Alanoch, The Star

May 27 23:43:37 <Nioki> Alanoch doesn't get out of the elevator.
May 27 23:43:38 <Artemis> Solomon at least, will go to the lobby if no one else does. He scoops up some of Abigail, and her ring.
May 27 23:43:44 <Nioki> "Myrtle."
May 27 23:43:57 <Dexanote> "… Alanoch?" She turns, wincing a bit.
May 27 23:44:20 <Nioki> "Take these. They belonged to a woman named Mother Gaia."
May 27 23:44:29 <Nioki> He tosses her the pack of tarot cards.
May 27 23:44:30 <Dexanote> "… Why."
May 27 23:44:52 <Nioki> "They won't stop unless they -are- stopped."
May 27 23:45:13 <Nioki> "They will simply shoot you when you leave the building."
May 27 23:45:20 <Ragazzo> Sleeps turns to look at alanoch.
May 27 23:45:41 <Dexanote> She snatches the cards out of the air. "… You're really doing it."
May 27 23:45:44 <Nioki> "I am… staying."
May 27 23:46:10 <Nioki> "You should run. Very fast. I'm dying anyway."
May 27 23:46:17 <Liebe> Marius looks at Alanoch, fierce approval in his eyes.
May 27 23:46:45 <Artemis> Adrien seems hesitant but… "Come… let's go while we can."
May 27 23:46:51 <Dexanote> She takes a step back, shaking a bit. "… Alanoch… I want you to know, I think of you as a friend. You're a good person."
May 27 23:46:52 <Pemander> ~Marius, as much as I would like to avoid further bloodshed this day…~
May 27 23:47:06 <Nioki> "I will make it impossible for them to target you."
May 27 23:47:14 <Ragazzo> Sleeps swallows.
May 27 23:47:21 <Pemander> ~I am going to inform Finn of what has happened to Abigail before we arrive. I am also going to inform him of Solomon's abuse of her body.~
May 27 23:47:38 <Pemander> ~It is very likely that Finn will either kill Solomon or die trying.~
May 27 23:47:44 <Nioki> The sky goes out. Alanoch flinches. There's just a single passage, heading back towards the camp.
May 27 23:47:46 <Dexanote> "… Thank you." She whispers. And turns to run. "GO."
May 27 23:48:06 <Pemander> ~You do not have to get involved. I just wanted to let you know.~
May 27 23:48:17 <Nioki> He presses the fourth button as one of the veins in his cheek burns through his face.
May 27 23:48:19 <Ragazzo> Sleeps looks at alanoch for a moment more, before fleeing fast.
May 27 23:48:23 <Dexanote> Myr turns and bolts, back to camp.
May 27 23:48:34 <Pemander> Enkal starts limping back to camp.
May 27 23:48:44 <Liebe> He nods at Alanoch and Enkal, taking her hand and RUNNING.
May 27 23:48:50 <Nioki> He clutches the ice crane until his hand bleeds.
May 27 23:49:08 <Artemis> Adrien and Solomon go, go, go.
May 27 23:49:55 <Liebe> The ice crane cries tears of clear, alien water.
May 27 23:50:45 <Nioki> As the elevator moves, Alanoch focuses on pulling in more light than he ever has before. The sky for miles simply goes dark.
May 27 23:51:49 <Nioki> The path back to the camp is lit a faint white. Outside the tunnel he's made, nothing is visible.
May 27 23:52:43 <Nioki> In the camp, the fire is swarmed with black threads. It soon vanishes, and the faint white light rises there as well.
May 27 23:54:22 <Nioki> Alanoch's eyes blaze, and the door opens. He steps out.
May 27 23:55:00 <Nioki> "You underestimated how much I want to kill you."
May 27 23:56:21 <Nioki> The lights in the building have all been sucked away, and as Alanoch walks into the room, threads of brightness fill it.
May 27 23:57:24 <Maddy> The woman is already dead, and the aquarium is broken.
May 27 23:57:38 <Liebe> The crane weeps openly for Alanoch, the blood from his hands mixing with its form.
May 27 23:57:53 <Nioki> "Hah. I see. A message for all of you, then."
May 27 23:58:13 <Nioki> Alanoch closes his eyes, and the world goes white.
May 27 23:58:59 <Nioki> A massive burst of electromagnetic radiation emanates from him, hotter than a star.
May 27 23:59:01 * Artemis is now known as Solomon
May 28 00:00:12 <Pemander> Enkal is sitting outside of the camp underneath a tree, shivering and weeping.
May 28 00:01:47 <Nioki> In the epicenter, there is nothing left.
May 28 00:02:01 <Liebe> Somewhere very far away, Bel Thubaan sobs openly as she watches the ice crane on her table slowly melt, her blind eyes perceiving nothing as it turns to water in her hands.
May 28 00:04:15 <Solomon> France, years in the future, Saint Alanoch is revered among the new Broken Church as a patron of the imprisoned, and of self-sacrifice.
May 28 00:04:17 <Liebe> She wails incomprehensibly and childishly - her retainers stand in the door arch, whispering to themselves at her never before witnessed outburst.