Bigby Wulver

Jan 31 19:25:41 <PaulS_laptop> Matt steps through
Jan 31 19:25:50 <PaulS_laptop> (after John)
Jan 31 19:25:56 <Maddy> Inside the door, they seem to be in what could be described as a medieval hall.
Jan 31 19:26:46 <Echo> As Mitchell passes through, he passes the pen off to someone else. "If we need back through in a hurry, I'm probably gonna be too busy shootin' to fuck with the Door. Somebody want it?"
Jan 31 19:27:03 <Maddy> They're off to one side, and can see servents and so forth, frozen in time. The Earl or whatever it was cald way back then is sitting in his chair, looking like he's bored as fuck.
Jan 31 19:27:06 <Maddy> Perception
Jan 31 19:27:29 * Gara has quit (Connection reset by peer)
Jan 31 19:27:41 <Echo> 4df+4 ???
Jan 31 19:27:42 <CROM> Echo: ???: 3 (4df+4=-, +, 0, -)
Jan 31 19:27:54 <PaulS_laptop> 4df+3
Jan 31 19:27:55 <CROM> PaulS_laptop: 4 (4df+3=0, -, +, +)
Jan 31 19:28:18 <Puppetmaster> 4df+3
Jan 31 19:28:19 <CROM> Puppetmaster: 6 (4df+3=+, +, 0, +)
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Jan 31 19:29:57 <Gara> 4df+3 Look! Look with your elf eyes!
Jan 31 19:29:58 <CROM> Gara: Look! Look with your elf eyes!: 0 (4df+3=-, -, -, 0)
Jan 31 19:31:19 <Maddy> You all notice your clothes look period appropriate, as do your weapons. Matt, John, and Mitchell appear to be holding repeating crossbows. Lilin's bow has no change. However, everyone but John still feels their regular clothes on their bodies, and regular weapons in their hands. It's fucking wierd.
Jan 31 19:31:43 <Maddy> John feels like he wearing weird clothes and holding a weird crossboe.
Jan 31 19:31:45 <Gara> "This is… huh."
Jan 31 19:32:11 <PaulS_laptop> "uh…"
Jan 31 19:32:25 <PaulS_laptop> ~Mead?!~
Jan 31 19:32:33 <Maddy> Lilin is also white suddenly.
Jan 31 19:32:52 <Puppetmaster> "…"
Jan 31 19:32:56 <Puppetmaster> "Fucking hell."
Jan 31 19:33:21 <Puppetmaster> Lilin is clearly irritated with this situation.
Jan 31 19:33:47 <Echo> "This… is more than a little weird." Is the Earl frozen as well?
Jan 31 19:33:48 <Gara> "Well, this is interesting."
Jan 31 19:33:50 <Maddy> Yes
Jan 31 19:33:56 <Maddy> Everyone is froz in time.
Jan 31 19:34:02 <Maddy> Well except you
Jan 31 19:34:12 <PaulS_laptop> "Well, this simplifies things"
Jan 31 19:34:34 <Echo> Mitchell faces the door, peeking around. Can I get a little more description of the hall they're in?
Jan 31 19:34:45 <Maddy> Damnit
Jan 31 19:35:41 <Puppetmaster> "I'm motherfucking white. I hate this."
Jan 31 19:36:37 <Echo> "Don't worry about it. Ya look fine."
Jan 31 19:36:51 <Maddy> Have you ever played Oblivion? Kinda like when you go to see the countess of Anvil
Jan 31 19:37:08 <Gara> "Nothing wrong with being white."
Jan 31 19:37:14 <PaulS_laptop> ~ha. Race lift.~
Jan 31 19:37:16 <Maddy> like this
Jan 31 19:37:48 <Maddy> The Door you came through is next to the stairs
Jan 31 19:37:59 <PaulS_laptop> "Well, things're definitely broken" Matt walks towards the frozen Earl
Jan 31 19:38:23 <PaulS_laptop> "Anyone got a sharpie?"
Jan 31 19:38:40 <Maddy> As he aproaches the stairs up to the counts chair, time un freezes.
Jan 31 19:38:42 <Puppetmaster> Lilin shudders a little bit.
Jan 31 19:38:53 <Echo> "Whoa!"
Jan 31 19:39:01 <PaulS_laptop> "…"
Jan 31 19:39:08 <Maddy> "Ah, the mercinaries finally arrive. You have taken far too long."
Jan 31 19:39:38 <Echo> Mitchell thinks fast. "We came as quick as we could."
Jan 31 19:39:53 <Gara> John blinks. "Right, yes. We're sorry, sire, the traveling was poor."
Jan 31 19:40:12 <PaulS_laptop> Matt drops to a knee.
Jan 31 19:40:38 <Gara> John takes a knee too.
Jan 31 19:41:04 <Echo> Mitchell kneels for no man.
Jan 31 19:41:12 <Puppetmaster> Lilin kneels for no white boy.
Jan 31 19:41:22 <Maddy> "Don't bother with the formalities. If I wanted an arse kissing while having thi problem solved I would have called my guards."
Jan 31 19:41:29 <Maddy> Hes really really british.
Jan 31 19:41:38 <Puppetmaster> Lilin can appreciate that.
Jan 31 19:41:42 <Gara> And he stands back up. "Okay."
Jan 31 19:42:09 <Echo> "Then let's get to business." Mitchell pulls his gloves off and tucks them into a pocket, then slings the "crossbow" over his back.
Jan 31 19:42:21 <PaulS_laptop> Matt rises. He does not sling his crossbow
Jan 31 19:42:28 <PaulS_laptop> it sits at Low Ready
Jan 31 19:42:55 <Maddy> "Besides, I don't expect your kind to even understand the motion." he nods. "We're having a problem with a wolfman. It's getting my loyas subjects all in a state."
Jan 31 19:43:56 <PaulS_laptop> ~Awooo~
Jan 31 19:45:10 <Puppetmaster> "And we're to hunt it down and shoot the bastard up?"
Jan 31 19:45:49 <Maddy> "I simplly need to you go find him and bring me back his head. My Assistant might have an idea of where he is. Do this and you'll be payed well."
Jan 31 19:45:51 <Echo> "If killin' the thing's all you needed, well… you could have called your guards."
Jan 31 19:46:34 <Echo> Mitchell glances back at Lilin, raising an eyebrow. ~Right?~
Jan 31 19:46:40 <Puppetmaster> "Hey, we're getting paid. Are you questioning the man?"
Jan 31 19:46:44 <Echo> He repeats the expression at Matt.
Jan 31 19:46:49 <Maddy> "Ah, the problem there, my foreign friend, is that the peasents are near riots as is, and have come to think of the wolf as some kind of symbol of their struggle."
Jan 31 19:46:57 <PaulS_laptop> Matt glances back ~indeed~
Jan 31 19:47:12 <PaulS_laptop> ~aaaand there we go~
Jan 31 19:47:21 <Maddy> "If my guards kill him, I'd have a mess on my hands. The Scotish aren't an intelligent bunch."
Jan 31 19:47:22 <Echo> ~Oh.~ That's a lot simpler an explanation than he figured.
Jan 31 19:47:51 <Gara> "Ah, I see. So you want this quiet."
Jan 31 19:47:52 <Echo> "Where's the assistant?"
Jan 31 19:49:17 <Maddy> "He's in the courtyard."
Jan 31 19:49:22 <Maddy> "You may go."
Jan 31 19:49:28 <PaulS_laptop> matt nods
Jan 31 19:50:13 <Puppetmaster> "Uh, pardon my memory, but what was your name again?"
Jan 31 19:51:13 <Echo> Mitchell leaves them to conversation, heading to the door behind them. He pushes it open, steps outside, and digs through his pockets for his cigarettes and lighter. Half wanting a smoke, half curious as to what they'd be.
Jan 31 19:51:50 <PaulS_laptop> Matt checks for his pistol
Jan 31 19:52:36 <Maddy> "Earl Nutt, young lady."
Jan 31 19:53:09 <PaulS_laptop> He then shoots a glance at Mitchell
Jan 31 19:53:29 <Maddy> The cigarettes are some kinda hand rolled thing now. Not quite what it should be but the door is trying. The lighter is matches.
Jan 31 19:53:41 <Maddy> The pistol is there but it's a comically small crossbow.
Jan 31 19:53:47 <Echo> Mitchell stands in the half-open door, looking back. He shrugs and lights one.
Jan 31 19:54:15 <PaulS_laptop> ~heh~ at the crossbow
Jan 31 19:54:33 <Puppetmaster> "Ah, thank you." Lilin gives an almost mocking half-bow and walks out.
Jan 31 19:54:44 <Maddy> The servants kinda snear at Lilin and keep their distance.
Jan 31 19:55:14 <Puppetmaster> Lilin's fine with that.
Jan 31 19:56:24 <Gara> John walks out!
Jan 31 19:56:37 <Echo> "So… we wanna go find this guy? Figure out where we're supposed to - … they need to know not to open the door to their little castle here unless it's us. Like… to not compromise *our* Door."
Jan 31 19:57:17 <Maddy> There are a buncha rich looking folks in the courtyard, but one guy who stands out as just being another servant, albeit probably better paied one.
Jan 31 19:57:31 <Puppetmaster> "I doubt anyone's going to knock on /one specific spot/ with what they /need/ to."
Jan 31 19:58:07 <Puppetmaster> Lilin never put away her bow. Nor does she plan on it.
Jan 31 19:58:41 <Maddy> some of the rich people are mumbling about bloody foreigners, and everyone is still snearing at Lilin.
Jan 31 19:58:44 <PaulS_laptop> "Good point. And that feller's probably who we're looking for"
Jan 31 19:58:48 <Echo> Mitchell lets the hand-rolled smoke hang from his lips as he heads a little farther out, scoping out the scenery surrounding the Earl's stronghold. "I'm just sayin'. I mean, not that they're gonna get through. But so that nothin' dangerous gets to our door and keeps us from it." With that, Mitchell nods over at the guy wearing the Earl's colors.
Jan 31 19:58:53 <Echo> "Figure that's him?"
Jan 31 19:59:55 <Gara> "Probably."
Jan 31 20:00:09 <Maddy> The veiw of this little hamlet is quite stunning, as is the land around. All hilly and foresty. However there's a part of town that looks pretty rundown and ill taken care of.
Jan 31 20:00:15 <Puppetmaster> "You think they're looking at me funny because I'm a woman? I mean, you'd /think/ that the fact that I'm a mercenary would probably say something about my competence, but."
Jan 31 20:00:44 <Echo> "Anybody can get paid to carry a gun. No real way to tell if you're worth the money by lookin' at ya, though."
Jan 31 20:01:14 <Gara> "Crossbow."
Jan 31 20:01:17 <Puppetmaster> "I almost feel like demonstrating."
Jan 31 20:01:40 <Echo> "Probably not the best idea. Somebody wanna go talk to this guy?"
Jan 31 20:01:45 <PaulS_laptop> "I will"
Jan 31 20:01:54 <Maddy> The guy is writing in his ledger.
Jan 31 20:01:56 <Puppetmaster> "Hmm." Lilin looks around at the landscape. "I missed Scotland."
Jan 31 20:02:14 <PaulS_laptop> Matt approaches the assistant "Oi. You're the earl's assistant?"
Jan 31 20:02:20 <Echo> Mitchell nods, and moves to follow Matt, both hands gripping his crossbow's sling at the center of his chest.
Jan 31 20:02:42 <Maddy> "That is me. The name is Niall."
Jan 31 20:03:17 <Gara> "Pleasure to meet you, Niall."
Jan 31 20:03:21 <PaulS_laptop> "Alright. We were told you knew the whereabouts of the wolfman we're after."
Jan 31 20:03:56 <Echo> Mitchell decides to chime in. "And a little about what it is, exactly."
Jan 31 20:04:38 <Maddy> "That is if you believe the wolfman claptrap. I think it's just some uppity Scott rallying on old legends to get the poor to riot."
Jan 31 20:05:53 <Gara> John flatfaces. "We're payed to kill a wolfman, I'm working with a wolfman being real."
Jan 31 20:06:09 <PaulS_laptop> "Regardless. We have need of information. Where to find him and his, and ideally a rough idea of where he goes during his day"
Jan 31 20:07:06 <Maddy> "My best suggestion is rough up some of the people in the mudhutts into telling you where it is."
Jan 31 20:08:08 <Maddy> "Any attempts to pay them or reason with them have failed. They're completely stuck on protecting whoever or whatever this thing is."
Jan 31 20:08:18 <PaulS_laptop> "Wonderful"
Jan 31 20:08:25 <PaulS_laptop> the sarcasm is heavy
Jan 31 20:08:56 <Echo> "So you don't actually know where the target we're being paid to take down is."
Jan 31 20:09:13 <Gara> John wonders how much they're getting paid for this.
Jan 31 20:09:20 <Puppetmaster> Not enough.
Jan 31 20:09:23 <Maddy> "If it wernt for our need for the manual labour, I would just burn down the woods."
Jan 31 20:09:48 <Puppetmaster> Lilin nods. "So we find it and shoot it. Straightforward."
Jan 31 20:10:20 <PaulS_laptop> "Yeah, we're going to need some funds before we leave."
Jan 31 20:10:41 <Echo> "Actually."
Jan 31 20:10:53 <Maddy> He takes a bag off his belt, feels how heavy it is and tosses it at Matt.
Jan 31 20:11:08 <PaulS_laptop> "That'd be about right"
Jan 31 20:11:58 <Echo> "So…"
Jan 31 20:13:14 <Echo> "Let's go see what we can see?" Mitchell nods off toward the run-down section, farther toward the outskirts.
Jan 31 20:13:50 <Puppetmaster> "Sounds right."
Jan 31 20:14:01 <PaulS_laptop> matt nods
Jan 31 20:14:47 <Puppetmaster> Lilin starts off that way and wonders A: How many arrows does it take to kill a werewolf? And plan B: How many arrows does it take to kill white royalty?
Jan 31 20:16:13 <Maddy> As they walk toards the outskirts, they can see how the status of the people gets steadily worse the farther they get from the main hall.
Jan 31 20:17:29 <Puppetmaster> Lilin pulls up close to the rest of them. "So uh, unless this wolfman tries to kill us first, is anyone opposed to leading a Scottish revolution?"
Jan 31 20:17:56 <Echo> "I figure shit's still the same here. Wanna know somethin', check out the slums. And no. You heard Haeata. This is… probably some kinda serious shit."
Jan 31 20:18:50 <Puppetmaster> "And she said something wasn't happening that was supposed to happen. And if the revolution's /supposed/ to happen… Well, I remember the Scots being quite fond of revolutions."
Jan 31 20:19:12 <Echo> "But is a revolution supposed to happen? We got some shit to figure out."
Jan 31 20:19:18 <Gara> "One or two. If there's a wolfman, I don't want to kill it unless it comes after us."
Jan 31 20:20:04 <Puppetmaster> Lilin nods to John.
Jan 31 20:20:27 <Maddy> As they get to the poorer areas, the snearing at Lilin turns to indiference and sometimes admiration by younger girls.
Jan 31 20:22:12 <Echo> "He didn't mention any place in particular, did he?"
Jan 31 20:22:18 <Gara> "No."
Jan 31 20:22:19 <Puppetmaster> "Anyway, I vote we overthrow an earl today. If anyone needs me, roll your right shoulder twice. Til then, out of sight out of mind." Lilin heads into the cover of the shadows and the alleys.
Jan 31 20:22:29 <Puppetmaster> 4df+4 Sneakeh.
Jan 31 20:22:30 <CROM> Puppetmaster: Sneakeh.: 4 (4df+4=0, 0, -, +)
Jan 31 20:22:40 <Gara> "That's… A really bad… where are you even going."
Jan 31 20:23:11 <Echo> "Matt, John? Any ideas on where to start?"
Jan 31 20:23:22 <Gara> John is exasperated. "The guy did say mudhuts."
Jan 31 20:23:36 <Maddy> They are now in the place that Niall lovingly called mudhutts.
Jan 31 20:24:24 <Maddy> They're not really made of mud.
Jan 31 20:24:30 <Maddy> But they're not exactly clean.
Jan 31 20:24:51 <Echo> "Could go to where the people hang out. Pretty good chance that's a bar. Can't exactly just start bargin' into peoples' houses."
Jan 31 20:25:04 <Maddy> Some of them don't even have windows.
Jan 31 20:25:09 <Gara> "Yeah, no, lets not."
Jan 31 20:25:13 <Gara> "That'd be really rude."
Jan 31 20:26:37 <Echo> Mitchell kinda twirls around in the street for a minute, then sticks two fingers in his mouth and whistles. "Anybody point us somewhere we could get a drink?"
Jan 31 20:27:19 <Maddy> There are poor people milling about and toiling. They kinida glare at Mitchell, though one man jerks his thumb at a slightly larger hovel.
Jan 31 20:28:21 <Echo> "Thank you." Well, there goes trying to not look like a jackass.
Jan 31 20:28:42 <Echo> He looks over at John and shrugs.
Jan 31 20:28:56 <Gara> John goes on with him.
Jan 31 20:32:03 <Maddy> The place is really shitty but there's a couple dudes in there drinking.
Jan 31 20:32:33 <Echo> Mitchell kind of hangs out by the door, lighting another cigarette.
Jan 31 20:34:40 <Maddy> The pople in the bar mostly ignore him.
Jan 31 20:37:25 <Echo> "John. Go for it, dude."
Jan 31 20:38:24 <Gara> John goes on in, and sits next to someone. "I've heard some rumors."
Jan 31 20:38:55 <Maddy> "Have you now?" he has a thick, gravely voice and a scotish accent.
Jan 31 20:39:22 <Gara> "I have, I have."
Jan 31 20:39:44 <Maddy> "I don't know why you'd come here for that."
Jan 31 20:40:30 <Gara> "Well, of course I would. Best way to find rumors is to talk to people, issint?"
Jan 31 20:42:30 <Maddy> "Well I've heard rumors too. Rumors that you people from some other land held by the brits are being payed by that Earl to muck about in other peoples buisness."
Jan 31 20:43:04 <Maddy> "Carrying around some brit strumpet pretending ot be a man no less."
Jan 31 20:43:48 <Gara> He nods. "A strumpet that could hamstring you or me without a hint of remorse. No woman in that one, I'll tell ya."
Jan 31 20:44:09 <Maddy> "Is that a threat, boyo?"
Jan 31 20:44:45 <Gara> "Oh, no, not even a warning."
Jan 31 20:45:06 <Gara> "It's just conversation. I'm hardly even here to kill anything."
Jan 31 20:45:44 <Maddy> "Look, whatever the Earl is paying you for, I'll have no part of it, but I know there's thems that would actively look to stop you."
Jan 31 20:46:17 <Gara> "I'd expect as much."
Jan 31 20:48:18 <Maddy> He goes back to his drink, and back to giving you the cold shoulder.
Jan 31 20:49:11 <Gara> He stands, walks back over to Mithell.
Jan 31 20:49:13 <Gara> Mitchell even.
Jan 31 20:49:31 * Tehpillowstar (~PI.3BC155FE.EA7E8EA2.EF990D96|arukam#PI.3BC155FE.EA7E8EA2.EF990D96|arukam) has joined #afteractionmission
Jan 31 20:49:47 <Echo> "Well?" Mitchell's apparently started into another cigarette.
Jan 31 20:50:19 <Gara> "We're going to to get shot at by people who think we're something we're pretending to be. Actively looking to stop us."
Jan 31 20:51:18 <Echo> "… so… what do you think, Doc?"
Jan 31 20:51:28 <Maddy> Lilin, perception
Jan 31 20:51:37 <Gara> "I think that we're best to /find/ these people and talk to /them/."
Jan 31 20:51:42 <Puppetmaster> 4df+3 Being outside the bar has advantages?
Jan 31 20:51:43 <CROM> Puppetmaster: Being outside the bar has advantages?: 2 (4df+3=-, -, 0, +)
Jan 31 20:51:48 <Puppetmaster> Maybe not.
Jan 31 20:51:55 <Maddy> Good enough.
Jan 31 20:51:57 <Echo> "I mean… get some backup, hang around here, or what? I mean… what if we go out and snatch up some more people from camp?"
Jan 31 20:52:16 <Gara> "It might be able to help, sure."
Jan 31 20:52:28 <Maddy> You spot some kids playing some kinda game. One kid is holding a young girl captive, and she's calling for help.
Jan 31 20:52:55 <Maddy> Another boy comes in, wearing a long tail, likely made of wolfs fur
Jan 31 20:53:12 <Maddy> "Save me from the Evil King Bigby!"
Jan 31 20:53:17 <Maddy> "Arooooo!"
Jan 31 20:53:43 <Puppetmaster> Lilin puts her bow away and gets closer, still hidden.
Jan 31 20:54:10 <Echo> Mitchell shrugs, and takes a few steps out away from the door to the place John was in. "I dunno, man. I mean, the people here obviously don't like us, right?"
Jan 31 20:54:16 <Maddy> The boy with the tail tackles the evil king and stars feeding him mud. The little girl kicks the king while he's down.
Jan 31 20:54:33 <Gara> "Yeah, they really clearly don't trust us.
Jan 31 20:54:34 <Maddy> "Ow Ow wo, ok ok you win Bigby."
Jan 31 20:54:40 <Puppetmaster> ~I love the Scots.~
Jan 31 20:54:46 <Maddy> "Arooooo!"
Jan 31 20:54:55 <Echo> "They know we're people hired off by the guy in the castle. They obviously don't like him."
Jan 31 20:55:15 <Puppetmaster> Lilin steps out of hiding, smiling. "Hey, that's a fun game. How'd you think it up?"
Jan 31 20:55:23 <Echo> "This is like bein' in fuckin' Iraq, dude."
Jan 31 20:55:35 <Gara> "Yeah, they'll clearly watching us since we stepped out."
Jan 31 20:55:44 <Gara> "And will be watching us as we go out."
Jan 31 20:55:57 <Echo> "We're not gonna get shit outta these people as long as we're workin' for the Man."
Jan 31 20:56:01 <Maddy> "Next time I wanna be Bigby." Says the little girl. The boys laugh at her and turn to Lilin. "This game?"
Jan 31 20:56:09 <Maddy> "Everyone plays it here."
Jan 31 20:56:17 <Gara> "I don't even want to be working for the Man."
Jan 31 20:57:22 <Puppetmaster> "Ah. Who's King Bigby? He some nasty Brit who's been ruling here?"
Jan 31 20:57:49 <Maddy> "King…what no. Bigby's the wul-" the older boy elbows the younger boy.
Jan 31 20:58:32 <Puppetmaster> "The what?"
Jan 31 20:58:47 <Maddy> The little girl is just staring up at Lilin all stary eyed.
Jan 31 20:59:01 <Maddy> "Bigby's just the hero. The Evil King is the King."
Jan 31 20:59:18 <Echo> Mitchell tosses the stub of his cigarette down and stomps it out with the heel of a boot, and heads back into the street. "I'm all ears, John."
Jan 31 20:59:25 <Puppetmaster> "Ohhh, sorry. Bigby's the /wolf man/. My mistake."
Jan 31 20:59:57 <Gara> John walks back out. "Well, what I see here is that we're going to get ourselves deep in shit if we hunt too hard for this thing."
Jan 31 21:00:17 <Gara> "That guy I just spoke too is going to spread that around, and they'll know our faces."
Jan 31 21:00:21 <Maddy> "Are you a warrior lady?" says the little girl.
Jan 31 21:00:26 <Puppetmaster> "You know, that reminds me. There's some wolf man supposed to be around these parts that I've been looking to help." She looks at the girl. "Any idea where I can find him?"
Jan 31 21:00:31 <Puppetmaster> "And yes, I am."
Jan 31 21:01:22 <Puppetmaster> "I'm from Boudica's family line." She winks.
Jan 31 21:01:24 <Gara> "They know ourfaces, that we work for the Man, and that we're hunting their idol…" He draws a finger across his nek.
Jan 31 21:01:31 <Gara> Neck*
Jan 31 21:01:47 <Maddy> "I can help you find Bigby." she says. The boys laughs. "Like you know anything about that." they laugh and just decide to leave this tea party.
Jan 31 21:02:16 <Echo> "We still don't know what's supposed to happen. Or when we are. All we got is that we're in Scotland, by the accents."
Jan 31 21:02:22 <Puppetmaster> Lilin walks up to the girl. "Ah, don't pay any attention to them. Boys, right?"
Jan 31 21:02:24 <Maddy> The girl frows. "Stupid boys!"
Jan 31 21:02:30 <Puppetmaster> "I know!"
Jan 31 21:02:33 <Gara> "Or that there's even a wolfman."
Jan 31 21:02:45 <Maddy> "I know where Bigby is though. I can show you!"
Jan 31 21:03:01 <Puppetmaster> "Would you please?"
Jan 31 21:03:39 <Maddy> She nods, grabbing Lillin's hands and dragging her off to the edge of town.
Jan 31 21:03:47 <Gara> "We only know that there's unfriendly natives around here, and we're in their house."
Jan 31 21:04:37 <Puppetmaster> She whispers. "Psst. I hear Bigby's leading a revolt. Is that true?"
Jan 31 21:05:23 <Maddy> "I don't no anything about that. He just gives us fish. Mom says he's an angel."
Jan 31 21:05:56 <Puppetmaster> Lilin smiles and nods. "He sounds good."
Jan 31 21:06:27 <Echo> "So we pull out for now, you think? Or… shit. Dude, I honestly don't know."
Jan 31 21:06:36 <Maddy> There's a small path, very overgrown leading into the woods. She points. "I've seen him after he leaves us fish. He goes that way."
Jan 31 21:06:42 <Echo> "Go back and tell Haeata?"
Jan 31 21:06:55 <Puppetmaster> "Alright, thank you, little one."
Jan 31 21:07:17 <Puppetmaster> Lilin smiles and waves as she heads into the woods, making no attempt to hide her presence.
Jan 31 21:07:22 <Maddy> She nods. "If you see him, tell him Merida saya thank you!"
Jan 31 21:07:29 <Puppetmaster> "I will!"
Jan 31 21:07:36 <Maddy> and off she goes to somewhere.
Jan 31 21:07:46 <Gara> "I don't know if we can.
Jan 31 21:08:33 <Puppetmaster> In fact, she whistles as she goes.
Jan 31 21:08:54 <Maddy> The path is hard to follow. Perception.
Jan 31 21:09:06 <Puppetmaster> 4df+3 I WILL PERCEPTION THE FUCK OUT OF THIS
Jan 31 21:09:07 <CROM> Puppetmaster: I WILL PERCEPTION THE FUCK OUT OF THIS: 5 (4df+3=+, 0, 0, +)
Jan 31 21:09:16 <Gara> "We could just break everything if we do."
Jan 31 21:09:46 <Echo> "Like, leave and come back?"
Jan 31 21:09:58 <Gara> "Yeah I don't know if we can even do that."
Jan 31 21:10:09 <Maddy> You hear a river nearby. There's an od sound liek something being thrown and landing softly in the watr.
Jan 31 21:10:15 <Gara> "This is uncharted, and we ould break a lot of shit."
Jan 31 21:10:17 <Echo> Mitchell rolls his right shoulder twice to summon Lilin. OH WAIT.
Jan 31 21:10:26 <Puppetmaster> She makes her way toward that.
Jan 31 21:10:34 <Gara> It's almost like she wandered off into the forest.
Jan 31 21:10:42 <Maddy> She doesnt appear! Oh no you've lost Lilin.
Jan 31 21:10:53 <Gara> "…"
Jan 31 21:10:54 <Echo> Mitchell looks around the street.
Jan 31 21:11:02 <Gara> John looks around the street.
Jan 31 21:11:03 <Echo> He rolls his shoulder again.
Jan 31 21:11:35 <Echo> "*whistle*"
Jan 31 21:11:40 <Puppetmaster> Nothing happens. Lilin is not here leave a message at the tone.
Jan 31 21:11:50 <Maddy> They're geting weird looks from the locals now.
Jan 31 21:12:00 <Echo> "Didn't she say to roll a shoulder if we needed her?"
Jan 31 21:12:12 <Gara> "yes."
Jan 31 21:12:28 <Echo> "So she's either not watching or she wandered off."
Jan 31 21:12:50 <Puppetmaster> Lilin continues heading toward the fish-catching wolf.
Jan 31 21:12:58 <Gara> "Yes."
Jan 31 21:13:14 <Maddy> The wolf she finds. He's man-ish shaped, but with the head of a wolf.
Jan 31 21:13:32 <Puppetmaster> Does it /look/ like a costume?
Jan 31 21:13:56 <Maddy> He's covered ins grey brown fur, and his legs are also wolfshaped, so it's not likely a costume.
Jan 31 21:13:59 <Echo> "… fuck."
Jan 31 21:14:14 <Puppetmaster> She steps out of the undergrowth. "Friend, not foe."
Jan 31 21:14:21 <Puppetmaster> "And I don't think you are, either."
Jan 31 21:14:32 <Gara> "Why…"
Jan 31 21:14:54 <Puppetmaster> Because wolf man, John.
Jan 31 21:14:55 <Maddy> His arms are longer than his legs, and you get the impression he probably moves like a gorilla. His ears swivle to listen to her, but he doesn't look, just starts to pull in his fish net.
Jan 31 21:14:56 <Echo> Mitchell pulls the "crossbow" down, manhandling it right to left, left to right, apparently out of nervous habit, then slings it again.
Jan 31 21:15:17 <Puppetmaster> "Merida says thank you, by the way."
Jan 31 21:15:18 <Maddy> There's a couple fish in it. "What."
Jan 31 21:16:03 <Echo> "We *can't* go back now, regardless."
Jan 31 21:16:04 <Maddy> The voice is low, growly, and brutal. He doen't sound at all angry though.
Jan 31 21:16:18 <Gara> "Nope."
Jan 31 21:16:27 <Maddy> Puppetmaster, move to #TheRiver
Jan 31 21:16:31 <Gara> "Fucking idiot."
Jan 31 21:16:33 <Gara> He sighs.
Jan 31 21:16:51 <Maddy> Some big looking dudes start aproaching you two.
Jan 31 21:16:58 <Echo> "… you know what I say we do. She knows where we are. We don't know where she is. If we go off looking…"
Jan 31 21:17:06 <Gara> "Yeah."
Jan 31 21:17:22 <Echo> "She won't be able to find us. I say we go in here, sit down, and stimulate the local economy."
Jan 31 21:17:34 <Gara> John taps his arm and tilts his head at the guys.
Jan 31 21:17:52 <Gara> How far are they?
Jan 31 21:17:58 <Echo> "And wait for Lil- huh?" Mitchell glances to where John indicated.
Jan 31 21:18:44 <Maddy> About 2-3 metres.
Jan 31 21:19:04 <Echo> He tosses up a hand in greeting. "Gentlemen."
Jan 31 21:19:53 <Maddy> "We know why you're here."
Jan 31 21:20:00 <Gara> "Not really."
Jan 31 21:20:06 <Gara> "You just think you do."
Jan 31 21:20:43 <Gara> "What're your names? I'm John."
Jan 31 21:21:15 <Maddy> "Listen, you've got better weapons and probably better training than we do. We don't stand a chance. Were jsut asking you leave. Many people here will die trying to stop you."
Jan 31 21:21:36 <Gara> "Yeah, probably, and we really don't want to make a mess here."
Jan 31 21:21:37 <Echo> "We don't…" Mitchell holds his hands up placatingly. "I think there's some misunderstanding." He puts a hand to his chest. "I'm Mitchell, and nobody's gonna die."
Jan 31 21:22:30 <Echo> At least Evan's got a nice Scottish sounding name.
Jan 31 21:23:45 <Maddy> "Mitchell. The wolf is under our protection. Please, just leave."
Jan 31 21:23:54 <Gara> "We're not hunting it."
Jan 31 21:24:26 <Maddy> "Why should we beliece you?"
Jan 31 21:24:45 <Gara> "Because we're going to sit in that bar." He points.
Jan 31 21:24:49 <Gara> "And you can watch us."
Jan 31 21:25:00 <Echo> "It's a clever ruse." Mitchell takes the bag John presumably now has with all the loot from the Earl, grabs some money out, and tosses it to the man speaking to them.
Jan 31 21:25:13 <Echo> The bag/
Jan 31 21:25:24 <Echo> Not the money. The little he takes he shoves into a pocket.
Jan 31 21:25:51 <Echo> "It's yours. Pass it around. Some of the people here look like they need it."
Jan 31 21:26:04 <Maddy> "What kinda of ruse? Just going to steal from the crown and jog on?"
Jan 31 21:26:14 <Echo> "We can't even use it back home."
Jan 31 21:26:36 <Echo> "Call it spreading the wealth."
Jan 31 21:27:46 <Maddy> The man looks skeptical, but at the same time, this money could go a long way here. "Fine. But if we see you or your woman near them woods…"
Jan 31 21:27:54 <Puppetmaster> Whoops.
Jan 31 21:28:31 <Echo> "We, uh… you know what, let's go ahead and chat here for a minute. Ya see, she ran off."
Jan 31 21:29:50 <Echo> "And she's more than a little skilled at tracking. And I'll tell ya, too, she *is* lookin' for the wolf man."
Jan 31 21:30:14 <Maddy> "…look, Mitchell, John? I want to believe you, I really do." he looks at the money. "So I'm gonna take you somewhere…if that harlot of yours is in the jaws of the beastie, we'll feed you t him too."
Jan 31 21:30:43 <Gara> "Fairs fair."
Jan 31 21:30:57 <Echo> "So to keep any further misunderstandings from happenin'… we need to know where she-" He looks at John, then back to the man. "Wouldn't lie to ya for the world."
Jan 31 21:31:11 <Maddy> The man heads for the woods now.
Jan 31 21:31:20 <Gara> John goes off following.
Jan 31 21:31:37 <Echo> Mitchell keeps close behind. ~*Now* we're getting somewhere.~
Jan 31 21:31:45 <Maddy> It doesn't take long for them to find the river, and there they see the large wolfman sniffing lilins hand
Jan 31 21:32:52 <Puppetmaster> She grins and steps back, then picks up her bow, which was off to the side.
Jan 31 21:32:57 <Gara> "Hi."
Jan 31 21:33:03 <Echo> "Fuck me, it's a real wolfman."
Jan 31 21:33:18 <Gara> "Yeah, yeah it is."
Jan 31 21:33:28 <Maddy> The wolfman looks at the others growling a little again. "Smells bad."
Jan 31 21:33:33 <Echo> Mitchell keeps his distance, realizes that might be a little suspicious, and gets a little closer, not sure what to say.
Jan 31 21:33:34 <Puppetmaster> "Friends."
Jan 31 21:33:49 <Maddy> "Oh. Needs a bath."
Jan 31 21:34:22 <Echo> He decides being honest is the best bet. "We got paid a sack of money to find you and kill you."
Jan 31 21:34:33 <Gara> "Yep."
Jan 31 21:34:35 <Puppetmaster> "He knows."
Jan 31 21:34:38 <Maddy> The men are kinda dumbstruck at the wolf just hanging out with Lilin. They really expected her to be dead.
Jan 31 21:34:39 <Echo> "But it's not sittin' right."
Jan 31 21:34:58 <Echo> "So we gave it to your men here, and came to talk."
Jan 31 21:35:06 <Maddy> "She said you kill him instead. Sounds good."
Jan 31 21:35:17 <Maddy> He looks at Mitchell. "Not my mens."
Jan 31 21:35:25 <Puppetmaster> "He's been feeding the townsfolk, but he's no revolutionary."
Jan 31 21:35:35 <Maddy> "Dont have men. No one owns men."
Jan 31 21:35:47 <Puppetmaster> She smiles. "I like him."
Jan 31 21:36:06 <Maddy> One of the men speaks up. "Kill the Earl? Are you mad?"
Jan 31 21:36:07 <Echo> "Wait, wait, wait… what, uh… no, that's not what I meant. Your, uh, your allies. And kill who, the Earl?"
Jan 31 21:36:22 <Puppetmaster> "That was my plan."
Jan 31 21:36:30 <Maddy> "That's a terrible idea."
Jan 31 21:36:35 <Gara> "Yes we know of your slightly offputting murder plot."
Jan 31 21:36:44 <Gara> "That /is/ a terrible idea."
Jan 31 21:36:48 <Echo> "We… probably don't need to go slaughtering anybody."
Jan 31 21:36:54 <Maddy> "You know what happens if you kill him right?"
Jan 31 21:37:02 <Puppetmaster> "Let me guess."
Jan 31 21:37:04 <Gara> "Crackdown."
Jan 31 21:37:09 <Puppetmaster> "The Brits march in and- yeah."
Jan 31 21:37:22 <Maddy> "Your shitty king burns down our homes, pretty much."
Jan 31 21:37:42 <Puppetmaster> "So we need to do this /smart/."
Jan 31 21:37:59 <Gara> "No, we just don't need to do this."
Jan 31 21:38:05 <Maddy> You can see this is mostly going over Bigby's head.
Jan 31 21:38:12 <Maddy> "Wait."
Jan 31 21:38:20 <Echo> "We…" Mitchell ponders for a moment, thinking. Good Lord, this is getting complicated. Realizing full well how foolish it might sound, he looks to the wolf, then back to the two men. "Has anything odd been happening here lately?"
Jan 31 21:38:36 <Maddy> "Not particularly."
Jan 31 21:38:46 <Puppetmaster> Lilin waits, like he said.
Jan 31 21:39:02 <Maddy> "Other than taxes getting higher, and rations getting lower."
Jan 31 21:39:22 <Echo> He must sound like a crazy person, and keeps quiet, waiting as instructed.
Jan 31 21:39:32 <Maddy> "What if you tell Earl you killed wulver?" says the wolf.
Jan 31 21:39:47 <Echo> "He wants your head as proof."
Jan 31 21:39:54 <Maddy> "Oh…uhm."
Jan 31 21:39:59 <Echo> "Or we could do it right now."
Jan 31 21:40:15 <Echo> Exactly how wolvish does the wulver's head look?
Jan 31 21:40:24 <Maddy> Exactly like a wolves.
Jan 31 21:40:28 <Maddy> Though a little bigger.
Jan 31 21:40:43 <Maddy> It might occur to you, however, that the Earl's never seen the damn thing.
Jan 31 21:40:43 <Echo> "But there's nothing that'd stop us from taking a wolf and bringing it back."
Jan 31 21:40:43 <Puppetmaster> "We are /not/ killing him. Under any circumstances."
Jan 31 21:41:03 <Maddy> "This help people?
Jan 31 21:41:05 <Maddy> "
Jan 31 21:41:12 <Puppetmaster> "That's not a bad idea. But remember what Haeata said."
Jan 31 21:41:19 <Puppetmaster> "Something's supposed to /happen/ here."
Jan 31 21:42:09 <Puppetmaster> "Whether or not that's a revolution…"
Jan 31 21:42:12 <Echo> "The people are unhappy, if the Earl tells them he's dead, they won't keep up with the rabble. Or, hell, it might set them off."
Jan 31 21:43:20 <Maddy> "The revolution is brewing without the wolf." says one of the men who is not a wolf.
Jan 31 21:43:26 <Echo> "If we go back and tell them we couldn't do it, he'll send more people, and we'll have to answer where we've been. Cuz it'll be obvious we found him."
Jan 31 21:43:28 <Puppetmaster> "At the end of the day, though, he's still alive, and if we kill the earl, the king comes down on their heads."
Jan 31 21:43:31 <Maddy> "What does the wolf have to do with any of that?"
Jan 31 21:44:05 <Maddy> "He just gives us fish really."
Jan 31 21:44:12 <Echo> "Well… you said it yourself. The people in town seem pretty protective of him."
Jan 31 21:44:29 <Echo> "The Earl doesn't like that. Or maybe it's somethin' else."
Jan 31 21:44:44 <Echo> He turns back to the wolfman. "There any reason he'd hate you?"
Jan 31 21:44:55 <Gara> "Symbolism."
Jan 31 21:45:01 <Maddy> "Cause he feeds us. i don't know what the brits been telling you, but we're not dumbe enough to believe the earl's word when we can /see/ you didn't kil him."
Jan 31 21:45:20 <Maddy> "Didn't know was hated till now." says Bigby
Jan 31 21:45:55 <Echo> "Exactly. So we go back with a wolf's head, that clears the wolfman, he stays alive, the people know he's still alive, regardless of what the Earl says, and the people keep their hero."
Jan 31 21:46:15 <Echo> "And they can do with the situation as they see fit."
Jan 31 21:46:18 <Maddy> "That's actually a spectacular idea."
Jan 31 21:46:34 <Puppetmaster> "…"
Jan 31 21:46:37 <Puppetmaster> "Yes, it is."
Jan 31 21:46:46 <Puppetmaster> "I'd be happier if he were dead, still."
Jan 31 21:46:51 <Gara> "I like it. Lets find a wolf t- You are /not killing the earl on the way out/ okay?"
Jan 31 21:46:55 <Echo> "We can't just start killin' people, because that's bad consequences all around for the people in the town."
Jan 31 21:47:05 <Maddy> "…need fish?" Bigby you are so dumb.
Jan 31 21:47:42 <Echo> "We would love some fish. But not right now, please. And thank you."
Jan 31 21:47:53 <Puppetmaster> "I never said I was /going to/. I didn't get this far by being stupid, John."
Jan 31 21:48:09 <Echo> Mitchell turns to face the two men that brought them there. "So… a wolf. A big one."
Jan 31 21:48:19 <Maddy> "ok, wulver go fish." off he goes.
Jan 31 21:48:38 <Maddy> "There are wolves in the woods, yeah but we're not really hnters."
Jan 31 21:48:59 <Puppetmaster> Lilin draws her bow. "I am."
Jan 31 21:49:54 <Gara> "Great, you go handle that."
Jan 31 21:49:55 <Echo> "Then let's go find us a wolf."
Jan 31 21:49:57 <Gara> "I don't hunt."
Jan 31 21:50:02 <Gara> "I mean, I can."
Jan 31 21:50:09 <Gara> "But I'll be heard for miles."
Jan 31 21:50:20 <Puppetmaster> "And I'm… Well, yeah."
Jan 31 21:50:25 <Puppetmaster> "I'll be back."
Jan 31 21:50:27 <Maddy> "Oh wait lady!" says Bigby.
Jan 31 21:50:40 <Puppetmaster> Lilin turns to him.
Jan 31 21:51:28 <Maddy> He takes off a necklace he's got on and holds it out. It's a crudely fashioned celtic knot made of heather.
Jan 31 21:51:42 <Maddy> "You ave heart of wulver."
Jan 31 21:52:03 <Gara> ~And the mind.~
Jan 31 21:52:26 <Puppetmaster> She slowly reaches out and takes it."
Jan 31 21:52:29 <Puppetmaster> -"
Jan 31 21:52:32 <Puppetmaster> "Thank you."
Jan 31 21:52:58 <Maddy> Bigby nods and goes back to fishing.
Jan 31 21:53:05 <Puppetmaster> She puts it on, nods, and heads out to find a wolf.
Jan 31 21:53:23 <Puppetmaster> On her way out, John gets a /look/. Like she read his mind.
Jan 31 21:53:23 <Maddy> Ill let you just RP this one out.
Jan 31 21:53:50 <Gara> John just returns the look.
Jan 31 21:54:16 <Echo> Mitchell takes the time to light up another of his Ye Olde Cigarettes.
Jan 31 21:54:43 <Maddy> "Where are you lot from anyways?" asks one of the men.
Jan 31 21:55:12 <Gara> "Heh."
Jan 31 21:56:12 <Echo> Mitchell pulls the crossbow off his back, plants the stock in the dirt, and leans on it. "You wouldn't believe me if I told ya."
Jan 31 21:57:52 <Maddy> The man shrugs. This is apparently a good enough answer for him.
Jan 31 21:59:06 <Echo> "Travel all over the place, though."
Jan 31 21:59:52 <Echo> "If I had about three dozen of my people with me? We'd fight the English for ya ourselves. And win, too. A hundred, a thousand, wouldn't matter."
Jan 31 22:00:31 <Puppetmaster> About a half hour to an hour later, Lilin comes back, mostly covered with blood, carrying a wolf head.
Jan 31 22:01:10 <Echo> Any of it hers?
Jan 31 22:01:18 <Puppetmaster> Nope.
Jan 31 22:01:25 <Puppetmaster> "It got a little messy."
Jan 31 22:01:27 <Maddy> "I don't know, the English army is nothing to sneeze at…" he looks around conpiratorily "Though I heard there's this Scott called William Wallace…"
Jan 31 22:01:49 <Maddy> Another man looks at Lilin. "You sure she's a woman?"
Jan 31 22:02:03 <Echo> "Heard of him myself. And yeah, she is."
Jan 31 22:02:47 <Puppetmaster> "Absolutely."
Jan 31 22:02:48 <Echo> Mitchell pulls the crossbow back over his shoulder. "And they're nothin' to sneeze at cuz people just ain't sneezed hard enough yet. It'll happen."
Jan 31 22:03:12 <Echo> "So now… we dump this in front of the Earl, and call it good."
Jan 31 22:03:16 <Gara> "Yep."
Jan 31 22:03:22 <Puppetmaster> "And get paid."
Jan 31 22:03:33 <Gara> "Get paid in money we can't use."
Jan 31 22:03:35 <Gara> "Whoo."
Jan 31 22:03:50 <Echo> Mitchell nods at the way they came in. "Then we just pass it off like the rest."
Jan 31 22:04:05 <Maddy> "Thanks again. Didn't expect this to work out so well." Bigby brings a net fulla fish.
Jan 31 22:04:19 <Maddy> "Got fish."
Jan 31 22:04:36 <Echo> Mitchell nods at him. "That you did."
Jan 31 22:04:41 <Maddy> The trout are flapping around like crazy things.
Jan 31 22:04:56 <Echo> LIKE FISH OUTTA WATER
Jan 31 22:04:56 <Puppetmaster> "… Maybe I don't just walk through the middle of the street. So we don't get stabbed on the way back."
Jan 31 22:05:14 <Echo> "Christ, that's right."
Jan 31 22:05:22 <Maddy> "Nah, we'll go with you. People will know what's up."
Jan 31 22:05:31 <Puppetmaster> "Alright, sounds good then."
Jan 31 22:06:02 <Echo> "You mind leadin' us back, then?" Mitchell gives the wulver a salute.
Jan 31 22:07:01 <Maddy> Bigby hands off the fish to whoever will take it and heads back to his sitting spot. The men nod and lead them back throgh the mudhuts. They get some funny looks, tough seeing the locals with them keeps them from rioting right then and there. These three men will likely hve a lot of questions to answer later.
Jan 31 22:08:08 <Echo> Mitchell keeps close, hauling the sack of fishies in an outstretched right arm, passing it off to his left when it gets tired.
Jan 31 22:08:25 <Puppetmaster> Lilin seems a bit /too/ comfortable being covered in blood. It's a little weird.
Jan 31 22:08:39 <Echo> She's just used to shark week.
Jan 31 22:09:15 <Maddy> When they reach the end of the mudhuts teritorry, the men stop and wave to the trio. The sun is setting now so there aren't as many people around in the wealthier areias.
Jan 31 22:09:40 <Puppetmaster> "Thanks, guys." She nods to them and walks on.
Jan 31 22:09:51 <Gara> John tosses a wave.
Jan 31 22:10:04 <Echo> "Y'all… stay safe. We're gonna go in, get our money if there's any more to be had, and I'll come back out. Drop it off here."
Jan 31 22:10:50 <Maddy> "Thanks again."
Jan 31 22:10:55 <Echo> Mitchell gives them a nod and a wave, dropping the sack of fish off outside the door, and pushes through the heavy set leading into the Earl's estate.
Jan 31 22:11:31 <Puppetmaster> Lilin carries the head on her shoulder.
Jan 31 22:11:35 <Echo> With a great degree of fervor, he flourishes toward Lilin as he enters. "The wolfman! Is *dead*."
Jan 31 22:11:43 <Maddy> Niall is there, who looks really disapointed that he was wrong about his theory and sighs.
Jan 31 22:12:32 <Maddy> The Earl claps! He's quite pleased. "My my, I'm glad I used the Black Arrows. You are as fast as you are strong, clearly. Even your woman has some fight in her."
Jan 31 22:12:54 <Echo> "She's the one who managed to kill it."
Jan 31 22:13:53 <Puppetmaster> She walks up and drops the head on the floor.
Jan 31 22:13:55 <Maddy> "That shall be qute the tale to tell." he smiles, motioning to Niall, who tosses yet another, heavier sack of coins at you. "Tell me, will you feast with us tonight?"
Jan 31 22:14:22 <Gara> ~Fuck the hell no, I wan- Wait they probably have stuff to drink. Hmmmm.~
Jan 31 22:15:24 <Puppetmaster> Lilin looks at Mitchell and John.
Jan 31 22:15:54 <Echo> "We left some things in town. I'd have to go back and pick them up. We stole his food as well. That'd have to be dealt with."
Jan 31 22:17:32 <Maddy> "We can have anything you need stored till after the feast I'm sure, and you have free reign in my hamlet, so long as you still obey the king's laws."
Jan 31 22:18:33 <Echo> "Of course." Mitchell gives a polite bow of the head, and steps toward the door. "John, take the fish outside?"
Jan 31 22:19:02 <Echo> With that, Mitchell heads out, back down to the poverty-stricken section of the place, looking for the men that brought them back.
Jan 31 22:19:17 <Echo> 4df+4 Perception Is anyone following him?
Jan 31 22:19:18 <CROM> Echo: Perception Is anyone following him?: 3 (4df+4=+, -, -, 0)
Jan 31 22:19:24 <Gara> John gets the fish!
Jan 31 22:19:29 <Maddy> The men are just kinda milling about doing whatever chorse got inturupted by the wolf thing.
Jan 31 22:19:47 <Maddy> no one's following him the earl is arrogant enough that he thinks no one would dare cross him.
Jan 31 22:20:20 <Echo> He tosses the sack down by the first one he sees. "More than before."
Jan 31 22:20:50 <Maddy> "Thank you so much. You have done us a great service today."
Jan 31 22:21:47 <Echo> "What I'm here for." He tips his sweet brimmed hat. "He bought it. Every word."
Jan 31 22:22:21 <Maddy> "Doesn't do the King any good to have smart folks working for him i guess."
Jan 31 22:22:47 <Echo> "Won't work out well for him."
Jan 31 22:22:48 <Gara> "That'd be bad."
Jan 31 22:23:39 <Echo> Mitchell tips his hat again. "Keep safe out here." With that, he turns on his heel and wanders back up to the estate.
Jan 31 22:24:11 <Maddy> Back at the estate, there's a feast already setting up in a dining room off to the left of the throne room thing.
Jan 31 22:24:12 <Gara> John wanders with him.
Jan 31 22:24:32 <Maddy> Ther a lot of food and alcohol, and some people are already half in the bag.
Jan 31 22:28:00 <Maddy> If they stay there will be a lot of partying, and most of the people will pass out drunk, th rest will leave to go to their own estates. This leaves you to take whatever food and drink you can carry and take it back through the door, which is currently closed.
Jan 31 22:29:00 <Echo> Mitchell takes full advantage of the proffered stuff, filling his pack with as much as he fit. Mostly bread and cheese. Gotta love that bread and cheese. They've got plenty of fish.
Jan 31 22:29:41 <Puppetmaster> Lilin eats much of the things and takes much of the things.
Jan 31 22:29:51 <Echo> He takes full advantage of the alcohol as well, getting more than a little buzz before he bangs on the Door with the pen.
Jan 31 22:30:04 <Gara> John loots wildly, and drinks a fair bit.
Jan 31 22:30:46 <Puppetmaster> Lilin has two glasses before cutting herself off. Fucks with her aim too much.
Jan 31 22:32:38 <Maddy> Heata is waiting there. "You guys back finally?"
Jan 31 22:33:00 <Maddy> back to IC