Couple of Faeries

Dec 12 18:10:57 <Maddy> Alice is jogging around the deck, trying to get some cardio in.
Dec 12 18:12:06 <Nioki> Alanoch leans against the railing, watching the horizon.
Dec 12 18:14:50 <Ragazzo> Alanoch, perception.
Dec 12 18:14:57 <Nioki> 4df+4
Dec 12 18:14:57 <Glacon> Nioki: 2 (4df+4=0, -, -, 0)
Dec 12 18:15:02 <Nioki> Tagging visual.
Dec 12 18:15:14 <Tom90deg> Zoe is just sitting on the deck, back against the railing
Dec 12 18:15:56 <Nioki> 4df+4 Rerollin' rollin' rollin' rollin'
Dec 12 18:15:56 <Glacon> Nioki: Rerollin' rollin' rollin' rollin': 4 (4df+4=0, 0, +, -)
Dec 12 18:17:37 <Ragazzo> Alanoch sees a shape on the horizon, and what looks to be two people floating on said shape! There's a small orange glow, which stands out fairly well against the rapidly darkening dusky sky,
Dec 12 18:17:40 <Tom90deg> I had a dream that I had to tell theodore rosovelt's wife her baby had TB
Dec 12 18:19:14 <Nioki> «There is something in the water.»
Dec 12 18:19:40 <Maddy> Alice jogs over. "What w-we got?"
Dec 12 18:19:42 <PaulS_laptop> «What is it?»
Dec 12 18:19:53 <PaulS_laptop> John is down in engineering. he shoulders on the flamethrower
Dec 12 18:19:59 <E4D> Jason follows after Alice, passing her up and manning the 30mm.
Dec 12 18:20:07 <Tom90deg> Zoe turns around, standnig up. "What do you see?"
Dec 12 18:20:14 <Nioki> «At least two people, and something they're floating on. Also there is an orange light.»
Dec 12 18:20:25 <Maddy> Alice looks. "Well shit."
Dec 12 18:20:30 <Nioki> 4df+5 Luxomancy->perception. prepping magic spyglass.
Dec 12 18:20:30 <Glacon> Nioki: Luxomancy->perception. prepping magic spyglass.: 4 (4df+5=0, -, -, +)
Dec 12 18:20:32 <Ragazzo> Whatever is out there in floating ahead, in the ship's path. Probably going to intersect.
Dec 12 18:20:48 <Nioki> 4df+6 Let's get a closer look.
Dec 12 18:20:48 <Glacon> Nioki: Let's get a closer look.: 5 (4df+6=0, -, -, +)
Dec 12 18:20:59 <Ragazzo> PMing you.
Dec 12 18:21:49 <E4D> 4df+6 Jason sights in with the autocannon's targeting system, zooming in a far as it will go.
Dec 12 18:21:49 <Glacon> E4D: Jason sights in with the autocannon's targeting system, zooming in a far as it will go.: 6 (4df+6=0, 0, +, -)
Dec 12 18:26:00 <Nioki> «Two people, one male, one female. They are wearing cloaks. The male has a lantern. They are using a wooden chest as a raft. They do not have heads.»
Dec 12 18:26:16 <Maddy> "Uhhhh…" What.
Dec 12 18:26:19 <E4D> "…"
Dec 12 18:26:44 <Maddy> «Should w-we try to signal t-them. It's a-already pretty clear they're coming this way.»
Dec 12 18:26:50 <E4D> 4df+6 Perception maneuver to ranged. Jason lases the target, setting the shells for Super.
Dec 12 18:26:50 <Nioki> 4df+4 Perception->Luxomancy. Alanoch pulls in light, and black threads swarm around him.
Dec 12 18:26:50 <Glacon> E4D: Perception maneuver to ranged. Jason lases the target, setting the shells for Super.: 6 (4df+6=-, +, -, +)
Dec 12 18:26:51 <Glacon> Nioki: Perception->Luxomancy. Alanoch pulls in light, and black threads swarm around him.: 4 (4df+4=+, 0, -, 0)
Dec 12 18:28:10 <Nioki> From the space in front of him, a pale indigo beam appears. It splits, marking both figures.
Dec 12 18:28:11 <Tom90deg> «I suppose so. How do you think we should? RAdio?»
Dec 12 18:28:27 <Nioki> «If they make any hostile movements, I am prepared.»
Dec 12 18:28:38 <Ragazzo> Successes. Also, it'll be obvious to both jason and alanoch that they pair aren't purposefulyl no course for the boat.
Dec 12 18:28:45 <Ragazzo> They're at drift, literally.
Dec 12 18:28:56 <Maddy> Alice waits for Jason's input. "A-awesome, Alanoch."
Dec 12 18:29:29 <Ragazzo> Woman is unconscious, the man barely not so.
Dec 12 18:29:49 <E4D> «They're arryin' *heads*.»
Dec 12 18:29:51 <E4D> *c
Dec 12 18:30:21 <Tom90deg> «What? Just…carrying a big sack of human heads? How royal….»
Dec 12 18:30:31 <Maddy> «Maybe t-they're thier heads?»
Dec 12 18:30:43 <E4D> «Fuck that shit, they ain't getti' on this boat.»
Dec 12 18:30:43 <Maddy> «…or something?»
Dec 12 18:30:57 <Maddy> «works for me.»
Dec 12 18:31:03 <Tom90deg> «If they're carrying their own heads, that just raises more questions.»
Dec 12 18:31:09 <E4D> «Openin' up.»
Dec 12 18:31:22 <Tom90deg> «And Boom goes the dynamite.»
Dec 12 18:31:32 <Nioki> «I had hoped they were posed corpses, but I have to concur this really isn't worth the risk.»
Dec 12 18:31:45 <Ragazzo> Oh, look, the man is waving.
Dec 12 18:31:54 <Maddy> «…they're waving.»
Dec 12 18:32:11 <Ragazzo> He seems to have noticed them.
Dec 12 18:32:21 <Tom90deg> «They're carrying sacks of heads. Wave has been overrulled I think…"
Dec 12 18:32:26 <Ragazzo> ONe head, each.
Dec 12 18:32:52 <Maddy> Alice resists the urge to wave back and shout "Baaaaaai"
Dec 12 18:32:54 <Tom90deg> «Don't suppose we know the heads they have by some weird chance?»
Dec 12 18:33:12 <PaulS_laptop> «Is anyone on the 30 yet?»
Dec 12 18:33:20 <Maddy> Alice also resists the urge to look at Zoe like "Wut"
Dec 12 18:33:25 <Maddy> «Jason's g-got it.»
Dec 12 18:34:09 <PaulS_laptop> John gets the M82 and heads up on deck
Dec 12 18:35:31 <E4D> 4df+8 «Goin' loud. 5-rounds at the cyclic. Stand by» Jason squeezes the trigger, slamming out 5 cacophonous shots from the autocannon, each round set to contact detonation.
Dec 12 18:35:32 <Glacon> E4D: «Goin' loud. 5-rounds at the cyclic. Stand by» Jason squeezes the trigger, slamming out 5 cacophonous shots from the autocannon, each round set to contact detonation.: 6 (4df+8=-, +, -, -)
Dec 12 18:35:45 <Tom90deg> Zoe puts her hands over her ears.
Dec 12 18:35:47 <Ragazzo> Pause.
Dec 12 18:36:26 <PaulS_laptop> 4df+2 perception, tagging "and the answer is a gun" due to looking through a gun's optics. He see anything?
Dec 12 18:36:26 <Glacon> PaulS_laptop: perception, tagging "and the answer is a gun" due to looking through a gun's optics. He see anything?: 0 (4df+2=-, +, -, -)
Dec 12 18:36:42 <PaulS_laptop> fucking lag
Dec 12 18:37:55 <Ragazzo> Seconds before jason fires, the man suddenly notices the giant gun aimed at them. He flinches, and grabs the woman beside him, and her head…the chest and the pair vanish from view, with an impressive boom.
Dec 12 18:38:12 <Ragazzo> John sees nothing.
Dec 12 18:38:34 <Ragazzo> Stil paused.
Dec 12 18:40:12 <Ragazzo> When the fire clears, and the sea settles, the pair seem to be gone, until they bob to the surface, the man by dint of much effort keeping them both above water. The woman has regained consciousness, and is kicking weakly.
Dec 12 18:40:16 <Ragazzo> Unpause.
Dec 12 18:40:30 <Ragazzo> The boat has pulled near enough for everyone to see the pair.
Dec 12 18:41:00 <Maddy> «They're still there.»
Dec 12 18:41:30 <Tom90deg> «Hm…lucky them. SHould we bring out a Zodiac, or fire again?»
Dec 12 18:41:52 <Maddy> "Shouldn't fire t-this close to the ship, I would tthink."
Dec 12 18:42:20 <Nioki> «Should I remove them, then?»
Dec 12 18:42:39 <Ragazzo> The woman splutters, lifting the head in her arms from the ship, and calls out weakly, but can't be heard because she's not that loud. Sounds distressed as all fuck. Holding your own head above the water is difficult.
Dec 12 18:42:50 <Ragazzo> From the water, not the ship
Dec 12 18:43:07 <Tom90deg> «Well, they were lucky enougn to be fired at by a cannon and live, maybe they've earned a talk.»
Dec 12 18:43:27 <Nioki> Along with the black threads, several globes of darkness now float just behind Alanoch's head.
Dec 12 18:44:28 <Nioki> «That shot was not a test of their worthiness. It was meant to hurt them.»
Dec 12 18:45:04 <Tom90deg> «Eh, whatever. Do what you want.»
Dec 12 18:45:28 <Maddy> "Stand by one s-second Alanoch."
Dec 12 18:45:48 <Nioki> «Were I doing what I wanted, I would not be asking anyone first. Standing by.»
Dec 12 18:46:16 <Maddy> "Why are you t-two talking to e-eachother over the radio."
Dec 12 18:46:24 <Maddy> Alice finds this very awkward.
Dec 12 18:46:42 <E4D> Jason dismounts the 30 and steps over the to the railing, aiming his weapon down.
Dec 12 18:46:45 <PaulS_laptop> John steadies the M82 on the deck of the ship, taking aim at the female's head "I got a shot lined up for closer"
Dec 12 18:46:55 <Ragazzo> Float, kick, splutter. The man is doing his best to support both his companion, and himself. The woman contains to try and call out inefectually at those on hte boat.
Dec 12 18:46:58 <PaulS_laptop> *the rail
Dec 12 18:47:29 <Maddy> "Welp…shoud we throw t-them a floaty? L=like not bring them up, but just s-something so t-they can talk?"
Dec 12 18:47:39 <Tom90deg> "Sounds good to me."
Dec 12 18:47:54 <Ragazzo> On noticing John, the man moves to block his aim.
Dec 12 18:48:02 <Maddy> "Maybe s-she can put her head in a lifesavers and float it around…" Alice snickers to Jason.
Dec 12 18:48:18 <Tom90deg> "Althgouth, be fair. They may habe a somewhat….bad opnion of us now. BEing shot at rarely endears you to a person."
Dec 12 18:48:37 <PaulS_laptop> John smirks at the man, .50 BMG is plenty enough to paste two people.
Dec 12 18:48:40 <Maddy> "Being headless haredly endears you t-to a person."
Dec 12 18:49:26 <Nioki> "If they try anything, I am prepared to reduce them to their component molecules."
Dec 12 18:49:27 <E4D> "Get 'em a life preserver. If they attempt to board, put them down."
Dec 12 18:49:39 <Maddy> Alice nods, finding one and tossing it over.
Dec 12 18:49:43 <Tom90deg> Zoe unties a life saver and tosses it over the side.
Dec 12 18:49:48 <Maddy> WISH SPLOSH
Dec 12 18:50:35 <Ragazzo> The man grabs it as soon as he can get it, and pushes it on the woman, getting as much of her out of the water as he can, continuing to float beside her.
Dec 12 18:52:33 <Tom90deg> "Shall we open commuinications?"
Dec 12 18:52:49 <Ragazzo> The woman catches her breath, and calls out in a somewhat stronger voice. "Thank you! I apologize if we caused you some trouble, or distress!"
Dec 12 18:53:00 <Maddy> "Identify!"
Dec 12 18:53:23 <Maddy> Alice doesn't know if there are female DIs but she tries to impoersonate one.
Dec 12 18:53:24 <Ragazzo> She's holding her head aloft, which aside from some long blakc hair, that's in a pony tail, is obscured by a soaked veil.
Dec 12 18:53:54 <Tom90deg> "Very polite for doing an impression of Anne Boleyn"
Dec 12 18:54:15 <E4D> "Who's Anne Boleyne?"
Dec 12 18:54:21 <E4D> *-e
Dec 12 18:54:27 <Maddy> "One of the Kings of England's wives.
Dec 12 18:54:29 <Ragazzo> "Cailleach is my name, and this is Liadan, my companion!"
Dec 12 18:54:46 <Ragazzo> She's yelling not out of ire, but because she has too.
Dec 12 18:54:46 <Tom90deg> "Had her head cut off."
Dec 12 18:55:17 <Maddy> "What in G-god's name are you doing f-floating around the sea…with no heads in t-the standard placces?" she shouts down again.
Dec 12 18:55:24 <E4D> Jason keys his radio to the Big Voice. "Why are you on an intercept with our ship?"
Dec 12 18:56:41 <Nioki> Alanoch just stares down at them, surrounded by a storm of darkness. It'd be kinda emo if it weren't his way of powering a laser.
Dec 12 18:58:57 <Ragazzo> "We are envoys of our kind, sent to negotiate with beings who serve a similar purpose to us, it was a trap, and they dropped us in the middle of this ocean."
Dec 12 18:59:26 <Ragazzo> "Presumably to starve, or drown. Our kind are incapable of crossing running water."
Dec 12 18:59:45 <Tom90deg> "We have a vampire already."
Dec 12 19:00:00 <Maddy> "Zoe h-has a point. Jason?"
Dec 12 19:00:12 <Ragazzo> Liadan and cailelach can't hear that, unless Zoe is yelling.
Dec 12 19:00:19 <E4D> "Negotiate *what*."
Dec 12 19:00:23 <Tom90deg> ((Nope, just talking))
Dec 12 19:00:42 <Tom90deg> "What IS your kind!?" Zoe yells.
Dec 12 19:02:19 <Ragazzo> "We are dullahans, we serve to mark the passing of the deceased into the next life. We were meant to discuss the possibility of cooperation with those beings who stranded us. This world has suffered a break in order."
Dec 12 19:02:43 <Tom90deg> "You don't say…"
Dec 12 19:03:10 <Ragazzo> "Forgive me…I am not at my best."
Dec 12 19:04:10 <Tom90deg> Zoe glances over at Alice. "What do you think?"
Dec 12 19:07:03 <Ragazzo> She glances down at Liadan, who is quite clearly struggling to stay afloat, and hold his head at the same time. She hold out a hand wordlessly. and shifting, places both their noggins ni the raft. Uncomfortable, but at least they both ave the use of two arms now.
Dec 12 19:07:27 <Ragazzo> Life saver.
Dec 12 19:07:30 <Ragazzo> Not raft.
Dec 12 19:08:01 <Maddy> Pause one second
Dec 12 19:08:03 <E4D> "Who were you discussing *with*? "Beings" isn't that specific."
Dec 12 19:08:07 <Maddy> nvm
Dec 12 19:08:43 <Maddy> "We've come a-across a lot of b-beings. N-not all nice."
Dec 12 19:09:57 * Laito is now known as Laito-Away
Dec 12 19:10:55 <Ragazzo> "They were varied, many wore cloaks like us, but were not as we are. I suppose you could cal them reapers. I do not know if they have a collective name."
Dec 12 19:11:17 <Maddy> "…"
Dec 12 19:11:43 <Maddy> Alice looks at Jason and shrugs.
Dec 12 19:11:45 <Tom90deg> "We also met a reaper."
Dec 12 19:12:10 <E4D> "And how are you any different?" Jason levels his weapon at the non-speaking one.
Dec 12 19:13:28 <E4D> "Who's this one?"
Dec 12 19:14:11 <Ragazzo> He doesn't react i any way, but to stiffen, and move so that if he is fired at, there's less chance cailleach will be hit. "His name is liadan, my guard."
Dec 12 19:14:25 <Ragazzo> "He saved us from your earlier fire."
Dec 12 19:14:56 <E4D> «Shift targeting to the male.»
Dec 12 19:15:28 <Ragazzo> "Please do not harm him, he will not attempt to hurt you, I give my word."
Dec 12 19:15:56 <E4D> «I'm waiting for an answer.» Still over the PA.
Dec 12 19:16:10 <PaulS_laptop> «rodger» the massive gun shifts to the male's head.
Dec 12 19:17:22 <Ragazzo> "We only wish to assist the living of this world in living out their lives properly, without unatural intervention. There are those who abuse their power, and end life before the due time."
Dec 12 19:17:40 <Ragazzo> Un-natural
Dec 12 19:17:49 <Nioki> Alanoch looks down at them. His eyes have turned a flat black.
Dec 12 19:18:01 <E4D> "You probably don't want to be around us, then."
Dec 12 19:18:02 <Ragazzo> *in carrying out
Dec 12 19:18:09 <Maddy> "A noble enough cause." Alice mumbles to Jason.
Dec 12 19:18:17 <Tom90deg> "Heh, you think useing your power to steal things would fall under abuse of your power?"
Dec 12 19:18:24 <Ragazzo> "You are not an un-natural force."
Dec 12 19:18:34 <Maddy> "Not the t-time to discuss that kinda shit, Z-zoe,:
Dec 12 19:18:51 <Nioki> "So, what reason do we have to trust you? Any better evidence than your word?"
Dec 12 19:19:36 * Laito-Away is now known as Laito
Dec 12 19:19:44 <Ragazzo> "I can give you nothing else, we have nothing left anymore."
Dec 12 19:19:58 <Ragazzo> You know, because, you blew up our belongings.
Dec 12 19:20:41 <Tom90deg> "They've got a point there….
Dec 12 19:20:42 <Tom90deg> "
Dec 12 19:20:56 <E4D> "Fuck…"
Dec 12 19:21:08 <Ragazzo> "Liadan will relinquish his weapon, if that will help."
Dec 12 19:21:43 <Maddy> "Two against a-all of us, no weapon. F-fair risk, I say."
Dec 12 19:21:50 <E4D> Jason starts off toward the rear, muttering, "Why does this sorta shit keep happenin' to us… fuckin' ambassadors of death an' shit…"
Dec 12 19:22:15 <Ragazzo> Liadna is silent, but his expression grows grim at the mention of abandoning hsi weapon. A glance from cailelach wipes it from his face.
Dec 12 19:22:28 <Nioki> "We don't know what other abilities they have. Survival without an attached head would seem to indicate at least one blatant unknown."
Dec 12 19:22:36 <E4D> Down the side of the boat, away from the prow, the gangway drops, the bottom extending out so the bottom step splashes into the water.
Dec 12 19:22:55 <Tom90deg> "Ain't no rest for the wicked Jason…."
Dec 12 19:23:06 <Maddy> "Yeah, b-but if you can like, vapourize them…n-not a lot that c-can survive that."
Dec 12 19:23:28 <Maddy> "And I know I'd b-be hella arrogant about being able to s-survive vapourization."
Dec 12 19:23:29 <E4D> «One person, drag their lines down to the gangway. All others on deck, stand by to engage, maintain clear lanes of fire. Alice, on the .50. Alanoch, stand by to fire.»
Dec 12 19:23:33 <Tom90deg> Zoe heads over to the gangplank, drawing out one of the steel rods she carries.
Dec 12 19:23:44 <Maddy> Alice heads to the .50.
Dec 12 19:23:47 <Nioki> "Always assume that whatever you do might not work."
Dec 12 19:23:59 <Tom90deg> Zoe heads over to drag the lines to the gangway.
Dec 12 19:24:17 <Nioki> Alanoch steps back, ready to release.
Dec 12 19:24:25 <Ragazzo> Liadan and Cailleach make for the ladder, but do not start up yet.
Dec 12 19:24:37 <Ragazzo> "Which of us should come up first?"
Dec 12 19:24:41 <Ragazzo> Cailleach again.
Dec 12 19:25:13 <PaulS_laptop> John keeps his gun on them
Dec 12 19:26:31 <E4D> "You.?>?
Dec 12 19:26:35 <E4D> *«You.»
Dec 12 19:26:46 <Ragazzo> "Very well."
Dec 12 19:27:56 <Ragazzo> She starts up, laboriously, nearly slipping several times. She crawls onto the deck, and barely avoids flopping onto the deck facefully, managing to stand for a second, before falling tiredly to her knees, and shivering terribly.
Dec 12 19:28:41 <E4D> "You get cold?"
Dec 12 19:28:45 <PaulS_laptop> John's gun points at her still
Dec 12 19:29:42 <E4D> "Zoe, get her up and offside. Clear the lane. Get her one of the rescue blankets." He points at a hatch on the side of the bridge.
Dec 12 19:29:55 <Ragazzo> She's holding her head in her lap, and nodding weakly. "Y-yes, we both do."
Dec 12 19:30:22 <E4D> The weapon goes back to the male. "You. Slowly. Place your weapon as you board, or you will be terminated."
Dec 12 19:30:23 <Tom90deg> Zoe helpsher up and gets one of the blankets.
Dec 12 19:30:34 <E4D> *on the deck as
Dec 12 19:31:35 <Tom90deg> "So….I have to ask. Normaly removal of the cranium is somewhat fatal."
Dec 12 19:31:36 <Ragazzo> She goes with Zoe, quietly murmuring thanks, but speaks up as she's ferried away. "Do as they say, Liadan." And for a moment there's an imperious note in her words.
Dec 12 19:31:47 <Ragazzo> "It is how we are. We are different."
Dec 12 19:31:59 <Tom90deg> "Fair enough."
Dec 12 19:33:19 <Ragazzo> Liadan starts up the ladder, and before he even steps on the deck, unclips something from his belt, and places it on deck. It is a whip, composed of human vertebrae, each link bound to it's neighbors with blackened sinew.
Dec 12 19:33:33 <Ragazzo> He waits, silently, stil lno the ladder.
Dec 12 19:34:00 <PaulS_laptop> "they ditched y'all, but left you armed?"
Dec 12 19:34:24 <Tom90deg> "A whip isn't exactly armed for bear."
Dec 12 19:35:08 * Laito is now known as Laito-Away
Dec 12 19:35:10 <Ragazzo> Silent, for a moment. He looks for Cailleach, but the woman's eyes are shut. "There was no fight." he answers tersely.
Dec 12 19:36:10 <E4D> "Where the hell did you get this…"
Dec 12 19:36:22 <E4D> Jason's voice is cold, and his weapon's on the male.
Dec 12 19:36:30 <Ragazzo> "I did not make it, if that is what you are asking."
Dec 12 19:36:41 <PaulS_laptop> John's weapon is on the female.
Dec 12 19:37:32 * Praetor (moc.rr.ser.submuloc.078742DE-CRInys|tibbiM#moc.rr.ser.submuloc.078742DE-CRInys|tibbiM) has joined #afteraction
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Dec 12 19:38:25 <Ragazzo> Cailleach is still, sitting where ever Zoe led her. She cracks an eye, and sighs. "It is the truth. The weapon is something a dullahan simply has. It is a part of him as much as his head, or hsi mount."
Dec 12 19:38:38 <Ragazzo> *his
Dec 12 19:38:58 <Ragazzo> "You are free to take it from him."
Dec 12 19:39:09 <Tom90deg> "What mount?"
Dec 12 19:39:39 * Lyluh has quit (Ping timeout)
Dec 12 19:39:41 <E4D> Jason flicks out his collapsible baton and pushes it off to the side, not touching it.
Dec 12 19:40:47 <Ragazzo> There's no splash.
Dec 12 19:41:11 <Ragazzo> "That will not remove it from his possession."
Dec 12 19:41:45 <Ragazzo> "If you wish to stop him from having it, you must take it from him, and keep it somewhere."
Dec 12 19:42:19 <Ragazzo> "Liadan, relinquish it, again."
Dec 12 19:42:30 <Ragazzo> Click. The dullahan places the whip on the deck.
Dec 12 19:43:08 <E4D> Not off the side, off to the side.
Dec 12 19:43:15 <Ragazzo> Ohhhh.
Dec 12 19:43:17 <Ragazzo> Redact.
Dec 12 19:43:42 <Ragazzo> "May he board now?"
Dec 12 19:44:21 <E4D> "Uh, boarding what climbing on board the ship means. He sort of already has."
Dec 12 19:44:39 <Ragazzo> He's on the ladder still at the moment.
Dec 12 19:44:55 <E4D> "Come on up. Slowly."
Dec 12 19:44:56 <Ragazzo> "I apologize. I am not used to sea-travel."
Dec 12 19:45:06 <E4D> "Zoe, get another blanket."
Dec 12 19:45:25 <Tom90deg> Zoe does so, handing it to the newcomer
Dec 12 19:45:40 <Nioki> Alanoch is releasing indigo light from several of his threads, and he doesn't take his eyes from either figure.
Dec 12 19:45:44 <Ragazzo> Liandan climbs up slowly, and and stands, accepting the blanket.
Dec 12 19:45:49 <Ragazzo> Liadan
Dec 12 19:46:00 <Nioki> "Earlier, you said that you can't cross running water."
Dec 12 19:46:20 <Ragazzo> "Yes." Says Cailleach tiredly.
Dec 12 19:46:27 <Nioki> "Was that a lie, or do oceans just not count?"
Dec 12 19:47:43 <Ragazzo> "We are incapable of physically entering a body of water, and then physically stepping foot back on dry land."
Dec 12 19:48:03 <Ragazzo> "We are not on land at the moment."
Dec 12 19:48:11 <Maddy> "Weird.
Dec 12 19:48:25 <E4D> "Kinda weaksauce."
Dec 12 19:48:47 <Ragazzo> "It is a limitation of our people."
Dec 12 19:49:30 <Maddy> "S-so…you're like…fae? T-the name dullahan s-sounds familliar to me."
Dec 12 19:49:47 <Ragazzo> "Liadan, come here." She pauses, holding up a hand, and then looking at Jason. "If it acceptable to you for him to stand beside me?"
Dec 12 19:49:55 <Ragazzo> "Yes, we are fae."
Dec 12 19:50:00 <Ragazzo> *is it
Dec 12 19:50:48 <Maddy> "Unseelie or Seelie?"
Dec 12 19:51:06 <Tom90deg> Zoe glances at Alice, curious eyebrow raised.
Dec 12 19:53:07 <Ragazzo> "That is a somewhat personal inquiry."
Dec 12 19:53:17 <Nioki> "Are there any risks or benefits to our providing you shelter? If you lie about the risks so we're more likely to help you, I will kill you both."
Dec 12 19:53:47 <E4D> Jason says by way of explanation, "We've dealt with this sort of thing before."
Dec 12 19:54:21 <Maddy> "F-fair enough. My Irish folklore k-knowledge is rusty."
Dec 12 19:54:26 <Ragazzo> "No. There are none. We will leave your company when next you reach land."
Dec 12 19:54:57 <Tom90deg> "What motivation do we have to help you, rather than just normal good nature?"
Dec 12 19:54:59 <Nioki> "Even from whoever went to the trouble of dropping you here?"
Dec 12 19:55:27 <Nioki> "Remember, if you have even a suspicion, tell us. If you don't, you will die."
Dec 12 19:55:46 <E4D> "So yeah, how about you answer my wife's question? Seelie or unseelie?"
Dec 12 19:56:53 <Ragazzo> Cailleach looks tiredly between Zoe, Alanoch, and alice.
Dec 12 19:57:36 <Maddy> "I know it s-sucks, b-but we kinda like living, so w-we gotta ask."
Dec 12 19:58:13 <Ragazzo> "I will begin with you." Looking at Alice. "Our kind are unseelie."
Dec 12 19:58:47 <Ragazzo> To alanoch. "No, I have no doubts, they believe us lost, or dead."
Dec 12 19:59:04 <Maddy> "Hmm, Jason?" she motions for him to come to her.
Dec 12 19:59:26 <PaulS_laptop> She may still notice the bacon monster standing wordlessly pointing a particularly large gun at her.
Dec 12 19:59:37 <PaulS_laptop> *Caileach may
Dec 12 19:59:42 <Ragazzo> To Zoe. "I am afraid we have nothing to offer you, as I said before. Our possessions are gone."
Dec 12 19:59:49 <Ragazzo> Cailleach does, but says nothing.
Dec 12 20:00:05 <Tom90deg> "Even information may be useful."
Dec 12 20:01:35 <E4D> Jason steps off with Alice. "Guns up, John."
Dec 12 20:02:36 <PaulS_laptop> John chuckles lightly. His weapon was already at the female's head.
Dec 12 20:04:11 <Ragazzo> "Sir?"
Dec 12 20:04:17 <Ragazzo> As jason steps off.
Dec 12 20:04:49 * Praetor has quit (Ping timeout)
Dec 12 20:04:51 * E4D has quit (Ping timeout)
Dec 12 20:06:50 <Ragazzo> Liadan is eying John coldly, but remains where he is, standing by the ladder.
Dec 12 20:08:23 * Praetor_ (moc.rr.ser.submuloc.078742DE-CRInys|tibbiM#moc.rr.ser.submuloc.078742DE-CRInys|tibbiM) has joined #afteraction
Dec 12 20:08:46 * Praetor_ is now known as Praetor
Dec 12 20:08:50 <PaulS_laptop> John's eyes move smoothly between the male and female.
Dec 12 20:09:10 * ChanServ sets mode +a #afteraction Praetor
Dec 12 20:09:10 * ChanServ gives channel operator status to Praetor
Dec 12 20:09:33 * E4D (PI.57859BDB.5B8DAF65.392216F3|tibbiM#PI.57859BDB.5B8DAF65.392216F3|tibbiM) has joined #afteraction
Dec 12 20:09:49 * ChanServ sets mode +q #afteraction E4D
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Dec 12 20:10:04 <PaulS_laptop> 4df+4 survival maneuver, tagging "and the answer is a gun". John's finger tightens on the gun, which is being short-stocked, and his eyes scan smoothly. Ain't eather'a them gonna catch him off guard
Dec 12 20:10:04 <Glacon> PaulS_laptop: survival maneuver, tagging "and the answer is a gun". John's finger tightens on the gun, which is being short-stocked, and his eyes scan smoothly. Ain't eather'a them gonna catch him off guard: 5 (4df+4=-, 0, +, +)
Dec 12 20:10:05 <Praetor> Knight comes up on deck.
Dec 12 20:10:09 <E4D> Jason steps back after conversing with Alice for a few moments. "Recommendation?"
Dec 12 20:10:48 <Maddy> "As unseelie, you understand our t-trepidation, I'm sure."
Dec 12 20:10:57 <E4D> He's talking to Alice.
Dec 12 20:11:04 <Maddy> redact
Dec 12 20:11:58 <Maddy> "As l-long as we get them to dry land as fast as possible, it lessens our r-risk of getting into i-it with them. T-they seem on the more benevolent side of unseelie."
Dec 12 20:12:35 <Maddy> "And t-the unseelie don't generally dick around. I m-mean, t-they haven't thrown blood on us yet."
Dec 12 20:12:47 <Praetor> "There are Fae on board?" His eyes open up a little and steps over.
Dec 12 20:12:54 <Ragazzo> There are.
Dec 12 20:13:16 <Ragazzo> One is standing near the railing, and the other is sitting somewhere, with a gun pointed at her, head in her lap.
Dec 12 20:13:26 <Maddy> "Yes, Kinght. Duhallan."
Dec 12 20:14:10 <Praetor> "Interesting. Thought most of your kind moved to the Outside when the world shit itself."
Dec 12 20:14:40 <Ragazzo> "We have returned. Things are different now." Speaks the woman sitting.
Dec 12 20:15:36 <Ragazzo> "The courts have been dissolved, for one."
Dec 12 20:15:43 * Salmander (~ten.elbacwahs.gc.63A9248-CRInys|rednamlaS#ten.elbacwahs.gc.63A9248-CRInys|rednamlaS) has joined #afteraction
Dec 12 20:16:12 <Praetor> "Mmmhm. I'll trust a Fae's word on the day I go blind, deaf, and stupid."
Dec 12 20:16:41 <Ragazzo> "I do not fault you for that." Murmur cailleach tiredly.
Dec 12 20:17:28 <E4D> "Alice, could you bring some tents from storage?"
Dec 12 20:18:20 <Maddy> "Will do." she jogs off,
Dec 12 20:18:38 <Ragazzo> Her attention goes back to jason. "Excuse me? Sir?"
Dec 12 20:20:04 <Praetor> "Boss man, if they get uppity, just stick iron in their faces." And then he steps off and lights a cigarette.
Dec 12 20:20:28 <Tom90deg> "Do we have any cold iron? I think we just have steel…"
Dec 12 20:20:35 <Ragazzo> "Gold works as well." Supplies Cailleach calmly.
Dec 12 20:20:42 <Tom90deg> "Ah, we have LOTS of that."
Dec 12 20:20:53 <Maddy> "Got a w-whole statue." says Alice returning.
Dec 12 20:20:58 <Tom90deg> "1.4 billion dollars, at last count, worth."
Dec 12 20:21:12 <PaulS_laptop> "What about fire"
Dec 12 20:21:12 <Maddy> "G-got the tents, Jason."
Dec 12 20:21:21 <E4D> "Yeah. What do you need?" He's looking at the female.
Dec 12 20:21:37 <Ragazzo> "May my companion stand beside me? It would put him at ease."
Dec 12 20:21:43 <Tom90deg> "Fire kills everything John. It's just a question of how hot it is."
Dec 12 20:22:01 <E4D> Jason nods.
Dec 12 20:22:12 <Ragazzo> "Liadan. Come here. Now."
Dec 12 20:22:15 <PaulS_laptop> "That much's a given. How hot of a fire would I need, then?"
Dec 12 20:22:29 <Tom90deg> Zoe shurgs.
Dec 12 20:23:21 <E4D> He backs up a little as well, nodding at the tents. "You can set these up. Given your status, and the reason you claim to be here… I'm not gonna let you drown in the sea. But for the safety of my people, we can't have you walking around belowdecks, given what you told us about your nature."
Dec 12 20:23:24 <Ragazzo> Liadan strides over, surpressing the brief flash of relief on his face, standing so as to block cilleach from John's gun.
Dec 12 20:24:05 <Ragazzo> "Thank you, we appreciate your hospitality. Only one tent will be necessary."
Dec 12 20:24:14 <Tom90deg> "Mind if I ask you an odd question?"
Dec 12 20:24:18 <E4D> "John, Zoe? You guys take first watch? Alice and I'll be up in a bit."
Dec 12 20:24:24 <PaulS_laptop> "Gotcha"
Dec 12 20:24:28 <Maddy> "T-there should be solid lland with in a s-short distance."
Dec 12 20:24:33 <Tom90deg> "Will do."
Dec 12 20:24:35 <Ragazzo> "Yes, certainly." At zoe.
Dec 12 20:24:58 <Tom90deg> "You're Fay, don't know much about you, but how good are you at talking to spirits?"
Dec 12 20:25:13 <Praetor> He *inhales* the cigarette, and steps back past the group, going to the other side. "You can't hold Dullahans back, by the way. Their nature destroys barriers."
Dec 12 20:25:42 <Ragazzo> "It would depend on what type of spirit you mean."
Dec 12 20:25:45 <E4D> "We've got to perform some recon and look over some charts to determine where we need to put down on the shore. Need to find a depot. If we can hit the Site Soph- NO."
Dec 12 20:26:24 * Bright_ (~ten.labolgcbs.imzmlk.lsd.858F9E73-CRInys|77tahCecI#ten.labolgcbs.imzmlk.lsd.858F9E73-CRInys|77tahCecI) has joined #afteraction
Dec 12 20:26:56 <Tom90deg> Zoe rolls her eyes. "Fine."
Dec 12 20:27:03 <Ragazzo> Liadan keeps his eyes on John, but cailelach turns to regard jason.
Dec 12 20:27:08 * Bright has quit (Ping timeout)
Dec 12 20:27:12 <Ragazzo> "You have troubles with spirits?"
Dec 12 20:27:14 <Tom90deg> "Never mind" She says to Cailelach
Dec 12 20:27:58 <Maddy> Alice sticks with Jason.
Dec 12 20:28:25 * Bright_ is now known as Bright
Dec 12 20:29:03 <E4D> "John, the .50's right there." He points at the thrower. "Anything happens, call me first, and then…" He shakes his finger.