Back to the Great White North

Sep 24 21:08:38 <Dexanote> Myrtle's sitting up on Eve, watching the clouds roll by against the night sky.
Sep 24 21:09:32 <Maddy> Elle clambours up. "You ready to get outa here?"
Sep 24 21:09:56 <Pemander> Arianna leans over the side of the LAV. "Of course we are."
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Sep 24 21:10:16 <Dexanote> "Yeah. Let's get going."
Sep 24 21:10:35 <Echo> Scott's sleeping the back of his Humvee.
Sep 24 21:11:42 <Dexanote> «Hey. Everyone packed?» Myr radios.
Sep 24 21:11:54 <Gara> Emma grabs her bag, then loots the bar a little.
Sep 24 21:12:26 <Pemander> Arianna hops off of Eve and slings her backpack over her shoulder.
Sep 24 21:13:32 <Gara> Then she goes out to vehicles.
Sep 24 21:14:12 <Pemander> "I'll be on the bike, since we still don't have room for it in the back of the truck."
Sep 24 21:14:28 <Pemander> She mounts her motorcycle and messes with her hair a bit.
Sep 24 21:15:42 <Maddy> Elle jumps into the drivers seat of the LAV.
Sep 24 21:16:26 <Dexanote> Myr shrouds, fake-swooning over Biker Arianna, and unshrouds, climbing up into the Eve.
Sep 24 21:18:19 <Maddy> «Lemmy know when you're ready.»
Sep 24 21:18:45 <Gara> Emma is in some vehicle.
Sep 24 21:19:20 <Dexanote> *humvee. She starts up the humvee. «Alright. Elle, take point.»
Sep 24 21:19:34 <Pemander> Ari starts up the bike and pushes the kickstand back.
Sep 24 21:20:38 <Maddy> She startsup the LAV, honks the horn and heads out onto the highway.
Sep 24 21:22:03 <Dexanote> Myrtle follows!
Sep 24 21:23:13 <Pemander> Arianna rides alongside them.
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Sep 24 21:28:10 <Maddy> Elle heads up through Great Falls, avoiding the main street cause they're some kinda retarded super hereo fight happening. «Anyone wanna bid fairwell to the nerds?»
Sep 24 21:28:45 <Pemander> «I'll bid farewell to their internal organs, if that's what you mean.»
Sep 24 21:28:52 <Gara> «No..>
Sep 24 21:29:05 <Maddy> «No that is not what I meant.»
Sep 24 21:29:20 <Pemander> «Then no.»
Sep 24 21:29:26 <Maddy> She keeps driving.
Sep 24 21:29:51 <Maddy> There's some lights and explosions off on the main street. Nerds.
Sep 24 21:31:34 <Dexanote> Myrtle shivers. LARPers. Eugghgh
Sep 24 21:31:40 <Pemander> Arianna tosses a banana peel out on the street as they go.
Sep 24 21:31:48 <Maddy> Eventually the break out of the weird city, heading in to the vast empty plains of rural montana. It's almost eerie how the moon lights the acres and acres of over grown farm land.
Sep 24 21:31:54 <Maddy> Fields now forever in fallow.
Sep 24 21:32:36 <Gara> Emma looks out at all the stuff, as much looking at the land as for monsters.
Sep 24 21:34:15 <Maddy> There are heards of what look like horses off in the distance, shufflinf around and grazing.
Sep 24 21:36:22 <Pemander> «You got any idea where the next stop is, Boss Lady?»
Sep 24 21:36:29 <Pemander> «Or are we just going to drive until we find a good place?»
Sep 24 21:37:20 <Maddy> «Who'd boss lady, cause I got a plan.»
Sep 24 21:40:27 <Pemander> «You're Boss Lady.»
Sep 24 21:40:49 <Pemander> «I'm too mental to be the boss, Scott's a wimp, and Myrtle is…y'know, Myrtle. Sorry Myr.»
Sep 24 21:41:04 <Echo> «No way.»
Sep 24 21:41:06 <Dexanote> «It's alright.»
Sep 24 21:41:18 <Dexanote> «Yes, way, Scoot. I'm too Myrtle to be boss."
Sep 24 21:41:19 <Dexanote> »
Sep 24 21:41:27 <Maddy> «Oh ok, yeah I'm thinking we head to the border, and itf it's all fucked up, we head to whatever next town is on the Canadian side."
Sep 24 21:41:28 <Maddy> »
Sep 24 21:41:45 <Echo> He sounds like he just woke up. «No, I mean, I'm not a wimp. I was gonna go down the hole first.»
Sep 24 21:42:46 <Gara> «Why can't I be boss lady»
Sep 24 21:43:34 <Pemander> «Because you're asleep on the couch all the time.»
Sep 24 21:43:39 <Maddy> «Should take like a couple hours and shit.»
Sep 24 21:44:23 <Gara> «That's because you're boring, Ari.»
Sep 24 21:44:53 <Pemander> «Aww…»
Sep 24 21:45:05 <Dexanote> «Wow. I know who we're forgetting next time.»
Sep 24 21:45:18 <Gara> «So boring, just knowing you exist, somewhere, makes me fall asleep.»
Sep 24 21:45:55 <Pemander> «Fuckin' rude. Few hours sounds good, Elle.»
Sep 24 21:47:46 <Maddy> As they go along the scenerey get weird. Some of the plants dont look like anything from this earth, the colour is off, and some of the wildlife has a strange gaite, a little too long in their strides.
Sep 24 21:48:55 <Dexanote> «Ssssso. Something's up with the deer.»
Sep 24 21:48:59 <Dexanote> «And plants and stuff.»
Sep 24 21:49:05 <Gara> «Yeah it's weird.»
Sep 24 21:49:07 <Echo> Scott peeks through the rear windows as he rides in the back of the Hummer, noting the vegetation. «We, uh, wanna take a different route?»
Sep 24 21:49:29 <Maddy> «Well they ain't like….touching us so I think we should just keep on keepin on."
Sep 24 21:49:30 <Maddy> »
Sep 24 21:50:17 <Gara> «I hate it when weird animals touch me.» Emma just looks around at them.
Sep 24 21:51:47 <Pemander> «Yeah. me too…> Arianna responds wistfully.
Sep 24 21:52:47 <Dexanote> «… uh.»
Sep 24 21:52:49 <Maddy> «Alright we wont let them toouch us then.»
Sep 24 21:52:55 <Dexanote> Myr just turns off her radio.
Sep 24 21:52:56 <Echo> Scott crawls up to the front of the hummer. Who's driving it?
Sep 24 21:53:01 <Dexanote> Myr is.
Sep 24 21:53:09 <Echo> "Where are we headed?"
Sep 24 21:53:33 <Echo> He awkwardly crawls over the passenger seat and settles in.
Sep 24 21:54:06 <Dexanote> "Canada."
Sep 24 21:54:51 <Maddy> They pass a farm house every few miles. most of them are dilapidated as all shit…one looks like something huge broke it appart fomr the inside, and there are large food prints leading away from it.
Sep 24 21:55:03 <Maddy> large ass in like, the size of a small compact car.
Sep 24 21:55:23 <Gara> «Why do I think we're going to have to find that thing.»
Sep 24 21:55:29 <Pemander> «Um…I don't like the look of that.»
Sep 24 21:55:37 <Pemander> «Bigfoots are scary.»
Sep 24 21:56:05 <Maddy> «Well unless y'all tell me to, Im pretending that's not there and driving away from it.»
Sep 24 21:56:29 <Dexanote> Myr clicks her radio back on - presumably she can hear through Scoots. "Ssssounds good."
Sep 24 21:56:33 <Dexanote> «Sssssounds good.»
Sep 24 21:56:51 <Dexanote> «So like when did the Foundation catch Godzilla?»
Sep 24 21:56:54 <Pemander> «…why does that sound so familiar.»
Sep 24 21:58:09 <Maddy> «I don't know that we had a godzilla…but whatever left those tracks was probably quadrupeidal.»
Sep 24 21:58:44 <Echo> «You can say "had four legs."»
Sep 24 21:59:05 <Pemander> «Quadrupedal sounds cooler.»
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Sep 24 21:59:27 <Gara> «It does.»
Sep 24 22:02:03 <Maddy> «To be fair, just cause it's a quadrupeid, doesn't mean itts only got four legs. Just hat it was walking on 4 when it made those tracks.»
Sep 24 22:03:42 <Maddy> «Hell, it might have more legs, or less, so I could be totally wrong.»
Sep 24 22:04:11 <Maddy> They keep going, eventually aproaching the border.
Sep 24 22:04:18 <Maddy> And…it doesnt look great.
Sep 24 22:04:29 <Echo> Scott turns his radio down, looks over at Myrtle, then leans over against the passenger door, bonking his head against the glass.
Sep 24 22:05:00 <Echo> "Looks like a nice we're headed."
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Sep 24 22:06:10 <Pemander> Arianna pulls up alongside Scott's passenger side window on her bike.
Sep 24 22:06:17 <Pemander> She flashes him a thumbs-up.
Sep 24 22:06:32 <Pemander> Then zooms on ahead.
Sep 24 22:07:25 <Maddy> There are the burnt out husks of cars and buildings, long cleaned skeletons of various folks, all seem to have been trying to make a break for the other side of the border.
Sep 24 22:07:29 <Maddy> On both sides.
Sep 24 22:07:56 <Pemander> «Doesn't look that great, Boss Lady.»
Sep 24 22:08:16 <Maddy> «Can we get through?»
Sep 24 22:09:07 <Pemander> «Not sure. Let me go on ahead and see if there's enough room between the junk for the LAV to get through.»
Sep 24 22:09:29 <Dexanote> «Uh. Careful. Don't want to lose the bike.»
Sep 24 22:09:47 <Pemander> Arianna accelerates and pulls ahead of Eve, searching for a safe path through the wreckage. «Who do you think you're talking to?»
Sep 24 22:09:54 <Pemander> «I'm /always/ careful.»
Sep 24 22:10:48 <Maddy> The way is mostly clear, though right at the end of the road leading into canada. There's a car blocking the way.
Sep 24 22:10:53 <Maddy> Jsut one.
Sep 24 22:11:58 <Pemander> «We're going to have to get out and push this last one, unless you want to just ram it with Eve.»
Sep 24 22:12:16 <Maddy> «I'd rather not put undue stress on the LAV.»
Sep 24 22:12:24 <Pemander> «Yeah, figured.»
Sep 24 22:12:27 <Maddy> She slows and stops the vehicle.
Sep 24 22:12:42 <Pemander> Arianna slows to a stop and puts the kickstand down on her motorcycle.
Sep 24 22:13:56 <Maddy> Elle hops out and looks into the car. There's a dead person in there their face on the horn.
Sep 24 22:14:31 <Gara> Emma hopes out and goes to look.
Sep 24 22:14:54 <Echo> «Might as well see if it still runs first."
Sep 24 22:14:54 <Echo> »
Sep 24 22:14:55 <Dexanote> Myr climbs out as well, drawing a pistol.
Sep 24 22:15:24 <Pemander> Arianna sighs. Is the window of the car broken?
Sep 24 22:15:34 <Maddy> "The key's still in, and it's still on." the window is open.
Sep 24 22:15:48 <Maddy> "The battery is probably super dead."
Sep 24 22:16:07 <Maddy> Thank you Staff Seargent Obvious
Sep 24 22:16:18 <Echo> "Well… guess not." Scott follows her.
Sep 24 22:17:03 <Pemander> She reaches in through the window and pulls up the door lock, then opens the car door.
Sep 24 22:17:28 <Pemander> "I'll steer. Pushing is for the help."
Sep 24 22:17:52 <Maddy> When she reaches in and toucch the skelly a little on her way through, cause the dudes in the way, suddenly everyon hears screaming.
Sep 24 22:18:16 <Maddy> It's a male voice, just screaming incoherently.
Sep 24 22:18:26 <Pemander> Arianna winces and immediately clamps her hands to her ears.
Sep 24 22:19:00 <Dexanote> Myr raaaaaaises her gun. "Alright."
Sep 24 22:19:12 <Maddy> It doesnt seem to help, the screaming is kinda like how charlotte talks, but its "coming from" the skelly.
Sep 24 22:19:18 <Gara> Emma draws her pistol, grtting her teeth, raises her gun at the skelly, looking around.
Sep 24 22:19:21 <Maddy> Which is still completely motionless
Sep 24 22:19:37 <Echo> Scott takes a few steps back, hurriedly shoving earplugs in from a keeper in his pockets.
Sep 24 22:19:39 <Pemander> "PUT A BULLET IN IT OR SOMETHING."
Sep 24 22:19:50 <Gara> 4df+4 Lol okay I'll do that.
Sep 24 22:19:50 <CROM> Gara: Lol okay I'll do that.: 4 (4df+4=+, -, +, -)
Sep 24 22:19:55 <Maddy> The ear plugs dont do anything.
Sep 24 22:19:55 <Pemander> Arianna points to the skeleton with her foot.
Sep 24 22:20:32 <Maddy> The screaming stops, and the "sound" the bullet makes is like she shot a living person.
Sep 24 22:20:37 <Maddy> Flesh and brain sounds.
Sep 24 22:20:45 <Maddy> the skull, however jsut crumbles.
Sep 24 22:20:49 <Pemander> "Gross."
Sep 24 22:21:03 <Gara> "Gross."
Sep 24 22:21:08 <Maddy> "Gaaah just move the car and lets get out of here."
Sep 24 22:21:55 <Dexanote> "Haunted. Right. Hey everyone, don't die around here, alright?"
Sep 24 22:22:06 <Pemander> "Don't tell me what to do, Myrtle."
Sep 24 22:22:26 <Pemander> Arianna turns the steering wheel so that the car is directed to an out-of-the-way spot.
Sep 24 22:22:29 <Dexanote> "You love it." She scans the horizon.
Sep 24 22:22:38 <Maddy> "Ready?"
Sep 24 22:22:43 <Gara> "I'll make a an- probably does- an effort to not die."
Sep 24 22:22:44 <Echo> "What the fuck was all that?"
Sep 24 22:23:01 <Pemander> "Yep. Whenever you guys are."
Sep 24 22:23:17 <Maddy> "One, two, three." she puushes
Sep 24 22:23:38 <Gara> Emma push.
Sep 24 22:24:22 <Maddy> the car moves yaaaay
Sep 24 22:24:33 <Pemander> yaaay omg so unespected
Sep 24 22:24:52 <Pemander> Arianna stands up straight and jerks a thumb back toward the vehicles. "Looks clear now."
Sep 24 22:24:54 <Maddy> The way into Canada and past the completely fucked up border ton is clear from here on out.
Sep 24 22:24:57 <MonkeyBomb> Charlotte was rudely awakened by the gunshot. She opens the door of the vehicle she had been napping in and hurries over to investigate. She also imagined she heard someone screaming… But it was probably just a dream.
Sep 24 22:25:00 <Maddy> Lot a skellies and shit too.
Sep 24 22:25:24 <Maddy> Adults, kids, babies, all sorts.
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Sep 24 22:26:23 <Pemander> "Geez. What even happened here?"
Sep 24 22:26:40 <Pemander> She ask this while mounting the bike.
Sep 24 22:27:02 <Echo> "People made a run for the border. Looks like they didn't get away from what they were running from."
Sep 24 22:27:08 <Maddy> "Guessing when shit went south, everyone though the grass was greener on the other side."
Sep 24 22:27:34 <Pemander> "Bad luck."
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Sep 24 22:27:48 <Echo> Scott heads back to the Hummer, climbing back into the passenger side.
Sep 24 22:27:56 <Maddy> "Let's get out of here." she nods to Charlotte as she heads back to the LAV
Sep 24 22:28:35 * CROM (~ac.lleb.lsd.09046364-CRInys|tobeparg#ac.lleb.lsd.09046364-CRInys|tobeparg) has joined #afteraction
Sep 24 22:28:45 <MonkeyBomb> Charlotte follows.
Sep 24 22:29:33 <Pemander> Ari starts the bike up again and moves forward slowly, doing her best to avoid all the skeletons.
Sep 24 22:29:55 <Maddy> Elle leads them out of the weird ghost town, and into that flat, dry land that is the canadian prairies.
Sep 24 22:31:16 * TroyL (ten.tenreitnorf.nt.lvkc.20rd.8FE38742-CRInys|LyorT#ten.tenreitnorf.nt.lvkc.20rd.8FE38742-CRInys|LyorT) has joined #afteraction
Sep 24 22:31:26 <Pemander> «This place looks even shittier than 'Murica'."
Sep 24 22:31:32 <Pemander> »*
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Sep 24 22:31:39 <Dexanote> «Yeah well.»
Sep 24 22:31:49 <MonkeyBomb> Charlotte marvels at the devastation. She presses a hand to the cold window and wonders what times were like before.
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Sep 24 22:32:05 <Dexanote> I;m betting the joke is that it looks exactly the same.
Sep 24 22:32:12 <Maddy> Eventually they make it to what looks like a nice little town. completely deserted, and in repair you'd expect from a place left to nature so long.
Sep 24 22:32:28 <Pemander> hahahahahaha
Sep 24 22:32:51 <Maddy> The buildings closer to the edges of town are covered in climbing vegetation, some houses have trees topped on them.
Sep 24 22:33:09 <Gara> Emma thinks that's cool as hell.
Sep 24 22:33:21 <Maddy> «Ok so there's an airport here…alledgedly. And a hospital and stuff. Where do we wanna go.»
Sep 24 22:33:57 <Echo> «We need a damn gun store. Or an outfitters.»
Sep 24 22:34:07 <Pemander> «The hospital. Allegedly.»
Sep 24 22:34:19 <Maddy> «This is Canada, bro.»
Sep 24 22:34:30 <Echo> «Hospital might be nice, though. And there's guns in Canada.»
Sep 24 22:34:44 <Maddy> «I don't believe you but ok hospital it is.»
Sep 24 22:35:33 <MonkeyBomb> Clinical facilities aren't exactly Charlotte's happy place, but what can she say?
Sep 24 22:36:19 <Maddy> The roads are brutal, and the group likly has to stop several times to help Ari's bike where shit is fucked.
Sep 24 22:37:30 <Maddy> They round a corner and…
Sep 24 22:37:36 <Maddy> T REX
Sep 24 22:37:41 <Maddy> in the fucking road
Sep 24 22:37:43 <Maddy> on its side
Sep 24 22:37:44 <Dexanote> Nothing, because charlotte's mute.
Sep 24 22:38:00 <Echo> "…"
Sep 24 22:38:00 <Echo> "Stop the truck."
Sep 24 22:38:02 <Gara> "…"
Sep 24 22:38:05 <Gara> "Fucking."
Sep 24 22:38:07 <Gara> Emma sighs.
Sep 24 22:38:09 <Dexanote> Myrtle hits the brakes, pausing to lean out of the door.
Sep 24 22:38:11 <Echo> Scott pats Myrt;e's arm. "Stop the truck."
Sep 24 22:38:19 <Dexanote> She leans out the window and peers.
Sep 24 22:38:25 <Dexanote> "… Huh. A dinosaur."
Sep 24 22:38:25 <Pemander> Arianna stops her bike and stares.
Sep 24 22:38:29 <Maddy> Now that the panic is over
Sep 24 22:38:32 <Gara> Emma looks at the fucking TRex.
Sep 24 22:38:33 <Maddy> its obviously fake
Sep 24 22:38:40 <Gara> "Oh."
Sep 24 22:38:42 <Gara> "Well."
Sep 24 22:38:43 <Dexanote> "A statue."
Sep 24 22:38:44 <Gara> "Okay."
Sep 24 22:38:46 <MonkeyBomb> Charlotte knew this… Maybe.
Sep 24 22:38:51 <Dexanote> «A statue, continue on.»
Sep 24 22:38:54 <Maddy> there are parts of it were the skin's come off and you can see the armatre underneath
Sep 24 22:40:52 * Dr_Kens has quit (Quit: sleepytime imma cut u all. with a dagger of love.)
Sep 24 22:41:07 <Dexanote> «Elle didn;t you say something about some kind of national park around here??»
Sep 24 22:41:12 <Pemander> «Weird.»
Sep 24 22:41:19 <Maddy> When they get to the hospital its pretty shitty looking, but it's still standing. «Did I?»
Sep 24 22:44:31 <Maddy> «I just know we're a few klicks away from that Foundation place.»
Sep 24 22:45:14 <Echo> Scott hops out of the Hummer, slamming the door, and sets his radio to VOX. «Should be an easy trip in the next couple days.»
Sep 24 22:45:22 <Echo> «We gonna clear this out?»
Sep 24 22:45:53 <Maddy> She cuts the engine. Most of the main floor windows are shatterd to shit, as are the glass sliding doors leading inside.
Sep 24 22:46:37 <Dexanote> «Might as well.» Myr cuts her own engine.
Sep 24 22:47:54 <Pemander> Arianna turns off the bike and heads over to the front entrance of the hospital.
Sep 24 22:48:10 * Pemander has quit (Quit: CGI:IRC)
Sep 24 22:48:22 * Pemander (~ten.htuoslleb.shc.11EFB46-CRInys|criigc#ten.htuoslleb.shc.11EFB46-CRInys|criigc) has joined #afteraction
Sep 24 22:49:44 <Dexanote> Myr climbs out and stretches. "So whatre the chances…"
Sep 24 22:50:02 <Gara> Emma pops out.
Sep 24 22:50:08 <Maddy> It's a really small hospital. 3 Floors.
Sep 24 22:50:56 <Pemander> "What're the chances of what?"
Sep 24 22:51:58 <MonkeyBomb> Charlotte slides out of her vehicle and takes a look around. She stretches a bit, yawning as she does.
Sep 24 22:52:12 <Maddy> Inside the glass doors is the emergency foyer. Its a fucking mess but there aren't like, bodies and shit. Just looks trashed.
Sep 24 22:52:18 <Maddy> Thers graphiti on the wall.
Sep 24 22:53:20 <Echo> Scott shines his rifle's light on it.
Sep 24 22:53:28 <Dexanote> "Horror bullshit in an abandoned hospital." She shrugs, drawing her gun. "Someone wanna see if the door's open?"
Sep 24 22:54:30 <Maddy> The part he shines it on says. "Lost mom, lost Jack. Now our son is gon too. Mental ward collapsed. Dont go in there."
Sep 24 22:54:49 <Pemander> Arianna tries to nudge the door open with her foot.
Sep 24 22:54:50 <Pemander> "Hey guys. Lets go in the mental ward."
Sep 24 22:54:51 <Maddy> The doors are pretty much just frames
Sep 24 22:54:57 <Maddy> cause they were glass
Sep 24 22:55:01 <Maddy> and they're shattered
Sep 24 22:55:55 <Pemander> She steps over the door with her foot.
Sep 24 22:56:30 <Gara> "Lets go there."
Sep 24 22:56:31 <Pemander> Ari uses her feet for walking. Imagine that.
Sep 24 22:56:44 <Gara> Emma draws her pistol, and walks in.
Sep 24 22:57:34 <MonkeyBomb> Charlotte follows, sorely wishing she had a gun instead of a switchblade.
Sep 24 22:57:53 <Echo> "We got a warning. I mean, it collapsed for a reason. Hell, it might not even be hot to stay here."
Sep 24 22:57:54 <Maddy> The place looks like it's been used as temporary shelter by a great many people at one time or another, there are even some repairs to structures here and there.
Sep 24 22:58:27 <Pemander> "Scott, /I'm/ here. Of course it's hot."
Sep 24 22:58:31 <Maddy> There is a hole in the ceiling in the back left corner of the foyer however
Sep 24 22:58:50 <Gara> "Horrible."
Sep 24 22:59:16 <MonkeyBomb> Charlotte scoffs.
Sep 24 22:59:30 <Pemander> Ari licks her index finger and presses it to her hip. "Tsssss."
Sep 24 22:59:50 <Gara> Emma totally checks her out though.
Sep 24 23:00:25 <Pemander> "Anyway, I'll leave it up to you guys, but this place looks good enough to me."
Sep 24 23:00:39 <Pemander> "I'm not that picky."
Sep 24 23:01:00 <Maddy> "It's not too bad, might jsut be some of the other sectons that ain't good. Probably shouldn't go upstairs."
Sep 24 23:01:16 <Pemander> "Mhm."
Sep 24 23:01:23 <Dexanote> "Ground floor. We'll check out upstairs in the day."
Sep 24 23:02:13 <Echo> "… I'm spending the night in the Hummer, then."
Sep 24 23:02:34 <Maddy> "Mmhm. Not the priivacy we had back at the manor, but it'l do. Also we ouht to tell Tifa about the horses so they dont like, get away or something before someone can make use."
Sep 24 23:02:38 <Pemander> "Hah. Wimp." She sets up a sleeping bag after clearing an area of glass and debris.
Sep 24 23:02:51 <MonkeyBomb> Charlotte doesn't exactly like the sound of spending the night in a hospital, no matter how run-down and dilapidated it is.
Sep 24 23:03:12 <Echo> "Nah. Just safe."
Sep 24 23:03:30 <Pemander> "Let's do it tomorrow, Elle. I'm bushed."
Sep 24 23:03:43 <Gara> Emma tries to clear out an area
Sep 24 23:03:45 <Pemander> "The horses will be okay for one night."
Sep 24 23:03:46 <Maddy> "I always sleep int the LAV, so yea…" she laughs. "Yeah sounds good."
Sep 24 23:03:51 <Maddy> "Not liek they eat right?"
Sep 24 23:03:58 <Pemander> Arianna nods.
Sep 24 23:04:48 <Maddy> "Well, here we are. I'm gonna patrol outside and hav a smoke. Got my radio if you need me,"
Sep 24 23:04:57 <Pemander> "Alrighty."
Sep 24 23:05:02 <Maddy> Off she goes
Sep 24 23:05:03 <Dexanote> Myr stretches, a bit on edge. "… Really? A hospital, Ari?"
Sep 24 23:05:38 <Pemander> "I'm over my issues. Mostly. Sort of."
Sep 24 23:05:46 <Pemander> "Hospitals aren't that bad."
Sep 24 23:05:55 <Pemander> "ANYWAY GOOD NIGHT."