D&D: Three Sisters War - Part I

Feb 15 19:19:43 <Maddy> "Alright…I thnk thats all we're getting tonight. Everyone ready?"
Feb 15 19:19:56 <Tox> "Yeah," Cana assents.
Feb 15 19:20:24 <MonkeyBomb> "I can't believe I'm doing this again." He shrugs.
Feb 15 19:20:34 <Tox> "Hey, it'll be fun."
Feb 15 19:20:41 <Puppetmaster> "Let's do this."
Feb 15 19:21:13 <MonkeyBomb> Ace wags his furry tail. "WOOF!"
Feb 15 19:21:16 <Gara> "As long as you aren't white, everything is just fine."
Feb 15 19:21:28 <Puppetmaster> "Pretty much."
Feb 15 19:21:40 <Maddy> "I dont know…elves are usually pale~" Jani teases.
Feb 15 19:21:45 <Puppetmaster> She gives John the straightest of looks.
Feb 15 19:21:49 <Echo> "I'm white."
Feb 15 19:21:54 <Gara> "I'm white too."
Feb 15 19:21:57 <Puppetmaster> "Yes."
Feb 15 19:22:10 <Maddy> "I'm super white."
Feb 15 19:22:28 <Puppetmaster> "Yes."
Feb 15 19:22:36 <Maddy> Jani checks her privalege. It's still there.
Feb 15 19:23:03 <Gara> John checks his privlege. He's not sur how magic fits in to that.
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Feb 15 19:30:19 <Puppetmaster> "We doing this or what?"
Feb 15 19:30:36 <Maddy> "Yeah, just making sure these sheets make sence." Jani flips through them.
Feb 15 19:31:20 <Maddy> "Evan, you can't have weapon spec. I'm giving you power attack."
Feb 15 19:31:26 <Echo> "k."
Feb 15 19:31:26 <Tox> Jani might have cause to raise an eyebrow at Cana's. Dunno.
Feb 15 19:31:43 <Maddy> "And now we've proved that it doesnt alays catch mistakes, probably cause homebrewing."
Feb 15 19:31:58 <Maddy> "Ok we ready?"
Feb 15 19:32:16 <Tox> "If it looks good to you, it looks good to me."
Feb 15 19:33:03 <MonkeyBomb> Brock gives Jani a thumbs up.
Feb 15 19:33:13 <Echo> "I'm set, I think."
Feb 15 19:33:22 <Gara> "Ready to roll."
Feb 15 19:33:27 <Puppetmaster> Lilin drums her fingers on the table.
Feb 15 19:34:50 <Maddy> "Ok…Ut, ipsa histora." The dizyness starts to set in.
Feb 15 19:35:27 <Tox> Cana shakes his head, slipping into the blackness.
Feb 15 19:35:39 <Echo> Mitchell wobbles, but doesn't fall down.
Feb 15 19:36:05 <MonkeyBomb> Brock closes his eyes and waits.
Feb 15 19:40:13 <Maddy> You lose conciouness like last time, and soon become aware in a black void. You can't talk or move. "Welcome to the Kingdom of Dunedin." says Jeremy Irons? "You are adevnturers, called to the the throne room of your king for a mission of great importance."
Feb 15 19:41:06 <Maddy> "Some of you may know eachother, some of you may not, but you have all been called."
Feb 15 19:43:00 <Maddy> The world starts fading in. You're standing in the waiting room outside the throne room. If anyone wants to give a quick desc of what y'all look like that's cool.
Feb 15 19:44:15 <MonkeyBomb> Brock is the same short elf from the first time they did this. Ace is still a cat.
Feb 15 19:44:16 <Puppetmaster> Lilin looks… Roughly the same as she did in the real world, with the exception of pointed ears poking through her hair.
Feb 15 19:44:22 <Gara> John is a big orc with reddish eyes, is clean shaven, and a bigaxe on him.
Feb 15 19:44:23 <Puppetmaster> She's still six foot.
Feb 15 19:44:23 <Tox> There's a slightly above-average-height blonde chick with a wooden club at her belt, wearing leather armor with a large dog by her side. Her hair's in a loose ponytail, and would probably come to about shoulder-length when unbound.
Feb 15 19:44:40 <Tox> She's also got a shield.
Feb 15 19:45:35 <Echo> Mitchell looks like… Mitchell, if he were wearing a set of fantasy-ass plate armor. Real creative there, dude. He's alittle taller, but… it doesn't look like he came up with much besides that. He is, though, festooned in a veritable cornucopia of weapons, a longsword and morningstar hanging from his belt by his hips, with a shield and a
Feb 15 19:45:44 <Echo> humongous broadsword across his back.
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Feb 15 19:45:57 <Puppetmaster> "… Cana?"
Feb 15 19:46:28 <Tox> The blonde druid-looking girl looks over at Lilin. "Mhm?"
Feb 15 19:46:37 <Puppetmaster> "… You're… kind of a chick."
Feb 15 19:46:48 <Gara> "So're you."
Feb 15 19:47:03 <Tox> She nods. "Yeah. So I am."
Feb 15 19:47:14 <Puppetmaster> "… Well, I ain't judging."
Feb 15 19:47:24 <Gara> John just flat out doesn't believe that.
Feb 15 19:48:20 <Maddy> If Cana's never been a woman before through magical means or whatever, it feels a little weird, but RAM brain compensates for that quite a bit
Feb 15 19:48:51 <MonkeyBomb> Brock claps his hands together, glancing at their little troop and approving of Mitchell's armament. "Well, this should be fun."
Feb 15 19:49:23 <Tox> "I'm lookin' forward to it." She pets the hulking beast beside her.
Feb 15 19:49:23 <MonkeyBomb> Ace the cat gracefully walks around their feet, stopping at Cana's dog-thing. "meooooow."
Feb 15 19:49:38 <Tox> The dog chuffs at Ace the cat.
Feb 15 19:49:45 <Echo> Mitchell doesn't waste time chattering, but instead tries to figure out exactly where they are.
Feb 15 19:50:04 <Maddy> There ar two guards at the door
Feb 15 19:51:15 <Echo> Evan decides he's about the most respectable-looking, and approaches the guards, bowing politely as he approaches. Might as well make this go as smoothly as possible.
Feb 15 19:51:36 <Maddy> They salute. "Are you the adventueres sent for?"
Feb 15 19:51:59 <Echo> "We're expected, yes." He gestures back at the others.
Feb 15 19:52:14 <Puppetmaster> Lilin keeps a hand on her bow, walking with the party as a whole.
Feb 15 19:53:17 <Maddy> "Very well. We ask that you put away your weapons while speeking to the King." The one not speaking goes to open the door.
Feb 15 19:53:26 <MonkeyBomb> Brock twirls his quarterstaff absentmindedly.
Feb 15 19:53:56 <Puppetmaster> Lilin reluctantly takes her hand /off/ the bow.
Feb 15 19:54:03 <Echo> Mitchell looks back at the others. "Decorum."
Feb 15 19:54:33 <Tox> Cana nods, resting her hand on the dog's head.
Feb 15 19:54:48 <Gara> John looks at Lilin. Then at Mitchell. "Aye."
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Feb 15 19:55:14 <MonkeyBomb> Brock's not sure how to put a way a staff…. so he just acts like it's a cane or something.
Feb 15 19:56:09 <Echo> After straightening his cloak, Mitchell steps past the guards and marches through the door , Marine Corps drill *finally* coming in handy for something.
Feb 15 19:56:46 <Maddy> They are led in to an opulent throne room, bedite in lush tapestries in the Kingdom's colours. Gold and navy blue.
Feb 15 19:57:10 <Gara> ~That's /really/ tacky looking~
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Feb 15 19:57:34 <MonkeyBomb> He tries to pull of the wise wizard role and follows Mitchell. Ace follows closely, weaving in between everyone's legs.
Feb 15 19:57:40 <Tox> Lokir, Cana's dog, paces Cana to where the rest of them stop.
Feb 15 19:57:58 <Maddy> The king is uppon his throne, there are guards all over the place as is to be expected.
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Feb 15 19:58:44 <Maddy> To his left is a familiar looking half-elf. It's Jani, though her hair is silver, her eyes dark, and her skin grey.
Feb 15 19:59:17 <Echo> Despite his distaste for the concept, Mitchell takes a knee in front of the throne, bowing, as he thinks would be appropriate.
Feb 15 19:59:48 <Tox> Cana does the same, bowing her head.
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Feb 15 20:00:18 <Gara> John bows.
Feb 15 20:00:42 <MonkeyBomb> Brock bows, leaning on his cane/quarterstaff and trying to look as respectful as possible. No telling what Jani's cooked up…
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Feb 15 20:01:40 <Puppetmaster> As previously stated, Lilin bows/kneels before no white boy.
Feb 15 20:02:02 <Gara> John looks at her.
Feb 15 20:02:05 <Tox> .part
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Feb 15 20:02:32 <Puppetmaster> Lilin nods politely, though.
Feb 15 20:02:37 <Gara> Puts a hand on her shoulder. And tries to get her to her knees, while muttering at her, "Just fucking go with this."
Feb 15 20:04:01 <Maddy> If the king gives shit about the bowing he doesnt show it. "Thank you for coming so swiftly, we have great need for you this day."
Feb 15 20:04:04 <Puppetmaster> We can do an opposed Strength check, if you want. Otherwise she's not going anywhere.
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Feb 15 20:05:18 <Echo> After the noble starts speaking, Mitchell rises back to his feet, waiting for him to continue.
Feb 15 20:05:26 <Tox> Cana follows suit.
Feb 15 20:06:14 <MonkeyBomb> Brock stands up as well.
Feb 15 20:06:49 <Maddy> "As I'm sure you know, the surface world has always had a difficult relationship with those below. At best we are reluctant allies, at worst we are at eachothers throats." Is this guy Jeremy Irons too? Yes he is.
Feb 15 20:09:07 <Maddy> "We have recently recieved a missive from the Matriarch of a Drow noble family. They plan to split off from their sect, and wish to join in an alliance with Dunedin. We need you to acompany our Diplomat to ther current location."
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Feb 15 20:16:46 <Maddy> <Maddy> "As I'm sure you know, the surface world has always had a difficult relationship with those below. At best we are reluctant allies, at worst we are at eachothers throats." Is this guy Jeremy Irons too? Yes he is.
Feb 15 20:16:46 <Maddy> <Maddy> "We have recently recieved a missive from the Matriarch of a Drow noble family. They plan to split off from their sect, and wish to join in an alliance with Dunedin. We need you to acompany our Diplomat to ther current location."
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Feb 15 20:19:50 <Puppetmaster> Lilin sees two options: Befriend the powerful, probably nicer kingdom, or sabotage this alliance to the benefit of phat loot from the other guys.
Feb 15 20:19:54 <Puppetmaster> Decisions…
Feb 15 20:21:27 <Gara> John has one option. Kill. Who? That's up to them, issnit.
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Feb 15 20:22:43 <Tox> Cana nods. "As you command."
Feb 15 20:22:58 <Maddy> "They have taken refuge in a cave system nearby, and likely will build their homes there. Unfortunately it has a…vermin problem."
Feb 15 20:23:28 <Tox> "What kind of a problem, liege?"
Feb 15 20:24:22 <Puppetmaster> "Ten pieces says giant bugs."
Feb 15 20:25:00 <Puppetmaster> Lilin doesn't have ten pieces and everyone here probably knows it, especially judging by her clothes.
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Feb 15 20:28:45 <Maddy> "Spiders, so say the scouts." The king motions to his aide. "My aide has one hundred gold pieces for each of you, and a Knighthood if the alliance is successful."
Feb 15 20:29:48 <Puppetmaster> Lilin whistles. "Consider it done."
Feb 15 20:30:01 <Tox> "By your command."
Feb 15 20:30:27 <MonkeyBomb> Brock nods sagely at the King.
Feb 15 20:30:35 <Maddy> "Aditionally, if January comes back unharmed, you will have my eternal gratitude."
Feb 15 20:32:50 <Echo> "We won't let anything happen to her."
Feb 15 20:34:00 <Maddy> "Please, leave as soon as you can, but untill you leave, you will have quarters here." Basically you can dick around a little till Gara comes back.
Feb 15 20:34:43 <Tox> "Yes, my liege." Cana scratches behind Lokir's ears, who appears very happy.
Feb 15 20:34:54 <Puppetmaster> ~Royal accommodations and a hundred gold… I like it.~
Feb 15 20:35:24 <Echo> Mitchell nods, turns on a heel, and steps off back toward the room they all appeared in, cape slipping behind him with a flourish. He waits for the others by the two guards in the parlor.
Feb 15 20:35:55 <Puppetmaster> Fancy-ass son of a bitch.
Feb 15 20:36:18 <Echo> He's *pretty* fancy-looking.
Feb 15 20:36:29 <Puppetmaster> Lilin follows, and as soon as she's out of the king's room, puts a hand back on her bow.
Feb 15 20:36:33 <MonkeyBomb> Brock gives a respectful bow to the King before heading out of the chamber after Mitchell.
Feb 15 20:36:41 <Tox> Cana bows again and retreats. She doesn't have a cape because she's not a fancypants. She walks out with her dog.
Feb 15 20:36:43 <Maddy> January goes with them. "This way, guys."
Feb 15 20:37:11 <MonkeyBomb> Brock wishes he had a cape.
Feb 15 20:37:14 <Echo> Mitchell raises an eyebrow at "guys," expecting some ye olde here and there.
Feb 15 20:37:32 <Echo> He follows behind her anyway, ye olde or not.
Feb 15 20:37:53 <MonkeyBomb> Brock turns on his heal, and after a quick course-correction, follows Jani.
Feb 15 20:38:33 <Maddy> She leads them to a dining room free od guards. "I fgure we can talk out of character here without breaking anything."
Feb 15 20:38:47 <Tox> Cana nods. "Sounds about right."
Feb 15 20:39:04 <Echo> "You're *small*."
Feb 15 20:39:22 <Maddy> "Hush now, I'm a half elf."
Feb 15 20:39:49 <Maddy> "And a monk. I could probably bench you."
Feb 15 20:39:56 <Tox> "Monks are pretty badass."
Feb 15 20:39:58 <Echo> "Okay, so… what's the plan? What exactly are we gonna te- no way."
Feb 15 20:40:15 <Tox> "*Maybe* not with all your bullshit armor."
Feb 15 20:40:36 <Echo> He shakes his head. "What are we testing exactly? We just walk you - everybody's hatin' - we just walk you somewhere, and that's it?"
Feb 15 20:40:54 <MonkeyBomb> Ace leaps onto the fancy oak table and weaves in and out of the various decorations littered about.
Feb 15 20:41:02 <Maddy> "My over head lift is 200lbs." she sticks out her tongue. "Anyways we gotta go into this cave. Didn't make that myself, anted to test how the perameters I thought would get translated. So no map."
Feb 15 20:41:25 <Tox> "You know it's not gonna be so simple. The spiders are probably venomous."
Feb 15 20:41:27 <MonkeyBomb> "Fun."
Feb 15 20:41:47 <Maddy> "There are some spiders. Two groups of 2-5, but unless we get really lost, we'll probably only met one."
Feb 15 20:42:08 <Puppetmaster> "Okay, so I assume no one wants to be the Guinea pig to find out if dying here kills us."
Feb 15 20:42:30 <Maddy> "There's a fight when we get to the meeting place, but with how I rolled your enemies, and how Evan rolled his silly ass off, you;re in no danger."
Feb 15 20:42:52 <MonkeyBomb> "Death in real life or not, I doubt any of us really want to /volunteer/ to find out," to Lilin.
Feb 15 20:42:58 <Tox> "The dice fuckin' loved you or something, Mitchell."
Feb 15 20:43:11 <Echo> "Okay, so we won't have to test that. And yeah, o' course. Everybody loves me."
Feb 15 20:43:39 <MonkeyBomb> Brock chuckles.
Feb 15 20:44:25 <Puppetmaster> "In the same way everyone loves Raymond, right?"
Feb 15 20:44:38 <MonkeyBomb> "Good one."
Feb 15 20:44:43 <Tox> Cana chuckles.
Feb 15 20:44:45 <Maddy> "I'm written in as a character, with like one or two NPC things, so I'm certain anything that happens to me can translate too for how this works."
Feb 15 20:44:45 <Puppetmaster> "Thank you."
Feb 15 20:45:05 <Maddy> "Th NPC thing being that I'm some how a diplomat, and the kings bastard child."
Feb 15 20:45:21 <Echo> "Scandalous."
Feb 15 20:45:22 <MonkeyBomb> "….What?"
Feb 15 20:45:25 <Maddy> "I know, right?"
Feb 15 20:45:38 <Maddy> "I thought it would be fun." she shrugs.
Feb 15 20:46:03 <Tox> "Hey, I can't say anything." She grins.
Feb 15 20:46:09 <Puppetmaster> "So you're his assistant, his diplomat, and his son?"
Feb 15 20:46:20 <Maddy> "I am a lady!"
Feb 15 20:46:31 <Puppetmaster> Daughter.
Feb 15 20:46:39 <Puppetmaster> It's been a stressful week okay.
Feb 15 20:46:42 <Maddy> She fake frowns. "Not his assistnt, that was…shit I didn't name him."
Feb 15 20:47:00 <Maddy> "Doesn't matter. Basically I needed an IC excuse for me to join you."
Feb 15 20:47:03 <Puppetmaster> "… Canon. He has no name."
Feb 15 20:47:14 <Maddy> "Hahahaha, maybe."
Feb 15 20:47:21 <Maddy> "Also, Nice tits, cana."
Feb 15 20:47:37 <MonkeyBomb> Brock whistles.
Feb 15 20:47:58 <Echo> "Pffffft. Yeah, I gotta ask, why the chick?"
Feb 15 20:47:58 <Tox> Cana smirks. "Thanks."
Feb 15 20:48:04 <MonkeyBomb> "You came well-equipped."
Feb 15 20:48:11 <MonkeyBomb> He snorts.
Feb 15 20:48:20 <MonkeyBomb> Laugh-snort. Whatever it's called.
Feb 15 20:48:32 <Tox> Cana looks thoughtful. "I figured…why not? I have a chance to be someone I can't be. Why not take advantage of it?"
Feb 15 20:48:33 <Maddy> Snerk
Feb 15 20:48:47 <Tox> "It's not like it's permanent."
Feb 15 20:48:52 <Maddy> "Sounds fun. Anyway, you guys ready to go?"
Feb 15 20:49:05 <Gara> "You should sit on my shoulders and jump on people, Jani. It'll be hilarious as fuck."
Feb 15 20:49:29 <Echo> "All right, yeah, let's take off. See if this works how it's supposed to."
Feb 15 20:49:31 <Tox> "It'd be better if we had a halfling. Halfling tossing is /fun./"
Feb 15 20:49:46 <Gara> "Oh yeah. Dwarf too."
Feb 15 20:50:02 <MonkeyBomb> Brock beckons his cat. "Time to go, pussy."
Feb 15 20:50:02 <Maddy> "Halflings make shite monks though." she starts heading out. "The entrrance isnt far."
Feb 15 20:50:20 <Tox> Cana stands up, beckoning Lokir to come with her.
Feb 15 20:50:25 <MonkeyBomb> Ace meanders over to Brock. "meow."
Feb 15 20:50:32 <Puppetmaster> Lilin pets Lokir.
Feb 15 20:50:38 <Gara> Thud. Thud. Thud. Thud. John walks along.
Feb 15 20:50:43 <Echo> "Might wanna stay behind one of us. We have to keep you alive."
Feb 15 20:51:02 <MonkeyBomb> Brock grabs his staff and makes his way out as well. "This should be interesting."
Feb 15 20:51:03 <Echo> Mitchell jogs ahead a little, moving alongside Jani.
Feb 15 20:51:04 <Puppetmaster> "I'll stay back with her. Because archery."
Feb 15 20:51:06 <Gara> "Or /sit on the shoulders of the tank/ like I said."
Feb 15 20:51:41 <Tox> Lokir looks pleased, and flicks her ear.
Feb 15 20:52:00 <Tox> "This'll be fun."
Feb 15 20:52:50 <Puppetmaster> Lilin idly hums 'We're Off to See the Wizard'.
Feb 15 20:53:19 <MonkeyBomb> "I'm right here, you guys."
Feb 15 20:53:39 <Maddy> They exit the castle and head through the city. It's kinda built like the actual Dunedin, but all D&D timeline looking.
Feb 15 20:53:48 <MonkeyBomb> "And I'm a real wizard in this case."
Feb 15 20:54:08 <Maddy> As they leave, the come to a cave. "Its in here."
Feb 15 20:54:11 <Tox> "Yeah, but in our case it's 'We're off to kill the spiders.'"
Feb 15 20:54:26 <Echo> "That didn't take long." Fast travel!
Feb 15 20:55:21 <Maddy> Jani climbs onto John. "Lets see how it worked out."
Feb 15 20:55:21 <Echo> Mitchell pulls an enormous broadsword from its sheath on his back. It's nearly as tall as Jani!
Feb 15 20:56:03 <Maddy> "Jeeze, dude."
Feb 15 20:56:16 <Gara> "I'd make a compensation joke."
Feb 15 20:56:23 <Gara> "But I'm 6'6 and have a battleaxe."
Feb 15 20:56:34 <Tox> "I /will/ make the joke."
Feb 15 20:56:42 <Gara> "And you gave yourself tits."
Feb 15 20:56:44 <Tox> Cana draws her club.
Feb 15 20:56:46 <Gara> "Liin."
Feb 15 20:56:46 <Puppetmaster> "Well, you can all see that I have a long sword."
Feb 15 20:56:53 <Gara> "Not that big."
Feb 15 20:57:07 <Echo> "I ain't compensatin' for shit." Mitchell heads inside the mouth of the cave. Is it dark?
Feb 15 20:57:16 <Puppetmaster> "I never said big. I was being literal."
Feb 15 20:57:23 <Puppetmaster> "It's a longsword."
Feb 15 20:57:31 <Puppetmaster> "And a long sword."
Feb 15 20:57:32 <Gara> John produces battleaxe. John doesn't believe in the dark, as he has darkvision. "Why don't we let me take lead from here?"
Feb 15 20:57:50 <Puppetmaster> Lilin produces bow. "Feel free, meat shield."
Feb 15 20:58:14 <Maddy> There's an incline to the floor in the cave. Yeah it's pretty dark. It goes down a little ways, south, the curvs left and you can see past ther.
Feb 15 20:58:28 <Maddy> "I can see in the dark so I can help."
Feb 15 20:58:42 <Gara> "Me too."
Feb 15 20:58:50 <Puppetmaster> "I can hide in the dark so I can help."
Feb 15 20:59:02 <Tox> 1d10+10 Handle Animal
Feb 15 20:59:02 <CROM> Tox: Handle Animal: 12 (1d10+10=2)
Feb 15 20:59:10 <Gara> John leads the way into the darkness(?)
Feb 15 20:59:12 <Puppetmaster> "And then I shoot things. My area of experti" GOD DAMNIT TOX.
Feb 15 20:59:19 <Echo> 1d20+8 Sense Motive check on the cave
Feb 15 20:59:20 <CROM> Echo: Sense Motive check on the cave: 26 (1d20+8=18)
Feb 15 20:59:30 <Maddy> The cave is slimey as hell.
Feb 15 20:59:36 <Puppetmaster> d20+8 Immediate Hide check once in concealment.
Feb 15 20:59:36 <CROM> Puppetmaster: Immediate Hide check once in concealment.: 24 (d20+8=16)
Feb 15 20:59:36 <Tox> "Lokir, protect me." Lokir chuffs and nods, moving closer to her mistress.
Feb 15 20:59:38 <Maddy> Probably lawful evil
Feb 15 20:59:44 <Echo> Mitchell frowns. This doesn't bode well.
Feb 15 21:00:30 <Maddy> the cave keeps going west and down, before tuening again, going north and leveling off.
Feb 15 21:00:52 <Tox> 1d20+10 HANDLE ANIMAL
Feb 15 21:00:52 <CROM> Tox: HANDLE ANIMAL: 22 (1d20+10=12)
Feb 15 21:00:59 <Tox> handled the /shit/ out of it.
Feb 15 21:02:11 <Echo> "Do you know where the spiders are, Jani?"
Feb 15 21:02:29 <Gara> John sorta looks around a bit for spiders.
Feb 15 21:02:35 <Maddy> "Not a clue, but I hd the two groups apart from eachother so we dont get ganked."
Feb 15 21:02:45 <Tox> "Good. Ganking is never any fun.
Feb 15 21:02:50 <Echo> "Smart. Uh… how big are they?"
Feb 15 21:02:55 <Tox> "
Feb 15 21:02:59 <Echo> "Like, could I kill one with this sword?"
Feb 15 21:03:06 <Gara> "Thanks, God."
Feb 15 21:03:21 <Maddy> At then end of this level hall, the tunnel goes east. "Medium…whatever that means."
Feb 15 21:03:35 <Gara> "Humanish."
Feb 15 21:03:36 <Puppetmaster> "Oh."
Feb 15 21:03:43 <Puppetmaster> "Yeah, they're as big as us."
Feb 15 21:03:44 <Echo> "Oh, so we could just step o- oh."
Feb 15 21:03:50 <Gara> "Yeah no."
Feb 15 21:03:51 <Puppetmaster> Lilin draws her bow.
Feb 15 21:03:53 <Tox> "Mitchell, you could kill /anything/ with that sword. Jesus."
Feb 15 21:04:05 <Gara> "They're big fuckin monsters." John smiles ever so slightly.
Feb 15 21:05:36 <Puppetmaster> "Most women think that a sword that kills things is undesirable."
Feb 15 21:05:40 <Maddy> Anyone with darkvision can see ths hall goes about 30 ft then vears to the north, there seem to be 2 opending s along the way.
Feb 15 21:05:40 <Puppetmaster> "Just saying."
Feb 15 21:05:55 <Maddy> The first on the north wall, the second on the south wal,closer to the end.
Feb 15 21:06:12 <Echo> "Could somebody light somethin'? I'm just about feelin' my way along here."
Feb 15 21:06:14 <Gara> "There are two ways to go. One, on the north wall. The other, the south on end."
Feb 15 21:06:57 <Maddy> "We should probably have light for you guys…I could casr dancing lights.
Feb 15 21:07:12 <Tox> "I've got a lantern, but I'd need to sling my shield."
Feb 15 21:07:18 <Gara> "I have a lamb."
Feb 15 21:07:25 <Maddy> "How does mutton help?"
Feb 15 21:07:26 <Gara> "…Lamp. I have a lamp."
Feb 15 21:07:27 <Echo> "I just ate."
Feb 15 21:07:30 <Tox> "Dancing Lights would probably be best…I don't have Light prepared."
Feb 15 21:07:35 <Gara> "Mutton always helps, Jani."
Feb 15 21:07:40 <Maddy> "Is the orc brain getting to you?"
Feb 15 21:07:41 <Echo> "Yeah, a lamp would be nice."
Feb 15 21:07:49 <Gara> "Yes."
Feb 15 21:07:51 <Gara> "A little."
Feb 15 21:08:04 <Tox> "I've got Flare, but that's not helpful."
Feb 15 21:08:09 <Gara> "It's in my backpack."
Feb 15 21:08:19 <Puppetmaster> "I've noticed elves are pretty much the same as humans, except with more arrogance and more trees."
Feb 15 21:08:33 <Maddy> "I'll get it then." Jani digs out his lamp and lights it.
Feb 15 21:08:36 <Maddy> Listen checks.
Feb 15 21:08:54 <Puppetmaster> d20+6 WITH MY SPECIAL EARS
Feb 15 21:08:55 <CROM> Puppetmaster: WITH MY SPECIAL EARS: 13 (d20+6=7)
Feb 15 21:09:00 <Tox> 1d20+5 MY BRAND
Feb 15 21:09:00 <Puppetmaster> Shit
Feb 15 21:09:00 <CROM> Tox: MY BRAND: 17 (1d20+5=12)
Feb 15 21:09:11 <Gara> d20+2 WHERE ARE YOU? I WANNA RIP YOU APART!
Feb 15 21:09:11 <CROM> Gara: WHERE ARE YOU? I WANNA RIP YOU APART!: 22 (d20+2=20)
Feb 15 21:09:20 <Echo> 1d20+4 ???
Feb 15 21:09:20 <CROM> Echo: ???: 10 (1d20+4=6)
Feb 15 21:10:06 <MonkeyBomb> Brock has Dancing Lights, right?
Feb 15 21:10:06 <MonkeyBomb> Nevermind.
Feb 15 21:10:33 <Puppetmaster> That does not help us hear.
Feb 15 21:10:45 <MonkeyBomb> 1d20+6+2 MAGIC ELF EARS
Feb 15 21:10:45 <CROM> MonkeyBomb: MAGIC ELF EARS: 15 (1d20+6+2=7)
Feb 15 21:11:34 <Maddy> Everyone but Chandler hears SPIDERSOUNDS like from WoW. John can tell they're in the room farther than them, and probably know they're there.
Feb 15 21:11:51 <Gara> "Spiders."
Feb 15 21:11:54 <Tox> Cana raises her hand. "Shh."
Feb 15 21:12:10 <Puppetmaster> d20+8 Move Silently. Splitting off to the side of the group.
Feb 15 21:12:11 <CROM> Puppetmaster: Move Silently. Splitting off to the side of the group.: 17 (d20+8=9)
Feb 15 21:12:16 <Tox> All that /fucking metal/ probably kept Chandler from hearing it. BIG STUPID PALADIN.
Feb 15 21:12:37 <Puppetmaster> Lilin moves out of the lamp light.
Feb 15 21:13:13 <Puppetmaster> She readies an action to shoot the first spider she sees.
Feb 15 21:14:34 <Echo> As does Mitchell. He raises that big honkin' sword. "So… doors, then."
Feb 15 21:14:42 <Echo> Not doors
Feb 15 21:14:49 <Echo> The open spaces.
Feb 15 21:14:59 <Gara> "… What?"
Feb 15 21:15:04 <Gara> John frowns.
Feb 15 21:15:30 <Maddy> There is no sound coming from the closest room, however, on the south wall.
Feb 15 21:16:03 <Echo> "Not doors. The fuckin' open way. Which way we headed?"
Feb 15 21:16:27 <Gara> "No sound from the southern room."
Feb 15 21:16:52 <Maddy> Jani gets ready to jump off John and punch spiders in the FACE
Feb 15 21:17:03 <Tox> "Well, we have to clear them all out. So I guess we're going to beat the shit outta some spiders."
Feb 15 21:17:08 <Gara> "Good."
Feb 15 21:17:34 <Echo> Evan heads in the direction the sounds came from, ready to attack. Or negotiate. Whichever turns out to be more appropriate.
Feb 15 21:17:50 <MonkeyBomb> Brock makes sure he remembers some spells and whatnot. Luckily his RAM brain thingamajig helps him out.
Feb 15 21:17:57 <Puppetmaster> Lilin's readied action still stands.
Feb 15 21:18:04 <Tox> Cana steps off with Evan, Lokir in tow.
Feb 15 21:18:31 <Gara> John gets moving, fast, at the spiders. He's not a sneaky guy.
Feb 15 21:18:58 <Maddy> Suddenly SPIDERS! 2 come out. The hall is just wide enough for them, the rest are still stuck in the doorway.
Feb 15 21:18:59 <Puppetmaster> Lilin's Move Silently /also/ still stands.
Feb 15 21:19:14 <Puppetmaster> d20+4 Pew.
Feb 15 21:19:14 <CROM> Puppetmaster: Pew.: 15 (d20+4=11)
Feb 15 21:19:16 <Maddy> Puppetmaster, they have tremor sence so unfotunately it doent help any
Feb 15 21:19:33 <Puppetmaster> To what distance, though?
Feb 15 21:19:38 <Maddy> Roll damage
Feb 15 21:19:40 <Maddy> 60ft
Feb 15 21:19:44 <Puppetmaster> Lilin's at the back of the party, out of the lamp light.
Feb 15 21:20:10 <Gara> John runs at them, and tries to bury the axehead into one.
Feb 15 21:20:16 <Puppetmaster> 1d8
Feb 15 21:20:16 <CROM> Puppetmaster: 3 (1d8=3)
Feb 15 21:21:14 <Maddy> Lilin's arrow flies, hitting what I will call Spider #1 in the thorax.
Feb 15 21:21:33 <Maddy> Gara, roll attack on which on #1 or #2
Feb 15 21:21:48 <Gara> 1.
Feb 15 21:21:55 <Maddy> Go forit
Feb 15 21:22:03 <Echo> 1d20+6 Mitchell swings at the one on the left, raising the broadsword high, then coming down, trying to cut it in half. Number 1.
Feb 15 21:22:03 <CROM> Echo: Mitchell swings at the one on the left, raising the broadsword high, then coming down, trying to cut it in half. Number 1.: 9 (1d20+6=3)
Feb 15 21:22:08 <Gara> d20+6 How does it feel? Bad. Feels bad man.
Feb 15 21:22:08 <CROM> Gara: How does it feel? Bad. Feels bad man.: 18 (d20+6=12)
Feb 15 21:22:30 <Echo> Disregard mine
Feb 15 21:22:41 <Maddy> roll damage, Gara
Feb 15 21:22:57 <Gara> d12+7 Hi.
Feb 15 21:22:57 <CROM> Gara: Hi.: 10 (d12+7=3)
Feb 15 21:24:47 <Maddy> The axe slams into the spiders head, slicing through the chitin and felling the spider. Its legs twitch grotesquly.
Feb 15 21:25:27 <Maddy> 1d20+2 WOOP
Feb 15 21:25:28 <CROM> Maddy: WOOP: 20 (1d20+2=18)
Feb 15 21:25:55 <Maddy> 1d6+2
Feb 15 21:25:55 <CROM> Maddy: 6 (1d6+2=4)
Feb 15 21:26:16 <Maddy> Jani leaps from John's shoulders, bringing her heel down onto its face.
Feb 15 21:26:22 <Maddy> Chndler go!
Feb 15 21:26:39 <Echo> 1d20+6 Mitchell swings at the one on the right, raising the broadsword high, then coming down, trying to cut it in half. Number 2.
Feb 15 21:26:39 <CROM> Echo: Mitchell swings at the one on the right, raising the broadsword high, then coming down, trying to cut it in half. Number 2.: 16 (1d20+6=10)
Feb 15 21:27:10 <Maddy> Roll damage
Feb 15 21:27:19 <Echo> 2d6+6 !!!
Feb 15 21:27:19 <CROM> Echo: !!!: 11 (2d6+6=3, 2)
Feb 15 21:28:36 <Maddy> As jani flips off the second spider, Chandler's greatsword almost cuts the thing in half! It's twitching now too,
Feb 15 21:28:40 <Maddy> Roll initiative
Feb 15 21:29:05 <Echo> 1d20+3 !!!
Feb 15 21:29:06 <CROM> Echo: !!!: 14 (1d20+3=11)
Feb 15 21:29:06 <Tox> 1d20+7 improved init, fucklords
Feb 15 21:29:07 <CROM> Tox: improved init, fucklords: 17 (1d20+7=10)
Feb 15 21:29:11 <MonkeyBomb> 1d20+3 INIT
Feb 15 21:29:12 <CROM> MonkeyBomb: INIT: 21 (1d20+3=18)
Feb 15 21:29:27 <Gara> d20+2 Bad things happen in rages, Echo. Bad things.
Feb 15 21:29:28 <CROM> Gara: Bad things happen in rages, Echo. Bad things.: 18 (d20+2=16)
Feb 15 21:29:39 <Puppetmaster> d20+4
Feb 15 21:29:39 <CROM> Puppetmaster: 21 (d20+4=17)
Feb 15 21:30:37 * ChanServ has changed the topic to: If *anything* is occurring IC, take Battledome elsewhere | Maddy: It's not a lot but its worth a shot, get that arm around his neck, girl.: 4 (4df=+, +, +, +) E4D: Burning fate, and pushing her tiny arm away.: 2 (4df+6=-, -, -, -)
Feb 15 21:30:55 * Echo has quit (temporal.hub.us.synirc.net destiny.nsw.au.synirc.net)
Feb 15 21:31:00 * Echo (cisum.nikkarf|htffonrut#cisum.nikkarf|htffonrut) has joined #afteractionmission
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Feb 15 21:32:30 <Maddy> A spider springs out of the room, latching onto Jani and biting her arm!
Feb 15 21:32:46 -Global- [slushey] Sorry for the inconvenience. NickServ/ChanServ has been restored.
Feb 15 21:32:57 <Puppetmaster> d20+4 No you don't bitch.
Feb 15 21:32:57 <CROM> Puppetmaster: No you don't bitch.: 22 (d20+4=18)
Feb 15 21:33:41 <Puppetmaster> d20+4
Feb 15 21:33:41 <CROM> Puppetmaster: 19 (d20+4=15)
Feb 15 21:34:18 <Maddy> Lilin roll damage
Feb 15 21:34:49 <Puppetmaster> 1d8 I want to have sneak attack, but nooooooooo. Fucking tremorsense.
Feb 15 21:34:50 <CROM> Puppetmaster: I want to have sneak attack, but nooooooooo. Fucking tremorsense.: 4 (1d8=4)
Feb 15 21:34:58 <Maddy> This is Spider #5 bte
Feb 15 21:35:19 <Maddy> What is she attacking with? Ranged still?
Feb 15 21:35:58 <Puppetmaster> Bow.
Feb 15 21:36:00 <Puppetmaster> Yes.
Feb 15 21:36:12 <Maddy> 1d20+5 jani's fort save
Feb 15 21:36:13 <CROM> Maddy: jani's fort save: 25 (1d20+5=20)
Feb 15 21:36:45 <Maddy> Lilin's arrow flies into one of the spiders eyes. Onfortunatly the god saw fit to give him 8.
Feb 15 21:37:09 <Maddy> Jani doent give a fuck about poison.
Feb 15 21:37:16 <Maddy> Go Brock go!
Feb 15 21:38:16 <MonkeyBomb> Brock doesn't like the whole "spells per day" bullshit, but whatever… Might as well use one… He waves his hand an murmurs the proper words for Magic Missile!
Feb 15 21:38:27 <MonkeyBomb> On Spider #5, that is!
Feb 15 21:38:39 <Maddy> Roll damage!
Feb 15 21:39:00 <MonkeyBomb> 1d4+1 DIE BITCH (CROM I love you, btw. <3)
Feb 15 21:39:01 <CROM> MonkeyBomb: DIE BITCH (CROM I love you, btw. <3): 2 (1d4+1=1)
Feb 15 21:39:14 <MonkeyBomb> Brutal.
Feb 15 21:39:38 <Puppetmaster> BrĂ¼tal*
Feb 15 21:39:52 <Maddy> The bolts of magical energy hit the spider in the face again! He is no happy.
Feb 15 21:40:25 <MonkeyBomb> One 1st-Level spell down; 1 left. Brock frowns when it doesn't kill the damn thing.
Feb 15 21:40:37 <Maddy> Spider #4 Skitters along the ceiling and tries to drop on Chandler but misses horribly.
Feb 15 21:40:58 <Maddy> You get an AoO
Feb 15 21:41:01 <Echo> 1d20+6 Attack of opportunity
Feb 15 21:41:01 <CROM> Echo: Attack of opportunity: 16 (1d20+6=10)
Feb 15 21:41:13 <Echo> 2d6+6 !!!
Feb 15 21:41:13 <CROM> Echo: !!!: 13 (2d6+6=1, 6)
Feb 15 21:42:23 <Maddy> Chandler's quick slash severs all of #4's legs as he comes down, and it starts to ooze out its inards.
Feb 15 21:42:32 <Maddy> John's go.
Feb 15 21:42:38 <Gara> How many are left?
Feb 15 21:43:15 <Maddy> 2. #5 looks less that happy with an arrow in his eye, and #3 is untouched.
Feb 15 21:43:41 <Gara> He's going to uncreate 3.
Feb 15 21:43:58 <Maddy> O man
Feb 15 21:44:00 <Gara> d20+6 You wanna exist?
Feb 15 21:44:00 <CROM> Gara: You wanna exist?: 21 (d20+6=15)
Feb 15 21:44:05 <Maddy> Roll damage.
Feb 15 21:44:06 <Gara> d12+7 TOO BAD
Feb 15 21:44:07 <CROM> Gara: TOO BAD: 18 (d12+7=11)
Feb 15 21:44:13 <Gara> OMAN
Feb 15 21:44:22 <Echo> :o
Feb 15 21:44:51 <Maddy> The fucker's head comes right off as John's axe falls uppon it.
Feb 15 21:45:05 <Gara> "HAH!"
Feb 15 21:45:08 <Maddy> Its legs still flail, but its not hurting anyone now.
Feb 15 21:45:20 <Maddy> Talwyn, you're up
Feb 15 21:45:56 <Tox> "Lokir! With me!" Talwyn lets out a cry, going after the remaining spider. Lokir howls, racing after her mistress.
Feb 15 21:46:05 <Tox> 1d20+4 Clubbin'
Feb 15 21:46:05 <CROM> Tox: Clubbin': 7 (1d20+4=3)
Feb 15 21:46:09 <Tox> fack
Feb 15 21:47:02 <Maddy> With the amount of spider innards and legs laying around, Talwyn and Lokir get a little stumbled. They dont fall, but the hit doesnt connect.
Feb 15 21:47:05 <Maddy> Chandler you're up.
Feb 15 21:47:11 <Tox> wait wait
Feb 15 21:47:22 <Gara> Lokir still has an action
Feb 15 21:47:52 <Tox> 1d20+3 dog attack!
Feb 15 21:47:53 <CROM> Tox: dog attack!: 18 (1d20+3=15)
Feb 15 21:48:05 <Maddy> Roll damage
Feb 15 21:48:12 <Tox> 1d6+3 dog damage
Feb 15 21:48:12 <CROM> Tox: dog damage: 8 (1d6+3=5)
Feb 15 21:50:07 <Maddy> Lokir manages to travers the bug guts with more ease than Talwyn, her (his?) teeth tearing into the remaning spiders already beat up face, and it falls twitching, to the grond.
Feb 15 21:50:37 <Tox> After brutally murdering the spider, Lokir returns to Talwyn's side.
Feb 15 21:51:42 <Maddy> Jani gets up, her arm bleeding a little. "Jesus FUCK that hurts. God damnit."
Feb 15 21:51:51 <Maddy> "I mean, bt St Cuthbert, or whatever, fuck."
Feb 15 21:52:13 <Echo> Mitchell starts delivering coups de grace to the twitching spiders with his morningstar.
Feb 15 21:52:21 <Tox> "You okay, Jani?"
Feb 15 21:52:50 <Maddy> "Yeah yeah I'm fine. That just really smarts…oh god I can see the muscle a little."
Feb 15 21:53:03 <Echo> "Wait, can these get back up?"
Feb 15 21:53:08 <Maddy> "No."
Feb 15 21:53:12 <Puppetmaster> "Anyone have Heal?"
Feb 15 21:53:14 <MonkeyBomb> Brock coughs nervously, hoping nobody saw his failure of a spell. He takes a hold of his staff and peers at the giant spiders' carcasses.
Feb 15 21:53:26 <Gara> "I don't think so."
Feb 15 21:53:38 <Echo> "… Oh." He stops smashing half-dead spiders and clips the mace back to his belt.
Feb 15 21:54:10 <Echo> He wanders back over to where Jani is, offering a fistbump to John as he approaches.
Feb 15 21:54:18 <Gara> "… I don't… Jani, how does me being a doctor work right now?"
Feb 15 21:54:22 <Tox> "Sorry…I've got Shillelagh prepped as my first-level."
Feb 15 21:54:25 <Maddy> "Well, we can tick off "does the damage transfer to the real world.: test off the damn list."
Feb 15 21:54:33 <Gara> John fistbumps.
Feb 15 21:54:41 <Echo> "Regulatin'."
Feb 15 21:54:53 <Maddy> She looks into the room the spiders came from. There's a chest in here."
Feb 15 21:55:03 <Tox> "A chest? Lilin, you're up."
Feb 15 21:55:25 <Puppetmaster> "On it!"
Feb 15 21:55:29 <Echo> "You sure you're straight, Jani?"
Feb 15 21:55:32 <Puppetmaster> She walks in, whistling.
Feb 15 21:56:03 <Maddy> "Yeah…I thnk I got like…most of my hit points left."
Feb 15 21:56:08 <Maddy> "Didn't get poisoned."
Feb 15 21:56:11 <Puppetmaster> She checks it. Is it locked? Tell me it's locked.
Feb 15 21:56:23 <Tox> Talwyn walks in with her, as backup.
Feb 15 21:56:54 <Maddy> It's totes locked
Feb 15 21:57:31 <Puppetmaster> d20+8 Nigga FUCK YO LOCK.
Feb 15 21:57:32 <CROM> Puppetmaster: Nigga FUCK YO LOCK.: 21 (d20+8=13)
Feb 15 21:57:39 <Echo> BAM
Feb 15 21:57:42 <Maddy> That lock is a bitch nigga
Feb 15 21:58:01 <Puppetmaster> Lilin pops the chest open and looks at the loot.
Feb 15 21:58:05 <Puppetmaster> Phat loot.
Feb 15 21:58:17 <Tox> Talwyn whistles. "Nicely done."
Feb 15 21:59:13 <Maddy> inside the chest is 80gp, a shortsword, a potion, and a wand.
Feb 15 21:59:31 <Tox> "Ooh, more gold for the gold god."
Feb 15 21:59:57 <Gara> "Good!"
Feb 15 22:00:03 <Tox> "Nothin' really for me, though we could sell the sword."
Feb 15 22:00:14 <Puppetmaster> "How many of us are there again?" She tosses the wand to Brock.
Feb 15 22:00:49 <Tox> "Uh. Five of us, so that's 16gp apiece."
Feb 15 22:00:51 <Maddy> "Six if you count me."
Feb 15 22:00:57 <MonkeyBomb> He barely catches it. "What do I look like, Harry freaking Potter?" ~This is a nice wand….~
Feb 15 22:01:03 <Gara> "You're the GMPC."
Feb 15 22:01:04 <Echo> "Can't forget Jani."
Feb 15 22:01:04 <Tox> "Dude, use Spellcraft on it."
Feb 15 22:01:06 <Maddy> "But yea, dont give me money."
Feb 15 22:01:11 <Maddy> "King's my dad."
Feb 15 22:01:16 <Echo> "Just cuz she's 3 feet tall doesn't mean she don't get a share."
Feb 15 22:01:19 <Gara> "My god yu are meta."
Feb 15 22:01:22 <Maddy> "I'm 5'3."
Feb 15 22:01:31 <Gara> "If anyone heard us…. that'd be hilarious."
Feb 15 22:01:31 <Maddy> "Im the worst meta."
Feb 15 22:01:43 <MonkeyBomb> Brock is totally shorter than Jani, by the way.
Feb 15 22:01:45 <Tox> "You're just mad you don't look as good as I do, John." Talwyn laughs.
Feb 15 22:01:59 <Puppetmaster> "Okay." Lilin divides the gold and makes sure to open any other chests somewhere people who know math can't see.
Feb 15 22:02:01 <Gara> "Do I need to throw you?"
Feb 15 22:02:08 <Maddy> Sword is +1
Feb 15 22:02:45 <Maddy> Potion needs to be knowledged or spellcrafted or whatever seems aplicable.
Feb 15 22:02:46 <Puppetmaster> Lilin tosses the potion up and down in her hand.
Feb 15 22:02:48 <Tox> "No, thank you, John, I'm fine."
Feb 15 22:02:58 <Maddy> The potion is lavender in colour.
Feb 15 22:03:01 <Gara> "That's what I thought."
Feb 15 22:03:04 <Maddy> Clear, and bubbling.
Feb 15 22:04:59 <Puppetmaster> Lilin tastes a drop, just to see if anything happens.
Feb 15 22:05:09 <Maddy> It's really really sour.
Feb 15 22:05:11 <Gara> "The fuck are you doing, we have a mage."
Feb 15 22:05:18 <MonkeyBomb> 1d20+7 Spellcraft on the wand! (sorry if I'm doing this wrong.)
Feb 15 22:05:19 <CROM> MonkeyBomb: Spellcraft on the wand! (sorry if I'm doing this wrong.): 26 (1d20+7=19)
Feb 15 22:05:30 <Maddy> Its a wand of levitate!
Feb 15 22:05:50 <Maddy> 33 charges
Feb 15 22:06:04 <MonkeyBomb> "Huh." He twirls it around. "Why'd that work," he murmurs to himself.
Feb 15 22:06:06 <Puppetmaster> "Can confirm, potion tastes like lemons."
Feb 15 22:06:51 <Maddy> "ood job."
Feb 15 22:06:52 <Maddy> G
Feb 15 22:07:09 <Puppetmaster> She holds it up to Brock.
Feb 15 22:07:32 <MonkeyBomb> He stairs at it for a second before taking it.
Feb 15 22:07:39 <MonkeyBomb> *stares, goddamnit
Feb 15 22:07:47 <Echo> "So… we wanna keep movin'?"
Feb 15 22:07:52 <Puppetmaster> Lilin doesn't entirely let go.
Feb 15 22:08:03 <Tox> "Yeah, we should probably move."
Feb 15 22:08:34 <MonkeyBomb> 1d20+7 SC on the potion!
Feb 15 22:08:35 <CROM> MonkeyBomb: SC on the potion!: 12 (1d20+7=5)
Feb 15 22:08:45 <Maddy> You have no idea what it is.
Feb 15 22:08:46 <MonkeyBomb> "I got nothin'."
Feb 15 22:08:52 <MonkeyBomb> He lets go.
Feb 15 22:09:03 <Puppetmaster> "I'll be sure to drink it at a dramatically appropriate moment."
Feb 15 22:09:16 <Gara> "Lets not."
Feb 15 22:09:26 <Tox> "Seconding John."
Feb 15 22:09:39 <MonkeyBomb> Brock shrugs and carries on.
Feb 15 22:10:00 <Puppetmaster> "Well dramatically appropriate moment mostly means life-threatening peril.
Feb 15 22:10:01 <Puppetmaster> "
Feb 15 22:10:03 <Puppetmaster> "So."
Feb 15 22:10:13 <Maddy> There is a secont opening at the south of the room you're in
Feb 15 22:10:13 <Tox> Talwyn keeps it movin.'
Feb 15 22:10:19 <Maddy> or you can go bac the way you came
Feb 15 22:10:58 <Echo> Mitchell heads south, ready to keep on trucking through.
Feb 15 22:11:02 * Lal has quit (Ping timeout: 185 seconds)
Feb 15 22:11:06 <Maddy> LAL
Feb 15 22:11:40 * Lal (~ac.lleb.lsd.F96AC46E-CRInys|laL#ac.lleb.lsd.F96AC46E-CRInys|laL) has joined #afteractionmission
Feb 15 22:11:48 <Maddy> !save
Feb 15 22:11:49 <Lal> Dictionary saved
Feb 15 22:12:24 <Maddy> Through the southern opening, there tunnel goes east west/
Feb 15 22:12:26 <Gara> John takes point!
Feb 15 22:12:46 <Tox> Talwyn follows close behind, pulling a wooden cross from her belt.
Feb 15 22:13:01 <MonkeyBomb> "What's that for?" Brock asks him/her.
Feb 15 22:13:26 <Puppetmaster> "… God damnit, did you make your divine focus a cross?"
Feb 15 22:13:58 <Tox> "Druids use a divine focus for spellcasting. Shit, it's better than a facking sun, and I don't remember the deity symbols."
Feb 15 22:14:19 <Maddy> "Who'd you choose as your deity?
Feb 15 22:14:21 <Puppetmaster> "There aren't even Christians here. Couldn't you make it, like, a leaf or some shit?"
Feb 15 22:14:53 <Tox> "I picked Chauntea, the Great Mother."
Feb 15 22:14:53 <Gara> "Why are you so pissed at these things?"
Feb 15 22:15:10 <Maddy> "Guys."
Feb 15 22:15:14 <Maddy> "East or west?"
Feb 15 22:15:24 <Echo> "Yeah, mine's like a Celt- Uhhhh East."
Feb 15 22:15:28 <Gara> "East."
Feb 15 22:15:33 <Gara> John goes EAST!
Feb 15 22:15:36 <Echo> "East coast is beast coast."
Feb 15 22:15:44 <MonkeyBomb> "West coast is best coast."
Feb 15 22:15:48 <Echo> Mitchell follows behind John.
Feb 15 22:15:55 <MonkeyBomb> Brock follows.
Feb 15 22:15:56 <Maddy> The tunnel turns North almost imediately.
Feb 15 22:15:59 <Tox> Talwyn follows John.
Feb 15 22:16:01 <Gara> "Well."
Feb 15 22:16:06 <Gara> "This sucked."
Feb 15 22:16:09 <Gara> He goes North now.
Feb 15 22:16:23 <Echo> "Wish we had a map."
Feb 15 22:16:33 <Maddy> It goes for about 55 feet then turns west
Feb 15 22:17:30 <Gara> "And west."
Feb 15 22:17:33 <Gara> He goes west.
Feb 15 22:17:56 <Echo> "Jeeeez… how far does this stupid cave go?"
Feb 15 22:18:11 <Maddy> Now you have a choice of north or south. To the south you seeeee
Feb 15 22:18:14 <Maddy> Spider bodies.
Feb 15 22:18:19 <Tox> "Goddammit."
Feb 15 22:18:38 <Echo> "… Okay… back the same way. And west this time."
Feb 15 22:18:43 <Maddy> "Are we lost?'
Feb 15 22:18:48 <MonkeyBomb> "It's a good thing nobody's here to judge our navigation skills."
Feb 15 22:18:53 <Tox> "No, we just haven't found the right way yet."
Feb 15 22:18:54 <Echo> "No, we just went in a circle when we went east.":
Feb 15 22:18:55 <Maddy> "I'm judging."
Feb 15 22:18:58 <Gara> "North time."
Feb 15 22:19:01 <Gara> "You're god."
Feb 15 22:19:08 <Echo> "No, that's back the way we came."
Feb 15 22:19:10 <Maddy> "Wait ok where are we going?"
Feb 15 22:19:21 <Tox> "North sounds good. South is back the way we came."
Feb 15 22:19:23 <Gara> "No it's not." John points at the spider bodies.
Feb 15 22:19:28 <Gara> "That's south."
Feb 15 22:19:32 <Gara> John goes north.
Feb 15 22:19:39 <Tox> Talwyn follows.
Feb 15 22:19:43 <MonkeyBomb> Brock shrugs and follows John.
Feb 15 22:19:54 <MonkeyBomb> Ace trots along. Poor cat.
Feb 15 22:20:00 <Echo> Mitchell follows behind him.
Feb 15 22:20:16 <Tox> Lokir sticks right by Talwyn.
Feb 15 22:20:35 <Maddy> Roll initiatie
Feb 15 22:20:35 <Echo> "I still say we go back the way we came before, then go west where Jani was askin' about it."
Feb 15 22:20:39 <Echo> …
Feb 15 22:20:52 <Echo> 1d20+3
Feb 15 22:20:52 <CROM> Echo: 12 (1d20+3=9)
Feb 15 22:20:53 <Tox> 1d20+7 !!!
Feb 15 22:20:53 <CROM> Tox: !!!: 14 (1d20+7=7)
Feb 15 22:20:59 <MonkeyBomb> 1d20+3
Feb 15 22:20:59 <CROM> MonkeyBomb: 15 (1d20+3=12)
Feb 15 22:21:12 <Puppetmaster> d20+4
Feb 15 22:21:12 <CROM> Puppetmaster: 5 (d20+4=1)
Feb 15 22:21:16 <Puppetmaster> Fuck.
Feb 15 22:21:18 <Gara> d20+2 Rawr
Feb 15 22:21:18 <CROM> Gara: Rawr: 9 (d20+2=7)
Feb 15 22:21:21 <Gara> Fuck.
Feb 15 22:21:23 <Echo> 1d20+3 Spending an AP to reroll
Feb 15 22:21:24 <CROM> Echo: Spending an AP to reroll: 19 (1d20+3=16)
Feb 15 22:21:29 <Gara> No :P
Feb 15 22:21:59 <Echo> lol
Feb 15 22:22:42 <Maddy> Who's in front?
Feb 15 22:22:54 <Puppetmaster> Not Lilin.
Feb 15 22:23:04 <MonkeyBomb> Not Brock. He was following John.
Feb 15 22:23:14 <Gara> John.
Feb 15 22:23:23 <Gara> John is on point, the crazy bastard.
Feb 15 22:25:21 <Maddy> Fort save DC 12
Feb 15 22:25:56 <Puppetmaster> Something occurs to Lilin. "See, while I /could've/ checked for traps…"
Feb 15 22:26:27 <Gara> d20+5 I am good at that.
Feb 15 22:26:28 <CROM> Gara: I am good at that.: 8 (d20+5=3)
Feb 15 22:26:29 <Gara> Fuck.
Feb 15 22:26:33 <Gara> You are kidding
Feb 15 22:27:03 <Puppetmaster> "Sorry." As the presumed darts slam into him.
Feb 15 22:27:19 <Maddy> 4dmg, 2 poison.
Feb 15 22:27:33 <Maddy> As a spider jumps out and BITES HIS FACE
Feb 15 22:27:40 <Maddy> namnamnam
Feb 15 22:27:49 <Puppetmaster> "Oh, it's NOT a trap!"
Feb 15 22:28:05 <Gara> A big spider?
Feb 15 22:28:09 <Gara> Or a small spider?
Feb 15 22:28:12 <Maddy> Same as before
Feb 15 22:28:33 <Maddy> "Well, now we know we went the wrong way."
Feb 15 22:28:37 <Gara> Can… I kill it?
Feb 15 22:28:44 <Gara> "Shut up, god."
Feb 15 22:28:50 <Gara> "You already knew that."
Feb 15 22:28:56 <Maddy> It is Brocks turn.
Feb 15 22:28:57 <Puppetmaster> "Well there's enemies here so it's probably the right way."
Feb 15 22:28:58 <Maddy> "Did not."
Feb 15 22:29:02 <Gara> "Liar."
Feb 15 22:29:14 <Tox> "Guys? Spider?"
Feb 15 22:29:22 <Maddy> "Im serious, I just know I put the spiders away from eachother."
Feb 15 22:29:24 <Gara> "It's fine, it's not my turn."
Feb 15 22:29:38 <Maddy> The spider is still biting your face though
Feb 15 22:29:39 <Echo> The conversation proceeds casually as the spider gnaws at John.
Feb 15 22:29:43 <Maddy> it hurts like supre real
Feb 15 22:29:50 <Gara> John can't attack it.
Feb 15 22:29:53 <Gara> It's not his turn.
Feb 15 22:30:00 <MonkeyBomb> "Jeez." Magic Missile again I guess. Brock does the stuff.
Feb 15 22:30:19 <MonkeyBomb> Eh, he /can/ cast it again, right?
Feb 15 22:30:22 <Gara> "Yeah, lets just kill this thing."
Feb 15 22:30:30 <Gara> "It hurts like a bitch."
Feb 15 22:30:34 <Maddy> Did you prepare it twice?
Feb 15 22:31:02 <MonkeyBomb> No?
Feb 15 22:31:05 <Maddy> Then no
Feb 15 22:31:52 <MonkeyBomb> Okay, well then Ray of Enfeeblement instead!
Feb 15 22:31:55 <Gara> "God damn it this sucks."
Feb 15 22:32:00 <Gara> "Why couldn't I hear it?"
Feb 15 22:32:21 <Maddy> Roll ranged
Feb 15 22:32:36 <Puppetmaster> "I'm just glad it's not a trap. That way I don't have to feel bad."
Feb 15 22:33:00 <Maddy> *ranged touch
Feb 15 22:33:08 <Gara> "Thanks for the support."
Feb 15 22:33:11 <Gara> "Really helps."
Feb 15 22:33:35 <MonkeyBomb> 1d20+3 Ranged with +3 from Dex mod! (I hope I'm doing this right.)
Feb 15 22:33:35 <CROM> MonkeyBomb: Ranged with +3 from Dex mod! (I hope I'm doing this right.): 8 (1d20+3=5)
Feb 15 22:33:36 <Gara> "Warms the heart, it does."
Feb 15 22:33:37 <Puppetmaster> "I know."
Feb 15 22:33:51 <Gara> "Either that, or whatever poison that's in my veins."
Feb 15 22:34:03 <Puppetmaster> "Yes."
Feb 15 22:34:08 <Maddy> The ray passes through the spider with no effect.
Feb 15 22:34:11 <MonkeyBomb> Fuck CROM.
Feb 15 22:34:18 <MonkeyBomb> Brock swears loudly in Elven.
Feb 15 22:34:22 <Maddy> Talwyn and pet
Feb 15 22:34:28 <Gara> "The fuck was that? It looked cool." John is getting tired of this spider.
Feb 15 22:34:41 <Maddy> Namnamnam
Feb 15 22:34:44 <MonkeyBomb> "It was me failing miserably."
Feb 15 22:34:50 <Tox> Can they attack the spider without bashing John in the chops?
Feb 15 22:35:04 <Gara> "Oh. Thanks."
Feb 15 22:35:19 <Maddy> It didnt grapple so yeah, its' probably stopped nomming him now
Feb 15 22:35:25 <Maddy> i just thought it was funny
Feb 15 22:35:33 <Puppetmaster> "I feel like I could take a nap. I think I rolled last in initiative."
Feb 15 22:35:38 <Tox> Then they both attack the shit out of the spider.
Feb 15 22:35:42 <Tox> 1d20+4 Talwyn
Feb 15 22:35:42 <CROM> Tox: Talwyn: 21 (1d20+4=17)
Feb 15 22:35:50 <Maddy> Damage please
Feb 15 22:36:02 <Tox> 1d6+4 *bonk*
Feb 15 22:36:02 <CROM> Tox: *bonk*: 6 (1d6+4=2)
Feb 15 22:36:32 <Tox> 1d20+3 Lokir
Feb 15 22:36:32 <CROM> Tox: Lokir: 8 (1d20+3=5)
Feb 15 22:37:10 <Maddy> Talwyn's club falls heavily onto the Spider's head, causing it to hiss and spit. Lokir bites but hits a particularly hard bit of chitn.
Feb 15 22:37:21 <Maddy> Go Chandler
Feb 15 22:38:03 <Echo> 1d20+6 Mitchell goes after the one that's not presenting a threat to anyone yet! Pre-emptive strikes!
Feb 15 22:38:04 <CROM> Echo: Mitchell goes after the one that's not presenting a threat to anyone yet! Pre-emptive strikes!: 9 (1d20+6=3)
Feb 15 22:38:15 <Gara> "Fuck you, Mitchell.'
Feb 15 22:38:29 <Puppetmaster> I think there's only one spider but it doesn't matter.
Feb 15 22:38:33 <Maddy> There are 2
Feb 15 22:38:37 <Puppetmaster> Okay.
Feb 15 22:38:40 <Maddy> sorry if I was unclear
Feb 15 22:38:59 <Maddy> Either way, Chandler's swing goes wide, glancing off the wall of the tunnel.
Feb 15 22:40:03 <Maddy> The spider he tried to nail wass jumping at him at the same time and misses him too.
Feb 15 22:40:06 <Maddy> John's go.
Feb 15 22:40:27 <Gara> d20+7 "There we go." Joh tries to murder the one that's his issue.
Feb 15 22:40:27 <CROM> Gara: "There we go." Joh tries to murder the one that's his issue.: 17 (d20+7=10)
Feb 15 22:40:40 <Maddy> Damage!
Feb 15 22:40:48 <Gara> d12+7
Feb 15 22:40:49 <CROM> Gara: 14 (d12+7=7)
Feb 15 22:41:49 <Maddy> You cleve the bitch /almost/ n half.
Feb 15 22:41:59 <Maddy> You're plattered with gore.
Feb 15 22:42:02 <Maddy> Lilin!
Feb 15 22:42:05 <Puppetmaster> d20+4 Lilin seizes her turn in the initiative order! "Yeah, I was last."
Feb 15 22:42:05 <CROM> Puppetmaster: Lilin seizes her turn in the initiative order! "Yeah, I was last.": 14 (d20+4=10)
Feb 15 22:42:26 <Maddy> damage
Feb 15 22:42:28 <Puppetmaster> 1d8 Twang. Thunk!
Feb 15 22:42:29 <CROM> Puppetmaster: Twang. Thunk!: 6 (1d8=6)
Feb 15 22:43:11 <Maddy> Lilin's arrow flies into the second spider's thorax!
Feb 15 22:43:22 <Puppetmaster> All dese thoraxes.
Feb 15 22:43:26 <Maddy> Brock! You get to go gain!
Feb 15 22:43:43 <MonkeyBomb> Cool!
Feb 15 22:43:53 <Gara> "Lilin, the spiders are black, but you should still kill them."
Feb 15 22:44:03 <Gara> Unless they'rebrown.
Feb 15 22:44:17 <Puppetmaster> "What?"
Feb 15 22:44:24 <MonkeyBomb> Fucking 0-Level Ray of Frost this time, I suppose.
Feb 15 22:44:26 <Puppetmaster> "Dude, it's a longbow. It does d8."
Feb 15 22:45:15 <MonkeyBomb> Brock prepares the dinky spell with a wave of his hand and a whispered word… This better work.
Feb 15 22:45:21 <Maddy> Ranged again
Feb 15 22:45:33 <MonkeyBomb> 1d20+3 Ranged
Feb 15 22:45:33 <CROM> MonkeyBomb: Ranged: 21 (1d20+3=18)
Feb 15 22:45:45 <Maddy> damage (1d3)
Feb 15 22:46:04 <MonkeyBomb> 1d3 frosty ice beam of doom, initialize!
Feb 15 22:46:04 <CROM> MonkeyBomb: frosty ice beam of doom, initialize!: 1 (1d3=1)
Feb 15 22:46:08 <MonkeyBomb> Of course.
Feb 15 22:46:55 <Echo> …
Feb 15 22:47:09 <Puppetmaster> CoughNEXTcough
Feb 15 22:47:13 <Maddy> Horrid beams of ice shoot from Brocks fingers, chilling it to the core.
Feb 15 22:47:23 <Maddy> Talwyn and frend
Feb 15 22:47:53 <Tox> Talwyn and Lokir move on the remaining spiderbro.
Feb 15 22:48:00 <Tox> 1d20+4 Talwyn
Feb 15 22:48:01 <CROM> Tox: Talwyn: 20 (1d20+4=16)
Feb 15 22:48:04 <Maddy> Damage
Feb 15 22:48:09 <Tox> 1d6+4 *kabonk*
Feb 15 22:48:10 <CROM> Tox: *kabonk*: 8 (1d6+4=4)
Feb 15 22:48:17 <Puppetmaster> "You know what, Jani, can I respec a little after this?"
Feb 15 22:48:52 <Maddy> Talwyn's club comes down in a saveage blow, caving the face of the spider in.
Feb 15 22:49:03 <Maddy> "I guess? Youre gonna be like level 3 or something though."
Feb 15 22:49:22 <Gara> "Oh cool."
Feb 15 22:49:30 <Tox> "Hyah!" she cries, the club thudding through the spider's face into the floor of the cave.
Feb 15 22:49:43 <Maddy> You're now fcing west, there's a small room the spiders came out of, a really short path north, and the way to cam behind you.
Feb 15 22:49:59 <Gara> John goes in the spiderroom
Feb 15 22:50:01 <MonkeyBomb> Brock kicks the spider's corpse. Lucky son of a bitch.
Feb 15 22:50:09 <Maddy> It's webby
Feb 15 22:50:14 <Maddy> but otherwise uninteresting.
Feb 15 22:50:17 <Echo> "OKAY. NOW. Can we go back the way we came, and go west."
Feb 15 22:50:19 <Maddy> Theres some bones.
Feb 15 22:50:36 <Puppetmaster> "Oh, I just mean picking a different feat. Like Skill focus or something."
Feb 15 22:50:42 <Maddy> "Sure."
Feb 15 22:51:11 <Tox> "That felt /good./" Talwyn brushes a lock of hair back behind her ear, and then moves off. "Sounds like a plan."
Feb 15 22:51:13 <Puppetmaster> "So at level 3? Or now?"
Feb 15 22:51:27 <Maddy> "When you guys are finished this run I think."
Feb 15 22:51:40 <Puppetmaster> "Sweet."
Feb 15 22:51:40 <Maddy> "CAuse I can't do shit whle we're in the book."
Feb 15 22:51:45 <Gara> "Yeah, no."
Feb 15 22:51:49 <Gara> "I can't touch my sheet."
Feb 15 22:51:53 <Maddy> She shakes her injured arm a little.
Feb 15 22:52:09 <Puppetmaster> "Well, yeah."
Feb 15 22:52:13 <Puppetmaster> "I meant then."
Feb 15 22:52:14 <Gara> "… I have an idea we should try later." John goes the way he came, and then west.
Feb 15 22:52:19 <Puppetmaster> "Hold up a sec, Jani."
Feb 15 22:52:22 <Maddy> k
Feb 15 22:52:24 <Maddy> ""
Feb 15 22:52:27 <Puppetmaster> d20 UNTRAINED HEAL CHECK FOR THE WIN
Feb 15 22:52:28 <CROM> Puppetmaster: UNTRAINED HEAL CHECK FOR THE WIN: 18 (d20=18)
Feb 15 22:52:35 <Puppetmaster> Lilin bandages the shit out of that.
Feb 15 22:53:10 <Maddy> Jani's arm is bandaged well!
Feb 15 22:53:13 <Tox> Talwyn's following right behind John.
Feb 15 22:53:17 <Maddy> it stops the bleeding and stuff.
Feb 15 22:53:47 <Maddy> As they backtrack and do west thist time the see a bend heading north with light coming arond the corner.
Feb 15 22:53:51 <Puppetmaster> Lilin continues on. "Welcome."
Feb 15 22:53:56 <MonkeyBomb> Brock's near the rear, hoping for low initiative rolls.
Feb 15 22:54:02 <Maddy> Oh and jon you take another 2 from poison. but no more after that
Feb 15 22:55:09 <Maddy> Listen checks?
Feb 15 22:55:17 <Gara> d20+2 WHARE ARE YOU?
Feb 15 22:55:18 <CROM> Gara: WHARE ARE YOU?: 20 (d20+2=18)
Feb 15 22:55:19 <Echo> 1d20+4
Feb 15 22:55:19 <CROM> Echo: 5 (1d20+4=1)
Feb 15 22:55:22 <Echo> …
Feb 15 22:55:31 <Echo> Fuck me running
Feb 15 22:55:31 <Puppetmaster> d20+6
Feb 15 22:55:32 <CROM> Puppetmaster: 10 (d20+6=4)
Feb 15 22:55:37 <Tox> 1d20+5 hear the evil
Feb 15 22:55:38 <CROM> Tox: hear the evil: 25 (1d20+5=20)
Feb 15 22:55:49 <Puppetmaster> Smell the evil.
Feb 15 22:56:03 <MonkeyBomb> 1d20+6+2 Taste the evil
Feb 15 22:56:03 <CROM> MonkeyBomb: Taste the evil: 24 (1d20+6+2=16)
Feb 15 22:56:11 <Tox> let's /not/
Feb 15 22:56:31 <Maddy> Once again everyone but Chandler hears something. there's mumbling in undercomon then "Shhhhh."
Feb 15 22:56:41 <Maddy> "I guess we're here."
Feb 15 22:56:57 <Tox> "Looks like it."
Feb 15 22:56:59 <Puppetmaster> Lilin calls out to the Drow. "Friend, not foe."
Feb 15 22:57:45 <Maddy> [We come on the order of the King." says Jani in undercommon.
Feb 15 22:58:12 <Maddy> "Then Enter, but please sheath your weapons."
Feb 15 22:58:17 <Maddy> Says a lady voice.
Feb 15 22:58:32 <Puppetmaster> Lilin puts her bow away.
Feb 15 22:58:33 <MonkeyBomb> Back to the humble wizard regime…
Feb 15 22:58:44 <Gara> John puts his axe back on his back.
Feb 15 22:58:48 <Echo> Mitchell puts the broadsword back into the sheath on his back, and steps toward where the ladyvoice is coming from.
Feb 15 22:58:57 <Tox> Talwyn puts her club on her belt, and Lokir stands down.
Feb 15 22:59:45 <Maddy> In the long room, there's a meager camp set up. There are two Drow, one much older than ther other, sitting by a low fire.
Feb 15 23:00:22 <Echo> "Hello?"
Feb 15 23:00:41 <MonkeyBomb> (What exactly is a Drow?)
Feb 15 23:00:50 <Puppetmaster> Dark Elf.
Feb 15 23:00:57 <Maddy> "Greetings. I assume you are here to hear our conditions?
Feb 15 23:01:09 <Maddy> Elves with white hair, black skin and red eyes.
Feb 15 23:01:32 <MonkeyBomb> Damn Dunmer.
Feb 15 23:01:36 <Tox> "We have brought a diplomat."
Feb 15 23:01:58 <Gara> "Yep. Got a little nibble on her, if you've got a healer."
Feb 15 23:02:06 <MonkeyBomb> Ace sits by Brock's feet and curls his tail around Brock's staff.
Feb 15 23:02:33 <Maddy> "Yes, I see." she signs to the cleric who sees to Jani's wounds.
Feb 15 23:03:27 <Maddy> "Your diplomat is of little importance, though that your king employs a half drow does give us confidence that he will be helpful."
Feb 15 23:04:02 <Puppetmaster> Lilin no longer likes the Drow.
Feb 15 23:04:11 <Gara> John doesn't give a damn.
Feb 15 23:04:30 <MonkeyBomb> Brock can't stop thinking about Morrowind.
Feb 15 23:05:08 <Maddy> "I am Lady Deliantha, the matriach of my family. The larger famil we are part of has proven…too brash for our liking. To break off fromt hem we require that this cave system be put under the king's guard."
Feb 15 23:05:31 <Tox> Talwyn nods.
Feb 15 23:05:37 <Maddy> "In return, I can give him the plans the old family currently has to attack Dunedin."
Feb 15 23:06:18 <Tox> "That does sound like it would be important."
Feb 15 23:06:39 <Echo> Mitchell keeps watch, letting this take its course.
Feb 15 23:06:58 <Maddy> "Will you bring this offer to your king?"
Feb 15 23:07:23 <Tox> "Yes, of course." She inclines her head.
Feb 15 23:07:24 <Echo> "We will."
Feb 15 23:07:36 <MonkeyBomb> Sage nod from Brock.
Feb 15 23:08:38 <Maddy> The elderly drow nods. "If there is no issue then-" she's cut off by a blood curdling scream!
Feb 15 23:08:47 <Puppetmaster> Bow comes out.
Feb 15 23:09:03 <Tox> Talwyn's club comes out, and Lokir bares her fangs.
Feb 15 23:09:07 <Echo> "… what was that?"
Feb 15 23:09:26 <Puppetmaster> Lilin heads toward it. After a sufficient meat shield starts out.
Feb 15 23:09:34 <Gara> John sighs, and produces his axe
Feb 15 23:09:40 <Gara> "I really wish we had a healer."
Feb 15 23:10:17 <Maddy> As you turn to the scream, you see the Cleric standing over Jani, her blood pooling and shaping into a seal, and opening a portal. 2 ore drow come out. "Oh mother, you didn't think this would actually work did you?"
Feb 15 23:10:36 <MonkeyBomb> "Oh snap."
Feb 15 23:10:46 <Tox> Jani's status?
Feb 15 23:10:48 <Gara> John turns on the rage, runs full tilt at the cleric, and goes to bury it in his skull.
Feb 15 23:11:06 <Maddy> Damn near dead
Feb 15 23:11:11 <Maddy> like, she's not moving.
Feb 15 23:11:17 <Puppetmaster> Lilin fires when she can.
Feb 15 23:11:29 <Tox> Can Talwyn take a standard action before shit gets crazy?
Feb 15 23:11:32 <Puppetmaster> "Alright, /fuck/ you guys."
Feb 15 23:11:43 <Maddy> Rolll initiatiiive!
Feb 15 23:11:54 <Gara> d20+2 okay.
Feb 15 23:11:54 <CROM> Gara: okay.: 20 (d20+2=18)
Feb 15 23:11:55 <Tox> 1d20+7 GUESS NOT
Feb 15 23:11:56 <CROM> Tox: GUESS NOT: 21 (1d20+7=14)
Feb 15 23:12:00 <MonkeyBomb> 1d20+3 lowlowlowlow
Feb 15 23:12:01 <CROM> MonkeyBomb: lowlowlowlow: 12 (1d20+3=9)
Feb 15 23:12:31 <Puppetmaster> d20+4
Feb 15 23:12:31 <CROM> Puppetmaster: 15 (d20+4=11)
Feb 15 23:12:57 <Echo> 1d20+3
Feb 15 23:12:58 <CROM> Echo: 15 (1d20+3=12)
Feb 15 23:13:01 <Echo> …
Feb 15 23:13:17 <Puppetmaster> d20+4
Feb 15 23:13:18 <CROM> Puppetmaster: 12 (d20+4=8)
Feb 15 23:15:37 * PaulS_laptop (natsigryk.ni.evac|46c#natsigryk.ni.evac|46c) has joined #afteractionmission
Feb 15 23:15:37 * ChanServ gives channel operator status to PaulS_laptop
Feb 15 23:17:15 <Maddy> The male drow who came in the portal mutters in uttercommon. John, Will save.
Feb 15 23:17:47 <Gara> d20 Do I get an attack of oppurtunity, because casting?
Feb 15 23:17:47 <CROM> Gara: Do I get an attack of oppurtunity, because casting?: 19 (d20=19)
Feb 15 23:18:35 <Maddy> No he has cobat casting.
Feb 15 23:19:15 <Gara> That's not what that does.
Feb 15 23:20:59 <Maddy> John is shaken, but not afraid. -2 penalty to mostly everything
Feb 15 23:21:38 <Gara> For how long?
Feb 15 23:21:42 <Echo> 1 round
Feb 15 23:21:58 <Gara> Do I get a new save ever?
Feb 15 23:23:41 <Maddy> John's turn.
Feb 15 23:23:48 <Gara> Rage.
Feb 15 23:23:53 <Tox> It's Talwyn's turn
Feb 15 23:23:55 <Tox> 21 vs 20
Feb 15 23:23:57 <Gara> Fucking
Feb 15 23:23:58 <Gara> Okay.
Feb 15 23:24:04 <Tox> Who's equipped with what?
Feb 15 23:24:45 <Puppetmaster> Bow.
Feb 15 23:24:52 <Tox> no I mean the enemies
Feb 15 23:25:17 <Maddy> You can see the cleric has a heavy mace, and use to have a dagger, but that's all up in Jani's chest now.
Feb 15 23:25:42 <Maddy> The Wiz has a staff, and the ??? lady who was talking has a shortwrod
Feb 15 23:25:57 <Tox> "Lokir, knock him down!" Talwyn clutches her focus and invokes a short prayer (Shillelagh). Her club starts to glow green. Lokir rushes at the Cleric to trip him.
Feb 15 23:26:06 <Tox> 1d20+3 Melee Touch
Feb 15 23:26:07 <CROM> Tox: Melee Touch: 22 (1d20+3=19)
Feb 15 23:26:20 <Tox> oh wait
Feb 15 23:26:20 <Tox> no
Feb 15 23:26:26 <Tox> that's a melee attack
Feb 15 23:26:28 <Tox> sorry
Feb 15 23:26:53 <Maddy> Roll damage
Feb 15 23:27:46 <Tox> 1d6+3 damage
Feb 15 23:27:48 <CROM> Tox: damage: 5 (1d6+3=2)
Feb 15 23:29:20 <Maddy> Roll for trip
Feb 15 23:30:18 <Tox> 1d20+4 Trip check
Feb 15 23:30:19 <CROM> Tox: Trip check: 18 (1d20+4=14)
Feb 15 23:31:20 <Maddy> She goes down!
Feb 15 23:32:48 <Gara> John rages, runs himself over at the fallen dude, and axes them. Power attack, too, let me find the particulars.
Feb 15 23:33:00 <Maddy> Roll when you're ready.
Feb 15 23:33:07 <Tox> Subtract X from your attack roll, add it to damage if you connect.
Feb 15 23:33:20 <Gara> I do double that, because two handed.
Feb 15 23:33:29 <Gara> d20+6 -1.
Feb 15 23:33:30 <CROM> Gara: -1.: 15 (d20+6=9)
Feb 15 23:33:33 <Tox> baller
Feb 15 23:34:53 <Maddy> Whatever oll damage I'm so confused
Feb 15 23:35:13 <Gara> d12+11 Die naow.
Feb 15 23:35:13 <CROM> Gara: Die naow.: 21 (d12+11=10)
Feb 15 23:36:25 <Maddy> Sweeping up the prone cleric, John's mighty axe gashes up her spine, pretty much removing it from her body.
Feb 15 23:36:52 <Maddy> Lilin goes
Feb 15 23:37:02 <Puppetmaster> d20+4 At whoever has the least health.
Feb 15 23:37:02 <CROM> Puppetmaster: At whoever has the least health.: 16 (d20+4=12)
Feb 15 23:37:05 <Puppetmaster> 1d8
Feb 15 23:37:06 <CROM> Puppetmaster: 2 (1d8=2)
Feb 15 23:37:09 <Puppetmaster> Turn done!
Feb 15 23:37:21 <Maddy> Uuugh neither of the other people have been hit
Feb 15 23:37:25 <Maddy> so choose one
Feb 15 23:37:49 <Puppetmaster> What are my options?
Feb 15 23:37:56 <Puppetmaster> Actually.
Feb 15 23:37:57 <Puppetmaster> Hold up.
Feb 15 23:38:02 <Puppetmaster> Have any of them not acted yet?
Feb 15 23:38:17 <Maddy> The izard made the orc scaredish
Feb 15 23:38:52 <Puppetmaster> No, that's acting. Have any of them not done anything, and what are my options among those?
Feb 15 23:39:48 <Maddy> Other than coming out of the portal and taunting her mother, the other female Drow has not done anything but take out her sword. The wizard is wizarding.
Feb 15 23:40:12 <Puppetmaster> At the other female Drow then.
Feb 15 23:40:19 <Puppetmaster> 1d6 Sneak attack because flatfooted.
Feb 15 23:40:19 <CROM> Puppetmaster: Sneak attack because flatfooted.: 2 (1d6=2)
Feb 15 23:40:25 <Puppetmaster> So total 4 damage.
Feb 15 23:41:34 <Maddy> The arrow soars above the Matriarch and hits her daughter in the shoulder, sticking hard.
Feb 15 23:41:38 <Maddy> Chandler!
Feb 15 23:42:53 <Echo> 1d20+6 Mitchell charges after the evil wizard, sword high
Feb 15 23:42:53 <CROM> Echo: Mitchell charges after the evil wizard, sword high: 16 (1d20+6=10)
Feb 15 23:44:03 <Maddy> The wizard attempts to stop Chandler with his staff and fails. Roll damage.
Feb 15 23:44:24 <Echo> 2d6+7 Smiting Evil.
Feb 15 23:44:25 <CROM> Echo: Smiting Evil.: 15 (2d6+7=5, 3)
Feb 15 23:45:30 <Maddy> Chandler's hate for evil burns in him so hard he cuts the wizard in half at the waist.
Feb 15 23:45:44 <Echo> 8D
Feb 15 23:47:23 <Maddy> The female rogue slashes at her mother with her sword, taking the elderly woman don easily.
Feb 15 23:47:44 <Maddy> Brockagogo
Feb 15 23:48:33 <MonkeyBomb> Brock, out of useful spells, rushes over to Jani. "Shit shit shit… Uh…"
Feb 15 23:48:51 <Maddy> She;s not breathing.
Feb 15 23:49:21 <MonkeyBomb> Untrained Heal roll because he can?
Feb 15 23:49:48 <MonkeyBomb> Even though she's like… ead.
Feb 15 23:49:49 <MonkeyBomb> *dead
Feb 15 23:49:53 <Maddy> Do you have anything to use on her?
Feb 15 23:49:57 <Maddy> like bandages?
Feb 15 23:51:08 <MonkeyBomb> Not really. :(
Feb 15 23:51:41 <Maddy> Then theres not a much he can do
Feb 15 23:51:49 <MonkeyBomb> He could just try to put pressure on the wound or something.
Feb 15 23:52:14 <Maddy> Sure
Feb 15 23:53:38 <MonkeyBomb> "Jani?" Fuck. I guess that's his turn then.
Feb 15 23:54:33 <Tox> "Lokir! Go!" Lokir hares off after the rogue!
Feb 15 23:54:41 <Tox> 1d20+3 !!
Feb 15 23:54:43 <CROM> Tox: !!: 23 (1d20+3=20)
Feb 15 23:54:49 <Echo> …
Feb 15 23:54:57 <Tox> 1d20+3 crit pls
Feb 15 23:54:57 <CROM> Tox: crit pls: 20 (1d20+3=17)
Feb 15 23:55:45 <Maddy> Roll that damage
Feb 15 23:56:10 <Tox> 1d6+3 stab this, /bitch/
Feb 15 23:56:10 <CROM> Tox: stab this, /bitch/: 9 (1d6+3=6)
Feb 15 23:56:24 <Tox> 18 damage, and now for the TRIPS.
Feb 15 23:56:37 <Tox> 1d20+4 Can I get a trip
Feb 15 23:56:38 <CROM> Tox: Can I get a trip: 11 (1d20+4=7)
Feb 15 23:57:41 <Maddy> Well you dont get to trip her. Only because Lokir tears her throat out like she's not been fed in a while. Delaninder falls by virture of not having a throat anymore
Feb 15 23:58:09 <Tox> Lokir looses a howl.
Feb 15 23:58:20 <Tox> And then returns to Talwyn's side.
Feb 15 23:58:23 <Maddy> Everyone in the room but you guys is dead.
Feb 15 23:58:32 <Maddy> GJ
Feb 15 23:58:47 <Puppetmaster> "Fucking Drow… Never should've trusted them." She jogs to Jani, tearing bandages from her shirt.
Feb 15 23:58:55 <Tox> Talwyn puts her club away, panting. "Someone…can someone see to Jani?"
Feb 15 23:58:55 <Puppetmaster> d20 UNTRAINED HEAL MOTHERFUCKER
Feb 15 23:58:56 <CROM> Puppetmaster: UNTRAINED HEAL MOTHERFUCKER: 6 (d20=6)
Feb 15 23:59:00 <Echo> Mitchell takes the chance to run over to Jani. "Get out of the way, Lilin."
Feb 15 23:59:03 <Puppetmaster> Shit.
Feb 15 23:59:05 <Maddy> No diccce
Feb 15 23:59:14 <Puppetmaster> Lilin gets out the way before she can embarrass herself.
Feb 15 23:59:51 <Gara> "Well. That's really bad."
Feb 16 00:00:06 <Tox> "We need to get her back to the castle, to the healers there."
Feb 16 00:00:10 <MonkeyBomb> Brock just stares at Jani, whom I assume is included in that list of "everybody but you guys."
Feb 16 00:00:18 <Gara> John… goes ahead and sees if there's any papers on any of the bodies or something.
Feb 16 00:00:20 <Echo> "If you want to help, gimme one of those."
Feb 16 00:00:20 <Echo> 1d20+8 Heal check
Feb 16 00:00:22 <CROM> Echo: Heal check: 14 (1d20+8=6)
Feb 16 00:00:32 <Gara> By which I mean, he loots them.
Feb 16 00:00:53 <Tox> Oh, and Talwyn scratches Lokir's ears and says what a good girl she is.
Feb 16 00:01:05 <Maddy> Roll search I guees
Feb 16 00:01:12 <Puppetmaster> "You're a fucking paladin! Can't you Lay on Hands?"
Feb 16 00:01:27 <Tox> "Not until second level, Lilin."
Feb 16 00:01:33 <Puppetmaster> "Fucking hell."
Feb 16 00:01:36 <MonkeyBomb> "Guys, I think she's dead."
Feb 16 00:01:48 <Gara> Can I take twenty?
Feb 16 00:01:54 <Maddy> Sure why they hell not.
Feb 16 00:01:56 <Echo> "She's not dead, just hang on. Gimme another bandage."
Feb 16 00:02:02 <Gara> I do that. 21.
Feb 16 00:02:11 <Puppetmaster> Lilin gives him all the fucking bandages and starts making more.
Feb 16 00:02:42 <Echo> 1d20+8 Come on.
Feb 16 00:02:42 <CROM> Echo: Come on.: 28 (1d20+8=20)
Feb 16 00:02:46 <Echo> O_o
Feb 16 00:02:59 <Puppetmaster> … We gon get it by any means baby fuck the law.
Feb 16 00:03:12 <Maddy> On Del, you find some scrolls and a potion, as well as the armour and sword.
Feb 16 00:03:21 <Maddy> On the wizard you find a plain quarterstaff
Feb 16 00:03:34 <Tox> "Brock, check the potion and scrolls, see if they can help."
Feb 16 00:03:38 <Maddy> on the Cleric, studded armour and a heav mace
Feb 16 00:03:52 <Maddy> And on The Matriarch, a locked scroll case.
Feb 16 00:04:00 <MonkeyBomb> "Alright."
Feb 16 00:05:26 <Gara> "There is a locked box over here."
Feb 16 00:05:29 <Echo> Mitchell keeps pressure on the wound for a while, and then starts carefully tying over it.
Feb 16 00:05:49 <Maddy> She breathing at least now.
Feb 16 00:05:55 <Echo> Mouth to mouth!
Feb 16 00:06:55 <Gara> "I really need to put points into heal. Not being able to /do medicine/ is freaking me out."
Feb 16 00:07:14 <Puppetmaster> "My WIS is shit."
Feb 16 00:07:31 <Puppetmaster> "My worst stat actually."
Feb 16 00:08:25 <Gara> "It's wisdom based? That's…. okay."
Feb 16 00:08:38 <Echo> Mitchell snaps his fingers over Jani's face.
Feb 16 00:08:48 <MonkeyBomb> Brock goes over and checks the potions and scrolls.
Feb 16 00:08:49 <Maddy> The portal eventally fizzles out and closes.
Feb 16 00:08:51 <Puppetmaster> "Well what else would it - well maybe INT."
Feb 16 00:09:22 <Gara> "Yeah. Yeah, Maybe. Maybe medicine would be linked to intelligence. I don't know shit about that, though."
Feb 16 00:09:39 <Echo> "John! How else could you wake somebody up besides a sternum rub. I'd do that, but she sorta got stabbed in the chest."
Feb 16 00:10:04 <Gara> How else can you make somebody wake up besides a sternum rub?
Feb 16 00:10:17 <MonkeyBomb> Slap 'em in the face?
Feb 16 00:10:27 <Gara> NO.
Feb 16 00:10:46 <Puppetmaster> "Eh, she's breathing. Let's just get her back."
Feb 16 00:11:23 <Echo> Mitchell nods, carefully hefting Jani up. "There anything else we need?"
Feb 16 00:11:28 <Maddy> MonkeyBomb, roll spell craft, once for the potion and once for both scrolls cause im feeling gernerous
Feb 16 00:11:49 <MonkeyBomb> 1d20+7 potion
Feb 16 00:11:50 <CROM> MonkeyBomb: potion: 16 (1d20+7=9)
Feb 16 00:11:56 <Maddy> No idea what is
Feb 16 00:12:00 <MonkeyBomb> 1d20+7 scrolls
Feb 16 00:12:00 <CROM> MonkeyBomb: scrolls: 15 (1d20+7=8)
Feb 16 00:12:09 <Maddy> Same problem
Feb 16 00:12:12 <MonkeyBomb> Brock's the shittiest wizard evar
Feb 16 00:12:25 <Maddy> The potion is sooty coloured, tranclucent, and wattery though.
Feb 16 00:12:30 <MonkeyBomb> He shrugs.
Feb 16 00:15:17 <Echo> "What about that case?"
Feb 16 00:15:27 <Gara> "Push up under her nose, see if that does anything."
Feb 16 00:15:32 <Gara> "Yeah, Lilin, handle that shit."
Feb 16 00:15:41 <Gara> "Or I'll just like… break it."
Feb 16 00:15:47 <Gara> Oh, rage off.
Feb 16 00:15:48 <Gara> Sorry
Feb 16 00:15:50 <Puppetmaster> What shit?
Feb 16 00:15:59 <Gara> <Gara> "There is a locked box over here."
Feb 16 00:16:00 <Echo> Mitchell starts toward the exit. "Somebody come with me. We gotta get back. And shit yeah, bust that shit."
Feb 16 00:16:13 <Gara> "I'll carry Jani."
Feb 16 00:16:15 <Puppetmaster> d20+8 Locks are my bitch. "Give me two seconds."
Feb 16 00:16:16 <CROM> Puppetmaster: Locks are my bitch. "Give me two seconds.": 15 (d20+8=7)
Feb 16 00:16:36 <Maddy> She opens the scroll case
Feb 16 00:17:04 <Tox> Talwyn starts off with Chandler.
Feb 16 00:17:18 <Gara> John scoops up Jani, and follows. "Read and walk."
Feb 16 00:17:22 <Puppetmaster> She closes it again without locking it and tosses it to Brock the Pack Mule.
Feb 16 00:17:30 <Echo> Mitchell's already carrying her.
Feb 16 00:17:33 <Echo> Durrrr
Feb 16 00:17:33 <Gara> Oh
Feb 16 00:17:39 <Gara> YOU DID NOT SAY THAT.
Feb 16 00:17:48 <Gara> John does not scoop her up.
Feb 16 00:17:52 <Echo> Yuh huh
Feb 16 00:17:55 <Gara> John takes pint.
Feb 16 00:18:01 <MonkeyBomb> The Pack Mule uses Spellcraft on the thing! CROM, I swear…
Feb 16 00:18:10 <Maddy> Theres nothign to spell craft
Feb 16 00:18:15 <Maddy> Its a map
Feb 16 00:18:17 <Maddy> battle plans
Feb 16 00:18:22 <Maddy> and a note to the king.
Feb 16 00:18:25 <MonkeyBomb> Nevermind then!
Feb 16 00:18:31 <Tox> (read the note)
Feb 16 00:18:57 <MonkeyBomb> Pack Mule reads the note.
Feb 16 00:20:34 <Maddy> The note esplains in detail the issues Lady whatever her name was had with the old family, and how many of her linage, while self serving, we lawful people, and believed that the attack planned on Dunedin was wrong. However her three daughters who had high soial standings, disagreed.
Feb 16 00:21:21 <Maddy> She impore the king to protect her people, and stop the war.
Feb 16 00:21:29 <Maddy> Looks like it might be a little late for that now, though.
Feb 16 00:21:40 <Gara> John's hungry. He hopes they find some sheep.
Feb 16 00:21:50 <Puppetmaster> Mutton.
Feb 16 00:22:17 <MonkeyBomb> He stuffs the note back in the box and walks onwards.
Feb 16 00:22:47 <Maddy> unless you guys feel like poking around a bunch you can just go back to Jeremy Irons for the prologue.
Feb 16 00:22:51 <Maddy> epilogue
Feb 16 00:22:52 <Maddy> whatever
Feb 16 00:23:13 <Tox> paralogue
Feb 16 00:23:29 <Gara> Metalogue
Feb 16 00:23:34 <Tox> analogue
Feb 16 00:23:41 <Tox> I guess the crew hups back to Jeremy Irons, then.
Feb 16 00:23:47 <Tox> Talwyn hopes to hell damage doesn't carry over.
Feb 16 00:23:47 <Puppetmaster> Penumbra Necrologue.
Feb 16 00:23:53 <Echo> Mitchell's apparently set on hauling Jani back to the town.
Feb 16 00:24:06 * PaulS_laptop has quit (Ping timeout: 187 seconds)
Feb 16 00:24:08 <Maddy> Ok so to go back to the king, you burst into the waiting room you stated in and the guards are all like "You guys look like shit" but not litterlly.
Feb 16 00:24:22 <Maddy> "Have you returned with news of the missi- Is that January?"
Feb 16 00:24:27 <Gara> "Yep."
Feb 16 00:24:48 <Gara> "The man who wounded her got his throat ripped out by a wolf."
Feb 16 00:24:51 <Tox> "Yes…the Matriarch was betrayed by her own kin."
Feb 16 00:25:03 <Maddy> On guard hollares for the healers to take her, the other ushers you into the king's hal
Feb 16 00:25:05 <Tox> Said 'wolf' is padding alongside Talwyn.
Feb 16 00:25:21 <Maddy> Woman, the woman who wounded her got her spine remover.
Feb 16 00:25:24 <Maddy> removed
Feb 16 00:25:33 <Gara> Oh, redact.
Feb 16 00:25:47 <Gara> "I killed the woman who harmed her."
Feb 16 00:25:58 <Gara> And it was awesome.
Feb 16 00:26:51 <Maddy> The king is standing by his throne as the namless asistant tells him of Jani's injuries.
Feb 16 00:27:20 <Maddy> "You had better have damn good news." he growls at the incoming adventurers.
Feb 16 00:27:31 <Gara> "We don't. At all."
Feb 16 00:27:47 <Tox> "The drow are massing to attack Dunedin, my liege."
Feb 16 00:28:05 <Maddy> "What?"
Feb 16 00:28:36 <Puppetmaster> d20+8 Hide check. People are being loud.
Feb 16 00:28:36 <CROM> Puppetmaster: Hide check. People are being loud.: 19 (d20+8=11)
Feb 16 00:28:40 <Gara> "The Matriarch is dead."
Feb 16 00:28:48 <Maddy> "Explain yourselves."
Feb 16 00:28:49 <Gara> "Murdered by her daughers hand."
Feb 16 00:28:55 <Echo> "We found the plans for their troop formations." Mitchell glances back at Brock.
Feb 16 00:29:02 <Echo> He waves him forward.
Feb 16 00:29:04 <Maddy> "Give them to me."
Feb 16 00:29:17 <Tox> "The Matriarch was willing to bargain in good faith, but her daughter was not."
Feb 16 00:29:24 <MonkeyBomb> He does so.
Feb 16 00:29:30 <Puppetmaster> Lilin's gone. Nope. What thief for hire named Sparrow? Nope.
Feb 16 00:30:38 <Maddy> The king looks over the battle plans briefly, handing them to one of his guards to be taken off somewhere, then he scrutnizes the letter.
Feb 16 00:31:06 <Maddy> "Perhaps you have nto failed me then…" the calms himself a moment.
Feb 16 00:31:17 <Maddy> "Your king has more to ask of you…if you will do it."
Feb 16 00:31:34 <Puppetmaster> "Does it involve gold?" Says the voice from nowhere.
Feb 16 00:31:43 <Tox> Talwyn shoots her a dirty look.
Feb 16 00:31:55 <Puppetmaster> Who?
Feb 16 00:32:20 <Tox> "Of course, my liege."
Feb 16 00:32:23 <Maddy> He frowns. "You will be given the compensation you need, yes." he still doesnt look up from the letter.
Feb 16 00:32:34 <Puppetmaster> Lilin appears again.
Feb 16 00:32:58 <Puppetmaster> "Apologies. Gotta eat."
Feb 16 00:33:25 <Maddy> "It will take me some time to have the captain get together the plan…in the mean time." he unsheaths his sword. "I have honours to betoy upon you."
Feb 16 00:33:44 <Maddy> bestow whatever
Feb 16 00:33:55 <Puppetmaster> Lilin unconsciously flinches at the sword being drawn.
Feb 16 00:33:57 <Gara> For just a split second, John's orc blood tries to trigger him to murder because sword.
Feb 16 00:34:07 <Tox> Talwyn approaches and kneels.
Feb 16 00:34:30 <Maddy> "Chandler Armitage, come forward."
Feb 16 00:34:50 <Tox> Riiight, /protocol./ She steps back.
Feb 16 00:35:05 <Echo> He approaches, kneeling before the noble.
Feb 16 00:36:20 <Maddy> "You do Heronius proud, paladin." he knights him. "I dub thee Sir Armitage."
Feb 16 00:36:41 <Maddy> "Talwyn, come forward.
Feb 16 00:36:53 <Maddy> *Druid, theres no way he knows your name
Feb 16 00:37:04 <Tox> Talwyn approaches and kneels.
Feb 16 00:37:42 <Maddy> "What is your name?"
Feb 16 00:37:57 <Tox> "My name is Talwyn, my lord."
Feb 16 00:39:23 <Maddy> "I do not know much about you or your kind, but I thank you for your service to the kingdom." you get all knighted and shit. "I dub thee Lady Talwyn"
Feb 16 00:39:43 <Maddy> As people are nighted, namless assistan gives you your 100 gp
Feb 16 00:39:45 <Tox> "Thank you, my liege." Talwyn moves back.
Feb 16 00:39:59 <Gara> John tries to think of a nice orcish name.
Feb 16 00:40:13 <Maddy> "Orc. Come forward."
Feb 16 00:40:55 <Gara> Oh fuck you.
Feb 16 00:41:08 <Gara> John walks forward, kneels.
Feb 16 00:41:14 <Gara> He thinks…
Feb 16 00:41:24 * PaulS_laptop (~PI.F9D7A343.D8879661.1117FF5B|luap#PI.F9D7A343.D8879661.1117FF5B|luap) has joined #afteractionmission
Feb 16 00:41:42 <Maddy> "What is your name?"
Feb 16 00:41:56 <Echo> ""Rowdy" Roddy Piper, sir."
Feb 16 00:42:21 <Maddy> :|
Feb 16 00:42:36 <Maddy> The kinf magically doesnt hear that.
Feb 16 00:42:38 <Maddy> king
Feb 16 00:42:45 <Gara> "…. Armok."
Feb 16 00:42:45 <Puppetmaster> Wizards.
Feb 16 00:42:47 <Echo> Is not what Mitchell says.
Feb 16 00:43:34 <Maddy> "A proud name that." she smiles, knighting you too. "I dub thee Sir Armok."
Feb 16 00:43:55 <Maddy> "Initiate Brock, come forward."
Feb 16 00:44:00 <Puppetmaster> Whoawhoawhoa.
Feb 16 00:44:02 <Puppetmaster> She
Feb 16 00:44:18 <Gara> Progressive kingdom.
Feb 16 00:44:47 <MonkeyBomb> Brock steps up and kneels.
Feb 16 00:44:48 <Maddy> he whatever shuup
Feb 16 00:47:04 <Maddy> "You intructors speak highly of you, I am glad to see they did not exagerate." knighting happens! "I db thee, Sir Brock"
Feb 16 00:47:32 <MonkeyBomb> ~These 'instructors' must be smokin' crack.~
Feb 16 00:48:01 <Maddy> "And at last the elf(?)"
Feb 16 00:48:21 <Puppetmaster> Lilin waits for the king to chop the dirty elf thief's head off as she steps up to be knighted.
Feb 16 00:49:53 <Maddy> "What is your name?"
Feb 16 00:50:30 <Puppetmaster> "For all intents and purposes, Sparrow."
Feb 16 00:51:06 <Maddy> "Flighty and swift. May your arrows be the same." he knights her. "I dub thee, Lady Sparrow."
Feb 16 00:51:58 <Maddy> "You may stay in the guests quarters if you wish, and I will contact you when I know our next move." he grimaces. "If you'll excuse me, I must see to my diplomat."
Feb 16 00:52:09 <Tox> "Of course, my liege."
Feb 16 00:52:25 <Puppetmaster> Lilin nods her head and resists the urge to pick his pocket.
Feb 16 00:52:49 <Puppetmaster> ~God damnit Sparrow.~ ~What? Bet he has jewels in there.~
Feb 16 00:53:43 <Maddy> The king goes off and the nameless assistan leads you to the guest rooms. This start to get blurry again.
Feb 16 00:54:04 <Tox> "Well, that was fun!"
Feb 16 00:55:45 <Puppetmaster> Lilin quietly says bye to Sparrow and realizes that she might develop a personality disorder.
Feb 16 00:56:05 <Maddy> Everything goes dark a moment…as you come too, you're all sitting in the basment again.
Feb 16 00:56:16 <Tox> Cana looks over at Jani quickly.
Feb 16 00:56:25 <Maddy> 4df+2
Feb 16 00:56:26 <CROM> Maddy: 4 (4df+2=0, 0, +, +)
Feb 16 00:56:31 <Puppetmaster> "Please be unstabbed."
Feb 16 00:56:38 <Tox> "Please be /alright./"
Feb 16 00:56:53 <Maddy> Jani gasps a moment liek she woke from a bad dream. "Jesus CHRIST! That is not how I wrote that in."
Feb 16 00:57:37 <Tox> Is she unstabbed?
Feb 16 00:57:44 <Puppetmaster> Lilin looks for the stabbing.
Feb 16 00:57:45 <Tox> not-stabbed.
Feb 16 00:57:46 <Maddy> Anyone who took damage…so Jani and John, have general soreness at the wound spot, but are completely unharmed.
Feb 16 00:58:01 <Tox> OKAY GOOD
Feb 16 00:58:02 <Maddy> UNSTABBED
Feb 16 00:58:04 <Puppetmaster> "Oh, you're not half-dead. Good to know."
Feb 16 00:58:13 <Maddy> "That was a fucking trip."
Feb 16 00:58:15 <Tox> "That couldn't have been very pleasant."
Feb 16 00:58:19 <Gara> "Wait, that's not how you wrote that in? That's weird."
Feb 16 00:58:26 <Puppetmaster> "So uh."
Feb 16 00:58:30 <Puppetmaster> "I guess DM isn't god."
Feb 16 00:58:39 <Tox> Cana brushes a hand through his hair. "So the story sort of has a life of its own."
Feb 16 00:58:50 <Maddy> "She was supposed to stab thw matriarch, but I guess since you guys called her over the game compensated."
Feb 16 00:59:04 <Maddy> "Which is kinda neat, actually"
Feb 16 00:59:36 <Puppetmaster> "And unpredictable."
Feb 16 00:59:39 <Tox> "I would have preferred that way, purely from a 'let's-not-get-our-own-people-stabbed' perspective."
Feb 16 01:00:09 <Puppetmaster> "Anyway. Uh."
Feb 16 01:00:14 <Maddy> "But now we know, its safe to play."
Feb 16 01:00:24 <Maddy> "So…good testing."
Feb 16 01:00:34 <Puppetmaster> "Can I just buy some equipment from here, or should I do it… You know… in character?"
Feb 16 01:00:36 <Tox> "Yeah."
Feb 16 01:01:16 <Maddy> "Just do it IC, I got a good follow up, and you;ll have tie to go to the market."
Feb 16 01:01:44 <Puppetmaster> "Oh, so /not/ right now."
Feb 16 01:01:46 <Puppetmaster> "Okay."
Feb 16 01:01:56 * MonkeyBomb has quit (Quit: The clawwwwwwwww! The claw is our master. The claw chooses who will go and who will stay. The claw, it moves. I have been chosen! Farewell, my friends; I go on to a better place.)
Feb 16 01:01:57 <Maddy> She names the campaign Three Sisters War
Feb 16 01:02:47 <Tox> "That was fun."
Feb 16 01:02:53 <Puppetmaster> Lilin erases "Point Blank Shot" and writes in "Skill Focus (Sleight of Hand)".
Feb 16 01:02:57 <Puppetmaster> "Yep."
Feb 16 01:03:03 <Maddy> "That was fun guys, but I'm gonna go to bed."
Feb 16 01:03:08 <Puppetmaster> "Night."
Feb 16 01:03:14 <Tox> "You know, I expected to get more flak about my character. Night Jani."