<TroyGM> It laughs as three more of the creatures surround you, all grinning down at you. They look… extremely happy. Disturbingly happy.
<Dexanote> "AGH-" She raises her gun, a gilded revolver, and fires several shots at the closest one. She stumbles back in surprise, as well; you're free to have them affected by her ability as she panics.
<TroyGM> The all look around, blinking for a moment. One of them looks down at itself, bleeding… It's the one that grabbed you. It falls to the ground dead, and the others turn to wall, staring at… a man chained to it. "YOU DID THIS!" they scream.
<Dexanote> "WHAT?!" She steadies her arm, aimed at the one to her left.
<Dexanote> "Who are you?" She snaps at the man, eyes locked on the… beings.
<TroyGM> They don't seem to be paying any attention to Myrtle at the moment, instead pulling out strange looking blades and driving them into the soft flesh of the man's body. He screams for a moment as they do, the two of them looking… stronger… Then… they both vanish with a pop.
<Dexanote> She glances around, taking her sunglasses off and rushing over to the man. "Are you-"
<Dexanote> Well obviously he's not okay. but i presume he's alive.
<TroyGM> He coughs. "I'm fine…" he said. "The chains… please…"
<TroyGM> He has scars covering his body, and he looks anemic.
<Dexanote> She nods, bracing herself and shooting where the shackles bolt to the wall.
<TroyGM> He slumps into the floor, smiling up at her with bloodied teeth. "Ma'am… My thanks…" he says.
<TroyGM> His clothes are in tatters, but he’s alive. Just barely. He groans slightly as he and rubs his wrists. "I wish I was that Class-D fucker right now…" he says to no one in particular, a light grin coming over his face for a second before he winces. "Help me up. We need to get the fuck out of here…"
<Dexanote> "Who are you?" She holds out a hand.
<Dexanote> "What the fuck's going on?"
<TroyGM> He coughs. "My name is Troy… Troy Lament. Foundation agent. Those… those are Daevites… We need to move."
<Dexanote> She pulls him up. "Okay, okay. I'm Myrtle Rivers, i'm travelling with several survivors. A couple are Foundation, too."
<TroyGM> He grinned. "Good. I hope they stayed the fuck away from 66… That is no where for a pretty girl like you…" He grins a bit. "We need to get my bag. And get to my transport, if possible. Can you drive a ATV?
<Dexanote> "Yes. Come on."
<TroyGM> He leans a little against her, but he's mostly capable of moving on his own. "We need my warning system… It took them almost a month to catch me thanks to her…"
<Dexanote> "What system?"
<Dexanote> "What the hell are those? Did your Foundation collect them?"
<Dexanote> "Are they vampires or some bullshit?"
<TroyGM> He coughs. "No. Well… kind of. They're out of a book. Or they are the book… some shit." As you work your way out into the hall, you see that you're in a library. Nothing to large or impressive, but… there you have it. The front of the building is cracked and all the windows are broken. "Grab a history book. We need to see how bad the damage is…"
<Dexanote> She nods, taking a breath, and darting down the aisles to the History section. She pulls one on… Well, they're in Russia. So Russian history, under the czars.
<TroyGM> "And look for a bag! Got a big, weird looking circle and arrows on it!"
GM NOTE: Dex critically failed two perception checks in #AfterAction.
<TroyGM> He points near the front, under some wreckage. "There…" he said, groaning slightly and shaking his head. "Is there anyone in your convoy that has Type A blood?"
<Dexanote> Myrtle trips over herself; disoriented, perhaps.
<Dexanote> "I have no idea. You'll have to ask Mrs Dodridge." She shakes her head and heads to the wreckage, trying to heft some over.
<TroyGM> He looks up at Myrtle… "Dodridge?" he asked. "Alice? Fuck… JASON?" he asked in a harsh whisper.
<Dexanote> "… You know Jason Dodridge?"
<Dexanote> She glances at him. "He's the leader. They're travelling to America."
<TroyGM> He grinned, then laughed. "We killed someone together once," he said, pushing himself up shakily.
<TroyGM> He stares at Myrtle. "Jason's in charge?"
<TroyGM> He blinks once.
<TroyGM> Cackles.
<TroyGM> "Lets get the fuck out of here."
<Dexanote> "… DOn't remind me." She cracks a smile."Come on. Which way?"
<Dexanote> "If we're in the same town, I could probably point us to the Convoy."
<TroyGM> He points at the front door. "That way. They caught me here when I wasn't paying attention," he said, shouldering his bag. He seems to be suffering from blood loss—dizziness and a bit clumsy.
<Dexanote> She supports under his arm, helping him along out the door. "Can we stop them?"
<TroyGM> He looks at you. He bites his lip for a long moment. "No," he says. "Lets get moving. We'll talk more when we're away from here," he continued.
<Dexanote> She's not exactly an athlete. Fit, yes, but not particularly strong. Doesn't seem to care about the bleeding. She helps him along as well as she can.
<TroyGM> He points to a small vehicle. It's… basically no more than a four wheeler. "We've got to be careful. They fuck with technology. Badly."
<Dexanote> "Get on. Can you shoot?"
<TroyGM> He reached into his bag, pulling out a pistol. "A little," he said, checking his weapon. He laughed. "They don't understand them," he said, nodding and climbing on the back.
<Dexanote> She climbs on.
<TroyGM> "It doesn't last too long. They use it to slow you down," he said, reaching into the bag and pulling out… a picture? He sets it in front of you. "If the little girl in the picture starts screaming, let me know," he says.
<Dexanote> '…" She looks. "… Oh. Uh."
<Dexanote> That's a new one. "… Okay. Hold on." Vrr. VRRRRR
<TroyGM> The girl in the picture waves at you, then looks around… Obviously terrified.
<Dexanote> "What is this?" She calls over her shoulder, as she drives. "One of your Scips?"
<TroyGM> He's paying more attention behind the two of you. "That's Cassie. SCP-085. Nice girl," he assured. "She can feel them, somehow…"
<TroyGM> The way out of town is pretty clear. Myrtle remembers much of it from when she game through the first time.
<Dexanote> She maneuvers carefully, keeping eyes out for any Daevites. Glasses back on, because they're damn cool.
<Dexanote> I'll assume she can notice the Wierdness, and is making her way towards Convoy.
<TroyGM> She can. She'll make it there in around five rounds.
<Dexanote> Alright. Give a heads up IC.
<TroyGM> He points down the road. "THERE!"