Armamortis' Journey

(11:52:51 PM) Gerald: There's a bunker, a dark, scant cellar with no furniture and bleak walls that reek of mold and gloom.
(11:53:10 PM) Dexanote: "You were difficult."
(11:53:38 PM) Dexanote: A dim pumpkin face flickers into a yellowish glow across the room.
(11:53:38 PM) Gerald: "I….Where am I?" The HEPIS helm turns, looking around.
(11:53:56 PM) Gerald: He braces, hand on the katana at his side and one on a pistol.
(11:54:20 PM) Dexanote: "What was tha last thing you remember, warrior?"
(11:54:55 PM) Gerald: "Those glowing red eyes, staring down. You were as broken as I, shredded by my hand." He laughs.
(11:54:59 PM) Gerald: "A battle for the ages.
(11:55:08 PM) Dexanote: "Yeh. I had fun."
(11:55:26 PM) Dexanote: "But as I said, yor time is done."
(11:56:40 PM) Gerald: "…I never truly thought rest was possible. Fighting was my purpose, war my creed. When I was destroyed, it was a simple matter to find a new vessel to kill in."
(11:56:44 PM) Dexanote: He steps toward Armamortius. He's hazy here. insubstantial. Pumpkin headed.
(11:57:06 PM) Dexanote: "That was not forgotten. Come."
(11:57:22 PM) Gerald: A single, iron door set in the wall, slightly ajar.
(11:57:40 PM) Gerald: "I do not understand." He follows Chainshank.
(11:57:52 PM) Dexanote: Chainshank steps towards the door, and opens it. "Yor reward."
(11:58:00 PM) Dexanote: Through the door, a cacaphony.
(11:58:16 PM) Gerald: "….."
(11:58:52 PM) Gerald: He pulls out the katana in a blur, giving out a warcry.
(11:59:01 PM) Dexanote: An endless stadium, a field. Beautiful and terrible. Warriors and knights of all shapes ans kinds, numberless, eternal.
(11:59:14 PM) Dexanote: Monsters, humans, gifted, cursed,
(11:59:44 PM) Dexanote: Final, endless battle.
(11:59:55 PM) Dexanote: "Goodbye, Armomortius."
(9/22/2011 12:00:18 AM) Gerald: "….It is /beautiful/." A nod, "Goodbye, Death. I only hope to find one such as yourself here."
(12:00:34 AM) Dexanote: "You will."
(12:00:34 AM) Gerald: He leaps in, screaming, katana tip pointing forward as he charges.
(12:00:46 AM) Dexanote: Shank closes the door.
(12:01:07 AM) Dexanote: For a few moments, he lingers in the dark. Then vanishes.