Alice Springs Part 1

(12:34:08 AM) Ragazzo: Lance sits in the stryker sorting out medical supplies.
(12:35:09 AM) E4D: There's not a lot.
(12:35:33 AM) Yox|Laptop: Vance is leaning back in one of the seats in the LAV. He yawns.
(12:36:02 AM) Dawny: Jillian sits outside, smoking
(12:37:11 AM) Tom90deg: Simon is sitting outside.
(12:37:38 AM) Maddy: Alice is still sleeping by the radio. Lazy.
(12:38:09 AM) Dawny: "Doc, you want a smoke?"
(12:38:41 AM) E4D: Jason's up in the turret of the LAV, testing the feed system for mechanical failures. He has the ammunition decoupled, and runs the drive motor, spinning up the chaingun's internals.
(12:38:49 AM) Sophos: Johnson's sitting on top of the Stryker on guard duty
(12:38:52 AM) MisterFlames: Midnight returns from hunting. She has brought back three rabbits.
(12:39:02 AM) Tom90deg: "Naw, Them things'll kill you."
(12:39:35 AM) Dawny: "Hey Midnight" Jillian smiles "Been busy?"
(12:39:39 AM) Maddy: Alice stretches and gets up. "H-hey, Jason?" she calls up.
(12:39:42 AM) Yox|Laptop: "Living'll kill you, Doc."
(12:39:46 AM) Tom90deg: "Nice catch Midnight…Heh, Don't suppose you could teach River some of those tricks? Might be useful haveing two hunters."
(12:39:54 AM) Yox|Laptop: He stretches and hops out of the LAV.
(12:40:15 AM) MisterFlames: "Kill you, maybe." Midnight replies. "I'll be fine." Midnight looks to Simon, "Probably not. I cheat outrageously."
(12:40:25 AM) Dawny: "I have a question for you Midnight, would you like me to keep my smoke away from you?"
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(12:40:47 AM) Tom90deg: "Heh, fair enough."
(12:41:12 AM) MisterFlames: "It doesn't bother me, Jill." Midnight pauses to groom herself.
(12:41:24 AM) Tom90deg: "She's probaly too domesticated to really hunt anywho…"
(12:41:29 AM) Maddy: "I'm g-going to get some air. C-can you hear the radio from up t-there?"
(12:41:30 AM) Yox|Laptop: Vance regards Midnight. "Nobody gets out of life alive. That's one of those universal truths those philosopher types like going on about."
(12:41:37 AM) Dawny: "Okay, just making sure" Jillian smiles and takes a drag
(12:41:53 AM) Yox|Laptop: He walks out of the LAV. "Hey, Johnson! Changing of the guard!"
(12:42:11 AM) Sophos: Mumble mumble
(12:42:24 AM) Sophos: Johnson climbs down and tags out
(12:42:24 AM) MisterFlames: "Well, I know how to hunt as my mother taught me, but my spells are much more effective. I could probably take down a rabbit without them, but it would be more of a challenge."
(12:42:50 AM) Yox|Laptop: Vance hops up on the Stryker's topside.
(12:42:59 AM) Tom90deg: 'Yah, she never had a mother…found her as a stray."
(12:43:54 AM) Maddy: Alice steps out into the night air, sighing and straightening her CADPAT uniform.
(12:44:36 AM) Yox|Laptop: Vance surveys the desert night, yawning a little.
(12:45:28 AM) E4D: The chaingun whirrs loudly again.
(12:45:52 AM) Maddy: She shivers at the cool breeze and heads over to the others. "Hey guys."
(12:46:08 AM) Tom90deg: "Hey Alice. What's up?"
(12:46:14 AM) MisterFlames: "Hello, Alice. I brought dinner, hope you don't mind."
(12:46:14 AM) Yox|Laptop: "Hey, Alice." Vance has relieved Johnson and is on top of the Stryker.
(12:46:43 AM) Dawny: "Hi Alice"
(12:47:15 AM) Maddy: "N-nothing…" she looks at the rabbits and shivers again. "T-thanks Midnight. T-that reminds me, I h-had a couple q-quick questions for you."
(12:47:54 AM) MisterFlames: "Sure."
(12:48:38 AM) Maddy: "B-biologically, y-you're just a cat, r-right? Nothing s-special I have to look out f-for?"
(12:51:16 AM) MisterFlames: "Just a cat, although I've a few minor differences. My vision is closer to a human's range and acuity, and I don't age as quickly."
(12:52:00 AM) Maddy: She nods. "S-same diet, and m-medical needs?"
(12:52:53 AM) Maddy: "Alergies?"
(12:55:12 AM) MisterFlames: "Same diet and medical needs, no known allergies."
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(12:59:40 AM) MisterFlames: "I prefer to kill my own food, of course. Naturally, I eat offal, so I can also eat the offal of anything you humans kill, along with River."
(1:00:09 AM) E4D: Jason looks down. "What's offal?"
(1:00:15 AM) Maddy: "Cool. W-we'll have to h-hit a vet at s-somepoint, I know there's one i-in Alice Springs."
(1:00:16 AM) Yox|Laptop: "Waste products, castoffs."
(1:00:31 AM) Yox|Laptop: "Er, byproducts."
(1:01:01 AM) MisterFlames: "Right. Being an obligate carnivore, I need those to get my vitamins, among other things."
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(1:10:09 AM) Sophos: Johnson stares at Midnight
(1:10:40 AM) SisterDawny is now known as Dawny
(1:10:55 AM) Yox|Laptop: "Get some sleep, Johnson," Vance calls.
(1:12:23 AM) Sophos: "I already got plenty."
(1:12:30 AM) Sophos: Damn whippersnappers
(1:14:42 AM) MisterFlames: "So, does anyone know how to cook rabbit, then?"
(1:15:10 AM) Dawny: "Not I" Jillian shrugs
(1:15:30 AM) E4D: "I can."
(1:15:38 AM) Tom90deg: "Not really…I may be able to clean it, but that's it."
(1:16:03 AM) Ragazzo: Lance wanders out of the stryker, and over to the group.
(1:16:46 AM) Dawny: "How could I have guessed" Jillian chuckles and takes a drag
(1:16:56 AM) Maddy: "I c-could, if s-someone takes the heads off first."
(1:17:14 AM) MisterFlames: "It's not like I need to have it cooked. I did check them for disease and such, they're clean."
(1:17:20 AM) Tom90deg: "Anyone have a big knife? Heh, I've cut up plenty of people."
(1:17:44 AM) E4D: Jason nods at the Stryker. "Survival box up front."
(1:19:19 AM) Tom90deg: Simon heads to the survival box and retireves the knife. "Alright, I'll just go behind EVE and you can clean them the rest of the way?"
(1:20:16 AM) MisterFlames: "Save me the heads, please." Midnight states. "River might like them, too."
(1:20:41 AM) Sophos: "Need a lucky rabbit's foot for later?''
(1:22:05 AM) MisterFlames: "No, I'm a black cat, I've got my own good luck. Not to mention that they had four of them, and they weren't lucky enough."
(1:22:17 AM) Tom90deg: Simon picks up the three rabbits and heads behind the EVE, and a few mintues later comes back with the rabbits and heads. "Here ya go Midnight."
(1:22:39 AM) Yox|Laptop: Vance laughs. "True."
(1:22:58 AM) MisterFlames: "Thank you. Save the offal, too, and one of the thighs."
(1:23:44 AM) MisterFlames: Midnight takes one of the heads and starts to nom. She eats fur and the smaller bones, for that matter.
(1:24:16 AM) Maddy: Alice tries not to watch. She's all for the circle of life, but…BUNNY!
(1:24:57 AM) Yox|Laptop: "Fascinating." Vance spares glances Midnight's way in between visual patrols.
(1:25:17 AM) *Sophos just continues staring at Midnight
(1:25:51 AM) Maddy: "R-rude to stare, Johnson."
(1:25:58 AM) Tom90deg: "So…How do you cook that anywho? Suppose we need to start a fire or something?"
(1:26:29 AM) Maddy: "Y-yeah, c-can you do that? I n-need to go w-wash my hands if I'm g-going to be prepping t-these."
(1:27:04 AM) Maddy: "Anyone g-got hand s-sanitizer?"
(1:27:15 AM) Yox|Laptop: "Nope, sorry."
(1:27:27 AM) Sophos: "You could try the Stryker."
(1:27:34 AM) Dawny: Jillian fishes a bottle out of her LBV "Here"
(1:27:48 AM) Tom90deg: "Sure…Um…" Simon looks around for anything to actually start the fire with. Trees are hard to find in a desert.
(1:30:34 AM) Tom90deg: "WEll, lets spread out I guess." Simon heads out, looking for any reasionable wood or brush.
(1:30:48 AM) Sophos: Johnson gets up to help look for drywood
(1:30:59 AM) Maddy: "T-thanks." Alice takes the sanitizer and cleans her hands.
(1:31:20 AM) Dawny: Jillian helps look and finds a bit of brush
(1:31:55 AM) Sophos: 4df Pointless survival roll
(1:31:55 AM) Quidmore: Sophos: Pointless survival roll: 2 (4df=0, +, 0, +)
(1:32:07 AM) Tom90deg: 4df getting wood
(1:32:07 AM) Quidmore: Tom90deg: getting wood: 3 (4df=0, +, +, +)
(1:32:55 AM) Dawny: 4df+2 wood?
(1:32:55 AM) Quidmore: Dawny: wood?: 3 (4df+2=+, -, +, 0)
(1:34:25 AM) Maddy: While the others are gone, Alice butchers the hell out of the rabbits. It's like she's familiar with their anatomy or something.
(1:37:16 AM) Sophos: Johnson comes back with some firewood
(1:37:36 AM) Tom90deg: Simon comes back with some good dry wood
(1:37:37 AM) Dawny: Jillian returns "I have wood"
(1:37:49 AM) Yox|Laptop: Vance patrols the hell out of that landscape.
(1:40:27 AM) Sabitsuki: Akane comes wandering back up to the camp. "Hey, guys."
(1:40:38 AM) Yox|Laptop: "Ho, Akane."
(1:40:39 AM) Maddy: "H-hey."
(1:40:41 AM) Tom90deg: "Hey Akane."
(1:40:47 AM) Dawny: "Hey Akane"
(1:40:49 AM) Sophos: "Hey Akane"
(1:40:53 AM) Yox|Laptop: Vance squats on the roof of the Stryker. "HOw goes?"
(1:41:11 AM) Sabitsuki: "So yeah, that sinkhole? I was keeping an eye on it, and it just fucking vanished."
(1:41:19 AM) Tom90deg: "What?"
(1:41:19 AM) Sabitsuki: "The people are all gone too."
(1:41:25 AM) Maddy: "…"
(1:41:26 AM) Tom90deg: "That huge hole to nothingness?"
(1:41:27 AM) Dawny: "Wait…huh?"
(1:41:35 AM) Maddy: "Welp."
(1:41:37 AM) MisterFlames: "Hole?" Midnight asks.
(1:41:39 AM) Sophos: "…"
(1:41:40 AM) Tom90deg: "All the people are gone? Were…there any bodies?"
(1:41:44 AM) Yox|Laptop: "Weird."
(1:41:56 AM) Sabitsuki: "They just stumbled off, like zombies or something."
(1:41:57 AM) Maddy: "On the w-way to S-springs, Midnight, from earlier."
(1:42:37 AM) Tom90deg: "Weird…should be clear for us then."
(1:42:53 AM) Sabitsuki: "Yeah. You wanna go now?"
(1:42:54 AM) Yox|Laptop: "Let's roll, I guess?"
(1:43:08 AM) Maddy: "W-well I heard a b-bit more from Tau e-earlier. S-said the song she w-was playing is code f-for area uns-safe, so w-we should be careful."
(1:43:25 AM) Maddy: "A-also…she s-said something about r-replacing gears in her leg…"
(1:44:16 AM) Tom90deg: "Damn…did she loose her leg?"
(1:44:38 AM) MisterFlames: "I heard that, yes. All right, I'm done with my food." The heads are pretty much skulls at this point. "So let's get going."
(1:44:44 AM) Tom90deg: "Well, i guess we'll eat later."
(1:45:09 AM) Sabitsuki: "We can probably find some food up in town, too."
(1:45:22 AM) Maddy: "W-well, I d-don't know…she's church, s-so maybe she's always had w-weird legs."
(1:45:46 AM) Maddy: "W-we need to hit a vet's office too, if n-no one objects."
(1:46:14 AM) Tom90deg: "Also a gas station, and maybe somewhere to get food if we have time."
(1:46:33 AM) E4D: Jason pops back out of the turret. "What's the deal?"
(1:46:59 AM) Maddy: "The w-way to Alice Springs is c-clear, w-we're going to get Tau, and other shit w-we need."
(1:47:54 AM) E4D: "We are? Who decided that?"
(1:48:09 AM) Tom90deg: "We all did?"
(1:48:13 AM) Maddy: Alice just stares. "Why w-wouldn't we?"
(1:48:20 AM) Tom90deg: "Voted, or whatever."
(1:48:48 AM) Dawny: Jillian rolles her eyes and mumbles something that sounds like 'fucking marines'
(1:48:53 AM) Maddy: "We w-were on our w-way before, and h-had to turn around. P-plus there's things we need."
(1:49:44 AM) Tom90deg: "So…shall we go before the weird people in the town come back from wherever they went?"
(1:51:48 AM) E4D: Jason shakes his head.
(1:52:03 AM) Maddy: "What?"
(1:52:07 AM) Sophos: Johnson finishes preparing the wood for the campfire.
(1:52:18 AM) Tom90deg: "Are you saying you don't want to go?"
(1:52:50 AM) E4D: "No."
(1:53:00 AM) E4D: "That's not what I'm saying."
(1:55:42 AM) Tom90deg: "Then what are you saying?"
(1:56:06 AM) E4D: "I'm saying we ain't voting on shit. This ain't a fuckin' democracy."
(1:56:19 AM) Tom90deg: "I'm sorry. Yes it is."
(1:56:36 AM) Dawny: "No, we listen to Jason and do whatever the fuck Jason wants" Jillian walks away
(1:56:48 AM) Maddy: "Is this r-really the time for this?"
(1:57:07 AM) E4D: "You want to haul ass off into some town that's burning to the ground in your little medical truck, fuckin' do it."
(1:57:09 AM) *
Sophos sighs. He needs a drink.
(1:57:39 AM) Dawny: "And you want to let a team mate sit there and die, you do it:"
(1:58:02 AM) Maddy: "Fuck it, I'm going to bed. Do whatever." she stands. "If you decide to go into town, rob a vet."
(1:58:18 AM) Sophos: "What happened to No One Gets Left Behind, sir?"
(1:58:20 AM) Maddy: She shuffles onto the LAV
(1:58:29 AM) E4D: "I didn't say that. We're mounting up, and we're moving, but the day we make a tactical decision with lives in the balance by a fuckin vote is the day you can oput a goddamn tag on my toe."
(1:58:32 AM) Tom90deg: Simon stands up. "Alright. I'm, as you say, "fuckn' doing it". I will need a driver, and some assistance, if anyone would like to come?"
(1:59:23 AM) Dawny: "And the day that I let you make all the decisions in my life, put me back on suicide watch"
(1:59:32 AM) Sophos: "…"
(1:59:59 AM) Sophos: Johnson just quietly gets in the shotgun seat of the Stryker
(2:00:04 AM) Yox|Laptop: "Is this really the time for this?" Vance asks mildly, still looking out over the desert.
(2:00:20 AM) MisterFlames: Midnight waits patiently, grooming herself.
(2:00:26 AM) E4D: Jason steps inside, and keys the radio to the other vehicle. «You guys in the Stryker, you coming, or not?»
(2:00:33 AM) Maddy: Alice lies down and puts her bag of stuff over her head.
(2:00:49 AM) Yox|Laptop: Vance drops off the top of the Stryker and slips into the LAV.
(2:00:54 AM) Dawny: Jillian hops into the driver's seat "Anyone else coming?"
(2:00:58 AM) Tom90deg: Simon shakes his head. "We are not pawns Jason, and we're not idiots."
(2:01:11 AM) Tom90deg: Simon climbs into the Stryker.
(2:01:17 AM) E4D: «Not in the Stryker, they're not.»
(2:01:22 AM) E4D: «Thing's completely unarmed.»
(2:01:47 AM) Yox|Laptop: "Still got some seats open in the LAV. Mount up if you're coming."
(2:02:05 AM) E4D: «We can pack everyone in here.»
(2:02:08 AM) Tom90deg: Simon climbs out and gets in the proper vehicle. "Midnight, you coming?"
(2:02:17 AM) Yox|Laptop: Vance slips into the top position to the spotter post.
(2:02:21 AM) Dawny: Jillian climbs into the LAV "I'm about done"
(2:02:38 AM) Sophos: :|
(2:02:45 AM) Sophos: Johnson climbs out of the Stryker and gets in the LAV
(2:03:12 AM) MisterFlames: "Sure, I'm on my way."
(2:03:35 AM) MisterFlames: Midnight mounts up with the rest in the LAV.
(2:04:39 AM) Maddy: Alice is all crunched up in a ball to make more room.
(2:06:41 AM) E4D: "Jillian, you want the stick?"
(2:07:39 AM) E4D: Jason pulls his helmet down, and takes a seat near the troop ramp.
(2:08:35 AM) Dawny: "Sure" Jillian sighs and climbs into the driver seat. "Everyone good?"
(2:08:47 AM) Tom90deg: "Ready to go."
(2:09:27 AM) E4D: <Shit, I guess I'll take the turret.»
(2:09:37 AM) Sophos: "Ready to roll out."
(2:10:06 AM) Dawny: "Let's kick this pig" Jillian heads out
(2:10:59 AM) Sabitsuki: The LAV rrrrolls up onto the road and heads towards the town, soon arriving at the place they were before. Akane spoke the truth - the hole is gone, not a trace. As are the people.
(2:11:26 AM) Yox|Laptop: "Fancy."
(2:11:29 AM) Dawny: "Clear so far" Jillian nods
(2:11:45 AM) Tom90deg: "Any bodies?"
(2:12:01 AM) E4D: 4df+4 Gunner perception. Anything out of the ordinary in the streets? Bodies? Company?
(2:12:01 AM) Quidmore: E4D: Gunner perception. Anything out of the ordinary in the streets? Bodies? Company?: 2 (4df+4=-, -, 0, 0)
(2:12:24 AM) Dawny: 4df+0 anything
(2:12:24 AM) Quidmore: Dawny: anything: -1 (4df+0=0, 0, 0, -)
(2:12:58 AM) E4D:
(2:13:02 AM) Sabitsuki: Nothing, man. It's dead out. A street light in the distances flickers on and off.
(2:13:03 AM) E4D: That's why I posted this.
(2:13:11 AM) Sabitsuki: wrong channel turd
(2:13:41 AM) Yox|Laptop: 4df+6 Spotter Perception - is there anything to indicate where Tau and Samil might be holed up?
(2:13:41 AM) Quidmore: Yox|Laptop: Spotter Perception - is there anything to indicate where Tau and Samil might be holed up?: 7 (4df+6=0, -, +, +)
(2:13:54 AM) Maddy: "The v-vet's clinic is on Barrett drive, i-if we p-pass it or whatever." Alice's voice is a little muffled under the duffle bag
(2:15:07 AM) E4D: «Tau Vriska, Tau Vriska, this is Oscar Two Three Actual, come back.»
(2:15:15 AM) Sabitsuki: There's no sign of Tau or Samil…though Vance notices something odd. The trees are all bent into the street, and there are spent shell casings about.
(2:15:37 AM) Tom90deg: "Alice, you know where a gas station is? Might as well fill up."
(2:15:48 AM) Maddy: "No."
(2:15:48 AM) Yox|Laptop: "Guys, guys. Look at this. Something bent all of thes trees inward, and a lot of someones fired a lot of rounds."
(2:16:00 AM) Sophos: "As if the gas station hasn't blown up already."
(2:16:02 AM) Yox|Laptop: "No idea what that means other than something went down here."
(2:16:43 AM) Sabitsuki: Jason gets no reply.
(2:16:58 AM) E4D: Jason bangs his fist on the underside of the turret. <Hey, people inside, can we get a walking escort? Both sides of the vehicle?>
(2:17:03 AM) Yox|Laptop: "Maybe if we follow the carnage, we'll get more clues."
(2:17:14 AM) Sophos: Johnson dismounts
(2:17:16 AM) Tom90deg: "Sure thing."
(2:17:27 AM) Sophos: *chkchk* He gets his carbine ready to go
(2:17:41 AM) E4D: <If anything happens, Jill will pop smoke, and you can haul ass inside if it's too bad.>
(2:17:55 AM) E4D: <Right, Jill?>
(2:17:58 AM) Dawny: "Yep"
(2:18:34 AM) Tom90deg: Simon climbs out, and picks up a shell casing. "Jason, you reconise this kinda round?"
(2:19:21 AM) E4D: Jason's in a gun turret inside the LAV. <What?>
(2:19:41 AM) Tom90deg: Simon climbs back into the LAV and hands it up. "Look Familar?"
(2:19:50 AM) Sabitsuki: 5.56×45mm NATO
(2:20:09 AM) Maddy: "Who fucking cares. H-how about w-we get what we c-came for a leave?"
(2:20:14 AM) E4D: "Standard NATO assault rifle round. Aussie cops and miliary.»
(2:20:26 AM) Tom90deg: "Cause it might be useful to know who's going to be shooting at us?"
(2:20:46 AM) Maddy: "If t-they're shooting at us, who c-care who they are?"
(2:20:46 AM) Tom90deg: "Right, nothing speical, thanks."
(2:20:58 AM) Maddy: "Shoot back."
(2:21:07 AM) Yox|Laptop: Vance is eyes up, keeping an eye out for anything interesting or potentially useful.
(2:21:11 AM) E4D: Jason can't help but grin under his helmet.
(2:21:30 AM) *Sophos shakes his head and walks forward with the Stryker
(2:21:35 AM) Tom90deg: Simon climbs back out, walking along the road.
(2:22:10 AM) Sabitsuki: The LAV advances…looks like the road Alice indicated earlier is off to the left, leading off to an edge of town. The main road continues forward, into the heart of town. Alice Springs Hospital looms in the distance.
(2:22:34 AM) E4D: Jason bangs on the driver's compartment.
(2:22:44 AM) Sophos: "Which way, Director?"
(2:22:59 AM) Dawny: "What, Jason?"
(2:23:18 AM) Yox|Laptop: "Ehhh….Barret's off to the left, hospital dead ahead. Ideas?"
(2:23:30 AM) E4D: <Well, let's put it to a vote. We don't have any word fropm Tau, no contact. We got medical and animal supplies we can snatch up, though.>
(2:24:01 AM) Tom90deg: "Do you need me to sign off on your tag?"
(2:24:21 AM) Nusquam: Anyone able to see out of the vehicle or walking beside it will note that the absence of any vehicles on the streets or in parking lots.
(2:24:33 AM) E4D: <Hardy har. You need anything, Doc? Until we're recalled, we're on our own.>
(2:24:52 AM) Tom90deg: "For all we know, Tau is hiding undergound. All we have to go on is that the radio she was useing was really old."
(2:25:04 AM) Yox|Laptop: "Guys."
(2:25:07 AM) Tom90deg: "Medical supplies. If we could raid a hospital that'd be great, but might be risky."
(2:25:11 AM) Yox|Laptop: "There are NO vehicles."
(2:25:30 AM) Yox|Laptop: "None. We are the only wheeled thing in sight."
(2:25:46 AM) Tom90deg: "Maybe a mass evacuation?"
(2:26:07 AM) Yox|Laptop: "Who knows."
(2:26:08 AM) E4D: <We saw the people here a couple hours ago.>
(2:26:23 AM) Maddy: "Yeah, w-weird, lumpy, s-silent people.
(2:26:25 AM) Sophos: "We also saw a sinkhole here a couple of hours ago."
(2:26:25 AM) E4D: <And the place was burning before got here last night.>
(2:26:41 AM) Dawny: "This just keeps getting better and better"
(2:26:51 AM) Yox|Laptop: "Tell me about it."
(2:27:06 AM) Maddy: "S-so, vet, t-then hospital? That's m-my suggestion."
(2:27:11 AM) Yox|Laptop: 4df+6 Spotter - as they keep rolling, is there anything else out of the ordinary?
(2:27:12 AM) Quidmore: Yox|Laptop: Spotter - as they keep rolling, is there anything else out of the ordinary?: 5 (4df+6=+, -, 0, -)
(2:27:16 AM) Tom90deg: "And it's not burning now. I do vote that we don't be anywhere near this place when it gets dark."
(2:27:16 AM) E4D: Jason traverses the turret left and right.
(2:27:35 AM) Tom90deg: "Sounds good to me….Hopefully Tau'll hear us or something."
(2:27:38 AM) Sophos: "No harm in hitting up both."
(2:27:48 AM) Sophos: Johnson walks down Barrett Drive
(2:28:06 AM) Sabitsuki: A couple of the buildings are on fire, and there are bullet holes in the walls of most of the buildings. Other than that, not much. Even the wildlife is quiet.
(2:28:42 AM) Yox|Laptop: "God DAMN. Some major cockfuck happened here. Looks like….Jesus, every building's got holes all in it."
(2:30:15 AM) Dawny: Jillian rolls along, quietly
(2:30:29 AM) Sophos: "Wow Vance, bullet holes at a firefight."
(2:30:43 AM) MisterFlames: "Wonder what happened here… aside from a bunch of shooting. Any bodies?"
(2:30:58 AM) Yox|Laptop: "Johnson, bullet holes /all over the town./"
(2:31:04 AM) Sabitsuki: No bodies.
(2:31:19 AM) Yox|Laptop: "This wasn't just a firefight. And no bodies, neither."
(2:31:32 AM) Tom90deg: Simon looks around for any blood or any kind of residue.
(2:31:47 AM) Maddy: Alice sits up and looks around the LAV
(2:32:00 AM) Sabitsuki: Simon doesn't get nuttin'.
(2:32:06 AM) Sabitsuki: As in, there's nothing about.
(2:32:13 AM) MisterFlames: "No bodies… that worries me."
(2:32:15 AM) Tom90deg: "No blood, no anything…It's a total ghost town."
(2:32:42 AM) Tom90deg: "Midnight, can you sence people with…magic? Like…dunno….detect alive people?"
(2:32:59 AM) Yox|Laptop: "It's like those people were ghosts. There's nothing left."
(2:33:09 AM) MisterFlames: "I'm good at sensing minds, so that should apply, yes."
(2:33:36 AM) Tom90deg: "Could you give that a try? If Tau's the only one here, maybe it'll be easy to sence?"
(2:33:58 AM) MisterFlames: Midnight looks around, "Anyone got some sketch paper? I want to improve our chances."
(2:34:37 AM) Maddy: Alice looks through her bags. "Fuck" she left her sketch book at 23. She now has a massive sad.
(2:34:58 AM) E4D: <Alice, there's a notepad in my clothing bag.>
(2:34:59 AM) Tom90deg: "Anyone? Any paper?"
(2:35:25 AM) MisterFlames: "I can do without it, but it's easier if I can get a circle drawn. I can show you how to do it."
(2:35:36 AM) Maddy: She nods, still sad as fuck nd opens Jason's bag.
(2:35:45 AM) Maddy: "I'm g-getting some, hold your horses."
(2:36:37 AM) MisterFlames: "I'll rein in my enthusiasm, yes."
(2:36:37 AM) E4D: Two little black dots stare at Alice from inside.
(2:36:54 AM) Tom90deg: "Sorry. Do you need one freshly drawn? Maybe we could paint one on the floor of EVE or something so it's ready to go?"
(2:36:58 AM) Maddy: "…Jaaaaason, there's s-something alive in here."
(2:37:35 AM) E4D: It's obviously attached to shot soft fur, as it runs out of a sock.
(2:37:40 AM) E4D: *short
(2:38:22 AM) MisterFlames: Midnight inhales to see if she can catch the scent of it.
(2:38:24 AM) Maddy: She sighs in relief, pulling out turbo and a chewed note pad, passing off the latter to midnight.
(2:38:47 AM) MisterFlames: "Okay, I need someone with thumbs for this."
(2:38:59 AM) Dawny: "Mine are busy"
(2:39:00 AM) Tom90deg: "Alice is the best artist here."
(2:39:01 AM) Sophos: "What's in the LAV?"
(2:39:18 AM) MisterFlames: 4df+4 Occult roll for Maneuver.
(2:39:18 AM) Quidmore: MisterFlames: Occult roll for Maneuver.: 5 (4df+4=0, 0, +, 0)
(2:39:31 AM) Sabitsuki: That's a success.
(2:39:59 AM) Maddy: Alice nods, taking the pad back and sitting Turbo on her shoulder.
(2:40:02 AM) MisterFlames: Midnight projects an illusion to Alice of a hermetic circle. "Draw that on the paper. It will help me focus the spell."
(2:40:27 AM) Maddy: "R-right." She draws it, like a boss.
(2:41:06 AM) MisterFlames: "All right, now let me cast the spell." Midnight starts to purr softly, focusing her mind on the task.
(2:41:16 AM) MisterFlames: 4df+6 Magic and Maneuver.
(2:41:16 AM) Quidmore: MisterFlames: Magic and Maneuver.: 5 (4df+6=-, 0, -, +)
(2:44:06 AM) Nusquam: Midnight can sense three minds. Two human, and one belonging to something else.
(2:44:23 AM) Nusquam: Excepting those individuals in and around the LAV, of course.
(2:44:38 AM) Nusquam: Mental Defense for Midnight, if you please.
(2:44:52 AM) Maddy: "H-how far are we f-from the vet?"
(2:45:16 AM) E4D: <Unkown. GPS says…>
(2:45:42 AM) Sophos: "Didn't know we still had satellites."
(2:46:50 AM) Sabitsuki: It should be directly in your view in the next couple of meters - and there it is, the driver can see it.
(2:46:58 AM) E4D: <Satellites don't fall outta the sky because the person that own them is dead.>
(2:47:03 AM) Sabitsuki: Also Jason can.
(2:47:09 AM) Sabitsuki: (forgot guncam)
(2:47:13 AM) Yox|Laptop: (and the spotter)
(2:47:25 AM) Sophos: (and the walking patrol)
(2:47:26 AM) Dawny: "Oi" Jillian nods "It's right there"
(2:47:41 AM) Sophos: "I thought the GOC would've blown them up to—I see the vet clinic."
(2:48:00 AM) Dawny: "I just said that…"
(2:48:29 AM) Sabitsuki: okay everyone sees it god damn
(2:49:42 AM) Sabitsuki: No vehicles in the parting lot. Front door is ajar.
(2:50:28 AM) Tom90deg: "Well, you know this area Alice. What should we look for?"
(2:50:33 AM) Yox|Laptop: "Okay. Jason, who's going in?"
(2:51:02 AM) Sophos: "The door is ajar. Somebody might be in it. Somebody with a gun should come out and help me clear it."
(2:51:07 AM) E4D: "<All right. Entry team? The LAV will cover your from the outside.>
(2:51:12 AM) Dawny: "I'm staying in case we need to pop smoke" Jillian sighs
(2:51:14 AM) Yox|Laptop: "I'll go."
(2:51:34 AM) Yox|Laptop: Vance dismounts from the LAV and checks his radio.
(2:51:39 AM) Tom90deg: "I'll stay till it's clear. May be able to find some stuff in case the hospital's too dangerous."
(2:51:57 AM) Dawny: "Be careful guys"
(2:52:24 AM) Sabitsuki: «tschhhhhh*
(2:52:49 AM) Sabitsuki: «*tschhhhhh* Merde, this hu - *tssschhh*»
(2:53:01 AM) *
Sophos !!
(2:53:07 AM) Yox|Laptop: "Guys, who else is coming with?"
(2:53:32 AM) Sophos: Johnson is waiting by the door
(2:53:55 AM) Yox|Laptop: "Two people? That's all?" Vance steps up to Johnson.
(2:54:36 AM) MisterFlames: 4df+4 Mental Defense (sorry)
(2:54:37 AM) Quidmore: MisterFlames: Mental Defense (sorry): 2 (4df+4=-, +, -, -)
(2:55:44 AM) Nusquam: 4df+5 And something else gazes back.
(2:55:45 AM) Quidmore: Nusquam: And something else gazes back.: 7 (4df+5=+, 0, +, 0)
(2:55:50 AM) Maddy: Alice is going, she is a vet.
(2:56:29 AM) Yox|Laptop: "Alright. Entry Team."
(2:56:38 AM) Sabitsuki: Vance's radio blares static. It's startling in the quiet night. «*tschhhh* Samil, did you hear tha - *tschhh*»
(2:56:47 AM) E4D: «You got 'em Alice.»
(2:56:57 AM) Yox|Laptop: "Whoa, what." «Calling station, identify.»
(2:57:05 AM) E4D: «See anything, get out, and get low.»
(2:57:21 AM) Maddy: "R-right," She heads out.
(2:57:30 AM) Sabitsuki: No on responds to Vance's radio call.
(2:57:32 AM) Sabitsuki: *one
(2:58:03 AM) Yox|Laptop: Vance dials his radio down and grimaces. "Got radio traffic. Source must be close. Stay alert."
(2:58:03 AM) Maddy: "V-vance, I already said, she c-can't hear us." Alice frowns, a lot.
(2:58:16 AM) Yox|Laptop: "Alice, I can't just not try."
(2:58:33 AM) Yox|Laptop: Vance pushes the door open with a palm, pistol up.
(2:58:34 AM) Maddy: "Can w-we just go?" she heads to the clinic.
(2:59:02 AM) Sophos: Johnson follows
(2:59:08 AM) Tom90deg: "Any luck Midnight? I know it's a bit of a longshot…"
(2:59:36 AM) Sabitsuki: Inside…is a dark clinic. Nothing immediately out of the ordinary. There's a desk for checking animals in, and behind that, a hall leads deeper into the building.
(2:59:39 AM) MisterFlames: "I've found three minds… two human, the other is something else. And something else probably spotted *me*."
(2:59:55 AM) Tom90deg: "Damn. Do you know where?"
(3:00:00 AM) Yox|Laptop: The taclight comes on, sweeping back and forth. He advances behind the desk and to the junction of the hallway.
(3:00:21 AM) Maddy: Alice ventures forth, knowing exactly where she's going.
(3:00:53 AM) Sabitsuki: Four rooms in the back, and another door at the end of the hall leads out to the long stay pens.
(3:01:03 AM) Sophos: Johnson follows closely behind them. Keeping an eye on their six
(3:01:13 AM) Yox|Laptop: "Lead on," he whispers, falling into line behind Alice.
(3:01:36 AM) MisterFlames: "The other is in the center of town, and it's searching, the human minds…"
(3:02:09 AM) Maddy: Alice heads to the equipment storage, glancing at the long stay door briefly.
(3:02:34 AM) Yox|Laptop: "Something in the back, Alice? What's wrong?"
(3:02:35 AM) Sabitsuki: Various medical implements and equipment.
(3:02:38 AM) Sophos: "I don't think we need more pets."
(3:02:48 AM) Sabitsuki: Are present.
(3:02:49 AM) Yox|Laptop: Vance does not into vet clinics, so he doesn't know what's back there
(3:02:51 AM) Sabitsuki: in the equipment room.
(3:03:46 AM) Maddy: "Shut up." She grabs and puts together what could be described as an animal fist aid kit and tosses it to Vance before putting together a second.
(3:04:14 AM) Maddy: "W-we need to find where t-they keep the drugs."
(3:04:28 AM) MisterFlames: "The mind in the center of town's putting out too much signal. I can't focus on the other two."
(3:05:03 AM) Yox|Laptop: Vance grabs it in his offhand, slinging it on his shoulder.
(3:05:28 AM) Tom90deg: "Maybe a vauge idea? a direction, or too much interfierence?"
(3:05:53 AM) MisterFlames: "I'm working on it."
(3:06:04 AM) Maddy: She gets up, searching every room but long stay for the drug cabinet.
(3:06:17 AM) MisterFlames: 4df+6 Maneuvered and Focusing on the humans.
(3:06:18 AM) Quidmore: MisterFlames: Maneuvered and Focusing on the humans.: 4 (4df+6=-, -, -, +)
(3:06:36 AM) Sabitsuki: She finds it in the third one. 'S locked with a padlock.
(3:06:57 AM) Yox|Laptop: "Want me to knock on it, Alice?" he whispers, waggling his gun.
(3:07:04 AM) Nusquam: 4df+5 Opposed.
(3:07:04 AM) Quidmore: Nusquam: Opposed.: 6 (4df+5=+, 0, +, -)
(3:07:17 AM) Maddy: "No b-bullets, break it off."
(3:07:23 AM) Tom90deg: Simon climbs back in EVE. "Jason, we got a problem. Midnight detetectd 3 minds. Two human and one not. And the one not may have noticed her."
(3:08:05 AM) Yox|Laptop: "Alright. Lemme take a whack at it. Uh….I need a chisel, or something thick and metal."
(3:08:09 AM) MisterFlames: "The other two humans are also in the center of town. Not sure I care for that."
(3:08:36 AM) Tom90deg: "Great. Don't suppose you cna get a sence of the other mind's mood?"
(3:08:44 AM) Yox|Laptop: "Um…"
(3:09:03 AM) Maddy: "Just fucking h-hit it."
(3:09:20 AM) Sophos: 4df+2 Kick down the door
(3:09:20 AM) Quidmore: Sophos: Kick down the door: 3 (4df+2=0, +, -, +)
(3:09:38 AM) Sabitsuki: 4df I'mma a shitty lock
(3:09:38 AM) Quidmore: Sabitsuki: I'mma a shitty lock: 2 (4df=0, +, 0, +)
(3:09:46 AM) Sabitsuki: lock comes off
(3:09:53 AM) Yox|Laptop: "Excellent."
(3:10:07 AM) Maddy: Alice opens it and empties the fucker.
(3:11:19 AM) Maddy: "Ok. W-we can leave."
(3:11:30 AM) Sophos: Johnson heads out and clears the hallway
(3:12:00 AM) Yox|Laptop: "Got it."
(3:12:03 AM) Yox|Laptop: Vance pulls out.
(3:13:13 AM) Sabitsuki: Nothing interesting happens
(3:13:26 AM) Maddy: Alice steals one last glance at long stay and then is back on the LAV. "G-good to go."
(3:13:53 AM) Yox|Laptop: Vance mounts the LAV.
(3:14:22 AM) Tom90deg: "Alice, we got a problem. Midnight found 3 minds, all in the same place. One's not human."
(3:14:40 AM) Maddy: "Huh. Welp."
(3:14:52 AM) Maddy: She sits her ass back down.
(3:15:24 AM) Yox|Laptop: "Lovely."
(3:15:29 AM) MisterFlames: "I don't know if they're in the *same* place, but they are all in the center of town, and the non-human mind sensed me, and might know where I am."
(3:18:29 AM) Sabitsuki: Everyone in the LAV hears the sound of lurching metal.
(3:18:53 AM) Maddy: "Lovely."
(3:18:58 AM) Yox|Laptop: "What the fuck was that?!" Vance swings his minigun to cover the source of the noise
(3:19:14 AM) Sophos: Johnson was about to climb in when he hears it
(3:19:29 AM) Sabitsuki: The LAV starts moving. Backing up.
(3:19:48 AM) Yox|Laptop: "Whoa, whoa, stop stop!"
(3:19:51 AM) Yox|Laptop: "Stop the LAV."