Artyom and The Forest

Feb 06 23:53:04 <Laito> Artemis and Adhelami near edge of forest on their journey. "I have not been out zhis far. I am happy zhat zhis part of zhe land has been… undisturbed…"
Feb 06 23:55:10 <Lilah> "I like the way you come to life in the wilderness. I'm glad we could find something good and living." She smiles brightly.
Feb 06 23:57:24 <Laito> "It is calming. I have nosing to worry about." Relatively. Being on the look out for things that might devour him in the forest doesn't count. He helps Adhelami step over a fallen tree trunk.
Feb 06 23:58:10 <Laito> At this time, it is nearing twilight.
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Feb 06 23:59:23 <Lilah> Plop, she smiles. It seems being away for a little bit has calmed her and eased her spirits.
Feb 07 00:00:00 <Artyom> After that fallen tree, the world takes a strange turn. Where there was once a forest, lays nothing but snow and the holes where stumps once stood.
Feb 07 00:00:58 <Laito> Artemis catches sight of these and stares. "… Hm."
Feb 07 00:01:31 <Lilah> "…It looks like someone has cut the trees!" She blinks.
Feb 07 00:02:33 <Artyom> The trees are cut for some distance, as the landscape slowly slopes upwards.
Feb 07 00:03:28 <Laito> "Possible zhere may be someone living out here." He exchanges a glance with her. "We should be ready to run if zhey are… not kind to strangers… Let's try not not to alarm zhem."
Feb 07 00:05:50 <Lilah> "Ok." She pokes out her lips a little and nods, following close behind Artemis.
Feb 07 00:06:23 <Artyom> Up along the slope, the two can see smoke rising up into the sky a farther distance off.
Feb 07 00:07:34 <Laito> The pair trudge of the hill carefully. Artemis keenly searches for traps or other signs of hostile unwelcome.
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Feb 07 00:23:54 <Artyom> Artemis's eyes catch a few glimpses of traps and snares, although they seem to be for small animals, and not humans…
Feb 07 00:24:55 <Laito> Artemis points these out. "Hunter-gatherer. Self-sufficient."
Feb 07 00:26:00 <Lilah> "Ah, mn, they are for catching small things?"
Feb 07 00:27:12 <Laito> He nods. "Rodents, small dogs perhaps…"
Feb 07 00:27:37 <Artyom> Speaking of dogs, they can both hear the faint sound of barking right over the ridge…
Feb 07 00:27:57 <Lilah> "Do you think the people will be nice..?"
Feb 07 00:31:41 <Laito> "Hmm… it is hard to tell… stay here a moment." Artemis bids her to stay in place as he trots up to the hill's crest to observe what's beyond.
Feb 07 00:32:53 <Artyom> What lays beyond the ridge is a small log cottage, with smoke billowing from the chimney.
Feb 07 00:33:29 <Artyom> and, outside cutting firewood, an old man.
Feb 07 00:36:29 <Laito> Artemis unslings his rifle and peers through the scope, studying the man and cottage further. How curious.
Feb 07 00:37:14 <Artyom> He appears quite old indeed, and he stops to look back at his house. He motions at something, and the barking dies down, and he continues cutting in peace.
Feb 07 00:44:21 <Laito> Artemis slings his rifle and returns to Adhelami. "It is an old man." He unclips his radio and speaks. "Zhis is Artemis I found a…" he peers at the device as it makes strange distortion sounds.
Feb 07 00:44:38 <Laito> "… Interference from zhe hills, probably…"
Feb 07 00:44:54 <Lilah> "…Ah, should we try to talk to him?"
Feb 07 00:45:11 <Laito> "I wonder if he knows what happened to zhe world…"
Feb 07 00:46:01 <Artyom> He seems to finish with his work, and he slams the head of the axe into the stump that he was using, before turning and bringing a bundle of wood indoors.
Feb 07 00:47:50 <Laito> "Stay behind me, we will say hello." He smiles at her and kisses her on the head, taking her hand and leading her to the crest of the hill and slowly toward the quaint house.
Feb 07 00:49:01 <Lilah> Adhelami smiles and nods as she grips his hand and follows behind.
Feb 07 00:50:42 <Artyom> As they near the house, they can hear the swelling barks of dogs, quite a few in fact. Then, in a haggard voice, a shout, and the barking stops.
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Feb 07 00:53:49 <Lilah> "Ah, Saddha." She smiles. Kehlvonian for 'grandpa' or 'old man'.
Feb 07 00:55:18 <Laito> Artemis inwardly debates how to announce their presence to the man. He decides to call out. "ALLO. FRIENDLY TRAVELERS." He immediately regrets this. This is Russia, Artemis, bro, who speaks english here?
Feb 07 00:56:32 <Artyom> There is slight rustling from inside, and the door opens slowly. A head peeks out, his body still hidden.
Feb 07 00:58:09 <Laito> There stands a curiously dressed man in dark robes and a cloak, along with a curiously dressed young woman. Artemis waves a hand non-threatingly.
Feb 07 00:59:09 <Artyom> He waves again, and notices the gun… Well, he wasn't grabbing for it yet, so the old man steps outside, his own hunting rifle slung on his shoulder. "Ah, Previet!"
Feb 07 01:00:23 <Lilah> Wait! She knows that from a talk with Dmitri! "He is saying hello I think..!"
Feb 07 01:01:05 <Laito> Artemis scours his brain for the bare traces of Russian he knows. "Ah… Pri…viet. Bonjour. Hello."
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Feb 07 01:01:40 <Artyom> The old man smiles. Bonjour… that's familiar…. "[Speak French, sir?]"
Feb 07 01:03:21 <Laito> "[Yes. This is relieving. We are travelers from a large group coming from the far south.]"
Feb 07 01:04:06 <Artyom> "[Ah, China yes. Good see people.]" Its very broken french, but he has a surprising grasp on the language.
Feb 07 01:04:37 <Lilah> "Pah! Everyone can speak french but me, it seems!" Puff.
Feb 07 01:05:58 <Laito> "[I am surprised to see anyone living here.]" Artemis squeezes Adhelami's hand.
Feb 07 01:06:56 <Artyom> The old man nods. "[English speak?]" He points to the two.
Feb 07 01:08:08 <Laito> "Oui… Yes." Artemis nods in return.
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Feb 07 01:08:42 <Artyom> "English better?" He clears his throat. "What are doing out here?"
Feb 07 01:13:24 <Laito> "Surveying," Artemis replies. "We are camped not far away. We saw zhe uprooted trees. How long have you… live here."
Feb 07 01:14:04 <Artyom> He chuckles lightly, and motions for the two to come closer, unslinging his rifle and laying it against the wall of his home. "Long time."
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Feb 07 01:16:49 <Lilah> Adhelami blinks and smiles, moving forward to urge Artemis to follow. New people! "Hallo, my name is Adhelami." She smiles brightly. Boy this is an odd-looking young lady.
Feb 07 01:18:25 <Artyom> He leans down slightly. "Where from, little girl?" He asks, a big, bushy brow quirked curiously.
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Feb 07 01:19:27 <Lilah> "Ah…" She looks to Artemis, "I am not from this world." She nods.
Feb 07 01:20:23 <Laito> Artemis follows, smiling amiably. Dude has some serious hardware. These folk must be well-supplied. Artemis looks between the old man and Adhelami, not certain how to explain. The man probably hasn't seen all the weird shit they're used to. "She is… ah… a long way from home."
Feb 07 01:21:08 <Artyom> From this world? Continent? "America, eh? Nice. Big." He says with a nod. "Come in, please." He offers the door to the two, opening it. Inside, they can see dogs, at least twelve, perking up to stare at the newcomers.
Feb 07 01:21:45 <Lilah> America? T__T She blinks at all the doggies! "Pohnpohn..!"
Feb 07 01:22:10 <Laito> Oh, dogs. Artemis is okay with dogs. "I am A-… ah… my name is Adrien."
Feb 07 01:22:57 <Artyom> He nods. "Adrien. Artyom." He offers his rugged hand to the man.
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Feb 07 01:23:59 <Lilah> "Saddha Artyom!" She smiles a nods, glancing to Artemis, "Adrien is my husband." LIES!
Feb 07 01:24:36 <Laito> "Artyohm." Nod. "Good to meet y-" he turns his head to Adhelami in shock, but… plays it cool. "Ah… oui…"
Feb 07 01:25:09 <Artyom> He smiles broadly, and holds the door open for the two. "Please. You look hungry…" He says with a smile.
Feb 07 01:25:41 <Lilah> The gives gives Artemis a mischievous grin, and turns back with a bright, innocent smile for the old man. She perks up- fooood.
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Feb 07 01:30:21 <Lilah> (12:25:09 AM) Artyom: He smiles broadly, and holds the door open for the two. "Please. You look hungry…" He says with a smile.
Feb 07 01:30:21 <Lilah> (12:25:39 AM) Lilah: The gives gives Artemis a mischievous grin, and turns back with a bright, innocent smile for the old man. She perks up- fooood.
Feb 07 01:30:39 <Artyom> The dogs whine as Artyom steps into the house, the door left open as he fishes out three wooden bowls, and three wooden spoons.
Feb 07 01:31:44 <Laito> "Siberia must be harsh. You must be a great survivor."
Feb 07 01:31:58 <Lilah> Adhelami finds this to be the utmost delightful, as Kehlvonians often used wooden dishes. She sits at the table with a smile.
Feb 07 01:33:12 <Artyom> "I live here since i was boy." He sets the bowls down. The dogs whine and sit up, walking over to the table to nudge at Artyom, Adhelami, and Artemis. He motions to the large pot cooking over the fire, the smell heavenly. "Help yourself. Is stew."
Feb 07 01:33:47 <Lilah> Adhelami is delighted by the dogs * A* Sweet pohnpuppypohn
Feb 07 01:34:13 <Lilah> She prattles in kehlvonian baby talk, rubbing their faces.
Feb 07 01:34:34 <Laito> "I must ask… have you seen much of Russia outside of zhese woods?"
Feb 07 01:34:39 <Artyom> The dogs respond to her well, the siberian huskies whining and arfing lightly, each vying for attention.
Feb 07 01:35:07 <Artyom> "Nyet. I do not leave much. Only for, eh…" He takes a moment to think. "supplies. yes. that is word."
Feb 07 01:35:28 <Lilah> Adhelami giggles and goes about splitting the attention among the doggies, trying to give them all pets. Artemis will deal with the diplomacy.
Feb 07 01:38:07 <Laito> "Zhen you have not, ah… heard much about zhe outside world?"
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Feb 07 01:41:43 <Artyom> "Nyet. I have not been to city in… oh… three years."
Feb 07 01:44:33 <Laito> "Ah… Have you seen or heard anysing strange recently?" Artemis helps himself to a bit of stew.
Feb 07 01:45:05 <Artyom> He shakes his head. The stew seems to be rabbit and turnip. yum. "Nyet. I have not."
Feb 07 01:45:35 <Lilah> "…Mn… Bad things have happened to the world." Adhelami frowns.
Feb 07 01:45:51 <Laito> Artemis nods. "It has changed in zhe last… half year."
Feb 07 01:46:10 <Lilah> There is totally a dog, standing with it's front paws in her lap.
Feb 07 01:46:24 <Artyom> He nods sagely, before pouring himself a bowl of stew. He strokes his beard thoughtfully. "How bad are things?"
Feb 07 01:46:49 <Lilah> She takes the paws and waggles them up and down.
Feb 07 01:47:00 <Artyom> The dog barks happily, tongue lolling out.
Feb 07 01:48:28 <Laito> "According to some of our… knowledgeable companions… zhey say zhat… much of zhe world's population has dwindled. Many terrible sings have occurred and still occur every day. Strange sings."
Feb 07 01:49:20 <Artyom> He nods, and sets his bowl down. "Ahhhhh… What are doing in russia, then?"
Feb 07 01:51:10 <Laito> "Most of us came from Australia. We took a boat from zhe Australian navy and sailed up along Asia's coast and traveled up through China. It is a…" Artemis pauses. "We have not found much remaining civilization since zhose sings happened."
Feb 07 01:52:11 <Artyom> "I see…." He strokes his beard abit more, before taking his bowl and setting it on the ground for the dogs. Most of them leave Adhelami to eat. "So, is rare to find man so far from city?"
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Feb 07 01:56:12 <Laito> "A man with us… a captain in zhe Russian army once. He told us how Russia has been… ruined… by atomic weapons. And China is ravaged by a deadly infection origination from Russia… oui, it is a surprise to find you here."
Feb 07 01:57:11 <Artyom> He sighs, one of those old-man, raspy sighs. "I see…. Well, it is good to know some are still alive…."
Feb 07 01:59:05 <Laito> —- The trip proceed to talk for some time and, several hours later, Artemis ventures out into the hills alone to find radio signal to report back to camp with.
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Feb 07 02:02:05 <Lilah> Adhelami is napping by now, her arms crossed for a pillow as she snoozes on the table
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Feb 07 02:06:09 <Artyom> Artyom wakes the poor girl, and offers his bed, the dogs taking refuge there at the moment.
Feb 07 02:06:53 <Lilah> "Ah, thank you… ok.." She yawns softly, "Are you sure..?"
Feb 07 02:08:24 <Artyom> He nods. "Ah yes. Please." He says. The dogs make room for her, and act as an amazing blanket.
Feb 07 02:10:20 <Lilah> eeeehhhh * A* Adhelami snuggles amongst the doggies.