Corruption Reborn

Jun 23 21:44:43 <Vorcha> U475 has breached the knob-ed portal
Jun 23 21:44:57 <MonkeyBomb> Brock goes too, ready for trouble.
Jun 23 21:45:09 <Devereaux> Dax follows along uneasily.
Jun 23 21:45:09 * Arag (~moc.rr.ser.xtas.4E29B28E-CRInys|araG#moc.rr.ser.xtas.4E29B28E-CRInys|araG) has joined #afteractionmission
Jun 23 21:45:30 <Arag> John Doors.
Jun 23 21:46:49 <Echo> Mitchell's already made his way through. His rifle's up, ready and waiting for trouble on the other side.
Jun 23 21:47:32 <Maddy> The orchard itself looks all well and good, however, there are more of the woodsprites standing hand in hand along the edge of the forest.
Jun 23 21:47:38 <Maddy> They're all facing away from you.
Jun 23 21:49:06 <MonkeyBomb> "…."
Jun 23 21:49:17 <Devereaux> Dax just watches.
Jun 23 21:49:26 <Echo> Do they look like the ones that fucked Mitchell up before?
Jun 23 21:49:29 <Echo> All sickly?
Jun 23 21:49:53 <DrSavage> Kevin doors.
Jun 23 21:49:54 <Maddy> Yes, but they're very much not even responding to your presence.
Jun 23 21:50:34 <Arag> "… Huh."
Jun 23 21:50:39 <Vorcha> "Quietly. Curious. Should I deploy JACS for closer surveillance?"
Jun 23 21:50:57 <Echo> Mitchell drops to the prone, aiming in at them. "Guys, get down. These are the kind that kicked my a-t's a great idea."
Jun 23 21:51:33 <Vorcha> U475 nods. His back panels slide out and birdbot whirrs to life.
Jun 23 21:51:36 <Arag> John gets down!
Jun 23 21:51:47 <Devereaux> Dax drops down.
Jun 23 21:52:00 <MonkeyBomb> Brock gets down, and watches in amazement as this sick-ass bot dude produce a mini-drone.
Jun 23 21:52:30 * Savage (~androirc@608C2BF4:9832555B:566F3298:IP) has joined #afteractionmission
Jun 23 21:52:46 <DrSavage> Kevin gets down.
Jun 23 21:53:32 <Maddy> Twiggy hops back and forth from foot to foot.
Jun 23 21:54:06 <Vorcha> JACS attempts to approach the sprites from above!
Jun 23 21:55:19 <Maddy> A couple look at it when it's aboce them but otherwise theydont seem to care.
Jun 23 21:56:05 <Vorcha> Anything noticeably wrongs with 'em? Anything noticeably wrongs with them occult knowings wise?
Jun 23 21:58:21 <Maddy> They looks rotted and disased, but you could tell that from where you were.
Jun 23 21:58:50 <Vorcha> "Cautiously. They do not seem hostile. Simply.. Ambivalent."
Jun 23 21:58:58 <Devereaux> "So, what do we do?
Jun 23 21:58:59 <Devereaux> "
Jun 23 22:05:12 <Devereaux> "Should we just, ummm, approach them?"
Jun 23 22:05:53 <Vorcha> JACS beeps at the sprites to get their attention. BEEP BEPP BEPP BEEP
Jun 23 22:06:15 <Maddy> They look up again and chime back with bell sounds.
Jun 23 22:08:25 <Vorcha> Is there any way for U475 or JACS to infer a beep to chime language bridge
Jun 23 22:08:36 <Maddy> no
Jun 23 22:08:49 <Vorcha> well then BEPP BEPP BEPP BEEP to those nerds.
Jun 23 22:10:57 <Echo> Mitchell moves up after this display. They're apparently not going to freak out.
Jun 23 22:11:23 <Maddy> When he gets closer, they actually part a little to let him through, into the woods.
Jun 23 22:12:06 <Vorcha> The two robros follow Mitchell
Jun 23 22:12:15 <Arag> John follows him, frowning at the things
Jun 23 22:12:43 <Devereaux> Dax follows.
Jun 23 22:13:11 <Echo> "…" Mitchell snaps his fingers in front of one of the sickly sprites. "Hello?"
Jun 23 22:13:28 <Maddy> They chime half heartedly but dont really engage.
Jun 23 22:13:52 <Vorcha> U475 kneels down and offers a hand to one with some friendly beeping.
Jun 23 22:14:00 <Maddy> They ignore him.
Jun 23 22:14:13 <Vorcha> :<
Jun 23 22:14:39 <Echo> Mitchell keeps moving into the woods, looking around for Twiggy. "This way?"
Jun 23 22:15:06 <Maddy> Twiggy shrugs, he doesn't know what;s going on,
Jun 23 22:18:49 <Vorcha> U475 stands up, disheartened.
Jun 23 22:19:30 <Arag> "Well, uh."
Jun 23 22:20:05 * Savage has quit (Quit: AndroIRC - Android IRC Client ( ))
Jun 23 22:20:36 <DrSavage> "What are they doing?"
Jun 23 22:23:17 <Echo> Deeper into the woods, Mitchell keeps walking, looking back now and again to see who's with him. "This way, Twiggy?"
Jun 23 22:23:57 <MonkeyBomb> Brock is following.
Jun 23 22:23:58 <Maddy> The other sprites wont let Twiggy past
Jun 23 22:24:17 <Vorcha> "Inquiry. Twiggy, does the ailment lead to catatonic states?"
Jun 23 22:24:27 <Maddy> They close ranks again once everyone is in the woods.
Jun 23 22:28:13 <Arag> "Great."
Jun 23 22:29:25 <Maddy> The forest is dark and silent. It's deceptively cold the deeper you get in, and all the sound around you is deadened.
Jun 23 22:29:52 <DrSavage> Kevin looks concerned.
Jun 23 22:30:02 <Vorcha> U475 looks like he has a camera for a face
Jun 23 22:30:39 <Echo> Mitchell stops and takes a knee, looking around. "Twiggy, come here."
Jun 23 22:30:53 <Maddy> <Maddy> The other sprites wont let Twiggy past
Jun 23 22:31:27 <Echo> Sorry
Jun 23 22:31:48 <Maddy> Who's up front?
Jun 23 22:32:03 <Echo> Mitchell!
Jun 23 22:32:14 <Maddy> Agility or physdef.
Jun 23 22:32:24 <Echo> Asskicked by sprites extraordin- fuck
Jun 23 22:32:28 <Echo> 4df+3
Jun 23 22:32:29 <CROM> Echo: 5 (4df+3=0, 0, +, +)
Jun 23 22:32:35 <Maddy> Which as that
Jun 23 22:32:41 <Echo> pdef!
Jun 23 22:33:14 <Maddy> A branch comes crashing down, narrowly missing Mitchell's face.
Jun 23 22:33:46 <Echo> He rolls and lands on his back, aiming his weapon up into the tree above!
Jun 23 22:34:21 <Maddy> There's nothing there,
Jun 23 22:34:37 <Arag> "Probably nothin?"
Jun 23 22:34:51 <Arag> John sounds /so/ hopeful.
Jun 23 22:35:12 <Vorcha> U475 looks at Mitchell. "Jokingly. We should leaf."
Jun 23 22:36:06 <Echo> "Nah, it's cool." He pushes himself up, dusts some leaves off his butt, and starts walking again. "Whatever's got Twiggy an' those others freakin' out must be this way."
Jun 23 22:36:26 <Devereaux> "Yeah."
Jun 23 22:36:48 <DrSavage> Kevin looks around, before grinning.
Jun 23 22:36:58 <Vorcha> "Warning. In case of aggression, this unit is not built for combat."
Jun 23 22:37:15 <Echo> "This one is. Don't worry."
Jun 23 22:37:30 <Maddy> As they head in that direction, there's the sound of creaking trees, like they're thretening to fall right over.
Jun 23 22:37:54 <Vorcha> Are the trees like noticeably swaying towards them or some dum stuff
Jun 23 22:37:55 <Arag> "Yeah, just stay behind me and Mitchell. Be careful, I can't fix you."
Jun 23 22:37:57 <Echo> 4df+4 Perception. Do they look rotted, or like the trees themselves are fucked up?
Jun 23 22:37:58 <CROM> Echo: Perception. Do they look rotted, or like the trees themselves are fucked up?: 2 (4df+4=0, 0, -, -)
Jun 23 22:38:27 <Maddy> As you get deeper, yes, but right here, they really shouldn't just be falling over.
Jun 23 22:39:10 <Echo> If there's a safe path around the decrepit trees, Mitchell tries leading them around through it. Otherwise, he's just going to kinda haul ass past them.
Jun 23 22:39:13 <Vorcha> U475 cautiously taps a tree with his metal fist. tap tap tap
Jun 23 22:39:24 <Maddy> Hauling ass is probably your best bet.
Jun 23 22:40:10 <Devereaux> Dax just follows Mitchell. Dax trusts Mitchell.
Jun 23 22:40:27 <Echo> "These things look like they're about to fall the fuck over." As he passes one, he kinda slows down, just a bit, spinning to look it as he walks.
Jun 23 22:40:48 <Vorcha> Brobot and birdbro follow Mitchell. If anything hurts them it's his fault anyways.
Jun 23 22:40:48 <Maddy> It starts to tip as you pass it…anyone following might wanna hussle.
Jun 23 22:41:33 <Arag> John hurrys up.
Jun 23 22:41:39 <Devereaux> Dax runs forward.
Jun 23 22:42:06 <Maddy> It crashes just as you pass, missing too narrowly to be a coincidence.
Jun 23 22:42:57 <Vorcha> Okay U475 is way to curious to just let it be. He goes check the roots.
Jun 23 22:43:10 <Echo> Oooh, good idea.
Jun 23 22:43:15 <Maddy> They're rotted.
Jun 23 22:43:22 <Devereaux> Dax is really uneasy.
Jun 23 22:43:32 <Vorcha> Is this one of the healthier looking trees?
Jun 23 22:43:40 <Maddy> The trees around you still creek threateningly.
Jun 23 22:43:42 <Vorcha> We're still relatively early in the forest after all
Jun 23 22:44:03 <Maddy> its ok I guess
Jun 23 22:44:09 <Echo> 4df+4 Mitchell stops by the fallen tree. At least it's safe right there, hopefully. He listens, trying to figure out if they're alone or not out here.
Jun 23 22:44:09 <CROM> Echo: Mitchell stops by the fallen tree. At least it's safe right there, hopefully. He listens, trying to figure out if they're alone or not out here.: 6 (4df+4=+, -, +, +)
Jun 23 22:44:18 <Vorcha> "Curious. The roots are far more rotten than the rest of the tree."
Jun 23 22:44:42 <Echo> "Somethin' in the dirt, maybe? Recent?"
Jun 23 22:44:46 <Maddy> Everyone, agil or pdef
Jun 23 22:44:50 <Maddy> tell me which you do
Jun 23 22:45:09 <Echo> 4df+4 Pdef. Uh oh.
Jun 23 22:45:10 <CROM> Echo: Pdef. Uh oh.: 6 (4df+4=+, +, 0, 0)
Jun 23 22:45:21 <Vorcha> 4df+3 agility for brobot
Jun 23 22:45:23 <CROM> Vorcha: agility for brobot: 3 (4df+3=0, -, 0, +)
Jun 23 22:45:29 <Vorcha> 4df+3 and agility for birdbot
Jun 23 22:45:29 <CROM> Vorcha: and agility for birdbot: 0 (4df+3=-, -, -, 0)
Jun 23 22:45:32 <Vorcha> :<
Jun 23 22:45:41 <Devereaux> 4df+3 Agility because Dax is a scrawny motherfucker
Jun 23 22:45:42 <CROM> Devereaux: Agility because Dax is a scrawny motherfucker: 0 (4df+3=0, -, -, -)
Jun 23 22:45:47 <Devereaux> …
Jun 23 22:46:34 <Arag> 4df+2 Pdef
Jun 23 22:46:35 <CROM> Arag: Pdef: 1 (4df+2=-, 0, +, -)
Jun 23 22:46:53 <Vorcha> A+
Jun 23 22:46:56 <Vorcha> We all win
Jun 23 22:47:01 * Arag is now known as Gara
Jun 23 22:48:34 <Maddy> The tree falls, Mitchell and 475 manage to get out or the way or be standing on a better spot and don't get hurt, Dax, John, and JACS get hit, with JACS and Dax getting pinned. -1 body to anyone who got hit with a tree.
Jun 23 22:49:06 <Gara> "Ow shit. Fuckin tree."
Jun 23 22:49:24 <Vorcha> "Great Worry." He looks at Mitchell and fidgets hard. "JACS is primary defense."
Jun 23 22:49:24 <Maddy> After the crashing horrible sound has stopped.
Jun 23 22:49:33 <Maddy> Then you hear the laughter.
Jun 23 22:49:37 <Echo> "Gah, fuck!" Mitchell runs over to Dax's tree. "John, help me out! U, get over here!"
Jun 23 22:50:00 <Vorcha> U475 runs to help already Mitchell he is literally /under/ the tree in most ways.
Jun 23 22:50:20 <Maddy> A hateful, malicious laugh comes from deeper in the woods.
Jun 23 22:50:27 <Gara> "Um. I'd rather see what the fuck that is. Standby." John rises his rifle, and backs towards the group.
Jun 23 22:50:30 <Devereaux> "Fuck nature!"
Jun 23 22:50:33 <Maddy> It's like Malicifent from Sleeping Beauty.
Jun 23 22:50:33 <DrSavage> Kevin looks further in, crossing his arms. "Not very kind of you!"
Jun 23 22:50:57 <Maddy> DrSavage, late roll
Jun 23 22:52:56 <Echo> Mitchell tries to leverage the tree up and off of Dax with U's assistance.
Jun 23 22:53:00 <DrSavage> 4df+2
Jun 23 22:53:01 <CROM> DrSavage: 2 (4df+2=0, -, 0, +)
Jun 23 22:53:06 <Echo> It wouldn't be great to exactly roll the thing off him.
Jun 23 22:53:12 <Maddy> yeah you got hit by the tree too
Jun 23 22:53:17 <Maddy> -1 body
Jun 23 22:53:28 <Devereaux> Dax would try to push, but there's a fucking tree on his arms.
Jun 23 22:53:53 <Gara> "Okay. So, we lift and they move?"
Jun 23 22:54:13 <Maddy> The laughter is staying in one place
Jun 23 22:54:16 <DrSavage> Kevin winces, holding his side a bit.
Jun 23 22:54:30 <Maddy> howere theres trees crashing behind you
Jun 23 22:54:30 <Vorcha> U475 just kind of watches Mitchell. "Apologetically. This unit cannot lift. Urgently. Please suggest other means of assistance."
Jun 23 22:54:39 <Maddy> the crashing is getting closer.
Jun 23 22:55:13 <Devereaux> Dax is looking displeased at his continued presence under a big fucking woody rot pile.
Jun 23 22:55:33 <Echo> "Try to get your little drone out! I got Dax! John! Gimme a fuckin' hand!"
Jun 23 22:55:44 <Maddy> Crash
Jun 23 22:55:47 <Maddy> Crash
Jun 23 22:55:50 <Maddy> Crash
Jun 23 22:55:57 <Maddy> that last one was really clsoe.
Jun 23 22:56:04 <Gara> John goes to give him a hand! He gets his hands under the tree, and gets ready to try to lift!
Jun 23 22:56:18 <Echo> Can they get it off of Dax?
Jun 23 22:56:20 <Maddy> Roll str, both of you
Jun 23 22:56:50 <Echo> 4df+5 Tagging Hearts and Minds! Save the civvie!
Jun 23 22:56:51 <CROM> Echo: Tagging Hearts and Minds! Save the civvie!: 7 (4df+5=+, +, 0, 0)
Jun 23 22:56:56 <Gara> 4df+2 HUgh!
Jun 23 22:56:57 <CROM> Gara: HUgh!: 3 (4df+2=-, +, +, 0)
Jun 23 22:57:04 <Maddy> You lift it!
Jun 23 22:57:11 <Devereaux> Dax rolls out.
Jun 23 22:57:18 <Maddy> The laughter continues.
Jun 23 22:57:25 <Echo> With a mighty effort, Mitchell squares off and lifts, then gives the thing a massive shove, pushing the tree away.
Jun 23 22:57:41 <Gara> "Okay. Great. Lets get the fuck out.'
Jun 23 22:57:43 <Devereaux> "Who the fuck finds this shit funny?"
Jun 23 22:57:51 <Maddy> CRASH! A tree comes down RIGHt where Dax just was. Assumadly JACS got out too
Jun 23 22:57:52 <Echo> "We gotta help the little bot."
Jun 23 22:58:01 <Echo> Or not!
Jun 23 22:58:12 <Gara> "We're good lets go."
Jun 23 22:58:16 <Echo> Mitchell starts hauling ass! Civvie's safe for now! Gotta get away from the crashing!
Jun 23 22:58:32 <Devereaux> Dax is in pain but follows.
Jun 23 22:58:34 <DrSavage> Kevin hauls ass toooo
Jun 23 22:58:39 <Vorcha> U475 begins cleaning JACS off. "Angrily. Recompense shall be sought."
Jun 23 22:58:51 <Vorcha> He hauls roboass. Chas.
Jun 23 22:58:52 <Devereaux> "475, is JACS broken?"
Jun 23 22:58:57 <Maddy> There's a clearing ahead.
Jun 23 22:59:25 <Echo> "There! We get there, and ain't gonna be shit fallin' on us!"
Jun 23 22:59:26 <Gara> "Okay, good, we should be safer there."
Jun 23 22:59:30 <Vorcha> "Negative. Sadly. This unit has no way of repairing damages sadly."
Jun 23 23:00:38 <Devereaux> "475, before the event, I was an aeronautics engineer. I might be able to try to get JACS working again."
Jun 23 23:00:51 <Maddy> As they make the clearing, the crashing stops behind them. In the clearing, eerily lit by the moon, there's what looks like a giant rotting pinecone.
Jun 23 23:01:26 <Devereaux> Dax stops once he sees the pinecone and stares straight ahead.
Jun 23 23:01:35 <Echo> "… uhhhh… that looks weird enough that it might be what Twiggy was flippin' over…"
Jun 23 23:01:45 <Gara> "yeah."
Jun 23 23:01:53 <Gara> John sighs. Bad times.
Jun 23 23:01:59 <Devereaux> Dax nods slowly.
Jun 23 23:02:39 <Maddy> I between the tabs, or whatever it is you call the bits where the seeds usualy are, you can see more sprites that look like they're in some stage of developement, but theyre ill looking. The laugher gets closeer, a the source rounds from behind the pinecone
Jun 23 23:02:59 <Vorcha> U475 approaches it cautiously. He intends to observe it, and hopefully not get shot by his companions if fit hits the shan.
Jun 23 23:03:31 <Devereaux> "Anyone else want to go murder the laughing asshole?"
Jun 23 23:03:34 <Echo> Mitchell moves off to the side, keeping about 90 degrees off from U475's position. "Be ready to get outta the way in a hurry, U."
Jun 23 23:03:57 <Maddy> This lady comes around from the other side.
Jun 23 23:04:07 <DrSavage> "Why are you doing this?" Kevin steps forward, hands behind his back, a smile on his face.
Jun 23 23:04:12 <Maddy> "Ohh, that was fun, you are fun."
Jun 23 23:04:28 <Echo> "Don't… don't antagonize."
Jun 23 23:04:44 <Devereaux> Dax points his knife at her. "You think dropping trees on people is funny?"
Jun 23 23:04:48 <Echo> Mitchell's talking to Kevin. "We don't need a fight."
Jun 23 23:05:27 <Vorcha> "Inquiry. Purpose of hostilities? Assumption. Game, test, or antagonizing?" He whirrs at her bitterly, since he's apparently the closest one to her.
Jun 23 23:05:56 <Maddy> "It got you here, didn't it?" She grins. "I've been hoping for a new meal, these littles were getting bland." she caresses the pinecone lovingly, and it rots a little mroe at her touch.
Jun 23 23:06:28 <Echo> Mitchell keeps circling around, moving behind the lady.
Jun 23 23:06:54 <Maddy> "I didn't mean to damage you, however." she looks at Dax. "Allow me to make up for it."
Jun 23 23:07:08 <Gara> "I think we're good."
Jun 23 23:07:12 <DrSavage> "Not antagonizing, only curious."
Jun 23 23:07:12 <Devereaux> "Ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, how?"
Jun 23 23:07:30 <Gara> 4df+4 I FIX DAX, ROLL WOUND IN OPPOSITION.
Jun 23 23:07:31 <CROM> Gara: I FIX DAX, ROLL WOUND IN OPPOSITION.: 2 (4df+4=-, -, +, -)
Jun 23 23:07:56 <Vorcha> "Nonplussed. There are better ways to attract attention than outright assault. Inquiring. You intend to consume the organics? That would be detrimental to their living."
Jun 23 23:08:45 <Devereaux> 4df+1 Am I doing this right?
Jun 23 23:08:46 <CROM> Devereaux: Am I doing this right?: -1 (4df+1=0, -, 0, -)
Jun 23 23:08:52 <Maddy> Yay you heal.
Jun 23 23:08:56 <Maddy> However.
Jun 23 23:11:07 <Maddy> Lilith grimaces agrily. "I will enjoy corrupting that trick. I will do it slowly." Apparently something you did struck a nerve as she moves impossibly fast, her hands become grotesque, rotting claws of sinew nd bone.
Jun 23 23:11:13 <Maddy> Dax
Jun 23 23:11:22 <Maddy> You get one line vefore you're skewerd.
Jun 23 23:11:24 <Maddy> Make it good
Jun 23 23:11:31 <Maddy> Say something cool
Jun 23 23:12:53 <Vorcha> B-
Jun 23 23:13:11 <Maddy> Her claws peirce him in several places, and she lifts him from the ground, anyone who's played ME3 MP knows the deal.
Jun 23 23:13:36 <Maddy> Its a terrifying experience, Dax, but surprisingly painless.
Jun 23 23:13:48 <Vorcha> Shit U475 needed to be bigger for this fight.
Jun 23 23:13:57 <Maddy> Everyone else, however doesn't knwo this, as they watch your body rapidly rot before their eyes.
Jun 23 23:15:20 <Maddy> Luckily, when she kills in anger, everything about your soul, your spirit, it stays intact, she's too angry to feed.
Jun 23 23:15:58 <Maddy> She tosses what's left aside. "Look- what-…" she gasps for air, obviously that particular trick takes a lot out of her.
Jun 23 23:16:19 <Echo> Mitchell's not occupied by watching. There's no time to stand there and gawk. He starts walking toward the lady, rifle up in his shoulder. Ah, and perfect, she's exhausted.
Jun 23 23:16:31 <Maddy> "….hungry!" she whines, almost sexualy, it's really weird.
Jun 23 23:16:32 <Echo> Spending an AP on Run and Gun.
Jun 23 23:16:32 <Vorcha> U475 lifts his arms and approaches her. "Cautiously. Mitchell do not engage."
Jun 23 23:16:33 <Maddy> your go
Jun 23 23:17:00 <Echo> 4df+4 He starts ripping away with the rifle, single shots at first, aimed at her torso, then…
Jun 23 23:17:01 <CROM> Echo: He starts ripping away with the rifle, single shots at first, aimed at her torso, then…: 5 (4df+4=+, 0, -, +)
Jun 23 23:17:22 <DrSavage> Kevin frowns, that was a terrible thing you did.
Jun 23 23:17:27 <Echo> 4df+4 clicks the selector over to auto, dumping the rest of his magazine up her back, neck, and head.
Jun 23 23:17:28 <CROM> Echo: clicks the selector over to auto, dumping the rest of his magazine up her back, neck, and head.: 2 (4df+4=0, -, -, 0)
Jun 23 23:17:44 <Gara> 4df+5 Tagging Keep the Peace and opening fire. Full auto into the chest.
Jun 23 23:17:45 <CROM> Gara: Tagging Keep the Peace and opening fire. Full auto into the chest.: 4 (4df+5=-, 0, -, +)
Jun 23 23:18:15 <Vorcha> 4df+5 Tagging Defense protocol. Apparently Lilith triggered JACS targeting system. Wonder how.
Jun 23 23:18:16 <CROM> Vorcha: Tagging Defense protocol. Apparently Lilith triggered JACS targeting system. Wonder how.: 3 (4df+5=-, +, -, -)
Jun 23 23:18:24 <Vorcha> fuq u crumb
Jun 23 23:18:24 <Maddy> 4df+3 frst mitchell attack
Jun 23 23:18:25 <CROM> Maddy: frst mitchell attack: 0 (4df+3=-, 0, -, -)
Jun 23 23:18:31 <Maddy> 4df+3 second
Jun 23 23:18:32 <CROM> Maddy: second: 3 (4df+3=-, +, +, -)
Jun 23 23:18:48 <Maddy> 4df+3 Johntron
Jun 23 23:18:49 <CROM> Maddy: Johntron: 3 (4df+3=-, 0, +, 0)
Jun 23 23:18:58 <Echo> Spending last AP for reroll on that attack. Alpha Strike.
Jun 23 23:19:00 <Echo> 4df+4
Jun 23 23:19:01 <Maddy> 4df+3 BIRD BOT
Jun 23 23:19:01 <CROM> Echo: 7 (4df+4=+, +, +, 0)
Jun 23 23:19:02 <CROM> Maddy: BIRD BOT: 5 (4df+3=0, 0, +, +)
Jun 23 23:19:11 <Maddy> 4df+3 fu guys
Jun 23 23:19:12 <CROM> Maddy: fu guys: 4 (4df+3=+, 0, 0, 0)
Jun 23 23:19:24 <Maddy> Holy shit someone add that shit up for me
Jun 23 23:19:29 <Maddy> is it more than 8?
Jun 23 23:19:44 <Vorcha> John's was 4 alone
Jun 23 23:19:51 <Devereaux> Yes..
Jun 23 23:19:51 <Echo> Jason dropped 6 total.
Jun 23 23:19:53 <Vorcha> +2 from Echo's gun
Jun 23 23:19:58 <Maddy> JASON'S IN CANADA
Jun 23 23:19:59 <Gara> 10? Yeah.
Jun 23 23:19:59 <Vorcha> so 10?
Jun 23 23:20:03 <Echo> Errr
Jun 23 23:20:05 <Devereaux> That's hella overkill.
Jun 23 23:20:05 <Echo> Mitchelkl
Jun 23 23:20:37 <Maddy> Her body is just riddled with boolet and she screeches, apparently not prepared for an actual fight.
Jun 23 23:21:17 <Vorcha> "Agitated. Mitchell. This unit almost received damage. Was attempting to engage in conversation."
Jun 23 23:21:23 <Echo> As soon as the bolt locks back, Mitchell drops the rifle, letting his sling catch it, and draws his handgun.
Jun 23 23:21:31 <Maddy> She starts to melt, cursing at you in some old ass sounding language.
Jun 23 23:21:56 <Echo> He starts opening fire into the melting mass, firing out fifteen rounds into her decaying body.
Jun 23 23:21:58 * Tox|Work (artsuhtaraz.hc|rps.suht#artsuhtaraz.hc|rps.suht) has joined #afteractionmission
Jun 23 23:22:11 <Maddy> Soon, there is nothing left but the shimmering green vines that once covered her.
Jun 23 23:22:17 <Maddy> Though they don't looks as sick now.
Jun 23 23:22:35 <Vorcha> U475 picks up the vines ASSUMING MITCHELL STOPS SHOOTING IN HIS GENERAL DIRECTION
Jun 23 23:22:44 <Maddy> Come to think of it, neither does the pinecone, the rotting parts start to peel away.
Jun 23 23:22:53 <Gara> John immediately makes his way to the decayed Dax corpse, and kneels by it. He tries to feel for the soul, to try to recall it.
Jun 23 23:23:53 <Maddy> 475, the vines wrap around your hand a little, and you somehow, and this may be startling to a robot, you feel a sence of protection come over you.
Jun 23 23:24:06 <Gara> He closes his eyes, totally ignoring the vines over there.
Jun 23 23:24:20 <Maddy> The feeling seems to be asking permission, in a soft voice, almost like bells, to protect you.
Jun 23 23:24:43 <Vorcha> "Politely. Protection would be appreciated for this unit." He's just kinda talking out loud.
Jun 23 23:24:55 <Maddy> John feels…a strange sence of peace from the body, almost like someone has already taking this soul to someplace else.
Jun 23 23:24:57 <Echo> Mitchell stares at the melted mass he was shooting, then looks over at the body by John's feet. For a few moments, he just stands there, staring, then angrily whips his pistol out that thataway somewhere, punching at the air.
Jun 23 23:25:14 <Echo> "*FUCK*. *GOD* *FUCKING* *DAMNIT*."
Jun 23 23:25:22 <Maddy> 475, as you grant permission, the vines expand over you much like they were on Lilith.
Jun 23 23:25:28 <Gara> "He's been claimed."
Jun 23 23:25:29 <Echo> He pulls the slung rifle off and launches it as well.
Jun 23 23:25:57 <Vorcha> "Curiously. What is the nature of your intelligence?" He's talking to plants you guys.
Jun 23 23:25:57 <Maddy> You feel like you could take a hit before actually taking damage now.
Jun 23 23:26:12 <Echo> "NO. *Bullshit*. Do your thing, John." He points at the man. "Do it."
Jun 23 23:26:46 <Maddy> The vines just give a feeling of warmth, and peace. No real words, jsut apreciation.
Jun 23 23:26:58 <Gara> "No, Mitchell. He's been claimed, and he's going in peace. I refuse to force him back. It's not my choice."
Jun 23 23:27:15 <Echo> "Claim- what the fuck is this 'claimed' bullshit?"
Jun 23 23:27:27 <Vorcha> "Friendly. Do you have a name?" He's super distracted
Jun 23 23:27:35 <Gara> "Okay. So. His soul is already moving on."
Jun 23 23:28:13 <Gara> "Claimed isn't the best way to put it, but it's what I have. What I do, I grab the soul and shove it, kicking and screaming, back in the body. If he's already on his way, I'm not going to do it."
Jun 23 23:28:23 <Maddy> For a second, you can feel all the life in the forest. If you could find the name of where you are, that's probably as close to a name as you will get.
Jun 23 23:28:48 <Echo> Mitchell stares at him, his features more than a little agitated. "So that's… what." That last elicits a sort of unhinged sounding little chuckle. "We just say fuck it an' don't bother?"
Jun 23 23:28:59 <Vorcha> He nods and goes check on the pinecone. He kind of feels obligated to check out all of the little developing sprites.
Jun 23 23:29:28 <Gara> "No, Mitchell. It's not about bothering or not. It's about the fact that it's not my decision to make, /especially/ if he's already moving on."
Jun 23 23:29:55 <Gara> "And the fact that I don't want to piss off powers at be."
Jun 23 23:30:00 <Maddy> The sprites look much more healthy! :D
Jun 23 23:30:22 <Vorcha> He brushes off any residual rotting cone stuff.
Jun 23 23:30:26 <Maddy> Infact there's a happy bell sound, just barely perceptible from each of them.
Jun 23 23:30:34 <Maddy> Like bell snoring.
Jun 23 23:30:49 <DrSavage> "Let Dax move on." Kevin sounds sad, he never got to meet him.
Jun 23 23:30:51 <Gara> "Trust me when I say he's moving to somewhere better."
Jun 23 23:31:00 <Maddy> But there's a louder bell sound coming towards you from where you came!
Jun 23 23:31:15 <Maddy> And, well this is odd, you "feel" like you can understand the bells.
Jun 23 23:31:29 <Maddy> It's all still bells, but your brain seems to know what they're saying.
Jun 23 23:31:36 <Vorcha> He turns. Only U475 can understand or all of 'em?
Jun 23 23:31:41 <Maddy> Right now, it's mostly "Yay!"
Jun 23 23:31:45 <Maddy> Everyone can understand
Jun 23 23:32:01 <Echo> "…" That earns a snort of derision as Mitchell heads off to reclaim his rifle. That's easy enough to find. He settles about looking for the pistol he launched.
Jun 23 23:33:14 <Maddy> Dozens of sprites come out of the trees, a lot of them working on fixing what rot is still around, the others dance around the group, clapping and doing little flips.
Jun 23 23:33:42 <Gara> "Lets recover the body. I'm not sure it would've supported life in the state it was in."
Jun 23 23:33:57 <Vorcha> U475 looks at the sprites. "Request. Do you have some flowers for mourning?"
Jun 23 23:35:00 <Maddy> <Ooooh uuuumm.> He claps his hands, and makes a little arc shape over his head. Little flowers made of light and warmth fall from the arc, but disappear before the hit the ground.
Jun 23 23:35:12 <Maddy> <Happy flower~>
Jun 23 23:35:32 <Vorcha> "Correction, sad flowers." He tilts his head down in a display of simulated sadness.
Jun 23 23:35:35 <DrSavage> "Thank you very much, you are kind."
Jun 23 23:35:45 <Maddy> <Ohhh. No can do~>
Jun 23 23:35:55 <Maddy> He does it again. <Happy flower!~>
Jun 23 23:36:23 <Vorcha> "Appreciative. You tried." He looks at Mitchell and John. "Everyone tried." Well except for U475.
Jun 23 23:36:40 <Maddy> <Yaaaaaay~>
Jun 23 23:36:43 <Maddy> He dances off.
Jun 23 23:37:29 <Gara> "I'm not sure, U. It's better this way then some of the other deaths I've seen. He'll move on, and he'll be at peace. He didn't want to stay."
Jun 23 23:38:17 <Vorcha> "Inquiring. Shall we collect his bones to bury next to the other grave inside of the perimeter?"
Jun 23 23:38:21 <Gara> "Yes."
Jun 23 23:38:22 <Echo> Mitchell manages to locate the pistol and holsters it, ignoring U's statement. He heads over to John. "Look uh… okay. I'll stay here. Go get a, uh… like a tarp or somethin'. Like, so we can move him all in one piece. I don't want to make that any more gruesome than it was."
Jun 23 23:38:56 <Gara> "Yeah, I'll go find that. Be back soon."
Jun 23 23:39:06 <Gara> John walks off through the forest.
Jun 23 23:39:30 <Vorcha> U475 approaches Mitchell and puts his hand on his shoulder. "Inquiring. Has your aggression passed?"
Jun 23 23:39:36 <Maddy> Back at the orchard, Twiggy is waiting. <Ohhhh~ you're ok!> he claps for John
Jun 23 23:39:44 <Vorcha> He's covered in Lilith's vines in case Mitchell missed it
Jun 23 23:40:00 <Gara> "Yeah, I'm fine. One of ours died though."
Jun 23 23:40:06 <Echo> Mitchell turns back to look at the giant pine cone, then at the corpse… and then over at U475. "Yeah, it's just… you should probably go help John."
Jun 23 23:40:08 <Maddy> <Oh noooooo!> D:
Jun 23 23:40:21 <Gara> "It's okay, though."
Jun 23 23:40:26 <Maddy> <What do humans do for their dead?>
Jun 23 23:40:36 <Gara> "We're going to bury him back where we live."
Jun 23 23:40:51 <Maddy> It seems Twiggy is much more well spoken than the others.
Jun 23 23:41:13 <Vorcha> "Reassuring. The young are fine. You should help John, I will monitor this area."
Jun 23 23:41:19 <DrSavage> "Let us know if there are more problems, please."
Jun 23 23:41:34 <Gara> "I'm going to go find a tarp so we can move him."
Jun 23 23:41:47 <Maddy> <Mmmm, yes.> he opens the Door without the knock. <There's a cloth in here.>
Jun 23 23:42:07 <Gara> "Oh, that works too. Thank you."
Jun 23 23:42:15 <Echo> Mitchell debates arguing with the robot for a moment, then slings his rifle and starts out of the woods back the way they came in.
Jun 23 23:42:31 <Maddy> He lights up his hands, leading them to the broad cloth that was probably used for covering machinery when it asnt in use.
Jun 23 23:42:43 <Gara> He takes some cloth, and starts on his way back.
Jun 23 23:43:00 <Vorcha> U475 looks on the ground for flower like plants that /wont/ vanish.
Jun 23 23:43:27 <Maddy> There are some moon flowers, tiny things, blooming around the pinecone.
Jun 23 23:44:06 <Vorcha> He carefully collects a few.
Jun 23 23:44:38 <DrSavage> Kevin holds a hand out to Twiggy. "Thank you for asking for our help."
Jun 23 23:45:13 <Maddy> <I know it wont fix your loss, but you have saved my people.> he smiles, and gives a hokey tumbs up to Kevin.
Jun 23 23:45:31 <Echo> Mitchell eventually reaches the lime orchard, looking around for John.
Jun 23 23:46:26 <Maddy> Some sprites also come out of the woods, starting to work on the trees as Twiggy always did.
Jun 23 23:47:48 * Gara has quit (Ping timeout: 180 seconds)
Jun 23 23:49:22 <Echo> Mitchell retrieves the cloth, and waves after Kevin to follow him.
Jun 23 23:49:27 * Gara (elttil.oot.leef.hcum|oot.kniht#elttil.oot.leef.hcum|oot.kniht) has joined #afteractionmission
Jun 23 23:49:37 <Gara> He makes his way back to the clearing to get the body.
Jun 23 23:50:19 <Vorcha> U475 looks at the men, holding a handful of moon flowers
Jun 23 23:51:10 <DrSavage> "They are good people. I trust them. Even if they don't trust me." Kevin smiles warmly and winks at Twiggy, following John.
Jun 23 23:51:37 <Gara> 4df+4 John passively heals himself as he goes along.
Jun 23 23:51:37 <CROM> Gara: John passively heals himself as he goes along.: 1 (4df+4=0, -, -, -)
Jun 23 23:51:39 <Gara> 4df+1
Jun 23 23:51:40 <CROM> Gara: 2 (4df+1=0, 0, 0, +)
Jun 23 23:51:42 <Gara> Or he doesn't.
Jun 23 23:51:49 <Gara> Because CROM is a dickass.
Jun 23 23:51:52 <Vorcha> John is on the ball today
Jun 23 23:52:01 <Maddy> Twiggy goes along. <I hope you don't mind, but my familly will likely be spending more time keeping your trees.>
Jun 23 23:52:23 <Maddy> <I will need to resume my job~> he says with child like glee.
Jun 23 23:53:00 <Vorcha> U475 looks at the nearest Sprite. "Inquiry. What is the name of this forest?"
Jun 23 23:53:51 <Maddy> <Te Puke~ Or that's what the humans call it. WE call it home.>
Jun 23 23:54:19 <Vorcha> "The puke?"
Jun 23 23:54:41 <DrSavage> Kevin looks to Twiggy. "How can I help, John?"
Jun 23 23:54:41 <Echo> Mitchell tosses the bundled-up cloth down by Dax's corpse.
Jun 23 23:54:45 <Maddy> <Teh Poo-keh~> he makes more flowers for the hellof it.
Jun 23 23:54:54 <Gara> "What was that?"
Jun 23 23:54:59 <Gara> John looks at him..
Jun 23 23:55:55 <Maddy> *Teh Poo-kee:
Jun 23 23:55:55 <DrSavage> "Well, I wanted to know how I can help? I know I'm new to your group and all…and I didn't know Dax well…but I'd like to help."
Jun 23 23:56:16 <Vorcha> He nods and approaches Mitchell. "Worried. Mitchell will you be okay doing this? Firmly. You should wait by the door."
Jun 23 23:56:18 <Gara> "I think we're good for now, but thanks.
Jun 23 23:57:20 <Maddy> Twiggy climbs up on the pine cone, and the other sprites start to dance around it, singing, though you can't understand the words this time.
Jun 23 23:58:04 <DrSavage> Kevin smiles and begins singing as well, something in Gaelic.
Jun 23 23:58:30 <Echo> "Oh, yeah. I'm good. An' yeah, I'll wait by the door." Mitchell heads off, reloading his weapons as he leaves.
Jun 23 23:58:59 <Vorcha> "Request. Kevin aid in the handling of the skeleton."
Jun 24 00:00:19 <Gara> "Alright, great." John will help shift that.