Feb 27 19:10:20 <Maddy> «H-hey everyone, we'll be l-landing in Akita Pref-fecture in about a-an hour if a-all goes well, b-be ready.»
Feb 27 19:11:03 <Tom90deg> «Rodger.»
Feb 27 19:13:53 * Skyelyn has quit (Ping timeout)
Feb 27 19:15:06 <PaulS_worktop> «*grunt*»
Feb 27 19:15:55 * Break (~ten.nozirev.soif.acnasl.A748E19A-CRInys|tpircsnn#ten.nozirev.soif.acnasl.A748E19A-CRInys|tpircsnn) has joined #afteraction
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Feb 27 19:29:41 <Maddy> Alice is making sure all her shit is in the LAV
Feb 27 19:31:23 <Tom90deg> Zoe packs up her stuff as well, getting her duffel ready.
Feb 27 19:31:41 * Lilah (~ten.sndscps.sloop.05263A09-CRInys|criordna#ten.sndscps.sloop.05263A09-CRInys|criordna) has joined #afteraction
Feb 27 19:31:48 <Maddy> "Z-zoe? C-can you get Adhel and Artemis' stuff?"
Feb 27 19:33:44 <PaulS_worktop> John has his gear ready, and arrives at the LAV well armed and equipped
Feb 27 19:34:14 <E4D> Jason carries out his and Alice's larger packs and tucks them away.
Feb 27 19:34:31 <Maddy> Bou is in her pot! Yaaaay
Feb 27 19:35:57 <Tom90deg> "Will do."
Feb 27 19:36:23 <Tom90deg> Zoe heads down to their room, and starts packing and moving their bags up to the LAV
Feb 27 19:37:00 <E4D> «Heya, John, can you bring us alongside a dock? Like, a good one? I don't want the LAV to, like… collapse it or anything.»
Feb 27 19:40:32 <PaulS_worktop> "Sure" John was at the LAV already. He straps his shit up onto the LAV and then heads up onto the bridge to assume command.
Feb 27 19:41:23 <Maddy> Alice stretchs a little. "What kinda r-reception you think w-we're gonna have?"
Feb 27 19:41:32 <PaulS_worktop> When the docks come into sight, he looks for a decent cargo slip. Something concrete. Generally a crane being able to reach it would be a good indicator of one.
Feb 27 19:42:03 <E4D> "Got no idea."
Feb 27 19:42:13 <Tom90deg> Zoe finishes with Artemis and Adhelami's stuff and loads the last bag in the LAV.
Feb 27 19:44:06 <PaulS_worktop> He puts his feet up in the chair
Feb 27 19:44:25 <Maddy> There is one over ther, but you're going ot have o drive around the huge wall thats used against tsunamis and shit.
Feb 27 19:45:29 * Ryu (~ten.labolgcbs.omslts.deepsthgil.5CE9768D-CRInys|7tahCecI#ten.labolgcbs.omslts.deepsthgil.5CE9768D-CRInys|7tahCecI) has joined #afteraction
Feb 27 19:45:53 * Ryu is now known as Seth
Feb 27 19:46:30 * Lilah has quit (Ping timeout)
Feb 27 19:52:05 <MisterFlames> A figure sits on the dock, wearing a blue garment. The figure has a fishing pole and has done well for herself.
Feb 27 19:52:45 <PaulS_worktop> John swings the ship wide to avoid the wall «Approaching now. Anyone who's landing, get yerselves ready.»
Feb 27 19:53:01 <PaulS_worktop> «Anyone seen my hawaiian shirt?»
Feb 27 19:53:19 <Maddy> «It's s-still winter, John.» Alice gets in the LAV.
Feb 27 19:53:40 <PaulS_worktop> She may also recall that he has no such shirts, either
Feb 27 19:53:49 <PaulS_worktop> «…I think I left them at the site, guys»
Feb 27 19:54:02 <E4D> «We're all goin' ashore, anyway.»
Feb 27 19:54:16 <Maddy> Alice has no idea about the content of Johns luggage, nor does she care.
Feb 27 19:55:21 <Tom90deg> Zoe stands by the railing, watching the landing
Feb 27 19:55:39 <Maddy> «Jason, m-make sure the trailer's h-hitched propper?"
Feb 27 19:55:41 <Maddy> »
Feb 27 19:57:17 <E4D> «Got it.» He walks the short distance to the rear and checks the hitch, then makes sure the chains are secured. "Huh." Apparently, he'd forgotten to tape the chains earlier, and takes a few moments to do so.
Feb 27 19:57:47 * Liebe (moc.rr.ser.submuloc.AD34885D-CRInys|tibbiM#moc.rr.ser.submuloc.AD34885D-CRInys|tibbiM) has joined #afteraction
Feb 27 19:59:17 <E4D> «We're all set to touch down. Well, our Cadillac is.»
Feb 27 20:00:00 <Maddy> «Alright everyone w-we're going a-ashore, get y-ye on the t-trailer or LAV.»
Feb 27 20:00:23 <Tom90deg> Zoe does so, climbing into the LAV.
Feb 27 20:02:03 <MisterFlames> The fishing rod bows a bit, and the woman reels in the line. A good sized fish is the result, which she puts on a line to hang with the rest of her catch.
Feb 27 20:02:34 <Tom90deg> «Are we going to radio or announce our presence?»
Feb 27 20:05:43 <Maddy> «You speak j-japanese?»
Feb 27 20:07:32 <Tom90deg> «No need to be snarky, I'm just saying radioing something may be better than a group of heavly armed people jumping off. And no. Do you?»
Feb 27 20:08:10 <Maddy> «I w-wan being sarky. I w-was asking a question.»
Feb 27 20:08:32 <Tom90deg> «Sorry. You lose intent over the radios.»
Feb 27 20:08:49 <Maddy> «…Jason w-we got one survivor b-by the looks of it.»
Feb 27 20:09:58 <E4D> «… Where? I'm down on the middle section with the trailer. I can't see shit down here.»
Feb 27 20:10:56 <Maddy> «Someone's f-fishing on the docks. W-we're pulling in n-now, how y-you wanna do this?»
Feb 27 20:12:42 <E4D> «*Fishing*? Uh, shit, I guess we just roll past and ask for directions.»
Feb 27 20:13:25 <Maddy> «Works f-for me. John ho l-long till we're docked?»
Feb 27 20:16:37 * Nusquam (||tibbiM) has joined #afteraction
Feb 27 20:16:37 * ChanServ sets mode +a #afteraction Nusquam
Feb 27 20:16:37 * ChanServ gives channel operator status to Nusquam
Feb 27 20:17:59 <PaulS_worktop> «Just a second»
Feb 27 20:18:09 <PaulS_worktop> «WIll someone gimmie a hand with lines while I dock?»
Feb 27 20:18:23 <MisterFlames> The woman looks at the ship arriving, and puts her fishing pole away.
Feb 27 20:18:25 <PaulS_worktop> the ship is pulling aloneside it's slip
Feb 27 20:19:14 <Maddy> «Jason c-can you help him, I h-have no idea how t-to do whatever he's asking.»
Feb 27 20:19:16 <E4D> Jason heads over to cast the lines. «Gotcha, gonna need another pair of hands.»
Feb 27 20:19:53 <Maddy> «Anyone else around? Zoe?»
Feb 27 20:20:00 <Tom90deg> «Will do.»
Feb 27 20:20:10 <Tom90deg> Zoe heads over to the lines. "Just tellme what to do."
Feb 27 20:21:16 <PaulS_worktop> The ship lurches and the props gurgle as John throws it into reverse, stopping the ship's forward momentum
Feb 27 20:21:26 * Ragazzo (ten.llebcap.ac2tks.lsd.B78E0C34-CRInys|tibbiM#ten.llebcap.ac2tks.lsd.B78E0C34-CRInys|tibbiM) has joined #afteraction
Feb 27 20:21:34 <PaulS_worktop> «Tie us up, will y'all?»
Feb 27 20:22:26 <E4D> "Actually… voip over to the dock, and take the rope with you. Tie it off on on the closest mooring post, then voip back and do it with the one over there." He points forward of their position, toward the nose of the boat,
Feb 27 20:23:16 <Tom90deg> "I can't take the rope with me, I'll just sever it. I'll catch the rpe you toss tough
Feb 27 20:23:22 <Tom90deg> *though"
Feb 27 20:24:39 <Tom90deg> "Shall I?"
Feb 27 20:25:22 <Ragazzo> Dr. Cole sits in his bed, and sketches.
Feb 27 20:25:48 <E4D> "Go for it, hurry, before we start driftin'."
Feb 27 20:26:19 <Tom90deg> Zoe eyes the distance and jumps off the side of the boat, porting to the dock. "Ok, toss it down!"
Feb 27 20:30:58 <MisterFlames> The woman watches Zoe teleport, then smiles softly.
Feb 27 20:32:06 <Tom90deg> Zoe gives the woman a slight wave. "Don't know if you speak english, be right with you."
Feb 27 20:32:35 * Kens_Away is now known as Dr_Kens
Feb 27 20:32:44 <E4D> Jason tosses the heavy lines across the gap.
Feb 27 20:32:53 <MisterFlames> "Certainly." The woman replies softly, a melodious alto.
Feb 27 20:33:26 <Dr_Kens> Illia walks up the deck, watching.
Feb 27 20:33:27 <Tom90deg> Zoe grabs it and quickly ties it up and around the anchor. "Ok, next one!"
Feb 27 20:33:54 <Tom90deg> Zoe jogs down to the other anchor, waiting for the rope.
Feb 27 20:34:10 <E4D> He runs along, one hand on the rail as he ascends the staircase to the forward section, and repeats the process with the other one.
Feb 27 20:34:55 <Tom90deg> Zoe grabs it and ties it down. "Ok, We're tied down!"
Feb 27 20:35:43 <Tom90deg> Zoe wanders back to the first anchor, near the Kimono woman. "Did I hear you say something in english?"
Feb 27 20:37:14 <PaulS_worktop> «All clear down there?»
Feb 27 20:37:31 <Tom90deg> «YEp, we're tied down, but someone who really knows knots may want to glance at them.»
Feb 27 20:38:33 <PaulS_worktop> «I mean peopple-wise. Safe to kill the engines and come down?»
Feb 27 20:39:00 <Tom90deg> «There's just one girl here that I can see. And she's not tried to kill me yet.» Zoe gives the girl a smile.
Feb 27 20:39:18 <Tom90deg> «If you want me to scout a bit, I will.»
Feb 27 20:39:21 <E4D> «We're not worried about longevity of the knots. And that's great, just don't get too close.»
Feb 27 20:39:33 <MisterFlames> "You did, yes. Hello, Zoe." She smiles in reply. "Tell Jason that everything ehre is pretty quiet."
Feb 27 20:39:47 <Tom90deg> «…Um…Hold on…»
Feb 27 20:40:33 <Tom90deg> Zoe looks up at the boat and jumps up, porting onto the deck of the boat. "Problem Jason…She knows your name. And mine."
Feb 27 20:40:43 <PaulS_worktop> The meaty rumbling of the engines dies down, and John steps down from the bridge
Feb 27 20:41:10 <MisterFlames> The woman stands up and stretches, amused.
Feb 27 20:42:26 <Maddy> «What's going on out there?»
Feb 27 20:42:26 <E4D> "What?"
Feb 27 20:42:39 <E4D> «Says the lady knows me and her's name.»
Feb 27 20:42:43 <Maddy> «What.»
Feb 27 20:43:34 <Tom90deg> "She also said everything here is quiet, for whatever that's worth."
Feb 27 20:46:31 * Dr_Kens is now known as Kens_Studying
Feb 27 20:47:20 <Tom90deg> "What's the plan?"
Feb 27 20:48:23 <E4D> "Stand by!" «Alice, roll the LAV off?»
Feb 27 20:49:15 <Maddy> «Got it.> She starts it up and starts to head onto the dock.
Feb 27 20:52:10 <E4D> Jason takes the stairs down tot he middle section two at a time and follows the vehicle off.
Feb 27 20:52:28 <Tom90deg> Zoe follows Jason down the stairs.
Feb 27 20:53:18 * Laito-Away is now known as Laito
Feb 27 20:55:03 * Kens_Studying is now known as Clueless_about_Chemistry
Feb 27 21:00:24 <MisterFlames> The woman nods to herself upon seeing the LAV, adopting a patient attitude.
Feb 27 21:01:00 <E4D> Jason walks out ahead of the LAV, cradling his rifle across his chest. "Excuse me, ma'am?"
Feb 27 21:01:31 * Dexaway is now known as Dexanote
Feb 27 21:02:21 <MisterFlames> "Hello, Jason." The Japanese woman smiles to him. "I see you've made it to Akira Prefecture."
Feb 27 21:03:19 <E4D> "… That where we are?" His arms relax around the weapon, readying himself to bring it up. "And how do you know my name?"
Feb 27 21:03:22 * Praetor (moc.rr.ser.submuloc.AD34885D-CRInys|tibbiM#moc.rr.ser.submuloc.AD34885D-CRInys|tibbiM) has joined #afteraction
Feb 27 21:03:22 <MisterFlames> ((Akita))
Feb 27 21:03:57 <MisterFlames> "Well, in another time, another life, I was one of your companions. Although I didn't look like this."
Feb 27 21:04:01 * Liebe has quit (Quit: ajax IRC Client)
Feb 27 21:04:09 <E4D> For a moment, he feels almost naked outside the suit, having neglected to ready it, banking on a simple ship-to-shore debarkation.
Feb 27 21:04:28 <Tom90deg> Zoe narrows her eyes. She has a crazy thought….
Feb 27 21:04:57 <Maddy> Alice sits in the LAV drimming on the wheel.
Feb 27 21:05:03 <E4D> "Gonna have to do better than that." He slooowly takes a couple of casual steps backwards toward the LAV. "Not big on the past lives thing. You got a name, ma'am?"
Feb 27 21:05:09 * Praetor is now known as Liebe
Feb 27 21:06:07 <MisterFlames> Aside from a fishing pole, the woman appears unarmed. "I'm known as Mayonaka, presently." She smiles at the joke. "Know any Japanese?"
Feb 27 21:06:39 <Tom90deg> Zoe shakes her head.
Feb 27 21:07:16 <E4D> "Uhhh, not exactly." He looks over to Zoe. "You speak Japanese, right?"
Feb 27 21:07:53 <Tom90deg> "I'm Chinese racist. And more improtanty I'm English, I don't speak a word of anything other than english."
Feb 27 21:08:45 <Tom90deg> "I don't suppose you'll give us the translation?"
Feb 27 21:09:06 <MisterFlames> "Certainly. Midnight."
Feb 27 21:09:14 <Tom90deg> "No. No no. Prove it."
Feb 27 21:09:19 * Praetor (moc.rr.ser.submuloc.AD34885D-CRInys|tibbiM#moc.rr.ser.submuloc.AD34885D-CRInys|tibbiM) has joined #afteraction
Feb 27 21:09:51 <MisterFlames> "Well, I don't have my old body, Zoe. That vanished when Lance hit me with that sphere.
Feb 27 21:10:16 <MisterFlames> "And my present form… well, it's a little offputting if you aren't prepared."
Feb 27 21:10:18 <E4D> Jason's mouth is agape for a moment, and he almost drops the rifle.
Feb 27 21:10:36 <E4D> «Uh, Alice? Fuck, everyone? We got a little bit of a situation.»
Feb 27 21:10:42 <Maddy> «Should I come out?»
Feb 27 21:10:47 <Tom90deg> "I….Something else. Something only she would know. I won't be taken advantage of like this." Zoe looks near tears. "I lost her once, and I'm NOT going to be fooled."
Feb 27 21:11:02 <Ragazzo> Lance blinks, but very slowly begins to hobble out.
Feb 27 21:11:09 <Maddy> «Or should I s-start shooting?»
Feb 27 21:11:14 <MisterFlames> "Well, then you ask me a question, then. It's your mind."
Feb 27 21:11:23 * Liebe has quit (Quit: ajax IRC Client)
Feb 27 21:11:24 <Tom90deg> «NO! Don't Shoot!>
Feb 27 21:11:38 * Praetor is now known as Liebe
Feb 27 21:11:39 <Maddy> «I was joking, christ.»
Feb 27 21:11:48 <Tom90deg> Zoe looks down at her feet, thinking.
Feb 27 21:12:05 <E4D> «She says she's Midnight.»
Feb 27 21:12:23 <Ragazzo> "…."
Feb 27 21:12:29 <Tom90deg> "What's the name of the baristia in the Libary."
Feb 27 21:12:30 <Ragazzo> Lance hurries the fuck up.
Feb 27 21:12:34 <Maddy> «Well shit.» Alice gets out of the LAV, puts her helmet on and saunters over.
Feb 27 21:12:46 <MisterFlames> "Poul Garcia."
Feb 27 21:13:04 <Tom90deg> "Yes…."
Feb 27 21:13:10 <Ragazzo> 4df+3 He sees the woman. Cat's eye tag, yes/no?
Feb 27 21:13:10 <CROM> Ragazzo: He sees the woman. Cat's eye tag, yes/no?: 4 (4df+3=+, 0, +, -)
Feb 27 21:13:12 <MisterFlames> "He's an Alchemist, has a living Diana's Tree."
Feb 27 21:13:47 <Tom90deg> "Oh please…Midnight, is that really you?"
Feb 27 21:14:17 <Ragazzo> "…" He goggles.
Feb 27 21:14:25 <MisterFlames> "Well, yes… but not quite the way you remember me."
Feb 27 21:14:34 <Ragazzo> "…you're…white…"
Feb 27 21:15:13 <Tom90deg> 'I…I don't care. I thought I lost you forever. I was ready to make a deal with Mal to get you back."
Feb 27 21:15:48 <MisterFlames> "He couldn't get me back… not without knowing my true name. I wandered for a while, then I was reborn into this form."
Feb 27 21:15:53 * Praetor (moc.rr.ser.submuloc.AD34885D-CRInys|tibbiM#moc.rr.ser.submuloc.AD34885D-CRInys|tibbiM) has joined #afteraction
Feb 27 21:15:58 <Tom90deg> Zoe's crying openly now. "I missed you Midnight…."
Feb 27 21:16:01 <Maddy> <Human f-form now? D-dang, you were my favourite patient. C-can't even call you Miss Kitty anymore.»
Feb 27 21:16:04 <Maddy> ->
Feb 27 21:16:25 <MisterFlames> She looks at Ragazzo, and her eyes widen a little. "Ah, you can see me, Lance? Oh… I see you have a new eye."
Feb 27 21:16:32 * Clueless_about_Chemistry is now known as Kens_Studying
Feb 27 21:16:57 <Ragazzo> "I…yes…well…it's your's…really…you're…I'm so sorry…."
Feb 27 21:17:05 * Liebe has quit (Quit: ajax IRC Client)
Feb 27 21:17:28 <MisterFlames> "Well, the form is a sort of projection. I try not to show my present form, it disturbs people."
Feb 27 21:17:34 <Tom90deg> Zoe takes a few careful steps towards Midnight. "Can…can people touch you?"
Feb 27 21:17:40 <Ragazzo> "It…it's impressive…."
Feb 27 21:17:51 <E4D> "… what *is* your present form?"
Feb 27 21:18:35 <MisterFlames> "Oh, sure. This is real." Mayonaka turns to Jason, "Are you familiar with Bakeneko, Jason?"
Feb 27 21:19:20 <Tom90deg> Zoe approaches, and gives Midnight a hug, sobbing. "You're back…you're back…."
Feb 27 21:19:57 <MisterFlames> "There now, Zoe…" She hugs Zoe back, patting her.
Feb 27 21:20:20 <Tom90deg> *sniff* "Don't leave me again, please…"
Feb 27 21:20:35 <Ragazzo> Lance lingers in the back, awkward as all fucking hell.
Feb 27 21:20:42 <E4D> "Uh, no, I'm not."
Feb 27 21:22:09 <MisterFlames> "Translates as monster-cat or ghost-cat. I'm a Nekomata, a fork-tailed cat."
Feb 27 21:22:41 * Praetor is now known as Liebe
Feb 27 21:24:23 * Nioki (~ude.erihspmah.BABF69EF-CRInys|alliztahc#ude.erihspmah.BABF69EF-CRInys|alliztahc) has joined #afteraction
Feb 27 21:25:07 <E4D> "Ah, uh-huh. So… I'm sorry, I'm not real sure on how things like this work."
Feb 27 21:25:31 <Ragazzo> "…two….does that…mean you really have…nine?"
Feb 27 21:25:43 <Ragazzo> Curiosity trumps shame
Feb 27 21:27:19 <E4D> "… Shut the fuck up, Lance."
Feb 27 21:27:49 <Ragazzo> "She has two tails…" Mumble.
Feb 27 21:28:32 <Tom90deg> Zoe's still quetly sobbing on Midnight's sholder. *snif* "We made you a nice memorial. It's on a island somewhere."
Feb 27 21:30:20 <Tom90deg> "I knew you would come back…I just knew it."
Feb 27 21:30:22 * Kens_Studying is now known as Dr_KEns
Feb 27 21:30:24 * Dr_KEns is now known as Dr_Kens
Feb 27 21:30:26 * Dr_Kens has quit (Quit: 404 user not found.)
Feb 27 21:31:15 <Maddy> <Well this is a r-really touching r-reunion, b-but we should keep moving. N-not sure I jsut wanna stand a-around like this.>
Feb 27 21:34:17 <MisterFlames> "Right, well, let me show you what I really look like now." Mayonaka disengages gently from Zoe, then takes a few steps back. Her form seems wreathed in ghostly fire for a moment, and then a large white cat appears, two tails from the end of her spine.
Feb 27 21:34:35 <Maddy> <Neat.>
Feb 27 21:34:54 <Tom90deg> "That's not that shocking…I was expecting the full Cthulu."
Feb 27 21:34:58 <Maddy> <Still have c-cat needs? Or a-are you more…esoteric now?>
Feb 27 21:36:13 <MisterFlames> "Scary, if you're local. I've got some new talents with this form. Oh, I'm not just a cat, and my diet's a bit different now." She shifts back to the pretty woman in the kimono. "I can consume just about anything."
Feb 27 21:36:35 <Maddy> <Efficiant.>
Feb 27 21:37:30 <Tom90deg> "Handy…but Alice's right. We need to get moving."
Feb 27 21:37:31 <MisterFlames> "Indeed. I don't do spells like I used to, my magic is presently tied to the form and myths of the bakeneko."
Feb 27 21:39:14 <Tom90deg> "No more healing? Heh, that's too bad, we really missed that. I forgot how much it hurts to heal normaly."
Feb 27 21:40:51 <Maddy> <W-well hun, s-shall we get moving?>
Feb 27 21:40:53 <Ragazzo> Lance peers around the dock, dragging his eyes from midnight.
Feb 27 21:41:16 <Maddy> <Anyone else in t-town? W-we /could/ just bed down here.>
Feb 27 21:41:43 <E4D> "We wanna head out in the dead of night? Everyone else's call."
Feb 27 21:44:36 <MisterFlames> "The city's empty, abandoned." Mayonaka says. "I just arrived a couple of days ago, since I felt your approach."
Feb 27 21:44:54 <Maddy> <Any nice hotels?> Alice smirks behind her helmet
Feb 27 21:45:19 <Nioki> There's Alanoch, standing on the boat's deck, staring across the land.
Feb 27 21:47:08 <E4D> "What's caused it? There, uh, reactors here?" Jason obviously has no idea what the fuck.
Feb 27 21:49:48 <MisterFlames> "Not that I know of, although there have been several earthquakes. A lot of people have moved further inland, as I understand it." Mayonaka smiles to Alice, "There are some, although not quite what you expect."
Feb 27 21:53:58 <Maddy> <Better than sleeping on that.> she cocks a thumb at the trailer.
Feb 27 21:54:24 <Tom90deg> "Oh and Midnight, or Mayonaka…one possibly important thing."
Feb 27 21:54:35 <E4D> "What are you talkin' about, we always tent up."