Corrupted Woods

Feb 28 20:04:44 <Pemander> "You all set back there, Kyle?"
Feb 28 20:04:44 <PaulS_laptop> Eels' flamethrower pump whines and spools up
Feb 28 20:04:54 <PaulS_laptop> "Yup. We're good to go"
Feb 28 20:05:05 <Echo> "Eh, like I said. I got a half-dozen jerry cans full of gasoline back there. We can burn some shit. Or drive really far."
Feb 28 20:05:13 <Maddy> "True."
Feb 28 20:05:40 <Pemander> Arianna starts up Eels.
Feb 28 20:05:49 <Pemander> «Scott did you say you wanted to take up the rear?»
Feb 28 20:05:51 <Maddy> "And thin king further on it…I don't wanna be in front of that thing when Kyle tarts shooting."
Feb 28 20:06:09 <Echo> "Yeah, I'll drive in back."
Feb 28 20:06:13 <Echo> *«»
Feb 28 20:06:13 <Vorcha> Azazel is just sitting in wherever he managed to fit.
Feb 28 20:06:22 <Pemander> Ari starts driving south.
Feb 28 20:06:24 <PaulS_laptop> he's likely in the bed of Eels with Kyle
Feb 28 20:06:50 <Echo> Evans follows Ari's presumably poor driving.
Feb 28 20:07:01 <Pemander> She drives fine you shitty fuck.
Feb 28 20:07:30 <Vorcha> "Kyle you with fire worries me."
Feb 28 20:08:10 <PaulS_laptop> "Who better, though?"
Feb 28 20:08:51 <PaulS_laptop> "name one person better who'd actually be willing to man this thing."
Feb 28 20:09:13 <Vorcha> "Me."
Feb 28 20:09:56 <PaulS_laptop> "You're saying you'd be willing to man a flamethrower that already blew up once?"
Feb 28 20:10:05 <PaulS_laptop> "crazier man than I thought. Good on ya"
Feb 28 20:10:17 <Pemander> "Hahaha. I saw your butt."
Feb 28 20:10:23 <Pemander> You can't hear that because we're driving.
Feb 28 20:10:34 <Vorcha> "I'll be fine."
Feb 28 20:10:36 <Pemander> Well, maybe you can. I don't know.
Feb 28 20:10:54 <PaulS_laptop> "Nah, I called it. Next time she's yours"
Feb 28 20:11:14 <Vorcha> "If it doesn't blow up twice."
Feb 28 20:11:25 <PaulS_laptop> "I alreaduy survived it once"
Feb 28 20:11:36 <PaulS_laptop> big, goofy, slightly crazy grin
Feb 28 20:11:44 <PaulS_laptop> "Plus, I got to show Ari my butt"
Feb 28 20:11:59 <PaulS_laptop> he knocks on the roof of eels twice
Feb 28 20:12:37 <Vorcha> "..Delightful."
Feb 28 20:15:51 <PaulS_laptop> Kyle watches the road for Orange
Feb 28 20:17:01 <Echo> Evans keeps about 20 meters back from the truck, alternately going back as far as 40 or so when they pick up speed.
Feb 28 20:17:09 <Dexanote> As they drive, they pass several lone pumpkins planted out on the side of the highway. Each seems slightly bigger than the last; they're about a kilometre apart
Feb 28 20:18:06 <Pemander> "Seems we're going the right way."
Feb 28 20:18:35 <PaulS_laptop> "yup" yelled down
Feb 28 20:20:37 <Vorcha> "Or he led us astray for an ambush."
Feb 28 20:20:44 <Dexanote> An hour of driving later, the spotters finally se something looming along the horizon. Across the scrubby wintry fields and wilderland, a broad splash of dark stretches from east to west. As you draw closer, the rest of you get a good look, as well. A huge forest of slender, deep dark trees.
Feb 28 20:21:32 <Echo> "Hey, Elle, I just thought. We should all probably scrub don with bleach when we get back, and clean out the vehicles. Like… bake some bleach in a hotplate and let it vaporize inside."
Feb 28 20:21:46 <PaulS_laptop> «Y'all seein' that. I think that's the place»
Feb 28 20:22:02 <Vorcha> «I see it.» Azazel uses the radio despite being literally right next to Kyle.
Feb 28 20:22:15 <Pemander> «Hey guys, I think I see it.»
Feb 28 20:22:21 <Pemander> Slightly mocking tone.
Feb 28 20:22:43 <Vorcha> «Hold on was just a bird.»
Feb 28 20:22:47 <Echo> Scott adjusts to four high and drives off the side of the road, slowing down and waiting for the truck to pick up its pace ahead of him.»
Feb 28 20:22:53 <Echo> -»
Feb 28 20:22:54 <Maddy> "Yeah?"
Feb 28 20:23:25 <Echo> "Yeah, he said something about like a plague or some shit, right? Even if it doesn't bother us, what if we carried it back to Bou or Atropa?"
Feb 28 20:23:40 <Maddy> "Right."
Feb 28 20:24:44 <Pemander> Arianna slows down and stops at what she perceives to be the border between dark forest and regular land.
Feb 28 20:25:19 <PaulS_laptop> «Okay, so, now what?» Kykle produces a handkercheif and soaks it in water before tying it around his nose and mouth
Feb 28 20:25:20 <Dexanote> The vehicles draw close… I presume you stop around 20 metres from the edge. The forest is cleanly bisected by the road; a bend up ahead cuts off vision beyond about 200 feet. The forest itself is starkly divided from normal, healthy earth; if you look very very closely, you'll see it gradually converting one blade of grass at a time.
Feb 28 20:25:43 <Pemander> "Hm."
Feb 28 20:25:44 <Maddy> "Well sheeit."
Feb 28 20:26:32 <Vorcha> "Should we salt the earth?"
Feb 28 20:26:33 <Echo> Evans pulls alongside the truck, pops the door open, and climbs out.
Feb 28 20:26:43 <Vorcha> Azazel hops off of Eels
Feb 28 20:26:54 <PaulS_laptop> "Scott, Elle, any plans?"
Feb 28 20:26:57 <Dexanote> The forest extends several miles in either direction. It may not be salt-efficient to salt it all.
Feb 28 20:27:12 <Echo> "Yo! Kyle! Hey, blast the grass there! Give it a burn about five meters apart! See if it crosses the firebreak!"
Feb 28 20:27:20 <PaulS_laptop> "can do!"
Feb 28 20:27:29 <PaulS_laptop> 4df+4 flamethrower!
Feb 28 20:27:30 <CROM> PaulS_laptop: flamethrower!: 6 (4df+4=0, +, +, 0)
Feb 28 20:27:35 <PaulS_laptop> 1d11 does he blow up
Feb 28 20:27:36 <CROM> PaulS_laptop: does he blow up: 7 (1d11=7)
Feb 28 20:27:44 <PaulS_laptop> no he does not
Feb 28 20:27:48 <Dexanote> Describe your burn. you don't explode.
Feb 28 20:28:45 <PaulS_laptop> Kyle releases a short burst in an attempt to make a fairly straight line
Feb 28 20:28:57 <PaulS_laptop> think "controlled burn" firebreak
Feb 28 20:29:20 <Pemander> "Poor grass."
Feb 28 20:29:51 <Maddy> "Poor evil grass…"
Feb 28 20:29:57 <Dexanote> The earth burns. The woods seem to lean away slightly- just enough for the rest of you to notice. The grass is burned; the remaining cinders do not spread the blight.
Feb 28 20:31:01 <Pemander> «Looks like we've got a working weapon.»
Feb 28 20:31:10 <PaulS_laptop> "No grass, nothing to assimilate"
Feb 28 20:31:32 <Echo> "Whoa, shit. Y'll catch that?"
Feb 28 20:32:26 <Maddy> "Wish I had a flamer undermount."
Feb 28 20:32:31 <PaulS_laptop> "Yup"
Feb 28 20:32:41 <Echo> He points at the closest tree. "Hey, swing the nozzle a little closer to that one. Don't hit it."
Feb 28 20:32:52 <PaulS_laptop> "I'm workin' on it, Elle. Styer and I talked about it the other day" Kyle swings around
Feb 28 20:32:54 <Vorcha> "Would have been nice to take flaming arrows
Feb 28 20:32:55 <Echo> Evans walks a little closer, keeping as "upwind" from the flame as possible.
Feb 28 20:32:57 <PaulS_laptop> 4df+4 another spray
Feb 28 20:32:57 <CROM> PaulS_laptop: another spray: 4 (4df+4=-, 0, 0, +)
Feb 28 20:33:01 <PaulS_laptop> 1d11
Feb 28 20:33:01 <CROM> PaulS_laptop: 4 (1d11=4)
Feb 28 20:33:45 <Dexanote> The trees creak and groan, more visibly trying to strain away from the burn. The tips of the tree's branches flick and wag under their own power.
Feb 28 20:34:03 <PaulS_laptop> "that's somethin you don't see every day"
Feb 28 20:34:05 <Echo> "Well, fuck me running."
Feb 28 20:34:21 <Maddy> "Goddamn."
Feb 28 20:34:27 <Vorcha> "So, sentient trees?"
Feb 28 20:34:28 <Pemander> "Meh."
Feb 28 20:34:46 <Pemander> "Reacting to a stimulus doesn't automatically make them sentient."
Feb 28 20:35:04 <PaulS_laptop> "Either way, burnin' em works. So, what now?"
Feb 28 20:35:20 <Echo> "That, uh. That's neat and all." He looks back at the parked vehicles. "We ain't got nowhere near enough gas for all this shit. This place is… it's just too damn big. We're gonna have to tell the scarecrow."
Feb 28 20:35:35 <Pemander> "Wait, wait."
Feb 28 20:35:38 <Vorcha> "Well, we could try cutting it at the source."
Feb 28 20:35:39 <Echo> "I mean, this ain't like a little patch of trees."
Feb 28 20:35:46 <PaulS_laptop> "I got an idea"
Feb 28 20:35:49 <Pemander> "Yes, Az has his head on straight."
Feb 28 20:35:54 <Dexanote> A gentle breeze blows from ahead of you. Very thin, dark red petals blow from between the trees, showering towards the group. As they hit the ground ahead of you, individual blades of grass are very… sloowly… transformed. One… at… a… time….
Feb 28 20:35:59 <Pemander> "There's probably something at the center of this forest making it all happen-"
Feb 28 20:36:08 <Maddy> "Yep."
Feb 28 20:36:10 <Pemander> "Aw, man."
Feb 28 20:36:24 <Echo> "That's assuming there's a source. And that it works like… cutting off… the head of a… well, fuck."
Feb 28 20:36:27 <Maddy> "Ok so we go burn the petal plant?"
Feb 28 20:36:33 <Echo> He watches the petals work their magic.
Feb 28 20:36:46 <Echo> "All right, then."
Feb 28 20:37:04 <PaulS_laptop> "Works for me."
Feb 28 20:37:21 <Vorcha> "Well, we could just try cutting down the petal plant and burning a border around the forest if that doesn't stop it completely. War of attrition."
Feb 28 20:37:39 <Echo> ""You have any idea how much gasoline that'd take?"
Feb 28 20:37:47 <PaulS_laptop> "More than we've got"
Feb 28 20:37:59 <Echo> "That's like… some wildland firefighting shit right there We'd need fucking aircraft to pull that off."
Feb 28 20:38:14 <Dexanote> Several thin petals land on…
Feb 28 20:38:16 <PaulS_laptop> "Might want to burn the plant, then try to start some fire on the windward side of it andlet it burn into the trees just in case"
Feb 28 20:38:16 <Maddy> "Well, might as well get int there…"
Feb 28 20:38:19 <Dexanote> 1d5
Feb 28 20:38:20 <CROM> Dexanote: 1 (1d5=1)
Feb 28 20:38:36 <Dexanote> In Arianna's hair.
Feb 28 20:38:46 <PaulS_laptop> "Once the fire starts, trees should burn anyway. Hey ari, got one!"
Feb 28 20:38:48 <Pemander> Arianna sighs.
Feb 28 20:39:01 <Vorcha> "Everybody ready?"
Feb 28 20:39:01 <Dexanote> And… nothing happens.
Feb 28 20:39:09 <Echo> "DON'T TOUCH IT WITH YOUR FINGERS."
Feb 28 20:39:22 <Pemander> "Well geez, freak out about it."
Feb 28 20:39:27 <Pemander> "I'm wearing gloves."
Feb 28 20:39:33 <Pemander> Arianna brushes the petals out of her hair.
Feb 28 20:39:50 <Echo> Evans walks over, draws his knife, and- "Hey, I was gonna flip it away."
Feb 28 20:39:58 <Pemander> "Well now you don't have to."
Feb 28 20:40:08 <Echo> "No you have to take a bleach bath."
Feb 28 20:40:08 <Dexanote> The petals flutter, changing the ground. The dark is spreading slowly, out from the previously fallen petals.
Feb 28 20:40:16 <Pemander> "I'm not taking shit."
Feb 28 20:40:17 <Dexanote> Maybe this is why Shank insisted on you guys 'helping'. Pussy.
Feb 28 20:40:29 <Maddy> "Can we jsut go?"
Feb 28 20:40:31 <Pemander> "Let's just move on already."
Feb 28 20:40:36 <PaulS_laptop> "Yes, lets."
Feb 28 20:40:37 <Echo> "… No, wait the fuck up a minute now."
Feb 28 20:40:49 <Vorcha> Azazel sighs, he is waiting next to the border.
Feb 28 20:40:52 <Maddy> "Also a bath is probably a good idea, we dont want this shit getting back to the plant sisters."
Feb 28 20:41:07 <Echo> He points at Arianna. "We're *all* doing it when we get back. You saw what happened when those petals touched the grass."
Feb 28 20:41:22 <Pemander> "I am not bleaching my hair."
Feb 28 20:41:26 <Pemander> "I'll take a bath, but no bleach."
Feb 28 20:41:29 <Echo> He points back at the road the came on. "What if it's on you now. Even if it doesn't do anything to YOU, what if you touch Atropa?"
Feb 28 20:41:44 <PaulS_laptop> "it won't bleach your hair. not strong enough"
Feb 28 20:41:49 <Pemander> "Scott you are fucking crazy."
Feb 28 20:41:52 <Pemander> "Let's seriously just go."
Feb 28 20:41:54 <Pemander> "This is a waste of time."
Feb 28 20:41:59 <Pemander> Arianna starts up Eels.
Feb 28 20:42:02 <PaulS_laptop> Kyle reaches down to beside the welding tanks he still ain't taken out yet and dons a pair of welding gloves
Feb 28 20:42:15 <Echo> He looks up at Kyle. "Dude, tell her."
Feb 28 20:42:32 <Dexanote> The trees shift, leaning towards you all subtly.
Feb 28 20:42:39 <Echo> He starts back toward the driver's side of the Hummer and climbs in, starting it back up, and looking over at Elle."
Feb 28 20:42:46 <Echo> "These fuckin' people."
Feb 28 20:42:52 <Maddy> She shrugs.
Feb 28 20:42:54 <Vorcha> Azazel pulls a spare pair of gloves out of his pockets.
Feb 28 20:43:30 <PaulS_laptop> "Bleach IS a good idea. Don't leave it in and it won't ruin your hair."
Feb 28 20:43:44 <Pemander> "Whatever. We'll see what happens."
Feb 28 20:43:46 <PaulS_laptop> "Plus, you'd look cute as a redhead anyway"
Feb 28 20:43:55 <PaulS_laptop> Kyle knocks twice and waves her onard
Feb 28 20:44:04 <Pemander> Arianna starts driving deeper into the forest.
Feb 28 20:44:52 <Echo> Evans drops out of park, idling along behind Arianna, watching out for anything on the left side of the Hummer, glancing up at the rearview every few seconds. "You keep a look-out right, Elle?"
Feb 28 20:45:10 <PaulS_laptop> Kyle's eyes scan the trees
Feb 28 20:45:29 <Pemander> Arianna watches as carefully as she can without crashing into something.
Feb 28 20:45:29 <Dexanote> The road is easily followed. Over time, you find that the trees have reached over the road, intertwining with each other in some places. There's very little groundcover other than just trees and roots, however; it seems that much of the grass hasn't awoken from winter domancy yet.
Feb 28 20:45:40 <Maddy> "Can do."
Feb 28 20:46:08 <Maddy> Elle looks around and shit.
Feb 28 20:46:12 <PaulS_laptop> «On our way out, we should try and spray what we can»
Feb 28 20:46:38 <Vorcha> Azazel is walking behind the vehicles that kinda just went on without him
Feb 28 20:46:55 <Dexanote> Azazel you butthead.
Feb 28 20:47:05 <PaulS_laptop> «Everybody, slow down. We got a man walkin'»
Feb 28 20:47:21 <Echo> Evans stops and leans out the window. "HOP ON, JACKASS."
Feb 28 20:47:33 <Vorcha> Azazel hops on.
Feb 28 20:47:42 <Pemander> "Scott sounds mad."
Feb 28 20:47:51 <Pemander> "Maybe I should bleach my hair."
Feb 28 20:47:57 <Pemander> "Just cause.
Feb 28 20:47:59 <Pemander> "*
Feb 28 20:48:03 <PaulS_laptop> "Just give it a washing at least"
Feb 28 20:48:12 <PaulS_laptop> "You might look good ginger, though"
Feb 28 20:49:02 <Pemander> "Stop saying that, you weirdo."
Feb 28 20:49:22 <PaulS_laptop> "What, you're afraid you'd lose your soul?"
Feb 28 20:49:38 <PaulS_laptop> "course, that's exactly what'd happen"
Feb 28 20:49:47 <Echo> 4df+3 Does Evans see anything odder than what they've already encountered? He slows down almost to a halt, leaning out the window.
Feb 28 20:49:47 <CROM> Echo: Does Evans see anything odder than what they've already encountered? He slows down almost to a halt, leaning out the window.: 4 (4df+3=+, 0, +, -)
Feb 28 20:50:21 <Dexanote> Soon you round a bend- a very large fallen log has blocked the way. Not just any fallen log, though; said log has grown several dozen spires-like branches, each reaching blindly towards where the tree's stump is, as if to try and pull itself back up. It's not actually ANIMATE, no; dead, just very large and in an awkward position. It would take at least an hour to shove it off the road properly.
Feb 28 20:50:45 <Pemander> "Ugh."
Feb 28 20:50:54 <Pemander> Is there any way to drive around it?
Feb 28 20:51:02 <PaulS_laptop> "Dammit, wish I had a chainsaw"
Feb 28 20:51:09 <PaulS_laptop> «Scott, you got a chainsaw in the back?»
Feb 28 20:51:27 <Echo> "Uhhh, hate to disappoint."
Feb 28 20:51:30 <Echo> *«»
Feb 28 20:51:38 <Vorcha> «Are we walking around after all.»
Feb 28 20:51:42 <PaulS_laptop> «chains then?»
Feb 28 20:51:43 <Maddy> «Fuck.»
Feb 28 20:51:52 <Echo> «We could try hooking chains.»
Feb 28 20:52:02 <PaulS_laptop> «Let's.»
Feb 28 20:52:02 <Dexanote> Not easuly, Pemander.
Feb 28 20:52:34 <Echo> «Hey, I tell you what, burn that bitch before we get digging around on it and get splinters or some shit.»
Feb 28 20:52:50 <PaulS_laptop> «Can do.»
Feb 28 20:52:55 <Echo> «Be a bad way to figure out it does something once it's inside.»
Feb 28 20:53:24 <Vorcha> «At least it doesn't appear to be an egg for some plant based horror.»
Feb 28 20:53:26 <PaulS_laptop> 4df+4 Kyle sprays the fallen tree with fuel, then lights it up at the tail end of the spray
Feb 28 20:53:28 <CROM> PaulS_laptop: Kyle sprays the fallen tree with fuel, then lights it up at the tail end of the spray: 8 (4df+4=+, +, +, +)
Feb 28 20:53:32 <PaulS_laptop> 1d11
Feb 28 20:53:32 <Pemander> Sheeeeeee.
Feb 28 20:53:32 <CROM> PaulS_laptop: 8 (1d11=8)
Feb 28 20:53:34 <Echo> …
Feb 28 20:54:11 <Vorcha> Jam son
Feb 28 20:54:57 <Dexanote> The tree lights, almost comically fast and bright. it's almost like a small, sustained explosion (sans shockwave) for several seconds, fizzling out almost as abruptly as it ignited.
Feb 28 20:55:16 <Maddy> "…"
Feb 28 20:55:17 <Pemander> "Uh…wow."
Feb 28 20:55:24 <Pemander> "That was pretty cool."
Feb 28 20:55:26 <PaulS_laptop> "ha"
Feb 28 20:55:32 <Pemander> "Good going, Kyle."
Feb 28 20:55:36 <PaulS_laptop> "Thanks"
Feb 28 20:55:42 <Echo> "Wait, is that…"
Feb 28 20:55:55 <Dexanote> The fire dances along either end of the cinders, flicking into the woods. All at once the woods around you creak loudly, as if bellowing in a mixture of fear and anger.
Feb 28 20:56:34 <Pemander> "Hrm."
Feb 28 20:56:35 <Echo> Evans hops out and jogs up toward the front, stopping at the truck and almost falling down when the trees start making noise, doubling back and diving back in the SUV.
Feb 28 20:56:49 <Echo> «What the fuck was that?»
Feb 28 20:56:57 <PaulS_laptop> «Not a good sound»
Feb 28 20:57:03 <Pemander> «Ooh. I get to be the person that says 'probably just the wind'!»
Feb 28 20:57:15 <Maddy> «<Probablu j- damnit Ari.»
Feb 28 20:57:19 <Vorcha> «It's probably just th-Darnit Arianna»
Feb 28 20:57:22 <Pemander> «Bahaha.»
Feb 28 20:57:22 <PaulS_laptop> «Don't you dare»
Feb 28 20:57:29 <Pemander> «PROBABLY JUST THE WIND GUYS.»
Feb 28 20:57:45 <Echo> «Did you see anything on the surface of the wood that'd make it do that, Kyle? Like, fuzz or anything? The grass didn't do that.»
Feb 28 20:57:45 <Maddy> «Rocks fall, eveyone dies.»
Feb 28 20:58:11 <Maddy> "It was probably dead bark, Scott."
Feb 28 20:58:19 <Maddy> "Shit burns like crazy."
Feb 28 20:58:38 <Pemander> So just to clarify, what is the current state of deadlog?
Feb 28 20:58:42 <PaulS_laptop> «The boom? dead bark or pine pitch. Possibly something hollow inside. Bamboo does the same thing»
Feb 28 20:58:44 <Dexanote> Quickly, i'm gonna ask everyone's positions.
Feb 28 20:58:48 <Vorcha> «At least it can't get any worse than dead log.»
Feb 28 20:58:54 <PaulS_laptop> Back of Eels, manning the flamethrower
Feb 28 20:58:54 <Echo> "Maybe." He looks around nervously. "Fuckin' red zones."
Feb 28 20:58:57 <Pemander> Arianna is in the driver's seat of Eels.
Feb 28 20:58:58 <Dexanote> Deadlog, as the bellowing dies down, collapses into dust.
Feb 28 20:59:03 <PaulS_laptop> «Don't. You. dare.»
Feb 28 20:59:11 <Maddy> Elle is in the Hummer. «DAMNIT ARIANNA!»
Feb 28 20:59:12 <Echo> Evans is in the driver's seat of the Hummer.
Feb 28 20:59:17 <Pemander> «Tee hee.»
Feb 28 20:59:32 <Pemander> «Hope we get attacked. Gosh, guys, this is so much fun!~»
Feb 28 21:00:04 <Vorcha> Azazel is somewhere in Hummer-territory
Feb 28 21:00:26 <Dexanote> There's a faint rumble under your feet.
Feb 28 21:00:28 <PaulS_laptop> «Drive on»
Feb 28 21:00:55 <Maddy> «Gooooo.»
Feb 28 21:01:00 <Echo> Evans picks up on the gas a little prematurely when the rumble starts, accelerating up and herringboning to the side of the truck as he waits for it to move.
Feb 28 21:01:12 <Dexanote> A great crack jolts across the road, diagonally, ahead of you. All at once a wall of blackened, thin branches spring from the ground.
Feb 28 21:01:16 <Dexanote> also FU BRB
Feb 28 21:01:21 <PaulS_laptop> Kyle knocks on the roof
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Feb 28 21:01:47 <Pemander> "Stop your tapping. If I had moved those branches probably would have got us stuck."
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Feb 28 21:07:40 <PaulS_laptop> «Scott, I'm gonna burn the branches. We may want to back up some.»
Feb 28 21:08:52 <Echo> Scott immediately complies, provided he's got time to do so.
Feb 28 21:09:02 <Dexanote> The branches had grown, bending to point towards you. Their rate of growth has slowed immensely; they still reach slowly towards you.
Feb 28 21:09:12 <Dexanote> Yes, you do.
Feb 28 21:09:23 <Dexanote> Sorry, it's like i'm suddenly the most popular guy in town.
Feb 28 21:09:30 <Pemander> "Okay, we're going to need to rush through as soon as the branches are down."
Feb 28 21:10:07 <PaulS_laptop> "Back up some and I'll luight 'em up. And be ready to gun it."
Feb 28 21:10:15 <Pemander> Arianna slowly backs up a bit.
Feb 28 21:10:21 <PaulS_laptop> «Scott, I'm gonna burn it, then we blast through»
Feb 28 21:10:48 <Echo> «Gotcha, ready to roll.»
Feb 28 21:10:56 <PaulS_laptop> 4df+7 OTS(1AP). Kyle again saturates it then lights it up
Feb 28 21:10:57 <CROM> PaulS_laptop: OTS(1AP). Kyle again saturates it then lights it up: 9 (4df+7=0, +, +, 0)
Feb 28 21:11:02 <PaulS_laptop> 1d11
Feb 28 21:11:02 <CROM> PaulS_laptop: 4 (1d11=4)
Feb 28 21:11:52 <Dexanote> The larger trees seem to turn to face you properly; the smaller ones seem to lean away. The root-tree barrier lights up, burning bright and hot. It's clearly and quickly reduced to ash in a burst of intense, oily flame.
Feb 28 21:12:02 <Pemander> Arianna guns it!
Feb 28 21:12:15 <Pemander> "Weee."
Feb 28 21:12:20 <Maddy> Elle holds on
Feb 28 21:13:00 <Echo> The Hummer guns forward, almost nailing the truck as it accelerates.
Feb 28 21:13:20 <Pemander> "Watch it, Scott!"
Feb 28 21:13:52 <Echo> «Yeah, got it, trying to get over the rut.» He tosses his radio over to Elle. "Talk for me, please.»
Feb 28 21:13:55 <Echo> *""
Feb 28 21:14:23 <Maddy> "Got it."
Feb 28 21:15:28 <Dexanote> You fucking launch over. As Eels hits the bump kicked up by the root, Ari and Kyle feel a hard lurch, knocked to the right. Roots burst from the ground, cupping the truck, lifting it a solid 15 feet off the ground.
Feb 28 21:15:39 <Pemander> "OH GOD WHAT-"
Feb 28 21:16:00 <Maddy> B|
Feb 28 21:16:33 <PaulS_laptop> Kyle grips the pedistal mount for dear life
Feb 28 21:16:35 <Echo> Evans slams on the brakes…
Feb 28 21:16:43 <Echo> …
Feb 28 21:16:44 <Echo> Pause
Feb 28 21:16:48 <Dexanote> Yes.
Feb 28 21:16:50 <Echo> Is the truck nose down?
Feb 28 21:16:58 <Echo> Or anything close to being nose down
Feb 28 21:19:07 <Dexanote> It is at an angle, approximately 15 degrees leaning forward and tilted towards the right front tire. Not enough for Kyle to totally slide off, but enough to make it difficult to keep balance. The roots tilt forward slightly under the weight.
Feb 28 21:19:14 <PaulS_laptop> "Ari, You still with me?"
Feb 28 21:19:23 <Pemander> "Yes! What do we do?!"
Feb 28 21:19:31 <PaulS_laptop> "See the rocker with the tape that says air suspension?"
Feb 28 21:19:36 <Echo> He guns the gas, slamming the front end of the SUV into the column of branches.
Feb 28 21:19:40 <PaulS_laptop> "press it up until it stops"
Feb 28 21:19:43 <Pemander> "Yeah I-"
Feb 28 21:20:00 <Maddy> "JESUS!"
Feb 28 21:20:03 <Pemander> Arianna lurches forward and braces herself.
Feb 28 21:20:13 <Maddy> "Now I remeber why I stay with the LAV."
Feb 28 21:20:13 <Dexanote> The column of branches shrieks, the sound of wood scraping on wood.
Feb 28 21:20:14 <PaulS_laptop> Kyle is jarred heavily "Jesus"
Feb 28 21:20:23 <Echo> He slams the pedal down, keeping the torque up.
Feb 28 21:20:24 <Dexanote> There's a lurch. Kyle and Ari, Defense.
Feb 28 21:20:25 <PaulS_laptop> "Press it"
Feb 28 21:20:30 <Pemander> 4df+3 scott you stupid fucker
Feb 28 21:20:31 <CROM> Pemander: scott you stupid fucker: 3 (4df+3=0, 0, 0, 0)
Feb 28 21:20:35 <Pemander> TRUE NEUTRAL
Feb 28 21:20:47 <PaulS_laptop> 4df+3 This is why I told you to crank up the shocks
Feb 28 21:20:48 <CROM> PaulS_laptop: This is why I told you to crank up the shocks: 3 (4df+3=0, +, -, 0)
Feb 28 21:21:50 <Dexanote> both of you are heavily jarred. Ari's thrown against the door/lurched in her seatbelt (i doubt she's wearing a seatbelt), and Kyle's slammed against the firegun.
Feb 28 21:22:32 <Pemander> She /is/ wearing a seatbelt.
Feb 28 21:22:33 <PaulS_laptop> (there aren't any in eels. seatbelts are for pussies)
Feb 28 21:22:36 <Pemander> Oh.
Feb 28 21:22:39 <Pemander> Then she's not.
Feb 28 21:22:42 <Echo> The SUV constantly burning rubber, grill against the branches having any effect o them?
Feb 28 21:22:47 <Pemander> "GODDAMMIT SCOTT."
Feb 28 21:22:52 <Dexanote> A fissure splits the ground from under the roots, splitting off into the woods. Trees lean out of the way to give space. The pillar of roots begins to travel, leaning at first before creeping quickly off towards the forest.
Feb 28 21:23:01 <Dexanote> Carrying EELS off with it.
Feb 28 21:23:12 <Pemander> "Aaaand now we're a parade float."
Feb 28 21:23:13 <Echo> "Tell them I;m trying to get them down. If we both get caught up then we're fucked."
Feb 28 21:23:20 <Dexanote> The SUV does indeed move the roots. The roots try to move away.
Feb 28 21:23:22 <Maddy> "They're being carried off…"
Feb 28 21:23:35 <Echo> "What the… *FUCKING* *GOD* *DAMNIT*."
Feb 28 21:23:43 <PaulS_laptop> pause
Feb 28 21:24:02 <PaulS_laptop> what is the direction of travel in relation to the direction eels is pointing?
Feb 28 21:24:37 <Dexanote> It is moving towards your left-rear tire. It is moving at approximately 10-12 mph
Feb 28 21:25:12 <PaulS_laptop> unpause
Feb 28 21:25:36 <PaulS_laptop> «I'm gonna try something. If I fall and break my back tell Styer I'll pay him for the truck»
Feb 28 21:25:56 <Maddy> "…Fuck" she leads out of the window, aiming for the trees. «Wait I might be able to get you down.»
Feb 28 21:26:11 <PaulS_laptop> «Do hurry»
Feb 28 21:26:28 <PaulS_laptop> Kyle pulls the pintle pin for the flamethrower monitor, just in case
Feb 28 21:26:45 <Vorcha> Azazel leans out of a different window.
Feb 28 21:26:47 <Dexanote> What's that
Feb 28 21:26:56 <Vorcha> 4df+3 Can he see any weak or rotting roots
Feb 28 21:26:56 <Echo> Evans grabs the radio, keeping the wheel steady. «She's uh, gonna fire one of those kinetic hits at the branches. Might knock some of the timbers out, let your weight collapse it.»
Feb 28 21:26:57 <CROM> Vorcha: Can he see any weak or rotting roots: 4 (4df+3=+, 0, +, -)
Feb 28 21:27:09 <Maddy> She aims for th onws carring the car hopping to…ok yea doing what scott jsut said.
Feb 28 21:27:25 <Maddy> 4df+4 "Fireing concussive shot."
Feb 28 21:27:26 <CROM> Maddy: "Fireing concussive shot.": 7 (4df+4=+, +, 0, +)
Feb 28 21:28:03 <Pemander> Arianna braces herself /again/.
Feb 28 21:28:21 <Dexanote> No, there are no rotting roots. Nothing rotting any more than they usually look. That is, blackened and rough.
Feb 28 21:28:22 <PaulS_laptop> Kyle holds onto the pedistal for dear life. still.
Feb 28 21:28:25 <Dexanote> Damn guys.
Feb 28 21:28:31 <Dexanote> Where did you shoot, Moogy
Feb 28 21:28:57 <Maddy> Trying to hit the root things what are carriung the car to disabilize it and let the trucks weight do the rest
Feb 28 21:28:58 <Maddy> maybe
Feb 28 21:29:52 <Dexanote> Alright.
Feb 28 21:29:56 <Dexanote> Gimme 10 sec to think.
Feb 28 21:30:38 <Dexanote> Alright.
Feb 28 21:32:25 <Dexanote> The concussive blast shocks through the air, zzazzing between the roots. There's a visible shudder as the structure is destabilized; elbows and curves begin to split and splinter. The root system collapses clumsily, Arianna thrown around the cab and Kyle… needing to do an Athletics or Defense roll.
Feb 28 21:32:57 <Maddy> "Oh shit that worked."
Feb 28 21:33:05 <PaulS_laptop> 4df+3 athletics, Kyle hangs on for dear life.
Feb 28 21:33:05 <CROM> PaulS_laptop: athletics, Kyle hangs on for dear life.: 3 (4df+3=+, -, +, -)
Feb 28 21:33:30 <Maddy> "Nice."
Feb 28 21:33:36 <Vorcha> "…Oh dear."
Feb 28 21:33:38 <Pemander> «You guys are cuh-razy!»
Feb 28 21:33:44 <Pemander> "Kyle, don't die!"
Feb 28 21:33:54 <Dexanote> Arianna also will ahve a black eye, several nasty bruises around her body in soft places, and a knocked out tooth in the right side of her mouth. A bicuspid.
Feb 28 21:34:13 <Dexanote> She'll also be upside down.
Feb 28 21:35:01 <Dexanote> Kyle BARELY keeps from being thrown into a tree; he just flomps onto the hard, cold ground. Bloody nose, bruising, etc, but no breaks.
Feb 28 21:35:22 <Vorcha> "KYLE ARE YOU ALIVE"
Feb 28 21:35:24 <Pemander> 4df+3 defense rawl
Feb 28 21:35:25 <CROM> Pemander: defense rawl: 3 (4df+3=0, +, -, 0)
Feb 28 21:35:36 <Echo> «Shi—- *SHIT*, are y'all all right?»
Feb 28 21:36:28 <PaulS_laptop> Kyle picks himself up slowly «Little bloody, fine though»
Feb 28 21:36:34 <PaulS_laptop> «Arms and legs work right»
Feb 28 21:36:36 <Echo> Evans stops, reaching back behind his seat, inadvertently releasing the gas and lurching forward a moment, trying again, and grabbing a small brown bag with a red cross spraypainted on.
Feb 28 21:36:36 <Pemander> "YOU STUPID FUCKING BITCH!" Arianna shouts, wiping blood from her mouth.
Feb 28 21:37:16 <Vorcha> Is nature moving towards Kyle
Feb 28 21:37:35 <Dexanote> Not yet.
Feb 28 21:37:35 <PaulS_laptop> "Ari" weak, wind knocked out of him "Is Eels okay?"
Feb 28 21:37:45 <Pemander> "I don't give a /FUCK/ about Eels."
Feb 28 21:37:47 <Dexanote> The trees seem to be leaning in a bit, guaging the situation.
Feb 28 21:37:47 * Sequence (~PI.95B6467D.010F7E88.FF682E44|alliztahc#PI.95B6467D.010F7E88.FF682E44|alliztahc) has joined #afteractionmission
Feb 28 21:37:50 <Dexanote> The trees seem to be leaning in a bit, guaging the situation.
Feb 28 21:37:52 <Pemander> "WHERE IS MY GODDAMN TOOTH?!"
Feb 28 21:38:08 <Pemander> Arianna searches for it.
Feb 28 21:38:11 <Pemander> 4df+4 Perception PLS GOD
Feb 28 21:38:11 <CROM> Pemander: Perception PLS GOD: 5 (4df+4=+, 0, 0, 0)
Feb 28 21:38:38 <Echo> "AZI! GET ON THE FIREPUMP."
Feb 28 21:38:42 <PaulS_laptop> Kyle makes his way back to Eels "Priorities. We need to go." winded, toneless, the goofy man is gone again.
Feb 28 21:38:58 <Pemander> "We are /done/ here."
Feb 28 21:39:04 <Pemander> "Tactical retreat."
Feb 28 21:39:08 <Pemander> "Pumpkin guy can go fuck himself."
Feb 28 21:39:16 <PaulS_laptop> "Trippy, gimmie a hand into the bed"
Feb 28 21:41:00 <Maddy> "Yeah probably a good plan."
Feb 28 21:41:06 <Vorcha> Azazel reaches out for Kyle brah
Feb 28 21:41:19 <Vorcha> "We don't stop this now we'll only see it further along."
Feb 28 21:41:32 <Dexanote> Okay. Sorry. brother, homework, wtc
Feb 28 21:41:34 <Dexanote> etc not wtc
Feb 28 21:41:35 <PaulS_laptop> Kyle takes his hand and piles up into the bed of the truck, setting the monitor back up on the bedistal
Feb 28 21:41:47 <Dexanote> The tooth is found in the seat.
Feb 28 21:41:48 <Vorcha> "And I don't enjoy the thought of petunias attacking me in the morrow."
Feb 28 21:41:52 <PaulS_laptop> "We need to go. now."
Feb 28 21:41:56 <Dexanote> Eels… could probably be pulled out fairly easily.
Feb 28 21:41:58 <Dexanote> You are all…
Feb 28 21:42:02 <Pemander> Arianna grabs it, wipes it off with her shirt, and shoves it back into her gumline.
Feb 28 21:42:05 <Dexanote> about 100 feet into the woods.
Feb 28 21:42:11 <Pemander> It is very painful to do this. She winces.
Feb 28 21:42:14 <Dexanote> Arianna that's fucking grody
Feb 28 21:42:19 <PaulS_laptop> «Scott, you got chains?»
Feb 28 21:42:25 <Pemander> There is a slight chance she won't lose the tooth.
Feb 28 21:43:04 <Echo> «Yeah, shit. Hang on. Gimme a second.»
Feb 28 21:43:46 <Echo> «Azazel? You're a big dude, You thing you can hook some chains around the rear axle of the truck for me?»
Feb 28 21:43:59 <Vorcha> «Sure.»
Feb 28 21:44:14 <Dexanote> A cool breeze blows through the woods; the thin, thin branches wave in the wind.
Feb 28 21:44:16 <Echo> He hops out of the hummer. "Elle, help me get these chains out?"
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Feb 28 21:44:42 * Now talking on #afteractionmission
Feb 28 21:44:42 * Topic for #afteractionmission is: If *anything* is occurring IC, take Battledome elsewhere | Maddy: It's not a lot but its worth a shot, get that arm around his neck, girl.: 4 (4df=+, +, +, +) E4D: Burning fate, and pushing her tiny arm away.: 2 (4df+6=-, -, -, -)
Feb 28 21:44:42 * Topic for #afteractionmission set by E4D at Fri Jan 06 11:39:51 2012
Feb 28 21:44:42 * ChanServ gives channel operator status to Maddy
Feb 28 21:45:23 <Maddy> "Yeah, of course." she hops out nd goes to help and stuff.
Feb 28 21:45:37 <Echo> The truck gets popped and lifted, revealing a good 40 feet or so of quarter-inch chain. "All right. I need a knot around their rear axle, hook it to my brushguard."
Feb 28 21:45:40 <Pemander> Arianna rubs her bruised eye.
Feb 28 21:45:53 <PaulS_laptop> Kyle is checking over the flamethrower to make sure it doesn't blow up on him
Feb 28 21:46:04 <Dexanote> .ch 1, 2
Feb 28 21:46:05 <CROM> Dexanote: 2
Feb 28 21:46:13 <Dexanote> You do NOT need to roll for explosion.
Feb 28 21:46:14 <Echo> He scrambles back around toward the driver's seat, falling once, scrambling up, and puts one leg in, shifts to reverse, and gets ready to gun it.
Feb 28 21:46:38 <PaulS_laptop> "Ari, get ready to back 'er out"
Feb 28 21:46:45 <Dexanote> Elle and Azazel may roll Perception if they feel so inclined, as they're not busy with manual labour.
Feb 28 21:46:54 <Maddy> 4df+3 Eyes
Feb 28 21:46:54 <CROM> Maddy: Eyes: 5 (4df+3=+, +, +, -)
Feb 28 21:47:03 <Vorcha> 4df+3 oculars
Feb 28 21:47:04 <CROM> Vorcha: oculars: 1 (4df+3=0, 0, -, -)
Feb 28 21:47:37 <Echo> Evans waits for them to hook chains.
Feb 28 21:48:05 <Pemander> Arianna puts Eels into reverse and prepares to hit the gas.
Feb 28 21:48:08 <PaulS_laptop> Kyle clambers down to hook it up, since azazel is makign googly eyes
Feb 28 21:48:32 <Maddy> Elle hooks things to other things
Feb 28 21:48:40 <PaulS_laptop> «Wait til I get back up, then go» finishes hooking things up, then re mounts the truck
Feb 28 21:48:42 <Dexanote> Azazel notices how cloudy the sky is.
Feb 28 21:48:44 <Dexanote> I guess.
Feb 28 21:48:48 * Dexanote shrug
Feb 28 21:49:32 <PaulS_laptop> «I'm clear.»
Feb 28 21:49:40 <Vorcha> Azazel makes note of the lovely clouds.
Feb 28 21:50:06 <Dexanote> ELLE on the other hand will notice a significant number of petals floating bwteen the slender, slender trees and AROUND the group, as if they're intentionally avoiding contact.
Feb 28 21:50:18 <Maddy> "Guys the petals are being weird."
Feb 28 21:50:25 <Dexanote> Also a plastic Wal-Mart bag boofs Azazazazel
Feb 28 21:50:45 <Echo> Evans locks the transmission and runs around to the hood, ready to push. "Elle, Azazel, someone, gun the bitch in reverse."
Feb 28 21:50:46 <Pemander> «Can I back up? Are we good??"
Feb 28 21:50:48 <Pemander> »*
Feb 28 21:51:05 <Maddy> "Like they're going around us on perp- yeah ok." Elle gets in the truck
Feb 28 21:51:14 <Maddy> VRRRRRR
Feb 28 21:51:24 <Vorcha> Alfalfa picks up the bag.
Feb 28 21:52:01 <Echo> 4df+3 Evans pushes.for all he's worth, adding what he can to the SUV pulling Eels back out.
Feb 28 21:52:01 <CROM> Echo: Evans pushes.for all he's worth, adding what he can to the SUV pulling Eels back out.: 4 (4df+3=-, +, 0, +)
Feb 28 21:52:13 <PaulS_laptop> "back itup" to ari
Feb 28 21:52:17 <Dexanote> The bag is a wal mart bag. it contains x1 Old Receipt for Bargains.
Feb 28 21:52:22 <Pemander> Ari backs that shit up.
Feb 28 21:52:49 <Dexanote> The SUV and Eels strain; a moment passes and Eels breaks through of the woody rubble, climbing over the shattered old wood.
Feb 28 21:53:01 <Dexanote> BOMP DE NUMP BUMP
Feb 28 21:53:12 <Dexanote> it sounds like that as the suspension bounces.
Feb 28 21:53:28 <Maddy> It's like I'm really there.
Feb 28 21:53:38 <Vorcha> Azazel achieves old bargain receipts <del> he is satisfied and reaches the conclusion of his quest</del>
Feb 28 21:53:39 * Dexanote gives voice to Maddy
Feb 28 21:54:22 <Dexanote> There's a quiet; the breeze gradually stops.
Feb 28 21:54:25 <PaulS_laptop> «Good»
Feb 28 21:54:30 <Dexanote> The truck is freed.
Feb 28 21:54:44 <Pemander> «Someone summon that little shit and tell him we're not doing this.»
Feb 28 21:54:47 <Dexanote> Behind you, the fissure seems to widen.
Feb 28 21:55:00 <PaulS_laptop> «Now we need to go. either way, forward I guess»
Feb 28 21:55:04 <Vorcha> «I don't think this forest will relinquish us that easily.»
Feb 28 21:55:11 <Echo> «OKAY. Evans drops to his knees, overstretched as the vehicle backs out of his reach, and jogs back to the Hummer. «Fuck. Shit. Is everyone in one piece? We're trying like hell back here.»
Feb 28 21:55:46 <Dexanote> Let me set the scene again.
Feb 28 21:58:16 <Dexanote> You are on a path about 12-20 feet wide between thin, thin dark trees with thin branches in the dark forest. Behind you there is a slowly widening fissure in the ground that extends about 100 or so feet back towards the highway, which was fucked up when the woods flipped out at Fire Gun. The trees seem to thin out ahead of you, with spaces between trees between 4 to 30 feet. The trees also…
Feb 28 21:58:17 <Dexanote> …seem to have wider canopies ahead. Directly ahead of you (relative to the way you came) is a large heap of wrecked wood and roots where Elle jiggerized the root column.
Feb 28 21:58:36 <Dexanote> You can go ahead forward and continue the run, or abandon the run and flee backward.
Feb 28 21:58:50 <Dexanote> No, the twist will not be "this is Slenderman's forest of dreams"
Feb 28 21:58:56 <Echo> «Is Eels good to run?»
Feb 28 21:59:08 <Dexanote> Eels is a bit shaken up but will run.
Feb 28 21:59:24 <Pemander> «Yes.»
Feb 28 21:59:29 <Echo> «It don't look like there's as much shit ahead of us. It might be easier goin'.»
Feb 28 21:59:36 <PaulS_laptop> «Flamethrower is still good. I say carry on.»
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Feb 28 22:00:17 * Now talking on #afteractionmission
Feb 28 22:00:17 * Topic for #afteractionmission is: If *anything* is occurring IC, take Battledome elsewhere | Maddy: It's not a lot but its worth a shot, get that arm around his neck, girl.: 4 (4df=+, +, +, +) E4D: Burning fate, and pushing her tiny arm away.: 2 (4df+6=-, -, -, -)
Feb 28 22:00:17 * Topic for #afteractionmission set by E4D at Fri Jan 06 11:39:51 2012
Feb 28 22:00:17 * ChanServ gives channel operator status to Maddy
Feb 28 22:00:19 <Vorcha> «We should finish this.»
Feb 28 22:00:29 <Maddy> «Oohrah.»
Feb 28 22:00:53 <PaulS_laptop> «Murder the trees instead»
Feb 28 22:00:56 <Pemander> «Whatever.»
Feb 28 22:01:17 <Dexanote> Murder The Trees is the name of Chainshank's punk band in another universe, now.
Feb 28 22:01:51 <PaulS_laptop> «FOR THE FREE SHIT!» Kyle's battle cry
Feb 28 22:02:01 <Vorcha> «I think some of us should 'hoof' it to divert the trees attention.»
Feb 28 22:02:27 <Pemander> Arianna starts going forward.
Feb 28 22:02:34 <Echo> «… You seem to be most familiar with the plan. It'd be best if you executed it, Azazel.»
Feb 28 22:02:35 <Pemander> «Do not piss off this forest any more.»
Feb 28 22:02:35 <PaulS_laptop> «no.»
Feb 28 22:02:49 <Echo> «You know, to make sure no one else fucks it up.»
Feb 28 22:02:58 * Sequence has quit (Max SendQ exceeded)
Feb 28 22:03:00 <Pemander> «If we run into another obstacle, we're either going around it or leaving.»
Feb 28 22:03:16 <Echo> «That's usually what you do to an obstacle, yes.»
Feb 28 22:03:52 <Echo> He eases the Hummer back along behind the truck, keeping it a little closer now, about 5 meters back.
Feb 28 22:03:58 <Vorcha> Azazel begins execution of plan hoof it.
Feb 28 22:04:00 <PaulS_laptop> «We're gonna piss it off pretty bad. And on our way out, I'm burning things ahead of us just in case»
Feb 28 22:04:10 <Echo> «I'm ready to give you a push in case you get snagged.»
Feb 28 22:04:13 <Dexanote> To be clear; YOU ARE HEADING INTO THE WOODS, correct y/n
Feb 28 22:04:18 <Pemander> y
Feb 28 22:04:20 <Echo> y
Feb 28 22:04:20 <PaulS_laptop> y
Feb 28 22:04:21 <Vorcha> y
Feb 28 22:04:21 <Dexanote> k
Feb 28 22:04:28 * Sequence (~PI.95B6467D.010F7E88.FF682E44|alliztahc#PI.95B6467D.010F7E88.FF682E44|alliztahc) has joined #afteractionmission
Feb 28 22:05:15 <Dexanote> The group continues forward. The Eels, with effort, is pushed through the wrecked roots.
Feb 28 22:05:20 <Maddy> "Oh my god he's actually doing it."
Feb 28 22:05:32 <Dexanote> The ground is soft and cool.
Feb 28 22:06:09 <Dexanote> Can I have a brief description of Azazel's clothing
Feb 28 22:06:17 <Dexanote> i have an idea i just want clarification
Feb 28 22:06:25 <Maddy> Elle stay ready to shoot more trees, knowing she can now makes her feel really awesome.
Feb 28 22:06:28 <Dexanote> <GM> wat r u wearing
Feb 28 22:07:31 <Maddy> "…I feel like I've been here before."
Feb 28 22:07:52 <Dexanote> Sorry. BRB.
Feb 28 22:07:55 <Dexanote> Bro
Feb 28 22:08:16 <Echo> "Vietnam flashing back?"
Feb 28 22:08:22 <Maddy> "Though the- hey now."
Feb 28 22:08:31 <Echo> Wink.
Feb 28 22:08:36 <Maddy> She laughs.
Feb 28 22:08:37 <Pemander> Arianna is gripping the steering wheel tightly trying not to have a freakout.
Feb 28 22:08:46 <Dexanote> Pause.
Feb 28 22:09:08 <Echo> «Hey, Ari, you okay? I thought I saw a little blood on your when I was outta the SUV.»
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Feb 28 22:09:36 * Now talking on #afteractionmission
Feb 28 22:09:36 * Topic for #afteractionmission is: If *anything* is occurring IC, take Battledome elsewhere | Maddy: It's not a lot but its worth a shot, get that arm around his neck, girl.: 4 (4df=+, +, +, +) E4D: Burning fate, and pushing her tiny arm away.: 2 (4df+6=-, -, -, -)
Feb 28 22:09:36 * Topic for #afteractionmission set by E4D at Fri Jan 06 11:39:51 2012
Feb 28 22:09:36 * ChanServ gives channel operator status to Maddy
Feb 28 22:09:50 <Pemander> «I'm /fine/.»
Feb 28 22:11:35 <PaulS_laptop> Kyle's head is on a swivel, although he's clearly worse for wear. for one, the black bandanna he had around his face to keep out smoke is now soaked with blood as well as water.
Feb 28 22:15:41 <Echo> «You're lookin' a little wobbly up there, Kyle. You all right, dude?»
Feb 28 22:15:50 <Dexanote> Alright. The group continues on, going deeper into the wood. The trees grow somewhat thicker; only about two feet wide, but their canopies are easily fifty feet across. Branches interwind into each other, almost as if they're holding hands.
Feb 28 22:16:14 <Maddy> "Guuuuuh."
Feb 28 22:16:32 <Vorcha> Azazel is humming to himself
Feb 28 22:16:46 <PaulS_laptop> «I'm cool to fight»
Feb 28 22:16:50 <Dexanote> Azazel will notice small groups of flowers around the largest of trees, like little red daffodils.
Feb 28 22:17:35 <Vorcha> Azazel inspects yonder daffodils
Feb 28 22:17:49 <Dexanote> They turn slowly to inspect him.
Feb 28 22:18:00 <Dexanote> The flowers all turn to follow the group as they go through the woods.
Feb 28 22:18:03 <Maddy> "Oh man, I love daffodils.
Feb 28 22:18:09 <Maddy> "
Feb 28 22:18:36 <Maddy> "Not these daffodils though."
Feb 28 22:18:53 <Dexanote> The stems are as dark grey/blackened as the rest of the wood, and the bells are deep, almost blackened red.
Feb 28 22:19:02 <Pemander> Arianna reaches up to make sure her tooth is still in.
Feb 28 22:19:06 <PaulS_laptop> "Hey, ain't those the same things as the petals we saw?"
Feb 28 22:19:17 <Dexanote> Ahead, you'll all notice a wide clearing in the woods. A circle almost, around one very large tree.
Feb 28 22:19:19 <Dexanote> 1d10
Feb 28 22:19:19 <CROM> Dexanote: 4 (1d10=4)
Feb 28 22:19:23 <Dexanote> The tooth fucking huets
Feb 28 22:19:25 <Dexanote> hurts
Feb 28 22:19:30 <Echo> Evans leans out of the window. "What are we yelling about?"
Feb 28 22:19:41 <Echo> «Radio.»
Feb 28 22:20:10 <PaulS_laptop> «Wasn't particularly yelling. Ain't those the petals we saw?»
Feb 28 22:20:17 <Maddy> «Probably.»
Feb 28 22:20:17 <Vorcha> Azazel marches towards the circle.
Feb 28 22:20:23 <Pemander> «Looks like we found the center.»
Feb 28 22:20:49 <Dexanote> AZAZEL DEFENSE.
Feb 28 22:22:59 <Echo> «Get ready to burn that shit.»
Feb 28 22:23:03 <Vorcha> 4df+3 Welp
Feb 28 22:23:04 <CROM> Vorcha: Welp: 4 (4df+3=0, 0, 0, +)
Feb 28 22:23:08 <Maddy> lol
Feb 28 22:23:10 <PaulS_laptop> «Already ready.»
Feb 28 22:23:10 <Dexanote> 4df+4
Feb 28 22:23:11 <CROM> Dexanote: 5 (4df+4=+, 0, 0, 0)
Feb 28 22:23:14 <Dexanote> :)
Feb 28 22:23:27 <Vorcha> Damaged?
Feb 28 22:25:05 <Dexanote> Very suddenly, a pair of roots lash up, grabbing Azazel by the ankles and fling him up into the canopy of the trees. The trees above them catch him and hurl him at the Big Tree in the centre of the clearing, two hundred feet away, which itself lashes two branches out and catches him. He dangles precariously for several seconds as Big Tree's branches wrap themselves around his legs.
Feb 28 22:25:31 <Echo> «JESUS FUCKING CHRIST.»
Feb 28 22:25:35 <Maddy> "Yep. There it is."
Feb 28 22:25:41 <PaulS_laptop> «Y'all see that? Gun it.»
Feb 28 22:25:47 <Dexanote> No damage.
Feb 28 22:25:55 <PaulS_laptop> «Elle, if we get closer, can you peg the branches or something?»
Feb 28 22:26:01 <Vorcha> "Well hello tree."
Feb 28 22:26:16 <Dexanote> "hello."
Feb 28 22:26:19 <Echo> Evans slams the pedal down, bucking the Hummer up alongside the truck, matching speed.
Feb 28 22:26:26 <Vorcha> "..You actually talk?"
Feb 28 22:26:38 <Pemander> "Spooky."
Feb 28 22:26:41 <Maddy> "The tree jsut talked."
Feb 28 22:27:12 <PaulS_laptop> "uh…"
Feb 28 22:27:13 <Echo> Can the rest of them hear it?
Feb 28 22:27:18 <Maddy> She leans out of the window again ready to shoot a talking tree if she has to.
Feb 28 22:27:31 <Dexanote> Evans fucking guns it; the roots retreat out of the way, looping like a torii gate. Presumably, Eels follows. The rest cannot hear it, the tree is 200 feet or so away.
Feb 28 22:27:40 <Maddy> nvm then
Feb 28 22:27:47 <Maddy> Shes stll ready to shoot the dam thing
Feb 28 22:28:14 <PaulS_laptop> Kyle has the monitor in the direction of the tree, ready to saturate
Feb 28 22:28:34 <Echo> Evans stops about 30 meters away from the tree holding Azazel, provided he doesn't run into any more obstacles on the way.
Feb 28 22:29:26 <Pemander> Arianna pulls up next to where Scott stopped.
Feb 28 22:29:31 <Dexanote> The group presumably slides to a stop, in front of a fucking gigantic weeping willow. the willow is a deep red, its boughs/branches/weeps (i don't know what they're called) drifting gently in the wind. Several larger branches are lashed around Azazel's legs, and he dangles upside down.
Feb 28 22:29:47 <PaulS_laptop> «Ari, scott, get ready to haul ass out just in case.»
Feb 28 22:29:55 <Dexanote> The willow is knotted and blackened, with a split in the middle, making it a Y shape.
Feb 28 22:30:07 <Vorcha> "…Can you put me right side up?"
Feb 28 22:30:16 <PaulS_laptop> «trippy, your radio working? can you hear me?»
Feb 28 22:30:26 <Dexanote> "no. heavy."
Feb 28 22:30:35 <Dexanote> Perception, everybody?
Feb 28 22:30:38 <Vorcha> «Yes I'm talking with it though.»
Feb 28 22:30:39 <Maddy> 4df+3
Feb 28 22:30:40 <CROM> Maddy: 6 (4df+3=0, +, +, +)
Feb 28 22:30:42 <Pemander> 4df+4 pls rolls
Feb 28 22:30:43 <CROM> Pemander: pls rolls: 1 (4df+4=0, -, -, -)
Feb 28 22:30:45 <Maddy> Jesus
Feb 28 22:30:46 <Echo> The cop takes a moment to do a three-point turn to face the front end the way they came in.
Feb 28 22:30:46 <Pemander> Yeah fucking figures.
Feb 28 22:30:49 <Vorcha> am I everybody too?
Feb 28 22:30:55 <Dexanote> pem bahaha
Feb 28 22:31:01 <PaulS_laptop> 4df+2 Black Helicopters kyle is kind of out of it
Feb 28 22:31:01 <CROM> PaulS_laptop: Black Helicopters kyle is kind of out of it: 3 (4df+2=0, -, +, +)
Feb 28 22:31:03 <Echo> 4df+3 Perception
Feb 28 22:31:03 <Dexanote> yeah everyone includes the horrid abomin- angel
Feb 28 22:31:03 <CROM> Echo: Perception: 1 (4df+3=-, -, +, -)
Feb 28 22:31:12 <Echo> Evans is busy turning the Hummer.
Feb 28 22:31:16 <Vorcha> 4df+3 everyone else rolled bad so this must be my lucky one
Feb 28 22:31:17 <CROM> Vorcha: everyone else rolled bad so this must be my lucky one: 5 (4df+3=0, 0, +, +)
Feb 28 22:31:19 <Dexanote> thats what she said
Feb 28 22:32:46 <Dexanote> Arianna is simply at a bad angle, the car's rollcage is in the way. Elle and Azazel notice a rough humanoid torso in the centre of the Y of the tree. It's mostly featureless, vaguely feminine, and slouching forward.
Feb 28 22:33:31 <Echo> Dat ass
Feb 28 22:33:48 <Dexanote> ya got wood yet bb
Feb 28 22:34:08 <Maddy> "…what is it?"
Feb 28 22:34:22 <Vorcha> "I'm Azazel, may I ask your name?"
Feb 28 22:34:24 <Dexanote> The figure doesn't move. The trees encircling the clearing seem to more obviously lean forward, as if reaching ineffectually towards the group.
Feb 28 22:34:40 <Dexanote> "i don't know."
Feb 28 22:35:05 <PaulS_laptop> «You see something, elle?»
Feb 28 22:35:23 <Echo> «Kyle, those things are getting curious back there.»
Feb 28 22:35:38 <Pemander> Arianna shouts, "HEY AZ, YOU OKAY?!"
Feb 28 22:35:46 <Maddy> «This tree is kinda human shaped.»
Feb 28 22:36:28 <Echo> He hops out of the Hummer and watches the ones behind him. «Wish I had something to burn.»
Feb 28 22:36:30 <PaulS_laptop> «You want I should light things up, scott?»
Feb 28 22:36:47 <Echo> «Shit, man, you're the firebug.»
Feb 28 22:36:49 <Vorcha> «She doesn't actually seem hostile.»
Feb 28 22:36:56 <Dexanote> "what are you?" Willowtree asks.
Feb 28 22:37:17 <PaulS_laptop> «Grab a gas can, start pouring along the treeline. I'll spark it up on your signal»
Feb 28 22:37:20 <Pemander> «Are you kidding me?»
Feb 28 22:37:25 <Pemander> «We are all going to die.»
Feb 28 22:37:36 <Pemander> «The trees aren't actually getting closer. Just wait for a bit. Christ.»
Feb 28 22:37:36 <PaulS_laptop> «tell that to the suspension I'll be unfucking for the next week»
Feb 28 22:37:40 <Vorcha> «Don't.» "I'm a fallen Angel."
Feb 28 22:37:55 <Maddy> «Hell if you can convince it to stop spreading or some shit and we could jsut leave I'd be cool with that.>
Feb 28 22:37:59 <Echo> «One of those things snatches me, it's hard to tell…» He looks up at the dangling Azazel.
Feb 28 22:38:56 <Dexanote> "an angel?" willowtree, with too much effort, tries to look up to Azazel. The branches lean down so she can get a better look. "did you come to save me…?"
Feb 28 22:39:15 <Vorcha> "I'll do what I can."
Feb 28 22:39:24 <Dexanote> "it hurts."
Feb 28 22:39:56 <Vorcha> "You weren't always like this, were you?"
Feb 28 22:40:44 <Pemander> «Are you talking to it?»
Feb 28 22:41:21 <Dexanote> The forest bellows, and the willowtree shudders, dropping Azazel. The figure is forced back into a slouch.
Feb 28 22:41:48 <Vorcha> Azazel stands back up and looks at the tree.
Feb 28 22:42:21 <Vorcha> «Yes I am. And I'm fairly sure its a She.»
Feb 28 22:44:28 <Dexanote> The woods around them grow louder, the branches waving wildly. Willowtree does not respond.
Feb 28 22:45:17 <Vorcha> Azazel puts his hand on the trunk. "What happened to you?"
Feb 28 22:45:25 <Echo> «Dude, if you're gonna do something…»
Feb 28 22:45:31 <Dexanote> It does not respond.
Feb 28 22:45:53 <Echo> «Kyle, give us some breathing room. Tell 'em to sit down.»
Feb 28 22:45:53 * Nusquam has quit (Quit: ChatZilla 0.9.90 [Firefox 19.0/20130215130331])
Feb 28 22:46:38 <PaulS_laptop> «Can do»
Feb 28 22:47:03 <PaulS_laptop> 4df+4 sit the fuck down and shut the fuck up. Kyle sprays to keep them backed away.
Feb 28 22:47:03 <CROM> PaulS_laptop: sit the fuck down and shut the fuck up. Kyle sprays to keep them backed away.: 4 (4df+4=0, 0, +, -)
Feb 28 22:47:08 <PaulS_laptop> 1d11
Feb 28 22:47:08 <CROM> PaulS_laptop: 7 (1d11=7)
Feb 28 22:47:23 <Pemander> "What are you morons /doing/?"
Feb 28 22:47:37 <Dexanote> Explain what you are doing, guys.
Feb 28 22:47:45 <Dexanote> Declare, rather
Feb 28 22:48:22 <Vorcha> Azazel is basically one step away from hugging Willowtree and is trying to get her to talk again.
Feb 28 22:48:28 <PaulS_laptop> Kyle is doing precisely what Scott asked. He's insuring they have some breathing room by establishing a firebreak just a hair inside the treeline. Doused in gasoline, then sparked up.
Feb 28 22:48:42 <PaulS_laptop> think "burning ring of fire" and less "let's start a firest fire"
Feb 28 22:49:51 <Dexanote> Alright. As you make your way around the clearing and establish a firebreak, the forest grows entirely too quiet. The trees lean back trying to avoid the fire. They flail like sea anenomes, almost, only much skinnier.
Feb 28 22:49:59 <Dexanote> ?/
Feb 28 22:50:02 <Pemander> Arianna is sitting in Eels
Feb 28 22:51:37 <Pemander> She gets out and stands on the hood.
Feb 28 22:51:57 <Vorcha> "Are you still there Willow?"
Feb 28 22:52:02 <Dexanote> "help me. its so dark. they hurt."
Feb 28 22:52:35 <PaulS_laptop> "Ari, can you get back into the truck, case we gotta go?"
Feb 28 22:52:43 <Vorcha> "Is there any way to bring you back?"
Feb 28 22:52:50 <Dexanote> Even though they're immobile, the trees seem to prowl the edge.
Feb 28 22:53:09 <Dexanote> "im in here. take me out. please."
Feb 28 22:53:26 <Dexanote> The figure shudders; the trees all lurch at once, and she goes still again.
Feb 28 22:53:33 <Vorcha> Azazel looks at the tree for any way to 'take her out'.
Feb 28 22:53:41 <Echo> «Dude, do whatever you're gonna do, it looks like it's about to get kinda sporty over here.»
Feb 28 22:53:52 <Vorcha> «We need to save her.»
Feb 28 22:54:03 <PaulS_laptop> «How do you propose we do /that/»
Feb 28 22:54:04 <Echo> «Save *what*? It's a tree.»
Feb 28 22:54:30 <Vorcha> "..Willow you're not the only one in this forest are you?"
Feb 28 22:55:55 <Dexanote> Azazel is close enough to see that the female figure seems to be more or less /encased/ in the tree, rather than wholly a part of it. He can barely make out the outline of one leg through the harsh bark.
Feb 28 22:56:24 <Dexanote> Who has Lore here? Or Scholarship: Occult or whatever
Feb 28 22:58:46 <Maddy> Not i
Feb 28 22:59:03 <PaulS_laptop> Kyle is no scholar
Feb 28 22:59:35 <Echo> «Azazel! Tell us what you see! Shit, if we're gonna get anythng done, you need to be our eyes!»
Feb 28 22:59:51 <Vorcha> «She's trapped in the tree, not part of it.»
Feb 28 23:00:03 <Dexanote> It's clear enough that there's a figure trapped in the wood. It'd be clearer and quicker if I could get five minutes to finish this.
Feb 28 23:00:18 <PaulS_laptop> «Dammit. After this, i'm putting a chainsaw in the truck»
Feb 28 23:00:34 <Dexanote> The forest lurks around you. Here and there, upturned roots begin putting out the cinderflames.
Feb 28 23:00:38 <Echo> «Can you reach?»
Feb 28 23:01:24 <PaulS_laptop> «uh, guys? Might want to make this quick.»
Feb 28 23:02:09 <Vorcha> Azazel attempts to reach for Willow
Feb 28 23:02:48 <Dexanote> Azazel will find that he can easily climb up to her. She's not so high up.
Feb 28 23:02:50 <Dexanote> Now…
Feb 28 23:03:00 <Dexanote> Everyone roll initiative.
Feb 28 23:03:52 <Pemander> 1d10
Feb 28 23:03:53 <CROM> Pemander: 1 (1d10=1)
Feb 28 23:03:53 <Echo> Roll a 1d10?
Feb 28 23:03:56 <Echo> 1d10
Feb 28 23:03:56 <CROM> Echo: 9 (1d10=9)
Feb 28 23:03:59 <Maddy> 1d10
Feb 28 23:04:00 <CROM> Maddy: 4 (1d10=4)
Feb 28 23:04:02 <Pemander> I'm so surprised.
Feb 28 23:04:02 <Vorcha> 1d10
Feb 28 23:04:03 <CROM> Vorcha: 10 (1d10=10)
Feb 28 23:04:07 <Vorcha> fuq yea
Feb 28 23:04:10 <PaulS_laptop> 1d10
Feb 28 23:04:10 <CROM> PaulS_laptop: 5 (1d10=5)
Feb 28 23:05:11 * Dexanote has kicked CROM from #AfterActionMission (Dexanote)
Feb 28 23:05:13 * CROM (~ac.lleb.lsd.D753146B-CRInys|tobeparg#ac.lleb.lsd.D753146B-CRInys|tobeparg) has joined #afteractionmission
Feb 28 23:05:20 <Dexanote> Alright.
Feb 28 23:06:41 <Dexanote> As Azazel climbs up (its quite easy, the willow's somewhat on a slant), the trees get Very Angry. Several fine fissures creep out under the firebreak, roots bursting through the ground like thin, thin tentacles. Branches burst from the roots, each bending and growing towards the group. At least three or four of these rootswarms close in from every side.
Feb 28 23:07:06 <Echo> "Fuck…"
Feb 28 23:07:07 <Dexanote> They do slow as they grow closer to the group, but raise up, readying themselves to strike down and impale. Everyone, in order, act
Feb 28 23:07:30 <Dexanote> You have a round before the attacks begin. Arrange yourselves to efficiently cut Willowtree out and fight off the thingers.
Feb 28 23:07:31 <PaulS_laptop> "Scott, grab some gas, start dumping."
Feb 28 23:07:48 <Vorcha> «She isn't the one doing this.»
Feb 28 23:08:11 <Vorcha> 4df+5 ath tagging VF for stronk. Attempt to pry Willow
Feb 28 23:08:11 <CROM> Vorcha: ath tagging VF for stronk. Attempt to pry Willow: 5 (4df+5=+, -, -, +)
Feb 28 23:08:40 <Echo> Evans makes with the idea and starts for the back of the Hummer, popping the truck again and slinging out cans of gas to Elle.
Feb 28 23:08:40 <Maddy> Elle hops up and starts grabbing gas cans
Feb 28 23:09:14 <Echo> "I'll grab you throw someody throw a fucking flare fuck shit goddamn HURRY THE FUCK UP AZAZEL FUCK"
Feb 28 23:09:22 <Dexanote> Your fingers find it extremely difficult to pry into the wood. It's surprisingly durable, and feels a bit slimy underneath.
Feb 28 23:09:30 <PaulS_laptop> 4df+4 Kyle, meanwhile, begins burninating.
Feb 28 23:09:30 <CROM> PaulS_laptop: Kyle, meanwhile, begins burninating.: 3 (4df+4=-, 0, 0, 0)
Feb 28 23:09:38 <PaulS_laptop> 1d11
Feb 28 23:09:39 <CROM> PaulS_laptop: 10 (1d11=10)
Feb 28 23:10:37 <Vorcha> «Arianna can you toss a knife to me?»
Feb 28 23:10:49 <Maddy> "Someone help him!" She's dousing everydamn thing with gas.
Feb 28 23:10:51 <Dexanote> The fire sputters; a stray spark bursts from tubing before sealing itself shut again. The flames are lacklustre, but give pause to a portion of the rootswarms.
Feb 28 23:11:44 <Echo> Evans strikes a magnesium road flare up and flings it out toward where Elle poured gas.
Feb 28 23:11:44 <Pemander> Arianna throws a knife to Azazel.
Feb 28 23:11:49 <Pemander> "Don't lose it."
Feb 28 23:11:52 <Pemander> "Those are important to me."
Feb 28 23:12:11 <Pemander> She also heads over to the willowtree to help Azazel lower the girl down once she is free.
Feb 28 23:14:17 <Dexanote> The gas had seeped through the ground with startling speed, almost soaked through like spilled juice soaks into a high quality paper towel. There's a pause as Evans' flare soars through the air, the roots seemingly following the flare as it goes.
Feb 28 23:15:47 <Dexanote> As it hits the ground, there's a moment of stillness, before a great WHOOSH. The ground itself explodes in a huge flare of oily, black smoke and orange fire. The fire travels down half of the roots, incinerating and jumping from tree to tree
Feb 28 23:16:25 <PaulS_laptop> «runnin' out of time here»
Feb 28 23:16:26 <Echo> "SHIT. That escalated quickly…"
Feb 28 23:16:37 <Dexanote> Meanwhile, Azazel carefully… does stuff. Describe how you're getting her out
Feb 28 23:17:08 * Sequence has quit (Ping timeout)
Feb 28 23:17:18 <Dexanote> Arianna, you may help as well.
Feb 28 23:17:21 <Vorcha> Azazel is /trying/ to pry Willow from the tree, using the knife and tree for more leverage.
Feb 28 23:18:02 <Pemander> Arianna grabs another knife and works at the other side of Willow.
Feb 28 23:18:07 <Pemander> She is being very careful not to cut the actual girl.
Feb 28 23:20:04 <Dexanote> You carefully cut through the bark, working around the waist and legs. The bark peels off wetly, like thick wet cardboard, exposing pale violet ooze and paler green flesh.
Feb 28 23:20:37 <Dexanote> Next round. Kyle, Scott, Elle, roll defense.
Feb 28 23:20:39 <Pemander> "Hey." She looks at Willow. "Can you try to wiggle free?"
Feb 28 23:21:44 <Maddy> 4df+3 O deer
Feb 28 23:21:45 <CROM> Maddy: O deer: 3 (4df+3=-, -, +, +)
Feb 28 23:21:52 <PaulS_laptop> 4df+3 Kyle is atop a truck, a fairly defensible position.
Feb 28 23:21:53 <CROM> PaulS_laptop: Kyle is atop a truck, a fairly defensible position.: 2 (4df+3=-, -, 0, +)
Feb 28 23:22:22 <Echo> 4df+4 Fuck me
Feb 28 23:22:22 <CROM> Echo: Fuck me: 3 (4df+4=0, 0, 0, -)
Feb 28 23:22:51 <Dexanote> "i can try." She tries to bend, cracking joints loudly. Her arms and neck are still largely covered in root, and her right leg is still mostly in the tree.
Feb 28 23:22:56 <Echo> Evans is still scrambling back to the Hummer after tossing the flare.
Feb 28 23:22:56 <Dexanote> FK
Feb 28 23:24:26 <Dexanote> 4df+4
Feb 28 23:24:33 <Dexanote> 4df+3
Feb 28 23:24:34 <CROM> Dexanote: 4 (4df+3=-, +, +, 0)
Feb 28 23:24:38 <Dexanote> sure
Feb 28 23:25:34 <Dexanote> The remaining roots curve around Kyle's lackluster flame, attempting to smash into you all. Evans is barely tripped- he's got moves. Kyle's tripped clumsily knocked over, because theyre trying REALLY HARD to stay away from the fire and can't impale him.. Elle is swept off her feet by the big black wood.
Feb 28 23:25:51 <Dexanote> wait i was confu- fuck it that's canon.
Feb 28 23:26:09 <Maddy> "Ooof!"
Feb 28 23:26:38 <Dexanote> Kyle's knocked over, winded badly. Elle falls on her ass and is lashed by the roots. Evans falls on his face. There.
Feb 28 23:26:44 <Dexanote> Okay. Now… Kyle.
Feb 28 23:26:49 <Echo> Evans stumbles, almost looking like he's going to make it for a few steps, faceplants for the third time in an hour, pushes up, and doubles back for Elle.
Feb 28 23:27:45 <Dexanote> Okay.
Feb 28 23:28:05 <Dexanote> Round 2. Azazel and Arianna, go now, pry her out. Other people, do something drastic.
Feb 28 23:28:11 <PaulS_laptop> Kyle gets himself up and remounts the flamethrower.
Feb 28 23:28:11 <PaulS_laptop> 4df+7 OTS. last AP. Kyle is targeting the roots at, well, the root. He's basically laying on the trigger
Feb 28 23:28:12 <CROM> PaulS_laptop: OTS. last AP. Kyle is targeting the roots at, well, the root. He's basically laying on the trigger: 9 (4df+7=0, 0, +, +)
Feb 28 23:28:16 <PaulS_laptop> 1d11
Feb 28 23:28:17 <CROM> PaulS_laptop: 9 (1d11=9)
Feb 28 23:29:18 <Pemander> Ari pulls off the last of the bark around Willow's legs.
Feb 28 23:29:25 <Maddy> 4df+4 Elle fires another concussife shot, attempting to blow th fire back through the trees and set more on fire and shit.
Feb 28 23:29:27 <CROM> Maddy: Elle fires another concussife shot, attempting to blow th fire back through the trees and set more on fire and shit.: 0 (4df+4=-, -, -, -)
Feb 28 23:30:26 <Echo> …
Feb 28 23:31:09 <Dexanote> The blast of flame slices through the air; I presume you meant that you're actually targetting the spot where the roots come out of the ground. IF SO, the blast arcs through the air, spraying deep into the earth; with a low howl, the roots in the air immediately stop everything, spasm, and burn from the inside out. The trees among the outer perimeter jolt violently enough to snap and shatter…
Feb 28 23:31:10 <Dexanote> …themselves, spurts of ash and cinders erupting from the trunks. This is Kyle's roll.
Feb 28 23:31:31 <Vorcha> Azazel is still working on the roots on Willow's neck and arms.
Feb 28 23:31:42 <Dexanote> Elle's gun explodes. It can be fixed in a week, but she's blown off her feet and tumbles, smashing against the willowtree.
Feb 28 23:31:50 <Maddy> "FUCK OFF"
Feb 28 23:31:59 <Maddy> >B(
Feb 28 23:32:08 <Pemander> "Serves you right for ruining my perfect mouth."
Feb 28 23:32:14 <Dexanote> Roll 1d10. If you roll a 1 you lose the same tooth ari did
Feb 28 23:32:15 <Pemander> Arianna is still working on that bark. She doesn't even look away.
Feb 28 23:32:19 <Echo> "*JESUS*. I JUST HELPED YOU UP." Evans doubles back again, grabbing a drag handle and hauling her toward the Hummer.
Feb 28 23:32:32 <Maddy> She goes all ocd and imediately tris to make sure she picks up all the- nope "Wait let go"
Feb 28 23:32:41 <Maddy> "I need that shit."
Feb 28 23:32:52 <Maddy> 1d10
Feb 28 23:32:54 <CROM> Maddy: 6 (1d10=6)
Feb 28 23:33:11 <Echo> "Gah, fuck." He lets lets go and runs back to the driver's seat.
Feb 28 23:33:19 <Dexanote> Ari and Azazel successfully peel Willow out of the tree, and peel the remaining bark off Willow. She looks like a very slight, very weak, very pale, slightly green girl with bright yellow-not blonde- hair. She is nude, but that doesn't matter right now.
Feb 28 23:33:35 <Pemander> Arianna hooks an arm underneath her armpit and gently pulls out.
Feb 28 23:33:42 <Maddy> Elle goes back to picking up all the pieces of her gun then goe back to the hummer
Feb 28 23:33:48 <PaulS_laptop> «Get her in the truck»
Feb 28 23:33:51 <Vorcha> "I'll take her back to the hummer, think you can cover us?"
Feb 28 23:34:00 <Pemander> "Me? With what?"
Feb 28 23:34:03 <Pemander> "Knives?!"
Feb 28 23:34:07 <Pemander> "Knives don't do /anything/ to trees!"
Feb 28 23:34:08 <Vorcha> Azazel hands her the knife. "Exactly."
Feb 28 23:34:15 <Pemander> Arianna sighs and facepalms.
Feb 28 23:34:20 <PaulS_laptop> «Ari, we need to go. Ground's clear if you /hurry/»
Feb 28 23:34:26 <Dexanote> the girl collapses, exhausted, unconscious.
Feb 28 23:34:31 <Vorcha> Azazel can hold Willow himself
Feb 28 23:34:56 <Pemander> "Whatever. Glory-hog."
Feb 28 23:35:02 <Pemander> She jogs back to Eels.
Feb 28 23:35:14 <Vorcha> Azazel follows Arianna with naked tree woman in tow.
Feb 28 23:35:18 <PaulS_laptop> "Hey, you saved the chick, not me"
Feb 28 23:35:20 <Dexanote> The chainreaction underground continues. The trees' roots combust and burn, one falling after another. Some further out try to actually uproot themselves and flee- they simplly fall and burn outwardly.
Feb 28 23:35:46 <Maddy> Elle is sitting in ther hummer grumbling about her gun
Feb 28 23:36:00 <Dexanote> The explosive brushfire Scott set off with the flare has largely annihilated the other half of the dark forest; the fires continue in their trunks, working their way underground.
Feb 28 23:36:28 <Echo> He looks over at Elle. "You get all your pieces?"
Feb 28 23:36:37 <Maddy> "Yeah."
Feb 28 23:36:38 <PaulS_laptop> «Not til it's deconned, anyway»
Feb 28 23:36:39 * TroyL (~ten.tenreitnorf.nt.lvkc.20rd.27F4D6B2-CRInys|LyorT#ten.tenreitnorf.nt.lvkc.20rd.27F4D6B2-CRInys|LyorT) has joined #afteractionmission
Feb 28 23:36:42 <Pemander> Ari hops into the driver's seet.
Feb 28 23:36:44 <Pemander> Seat.
Feb 28 23:36:53 <PaulS_laptop> "You good?" to Ari
Feb 28 23:37:01 <Dexanote> Before you evac, where is everybody.
Feb 28 23:37:07 <Dexanote> in the cars, rather
Feb 28 23:37:21 <PaulS_laptop> Kyle is still manning the flamethrower on Eels
Feb 28 23:37:22 <Vorcha> Azazel climbs onto the back of Eels'
Feb 28 23:38:21 <Echo> Evans is in the Hummer's driver seat.
Feb 28 23:38:50 <Dexanote> Got it.
Feb 28 23:38:55 <Dexanote> You may… flee.
Feb 28 23:39:26 <PaulS_laptop> «And now we run like bitches»
Feb 28 23:39:41 <Pemander> Arianna starts up Eels and heads the fuck out of there.
Feb 28 23:39:45 <Vorcha> «Not running away, strategic retreat.»
Feb 28 23:39:53 <Pemander> «You owe me for the tooth, Elle. You. Owe. Me.»
Feb 28 23:40:01 <Maddy> «Whatever.»
Feb 28 23:40:05 <Vorcha> Azazel removes his shirt and clothes treewoman
Feb 28 23:40:18 <Echo> «Calm down, she kept your ass from getting hauled off.»
Feb 28 23:40:34 <Pemander> «Hauled off /here/? THIS IS WHERE WE ENDED UP ANYWAY.»
Feb 28 23:40:40 <Dexanote> The path you took to get here is reasonably clear. It's also neatly divided on either side; on the right, Kyle's fire-root-holocaust; on the left, Brushfire Bonanza.
Feb 28 23:40:57 <Pemander> «You knocked the shit out of everyone in Eels for absolutely nothing.»
Feb 28 23:41:16 <Echo> «We didn't know that at the time. You could have been getting dragged off to fucking Syria or some shit for all we knew.»
Feb 28 23:41:27 <Maddy> "Right cause I could have possibly know the outcome of them being carried off." she mumbles under her breath.
Feb 28 23:41:31 <Vorcha> «Something happened to trap her in that tree and make the roots freak out, I think it's a safe bet that you weren't going to her.»
Feb 28 23:41:33 <Pemander> «At least in Syria I wouldn't have lost a fucking tooth.»
Feb 28 23:41:42 <Echo> "Elle, hold the wheel."
Feb 28 23:42:28 <Maddy> She does so
Feb 28 23:42:32 <Echo> Evans takes a minute to situate the radio, then keeps arguing.
Feb 28 23:43:41 <PaulS_laptop> «Those flowers. gotta be»
Feb 28 23:43:47 <Echo> «She was trying to keep you from getting hauled off to plague forest city. And *I* was trying to ram you free. If we'd sat still and got snatched, then we'd have been out both vehicles, and y'all *still* would be getting hauled off.»
Feb 28 23:44:13 <PaulS_laptop> «Thank you for getting us down. My solution? Not much prettier.»
Feb 28 23:44:22 <Pemander> «The roots weren't carrying us that fast. We could have just fucking bailed out.»
Feb 28 23:44:39 <Maddy> «Dont mke me turn this Hummer around.»
Feb 28 23:44:41 <Vorcha> «Let's just get back to the station.»
Feb 28 23:44:46 <Echo> «And lost Eels for good? Tell her kyle.»
Feb 28 23:44:50 <PaulS_laptop> «No way I was bailing»
Feb 28 23:44:54 <Pemander> «It's a fucking vehicle! Big deal!»
Feb 28 23:44:58 <PaulS_laptop> «Styer'd kill me, and I'd kill me»
Feb 28 23:45:11 <Echo> He smirks in the privacy of the Hummer's cab. «Eels is a valuable tactical asset.»
Feb 28 23:45:22 <Pemander> «Your face is a valuable tactical asset.»
Feb 28 23:45:27 <Pemander> «For attracting…ugly things. Dick.»
Feb 28 23:45:29 <Echo> «Love ya, Ari.»
Feb 28 23:45:30 <PaulS_laptop> «can't carry us all in eve and the trailer, anyway»
Feb 28 23:45:41 <Maddy> Is Eels behind the hummer or in front?
Feb 28 23:45:42 <Echo> He turns the radio off and takes the wheel.
Feb 28 23:45:55 <Echo> Behind.
Feb 28 23:46:13 <Vorcha> "Kyle what are we going to do with her?"
Feb 28 23:46:19 <PaulS_laptop> «Lead vehicle, am I clear to insure this mess burns?»
Feb 28 23:46:31 <PaulS_laptop> "I have no idea. Is she conscious?"
Feb 28 23:46:55 <Maddy> «Yeah sure.»
Feb 28 23:47:07 <Maddy> Elle commences gunfix
Feb 28 23:47:11 <Dexanote> You arrive at the highway, and head off back the way you came. The sun begins to set; it turns out the pumpkin waypoints were actually jack-o-lanterns. You missed the faces because they faced the wrong way. Soon, you return to #Afteraction