Collecting your Victim

(7:13:32 PM) CondorGM: Hungry. Where was she? She didn't recognize it at all. Thirsty. She was walking… barely. Lost. What happened… to everything? She fell to the ground. Was she going to die?
(7:13:33 PM) E4D: "Tell you what, it's a *son* of a bitch to stab the fuckers to death."
(7:13:34 PM) Tom90deg: "SCP-939."
(7:13:52 PM) Dexanote: "… Oh. Thaz cool."
(7:13:53 PM) Maddy: Alice is peering through her scope.
(7:13:53 PM) CondorGM: …She didn't want to die.
(7:13:59 PM) Maddy: 4df+2
(7:13:59 PM) Quidmore: Maddy: 2 (4df+2=+, -, +, -)
(7:14:00 PM) Dexanote: "Just big demons then?"
(7:14:08 PM) PaulS_laptop: "Pretty much"
(7:14:10 PM) Heiden [ten.htuoslleb.mem.084B6AB3-CRInys|tibbiM#ten.htuoslleb.mem.084B6AB3-CRInys|tibbiM] entered the room.
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(7:14:13 PM) E4D: "Tht's a pretty apt description."
(7:14:19 PM) PaulS_laptop: "They talk, too. Mimic voices"
(7:14:26 PM) Tom90deg: "Nasty pieces of work."
(7:14:32 PM) E4D: "They even start out as little kids. Normal kids."
(7:14:44 PM) E4D: "Then one day they shed."
(7:15:38 PM) PaulS_laptop: "Akane's necklace has all of the ones from my kills"
(7:16:23 PM) E4D: "She *cheated* on hers. TYou guys killed like, a half dozen between you, and she has like 4 dozen teeth."
(7:16:24 PM) Dexanote: "… can't wait ta see one."
(7:16:27 PM) Maddy: Alice spots something in her scope. "W-wait…"
(7:16:39 PM) Dawny: Jillian takes a drag "I like not having killed…maybe I can go the rest of my live without…it would be the one thing that none of you can say"
(7:17:07 PM) Tom90deg: "I agree wiht that Jillian…"
(7:17:20 PM) PaulS_laptop: "Half a dozen? Are you counting the ones I blew up, too?"
(7:17:23 PM) E4D: "Murdering, no. Killing's different. There's not a damn thing wrong with killing."
(7:17:39 PM) Tom90deg: Simon rolls his eyes. "As you wish Jason."
(7:17:55 PM) Dexanote: "nono, 'e has a point."
(7:18:09 PM) Dexanote: "But i don't really care bout tha difference."
(7:18:18 PM) Maddy: She zooms in. "O-oh. Oh god." She starts to get up, slinging her gun. She sprints down the stairs and our the front of the hospital.
(7:18:26 PM) PaulS_laptop: "Sometimes things need to be murdered"
(7:18:31 PM) Tox: "Whoa, Alice."
(7:18:38 PM) Tom90deg: Simon watches Alice run by. "ALice? Waht's wrong?"
(7:18:41 PM) Tox: Vance jumps down from the LAV. "What's up?"
(7:18:47 PM) Tom90deg: SImon starts to run after her.
(7:18:48 PM) Tox: Vance takes off after her.
(7:19:03 PM) Maddy: She doesn't sto running around to the side and off a little ways where the young girl lays.
(7:19:17 PM) Tox: Vance follows. "Oh god."
(7:19:22 PM) Tom90deg: Simon approaches. "Oh no…"
(7:19:23 PM) Maddy: 4df+3 keep up if you can
(7:19:24 PM) Quidmore: Maddy: keep up if you can: 0 (4df+3=-, -, -, 0)
(7:19:28 PM) Maddy: ok you can
(7:19:32 PM) Maddy: dont bother rolling
(7:19:40 PM) Tom90deg: Simon goes to the girl and begins to examine her.
(7:19:43 PM) Dexanote: 4df+3
(7:19:43 PM) PaulS_laptop: "huh?" John is oblivious
(7:19:44 PM) Quidmore: Dexanote: 4 (4df+3=+, -, +, 0)
(7:19:46 PM) Tox: Vance hits his knees next to the girl. "Simon, whatcha got."
(7:19:56 PM) Maddy: "Someone get water! Now!"
(7:19:58 PM) Tom90deg: 4df+7 (Fate poooint!)
(7:19:59 PM) Quidmore: Tom90deg: (Fate poooint!): 4 (4df+7=0, -, -, -)
(7:20:29 PM) CondorGM: Now… something was happening… what was happening?
(7:20:39 PM) Dexanote: Shank kickflips off and dashes to Alice. He's almost flying. THOUGH he only stops a bit away and to the side of the commotion.
(7:20:41 PM) Maddy: She crouches next to her, slowly turning her and brushing her hair from her face.
(7:20:50 PM) Dr_Kens: Kens falls off the chair in the stryker.
(7:20:53 PM) Dr_Kens: "Wha?"
(7:21:10 PM) Tox: Vance picks himself up and dashes to the Stryker. He grabs some water and dashes back. "Here! Here you go"!
(7:21:12 PM) PaulS_laptop: John follows. He's got a jug of sweet tea with him
(7:21:47 PM) Maddy: Alice is shaking when she sees her face. "Oh god, oh dear god." she takes th water. "Em, Em honey, you have to drink this."
(7:22:28 PM) PaulS_laptop: "hm?"
(7:22:36 PM) CondorGM: Something was in her mouth. Water? She opened her eyes.
(7:22:43 PM) PaulS_laptop: John takes a drink of the tea
(7:22:46 PM) Maddy: "Emily, you're safe now."
(7:22:46 PM) Tox: "Oh thank God, she's responsive."
(7:22:52 PM) Dexanote: She won't see Shank
(7:22:54 PM) Tom90deg: "You know her Alice?"
(7:22:57 PM) Tox: "Wha-yu know this girl?"
(7:22:59 PM) Dr_Kens: Kens stands out and follows the noise. "What's going on?"
(7:23:14 PM) PaulS_laptop: "Wait, Emily?"
(7:23:23 PM) Tox: "You too, John?"
(7:23:34 PM) Maddy: Alice is ignoring everyone around her, pulling her into her arms. "You're safe, you're safe."
(7:23:40 PM) Tom90deg: "Kens, go and get a IV of Saliene, she's very very dehydrated."
(7:23:46 PM) PaulS_laptop: "Entirely too well, Vance."
(7:23:55 PM) E4D: Jason catches up. "What's going on?"
(7:24:00 PM) PaulS_laptop: "You could say I know her inside and out"
(7:24:05 PM) Dr_Kens: "What? Shit." Kens runs and gets an IV and runs back. "Is she going to be alright?
(7:24:07 PM) Dr_Kens: "
(7:24:08 PM) Tox: "That sounds bad." He stands up. "Some girl named Emily, Jason."
(7:24:14 PM) CondorGM: Now she was being hugged. "A… A-Alice." Not really a question. More a statement.
(7:24:15 PM) Tox: "Alice and John both appear to know her."
(7:24:27 PM) Tom90deg: "Alice, let me see her arm, I need to set up a line…"
(7:24:39 PM) E4D: "Holy crap! Is she okay?"
(7:24:46 PM) Maddy: "Em, honey, Simon's going to make you feel better, I'm right here."
(7:24:50 PM) Maddy: She nods to Simon.
(7:24:54 PM) Tom90deg: "She's very dehydrated, and there's exposure."
(7:25:00 PM) Maddy: Her eyes are tearing up a little.
(7:25:09 PM) PaulS_laptop: "how the hell'd she make it here?"
(7:25:09 PM) Tom90deg: Simon gently takes her arm and carefully puts in the IV.
(7:25:27 PM) Dawny: Jillian smiles down at the girl "I think I might have something…."she looks to Jason "Can I give her chocolate?" she whispers
(7:25:48 PM) Tox: "Jill, I wouldn't give her anything until we stabilize her…"
(7:25:55 PM) E4D: Jason leans back, whispering. "Wait until they've cleared her."
(7:26:03 PM) E4D: she whispers/
(7:26:20 PM) Dawny: "I know, but after…does she have allergies?"
(7:26:21 PM) Tom90deg: "Ok, lets get her inside somewhere cool…Alice, can you carry her?"
(7:26:43 PM) E4D: "I don't think so."
(7:26:50 PM) Maddy: She nods, pulling the little girl onto her hip and walking back to the hospital.
(7:26:51 PM) Dr_Kens: "The stryker's clear. Put her on the gurney."
(7:26:59 PM) Tox: Vance walks with them.
(7:27:01 PM) Dr_Kens: [[redact. forgot there was a hospital.]]
(7:27:02 PM) Dawny: Jillian nods "Rog"
(7:27:17 PM) Tom90deg: Simon follows, holding up the IV, checkig the girl's pulse and breathing.
(7:27:26 PM) Dr_Kens: Kens follows.
(7:27:27 PM) Tox: Vance is following.
(7:27:51 PM) Tom90deg: "Hey Jill…can you get River? She always made patiends feel better before, may help a bit."
(7:28:28 PM) Maddy: Alice pets her head as they find a room and lays her on a bed. She stands near by, wiping her eyes.
(7:28:51 PM) Maddy: "Is s-s-she going to be ok?"
(7:28:54 PM) Tox: "Is she going to be okay?"
(7:28:59 PM) Tom90deg: "She's stable."
(7:29:08 PM) Dawny: Jillian nods, going and scoping up the cat, then placing her on the girl's bed "Hey angel, this is River…she's going to help you feel better."
(7:29:27 PM) Tom90deg: "She needs rest and recorupration, she's very dehydrated, probaly not had much to eat either."
(7:29:34 PM) Tox: "Right."
(7:29:35 PM) E4D: Jason heads a discreet distance from the hospital, down the street, to a burned out building, and drops the black pack he's carrying, then hoofs it back to the hospital.
(7:29:38 PM) Dexanote: Shank follows the group, trailing behind. His eyes are alight.
(7:29:51 PM) E4D: «Alice, what's Emily's status?»
(7:29:51 PM) Maddy: "G-give her some room guys. D-don't want to startle her."
(7:29:58 PM) Dawny: "Oh" Jillian digs through her bag "I have peanut butter cracker…"
(7:30:14 PM) Tom90deg: "Heh, she needs real food."
(7:30:22 PM) Maddy: «S-she's stable…oh g-god, I though the nuke would have…» she sounds like she's on the verge of tears.
(7:30:53 PM) PaulS_laptop: «She regenerates.»
(7:30:59 PM) CondorGM: Oh… now she was in room. With people there.