Doctor WHO?

00:22 Laito Artemis is… somewhere, one supposes. Probably out making sure they aren't being advanced on by Chinese Army.
00:22 Praetor "Oh?" ALL EARS
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00:24 Adhelami "Ah, no…" She blushes, smiling.
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00:26 Praetor "Aaah, you bait me with hints of a sweet story, and then do not deliver…what a cruel Sehlvi I have." She dramatically falls back on the bed.
00:28 Adhelami "We said we would grow old together…" She blushes a little.
00:30 Heiden A foul odor wafts through the corridors of the hospital.
00:30 Praetor She covers up her mouth to avoid squealing. God, she is such a shipper. "I am sure you will both grow to be hundreds of years old and find a way to have lots of little white haired children that will pull at my skirts and call me 'Aunt Vriska' and what not."
00:32 Adhelami Adhelami laughs. That's another thing to ask for the Merchant— the ability to have babies. "I hope..! Kehlvonians… We don't live for—" She blinks, oh… that smell. mn.
00:33 Praetor "…I hope John is not playing in the sewers again…" She stands up.
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00:34 Laito Artemis reenters the hospital and starts back up yo the fourth floor.
00:35 Praetor She pokes her head into the hall, looking around.
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Laito is now known as Artemis
00:36 Artemis Artemis slowly climbs the stairs…
00:36 Heiden You don't see anything of note, but you could follow your nose if you chose.
00:37 Praetor Tau is unsure! She does not want to leave Adhelami, but - ah, Artemis. "Artemis, over here."
00:38 Adhelami "Mn. It is… eh.." She holds her nose.
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00:38 Artemis Artemis looks up, and goes that way. "Tau? What is zhis smell?"
00:39 Heiden That odor - the sickly-sweet stench of rot - is fading after the initial staggering punch.
00:39 Praetor "I do not know. I was going to go look but I do not want to leave Adhelami alone."
00:40 Artemis He nods. "Please be careful. Leave your radio open." He means VOX.
00:40 Praetor "Should we all three investigate?"
00:40 Artemis "I would like zhat more, oui."
00:40 Adhelami Adhelami hops out of bed, checking her gun, and slipping on her flats.
00:41 Artemis He smiles at Adhelami. Brief bonk-hug. "Shall we?"
00:41 Praetor She nods, reaching under her patient gown for the Eagle while Adhelami paps over, and then - "Ah, I left my gun with Jason."
00:42 Artemis Artemis unholsters his HK45 and hands it to Tau without pause.
00:42 Praetor "Merci. Let us stay together."
00:42 Artemis Artemis leads on.
00:43 Adhelami Le Follow!!
00:45 Heiden Following the smell, the intrepid party will cross much of the hospital. They come to a closed-down wing of the hospital - despite the sealed doors, the odor is nearly tangible here-. If you opened your mouth, you think you might be able to taste it.
00:46 Praetor Tau instinctivly raises her gown in a mask over her nose. "Was this always here…?"
00:47 Artemis Artemis frowns. "I do not sink so." He… slowly…. opens the door.
00:47 Heiden The door resists him!
00:47 Heiden (it is locked)
00:48 Artemis What kind of lock?
00:50 Heiden An incredibly generic one?
00:50 Praetor "Hold on."
00:50 Praetor 4df+5 Tau reaches out and grasps the mechanism in her head
00:50 Glacon Praetor: Tau reaches out and grasps the mechanism in her head: 5 (4df+5=-, 0, 0, +)
00:50 Heiden *click*.
00:50 Heiden Well, that was insultingly easy.
00:51 Artemis Nod. Proceed with opening.
00:51 Praetor "Getting better at that…hm." She stays very close to the other two.
00:52 Heiden Aaaandd… oohh, lord. You definitely aren't in Kansas anymore. The hallway continues down for a ways before reaching a 4-way intersection. Blank-faced people stand about, staring vacantly into space, their bloody fingers worn to stubs as they etch one word - 'remember' - into the walls as best they can.
00:53 Heiden At the center of the intersection is a… /thing/ covered in dull-colored rags, shifting about as it marks the floor a complex pattern of half-inch grooves.
00:53 Heiden None of them have noticed you yet.
00:54 Adhelami Adhelami gasps sharply, covering her mouth.
00:55 Artemis The lance appears in Artemis' hand in a flash. "LEAVE THIS PLACE DEMON." Instant rage for this demon who mimics his Chloe.
00:56 Heiden No reaction.
00:56 Praetor "Wha - Artemis?"
00:56 Adhelami Adhelami gulps, clinging to Tau a little, "…This creature became Chloe."
00:56 Heiden The Bronzeworked Tyrant continues to etch its pattern, sitting in the center.
00:58 Praetor She bites her lip, a look of both rage muddled with fear coming to her face. She knows that story.
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00:58 Artemis Artemis steps forward, unsure if he can slay this demon or not.
00:59 Adhelami "A-Adrien, don't..!"
01:00 Adhelami Adhelami quickly moves forward, pulling back on his cloak, "Stay away from it..!!"
01:01 Heiden The Damned Playwright ignores the paladin's advance, as does the coterie of the dead. The circle nears completion.
01:02 Praetor "It's writing something." Tau mutters, entirely frozen.
01:02 Artemis Artemis watches helplessly. Only bad things will happen if the demon proceeds…. He is torn with indecision
01:02 Heiden Chloe is among them, Artemis notices - as are dozens of others - but she is a pale facsimile of the woman he saw the other day, so obviously a fake it is almost insulting.
01:04 Adhelami Adhelami continues to grip Artemis' cloak to keep him back.
01:05 Artemis His fury deepens. A growls with hatred as Adhelami tugs him back.
01:05 Artemis He. Not A.
01:06 Praetor "Artemis. Do you have any explosive?" There's no need to whisper, but…fuck.
01:06 Heiden The circle is complete.
01:06 Heiden The Bronzeworked Tyrant folds its 'hands'.
01:07 Adhelami "Lehlna… Let's go…" Her voice is sheepish and scared.
01:07 Artemis Artemis removes a single grenade from his belt and shows it to Tau behind his back.
01:08 Heiden A few of the hollow-eyed toys of the Jester stop their incessant writing and turn, walking over to the circle and kneeling in supplication.
01:11 Artemis Artemis takes a step back, fearful and torn in indecision. Should they evacuate? Were they all about to die? Could he DO something about it?
01:11 Heiden Pressing their hands against their circle, the grooves begin to slowly fill with blood.
01:11 Artemis Where is Jason when you need him?
01:11 Heiden Scene Aspect gained: Unhallowed.
01:11 Praetor She takes the grenade and holds it, considering.
01:11 Artemis "Tau…. what do we do?"
01:13 Adhelami "Run..!" Adhelami says with a sharp whisper.
01:14 Praetor Tau pauses, considering her options before her. She recounts several plans mentally, going over the mechanics of Artemis' body, the grenade, the structure of the hallway…
01:14 Praetor 4df+6 Sincerity Engineering Mechanical to Magic
01:14 Glacon Praetor: Sincerity Engineering Mechanical to Magic: 2 (4df+6=-, -, -, -)
01:14 Praetor …
01:14 Praetor 4df+6 retap, reroll.
01:14 Glacon Praetor: retap, reroll.: 8 (4df+6=+, +, 0, 0)
01:16 Artemis have a +3
01:17 Praetor Right. Tau focuses on the circles, combing her meager SCP knowledge.
01:17 Praetor 4df+3 Perception for Scene Aspect details
01:17 Glacon Praetor: Perception for Scene Aspect details: 3 (4df+3=0, -, 0, +)
01:22 Praetor Tau starts to breathe a little heavily, both through her nose and mouth.
01:22 Artemis Artemis steps back. "Tau…?"
01:23 Heiden The grooves now filled with blood, the supplicants - and the others, move and sit in a circle around the Tyrant.
01:24 Praetor "Artemis. We are going to do this quickly."
01:25 Artemis "I am ready."
01:25 Adhelami "P-Please be careful…" She huffs with fear…
01:26 Heiden | WELCOME, VISITORS |
01:26 Artemis Artemis nods. "Adyelami! Get back!"
01:26 Heiden The Tyrant rises.
01:27 Artemis "Lord protect us," Artemis mutters.
01:27 Adhelami Adhelami quickly backs away, out of the room entirely, near the door.
01:27 Heiden A gaunt cat peers out from under the rags and hisses.
01:27 Heiden Adhelami might recognize /this/ pohnpohn!
01:28 Heiden Actually, all three of them might.
01:29 Adhelami The girl gasps!
01:31 Praetor 4df+8 Tau hurls the grenade, pulling the pin and mentally arming it, shifting the shrapnel into an more effective blast
01:31 Glacon Praetor: Tau hurls the grenade, pulling the pin and mentally arming it, shifting the shrapnel into an more effective blast: 9 (4df+8=0, +, +, -)
01:31 Artemis 4df+4 Ath maneuver to melee
01:31 Glacon Artemis: Ath maneuver to melee: 5 (4df+4=+, 0, -, +)
01:34 Heiden 4df+30 The toys of men hold no fear to Me.
01:34 Glacon Heiden: The toys of men hold no fear to Me.: 28 (4df+30=0, -, -, 0)
01:34 Artemis Artemis bursts into movement as soon as the blast ceases, charging the circle of demons.
01:34 Heiden The supplicants are obliterated by the blast, flesh blasted from bone as they are thrown like dolls against the surrounding walls, leaving smears of blood and gibbets of flesh.
01:34 Heiden The rags of the Tyrant are singed but it stands otherwise undisturbed.
01:35 Heiden 4df+∞ Ambassadorial Invitation
01:35 Artemis Artemis sprints forth and aims his lance downward, aiming to pry up the tile with the chisel tip of his lance and destroy the circle.
01:36 Heiden The blood of the circle - sprayed out by the blast of the grenade - flares with illumination from within.
01:36 Artemis 4df+8 Tagging CC
01:36 Glacon Artemis: Tagging CC: 7 (4df+8=-, 0, -, +)
01:36 Praetor Tau draws the HK45, and points it at the Tyrant's skull waiting for Artemis to get clear.
01:37 Adhelami Adhelami brings her arm up over her face at the blast, eye widening as she looks forward. She pulls her own pistol, just in case.
01:37 Heiden The circle is disrupted! Nothing… seems to change.
01:37 Heiden Perception, Tau.
01:37 Praetor 4df+5 Mental focus aspect tap
01:37 Glacon Praetor: Mental focus aspect tap: 3 (4df+5=-, 0, 0, -)
01:37 Artemis Fuckfuckfuckfuckfuck….. Artemis skitters and tries to retreat.
01:38 Heiden Yeah, that's enough. There really isn't a skull for you to aim at - the Tyrant is just an animated mess of bronze cording covered in rags.
01:38 Heiden The Tyrant steps forward, out of the ruined mess of the circle. It reaches forward to touch Artemis.
01:39 Praetor Wait, bronze cords? Shit. "Artemis, back, back!"
01:39 Praetor 4df+5 Magic to Artemis' Physical Defense
01:39 Glacon Praetor: Magic to Artemis' Physical Defense: 3 (4df+5=-, -, -, +)
01:39 Artemis 4df+7 CC again, NOAP
01:39 Glacon Artemis: CC again, NOAP: 9 (4df+7=+, +, +, -)
01:40 Heiden Artemis moves out of range of its touch with no effort.
01:40 Praetor Tau hesitates the briefest of seconds, and then mentally forces the cords away from Artemis.
01:41 Heiden 4df+10 Speak to the Soul.
01:41 Artemis He sprints back. His eyes scream, 'what that fuck are we going to do?'
01:41 Glacon Heiden: Speak to the Soul.: 11 (4df+10=0, +, +, -)
01:42 Adhelami Adhelami scurries forward, grabbing his cloak and tugging him back- or attempting. "Adrien! Tau! Please, let's leave!"
01:45 Praetor 4df+6 Tau's eye widens, and her gun hand shakes. "Doctor." A number of mental bulwarks attempt to slam themselves into place.
01:45 Glacon Praetor: Tau's eye widens, and her gun hand shakes. "Doctor." A number of mental bulwarks attempt to slam themselves into place.: 5 (4df+6=0, +, -, -)
01:48 Heiden Unfortunately, Ms. Vriska, knocking on Death's door leaves you precious little time to refuse its invitation. For now, you are snared.
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01:55 Adhelami Adhelami breaths heavily, shivering noticeably, "P-Please…"
01:57 Artemis "Tau…?"
01:57 Heiden The far wall at the end of the corridor melts.
01:58 Heiden The AMBASSADOR OF ALAGADDA enters, center stage.
01:58 Adhelami Adhelami gasps, pushing near to Artemis.
01:58 Praetor Tau pulls away, dropping the gun and putting both hands to her head.
01:58 Heiden The JESTER OF ALAGADDA wilts to the ground, kneeling as its supplicants did before.
01:58 Praetor 4df+7 Shut the door, lock it, weld the hinges, fuck the world
01:58 Glacon Praetor: Shut the door, lock it, weld the hinges, fuck the world: 4 (4df+7=-, 0, -, -)
01:58 Artemis Compelling Sincerity
01:59 Praetor Accept
01:59 Praetor 4df+7 Using AP for a reroll
01:59 Glacon Praetor: Using AP for a reroll: 8 (4df+7=+, +, 0, -)
01:59 Heiden Fatespinner to add two to the roll.
02:00 Heiden That's a ten, dictate your results, please.
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02:02 Praetor The door slams shut with all due force, and Tau mutters in pain and falls to her knees as the entire iron mass superheats and melts into less a door and more a mass of unopenable steel.
02:02 Praetor A wave of heat from this act rolls down the hall, in both directions and sides.
02:02 Artemis Artemis scoops up his pistol and retreats.
02:02 Adhelami Adhelami goes over to catch Tau, hugging her hands around her waist, "Sehlvi!"
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02:06 Praetor She simply pants in fear and exertion.
02:06 Artemis "Are we safe?"
02:08 Adhelami Adhelami, hands shaking, hugs Tau closely.
02:09 Praetor "Back, back, back, get away."
02:09 Adhelami Adhelami gulps and immediately does so, her hands fisting up… "I am sorry, I am sorry…"
02:10 Praetor "No, no, get away from the door!" She stands and pulls Adhelami to her and moves back wards in one motion.
02:10 Heiden A low, keening whine can be heard from behind the door.
02:11 Artemis Artemis retreats, obviously. "What are we to do?"
02:12 Adhelami Adhelami pulls the woman with her, "Stay away from it..! L-Lets get away and forget of it…"
02:13 Praetor "Move all your things to the bottom floor. As far away from this as possible. We…" She shakes her head, putting her hands on it.
02:14 Adhelami "S-Sehlvi.." The girl's hands are shaking quite a bit, "W-What happened…??" They scurry away from the door, and she urges them away from the wing entirely.
02:15 Praetor "…no, I will stay awake. I am turning all the lights on in this hospital and we are leaving TOMORROW."
02:19 Praetor "Artemis, take Adhelami downstairs, and tell Jason and Alice. I am going to the subbasement and fucking turning all the lights. The PLA can eat shit."
02:20 Adhelami "S-Sehlvi… Are we sure it is safe..?" She gulps…
02:20 Artemis Artemis frowns and nods. "Be careful. Please." He pats her shoulder, then takes Adhelami's arm to drag her away down the hall.
02:20 Ragazzo Lancius dozes in a chair outside recovery room. In hsi shiny shiny armor.
02:22 Adhelami Adhelami stumbles only a bit before picking up footing and letting him pull her. "A-Adrien…"
02:24 Praetor Tau breathes heavily as she descends the stairs, muttering to herself as she heads to the subbasement, and unceremoniously flips every switch, turning on all the lights save the garage and roof ones.
02:25 Praetor She checks the generator, feeding it some diseal, and then retreating to the lobby.
02:29 Praetor Anyone still awake will likely know the power is on again.