Mar 17 20:09:26 <TroyL> The outside of the "site" looks like… a junkyard. Broken TVs and camcorders and VCRs litter the large, fenced area. In the middle is a medium sized building, single story, with a big sign about it: "CASH FOR TRADES!" At least, that's what it says in English. There's more in Japanese covering the sides. In the window, a large "Closed" sign seems to cover anything you might be
Mar 17 20:09:27 <TroyL> able to make out on the inside. In the middle is a large, heavy metal door.
Mar 17 20:10:04 <Ragazzo> "Hmmmmm." Colmes rubs his sleeve. Yawns.
Mar 17 20:10:04 <Echo> «Yo, Lament, you sure you got the right place?»
Mar 17 20:10:15 <Ragazzo> There's a stain on his cuff.
Mar 17 20:10:58 <Dexanote> Myrtle takes the opportunity to doublecheck all her guns, pulling on a light jacket.
Mar 17 20:11:19 <TroyL> Lament looks out of the LAV… "Yep. Everything is in the basements. Well.. should be. Lets hope the sublevels are still standing.." he said, climbing out the back.
Mar 17 20:11:42 <Ragazzo> Colmes gets out as well.
Mar 17 20:11:57 <Echo> Jason tarries for a moment behind the gun, spinning the turret around, taking in the exterior on the thermal scope.
Mar 17 20:12:25 <Echo> «What all's supposed to be here?»
Mar 17 20:12:51 <Dexanote> Myr follows, pushing some hair out of her face. "He said anomalous words."
Mar 17 20:12:59 <TroyL> Lament shrugs. "Book repository, man. Should be safe. It's all just… well… words." He laughs a little.
Mar 17 20:14:20 <Echo> He climbs down out of the turret and steps down the back, pulling his helmet on as he walks. He does a little headbang, whipping the visor down.
Mar 17 20:14:30 <Maddy> Alice follows soon after.
Mar 17 20:15:11 <Ragazzo> Colmes wanders up to the door. Stares at ti for some moments.
Mar 17 20:15:13 <TroyL> "Alright. Radios on… this should be… Uneventful." Lament grins, looking around carefully, then heading toward the door of the building.
Mar 17 20:15:15 <Echo> <Havin' some second thoughts… I don't know about doin' this with just, what… four people? Hell…"
Mar 17 20:15:59 <Ragazzo> He suddenly recalls something. "Ah… light left Doctor Cole some 'access codes'. This is one of your foundation facilities. Might they be useful here?"
Mar 17 20:16:27 <Echo> <They might. Should, anyway.>
Mar 17 20:16:30 <Maddy> <And I h-have Tamilin's. Tthough god only knows if tthey work.>
Mar 17 20:16:51 <Ragazzo> "She said they were from her 'O5'."
Mar 17 20:16:54 <Echo> He edges up to the center door and checks the lock. Can they go inside?
Mar 17 20:17:00 <TroyL> Lament shrugs. "I dunno."
Mar 17 20:17:05 <TroyL> The door is locked, Jason.
Mar 17 20:17:07 <Dexanote> "Try them."
Mar 17 20:17:18 <Ragazzo> Colmes peers at the door and it's lock. How is lit locked?
Mar 17 20:17:33 <Ragazzo> keypad?
Mar 17 20:17:34 <TroyL> Simple looking keypad.
Mar 17 20:18:02 <Ragazzo> He scans his memories, dregging up one of the codes that was marked as 'general access'
Mar 17 20:18:07 <Ragazzo> Bwoop bweep bwoop.
Mar 17 20:18:21 <Ragazzo> He hits enter.
Mar 17 20:18:32 <Echo> Jason takes a knee slightly offset, making sure to be clear of the direct front. His rifle is aimed squarely at the door.
Mar 17 20:18:46 <TroyL> The door… OPENS! Like a smoothly oiled whore on harlot night.
Mar 17 20:19:03 <Ragazzo> Colmes peers through it. Dark?
Mar 17 20:19:05 <TroyL> There's a rush of musty air and stank from inside… Place looks to have been sealed.
Mar 17 20:19:15 <TroyL> It is dark. Quite dark, indeed.
Mar 17 20:19:30 <Ragazzo> Eyepatch comes off.
Mar 17 20:19:38 <Echo> The rifle's taclight comes on a moment later, followed by a helmet light. Fuck going in dark.
Mar 17 20:19:55 <Maddy> <Oh boy…>
Mar 17 20:20:04 <Dexanote> Myr finally takes her glasses off and slips them in one of the jacket pockets. She roots around in pouches on her belt, taking out a small LED flashlight. "Great."
Mar 17 20:20:50 <TroyL> Your light shines on seveal piles of… electronics. Pile after pile. Televisions, computers, laptops, NES's (SCORE!), and others. Looks like an IT nerds wetdream in there.
Mar 17 20:20:54 <Ragazzo> Colmes waits, assuming jason or someone will take lead.
Mar 17 20:21:19 <Echo> Standing, Jason edges forward and takes a few tentative steps inside, sweeping his rifle first left then right, looking for anything that could be a threat.
Mar 17 20:22:07 <TroyL> Perception, Jason.
Mar 17 20:22:28 <Dexanote> "Any of you know anything about electronics? I think I see a couple… what are they called, Playstations?"
Mar 17 20:22:40 <Echo> 4df+4 Eyes, muzzle, target
Mar 17 20:22:40 <CROM> Echo: Eyes, muzzle, target: 4 (4df+4=+, -, -, +)
Mar 17 20:22:43 <TroyL> "Woman. That is a Nintendo. We are getting all of those.
Mar 17 20:22:56 <Maddy> <Nerd.>
Mar 17 20:23:00 <TroyL> Jason: There appears to be… nothing. Huh. Looks safe! Safe and inviting, maybe, if the lights were working!
Mar 17 20:23:02 <Dexanote> "Nerd."
Mar 17 20:23:10 <Ragazzo> The detective glances down. "There seems to be a good deal of magic below…in the basements?"
Mar 17 20:23:12 <TroyL> "You have no idea the joys of Mario."
Mar 17 20:23:24 <Echo> <Alice, c'mere.>
Mar 17 20:23:25 <Dexanote> "No, I don't."
Mar 17 20:23:31 <Ragazzo> Colmes is peering about alertly.
Mar 17 20:23:40 <TroyL> Lament nods. "Probably some of the devilish texts the foundation picked up.." Lament said, just a touch of snark in there.
Mar 17 20:23:45 <Maddy> Alice moves over to Jason's side.
Mar 17 20:23:58 <TroyL> ALICE! Perception
Mar 17 20:24:10 <Dexanote> "Devilish, eh?" Shall Myr perceive?
Mar 17 20:24:17 <Maddy> 4df+4
Mar 17 20:24:17 <CROM> Maddy: 7 (4df+4=+, +, 0, +)
Mar 17 20:24:19 <TroyL> Is she in the building yet?
Mar 17 20:24:27 <Maddy> If Jason is, yes.
Mar 17 20:24:29 <TroyL> Alice: There is a set of light switches near the door.
Mar 17 20:24:32 <Ragazzo> Colmes is in the building!
Mar 17 20:24:48 <TroyL> (*My bad. That was for Myr.)
Mar 17 20:24:49 <Echo> He spins her around to face away from him, and unzips her buttpack. A few seconds later, he's busy cracking a dozen neon-green glowsticks. Crack, shake, toss, crack, shake, toss.
Mar 17 20:24:54 <Dexanote> She follows behind Alice and Jason, yes. They're covered in armour, and this safer than she is.
Mar 17 20:25:14 <Ragazzo> The detective si also behind and ALice and jason, peering about.
Mar 17 20:25:16 <Dexanote> She carefully steps in Alice's footsteps, letting her feet fall in sync with Alice's.
Mar 17 20:25:18 <Dexanote> 4df+2
Mar 17 20:25:19 <CROM> Dexanote: 3 (4df+2=-, 0, +, +)
Mar 17 20:25:25 <TroyL> Lament brings up the rear, using his amazing abilities to not suck I hope god I hope.
Mar 17 20:25:39 <Ragazzo> 4df+7 Perception, tagging cat's eye.
Mar 17 20:25:40 <CROM> Ragazzo: Perception, tagging cat's eye.: 7 (4df+7=-, +, +, -)
Mar 17 20:25:44 <Dexanote> Lament loves bringing up the rear
Mar 17 20:25:54 <TroyL> Myr never takes him up on it, though.
Mar 17 20:25:59 <Dexanote> nah
Mar 17 20:26:04 <Ragazzo> She'll not down for that.
Mar 17 20:26:12 <Dexanote> stfu colmes
Mar 17 20:26:12 <Echo> :|
Mar 17 20:26:18 <TroyL> Colmes: Nothing terrible interesting here. Just these weird glass boxes and platistic thingymajiggers!
Mar 17 20:26:18 <Ragazzo> *not go
Mar 17 20:26:38 <Maddy> <Huh. L-light switches.>
Mar 17 20:26:47 <Ragazzo> He quietly muses over the quaint oddities, and advances with the group.
Mar 17 20:26:53 <TroyL> The beckon to you, Alice. Like a siren.
Mar 17 20:27:12 <Echo> 4df+4 Jason looks around the sickly green-lit room for any… thing. An exit, a trapdoor, a set of stairs, anything."
Mar 17 20:27:13 <CROM> Echo: Jason looks around the sickly green-lit room for any… thing. An exit, a trapdoor, a set of stairs, anything.": 5 (4df+4=-, +, +, 0)
Mar 17 20:27:58 <TroyL> Jason: There is, close to the back of the "shop," another heavy, metal, keycoded door. The keycode doesn't look to be functioning, though, or you'd have seen its glow in the dark.
Mar 17 20:29:49 <Echo> <Door. Looks like it's busted. We uh, this ain't my area of expertise. Not unless we want to actually blow the fuckin' door off.>
Mar 17 20:30:07 <Dexanote> "Don't you have like, super strength with your armour?"
Mar 17 20:30:23 <Maddy> Alice fights the urge to say "jiggle the cord"
Mar 17 20:30:51 <Ragazzo> Colmes slips up to jason's shoulder, and reaching around him tries the code anyway. "Maybe….?"
Mar 17 20:31:01 <Ragazzo> Same one from the front door.
Mar 17 20:31:13 <Ragazzo> "Could be a trick."
Mar 17 20:31:20 <Ragazzo> "To make people think they cant get in."
Mar 17 20:31:20 <Echo> <Dunno how the door opens. Breakin' a wall's a little bit different than forcin' steel on steel.>
Mar 17 20:31:54 <TroyL> The door clicksclick click clicklike it's trying, at Colmes' code. But it doesn't open. Hmm… Curiouser and curiouser…
Mar 17 20:32:23 <Ragazzo> Does the door look like it's bent out of shape in any way?
Mar 17 20:32:24 <TroyL> Lament is pawing through the stacks of stuff, finding a few more hand held radios and a couple of headsets… "Sweet…"
Mar 17 20:32:43 <Echo> <Uhhh…>
Mar 17 20:32:48 <TroyL> Colmes: It doesn't, in fact. Whatever is causing the problem seems to be on the "other" side of it.
Mar 17 20:33:00 <Ragazzo> "Hrm."
Mar 17 20:33:19 <Ragazzo> "Must be an obstruction on the other side."
Mar 17 20:33:19 <Echo> Is there any sort of paging system? Like a microphone?
Mar 17 20:33:32 <TroyL> There looks to be one, over to the right of the door.
Mar 17 20:34:02 <Echo> He points. <Whaddaya think, Alice?>
Mar 17 20:34:34 <Maddy> She shrugs. <Worth a try I s-suppose.>
Mar 17 20:36:43 <TroyL> Are you… calling down….?
Mar 17 20:36:57 <Echo> He steps over to the pager, and looks back to the others. <Stay clear of that door.> He looks back, and thumbs the switch. <Any and all extant personnel, this Corporal Jason Dodridge, United States Marine Corps, performing a search and sweep under the auspices of the Unites States Navy's 7th Fleet under Omega Protocol contingencies. Any personnel, respond.>
Mar 17 20:38:05 <TroyL> Silence. Cold, static silence. The speaker pops once, and there a groan from the other side of the doora metallic groanand the door… shifts slightly. And opens slowly. There's no musty rush of air this time.
Mar 17 20:38:24 <Maddy> <W-well…that's a start.>
Mar 17 20:39:02 <TroyL> Behind the door is a ladder leading down into the earth, starting about midway up from the floor. Nice, wide entrance.
Mar 17 20:39:58 <TroyL> "Hey, guys. If you don't mind, I'm going to keep scavenging…. I'll keep an eye on the LAV, too. Be safe!" He winks at Myr, then kisses her cheek again. "Be safe, peaches."
Mar 17 20:40:24 <Maddy> Alice nods to Troy, taking up a position next to Jason. <Let's do this.>
Mar 17 20:40:46 <Echo> He presses the switch again, the tone of his voice changing ust a bit, to anyone who was really paying attention. <Deniability is no longer a concern, and cooperation is not a choice. If you are drawing breath in this site, you need to respond immediately. Anyone who is encountered after this chance of declaration WILL be considered hostile…"
Mar 17 20:41:00 <Echo> <And WILL be engaged on sight with lethal force.>
Mar 17 20:41:13 <TroyL> Silence. Still.
Mar 17 20:42:29 <Echo> <Alice, you heard it. If there's anyone down there, they either can't or won't cooperate. If you see someone that's not obviously in distress… well… like I said, you know what to do.>
Mar 17 20:42:40 <Maddy> <G-got it.>
Mar 17 20:42:52 <Echo> <Myrtle? Colmes? You feel like detectin'?>
Mar 17 20:43:00 <Ragazzo> "Of course."
Mar 17 20:43:33 <Dexanote> "Why not."
Mar 17 20:44:13 <TroyL> The air is a bit… well… humid? Something like that. Odd for a book depository…
Mar 17 20:44:31 <Ragazzo> Sniff. Sniff.
Mar 17 20:44:51 <Ragazzo> Colmes starts down the stairwell. Normally he'd allow myrtle to go first, but this could mbe -dangerous-
Mar 17 20:45:12 <Ragazzo> And he is a gentlemen. So he slips as silently as he can down the stairwell.
Mar 17 20:45:22 <Ragazzo> 4df untrained stealth checks, woot woot
Mar 17 20:45:23 <CROM> Ragazzo: untrained stealth checks, woot woot: -1 (4df=0, 0, -, 0)
Mar 17 20:45:25 <Dexanote> 4df+4 She follows, quietly blending in. Her footfalls land in sync with his. Stealthing.
Mar 17 20:45:26 <CROM> Dexanote: She follows, quietly blending in. Her footfalls land in sync with his. Stealthing.: 4 (4df+4=+, +, -, -)
Mar 17 20:45:47 <Ragazzo> He is at least a good distraction.
Mar 17 20:46:10 <Maddy> Alice stays with Jason, gun up and ready
Mar 17 20:47:01 <Echo> <Guys, if you see anything weird, drop flat, and we'll move up. We got some serious ass as far as firepower goes, but we gotta know where to put it.>
Mar 17 20:47:11 <TroyL> As you all head down, you notice the metallic clack of the stairs seem to die away, becoming more of a rough scuff. Quickly flicking your lights downward, you notice that you're walking on… Flagstone? Weird. A touch eccentric for a Foundation site. Maybe it's built into some sort of older structure?
Mar 17 20:47:30 <Echo> <Also, if you hear a fwump sound, stay the fuck down. That's the flamethrower kickin'.>
Mar 17 20:47:48 <Ragazzo> "Mnm….reminds me of home…"
Mar 17 20:47:50 <Dexanote> "Your Foundation has pretty decent taste in archetecture."
Mar 17 20:47:57 <Dexanote> yes i spelled it wrong
Mar 17 20:47:59 <Ragazzo> Colmes carries on forth, eyes peeled as they descend.
Mar 17 20:48:03 <Echo> <This ain't Foundation.>
Mar 17 20:48:44 <Echo> <Foundation's… think modern Federal with more metal and glass.>
Mar 17 20:48:49 <TroyL> It is rather nice, actually. Smooth, plesant stone walls. Nice, even floors. Smooth stone. Cool to the touch. The humidity picks up a little at the bottom of the stairs, where you see a light at the end of a short corridor and… voices.
Mar 17 20:49:11 <Ragazzo> "Hm, hm…."
Mar 17 20:49:14 <Dexanote> "Would you like me to…?"
Mar 17 20:49:24 <Dexanote> She quietly leans against a wall, looking at Alice.
Mar 17 20:49:31 <Ragazzo> 4df+5 He puts the EARS to work.
Mar 17 20:49:31 <CROM> Ragazzo: He puts the EARS to work.: 4 (4df+5=0, -, -, +)
Mar 17 20:50:35 <Ragazzo> "Oh…someone is putting on King Lear!"
Mar 17 20:50:42 <Ragazzo> Hushed happy whisper!
Mar 17 20:50:58 <Maddy> <Someone's p-putting on a play?> Alice looks at Jason.
Mar 17 20:51:00 <Echo> Jason reaches into a small pouch and comes back up with a gunsight. He throws a lever on the side of his holosight and drops the short magnification ACOG on.
Mar 17 20:51:29 <Echo> <… I ain't a fan of any plays the FOundation might have You know *exactly* where tht ends up.>
Mar 17 20:51:50 <Dexanote> 4df+4 Myrtle tries to make herself less conspicuous, again.
Mar 17 20:51:50 <CROM> Dexanote: Myrtle tries to make herself less conspicuous, again.: 6 (4df+4=+, 0, 0, +)
Mar 17 20:52:09 <TroyL> "…So good to see you all! It's been such a long time, my friends!"
Mar 17 20:52:18 <TroyL> The voice carries with it mirth. Joy.
Mar 17 20:52:20 <Dexanote> She pushes her hair back, and slips down the hall towards the voices.
Mar 17 20:52:37 <Ragazzo> "….shhhh." Colmes creeps forward beside myrtle.
Mar 17 20:52:49 <TroyL> Colmes: Steath
Mar 17 20:52:52 <Dexanote> If he can perceive her moving, mayve.
Mar 17 20:52:52 <TroyL> *l
Mar 17 20:53:00 <Ragazzo> 4df ah, yes
Mar 17 20:53:01 <CROM> Ragazzo: ah, yes: -1 (4df=-, 0, 0, 0)
Mar 17 20:53:20 <TroyL> A loud laugh echos forth from the stage, the king smiling at his subjects. All of them are glaring at him. "My friends! My wonderful, glorious friends! It's so good to see you all." He smiles, seemingly unaware. "So wonderful to have you all here…."
Mar 17 20:53:48 <TroyL> It's a room with a slightly raised dias, a plain and simply done throne room. Light is streaming in through the windows. It's… pleasant…
Mar 17 20:53:57 <TroyL> Except for the expressions on his "friends."
Mar 17 20:54:02 <Ragazzo> "….that's odd."
Mar 17 20:54:21 <TroyL> "So good to have you all with me again. In this… my time of greatest need. I give you all my hands! My hands in friendship."
Mar 17 20:54:23 <Ragazzo> He's peeking around the end of the hallway into the room.
Mar 17 20:54:37 <Echo> Jason moves back to the stairs the came from, and lays several magazines out in front of him on the stone floor, then takes aim, kneeling.
Mar 17 20:54:44 <TroyL> None of the "players" seem to notice Colmes or Myrtle.
Mar 17 20:55:13 <Dexanote> Myr distances herself from the 'detective', slinking against the wall. She looks at the expressions, at the garb, and around the room. Something's… off."
Mar 17 20:55:41 <Ragazzo> «There's a disgruntled smattering of people watching a man orate….»
Mar 17 20:55:48 <Ragazzo> Speaking softly into his radio.
Mar 17 20:56:06 <TroyL> None of them seem to notice Myrtle or Colmes at all… None of them. Except one figure. A figure at the edge of the scene, almost like an observer rather than a viewer.
Mar 17 20:56:13 <TroyL> A figure wrapped in ragged robes.
Mar 17 20:56:21 <TroyL> Strips of broken cloth.
Mar 17 20:56:26 <TroyL> Rags.
Mar 17 20:56:29 <Ragazzo> He looks at the figure curiously.
Mar 17 20:56:37 <Ragazzo> Yes troyl?
Mar 17 20:56:43 <TroyL> The figure's head tu- :|
Mar 17 20:56:44 <Dexanote> not Ragz.
Mar 17 20:56:50 <Ragazzo> oh
Mar 17 20:57:16 <TroyL> The figure's head turns to look in the direction of the entrance, and even though you can't see it's face… you're certain it's smiling.
Mar 17 20:57:38 <Ragazzo> Does he recognize it?
Mar 17 20:57:44 <Dexanote> Ohhh that's not good.
Mar 17 20:58:28 <TroyL> "Welcome home…" a voice seems to say to all of you. Almost like an omnipresent force. Someone narrating the events.
Mar 17 20:58:32 <TroyL> "Jason."
Mar 17 20:58:34 <TroyL> "Alice."
Mar 17 20:58:36 <Dexanote> Myrtle creeps back to the entrance, keeping her eyes on the one person with awareness.
Mar 17 20:58:39 <TroyL> "Myrtle."
Mar 17 20:58:42 <Maddy> <Welp.>
Mar 17 20:58:44 <TroyL> "Colmes."
Mar 17 20:58:48 <Ragazzo> «O-oh! Th-that's…oh dear.»
Mar 17 20:58:54 <TroyL> "I've missed you all… so much…"
Mar 17 20:58:57 <Ragazzo> «Oh *dear*.»
Mar 17 20:59:06 <TroyL> It steps from the stage… walking toward the entrance.
Mar 17 20:59:14 <TroyL> "So very much."
Mar 17 20:59:25 <Dexanote> She drops her shroud, expression in a panic. "Guys. We should run."
Mar 17 20:59:35 <TroyL> "Yes. Run. It's better when you run."
Mar 17 20:59:38 <Maddy> <Probably, Jason?>
Mar 17 20:59:52 <Ragazzo> "…" Anxious swallow. Chattering teeth. He begins to backpedal.
Mar 17 20:59:54 <Echo> Jason gathers his magazines.
Mar 17 21:00:06 <Echo> And pushes Alice up the stairs ahead of him.
Mar 17 21:00:12 <TroyL> "Don't you want to join your friends? I've started collecting you…"
Mar 17 21:00:13 <Echo> He's not long after.
Mar 17 21:00:16 <Maddy> Alice hoofs it.
Mar 17 21:01:02 <Ragazzo> Colmes whiffs, slow thin exhale. Then he turns and flees!
Mar 17 21:01:11 <Dexanote> Myr breaks into a run, throwing a glance over her shoulder at It. "Run. GO."
Mar 17 21:01:13 <TroyL> As you hit the steps and begin running, you realize that it's a much longer way up that it was down. Much, much longer. You should have reached the end by now.
Mar 17 21:01:23 <Maddy> <Fuuuuuck>
Mar 17 21:01:44 <Ragazzo> "This is not a favorable turn of events!"
Mar 17 21:01:46 <TroyL> "The good doctor has done many wonderful things for me… your pet cat… So many things…"
Mar 17 21:02:03 <TroyL> "Come. Give me your fear."
Mar 17 21:02:34 <Ragazzo> "Y-you have a horrid sense of apparel!" RUNRUNRUN.
Mar 17 21:02:36 <Echo> <… Is that?> How close is the voice down the stairs?
Mar 17 21:02:48 <TroyL> The stairs seem to be coming to an end, but they're not ending in the shop. Instead, you're on a… parapet? Near the top of a… castle.
Mar 17 21:03:05 <TroyL> Jason: The voice is around you. Entirely arround you. You can hear it IN YOUR HEAD.
Mar 17 21:03:08 <Dexanote> "This is that King. The thing on the ship." She slips, almost fallong on the stone.
Mar 17 21:03:17 <Maddy> <Oh for FUCK sake…>
Mar 17 21:03:30 <TroyL> The figure is coming up the stairs. Again. You know that it's smiling. Certain of it.
Mar 17 21:03:36 <Echo> <The king's not got any interest in us.>
Mar 17 21:04:01 <Maddy> <T-this is…something else, and I d-don't like it.>
Mar 17 21:04:13 <Ragazzo> "I hope you are right…."
Mar 17 21:04:15 <TroyL> There's a flicker of white cloth, and a man in a lab coat is staring at the four of you, panting and gingerly holding his arm. "Dear God… you're alive?"
Mar 17 21:04:29 <TroyL> "Give. Me. Your. Fear."
Mar 17 21:04:34 <TroyL> ^From the steps.
Mar 17 21:05:02 <Echo> The man in the labcoat gets a rifle aimed squarely at his face in greeting.
Mar 17 21:05:16 <Echo> <Are you the one who opened the door?>
Mar 17 21:05:33 <Ragazzo> Colmes turns to stare at the man in the coat.
Mar 17 21:05:34 <Dexanote> "What-" She glances between the man in the labcoat and the stairway. Simply at a loss of words.
Mar 17 21:05:52 <TroyL> "No! I'm Dr. Fredrickson! We've got to get you all out of here!" he said quickly.
Mar 17 21:06:03 <Maddy> <L-lead the way then.>
Mar 17 21:06:29 <TroyL> He looks over the edge, then holds out his hand to the group of you. "All! Hands together! This will be very, very scary!"
Mar 17 21:06:39 <TroyL> "EXTRADONARIALLY SCARY!"
Mar 17 21:06:51 <Ragazzo> Colmes promptly takes a hand.
Mar 17 21:07:13 <Maddy> <…> Alice takes Jason's hand first. <N-not got a alot of o-options, do we?>
Mar 17 21:07:32 <Echo> Jason grabs Alice's. Then Myrtle's. The mediocre detective is on his own.
Mar 17 21:07:39 <Dexanote> Myr pauses, taking Colmes's and Jason's hands.
Mar 17 21:07:59 <Ragazzo> Colmes closes his side of the link with man.
Mar 17 21:08:16 <TroyL> The man in the coat quickly grasps your hand. "Come on, then! Time to get the hell out of here!"
Mar 17 21:08:51 <TroyL> The with a flutter of white cloth… you feel the world around you wrench. Letters and punctuation seem to go flying past your face, and this time, everyone moves on to…
Mar 17 21:09:02 <TroyL> #theamazingdetectivecolmes
Mar 17 21:25:23 * Liebe (moc.rr.ser.submuloc.D8AEF7E5-CRInys|tibbiM#moc.rr.ser.submuloc.D8AEF7E5-CRInys|tibbiM) has joined #afteractionmission
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Mar 17 22:06:33 <Ragazzo> ok brb
Mar 17 22:06:37 <Ragazzo> fuck
Mar 17 22:23:21 <Dexanote> Somewhere, the Chainstalk smiles.
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Mar 17 22:55:16 <TroyL> You're all standing on the stage. A hanged man is in the middle, rocking back and forth. Disemboweled. He's wearing a foundation lab coat, and his name tag declares him Dr. Stimson, Head of Research, Site-41.
Mar 17 22:55:46 <Ragazzo> "…." D:
Mar 17 22:56:10 <TroyL> The man is rags reappears at the back of the auditorium. "Finally. You've returned. Now… lets play. I do so love.. playing with all of you…"
Mar 17 22:56:37 <Maddy> Alice looks around for bookends or something, she's not entirely sure what the shit she's supposed to do.
Mar 17 22:56:40 <Ragazzo> "You're a bad sport. In every way."
Mar 17 22:56:44 <Dexanote> She opens her eyes, expression going flat upon seeing the deadman. "Bad." She steps back, staring at the man in ragz.
Mar 17 22:56:46 <Dexanote> rags*
Mar 17 22:57:15 <Ragazzo> 4df+5 He looks around for anything that might be useful, or seems relevant!
Mar 17 22:57:16 <CROM> Ragazzo: He looks around for anything that might be useful, or seems relevant!: 4 (4df+5=+, -, -, 0)
Mar 17 22:57:27 <TroyL> Perception, for all!
Mar 17 22:57:57 <Dexanote> 4df+2 please don't buttfuck my eyes, crom
Mar 17 22:57:57 <Echo> 4df+4 >:o
Mar 17 22:57:57 <CROM> Dexanote: please don't buttfuck my eyes, crom: 1 (4df+2=0, 0, -, 0)
Mar 17 22:57:58 <CROM> Echo: >:o: 0 (4df+4=-, -, -, -)
Mar 17 22:58:03 <Echo> …
Mar 17 22:58:11 <Dexanote> can't see shit captain
Mar 17 22:58:28 <TroyL> The Hanged King smirks, and enshrouds Jason's head in darkness.
Mar 17 22:58:37 <TroyL> Myrtle: You don't see shit.
Mar 17 22:58:45 <Maddy> 4df+4
Mar 17 22:58:46 <CROM> Maddy: 2 (4df+4=-, -, 0, 0)
Mar 17 22:59:10 <TroyL> Alice and Colmes: In the back, near the entrance… Two… dragon headed book ends. With a book between them.
Mar 17 22:59:26 <Echo> <GAH, FUCK!> He flails for a moment, then draws his handgun, firing wildly in the king's direction.
Mar 17 22:59:43 <TroyL> -2 to Hit.
Mar 17 23:00:24 <Ragazzo> Colmes faffs over. Examines one. "These are the bookends he mentioned." Colmes looks at alice.
Mar 17 23:00:29 <Ragazzo> "We should remove these?"
Mar 17 23:00:52 <Echo> He's not even attempting a solid hit. Suppessive fire. He simply back up toward the sound of the lighter footfalls of rubber on stone.
Mar 17 23:01:13 <Maddy> <Shit…> Alice jogs over. <I uh…I think so?>
Mar 17 23:01:27 <TroyL> The king advances on Jason… "I may only be a similacra.. but I'm going to enjoy this… almost as much as I did the good doctor.."
Mar 17 23:01:39 <Ragazzo> "Let's try removing the book."
Mar 17 23:01:39 <TroyL> "He screamed for me, Jason. He screamed… so well…"
Mar 17 23:01:44 <Ragazzo> Tug.
Mar 17 23:01:51 <Ragazzo> The book out from in between.
Mar 17 23:02:17 <TroyL> As you do, you see Fredrickson smile. "Thanks, then… I guess… bye…" he says.
Mar 17 23:02:46 <Ragazzo> "Bye?"
Mar 17 23:02:54 <Maddy> <See yeah, Fred.>
Mar 17 23:02:58 <TroyL> And then… you're in a normal room. A containment chamber. You're holding a copy of "The Hanged King's Tragedy," which declares in sharpieon the frontin which the king appears.
Mar 17 23:03:09 <Ragazzo> "Oooooh."
Mar 17 23:03:11 <TroyL> "In which the King appears!"
Mar 17 23:03:25 <Ragazzo> He setsthis down far away from the book ends
Mar 17 23:03:36 <Maddy> <Jason, you ok?>
Mar 17 23:03:41 * Liebe (moc.rr.ser.submuloc.D8AEF7E5-CRInys|tibbiM#moc.rr.ser.submuloc.D8AEF7E5-CRInys|tibbiM) has joined #afteractionmission
Mar 17 23:03:56 <TroyL> Lament's voice calls over the microphone. "Shit.. guys… Please respond! PLEASE RESPOND!"
Mar 17 23:04:06 <Maddy> «W-we got you, Troy.»
Mar 17 23:04:10 <Dexanote> <Troy we're back>
Mar 17 23:04:31 <Echo> <YOU DUMB MOTHERFUCKER.>
Mar 17 23:04:41 <Echo> <THAT'S *TWICE*.>
Mar 17 23:04:58 <Echo> <FIRST FUCKIN' POKEMON AND NOW THIS.>
Mar 17 23:05:12 <Liebe> «THEY'RE COMING OUT OF THE GODDAMN WALLLLLS.» Mal makes surprisingly accurate pulse rifle sounds.
Mar 17 23:05:26 <TroyL> «Get whatever you can. We've got a… NGH! We've got a situation…»
Mar 17 23:05:33 <Dexanote> «Who the fuck was that.»
Mar 17 23:05:48 <TroyL> «It's me! Troy!»
Mar 17 23:05:50 <Echo> Jason is *irate*.
Mar 17 23:05:53 <Dexanote> She points at the Play. "Look through it, see if you can find Fred."
Mar 17 23:06:00 <Dexanote> 4df+2 she looks around for any other books.
Mar 17 23:06:01 <CROM> Dexanote: she looks around for any other books.: 1 (4df+2=-, +, -, 0)
Mar 17 23:06:07 <TroyL> There are none in the room.
Mar 17 23:06:27 <Maddy> Alice flips through the play, looking for fred.
Mar 17 23:07:16 <Dexanote> Myr looks over the chamber, taking her LED light out and shining it around. "Come on."
Mar 17 23:07:22 <TroyL> «Vasuki is gone… some crazy winged thing came after him… took out a chunk of my arm… Where have you all been!?"
Mar 17 23:07:25 <TroyL> »
Mar 17 23:08:11 <Dexanote> «Got pulled into that Hanged King thing. Dr Frederickson helped us.»
Mar 17 23:08:17 <Echo> <Wait, *what*? We've been getting chased by the Hanged fucking King for the - yeah.>
Mar 17 23:08:24 <Maddy> «Bookends.»
Mar 17 23:08:41 <Dexanote> She points at the door, looking at the others. "Come on."
Mar 17 23:08:59 <Maddy> Alice takes the play. <Jason g-grab the bookends.>
Mar 17 23:11:40 <Echo> <Yes, ma'am.> Jason takes the damn thing and follows.
Mar 17 23:11:44 <TroyL> (My name is Ragz, and I changed my mind about my plot advancement after I took a dump. Redacting Vasuki's kidnapping)
Mar 17 23:11:46 <Dexanote> The flashlight stops in one corner; something's caught her eye. Myr walks over and picks up a file folder.
Mar 17 23:12:25 <Maddy> Alice jogs back up to where Troy is at.
Mar 17 23:12:38 <Ragazzo> Colmes follows the group back
Mar 17 23:12:44 * Ragazzo has quit (Quit: ajax IRC Client)
Mar 17 23:13:23 <TroyL> The folder appears to be the notes of one Edwin Cobb, who apparently tried to get this experiement approved close to forty times before he took it upon himself to just do it himself. Without permission. That was six months ago.
Mar 17 23:13:50 <Dexanote> "… your Foundation is full of morons." Myrtle follows them upstairs.
Mar 17 23:13:53 <TroyL> At the bottom of every denied sheet was the name: Roald Stimson.
Mar 17 23:14:07 <Dexanote> "… and monsters."
Mar 17 23:14:25 <Maddy> <W-why do you t-think we quit?>
Mar 17 23:15:19 <TroyL> Lament is waiting upstairs. He looks like he was… worried as all get out! Gosh! Where were you all? "Oh thank God." Past Jason, straight to Myr. Not even a brofist. Man. What happened to bros before hos?
Mar 17 23:15:41 <Echo> Jason tosses the Bookends onto the ground.
Mar 17 23:15:47 <Dexanote> What if your ho is a bro too
Mar 17 23:15:50 <Echo> He disappears around the corner of the LAV.
Mar 17 23:16:03 <Echo> And returns a few seconds later with a 5-gallon can.
Mar 17 23:16:23 <Dexanote> She points at the Bookends, and at the file. "Where the hell were you?"
Mar 17 23:16:33 <TroyL> Lament smiles and squeezes her arms a little. "Shit… I had no idea they were doing something this crazy…"
Mar 17 23:16:39 <Maddy> Alice looks through the play again, still looking for fred.
Mar 17 23:16:46 <TroyL> "Up here! The door shut seconds after you all went down!"
Mar 17 23:16:55 <TroyL> Alice: There is no sign on him anywhere in the book.
Mar 17 23:17:21 <Echo> <Alice, you want I should burn that one, too?>
Mar 17 23:17:53 <Maddy> <Wonder where he went…> She shrugs, and throws it on the ground, away from the bookends. <May as well, looks like your friend m-moved on.>
Mar 17 23:18:39 <Dexanote> She glares at him, and looks past the group at Eve, as if to say 'we're gtfoing'
Mar 17 23:19:03 <Echo> <Yo, Lament.>
Mar 17 23:19:09 <TroyL> Lament points toward the back of the LAV. "I've got enough equipement to repair anything that goes out in the LAV's electronics… Did you all check out the rest of the site to see if it was fine?"
Mar 17 23:19:26 <Echo> <No, we just pulled the fuck out.>
Mar 17 23:20:04 <TroyL> Lament nods. "Understandable. We could probably raid it, if you want. Anything there… well… It wasn't around during whatever that happened happening."
Mar 17 23:20:37 <Maddy> <What d-do you think, babe?>
Mar 17 23:20:37 <Echo> <Soon as I get done decommin' this thing.>
Mar 17 23:20:43 <Maddy> <Right.>
Mar 17 23:20:47 <TroyL> "Wait.. What? Why?!"
Mar 17 23:21:41 <Echo> <Lament… I want you to think *real* hard. And give me *one* damn reason I shouldn'
Mar 17 23:21:44 <Echo> t.>
Mar 17 23:22:00 <Echo> <I mean a good one. Not some bullshit. Give me a good reason this thing should be around.>
Mar 17 23:22:06 <TroyL> "We could put a journal between it that just had: "Lots of food for everyone to eat", then go in and eat."
Mar 17 23:22:13 <TroyL> "Or ammunition."
Mar 17 23:22:20 <TroyL> "Or anything."
Mar 17 23:22:38 <Dexanote> Myrtle looks at the Bookends. "… We should keep these. Burn the fucking play."
Mar 17 23:22:56 <Echo> <You think it's that simple?>
Mar 17 23:22:58 <TroyL> "Strongly agreeing with my- rtle."
Mar 17 23:23:06 <Echo> <*Really*?>
Mar 17 23:23:08 * Leonard (~ten.labolgcbs.omslts.deepsthgil.5CE9768D-CRInys|7tahCecI#ten.labolgcbs.omslts.deepsthgil.5CE9768D-CRInys|7tahCecI) has joined #afteractionmission
Mar 17 23:23:16 <Maddy> <I'm d-down with burning up the play. T-the book ends…>
Mar 17 23:23:22 <TroyL> "Do you think it's not?"
Mar 17 23:23:41 <Echo> <If it *was*… don't you think we'd have just had a journal that said "all SCPs contained"?>
Mar 17 23:24:01 <Echo> <Or "unlimited manpower?">
Mar 17 23:24:20 <Echo> <Or "all the agents fucking survived"?>
Mar 17 23:24:23 <Dexanote> "Wouldn't it only work inside the… written thing?"
Mar 17 23:24:38 <TroyL> "Sure. Then we'd walk into a room where they were all contained… in the book. And that's it."
Mar 17 23:24:52 <Echo> <Exactly. So what would the fuckin' point be in keepin' it anyway?>
Mar 17 23:25:06 <Echo> He starts pouring.
Mar 17 23:25:08 <TroyL> "What I just said…?" he suggested.
Mar 17 23:25:30 <Echo> <Yeah, but if it ain't *real*?>
Mar 17 23:25:44 <Dexanote> She snatches the bookends up, holding one in each hand. "Burn the play. We can deal with these later."
Mar 17 23:26:05 <TroyL> "It's real in the book, damnit! We killed a whole legion of gearheads with these damned things!"
Mar 17 23:26:18 <TroyL> "They didn't come back! It's REAL! IN THE BOOK!"
Mar 17 23:27:00 <Maddy> <So if w-we ate in there, then came out a-again, we wouldnt be hungry anymore?>
Mar 17 23:27:24 <TroyL> "Exactly."
Mar 17 23:27:42 <Maddy> <Shit, l-lets keep'em, b-but under lock and key.>