Bloodstained Glass

Jan 10 19:40:56 <Maddy> The Door opens to this room. There's a door on either side of the room.
Jan 10 19:41:15 <Echo> "… Trees?"
Jan 10 19:41:38 <Echo> Mitchell squints. "Cherry trees?"
Jan 10 19:41:41 <MereObserver> "…well at least it's pretty."
Jan 10 19:41:53 <Maddy> This place is obvioisly in a different timezone at the very least, the sun is setting and it looks cold outside.
Jan 10 19:41:54 <MonkeyBomb> "…" That is not what should be on the other side of this door.
Jan 10 19:42:01 <Gara> "And welcome to the Ways. This other space could be anywhere, Elsewhere, or nowhere. Lets see."
Jan 10 19:42:15 <Maddy> The japanese in the signs and trash strewn around kinda tips it off too.
Jan 10 19:42:36 <Gara> "Or Japan."
Jan 10 19:42:40 <WalrusKing> "Hm. This is interesting."
Jan 10 19:42:50 <WalrusKing> "What language is that?"
Jan 10 19:43:03 <MereObserver> "Chinese."
Jan 10 19:43:35 <Gara> "Japanese. I tried to learn it, once upon a time."
Jan 10 19:43:36 <WalrusKing> "You think so?"
Jan 10 19:43:48 <Echo> "Haeata, can we come back through?"
Jan 10 19:43:55 <MereObserver> "Oh, or Japanese."
Jan 10 19:44:36 <Maddy> "Yes, if you replicate the knock I showed you, or if I keep the door open."
Jan 10 19:45:42 <Echo> "Best keep it open then…" Mitchell steps slowly through the door, swinging left to check the wall, and see if there are any other doors around.
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Jan 10 19:46:00 <Maddy> There's doors to eaither side fo the room
Jan 10 19:46:01 <WalrusKing> Ilya swings right.
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Jan 10 19:46:13 <WalrusKing> "So is this the Japan then?"
Jan 10 19:46:17 * ApeGrenade is now known as MonkeyBomb
Jan 10 19:46:21 <Gara> "Yes"
Jan 10 19:46:27 <MereObserver> "Seems that way big guy."
Jan 10 19:47:56 <MonkeyBomb> "What…" Brock seems very confused. He's obviously not accustomed to weird shit like this.
Jan 10 19:48:48 <MonkeyBomb> Ace doesn't care at all.
Jan 10 19:48:52 <Gara> John is fine!
Jan 10 19:48:57 <Echo> Mitchell looks back at the window, then checks his door's handle.
Jan 10 19:49:00 <MereObserver> "So, why are we in Japan?"
Jan 10 19:49:26 <Echo> "Because the Door goes to Japan. Didn't you hear the lady?"
Jan 10 19:49:34 <Gara> "Exactly."
Jan 10 19:49:46 <Gara> John looks out the window.
Jan 10 19:49:49 <WalrusKing> "Japan has very beautiful trees."
Jan 10 19:49:57 <Maddy> When looking closer at the trees.
Jan 10 19:50:04 <MereObserver> "So we're sightseeing, alright."
Jan 10 19:50:07 <Maddy>
Jan 10 19:50:15 <Gara> "…"
Jan 10 19:50:25 * Roget is now known as Rogdines
Jan 10 19:50:31 <Gara> "Is that blood or paint."
Jan 10 19:50:47 <Gara> John is very suddenly much less happy.
Jan 10 19:50:50 <Maddy> Who's to say. It's on the outside of the window.
Jan 10 19:51:04 <Maddy> You're also now aware you're on the second floor of a large building.
Jan 10 19:51:06 <WalrusKing> "Oh. That is not tree. Eyes open, my friends."
Jan 10 19:51:36 <MereObserver> "…well this is much more interesting."
Jan 10 19:52:30 <Maddy> The room Mitchell opened into has no other doors, but has similar windows and a clock. There's a lot of empy cans in here.
Jan 10 19:52:55 <WalrusKing> What sort of cans?
Jan 10 19:53:03 <MereObserver> "What's in there Mitchell?"
Jan 10 19:53:26 <Maddy> Food, probably, but it's all in japanese
Jan 10 19:54:11 <Echo> "Uhhhh…"
Jan 10 19:54:18 <Echo> "Buncha like, empty cans of food."
Jan 10 19:54:31 <Maddy> Looks like the sun is setting.
Jan 10 19:54:40 <MereObserver> "So someone's probably been here."
Jan 10 19:54:40 <Echo> Mitchell turns back around. "Somebody check that other door?"
Jan 10 19:54:48 <Echo> "That'd be my guess."
Jan 10 19:54:52 <Gara> John goes to check that other door.
Jan 10 19:54:53 <WalrusKing> Ilya walks over to the other door and tries it.
Jan 10 19:55:24 <Maddy> Also unlocked, this room has one other door, the windows here are broken.
Jan 10 19:56:19 <Gara> "Got another door, andsome broken windows."
Jan 10 19:56:37 <WalrusKing> Anything visible beyone the window?
Jan 10 19:56:42 <MereObserver> Samson goes to look. "Dang, that's not good."
Jan 10 19:56:42 <Gara> Is there glass on the floor?
Jan 10 19:56:59 <Maddy> It's the dead of winter out there. And yea glass all over the place.
Jan 10 19:57:17 <Gara> "Broken into the building."
Jan 10 19:57:20 <MereObserver> Samson rolls his sleeves back down. "Hot damn it's chilly."
Jan 10 19:57:23 <Maddy> Wherever you are looks pretty abandoned.
Jan 10 19:57:35 <Echo> Mitchell comes around to the other side, checking the corridor. "There anything on that glass?"
Jan 10 19:58:04 <Echo> He pushes past the broken window toward the door. "If you got a gun, make sure it's out, people."
Jan 10 19:58:09 <Maddy> Same handprints.
Jan 10 19:58:24 <WalrusKing> Ilya tosses his staff from hand to hand.
Jan 10 19:58:30 <MonkeyBomb> Brock's gun came out when the bloody handprints appeared.
Jan 10 19:58:30 <Gara> "Handprints." He tries to check if that's paint or blood, expecting paint.
Jan 10 19:58:31 <MereObserver> Samson switches out his axe for his shotty.
Jan 10 19:58:51 <Maddy> Its probably not paint.
Jan 10 19:59:06 <Gara> "God damn it, why is it never paint."
Jan 10 19:59:17 <WalrusKing> Ilya idles at the last door, but doesnt open it yet. "It is not paint? So blood then."
Jan 10 19:59:18 <Gara> John just sighs.
Jan 10 19:59:21 <Gara> "I think so."
Jan 10 19:59:27 <MereObserver> "Cause that wouldn't be interesting Johnny boy."
Jan 10 19:59:37 <Echo> "No, I mean is there anything *caught* in it."
Jan 10 19:59:48 <Gara> John looks.
Jan 10 19:59:52 <Echo> "Did anything cut itself on the way in? Lookin' for skin, blood, strips of flesh."
Jan 10 19:59:58 <Maddy> Theres a little flesh, but no skin.
Jan 10 20:00:08 <Gara> "A little flesh."
Jan 10 20:00:14 <Gara> "Not skin."
Jan 10 20:00:23 <Maddy> The handprints are made of blood so it's hard to tell id something cut itself.
Jan 10 20:00:47 <MereObserver> "Isn't flesh skin?"
Jan 10 20:00:49 <Gara> "And there is a load of blood in here."
Jan 10 20:01:00 <Gara> "… No?" John's player doesn't know.
Jan 10 20:01:11 <MonkeyBomb> Ace sniffs.
Jan 10 20:01:14 <MereObserver> "Okay?"
Jan 10 20:01:23 <WalrusKing> "Sun is starting to go down. May not be wise to stay around for too long if we have no lights."
Jan 10 20:01:32 <Echo> "… Right." Mitchell checks the door handle.
Jan 10 20:01:37 <Maddy> Unlocked!
Jan 10 20:01:58 <Maddy> It leads to a baricaded staircase down, and one door.
Jan 10 20:02:10 <MereObserver> "As long as there aren't any lizard men, we should be fine."
Jan 10 20:03:01 <Echo> "One'a y'all check that door. I'm gonna push down."
Jan 10 20:03:22 <WalrusKing> "I will check door." Ilya checks the door.
Jan 10 20:03:27 <Echo> Mitchell creeps forward and hangs over the rail, rifle aimed down. Anything down there?"
Jan 10 20:03:30 <Echo> -"
Jan 10 20:04:40 <Maddy> Looks like a lot of furniture, probably verything from on the floor has been thrown down there into the stairwell.
Jan 10 20:05:15 <Maddy> This door is locked, Ilya
Jan 10 20:06:16 <WalrusKing> "Door is locked. Unless someone can pick lock I can open, but it will be noisy."
Jan 10 20:07:25 <MereObserver> "I can't pick it, you might just have to kick it in."
Jan 10 20:07:41 <MonkeyBomb> "Yeah, I got nothin'."
Jan 10 20:07:46 <Echo> "This, uh… this place is barricaded up like a motherfucker on the ground floor."
Jan 10 20:08:04 <MereObserver> "…is it to keep something out?"
Jan 10 20:08:09 <Gara> "Well we can assume so."
Jan 10 20:08:16 <Gara> "That's the reason to barricade."
Jan 10 20:08:20 <Gara> "But it didn't work."
Jan 10 20:08:27 <MereObserver> "Well it's to keep something in, it's probably in the locked room."
Jan 10 20:08:36 <Gara> "It's not to keep something in."
Jan 10 20:08:42 <Gara> He points at the glass on the floor.
Jan 10 20:08:54 <MereObserver> "Right…"
Jan 10 20:09:19 <WalrusKing> "In that case, everyone get ready. I will open door." Ilya waits for everyone to fall in near him.
Jan 10 20:09:36 <Echo> "Well… it worked. It's still there."
Jan 10 20:09:36 <MereObserver> Samson falls in, shotgun at the door.
Jan 10 20:09:59 <Echo> "The shit's stacked up from this side. It's to keep somethin' outta the stairwell."
Jan 10 20:10:07 <MonkeyBomb> Brock has a bad feeling about this.
Jan 10 20:10:11 <Gara> "… Huh."
Jan 10 20:10:17 <WalrusKing> "Before I do this though, we should consider, what will happen if we just leave?"
Jan 10 20:11:26 <MereObserver> "Probably nothing."
Jan 10 20:11:35 <MereObserver> "We'd just go home."
Jan 10 20:11:42 <Echo> "We go back through the door. We might wanna seal this one, though, like Haeata said."
Jan 10 20:12:02 <WalrusKing> "So we are agreed to push through then? Okay."
Jan 10 20:12:23 <Echo> "Hell, knock it down. If it's somethin' we don't like, we just go back to our door."
Jan 10 20:12:34 <WalrusKing> Ilya is going to kick the door, near the handle.
Jan 10 20:13:15 <WalrusKing> 4df+4 breaching kick
Jan 10 20:13:15 <CROM> WalrusKing: breaching kick: 4 (4df+4=-, +, -, +)
Jan 10 20:13:38 <Maddy> You knock that door the fuck down.
Jan 10 20:14:06 <WalrusKing> Ilya moves into the room, staff ready.
Jan 10 20:14:16 <MonkeyBomb> Ace jumps at the sudden noise of the door's demise.
Jan 10 20:14:42 <Echo> Mitchell has his rifle's muzzle leveled in at the door from around the corner.
Jan 10 20:14:52 <Tox> Behind the door is…..not a cosmic horror. It looks like someone's set up a little mini base of operations. Small. No windows. A man-sized figure crouching behind an overturned table.
Jan 10 20:14:57 <Tox> Wait, what?
Jan 10 20:15:22 <WalrusKing> ^
Jan 10 20:15:27 <WalrusKing> What?
Jan 10 20:15:30 <Tox> "Where'd you guys come from? Not here, I'm guessing."
Jan 10 20:16:01 <WalrusKing> Ilya lowers the staff slightly. "You are not a monster man?"
Jan 10 20:16:07 <WalrusKing> He looks suspicious
Jan 10 20:16:09 <Echo> He shifts as Ilya pushes in, moving closer behind him. "…" Mitchell's surprise lasts for only a second. "No, we're not."
Jan 10 20:16:12 <Gara> "We walked in the front door."
Jan 10 20:16:17 <Tox> Short black hair, what looks like a button-down shirt. "Hell no. Those things are outside. You saw the windows, right?"
Jan 10 20:16:23 <MereObserver> "And he's taking the fact you just kicked his mother fucking door in real well."
Jan 10 20:16:33 * Rogdines is now known as Roget
Jan 10 20:16:49 <Echo> "Yeah, the handprints? What is that shit?"
Jan 10 20:16:56 <Gara> "Yeah, that's just odd."
Jan 10 20:16:57 <WalrusKing> "Okay. I will believe you for now."
Jan 10 20:16:57 <Echo> "Looked like somethin' got in here."
Jan 10 20:17:03 <Maddy> It's getting to be about twilight out there now.
Jan 10 20:17:24 <WalrusKing> "I am sorry about door."
Jan 10 20:17:58 * Tehpillowstar (PI.3BC155FE.EA7E8EA2.EF990D96|tibbiM#PI.3BC155FE.EA7E8EA2.EF990D96|tibbiM) has joined #afteractionmission
Jan 10 20:17:58 <Tox> "Don't know, don't /want/ to know. Long arms, way too long. One of 'em almost snatched me out a week or so back." He checks his watch, standing up from behind the table. "They like coming here at night."
Jan 10 20:18:19 <MereObserver> "…oh god. Guess what time it's about to be."
Jan 10 20:18:26 <Tox> He's got a pistol in his hand, and now it can be seen that an Uzi rests on the table.
Jan 10 20:18:27 <Gara> "Great."
Jan 10 20:18:37 <Tox> "Yeah. Why do you think I hole up in here?"
Jan 10 20:18:56 <Echo> "… We should head back down the hall."
Jan 10 20:18:58 <WalrusKing> "Perhaps we should be moving?"
Jan 10 20:19:03 <Gara> "We could just leave.'
Jan 10 20:19:08 <Echo> At that, Mitchell turns on his heel. "We're leaving."
Jan 10 20:19:11 <Tox> "Now, how did you get here? Since you didn't take the stairs, you didn't come in the front door. Which means you popped in on the second floor. …Did you take a Way?"
Jan 10 20:19:13 <MereObserver> "Yeeeeeah, let's go."
Jan 10 20:19:25 <Gara> "Yes, we did, get your things we're leaving."
Jan 10 20:19:37 <Maddy> Ace, perception.
Jan 10 20:19:51 <MereObserver> "C'mon man, we'll show you where we came from, but we gotta move."
Jan 10 20:20:07 <Tox> "They're working again?" The man stands up, quickly tossing a few things into a rucksack. The Uzi, ammo, clothes, what little food he's still got.
Jan 10 20:20:15 <Echo> Mitchell starts down the hallway with the busted glass, rifle pointed at the window. He shivers a little as he approaches it.
Jan 10 20:20:17 <Tox> "Stay away from the windows, the fuckers'll grab you."
Jan 10 20:20:34 <Tox> He's following behind, pressed up against the interior walls.
Jan 10 20:20:37 <MonkeyBomb> 4df+4 *pant pant*
Jan 10 20:20:37 <CROM> MonkeyBomb: *pant pant*: 5 (4df+4=+, 0, 0, 0)
Jan 10 20:20:39 <Echo> He keeps on the opposite side of the hallway.
Jan 10 20:20:40 <WalrusKing> Ilya moves in behind Mitchell.
Jan 10 20:20:58 <Maddy> Ace's keen sences hear shuffling from outside the broken window
Jan 10 20:21:06 <Gara> "Not like they did."
Jan 10 20:21:13 <MonkeyBomb> He cocks his head at the noise.
Jan 10 20:21:36 <Tox> "Mm. Damn."
Jan 10 20:22:15 <Tox> Cana looks at the dog, then where the dog's looking. "Oh, hell's bells."
Jan 10 20:22:46 <MonkeyBomb> Brock looks at Cana, then at Ace. "Uh oh."
Jan 10 20:22:49 <Echo> After staring at the window for a moment, Mitchell hustles past it.
Jan 10 20:23:01 <Maddy> There are figures aproaching. Homanoid.
Jan 10 20:23:07 <Maddy> Humanoid eve
Jan 10 20:23:08 <Maddy> n
Jan 10 20:23:19 <Gara> John moves to the first room.
Jan 10 20:23:29 <MereObserver> "What? Are they coming?" Samson moves through the glass room to where they entered, shotty ready.
Jan 10 20:23:33 <WalrusKing> Ilya keeps moving along, sticking near the others.
Jan 10 20:23:35 <Tox> Cana just starts moving. "We don't want to be near the windows when they show up."
Jan 10 20:23:53 <MereObserver> "Okay, well then let's go."
Jan 10 20:24:01 <Tox> Cana's goin.
Jan 10 20:24:09 <Maddy> wat
Jan 10 20:24:16 <Maddy> wait nvm
Jan 10 20:25:32 <Echo> Mitchell doesn't fire, he doesn
Jan 10 20:25:37 <Echo> 't speek.
Jan 10 20:25:39 <Echo> *a
Jan 10 20:26:05 <Maddy> Where is everyone?
Jan 10 20:26:17 <Echo> When he gets to the end of the hall, he stops at the door to the room they started in, and waves at the others to hurry up.
Jan 10 20:26:24 <WalrusKing> Ilya is near the biggest concentration of people.
Jan 10 20:26:38 <Gara> John is in the first room.
Jan 10 20:26:41 <MereObserver> Samson's in the not broken glass room.
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Jan 10 20:28:07 <Echo> Mitchell's by the door to the room they started in, looking down the hall with the broken glass.
Jan 10 20:28:39 <MonkeyBomb> Brock and Ace are near Mitchell.
Jan 10 20:28:47 <Maddy> The shufflinf is getting louder, and there's ome hands coming through thr window with the broken glass.
Jan 10 20:29:24 <MereObserver> Assuming everyone is in the first room, Samson slams the door to the broken glass room behind them.
Jan 10 20:29:59 <MonkeyBomb> Ace growls.
Jan 10 20:30:22 <Echo> Mitchell flails at the Door, trying to usher the others through.
Jan 10 20:30:42 <WalrusKing> Ilya tries to stand between the others and the window.
Jan 10 20:30:47 <Tox> Cana stares at the hand coming through the window, then hustles on through.
Jan 10 20:30:49 <Maddy> There's a soft thumping on the windows, new handprints being made.
Jan 10 20:31:01 <Gara> John falls through the door.
Jan 10 20:31:03 <MereObserver> Samson bolts through the door to NZ.
Jan 10 20:31:04 <Gara> Door.
Jan 10 20:31:10 <Maddy> Sometimes the hands get stck, cause it's so cold.
Jan 10 20:31:32 <WalrusKing> Ilya moves towards the door gradually, waiting for the others to go through first.
Jan 10 20:31:39 <Echo> "…" Okay, that's a little gross.
Jan 10 20:31:50 <Echo> Mitchell stares at Ilya, then nods back at the door.
Jan 10 20:32:06 <Maddy> The thumping gets more insistant.
Jan 10 20:32:24 <WalrusKing> Ilya moves through the door.
Jan 10 20:33:01 <MonkeyBomb> Brock and Ace skidaddle through the door without any further ado.
Jan 10 20:33:36 <Echo> Mitchell watches the windows for another few seconds, hoping to get a better glimpse at their source, then ducks back into Wakanui, New Zealand.
Jan 10 20:33:51 <Maddy> He hears glass start to break behind him.
Jan 10 20:34:03 <Echo> He backs through, rifle aimed at it when he comes through the other side. "Haeata? Close it."
Jan 10 20:34:58 <Maddy> She closes it, just as Mitchell sees a skinless human hand come through the window.
Jan 10 20:36:34 <Echo> He lowers the rifle. "Did y'all see that shit?"
Jan 10 20:36:45 <Echo> He looks right at the new arrival. "Check him!"
Jan 10 20:37:08 <MereObserver> Samson looks at the new guy. "…for what?"
Jan 10 20:37:12 <WalrusKing> "For what? Also, is door closed for good?"
Jan 10 20:37:36 <Maddy> "Well unless someone knocks on it right again."
Jan 10 20:37:53 <Maddy> She opens it without knocking, shoing jsut the inside of the wall of the house. "See?"
Jan 10 20:38:17 <Tox> Cana looks back at Mitchell. "Not that I ever want to see it again."
Jan 10 20:38:22 <MonkeyBomb> Brock turns to the newcomer. "You think those… things could knock on that door from the other side?"
Jan 10 20:38:31 <Gara> "Are they smart enough?"
Jan 10 20:38:57 <Tox> "If they don't know the Knock, they could try for a thousand years and not get it."
Jan 10 20:39:37 <Maddy> "Mhm."
Jan 10 20:39:40 <MereObserver> Samson looks over the newguy, making sure his hands have skin and that he isn't wearing a bomb vest, caue he already knows he has a gun and doesn't know what else to check for.
Jan 10 20:39:42 <Maddy> she closes the door again.