Bel Thu'Baan

(12:36:46 AM) E4D: «Alice? Colonel? Could you meet me by the dock? I have something you need to see.»
(12:37:02 AM) E4D: «Someone get Midnight as well?»
(12:37:05 AM) Waxx: Dmitri leaves the pieces of his new toy sitting in the LAV, then he and Misha head to the dock.
(12:37:09 AM) Dexanote: «C'n I come?"
(12:37:11 AM) Dexanote: »
(12:37:27 AM) MisterFlames: Midnight follows Dmitri.
(12:37:43 AM) Ragazzo: «I'd like to go as well…»
(12:37:46 AM) Waxx: Misha bends down and picks up Midnight, giving her a BIG CAT HUG.
(12:37:56 AM) Waxx: Misha found: KAT
(12:37:58 AM) Maddy: «On m-my way.» She saunters down
(12:38:21 AM) Maddy: "W-what have w-…" her eyes get wide. "What."
(12:38:30 AM) DawnyWorks [moc.noehtyar.608A875A-CRInys|tibbiM#moc.noehtyar.608A875A-CRInys|tibbiM] entered the room.
(12:38:33 AM) Ragazzo: Dusty follows, because it.
(12:38:41 AM) Waxx: Dmitri and Misha look inside the net, rather repulsed by it.
(12:38:41 AM) Nioki: Alanoch walks to the water.
(12:38:41 AM) Ragazzo: *screw it
(12:38:47 AM) Ragazzo: "…" He tilts his head.
(12:39:02 AM) Waxx: [Kommandir, are they…?] [Yes, Misha. They are gypsy tears.]
(12:39:10 AM) Sabitsuki: "I pulled up three nets of the things."
(12:39:14 AM) Maddy: "Dusty, g-get me my kit."
(12:39:14 AM) Waxx: Misha takes a step back.
(12:39:28 AM) MisterFlames: "Remind me of Tatterghasts, in a way. Remember them, Dusty?"
(12:39:29 AM) Ragazzo: "Yeah, I think I want a look at these too…"
(12:39:33 AM) Waxx: […I did not believe the stories, Kommandir.] [Yes, well, you should have.]
(12:39:42 AM) Nioki: "I didn't think fish were supposed to look like that."
(12:39:45 AM) E4D: "Well, these die when you stab 'em."
(12:39:45 AM) Ragazzo: "Midnight, I couldn't forget if I tried."
(12:39:46 AM) Maddy: "It's i-in the LAV, l-looks kinda like a gun case"
(12:39:54 AM) Ragazzo: Dusty fetches the kit, as well as some gear of his own.
(12:40:18 AM) Dexanote left the room (quit: Quit: ChatZilla 0.9.87 [Firefox 3.6.18/20110614230723]).
(12:40:24 AM) Ragazzo: He slips on some gloves on his return.
(12:40:29 AM) Maddy: 4df+4 Dissecting a dead one.
(12:40:29 AM) Quidmore: Maddy: Dissecting a dead one.: 6 (4df+4=-, +, +, +)
(12:41:02 AM) Sabitsuki: They're almost completely hollow. No organs, no skeletal structure, no nervous system.
(12:41:11 AM) Waxx: Dmitri and Misha watch this disgusting procedure. It's very repulsive.
(12:41:20 AM) Ragazzo: Dusty peers over alice's shoulder.
(12:41:34 AM) Light: Birdman creeps over and watches from the rooftop, still sorting out his packages.
(12:41:37 AM) Sabitsuki: The inside appears to be full of teeth used to rip things up as a makeshift digestive system.
(12:41:39 AM) DawnyWorks: Jillian walks up after getting a fresh pack of cigarettes "What the fuck is that thing?"
(12:42:20 AM) Ragazzo: "Any sort of stomach in there?"
(12:42:22 AM) E4D: "Like a fucking 939."
(12:42:40 AM) E4D: He spits the words out, as if the concept is disgusting.
(12:42:45 AM) Ragazzo: "I'd like to know what these eat…or can eat."
(12:42:47 AM) Sabitsuki: A few have things like eyes, legs, arms…etc.
(12:42:52 AM) Sabitsuki: Inside.
(12:42:53 AM) Maddy: "This is…ewwww."
(12:42:54 AM) Sabitsuki: Shredded.
(12:43:00 AM) Ragazzo: "…yep."
(12:43:03 AM) Ragazzo: "Figures."
(12:43:03 AM) DawnyWorks: Jillian lights a cigarette and sighs "That's gross" she turns and walks a bit away, her back to the group.
(12:43:21 AM) Waxx: Dmitri's eyes narrow. He has not forgotten the atrocity.
(12:43:24 AM) MisterFlames: "Was it digesting them, or growing them?"
(12:43:58 AM) Nioki: "We aren't going to try to eat those, are we?"
(12:43:58 AM) Maddy: She turns to the lone living one and pokes it with a stir stick. "Digesting, k-kinda."
(12:44:02 AM) Ragazzo: Dusty checks for more solid materials, poking through the slurry of parts. "We should be more concerned if they can stomach metal…"
(12:44:15 AM) Maddy: "God no, Al. Eeeeugh."
(12:44:21 AM) DawnyWorks: Jillian pauses mid-drag after hearing Midnight "Yeah, I'm done. I'll be over by the door"
(12:44:24 AM) Nioki: "Good."
(12:44:58 AM) Waxx: "I suppose this means no swimming."
(12:45:01 AM) E4D: ~Anything, Midnight? You ever seen something like this?~
(12:45:03 AM) Nioki: Alanoch looks out at the water, and focuses.
(12:45:08 AM) Nioki: 4df+4 Illusion.
(12:45:08 AM) Quidmore: Nioki: Illusion.: 1 (4df+4=-, -, -, 0)
(12:45:22 AM) MisterFlames: "Okay, hmmm." Midnight inhales the scent, and mentally prepares herself. ~Give me a moment to study.~
(12:45:35 AM) Nioki: There's a slight blink of light underneath the waves, barely visible. He frowns.
(12:45:43 AM) MisterFlames: 4df+4 Occult Maneuver preparation.
(12:45:43 AM) Quidmore: MisterFlames: Occult Maneuver preparation.: 4 (4df+4=0, 0, +, -)
(12:45:54 AM) Maddy: Alice keeps poking at the live one. Poke poke.
(12:46:02 AM) MisterFlames: 4df+6 Wizard Sight: What the hell *are* you?
(12:46:02 AM) Quidmore: MisterFlames: Wizard Sight: What the hell *are* you?: 7 (4df+6=-, +, +, 0)
(12:46:17 AM) Nioki: He looks at the water, checking how clear it is.
(12:46:58 AM) Sabitsuki: It's clear, but it's very dark out, making it difficult to see.
(12:47:04 AM) *Bright wanders down, leaning on his stinger cane as he studies the situation.
(12:47:15 AM) Sabitsuki: Midnight's sight doesn't reveal anything special about the eels.
(12:47:22 AM) DawnyWorks: Jillian spies the cane "Oi, Joey"
(12:47:25 AM) Sabitsuki: No magic, etc.
(12:47:47 AM) Bright: "Hmm, what do we have here?"
(12:47:53 AM) Maddy: "Uuugh, w-what should we c-call theses things?"
(12:48:01 AM) Waxx: "Gypsies."
(12:48:08 AM) DawnyWorks: "Nafs"
(12:48:36 AM) MisterFlames: "Not eldritch, no mystical energies." Midnight states. "First looking at it, I would have thought a lamprey, but they look to envelope and crush. Not earthly, definitely 'other'."
(12:48:47 AM) Sabitsuki: Tau pulls a handkerchief from her pocket and gags into it.
(12:49:25 AM) Nioki: "I could try lighting the water. We might be able to see how many of them are down there. I'd have to save up a bit first, though."
(12:49:29 AM) DawnyWorks: "Joey, I have a question for you" Jillian's eyes are still on the cane.
(12:49:35 AM) Maddy: "Gypsies? I've m-met gyp-" she looks at Joey sideways. "L-let's not call them that."
(12:49:38 AM) Light: "Wrong." Birdy hops off the building, and approaches the group, carrying a plastic bag filled with… rotten meat, by the smell. "They're wrong."
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(12:50:24 AM) Ragazzo [ten.llebcap.ac2tks.lsd.733D207B-CRInys|tibbiM#ten.llebcap.ac2tks.lsd.733D207B-CRInys|tibbiM] entered the room.
(12:50:26 AM) DawnyWorks: "I still say Nafs"
(12:50:27 AM) MisterFlames: "Wrong for our world, yes. If I encounted this while Way Walking, I would call it an Outsider."
(12:50:31 AM) *
Bright glances at jillian. "Yes?"
(12:50:48 AM) MisterFlames: 4df+4 Midnight gently probes for sapience or sentience.
(12:50:48 AM) Quidmore: MisterFlames: Midnight gently probes for sapience or sentience.: 3 (4df+4=0, +, -, -)
(12:50:50 AM) Bright: "do we really want to see how many of them there are?"
(12:50:59 AM) Waxx: Misha scratches Midnight behind the ears.
(12:51:12 AM) Maddy: "I'm w-with Joey on th-this, I'm quite happy n-not seeing how many t-there are."
(12:51:23 AM) Sabitsuki: Nothing of sapience or sentience. They're creatures of pure instinct.
(12:51:28 AM) Light: "Mm. See what they do first."
(12:51:29 AM) DawnyWorks: "Does that thing have any of the venom in it still?" Jillian subconsciously reaches a hand into her right cargo pocket.
(12:52:02 AM) Waxx: "Well, there is one very easy to get an idea of how many there are."
(12:52:06 AM) Waxx: *easy way
(12:52:16 AM) MisterFlames: "It's about as smart as a bug. I've encountered smarter fish than that." Midnight circles the surviving one.
(12:52:17 AM) Waxx: "But it is rather unorthodox. I have not done it in a long time."
(12:52:17 AM) Light: Birdman drops down to his knees on the dock by the water, pulls some rotten meat out of what used to be a little foam refridgerator packet, and drops it into the water.
(12:52:22 AM) Maddy: "A-as long as w-we don't go swimming…w-we should be safe. N-no legs to s-speak of."
(12:52:40 AM) Sabitsuki: Jesus christ at least a hundred of them swarm over the rotten meat.
(12:52:49 AM) Maddy: "Holy shit!"
(12:52:50 AM) E4D: Jason shines his taclight into the water.
(12:52:55 AM) Ragazzo: "Well…"
(12:52:56 AM) Nioki: "Okay. If you want."
(12:53:15 AM) Light: Birdman gives a loud call in surprise.
(12:53:23 AM) Ragazzo: "Now we know…"
(12:53:32 AM) Waxx: Dmitri peeks over the edge. "That is also one way of doing it."
(12:53:36 AM) Sabitsuki: Jason's taclight shines through the clear water. …They're everwhere. No matter where he moves the light, they're there in the water.
(12:53:56 AM) Nioki: "How do they all survive? There can't be much to eat when there's that many of them."
(12:54:05 AM) Ragazzo: "…they eat each other?"
(12:54:07 AM) Maddy: "Maybe e-eachother?"
(12:54:12 AM) Maddy: "JINX!"
(12:54:17 AM) Bright: "No, i drained the venom before making it a cane."
(12:54:19 AM) Ragazzo: "DAMN IT"
(12:54:41 AM) DawnyWorks: "And the swords you have made of the stingers?"
(12:55:03 AM) Bright: "No, i haven't done anythign with the other stingers yet.
(12:55:06 AM) Sabitsuki: A couple of them jump out of the water at Alice and Dustin's exclamations, trying to throw themselves at them. They fall short, though.
(12:55:18 AM) Ragazzo: "…"
(12:55:25 AM) Light: "…Wrong."
(12:55:28 AM) Ragazzo: "So we know they have good hearing."
(12:55:30 AM) Maddy: "Ok. N-new rule. Stay a-away from the water."
(12:55:35 AM) Maddy: She backs the fuck up.
(12:55:43 AM) Ragazzo: "They'll likely swarm any boat…"
(12:55:48 AM) MisterFlames: "Was already planning that."
(12:55:48 AM) Ragazzo: Dusty does the same.
(12:55:50 AM) DawnyWorks: "Okay, personal favor? Keep the ones with venom away from me…*far* away from me please"
(12:56:14 AM) Bright: "Certainly." He shrugs, then peers at the water, and the fish. "Huh."
(12:56:15 AM) Nioki: "We can find out if they go after boats. Just toss some wood and metal and stuff in.
(12:56:17 AM) Nioki: "
(12:56:23 AM) Light: Birdy looks around. Are there other boats floating nearby?
(12:56:30 AM) Maddy: "W-well we're not g-getting on a boat here. S-still going to Potts and g-getting a huge boat."
(12:56:31 AM) Ragazzo: "i mean the noise."
(12:56:32 AM) Light: Moored in the water anywhere in site?
(12:56:34 AM) Light: *sight
(12:56:36 AM) Sabitsuki: One jumps out of the water and a human hand shoots out, just behind it, and grabs it back down.
(12:56:43 AM) Sabitsuki: All of the fisher boats are still moored.
(12:56:48 AM) Ragazzo: "They'll here it, and then it won't…what the fuck."
(12:56:52 AM) Ragazzo: *hear
(12:56:54 AM) DawnyWorks: Jillian sits at a random spot in the grass and looks around.
(12:56:54 AM) Nioki: "What was…"
(12:56:56 AM) MisterFlames: "I saw that."
(12:56:58 AM) Light: "Won't eat boats." He stands back from the water.
(12:57:00 AM) Maddy: "…Nope!" Alice looks at Jason. "Bed time?"
(12:57:02 AM) Ragazzo: "I did too…"
(12:57:17 AM) Ragazzo: "Midnight, can you try to sense any sentient in the water?"
(12:57:21 AM) Ragazzo: *sentients
(12:57:29 AM) Sabitsuki: The eel that was dragged back into the water floats to the surface, dead.
(12:57:56 AM) Sabitsuki: Missing about half of its body.
(12:58:00 AM) MisterFlames: "I could try… but I'm not sure that's a good idea, Dusty."
(12:58:15 AM) Nioki: "Should I try lighting it up now?"
(12:58:18 AM) Ragazzo: "…I'll defer to you on that."
(12:58:28 AM) Maddy: Alice is still backing away.
(12:58:31 AM) E4D: "Distant, Nioki. Far from us."
(12:58:41 AM) Sabitsuki: Tau runs off, sounding like she's going to vomit.
(12:58:51 AM) E4D: "Put the light as far out to see as you can, but still observable."
(12:59:09 AM) E4D: «Everyone, I want all lights extinguished.»
(12:59:24 AM) DawnyWorks: "Cigarettes count?"
(12:59:41 AM) Nioki: He looks out at the water, and focuses. The space around him dims and fills with dark threads as he stores light.
(12:59:43 AM) E4D: «Everything for a while. You want to smoke, do it inside the hotel.»
(12:59:47 AM) Ragazzo: Dusty checks himself for stray flames.
(12:59:53 AM) Nioki: 4df+4 Perception maneuver -> Illusion
(12:59:54 AM) Waxx: Dmitri and Misha both stub their cigarettes.
(12:59:54 AM) Quidmore: Nioki: Perception maneuver -> Illusion: 6 (4df+4=-, +, +, +)
(1:00:02 AM) Sabitsuki: yep
(1:00:03 AM) DawnyWorks: Jillian puts her cigarette out "I don't mind, I was just checking"
(1:01:07 AM) Nioki: 4df+6 The water a hundred and fifty or so feet away begins to glow, the waves filling with a dull light.
(1:01:07 AM) Quidmore: Nioki: The water a hundred and fifty or so feet away begins to glow, the waves filling with a dull light.: 4 (4df+6=0, -, -, 0)
(1:01:20 AM) E4D: «Prone. Nobody move.»
(1:01:37 AM) E4D: Jason drops to his stomach, observing below the point through his scope.
(1:01:46 AM) E4D: 4df+4 weapons skill to boost perception?
(1:01:47 AM) Quidmore: E4D: weapons skill to boost perception?: 7 (4df+4=+, +, 0, +)
(1:01:51 AM) Sabitsuki: The eels don't seem to move, and the light makes it easy to see the huge numbers of them.
(1:01:55 AM) Sabitsuki: yep
(1:02:12 AM) E4D: 4df+6 Anything odd? Anything *bigger*?
(1:02:13 AM) Quidmore: E4D: Anything odd? Anything *bigger*?: 7 (4df+6=0, 0, +, 0)
(1:02:22 AM) Sabitsuki: A dark gray stalk sticks out the lighted spot, a lighted angler fish's lure breaking the surface.
(1:02:29 AM) MisterFlames: 4df+6 Tagging Aspect 'Here, Kitty, Kitty' for low light vision. (Add two if Illusion Maneuver assists)
(1:02:30 AM) Quidmore: MisterFlames: Tagging Aspect 'Here, Kitty, Kitty' for low light vision. (Add two if Illusion Maneuver assists): 7 (4df+6=+, 0, -, +)
(1:03:08 AM) E4D: Jason quietly attaches the can to the end of his rifle, sighting in on the "lure".
(1:03:13 AM) E4D: He whispers.
(1:03:18 AM) E4D: "Stand by, shot."
(1:03:34 AM) E4D: 4df+4 *Thunk*.
(1:03:34 AM) Quidmore: E4D: *Thunk*.: 2 (4df+4=-, -, +, -)
(1:03:40 AM) Sabitsuki: 4df+2
(1:03:41 AM) Quidmore: Sabitsuki: 4 (4df+2=+, +, 0, 0)
(1:03:41 AM) MisterFlames: "Sure that's a good idea?"
(1:03:42 AM) Nioki: "Um. Are you s-shure that's a good-"
(1:03:49 AM) Ragazzo left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
(1:03:51 AM) Bright: "The fish has no bones."
(1:04:05 AM) Light: "That's stupid. Far too many."
(1:04:22 AM) Ragazzo [ten.llebcap.ac2tks.lsd.733D207B-CRInys|tibbiM#ten.llebcap.ac2tks.lsd.733D207B-CRInys|tibbiM] entered the room.
(1:04:28 AM) Sabitsuki: The bullet tears a *tiny* bit of flesh away from the stalk, missing as it changes the angle at the last second.
(1:04:34 AM) E4D: 4df+4 Taking a deep breath, and relaxing, settlign in behind the scope.
(1:04:35 AM) Quidmore: E4D: Taking a deep breath, and relaxing, settlign in behind the scope.: 0 (4df+4=-, -, -, -)
(1:04:38 AM) E4D: :|
(1:04:41 AM) Sabitsuki: "Ssson of a bitch!"
(1:04:52 AM) Sabitsuki: The stalk ducks back underwater.
(1:05:04 AM) E4D: How long was the stalk?
(1:05:08 AM) Nioki: "…Did you hear that?"
(1:05:08 AM) DawnyWorks: Jillian bites her lip to keep from making a comment
(1:05:18 AM) Maddy: "Shit! J-jason s-stop." She looks at Midnight. "C-can you try to talk to it?"
(1:05:18 AM) Sabitsuki: Above the water? 4-5 inches.
(1:05:28 AM) Light: "Ah." He crouches a little to see better, but still not too near the water.
(1:05:29 AM) MisterFlames: "I can try."
(1:05:40 AM) Bright: "Why aren't the eels eating it?"
(1:06:12 AM) MisterFlames: 4df+4 (Occult Maneuver) "Dusty, can you draw this for me?"
(1:06:13 AM) Quidmore: MisterFlames: (Occult Maneuver) "Dusty, can you draw this for me?": 4 (4df+4=0, 0, +, -)
(1:06:14 AM) Nioki: Alanoch gives a small spasm, and the light flickers and jitters from side to side before stabilizing again.
(1:07:58 AM) MisterFlames: 4df+6 Midnight sets up the circle, and concentrates. She takes as small a risk as possible, setting up a protective ward, then concentrate. ~Greetings. May I ask what you wish to be addressed as, please?~
(1:07:58 AM) Quidmore: MisterFlames: Midnight sets up the circle, and concentrates. She takes as small a risk as possible, setting up a protective ward, then concentrate. ~Greetings. May I ask what you wish to be addressed as, please?~: 8 (4df+6=+, 0, +, 0)
(1:08:37 AM) Ragazzo: "Yes."
(1:08:37 AM) Ragazzo: 4df+6 Dusty draws it.
(1:08:37 AM) Quidmore: Ragazzo: Dusty draws it.: 7 (4df+6=0, +, -, +)
(1:08:49 AM) Ragazzo left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
(1:09:07 AM) Ragazzo [ten.llebcap.ac2tks.lsd.733D207B-CRInys|tibbiM#ten.llebcap.ac2tks.lsd.733D207B-CRInys|tibbiM] entered the room.
(1:09:13 AM) Ragazzo: 4df+6 DAMN IT
(1:09:14 AM) Quidmore: Ragazzo: DAMN IT: 4 (4df+6=0, -, -, 0)
(1:09:18 AM) Sabitsuki: There's something there, but it'
(1:09:28 AM) Sabitsuki: 's thinking in a completely unfamiliar language.
(1:10:03 AM) MisterFlames: "Sapient… but the language it thinks in isn't anything I recognize."
(1:10:37 AM) Bright: "But it spoke in english."
(1:11:25 AM) Ragazzo: "…I studied how to burn an ocean once. Just out of theory. Thought I'd mention…"
(1:11:35 AM) Light: "Think in pictures."
(1:11:38 AM) Ragazzo: "Wasn't too hard to figure out…"
(1:11:54 AM) Nioki: "D-d-d-d-do-"
(1:12:09 AM) Maddy: "W-we're not b-burning the o-ocean. W-what ever is in there isn't b-bothered b-by the eels, a-and hasn't done anything t-to us."
(1:12:11 AM) Nioki: "Do I n-need to k-k-keep th- the light?"
(1:12:21 AM) MisterFlames: "I'll try." Midnight focuses on a boat, a stylized fishing trawler, moving through the water.
(1:12:27 AM) Light: Birdman settles down, curious. He blinks at the circle, then looks back at Alanoch.
(1:12:36 AM) Nioki: Alanoch's voice is jittering and clearly pained.
(1:12:39 AM) Maddy: "N-no, Alanoch. W-we can use f-flashlights.
(1:12:54 AM) E4D: "Negative. Hold on the lights."
(1:13:19 AM) Maddy: "H-he's in pain. Let him s-stop."
(1:13:42 AM) E4D: "No, he can stop, I'm just saying don't turn on any lights."
(1:13:46 AM) Maddy: "Oh."
(1:13:47 AM) Nioki: The light blinks out, and Alanoch breathes out.
(1:13:51 AM) E4D: "I'm not askin' the kid to hurt himself.
(1:14:00 AM) Maddy: "S-sorry. Long day."
(1:14:01 AM) Ragazzo: Dusty pats Alanoch on the back.
(1:14:12 AM) Ragazzo: "Good job, man."
(1:14:13 AM) MisterFlames: Midnight sends images of things she knows of in the ocean. Fish, tuna. The ship catches them in net.
(1:14:20 AM) E4D: Jason looks back. "You all right, kid?"
(1:14:23 AM) Nioki: "So-sorry. I'm still-" He jerks forward, away from the back pat.
(1:14:40 AM) Ragazzo: "Oh, sorry."
(1:14:51 AM) Ragazzo: Dusty strips off the gloves, completely misinterpreting.
(1:15:08 AM) Nioki: "It's okay. Just don't touch me, please. I don't like people touching me."
(1:15:25 AM) Ragazzo: "Can't blame you."
(1:15:31 AM) MisterFlames: "I believe what it is, it's an Outsider. I sent it an image of a fishing trawler, and it did the same, but with a different crew, looking like anthro-sharks."
(1:15:50 AM) Ragazzo: "…huh."
(1:16:00 AM) Nioki: "I'm still recovering from the other day. I should be able to keep pit up way longer than that."
(1:16:00 AM) Ragazzo: "Are they hunting these weird fish?"
(1:16:11 AM) Maddy: "T-try to t-tell her to come up? S-she speaks english…"
(1:16:12 AM) Nioki: At least he's not bleeding this time.
(1:16:14 AM) MisterFlames: "The eels are a source of food. The sharks caught them in nets."
(1:16:34 AM) MisterFlames: "Well, maybe not food, but they caught them."
(1:16:38 AM) Ragazzo: "Hmm. Can they breathe above water?"
(1:16:38 AM) DawnyWorks: "Alanoch, you need some water?" Jillian stands
(1:16:58 AM) Nioki: "I'm fine. I'll be fine."
(1:17:09 AM) DawnyWorks: "Okay" Jillian nods
(1:18:02 AM) Sabitsuki: The lure tentatively raises again, faintly glowing with a greenish light. Similar to the wisps.
(1:18:16 AM) *Bright stares at the light
(1:18:18 AM) Maddy: "C-can you hear us?"
(1:20:00 AM) MisterFlames: "No… not food. They harvested the teeth."
(1:20:24 AM) E4D: "That's cheatin'."
(1:20:57 AM) Ragazzo: "Are they regular teeth?"
(1:21:15 AM) MisterFlames: "The teeth are ground into a powder, and the result is a poisonous fluid. Ink?"
(1:21:26 AM) Maddy: "Odd."
(1:21:57 AM) Light: "Why are they here?"
(1:22:19 AM) MisterFlames: "Ah, I see why ink. The teeth are used to envenom spear-heads, to throw at a giant squid. A squid as big as a city."
(1:23:02 AM) Maddy: "F-facinating…"
(1:23:28 AM) Maddy: Alice waves to the little lure, not really sure what else to do.
(1:23:54 AM) MisterFlames: "The squids aren't the brains, they're soldiers, invaders of something from the depths?"
(1:24:05 AM) Bright: "Sweet baby cthulu!"
(1:24:49 AM) Ragazzo: "…huh."
(1:24:56 AM) Ragazzo: ""Ask if they need help?"
(1:25:16 AM) Heiden [ten.htuoslleb.mem.5FE98F0E-CRInys|tibbiM#ten.htuoslleb.mem.5FE98F0E-CRInys|tibbiM] entered the room.
(1:25:16 AM) mode (+o Heiden) by ChanServ
(1:25:26 AM) Ragazzo: "I'd like to kill another god in my life."
(1:25:27 AM) Nioki: "How on earth would we be able to help?"
(1:25:43 AM) Bright: "Ia ia f'thagn."
(1:25:55 AM) Ragazzo: "It's easier than you think, sometimes."
(1:26:00 AM) MisterFlames: "I think what I'm learning is how to deal with a giant squid. Jason, do we have any rifles that can fire tranquilizer darts?"
(1:27:21 AM) Sabitsuki: "…Ia? Bal'th. Mtuhnaf gl'ta."
(1:27:24 AM) MisterFlames: "Oh… another suggestion. It shows a big bullet cartridge, like those of the machine guns. Using one of those to shoot the eye of the squid."
(1:27:43 AM) Sabitsuki: The stalk floats a little closer
(1:28:02 AM) Nioki: "Unless you happen to have some guns that shoot underwater, a submarine, or the ability to breath down there…"
(1:28:12 AM) MisterFlames: "Ah, Lovecraft." Midnight says.
(1:28:52 AM) Ragazzo: "…I'm afraid I don't…"
(1:28:53 AM) Maddy: "I t-think it's more p-preparation for if t-this thing comes up here."
(1:29:18 AM) Maddy: "…Joey, did you just…talk to the shark thing?"
(1:29:21 AM) E4D: "Negative."
(1:29:29 AM) Bright: "…Did it respond to me? 'Cause, I only ever spent a little time iwth Thompson, I'm not fluent, or even conversational in Great Old One."
(1:29:31 AM) MisterFlames: "Yes. The sapient in the water thought of a war with the squids and their masters."
(1:29:39 AM) Sabitsuki: A dark grey hand shoots out of the water, it's long nails digging into the wood of the dock and…pulls itself out.
(1:29:51 AM) *
Bright jumps back, refrains from kissing himself.
(1:30:15 AM) MisterFlames: Midnight watches it, and sends a mental greeting. "Don't shoot, please."
(1:30:16 AM) E4D: "Guns up." Jason stands from the prone, sighting in.
(1:30:24 AM) Nioki: Alanoch crouches, fading from from view.
(1:30:35 AM) Maddy: "Jason. M-midnight j-just said."
(1:30:40 AM) DawnyWorks: Jillian raises her rifle and steps closer
(1:30:52 AM) E4D: "It was up before she said."
(1:30:53 AM) *Bright pulls his crossbow
(1:30:56 AM) E4D: "That's what she said."
(1:30:57 AM) MisterFlames: "Aiming isn't a bad idea, though. Not sure this is the same being.":
(1:31:21 AM) Maddy: Alice nods. God she is so tired of this day.
(1:31:30 AM) DawnyWorks: "I'm not going to shoot unless it's needed"
(1:32:05 AM) Sabitsuki: A body pulls itself out of the water, the dark making it difficult to see all of her - but…dark orange horns, and the lure continues to glow somewhat. The lure illuminates a set of eyes with no iris, schlera, or cornea, only a very solid and dark blue color.
(1:32:20 AM) Sabitsuki: It coughs slightly.
(1:32:22 AM) Maddy: "…Hi."
(1:33:22 AM) Sabitsuki: It continues coughing, hacking really, and…spits up one of those eels. The lure retracts into the creature's head.
(1:33:23 AM) Ragazzo: "Hello."
(1:33:25 AM) Bright: "Bonjour."
(1:33:46 AM) Sabitsuki: "Eeeelgh."
(1:34:10 AM) Nioki: "…Hello?"
(1:34:14 AM) Ragazzo: Dusty glances at the eel. Dead?
(1:34:18 AM) Sabitsuki: yep
(1:34:33 AM) Sabitsuki: "…Cat? Are you here?"
(1:34:45 AM) MisterFlames: "I am," Midnight replies.
(1:34:54 AM) DawnyWorks: Jillian lowers her rifle slightly.
(1:34:57 AM) Sabitsuki: The figure is shrouded in darkness without the greenish fire of the lure.
(1:35:03 AM) Sabitsuki: "I can't see."
(1:35:11 AM) Sabitsuki: "Pleass….e come here."
(1:35:19 AM) MisterFlames: Midnight steps out of the circle. "Would light harm you?"
(1:35:43 AM) Sabitsuki: "Only the orange light in the sky. Your sun."
(1:36:00 AM) MisterFlames: "Would our lights help you, then?"
(1:36:09 AM) Maddy: "F-flashlights, Jason?"
(1:36:16 AM) MisterFlames: Midnight continues moving toward the figure, inhaling her scent.
(1:36:31 AM) E4D: Jason illuminates his taclight, aiming at her.
(1:36:37 AM) Bright: "oh, sunlight is easy, you just remind the sky of all the times it's been lit, and it lights right up for you"
(1:36:38 AM) Nioki: Alanoch stares, memorizing the creature. And the eel.
(1:36:44 AM) DawnyWorks: Jillian's rifle goes back up.
(1:37:40 AM) Sabitsuki: The…creature looks directly at Jason's taclight. Dark grey, smooth fish skin. Again, eyes, but nothing in them but a pool of solid blue. They don't blink.
(1:37:57 AM) Maddy: "D-do you have a n-name?"
(1:38:57 AM) Ragazzo: Dusty inches forward a little behind midnight out of concern for the cat, but stays still otherwise.
(1:39:18 AM) MisterFlames: "Alice… the standard means of greeting between Outsiders is, 'How may I address you?' Names hold power, and can be used against you."
(1:39:54 AM) Sabitsuki: It coughs a few more times and then passes out, fainting on the dock with a faint *splash*.
(1:40:11 AM) Maddy: "…I d-don't even know what that…fuck!" Alice rushes over.
(1:40:26 AM) E4D: "Careful, Alice."
(1:40:28 AM) Bright: "Most magic users have a use name of some kind."
(1:40:36 AM) MisterFlames: Midnight moves forward quickly. ~What is it? How can we help you?~
(1:40:43 AM) E4D: Jason moves up with her, staying at an oblique, rifle still up.
(1:41:03 AM) Maddy: 4df+5 Tapping the fuck out of horse doctor.
(1:41:03 AM) Quidmore: Maddy: Tapping the fuck out of horse doctor.: 4 (4df+5=+, -, -, 0)
(1:41:49 AM) Sabitsuki: The mouth opens and closes, along with a set of gills on her neck and another set just below the left set of ribs. A wicked set of sharpened teeth in the mouth.
(1:41:57 AM) Sabitsuki: She's unconscious.
(1:42:19 AM) Nioki: "Maybe she needs water."
(1:42:39 AM) DawnyWorks: Jillian keeps her rifle on the…thing.
(1:43:11 AM) Maddy: Alice motions for someone to bring her water.
(1:43:30 AM) Nioki: Alanoch pulls a small water bottle from his pocket and tosses it over.
(1:43:38 AM) DawnyWorks: Jillian takes her canteen out of the holder "Here"
(1:43:42 AM) Ragazzo: Dusty exhales, kneeling beside midnight.
(1:43:42 AM) Ragazzo: "I think they're out?"
(1:43:45 AM) Light: Birdman becomes curious, and crawls over to look.
(1:43:57 AM) MisterFlames: "Hold it, fresh water might be a problem, if she's used to salt."
(1:44:19 AM) Maddy: "Shiiiit….I'm not a shark doctor."
(1:44:38 AM) MisterFlames: 4df+4 Occult Maneuver for Life Magic.
(1:44:38 AM) Quidmore: MisterFlames: Occult Maneuver for Life Magic.: 4 (4df+4=0, 0, 0, 0)
(1:44:49 AM) DawnyWorks: Jillian sighs and slings her rifle. She takes a MRE packet out of her pocket and pulls the salt out of it. "Here"
(1:45:03 AM) Nioki: "You could just dunk her in the ocean."
(1:45:18 AM) DawnyWorks: "That would involve being close to the water"
(1:45:29 AM) MisterFlames: 4df+4 Midnight starts purring softly, concentrating on the healing magics. Not her best magic, but not bad.
(1:45:29 AM) Quidmore: MisterFlames: Midnight starts purring softly, concentrating on the healing magics. Not her best magic, but not bad.: 4 (4df+4=-, +, -, +)
(1:45:34 AM) Ragazzo: "Would you like being dunked unconscious into /that/?"
(1:46:15 AM) Bright: "Not the smartest being around, huh?"
(1:46:16 AM) Nioki: "If we can fill a bucket, maybe."
(1:46:30 AM) Sabitsuki: She's not wounded. Just mentally exhausted. Needs sleep.
(1:46:57 AM) Nioki: "Look, we know she can breath that. So what else can we safely use?"
(1:47:07 AM) Light: Birdman gets up and walks to the shallowest part of the water near the shore, and looks around for the toothy fish.
(1:47:14 AM) MisterFlames: "She's tired, all. Since she said sunlight would hurt her, let's find somewhere dark where she can rest."
(1:47:56 AM) Maddy: "S-she's breathing…Take her t-to a room, we c-can cover the windows."
(1:48:17 AM) MisterFlames: "Careful handling her skin. If she's got shark skin, it'll be abrasive."
(1:48:21 AM) Nioki: "Oh. That's all? Good."
(1:48:57 AM) DawnyWorks: "I could go get a sheet to wrap her in…easier to carry"
(1:49:00 AM) Nioki: Alanoch picks up his water bottle and puts it back in his pocket.
(1:49:11 AM) Maddy: "W-we have stretchers."
(1:49:47 AM) DawnyWorks: "But we'd still have to take a chanch of being cut on the flesh"
(1:49:59 AM) DawnyWorks: chance*
(1:50:41 AM) MisterFlames: "Use leather gloves."
(1:50:49 AM) Ragazzo: "I've got plenty…"
(1:50:55 AM) Ragazzo: Dusty produces a pair.
(1:50:59 AM) Ragazzo: And another.
(1:51:01 AM) Light: "Have tought hands," Birdman volunteers.
(1:51:07 AM) Light: *tough
(1:51:09 AM) Ragazzo: They're thick alchemist gloves.
(1:51:13 AM) DawnyWorks: "Oh, my mechanix" Jillian slips her gloves on
(1:51:29 AM) Maddy: "True. I'll c-cover the windows in r-room 101, you g-guys carry her."
(1:51:31 AM) Ragazzo: Dusty grip the legs gingerly.
(1:52:12 AM) E4D: Jason keeps his weapon trained on her.
(1:52:49 AM) *
Bright watches, then peers into the water again. "Hmm."
(1:53:11 AM) DawnyWorks: Jillian grabs the arm-pit area
(1:53:26 AM) Ragazzo: "Birdman?"
(1:53:36 AM) Sabitsuki: The eels are strangely still.
(1:53:54 AM) Light: Birdman comes around to her her middle, flexing his scaly, clawed hands, and helps lift her gently.
(1:53:57 AM) Maddy: Alice heads off to tape sheets to the windows.
(1:54:49 AM) DawnyWorks: "I hope she doesn't have sensitive skin…" Jillian thiks of all the chemicals on her gloves.
(1:54:57 AM) DawnyWorks: thinks*
(1:55:54 AM) Ragazzo: "I'll figure out something to help her, if she does…"
(1:55:55 AM) Bright: "Huh." Joey notes this.
(1:56:08 AM) Ragazzo: Dusty lifts.
(1:56:14 AM) DawnyWorks: Jillian lifts
(1:57:59 AM) MisterFlames: "Take her to the bathroom, put her in the tub?"
(1:58:22 AM) DawnyWorks: "Can do" Jillian heads that way
(1:58:40 AM) Ragazzo: Dusty follows.
(1:58:48 AM) Light: Birdman goes with them, quite strong, still looking at her curiously.
(1:59:19 AM) DawnyWorks: Jillian calls "Alice, have the bathroom door open and clear!"
(1:59:20 AM) Ragazzo: "Midnight, was it just her down there?"
(1:59:24 AM) Ragazzo: "No companions?"
(1:59:47 AM) DawnyWorks left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
(2:02:35 AM) ***Bright toses a rock at the eels.
(2:04:49 AM) Sabitsuki: They scatter out of the way of the rock, and then quickly reform. A few poke at the rock, making sure it isn't meat, and then go still again.
(2:05:19 AM) MisterFlames: "Not that I sense."
(2:05:46 AM) MisterFlames: "I think she and I will have some interesting conversations."
(2:06:07 AM) Maddy: Alice has already filled the tub for their new arrival.
(2:07:04 AM) Ragazzo: "Mind if I try to communicate with her later? I'd like to talk with her as well…"
(2:07:17 AM) Ragazzo: Dusty helps jill and birdman slide her in.
(2:09:14 AM) Sabitsuki: The gills on the ribs immediately start taking in water.
(2:10:53 AM) Light: "…She is, fish woman from other-here?"
(2:11:28 AM) E4D: "Careful not to set her on fire. She's already dehydrated."
(2:11:34 AM) MisterFlames: "I believe so, Birdy. I believe she's from an alternate world, what Waywalkers refer to as Outsiders."
(2:11:41 AM) Maddy: Alice gets up. "M-midnight? You think you c-could stay in her room t-till we can talk to her m-more. I'd feel s-safer thay way, f-for us and her."
(2:12:12 AM) MisterFlames: "Sure, I don't mind. She knows that I'm the one that addressed her."