Broken Hill and The Octo-Curator

(5:14:23 PM) Ragazzo: Dusty checks the locations to hit. "So…where to first?"
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(5:17:30 PM) Ragazzo: "What's that? The hotel? Thank you not utterly silent companions."
(5:17:51 PM) Tom90deg: "I don't know, I'd say somewhere with information, but the bank may be pointless."
(5:18:08 PM) E4D: "What type of 'information' are you looking for?"
(5:18:12 PM) Doctor_Light: "Looking for things? Try warehouse?"
(5:18:58 PM) Maddy: There are several places on the GPS. The gun shop, Palace Hotel and plice station are all within blocks of each other.
(5:19:11 PM) Tom90deg: "What happened, if there was a…retreaing point, if everyone ran somewhere in paticualr…"
(5:19:33 PM) Maddy: There is also the Aquarium, Grocerystore and an art galery in the part of town that has power
(5:19:56 PM) Ragazzo: Dusty lifts off these options, giving their distances relative to each other.
(5:20:50 PM) Tom90deg: "An art gallery?"
(5:20:55 PM) E4D: "Well, I don't know if there was a lot of 'running' per se. We kept some of our most dageroushit here in Australia, on account of it's an island, and if something terrible happens, well, it's an island, and it's Australia. The world's not losing a crown jewel. Everywhere we've hit until now has been straight gone."
(5:21:30 PM) Tom90deg: "Huh…."
(5:21:54 PM) Doctor_Light: "Like fish," Birdy says from the top of the car.
(5:21:59 PM) Doctor_Light: "…But police, might know more."
(5:22:03 PM) E4D: "The first town got literally eaten by Cthulhu, the second one was melted by the nanoswarm, number three eaten by dingos, we guess, I have a sneaking suspicion all those green orbs in Augusta used to be people, and this one? Hell, I have no idea."
(5:22:05 PM) Tom90deg: "Good point."
(5:22:53 PM) Ragazzo: "Just in case there's something nasty waiting for us at one of these places, let's hit up the places with stuff we absolutely need? Guns, or food first?"
(5:23:09 PM) Ragazzo: *need before anything
(5:23:13 PM) E4D: "Holy shit, me agreeing with Dusty. Must be the end of the world."
(5:23:19 PM) E4D: "Oh. *Wait*."
(5:23:27 PM) Ragazzo: "Haha."
(5:23:31 PM) Tom90deg: "Heh…I say guns. WE have lots of food, right?"
(5:24:05 PM) Ragazzo: "What green orbs? And ok."
(5:24:16 PM) E4D: "You can *never* have too many guns. I don't know what kind of crap we're gonna find here, though. Ammo's more important than the weapons."
(5:24:28 PM) Maddy: The team is currently closer to Kings Aquarium, Red Robin Deli (Sorry restaurant, not grocery) and Bush n' Beyond Gallery.
(5:24:57 PM) E4D: "Dusty, you didn't notice the 10 million, million, million, million little green orbs floating around Port Augusta?"
(5:25:00 PM) Ragazzo: What's the bush n' beyond gallery?
(5:25:09 PM) Maddy: An art gallery.
(5:25:12 PM) E4D: "One of them flew through Alice's *face* while she was talking to you."
(5:25:27 PM) Ragazzo: "…you mean the wisps?"
(5:25:43 PM) E4D: "Whatever. I didn't see any name tags attached to 'em."
(5:25:59 PM) Ragazzo: "I didn't bother examining them, but they looked like anything more regular will o' the wisps."
(5:26:07 PM) Ragazzo: *they didn't look
(5:26:50 PM) Ragazzo: "Ok…so we're closest to the aquarium, a restaraunt, and…an art gallery?"
(5:27:02 PM) Doctor_Light: "Looked like moths," birdman comments. "And that is too many just to be people."
(5:27:24 PM) Maddy: Theres a note in with the marker on the gallery.
(5:27:34 PM) Ragazzo: He reads it.
(5:27:48 PM) Maddy: "Lol, Bush n' Beyond. What a terrible name."
(5:28:11 PM) Ragazzo: "Your wife has a very refined sense of humor."
(5:30:02 PM) E4D: "I don't get it."
(5:30:04 PM) Tom90deg: "I say Aquarium first. That's what was lit up last night…."
(5:30:34 PM) E4D: "Like Dusty said, we're hitting shit we need first. Curiosities can come after."
(5:30:41 PM) E4D: "Dusty? Punch it."
(5:31:03 PM) Ragazzo: Dusty moves at a safe and reasonable speed to the restaraunt.
(5:31:50 PM) Ragazzo: "These places have good sandwiches."
(5:32:13 PM) Ragazzo: "They burn them sometimes though."
(5:32:17 PM) Maddy: Where is Dusty driving to?
(5:32:24 PM) Ragazzo: Red robin.
(5:33:47 PM) Maddy: The Red Robin is on Gypsum Street, you pass the Aquarium on the way. Perception
(5:33:56 PM) Ragazzo: 4df Derp
(5:33:57 PM) Quidmore: Ragazzo: Derp: 0 (4df=0, 0, +, -)
(5:34:06 PM) Nioki: 4df+4 Alanoch.
(5:34:07 PM) Quidmore: Nioki: Alanoch.: 4 (4df+4=0, +, 0, -)
(5:34:30 PM) Doctor_Light: 4df+3 Birdy
(5:34:31 PM) Quidmore: Doctor_Light: Birdy: 2 (4df+3=+, -, 0, -)
(5:34:43 PM) Tom90deg: 4df+2
(5:34:44 PM) Quidmore: Tom90deg: 3 (4df+2=-, 0, +, +)
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(5:37:17 PM) E4D: 4df+6
(5:37:17 PM) Quidmore: E4D: 4 (4df+6=-, 0, 0, -)
(5:37:24 PM) E4D: :|
(5:38:20 PM) Maddy: Zoe, Jason and Alanoch notice that the aquarium looks mush cleaner and better maintained than the buildings around it.
(5:38:35 PM) Tom90deg: "Huh…"
(5:38:46 PM) E4D: Any damage to the other buildings? Vehicles?
(5:39:40 PM) Nioki: "Weird. I wouldn't think that the one place someone chooses to clean would be the Aquarium."
(5:40:27 PM) Maddy: There's some damage and wear and tear. As for vehicles, it looks like a lot of people left town in a hurry.
(5:41:00 PM) Ragazzo: Dusty's driving along but glances at the aquarium. "That's odd. Bet it's some kind of aquatic cult…"
(5:41:03 PM) Tom90deg: "I agree, something's up…we should check it out once we get the essentials."
(5:41:13 PM) Tom90deg: "That seems rather specific Dusty."
(5:41:38 PM) Ragazzo: "I'll bet you three bars of gold."
(5:41:50 PM) E4D: "Copy, Dusty, all stations, be advised, stay on the lookout for Aquaman."
(5:42:37 PM) Tom90deg: "Aquaman was actually one of the most powerful superheros."
(5:42:57 PM) Ragazzo: "The question was cooler."
(5:43:09 PM) Maddy: The rest of the trip to Red Robin is relatively uneventful. This town does have one difference to the others. There are things like feral cats and dogs skulking about. Pets no doubt left behind during the mass exodous.
(5:43:41 PM) Ragazzo: "Poor things…"
(5:43:48 PM) Doctor_Light: "Knew a girl who was a sea lion, once," Birdman calls from the outside of the vehicle.
(5:44:10 PM) Tom90deg: "Hmm…Stray animals…that could be a good sign."
(5:44:36 PM) Ragazzo: Dusty parks once they arrive.
(5:44:41 PM) E4D: "No one tell Alice, or we'll never leave the city."
(5:45:31 PM) Ragazzo: He hops out.
(5:45:48 PM) Maddy: The Red Robin also has power, anyone with points in Electronics can figure out it's probably on the same grid as the Aquaruim.
(5:46:28 PM) Ragazzo: "That's good…might be some stuff left."
(5:47:15 PM) Tom90deg: "STill, I'd vote for sticking with non-perishables."
(5:47:18 PM) Doctor_Light: Birdy climbs off the back. "But don't think she's in there." He points at the aquarium.
(5:47:35 PM) Ragazzo: "Probably not, birdman."
(5:48:11 PM) Ragazzo: Dusty goes to the door, and tries to open it.
(5:48:16 PM) Nioki: Alanoch climbs out, and begins pulling light around himself. No reason to take risks.
(5:48:33 PM) Tom90deg: Zoe climbs out and looks in one of the windows.
(5:48:59 PM) E4D: Jason stays behind on the .50. "Tear it up, guys. I got external."
(5:49:20 PM) Doctor_Light: Birdman also approaches the door with Dusty.
(5:50:09 PM) Maddy: Inside, it looks like the place must have been closed for the day when everyone ran. The chairs are up on the tables and the door is locked.
(5:50:31 PM) Ragazzo: "Hmm…"
(5:50:40 PM) Tom90deg: "Hmm….Well, I can get the doors open if you want, or if you'd rather just blow them open."
(5:50:54 PM) Ragazzo: "Could you just pick it, zoe?"
(5:50:57 PM) Nioki: "Just teleport to the other side."
(5:51:02 PM) Doctor_Light: 4df+4 Kick down the goddamn door
(5:51:02 PM) Quidmore: Doctor_Light: Kick down the goddamn door: 5 (4df+4=0, +, -, +)
(5:51:09 PM) Tom90deg: "Heh, that's the plan."
(5:51:12 PM) Maddy: 4df I am a door
(5:51:12 PM) Ragazzo: "…"
(5:51:12 PM) Quidmore: Maddy: I am a door: 0 (4df=+, +, -, -)
(5:51:29 PM) Maddy: The door is knocked off its hinges.
(5:51:31 PM) Tom90deg: "…Never mind, I was going to say it'd be much quieter to just unlock it…"
(5:51:32 PM) E4D: "Jesus, Birdman."
(5:51:44 PM) Doctor_Light: Birdy kicks down the goddam door.
(5:51:49 PM) Doctor_Light: He crows jubilantly.
(5:51:52 PM) Ragazzo: "…I like how you think, Birdman."
(5:51:58 PM) E4D: "Dynamic entry up in this motherfucker."
(5:52:29 PM) Maddy: There's a thin layer of dust on everything.
(5:52:31 PM) Maddy: 1d2
(5:52:32 PM) Quidmore: Maddy: 2 (1d2=2)
(5:52:35 PM) Tom90deg: Zoe looks into the door, sniffing, seeing if there's any rotting smells.
(5:52:48 PM) Nioki: "Okay. That works too."
(5:52:51 PM) Maddy: The alarm goes off.
(5:53:00 PM) Ragazzo: Dusty blinks.
(5:53:07 PM) Nioki: 4df+4 Luxamancy maneuver -> Stealth.
(5:53:07 PM) Quidmore: Nioki: Luxamancy maneuver -> Stealth.: 2 (4df+4=0, 0, -, -)
(5:53:14 PM) Tom90deg: "Oy…."
(5:53:14 PM) Ragazzo: "OH no, the police are going to come to be mad."
(5:53:25 PM) Ragazzo: He rolls his eyes.
(5:53:28 PM) Maddy: There are no rotting smells.
(5:53:29 PM) Tom90deg: "What about everything else in the town Dusty? Don't be stupid."
(5:53:37 PM) Nioki: Alanoch isn't invisible. Just shimmering and wavering a bit. The alarm is a bit distracting.
(5:54:25 PM) Tom90deg: "Give me some cover, I'll try to disable the alarm…."
(5:54:32 PM) Nioki: "…If there's anything here to hear this, we probably don't want the attention."
(5:54:39 PM) Ragazzo: "Go ahead."
(5:54:57 PM) E4D: Jason wheels the gun around, up and down the street, looking for anything attracted to the noise.
(5:55:10 PM) E4D: «Hey guys, you tripped an alarm.»
(5:55:22 PM) Maddy: Nothing seems to be bothered by the noise.
(5:55:27 PM) Tom90deg: "You don't say Jason."
(5:55:30 PM) Ragazzo: «We can hear it, thanks.»
(5:55:43 PM) Maddy: 1d2
(5:55:43 PM) Quidmore: Maddy: 2 (1d2=2)
(5:55:45 PM) Tom90deg: Zoe steps inside, looking for a control box for the alarm.
(5:55:58 PM) E4D: «I'm not sayin', I'm just sayin'.»
(5:55:59 PM) Maddy: It's plainly on the wall near the door.
(5:56:19 PM) Laito [||sirhc] entered the room.
(5:56:27 PM) Tom90deg: Zoe walks over and examines it, hopeing there's something silly like the code written on the box.
(5:56:27 PM) Nioki: Alanoch rubs the side of his head. Then he walks inside and looks for the kitchen.
(5:56:33 PM) Laito left the room.
(5:56:36 PM) Nioki: «Let's do this quickly and get somewhere else.»
(5:56:39 PM) Tom90deg: 4df+4
(5:56:40 PM) Quidmore: Tom90deg: 6 (4df+4=-, +, +, +)
(5:57:11 PM) Waxx [moc.rr.ser.oen.1F7C9A8-CRInys|xxaW#moc.rr.ser.oen.1F7C9A8-CRInys|xxaW] entered the room.
(5:57:17 PM) Maddy: The alarm shuts off.
(5:57:28 PM) Tom90deg: "Allon ze!"
(5:57:40 PM) Ragazzo: Dusty nods, keeping an eye out. He then goes to follow alan when it shuts off.
(5:57:41 PM) Maddy: In the kitchen there are large fridges, one freezer and dry storage.
(5:57:50 PM) Ragazzo: "Let's get what we need…"
(5:58:07 PM) Tom90deg: Zoe looks around the rest of the resteraunt.
(5:58:42 PM) Nioki: Alanoch opens them all.
(6:00:12 PM) Maddy: Most of the food in the fridge is, regrettably, bad. The frezeers, however are chalk full of meat, bread and frozen juice.
(6:00:33 PM) Maddy: Dry storage mostly has cans of olives.
(6:00:39 PM) Ragazzo: "Handy."
(6:00:57 PM) Maddy: And uniforms.
(6:01:10 PM) Tom90deg: "Find anything?!" Zoe shouts from the main dining area.
(6:01:21 PM) Doctor_Light: Birdman looks through the kitchen.
(6:01:27 PM) Maddy: The main dining area is boring. And dusty as shit.
(6:01:30 PM) Ragazzo: «Food. Uniforms.»
(6:01:42 PM) Nioki: He takes a couple bags of frozen raw meat, and a bag of ice. He struggles to carry them back to El Diablo.
(6:01:50 PM) Ragazzo: Dusty does the same.
(6:01:56 PM) Tom90deg: "Nothing in the main area. Lot of dust though…How long ago did yo say this whole world ending thing happened? A month?"
(6:02:26 PM) Nioki: «Some frozen goods. Do we have something to keep this in?»
(6:02:53 PM) Ragazzo: «Eh. Worst case we get to eat like kings tonight.»
(6:03:07 PM) E4D: "Shit, we're gonna have to go and get like… a freezer or something to put that crap in. We could get a flat bed, and hook it up to the back of the RV. Just use it as a straight logistics vehicle."
(6:03:30 PM) Nioki: «If we have a box, the ice can hold it for now.»
(6:03:49 PM) Ragazzo: "Good thinking."
(6:03:55 PM) Tom90deg: "MAybe we can get some kinda…portable generator and some of those massive freezers, and just stick it all on a flatbed?"
(6:03:58 PM) DawnyWorks [moc.noehtyar.AC98E749-CRInys|tibbiM#moc.noehtyar.AC98E749-CRInys|tibbiM] entered the room.
(6:04:25 PM) Nioki: «We just set off an alarm. We shouldn't stay here any longer than we have to.»
(6:04:39 PM) E4D: "… that was the idea, Zoe. That's sort of exactly what I said."
(6:04:53 PM) Tom90deg: "Sorry, Didn't hear you…"
(6:05:50 PM) E4D: "Well, the RV *does* have a freezer. We could radio back and have someone bring it up."
(6:05:55 PM) Ragazzo: "…hang on." Dusty sets down this meat and ice.
(6:06:00 PM) Ragazzo: *his
(6:06:25 PM) Ragazzo: He goes to check if their are some sort of movable containers inside.
(6:06:38 PM) Ragazzo: Like, say, an ice chest.
(6:06:43 PM) Maddy: No dice.
(6:07:05 PM) Nioki: Alanoch walks back inside to check what's in the dry storage.
(6:07:09 PM) Ragazzo: "Well then."
(6:07:34 PM) Ragazzo: He rubs his cheek.
(6:07:55 PM) Tom90deg: "WE can come back, this place looks pretty dead. You'd think people would have cleaned it out if anyone was left."
(6:08:11 PM) Ragazzo: "We could come back for this after we're done, yeah."
(6:08:44 PM) Ragazzo: "Find some ice chests somewhere."
(6:08:54 PM) E4D: "Dusty, keep it up, I'm about to be impressed. That's like 15 smart things you've said in a row."
(6:09:54 PM) Nioki: He also shuts the fridge and freezer.
(6:11:28 PM) Doctor_Light: Birdman finds a big wire whisk in the kitchen. Sadly, this is not very useful, though it makes a cool noise when he flicks the side.
(6:11:50 PM) E4D: «Found anything, Birdman? You doin' all right in there?»
(6:12:17 PM) Maddy: There's really nothing else of note in the building.
(6:12:31 PM) Doctor_Light: "Not much." Regretfully, he places it back on the counter, and emerges.
(6:13:01 PM) Ragazzo: "Let's go, before fate decides to take another swing at me."
(6:13:35 PM) Tom90deg: "Sounds good. Where to next?"
(6:14:08 PM) E4D: "Gun shop."
(6:14:17 PM) Ragazzo: "Alright."
(6:14:25 PM) Ragazzo: Dusty heads back to the humvee, gets in.
(6:14:54 PM) Nioki: Alanoch as well.
(6:14:59 PM) Tom90deg: Zoe follows.
(6:15:50 PM) Doctor_Light: Birdy stays outside. "Will follow," he says. He can run quite fast.
(6:15:56 PM) Ragazzo: "You know…with Bel's help, I think I could set up a moat around the hotel."
(6:16:09 PM) Ragazzo: "I've been thinking about it."
(6:16:35 PM) Tom90deg: "Why? We're not gonna get invaded by visagoths."
(6:16:40 PM) Ragazzo: "We wouldn't be long enough for it to matter, but it would be fun."
(6:16:51 PM) Maddy: Silver City Guns & Ammo is to the north east. About 300m.
(6:17:07 PM) Ragazzo: Dusty drives off that way.
(6:17:08 PM) E4D: "What's a visagoth? That like those tatter things you and Midnight were talkin' about, Dusty?"
(6:17:24 PM) Maddy: perception!
(6:17:34 PM) E4D: 4df+6
(6:17:34 PM) Quidmore: E4D: 6 (4df+6=0, 0, 0, 0)
(6:17:37 PM) Ragazzo: "A visigoth is an ancient european."
(6:17:44 PM) E4D: "Oh."
(6:17:46 PM) Ragazzo: 4df+4 Perc
(6:17:46 PM) Quidmore: Ragazzo: Perc: 6 (4df+4=+, +, 0, 0)
(6:17:49 PM) Doctor_Light: 4df+3 Running along outside
(6:17:49 PM) Quidmore: Doctor_Light: Running along outside: 4 (4df+3=-, +, 0, +)
(6:17:55 PM) Tom90deg: 4df+2
(6:17:55 PM) Quidmore: Tom90deg: 4 (4df+2=0, 0, +, +)
(6:18:25 PM) Rights [PI.BF0EFC49.1A349E52.3D65DC1F|tibbiM#PI.BF0EFC49.1A349E52.3D65DC1F|tibbiM] entered the room.
(6:18:51 PM) Maddy: Ok you all notice the windows are boarded up, and there's a truck outside the shop.
(6:19:01 PM) Ragazzo: "Well."
(6:19:09 PM) Ragazzo: "How're we handling this?"
(6:19:15 PM) Nioki: 4df+4
(6:19:16 PM) Quidmore: Nioki: 6 (4df+4=+, +, -, +)
(6:19:22 PM) Maddy: Alanoch sees it too
(6:19:58 PM) Tom90deg: "Hm…think someone's still in there?"
(6:20:18 PM) Nioki: "Should I take a look?"
(6:20:41 PM) E4D: "Stand by."
(6:21:30 PM) E4D: Jason dismounts, hopping up out of the turret, boots slamming on the hood, then hopping down to the ground. He unfolds his rifle's stock as he goes, running up the the corner of the building, moving in a low crouch to the window.
(6:21:45 PM) E4D: «Get someone on that .50.»
(6:22:01 PM) E4D: «Al? Back me up here?"
(6:22:30 PM) Tom90deg: «I don't know how to use that thing.»
(6:23:18 PM) Nioki: Alanoch climbs up.
(6:23:43 PM) Ragazzo: «I used that laser gun once but…»
(6:23:49 PM) E4D: «There's a butterfly-shaped lever on the back between the handles. Point it at what you want to hit, and push the butterfly down.»
(6:23:59 PM) Nioki: «I could take a quieter look, you know. I can make myself invisible.»
(6:24:08 PM) E4D: «Go for it, kid.»
(6:24:19 PM) E4D: «I'll cover *you*.»
(6:24:45 PM) Nioki: Alanoch jumps down, and crouches. He concentrates, bending light around himself.
(6:24:59 PM) Nioki: 4df+4 Luxomancy maneuver - > Sneak
(6:25:00 PM) Quidmore: Nioki: Luxomancy maneuver - > Sneak: 3 (4df+4=+, -, -, 0)
(6:25:25 PM) Doctor_Light: Birdman walks up to the truck.
(6:25:35 PM) Ragazzo: Dusty gets on the gun. Great idea.
(6:25:46 PM) Maddy: Success!
(6:25:50 PM) Nioki: He blinks out of sight, leaving a slight distortion in space to anyone who looks there.
(6:26:14 PM) Nioki: 4df+6 Stealth. He walks towards the building, silently.
(6:26:15 PM) Quidmore: Nioki: Stealth. He walks towards the building, silently.: 4 (4df+6=0, 0, -, -)
(6:27:16 PM) Nioki: He walks right up to the window, and looks in.
(6:27:23 PM) Maddy: The windows are boarded up.
(6:27:51 PM) E4D: Jason stay a few feet behind him, keeping low.
(6:28:09 PM) E4D: He whispers, "You got a gun, kid?"
(6:29:32 PM) Nioki: "I don't know how to use one," he whispers back. "I shouldn't need one, anyway."
(6:29:52 PM) Nioki: He walks around the building, looking for a way to see inside.
(6:30:15 PM) Maddy: There are only the front windows and glass door. All covered.
(6:31:15 PM) E4D: 4df+4 Jason approaches the door, leaning to the edge. He reaches into his utility pouch, removing a cammie paint kit, opening it, and turning the mirror to face inside.
(6:31:15 PM) Quidmore: E4D: Jason approaches the door, leaning to the edge. He reaches into his utility pouch, removing a cammie paint kit, opening it, and turning the mirror to face inside.: 4 (4df+4=-, 0, 0, +)
(6:32:22 PM) Doctor_Light: Birdy looks in the truck window.
(6:32:39 PM) E4D: "Oh, derp."
(6:32:40 PM) Nioki: He stops next to the door.
(6:32:57 PM) E4D: He raises up, grabbing the handle, testing it.
(6:33:02 PM) Maddy: Birdy finds a hunting rifle
(6:33:18 PM) Maddy: Unlocked.
(6:33:51 PM) Doctor_Light: He pulls it out- if the window is open.
(6:33:58 PM) Nioki: "I'll take a look inside. Don't follow until I say so."
(6:33:59 PM) Maddy: It is!
(6:34:07 PM) Maddy: Rifle aquired!
(6:34:09 PM) E4D: Does it open in or out?
(6:34:14 PM) Maddy: out
(6:34:48 PM) Doctor_Light: Birdman puts the RIFE in his INVENTORY- no, never mind, he just holds it and mimes shooting at something. Carefully.
(6:35:15 PM) E4D: Jason wheels to the other side. "Get low for a second, Al." He yanks the door open, staying against the wall, pulling it to him.
(6:35:20 PM) Maddy: 1d2
(6:35:20 PM) Quidmore: Maddy: 1 (1d2=1)
(6:35:34 PM) E4D: He is *not* in front of the door, it should be noted.
(6:35:35 PM) Maddy: the stench of death hits Jason.
(6:35:48 PM) Maddy: or really anyone close enough
(6:35:50 PM) Nioki: "…Ugh."
(6:35:54 PM) Maddy: it's quite rank.
(6:35:56 PM) E4D: "Jesus *Chirst*."
(6:36:00 PM) E4D: *christ
(6:36:04 PM) Tom90deg: «What's up?»
(6:36:27 PM) Ragazzo: Dusty's nose twitches, catching a whiff. "Oh no…"
(6:36:28 PM) E4D: «Something's dead in here."
(6:37:31 PM) Nioki: Alanoch listens at the door for anything moving.
(6:37:37 PM) E4D: "Stay low. Crawl in. No one *ever* looks that low."
(6:37:54 PM) Maddy: No movement
(6:38:14 PM) Tom90deg: «Damn…»
(6:38:30 PM) Nioki: "I don't hear anything moving. Should I just illuminate the place?"
(6:38:52 PM) Doctor_Light: Birdy returns to the others, with the rifle. "Should look around?"
(6:40:13 PM) Ragazzo: "…probably."
(6:40:23 PM) Ragazzo: «Jason, should we send birdman in?»
(6:40:36 PM) E4D: "Go for it, Birdman."
(6:41:00 PM) Doctor_Light: 4df+4 Sneakery
(6:41:01 PM) Quidmore: Doctor_Light: Sneakery: 1 (4df+4=-, -, 0, -)
(6:41:33 PM) Nioki: "I'm already invisible. Maybe I should?"
(6:41:44 PM) Maddy: Where the corpse laying before the counter of the shop able to, he totally would have spotted Birdman.
(6:41:48 PM) Maddy: But he is dead.
(6:41:49 PM) Doctor_Light: He seems to flatten a little, but not much. He walks in anyways, and takes a look around.
(6:42:15 PM) E4D: "Go for it, dude." Stay ahead of Birdy."
(6:42:21 PM) Maddy: Looks like, and smells like he's been dead for a while.
(6:42:22 PM) Doctor_Light: Birdy walks over to the corpse and lifts up the head, looking it up and down for anything unusual.
(6:42:25 PM) Nioki: 4df+4 Stealthery
(6:42:26 PM) Quidmore: Nioki: Stealthery: 6 (4df+4=+, 0, 0, +)
(6:42:43 PM) Maddy: This poor man was clearly blasted in the chest.
(6:42:45 PM) Nioki: Alanoch moves like he isn't actually there.
(6:43:07 PM) Doctor_Light: Birdy looks behind the counter, too.
(6:43:11 PM) Nioki: Jason probably can't tell that he's gone.
(6:43:36 PM) Tom90deg: «Anything?»
(6:44:34 PM) Nioki: «Looks like something killed him. Chest wound.»
(6:45:07 PM) Doctor_Light: "Dead guy- yes, big hole in chest."
(6:45:14 PM) E4D: 4df+4 Ranged weapons. Gunshot?
(6:45:15 PM) Quidmore: E4D: Ranged weapons. Gunshot?: 6 (4df+4=+, +, 0, 0)
(6:45:25 PM) Maddy: Nothing behind the counter but some assorted ammo, like someone was hiding behind here.
(6:46:14 PM) Maddy: He was shot with a shotgun probably. It probably also sucked.
(6:46:20 PM) Doctor_Light: Birdy picks it up, and puts it on the counter, because the others wanted ammo. Nice going, birdman! Then he steps out to look around the shop more, for other doors.
(6:46:41 PM) Maddy: There's a door to what must be the back room.
(6:47:10 PM) Doctor_Light: He attempts to open it and go through.
(6:47:12 PM) Nioki: Alanoch looks in the direction the man must have been shot from. Maybe there's some evidence of who did it.
(6:47:23 PM) Maddy: Dead guy most definitely was killed by the hole resulting from the gunshot.
(6:47:37 PM) Maddy: Whoever shot the man was behind the counter.
(6:47:50 PM) Maddy: The door opens and…
(6:48:04 PM) Maddy: 1d2
(6:48:04 PM) Quidmore: Maddy: 2 (1d2=2)
(6:48:16 PM) Maddy: Defense.
(6:48:36 PM) Doctor_Light: 4df+3 Oh shit
(6:48:36 PM) Quidmore: Doctor_Light: Oh shit: 1 (4df+3=-, +, -, -)
(6:48:45 PM) Maddy: 4df+2
(6:48:46 PM) Quidmore: Maddy: 0 (4df+2=+, -, -, -)
(6:49:07 PM) Maddy: Birdman narrowly avoids the butt of a shotgun to the face.
(6:49:33 PM) Nioki: Alanoch spins, still invisible. He begins gathering light.
(6:49:37 PM) Doctor_Light: Birdy ducks, and-
(6:49:52 PM) Doctor_Light: 4df+4 Snap at the intruder!
(6:49:53 PM) Quidmore: Doctor_Light: Snap at the intruder!: 8 (4df+4=+, +, +, +)
(6:49:57 PM) Nioki: «Someone's here.»
(6:50:19 PM) E4D: "WAIT!"
(6:50:20 PM) Maddy: A young man stands trembling and OH GOD!
(6:50:21 PM) Maddy: 4df
(6:50:21 PM) Quidmore: Maddy: 2 (4df=0, +, +, 0)
(6:51:02 PM) Doctor_Light: Birdy rakes the guy's legs, also taking the opportunity to tackle him down.
(6:51:26 PM) Maddy: The man goes down screaming. "Oh god! N-no!"
(6:51:59 PM) E4D: Jason's rifle barrel is in his face a second later. "Stand *down* civilian! We are *not* here to hurt you."
(6:52:21 PM) Doctor_Light: And holds him there, because birdy knows it's not good to kill people unless they're bad. Still, he doesn't move.
(6:52:26 PM) E4D: "Nioki, get his weapon?"
(6:52:26 PM) Maddy: He thrashes, trying to get away from the Birdman, but his legs ain't working. "How are you real? You're just a fairy tale!"
(6:53:04 PM) Tom90deg: Zoe comes in behind them. "Someone's alive?"
(6:53:16 PM) Nioki: Alanoch rushes forward. He still isn't Nioki.
(6:53:25 PM) E4D: "Shit."
(6:53:29 PM) Doctor_Light: "Yes."
(6:53:30 PM) Nioki: 4df+4 Stealth for gun thievery.
(6:53:30 PM) E4D: -""
(6:53:30 PM) Quidmore: Nioki: Stealth for gun thievery.: 5 (4df+4=-, 0, +, +)
(6:53:54 PM) Doctor_Light: Oh, I guess birdman still has his rifle in one hand, too.
(6:53:55 PM) Maddy: 4df+2 my gun! melee to hold on.
(6:53:55 PM) Quidmore: Maddy: my gun! melee to hold on.: 5 (4df+2=0, +, +, +)
(6:54:08 PM) Maddy: The dude ain't letting go of his gun.
(6:54:38 PM) Maddy: He's staring, wild eyed at Birdman.
(6:54:40 PM) E4D: "Sir, if you don't let go of the weapon, I'm gonna have to get mean."
(6:54:43 PM) Ragazzo: «Everything ok in there?»
(6:54:50 PM) Maddy: "B-b-birdman!"
(6:54:56 PM) E4D: "We got a survivor."
(6:55:06 PM) Tom90deg: «Survivor, rather disturbed.»
(6:55:29 PM) Nioki: It's a bit odd that the empty space just tried to grab it, I'm sure.
(6:55:31 PM) E4D: "Yeah, Birdman's friendly. He just did that cuz you tried to use his head as a pinata. Say 'hi' Birdman."
(6:55:45 PM) Doctor_Light: "Already did."
(6:56:08 PM) Ragazzo: «Right-o.»
(6:56:35 PM) Doctor_Light: He lets a bit of pressure off the guy's arms, but still doesn't quite let him go."
(6:56:48 PM) Maddy: "Ok, ok, I-I'll do whatever you want. Just keep that /thing/ away from me!"
(6:56:59 PM) Maddy: He lets go of the gun.
(6:57:26 PM) E4D: "That's two guns for ya, Birdman."
(6:58:46 PM) Doctor_Light: Birdman nods, then lets the guy go- he has a gun in his face anyways- and moves to the side.
(6:59:09 PM) Maddy: "W-who are you people?"
(7:00:42 PM) Tom90deg: "Survivors, like you."
(7:00:43 PM) E4D: "I'm a US Marine, trying to get to the Navy base in Potts Point."
(7:01:01 PM) Maddy: "…a-alright…"
(7:01:48 PM) Maddy: "I don't want any trouble…you can take whatever you want, just don't hurt me."
(7:02:32 PM) Nioki: Alanoch holds the gun. It becomes invisible like the rest of him.
(7:02:57 PM) E4D: "Look, we didn't know anyone was here." Jason takes a step back, lowring his rifle a bit. "Birdman? Let him go? Ease back?"
(7:03:01 PM) E4D: Derp
(7:03:02 PM) E4D: redact
(7:03:19 PM) E4D: "What happened to the man on the floor?"
(7:03:37 PM) Maddy: "He tried to rob me after everyone left."
(7:05:26 PM) Maddy: "Take everything if you have to! Just…please." the man still looks upon Birdman with fear.
(7:06:12 PM) Tom90deg: "Why'd you stay?"
(7:06:26 PM) Maddy: "This is my home. I have nowhere to go…"
(7:06:43 PM) Doctor_Light: Birdman is examining the guns, and looks up to meet the guy's glance. "Am friendly. Usually."
(7:06:53 PM) Doctor_Light: "Though, someone should fix his legs."
(7:07:14 PM) E4D: Jason looks back at him. "… nice shot."
(7:07:23 PM) Maddy: "…thank you."
(7:07:42 PM) Rights left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
(7:08:14 PM) Tom90deg: "Yah….We could take him back or something, can't just leave him here wounded."
(7:09:28 PM) Maddy: "I'm not g-going anywhere with the birdman. He eats people who go walkabout!"
(7:09:35 PM) E4D: "We just stopped in for ammunition. We're not running short, just looking for more. We ain't takin' your stuff."
(7:09:35 PM) E4D: Jason looks around for clothing.
(7:10:25 PM) Maddy: The place is fairly well stocked with all the things you might need to go on a camping or hunting trip in the Outback.
(7:10:25 PM) E4D: "We can call the rest of the group up, and continue on ourselves." Jason sighs. "The only thing I've seen birdman eat the entire month was a deer's bones. For cal-ci-um."
(7:11:26 PM) Nioki: Alanoch finally drops the illusion.
(7:11:31 PM) E4D: Jason grabs a few shirts, slicing the sleeves off, then cutting down them lengthwise to make a long strip.
(7:11:55 PM) Nioki: "Okay. What do you know about the aquarium? It looked like someone's maintaining it."
(7:11:57 PM) E4D: "Hold still, mate, and don't try anything funny. I'm gonna try and wrap your leg up."
(7:12:07 PM) Doctor_Light: Though birdy doesn't really have facial expressions, he hunches a little and withdraws some. "Not often."
(7:12:43 PM) Maddy: The man closes his eyes. This is just to freaky for him.
(7:13:25 PM) Tom90deg: "What is the story about the aquarium? Have you seen anything?"
(7:13:32 PM) E4D: 4df Jason tries wrapping the man's leg up with the limited, crappy excuse for medical equipment he has.
(7:13:32 PM) Quidmore: E4D: Jason tries wrapping the man's leg up with the limited, crappy excuse for medical equipment he has.: -3 (4df=-, -, -, 0)
(7:13:46 PM) Maddy: Jason somehow makes it worse.
(7:13:53 PM) Maddy: "Aaahhh! What are you doing?"
(7:14:01 PM) Tom90deg: "Ehhh, Jason…just…wait for the medics."
(7:14:08 PM) Tom90deg: "You're out of your depth."
(7:14:22 PM) E4D: "Hey, man, I'm sorry, all I've I've got is a goddamn sliced up shirt."
(7:15:13 PM) E4D: Jason steps outside, radioing the rest of the team, bringing them up, and clearing this group to continue their #afteractionmission
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(7:16:50 PM) Tom90deg: "So, whats the plan now?"
(7:17:12 PM) DawnyWorks: Kay hops in her vehicle «Anyone riding with me?»
(7:18:11 PM) CondorTalon [~moc.sregor.elbac.ten.epc.4DCF5DB1-CRInys|resu#moc.sregor.elbac.ten.epc.4DCF5DB1-CRInys|resu] entered the room.
(7:18:30 PM) E4D: Dawnyworks: Back to the main, this is the run room now.
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(7:21:44 PM) E4D: Jason looks over at Zoe, then back to the man. "All right, Zoe's asked twice. What's up with the aquarium?"
(7:22:03 PM) Tom90deg: "Forgive me for being paranoid Jason."
(7:22:23 PM) Maddy: "I don't know! There was an explosion, and everyone left! I locked myself in here."
(7:22:33 PM) Ragazzo [ten.llebcap.ac2tks.lsd.733D207B-CRInys|tibbiM#ten.llebcap.ac2tks.lsd.733D207B-CRInys|tibbiM] entered the room.
(7:22:58 PM) Maddy: "That seems like…a lifetime ago."
(7:24:10 PM) Maddy: "A few others stayed, but I lost radio contact with them a while ago, when my radio broke."
(7:25:36 PM) E4D: «We got anyone inbound?»
(7:26:54 PM) Ragazzo: Dusty checks to see if anyone is around from the unner spot.
(7:26:58 PM) Ragazzo: 4df+6 PErc
(7:26:59 PM) Quidmore: Ragazzo: PErc: 7 (4df+6=+, -, 0, +)
(7:27:03 PM) Maddy: Nothing.
(7:27:12 PM) DawnyWorks: «I'll be there in five"
(7:27:21 PM) E4D: «Copy.»
(7:27:24 PM) Ragazzo: «No one around.»
(7:30:10 PM) Nioki: "So, what do we do now?"
(7:30:11 PM) E4D: "So, what's your name? Our doc's gonna be here in a couple minutes. She needs to know what to call ya."
(7:30:49 PM) Doctor_Light: Birdy picks up his rifle, and goes out, to look around outside.
(7:31:00 PM) E4D: [[Kay's here. And so is anyone else that came.]]
(7:31:00 PM) E4D: "WE keep moving."
(7:31:09 PM) Maddy: "Jeremy…"
(7:33:15 PM) E4D: «Kay? Guy's name is Jeremy, approximately 30 years old. lacerations to the legs.» "Fuck it… ya'll want to hit up the aquarium *now*?"
(7:34:12 PM) DawnyWorks: «Copy»
(7:34:27 PM) Ragazzo: «Why not. It isn't like the food is going anywhere.»
(7:34:39 PM) Tom90deg: "Sure, may as well."
(7:36:44 PM) Nioki: "Better to find out what's going on now rather than later."
(7:38:20 PM) E4D: Jason heads out to the humvee.
(7:38:49 PM) E4D: "Well? Dusty? Let's see if you can make it three for three today."
(7:39:07 PM) Ragazzo: Dusty hops off at the gun at his approach, gets in the driver's seat.
(7:39:12 PM) Ragazzo: "Alright."
(7:39:26 PM) E4D: "You can stay up there if you want."
(7:41:01 PM) Doctor_Light: Birdy goes back to the car and hangs along outside it.
(7:41:08 PM) Ragazzo: "Alright. Where's that survivor you guys found?"
(7:41:23 PM) Ragazzo: He gets back on the gun.
(7:43:08 PM) Doctor_Light: "In there," birdy jogs up and points. HIs beak is dripping blood.
(7:43:25 PM) Ragazzo: "…."
(7:43:29 PM) Ragazzo: "Alive?"
(7:43:40 PM) Tom90deg: "Yah."
(7:43:44 PM) E4D: Jason climbs into the driver's seat, and heads off towards the aquarium.
(7:43:55 PM) Ragazzo: "That's alright the-what about the others."
(7:44:51 PM) Doctor_Light: Birdman runs along outside of the vehicle.
(7:46:20 PM) E4D: "They're chilling at the hotel. It's just a block down."
(7:47:32 PM) Ragazzo: "Alright."
(7:48:55 PM) E4D: Jason tools along the streets following the route markers on the BFT like a boss.
(7:49:14 PM) Maddy: The trip to the Aquarium is uneventful until the get a block out. This entire area is lit up and has power.
(7:49:51 PM) Maddy: Stores, houses, everything, though they all look largely abandoned.
(7:50:14 PM) Ragazzo: "Hmm…"
(7:50:37 PM) Ragazzo: 4df+6 Dusty keeps a look out for oddities.
(7:50:37 PM) Quidmore: Ragazzo: Dusty keeps a look out for oddities.: 8 (4df+6=0, +, +, 0)
(7:50:59 PM) Maddy: Nothing that hasn't already been mentioned.
(7:51:31 PM) Tom90deg left the room (quit: Quit: ~ Trillian Astra - ~).
(7:54:06 PM) Ragazzo: "So…."
(7:54:41 PM) E4D: Jason climbs out, heading to the door. "I always wanted to go to Seaworld…
(7:55:01 PM) Nioki: "We should stick together. We don't know what's in there."
(7:55:17 PM) E4D: Jason nods. "O' course."
(7:55:41 PM) Maddy: The Kings Aquarium stands, in strangely pristine condition.
(7:55:51 PM) Nioki: Alanoch follows Jason, and is himself followed by several black threads.
(7:55:59 PM) Ragazzo: "Still putting money on aquatic cult…"
(7:56:05 PM) Ragazzo: Dusty follows.
(7:57:12 PM) E4D: "Hey, Dusty, pop the door. Soon as it's open, I'm stepping inside."
(7:58:34 PM) Ragazzo: "Alright…"
(7:58:56 PM) Ragazzo: Dusty lays a palm on the door, taking a moment to chalk a circle.
(7:59:00 PM) Doctor_Light: Birdy follows the others.
(7:59:05 PM) Ragazzo: 4df+4 Occult maneuver, for the circle
(7:59:05 PM) Quidmore: Ragazzo: Occult maneuver, for the circle: 5 (4df+4=0, +, +, -)
(7:59:14 PM) Maddy: Pass
(7:59:28 PM) Ragazzo: 4df+6 The door goes poof
(7:59:29 PM) Quidmore: Ragazzo: The door goes poof: 4 (4df+6=-, 0, 0, -)
(8:00:12 PM) Maddy: 4df door
(8:00:12 PM) Quidmore: Maddy: door: 1 (4df=0, +, +, -)
(8:00:21 PM) Maddy: The door does indeed go poof.
(8:00:25 PM) Maddy: Pitty, it was unlocked.
(8:00:31 PM) Ragazzo: Dusty steps out of the way.
(8:00:42 PM) Nioki: "Did we really need to do that?"
(8:00:51 PM) Ragazzo: "I felt like it."
(8:01:13 PM) Nioki: "That's not a reason. That's not even an excuse."
(8:01:17 PM) E4D: Jason steps through, rifle up. "Dynamic entries all up ins this bitch today."
(8:01:38 PM) Ragazzo: "It's definitely a reason."
(8:01:50 PM) Ragazzo: "You must not know many alchemists."
(8:02:16 PM) Maddy: Dusty feels satisfied with his disintegration. He is, however, now down an Action.
(8:02:31 PM) Maddy: The lobby is incredibly well kept.
(8:02:35 PM) Maddy: Perception.
(8:02:52 PM) E4D: 4df+4
(8:02:53 PM) Quidmore: E4D: 1 (4df+4=-, -, -, 0)
(8:02:57 PM) Nioki: 4df+4
(8:02:57 PM) Quidmore: Nioki: 5 (4df+4=0, +, -, +)
(8:03:00 PM) Ragazzo: 4df
(8:03:00 PM) Quidmore: Ragazzo: 0 (4df=-, 0, 0, +)
(8:03:10 PM) Maddy: 4df-3 sneaking!
(8:03:11 PM) Quidmore: Maddy: sneaking!: -1 (4df-3=+, +, 0, 0)
(8:03:24 PM) Maddy: Yeah you all hear movement.
(8:03:29 PM) Maddy: In the west wing.
(8:04:28 PM) Nioki: Alanoch turns to look. He walks next to the wall, and once more pulls light around himself.
(8:04:34 PM) Doctor_Light: 4df+3 (herp(
(8:04:34 PM) Quidmore: Doctor_Light: (herp(: 4 (4df+3=-, +, +, 0)
(8:04:37 PM) Doctor_Light: )
(8:04:55 PM) Maddy: There's something shuffling around.
(8:05:03 PM) Maddy: Something large.
(8:05:06 PM) Doctor_Light: Birdy looks towards there.
(8:05:13 PM) Nioki: 4df+4 Luxomancey maneuver -> Sneak
(8:05:13 PM) Quidmore: Nioki: Luxomancey maneuver -> Sneak: 2 (4df+4=0, 0, -, -)
(8:05:18 PM) Ragazzo: "Oh. Heh. That sounds fun."
(8:05:31 PM) Nioki: Nope. He just wavers. Something must be off today.
(8:05:49 PM) E4D: Jason advances in the direction of the movement in a low groucho, rifle in his shoulder. "Dusty? Can you use your powers for the forces of truth, justice, and the American way?"
(8:05:55 PM) Maddy: The sounds comes from a ways down the hall, which is lined with tanks. The sea life all look healthy and happy.
(8:06:19 PM) Nioki: 4df+4 Stealth. He's still quiet and good at hiding, though.
(8:06:19 PM) Quidmore: Nioki: Stealth. He's still quiet and good at hiding, though.: 4 (4df+4=0, -, 0, +)
(8:06:34 PM) Ragazzo: "Yeah, give me a second. What sort of american way are we looking for here? Heavy long burning justice, or blinding truth?"
(8:06:51 PM) Nioki: "Don't attack until we know what's there."
(8:07:00 PM) Maddy: 4df perception vs Alanoch
(8:07:01 PM) Quidmore: Maddy: perception vs Alanoch: 1 (4df=+, -, +, 0)
(8:07:12 PM) Maddy: Yeah it doesn't notice you at all.
(8:07:28 PM) Maddy: The closer you get, you can hear what sounds like humming.
(8:07:42 PM) Nioki: Alanoch walks forward silently, difficult to see as the light dodges around him.
(8:08:25 PM) E4D: "Sorry, Alanoch, I forgot I take my orders from a kid that's seen the light of day for all of a month. I was never given instruction on how to deal with any of this. Fuck me sideways, I'm glad you're hear to tell me all about engagement protocol."
(8:08:29 PM) Nioki: He looks to see what's there, not sure if he should expect a tenacious aquarium employee or a walking porpoise.
(8:08:34 PM) E4D: *here
(8:08:36 PM) Maddy: The humming comes from behind a door, the gurgly burbly tune still himming.
(8:09:25 PM) Nioki: "That's okay. You'll get used to it." Well, it sounds like he's joking, anyway.
(8:10:52 PM) Maddy: "Oh, now…the sharks need feeding in an hour…you shall do…" the voice is deep, and sounds as if the person speaking has lungs full of water.
(8:11:26 PM) Maddy: There's a creaking, as if another door is opened, then pleading and crying.
(8:11:33 PM) Ragazzo: "I'll just prepare both…"
(8:11:34 PM) Nioki: He stops beside the door. He mimes holding up a gun.
(8:11:45 PM) E4D: Jason advances to the corner, folding his stock, and leaning around.
(8:11:47 PM) Waxx [moc.rr.ser.oen.1F7C9A8-CRInys|xxaW#moc.rr.ser.oen.1F7C9A8-CRInys|xxaW] entered the room.
(8:11:49 PM) E4D: 4df+4 perception
(8:11:49 PM) Quidmore: E4D: perception: 5 (4df+4=+, +, -, 0)
(8:12:00 PM) Ragazzo: 4df+4 Hard science to cobble together some hot, blinding justice
(8:12:00 PM) Quidmore: Ragazzo: Hard science to cobble together some hot, blinding justice: 3 (4df+4=-, +, 0, -)
(8:12:06 PM) Nioki: He tests the knob.
(8:13:00 PM) Maddy: "I'm running low, ma'am. I'm sorry it has to end this way." The door is definitley unlocked.
(8:13:26 PM) Nioki: He enters silently, as quickly as he can.
(8:14:19 PM) E4D: Jason follows in behind him.
(8:15:14 PM) Maddy: As the door opens, they see a massive octopus holding a screaming woman by her throat.
(8:15:25 PM) Maddy: It's body is easily the size of an SUV.
(8:15:27 PM) Maddy: then.
(8:15:55 PM) Nioki: Alanoch flattens himself against the wall, still hiding.
(8:15:59 PM) E4D: 4df+4 Jason opens fire immediately.
(8:15:59 PM) Quidmore: E4D: Jason opens fire immediately.: 7 (4df+4=0, +, +, +)
(8:16:12 PM) Maddy: 4df+4
(8:16:12 PM) Quidmore: Maddy: 4 (4df+4=-, +, 0, 0)
(8:16:18 PM) Doctor_Light: Birdman becomes glad he didn't go in front of Jason.
(8:17:24 PM) Ragazzo: "You should all cover your eyes. This is going to be pretty bright."
(8:17:30 PM) Maddy: The bullets rip through the tenticle and it drops the woman to the floor. The creature awkwardly wheels around, cursing as though it's stubbed it's toe.
(8:17:39 PM) Maddy: "Really? Does no one have any manners?"
(8:17:48 PM) Nioki: 4df+4 Perception maneuver -> Illusion. He looks at the woman, memorizing her appearance as best he can.
(8:17:48 PM) Quidmore: Nioki: Perception maneuver -> Illusion. He looks at the woman, memorizing her appearance as best he can.: 6 (4df+4=0, +, +, 0)
(8:18:11 PM) Ragazzo: Dusty pauses, throws aside his alchemy, and runs forward to grab the woman and hurry back.
(8:18:20 PM) Nioki: He motions her over towards the wall.
(8:18:28 PM) Maddy: Athletics dusty
(8:18:37 PM) Ragazzo: 4df Huffhuffhuff
(8:18:38 PM) Quidmore: Ragazzo: Huffhuffhuff: 0 (4df=0, +, 0, -)
(8:18:57 PM) Maddy: Compelling your bad lungs for a -2
(8:20:02 PM) Maddy: 4df The cephalopod tries to grab the woman first.
(8:20:02 PM) Quidmore: Maddy: The cephalopod tries to grab the woman first.: 0 (4df=-, 0, 0, +)
(8:20:15 PM) Ragazzo: I accept, dusty wheezes to a halt, fumbling for his inhalers.
(8:20:19 PM) Maddy: He clumsily drops her again. "Curses!"
(8:20:32 PM) Nioki: 4df+6 Illusion. He finds rather more of them than there were before.
(8:20:32 PM) Quidmore: Nioki: Illusion. He finds rather more of them than there were before.: 6 (4df+6=+, 0, 0, -)
(8:20:48 PM) E4D: 4df+4 Jason sprints across, grabbing at the woman's hand
(8:20:48 PM) Quidmore: E4D: Jason sprints across, grabbing at the woman's hand: 6 (4df+4=0, 0, +, +)
(8:20:53 PM) Maddy: "I- what."
(8:20:57 PM) Nioki: There's a good six copies of the woman, moving in different directions.
(8:21:00 PM) Maddy: "Oh my."
(8:21:04 PM) Ragazzo: Dusty puffs on his inhaler, and then nods at the woman. "Mind running awa-oh, ok, you do that. I'll just handle the octopus."
(8:21:36 PM) Maddy: He moves to grab all of them. Having 8 limbs helps, but Jason gets the woman out of reach.
(8:21:41 PM) Ragazzo: Dusty turns to the octopus, and lays hands on the nearest side.
(8:21:54 PM) Nioki: "Over here! Now!" he shouts, and all the copies begin to run towards the door.
(8:22:05 PM) Ragazzo: 4df+4 Dumping remaining points to give octopus -2
(8:22:05 PM) Quidmore: Ragazzo: Dumping remaining points to give octopus -2: 4 (4df+4=0, 0, +, -)
(8:22:16 PM) E4D: Jason ushers her out of the room, backing up to the door.
(8:22:22 PM) Maddy: "What are you doing? I'm trying to maintain this- HEY!"
(8:22:29 PM) Maddy: 4df+4 stop that.
(8:22:29 PM) Quidmore: Maddy: stop that.: 2 (4df+4=-, 0, 0, -)
(8:22:50 PM) Ragazzo: Calamari is ready.
(8:23:10 PM) Doctor_Light: "Everybody stop attacking!"
(8:23:15 PM) Maddy: "Arraagh! WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE?"
(8:23:24 PM) Nioki: His tentacles pass right through the illusions, and Alanoch lets them vanish. He goes for the door himself.
(8:23:41 PM) Doctor_Light: Birdman screeches this, harsh bird-of-prey tone.
(8:23:51 PM) E4D: Jason stops.
(8:23:57 PM) Ragazzo: Dusty covers his ears.
(8:24:01 PM) Maddy: "You know what? Fine. Have her. I have more."
(8:24:12 PM) Ragazzo: "…keep attacking."
(8:24:18 PM) Maddy: It shakes its head. "Philistines!"
(8:24:23 PM) E4D: He looks back at Birdman. Then at the octpous, whom he just realized is talking.
(8:24:44 PM) Maddy: It lurches towards a trapdoor in the floor.
(8:24:51 PM) Nioki: "Why are you… no. It doesn't matter. No killing people."
(8:24:56 PM) E4D: 4df+4 "Motherfucker please."
(8:24:56 PM) Quidmore: E4D: "Motherfucker please.": 3 (4df+4=-, 0, 0, 0)
(8:25:04 PM) E4D: He opens fire
(8:25:05 PM) Maddy: 4df+2
(8:25:06 PM) Quidmore: Maddy: 3 (4df+2=0, 0, 0, +)
(8:25:21 PM) Doctor_Light: Birdman runs after it, though doesn't go in the trapdoor.
(8:26:08 PM) Maddy: The octopus seems mildly annoyed. "Ok. What. Do. You. Want?" it taps a tentacle on the door the way a person would tap a foot.
(8:26:38 PM) Ragazzo: "Were you about to feed this woman to sharks?"
(8:26:44 PM) Doctor_Light: "Who are you?"
(8:26:50 PM) Maddy: "I'm the Curator."
(8:27:00 PM) Nioki: Alanoch concentrates, pulling in light. He certainly isn't hiding anymore, but the space around him is filled with black threads.
(8:27:28 PM) Maddy: "And yes. Regrettable as it is, the sharks need food, and I've run out of the normal food stores."
(8:27:35 PM) Doctor_Light: "Never seen talking octopus before."
(8:27:58 PM) Maddy: "Talking is easy, once you figure it out."
(8:28:17 PM) Ragazzo: "You said you have more. Where are they."
(8:28:28 PM) Doctor_Light: Birdy nods his heads. "Why not using dogs?"
(8:28:33 PM) Ragazzo: Dusty moves to block the octopus from the trapdoor.
(8:28:33 PM) Doctor_Light: "Plenty outside."
(8:28:35 PM) DawnyWorks left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
(8:29:06 PM) Maddy: Dusty is like half the size of this thing, and it's already at the trap door..
(8:29:26 PM) Nioki: 4df+4 Perception maneuver -> Luxomancy attack. The whole room dims as he stores light, ready to release it in a concentrated wave.
(8:29:26 PM) Quidmore: Nioki: Perception maneuver -> Luxomancy attack. The whole room dims as he stores light, ready to release it in a concentrated wave.: 5 (4df+4=0, 0, +, 0)
(8:29:44 PM) Maddy: "I don't travel on land easily, and animals seldom wander in."
(8:30:08 PM) E4D: Jason notices the dimming, and looks back at Al.
(8:30:25 PM) Doctor_Light: "If let people go, we find dogs for you to use instead."
(8:30:26 PM) E4D: "Well, there's a difference between something being hard and impossible."
(8:30:29 PM) Doctor_Light: "Dogs can't talk."
(8:30:45 PM) Maddy: "People, however, saw that I had rerouted the towns power and come…hmmm how many dogs are there?"
(8:30:52 PM) Ragazzo: Dusty goes to look in that door the octopus came out of of.
(8:31:04 PM) Maddy: The octopus didn't come out of a door.
(8:31:09 PM) Ragazzo: ..what?
(8:31:09 PM) Maddy: It was in the room when you entered.
(8:31:10 PM) Nioki: "H-how many people have you killed?"
(8:31:39 PM) Maddy: "In the past month? I would guess…easily 1000. I have to eat too, you know."
(8:31:59 PM) Maddy: "I only ate the dumb ones at first."
(8:32:05 PM) Maddy: "But there are only so many left."
(8:32:12 PM) E4D: "…"
(8:32:26 PM) Nioki: The lights dim further, even into the hall.
(8:32:31 PM) Doctor_Light: He looks around, seeing the others' reactions. "Lots, I think."
(8:32:32 PM) E4D: Jason nods at Al.
(8:33:06 PM) Nioki: 4df+8 Fate point for luxomancy attack, fate point to mind over matter.
(8:33:06 PM) Quidmore: Nioki: Fate point for luxomancy attack, fate point to mind over matter.: 9 (4df+8=-, 0, +, +)
(8:33:11 PM) Doctor_Light: Birdy ducks.
(8:33:14 PM) Maddy: "Are you volunteering? The sharks would be grateful. I think they like dumb meat better."
(8:33:15 PM) Nioki: Everyone in the room, roll pdef.
(8:33:24 PM) Maddy: 4df+2 jesus.
(8:33:24 PM) Quidmore: Maddy: jesus.: 4 (4df+2=+, 0, +, 0)
(8:33:30 PM) Doctor_Light: 4df+3 aiiieeeee
(8:33:30 PM) Quidmore: Doctor_Light: aiiieeeee: 3 (4df+3=0, +, 0, -)
(8:33:34 PM) E4D: 4df4+4
(8:33:38 PM) Ragazzo: 4df+4 OH noes
(8:33:39 PM) Quidmore: Ragazzo: OH noes: 1 (4df+4=-, -, 0, -)
(8:33:45 PM) E4D: 4df4+4
(8:34:21 PM) E4D: Jason rolled 6
(8:34:37 PM) Nioki: There only the slightest of flashes before Alanoch slams the light into the octopus in a concentrated ball of heat. Everyone in the room can feel a harsh burn. Especially the octopus.
(8:35:34 PM) Doctor_Light: Birdman crows loudly in surprise.
(8:35:35 PM) Maddy: The Octo-Curator shreiks in pain, its tentacles pulling back, revealing it's razor sharp beak.
(8:35:36 PM) Nioki: It's hard to say how much was even in the visual spectrum when he unleashed it. Alanoch collapses, singed, bleeding from his nose and gums.
(8:36:09 PM) Maddy: Anyone attacking can do so now.
(8:36:20 PM) E4D: 4df+4 Jason sights in on the mouth.
(8:36:21 PM) Quidmore: E4D: Jason sights in on the mouth.: 4 (4df+4=-, 0, 0, +)
(8:36:28 PM) DawnyWorks [moc.noehtyar.AC98E749-CRInys|tibbiM#moc.noehtyar.AC98E749-CRInys|tibbiM] entered the room.
(8:36:30 PM) Maddy: 4df+2 rude
(8:36:31 PM) Quidmore: Maddy: rude: 1 (4df+2=0, -, +, -)
(8:37:14 PM) Maddy: "Oh no, no no no. There is no fighting in the aquarium! I tried to reason with you. Dumb, dumb humans!"
(8:37:43 PM) Doctor_Light: 4df+4 - sneak, to go and drop into the trapdoor
(8:37:43 PM) Quidmore: Doctor_Light: - sneak, to go and drop into the trapdoor: 4 (4df+4=-, +, -, +)
(8:38:00 PM) Maddy: 4df
(8:38:01 PM) Quidmore: Maddy: -2 (4df=+, -, -, -)
(8:38:08 PM) Maddy: Yeah you drop down easily.
(8:38:12 PM) Ragazzo: 4df Dusty holds a lighter to one of the tentacles
(8:38:13 PM) Quidmore: Ragazzo: Dusty holds a lighter to one of the tentacles: 2 (4df=+, 0, +, 0)
(8:38:23 PM) Maddy: 4df+2
(8:38:23 PM) Quidmore: Maddy: 3 (4df+2=0, +, 0, 0)
(8:38:37 PM) Maddy: Curators turn!
(8:39:03 PM) Maddy: 4df+4 vs dusty.
(8:39:03 PM) Quidmore: Maddy: vs dusty.: 3 (4df+4=-, 0, 0, 0)
(8:39:13 PM) Maddy: 4df+4 vs Jason
(8:39:13 PM) Quidmore: Maddy: vs Jason: 5 (4df+4=0, +, +, -)
(8:39:19 PM) Ragazzo: 4df+4 Mister fish!
(8:39:20 PM) Quidmore: Ragazzo: Mister fish!: 3 (4df+4=-, 0, -, +)
(8:39:23 PM) Maddy: 4df+4 vs Alanoch
(8:39:23 PM) Quidmore: Maddy: vs Alanoch: 5 (4df+4=+, -, 0, +)
(8:39:47 PM) Doctor_Light: Birdman becomes something shadowy and indistinct on the wall, moves around the room, and slips into the hatch without a sound.
(8:39:48 PM) Nioki: 4df+2 Can't really defend when unconscious.
(8:39:48 PM) Quidmore: Nioki: Can't really defend when unconscious.: 5 (4df+2=0, +, +, +)
(8:39:50 PM) Nioki: …
(8:40:06 PM) Gerald [~ten.maertsdniw.pi.cimanyd.8635FA85-CRInys|alliztahc#ten.maertsdniw.pi.cimanyd.8635FA85-CRInys|alliztahc] entered the room.
(8:40:17 PM) Maddy: The curator is still partly blinded and misses both Dusty and Alanoch.
(8:40:42 PM) E4D: 4df+4 Jason attempts to duck back, away from the Curator.
(8:40:42 PM) Quidmore: E4D: Jason attempts to duck back, away from the Curator.: 5 (4df+4=+, -, 0, +)
(8:40:58 PM) Maddy: :| He misses Jason too.
(8:41:33 PM) Ragazzo: "Hey jason, got incendiary rounds?"
(8:41:37 PM) Maddy: Birdman, having dropped into the basment, finds at least 70 people, now all screaming at the sight of him.
(8:42:06 PM) Ragazzo: 4df+4 Hard science maneuver, dusty splashes the octopus with flammable chemicals
(8:42:06 PM) Quidmore: Ragazzo: Hard science maneuver, dusty splashes the octopus with flammable chemicals: 6 (4df+4=0, 0, +, +)
(8:42:09 PM) Doctor_Light: Birdman pauses for a split second, then holds up his hands.
(8:42:34 PM) E4D: 4df+4 "What I'm firing, why?" … "Oh." Jason backs away, popping off a few more rounds
(8:42:34 PM) Quidmore: E4D: "What I'm firing, why?" … "Oh." Jason backs away, popping off a few more rounds: 3 (4df+4=0, -, +, -)
(8:42:58 PM) Maddy: The people are clearly terrified and ave probably been down there for a while
(8:43:07 PM) Maddy: 4df+2
(8:43:19 PM) Maddy: 4df+2 hey
(8:43:19 PM) Quidmore: Maddy: hey: 3 (4df+2=0, 0, +, 0)
(8:43:35 PM) Ragazzo: "…wow, you're pretty bad at this."
(8:43:51 PM) Maddy: Jason misses the huge fuck off squid some how.
(8:44:39 PM) Maddy: 4df+4 vs Jason
(8:44:40 PM) Quidmore: Maddy: vs Jason: 5 (4df+4=+, -, 0, +)
(8:45:08 PM) Maddy: Using an action point to spit ink in Dusty's eyes. Pdef
(8:45:18 PM) Ragazzo: 4df+4 Woops
(8:45:18 PM) Quidmore: Ragazzo: Woops: 7 (4df+4=+, +, +, 0)
(8:45:22 PM) Doctor_Light: Birdman, still hearing fighting, refrains from doing anything at all for the time. Still, he holds up a finger to his beak, trying to urge them to be quiet.
(8:45:37 PM) E4D: 4df+4 "Fuck me…"
(8:45:37 PM) Quidmore: E4D: "Fuck me…": 4 (4df+4=+, -, +, -)
(8:46:04 PM) Maddy: The octo curator misses Dusty but punts Jason right in the face and picks him up.
(8:46:31 PM) Maddy: The people get quite, still afraid.
(8:46:49 PM) Maddy: *quiet
(8:47:45 PM) E4D: "Better put me down."
(8:47:51 PM) E4D: "Before something bad happens."
(8:48:04 PM) Maddy: "Something bad has already happened."
(8:48:14 PM) E4D: 4df+6 Jason draws his handgun, pressing the muzzle to flesh. He fires.
(8:48:14 PM) Quidmore: E4D: Jason draws his handgun, pressing the muzzle to flesh. He fires.: 3 (4df+6=0, -, -, -)
(8:48:33 PM) Doctor_Light: He continues holding up his hands, and waits.
(8:48:57 PM) Maddy: Not rolling cause how can you not hit from that distance, really.
(8:49:15 PM) Ragazzo: The octopus could slam jason against a wall.
(8:50:07 PM) Maddy: The bullet hits, but it doesn't seem to bug him…until he's on fire.
(8:50:13 PM) Ragazzo: Meanwhile, dusty is attempting to set octobuddy ablaze.
(8:50:18 PM) Ragazzo: 4df Oh look
(8:50:19 PM) Quidmore: Ragazzo: Oh look: 1 (4df=+, -, +, 0)
(8:50:31 PM) Maddy: 4df+3 throwing jason across the room.
(8:50:31 PM) Quidmore: Maddy: throwing jason across the room.: 1 (4df+3=-, 0, -, 0)
(8:50:40 PM) Maddy: He just drops him.
(8:50:55 PM) Ragazzo: "I hate calamari."
(8:51:09 PM) Ragazzo: "Take care of this, will you Jason?"
(8:51:31 PM) Maddy: The Curator lurches forward, trying to get past the team and to the tank in the room.
(8:51:44 PM) Ragazzo: Dusty carefully climbs down the trapdoor.
(8:52:04 PM) Nioki: Alanoch quietly bleeds. Everyone who was in the room might now begin to notice the burns on their skin.
(8:52:11 PM) Doctor_Light: Birdy looks at Dusty.
(8:52:19 PM) Ragazzo: Dusty will thank al when he wakes up.
(8:52:36 PM) Ragazzo: Dusty observes the assembled masses.
(8:52:55 PM) Maddy: The people are still cowering cause birdman
(8:52:56 PM) Ragazzo: "Hey. Good news. We're handling the octopus, and you'll all be out of here in just a moment."
(8:53:34 PM) E4D: 4df+4 Jason aims for a weak point.
(8:53:34 PM) Quidmore: E4D: Jason aims for a weak point.: 2 (4df+4=-, -, -, +)
(8:53:47 PM) Maddy: Jason would ahve to know a weak point.
(8:53:48 PM) Doctor_Light: Birdy nods. "Any in here hurt, or sick, or dead?"
(8:53:52 PM) Maddy: 4df+2
(8:53:53 PM) Quidmore: Maddy: 1 (4df+2=0, -, +, -)
(8:54:02 PM) E4D: :o
(8:54:04 PM) Maddy: he hits something though.
(8:54:09 PM) Ragazzo: He totally does!
(8:54:55 PM) Maddy: Ir pulls itself up the side of the tank lashing out behind it as it goes.
(8:54:57 PM) Maddy: 4df+4
(8:54:58 PM) Quidmore: Maddy: 3 (4df+4=0, 0, -, 0)
(8:55:39 PM) Ragazzo: "So, uh, just hold it together people. Birdman here isn't going to hurt any of you, promise."
(8:55:48 PM) Ragazzo: "Birdman, go help jason, will you."
(8:56:00 PM) DawnyWorks: «Jeremy is fixed up»
(8:56:12 PM) Maddy: E4D: Pysdeeef
(8:56:19 PM) Doctor_Light: Birdman nods, and clambers out of the hatch.
(8:56:22 PM) E4D: 4df+4
(8:56:23 PM) Quidmore: E4D: 5 (4df+4=0, +, 0, 0)
(8:56:48 PM) Ragazzo: Dusty pops his head out briefly, to examine the octopus.
(8:56:54 PM) Maddy: yea it misses entirely then falls into the tank, dousing the flames.
(8:57:03 PM) Ragazzo: 4df+4 Life science maneuver, weak spots on octopi
(8:57:03 PM) Quidmore: Ragazzo: Life science maneuver, weak spots on octopi: 2 (4df+4=-, 0, -, 0)
(8:57:16 PM) Ragazzo: He sighs, unable to spot any.
(8:57:22 PM) Maddy: Dusty can tell it's an octopus.
(8:57:28 PM) Maddy: A big one.
(8:58:11 PM) E4D: Jason backs up to change a mag.
(8:58:16 PM) Maddy: "Go away ad leave me to my sharks!"
(8:58:16 PM) Doctor_Light: Birdy stares at the tank.
(8:58:35 PM) Doctor_Light: "Jason, downstairs is full of people. Get them, leave octopus, will probably die anyways?"
(8:59:07 PM) E4D: "Get 'em out."
(9:00:05 PM) Doctor_Light: "Don't shoot tank."
(9:00:25 PM) E4D: "Course not. I'm not trying to get flooded."
(9:00:50 PM) Maddy: 4df+3 coral toss at Jason.
(9:00:51 PM) Quidmore: Maddy: coral toss at Jason.: 3 (4df+3=-, +, +, -)
(9:01:02 PM) Doctor_Light: Birdman nods, then walks over and kneels by the trapdoor.
(9:02:47 PM) Nioki: Alanoch is still unconscious on the floor.
(9:06:57 PM) E4D left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
(9:07:16 PM) Dodridge [ten.knilneddus.hd.avnbsa.9ACD50F7-CRInys|tibbiM#ten.knilneddus.hd.avnbsa.9ACD50F7-CRInys|tibbiM] entered the room.
(9:07:31 PM) Maddy: Phys def DawnyWorks
(9:07:33 PM) Maddy: er
(9:07:35 PM) Maddy: Dodridge:
(9:07:35 PM) Dodridge: What did I miss?
(9:07:47 PM) Maddy: You're getting coral thrown at you
(9:07:47 PM) Ragazzo: "Oh for…"
(9:07:55 PM) Dodridge: 4df+4 What the fuck is coral?
(9:07:55 PM) Quidmore: Dodridge: What the fuck is coral?: 4 (4df+4=-, +, 0, 0)
(9:08:09 PM) Ragazzo: «Jason, you get them out, I'll just poison the damn thing.»
(9:08:15 PM) Maddy: That thing that just hit hiim in the head is coral.
(9:08:30 PM) Ragazzo: Dusty clambers out of the trapdoor.
(9:08:32 PM) Maddy: It's sharp and hard.
(9:08:50 PM) Maddy: Redact
(9:08:54 PM) Maddy: It hits
(9:08:58 PM) Maddy: but it's actually seaweed.
(9:09:35 PM) Dodridge: Jason heads to the trapdoor, beginning to usher people out, helping the ones that need it get a hand up.
(9:10:00 PM) Maddy: "No! NO! My sharks will starve!"
(9:10:09 PM) Ragazzo: 4df+4 Maneuver r, life science, what's poisonous to giant octopi?
(9:10:10 PM) Quidmore: Ragazzo: Maneuver r, life science, what's poisonous to giant octopi?: 2 (4df+4=-, -, +, -)
(9:10:21 PM) Ragazzo: Ffs
(9:10:22 PM) Maddy: He has no idea.
(9:10:53 PM) Maddy: The thing lurches out of the tank again, grasping at Jason.
(9:11:02 PM) Maddy: 4df+4
(9:11:03 PM) Quidmore: Maddy: 6 (4df+4=+, +, -, +)
(9:11:21 PM) Ragazzo: Dusty gets in the way.
(9:11:24 PM) Dodridge: 4df+4 "FUCK!"
(9:11:24 PM) Quidmore: Dodridge: "FUCK!": 5 (4df+4=-, 0, +, +)
(9:11:29 PM) Ragazzo: He's taking the hit.
(9:11:57 PM) Ragazzo: 4df Ath
(9:11:57 PM) Quidmore: Ragazzo: Ath: 3 (4df=+, 0, +, +)
(9:12:17 PM) Maddy: Success, you get knocked the fuck over.
(9:12:30 PM) Ragazzo: Dusty gets back up grumbling.
(9:12:45 PM) Maddy: Your turn.
(9:13:19 PM) Ragazzo: Dusty goes up to the octopus, and holds a lit lighter under his hand.
(9:13:47 PM) Dodridge: 4df+4 "GODDAMNED OCTOPUS, FUCKING DIE ALREADY" A hail of bullets flies from the rifle as he dumps a mag.
(9:13:48 PM) Quidmore: Dodridge: "GODDAMNED OCTOPUS, FUCKING DIE ALREADY" A hail of bullets flies from the rifle as he dumps a mag.: 1 (4df+4=-, 0, -, -)
(9:14:08 PM) Ragazzo: "Just keep getting them out of there, Jason."
(9:14:18 PM) Maddy: 4df+2 Gah fuck
(9:14:19 PM) Quidmore: Maddy: Gah fuck: 4 (4df+2=+, 0, 0, +)
(9:15:00 PM) Nioki: Compelling Defcon One for a reroll. Last fate point used.
(9:15:14 PM) Maddy: Ill allow it.
(9:15:18 PM) Nioki: Jason is seriously pissed off at this octopus.
(9:16:14 PM) Dodridge: 4df+4Jason drops the rifle, forgoing the sidearm and pulls his folder, charging the thing and stabbing ferociously at anything that looks soft or vital.
(9:16:20 PM) Dodridge: 4df+4
(9:16:21 PM) Quidmore: Dodridge: 3 (4df+4=-, 0, 0, 0)
(9:16:41 PM) Maddy: 4df+2
(9:16:41 PM) Quidmore: Maddy: 5 (4df+2=+, 0, +, +)
(9:18:39 PM) Maddy: Sure dusty catches, rol physdef
(9:18:47 PM) Ragazzo: 4df+4 Defense
(9:18:47 PM) Quidmore: Ragazzo: Defense: 6 (4df+4=+, 0, 0, +)
(9:19:01 PM) Maddy: No body damage. Go
(9:19:28 PM) Ragazzo: Dusty tackles the octopus bodily.
(9:19:46 PM) Ragazzo: 4df+2 Red Hot Tackle! Dusty is now viewtiful joe.
(9:19:46 PM) Quidmore: Ragazzo: Red Hot Tackle! Dusty is now viewtiful joe.: 0 (4df+2=+, -, -, -)
(9:19:55 PM) Maddy: 4df+2
(9:19:56 PM) Quidmore: Maddy: 1 (4df+2=0, -, -, +)
(9:20:00 PM) Ragazzo: FFFU
(9:20:01 PM) Maddy: Nope!
(9:20:30 PM) Ragazzo: "Birdman! Eat the octopus!"
(9:20:38 PM) Maddy: Birdman isn't here
(9:21:05 PM) Dodridge: Tapping IFF
(9:21:16 PM) Dodridge: 4df+6 Jason picks Dusty up and throws him at the Octopus
(9:21:16 PM) Quidmore: Dodridge: Jason picks Dusty up and throws him at the Octopus: 6 (4df+6=0, +, -, 0)
(9:21:27 PM) Maddy: 4df+2 "What?"
(9:21:27 PM) Quidmore: Maddy: "What?": 0 (4df+2=0, -, -, 0)
(9:21:29 PM) Ragazzo: Tapping fwoosh for to set the octopus on fire
(9:21:56 PM) Maddy: The Curator thrashes wildly. Physdef all of you.
(9:21:59 PM) Dodridge: OKAY, HE SHOOTS
(9:21:59 PM) Ragazzo: "Yesssssss."
(9:22:07 PM) Ragazzo: 4df+4 PHys Def
(9:22:08 PM) Quidmore: Ragazzo: PHys Def: 6 (4df+4=+, +, -, +)
(9:22:17 PM) Dodridge: 4df+4
(9:22:17 PM) Quidmore: Dodridge: 5 (4df+4=0, +, -, +)
(9:22:19 PM) Maddy: 4df+4 vs dusty
(9:22:19 PM) Quidmore: Maddy: vs dusty: 2 (4df+4=0, -, -, 0)
(9:22:26 PM) Maddy: 4df_4 vs Jason
(9:22:28 PM) Nioki: Alanoch's still in the other room.
(9:22:32 PM) Maddy: 4df+4
(9:22:32 PM) Quidmore: Maddy: 3 (4df+4=+, -, 0, -)
(9:23:16 PM) Maddy: They dodge the octopus' death throws.
(9:23:23 PM) Ragazzo: *throes
(9:23:37 PM) Ragazzo: 4df Ath to land gracefully
(9:23:37 PM) Quidmore: Ragazzo: Ath to land gracefully: 0 (4df=-, +, +, -)
(9:23:41 PM) Ragazzo: Nope.
(9:23:58 PM) Ragazzo: Dusty rolls around on the ground to put the flames out.
(9:24:07 PM) Maddy: Dusty also bruises his tailbone.
(9:24:18 PM) Ragazzo: Oh yeah.
(9:25:12 PM) Nioki: 4df+2 Unconscious boy defense.
(9:25:13 PM) Quidmore: Nioki: Unconscious boy defense.: 3 (4df+2=+, -, +, 0)
(9:25:18 PM) Maddy: 4df+4
(9:25:18 PM) Quidmore: Maddy: 3 (4df+4=-, 0, -, +)
(9:25:28 PM) Maddy: Curator misses
(9:25:49 PM) Maddy: One last shriek comes from its beak, then it falls still.
(9:26:05 PM) Ragazzo: Dusty gets up, straighens his coat.
(9:26:10 PM) Ragazzo: "Nice throw."
(9:26:31 PM) Maddy: "Is it dead?" an older woman asks.
(9:26:51 PM) Dodridge: Jason stands for a few moments, then drops to his ass, battered to shit by the octopus and looking for all the world like he has the worst sunburn ever.
(9:27:48 PM) Ragazzo: "Jesus, is that all it takes to wear you out? Come on man, we're lightly singed, at worst/"
(9:27:54 PM) Ragazzo: "And yes, it's dead."
(9:28:03 PM) Nioki: He's lucky. If Alanoch had pushed the light in the other direction, they would probably all develop skin cancer.
(9:28:29 PM) Maddy: A few of the people gather around the carcass. "Thank you, stangers! You have no idea how long we've been down there."
(9:28:39 PM) Dodridge: Jason draws his handgun again, emptying a magazine into the dead thing. "Blap-blap, motherfucker."
(9:28:58 PM) Ragazzo: "Bangarang, motherfucker." Dusty chuckles.
(9:29:34 PM) Ragazzo: "Ok, yes, you're welcome. Has anyone seen the birdman?"
(9:29:40 PM) Ragazzo: Dusty goes to check on alanoch.
(9:29:44 PM) Maddy: "Tell me sir? How much of the city still has power?"
(9:29:53 PM) Nioki: The blood on Alanoch's face has dried, but he's still unconscious.
(9:29:57 PM) Ragazzo: "I'm not sure…not a lot."
(9:30:16 PM) Ragazzo: 4df+4 Life science, maneuver for medical
(9:30:17 PM) Quidmore: Ragazzo: Life science, maneuver for medical: 3 (4df+4=-, 0, 0, 0)
(9:30:26 PM) Dodridge: "We've got techs, we can redirect…"
(9:30:31 PM) Dodridge: "And the hotel's live."
(9:30:38 PM) Ragazzo: 4df+2 Dusty attempts to treat the worst of the wounds
(9:30:38 PM) Quidmore: Ragazzo: Dusty attempts to treat the worst of the wounds: 3 (4df+2=-, +, 0, +)
(9:30:49 PM) Nioki: There aren't any wounds to treat.
(9:31:16 PM) Maddy: "Oh you don't need to trouble yourself further, sir. I'm an engineer."
(9:31:26 PM) Nioki: He bled from his nose and gums, and has some unpleasant burns, but somehow the octopus never touched him.
(9:31:35 PM) Ragazzo: He makes alanoch feel better then, fuck.
(9:31:36 PM) Dodridge: Goddamn octopus.
(9:31:54 PM) Ragazzo: Treats the burns.
(9:32:06 PM) Doctor_Light: Birdy climbs out of the hatch, once all the people are out. His arms are shiny and red, and some of the feathers on his head look out of place- you can't tell they're singed. He looks around. "You-" to the people at large- "Know if anyone else, elsewhere?"
(9:32:26 PM) Maddy: "Perhaps we can rebuild…"
(9:32:30 PM) Nioki: Alanoch's eyes are closed, but black threads are slowly drifting through the lids and dissolving in the air.
(9:33:24 PM) Nioki: 4df+1 Artificial tan.
(9:33:25 PM) Quidmore: Nioki: Artificial tan.: 0 (4df+1=-, 0, +, -)
(9:33:36 PM) Nioki: Dusty knows how to treat burns, anyway.
(9:33:37 PM) Maddy: "I don't think so. Those of us who stayed after the explosion looked for survivors, but…we all end up here in the end."
(9:34:50 PM) Ragazzo: "Hmm."
(9:35:16 PM) Ragazzo: "Hey, Jason, you can walk still right?"
(9:35:39 PM) E4D [ten.knilneddus.hd.avnbsa.9ACD50F7-CRInys|tibbiM#ten.knilneddus.hd.avnbsa.9ACD50F7-CRInys|tibbiM] entered the room.
(9:35:49 PM) Ragazzo: "Hey, Jason, you can walk still right?"
(9:36:47 PM) Dodridge left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
(9:37:18 PM) E4D: "Yeah, I'm good."
(9:37:27 PM) Ragazzo: "Alright."
(9:37:35 PM) Maddy: The people freed from the cellar mill about looking at stuff. "Sir? I'm a doctor…"
(9:37:35 PM) Ragazzo: Dusty glances at the assembled.
(9:38:05 PM) Ragazzo: "Could you patch us up, maybe…?"
(9:38:18 PM) Ragazzo: "Name's dusty, by the way."
(9:38:35 PM) E4D: "No… I'm, I'm fine. I'll just see Alice when I get back."
(9:38:48 PM) Maddy: "Are you sure?"
(9:39:07 PM) Nioki: Alanoch suddenly coughs. Several times. He rolls on to his side and a small amount of blood sprays from his mouth.
(9:39:18 PM) Ragazzo: "…"
(9:39:20 PM) E4D: "Jesus…"
(9:39:25 PM) Ragazzo: "That's not good."
(9:39:37 PM) Maddy: "Let me look at you, you man."
(9:39:43 PM) Maddy: The man shuffles over.
(9:39:57 PM) Maddy: *young
(9:40:09 PM) Nioki: Besides the burns, there's nothing on the surface.
(9:40:43 PM) Maddy: He shakes his head. "This is odd, though I have been locked in a cellar for…a while."
(9:41:01 PM) Ragazzo: Dusty frowns, humming thoughtfully.
(9:41:08 PM) Ragazzo: "Open his mouth?"
(9:41:42 PM) Maddy: The older woman from before is gathering the others.
(9:42:09 PM) Ragazzo: "I think he might be…hmmm."
(9:42:31 PM) Ragazzo: "Jason, we got to get back. It'd be best if midnight had a look at Al."
(9:43:03 PM) E4D: "Agreed."
(9:44:16 PM) Ragazzo: "His magic is burning him up on the inside when he uses it, I think." Mumbles Dusty. "When he does stuff like that thing back there, it's sort of like a power surge frying electronics."
(9:44:43 PM) Maddy: The woman approaches Jason and Dusty. "We don't know how we can repay you. We don't have much, but we can promise if you ever need to come back this way, you'll have a place to stay in Broken Hill.
(9:44:43 PM) Maddy: "
(9:45:21 PM) Ragazzo: "Thank you. Just…be careful, ok? There's worse things than giant octopi out there."
(9:45:30 PM) Maddy: "I don't doubt it."
(9:46:09 PM) Maddy: The 70 odd people still alive wave as the group leaves, and then back to #afteraction