Dubbo Base Hospital

Sep 05 18:56:26 <Dawny> «I'm here»
Sep 05 18:56:53 <Ragazzo> «Here.»
Sep 05 18:57:02 <Salmander> «Yo.» Redd got a radio.
Sep 05 18:58:01 <Maddy> «I'm around I guess…»
Sep 05 18:58:52 * Doctor_Light (ten.tsacmoc.aw.1dsh.5300FD19-CRInys|tibbiM#ten.tsacmoc.aw.1dsh.5300FD19-CRInys|tibbiM) has joined #afteraction
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Sep 05 19:00:45 <E4D> «Gimme some drivers, we're rolling out when you'
Sep 05 19:00:48 <E4D> re set.»
Sep 05 19:01:03 <Dawny> «What all are we taking?»
Sep 05 19:02:00 <E4D> «We're taking everything. We're 60 miles out from Dubbo. Gonna be a drive. We need fuel. We need food. We need medical supplies. Got all that within a block of three hospitals.»
Sep 05 19:02:17 <Maddy> «I'll take Eve.»
Sep 05 19:02:23 <E4D> «Hah. They got a university next door, too.»
Sep 05 19:02:52 <Ragazzo> «Oh?»
Sep 05 19:02:59 <Salmander> «I'll take Diablo if that fuck fixed it.»
Sep 05 19:03:11 <Ragazzo> «I'm raiding their lab, if they have one.»
Sep 05 19:03:25 <Dawny> «Hospitals? Are we staying in town? I want to try something if they have power»
Sep 05 19:04:16 <Salmander> «Oh! Maybe they have a dry cleaners.»
Sep 05 19:04:51 <E4D> «Diablo's still hooked up on a damn tow bar to Eve…»
Sep 05 19:05:13 <Dawny> «I got my SUV»
Sep 05 19:05:19 <Salmander> «Aw, goddamn. You're free to assign me wherever then, boss.»
Sep 05 19:05:35 <Maddy> «…you can drive? Faccinating.»
Sep 05 19:05:36 <E4D> Jason climbs up on top of Eve, circling his hand. He plops down onto the back of the turret, smacking his rifle butt into the deckplate three times. «Roll 'er out, Alice.»
Sep 05 19:05:52 <Ragazzo> Dusty gets into whatever is in need of driving.
Sep 05 19:05:57 <Ragazzo> If anything's left.
Sep 05 19:06:05 <Ragazzo> If not, he just hops into something.
Sep 05 19:06:18 <Maddy> Alice starts her up! Vroom!
Sep 05 19:06:22 <Dawny> Kay hops into her SUV and starts her up.
Sep 05 19:06:54 <Salmander> «Well you can't exactly ship a bunch of sweaty, manufactured dudes without some experience in transport, you know what I'm sayin'?»
Sep 05 19:07:39 <Maddy> «I suppose t-that make sense.» Alice rolls out.
Sep 05 19:08:13 <Salmander> Redd does what Dusty does.
Sep 05 19:08:25 <Dawny> Kay follows at the end
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Sep 05 19:11:16 <Ragazzo> «WAIT»>
Sep 05 19:11:21 <Doctor_Light> Birdman, as usual, clings to the back of Eve, looking chill.
Sep 05 19:11:36 <Dawny> «What are you yelling about?»
Sep 05 19:11:42 <Ragazzo> «The circles, fuck.»
Sep 05 19:12:11 <Dawny> «See, this is why I hate this magic shit»
Sep 05 19:12:29 <Ragazzo> «You say that now. Wait till it saves your life.»
Sep 05 19:12:41 <Dawny> «Let me die first»
Sep 05 19:12:46 * Laito (~moc.retrahc.om.slts.pchd.5D68B3DB-CRInys|sirhc#moc.retrahc.om.slts.pchd.5D68B3DB-CRInys|sirhc) has joined #afteraction
Sep 05 19:12:57 <Doctor_Light> "Circles?"
Sep 05 19:13:16 <Ragazzo> Dusty hops out real quick, and breaks the circle around the fire.
Sep 05 19:13:21 <Ragazzo> He gets back in.
Sep 05 19:13:27 <Ragazzo> «Alright, let's go.»
Sep 05 19:13:32 <Salmander> «Fuckin' geometry.»
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Sep 05 19:24:40 <E4D> The city rolls into visibility in the distance as the convoy trolls down the highway.
Sep 05 19:25:07 <Maddy> «Straigh to the h-hostpital, hun?»
Sep 05 19:26:40 <E4D> «Please.»
Sep 05 19:27:24 <Maddy> Alice keeps going in that direction!
Sep 05 19:29:32 <E4D> This town appears… deserted. Just like the others.
Sep 05 19:29:52 <Salmander> «Anyone know how to, uh, operate a dry cleaner's?»
Sep 05 19:30:23 <Maddy> She head for the Golden Hwy, getting ready to exit on to Myall Street.
Sep 05 19:30:27 <Dawny> «Nope»
Sep 05 19:31:07 <Tom90deg> «A Dry cleaners? Nope. We could look for one, maybe there's a…dunno, manual.»
Sep 05 19:31:57 <Doctor_Light> Birdy looks around, for stray animals or any signs of life.
Sep 05 19:33:10 <E4D> «Hospital's got a cleaner's.»
Sep 05 19:33:46 <Tom90deg> "True, and I'll bet they know how to get blood and whatnot out of clothes."
Sep 05 19:34:29 <Salmander> «Ooh, jackpot.»
Sep 05 19:34:43 <Maddy> They approach the hospital slowly…
Sep 05 19:34:59 <Waxx> Dmitri and Misha wake up from their dormancy! They are now involved as well.
Sep 05 19:36:28 <E4D> «Armored vehicles, pop your ramps. Disembark people, let's get this bitch cleared.»
Sep 05 19:36:49 <Tom90deg> «Right then.»
Sep 05 19:36:52 <Waxx> Dmitri and Misha jump out of the ramp, weapons leveled and ready!
Sep 05 19:36:55 <Tom90deg> Zoe heads out, carefully looking around.
Sep 05 19:37:36 <Maddy> Alice stays with the LAV, hopping into the spotter space, keeping a look out.
Sep 05 19:37:46 <Salmander> Redd steps out of whatever vehicle, taking out his magnum.
Sep 05 19:38:08 <Waxx> «Infantry, spread out. Form a skirmish line.»
Sep 05 19:38:09 <E4D> Jason's up in the Eve's turret, the minigun in the spotter's position pointed squarely at the front doors.
Sep 05 19:38:25 <Dawny> «Want me out as well?»
Sep 05 19:38:50 <E4D> «Can you fire a weapon?»
Sep 05 19:39:20 <Tom90deg> «Shall we head towards the door?»
Sep 05 19:39:46 <Doctor_Light> Birdy's rifle is actually in the back of eve, but he figures he'll just stay behind the nice metal vehicle for now.
Sep 05 19:40:02 <Dawny> Kay rolls her eyes and mumbles something, then steps out.
Sep 05 19:40:10 <Salmander> «C'mon boys, let's take 'em to the cleaners.»
Sep 05 19:40:47 <Waxx> What sort of door is it?
Sep 05 19:40:48 <Tom90deg> «If the doors are locked, don't blow them open, it'll be quieter if i get em.»
Sep 05 19:42:20 <Dawny> "And two of the best gunners we have sit safely inside the armored vehicles…some leaders they are" Kay shifts her rifle to the ready and joins the line.
Sep 05 19:42:43 <Tom90deg> "Well, Jason's got us covered by the minigun."
Sep 05 19:43:02 <Dawny> "I don't give a shit"
Sep 05 19:43:16 <Waxx> «Less chatter. Get up to the door.»
Sep 05 19:43:18 <Salmander> "Hey, at least they're not usin' magic, doc."
Sep 05 19:43:33 <Waxx> Dmitri and Misha reach the door and take up positions in cover on either side of it.
Sep 05 19:43:37 <Waxx> Can this door be kicked open or no?
Sep 05 19:43:42 <E4D> "Hey, yo, Doc, if you want the gun, you can have it."
Sep 05 19:43:54 <Dawny> "I hate being a pussy more than magic"
Sep 05 19:44:10 <Tom90deg> Zoe heads up to the door, giveing it a look over for any locks or opening mechanisms
Sep 05 19:44:15 <E4D> Jason dismounts, clambering down the side, gun pointed at the door.
Sep 05 19:44:24 <Maddy> Alice glares and jumps out and goes over as well.
Sep 05 19:45:02 <Salmander> "Perhaps I can be of assistance in unlockin' this?"
Sep 05 19:45:18 <Tom90deg> "I'll race you."
Sep 05 19:45:22 <E4D> "Hey Doc, get on the gun, your position's being taken. We need someone up there. We need the good shooters here anyway."
Sep 05 19:45:52 <Salmander> 4df+4 I will unlock these doors first, bitch
Sep 05 19:45:53 <Glacon> Salmander: I will unlock these doors first, bitch: 5 (4df+4=+, 0, 0, 0)
Sep 05 19:46:10 <Tom90deg> 4df+4 Try me suit
Sep 05 19:46:10 <Glacon> Tom90deg: Try me suit: 5 (4df+4=0, 0, +, 0)
Sep 05 19:46:14 <E4D> 4df+4 Hospital door is made of DOOR.
Sep 05 19:46:15 <Glacon> E4D: Hospital door is made of DOOR.: 1 (4df+4=-, 0, -, -)
Sep 05 19:46:20 <E4D> DOOR fails.
Sep 05 19:46:46 <E4D> The mechanisms release, the glass-paned doors open for the world.
Sep 05 19:46:59 <Tom90deg> "Mmm…You're pretty fast Redd."
Sep 05 19:47:06 <Waxx> Dmitri and Misha step inside, weapons up, slicing the PIE.
Sep 05 19:47:17 <Salmander> "There's a reason I always wear gloves."
Sep 05 19:47:23 * Laito (~moc.retrahc.om.slts.pchd.5D68B3DB-CRInys|sirhc#moc.retrahc.om.slts.pchd.5D68B3DB-CRInys|sirhc) has joined #afteraction
Sep 05 19:47:45 <Tom90deg> "Course, I could've just teleported through the doors, but eh…"
Sep 05 19:48:03 <Doctor_Light> Birdman emerges from behind Eve and walks up to the door as well.
Sep 05 19:48:14 <Salmander> "I coulda just crumpled and gone underneath 'em, but that's besides the point."
Sep 05 19:48:40 <E4D> "All right. Move up."
Sep 05 19:49:12 <Tom90deg> "Heh, wish I'd of known you back with i was actually working."
Sep 05 19:49:13 <Maddy> Alice is there, gun up and ready.
Sep 05 19:49:27 <Tom90deg> Zoe follows behind the group, looking around.
Sep 05 19:49:39 <Salmander> "Aren't we workin' still?" Redd walks into the hospital behind Dmitri and Misha.
Sep 05 19:49:54 <Waxx> Dmitri and Misha pronounce the immediate area clear, for now.
Sep 05 19:50:01 <E4D> They can see inside the hospital through the doors; a large lobby is visible, leading up to what appears to be a second floor via a stariway on the left and right, with two large areas off to either side of the entrance. They appear to be waiting areas, with smaller hallways past that, offices on either side.
Sep 05 19:51:17 <Maddy> "Hmm…"
Sep 05 19:51:39 <Tom90deg> Zoe looks around for any dead bodies, or any smell of death.
Sep 05 19:51:41 <E4D> It's dark inside, power apparently off.
Sep 05 19:51:58 <E4D> Where is Zoe looking?
Sep 05 19:52:00 <Salmander> Redd examines the area for any maps to a cleaner's.
Sep 05 19:52:21 <Tom90deg> Anywhere she can see from her position, not going off to look.
Sep 05 19:52:23 <Maddy> Alice hits the lights on her helmet. She's wearing her suit you cant tell me she's not!!
Sep 05 19:52:42 <E4D> Nothing that Zoe can tell from a casual glance.
Sep 05 19:52:50 <Doctor_Light> Birdy walks towards the staircase.
Sep 05 19:53:10 <E4D> Redd finds clear directions to housekeeping, off to the right from the entrance, down the hallway, and into a basement level.
Sep 05 19:53:45 <Tom90deg> "Don't see any dead bodies, which may or may not be a good thing."
Sep 05 19:54:22 <Salmander> "Anyone wanna come with me to housekeepin'? I'm sure we can find some good stuff there."
Sep 05 19:55:46 <Tom90deg> "I'd wait for a bit. LEts make sure this place is clear."
Sep 05 19:56:17 <Maddy> <One thing a-at a time, Redd.>
Sep 05 19:56:18 <Salmander> "W-well maybe there's insurgents down in, uh, housekeepin'."
Sep 05 19:56:32 <Doctor_Light> Looking around, birdman heads up the staircase.
Sep 05 19:56:37 <Maddy> <I w-want a shower, but I have t-to wait to.>
Sep 05 19:56:43 <Tom90deg> "Ask dusty what you can make with industrial cleaners sometime."
Sep 05 19:56:58 <E4D> "Let's get the top floor done. Top to bottom when you clear."
Sep 05 19:57:19 <Tom90deg> "Lead the way Jason."
Sep 05 19:58:00 <Salmander> The hat looks down and Redd follows, no spring in his step.
Sep 05 19:58:35 <Waxx> Dmitri and Misha stand ready, waiting for either Jason to take point or for him to tell them to do it themselves.
Sep 05 19:58:50 <E4D> Jason advances up the stairs, rifle upward. Anyone paying attention will see another set of hallways leading off to the left and right.
Sep 05 19:59:06 <Tom90deg> Zoe follows, looking down the hallways for anything.
Sep 05 19:59:12 <E4D> "Colonel? Check right?"
Sep 05 19:59:20 <E4D> It's dark as fuck inside.
Sep 05 19:59:41 <Maddy> <Where you want me hun?
Sep 05 19:59:45 <Maddy> >
Sep 05 20:00:19 <Salmander> Any signs indicating if it's radiology, diagnostics, etc.?
Sep 05 20:00:31 <E4D> "Guess we'd better head left. Leaders that aren't pussies operate most effectively when they're being shredded by fire and unable to coordinate a defense."
Sep 05 20:00:51 <Waxx> "Do you want Misha and I to go right?"
Sep 05 20:00:55 <Maddy> <Of course.>
Sep 05 20:01:02 <E4D> "That's what I said, huh?"
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Sep 05 20:01:55 <Waxx> "I was confirming, sorry." Dmitri and Misha head off.
Sep 05 20:02:14 <Tom90deg> "Thought you wanted to head to the top and work down?"
Sep 05 20:02:29 <Maddy> <Gotta get there f-first.>
Sep 05 20:02:40 <Doctor_Light> Bird falls back and follows Jason, listening for noises that aren't them.
Sep 05 20:02:41 <E4D> 19:58 E4D Jason advances up the stairs, rifle upward. Anyone paying attention will see another set of hallways leading off to the left and right.
Sep 05 20:02:48 <Waxx> [Kommandir, this is just like-] Dmitri cuts him off. [I know, Misha. Eyes up.]
Sep 05 20:03:32 <Tom90deg> "Whatever you say Jason, lead the way."
Sep 05 20:04:01 <E4D> Jason kneels at the hallway to the left. "Got this one on lock. You guys go and clear right."
Sep 05 20:04:22 <Tom90deg> Zoe does so, staying back, and keeping a eye open.
Sep 05 20:04:32 <E4D> "Colonel, Alice, You got 'em."
Sep 05 20:04:40 <Waxx> Dmitri and Misha keep advancing to the right, anticipating contact. "Affirmative."
Sep 05 20:04:56 <Maddy> <R-right.> Alice jogs to catch up with Misha and Dmitri.
Sep 05 20:06:13 * Ragazzo has quit (Quit: http://www.mibbit.com ajax IRC Client)
Sep 05 20:06:42 <Salmander> Redd follows behind, watching the left hallway with his Magnum out.
Sep 05 20:07:29 <E4D> The long hallways hosts a number of rooms on either side, some clearly marked as exam rooms, one set of double doors marked "Surgical".
Sep 05 20:07:32 <E4D> Perception
Sep 05 20:07:37 <Waxx> 4df+2 Dmitri perception
Sep 05 20:07:38 <Glacon> Waxx: Dmitri perception: 1 (4df+2=-, +, 0, -)
Sep 05 20:07:39 <Maddy> 4df+3
Sep 05 20:07:40 <Glacon> Maddy: 1 (4df+3=-, -, 0, 0)
Sep 05 20:07:40 <Waxx> 4df+2 Misha perception
Sep 05 20:07:41 <Glacon> Waxx: Misha perception: 6 (4df+2=+, +, +, +)
Sep 05 20:07:43 <Tom90deg> 4df+2
Sep 05 20:07:44 <Glacon> Tom90deg: 3 (4df+2=+, +, -, 0)
Sep 05 20:07:52 <Salmander> 4df+3 ok
Sep 05 20:07:52 <Glacon> Salmander: ok: -1 (4df+3=-, -, -, -)
Sep 05 20:08:00 <Salmander> …
Sep 05 20:08:05 <Dexanote> nope
Sep 05 20:08:06 <Doctor_Light> 4df+3 Going towards the right
Sep 05 20:08:07 <Glacon> Doctor_Light: Going towards the right: 2 (4df+3=-, +, -, 0)
Sep 05 20:09:07 <Waxx> Misha holds up a hand. "Stoi! Stoi!" Dmitri comes to a stop and orders a halt.
Sep 05 20:09:13 <Salmander> Redd doesn't see the floor and trips over it.
Sep 05 20:09:24 <Maddy> Alice stops. <Hmm?>
Sep 05 20:09:40 <Waxx> Misha points to the doors in front of them, particularly at the floor beneath them.
Sep 05 20:09:41 <Salmander> Redd stops and looks over his shoulder.
Sep 05 20:10:07 <Doctor_Light> Birdy looks.
Sep 05 20:10:12 <Maddy> She looks. <W-what seems to be the issue?>
Sep 05 20:10:46 <Tom90deg> "What's up? Oh wait…he cna't speek english…."
Sep 05 20:10:48 <Waxx> Dmitri speaks up, squinting his eyes. "There appears to be something covering the floor."
Sep 05 20:10:58 <Waxx> "Could be dried blood."
Sep 05 20:11:09 <Maddy> <…lovely.>
Sep 05 20:11:24 <Doctor_Light> Birdy bends down and scrapes at where Misha points, with his finger, and sniffs it.
Sep 05 20:11:34 <Waxx> Misha squints his eyes also and tries to peer through the windows in the doors.
Sep 05 20:11:52 <Maddy> <Anyone here ever play Silent Hill?>
Sep 05 20:12:03 <Doctor_Light> Birdy frowns, and licks a little bit of it.
Sep 05 20:12:32 <Tom90deg> <I have…>
Sep 05 20:12:35 <Waxx> Misha hisses at everyone and begins motioning them back.
Sep 05 20:12:39 <Maddy> <Bluh.>
Sep 05 20:12:45 <E4D> Doctor_Light, roll mental defense.
Sep 05 20:12:47 <Waxx> His directions appear to have some degree of urgency!
Sep 05 20:12:58 <Salmander> "Woah, who let the snake out?" Redd backs up.
Sep 05 20:13:01 <Doctor_Light> 4df+2 Oh shit
Sep 05 20:13:02 <Glacon> Doctor_Light: Oh shit: -1 (4df+2=-, -, -, 0)
Sep 05 20:13:02 <Maddy> Alice gets the fuck back!
Sep 05 20:13:03 <Waxx> "Back! Back now!" Dmitri begins backing up, weapon at the door.
Sep 05 20:13:21 <Waxx> [Kommandir, they are in there! They are beyond the doors, Kommandir! It is like the purge!]
Sep 05 20:13:25 <Tom90deg> Zoe backs up, looking around.
Sep 05 20:13:48 <Waxx> Dmitri keys his microphone. «Contact, beyond the surgical ward doors.»
Sep 05 20:13:55 <Doctor_Light> 4df+4 birdy launches himself at Zoe
Sep 05 20:13:55 <Glacon> Doctor_Light: birdy launches himself at Zoe: 1 (4df+4=0, -, -, -)
Sep 05 20:14:18 <Maddy> Alice has her gun up when Birdy attacks Zoe. <Woah! Birdman!>
Sep 05 20:14:22 <E4D> Waxx: The face screams.
Sep 05 20:14:38 <Waxx> "Christ!" Dmitri levels his rifle and fires a burst through the doors.
Sep 05 20:14:38 <Tom90deg> 4df+4 Zoe dodges Birddman!
Sep 05 20:14:39 <Glacon> Tom90deg: Zoe dodges Birddman!: 4 (4df+4=+, -, +, -)
Sep 05 20:14:42 <Waxx> 4df+4 Firing through the door
Sep 05 20:14:43 <Glacon> Waxx: Firing through the door: 7 (4df+4=+, 0, +, +)
Sep 05 20:14:53 <Tom90deg> Zoe spins around as Birdman flies past.
Sep 05 20:14:54 <Salmander> Redd doesn't know what to do."
Sep 05 20:14:56 <Waxx> "Back now! Withdraw! Withdraw!"
Sep 05 20:15:03 <E4D> 4df+2
Sep 05 20:15:06 <E4D> 4df+2
Sep 05 20:15:07 <Glacon> E4D: 3 (4df+2=+, +, 0, -)
Sep 05 20:15:08 <Waxx> "Redd, spearhead the retreat!"
Sep 05 20:15:21 <Maddy> <Don't have to tell me t-twice.>
Sep 05 20:15:29 <E4D> The body is shredded by fire and collaspses throught he doors. The dozens inside turn to face the new, different sound.
Sep 05 20:15:37 <Waxx> «I am engaging! Multiple contacts!»
Sep 05 20:15:39 <Salmander> "Ok, ok." Redd begins to run back to the stairwell.
Sep 05 20:15:52 <Tom90deg> Zoe falls back. «What're we doing? Attacking or retreating?»
Sep 05 20:16:03 <Waxx> «We are withdrawing, say again, we are withdrawing.»
Sep 05 20:16:07 <E4D> A flood of bodies rushes out the double doors, some tripping over the downed contact.
Sep 05 20:16:21 <Maddy> Alice stands along side Dmitri, backing away and firing.
Sep 05 20:16:24 <Maddy> 4df+4
Sep 05 20:16:25 <Glacon> Maddy: 2 (4df+4=+, -, -, -)
Sep 05 20:16:30 <Tom90deg> Zoe makes haste for the stairs.
Sep 05 20:16:33 <Doctor_Light> The birdman crouches, then pushes off a hall wall and springs himself in an attempt to crunch zoey's ankle with his beak.
Sep 05 20:16:36 <Doctor_Light> 4df+4 and again
Sep 05 20:16:36 <Glacon> Doctor_Light: and again: 4 (4df+4=0, +, -, 0)
Sep 05 20:16:55 <Tom90deg> 4df+6 Zoe teleport dodge! (action point)
Sep 05 20:16:55 <Glacon> Tom90deg: Zoe teleport dodge! (action point): 7 (4df+6=0, +, 0, 0)
Sep 05 20:17:12 <E4D> Everyone, get your rolls.
Sep 05 20:17:21 <Tom90deg> Zoe teleprots out of Birdman's lunge. "Someone grab him! He's gone nuts!"
Sep 05 20:17:57 <Doctor_Light> 4df+4 Stealth roll! Amid the chaos and darkness, birdy attempts to fade into a wall.
Sep 05 20:17:58 <Glacon> Doctor_Light: Stealth roll! Amid the chaos and darkness, birdy attempts to fade into a wall.: 4 (4df+4=0, +, 0, -)
Sep 05 20:18:06 <Waxx> 4df+4 Dmitri firing
Sep 05 20:18:07 <Glacon> Waxx: Dmitri firing: 4 (4df+4=0, +, 0, -)
Sep 05 20:18:15 <Waxx> 4df+3 Misha firing
Sep 05 20:18:16 <Glacon> Waxx: Misha firing: 3 (4df+3=0, +, 0, -)
Sep 05 20:18:24 <Salmander> 4df+3 Shoot one of the things
Sep 05 20:18:24 <Glacon> Salmander: Shoot one of the things: 4 (4df+3=-, 0, +, +)
Sep 05 20:18:40 <Waxx> "Back! Back! Keep your weapons up!"
Sep 05 20:18:47 <Tom90deg> Zoe bolts for the door, heading downstairs.
Sep 05 20:18:57 <E4D> All right…
Sep 05 20:18:58 <Maddy> <W-what are they, Colonel?>
Sep 05 20:19:17 <Waxx> «Gypsies!»
Sep 05 20:19:30 <E4D> A dozen of the bodies fall in the darkness, but more of the white, emaciated individuals pour through the fire. Birdie vanishes.
Sep 05 20:19:40 <E4D> Alice, roll defense.
Sep 05 20:19:41 <Maddy> <…right…>
Sep 05 20:19:47 <Maddy> 4df+3 Ahhhh
Sep 05 20:19:47 <Glacon> Maddy: Ahhhh: 2 (4df+3=0, 0, -, 0)
Sep 05 20:19:55 <E4D> 4df+3
Sep 05 20:19:56 <Glacon> E4D: 2 (4df+3=-, -, +, 0)
Sep 05 20:20:08 * Ragazzo (ten.llebcap.ac2tks.lsd.61E51762-CRInys|tibbiM#ten.llebcap.ac2tks.lsd.61E51762-CRInys|tibbiM) has joined #afteraction
Sep 05 20:20:29 <E4D> Two of them make it to her, tackling her to the ground, biting down on her arm, but finding no purchase in the tough material of her suit.
Sep 05 20:20:52 * PaulS_laptop (~ten.dshqrabme.pchd.B32F7D7F-CRInys|luap#ten.dshqrabme.pchd.B32F7D7F-CRInys|luap) has joined #afteraction
Sep 05 20:21:43 <Maddy> <Fuck! Get t-the fuck off!> She flails, taking shots at them.
Sep 05 20:21:56 <Waxx> Misha expends a fate point. He reaches into his rucksack and pulls out a HAND GRENADE.
Sep 05 20:22:01 <Maddy> 4df+4 fuck you zomb-gyps-WHATEVER
Sep 05 20:22:01 <Glacon> Maddy: fuck you zomb-gyps-WHATEVER: 5 (4df+4=0, +, +, -)
Sep 05 20:22:07 <Waxx> 4df+3 Misha hauls back with his good arm and heaves it into the crowd.
Sep 05 20:22:07 <Glacon> Waxx: Misha hauls back with his good arm and heaves it into the crowd.: 2 (4df+3=+, -, -, 0)
Sep 05 20:22:10 <E4D> 4df+3
Sep 05 20:22:11 <Glacon> E4D: 3 (4df+3=-, +, -, +)
Sep 05 20:22:32 <Waxx> I guess we couldn't expect much from a one armed Russian.
Sep 05 20:22:59 <Doctor_Light> 4df+4 Sneak attack, but this time it's a maneuver- as a shadow on the wall, he follows Zoe and tries to get close to her
Sep 05 20:22:59 <Glacon> Doctor_Light: Sneak attack, but this time it's a maneuver- as a shadow on the wall, he follows Zoe and tries to get close to her: 2 (4df+4=-, -, -, +)
Sep 05 20:23:11 <Dexanote> nope
Sep 05 20:23:12 <E4D> The ones attacked Alice lose their heads. On account of gunfire. Blowing their heads off. The grenade explodes down the hallway, cutting through them like a scythe. One is left, writhing on the ground, its spine apparently severed.
Sep 05 20:23:36 <Salmander> Redd looks back. "So, uh, what the fuck?"
Sep 05 20:23:46 <Doctor_Light> Ah, well. That's cool, he just flows down the staircase as an obvious dark form and tries to knock her down it.
Sep 05 20:23:50 <Doctor_Light> 4df+4
Sep 05 20:23:50 <Glacon> Doctor_Light: 5 (4df+4=0, +, +, -)
Sep 05 20:24:38 <Waxx> Dmitri steps forward to finish the last one off with his pistol.
Sep 05 20:24:43 <Waxx> 4df+4 Execution
Sep 05 20:24:43 <Glacon> Waxx: Execution: 3 (4df+4=0, -, -, +)
Sep 05 20:25:24 <Tom90deg> 4df+4 Dodgeing downstairs
Sep 05 20:25:25 <Glacon> Tom90deg: Dodgeing downstairs: 4 (4df+4=0, 0, 0, 0)
Sep 05 20:26:57 <E4D> She takes the hit, knocked down by the crazed birdmna, her head thinking off each of the stairs as she slides.
Sep 05 20:27:10 <E4D> 4df+3
Sep 05 20:27:11 <Glacon> E4D: 1 (4df+3=-, -, 0, 0)
Sep 05 20:27:20 <Tom90deg> "Gaaah! HELP!"
Sep 05 20:27:26 <E4D> The thing's head explodes. It spasms once, and falls still.
Sep 05 20:27:45 <Waxx> [Misha! Get the fucking bird off of that girl!] [Kommandir!] Misha approaches the birdman.
Sep 05 20:28:51 <Doctor_Light> Birdman hisses, and looks up.
Sep 05 20:29:01 <Tom90deg> Zoe tries to kick birdman off of her.
Sep 05 20:29:02 <Tom90deg> 4df+2
Sep 05 20:29:03 <Glacon> Tom90deg: 4 (4df+2=-, +, +, +)
Sep 05 20:29:12 <Salmander> Redd follows after Birdman and Zoe.
Sep 05 20:29:42 <Waxx> 4df+5 Tagging Misha's aspect Tovarish Kommandir, Misha attempts to kick the shit out of Birdman.
Sep 05 20:29:42 <Glacon> Waxx: Tagging Misha's aspect Tovarish Kommandir, Misha attempts to kick the shit out of Birdman.: 7 (4df+5=+, +, -, +)
Sep 05 20:29:49 <Salmander> 4df+4 Pulling The Clothes Make the Man to envelope Birdy straight-jacket style.
Sep 05 20:29:49 <Glacon> Salmander: Pulling The Clothes Make the Man to envelope Birdy straight-jacket style.: 6 (4df+4=+, 0, 0, +)
Sep 05 20:29:58 <Salmander> Damnit Misha
Sep 05 20:31:14 <Dexanote> well first one then the other.
Sep 05 20:31:23 <Doctor_Light> 4df+5 Compelling Brickshit Scary in his defense
Sep 05 20:31:24 <Glacon> Doctor_Light: Compelling Brickshit Scary in his defense: 6 (4df+5=+, +, -, 0)
Sep 05 20:31:44 <Doctor_Light> Nearly! Birdman looks fearsome but nonetheless has the shit kicked out of him.
Sep 05 20:32:20 <E4D> -2 to birdman's health
Sep 05 20:32:22 <Tom90deg> "Gaah…Don't kill him! He's gone nuts, just…tie him up or something…"
Sep 05 20:33:10 <Waxx> [Okay Misha! That will do!] Dmitri grabs Misha by the shoulder to stop him from doing any more damage.
Sep 05 20:35:07 <Tom90deg> Zoe woozly gets to her feet and rolls birdman onto his back, tearing off a sleeve of her beaten up jumpsuit, tieing a knot around Birdman's hands.
Sep 05 20:35:16 <Tom90deg> "Just…watch him, Maybe Midnight can fix him…"
Sep 05 20:36:28 <E4D> Gunfire clatters down the opposite end of the hallway.
Sep 05 20:36:48 <Tom90deg> Zoe leans against a wall, running a bare arm over her head, a slight trickle of blood coming down.
Sep 05 20:37:03 <Maddy> Alice turns, running back to Jason. «Jason? S-status?»
Sep 05 20:37:25 <Waxx> Dmitri grabs Zoe with his free hand, steadying her and ushering her in the direction of the exit. "Move, move. Do not stop."
Sep 05 20:37:53 <Doctor_Light> 4df+3 Late, but defense to escape from Redd
Sep 05 20:37:53 <Glacon> Doctor_Light: Late, but defense to escape from Redd: 6 (4df+3=+, 0, +, +)
Sep 05 20:38:06 <Tom90deg> "Get Birdman, just….bring him out…"
Sep 05 20:38:19 <Tom90deg> Zoe woozly steps down the stairs, heading for the doors.
Sep 05 20:38:31 <Salmander> Redd is unsuccesful…?
Sep 05 20:39:04 <Salmander> Redd is unsuccessful. He gives up and runs away.
Sep 05 20:39:23 <E4D> Jason's still upstairs. By himself. The gunfire intensifies, then stops.
Sep 05 20:39:26 <Doctor_Light> Birdy takes a moment to duck through the clothing, and moves like a jackrabbit down the stairs-
Sep 05 20:39:43 <Doctor_Light> 4df+4 om nom nom, bastard (melee on zoe, again)
Sep 05 20:39:43 <Glacon> Doctor_Light: om nom nom, bastard (melee on zoe, again): 4 (4df+4=+, -, +, -)
Sep 05 20:41:02 <Maddy> Alice keeps running.
Sep 05 20:41:02 <E4D> He hauls as past Alice, apparently being pursued. "NOPE!"
Sep 05 20:41:27 <Maddy> She skids to a stop and turns to follow.
Sep 05 20:41:57 <Waxx> Dmitri hauls back and Punches at Birdman.
Sep 05 20:42:01 <Waxx> 4df+4 Knock this fucking thing out
Sep 05 20:42:02 <Glacon> Waxx: Knock this fucking thing out: 2 (4df+4=+, -, -, -)
Sep 05 20:42:04 <Waxx> welp
Sep 05 20:42:07 <E4D> He turns to head down the stairs, reaches the body, and trips over birdman.
Sep 05 20:42:25 <E4D> Another six or so things charge down the stairs behind Alice.
Sep 05 20:42:50 <Salmander> Redd pauses. "Wait, would they even attack me?"
Sep 05 20:42:57 <Tom90deg> 4df+4 Woozy zoe dodges birdman.
Sep 05 20:42:58 <Glacon> Tom90deg: Woozy zoe dodges birdman.: 3 (4df+4=-, -, 0, +)
Sep 05 20:43:07 <Maddy> <Fuuuuck!> She keeps running, firing behind her.
Sep 05 20:43:11 <Maddy> 4df+4
Sep 05 20:43:12 <Glacon> Maddy: 3 (4df+4=-, -, +, 0)
Sep 05 20:43:34 <E4D> 4df+3
Sep 05 20:43:34 <Glacon> E4D: 4 (4df+3=0, 0, 0, +)
Sep 05 20:44:19 <E4D> They keep going, her shots splattering into their center mass. One of them drops, tumbling down the stairs and landing beside Zoe.
Sep 05 20:44:49 <Doctor_Light> Nope! Crunch, a foot slams down on her torso as he moves above her, then slows down his momentum as he runs past her a little and turns around again to face her.
Sep 05 20:45:24 <Tom90deg> "Ahh!" Zoe lets out another scream. "Damn it!"
Sep 05 20:45:44 <Doctor_Light> 4df+3 also, dodging that punch
Sep 05 20:45:44 <Glacon> Doctor_Light: also, dodging that punch: 2 (4df+3=0, +, -, -)
Sep 05 20:45:55 <Doctor_Light> Birdy ducks under that punch.
Sep 05 20:46:31 <Waxx> "Come on, keep moving! Forget the fucking bird!" Dmitri keeps trying to push Zoe along, Misha keeping his eyes peeled for any more trouble.
Sep 05 20:46:56 <Maddy> 4df+6 Action manuever, athletics to jump on Birdman's back.
Sep 05 20:46:57 <Glacon> Maddy: Action manuever, athletics to jump on Birdman's back.: 4 (4df+6=-, 0, -, 0)
Sep 05 20:47:16 <Maddy> Roll upposed Doctor_Light
Sep 05 20:47:44 <Tom90deg> Zoe lets out another cry as a rib cracks, grabbing around Dimitri and getting to her feet, teleport dashing towards and out of the door. (Action point spent)
Sep 05 20:47:47 <E4D> Pause. Everyone besides Birdman, roll defense.
Sep 05 20:47:56 <Maddy> 4df+3
Sep 05 20:47:57 <Glacon> Maddy: 2 (4df+3=0, -, +, -)
Sep 05 20:48:02 <Waxx> 4df+4 Defense
Sep 05 20:48:02 <Glacon> Waxx: Defense: 2 (4df+4=0, 0, -, -)
Sep 05 20:48:05 <Waxx> 4df+3 Misha defense
Sep 05 20:48:05 <Glacon> Waxx: Misha defense: 1 (4df+3=+, -, -, -)
Sep 05 20:48:17 <Salmander> 4df+3 dern
Sep 05 20:48:18 <Glacon> Salmander: dern: 3 (4df+3=0, 0, +, -)
Sep 05 20:48:34 <E4D> 4df+4
Sep 05 20:48:35 <Glacon> E4D: 3 (4df+4=0, -, 0, 0)
Sep 05 20:48:41 <Salmander> Ha
Sep 05 20:48:46 <E4D> 4df+3 ATTACK!
Sep 05 20:48:46 <Glacon> E4D: ATTACK!: 6 (4df+3=+, +, 0, +)
Sep 05 20:48:59 <Salmander> Damnit
Sep 05 20:49:02 <Waxx> balls up
Sep 05 20:49:53 <Dawny> Kay opens the doors, her rifle up.
Sep 05 20:50:07 <Tom90deg> Zoe collapses outside, by the stryker, arms wrapped around herself, wimpering
Sep 05 20:50:10 <E4D> The things clambering down the stairs find their bickering, confused targets, and set upon them like wolves. -1 body as each one is tackled to the ground. Their pale faces snap at you. You have time to make one action. Be wise.
Sep 05 20:50:42 <E4D> Birdman vanishes in a burst of shadows, seemingly streaking out the door.
Sep 05 20:51:00 <Salmander> 4df+4 Sneak to crumple and crawl away
Sep 05 20:51:00 <Glacon> Salmander: Sneak to crumple and crawl away: 5 (4df+4=+, 0, -, +)
Sep 05 20:51:23 <Waxx> 4df+7 Tagging Professional Russian for Dmitri, empty the magazine into them
Sep 05 20:51:24 <Glacon> Waxx: Tagging Professional Russian for Dmitri, empty the magazine into them: 9 (4df+7=+, -, +, +)
Sep 05 20:51:52 <Dexanote> … Yep.
Sep 05 20:51:59 * Ragazzo has quit (Quit: http://www.mibbit.com ajax IRC Client)
Sep 05 20:52:07 * Ragazzo (ten.llebcap.ac2tks.lsd.61E51762-CRInys|tibbiM#ten.llebcap.ac2tks.lsd.61E51762-CRInys|tibbiM) has joined #afteraction
Sep 05 20:52:08 <Dawny> 4df+3 Maybe I can be helpful
Sep 05 20:52:08 <Glacon> Dawny: Maybe I can be helpful: 5 (4df+3=+, +, -, +)
Sep 05 20:52:11 * Ragazzo has quit (Quit: Ragazzo)
Sep 05 20:52:56 <Maddy> 4df+8 Alice's suit hardens so she can move faster, grabbing Jason and making a dash for the door. (Action and tagging Last Straw)
Sep 05 20:52:57 <Glacon> Maddy: Alice's suit hardens so she can move faster, grabbing Jason and making a dash for the door. (Action and tagging Last Straw): 6 (4df+8=-, 0, 0, -)
Sep 05 20:54:05 * Tom90deg has quit (Quit: ~ Trillian Astra - www.trillian.im ~)
Sep 05 20:54:14 <E4D> 4df+6 Firing at them as he's dragged.
Sep 05 20:54:14 <Glacon> E4D: Firing at them as he's dragged.: 7 (4df+6=0, 0, +, 0)
Sep 05 20:54:45 <E4D> 4df+4
Sep 05 20:54:46 <Glacon> E4D: 2 (4df+4=0, -, -, 0)
Sep 05 20:55:20 <Waxx> 4df+5 Tagging Armed! Misha draws his knife and begins fighting his way out to rejoin the Kommandir
Sep 05 20:55:21 <Glacon> Waxx: Tagging Armed! Misha draws his knife and begins fighting his way out to rejoin the Kommandir: 5 (4df+5=-, +, 0, 0)
Sep 05 20:55:35 <E4D> The combined fire and… stabbing from Dmitri, Jason, Misha, and Kay tear the last of them to ribbons, red holes blooming all over their bodies.
Sep 05 20:56:06 <E4D> Two of them collapse, still twitching, and one crawls forward on a single hand.
Sep 05 20:56:18 <Maddy> <Thank the goddess for y-you Kay.> Alice dashes past still dragging Jason.
Sep 05 20:56:54 <Salmander> Redd pops up and steps on its hand. "Can we go to housekeepin' now?"
Sep 05 20:59:01 <Waxx> Dmitri throws his assailant from him and stands, swinging his AEK-971 around. The trigger is depressed and the magazine follower keeps feeding rounds into the chamber. Russian lacquered steel cases fly through the air and hit Misha in the head as Dmitri unleashes a rain of lead into the oncoming horde. As the last round is expended he lunges forward, in a rage, and bayonets the nearest
Sep 05 20:59:01 <Waxx> one. Blades glimmer, hobnails crush, blood sprays, until only the True Comrade remains standing.
Sep 05 20:59:31 <Waxx> Dmitri steps forward to the last survivor.
Sep 05 20:59:57 <Waxx> His boot comes down, driving rotted flesh into the linoleum until the heel irons meet the pavement.
Sep 05 20:59:58 <E4D> "Wait!"
Sep 05 21:00:32 <Waxx> "…sorry."
Sep 05 21:01:00 <Dawny> Kay steps back out and lights a cigarette.
Sep 05 21:01:07 <Salmander> "This fuck's still alive." Redd gestures to the one whose hand is under his shoe.
Sep 05 21:01:20 <Maddy> Alice finally stops running, breathing heavily. <What- ingodsname- where those things?>
Sep 05 21:01:34 <E4D> "Can we… get samples?"
Sep 05 21:01:43 <E4D> "They're people ain't they?"
Sep 05 21:01:56 <Maddy> <Just- letme- catch my breath…>
Sep 05 21:02:10 <Maddy> <You're heavier than you look.>
Sep 05 21:02:26 <E4D> Jason stands up from being dragged on his butt. «Hey, yo Doc. Can you take some skin samples?»
Sep 05 21:02:45 <Maddy> <G-get her my k-kit.>
Sep 05 21:02:51 <Waxx> "You can get some samples from the bottom of my boots, if you need to."
Sep 05 21:02:56 <Maddy> Alice sits her ass down.
Sep 05 21:03:07 <Salmander> Redd leans over and picks up the thing, looking at it. "Fuckin' scary shit."
Sep 05 21:03:10 <Waxx> Dmitri takes a moment to kick a body in the head, leaving it at a wrong-looking angle.
Sep 05 21:03:21 <E4D> "Wait, what the fuck was happening when I came down the steps?
Sep 05 21:03:37 <Maddy> <Birdman ate some bad b-blood, went nuts.>
Sep 05 21:04:06 <Maddy> <Lets h-hope it temporary. I l-like Birdy.>
Sep 05 21:04:11 <Doctor_Light> Meanwhile, something is sneaking out towards the Stryker.
Sep 05 21:04:34 <Dawny> Kay flicks her still new cigarette away and walks back in. She takes out a few viles and takes samples.
Sep 05 21:04:41 <Doctor_Light> 4df+4 Imagine wily-coyote, disappearing behind trees thinner then he is an all
Sep 05 21:04:42 <Glacon> Doctor_Light: Imagine wily-coyote, disappearing behind trees thinner then he is an all: 7 (4df+4=0, +, +, +)
Sep 05 21:04:44 <Waxx> Misha stands and brushes some blood from his uniform. [Kommandir, you are injured.] [So are you, Mikhail Konstantinovich. But we are not beaten.]
Sep 05 21:04:45 <Doctor_Light> *and
Sep 05 21:05:11 <E4D> Wiley Coyote's fucking INVISIBLE.
Sep 05 21:06:50 <Dawny> Kay steps back out and zips them into a pouch. "Who's all injured?"
Sep 05 21:07:10 <E4D> Jason raises a hand. "I feel a little… concussed."
Sep 05 21:07:22 <Maddy> <I'm fine.>
Sep 05 21:07:55 <Waxx> Dmitri reloads his weapon and backs out of the building, keeping his eyes open.
Sep 05 21:08:03 <Waxx> "Shake it off, gentlemen."
Sep 05 21:08:37 <Dawny> Kay looks over the dead bodies, scraping a bit from the inter mouth, buts from the spilled brain matter, even a few snips of intestine.
Sep 05 21:08:45 <Salmander> Redd looks down at his chest to see a few minor frays. "Anyone good at sewin' here?"
Sep 05 21:09:11 <Maddy> <L-let me get my kit, Redd.>
Sep 05 21:09:31 <Waxx> "Dodge Ridge, we should withdraw if there are more of those things."
Sep 05 21:09:56 <Dawny> "Anyone else injured?"
Sep 05 21:10:18 <Salmander> "I got one on me." Redd takes out his little sewing kit.
Sep 05 21:10:58 <Maddy> Alice nods, starting to patch Redd up a bit. She's moving slow, obviously injured.
Sep 05 21:11:16 <E4D> "Hey Doc, I think Zoe was being attacked by Birdman?" He says this questioningly, looking around to confirm.
Sep 05 21:11:32 <Doctor_Light> Birdy lurks around the stryker, I guess, as zoe is not present.
Sep 05 21:11:40 <Waxx> "She was. Misha kicked the shit out of that bird."
Sep 05 21:11:46 <Salmander> "Yo doc, I think my own patcher is bit hurt."
Sep 05 21:11:47 <Maddy> <Yes. Y-you ought to look at her, and someone f-find Birdy.>
Sep 05 21:12:00 <Maddy> <I'm fine.>
Sep 05 21:12:25 <E4D> Jason pulls his helmet off, shaking his head, trying to clear his vision, and passes it to Alice, shouldering his weapon and stepping outside.
Sep 05 21:12:54 <E4D> A light rain has started, little drops plopping down all around.
Sep 05 21:13:10 <Dawny> "I will, so she and Corporal are it? I'm not dealing with trying to get people to take care of themselves anymore. You wanna die because you're stupid, your fault."
Sep 05 21:13:13 <Maddy> <D-don't hurt him if you can avoid it. W-we might be able to fix him.>
Sep 05 21:13:46 <Maddy> <I think Colonel and Misha g-got a little dinged up too.
Sep 05 21:13:48 <Maddy> >
Sep 05 21:14:24 <E4D> "Birdman?"
Sep 05 21:14:29 <Salmander> Redd is presumably sewn up. "Thanks boss." he turns around to go pilfer Houskeeping.
Sep 05 21:14:31 <Dawny> "I'll check them, and you should stop with the pride bull shit too" Kay follows Jason out. "Oi, Corporal. Sit your ass down."
Sep 05 21:14:32 <E4D> "Birdman!"
Sep 05 21:14:54 <E4D> Jason looks back, easing himself down. "Roger that, Doc."
Sep 05 21:15:14 <Maddy> <I'm just bruised, K-kay. It's not p-pride, just don't want to waste supplies on bruises.>
Sep 05 21:16:27 <Dawny> "Okay, answer my questions, I know they sound stupid…What's your name?"
Sep 05 21:16:30 <Doctor_Light> 4df+6 Birdman bursts out of a shadow, only partially corporeal, but still dripping a little blood and snapping-
Sep 05 21:16:30 <Glacon> Doctor_Light: Birdman bursts out of a shadow, only partially corporeal, but still dripping a little blood and snapping-: 2 (4df+6=-, -, -, -)
Sep 05 21:16:49 <Dexanote> nope
Sep 05 21:17:16 <E4D> "Jason."
Sep 05 21:17:21 <Dawny> 4df+3 Kay turns and fires a shot.
Sep 05 21:17:21 <Glacon> Dawny: Kay turns and fires a shot.: 3 (4df+3=+, +, -, -)
Sep 05 21:17:53 <E4D> 4df+4 "Gah, fuck!"
Sep 05 21:17:53 <Glacon> E4D: "Gah, fuck!": 5 (4df+4=-, +, 0, +)
Sep 05 21:18:08 <E4D> Jason rolls to the side, punching out at the mass flying at him.
Sep 05 21:18:24 <E4D> 4df+6 Burning action and swinging a wicked haymaker
Sep 05 21:18:24 <Glacon> E4D: Burning action and swinging a wicked haymaker: 6 (4df+6=0, -, +, 0)
Sep 05 21:18:41 <Maddy> <Birdman! Cut it out!>
Sep 05 21:18:49 <Waxx> "Shoot it!"
Sep 05 21:18:59 <Doctor_Light> 4df+4 oh shit oh shit
Sep 05 21:18:59 <Glacon> Doctor_Light: oh shit oh shit: 4 (4df+4=+, +, -, -)
Sep 05 21:19:02 <Doctor_Light> WAIT
Sep 05 21:19:08 <Doctor_Light> 4df+3 actual roll
Sep 05 21:19:08 <Glacon> Doctor_Light: actual roll: 5 (4df+3=0, +, +, 0)
Sep 05 21:19:28 <Doctor_Light> 4df+3 and for jason's attack
Sep 05 21:19:28 <Glacon> Doctor_Light: and for jason's attack: 4 (4df+3=0, 0, 0, +)
Sep 05 21:19:44 <E4D> The round strikes his hip, and Jason's punch throttles the shit out of him, knocking him unconscious.
Sep 05 21:20:23 <Doctor_Light> Birdy falls backwards- the shadows swirl around him and fold up under him, leaving the ordinary body of a large birdperson.
Sep 05 21:20:43 <Dawny> "Jason, you okay?"
Sep 05 21:22:26 <E4D> "Yeah, I'm good. And now I know the answer to the question you asked me."
Sep 05 21:22:49 <Dawny> Kay stands over the large Marine with a flashlight, checking his eyes. "What question is that Jason?"
Sep 05 21:22:53 <Maddy> Alice approaches Birdman. <K-kay take care of him. I'll g-get Birdy.>
Sep 05 21:22:55 <Doctor_Light> Birdy's fingers twitch a little, but otherwise, he is quite out for a while now.