D&D: Three Sisters War - Part II

Mar 21 20:02:14 <Maddy> As you start to come to, much faster thi time, you all find yourselves in whatever room you decided to take in the guest wing of the castle.
Mar 21 20:02:41 <Puppetmaster> Lilin/Sparrow blinks.
Mar 21 20:02:44 <Maddy> It's early morning, the sun is coming through the windows, and there are birds peeping outside.
Mar 21 20:03:13 <Tox> Talwyn wakes up, blinking slowly, before standing up. She clears her throat. "Lokir, come." The massive dog comes bounding up happily.
Mar 21 20:04:03 <MonkeyBomb> Brock sits up in his fancy bed, looking around the room. Being a respected wizard pays off, certainly. Ace curls his tail around the tall bed post and mews at Brock.
Mar 21 20:04:28 <Maddy> There's a knock knock knock on Talwyn's door.
Mar 21 20:04:58 <Tox> She looks towards the door, padding over. She opens it. "Yes?"
Mar 21 20:05:27 <Echo> Chandler hurriedly dresses… and stares at his armor, then starts shrugging into the heavy stuff, before realizing it's more than a little difficult to get it all on by yourself. He shuffles over to the door with his arms sticking awkwardly through the upper arm plating attached to the torso piece, pulls it open, and leans out.
Mar 21 20:05:47 <Echo> Clearing his throat, and trying for a *little* dignity, he yells out down the hall. "Can I get some assistance?"
Mar 21 20:06:31 <Maddy> There's a harfling there, looking up at her. "Hello mi'lady, breakfast is ready." she looks over her shoulder towards Chandler. "Ah yes sir, I'll get someone to aid you in just a moment, though breakfast is ready, perhaos your armour would be better donned after your meal?"
Mar 21 20:07:13 <MonkeyBomb> Brock pulls on his robes, grabs his magic gear, and closes the window before scooping up Ace and exiting the room. Hopefully there's breakfast waiting for them somewhere…
Mar 21 20:07:15 <Puppetmaster> You did not just base a character off the Eye of the Beholder campaign.
Mar 21 20:07:17 <Echo> "… Right."
Mar 21 20:07:48 <Maddy> I TOTALY DID SHUT UP PUPPET
Mar 21 20:08:30 <Tox> Talwyn inclines her head. "Thank you." She looks at Lokir, and jerks her head. Lokir pads to Talwyn's side, and the two leave the room.
Mar 21 20:08:37 <Maddy> You are now reading her dialogue in her voice puppet.
Mar 21 20:08:45 <Puppetmaster> I already was.
Mar 21 20:09:01 <MonkeyBomb> Brock totally is just standing around in the hallway, admiring paintings and stuff since he actually has no idea where anything is.
Mar 21 20:09:19 <MonkeyBomb> But he'll be damned if he shows it.
Mar 21 20:09:34 <Echo> Chandler dips back into his room, pulls the pieces off that he's already awkwardly donned, and opts instead for some rather simpler blue and white clothes. After a moment of pondering on it, he adds a tabard and a cloak, shoves a pair of daggers into a couple of concealed pouches at the small of his back, and heads out into the hall.
Mar 21 20:09:35 <Maddy> Nina, as you'll probably never learn her name is, heads to Brock's room, meeting him there and passing on the message of breaky.
Mar 21 20:09:58 <Echo> He should have written in a dress uniform.
Mar 21 20:10:13 <Puppetmaster> Sparrow heads directly to the kitchen to steal some fo- oh hey, there's food out here anyway.
Mar 21 20:10:29 <Tox> Talwyn's already wearing what amounts to "casual wear." She takes her symbol of Chauntea, slipping into a pocket, before heading towards BREAKY.
Mar 21 20:11:22 <MonkeyBomb> Brock gives Nina a nod and a polite "thank you" before finding his way (eventually) down to wherever breakfast is being served.
Mar 21 20:11:35 <Puppetmaster> Sparrow continues grabbing breakfast under the assumption that she's totally stealing this a- wait, other people are eating it too.
Mar 21 20:11:37 <Echo> After watching a few of the others go, Chandler follows, rubbing the small of his back a few times on the way to check and make sure his weapons are still there.
Mar 21 20:11:38 <Maddy> Eventually, everyone is told about the food. There's what looks liek bacon, but it's got a smell to it you cant quite place. Nothing gone of, just not regular bacons smell. There's also eggs, fried mushroms and fruit.
Mar 21 20:11:43 <Puppetmaster> … They just give food out around here?
Mar 21 20:11:56 <Tox> Yes. Talwyn is already busy with it.
Mar 21 20:11:59 <Echo> "We're guests."
Mar 21 20:12:05 <Puppetmaster> Sparrow no comprendo.
Mar 21 20:12:27 <Tox> Every so often, she feeds some to Lokir, who sits wagging her tail.
Mar 21 20:12:29 <Maddy> They may notice they're the only ones here. Nina gets people drinks as they need it, disappearing back into the kitchen fairly often.
Mar 21 20:12:50 <Maddy> Anyone who eats the bacon will find that it's lamb bacon.
Mar 21 20:13:00 <Tox> Eventually Talwyn kinda sorta notices that. As well as the lamb bacon. What.
Mar 21 20:13:08 <MonkeyBomb> Brock enters and finds a seat and starts building a plate stacked full of food.
Mar 21 20:13:19 <Tox> "…I wonder why we're the only ones here."
Mar 21 20:13:23 * WalrusKing (~ten.tsacmoc.jn.1dsh.0707116F-CRInys|niKsurlaW#ten.tsacmoc.jn.1dsh.0707116F-CRInys|niKsurlaW) has joined #afteractionmission
Mar 21 20:13:29 <Echo> Chandler removes the cape and folds it like he's actually got some practice wearing a cloak before, takes a seat, and tucks into breakfast. He idly wonders if this carries over to the real world.
Mar 21 20:13:32 <MonkeyBomb> "More food for us, then."
Mar 21 20:13:52 <Maddy> "Why, you're te only guests int he castle at the moment, mi'lady." Says the harfling.
Mar 21 20:14:04 <Echo> "That's a good question. Maybe everyone else's already up. You know. Let us sleep in. Sun's already- there you go, then."
Mar 21 20:14:26 <Tox> "Huh."
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Mar 21 20:15:11 <Gara> John is life. John is love. Breakfest is truth.
Mar 21 20:15:35 <Maddy> "If there's nothing else you need, i should get to the dishes."
Mar 21 20:15:51 <Tox> "Please. I don't want to keep you."
Mar 21 20:16:12 <Echo> "Thank you. I think we're fine." Chandler grins at the server politely.
Mar 21 20:16:33 <Maddy> She does a little curtsy, heading back into the kitchen.
Mar 21 20:16:43 <Gara> The giant monster man who could eat the halfling thanks her as she goes
Mar 21 20:17:09 <Echo> "There. See that? Everything's normal. We even get curtsied at."
Mar 21 20:17:15 <Tox> "This is an interesting experience…I am not used to being served thus."
Mar 21 20:17:48 <Echo> "I don't think any of us are."
Mar 21 20:18:16 <Tox> "Well, /maybe/ Chandler is. On account of he's a paladin?"
Mar 21 20:18:18 <Echo> Chandler glances over at the rogue. "Especially 'Dame Sparrow' over here."
Mar 21 20:18:26 <Puppetmaster> "Five finger discount. Self service."
Mar 21 20:18:34 <Echo> "And that answers that."
Mar 21 20:18:41 <Tox> "Pssh."
Mar 21 20:19:26 <Tox> Talwyn pushes a hand through her hair. "Huh. Guess I should put this back in a ponytail, huh."
Mar 21 20:19:38 <Maddy> They're left mostly to themselves as they eat, save for the occasinal guard wandering through on his rounds, or Nina coming to get plates.
Mar 21 20:19:43 <Echo> After finishing his breakfast up, Chandler slides his plates away, stands, and pushes his chair in. Taking a moment to affix his cloak back, he starts pacing about the room.
Mar 21 20:21:09 <MonkeyBomb> Brock finishes his breakfast. "Well," he begins. "That was more food than I've eaten in years."
Mar 21 20:21:37 <Tox> "It was pretty good."
Mar 21 20:22:00 <Echo> As he walks around the table, he makes use of a fancy ability he's supposed to have. DETECT EVIL! He casts his glance about as he makes his rounds, pausing every few seconds to stare intently off in some direction past the walls of the room they're in.
Mar 21 20:23:13 <Tox> Talwyn decides this is as good a time as any, and bows her head, folding her hands in her lap.
Mar 21 20:23:23 <Gara> "I think thick walls stops magic stuffs."
Mar 21 20:24:20 <Echo> Chandler lowers his voice, speaking quietly. "No line of sight required…"
Mar 21 20:24:40 <MonkeyBomb> Brock watches him curiously.
Mar 21 20:24:42 <Echo> He fake scowls a little. "And come on. We're supposed to be in-character."
Mar 21 20:25:00 <Gara> "Ship sailed."
Mar 21 20:25:23 <Echo> "Awww, come on. That's half the point of being in here. Go with the flow."
Mar 21 20:25:32 <Puppetmaster> "… What the hell are you people talking about?"
Mar 21 20:25:42 <Puppetmaster> Lilin is in all the character.
Mar 21 20:25:53 <Echo> The scowl goes away at that, and Chandler grins at Sparrow. "Absolutely nothing."
Mar 21 20:25:55 <MonkeyBomb> Meanwhile, Ace peruses the dining hall, meowing every so often whenever he finds something interesting.
Mar 21 20:26:37 <Gara> John does not say more. He won't ruin the game for her.
Mar 21 20:27:32 <Echo> Chandler keeps trying to reach out and see if anything bad's out there past them, stopping once to scratch Ace the Cat behind the ears.
Mar 21 20:27:58 <Tox> Talwyn brings her head up as if she's coming out of a trance.
Mar 21 20:28:11 <Maddy> Eventually a funny little elf shuffles in and clears his throat.
Mar 21 20:28:21 <Maddy> Nothing coming up on detect evil unfortunately
Mar 21 20:28:24 <Tox> Talwyn looks over at the elf.
Mar 21 20:28:34 <Gara> "Hi."
Mar 21 20:29:01 <Maddy> "Greetings, Knights of King Irons, the kind would see you in his throne room at your earliest convenience."
Mar 21 20:29:51 <Echo> Chandler wheels about on a heel toward the elf and nods. "Of course. We'll be there right away. Care to lead?"
Mar 21 20:29:54 <Tox> "We are always at the king's disposal."
Mar 21 20:30:12 <Tox> She rises, running a hand through her hair again, and prepares to follow the elf.
Mar 21 20:30:12 <Gara> Armok rises.
Mar 21 20:30:44 <Puppetmaster> Sparrow gets up, eying the elf up for weapons.
Mar 21 20:31:05 <Maddy> The elf nods, heading out the door he came in when everyone is ready. The elf has nothing she can see on him. No armour either
Mar 21 20:31:23 <MonkeyBomb> Brock stands up, brushing his robes off a bit before following everybody else.
Mar 21 20:32:23 <Tox> Talwyn follows~
Mar 21 20:32:27 <Echo> Chandler follows the elf, six paces behind.
Mar 21 20:33:36 <Maddy> They find themselves in the throne room again, and the king is there. He looks awefully tired, but there's still a light around him. This time in the morning the light that fills the room is almost divine, and it seems to reflect off of the king more than others, but it could just be your eyes.
Mar 21 20:34:09 <Tox> Talwyn approaches the king and kneels.
Mar 21 20:34:34 <Puppetmaster> Sparrow leans on one of the columns again.
Mar 21 20:34:37 <Echo> After they enter the room, Chandler strides purposefully to the center of the room, again six paces away, and kneels, flourishing his cloak out behind him.
Mar 21 20:35:16 <Maddy> The elf takes his place to the left of the king. "Rise, champions. I have need for you again this day."
Mar 21 20:35:45 <Echo> The paladin rises as instructed, clasping his hands behind his back.
Mar 21 20:36:11 <Tox> As does Talwyn.
Mar 21 20:37:23 <Maddy> "All night I have been in correspondance with a nearby group of Drow. They are calling themselves The State, and have no love for those who killed Lady Deliantha."
Mar 21 20:38:26 <Tox> "Nor do we, milord."
Mar 21 20:41:15 <Maddy> "The State are forming a resistance in the city where the remaining daughters, Delmithra and Deliantha the second, now find themselves in charge of. They hae ask for our assistance."
Mar 21 20:41:33 <Echo> "Of course. Building an alliance?"
Mar 21 20:41:37 <Tox> She nods.
Mar 21 20:42:29 <Puppetmaster> ~The Drow love their Ds."
Mar 21 20:42:33 <Puppetmaster> -"+~
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Mar 21 20:43:14 <Maddy> "Right now, more than anything they need supplies, and we cannot bring them directly, nor can then come directly to us. We need to set up a drop site. Luckily we have a place nearby."
Mar 21 20:43:57 <Echo> "So we simply need to bring the supplies from here to there."
Mar 21 20:44:42 <Maddy> "However we-" he pauses and sighs. "I, I need you to go to the cavern system, scout it, and empty it of anything dangerous."
Mar 21 20:45:14 <Tox> Talwyn nods. "Sounds simple."
Mar 21 20:45:27 <Gara> "Easily done."
Mar 21 20:46:28 <Echo> Chandler looks around the group, then back to the king. "We can leave anytime."
Mar 21 20:46:34 <Maddy> "When you've done it, you can summon The State to the location so they can settle in."
Mar 21 20:48:33 <Maddy> "You are at your leasure to leave when you want." he nods to Chandler. "However the market should be opening soon, you should make sure you're well equiped. Certainly Deliantha the second…" there's sorrow in his voice mentioning her name. "…wll know something is amiss by now."
Mar 21 20:49:29 * Gara has quit (Connection reset by peer)
Mar 21 20:50:03 <Tox> Talwyn nods. "That might not be a bad idea."
Mar 21 20:50:14 <Echo> "We'll be gone within the hour." Bowing once, Chandler turns and leaves the room the way they came in, and heads back up toward his room.
Mar 21 20:50:24 <Puppetmaster> Sparrow's eyes dart over his face, trying to figure out where that sadness comes from.
Mar 21 20:50:43 <Tox> Talwyn breaks for her own room, kitting up.
Mar 21 20:50:45 <Echo> He'll leave the others to debate and harangue. There's EVIL to fight.
Mar 21 20:50:54 <Maddy> When Chandler gets to his room there's a stout dwarven man waiting outside.
Mar 21 20:51:47 <Echo> "Good morning!" He nods politely at the man, and goes to open his door.
Mar 21 20:52:27 <Maddy> "Ello sur, I 'eard yor in need of assistance with yor armour."
Mar 21 20:52:56 <Echo> He turns back to face the dwarf and nods. "That would be greatly appreciated."
Mar 21 20:53:29 <Maddy> "Lead the way." he smiles, carrying a little stool under his arm.
Mar 21 20:54:08 <Puppetmaster> Sparrow heads out to the market.
Mar 21 20:54:15 <Echo> He holds the door open for the servant. Perhaps the estate's armorer? Doesn't hurt to be polite to the help, even if you're a knight.
Mar 21 20:55:43 <Echo> The set of plate is arrayed neatly on his bed, ready to be donned.
Mar 21 20:55:49 * Gara (~ten.sseleriwpael.odve.1E29FE79-CRInys|criordna#ten.sseleriwpael.odve.1E29FE79-CRInys|criordna) has joined #afteractionmission
Mar 21 20:55:51 <Maddy> Unless you wanna RP the whole thing, we can assume the dwarven fellow helps you out, chatting about nothing in particular.
Mar 21 20:56:01 <Tox> Talwyn doesn't need to worry about that shit, as she wears leather armor.
Mar 21 20:58:05 <Echo> Sure! After thanking the dwarf and leaving him a gold piece for helping get the plate on, Mitchell fastens his cloak, arranges the portable armory he carries, and heads for the exitway of the castle, out toward town, and waits just outside.
Mar 21 20:58:49 <Tox> Talwyn is a few minutes later, having pulled her hair back into a ponytail.
Mar 21 20:59:14 <Maddy> Alright, the market isn't bustling yet, a little too early, but they're all open.
Mar 21 21:00:15 <Maddy> There's a weaponsmith that's mostly open air, because of the forge. The armouror isn't open air, but is next door. Across the way there's a potions shop. The only shop of worth that's not open is the jewelers.
Mar 21 21:00:37 <Puppetmaster> Sparrow heads into the place with the things that help her not die.
Mar 21 21:00:57 <Maddy> That isn't terribly descriptive.
Mar 21 21:00:59 <Tox> Puppetmaster: So which one?
Mar 21 21:01:20 <Puppetmaster> The thick clothes thing.
Mar 21 21:01:25 <Tox> Talwyn heads into the weaponsmith. SHe has her club dangling from her belt.
Mar 21 21:01:27 <Puppetmaster> With the metal.
Mar 21 21:01:37 <Echo> Chandler stares at Talwyn for a moment, still thinking it a little odd that it's actually Cana, and gestures out toward the center of the town. "Shall we? Or should we wait? You seen the others?"
Mar 21 21:01:46 <Tox> Scratch that
Mar 21 21:02:06 <Tox> Talwyn tilts her head. "No, I haven't…but I think I just saw Sparrow duck into the armorer."
Mar 21 21:02:28 <Echo> "We can follow. Everyone'll probably be around… if they took the hint."
Mar 21 21:02:40 <MonkeyBomb> Brock doesn't need /things/. He has his magic.
Mar 21 21:02:53 <Gara> John is just sorta around.
Mar 21 21:02:54 <Maddy> Inside the armouror there's a huge man, probably some variaty of partial orc working on a helmet.
Mar 21 21:03:02 <Tox> "Hope they did. Mmm. I think I should invest in a couple more weapons. Seemed to work alright for you."
Mar 21 21:03:06 <Puppetmaster> "…"
Mar 21 21:03:19 <Puppetmaster> "Hi." ~You're big.~ "Have any leather?"
Mar 21 21:03:48 <Echo> "I only used the one." Chandler starts out, leading the way, as is proper.
Mar 21 21:03:49 <MonkeyBomb> Ace seems fond of the fish salesman's stall, though.
Mar 21 21:04:07 <Maddy> "One sec there twiggy." he grins in a friendly way putting the helmet asside for now. "I do have leather. What were you looking for in particualr?"
Mar 21 21:04:21 <Tox> Talwyn tucks in behind. "True. Still, better to be prepared."
Mar 21 21:04:32 <Puppetmaster> "Just a full suit, no studs."
Mar 21 21:04:35 <Echo> "Which is why I've got something special in mind."
Mar 21 21:05:07 <Echo> The knight-paladin wanders into the same shop that Sparrow ducked into, glancing around at the wares, obviously looking for something.
Mar 21 21:05:37 <Gara> John is probably going to stick with the paladin. Hes not sure how okay halforcs are in public with armor and weapons
Mar 21 21:05:38 <Tox> "Oh?" The druid, already clad in leather, looks around as well.
Mar 21 21:05:58 <MonkeyBomb> Brock chills on a bench outside and waits for the party to finish their shopping spree.
Mar 21 21:06:20 <Maddy> "Alrighty. I'll just go dig it out…" he sizes her up. "Yeah probably got something that'll fit you, pretty tall for an elfy." he chukles heartily as he heads into the back.
Mar 21 21:06:23 <MonkeyBomb> He browses his spellbook while he waits.
Mar 21 21:06:35 <Echo> He waits inside the shop politely by the door, waiting to be called, and wondering how out of place he looks in the whole outfit he's wearing.
Mar 21 21:07:00 <Maddy> As Chandler looks around the shop, there's mostly the normal stuff, though there is a small wooden shield on display on the wall.
Mar 21 21:07:23 <Tox> Talwyn finds her attention drawn to the wooden shield. She walks over and examines it closer.
Mar 21 21:07:33 <Echo> With all this waiting… it seems to Chandler to be the perfect time to DETECT EVIL!
Mar 21 21:08:00 <Tox> Hers is across her back, one assumes. Unless that's not where one wears shields, and Legend of Zelda lied to me.
Mar 21 21:08:18 <Echo> It is.
Mar 21 21:09:54 <Maddy> The sheild is amazing craftwork, carved from what looks like Balsa. Flexible, light, but very strong. There's the symbole of Elohna on the front.
Mar 21 21:10:00 <Maddy> No one evul here either.
Mar 21 21:11:06 <Tox> Talwyn's eyes widen slightly. "This is….an amazing shield, master armorer," she breathes, looking up at the shopkeep. "Pray, tell me more about it."
Mar 21 21:11:22 <Puppetmaster> Shopkeep is gone.
Mar 21 21:11:31 <Tox> oh
Mar 21 21:11:32 <Tox> okay
Mar 21 21:11:34 <Puppetmaster> God damnit Tox.
Mar 21 21:11:37 <Tox> Fk u.
Mar 21 21:12:08 <Tox> Talwyn studies the shield minutely, then, awaiting the shopkeep.
Mar 21 21:13:01 <Echo> Mitchell wanders back outside, looking for John's orc.
Mar 21 21:13:18 <Puppetmaster> Half.
Mar 21 21:13:22 <Echo> HALF
Mar 21 21:13:25 <Gara> Armok is just outside
Mar 21 21:13:37 <Maddy> The somekinda man/orc/giant mix comes back out with the leather armour. "Here y'ar, twiggy. Price is 10 gold pieces."
Mar 21 21:13:37 <Gara> Shuttup
Mar 21 21:14:12 <Echo> "You have the things we pulled from that last fight?"
Mar 21 21:14:21 <Echo> "I want to try to offset some cost."
Mar 21 21:14:38 <Puppetmaster> She, like she's practiced it a million times, slides him ten coins, much like she'd slide them out of a purse. "Thanks."
Mar 21 21:14:52 <Maddy> There's always a pawnshop near the fishmonger.
Mar 21 21:14:59 <Tox> "Pray, master armorer," Talwyn says, looking at the shopmaster, "tell me about this beautiful shield."
Mar 21 21:15:35 <Gara> "Yeah I have it."
Mar 21 21:16:15 <Maddy> He puts away the monies and turns to Talwyn. "Mmm? Oh that, just got that in. I dont get magic stuff often, unless it's special order. A druid of Ehlonna came by and traded it for me to make hiim some ironwood armour."
Mar 21 21:16:46 <Echo> Mitchell starts rummaging through the bag, pulling out a rolled-up set of leather armor, a mace, and a rather ordinary-looking shortsword.
Mar 21 21:17:05 <Tox> "Oh? Do you know what magic is on this one, sir?" Ironwood…now there's an idea."
Mar 21 21:17:07 <Tox> *-"
Mar 21 21:17:31 <Puppetmaster> Sparrow disappears out the front of the shop and finds somewhere she can safely undress, then puts the armor back on under her clothing.
Mar 21 21:17:51 <Echo> Chandler carries the three items back inside, again waiting.
Mar 21 21:19:33 <Maddy> "The druid told me the wood is from the tropics, very light and fleible, and usually flimsy as all hell."
Mar 21 21:20:00 <Maddy> "But this is kissed by the earth or some dirt worshiper thing a simple city smith like I can't wrap my noggin around."
Mar 21 21:20:21 <Echo> "Don't sell yourself short."
Mar 21 21:21:16 <Gara> "Metal is tough." It's not perfectly clear what he means.
Mar 21 21:21:24 <Maddy> "He demonstrated it, glanced off a blow as well as any wooden shiled I could make, half the weight though."
Mar 21 21:24:23 <Tox> Talwyn regards the shield with new reverence. "What is your asking price, master armorer?" she asks humbly.
Mar 21 21:25:58 <Maddy> "It's a, 1000 gold, 10 silver."
Mar 21 21:27:01 <Tox> "Ahh." She sighs regretfully. "I'm afraid my purse is a bit light, worthy armorer. Perhaps another time." She smiles and withdraws.
Mar 21 21:27:43 <Maddy> "Well it'll probably be here a while, so if you find yourself in a windfall, come on by."
Mar 21 21:27:48 <Maddy> "Who's next?"
Mar 21 21:28:07 * Arag (~moc.rr.ser.xtas.205987E5-CRInys|araG#moc.rr.ser.xtas.205987E5-CRInys|araG) has joined #afteractionmission
Mar 21 21:28:11 <Echo> "That'd be me."
Mar 21 21:28:31 <Arag> Armok has stuck with Chandler when I was in flux space.
Mar 21 21:28:52 <Maddy> "Ah, a paladin, am I right?" she smiles. "Who are you representing?"
Mar 21 21:30:07 <Echo> Chandler nods at the probably-orc and lays the rolled-up suit of studded leather armor across his counter, then places the two weapons alongside it. "Heironeous. And you're right." He glances around the shop. "I'm looking for a sword."
Mar 21 21:30:53 <Maddy> "Ah, that'll be next door. Pella will help you out."
Mar 21 21:32:20 <Echo> "Ah. Of course. Thank you. Sorry for the trouble."
Mar 21 21:32:26 <Arag> Armok pops a grin.
Mar 21 21:32:51 <Maddy> "No harm done, sir. Have a good day."
Mar 21 21:33:02 <Echo> He collects the gear he laid out into a bundle. "And you as well." With that, he dips out and heads next door to Pella's shop.
Mar 21 21:33:34 <Arag> Armor sticks with him. "So, in the future, weaponsmithes make swords."
Mar 21 21:33:35 <Tox> Talwyn follows Chandler, sighing regretfully. "Maybe we can sell the things we picked up for enough for that shield….Chauntea above, a shield blessed by Ehlonna Herself?"
Mar 21 21:33:43 <Maddy> Pella's place is open air for the most part, which leads yoou to believe the mix up between her places and Inte's happens all the damn time.
Mar 21 21:35:11 <Echo> "Right." Chandler looks about for the smith, ready to do business. As an afterthought he hands the armor and the heavy mace back to Armok. "Go ahead and put that up if you would."
Mar 21 21:35:24 <Arag> He puts them back.
Mar 21 21:35:27 <Maddy> There's a dwarven lady working at the anvil on a dagger, she's singing. "Tommy used to work on the docks, Unions been on strike, he's down on his luck it's tough~"
Mar 21 21:35:35 <Maddy> She' has quite a pretty voice.
Mar 21 21:36:16 <Echo> "Pardon me, ma'am. I'm looking to buy."
Mar 21 21:36:31 <Tox> Talwyn tucks in again.
Mar 21 21:37:15 <Maddy> "Ah, customers in the early morning, that's always a treat." she puts the dagger aside. "How can I help ya?"
Mar 21 21:38:34 <Echo> He passes the short sword to her, then draws the enormous one he carries across his his back. "I'm looking to give you the smaller one… and looking for a replacement for this one. A good replacement."
Mar 21 21:39:40 <Maddy> Pella turns the blade over in her hands a few times and whistles. "Where did you get this beauty? Elven made?"
Mar 21 21:41:01 <Echo> "The small one came from someone who tried to… kill a friend." He's not going to lie about it. "The greatsword I've carried for several years."
Mar 21 21:42:17 <Maddy> "Mmm, it's relly nice…I could probably get a good bit for it…tell you what, anything in specific you're looking for? I have a fair amount of mastercraft weaponry, fine, dwarven made things."
Mar 21 21:42:42 <Echo> "Something about the size of the one I've got would do perfectly."
Mar 21 21:42:46 <Arag> Armok looks at the dwarf, and has a tiny chuckle.
Mar 21 21:44:38 <Maddy> "I can do that, definitely, and you'd have some change."
Mar 21 21:45:20 <Maddy> "I got something special in though…if you know your way around a dwarven axe."
Mar 21 21:45:59 <Echo> "I can't say I do. My friend here might be interested." Chandler gestures over at Armok.
Mar 21 21:46:34 <Arag> "No. They're the weird, kind of finicky ones?"
Mar 21 21:46:39 * Arag (~moc.rr.ser.xtas.205987E5-CRInys|araG#moc.rr.ser.xtas.205987E5-CRInys|araG) has left #afteractionmission (Leaving)
Mar 21 21:46:44 * Arag (~moc.rr.ser.xtas.205987E5-CRInys|araG#moc.rr.ser.xtas.205987E5-CRInys|araG) has joined #afteractionmission
Mar 21 21:46:47 <Arag> "Hard to use."
Mar 21 21:47:28 <Echo> "What he's saying is that the balance takes a while to get used to. Not everyone can pick it up as quickly as dwarves can."
Mar 21 21:47:38 <Echo> Such diplomacy.
Mar 21 21:47:38 <Arag> He nods his head.
Mar 21 21:47:52 <Maddy> "Ah well, if you meet someone who does, lettem know I got a little something. I'll got get yoru greatsword." she heads up a staircase to put away the shortsword and eventually returns with the big ole sword for Chandler.
Mar 21 21:47:52 <Arag> "It's the same thing with our two headed axes."
Mar 21 21:49:58 <Maddy> It's really quite a pretty sword, though you wonder how such a small creature made the damn thing. "What do you think?" There's an imprint of a lyre on the pommel.
Mar 21 21:51:27 <Echo> He grins widely as she carries it back. "That'll do perfectly. And I'll be certain to let anyone looking know about the axe."
Mar 21 21:52:14 <Tox> Talwyn, meanwhile, looks through the lighter weapons.
Mar 21 21:52:18 <Maddy> She opens a little box near her cooling bath. "And here's your change. 260 gold."
Mar 21 21:52:55 * Gara has quit (Ping timeout: 180 seconds)
Mar 21 21:55:37 <Echo> He lays his own greatsword on her counter. "You can take this as well. A gift."
Mar 21 21:55:45 <Maddy> There are decorative weaponds of jsut about every simple, martial and dwarven make.
Mar 21 21:56:02 <Maddy> Non are battle ready, just foe showing what Pella can do.
Mar 21 21:56:31 <Maddy> "Thank's sir." she puts it off to the side for now. "Any one else need stuff?"
Mar 21 21:56:54 <Arag> "I'd like a better axe, for one."
Mar 21 21:57:00 <Echo> Mitchell replaces the new sword into the old one's sheath, and takes the CORRECT amount of money, placing it into a sack he pulls from his belt, then takes a bit to count some from his own money into it.
Mar 21 21:57:13 <Tox> Talwyn nods. "Do you carry sickles?"
Mar 21 21:57:42 <Maddy> "One at a time my friends!" she laughs. "The large man first. What kind of axe makes you happy?
Mar 21 21:58:02 <Tox> Talwyn smiles, and makes room for Armok.
Mar 21 21:58:20 <Echo> "It was a pleasure." He passes the sack containing *1980* *GOLD* *PIECES* to Armok.
Mar 21 21:59:01 <Arag> "Big two handed axe, like this one." He takes the sack like it weighs nothing. He doesn't pull the axe in the middle of a store unless she asks him too though.
Mar 21 21:59:14 <Maddy> "Let's see her."
Mar 21 21:59:29 <Tox> Talwyn bites her lip, then looks back at Chandler, sidling closer. "Hey….do you think you could give me enough to get that shield back at the armorer?"
Mar 21 21:59:38 <Arag> He whips it out.
Mar 21 22:00:25 <Maddy> "Ah a gorgeous thing, the battle axe. I move more of those than you'd think." she motions for him to wait and head back up the stairs.
Mar 21 22:04:13 <Maddy> people get their weapons, money is exchanged
Mar 21 22:04:52 <Echo> Chandler waits outside now.
Mar 21 22:05:06 <Maddy> Pella goes back to weapon make
Mar 21 22:05:10 <Tox> Talwyn asked him a question
Mar 21 22:05:25 <Tox> "You know, out of the funds we'll get from sellin' the other shit."
Mar 21 22:06:31 <Echo> "Oh, sorry. I passed it to Armok. That's not my money."
Mar 21 22:06:48 <Echo> "Nearly two thousand coins in there."
Mar 21 22:07:07 <Tox> Talwyn nods, moving to Armok. "Hey, Armok. May I see the moneybag?"
Mar 21 22:07:21 <Arag> Armok hands it over.
Mar 21 22:07:50 <Tox> "Thank you," she replies gratefully, heading into the armorer and exchanging her shield plus money for the new shield.
Mar 21 22:08:05 <Maddy> The dude is quite happy to make this transaction now
Mar 21 22:08:13 <Tox> Who wouldn't be?
Mar 21 22:08:24 <Arag> It's notable that John is now carrying two axes, right? Unless I'm off base there.
Mar 21 22:08:24 <Maddy> This works like a regular wooden shield EXCEPT
Mar 21 22:08:32 <Maddy> it has no dex thingy
Mar 21 22:08:49 <Maddy> bsically a +1 shield
Mar 21 22:08:55 <Tox> Armor Check Penalty?
Mar 21 22:08:59 <Maddy> yeah that
Mar 21 22:09:42 <Tox> Talwyn heads out of the shop. "So…shall we pawn the rest of the items?"
Mar 21 22:09:49 <Maddy> and yeah john has 2 aes
Mar 21 22:09:52 <Maddy> axes
Mar 21 22:10:05 <Tox> two asses
Mar 21 22:10:23 <Maddy> SH
Mar 21 22:11:20 <Echo> "That's up to you. Or… we could wait until we're done with our work. Do it all at once. The king mentioned the place needed cleared." Chandler keeps his voice low.
Mar 21 22:11:38 <Echo> "If there's violence, we're bound to carry back more than we started off with."
Mar 21 22:12:01 <Tox> Talwyn purses her lips. "Sounds like a good idea to get it all done at once."
Mar 21 22:12:39 <Echo> "Then when everyone's ready…"
Mar 21 22:12:49 <Arag> "I can only carry so much."
Mar 21 22:13:06 <Echo> "I'm strong."
Mar 21 22:13:15 <Tox> "We could probably drop this back at the palace?"
Mar 21 22:13:22 <Arag> "That's an idea."
Mar 21 22:13:29 <Echo> "There's an id- yes."
Mar 21 22:13:58 <Tox> "That's what we'll do, then we'll head out."
Mar 21 22:15:40 <Puppetmaster> Sparrow appears.
Mar 21 22:16:21 <MonkeyBomb> Brock's laying across the bench, staring into space.
Mar 21 22:17:21 <Maddy> assumadly the king gave one of you a map to the cavern
Mar 21 22:17:57 <Maddy> and some kinda magic flare to call The State with later
Mar 21 22:18:10 <Echo> Chandler left immediately to prepare. Probably one of the others. Probably Sparrow.
Mar 21 22:18:14 <Tox> Sounds good. So after the party drops the shit back in Chandler's room, they head out.
Mar 21 22:19:07 <Maddy> people have stuff I ain fussed.
Mar 21 22:19:38 <Maddy> It's almost noon when they head out, and it'll be about half 1 when they get to the cavern.
Mar 21 22:20:18 <Tox> yay
Mar 21 22:20:38 <Echo> Chandler's already DETECTING as they approach.
Mar 21 22:20:54 <Tox> Chandler detectors about.
Mar 21 22:21:04 <Tox> MORE LIKE DTECTOR
Mar 21 22:21:06 <Maddy> When they get there, the entrance looks almsot kinda liek the mouth of a huge frog. how far does that shit detect?
Mar 21 22:21:38 <Echo> 60 feet
Mar 21 22:21:43 <Tox> Cone-shaped.
Mar 21 22:22:05 <Tox> http://www.d20srd.org/srd/spells/detectEvil.htm
Mar 21 22:22:30 * Echo has kicked Tox from #afteractionmission (OOC)
Mar 21 22:22:42 * Tox (teerts.pmuj.12|ytrap#teerts.pmuj.12|ytrap) has joined #afteractionmission
Mar 21 22:22:57 <Maddy> He gets some faint evilness
Mar 21 22:23:05 <Maddy> right on the edges of his perception.
Mar 21 22:23:22 <Echo> Without another word, he draws the greatsword.
Mar 21 22:24:00 * Echo has kicked Echo from #afteractionmission (Good soldiers can fall on their sword if called.)
Mar 21 22:24:03 * Echo (siht.rofdeks|reveni#siht.rofdeks|reveni) has joined #afteractionmission
Mar 21 22:24:03 * ChanServ sets mode +q #afteractionmission Echo
Mar 21 22:24:03 * ChanServ gives channel operator status to Echo
Mar 21 22:24:14 <Arag> Armok takes his cue and draws his axe.
Mar 21 22:24:19 <Maddy> There's kind of a marshy smell coem from the cave
Mar 21 22:24:19 <Tox> Talwyn gives Chandler a look, and draws her club, instructing Lokir to be ready to attack.
Mar 21 22:25:04 <Arag> "You and I on point?" He looks at his paladin buddy.
Mar 21 22:25:52 <Echo> "There's something in there. And of course. Wouldn't do to be in the back." Chandler strides purposefully forward into the mouth of the cavern, pulling his helmet on as he goes.
Mar 21 22:25:54 <Puppetmaster> d20+9 Hide check as she follows them. What Sparrow?
Mar 21 22:25:55 <CROM> Puppetmaster: Hide check as she follows them. What Sparrow?: 12 (d20+9=3)
Mar 21 22:25:59 <Puppetmaster> Shit.
Mar 21 22:26:44 <Arag> Armok keeps alongside him.
Mar 21 22:27:17 <Tox> Talwyn readies her shield, advancing behind Chandler and Orc.
Mar 21 22:27:26 <Maddy> Either way no one's really trying to spot you right now
Mar 21 22:27:38 <Arag> That's Armok, you enthno-centric bitch.
Mar 21 22:28:06 <Tox> WHatever
Mar 21 22:28:28 <Echo> Chandler keeps reaching out with his mind as they head deeper in, trying to figure out what exactly is hiding inside.
Mar 21 22:28:32 <Maddy> The top of the cavern is shaped in such a way that the sunlight doesn head in very far, but you can see the wide mouth of the frog splits into two wide paths.
Mar 21 22:28:59 <Maddy> As they head in, a few feet, he's hit in the face whith a buncha evil.
Mar 21 22:29:56 <Echo> He almost stops, but doesn't, and keeps marching forward until they hit the split. "And the age-old question. Left? Or Right?"
Mar 21 22:29:59 <Maddy> Still faint, bt he's getting at least 5 auras.
Mar 21 22:30:20 <Echo> "There's five… somethings ahead."
Mar 21 22:30:27 <Tox> "Flip a gold piece?" Talwyn suggests. Lokir looks around, flicking an ear.
Mar 21 22:30:35 <Echo> "Does the map say?"
Mar 21 22:30:44 <Echo> "Or is it just… here."
Mar 21 22:31:07 <Arag> "… Left."
Mar 21 22:31:10 <Arag> John picks left.
Mar 21 22:31:24 <Maddy> The map just says "here"
Mar 21 22:31:31 <Arag> Armok goes on left then
Mar 21 22:31:37 <Puppetmaster> Snake says go left.
Mar 21 22:31:40 <Maddy> spot checks
Mar 21 22:31:50 <Maddy> No i take it back
Mar 21 22:31:51 <Puppetmaster> d20+6
Mar 21 22:31:51 <CROM> Puppetmaster: 26 (d20+6=20)
Mar 21 22:31:52 <Maddy> listen
Mar 21 22:31:55 <Puppetmaster> …
Mar 21 22:31:58 <Maddy> I TAKE IT BACK
Mar 21 22:32:00 <Puppetmaster> Same mod.
Mar 21 22:32:00 <Maddy> :p
Mar 21 22:32:03 <Maddy> fair
Mar 21 22:32:07 <Arag> d20+2
Mar 21 22:32:08 <CROM> Arag: 16 (d20+2=14)
Mar 21 22:32:20 <Tox> 1d20+8 Talwyn
Mar 21 22:32:20 <CROM> Tox: Talwyn: 19 (1d20+8=11)
Mar 21 22:32:26 <Tox> 1d20+5 Lokir
Mar 21 22:32:27 <CROM> Tox: Lokir: 24 (1d20+5=19)
Mar 21 22:34:31 <Echo> 1d20+4
Mar 21 22:34:32 <CROM> Echo: 21 (1d20+4=17)
Mar 21 22:36:58 <Maddy> Chandler, you hear 3 somethings shufling around as the lot of you step into the shadows of a far off torch. Sparrow hears the 3 shuflling, and twovoices whispering. Lokir hears the same as Sparrow. Talwyn and Armock here 3 shuffles as well.
Mar 21 22:37:25 <Tox> Lokir puts her ears back and snarls.
Mar 21 22:38:06 <Maddy> The shuffling abruptly stops at the snarling.
Mar 21 22:38:08 <Tox> Talwyn rests her shield hand on Lokir's neck. "Easy, girl….what is it?"
Mar 21 22:38:22 <Puppetmaster> Sparrow readies her bow.
Mar 21 22:38:37 <Maddy> You can see there's what looks like a bridge about 20 ft from you, and you can hear water.
Mar 21 22:38:59 <Arag> John halts and waits.
Mar 21 22:39:00 <Tox> "Is something ahead?" she asks in a low voice, peering through the darkness.
Mar 21 22:39:06 <Tox> Armok.
Mar 21 22:39:16 <Echo> Chandler pauses, only for a moment, waiting to see what the others want to do.
Mar 21 22:39:18 <Arag> Armok.
Mar 21 22:39:32 <Arag> He looks around, with is darkvision of 60 feet.
Mar 21 22:39:43 <Maddy> Oh shit im dumb i forgot he was MAGIC
Mar 21 22:40:17 <Maddy> There is clearly a bridge
Mar 21 22:40:52 <Maddy> and some decorations made of shells and nets, but the torch and source of the shuffling is around a corner.
Mar 21 22:41:16 <Maddy> the bridge is over a river kinda thing.
Mar 21 22:41:18 <Arag> "Follow me." Armok leads them, intent on finding the shuffle source.
Mar 21 22:41:44 <Tox> Talwyn moves ahead with Armok, Lokir beside her.
Mar 21 22:42:17 <Maddy> listen again.
Mar 21 22:42:25 <Echo> Chandler tries to keep abreast of Armok, sword drawn back and held low, readied for a mighty-ass swipe.
Mar 21 22:42:28 <Tox> 1d20+8 Talwyn
Mar 21 22:42:29 <CROM> Tox: Talwyn: 26 (1d20+8=18)
Mar 21 22:42:29 <Maddy> spot from John
Mar 21 22:42:30 <Arag> d20+2
Mar 21 22:42:30 <CROM> Arag: 14 (d20+2=12)
Mar 21 22:42:33 <Echo> 1d20+4
Mar 21 22:42:34 <CROM> Echo: 20 (1d20+4=16)
Mar 21 22:42:34 <Tox> 1d20+5 Lokir
Mar 21 22:42:34 <CROM> Tox: Lokir: 18 (1d20+5=13)
Mar 21 22:42:40 <Arag> d20+2 AND OTHER
Mar 21 22:42:40 <CROM> Arag: AND OTHER: 5 (d20+2=3)
Mar 21 22:42:42 <Puppetmaster> d20+6
Mar 21 22:42:42 <CROM> Puppetmaster: 24 (d20+6=18)
Mar 21 22:42:49 <Arag> John's eyes don't work for some reason.
Mar 21 22:42:54 <Tox> *ARMOK'S.
Mar 21 22:43:01 <Maddy> lokir's probably got lowlights, and same as Sparrow so spot from them too
Mar 21 22:43:02 <Arag> FUCK YOU*
Mar 21 22:43:29 <Tox> 1d20+5 Lokir Spot Check
Mar 21 22:43:29 <CROM> Tox: Lokir Spot Check: 11 (1d20+5=6)
Mar 21 22:43:39 <Puppetmaster> d20+6
Mar 21 22:43:39 <CROM> Puppetmaster: 12 (d20+6=6)
Mar 21 22:43:43 <Puppetmaster> Fuck.
Mar 21 22:43:46 <Puppetmaster> The one time.
Mar 21 22:43:58 <Tox> Lokir also has Scent.
Mar 21 22:44:09 <Maddy> Everyone hears 4 thing moving towards the bridge now trying to be sneaky
Mar 21 22:44:25 <Maddy> Lokir smells something fishy coming this way
Mar 21 22:44:47 <Maddy> and Sparrow and Lokir both notice the tip of a spear poking out from aroudn the corner.
Mar 21 22:44:59 <Puppetmaster> "Hold up." whispered.
Mar 21 22:45:02 <Maddy> is Chandler still detectin evil?
Mar 21 22:45:04 <Puppetmaster> Sparrow draws her bow.
Mar 21 22:45:05 <Arag> Armok holds.
Mar 21 22:45:08 <Puppetmaster> How far away are they?
Mar 21 22:45:12 <Tox> Talwyn brings her shield guard closer in. She mutters a quick invocation, and both she and Lokir are encompassed in a brief glow.
Mar 21 22:45:19 <Tox> Expending one charge of Guidance.
Mar 21 22:45:26 <Echo> Chandler's still detecting evil. This'll be the third round. Time for locations.
Mar 21 22:45:31 <Puppetmaster> No blow.
Mar 21 22:45:33 <Puppetmaster> Glow.
Mar 21 22:45:42 <Puppetmaster> Glows are for people who like getting fucking spotted.
Mar 21 22:45:45 <Puppetmaster> Ass.
Mar 21 22:45:47 <Maddy> out 30 ft
Mar 21 22:45:53 <Tox> Well fuck I don't know what the spell does
Mar 21 22:45:55 <Puppetmaster> Oh, good.
Mar 21 22:46:00 <Puppetmaster> Sparrow whistles.
Mar 21 22:46:10 <Puppetmaster> And draws her bowstring.
Mar 21 22:46:23 <Maddy> Chalder can tell there's a stacked collumn of evil assholes aroudn that corner, and a 5th, at the back of the cavern
Mar 21 22:47:04 <Puppetmaster> Sparrow waits for a fish monster to poke its head out.
Mar 21 22:47:09 <Echo> "Dead ahead." Mitchell marches ahead, ready to set about his dark work. He raises his left hand, waving for the others to follow. "Sparrow, keep an eye toward the back. The rest of you, be ready when we round the turn."
Mar 21 22:47:29 <Puppetmaster> Sparrow puts up an arm and glares.
Mar 21 22:47:41 <Arag> "Understood."
Mar 21 22:47:50 <Puppetmaster> "Would you /please/ let me land the first hit."
Mar 21 22:47:59 <Arag> "We hit harder."
Mar 21 22:48:16 <Puppetmaster> "Yeah, and I need sneak attack. Look, you made me break character. Happy?"
Mar 21 22:48:28 <Maddy> It doesnt stck its head out
Mar 21 22:48:53 <Echo> He picks up his pace, going from a walk to a jog, then running. There's no time to listen to a cutpurse argue about trying to nock an arrow around a corner where there might be swords. And hey, if he makes a push around, they'll still be flanked.
Mar 21 22:49:03 <Echo> ;)
Mar 21 22:49:14 <Tox> Talwyn moves out, following Chandler!
Mar 21 22:49:22 <Puppetmaster> Asshole.
Mar 21 22:49:31 <Tox> Lokir follows her mistress.
Mar 21 22:49:32 <Arag> Armok moves fast, weapon up, because fuck the inefficent rogue!
Mar 21 22:49:51 <Puppetmaster> "Alright. Fine. Fuck you guys then."
Mar 21 22:50:27 <Maddy> As Chander round the corner, the Kuo-Toa spearman jabs at him, but the shitty spear glances off his armour.
Mar 21 22:50:30 <Maddy> INITIATIVE
Mar 21 22:50:42 <Arag> d20+2 IT IS TIME TO SHED BLOOD
Mar 21 22:50:42 <CROM> Arag: IT IS TIME TO SHED BLOOD: 19 (d20+2=17)
Mar 21 22:50:47 <Echo> 1d20+3
Mar 21 22:50:47 <CROM> Echo: 13 (1d20+3=10)
Mar 21 22:50:51 <Tox> 1d20+7 Talwyn!
Mar 21 22:50:51 <CROM> Tox: Talwyn!: 10 (1d20+7=3)
Mar 21 22:50:55 <Puppetmaster> d20+4
Mar 21 22:50:55 <CROM> Puppetmaster: 13 (d20+4=9)
Mar 21 22:50:57 <Tox> fk
Mar 21 22:51:54 <Puppetmaster> Sparrow sighs, puts away the bow and draws her longsword. "You guys are assholes."
Mar 21 22:53:39 <Maddy> Armok its all you right now. Aroudn the corner you can see a little set up, th3 4 frog men spear dudes with shields, and one whole got a shield and spear too, but is dresed in very fancy clothes.
Mar 21 22:54:14 <Arag> I rage. I don't like fancy clothes very much.
Mar 21 22:54:26 <Arag> I'm going to murderize that motherfucker in the pretty clothes.
Mar 21 22:55:04 <Maddy> He's about 10 ft away
Mar 21 22:55:10 <Arag> I run!
Mar 21 22:55:24 <Arag> Flat out at him.
Mar 21 22:56:14 <Maddy> Roll to hit.
Mar 21 22:56:35 <Arag> d20+6 I'll going to powerattack 4 : 8 because I'm a gambler.
Mar 21 22:56:36 <CROM> Arag: I'll going to powerattack 4 : 8 because I'm a gambler.: 21 (d20+6=15)
Mar 21 22:56:43 <Arag> Oh that poor fuck.
Mar 21 22:57:08 <Arag> Do I hit?
Mar 21 22:57:39 <Maddy> You dooooo
Mar 21 22:58:13 <Arag> d12+9+8 Goodnight.
Mar 21 22:58:14 <CROM> Arag: Goodnight.: 20 (d12+9+8=3)
Mar 21 22:58:21 <Echo> :D
Mar 21 22:58:26 <Tox> jesus.
Mar 21 23:01:03 <Maddy> Armok's battle axe finds it's target easily, sicking horribly into the Whip's neck, but the natural thick skin of the Kuo-Toa stops the decapitation. He falls to the floor gurgling.
Mar 21 23:01:25 <Arag> "THIS IS A GOOD AXE!"
Mar 21 23:02:09 <Puppetmaster> Sparrow first, or…
Mar 21 23:02:18 <Maddy> The spearman who tried to hit Chandler tries again, this time finding a space in his armour.
Mar 21 23:02:41 <Maddy> 7 damage as the tip hits you in the leg somewhere.
Mar 21 23:02:55 <Echo> >8[
Mar 21 23:04:04 <Maddy> One further back in the collumn tries to poke Talwyn but her shmancy new shield stops him but good.
Mar 21 23:04:17 <Maddy> Echo, Puppetmaster who has the higher init?
Mar 21 23:04:24 <Puppetmaster> I does!
Mar 21 23:04:26 <Maddy> go
Mar 21 23:04:40 <Puppetmaster> Sparrow moves forward, longsword in hand.
Mar 21 23:04:53 <Tox> Talwyn offers quick thanks to Ehlonna!
Mar 21 23:04:55 <Puppetmaster> d20+4 Weeeeeeeeeee
Mar 21 23:04:55 <CROM> Puppetmaster: Weeeeeeeeeee: 7 (d20+4=3)
Mar 21 23:05:02 <Puppetmaster> Swing and a miss.
Mar 21 23:05:10 <Maddy> Who is she even swinging at?
Mar 21 23:06:27 <Puppetmaster> It doesn't matter. One of the spear guys.
Mar 21 23:06:44 <Echo> Chandler rages. Chandler doesn't like being stabbed in the leg very much.
Mar 21 23:06:58 <Maddy> it does kinfa matter
Mar 21 23:07:00 <Puppetmaster> Chandler does /not/ have rage as a class feature.
Mar 21 23:07:18 <Maddy> Chandler go
Mar 21 23:07:18 <Echo> 1d20+6 Power Attack. He doesn't. But he's raging anyway.
Mar 21 23:07:19 <CROM> Echo: Power Attack. He doesn't. But he's raging anyway.: 14 (1d20+6=8)
Mar 21 23:07:22 <Puppetmaster> Well I doubt any of them have AC 7 and I don't know my choices.
Mar 21 23:07:52 <Echo> He swings at the one who attacked him.
Mar 21 23:07:52 <Maddy> Roll reflex
Mar 21 23:08:05 <Echo> 1d20+7 O_O
Mar 21 23:08:05 <CROM> Echo: O_O: 13 (1d20+7=6)
Mar 21 23:08:15 <Maddy> Oh dear
Mar 21 23:09:17 <Maddy> The Kuo-Toa spearman, who i will call #4, brings up his shield to block. Chandler strikes it hard, but doesnt get through. When it tries to pull back, it's stuck fast to the shield.
Mar 21 23:10:52 <Maddy> #3, who I'll jsut say is who Sparrow went for tries to fight back and hits the air beside her.
Mar 21 23:11:04 <Echo> "…"
Mar 21 23:11:50 <Maddy> and #2 tries to make a run for Armok, but provokes AoO form jsut about everyon.
Mar 21 23:12:04 <Arag> Including Armok?
Mar 21 23:12:21 <Tox> What order are the AoOs stacking up?
Mar 21 23:12:21 <Maddy> no, except for Armok
Mar 21 23:12:42 <Maddy> Sparrow>Chandler, but hes unarmed atm, and then Tal and co
Mar 21 23:13:02 <Echo> Chandler's armed well enough.
Mar 21 23:13:14 <Puppetmaster> d20+4 FOR YOOOOOOOOOUUUUUUUUU
Mar 21 23:13:15 <CROM> Puppetmaster: FOR YOOOOOOOOOUUUUUUUUU: 17 (d20+4=13)
Mar 21 23:13:17 <Puppetmaster> FUCK*
Mar 21 23:13:19 <Puppetmaster> Fuck.
Mar 21 23:13:22 <Puppetmaster> Fucking hell.
Mar 21 23:13:26 <Maddy> REFLEX
Mar 21 23:13:41 <Puppetmaster> d20+7 Wait why.
Mar 21 23:13:41 <CROM> Puppetmaster: Wait why.: 27 (d20+7=20)
Mar 21 23:14:06 <Maddy> Sparrow narroly misses the same fate as Chandler but doesnt connect with #1 either.
Mar 21 23:14:14 <Maddy> Go chandler AoO on #1
Mar 21 23:14:19 <Puppetmaster> Wait I thought it was 2.
Mar 21 23:14:31 <Puppetmaster> 2 was the one provoking.
Mar 21 23:14:43 <Maddy> #2
Mar 21 23:14:48 <Maddy> Chandler go
Mar 21 23:16:25 <Echo> 1d20+8 Chandler lashes out at the bastard with plated knuckles, aimed right at its face. Smiting evil. Power attack.
Mar 21 23:16:26 <CROM> Echo: Chandler lashes out at the bastard with plated knuckles, aimed right at its face. Smiting evil. Power attack.: 20 (1d20+8=12)
Mar 21 23:16:56 <Maddy> Usually this would AoO you in turn but the dude is running like an asshole anyways, roll damage.
Mar 21 23:17:16 <Echo> 1d4+8
Mar 21 23:17:16 <CROM> Echo: 10 (1d4+8=2)
Mar 21 23:18:21 <Maddy> The runner hits the ground and is a little daed for a moment.
Mar 21 23:18:35 <Maddy> Tox, you can take your AoO if you want before your turn I guess?
Mar 21 23:18:52 <Tox> Yes. Okay so the runner is on the ground, taking -4 AC, yes?
Mar 21 23:19:04 <Maddy> yell to the yes
Mar 21 23:19:27 <Tox> Okay, both Talwyn and Lokir are discharging Guidance.
Mar 21 23:19:45 <Tox> 1d20+4 Lokir's AoO
Mar 21 23:19:45 <CROM> Tox: Lokir's AoO: 14 (1d20+4=10)
Mar 21 23:21:03 <Maddy> roll damage
Mar 21 23:21:26 <Tox> 1d6+3 gnaw rip bite
Mar 21 23:21:26 <CROM> Tox: gnaw rip bite: 4 (1d6+3=1)
Mar 21 23:21:53 <Tox> 1d20+6 Talwyn's AoO
Mar 21 23:21:53 <CROM> Tox: Talwyn's AoO: 26 (1d20+6=20)
Mar 21 23:22:07 <Tox> 1d20+6 CONFIRMING. THAT. SHIT.
Mar 21 23:22:07 <CROM> Tox: CONFIRMING. THAT. SHIT.: 17 (1d20+6=11)
Mar 21 23:22:20 <Maddy> Lokir's teeth red the frog fishman's flesh and his sickly black blood stains her fur…
Mar 21 23:22:36 <Maddy> Dont even bother rolling
Mar 21 23:22:44 <Maddy> i mean unless you wanna be cray
Mar 21 23:22:51 <Tox> 1d6+4
Mar 21 23:22:51 <CROM> Tox: 10 (1d6+4=6)
Mar 21 23:22:55 <Maddy> JESUS
Mar 21 23:22:55 <Tox> OO
Mar 21 23:23:02 <Echo> What weapon did the one who was just killed have.
Mar 21 23:23:39 <Tox> Talwyn rears back, looses a mighty yell, and kinda pulps the shit out of the fucker's head.
Mar 21 23:23:49 <Maddy> With all the fury of the earth in her heart, Talwyn goes all wilder on the creature and turns it to goo.
Mar 21 23:24:06 <Maddy> It had a shortspear and a heavy woden shiled.
Mar 21 23:24:08 <Arag> Armok is proud.
Mar 21 23:24:16 <Maddy> Uh
Mar 21 23:24:23 <Maddy> Talwyns turn now I guess
Mar 21 23:24:39 <Tox> Yes. And Lokir's.
Mar 21 23:24:53 <Maddy> yeah
Mar 21 23:25:02 <Maddy> there #1, 3 and 4 left.
Mar 21 23:26:41 <Tox> Talwyn, resetting, rounds on the one with Chandler's weapon stuck on its shield, fire burning in her eyes.
Mar 21 23:26:49 <Maddy> It gulps
Mar 21 23:27:21 <Tox> 1d20+5 Eat a /dick/
Mar 21 23:27:21 <CROM> Tox: Eat a /dick/: 20 (1d20+5=15)
Mar 21 23:27:35 <Maddy> I guess you're gonna have to feed it to him
Mar 21 23:27:39 <Tox> 1d6+4 Or a club. Either way.
Mar 21 23:27:39 <CROM> Tox: Or a club. Either way.: 6 (1d6+4=2)
Mar 21 23:28:27 <Maddy> #4 takes a big ol club right to the mouth, some gross black blood splattering.
Mar 21 23:28:28 <Tox> Can Lokir move around the Kua-Toa to a flanking position?
Mar 21 23:28:42 <Maddy> Soitenly.
Mar 21 23:29:52 <Tox> That's her Move action. Can she then…make a sonic attack, howling to inflict…Frightened?
Mar 21 23:30:14 <Maddy> if the rules say she can sure, just link me to the attack prz
Mar 21 23:30:27 <Arag> That's an intimidate application, I believe.
Mar 21 23:30:33 <Tox> I'm making shit up idek
Mar 21 23:30:47 <Maddy> roll intim I guess?
Mar 21 23:31:34 <Tox> Animals are weird about it. It's Charisma-based, but Animal Charisma/Int scores don't work like PCs.
Mar 21 23:31:59 <Maddy> dkjsdkjfhsd DO SOMETHING WE HAVE MECHANICS FOR
Mar 21 23:32:21 <Tox> 1d20-2 AW YEAH *FLEXIBILITY*
Mar 21 23:32:22 <CROM> Tox: AW YEAH *FLEXIBILITY*: 2 (1d20-2=4)
Mar 21 23:32:25 <Tox> nope
Mar 21 23:32:28 <Arag> YOU FUCKED UP
Mar 21 23:32:32 <Maddy> YOU FUCKED UP
Mar 21 23:32:38 <Tox> ?BadJob
Mar 21 23:32:41 <Maddy> Anyways is that your turn/
Mar 21 23:32:53 <Tox> Yeah.
Mar 21 23:32:58 <Maddy> Gara do a thing.
Mar 21 23:33:11 <Arag> Is the one that ran at me still a thing?
Mar 21 23:33:23 <Maddy> no its a greasy spot on the floor
Mar 21 23:33:32 <Arag> Nice.
Mar 21 23:34:39 <Arag> Anything undamaged nearby?
Mar 21 23:35:40 <Maddy> #3 and #1 still look unharmed. #3 being the one that tried to stab Sparrow, and #1 being near the grease spot that was once his brother in arms.
Mar 21 23:36:00 <Arag> Three will die. Can I get a flank?
Mar 21 23:36:11 <Maddy> #4 is looking like he took a club to the mouth, and has a sword stuck to him.
Mar 21 23:36:21 <Maddy> Yes
Mar 21 23:36:42 <Arag> Awesome.
Mar 21 23:36:49 <Arag> I move to flank, and KILL A FUCKER
Mar 21 23:37:04 <Arag> d20+5 I'll take a gamble. -5 +10.
Mar 21 23:37:04 <CROM> Arag: I'll take a gamble. -5 +10.: 15 (d20+5=10)
Mar 21 23:37:35 <Maddy> OH DEAR
Mar 21 23:37:37 <Maddy> reflex
Mar 21 23:37:51 <Arag> d20+2 Damn it.
Mar 21 23:37:52 <CROM> Arag: Damn it.: 7 (d20+2=5)
Mar 21 23:37:55 <Maddy> asdasjd
Mar 21 23:38:02 <Arag> How the fuck did he even do that
Mar 21 23:38:08 <Maddy> Your battle axe sticks to #3's shield
Mar 21 23:38:47 <Arag> Well that is fantastic.
Mar 21 23:38:54 <Maddy> GOOD THING YOU HAVE 2
Mar 21 23:38:55 <Puppetmaster> Can sparrow fralnk?
Mar 21 23:38:57 <Puppetmaster> flank?
Mar 21 23:39:21 <Arag> Sparrow is already flanking, and I'm fairly certain it's not her turn.
Mar 21 23:39:41 <Maddy> #4 jab out at Chandler again, hiting him in the SAME DAMN SPOT
Mar 21 23:39:41 <Puppetmaster> Oh, I think it's a frog asshole's turn first.
Mar 21 23:39:45 <Maddy> 5 damage
Mar 21 23:39:51 <Echo> 8[
Mar 21 23:40:18 <Puppetmaster> So the paladin's fucked. Sparrow's turn?
Mar 21 23:40:21 <Maddy> AHAHAHAHAHA
Mar 21 23:40:31 <Maddy> #1 goes to spear Armok
Mar 21 23:40:58 <Maddy> and hits #3
Mar 21 23:41:08 <Maddy> It's commical.
Mar 21 23:41:19 <Maddy> Ok now Sparrow
Mar 21 23:41:19 <Arag> "YOU AREN'T EVEN GOOD AT FIGHTING."
Mar 21 23:41:34 <Puppetmaster> d20+4 I flank a bitch.
Mar 21 23:41:34 <CROM> Puppetmaster: I flank a bitch.: 16 (d20+4=12)
Mar 21 23:41:55 <Puppetmaster> Flatfooted.
Mar 21 23:41:57 <Puppetmaster> Come at me.
Mar 21 23:42:18 <Maddy> As Sparrow goes to hit #3 I assume, her sword glances off of Armok's axe stuck to the shield
Mar 21 23:42:25 <Maddy> Chandler
Mar 21 23:42:56 <Puppetmaster> Actually, that means I make a Reflex.
Mar 21 23:43:01 <Puppetmaster> Because it's unsuccessful.
Mar 21 23:43:03 <Puppetmaster> d20+7
Mar 21 23:43:03 <CROM> Puppetmaster: 15 (d20+7=8)
Mar 21 23:43:09 <Maddy> no
Mar 21 23:43:14 <Puppetmaster> It doesn't /matter/, but.
Mar 21 23:43:23 <Maddy> theres alread a weapon stuck to the shield
Mar 21 23:43:28 <Tox> Puppetmaster: your weapon didn't strike the shield
Mar 21 23:43:31 <Tox> it struck the other weapon
Mar 21 23:43:33 <Tox> no adhesive
Mar 21 23:45:09 <Echo> Chandler takes a move action to snatch the dead one's shield and spear up, and glares with murderous intent at the one bearing the shield with his sword stuck in it. He levels the spear at it. "*YOU*!"
Mar 21 23:45:27 <Maddy> "No YOU!"
Mar 21 23:45:35 <Puppetmaster> "Oh for fuck's sake."
Mar 21 23:45:37 <Echo> 1d20+6 Come on
Mar 21 23:45:37 <Arag> "NO. ME."
Mar 21 23:45:37 <CROM> Echo: Come on: 17 (1d20+6=11)
Mar 21 23:45:46 <Puppetmaster> "Assholes. All of you."
Mar 21 23:45:47 <Echo> 8D
Mar 21 23:45:51 <Maddy> The spear bounces off his own sword.
Mar 21 23:46:05 <Echo> >8[
Mar 21 23:47:38 <Maddy> #3 stabs at Sparrow again, this time managing to get her in the side. 2 damage
Mar 21 23:48:25 <Maddy> Tal, you and doggy can go
Mar 21 23:49:23 <Puppetmaster> "Ah! Bitch!"
Mar 21 23:49:36 <Tox> Talwyn hares off after #4, who's still being flanked by Lokir.
Mar 21 23:50:03 <Tox> 1d20+7 Suck it.
Mar 21 23:50:03 <CROM> Tox: Suck it.: 14 (1d20+7=7)
Mar 21 23:50:06 <Tox> Awww.
Mar 21 23:50:17 <Tox> 1d20+5 Reflex
Mar 21 23:50:17 <CROM> Tox: Reflex: 7 (1d20+5=2)
Mar 21 23:50:22 <Maddy> Nooooo
Mar 21 23:50:22 <Tox> *Awww.*
Mar 21 23:50:28 <Maddy> fuckers got a sword
Mar 21 23:50:37 <Tox> ohhhh
Mar 21 23:50:38 <Tox> okay
Mar 21 23:50:39 <Tox> nvm
Mar 21 23:50:45 <Maddy> your club smacks his spear ad makes it go dooooioioioioioing
Mar 21 23:50:49 <Tox> Lokir…..does the sonic bullshit again!
Mar 21 23:51:11 <Arag> JUST HIT IT
Mar 21 23:51:15 <Arag> NO SONIC BULLSHIT
Mar 21 23:51:47 <Tox> 1d20-2 Sonic attack to make #4 Cower.
Mar 21 23:51:47 <CROM> Tox: Sonic attack to make #4 Cower.: 13 (1d20-2=15)
Mar 21 23:51:58 <Maddy> Well shit
Mar 21 23:52:03 <Maddy> it works this time
Mar 21 23:52:21 <Tox> Lokir sets her ears back, and howls full in the Kua-Toa's face.
Mar 21 23:52:40 <Tox> Finishing it with a series of snaps and snarls.
Mar 21 23:52:58 <Maddy> Now #4's has a -2 to his AC
Mar 21 23:53:15 <Tox> /and/ loses Dex
Mar 21 23:53:20 <Maddy> doesnt have any
Mar 21 23:53:28 <Maddy> Armok, do a thing
Mar 21 23:53:38 <Arag> Armok is going to pull out his OTHER axe
Mar 21 23:53:54 <Arag> d20+8 And killabitch
Mar 21 23:53:55 <CROM> Arag: And killabitch: 24 (d20+8=16)
Mar 21 23:54:05 <Maddy> which bitch again?
Mar 21 23:54:12 <Maddy> #3 right?
Mar 21 23:54:12 <Arag> The one he has infront of him.
Mar 21 23:54:14 <Arag> Yes
Mar 21 23:54:15 <Maddy> k
Mar 21 23:54:16 <Arag> I think so.
Mar 21 23:54:16 <Arag> Yes
Mar 21 23:54:19 <Maddy> damage ans stuff
Mar 21 23:54:21 <Arag> d12+11 DIE
Mar 21 23:54:22 <CROM> Arag: DIE: 12 (d12+11=1)
Mar 21 23:54:30 <Arag> … Well, it's still 12 damage.
Mar 21 23:54:49 <Maddy> You cut his fucking arm off.
Mar 21 23:55:01 <Maddy> the one holding the shield with the axe stuck to it.
Mar 21 23:55:07 <Puppetmaster> Karma.
Mar 21 23:55:27 <Maddy> oesn't take long for the damn thing to pass out from shock as his gross black bloos leaks everywhere
Mar 21 23:56:34 <Maddy> #4, with some misplaceed vendetta tries to spear Chandler….but hits the fucking shield and how his spear is stuck to it.
Mar 21 23:57:01 <Echo> "HA-*HAH*!"
Mar 21 23:57:02 * WalrusKing_ (~ten.tsacmoc.jn.1dsh.0707116F-CRInys|niKsurlaW#ten.tsacmoc.jn.1dsh.0707116F-CRInys|niKsurlaW) has joined #afteractionmission
Mar 21 23:57:08 <Maddy> It says something in Kuo-Toan, and you're pretty sure it means "What the actual fuck."
Mar 21 23:57:53 <Puppetmaster> Can I slaughter a thing now?
Mar 21 23:58:12 <Maddy> #1 tries to spear Armok again, after pulling his spear our of #3, but misses cause he's an idiot.
Mar 21 23:58:16 <Maddy> Sparrow go
Mar 21 23:58:41 <Puppetmaster> d20+4 The cowering one. He dies.
Mar 21 23:58:41 <CROM> Puppetmaster: The cowering one. He dies.: 17 (d20+4=13)
Mar 21 23:58:46 <Puppetmaster> Yay.
Mar 21 23:58:50 <Maddy> damage
Mar 21 23:59:10 <Puppetmaster> d8+3+d6
Mar 21 23:59:10 <CROM> Puppetmaster: 13 (d8+3+d6=8, 2)
Mar 21 23:59:54 * WalrusKing has quit (Ping timeout)
Mar 22 00:00:31 <Maddy> Her sword finds its way past the metal and other asorted things and gets it right in the chest. It sprays blood.
Mar 22 00:00:37 <Maddy> She gets some on her face.
Mar 22 00:00:44 <Maddy> Smells liek the underdark
Mar 22 00:01:02 <Maddy> Chandler go!
Mar 22 00:01:04 <Puppetmaster> Sparrow wipes it off and kicks the thing off her sword.
Mar 22 00:02:05 <Echo> Mitchell drops the spear in his right hand, and pulls a massive flail from off his back, shakes it to free the wickedly-barbed end, and draws back to swing at the one who has his sword.
Mar 22 00:02:16 <Echo> 1d20+6 Please
Mar 22 00:02:16 <CROM> Echo: Please: 26 (1d20+6=20)
Mar 22 00:02:19 <Arag> YES
Mar 22 00:02:26 <Maddy> That one is dead dude
Mar 22 00:02:59 <Maddy> All that's left is #1, who has only managed to injure his own party, and some how avoided all damage
Mar 22 00:03:16 <Echo> 1d20+6 There's murder in his eye as the flail comes down.
Mar 22 00:03:17 <CROM> Echo: There's murder in his eye as the flail comes down.: 24 (1d20+6=18)
Mar 22 00:03:32 <Maddy> roll le damagio
Mar 22 00:03:40 <Echo> 1d10+6
Mar 22 00:03:40 <CROM> Echo: 9 (1d10+6=3)
Mar 22 00:04:01 <Echo> 12.
Mar 22 00:04:17 <Arag> 12?
Mar 22 00:05:01 <Echo> 18
Mar 22 00:05:59 <Maddy> The flail connects with a sickening CRACK to the last creatures head. He stands there a moment, bleeding from the eyes, as if he's too fucking stupid to die.
Mar 22 00:06:08 <Maddy> Then he slowly slumps the the floor.
Mar 22 00:06:16 <Maddy> You no longer detect evul
Mar 22 00:06:20 <Maddy> well
Mar 22 00:06:29 <Tox> Talwyn struggles to free her club from the shield. :CCCC
Mar 22 00:06:34 <Maddy> I mean theres some cause a few of these guys are still technically alive.
Mar 22 00:06:41 <Maddy> but it's pretty much don.
Mar 22 00:07:05 <Echo> Chandler pulls one of the daggers from his belt and sets about jamming them through the necks of the ones who remain alive.
Mar 22 00:07:47 <Tox> Talwyn /finally/ gets her club back, and Takes 20 to Search the Whip and steal all his shit.
Mar 22 00:08:14 <Arag> "That loot is probably mine, Talwyn."
Mar 22 00:08:19 <Arag> "It's… my kill."
Mar 22 00:08:29 <Arag> Armok pulls the good axe out.
Mar 22 00:08:44 <Maddy> The Whip is pretty well dressed, and has a baggo scrolls on him.
Mar 22 00:08:47 <Tox> "It's all going back with the rest of the crap anyhow."
Mar 22 00:09:00 <Arag> "Point."
Mar 22 00:09:00 <Tox> Talwyn takes the bag and tosses it to Armok, pulling the clothes off.
Mar 22 00:09:03 <Maddy> Theres also a coin purse.
Mar 22 00:09:12 <Maddy> anyone else wanna search the area?
Mar 22 00:09:20 <Arag> Armok looks in the bag.
Mar 22 00:09:23 <Echo> Chandler spares one kuo-tao.
Mar 22 00:09:32 <Tox> Talwyn also hands that over, then goes back to her own pulpified corpse.
Mar 22 00:09:41 <Maddy> Which one? they're all pretty much fucked up
Mar 22 00:09:41 <Arag> He take the money.
Mar 22 00:09:49 <Arag> He searches the armless one.
Mar 22 00:09:59 <Maddy> there's 206 gp in the coin purse
Mar 22 00:10:06 <Echo> We'll say the one that took his sword, if it's still alive. If not, the one he punched.
Mar 22 00:10:11 <Maddy> other than ther weapons, the other dudes done seem to have much.
Mar 22 00:10:14 <Arag> That is stunningly exact.
Mar 22 00:10:35 <Tox> Talwyn loots all the weapons.
Mar 22 00:10:36 <Maddy> The one that took his swoes is bleeding on the floor
Mar 22 00:10:47 <Echo> "Does anyone have any rope?"
Mar 22 00:10:50 <Arag> "Yes."
Mar 22 00:10:55 <Arag> Armok gives over rope.
Mar 22 00:11:18 <Maddy> Also theres a potion on the whip too
Mar 22 00:11:27 <Tox> "So we should search the rest of the cave," Talwyn suggests, standing up.
Mar 22 00:11:56 <Arag> "Yes."
Mar 22 00:12:06 <Arag> Armok takes the potion.
Mar 22 00:12:13 <Echo> "Any of you figure they've got anything to do with the drow?"
Mar 22 00:12:21 <Arag> He shakes his head.
Mar 22 00:12:28 <Arag> "No, I doubt it."
Mar 22 00:12:47 <Arag> "Drow themselves would be better suited for it."
Mar 22 00:12:55 <Arag> "I think they were just in the wrong place."
Mar 22 00:13:15 <Arag> "Or, they're here to soften us up."
Mar 22 00:14:24 <Tox> "Either way."
Mar 22 00:14:39 <Maddy> is anyn gonna search the cave or is Talwyn the new Cassandra.
Mar 22 00:14:40 <Echo> Chandler kneels beside the thing, gives it its peace, and then goes to retrieve his greatsword.
Mar 22 00:15:01 <Echo> "Is anyone hurt?"
Mar 22 00:15:21 <Arag> Armok searches.
Mar 22 00:15:59 <Tox> Talwyn and Lokir join Armok.
Mar 22 00:16:09 <Maddy> There's an axe a great axe!
Mar 22 00:16:17 <Maddy> It looks really fancy.
Mar 22 00:16:38 <Maddy> Also when they near the single torch in the room, they'll notice it gives off no heat.
Mar 22 00:16:44 <Maddy> Jsut light.
Mar 22 00:16:58 <Tox> "Ooh." Talwyn snags it.
Mar 22 00:17:00 <Arag> Armok looks closely at the axe.
Mar 22 00:17:03 <Echo> "Anyone?"
Mar 22 00:17:09 <Echo> "Was anyone else hurt?"
Mar 22 00:17:13 <Arag> … Did she take the axe?
Mar 22 00:17:21 <Arag> "I think Li-Sparrow."
Mar 22 00:18:02 <Echo> "Sparrow, come here." Chandler starts toward her, sheathing his sword as he walks, limping a little.
Mar 22 00:18:36 <Tox> Talwyn snagged the torch.
Mar 22 00:18:44 <Puppetmaster> "It's a scratch."
Mar 22 00:18:49 <Puppetmaster> "Patch yourself up."
Mar 22 00:18:55 <Maddy> It's a pretty cool thing.
Mar 22 00:19:02 <Arag> Okay. Armok grabs the axe.
Mar 22 00:19:03 <Tox> It /is./
Mar 22 00:19:05 <Arag> He examines it.
Mar 22 00:19:06 <Maddy> not the slightest bit of heat coming off.
Mar 22 00:19:26 <Echo> "I can. It'll be fine."
Mar 22 00:19:32 <Maddy> The axe is of fine make. Probably smething the froggies stole from sone ome who blundered in there.
Mar 22 00:19:41 <Maddy> (It gives +1)
Mar 22 00:19:41 <Arag> "I have another good axe."
Mar 22 00:20:00 <Tox> "Axes are good.
Mar 22 00:20:01 <Arag> Armok now carries three axes.
Mar 22 00:20:15 <Tox> "That was pretty amazing, watching you nearly cut that thing's head off."
Mar 22 00:21:00 <Arag> "I didn't like his outfit."
Mar 22 00:21:10 <Tox> "I could tell."
Mar 22 00:21:18 <Arag> He says this without even a hint of a whisper of sarcasm.
Mar 22 00:21:24 <Maddy> It's made of nets and clamshells
Mar 22 00:21:40 <Echo> Chandler indeed patches himself up, pressing a hand to the wound on his leg.
Mar 22 00:21:59 * PoppitMasta (~ten.labolgcbs.acywop.deepsthgil.224A4FCF-CRInys|alliztahc#ten.labolgcbs.acywop.deepsthgil.224A4FCF-CRInys|alliztahc) has joined #afteractionmission
Mar 22 00:22:35 <Arag> "Now, lets explore the rest of the cave."
Mar 22 00:22:57 * Puppetmaster has quit (NickServ (GHOST command used by PoppitMasta))
Mar 22 00:23:04 * PoppitMasta is now known as Puppetmaster
Mar 22 00:23:35 <Maddy> The rest of the cave is well
Mar 22 00:23:36 <Echo> "We might want to take those shields. In case there's more."
Mar 22 00:23:52 <Arag> "Yes."
Mar 22 00:25:25 <Arag> "I'll stick to my new axe."
Mar 22 00:25:28 <Maddy> http://www.wizards.com/dnd/images/Dng_Balhannoth-Cavern.jpg
Mar 22 00:26:00 <Puppetmaster> By the way, Sparrow has not let Chandler burn his Lay On Hands on her.
Mar 22 00:26:18 <Echo> (You can split it up)
Mar 22 00:27:37 <Echo> Chandler wanders around the cave, moving a little better now, back to trying to sense if there's anything else around.
Mar 22 00:27:58 <Arag> Armok moves around, more confidently, with his 60ft darkvision
Mar 22 00:27:59 <Maddy> Nothing evil, thats for sure.
Mar 22 00:28:15 <Maddy> There's little huts and what looks like a cooking fire, though it's out right now
Mar 22 00:29:00 <Tox> STEAL ALL THE THINGS.
Mar 22 00:29:10 <Maddy> You can all see the map I posted right?
Mar 22 00:29:17 <Arag> yes
Mar 22 00:30:02 <Echo> He lights a torch from his kit, checking the huts one by one for anything of obvious value. Value as in anything that looks like it was made by the drow. Scrolls, perhaps. Anything with writing on it.
Mar 22 00:30:59 <Maddy> Theres some stuff with writting, but its in a language you dont recognize.
Mar 22 00:31:30 <Maddy> And it looks like theres nothing much of value.
Mar 22 00:31:44 <Maddy> Just crude decorative items
Mar 22 00:34:03 <Echo> He leaves them, heading back to where the others are, taking only the scripts.
Mar 22 00:35:34 <Tox> "Done, then?"
Mar 22 00:36:18 <Arag> "I think so."
Mar 22 00:36:52 <Maddy> Assumadly one of you has the magic flair.
Mar 22 00:37:11 <Tox> the what
Mar 22 00:37:19 <Echo> Flare.
Mar 22 00:38:00 <Maddy> that
Mar 22 00:38:04 <Maddy> shhh its 1230
Mar 22 00:41:22 <Echo> We'll say Chandler activates it.
Mar 22 00:42:25 <Maddy> At the mouth of the cave the flare goes up into the sky. You can barely see it because it's only about 1330 at this point.
Mar 22 00:42:43 <Maddy> After about 15 minutes of waiting, you hear footsteps.
Mar 22 00:43:59 <Arag> Armok looks around.
Mar 22 00:45:07 <Maddy> There are 5 drow aproaching, all male, and all now sheathing their weapons now that they're fairly certain this isnt a trap.
Mar 22 00:45:13 <Tox> Talwyn likewise.
Mar 22 00:45:23 <Tox> Looking around.
Mar 22 00:45:25 <Arag> "Hail."
Mar 22 00:46:19 <Maddy> They have their hoods up, shielding their eyes from daylight. "You are the ones the King has sent?"
Mar 22 00:46:29 <Arag> "We are."
Mar 22 00:46:30 <Tox> Talwyn nods. "Yes."
Mar 22 00:46:40 <Arag> "The cave is as clear as we can make it."
Mar 22 00:47:28 <Maddy> "I trust it didn't give you too much trouble?"
Mar 22 00:47:42 <Arag> "Not really."
Mar 22 00:47:58 <Echo> Chandler tries his best to look dignified, despite the blood on his armor and clothing. "It was nothing we couldn't handle."
Mar 22 00:49:03 <Maddy> "Then you can tell our king that the deal is sealed, and our trust is his. The State stands with Dunedin, and we look forward to future interactions."
Mar 22 00:49:16 <Tox> "Where may we find your King?"
Mar 22 00:49:40 <Maddy> "No what I meant was we're accepting Irons' rule."
Mar 22 00:49:44 <Echo> *your, Tox
Mar 22 00:49:58 <Arag> "Oh. I was confused too."
Mar 22 00:50:06 <Echo> "Very well. We'll let him know right away."
Mar 22 00:50:09 <Maddy> "This stuff isn't easy to write ok?"
Mar 22 00:50:10 <Tox> Talwyn nods. "Makes sense."
Mar 22 00:50:27 <Echo> Chandler cocks his head a little at that last.
Mar 22 00:50:28 <Tox> Talwyn puts her hands up. "Okay, okay. Sorry, the wording threw me off."
Mar 22 00:51:03 <Maddy> "Anyway, The State's spies withing our old city will get any info we can, as long as we can get supplies we need, and help getting the persecuted out."
Mar 22 00:52:50 <Echo> "Right. We'll pass it all on."
Mar 22 00:53:15 <Tox> Talwyn nods. "Sounds good."
Mar 22 00:53:18 <Maddy> "Thank you. Now if you don't mind, we'd liek to get out of the sun and make this cavern mor homey for us."
Mar 22 00:55:03 <Maddy> And with that, the five of them head into the cave, leaving you with a nice walk back to the Cty. Hell, you're going to be back with plenty of time before dinner.
Mar 22 00:58:21 <Arag> Armok is going to take his new axe to dwarf lady.
Mar 22 01:00:15 <Maddy> Pella's store is still pretty slow. This time of day most of the shopping has moved to non adventurer shops. She's singin as she sharpens a long sword.
Mar 22 01:01:13 <Arag> "Pella, right? I found a blade, I wanted you to look at it, if you could do that for me?" Direct.
Mar 22 01:02:30 <Maddy> "Sure." she puts the sword aside and heads over.
Mar 22 01:02:45 <Arag> She shows her the axe. "It has your makers mark."
Mar 22 01:03:13 <Maddy> "Oh…may I?" she holds a hand out."
Mar 22 01:03:23 <Tox> She
Mar 22 01:03:23 <Arag> Armok hands it right on over.
Mar 22 01:03:25 <Tox> :|
Mar 22 01:03:28 <Tox> >:| ARAG
Mar 22 01:03:47 <Arag> if I want to play a transgender half orc
Mar 22 01:03:53 <Arag> you can't stop me
Mar 22 01:04:26 <Tox> at least be consistent don't change gender pronouns in the space of a sentence you fagbag
Mar 22 01:04:52 <Arag> It was consistent in that particular sentene.
Mar 22 01:04:54 <Maddy> OOC ASSHOLES
Mar 22 01:05:04 <Maddy> She looks it over. "Where did you find this?"
Mar 22 01:05:27 <Arag> "In a cave. Stolen. Some kind of froggish monster things?"
Mar 22 01:06:16 <Maddy> She frowns. "I made this for a good friend. She's…been mising a while. I suppose this settles things."
Mar 22 01:06:38 <Arag> "… I'm sorry."
Mar 22 01:07:40 <Maddy> "No, no it's ok. It's good to know what happened, or at least have some idea." she offers it back. "It should stay in the hands of a warrior."
Mar 22 01:08:52 <Arag> He takes it back. "It does no one any good on a shelf. If she carried something with her, something you would want to keep with you, I might be able to find her body."
Mar 22 01:10:51 <Maddy> "She did carry a small sigil with a minotaur carved into it. If you found it, that would make me very happy."
Mar 22 01:11:18 <Arag> "I will do what I can."
Mar 22 01:11:29 <Maddy> "And on more thing…would you mide naming the axe in her honour?"
Mar 22 01:11:39 <Maddy> "I understand if you dont, but…"
Mar 22 01:12:21 <Arag> "I don't mind at all. She deserves to be remembered as the one who wielded it before me."
Mar 22 01:12:47 <Maddy> "She was called Ben'Jun"
Mar 22 01:14:29 * WalrusKing_ has quit (Ping timeout: 184 seconds)
Mar 22 01:19:31 <Maddy> And assumadly you tell the king you did the thing, you all get 200g each and then POOF you're back home.