pemander> "By subject, then by grade, on the floor."
May 27 17:53:29 <Pemander> "That way we can haul them all out at once and have them grouped up."
May 27 17:54:14 <Pemander> Arianna grabs the books out of this next locker and sets them on the floor against the opposite wall.
May 27 17:54:27 <Pemander> "How many of each book should we get, do you think?'
May 27 17:55:06 <Vorcha> "How many kids are there?"
May 27 17:55:13 <Pemander> "Like, 70."
May 27 17:55:28 <Echo> "Say about… five or so of each?"
May 27 17:55:29 <Pemander> "Fairly even distribution of ages."
May 27 17:55:36 <Dexanote> "Maybe ten or so? Its not like all the kids are going to be learning at once."
May 27 17:55:46 <Pemander> "Right. I think ten sounds good."
May 27 17:55:47 <Echo> "I mean, it's not like a department of education's running it, and they can double up and help each other and shit."
May 27 17:55:48 <Vorcha> "Around five to ten sounds reasonable."
May 27 17:56:10 <Vorcha> "They could read to each other too."
May 27 17:58:16 <Pemander> Arianna continues down the line, either breaking locks off or waiting for Scott to break them off and then piling the books against the opposite wall in neat stacks.
May 27 17:58:38 <Ragazzo> Arnold is wandering around because his playe ris a distracted assbutt. Still near the gorup
May 27 17:58:46 <Ragazzo> He helps with things
May 27 17:59:26 <Vorcha> Azazel is just trying to not get in the way
May 27 17:59:39 <Maddy> In one of the lockers, theres a rubber duck
May 27 17:59:47 <Maddy> It's wearing a fuzzy green hat
May 27 17:59:52 <Echo> "…"
May 27 17:59:55 <Dexanote> "Azazel, come over here." Myr calls from across the hall, down on the other ends of the lockers. "You think you can bust these open?"
May 27 17:59:56 <Echo> "What the fuck is this?"
May 27 18:00:11 <Pemander> Arianna giggles at the duck.
May 27 18:00:15 <Pemander> "So cute!"
May 27 18:00:18 <Pemander> "Grab it, Scott."
May 27 18:00:20 <Echo> Scott picks the duck up. "Hah, hey, look, it's s fuckin' rubber duckie."
May 27 18:00:30 <Pemander> "Hahahah!"
May 27 18:00:37 <Maddy> Everyone Scott looks att is wearing a fuzzy green hat
May 27 18:00:38 <Vorcha> Azazel goes to Myr. "Perhaps."
May 27 18:00:51 <Maddy> But only from his point of view.
May 27 18:01:28 <Pemander> "Does it squeak?"
May 27 18:02:34 <Echo> "…"
May 27 18:02:48 <Ragazzo> "Hm."
May 27 18:02:52 <Ragazzo> "Ducks…."
May 27 18:02:57 <Echo> He stares at the rest of them oddly for a moment.
May 27 18:02:58 <Ragazzo> Arnold looks thoughtful.
May 27 18:03:12 <Echo> Still staring, he places it back in the locker.
May 27 18:03:23 <Pemander> "You didn't check it if squeaks!"
May 27 18:03:30 <Pemander> Arianna reaches in and grabs the duck, then squishes it.
May 27 18:03:37 <Echo> "Just…" He holds a hand up.
May 27 18:03:42 <Pemander> She stops.
May 27 18:03:44 <Vorcha> Azazel meanwhile is trying to do something productive, like school vandalism.
May 27 18:03:54 <Maddy> Now everyone Ari looks at has a hat
May 27 18:04:10 <Echo> Scott picks it back up.
May 27 18:04:23 <Maddy> Abd yes, it squeaks.
May 27 18:04:48 <Pemander> Ari gasps.
May 27 18:05:00 <Ragazzo> "….what?"
May 27 18:05:17 <Echo> He tosses it to Myrtle. "Check that out."
May 27 18:05:30 <Pemander> "You guys looked so adorable in your hats!"
May 27 18:05:38 <Ragazzo> "…what?"
May 27 18:07:19 <Dexanote> Myr catches!
May 27 18:07:57 <Vorcha> Azazel looks at the group questioningly
May 27 18:08:54 <Maddy> Now everyone MYRTLE looks at has a hat
May 27 18:08:54 <Dexanote> "… Ari what>:
May 27 18:08:55 <Dexanote> ?"
May 27 18:08:57 <Dexanote> "Oh."
May 27 18:09:00 <Maddy> You get the idea
May 27 18:09:16 <Maddy> if you're holding the duck, everything living has a hat. Even trees and shit if you were outside.
May 27 18:09:17 <Ragazzo> "…I don't."
May 27 18:09:31 <Dexanote> "… Right." She looks at Hat Duck. "Makes everyone have a hat. Right." She tosses Hat Duck to Arnold.
May 27 18:09:41 <Ragazzo> CAtch.
May 27 18:09:42 <Ragazzo> "…"
May 27 18:09:50 <Ragazzo> "Heh…oh, hey."
May 27 18:09:58 <Ragazzo> "Wasn't that…demon woman collecting ducks?"
May 27 18:10:08 <Ragazzo> He tosses the duck to azazel.
May 27 18:10:29 <Dexanote> She goes back to searching lockers.
May 27 18:10:46 <Vorcha> It bounces off of Azazel's chest. He doesn't really know what's going on
May 27 18:13:37 <Pemander> "Pick it up and look at someone, Azzy."
May 27 18:13:39 <Pemander> "It's cool."
May 27 18:13:52 <Pemander> Arianna continues on down the hall since they have enough 8th grade books at this point.
May 27 18:14:37 <Vorcha> Azazel puts it in his pocket.
May 27 18:16:43 <Maddy> the super long hall take surprisingly little time to walk down. Even though she's walking the hall passes like she's running. The next section seems to be mostly science and english books, grade 3.
May 27 18:17:18 <Ragazzo> Arnold follows ari. OCcasionally opening locker
May 27 18:17:19 <Ragazzo> s
May 27 18:18:00 <Vorcha> Azazel tries to open a locker towards the end of the hall
May 27 18:18:29 <Maddy> Same old same old.
May 27 18:18:39 <Maddy> Theres a year book in this one though.
May 27 18:18:49 <Vorcha> Azazel takes it out and checks the year.
May 27 18:23:24 <Maddy> 1972
May 27 18:23:43 <Dexanote> hhh
May 27 18:25:56 <Vorcha> Azazel takes it out and flips through some pages.
May 27 18:26:23 <Maddy> It's fairly normal.
May 27 18:26:38 <Pemander> Arianna continues opening lockers and pillaging their contents.
May 27 18:28:25 * Ragazzo has quit (Quit: brb)
May 27 18:28:40 <Vorcha> Azazel looks through adjacent lockers
May 27 18:28:57 <Echo> Scott finishes knocking out the lockers on this end of the school, leaving the others to collate and catalog.
May 27 18:29:26 <Dexanote> Myr pries open a locker, finding a small stack of lunchboxes. She immediately closes it again, fearing what mysterious, mutant things could be trapped inside. A pile of textbooks lie stacked on the floor off to her side. "Alright so thats everything from this block."
May 27 18:29:35 <Pemander> Ari steps away from the lockers and places both hands on the small of her back, stretching out.
May 27 18:29:53 <Pemander> "Yeah. Let's haul the stuff out to the truck before we move on to another block."
May 27 18:30:31 <Vorcha> Azazel follows the group, ignoring their strange choice of headgear.
May 27 18:30:37 <Pemander> She crouches down and grabs a stack of textbooks, lifts them up, and starts walking down the hallway toward the exit.
May 27 18:30:57 <Echo> "So, what all do we got here?" Scott stands by the pile of books.
May 27 18:31:22 <Vorcha> "I found a yearbook from 1972."
May 27 18:31:33 <Pemander> "Eighth grade science and math, plus some literature."
May 27 18:31:44 <Pemander> "Third grade science and English."
May 27 18:32:09 <Pemander> "That yearbook, the duck, and a picture of Donny Osmond."
May 27 18:32:17 <Pemander> "Which I am keeping for myself."
May 27 18:32:20 <Dexanote> "Lots of Frankenstein, some random science texts, a bible and two gameboys."
May 27 18:33:13 <Vorcha> "Who's Donny Osmond..?"
May 27 18:33:13 <Pemander> "Someone had a Bible?" Ari seems surprised.
May 27 18:33:22 <Vorcha> Azazel looks at Ari like he thinks it's someone she knew.
May 27 18:33:48 <Dexanote> She holds up one of those little red New Testament dealies and shrugs. She looks to Azazel. "Some actor."
May 27 18:34:01 <Vorcha> "I'd like the bible, please."
May 27 18:34:02 <Pemander> "Make sure you keep that."
May 27 18:34:23 <Echo> "Someone wanna grab the duck? Toss it in the lockbox when we get back?"
May 27 18:34:40 <Vorcha> "I have the duck."
May 27 18:34:42 <Pemander> "Yeah, Azzy's got it in his pocket right now."
May 27 18:35:08 <Pemander> Arianna turns on her heel and heads back down the hallway again to set the stuff out on the truck.
May 27 18:35:34 <Vorcha> "I think we should get some fifth grade level books."
May 27 18:35:45 <Maddy> It seems likt it takes FOREVER to get bac but they get back.
May 27 18:36:03 <Dexanote> She passes by Azazel and hands him the bible, going back to haul a pile of science books out. "Should we look for like, Spanish or whatever books?"
May 27 18:36:47 <Vorcha> "I could write some language guides, if I had the materials. I never thought about it."
May 27 18:37:43 <Dexanote> "Do that. Spanish would be useful."
May 27 18:38:38 <Vorcha> "Only Spanish..?"
May 27 18:38:46 <Vorcha> "Other languages might be useful."
May 27 18:39:11 <Pemander> Arianna sets all the stuff on the back of the truck and dusts her hands off.
May 27 18:39:18 <Pemander> She grabs her radio. «Hey, guys?»
May 27 18:39:28 <Vorcha> «Yes Arianna?»
May 27 18:39:47 <Pemander> «I think it's taking longer to get out of here every time we leave.»
May 27 18:39:55 <Pemander> «It's starting to worry me a little bit.»
May 27 18:40:40 <Vorcha> «Then we should make sure we have everything before we go, or maybe leave in shifts?»
May 27 18:41:52 <Dexanote> «I don't want to be separated. Carry more out at once.»
May 27 18:42:29 <Pemander> «Alright.»
May 27 18:42:31 <Echo> Scott waits at the door. "I could just, you know, stand here at the door. Hell, make sure nothing weird's happening outside, or that no one comes in, too."
May 27 18:42:33 <Pemander> Arianna heads back in.
May 27 18:42:44 <Pemander> She stops when Scott addresses her.
May 27 18:43:08 <Pemander> "I dunno if that's a good idea. Without you, we'll have to make more trips and it'll take longer for us to get the books out."
May 27 18:43:23 <Vorcha> Azazel looks at Scott. "Do you think they will need some sports stuff..?"
May 27 18:43:50 <Echo> "Aight. But the door's been closed. Maybe try it once with it propped open?
May 27 18:43:50 <Echo> "
May 27 18:44:28 <Maddy> Anyone who's been in the kids place might remember there's a sporting good store in the mall, that's been touroughly looted.
May 27 18:44:54 <Pemander> "Yeah. Sure." Ari grabs that chair she used before and sticks it in front of the door so it doesn't close.
May 27 18:45:17 <Echo> Scott nods and heads back down to the junction heading… left this time.
May 27 18:45:31 <Vorcha> Azazel follows Scott
May 27 18:45:32 <Echo> Annnnnnd goes to work busting locks. More doors this time, too?
May 27 18:45:49 <Pemander> Arianna goes to retrieve Arnold and Myrtle.
May 27 18:45:50 <Maddy> Less actually. Looks like only 2 rriiiight at the end of the hall.
May 27 18:46:04 <Dexanote> Myr is found!
May 27 18:46:20 <Vorcha> "You take one I take the other?"
May 27 18:46:28 <Maddy> These lockers seem to have various books for subects in the 4-6the grade
May 27 18:46:59 <Maddy> Math, english, history and geography. Not so much science.
May 27 18:47:20 <Echo> "*Here* we go. More for the level we had yesterday."
May 27 18:47:26 <Pemander> "Hey, we're checking out the left side now."
May 27 18:47:40 <Dexanote> She nods. "Let's go then."
May 27 18:47:49 <Pemander> Arianna starts back toward the other group.
May 27 18:48:11 <Vorcha> Azazel grabs some books
May 27 18:49:01 <Pemander> Once there, she starts taking books out and stacking them up again.
May 27 18:49:39 <Dexanote> "What are we missing still?"
May 27 18:50:13 <Echo> "Well, we're good for about this age. We got… uh… fourth through sixth here. Had 5th grade science yesterday."
May 27 18:50:39 <Vorcha> "Are there any other things that they would need?"
May 27 18:51:10 <Vorcha> "I guess some books for practical situations and not necessarily scholarly ones would be useful."
May 27 18:51:47 <Dexanote> "… Is there a shop class in this school?"
May 27 18:52:41 <Pemander> Arianna shrugs.
May 27 18:53:05 <Echo> "Good luck finding it."
May 27 18:53:18 <Echo> "Probably be on the first floor, though, if there is one."
May 27 18:53:49 <Vorcha> "If we want to send a group out, I'll sign up."
May 27 18:54:36 <Dexanote> "Think its worth looking for?
May 27 18:54:38 <Dexanote> "
May 27 18:54:44 <Pemander> "Not really."
May 27 18:54:57 <Pemander> "You don't need a book to learn most of the things they teach you in shop class."
May 27 18:56:42 <Dexanote> Myr shrugs. "Just an idea."
May 27 18:57:17 <Echo> Scott finishes up the locks on the current wing. "Time to get shit sorted."
May 27 18:58:53 <Vorcha> "Like?"
May 27 18:59:01 <Pemander> Arianna nods and starts gathering the books and shit into piles based on subject and grade level.
May 27 19:00:17 <Dexanote> Myr follows her lead. "It's getting late…"
May 27 19:00:36 <Pemander> "Yeah. Think we should do the rest another day?"
May 27 19:01:55 <Maddy> It's still fairly light outside, but the sun is starting to get a little lower in the sky.
May 27 19:04:20 <Dexanote> "One more load?"
May 27 19:04:44 <Echo> Scott's already sorting books out by subject. He gets all the maths lined out.
May 27 19:04:45 <Dexanote> Myr looks to her mostly-sorted piles of texts. "Maybe some like, pencils and pens and stuff now."
May 27 19:05:56 <Pemander> Arianna has all the English books sorted out. She stands and looks at them.
May 27 19:06:16 <Pemander> "Usually there's a storage closet with all that stuff in it."
May 27 19:06:36 <Echo> The math books start getting hauled out. "Huh? With- oh, yeah, pencils and shit."
May 27 19:06:44 <Echo> "Could just go back over the lockers."
May 27 19:10:06 <Echo> Scott carries the math books out, ready to do the Long Walk out to the front door.
May 27 19:10:13 <Pemander> Arianna follows him with the English books.
May 27 19:10:57 <Dexanote> Myr follows as well, with a little bit of everything.
May 27 19:12:34 <Maddy> Its not a long walk this time. It's weir and short.
May 27 19:14:06 <Pemander> "Huh."
May 27 19:14:11 <Pemander> "Pleasant surprise."
May 27 19:14:20 <Pemander> She approaches the truck and loads the books onto the back.
May 27 19:16:42 <Echo> "One more load."
May 27 19:16:59 <Echo> Scott jogs back, ready to finish this trip up.
May 27 19:17:04 <Pemander> Arianna nods and heads back after Scott.
May 27 19:17:16 <Pemander> "Let's check the second floor this time, since I think we've pretty much covered the first."
May 27 19:17:34 <Echo> He slows a little as she talks. "You think?"
May 27 19:17:42 <Pemander> "Yeah."
May 27 19:17:47 <Echo> "Well, I mean, hell, why not, right."
May 27 19:17:57 <Pemander> "I was only in school for like, two years, but the younger grades had lockers on the second floor."
May 27 19:18:29 <Pemander> "And we're still missing 4th and most of 3rd."
May 27 19:18:29 <Echo> He scoops up a load of English books and starts back out. "That's fucked up. Make the littlest kids walk all over the place."
May 27 19:18:36 <Echo> "Right."
May 27 19:20:06 <Pemander> Arianna grabs the last bit and jogs out with it.
May 27 19:20:25 <Dexanote> Myr follows. Almost out of the haunted school.
May 27 19:20:51 <Vorcha> Azazel's been with the vehicles
May 27 19:20:58 <Vorcha> since the group went back for a last load
May 27 19:21:19 <Echo> "Mytle, me and Ari are gonna go up to the second floor, you wanna head up with us?"
May 27 19:21:40 <Vorcha> "Me?"
May 27 19:21:52 <Pemander> "Yeah, you too muscle man."
May 27 19:21:58 <Pemander> "Don't get all lazy on us."
May 27 19:22:21 <Vorcha> "Lazy? I would never be lazy. You're the ones who need 'sleep'. "
May 27 19:22:24 <Echo> "One of the seven deadly sins."
May 27 19:25:17 <Pemander> Arianna rubs her aching arms and starts heading back in, albeit a bit more slowly than before.
May 27 19:25:18 <Echo> Scott turns and heads back inside. "Hey, Ari. You think the stairs'll be in the same place?"
May 27 19:25:26 <Pemander> "I hope so."
May 27 19:25:46 <Pemander> "Otherwise we might have to open and close the office until it takes us to the second floor.
May 27 19:26:16 <Vorcha> "I'll go." He looks at Arianna. "It doesn't seem like you could make it without me."
May 27 19:26:18 <Echo> "That office is like that one game."
May 27 19:26:30 <Pemander> "That one game?"
May 27 19:26:43 <Dexanote> "…"
May 27 19:26:48 <Echo> "Yeah, like… there's this energy gun."
May 27 19:27:03 <Pemander> "You mean like a laser?"
May 27 19:27:04 <Echo> "And you can shoot a blue hole on the wall, and an orange one on the other wall."
May 27 19:27:18 <Echo> "And when you go through the blue hole, you come out of the orange one on the other wall."
May 27 19:27:20 <Vorcha> Azazel squints at Scott
May 27 19:27:27 <Pemander> "Oh, huh. That's kinda cool."
May 27 19:27:33 <Pemander> "So it's like…wormholes or something?"
May 27 19:27:39 <Pemander> "Mini-wormholes?"
May 27 19:27:41 <Dexanote> "…"
May 27 19:27:45 <Echo> "Nah, like a portal between them."
May 27 19:27:59 <Maddy> The stars ae in the same place.
May 27 19:28:11 <Echo> He tries the door that led to the stairs yesterday. "Welp, still in the same spot."
May 27 19:28:26 <Echo> "See if it takes for-fucking-ever to get up this time."
May 27 19:28:38 <Vorcha> Azazel heads up.
May 27 19:28:39 <Maddy> It does not.
May 27 19:29:10 <Vorcha> "It's just stairs."
May 27 19:29:12 <Dexanote> "Thank you." Myr calls out when they reach the top.
May 27 19:29:45 <Echo> Scott look back at Azazel from the landing. "… well, that's different. It seemed like it took me five minutes to get to the second floor yesterday."
May 27 19:30:00 <Pemander> Arianna shrugs and heads up after Azazel. "Guess we're in luck."
May 27 19:30:50 <Maddy> The hall on the right is similar tot he right hall on the bottom floor. The hall on the left however is super short, has no lockers or doors, and turns to the left at the end.
May 27 19:31:05 <Vorcha> "Should I lead?"
May 27 19:31:31 <Pemander> "Go for it, Angemon."
May 27 19:31:44 <Vorcha> Azazel walks down the hall on the left
May 27 19:32:19 <Maddy> If he looks down the turn, he can see it turns left again.
May 27 19:32:32 <Echo> Scott looks at Arianna for a moment. "Pfffffffft."
May 27 19:32:40 <Pemander> She turns back to him and grins.
May 27 19:32:49 <Pemander> "I might not know games, but I still had a childhood."
May 27 19:33:22 <Vorcha> Azazel takes the turns
May 27 19:33:31 <Echo> He heads through the door to the second floor. "Annnnnnnnnnd…"
May 27 19:33:36 <Pemander> "Anyone else wondering why he didn't just go down the right side?"
May 27 19:33:57 <Dexanote> "I don't know why he does anything."
May 27 19:36:22 <Echo> "… fuck it, I dunno. Just start hitting these lockers."
May 27 19:36:50 <Pemander> "Hold on, I'm gonna go grab him so he doesn't get lost."
May 27 19:36:59 <Pemander> Arianna heads down the left side after Azazel.
May 27 19:38:01 <Pemander> She catches up and grabs onto his clothes.
May 27 19:38:08 <Pemander> "Hey, Az."
May 27 19:38:22 <Pemander> "We're just gonna do the right side, okay?"
May 27 19:39:13 <Vorcha> Azazel gives her a look that makes no attempt to hide his disappointment.
May 27 19:39:20 <Echo> Scott starts knocking lockers open on the right end.
May 27 19:39:20 <Vorcha> "Fine, I suppose."
May 27 19:39:31 <Pemander> "Sorry, it's just…they're right there."
May 27 19:39:38 <Pemander> "No reason to not take advantage."
May 27 19:39:48 <Pemander> Arianna jogs back to Myrtle and Scott and starts removing books from lockers.
May 27 19:40:16 <Echo> "Bingo. Got the stuff for the way younger ones."
May 27 19:40:26 <Pemander> "Woo!"
May 27 19:40:29 <Pemander> "Love being right."
May 27 19:40:59 <Echo> "It's usually easier to be right when the chances of being wrong are like… none."
May 27 19:43:13 <Pemander> "Hey, come on. Let me have this." She pouts.
May 27 19:43:31 <Echo> "All yours."
May 27 19:43:38 <Pemander> "Tch."
May 27 19:43:52 <Pemander> She continues to stack books up and organize them as she does so.
May 27 19:49:48 <Echo> Scott starts making runs down to the truck, but stops at the door. "MYRTLE! Where ya at?"
May 27 19:50:47 <Dexanote> «Helping Ari. Why?»
May 27 19:52:46 <Echo> «You wanna dig around some of the other rooms after we get this wing cleaned out? Might find the shit you were after.»
May 27 19:53:31 <Dexanote> «… Yeah, sure. Can't hurt.»
May 27 20:05:03 <Echo> Scott drops his load off books off and takes a breather.
May 27 20:07:08 <Pemander> Arianna approaches him soon after with a stack of books.
May 27 20:07:27 <Pemander> "Oh gosh," she says, clearly straining. "Help, Scott. Help! I'm gonna drop them!"
May 27 20:07:36 <Pemander> Her arms wobble back and forth and the textbooks tip dangerously.
May 27 20:07:45 <Echo> Scott jogs over!
May 27 20:08:07 <Pemander> The top books begin to slide off of the stack!
May 27 20:08:15 <Echo> 4df+6 Athletics! Tagging to help!
May 27 20:08:15 <CROM> Echo: Athletics! Tagging to help!: 6 (4df+6=0, 0, 0, 0)
May 27 20:08:17 <Maddy> The spatial distortions don't make an ass of him and he makes it!
May 27 20:08:27 <Maddy> Yaaay
May 27 20:08:27 <Echo> He snatches the fuck out of those books before they fall.
May 27 20:08:29 <Pemander> Arianna sighs. "Whew."
May 27 20:08:34 <Pemander> "Thanks."
May 27 20:09:06 <Echo> "Noooo problem." He takes about half the stack she's got and starts back out.
May 27 20:09:52 <Maddy> The stairs take almost no time to get down.
May 27 20:10:23 <Echo> "… this place seems more normal today."
May 27 20:10:48 <Maddy> The sunset is juuust begining, the sky is a little pink.
May 27 20:11:57 <Pemander> Arianna is following him. "Yeah, that just makes me even more paranoid about it."
May 27 20:12:43 <Dexanote> "Be on your guard. We're running out of time."
May 27 20:12:50 <Dexanote> "Like, before dark."
May 27 20:13:06 <Dexanote> "I just don't want to be in the bendy spacey school after dark okay?"
May 27 20:16:22 <Pemander> "Sure, sure."
May 27 20:16:39 <Pemander> She sets all of the stuff in the truck and lets her arms flop to her sides.
May 27 20:16:45 <Pemander> "Ugh."
May 27 20:16:55 <Pemander> "I've got one more trip in me."
May 27 20:17:08 <Dexanote> "You don't lift much, do you?"
May 27 20:17:08 <Echo> "Well, we most of the books and shit we were after. We could probably dig up pencils and shit elsewhere. I mean, this ain't the only place we got to look."
May 27 20:17:48 <Pemander> Arianna flexes her biceps. "Does it /look/ like I do?"
May 27 20:18:04 <Pemander> She turns to Scott. "Yeah, that's true."
May 27 20:18:07 * Roget|Away is now known as Roget
May 27 20:18:12 <Pemander> "There's probably, like, a Staples around here or something."
May 27 20:18:19 <Echo> "I'll get the rest if you wanna chill."
May 27 20:18:30 <Dexanote> "… Yeah no." She looks to Scoot. "Nah I'll come."
May 27 20:18:44 <Maddy> Heehee Scoot.
May 27 20:18:45 <Pemander> "Same."
May 27 20:18:50 <Pemander> "No man left behind and all that."
May 27 20:19:02 <Echo> He flexes. "*BAM*. Take a seat, Ari. Don't wanna hurt your arms."
May 27 20:19:13 <Echo> He heads back up the stairs.
May 27 20:19:17 <Pemander> "Hmph!" She turns her nose up at him and follows.
May 27 20:19:41 <Pemander> "Don't get so cocky, brother. I could still take you down!" Ari shadowboxes a little as she moves on.
May 27 20:20:12 <Echo> "Pfffft."
May 27 20:20:15 <Dexanote> "You'd have to deal with Atropa after."
May 27 20:20:41 <Pemander> "Bring them all on. I'm the lightweight champion of the world."
May 27 20:22:26 <Echo> Scott scoops up one of the last couple stacks.
May 27 20:24:02 <Pemander> Arianna grabs, like, half a stack.
May 27 20:24:27 <Dexanote> Myr takes a whole stack. :|
May 27 20:24:43 <Maddy> Hurray book cary
May 27 20:25:00 <Pemander> She starts heading back down the stairs and through the main hall that leads to the exit.
May 27 20:25:13 <Pemander> Actually, no.
May 27 20:25:18 <Pemander> She stops, turns back, and GRABS THE REST OF THE STACK!
May 27 20:25:25 <Pemander> Yeah! Go Ari!
May 27 20:26:13 <Echo> Scott busts his load off books all over the bed of the truck.
May 27 20:26:20 <Maddy> Ew
May 27 20:26:24 <Maddy> Those are for kids.
May 27 20:26:53 <Dexanote> Myr calmly places the stack down in the truckbed so as to not be rough on the books.
May 27 20:26:55 <Vorcha> Well maybe if Atropa read some time
May 27 20:27:21 <Echo> Low blow. SHE CAN'T READ, ASSHOLE.
May 27 20:27:49 <Pemander> Arianna just barely manages to heft the books onto the back of the truck. She slumps down onto the bed, huffing and puffing.
May 27 20:28:00 <Pemander> "Urgh…"
May 27 20:28:30 <Dexanote> "You alright Ari?"
May 27 20:29:31 <Pemander> "Yeah. Oof."
May 27 20:29:49 <Pemander> She crawls into the bed and sits with her back against the books. "Gonna be sore tomorrow."
May 27 20:30:09 <Dexanote> thats what she said…!??
May 27 20:30:13 <Echo> "I told you I could get them."
May 27 20:31:04 <Pemander> "And I told you to shove it."
May 27 20:31:12 <Pemander> "Except, I didn't tell you that. But I should have!"
May 27 20:31:50 <Echo> He climbs up in the back of the truck, and sits on a stack of books. "Ready to take off."
May 27 20:32:13 <Pemander> "Start the countdown, Captain Myrtle."
May 27 20:32:30 <Dexanote> "Be nice Ari." She climbs into the driver's seat, glancing back at the abandoned school in the mirror. "Three, Two, One, Go."
May 27 20:32:35 <Dexanote> The truck starts, and they take off.
May 27 20:32:54 <Dexanote> Myr stops immediately. "… where's the angel?"
May 27 20:33:13 <Maddy> Hes around somewhere
May 27 20:34:33 <Dexanote> She sighs and starts off again. HOME
May 27 20:34:34 <Dexanote> WARD