End Game

Oct 19 23:59:00 <John_W> John climbs up into the turret "Ready here"
Oct 19 23:59:06 <DustyCole> Dusty tucks the scalpel away, and has rigged a sling for his hunting rifle.
Oct 19 23:59:16 <DustyCole> It's hanging on his back.
Oct 19 23:59:52 <ZoeChantili> "You finaly figured out how to shoot that thing Dusty?"
Oct 19 23:59:59 <AliceD> <Ready and w-w-waiting.>
Oct 20 00:00:02 <DustyCole> "More or less."
Oct 20 00:00:12 <ZoeChantili> Zoe pulls out the last dusty speical. "Guess this is all I'm good for…throwing things."
Oct 20 00:00:30 <John_W> John continues to arrange his weapons to he can grab them quick if he has to bail.
Oct 20 00:00:51 <ReddnJohnny> Redd's already hanging in the Stryker
Oct 20 00:00:56 * Tox|Laptop has quit (Quit: Leaving.)
Oct 20 00:01:01 <DustyCole> "Nah, you're good for plenty, silly."
Oct 20 00:01:03 <ReddnJohnny> In either glove is grasped a magnum and an assault rifle
Oct 20 00:01:27 <ZoeChantili> "Heh, not for this run. Don't think we're gonna be sneakin in."
Oct 20 00:01:40 <DustyCole> "Pfft, that'
Oct 20 00:01:42 <Waxx> The ground trembles.
Oct 20 00:01:51 <DustyCole> s fine. You're going ot bamfing around and cutting fools down."
Oct 20 00:01:53 <ZoeChantili> "Um….Midnight?"
Oct 20 00:01:59 <DustyCole> "…oh."
Oct 20 00:02:07 <ZoeChantili> "You feel that?"
Oct 20 00:02:09 * Sage whistles a soundless tune.
Oct 20 00:02:40 <AliceD> <…>
Oct 20 00:02:52 <ProfCF> Shank dropps of Eve and steps in.
Oct 20 00:02:57 <Waxx> The trembling increases and suddenly the sky is ablaze with multicolored light, emanating from the center of Sydney. It looks like an explosion, but certainly non-conventional.
Oct 20 00:02:59 <E4D> Jason emerges from his cabin in Oxide, the lighter helmet sections taped over with black duct tape, a set of desert digitals over, and his gear draped all over. He's carrying a rifle back toward the ICV.
Oct 20 00:03:36 <John_W> "well, that's either really good or really bad"
Oct 20 00:03:49 <Flames> ~The sense of foreboding is getting worse, Alice,~ Midnight sends to her telepathically.
Oct 20 00:03:54 <Waxx> It is completely soundless, but not without force. Heavy cloud cover for miles around are suddenly pushed aside in a perfect circle as whatever force is being projected reaches a climax.
Oct 20 00:03:59 <ZoeChantili> "Ooook. That is very bad."
Oct 20 00:04:00 <E4D> «Everyone, ready up.»
Oct 20 00:04:06 <John_W> «Ready.»
Oct 20 00:04:08 <Waxx> "MOUNT UP. PREPARE TO MOVE OUT."
Oct 20 00:04:12 <ZoeChantili> «Ready.»
Oct 20 00:04:17 * E4D is now known as JasonD
Oct 20 00:04:17 * Notify: E4D is offline (SCP and Related Channels).
Oct 20 00:04:22 <John_W> 4df+4 prepping the last demo charge
Oct 20 00:04:23 <Glacon> John_W: prepping the last demo charge: 5 (4df+4=0, +, 0, 0)
Oct 20 00:04:24 <ZoeChantili> "Midnight? What do you think?"
Oct 20 00:04:30 <John_W> "Yo, Sage, take this"
Oct 20 00:04:30 <JasonD> «Negative, Colonel. I'm fucking this donkey.»
Oct 20 00:04:36 <JasonD> «Belay that shit.»
Oct 20 00:04:51 <ProfCF> Shank shudders. "… Fuck, whaz wit tha fucking tanks… They're messing me up."
Oct 20 00:04:53 <Flames> "I think it's going to be… interesting." Midnight says.
Oct 20 00:04:54 <Waxx> Dmitri sighs in exasperation!
Oct 20 00:04:55 <John_W> he tosses Sage an armed demolition charge rigged up as a 3sec delay sticky.
Oct 20 00:05:03 <JasonD> «I want everyone by the rear of the ICV. Now. Two minutes is all.»
Oct 20 00:05:08 * Sage nods.
Oct 20 00:05:12 <DustyCole> «Works for me.»
Oct 20 00:05:17 <DustyCole> Dusty goes there.
Oct 20 00:05:18 * Laito-Away is now known as Laito
Oct 20 00:05:22 <John_W> "Shank, it's a ward. It's meant to keep their psychic from fucking us up"
Oct 20 00:05:23 <Waxx> Abruptly, the light ceases. The trembling stops.
Oct 20 00:05:25 <ZoeChantili> Zoe heads over.
Oct 20 00:05:36 <AliceD> Alice keys her radio directly to Jason's helmet. I'm sure he knows what she says.
Oct 20 00:05:41 <John_W> John climbs out of the turret and over to Eve
Oct 20 00:05:42 * Sage heads to the rear, gear ready.
Oct 20 00:06:10 <Waxx> The sound reaches you now, an unearthly scream that echoes in your mind far longer than seems possible.
Oct 20 00:06:11 <ReddnJohnny> Redd unhooks and walks over
Oct 20 00:06:22 <Waxx> Simultaneously, almost every pane of glass in Sydney shatters.
Oct 20 00:06:30 <ZoeChantili> Zoe clasps her hands over her ears. "Gaah!"
Oct 20 00:06:35 <Flames> "Sounds like the warding was a good idea." Midnight notes.
Oct 20 00:06:37 <DustyCole> "Ggggrnnnggh."
Oct 20 00:06:37 <ReddnJohnny> He looks pretty badass with his two guns and coat flapping in the wind
Oct 20 00:06:41 <Waxx> Buildings sway, those already damaged by The Event collapse altogether in clouds of dust and debris.
Oct 20 00:06:42 <JasonD> Jason looks in the direction of Sydnay for a moment, then back to the assembling group.
Oct 20 00:06:43 <ProfCF> Shank shudders, sparks flying from his joints. "THE FUCK."
Oct 20 00:06:54 <ZoeChantili> "What the hell…."
Oct 20 00:07:07 <John_W> John shakes his head "Magical nuke."
Oct 20 00:07:12 <ZoeChantili> "Looks like we either picked a really good day, or a really bad one."
Oct 20 00:07:13 <JasonD> <All right, everyone.>
Oct 20 00:07:31 <JasonD> <This is your last chance. I ain't takin' anyone that don't want to go in.>
Oct 20 00:07:49 <JasonD> <You want another way out? I'll leave the Stryker and take the willing in Eve.>
Oct 20 00:07:54 <Waxx> At this moment, you feel something unusual.
Oct 20 00:08:24 * Sage snickers at the thought of actually leaving.
Oct 20 00:08:27 <Flames> "Jason, it's Tau… don't ask me how I know. But Tau and her acolytes are doing this in Sydney."
Oct 20 00:08:30 <Waxx> A fog is lifted from your minds, the slightest degree of stress relieved. Something has left your psyche, something so subtle and insidious that you never realized it was there in the first place until it is gone.
Oct 20 00:08:42 * Sage shakes his head slightly.
Oct 20 00:08:44 <DustyCole> "….son fo a bitch."
Oct 20 00:08:45 <ZoeChantili> "What? Tau? Bloody hell…"
Oct 20 00:08:46 <Waxx> There is a distinct lack of presence that, though you never felt it before, you distinctly realize is now missing.
Oct 20 00:08:56 <John_W> "Jason, you ain't getting rid of me that easy"
Oct 20 00:08:57 <DustyCole> "Son f a fucking bitch."
Oct 20 00:09:00 <DustyCole> *of
Oct 20 00:09:02 <ProfCF> "… thaz wierd. Anyone else think we lost somethin?"
Oct 20 00:09:06 <Waxx> Those of you who are mages or otherwise have some psychic capabilities feel this more than the others.
Oct 20 00:09:13 <Flames> "I do… give me a second."
Oct 20 00:09:17 <ZoeChantili> "I felt it too a bit…"
Oct 20 00:09:24 <Flames> 4df+4 Mentalism, what's missing?
Oct 20 00:09:25 <Glacon> Flames: Mentalism, what's missing?: 3 (4df+4=0, 0, 0, -)
Oct 20 00:09:26 <John_W> "Good on you, Tau. And thanks."
Oct 20 00:09:35 <ZoeChantili> "But Jason, I'm with ya. We shall fight them on the beaches, right?"
Oct 20 00:09:40 <AliceD> <…Thank you Tau. Goddess take you swiftly to your war, and m-may your cause be just.>
Oct 20 00:10:02 <Waxx> The vehicle radios explode with traffic on all channels, some of it using the Insurgency encryption, some of it just broadcast in the clear.
Oct 20 00:10:02 <DustyCole> "Jason, I'd like a quick word with you after everyone has loaded up…"
Oct 20 00:10:08 <Sage> "The hell are you talking about."
Oct 20 00:10:18 * JasonD is now known as E4D
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Oct 20 00:10:24 * ChanServ sets mode +q #afteraction E4D
Oct 20 00:10:24 * ChanServ gives channel operator status to E4D
Oct 20 00:10:25 <Waxx> «IS ANYONE OUT THERE?» «Where are we?» «WE ARE UNDER ATTACK, REPEAT, UNDER ATTA-»
Oct 20 00:10:28 * E4D is now known as JasonD
Oct 20 00:10:36 <DustyCole> "…."
Oct 20 00:10:38 <John_W> a broad grin breaks out on John's face at the thought of Tau and her merry Jihadists
Oct 20 00:10:52 <Waxx> Errant tracers streak through the sky over Sydney, and the distant crump of explosions reaches your ears. All hell is breaking loose, somewhere.
Oct 20 00:10:57 <ReddnJohnny> "Let's go, while they're still fuckin' around."
Oct 20 00:11:04 <Flames> "I think they just took out their pet telepath, and there's going to be a lot of confusion."
Oct 20 00:11:12 <JasonD> «Everyone, if you're stayin' with me, mount up.»
Oct 20 00:11:19 <ProfCF> Shank's in Eve.
Oct 20 00:11:28 <AliceD> Alice is spotting in Eve
Oct 20 00:11:29 <JasonD> «I need a driver and gunner in the Stryker. Get it figured out now.»
Oct 20 00:11:32 <John_W> John mounts up, taking his place in the Stryker on the gun.
Oct 20 00:11:41 <AliceD> «Nick's driving Eve.»
Oct 20 00:11:42 <Soulless> "I will drive Florence if that is alright."
Oct 20 00:11:42 <Flames> "I've got Eve with Dingo. I've got a nice ward set up."
Oct 20 00:11:47 <John_W> «Already got that figured out, Fearless Leader.»
Oct 20 00:11:50 <Rosenthal> Nick's in Eve's cockpit.
Oct 20 00:11:59 <Flames> Midnight heads to her readied circle
Oct 20 00:11:59 <ZoeChantili> Zoe heads into the Eve. "I'm with Midnight."
Oct 20 00:12:04 <JasonD> Jason steps up the ramp into Eve.
Oct 20 00:12:05 <ReddnJohnny> Kay's driving Florence
Oct 20 00:12:10 <DustyCole> Dusty waits, so he can speak to jason.
Oct 20 00:12:17 * Sage loads up in the Stryker, ready to pile out. He reaches up and offers a high-five to John.
Oct 20 00:12:22 <Soulless> ok them. Alicel just hops into Eve.
Oct 20 00:12:24 <DustyCole> Like he asked not four seconds ago.
Oct 20 00:12:25 <JasonD> <What, Dusty.>
Oct 20 00:12:26 <John_W> John fives him.
Oct 20 00:12:29 <Soulless> Hop hop skip go.
Oct 20 00:12:43 <ReddnJohnny> Redd gets in fucking Florence, since Eve has about 7 people init
Oct 20 00:12:55 <Waxx> Dmitri and Misha mount up inside and stow their weapons.
Oct 20 00:13:02 <DustyCole> He waits until both midnight and zoe are out of earshot. "Give me the mask. I think we're going to need it."
Oct 20 00:13:15 <John_W> "Let's go make what we just saw be the *second* worst thing they're seeing today." to Save as he piles in
Oct 20 00:13:18 <John_W> *Sage
Oct 20 00:13:26 * Soulless is now known as Alicel
Oct 20 00:14:02 <JasonD> Jason thinks for a moment, fishes the key out of a pouch on his vest, pops the cargo box, and hands it to Dusty.
Oct 20 00:14:18 <DustyCole> Dusty nods and slips it into his coat, into a pocket.
Oct 20 00:14:21 <JasonD> He thinks for a moment, and then fishes out the M240, hauling it up into the turret with him.
Oct 20 00:14:25 * Sage grins slightly.
Oct 20 00:14:38 <John_W> «Jason, you mind if Sage takes the FLASH?»
Oct 20 00:14:48 <Sage> «god dammit that thing is heavy as shit»
Oct 20 00:14:50 <JasonD> «Who's got the Ffff- yeah, that's fine.»
Oct 20 00:14:58 <DustyCole> Dusty gets into the same vehicle as midnight.
Oct 20 00:15:02 <Sage> <I hate you John. Ok, I got it.»
Oct 20 00:15:03 <Kayleigh> Kay sits in the driver's seat of Florence, waiting.
Oct 20 00:15:07 <Flames> Midnight considers singing her warcry, but she figures the humans wouldn't appreciate it.
Oct 20 00:15:13 <Waxx> «We do not have much time, Dodge Ridge.»
Oct 20 00:15:26 * Sage grumbles as he adjusts his gear so he can also carry the flash.
Oct 20 00:15:36 <JasonD> «Let's fuck this bitch. Drivers, head 'em out.»
Oct 20 00:15:42 <Waxx> «If that blast damaged the boats, we may be wasting time.»
Oct 20 00:15:47 <ReddnJohnny> «Go go go go.»
Oct 20 00:15:49 <JasonD> «Thunder run. Top speed.»
Oct 20 00:15:55 <JasonD> «Then we fuckin' waste our time.»
Oct 20 00:16:13 <Waxx> The psychic blast that engulfed the city has completely eliminated all of the cloud cover, revealing a full moon that gives great illumination.
Oct 20 00:16:38 <DustyCole> "Mmmnn…I just wish I was the kind of mage wwho could tap into the moon."
Oct 20 00:16:38 <ProfCF> «There was a harvest moon tha other day.»
Oct 20 00:16:42 <ZoeChantili> «If the boats are gone we're completly screwed, no point in thinking about it. Lets roll.»
Oct 20 00:16:50 * Bright is now known as Joey
Oct 20 00:16:51 <John_W> «Let's harvest then, Shank.»
Oct 20 00:17:10 * Joey rides along.
Oct 20 00:17:24 * Rights has quit (Quit: Leaving.)
Oct 20 00:17:27 <ZoeChantili> "Hey Joey. Tagging along?"
Oct 20 00:17:44 * Rights (~moc.retrahc.iw.lcue.pchd.863C6847-CRInys|ahtagA#moc.retrahc.iw.lcue.pchd.863C6847-CRInys|ahtagA) has joined #afteraction
Oct 20 00:17:47 <Waxx> As usual, please do not roll unless directed. Feel free to PM me if you want to roll out of turn.
Oct 20 00:17:51 <Joey> "I do my best to, when I'm here."
Oct 20 00:17:56 <AliceD> <Jason. I love you.>
Oct 20 00:18:23 <Kayleigh> "John!" Kay calls up from the driver's seat.
Oct 20 00:18:30 <John_W> "Yo"
Oct 20 00:18:31 <AliceD> <You too, Travis.>
Oct 20 00:18:34 * Sage racks a rounds into his long rifle and sets it down near him.
Oct 20 00:18:41 <DustyCole> Dusty passes a bottle of soma to ZoeChantili and sets his other in front of midnight.
Oct 20 00:18:47 <JasonD> Jason throws a round of ammo into the driver's compartment, blasting the new guy.
Oct 20 00:18:52 <DustyCole> "Only if you really need it, ok?"
Oct 20 00:18:53 <Kayleigh> "Call me Kayleigh"
Oct 20 00:18:56 <Rosenthal> «Startin' 'er up?»
Oct 20 00:18:56 <JasonD> «DRIVE, motherfucker.»
Oct 20 00:19:00 <Waxx> "GET US ROLLING ALREADY."
Oct 20 00:19:02 <John_W> "Will do, Kayleigh"
Oct 20 00:19:03 <ZoeChantili> "Right…"
Oct 20 00:19:08 <Joey> <Love you too mom>
Oct 20 00:19:09 <Alicel> "Hello Zoe, Midnight, Dusty. "
Oct 20 00:19:10 <Waxx> Dmitri stomps his boots on the floor!
Oct 20 00:19:12 <Kayleigh> Kay waits for Eve to move
Oct 20 00:19:17 <John_W> John looks over to his shoulder, at empty air. he figures there's a woman there he can't see. "You ready, Akane?"
Oct 20 00:19:19 <Rosenthal> Nick starts up Eve and puts her in gear.
Oct 20 00:19:29 <ZoeChantili> Zoe pockets the Soma, and pulls out her Demonic E, giveing dusty and midnight one of the 4 pills.
Oct 20 00:19:32 <Rosenthal> He takes off.
Oct 20 00:19:32 <ZoeChantili> "Also, just in case."
Oct 20 00:19:41 <Kayleigh> Kay follows
Oct 20 00:19:43 <DustyCole> Dusty takes it puzzled.
Oct 20 00:19:49 <DustyCole> "Your prize from that fight?"
Oct 20 00:20:07 * Joey slips a tarot card from a pocket, and absently pins it to his shirt. 'The Magician'
Oct 20 00:20:12 <ZoeChantili> "Yah…"
Oct 20 00:20:17 <Waxx> The vehicles set off in tandem, heading directly for the city. No pussyfooting around this time, they're going straight the fuck in through the nearest point of entry.
Oct 20 00:20:18 <Alicel> Alicel is just sitting, watching Dusty, Midnight and Zoe.
Oct 20 00:20:22 <DustyCole> "Right."
Oct 20 00:20:30 <ZoeChantili> "Still haven't used it, just in case, you know."
Oct 20 00:20:38 <Waxx> «Dodge Ridge, do the drivers know how to reach the docks?»
Oct 20 00:20:46 * Sage focuses himself, sitting in the rear and concentrating.
Oct 20 00:20:53 <DustyCole> "I'll keep it right here." He taps a pocket. "Unless I really need it."
Oct 20 00:21:03 <JasonD> «Alice has it up on the BFT.»
Oct 20 00:21:17 <Waxx> «Very good, then. Good hunting to all.»
Oct 20 00:21:18 <JasonD> «If they can follow a GPS' directions, yes.»
Oct 20 00:22:07 <Waxx> Your soundtrack is this:
Oct 20 00:22:09 <Waxx> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R0ynjjk2c7Y
Oct 20 00:22:09 <Glacon> Waxx: Soundtrack Song to Own: Like Dog Chasing Cars - length 5m 4s - rated 4.96/5.0 (1210) - 395841 views - riskmod1 on 2009.08.13
Oct 20 00:23:13 <JasonD> There's a loud KA-CHUNK in the Eve as Jason links the ammo feeder bins, then a loud hydraulic whir.
Oct 20 00:23:20 <ZoeChantili> "Joey, you wnat one of these? I can't use magic…dosn't do me any good."
Oct 20 00:23:51 <Waxx> The drive into the suburbs is surprisingly uneventful….beyond the frantic radio calls of mostly confused and unidentified persons, nothing happens. You don't receive any fire and barely see anyone at all.
Oct 20 00:24:02 <Waxx> Whatever chaos is going on seems to be contained within the city proper.
Oct 20 00:24:14 * Joey glances over…then nods. "I don't have any perception to speak of, anyways."
Oct 20 00:24:28 * Joey snags a pill.
Oct 20 00:24:29 <AliceD> Alice tries to keep breathing.
Oct 20 00:24:49 <JasonD> Jason reaches up into the turret, patting her leg.
Oct 20 00:24:54 <Kayleigh> "Anyone got gum?" Kay white knuckles the steering wheel.
Oct 20 00:25:14 <ProfCF> "Erry'one's got guns."
Oct 20 00:25:16 <ZoeChantili> Zoe is now out of the Demonic E. "Hope you put it to good use guys…"
Oct 20 00:25:58 <Alicel> Alicel sighs a bit.
Oct 20 00:26:28 <AliceD> Alice calms a little.
Oct 20 00:26:37 <JasonD> <Listen, don't worry. It's gonna be okay.>
Oct 20 00:26:38 <ReddnJohnny> Redd remains hanging in Florence, drifting back and forth as they roll over bumps.
Oct 20 00:26:44 <Kayleigh> "Gum, Shank, *gum*"
Oct 20 00:26:47 * Rights has quit (Quit: Leaving.)
Oct 20 00:26:48 <JasonD> <We're gonna be floatin' away soon.>
Oct 20 00:27:02 <Joey> <careful about saying stuff like that. The Gods have a shiotty sence of humor.>
Oct 20 00:27:08 <John_W> A stick of gum drops down the turret, sortof thrown at Kay
Oct 20 00:27:27 * Rights (~moc.retrahc.iw.lcue.pchd.863C6847-CRInys|ahtagA#moc.retrahc.iw.lcue.pchd.863C6847-CRInys|ahtagA) has joined #afteraction
Oct 20 00:27:31 <Kayleigh> "Thanks" Kay pops it, chewing, calming her nerves slightly.
Oct 20 00:27:31 <DustyCole> Dusty is outlining a the scarred circles on his palms with some slightly chalk, adding sigils, and extras bits for more effectiveness.
Oct 20 00:27:31 <ZoeChantili> Zoe starts humming nervously, "We're on a boooat…never thought I'd be on a boooat…"
Oct 20 00:27:36 <Sage> «And here I was thinking I would never have to ride a fucking tin can again after getting outta the navy»
Oct 20 00:27:46 <DustyCole> 4df+4 Pre-emptive occult maneuver for dusty's alchemy
Oct 20 00:27:47 <Glacon> DustyCole: Pre-emptive occult maneuver for dusty's alchemy: 5 (4df+4=0, +, 0, 0)
Oct 20 00:27:56 <John_W> "Well, now I'm all out of bubble gum." wisecracking
Oct 20 00:28:01 <Rosenthal> "It's a big blue watery rooooad…"
Oct 20 00:28:06 <Joey> 4df+3 preemtive mahgics
Oct 20 00:28:07 <Glacon> Joey: preemtive mahgics: 2 (4df+3=0, -, +, -)
Oct 20 00:28:15 <JasonD> «Clear the goddamn net.»
Oct 20 00:28:33 <Waxx> Minutes pass. Nothing but the sound of the pavement beneath the wheels.
Oct 20 00:28:33 <Flames> Midnight curls up next to her circle, and listens to the world around her.
Oct 20 00:28:34 * Joey snaps his fingers, trying to charge… the card on his shirt twitches, but nothing else happens
Oct 20 00:28:45 <Kayleigh> "I'll get you more"
Oct 20 00:28:54 <ProfCF> "Let this company know in tha name of tha dead we're coming…"
Oct 20 00:29:15 <Alicel> Alicel is just watching everyone, trying to record them. Trying to remember them if anything happens. He's oddly silent.
Oct 20 00:29:17 <John_W> "Not my point. Now I'm stuck just kicking asses."
Oct 20 00:29:25 <JasonD> 4df+4 Perception, checking for disturbed ground roadside, suspicious trash, hidden emplacements.
Oct 20 00:29:26 <Glacon> JasonD: Perception, checking for disturbed ground roadside, suspicious trash, hidden emplacements.: 2 (4df+4=-, -, -, +)
Oct 20 00:29:32 <AliceD> 4df+6 Spotter per, looking for bad things.
Oct 20 00:29:33 <Glacon> AliceD: Spotter per, looking for bad things.: 8 (4df+6=+, 0, +, 0)
Oct 20 00:29:51 <John_W> 4df+4 perception maneuver. Looking for targets.
Oct 20 00:29:52 <Glacon> John_W: perception maneuver. Looking for targets.: 2 (4df+4=-, -, +, -)
Oct 20 00:30:14 <Waxx> Jason can't see anything of note. Alice has a bit more luck, spotting a pretty well-constructed roadblock directly ahead. Lots of anti-vehicular traps obstruct the roadway…but there are no men in sight.
Oct 20 00:30:38 <Waxx> Nobody is manning the checkpoint. Nobody is on the defensive guns.
Oct 20 00:30:55 <JasonD> What sort of guns?
Oct 20 00:30:57 <ProfCF> "… Where's erryone…"
Oct 20 00:31:03 <AliceD> «R-road block ahead, anti-vehic traps, b-but the post looks abandoned.»
Oct 20 00:31:03 <Waxx> Light mounted MG's, nothing more.
Oct 20 00:31:25 <John_W> «Can we run it?»
Oct 20 00:31:26 <JasonD> «Bring it to a short halt, Nick.»
Oct 20 00:31:37 <JasonD> «John, demo up. 2 minute. Move it.»
Oct 20 00:31:43 <Rosenthal> Nick stops Eve.
Oct 20 00:31:55 <Kayleigh> Kay stops Florence.
Oct 20 00:32:16 <John_W> «Rodger> "Yo, Sage, mind if I borrow that charge? I need to use it"
Oct 20 00:32:21 <JasonD> Jason climbs out of the turret past Alice, and hops to the ground, running up to the emplacements and checking one of the machine guns.
Oct 20 00:32:22 <Joey> "That's just too much goat dick."
Oct 20 00:32:29 <Sage> "Roger, I'll cover you."
Oct 20 00:32:39 <John_W> John drops down, and takes the charge from sage
Oct 20 00:32:41 * Sage hands over the charge as John steps down.
Oct 20 00:32:47 * Rights has quit (Quit: Leaving.)
Oct 20 00:32:47 <Waxx> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z0kGAz6HYM8
Oct 20 00:32:48 <Glacon> Waxx: Inception Soundtrack HD - #12 Time (Hans Zimmer) - length 4m 36s - rated 4.97/5.0 (21623) - 3948067 views - MovieZoneET on 2010.07.23
Oct 20 00:33:13 <JasonD> Jason claps John on the shoulder as he passes. <Do it quick. Get that shit set.>
Oct 20 00:33:31 <John_W> 4df+4 swapping the 3 sec for the 2 minute, and running for it
Oct 20 00:33:31 <Glacon> John_W: swapping the 3 sec for the 2 minute, and running for it: 3 (4df+4=0, 0, 0, -)
Oct 20 00:33:34 * Sage steps out with John and sets up offset from the vehicles, covering his flank and far side.
Oct 20 00:33:46 <Flames> "Too bad there's no time for looting the machine guns."
Oct 20 00:34:13 * Sage climbs back in with him, covering him all the way.
Oct 20 00:34:13 <JasonD> Jason pulls the takedown pin out of the mount and removes the LMG from its mount.
Oct 20 00:34:25 <ZoeChantili> "I'm more worried where everyone is."
Oct 20 00:34:29 <Alicel> Alicel gingerly pets Midnight.
Oct 20 00:35:03 <JasonD> He hauls ass back to the Eve, vaulting up the side and clambering up the turret and dropping past Alice.
Oct 20 00:35:20 <John_W> John swings his ass back up into the turret
Oct 20 00:35:44 <Waxx> The charge detonates. Dirt, concrete and debris fly…
Oct 20 00:35:47 <Waxx> John, roll a 1d6
Oct 20 00:35:48 * Sage settles back down in the rear, waiting to deploy again.
Oct 20 00:35:48 <Rosenthal> "All good sir?"
Oct 20 00:35:56 <Rosenthal> *Dodridge
Oct 20 00:36:07 <JasonD> <Stand by.>
Oct 20 00:36:24 <John_W> 1d6
Oct 20 00:36:25 <Glacon> John_W: 6 (1d6=6)
Oct 20 00:37:21 <JasonD> Jason passes the light machine gun up to Alice.
Oct 20 00:37:23 <ReddnJohnny> :cool:
Oct 20 00:37:26 <Waxx> The nearby IED's detonate as well. The road is literally torn from the earth, the obstructions with it. Debris rains upon the armored shell of the vehicles, and a hot wind blows the smoke away.
Oct 20 00:37:29 <Waxx> Your path is clear!
Oct 20 00:37:39 <ProfCF> «FUCK.»
Oct 20 00:37:42 <AliceD> Alice takes it from him.
Oct 20 00:37:55 <Joey> "…"
Oct 20 00:37:57 <Waxx> Despite a tremendous thrashing and possible whiplash, nothing gets damaged.
Oct 20 00:37:58 <ZoeChantili> "Damn."
Oct 20 00:37:59 <JasonD> «WOOHOO! FUCK YEAH. Did you fuckin' see that shit?»
Oct 20 00:38:05 <John_W> «*mad cackling over the radio*»
Oct 20 00:38:10 <ZoeChantili> «No, there's no windows back here»
Oct 20 00:38:12 * Sage is grinning to himself.
Oct 20 00:38:21 <Waxx> A few hanging trinkets are knocked down but nothing more than that. The city is looming ahead of you now, erupting in further fighting.
Oct 20 00:38:22 <DustyCole> «I'm going to do better. Just wait."
Oct 20 00:38:24 <DustyCole> »
Oct 20 00:38:26 <Kayleigh> "Good job John"
Oct 20 00:38:30 <John_W> "thanks"
Oct 20 00:38:35 <Alicel> "Oh dear. Should we not be getting on?"
Oct 20 00:38:35 <JasonD> «Transform and roll out, Nick.»
Oct 20 00:38:44 <John_W> John had a grin rolling into the city. He has an even bigger one now.
Oct 20 00:38:53 <Joey> «I'm not even going to try."
Oct 20 00:38:53 <ZoeChantili> Zoe makes the transformer noise.
Oct 20 00:38:54 <Rosenthal> "You got it, Optimus."
Oct 20 00:39:00 <Rosenthal> He floors it.
Oct 20 00:39:07 <Kayleigh> Kay follows.
Oct 20 00:39:16 <JasonD> <Keep your head down behind that gunshield, Alice.>
Oct 20 00:39:20 <Waxx> As you get closer to the city, you start coming across scattered people milling around in confusion. A lot of them are wearing Australian Army fatigues, and some of those still wear their black and white armbands.
Oct 20 00:39:27 <AliceD> <R-roger that, hun.>
Oct 20 00:39:46 <Waxx> Some of them have slung weapons, but all they do is look at you in confusion as you drive past. No shots are fired.
Oct 20 00:39:56 <ZoeChantili> «I'm guessing we don't engage unless fired upon?»
Oct 20 00:40:14 <ProfCF> «Prolly not. Somethn's funny.»
Oct 20 00:40:14 <Flames> "I would say so. Why borrow trouble?"
Oct 20 00:40:16 <DustyCole> «Why waste the ammo. We'll probably need it soon.»
Oct 20 00:40:18 <Sage> «Looks like their command element is fucked.»
Oct 20 00:40:19 * Joey keeps his head down, his fingers interlaced. "Possible futures, possible futures…"
Oct 20 00:40:26 <JasonD> «… Not this time. If you see black and white armor, engage on sight.»
Oct 20 00:40:44 <JasonD> «Bunnies and hearts, do not fire on them unless engaged.»
Oct 20 00:40:54 <JasonD> 4df+4
Oct 20 00:40:54 <Glacon> JasonD: 1 (4df+4=0, -, -, -)
Oct 20 00:40:56 * ReddnJohnny has quit (Broken pipe)
Oct 20 00:41:00 <Flames> «Roger»
Oct 20 00:41:00 <Kayleigh> 4df+2 Driver perception
Oct 20 00:41:01 <Glacon> Kayleigh: Driver perception: 2 (4df+2=0, -, +, 0)
Oct 20 00:41:15 <AliceD> 4df+6 spotter per
Oct 20 00:41:16 <Glacon> AliceD: spotter per: 6 (4df+6=0, 0, -, +)
Oct 20 00:41:41 <John_W> 4df+4 turret perc
Oct 20 00:41:42 <Glacon> John_W: turret perc: 5 (4df+4=-, +, +, 0)
Oct 20 00:41:46 <Rosenthal> 4df+2 driver perception
Oct 20 00:41:47 <Glacon> Rosenthal: driver perception: 2 (4df+2=+, +, -, -)
Oct 20 00:42:26 <Waxx> Alice and John notice that there seems to be a complete lack of coordination and discipline to these men. Some of them are dazed, as if in a stupor, wandering without aim and purpose. This is completely at odds with everything you've encountered before.
Oct 20 00:42:30 * ReddnJohnny (~ten.elbacwahs.gc.63A9248-CRInys|rednamlaS#ten.elbacwahs.gc.63A9248-CRInys|rednamlaS) has joined #afteraction
Oct 20 00:42:32 <Waxx> There are none of the armor-clad officers in sight at this time.
Oct 20 00:43:19 <AliceD> «Doesn't look like w-we got any officers.»
Oct 20 00:43:21 <Sage> «Keep us informed what's going on up there. I don't want to be blind when I pop out.»
Oct 20 00:43:34 <ZoeChantili> «No officers? Hm…How far till the docks?»
Oct 20 00:43:39 <Waxx> The streets grow wider, the buildings grow taller, and the city soon looms overhead. Everything you expected about breaching this place is going out the window as you go further and further into what should be enemy territory.
Oct 20 00:43:43 <John_W> «No black an whites yet»
Oct 20 00:43:48 <JasonD> «Keep on truckin'. Copy Sage. None of these are hostiles at the moment.»
Oct 20 00:44:03 <Waxx> Despite what you can see, the sound of battle continues to rage from within the city.
Oct 20 00:44:17 <JasonD> The turret whirs as it rotates left and right, keeping pace with side roads, alleys, and intersections off the main drag.
Oct 20 00:44:33 <ZoeChantili> "Now i'm just waiting for the shoe to drop…"
Oct 20 00:44:43 <Alicel> "This is odd. Are we not in the city by now? I do not remember the Insurgency to work so inefficiently."
Oct 20 00:44:44 <John_W> John catches a shiver, as he has unfortunate memories of 333. Heswings his minigun left and right.
Oct 20 00:45:02 <Waxx> As you go further and further, the signs of battle, both past and recent are more evident. Craters, pock marks, and burnt wrecks litter the streets.
Oct 20 00:45:11 <Joey> "And to finish off the cliches. It's quiet. Too quiet."
Oct 20 00:45:15 <DustyCole> "Midnight? You have the soma I gave you, right?"
Oct 20 00:45:16 <JasonD> «Looks like we're late to the party.»
Oct 20 00:45:20 <ProfCF> Shank flickers.
Oct 20 00:45:21 <AliceD> Alice breathes slowly as she hears the battle somewhere. «I don't k-know w-what Tau did, but bless her eyes.»
Oct 20 00:45:22 <Waxx> Buildings have collapsed, or are otherwise so damaged that they look unsafe to enter. Nothing has been spared damage, it seems.
Oct 20 00:45:24 <ZoeChantili> "Don't know…Tau must've really messed things up. Note to self, never ever piss her off."
Oct 20 00:45:30 <Rosenthal> "This normal, Dodridge? This doesn't seem in keeping with what I was told…"
Oct 20 00:45:36 <ProfCF> He looks like he's struggling to not vanish.
Oct 20 00:45:51 <JasonD> «I'm seeing weapons fire, damage from explosives.»
Oct 20 00:46:23 <Waxx> Drivers and gunners, roll perception
Oct 20 00:46:32 <AliceD> 4df+6 Eye!
Oct 20 00:46:33 <Glacon> AliceD: Eye!: 7 (4df+6=0, +, -, +)
Oct 20 00:46:35 <Kayleigh> 4df+2 Florence driver
Oct 20 00:46:36 <Glacon> Kayleigh: Florence driver: 4 (4df+2=0, 0, +, +)
Oct 20 00:46:37 <John_W> 4df+4 gunner perc
Oct 20 00:46:38 <Glacon> John_W: gunner perc: 4 (4df+4=+, -, 0, 0)
Oct 20 00:46:39 <Rosenthal> 4df+2 Driver perception
Oct 20 00:46:39 <Glacon> Rosenthal: Driver perception: 3 (4df+2=+, +, 0, -)
Oct 20 00:46:51 <JasonD> 4df+4 Gunner perception | Jason hopes the thermals still aren't glitching.
Oct 20 00:46:51 * ProfCF is now known as Dexanote
Oct 20 00:46:52 <Glacon> JasonD: Gunner perception | Jason hopes the thermals still aren't glitching.: 2 (4df+4=-, 0, -, 0)
Oct 20 00:46:57 * ChanServ gives channel operator status to Dexanote
Oct 20 00:47:59 <Waxx> Alice's eyes are sharp tonight, and in the distant haze she is able to make out what appears to be a large congregation of people moving, far away down the street they are travelling on. From behind them, the muzzle flash of gunfire flickers and a few errant tracers zing your way as they ricochet around and reach the ends of their ballistic arcs.
Oct 20 00:48:00 <Flames> "It's here, Dusty, but I'm not taking it. I need my wits about me."
Oct 20 00:48:30 <DustyCole> "I know…but…if it comes down to the wire….I want you to live, Midnight."
Oct 20 00:48:33 <Waxx> The crowd dispereses in a frenzy, panic apparently sowed amongst the ranks of these unidentified people.
Oct 20 00:48:59 <Waxx> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QgfwtKvnGzg&feature=related
Oct 20 00:49:00 <Glacon> Waxx: Two Steps From Hell - Moving Mountains - length 6m 25s - rated 4.99/5.0 (276) - 70929 views - subzero9285 on 2010.05.21
Oct 20 00:49:19 <AliceD> «W-we got a group ahead, l-looks like they're breaking ranks and s-shits fucking up.»
Oct 20 00:49:26 <JasonD> «WEAPONS TIGHT.»
Oct 20 00:49:36 <JasonD> «No errant fire.»
Oct 20 00:49:39 * Joey draws his pistol.
Oct 20 00:49:40 <Waxx> Your high speed brings you closer and closer….it's easier to tell who is who….
Oct 20 00:49:41 <Alicel> "Does anyone know what they're fighting?"
Oct 20 00:49:52 <Flames> "I can't die, Dusty. This body can, but not me."
Oct 20 00:50:05 <ZoeChantili> "Well, still. I like you in that body."
Oct 20 00:50:07 <Kayleigh> Kay pats the rifle at her side.
Oct 20 00:50:13 <Waxx> The panicked crowd all wear the uniform of the Australian armed forces. Their aggressors wear the distinct black and white carapace armor of the Chaos Insurgency.
Oct 20 00:50:16 <Flames> "I like it, too."
Oct 20 00:50:19 <ZoeChantili> "You're cuddly."
Oct 20 00:50:19 <DustyCole> "Same here." Dusty pets Midnight softly.
Oct 20 00:50:27 <Joey> "That's two of us."
Oct 20 00:50:37 <AliceD> «We got blackn w-whites fireing on locals!»
Oct 20 00:50:44 <John_W> «Black an' whites. Shall I, fearless leader?»
Oct 20 00:50:47 <Sage> "…oh hell no."
Oct 20 00:50:47 <Alicel> "Please do not die if you can help it. This goes for everyone."
Oct 20 00:50:52 <ZoeChantili> «That's…good, right?»
Oct 20 00:50:55 <Rosenthal> "…shit."
Oct 20 00:51:00 <ZoeChantili> "Here we go…"
Oct 20 00:51:03 <Alicel> "Well now."
Oct 20 00:51:06 <Kayleigh> "Save us John"
Oct 20 00:51:08 * Sage gets ready to disperse out the hatch if needed.
Oct 20 00:51:10 <John_W> «*mad laughter from the turrer*»
Oct 20 00:51:24 <Waxx> Gunners, roll your attacks!
Oct 20 00:51:57 <Sage> «Calling for terrain set, please.»
Oct 20 00:52:05 <AliceD> 4df+6 Perception man|| Hitting blacks and whites
Oct 20 00:52:07 <Glacon> AliceD: Perception man|| Hitting blacks and whites: 9 (4df+6=+, +, 0, +)
Oct 20 00:52:24 * lumancer (~ten.tsacmoc.ac.1dsh.3234ACB3-CRInys|recnamul#ten.tsacmoc.ac.1dsh.3234ACB3-CRInys|recnamul) has joined #afteraction
Oct 20 00:52:31 <AliceD> 4df+6 Mini gun fire.
Oct 20 00:52:32 <Glacon> AliceD: Mini gun fire.: 7 (4df+6=-, +, +, 0)
Oct 20 00:52:53 <JasonD> 4df+7 Jason sweeps the Bushmaster over the heads of the Aussies, firing into the thickest grouping of CI troops. <DROP RAMPS AND GET OUT OR CLIMB UP TOP.>
Oct 20 00:52:53 <Glacon> JasonD: Jason sweeps the Bushmaster over the heads of the Aussies, firing into the thickest grouping of CI troops. <DROP RAMPS AND GET OUT OR CLIMB UP TOP.>: 7 (4df+7=+, 0, -, 0)
Oct 20 00:52:54 <John_W> 4df+7 tagging "and the answer is a gun" ranged weapons roll || John continues laughing his ass off, and sweeps the gun across
Oct 20 00:52:54 <Glacon> John_W: tagging "and the answer is a gun" ranged weapons roll || John continues laughing his ass off, and sweeps the gun across: 4 (4df+7=-, -, -, 0)
Oct 20 00:53:10 <Waxx> Dmitri slams the hatch release.
Oct 20 00:53:28 * Sage pops the top and heads up with his long rifle and flash.
Oct 20 00:53:31 <AliceD> <GIVE THEM HELL!>
Oct 20 00:53:32 <ReddnJohnny> Redd looks around from his hook. "Izzat me/"
Oct 20 00:53:41 <Waxx> Anyone wanting to disembark and engage may perform actions and rolls now
Oct 20 00:54:07 <John_W> «Kay, GRIND THEM UNDER OUR WHEELS»
Oct 20 00:54:09 <ZoeChantili> Zoe waits in cover, she's not good at ranged.
Oct 20 00:54:12 <Flames> Midnight murmurs a spell, then steps out of the vehicle. She looks for a promising target, while Dingo moves in support.
Oct 20 00:54:23 <ReddnJohnny> He shrugs and gets off, taking out his rifle.
Oct 20 00:54:26 * Joey waits in cover. "Mages, hold 'til we're needed…"
Oct 20 00:54:33 <Kayleigh> Kay drives into the crowd.
Oct 20 00:54:35 <DustyCole> Dusty pops out, but hugs his vehicle, using it for cover.
Oct 20 00:54:41 <DustyCole> 4f Rifle pot shot
Oct 20 00:54:43 <Kayleigh> CI side, that is
Oct 20 00:54:47 <Rosenthal> Nick floors it towards the crowd, following Kay's lead.
Oct 20 00:54:50 <DustyCole> 4df Rifle pot shot
Oct 20 00:54:50 <Glacon> DustyCole: Rifle pot shot: 1 (4df=+, 0, 0, 0)
Oct 20 00:54:59 <Dexanote> Shank dashes out, inconsistent and flickering.
Oct 20 00:55:14 <Kayleigh> 4df+4 Stryker attack
Oct 20 00:55:15 <Glacon> Kayleigh: Stryker attack: 3 (4df+4=0, 0, -, 0)
Oct 20 00:55:18 <Dexanote> 4df+6 Tagging Harvester to smash someone over the head with the back of the Scythe.
Oct 20 00:55:19 <Glacon> Dexanote: Tagging Harvester to smash someone over the head with the back of the Scythe.: 6 (4df+6=+, -, 0, 0)
Oct 20 00:55:19 <Rosenthal> 4df+4 RUNNIN' BITCHES OVER
Oct 20 00:55:20 <Glacon> Rosenthal: RUNNIN' BITCHES OVER: 1 (4df+4=-, -, 0, -)
Oct 20 00:55:21 * Sage holds on for dear life as he is starting to climb out of the forward hatch.
Oct 20 00:55:23 <Waxx> 4df+4 Dmitri disembarks and shoulders his rifle, firing through the crowd.
Oct 20 00:55:23 <Glacon> Waxx: Dmitri disembarks and shoulders his rifle, firing through the crowd.: 2 (4df+4=-, 0, 0, -)
Oct 20 00:55:25 <ZoeChantili> "Dusty, get in here! You can't hit the road side of a barn!"
Oct 20 00:55:37 <Flames> 4df+6 Midnight lashes out with her mind, attempting to dominate one of the CI troops.
Oct 20 00:55:38 <ReddnJohnny> 4df+3 Ranged. Redd grabs onto Florence as it drives and shoots any CI's goons left alive
Oct 20 00:55:38 <Glacon> Flames: Midnight lashes out with her mind, attempting to dominate one of the CI troops.: 4 (4df+6=-, 0, -, 0)
Oct 20 00:55:38 <Glacon> ReddnJohnny: Ranged. Redd grabs onto Florence as it drives and shoots any CI's goons left alive: 5 (4df+3=+, +, -, +)
Oct 20 00:56:00 * Joey stays in the vehicle, watching, waiting to see if he's needed.
Oct 20 00:56:12 <Alicel> Alicel is not bringing his knives to this gunfight.
Oct 20 00:56:13 <Waxx> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SZ1GbBlS9wM&feature=related
Oct 20 00:56:14 <Glacon> Waxx: Two Steps From Hell - To Glory - length 4m 38s - rated 4.97/5.0 (5288) - 951063 views - subzero9285 on 2010.05.21
Oct 20 00:56:14 <ZoeChantili> Zoe waits till the punch through, Firebomb read to cover their escape.
Oct 20 00:56:16 <Dexanote> "What did I do to deserve all of you-" he tears into a second.
Oct 20 00:56:46 <Waxx> The panicking mob washes over and through you as they run from their aggressors, who seem mildly surprised that you have chosen now, of all the god damned times, to arrive.
Oct 20 00:57:34 <DustyCole> Dusty advances cautiously as the vehicles swarm on ahead.
Oct 20 00:57:40 <JasonD> «NICK! KAY! Stop the goddamn vehicles! We got people to pick up!»
Oct 20 00:57:46 <DustyCole> He's not about to run, and risk asthma.
Oct 20 00:57:49 <Rosenthal> Nick slams on the brakes.
Oct 20 00:57:55 <Kayleigh> Kay halts.
Oct 20 00:58:03 * Joey leans against the inside bulkhead, and whistles 'My way' to himself.
Oct 20 00:58:05 <John_W> "Bring 'er around, Kay. Let's get our people."
Oct 20 00:58:09 <Alicel> "Nick I think you may need to work on your skills."
Oct 20 00:58:19 <Alicel> Alicel is saying this in reaction to the sudden break.
Oct 20 00:58:24 <Waxx> The chainguns belch flame and steel casings as they open fire, tracers illuminating the darkened streets. Dust and blood fly from the assembled Insurgent ranks, and they recover just in time to be hit full on by the infantry assault.
Oct 20 00:58:29 <ZoeChantili> "Dusty! Midnight, come on! GEt back in here!"
Oct 20 00:58:30 <Kayleigh> Kay pulls around, waiting for people to get back in.
Oct 20 00:58:52 <Dexanote> Shank, fluid as can be, dashes up and around the crowd, finishing off whoever isn't destroyed by the chaingun wounds.
Oct 20 00:58:55 <Flames> Midnight hops on Dingo, who runs back to Eve.
Oct 20 00:59:09 <Waxx> Shank closes unnaturally quickly, upon them before they're even aware what is happening. His scythe finds the neck of an unwitting soldier and cleaves it in two, already moving on to the next target before the parts hit the ground.
Oct 20 00:59:18 * Sage helps people get back into the Stryker.
Oct 20 00:59:22 <Rosenthal> He pulls Eve back around to pick everyone up.
Oct 20 00:59:27 <DustyCole> Dusty hurries back to the vehicle with mid.
Oct 20 00:59:47 <Waxx> Midnight's mind freezes one of the machine-gunners, whose support fire abruptly ceases. He freezes in place, just in time for Nick to crush him underneath the glacis plate of the stryker.
Oct 20 00:59:56 <ZoeChantili> "Keep your arms and legs inside the ride at all times Dusty!"
Oct 20 01:00:26 <Flames> "Sorry about that. Thought it was time to deal." One for the kitty. Midnight gets inside with Dingo. "Got one of the gunners."
Oct 20 01:00:45 <DustyCole> "If the /cat/ is allowed to run outside, why can't I?"
Oct 20 01:00:50 <ZoeChantili> "Nicely done. Hopefully they'll be too busy fighting the normal troops to care about us."
Oct 20 01:00:52 <Waxx> As quickly as you've approached the engagement, it's over. The Insurgent heavy infantry breaks and withdraws, something that you've not seen them do before. Their wounded and dead lay bleeding in the streets, surrounded by the bodies of their former comrades.
Oct 20 01:01:00 <Joey> "Because the cat can dodge bullets."
Oct 20 01:01:00 <ZoeChantili> "Cause the cat can run at 20 miles per hour."
Oct 20 01:01:02 <DustyCole> "I'm pretty sure I hit one of them too…"
Oct 20 01:01:28 <ZoeChantili> "Dusty, if you hit any of them, it's cause they're packed in like sardiens."
Oct 20 01:01:29 <John_W> John continues laughing.
Oct 20 01:01:43 <DustyCole> Dusty sticks his tongue out.
Oct 20 01:01:43 <ReddnJohnny> "Now why the fuck are they all runnin'?"
Oct 20 01:01:57 <ZoeChantili> "Who cares?"
Oct 20 01:02:04 <John_W> "Cause they're buncha fuckin cowards"
Oct 20 01:02:06 <ZoeChantili> "Our goal is the docks."
Oct 20 01:02:07 <DustyCole> "I'm not complining."
Oct 20 01:02:08 <Waxx> All that you can see of them now are their fanny packs bouncing on their buttocks as they flee through nearby alleys to regroup!
Oct 20 01:02:12 <Alicel> "This is too easy."
Oct 20 01:02:16 <DustyCole> *complaining
Oct 20 01:02:25 <ZoeChantili> "OH god, Alicel, you just said that…."
Oct 20 01:02:29 <John_W> «Why're we sitting here?»
Oct 20 01:02:34 <Alicel> Alicel murmurs this quietly, perhaps only Midnight could pick it up, or someone else that had been really listening to him
Oct 20 01:02:38 <JasonD> <Alice! Gun left! John! Watch our reat!>
Oct 20 01:02:39 <Alicel> In reality he is very quiet.
Oct 20 01:02:40 <Kayleigh> "Something's wrong…" Kay white knuckles the wheel.
Oct 20 01:02:41 <Rosenthal> "I don't like it either, Alicel, but let's not question it."
Oct 20 01:02:44 <JasonD> *rear
Oct 20 01:02:49 <Waxx> «Clear, Dodge Ridge. We should move again.»
Oct 20 01:02:54 <Waxx> «Before they regroup.»
Oct 20 01:02:55 <Dexanote> Shank climbs atop Florence, shimmering. «I c'nt *BZZZZT* stay. Much…*BZZZT*»
Oct 20 01:02:56 <John_W> «Rodger»
Oct 20 01:02:58 <JasonD> «Punch it, Nick.?»
Oct 20 01:02:59 <Flames> "Okay, let's get going,"
Oct 20 01:03:04 <Waxx> "MOUNT UP. PREPARE TO ROLL."
Oct 20 01:03:05 <John_W> the turret swings to the rear
Oct 20 01:03:07 <Alicel> "Will do, Nick."
Oct 20 01:03:12 <ZoeChantili> «Got a lot of work to do?»
Oct 20 01:03:14 <Rosenthal> Nick slams her into gear and drives.
Oct 20 01:03:25 <Kayleigh> Kay follows!
Oct 20 01:03:26 <John_W> "Shank, if you gotta go, you gotta go. Yer always appreciated round these parts"
Oct 20 01:03:38 <JasonD> Jason aims the body of the turret right, letting Alice cover left.
Oct 20 01:03:49 * Sage hefts his weapons again, ready to hop out this time if given the opportunity.
Oct 20 01:04:02 <Waxx> Dmitri ushers everyone back into their respective vehicles and closes the ramp. «All accounted for, move!»
Oct 20 01:05:13 <AliceD> Alice covers the left like a boss.
Oct 20 01:06:25 * DustyCole has quit (Quit: http://www.mibbit.com ajax IRC Client)
Oct 20 01:07:32 * Doctor_Light (ten.tsacmoc.aw.1dsh.5300FD19-CRInys|tibbiM#ten.tsacmoc.aw.1dsh.5300FD19-CRInys|tibbiM) has joined #afteraction
Oct 20 01:07:32 <Waxx> The vehicles roll through the once pleasant boulevards and roadways of downtown Sydney. At this point, it is easy to see the battle raging all around you, ragtag Australian Army forces being swept away by the Insurgency. Their resistance is spirited, but feeble in the eyes of these (comparatively) well disciplined shock troopers.
Oct 20 01:08:06 <Waxx> Some of them managed to coordinate themselves into small infantry squads, but it is of no use, at least as far as you can tell.
Oct 20 01:09:11 <John_W> 4df+5 Ranged Weapons: John yells at one of the Aussies "BACKUP'S 'ERE MATE" before laying minigun fire at the CI
Oct 20 01:09:12 <Glacon> John_W: Ranged Weapons: John yells at one of the Aussies "BACKUP'S 'ERE MATE" before laying minigun fire at the CI: 6 (4df+5=0, +, +, -)
Oct 20 01:09:14 <Waxx> Your radios continue to crackle with heavy traffic, more and more of it falling under the CI encryption algorithms as they regroup and quell the apparent uprising. Disturbingly little of it comes from the Australians.
Oct 20 01:09:49 <Dexanote> Shank's arm shatters and fades.
Oct 20 01:10:00 <Waxx> The two-vehicle convoy plows through a line of abandoned cars. John swings the turret to the side and sprays a heavy burst down the roadway in a fleeting moment as they drive through the intersection.
Oct 20 01:10:18 <Waxx> It's impossible to tell who he hits with the rate they're travelling, but there's an angry burst of comms traffic immediately afterwards on the CI band.
Oct 20 01:10:32 <Waxx> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SenbXX0Lkb4&feature=related
Oct 20 01:10:33 <Glacon> Waxx: Two Steps From Hell - Black Blade - length 3m 8s - rated 4.98/5.0 (1095) - 190575 views - subzero9285 on 2010.05.20
Oct 20 01:11:05 <Joey> "It's not gay, if it's in a three way…"
Oct 20 01:11:10 <John_W> «Jason, if'n we bust up some of the CI as we go, we might give the aussies a fighting chance. Which'll keep their asses off of ours that much longer."
Oct 20 01:11:14 <JasonD> Jason switches to a wide-band transmission, unencrypted. «To any extant Australian forces within Sydney, form up as best you can and push eastward to the docks. Main drag provides a *safer* avenue of approach. CI component forces largely mitigated on main drag. MSR blockades have been pushed through.»
Oct 20 01:11:35 <Joey> "Dex, I am not your performing monkey."
Oct 20 01:11:40 <Waxx> There are a few random acknowledgements.
Oct 20 01:11:51 <Dexanote> There's an explosion and Shank vanishes.
Oct 20 01:12:18 <Waxx> «Dodge Ridge, how close are we getting?»
Oct 20 01:12:39 <JasonD> <Alice? What's the BFT say?>
Oct 20 01:13:02 * Dexanote has quit (Quit: Goodnight.)
Oct 20 01:13:56 <AliceD> «Halfway now.»
Oct 20 01:14:06 <JasonD> «Halfway, Colonel.»
Oct 20 01:15:22 <Waxx> «Very good.»
Oct 20 01:15:43 <Joey> "Let's hope they haven't scuttled the ships. Or rigged them with bombs."
Oct 20 01:15:57 <Alicel> "That is one of my worries."
Oct 20 01:16:09 <ZoeChantili> "If they're rigged, John can deal with them."
Oct 20 01:16:25 <ZoeChantili> "If they're skuttled, we're dead."
Oct 20 01:16:39 <Waxx> Convoy keeps rolling. The boulevards and intersections and roundabouts pass by in a blur, and you receive nothing more than sporadic fire. It seems all of their forces are tied up quelling the sudden rebellion of the main bulk of their conscripts.
Oct 20 01:16:42 <Flames> "We'll do our best, though."
Oct 20 01:16:54 <Waxx> Occasionally a few of them can be seen standing with the Insurgents, but for the most part they are on the run and hunted down.
Oct 20 01:18:06 <Kayleigh> "John, do what you can…save the Aussies"
Oct 20 01:18:15 <John_W> "Gladly"
Oct 20 01:18:22 <JasonD> «Australian Force Commander, this is Corporal Jason Dodridge, United States Marine Corps, come back, over.»
Oct 20 01:18:47 <Waxx> There is no response. Instead, warning sirens ring in both vehicles. You are being target locked!
Oct 20 01:18:55 <Waxx> Drivers, roll defense
Oct 20 01:19:07 <Waxx> Vehicle defense, that is
Oct 20 01:19:15 <Kayleigh> 4df+7 Stryker
Oct 20 01:19:16 <Glacon> Kayleigh: Stryker: 8 (4df+7=+, -, 0, +)
Oct 20 01:19:17 <JasonD> <NICK! RED BUTTON! *RED* *GODDAMN* *BUTTON*!!!!»
Oct 20 01:19:19 * lumancer is now known as G-G-Inquisitor
Oct 20 01:19:21 <Rosenthal> 4df+8 vehicle defense
Oct 20 01:19:22 <Glacon> Rosenthal: vehicle defense: 7 (4df+8=0, -, -, +)
Oct 20 01:19:26 <JasonD> <SMOKE SMOKE SMOKE!>
Oct 20 01:19:38 <John_W> "Pop smoke, Kay"
Oct 20 01:19:48 <Rosenthal> Nick slams his fist on the red button
Oct 20 01:20:01 <Kayleigh> "Done" Kay mashes the button, chewing the gum like never before.
Oct 20 01:20:33 <Laito> «Corporal Dodridge, this is Artemis Harrow.»
Oct 20 01:21:05 <JasonD> «Send it, Artemis.»
Oct 20 01:21:21 <Waxx> The smoke projectors fire in unison, enshrouding both vehicles in a protective cloud. The guided missiles are relatively primitive compared to some of their more modern counterparts and are easily confused by the basic evasive actions. They slam into the nearby buildings, causing them to groan and teeter ominously.
Oct 20 01:21:48 <Waxx> Small arms fire erupts around you and it becomes very difficult to hear much of anything for those inside the passenger compartments as rounds ping and ricochet off the armor plate.
Oct 20 01:22:00 <Waxx> Despite this close call it is extremely evident that this is not somewhere you want to be!
Oct 20 01:22:19 <ZoeChantili> Zoe sits in the passenger compartment, spinning her ring around her finger.
Oct 20 01:22:29 <Alicel> Alicel is just staring down.
Oct 20 01:22:35 <Flames> 4df+4 Prepare the spell (Occult maneuver)
Oct 20 01:22:36 <Glacon> Flames: Prepare the spell (Occult maneuver): 4 (4df+4=-, +, +, -)
Oct 20 01:22:47 <John_W> «Anybody see where those missiles came from?»
Oct 20 01:22:55 <Waxx> «Drive! Drive!»
Oct 20 01:23:12 <Joey> 4df+3 prepping as well, occult maneuver
Oct 20 01:23:12 <Glacon> Joey: prepping as well, occult maneuver: 3 (4df+3=+, -, -, +)
Oct 20 01:23:19 <Laito> The radio is silent for a couple minutes. «The conscripts have been freed from psionic control. The interloper has been simplified.»
Oct 20 01:24:48 <Flames> "Thought so."
Oct 20 01:25:52 * Rights (~moc.retrahc.iw.lcue.pchd.863C6847-CRInys|ahtagA#moc.retrahc.iw.lcue.pchd.863C6847-CRInys|ahtagA) has joined #afteraction
Oct 20 01:25:56 * Ragazzo (ten.llebcap.ac2tks.lsd.23553CFC-CRInys|tibbiM#ten.llebcap.ac2tks.lsd.23553CFC-CRInys|tibbiM) has joined #afteraction
Oct 20 01:26:27 <Joey> "One does not simply walk into mordor."
Oct 20 01:26:38 <JasonD> «Keep it moving, Nick.»
Oct 20 01:26:44 <JasonD> «Do NOT slow down.»
Oct 20 01:26:58 <ZoeChantili> "Sure they can. Those hobbits just walked right in, remember?"
Oct 20 01:27:12 <ZoeChantili> "And they didn't even have shoes."
Oct 20 01:27:13 <Rosenthal> Nick complies with the order.
Oct 20 01:27:20 <John_W> "Kayleigh, keep us rollin."
Oct 20 01:27:26 <Flames> Midnight attempts a confusion effect on the infantry firing on them, switching them to preferably target those nice gentlement in black and white.
Oct 20 01:27:27 <Joey> "God damn hobbits."
Oct 20 01:27:33 <Waxx> The Convoy rolls. Alice's display shows them getting closer, and closer….the tall buildings of downtown Sydney fade into more mundane factories and warehouses as they reach sections of industry, closer to the docks.
Oct 20 01:27:47 <Kayleigh> "Doing my best John" Kay keeps up with Eve.
Oct 20 01:28:08 <Waxx> Kay, driver defense
Oct 20 01:28:12 <Ragazzo> Dusty quietly fidgets beside midnight.
Oct 20 01:28:12 * Sage whistles and he holds onto his rifle, waiting, waiting.
Oct 20 01:28:46 <Kayleigh> 4df+7 Stryker defense
Oct 20 01:28:47 * Joey glances to dusty and Midnight. "You guys ready for this?"
Oct 20 01:28:47 <Glacon> Kayleigh: Stryker defense: 6 (4df+7=-, +, -, 0)
Oct 20 01:28:59 <Flames> "I am, yes."
Oct 20 01:29:02 <AliceD> «G-getting closer guys, don't l-let your guard down.»
Oct 20 01:29:11 <ZoeChantili> "Heh…i wish. I did not have a good time last time i was here."
Oct 20 01:29:12 <Waxx> Dusty, roll a 1d6
Oct 20 01:29:20 <Ragazzo> 1d6 Fuck you waxx
Oct 20 01:29:20 <Glacon> Ragazzo: Fuck you waxx: 3 (1d6=3)
Oct 20 01:29:40 <Waxx> 4df+7
Oct 20 01:29:40 <Glacon> Waxx: 5 (4df+7=-, -, 0, 0)
Oct 20 01:30:01 * Waxx swirls his tumbler glass and tosses those two values aside
Oct 20 01:31:02 <Waxx> Convoy's wheels pound pavement as they keep moving. Alice's indicator shows them ever closer to the docks, the ship, and freedom….
Oct 20 01:31:28 <Waxx> The night has been perfectly clear thanks to the eldritch storm that obliterated all the damn cloud cover…the road takes a slight dogleg, putting it in shadow of a large warehouse complex.
Oct 20 01:31:41 <Waxx> The wheels keep turning, ever onward, ever forward…
Oct 20 01:31:48 <Joey> "The flavor text is starting to make me really nervous. Tossing values aside doesn't help."
Oct 20 01:31:56 <John_W> «Eyes up everybody»
Oct 20 01:32:01 <Alicel> "What do you mean, Joey?"
Oct 20 01:32:05 <ZoeChantili> "What? Joey, tune back in."
Oct 20 01:32:07 <Waxx> Nick drives over the string of practically antique daisy chain anti-vehicle mines. Kay follows right behind him….
Oct 20 01:32:17 <Ragazzo> "Joey, please save that for a less serious situation."
Oct 20 01:32:19 <ZoeChantili> "We're gonna need ya."
Oct 20 01:32:30 <Waxx> They're crude, made during the second world war as area denial weapons. Easily placed, easily removed, but still deadly if you're not able to see them in time.
Oct 20 01:32:44 * Joey winces.
Oct 20 01:33:01 <Waxx> The wheels roll, right overtop one of the landmines. An awful crump, Florence shudders and skids to a halt, into a parked car.
Oct 20 01:33:26 <AliceD> «FUCK!»
Oct 20 01:33:32 <Sage> "Oh God dammit."
Oct 20 01:33:37 * Rights has quit (Quit: Leaving.)
Oct 20 01:33:48 <Alicel> "Oh dear."
Oct 20 01:33:50 * Sage slaps the ramp release. «Exiting left»
Oct 20 01:33:52 <ZoeChantili> «What happned?»
Oct 20 01:34:00 <ZoeChantili> «Is everyone alright?»
Oct 20 01:34:03 <Rosenthal> Nick brings Eve to a halt.
Oct 20 01:34:04 <Alicel> Alicel has no idea what's going on but has has a feeling it's bad.
Oct 20 01:34:05 <John_W> "Bail, bail! KAYLEIGH, GET YOUR ASS OVER HERE NOW"
Oct 20 01:34:10 <Waxx> "DISEMBARK. DISEMBARK!"
Oct 20 01:34:13 <JasonD> «Alice, get the turrent.»
Oct 20 01:34:30 <JasonD> Jason drops out of the turret, hauling ass for Florence, making for the ramp.
Oct 20 01:34:35 <AliceD> Alice goes.
Oct 20 01:34:39 <John_W> John waits for the others to dismount, when Kay comes up he tosses her the SMAW
Oct 20 01:34:40 * Sage runs out the rear, weapon up, scanning the sector to his left, dropping to a knee as others exit.
Oct 20 01:34:48 <Kayleigh> Kay jumps out, grabbing her shit, and booking it to Eve.
Oct 20 01:34:50 <Waxx> Dmitri and Misha practically throw people out of the vehicle and into the road.
Oct 20 01:34:54 <Ragazzo> Dusty bails out of florence with the others.
Oct 20 01:34:59 <Waxx> Everyone on foot, roll defense
Oct 20 01:35:04 <Rosenthal> «GRAB MY GEAR FROM THE STRYKER.»
Oct 20 01:35:06 <Ragazzo> He grabs his pot o durt first.
Oct 20 01:35:14 <Ragazzo> 4df+4 Ffffu
Oct 20 01:35:14 <Glacon> Ragazzo: Ffffu: 4 (4df+4=0, 0, 0, 0)
Oct 20 01:35:24 <Sage> 4df+3 Defense something
Oct 20 01:35:24 <Waxx> 4df+4 Dmitri defense
Oct 20 01:35:25 <Glacon> Waxx: Dmitri defense: 3 (4df+4=0, 0, 0, -)
Oct 20 01:35:25 <Glacon> Sage: Defense something: 2 (4df+3=+, -, -, 0)
Oct 20 01:35:31 <Waxx> 4df+3 Misha Defense
Oct 20 01:35:31 <Glacon> Waxx: Misha Defense: 3 (4df+3=-, 0, 0, +)
Oct 20 01:35:32 <JasonD> 4df+6 Burning a fate point.
Oct 20 01:35:32 <Glacon> JasonD: Burning a fate point.: 4 (4df+6=-, 0, 0, -)
Oct 20 01:35:43 <Alicel> Alicel looks like he's about to leave when…
Oct 20 01:35:45 <Kayleigh> 4df+3 Kay's
Oct 20 01:35:46 <Glacon> Kayleigh: Kay's: 2 (4df+3=0, 0, 0, -)
Oct 20 01:35:53 <ZoeChantili> Zoe waits in the undamaged Eve, looking out the open door.
Oct 20 01:35:56 * Joey is still in the Eve, looking out the back.
Oct 20 01:36:02 <ReddnJohnny> 4df+3 See Redd roll defense
Oct 20 01:36:03 <Glacon> ReddnJohnny: See Redd roll defense: 3 (4df+3=+, -, 0, 0)
Oct 20 01:36:11 <Waxx> 4df+3 CI
Oct 20 01:36:12 <Glacon> Waxx: CI: 5 (4df+3=0, +, +, 0)
Oct 20 01:36:17 * Waxx swirls tumbler glass
Oct 20 01:36:30 <Flames> Midnight is in Eve with Dingo.
Oct 20 01:36:46 <Ragazzo> Dusty was in eve, redact his roll.
Oct 20 01:36:50 <Waxx> It's a very well timed ambush. The mines, placed in the darkness, along a probable path of ingress. Couldn't be easier, they remark to themselves as they shoulder their weapons and open fire.
Oct 20 01:38:08 <Waxx> JasonD, Redd, Misha and Dmitri all take grazing wounds to various extremities. They're rather painful and bleed a lot but don't impair you too much. Kay takes an unpleasant wound to the back of her calf, making walking somewhat difficult now. She will be slowed for the rest of this engagement if she's on foot.
Oct 20 01:38:34 <Waxx> Dust kicks up around you and bullets zing and ricochet from the disabled vehicle's armor as they lay their fire down onto you.
Oct 20 01:38:38 <Waxx> Your turn for actions
Oct 20 01:38:39 <ZoeChantili> "Guys! Get in here, come on!"
Oct 20 01:38:40 <John_W> "Kay, GET DOWN"
Oct 20 01:38:56 <Waxx> Nobody has lost any body points, yet.
Oct 20 01:39:03 <Alicel> Alicel is not going out there nope. Nick's not getting his shit.
Oct 20 01:39:25 * Joey steps forward, waving a hand towards the CI, attempting to send forth a wave of temproal energy, age them past the point of usefulness.
Oct 20 01:39:38 <Kayleigh> 4df+3 bullet fucker Kay drops and gets into a prone.
Oct 20 01:39:39 <Glacon> Kayleigh: bullet fucker Kay drops and gets into a prone.: 3 (4df+3=0, +, -, 0)
Oct 20 01:39:44 <John_W> 4df+6 ranged weapons tagging "and the answer is a gun": John picks up the flamethrower gun hanging out of the turret and rakes flaming death across the CI position.
Oct 20 01:39:44 <Glacon> John_W: ranged weapons tagging "and the answer is a gun": John picks up the flamethrower gun hanging out of the turret and rakes flaming death across the CI position.: 9 (4df+6=+, +, 0, +)
Oct 20 01:39:46 <Waxx> Dmitri and Misha slide into cover, hardly aware they've been hit thanks to the adrenaline rush. "Kay-lee! Get down!"
Oct 20 01:39:55 <JasonD> 4df+6 Jason's rather impaired by the blunt trauma, armored as he is, and drops flat. He opens fire on the nearest muzzle flashes he can see, sweeping wide with the weapon on auto.
Oct 20 01:39:55 <Glacon> JasonD: Jason's rather impaired by the blunt trauma, armored as he is, and drops flat. He opens fire on the nearest muzzle flashes he can see, sweeping wide with the weapon on auto.: 6 (4df+6=-, +, 0, 0)
Oct 20 01:40:12 <Joey> 4df+7 Power, +maneuver makign time his bitch.
Oct 20 01:40:12 <Glacon> Joey: Power, +maneuver makign time his bitch.: 6 (4df+7=0, -, 0, 0)
Oct 20 01:40:13 <ReddnJohnny> 4df+3 Ranged | Redd points hi rifle at wherever the shooters are and shoots. "Fuck this."
Oct 20 01:40:14 <Glacon> ReddnJohnny: Ranged | Redd points hi rifle at wherever the shooters are and shoots. "Fuck this.": 1 (4df+3=-, 0, -, 0)
Oct 20 01:40:21 <ReddnJohnny> >:(
Oct 20 01:40:51 <Waxx> "Dodge Ridge!" Dmitri calls over the din of the gunfire, and points to Florence. "The axle is broken!"
Oct 20 01:41:06 <Flames> "We need to drop the ramp to get them in here." Midnight says.
Oct 20 01:41:25 <ZoeChantili> Zoe heads to the button, «TEll me when to drop the ramp»
Oct 20 01:41:43 <AliceD> 4df+7 Minigun fire!
Oct 20 01:41:44 <Glacon> AliceD: Minigun fire!: 6 (4df+7=0, 0, 0, -)
Oct 20 01:41:53 <JasonD> «If you're in Florence, get your ass to the Eve, NOW.»
Oct 20 01:42:03 <Waxx> John gives not a fuck. Not a fuck about anything.
Oct 20 01:42:30 <Waxx> John gives not a fuck about the Chaos Insurgency, not a fuck about the potential danger of hauling two giant tanks of incendiary fluid on his back into a firefight, not a fuck about the blood staining his clothes.
Oct 20 01:43:13 <Waxx> John gives not a fuck about anything but his memories of Akane as the pressure tanks force the very volatile napalm over the pilot light, and the dark alleyway is awash in flame. So are the ambushers!
Oct 20 01:44:13 <Waxx> Joey's extraordinary powers give John the time of his life, as time slows and he gets to watch every beautiful second of his flames licking across the ceramic armor of his foe, the way the rounds from his compatriots tear into them and rend flesh from bone, shattering limbs, faces, and anything else in the way.
Oct 20 01:45:40 <Waxx> This engagement, which only lasts but a few seconds, is dragged out in your eyes for almost a full minute in every beautiful detail, every shard of glass, every chip of stone, every curl of flame, every spray of blood.
Oct 20 01:46:30 <Waxx> And as before, it ends as quickly as it begans. Time picks up, your senses dull, and all that remains is smoke and charred bodies.
Oct 20 01:46:45 <ZoeChantili> "…Wow…"
Oct 20 01:46:52 <AliceD> «Lets go.»
Oct 20 01:47:01 <Alicel> "Come on."
Oct 20 01:47:02 <Flames> "Okay, how bad is Florence?"
Oct 20 01:47:06 <ZoeChantili> «Opening doors.»
Oct 20 01:47:19 <ZoeChantili> Zoe hits the door button, lowering the rear hatch.
Oct 20 01:47:21 <John_W> John clambers out of the crippled Florence, M240Mk2 and flamethrower. He's dripping still.
Oct 20 01:47:21 <JasonD> «Mount up in Eve! Grab what you can, don't take anything you can't!»
Oct 20 01:47:22 <Rosenthal> "Think I can fix her?"
Oct 20 01:47:25 <Waxx> Dmitri scrabbles over to Kay. "Are you alright?"
Oct 20 01:47:41 <Alicel> "If everyone is abandoning Florence I do not believe we have the time, Nick."
Oct 20 01:47:49 <Waxx> Misha stands and dusts himself off, spitting dirt from his mouth.
Oct 20 01:47:52 <Rosenthal> «Someone grab my duffel and backpack please. Much appreciated.»
Oct 20 01:47:59 <John_W> And makes his way to Eve "Sounded like the axle's bust. Fuckin anti tank mines."
Oct 20 01:48:07 <John_W> "YO KAY, YOU ALRIGHT?"
Oct 20 01:48:20 <JasonD> «Kay, get my spot in the turret.»
Oct 20 01:48:50 <ReddnJohnny> Redd gets into Eve and folds up. "Fuckin' mines."
Oct 20 01:48:51 <Alicel> "Do we have time to load up Eve with Florence's stuff?"
Oct 20 01:48:53 * Joey wipes his forhead. "Next point definitely going into magic."
Oct 20 01:48:59 <Kayleigh> "A little help please" Kay struggles with the weight of three rifles and a bleeding calf.
Oct 20 01:49:13 <JasonD> «No, we do not.»
Oct 20 01:49:17 <Alicel> Alicel jumps off and helps Kay.
Oct 20 01:49:19 <Waxx> "Come on, Kay-lee." Dmitri slings his rifle and scoops her up.
Oct 20 01:49:28 <Alicel> Oh redact that then.
Oct 20 01:49:48 <ZoeChantili> Zoe moves out, helping Kay to the Vehicle
Oct 20 01:49:55 <JasonD> «Colonel, you want to walk along outside with me? We ain't gonna have enough room to pack everyone inside.»
Oct 20 01:50:13 <Waxx> «Affirmative, Dodge Ridge. Misha will accompany, let me get Kay-lee inside.»
Oct 20 01:50:20 <AliceD> «I'll walk outide.»
Oct 20 01:50:39 <JasonD> «Nope.»
Oct 20 01:50:41 <Waxx> Dmitri carries her along over to Eve, depositing her on the ramp for someone else to help her along inside.
Oct 20 01:50:49 <Alicel> Alicel helps Kay inside.
Oct 20 01:50:51 <AliceD> «Why?»
Oct 20 01:50:54 <John_W> john hauls her inside
Oct 20 01:50:56 <Waxx> [Kommandir, you are bleeding.] [Shut up, Misha.]
Oct 20 01:51:04 <ZoeChantili> "You alright Kay?"
Oct 20 01:51:05 <John_W> "Yer leg alright?"
Oct 20 01:51:21 <Rosenthal> Nick remains silent.
Oct 20 01:51:23 <John_W> he grabs a rag from a pocket
Oct 20 01:51:26 <Kayleigh> "I'm good" Kay hauls her ass into the turret.
Oct 20 01:51:36 <Waxx> "INFANTRY, EMBARK!"
Oct 20 01:51:37 <John_W> he looks at it for a second "Anybody got any gauze?"
Oct 20 01:51:40 <AliceD> Alice moves back to the spotter.
Oct 20 01:51:50 <JasonD> Jason edges up a little ahead of Eve, stopping to retrieve the M240 before heading up.
Oct 20 01:51:59 <Waxx> You are only about a kilometer from the objective…so close, yet so far! Not everyone can ride inside the vehicles, now!
Oct 20 01:52:03 * Ragazzo has quit (Quit: http://www.mibbit.com ajax IRC Client)
Oct 20 01:52:06 <John_W> «Jason, if yer wanting, I'll ride desant and you or dimitri can get back inside»
Oct 20 01:52:09 * Joey leans against a wall, focusing himself again
Oct 20 01:52:15 <JasonD> «Negative.»
Oct 20 01:52:23 <Waxx> «Driver, forward!»
Oct 20 01:52:25 <ReddnJohnny> Redd folds up for easy storage
Oct 20 01:52:29 <John_W> John takes his rag and ties it around wherever he was grazed. Not perfect, but good enough.
Oct 20 01:52:48 <Joey> 4df+3 maneuvering like a baws
Oct 20 01:52:49 <Glacon> Joey: maneuvering like a baws: 0 (4df+3=-, -, -, 0)
Oct 20 01:52:59 <ReddnJohnny> No baws
Oct 20 01:53:01 <Joey> "Fuck you Glacon. Fuck you hard."
Oct 20 01:53:05 <Alicel> Alicel puts folded up!Redd neatly in a corner, where he is least likely to get sat on or stepped on.
Oct 20 01:53:14 <JasonD> «Keep pace with me, Nick.»
Oct 20 01:53:38 <Rosenthal> «You got it.»
Oct 20 01:53:39 <Joey> "Does anyone else hear ice tinkling in a tumbler?"
Oct 20 01:53:43 <JasonD> Jason runs along as quick as he dares a little ahead of the ICV.
Oct 20 01:53:51 <ZoeChantili> "I think you're drifting again Joey."
Oct 20 01:53:56 <Alicel> "Joey please stay with us."
Oct 20 01:53:57 <Waxx> Dmitri and Misha keep pace as best they can, weapons out, following Jason and the vehicle.
Oct 20 01:54:02 <Flames> Midnight waits on Dingo's back. "The gunfire makes it difficult."
Oct 20 01:54:10 <Waxx> Convoy rolls, fewer wheels than before.
Oct 20 01:54:14 <JasonD> His rifle points left, then right quickly, as he checks the alleys.
Oct 20 01:54:37 <AliceD> Alice grinds her teeth, keeping an eye out for any damn thing.
Oct 20 01:54:40 <Rosenthal> Nick's keeping pace with Jason and the others, keeping an eye out as best he can.
Oct 20 01:54:41 <Waxx> Another dogleg in the road. Florence Nightingale fades out of view, occluded by the wall of another warehouse.
Oct 20 01:54:46 <Alicel> "Goodbye Florence." Alicel says mostly to himself. Florence was like his bro. His huge, metal bro.
Oct 20 01:54:52 <JasonD> «CI Commander, this is hostile designate Convoy Actual, how copy?»
Oct 20 01:54:55 <John_W> John feels antsy inside, as he can't see anything
Oct 20 01:54:57 <Waxx> She rests on top of a parked Audi, wheels still turning slowly, smoke drifting gently from her hatches.
Oct 20 01:55:07 <Waxx> It is the last time any of you will ever see her again.
Oct 20 01:55:49 <Alicel> He pets one of Eve's walls. To him, Eve just lost a sibling.
Oct 20 01:56:12 <Kayleigh> "John, I'll take care of it later, just let it bleed"
Oct 20 01:56:14 <Waxx> Keep running, keep running! A few scattered rounds impact the street amongst you.
Oct 20 01:56:34 <JasonD> Jason pops off a few round into the direction it came from.
Oct 20 01:56:36 <Waxx> "No stopping! We are almost there!"
Oct 20 01:57:24 <Waxx> The access roads seems unnaturally long, but it's just because you're not used to moving so slow after the frantic pace of the past hour and a half. You inch, closer and closer to your freedom.
Oct 20 01:57:50 <Waxx> After what seems a long time, a response is broadcast on an open frequency, in the clear.
Oct 20 01:58:17 <Waxx> «Convoy Actual, this is Commander Griess of the Chaos Insurgency. I read you five by five. Over.» A distinctly German accent to his voice.
Oct 20 01:58:29 <ZoeChantili> "Fuck."
Oct 20 01:58:46 <ZoeChantili> "Him."
Oct 20 01:58:51 <JasonD> Jason looks down at the automatic weapon in his hands. «How's it goin', Hans?»
Oct 20 01:59:00 <Alicel> "Was that the man?"
Oct 20 01:59:14 <ZoeChantili> "Yes."
Oct 20 01:59:16 <Waxx> «What is it you Americans say? Yippee Kay-yay, mother fucker? Over.»
Oct 20 01:59:56 <John_W> A faint smile parts John's lips at the radio traffic.
Oct 20 02:00:07 <Alicel> "Oh dear."
Oct 20 02:00:10 <Waxx> The Convoy reaches the end of the road, opening into the docks. Zoe, Redd and Gerald will remember this area.
Oct 20 02:00:18 <Rosenthal> Nick lets out a laugh.
Oct 20 02:00:22 <Kayleigh> "God…my name sounds wrong coming from him…"
Oct 20 02:00:23 <Waxx> There is still the crater of Redd's satchel charge!
Oct 20 02:00:26 <JasonD> «You jonesin' for a dozen people so bad you want to keep throwing troops at us? You know how it's gonna end.» Jason puts his back to a wall, edging his rifle around the corner of a building.
Oct 20 02:00:45 <Waxx> The docks are clear of any hostiles, any person, in fact. Completely empty.
Oct 20 02:00:57 <ReddnJohnny> Redd takes out his radio. «What is it you Germans say? Veiner schnitzel schiexer fuhrer? Over.»
Oct 20 02:00:59 <Joey> Any boats?
Oct 20 02:01:05 <Waxx> Yes. There is a boat.
Oct 20 02:01:14 <JasonD> *A* boat?
Oct 20 02:01:23 <AliceD> <…lovely. This isn't possibly a t-trap.>
Oct 20 02:01:29 <Waxx> *A* boat.
Oct 20 02:01:50 <Waxx> HMAS Hawkesbury sits at berth, looking fine.
Oct 20 02:01:50 <ZoeChantili> Zoe takes out her radio, fiddling with it.
Oct 20 02:02:02 <Waxx> ….aside from the very obvious booby traps and satchel charges laced across it.
Oct 20 02:02:34 <Alicel> "What is going on outside?"
Oct 20 02:02:38 <JasonD> <Goddamnit.>
Oct 20 02:02:48 <Waxx> There is a slight chuckle over the radio. -All- other traffic has ceased.
Oct 20 02:02:52 <Joey> «What's the word, for those of us who can't see?»
Oct 20 02:02:53 <JasonD> «Nick… bring it to a halt.»
Oct 20 02:03:11 <Waxx> «You think you are so clever. You kill my son, and think you are something special.»
Oct 20 02:03:25 <JasonD> «Your son.»
Oct 20 02:03:31 <Waxx> «I do not know how you managed it, but I do know that you will not leave this continent alive. I did not come all this way to be deprived of my revenge.»
Oct 20 02:03:41 <Rosenthal> Nick stops Eve.
Oct 20 02:03:59 <ReddnJohnny> «Ish nein der octoberfest.»
Oct 20 02:04:02 <ZoeChantili> «Hello. Remember me?»
Oct 20 02:04:03 <Waxx> Dmitri and Misha come to a halt behind Eve. Dmitri pounds his chest, in the throes of a coughing fit after all that running.
Oct 20 02:04:12 <Alicel> "What is going on outside, Nick?"
Oct 20 02:04:17 * Doctor_Light has quit (Quit: http://www.mibbit.com ajax IRC Client)
Oct 20 02:04:18 <AliceD> «Clear the fucking net.»
Oct 20 02:04:33 <JasonD> «When did we engage your son?»
Oct 20 02:04:36 <Kayleigh> "Someone get Sir to use his inhaler!"
Oct 20 02:04:50 <JasonD> «And what sort of revenge is it if you came after us?»
Oct 20 02:04:53 <Laito> «Simplified,» a dark, somewhat french voice corrects the German across the radio. The psychic was -simplified-.
Oct 20 02:04:58 <Waxx> Griess ignores the question. «I know where you are going, Convoy. You are not going to get away from this clean. I will be sending my regards soon.» The line ends.
Oct 20 02:05:33 <Rosenthal> "Something about you guys killing the CI commander's son, revenge and whatnot."
Oct 20 02:05:46 <Alicel> "I know that. I am asking what is outside right now."
Oct 20 02:05:46 <ZoeChantili> "Now what?"
Oct 20 02:05:53 <Alicel> "I cannot see outside from here."
Oct 20 02:05:56 <Waxx> Misha puts a hand on Dmitri's shoulder, checking him. Dmitri swats him away angrily.
Oct 20 02:06:18 <AliceD> «Orders?»
Oct 20 02:06:29 <Kayleigh> «Any injuries that need immediate attention?»
Oct 20 02:06:32 <JasonD> Jason looks out at the ship.
Oct 20 02:06:32 <Waxx> The docks are clear. Your boat rests in her berth, booby trapped.
Oct 20 02:06:35 <Rosenthal> "Nothing good, Alicel. Dicks and pain and awful."
Oct 20 02:06:43 <Waxx> You have approximately ten minutes to figure out something before the first waves come.
Oct 20 02:07:01 <Joey> "Can we get out now?
Oct 20 02:07:06 <JasonD> Jason looks around for any civilian vehicles.
Oct 20 02:07:12 <JasonD> «EVERYONE OUT, NOW.»
Oct 20 02:07:16 <Alicel> "I do not like the sound of that."
Oct 20 02:07:21 * Joey rolls out
Oct 20 02:07:21 <AliceD> Alice scrambles.
Oct 20 02:07:27 <John_W> John dismounts
Oct 20 02:07:29 <Alicel> Alicel opens Eve up and gets his metal ass outside.
Oct 20 02:07:34 <ReddnJohnny> Redd walks out. "Hey, whatever happened to that contract we made with the genie character?"
Oct 20 02:07:36 <Waxx> There are a few tow-motors scattered about, and a large petrol truck next to some fuel bowsers.
Oct 20 02:07:36 <Flames> Midnight gets out with Dingo. "Bolivian Army ending, go."
Oct 20 02:07:39 <Kayleigh> Kay struggles out, limping heavily.
Oct 20 02:07:45 <John_W> He catches sight of the ship
Oct 20 02:07:46 <ZoeChantili> Zoe jumps out. "What's…Ohh dear. That ship looks a bit rigged."
Oct 20 02:07:55 <Alicel> "We need to get that rigging off."
Oct 20 02:07:57 <Waxx> Dmitri heads over to Kay. "Are you alright?"
Oct 20 02:08:02 <John_W> "Jason, gimmie a minute. I can get the ship cleared up."
Oct 20 02:08:04 * Joey frowns. "John. How much time do you need to untrap that ship?"
Oct 20 02:08:08 <ZoeChantili> "It could be remote detoniated. Could be watching the ship now."
Oct 20 02:08:12 <Flames> "Zoe, people in Perth can see that the ship's rigged."
Oct 20 02:08:15 <ZoeChantili> "And as soon as we get close, boom."
Oct 20 02:08:27 <Joey> "Cause I can freeze those bombs in time."
Oct 20 02:08:31 <JasonD> <John! Put that fucking fuel truck in the central avenue of approach! Anyone else, get a fuckin vehicle and park the damn thing in the middle of the roads approaching the dock.>
Oct 20 02:08:31 <ZoeChantili> "It's called sarcasam Midnight dear."
Oct 20 02:08:42 <Alicel> "John, shall I join you to attempt to de-rig?"
Oct 20 02:08:47 <ZoeChantili> "On it."
Oct 20 02:08:48 <AliceD> Alice goe
Oct 20 02:08:50 <AliceD> s
Oct 20 02:08:55 <Kayleigh> "I'm fine sir" Kay takes out an alcohol swap and cleans a cut on his face. "Use your inhaler."
Oct 20 02:09:00 <John_W> John reluctantly does so. He hops in the truck, fires it up and parks it along the way.
Oct 20 02:09:03 <ZoeChantili> Zoe heads to a car, and starts to move it, making a nice roadblock.
Oct 20 02:09:04 <Waxx> To appraise you of the situation, this is how the docks are laid out:
Oct 20 02:09:14 <Rosenthal> "Dodridge, want me to park Eve on the blockade or keep her back?"
Oct 20 02:09:18 <Waxx> There is one main access road, which you just arrived on. This is the most obvious avenue of approach.
Oct 20 02:09:42 <Waxx> There are two or three minor access alleys between warehouses, but these would only allow a few men in at a time, and it seems unlikely to expect a major push through here. They may pose a problem later, though.
Oct 20 02:10:01 <Waxx> The dock area itself is largely open and devoid of cover save for a few cargo containers and your own vehicle.
Oct 20 02:10:06 <Joey> "Alicel. Can you peer underwater to make sure they don't have any scuba men?"
Oct 20 02:10:18 <Waxx> The boat is the HMAS Hawkesbury, a small mine clearing vessel, currently rigged with explosives.
Oct 20 02:10:21 <Waxx> Now you know!
Oct 20 02:10:26 <John_W> "Jason, let somebody else drive the truck. I'll disarm the bombs"
Oct 20 02:10:36 <Alicel> "Yes, I can, Joey."
Oct 20 02:11:00 * Joey dusts off his hands, attmepting once more to maneuver.
Oct 20 02:11:04 <JasonD> <Vehicles in those alleyways! Nick! Maneuver the Eve behind a quadcon!>
Oct 20 02:11:11 <Joey> 4df+3
Oct 20 02:11:12 <Glacon> Joey: 2 (4df+3=0, -, -, +)
Oct 20 02:11:15 <Joey> Shit.
Oct 20 02:11:20 <Waxx> Radio traffic has picked up again. There is now an equal amount of Insurgency encrypted transmissions and open broadcasts from Australian army forces.
Oct 20 02:11:25 <Alicel> Alicel looks about for a moment. "Jason, may I check underwater?"
Oct 20 02:11:40 <Alicel> He is looking to Jason to lead, for once.
Oct 20 02:11:43 <Joey> "All right. I'm going to freeze the boat in time, to prevent the bombs from going off while john works, sound good?"
Oct 20 02:11:44 <JasonD> <Do it.>
Oct 20 02:11:56 <Waxx> Joey: It is assumed that Dusty helps you do this. You get a +4 bonus to any roll you make.
Oct 20 02:11:57 <Flames> "Need help, Joey?"
Oct 20 02:12:04 <John_W> John walks over to the ship, calmly pulling out his pliers. Picture the guy from The Hurt Locker at the end.
Oct 20 02:12:04 <Waxx> In addition to what Midnight can add.
Oct 20 02:12:06 <Rosenthal> Nick moves Eve behind a quadcon.
Oct 20 02:12:12 <Kayleigh> Kay heads to a vehicle and tries to move it.
Oct 20 02:12:13 <Alicel> "Please back me up." Alicel walks to the water and splashes himself in. Glub glub goes the robot and he looks around for anything.
Oct 20 02:12:13 <Joey> "If you can midnight."
Oct 20 02:12:18 <JasonD> «JOHN! BELAY THAT!»
Oct 20 02:12:22 <Flames> "Lemme see…."
Oct 20 02:12:26 <John_W> «huh?»
Oct 20 02:12:39 <Flames> 4df+4 Occult maneuver to assist.
Oct 20 02:12:40 <Glacon> Flames: Occult maneuver to assist.: 1 (4df+4=-, -, 0, -)
Oct 20 02:12:40 <Alicel> Perception roll?
Oct 20 02:12:41 <Joey> "Let us make it safer, John!"
Oct 20 02:12:58 <Flames> "Sorry, Joey, I don't think there's anything I can add."
Oct 20 02:13:03 <Joey> Tagging Boy out of time for this.
Oct 20 02:13:30 <Joey> 4df+11
Oct 20 02:13:31 <Glacon> Joey: 13 (4df+11=+, +, 0, 0)
Oct 20 02:13:46 <Joey> Freezing time on the bowt, like a baws!
Oct 20 02:14:02 <ZoeChantili> Zoe parks one of the cars in the proper spot, and moves back, pulling out her night vision goggles she got, and slipping them on, looking around the roofs or the docks
Oct 20 02:14:07 <John_W> «Nick, they said yer an engineer or mechanic or somethin. Gimmie a hand when they finish freezing the ship»
Oct 20 02:14:44 <Waxx> Time is frozen on the boat. You can't tell by looking at it, but it is!
Oct 20 02:14:46 <AliceD> Alice keeps watch for anything, pacing nervously.
Oct 20 02:15:02 <Alicel> Waxx, does Alicel see anything underwater? Is this a perception roll?
Oct 20 02:15:02 <JasonD> «Alice? Hun?»
Oct 20 02:15:03 <ReddnJohnny> Redd drives another vehicle in front of the docks.
Oct 20 02:15:09 <ZoeChantili> 4df+2 Goggles on and looking for anything odd along the rooftops.
Oct 20 02:15:09 <Glacon> ZoeChantili: Goggles on and looking for anything odd along the rooftops.: 4 (4df+2=0, 0, +, +)
Oct 20 02:15:17 <Waxx> AliceL, there isn't anything underwater.
Oct 20 02:15:27 <Waxx> Zoe doesn't see anything out of place either, at the moment.
Oct 20 02:15:29 <Rosenthal> «I'm a mechanic. I can come do what I can though.»
Oct 20 02:15:33 <Alicel> He hauls himself back up.
Oct 20 02:15:42 <Alicel> «I can help as well if that is possible. There is nothing underwater.»
Oct 20 02:15:53 <ZoeChantili> "Nothin on the roofs, if these goggles are working. take that with a grain of salt."
Oct 20 02:15:55 <JasonD> «Alice!»
Oct 20 02:15:58 * Joey stands still, temporal energies fluxuating around the ship. "Go John. Now!"
Oct 20 02:16:10 <Flames> "Okay, let's see what I can do here." Midnight considers the Soma, the ocean, and then her tail curls.
Oct 20 02:16:20 <ZoeChantili> "Got a plan Midnight?"
Oct 20 02:16:22 <AliceD> «What?»
Oct 20 02:16:31 <Rosenthal> "Dodridge. Gonna give John a hand with the boat."
Oct 20 02:16:38 <John_W> John strides over, and immediately gets to work. «Could one of our magical folks gimmie an assist? some kind of boose or somethin?»
Oct 20 02:16:39 <Kayleigh> "Anyone need medical attention?" Kay limps around, checking people.
Oct 20 02:16:52 <Alicel> Alicel goes to John. "Can I help with the boat?"
Oct 20 02:17:00 <ZoeChantili> "Good luck John, Alicel. Work fast…"
Oct 20 02:17:03 <ReddnJohnny> Redd gets out of the truck and stands behind it, pointing his rifle down the main road.
Oct 20 02:17:05 <John_W> "Yes, look for electrical detonators"
Oct 20 02:17:08 <AliceD> «JAson?»
Oct 20 02:17:09 <Flames> "Sorry, John, I don't have anything to help."
Oct 20 02:17:22 <Rosenthal> Nick heads over and goes to John. "What do you need?"
Oct 20 02:17:24 <Flames> 4df+4 See if this works…
Oct 20 02:17:25 <Glacon> Flames: See if this works…: 5 (4df+4=0, -, +, +)
Oct 20 02:17:26 <John_W> 4df+4 engineering maneuver. John is analyzing the equipment as he walks. How is this rigged?
Oct 20 02:17:26 <Glacon> John_W: engineering maneuver. John is analyzing the equipment as he walks. How is this rigged?: 5 (4df+4=0, -, +, +)
Oct 20 02:17:36 <JasonD> «Back on the gun, hun. I want you to pop any troops coming out of those alleys.»
Oct 20 02:17:39 <Waxx> Dmitri raises his voice. "SHOOTERS, ON ME. FORM A SKIRMISH LINE HERE," he waves his arms dramatically, "AND TRY TO COVER THE ENTRANCES."
Oct 20 02:17:49 <Alicel> Alicel starts doing his electrical thing. He looks for electrical detonators and anything related to electronics that is booby trapping this boat.
Oct 20 02:17:54 <Alicel> 4df+4 electrical engineer maneuver
Oct 20 02:17:55 <Glacon> Alicel: electrical engineer maneuver: 4 (4df+4=+, -, +, -)
Oct 20 02:18:06 <Rosenthal> He made sure to grab his SCAR and some mags as he left.
Oct 20 02:18:24 <John_W> "Nick, start disarming. Alicel, if you see anything, let me know. I need all the help you folks can gimmie for this one."
Oct 20 02:18:25 <AliceD> «Right.» Alice climbs back on the big gun.
Oct 20 02:18:32 <Kayleigh> Kay hobbles over to Dmitri and gets in line next to him. They may not be talking much, but she's still going to fight by his side.
Oct 20 02:18:35 <Waxx> John: It's a combination of different firing mechanisms. Some of them are electrically wired to pressure plates, trip wires, and the like, while others are clearly meant to be remotedly detonated.
Oct 20 02:18:37 <ZoeChantili> Zoe takes the Dusty Speical and stands Redd. "Just tell me when and I'll turn this entryway into an inferno."
Oct 20 02:18:38 <Joey> "Mages, let's get behind cover."
Oct 20 02:18:53 <Alicel> "I will let you know when I find something I cannot disable."
Oct 20 02:19:04 <Rosenthal> "On it." Nick gets to disarming the explosives.
Oct 20 02:19:14 <John_W> 4df+6 using his previous maneuver. Starting with the remote det shit.
Oct 20 02:19:14 <Glacon> John_W: using his previous maneuver. Starting with the remote det shit.: 3 (4df+6=0, -, -, -)
Oct 20 02:19:24 <Waxx> Dmitri does his best to spread the shooters out along a decent line, with whatever cover can be had.
Oct 20 02:19:28 <Alicel> Alicel is working on those electrical wiring.
Oct 20 02:19:28 <John_W> (engineering)
Oct 20 02:19:41 <JasonD> <I need a shooter on the SMAW and FLASH. Alice will support with vehicle fire!>
Oct 20 02:20:00 * Joey follows his own advice
Oct 20 02:20:02 <Alicel> 4df+9 tagging kinship and previous maneuver
Oct 20 02:20:03 <Glacon> Alicel: tagging kinship and previous maneuver: 7 (4df+9=-, 0, 0, -)
Oct 20 02:20:15 <Waxx> «Dodge Ridge, I will take the rocket launcher.»
Oct 20 02:20:24 <JasonD> Jason situates himself a little to the rear of the others, laying the M240 across the hood of a car, aiming down the center alley.
Oct 20 02:20:43 <Waxx> John leans in and takes a look at the nearest remote detonator. It's very scary, and he backs away, unable to do anything of use this time.
Oct 20 02:21:03 <Flames> Midnight sees about… wait. She *does* have a hand she can use.
Oct 20 02:21:06 * Joey tries one final time to maneuver…
Oct 20 02:21:10 <Joey> 4df+3
Oct 20 02:21:11 <Glacon> Joey: 3 (4df+3=+, 0, -, 0)
Oct 20 02:21:19 <Waxx> Alice peers over John's shoulder.
Oct 20 02:21:21 <Alicel> Can Alicel get something off at least?
Oct 20 02:21:23 <Rosenthal> 4df+6 Tagging stability and disarming.
Oct 20 02:21:24 <Waxx> Or rather, AliceL.
Oct 20 02:21:24 <Glacon> Rosenthal: Tagging stability and disarming.: 6 (4df+6=-, +, -, +)
Oct 20 02:21:45 <JasonD> 4df+4 Perception. Jason takes a moment to draw a rough fire plan sketch in his head, getting the approximate range down.
Oct 20 02:21:45 <Glacon> JasonD: Perception. Jason takes a moment to draw a rough fire plan sketch in his head, getting the approximate range down.: 3 (4df+4=0, -, 0, 0)
Oct 20 02:21:49 * Joey smiles as the tarot card on his shirt glows. "Good. One point left, and i've got an extra +2. I should be great."
Oct 20 02:22:08 <AliceD> 4df+6 makes sher she;s targetted.
Oct 20 02:22:10 <Glacon> AliceD: makes sher she;s targetted.: 6 (4df+6=+, 0, 0, -)
Oct 20 02:22:15 <Waxx> Free of emotion and free, AliceL takes a look at this shit and realizes that the remotely detonated bombs are all tied to the same trigger. Disabling that would probably disable all of the remote mines, except the problem is getting to it. In the way are at least two of the regular pressure or movement detonated bombs.
Oct 20 02:22:17 <JasonD> Yep.
Oct 20 02:22:39 <Flames> Midnight runs into Eve, and gets out her Cat Mecha Suit. She then appropriates a piece of chalk, and starts drawing.
Oct 20 02:22:53 <John_W> "Alicel, anything?"
Oct 20 02:23:11 <Waxx> Rosenthal takes a look as well. The bombs in the way of the remote detonator aren't anything particularly special…if he were just steady enough he could probably clip the wires and be done with them.
Oct 20 02:23:14 <Alicel> Alicel taps John. "There are bombs guarding the trigger to deonate all the remotely detonated bombs."
Oct 20 02:23:33 <Joey> But, it doesn't quite matter, because the bombs are frozen in time.
Oct 20 02:23:39 <John_W> "What's the trigger look like? is it rigged?"
Oct 20 02:23:56 <JasonD> «CI Commander, Jason Dodridge, USMC, come back.»
Oct 20 02:23:59 <Alicel> "If I could get to it I could render that trigger completely useless." Alicel points to the bombs in the way. "Here, here… this one too."
Oct 20 02:24:48 <Kayleigh> Kay waits, chewing her gum, trying to keep weight off her leg.
Oct 20 02:25:27 <Rosenthal> "I can take care of the bombs guarding the trigger, just gotta snip here." He points.
Oct 20 02:25:36 <John_W> "do it, then."
Oct 20 02:25:46 <Alicel> "Please do so. Let me know as soon as I can work on the trigger."
Oct 20 02:25:56 <ZoeChantili> "Wait, you need to get by something?
Oct 20 02:26:13 <John_W> "Zoe, port Alicel over by the trigger system"
Oct 20 02:26:22 <JasonD> «Zoe, we got any more of the Genuine Dusty Specials left?»
Oct 20 02:26:25 <Alicel> Alicel points to it.
Oct 20 02:26:33 <Alicel> "Please get me there."
Oct 20 02:26:39 <ZoeChantili> "We got one."
Oct 20 02:26:54 <ZoeChantili> Zoe heads over to where Alicel is.
Oct 20 02:27:02 <ZoeChantili> "Ok…Where do you need me to port you?"
Oct 20 02:27:15 <Alicel> Alicel points again.
Oct 20 02:27:21 <Alicel> "Here."
Oct 20 02:27:22 <Waxx> There is no response over the radio net, only the distant thump of mortars firing in sequence.
Oct 20 02:27:30 <Rosenthal> Nick deftly disables the bombs guarding
Oct 20 02:27:32 <Alicel> "Please do not do so yet."
Oct 20 02:27:41 <Rosenthal> the trigger.
Oct 20 02:27:43 <John_W> 4df+4 engineering maneuver, John, counting on Alicel and Zoe and Nick, instead analyzes where he would put charges to cripple the ship.
Oct 20 02:27:44 <Glacon> John_W: engineering maneuver, John, counting on Alicel and Zoe and Nick, instead analyzes where he would put charges to cripple the ship.: 4 (4df+4=-, +, -, +)
Oct 20 02:27:44 <ZoeChantili> "Just say when."
Oct 20 02:27:47 <Alicel> "Waiting on Nick's word. Nick?"
Oct 20 02:27:56 <JasonD> «GET DOWN!!! EVERYBODY! GET FLAT!!!»
Oct 20 02:28:01 <Rosenthal> "You're clear. Bombs disabled."
Oct 20 02:28:04 <Waxx> Nick snips the wire. Nothing happens, which is probably a damn good sign.
Oct 20 02:28:12 <Flames> 4df+4 Midnight gets to work drawing the circle for summoning.
Oct 20 02:28:13 <Glacon> Flames: Midnight gets to work drawing the circle for summoning.: 4 (4df+4=-, +, 0, 0)
Oct 20 02:28:17 <Waxx> John ascertains that all of the bombs are probably inside the hull, below the waterline.
Oct 20 02:28:25 * Joey gets under cover
Oct 20 02:28:27 <Waxx> Everyone who is not John, Nick or AliceL, roll defense.
Oct 20 02:28:33 <Alicel> "Lets go Zoe."
Oct 20 02:28:36 <Alicel> Zoe is with Alicel.
Oct 20 02:28:42 <Flames> 4df+2 Defense.
Oct 20 02:28:43 <Glacon> Flames: Defense.: 1 (4df+2=+, -, 0, -)
Oct 20 02:28:44 <Joey> 4df+2
Oct 20 02:28:45 <Glacon> Joey: 0 (4df+2=0, 0, -, -)
Oct 20 02:28:47 <Kayleigh> 4df+3 watch Kay get shot again
Oct 20 02:28:47 <Waxx> 4df+4 Dmitri
Oct 20 02:28:47 <Glacon> Kayleigh: watch Kay get shot again: 4 (4df+3=+, -, 0, +)
Oct 20 02:28:47 <Glacon> Waxx: Dmitri: 3 (4df+4=-, 0, 0, 0)
Oct 20 02:28:48 <ZoeChantili> Wraps her arms around Alicel and takking a deep breath, teleprots them to the spot hie pointed out.
Oct 20 02:28:50 <Waxx> 4df+3 Misha
Oct 20 02:28:50 <Glacon> Waxx: Misha: 5 (4df+3=+, +, -, +)
Oct 20 02:28:54 <ReddnJohnny> 4df+3
Oct 20 02:28:55 <Glacon> ReddnJohnny: 3 (4df+3=+, 0, -, 0)
Oct 20 02:29:00 <JasonD> 4df+4 Jason dives under the car his machine gun's resting on
Oct 20 02:29:00 <Glacon> JasonD: Jason dives under the car his machine gun's resting on: 7 (4df+4=0, +, +, +)
Oct 20 02:29:33 <AliceD> 4df+8 Im in the tank
Oct 20 02:29:34 <Glacon> AliceD: Im in the tank: 8 (4df+8=0, 0, +, -)
Oct 20 02:30:39 <Alicel> Alicel gets himself some footing. He takes out his toolkit hands. The whole world fades for a moment. The bullets don't matter, the bombs don't matter, just him and the wires, blood like his, thrumming with electrons like he does.
Oct 20 02:31:06 <Alicel> 4df+7 tagging Kinship.
Oct 20 02:31:06 <ZoeChantili> Zoe's right nezt to Alicel, looking at the bombs surrounding them.
Oct 20 02:31:06 <Glacon> Alicel: tagging Kinship.: 5 (4df+7=-, -, -, +)
Oct 20 02:31:45 <Waxx> The shells come in, medium caliber mortars fired probably from an adjacent dock site.
Oct 20 02:32:51 <Waxx> The ground shakes and concrete flies as they impact around the dock, spraying shrapnel. It's pretty clear that most of them were targeting the ship itself…except they fall completly through it and splash harmlessly in the water, leaving the engineers unmolested.
Oct 20 02:33:09 <Alicel> Does he disarm the trigger?
Oct 20 02:33:30 <Waxx> Yes, Alicel has no issue disarming the remote trigger.
Oct 20 02:33:43 <ZoeChantili> Zoe exhales.
Oct 20 02:33:59 <Alicel> "It is done." Alicel takes his new perspective to look around for more he can disable. Maybe a trip wire, or something.
Oct 20 02:34:05 <Alicel> 4df+4 electrical maneuver
Oct 20 02:34:05 <Glacon> Alicel: electrical maneuver: 5 (4df+4=0, 0, +, 0)
Oct 20 02:34:30 <Waxx> Aside from being covered in dust, nobody takes any damage from the shells, as they weren't really meant for you.
Oct 20 02:34:41 <John_W> "Gotta hurry up"
Oct 20 02:34:44 <ZoeChantili> "Thank god. That was a one way trip for you if I had to teleport back."
Oct 20 02:34:49 * Joey blinks several times.
Oct 20 02:34:53 <Waxx> There is a pause in the firing, and the sound of engines drifts through the open roadway.
Oct 20 02:35:01 <ZoeChantili> "How many more do we need to disable?"
Oct 20 02:35:04 <JasonD> «CI Commander, be advised, you are not William Tell, how copy.»
Oct 20 02:35:06 <Alicel> Anything else Alicel can disarm?
Oct 20 02:35:14 <John_W> "Probably lots"
Oct 20 02:35:29 <Waxx> Most of the firing mechanisms seem to be disarmed, at least on the surface. It would be wise to investigate inside the ship, though.
Oct 20 02:35:38 <AliceD> Alice is ready to unleash the fury of a thousand suns upon whoever comes though.
Oct 20 02:35:41 <John_W> "If I were they, I'd've put them on the inside"
Oct 20 02:35:46 <Alicel> "I am going to check on the ship. Zoe, you are good at this."
Oct 20 02:35:51 <Alicel> "Please come with me inside."
Oct 20 02:35:55 <John_W> John boards, making his best attempt to avoid any charges
Oct 20 02:35:58 <Waxx> From this point on, rolls go in turns
Oct 20 02:36:02 <Alicel> He is assuming Zoe can sneak in somewhat.
Oct 20 02:36:10 <John_W> "Nick, Alicel, Zoe, c'mon.
Oct 20 02:36:32 <Waxx> The engine noises draw closer, and are suddenly accompanied by a terrible cry as many dozens of voices clamor to be heard at once. A battle cry.
Oct 20 02:36:32 <ZoeChantili> "Right, I'm coming…I'll do my best. Heh, an alarm system is like a detonator, right?"
Oct 20 02:36:48 <Waxx> "MAKE READY ON THE FIRING LINE!"
Oct 20 02:36:58 <Waxx> "PREPARE TO REPEL ATTACKERS!"
Oct 20 02:37:03 <Alicel> "Not necessarily but close enough. Come on, we need to move. Zoe, lead the way. You are good at this kind of thing."
Oct 20 02:37:04 <ZoeChantili> Zoe follows Alicel
Oct 20 02:37:07 <Flames> Midnight finishes her little circle.
Oct 20 02:37:08 <Alicel> Oh ok redact
Oct 20 02:37:12 <Rosenthal> Nick comes with them, ready to handle whatever comes.
Oct 20 02:37:30 <Alicel> Alicel walks in, looking around and being very careful. He's still got that successful maneuver.
Oct 20 02:37:38 <Waxx> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d-qH02g4DLI
Oct 20 02:37:39 <Glacon> Waxx: Sgt MacKenzie - Remember - length 4m 40s - rated 4.90/5.0 (41) - 16493 views - jmason87 on 2009.04.13
Oct 20 02:37:41 <John_W> "An alarm system that kills you."
Oct 20 02:38:04 <ZoeChantili> "Great…"
Oct 20 02:38:21 <Flames> Midnight then starts her little ritual, an almost amusing sight of a mechanized cat performing a summoning ritual.
Oct 20 02:38:29 <Waxx> The roadway becomes clogged with armor-clad Insurgent shock troops as they rush your positions. Behind them come their armored personnel carriers, two of them, ready to lay waste upon you with their heavy machine guns.
Oct 20 02:38:34 <John_W> 4df+4 engineering maneuver John heads below. He's trying to figure out how to get to the screws, and their shafts and packing glands
Oct 20 02:38:34 <Glacon> John_W: engineering maneuver John heads below. He's trying to figure out how to get to the screws, and their shafts and packing glands: 6 (4df+4=+, +, +, -)
Oct 20 02:38:44 <Alicel> "Please tell me if you see anything electrical that needs to be taken care of."
Oct 20 02:38:54 <Waxx> John has no trouble finding what he is looking for.
Oct 20 02:39:05 <John_W> Any charges?
Oct 20 02:39:12 <ZoeChantili> "Keep your eyes spotted for anything weird."
Oct 20 02:39:33 <Waxx> Yep! The engines are rigged with charges that would detonate if the pistons were to turn over.
Oct 20 02:39:54 <John_W> 4df+6 using that maneuver, disarming them.
Oct 20 02:39:54 <Glacon> John_W: using that maneuver, disarming them.: 5 (4df+6=+, 0, -, -)
Oct 20 02:39:58 <Waxx> 4df+5 Massed incoming fire
Oct 20 02:39:58 <Glacon> Waxx: Massed incoming fire: 5 (4df+5=0, 0, +, -)
Oct 20 02:40:11 <Flames> 4df+5 Midnight completes the ritual to summon a water weird, like the one they fought a few weeks ago.
Oct 20 02:40:11 <Glacon> Flames: Midnight completes the ritual to summon a water weird, like the one they fought a few weeks ago.: 6 (4df+5=+, +, -, 0)
Oct 20 02:40:19 <Waxx> John leans in and clips the detonators off. No sweat.
Oct 20 02:40:25 <Waxx> Everyone outside, roll defense.
Oct 20 02:40:37 <AliceD> 4df+8
Oct 20 02:40:38 <Glacon> AliceD: 8 (4df+8=+, -, -, +)
Oct 20 02:40:51 <Waxx> 4df+4 Dmtiri
Oct 20 02:40:51 <Glacon> Waxx: Dmtiri: 4 (4df+4=0, +, 0, -)
Oct 20 02:40:53 <Waxx> 4df+3 Misha
Oct 20 02:40:53 <Glacon> Waxx: Misha: 3 (4df+3=+, -, +, -)
Oct 20 02:40:55 <Flames> 4df+2 Defense.
Oct 20 02:40:55 <Glacon> Flames: Defense.: 1 (4df+2=-, 0, -, +)
Oct 20 02:41:00 <Kayleigh> 4df+5 Tagging Corpsman Up! please let me not get shot
Oct 20 02:41:00 <Glacon> Kayleigh: Tagging Corpsman Up! please let me not get shot: 3 (4df+5=-, 0, -, 0)
Oct 20 02:41:01 <JasonD> 4df+4 Jason ducks down behind the car's wheel blocks.
Oct 20 02:41:01 <Glacon> JasonD: Jason ducks down behind the car's wheel blocks.: 7 (4df+4=0, +, +, +)
Oct 20 02:41:08 <Alicel> 4df+4 Electrical Maneuver Alicel looks for any odd wiring as he makes his way around the halls and to what he assumes is the main room.
Oct 20 02:41:08 <Glacon> Alicel: Electrical Maneuver Alicel looks for any odd wiring as he makes his way around the halls and to what he assumes is the main room.: 2 (4df+4=-, 0, 0, -)
Oct 20 02:41:22 <John_W> "Alicel, look for charges along any pumps, major electrical trunks, etc. Nick, help Alicel. I'll take the engines.
Oct 20 02:41:24 <ReddnJohnny> 4df+6 Tagging Clothes Make the Man as Redd collapses
Oct 20 02:41:25 <Glacon> ReddnJohnny: Tagging Clothes Make the Man as Redd collapses: 3 (4df+6=-, -, -, 0)
Oct 20 02:41:32 <Alicel> "Will do, John."
Oct 20 02:41:32 <ReddnJohnny> Goddamnit
Oct 20 02:42:03 <Rosenthal> Nick tags behind Alicel, keeping an eye out for any charges.
Oct 20 02:42:11 <Rosenthal> 4df+4 Perception
Oct 20 02:42:11 <Glacon> Rosenthal: Perception: 3 (4df+4=-, +, 0, -)
Oct 20 02:42:43 <Joey> 4df+2
Oct 20 02:42:44 <Glacon> Joey: 5 (4df+2=+, +, 0, +)
Oct 20 02:42:49 <Joey> that was defense
Oct 20 02:42:55 <Waxx> AliceL doesn't note anything unusual, neither does Nick.
Oct 20 02:43:00 <Waxx> Outside, the Insurgents make their play.
Oct 20 02:43:02 <John_W> John follows the fuel lines to the tanks.
Oct 20 02:43:04 <Alicel> Alicel can't see very well, because he's fucking got seawater on his eyes. "Do you see anything, Nick?" He wipes them.
Oct 20 02:43:53 <Waxx> Their light armor rolls up behind the infantry, literally forcing them to move forward into the kill zone. They open up with machine-guns of their own, fire lancing through the makeshift defensive line.
Oct 20 02:44:37 <Waxx> Jason ducks down just in time for most of the incoming fire to pass right over his head. Dmitri dives into cover only to get tagged by a glancing shot.
Oct 20 02:44:46 <Rosenthal> 4df+4 Engineering Maneuver: Nick looks for any possible charges.
Oct 20 02:44:47 <Glacon> Rosenthal: Engineering Maneuver: Nick looks for any possible charges.: 4 (4df+4=0, 0, -, +)
Oct 20 02:45:00 <Waxx> Kay, Redd and Misha all take minor wounds. All three of them lose body points.
Oct 20 02:45:04 <Waxx> One for each of you.
Oct 20 02:45:30 <Waxx> Midnight is a cat. Small bullets are small to humans, but big to cats. It hurts very much, and she also loses a body point.
Oct 20 02:45:32 <JasonD> «Colonel! Engage the fuel truck! BURN THE MOTHERFUCKERS.»
Oct 20 02:45:36 <Alicel> Alicel is walking quickly to the main control room. There should be plenty electronics there.
Oct 20 02:45:50 <ReddnJohnny> Redd covers his chest with a glove. "Well shit."
Oct 20 02:45:51 <Waxx> Everyone make your actions and rolls.
Oct 20 02:45:58 <Waxx> "OPEN FIRE! OPEN FIRE!"
Oct 20 02:46:11 <AliceD> 4df+9 Alice opens fire with the big guns.
Oct 20 02:46:12 <Glacon> AliceD: Alice opens fire with the big guns.: 8 (4df+9=0, 0, 0, -)
Oct 20 02:46:14 <Alicel> Alicel walks into the main control room.
Oct 20 02:46:22 <Waxx> Dmitri pops out of cover just long enough to sight in on the fuel truck and fire the SMAW at it.
Oct 20 02:46:27 <Kayleigh> 4df+3 "Stop hitting me with your bullets god damn it"
Oct 20 02:46:27 <Glacon> Kayleigh: "Stop hitting me with your bullets god damn it": 2 (4df+3=0, -, -, +)
Oct 20 02:46:29 <ZoeChantili> Zoe's in the belly of the ship, feeling a bit useless. "What should I do? How de-bombed is this ship?"
Oct 20 02:46:34 <Alicel> 4df+4 maneuver, does Alicel see anything amiss in the captain's office?
Oct 20 02:46:34 <Glacon> Alicel: maneuver, does Alicel see anything amiss in the captain's office?: 3 (4df+4=+, -, -, 0)
Oct 20 02:46:36 <ReddnJohnny> 4df+3 Redd opens fire with his rifle. "Fuckin' Fritz."
Oct 20 02:46:36 <Glacon> ReddnJohnny: Redd opens fire with his rifle. "Fuckin' Fritz.": 3 (4df+3=0, +, 0, -)
Oct 20 02:46:40 <Waxx> 4df+6 Firing the Smaw into a fuel-laden vehicle
Oct 20 02:46:40 <Glacon> Waxx: Firing the Smaw into a fuel-laden vehicle: 7 (4df+6=0, 0, +, 0)
Oct 20 02:46:43 <Alicel> "You should be good at finding traps, Zoe. Please do so."
Oct 20 02:47:10 <JasonD> 4df+8 Tagging the earlier manuever, Jason fires a single M202 FLASH round at the closest armored vehicle, with an eye on incinerating the troops inside.
Oct 20 02:47:11 <Glacon> JasonD: Tagging the earlier manuever, Jason fires a single M202 FLASH round at the closest armored vehicle, with an eye on incinerating the troops inside.: 6 (4df+8=-, 0, 0, -)
Oct 20 02:47:12 <Alicel> "Nick, please look around similarly. John?"
Oct 20 02:47:18 <Joey> 4df+7 Joey focuses his time powers on the light armor, attempting to fix them in theis point in time, but not space… which would send the armors quickly away from the surface of the earth…. Hopefully.
Oct 20 02:47:18 <ZoeChantili> 4df+2 Zoe | Zoe tries to spot anything unusual.
Oct 20 02:47:18 <Waxx> Misha skitters along over to Jason, pulling something from his pack. He tosses it to Jason.
Oct 20 02:47:18 <Glacon> Joey: Joey focuses his time powers on the light armor, attempting to fix them in theis point in time, but not space… which would send the armors quickly away from the surface of the earth…. Hopefully.: 8 (4df+7=+, 0, 0, 0)
Oct 20 02:47:19 <Glacon> ZoeChantili: Zoe | Zoe tries to spot anything unusual.: 1 (4df+2=0, 0, -, 0)
Oct 20 02:47:35 <John_W> 4df+4 engineering maneuver. John is by the fuel tanks. He's looking for where he'd rig.
Oct 20 02:47:35 <Glacon> John_W: engineering maneuver. John is by the fuel tanks. He's looking for where he'd rig.: 7 (4df+4=+, +, 0, +)
Oct 20 02:47:54 <Waxx> Okay! Cool! Give me a minute, starting with the engineers first
Oct 20 02:48:19 <Waxx> AliceL notices that there are no ships in bottles in the captain's office. Otherwise, nothing seems out of the ordinary.
Oct 20 02:49:09 <Waxx> Zoe doesn't notice anything of importance.
Oct 20 02:49:28 <Waxx> John has no trouble locating the final bombs, placed on the fuel tanks. Fortunately or unfortunately, they're full!
Oct 20 02:49:51 <Waxx> Now, for those outside.
Oct 20 02:50:09 <Rosenthal> …
Oct 20 02:50:42 <Waxx> Rosenthal doesn't notice anything out of order either. It seems that the last bombs are all in the fuel tanks.
Oct 20 02:50:46 <Waxx> Or on, rather.
Oct 20 02:52:07 <Flames> Midnight hisses softly at getting shot, but that doesn't stop the words flowing from her voice as she tries to draw the water weird out from the ocean to smash into the advancing soldiers.
Oct 20 02:52:20 <Waxx> Jason levels the M202 and fires into the side of the nearest armored vehicle. Sparks fly as the round penetrates, and flames erupt from the tiniest of crevasses in the vehicle's armor.
Oct 20 02:52:32 <Waxx> The hatch drops and burning, screaming men collapse from it into the road behind their advancing comrades.
Oct 20 02:52:51 <Waxx> They advance just as Joey raises his hand and looks at the second vehicle.
Oct 20 02:53:57 <Waxx> If we had any astronauts or physicists around, they would probably give a lot of numbers about how fast the Earth rotates as it revolves around the sun. Regardless to say there are plenty of zeros and it adds up to being pretty god damned mind-blowingly fast for such a large ball of rock.
Oct 20 02:54:58 <Waxx> In the blink of an eye, the second armored vehicle is….gone. All that's left is a streak of blood from the men it crushed as it flew over them, the comically large APC-shaped hole in the sheet metal sides of the nearest warehouse.
Oct 20 02:55:15 <AliceD> Alice snickers a little.
Oct 20 02:55:20 * G-G-Inquisitor is now known as Lumancer
Oct 20 02:55:24 <Waxx> The sudden displacement of a rather large object sucks the flames from Jason's inferno into the nearest group of men, incinerating them as well.
Oct 20 02:55:31 <JasonD> <Holy *shit*, Joey…>
Oct 20 02:55:48 <AliceD> <That's my boy.>
Oct 20 02:55:52 <Waxx> They gather their senses just as Dmitri's rocket penetrates the side of the fuel truck.
Oct 20 02:56:15 <Joey> «And that, dad, is Jenga.» And then he passes out backwords, from using so much power, so close together. Doesn't bend at the knees, just straight back.
Oct 20 02:56:18 <Waxx> The road is engulfed in a ball of flame, and everyone else scores hits as they cut down the ragged survivors.
Oct 20 02:56:26 <Waxx> Somewhere, that fucking APC is still moving.
Oct 20 02:57:01 <Alicel> «John, you think you found where they have put the rest of the explosives?»
Oct 20 02:57:02 <Waxx> The petrol-fueled inferno is blown by the same wind created by the disappearance of the other vehicle, and through it you can see…the second wave of infantry coming.
Oct 20 02:57:57 <John_W> «Yes. Gimmie just a second. EVERYBODY LISTEN UP, HEAD FOR THE BOAT, I'LL BE DONE IN A JIFFY»
Oct 20 02:58:03 <Kayleigh> "Anyone need medical?"
Oct 20 02:58:03 <Rosenthal> Nick comes up behind Alicel. "Nothing back there."
Oct 20 02:58:10 <Waxx> There is NO FEAR. They charge over the bodies of their friends and open fire again.
Oct 20 02:58:13 <John_W> 4df+6 using that maneuver to disarm the bombs on the fuel tanks.
Oct 20 02:58:13 <Waxx> 4df+5 Incoming fire
Oct 20 02:58:13 <Glacon> John_W: using that maneuver to disarm the bombs on the fuel tanks.: 7 (4df+6=-, +, +, 0)
Oct 20 02:58:15 <Glacon> Waxx: Incoming fire: 6 (4df+5=+, -, +, 0)
Oct 20 02:58:23 <ZoeChantili> Zoe heads up to the deck, looking if everyone's coming.
Oct 20 02:58:25 <JasonD> «Uh… I'm afraid that's not an option, John! SHIT SHIT SHIT! WE NEED SHOOTERS OUT HERE, NOW!»
Oct 20 02:58:32 <Waxx> John has no trouble disarming the bombs on the fuel tanks. All of the bombs are now disarmed!
Oct 20 02:58:33 <Alicel> "Will do. Nick, help me start this boat up. We will attempt as soon as John gives the word."
Oct 20 02:58:38 <Waxx> Now you've only got to contend with the impending invasion.
Oct 20 02:58:40 <Alicel> «John just give me the word.»
Oct 20 02:58:50 <Waxx> Everyone outside, roll defense again.
Oct 20 02:58:59 <JasonD> 4df+4 Jason ducks again behind the car.
Oct 20 02:59:00 <Glacon> JasonD: Jason ducks again behind the car.: 2 (4df+4=+, -, -, -)
Oct 20 02:59:04 <AliceD> 4df+8 I'm in a fucking tank.
Oct 20 02:59:05 <Glacon> AliceD: I'm in a fucking tank.: 8 (4df+8=0, 0, -, +)
Oct 20 02:59:06 <John_W> «NICK, START THE BOAT. LET'S GET READY TO CAST OFF» John slowly begins checking things off in his head to undo.
Oct 20 02:59:11 <Alicel> Alicel is cool and calculating. He knows his job. All he needs is to do it.
Oct 20 02:59:14 <Kayleigh> 4df+5 Tagging Corpsman Up! again.
Oct 20 02:59:15 <Glacon> Kayleigh: Tagging Corpsman Up! again.: 4 (4df+5=+, 0, -, -)
Oct 20 02:59:33 <Flames> 4df+1 Midnight is still waiting to see if her spell has any effect.
Oct 20 02:59:34 <Joey> 4df+2 passed out on the ground
Oct 20 02:59:35 <Glacon> Flames: Midnight is still waiting to see if her spell has any effect.: 2 (4df+1=+, 0, 0, 0)
Oct 20 02:59:35 <Glacon> Joey: passed out on the ground: 2 (4df+2=0, -, +, 0)
Oct 20 02:59:44 <ReddnJohnny> 4df+6 Usin mah power. Redd crumples once again at the sight of the second wave
Oct 20 02:59:44 <Glacon> ReddnJohnny: Usin mah power. Redd crumples once again at the sight of the second wave: 6 (4df+6=0, 0, +, -)
Oct 20 02:59:59 <Rosenthal> «Yes sir.» Nick charges for the bridge.
Oct 20 03:00:20 <Alicel> Alicel runs with Nick to the control center and gets in the captain's position.
Oct 20 03:00:43 <Alicel> Or well, close enough to the main controls to start up the engine.
Oct 20 03:00:49 <John_W> John thinks over his options. How's he gonna get Eve on the ship?
Oct 20 03:01:22 <Rosenthal> "Let's start this lovely lady up, shall we?"
Oct 20 03:01:41 * Sage has quit (Quit: This computer has gone to sleep)
Oct 20 03:01:49 <Waxx> The Insurgents know not to get caught in the street this time. They waste no time in moving forward, closing as much as possible with you, inching you back slowly, meter by meter, towards the wall of the pier.
Oct 20 03:01:52 <ZoeChantili> Zoe's out on the deck, making sure the other people ahve a clear runup.
Oct 20 03:01:56 * Lumancer has quit (Ping timeout)
Oct 20 03:01:59 <Alicel> "Yes." Alicel starts up the ship, slowly, trusting in John.
Oct 20 03:02:03 * Joey is now known as Chuckie
Oct 20 03:02:23 <ZoeChantili> «Come on!»
Oct 20 03:02:25 <Waxx> As the ship powers up, the Insurgents press home their attack.
Oct 20 03:02:29 <Chuckie> A big ass husky grabs Joey, and drags him to safety, bvefore returning to be ready for battle.
Oct 20 03:02:29 <Waxx> 4df+4 Dmitri
Oct 20 03:02:29 <Glacon> Waxx: Dmitri: 4 (4df+4=0, -, 0, +)
Oct 20 03:02:30 <Waxx> 4df+3 Misha
Oct 20 03:02:31 <Glacon> Waxx: Misha: 4 (4df+3=-, +, 0, +)
Oct 20 03:02:45 <Alicel> He burnt his last fate point, tagging his power to know how this ship works.
Oct 20 03:03:06 <Alicel> «She is awake! THE SHIP IS OPERATIONAL.»
Oct 20 03:03:09 <Waxx> Everyone but AliceD and Redd lose a body point. Redd collapses as the incoming fire rips apart nothing but a suit. Alice is inside a tank.
Oct 20 03:03:23 <Waxx> Everyone else loses a body point! Some of you are getting close to incap, oh no.
Oct 20 03:03:33 <AliceD> <Good boy, Chuckie.>
Oct 20 03:03:52 <ZoeChantili> «Come on people! Fire and run!»
Oct 20 03:03:56 <Waxx> AliceL uses his fate point and successfully powers up the vessel.
Oct 20 03:04:01 <Flames> Midnight collapses, never knowing the fate of her spell… which means there is now an uncontrolled water elemental on the docks.
Oct 20 03:04:10 <Waxx> The Chaos Insurgents roll forward, firing as they go….
Oct 20 03:04:14 <Alicel> Waxx No as in Alicel knows all the flicks and buttons now.
Oct 20 03:04:18 <John_W> «I'll be right back. ALICE, GET EVE READY TO BE LIFTED.»
Oct 20 03:04:23 <Waxx> They close within a few meters of your positions…
Oct 20 03:04:39 <Waxx> When out of nowhere the mother-fucking floods come.
Oct 20 03:04:42 <AliceD> «R-roger!»
Oct 20 03:04:51 <John_W> John hauls ass up on deck. Where is the crane.
Oct 20 03:05:13 <Waxx> The seas roil and whitecaps break against the piers, splashing against your backs.
Oct 20 03:05:17 <JasonD> 4df+10 Jason opens fire with the M240, raking the 7.62x51mm NATO rounds across the incoming wave. His suit's recoil compensators engaged, he funnels the cone of fire along his predetermined ranges at the motherfuckers that have the *gall* to fire at his wife.
Oct 20 03:05:18 <Glacon> JasonD: Jason opens fire with the M240, raking the 7.62x51mm NATO rounds across the incoming wave. His suit's recoil compensators engaged, he funnels the cone of fire along his predetermined ranges at the motherfuckers that have the *gall* to fire at his wife.: 11 (4df+10=+, -, +, 0)
Oct 20 03:05:35 <AliceD> «Jason, p-permission to get us the fuck out of here?»
Oct 20 03:05:38 <Alicel> "Nick, please help me ready so everything is good to go." Alicel is running to and fro, he's practically a one-man crew.
Oct 20 03:05:38 <Waxx> You could have sworn they were tranquil just a minute ago….
Oct 20 03:05:51 <Waxx> …but there is now a god damned tidal-wave sized wall of water coming in over your heads.
Oct 20 03:06:25 <Waxx> It somehow curls right overtop of you and splashes down squarely in the midst of the onrushing horde. The water washes around you and it's all you can do to stay put.
Oct 20 03:06:32 <Alicel> He can't feel anything else now but the humming of the ship, which is his auditory caress, the flicks of the switch he does so gently, a lover who knows all the best spots on his beloved.
Oct 20 03:06:47 <Rosenthal> Nick has been giving Alicel a hand.
Oct 20 03:06:58 <Rosenthal> Best he can anyhow.
Oct 20 03:07:03 <Waxx> The waters cleanse the dust and blood that cakes you, and also the incursion of Insurgents that were moments ago right on top of you.
Oct 20 03:07:34 <ReddnJohnny> "But… But I was just about to…"
Oct 20 03:07:36 <ZoeChantili> «Come on! Is everyone still on their feet?»
Oct 20 03:07:42 <John_W> John is on deck, face wrapped in what is somewhere between a grin and a grimace. Damn that graze stings when salt's in it. «Cover me, making a run for the crane!»
Oct 20 03:07:47 <Waxx> At least thirty or forty of them are pushed back down the road from where they came, undamaged but out of your hair for the time being.
Oct 20 03:07:50 <Waxx> They'll be back next round though!
Oct 20 03:07:53 <Rosenthal> Nick is running back and forth getting everything up and running as well, prepping the boat for launch.
Oct 20 03:08:02 <AliceD> «G-good going Midnight!» Alice makes assumptions.
Oct 20 03:08:06 <John_W> «Anybody still standing, give me a hand. We need to lift this fucking ICV»
Oct 20 03:08:14 <Alicel> «Zoe please port the injured.»
Oct 20 03:08:15 <ReddnJohnny> Redd grunts and stomps back to the boat
Oct 20 03:08:16 <Waxx> There are no targets for this turn. Go ahead and perform any actions/rolls you want. They'll be back next time.
Oct 20 03:08:34 <Waxx> Now would be a good time to perform trauma rolls or anything of that nature
Oct 20 03:08:53 <Chuckie> Chuckie growls, facing the insurgents. Not close enough right now, but he's on defense.
Oct 20 03:08:57 <Kayleigh> "Who needs medical?" Kay calls, struggling to her feet.
Oct 20 03:09:04 <John_W> 4df+4 engineering maneuver: John sprints for the crane, all the while running through his head how to operate the crane. He doesn't even notice who's hit and who ain't.
Oct 20 03:09:04 <Glacon> John_W: engineering maneuver: John sprints for the crane, all the while running through his head how to operate the crane. He doesn't even notice who's hit and who ain't.: 5 (4df+4=+, 0, 0, 0)
Oct 20 03:09:06 <JasonD> There's not much that can be done for Jason. It's all blunt trauma, and that suit's not coming off anytime soon.
Oct 20 03:09:06 <Flames> Dingo runs up and picks the injured Midnight up, carrying her to the boat.
Oct 20 03:09:07 <Chuckie> 4df+4 defensive maneuver, he's a good dog.
Oct 20 03:09:08 <Glacon> Chuckie: defensive maneuver, he's a good dog.: 6 (4df+4=+, +, -, +)
Oct 20 03:09:26 <JasonD> «ALICE!»
Oct 20 03:09:34 <Alicel> Alicel feels the ship awaken under the combined touch of Nick and himself, arousing itself from its sleep, warm to their caress. She is putty in their hands.
Oct 20 03:09:40 <ZoeChantili> Zoe picks up midnight, carefully bringing her inside.
Oct 20 03:10:00 <AliceD> «What??»
Oct 20 03:10:06 <Kayleigh> «Alice needs medical?»
Oct 20 03:10:20 <AliceD> «What, no, I'm f-fine.»
Oct 20 03:10:23 <John_W> «Alice *huff huff*, Jason…anybody standing, prep Eve for hoist!»
Oct 20 03:10:25 <JasonD> «I think Midnight's hurt! And John's about to move the ICV.»
Oct 20 03:10:32 <Waxx> Dmitri hauls himself and Misha to their feet. [Misha, get to the damn ship. That is an order.] [Negative, Kommandir. I stay until the end!]
Oct 20 03:10:35 <Flames> Midnight's got two bullet wounds. Blood everywhere.
Oct 20 03:10:50 <ZoeChantili> «Come on! Stop fucking around and get on board the damn Boat! Midnight's hurt!»
Oct 20 03:10:53 <John_W> By this time, he's at the crane, and tearing ass up to the cab to run this shit.
Oct 20 03:10:59 <AliceD> «C-copy.» Alice gets out of the LAV and sprints to the kitty.
Oct 20 03:11:01 <Kayleigh> «Who needs medical?» Kay looks at Dmitri [Not a chance Sir]
Oct 20 03:11:11 <ReddnJohnny> 4df+3 Redd snipes of a few insurgents as he waits by the boat.
Oct 20 03:11:12 <ZoeChantili> Zoe tries to stop the bleeding as best she can, but she's no vet
Oct 20 03:11:12 <Glacon> ReddnJohnny: Redd snipes of a few insurgents as he waits by the boat.: 2 (4df+3=+, 0, -, -)
Oct 20 03:11:16 <Waxx> "Move it! They are regrouping!"
Oct 20 03:11:27 <Waxx> The radio crackles.
Oct 20 03:11:37 <AliceD> <Zoe, move.> Alice pulls out her VET-KIT tm, patent pending.
Oct 20 03:11:43 <ZoeChantili> «Kay! Russia!»
Oct 20 03:11:46 <JasonD> «Mikhail Grushavoy! Strelnikov! Fall back!»
Oct 20 03:12:00 <Kayleigh> 4df+4 Kay takes a auto-injector and uses it on herself, then hands one to Dmitri. "For Misha"
Oct 20 03:12:00 <ZoeChantili> Zoe stands aside.
Oct 20 03:12:01 <Glacon> Kayleigh: Kay takes a auto-injector and uses it on herself, then hands one to Dmitri. "For Misha": 1 (4df+4=0, -, -, -)
Oct 20 03:12:10 <ReddnJohnny> pfft
Oct 20 03:12:22 <AliceD> 4df+6 Medical roll, Alice, funnily enough, has treated bullet wounds on a mountain lion before, this is simillare, just smaller.
Oct 20 03:12:24 <Glacon> AliceD: Medical roll, Alice, funnily enough, has treated bullet wounds on a mountain lion before, this is simillare, just smaller.: 6 (4df+6=+, 0, 0, -)
Oct 20 03:12:43 <Waxx> «USMC Dodridge, this is Australian Defense Force Colonel Ricketts aboard gunship Dark-Star 1. Do you copy, over.» Moments later, a secondary broadcast, this time with a distinctly American accent. «That's LAWNDART, dipshit. Oh, uh, over.»
Oct 20 03:13:05 <ZoeChantili> «Come on Kay….get back here….Alicel! we ready to blow this popsickle stand?»
Oct 20 03:13:21 <Alicel> «Yes. She is ready and willing.»
Oct 20 03:13:22 <Kayleigh> «Not until everyone else is on»
Oct 20 03:13:35 <Waxx> Dmitri and Misha displace back towards new positions closer to the boat.
Oct 20 03:13:40 <JasonD> «Station calling, this is Corporal Dodridge, go ahead.»
Oct 20 03:13:46 <ZoeChantili> «No, we're gonna leave you behind. Now get on board!»
Oct 20 03:13:54 <JasonD> Jason tosses the FLASH to the Colonel as he follows behind him.
Oct 20 03:14:03 * Chuckie stays where he is, growling like a good dog.
Oct 20 03:14:10 <Rosenthal> Nick grits his teeth. "God dammit… I'm gonna have to go out there aren't I?"
Oct 20 03:14:24 <JasonD> <CHUCKIE! Here, boy!>
Oct 20 03:14:25 <AliceD> Alice quickly and deftly stops the bleeding and removes the bullets. She cleans the wounds and patches her up as best she can. Using up a vet kit to give Midnight a point of body back.
Oct 20 03:14:26 <Alicel> «Give me the word, Nick and I will give her what she needs to bloom.»
Oct 20 03:14:30 <Kayleigh> Kay keeps with Dmitri, but only barely.
Oct 20 03:14:44 <Waxx> "Come on, Kay-lee. Get on the boat. That is an order!"
Oct 20 03:14:53 <John_W> 4df+6 John figures out the crane, and lowers the rigging to hoist Eve
Oct 20 03:14:54 <Glacon> John_W: John figures out the crane, and lowers the rigging to hoist Eve: 5 (4df+6=-, +, -, 0)
Oct 20 03:15:08 <Kayleigh> "Not until you do Sir! Your order can go fuck itself."
Oct 20 03:15:14 <ReddnJohnny> Redd pulls Kay back. "Get on the fuckin' boat. You're shot int the fuckin' leg."
Oct 20 03:15:24 <JasonD> «Copy, Lawndart. We will hold.»
Oct 20 03:15:26 <Alicel> Alicel looks at Nick and gives him a pat on the back briefly as he moves here and there.
Oct 20 03:15:30 * Chuckie looks up, and dashes to join the group… but, he could have followed them in the water, too.
Oct 20 03:15:30 <Kayleigh> roll for it Redd
Oct 20 03:15:31 <John_W> «Someone, RIG EVE GOD DAMMIT»
Oct 20 03:15:52 <ReddnJohnny> 5df+1
Oct 20 03:15:52 <Glacon> ReddnJohnny: 3 (5df+1=0, +, +, -, +)
Oct 20 03:15:58 <ReddnJohnny> 4df+1 even
Oct 20 03:15:58 <Glacon> ReddnJohnny: even: 0 (4df+1=+, -, -, 0)
Oct 20 03:16:10 <Kayleigh> 4df+3 haha no
Oct 20 03:16:11 <ZoeChantili> "KAY! If you make me Teleport you onto this boat I am going to be VERY pissed at you!"
Oct 20 03:16:11 <Glacon> Kayleigh: haha no: 3 (4df+3=0, -, +, 0)
Oct 20 03:16:21 <ReddnJohnny> Redd is very light
Oct 20 03:16:47 <JasonD> «Rosenthal, get your ass out here and rig the hoist around Eve!»
Oct 20 03:16:56 <Kayleigh> "I'll get on when we're ready to go, I'm not running from a fight!"
Oct 20 03:17:03 <Waxx> The Aussie comes back. «Dodridge be advised, you have armor en route to you. We will do what we can. Godspeed.»
Oct 20 03:17:12 <ReddnJohnny> He pauses for a moment and takes out his magnum, pointing it at her head
Oct 20 03:17:19 <Alicel> "Go, Nick. No one else is."
Oct 20 03:17:20 <Rosenthal> «On it!» "Ciel, you good?"
Oct 20 03:17:23 * Chuckie stands at the edge of the ship, growling towards the Insurgents.
Oct 20 03:17:23 <ReddnJohnny> 4df+4 Persuasion "Get on the boat."
Oct 20 03:17:24 <Glacon> ReddnJohnny: Persuasion "Get on the boat.": 7 (4df+4=+, +, 0, +)
Oct 20 03:17:29 <Alicel> "Yes. She and I are…"
Oct 20 03:17:34 <ReddnJohnny> You better get on that fucking boat
Oct 20 03:17:38 <Kayleigh> 4df+3 you won't win
Oct 20 03:17:38 <Glacon> Kayleigh: you won't win: 1 (4df+3=-, 0, -, 0)
Oct 20 03:17:40 <John_W> John busts a window out of the crane, and props the 240 up. He's winded and shaky and pissed.
Oct 20 03:17:47 <Waxx> Dmitri and Misha lean against a crate, catching their breaths. Misha reaches into his pack and hands Dmitri something.
Oct 20 03:17:55 <Alicel> He trails off. He doesn't have the words to describe what he's doing with her right now.
Oct 20 03:17:56 <Rosenthal> Nick rushes to get out to Eve, preparing to rig the hoist.
Oct 20 03:17:57 <Waxx> [Kommandir, I saved this for you. I cut the strips like you said.]
Oct 20 03:18:05 <Waxx> Misha hands over the RUSTED PANZERFAUST WARHEAD.
Oct 20 03:18:14 <Kayleigh> Kay shakes slightly, then growls. "I'm. Not. Leaving. Them."
Oct 20 03:18:27 <Waxx> Dmitri glares at her. "GET ON THE FUCKING BOAT, KAY."
Oct 20 03:18:43 <John_W> «fuck»
Oct 20 03:18:47 <JasonD> <Get the fuck on the boat, Kay. Your job's done. You can fire a rifle from there, *HM3*.>
Oct 20 03:18:54 <John_W> «*rasping breaths*»
Oct 20 03:19:17 <Rosenthal> Nick ties, latches, and secures everything into place, gives it a tug to be sure and nods.
Oct 20 03:19:30 <ReddnJohnny> 4df+4 Clothes Make the Man. Redd wraps around her like a straight jacket and drags her onto the boat.
Oct 20 03:19:31 <Glacon> ReddnJohnny: Clothes Make the Man. Redd wraps around her like a straight jacket and drags her onto the boat.: 4 (4df+4=0, -, 0, +)
Oct 20 03:19:31 <Rosenthal> «Eve's ready to go!>{
Oct 20 03:19:44 <John_W> «Rodg*coughing fit*er»
Oct 20 03:19:47 <Kayleigh> 4df+3 "Are you fucking kidding me?"
Oct 20 03:19:49 <Glacon> Kayleigh: "Are you fucking kidding me?": 1 (4df+3=+, -, -, -)
Oct 20 03:19:57 <Waxx> Redd's roll passes.
Oct 20 03:19:57 <ReddnJohnny> Resistance is futile
Oct 20 03:20:04 <AliceD> <Chuckie, I need you to t-take Midnight somewhere safe, Gently n-now, she's hurt.> Alice gets up, ready to repell attackers.
Oct 20 03:20:07 <Waxx> Redd has absolutely no trouble dragging Kay in her feeble state.
Oct 20 03:20:13 <ReddnJohnny> You are now in a straight jacket on a boat
Oct 20 03:20:25 <John_W> John hits the lift, and brings Eve up and up and up, and then over and down and down and down.
Oct 20 03:20:32 <Kayleigh> "Get the fuck off me before I bleed all over you!"
Oct 20 03:20:42 <Waxx> The rumble of engines returns, louder, angrier if possible.
Oct 20 03:20:42 <ZoeChantili> "We're loaded! Dimitiri! GEt on board!"
Oct 20 03:20:48 <JasonD> Jason falls back behind the Russians to the gangway, going prone and lining up the M240. «Alice? You on the boat?»
Oct 20 03:20:51 <ZoeChantili> "Come on!"
Oct 20 03:20:54 <ReddnJohnny> "Don't be a hero doc."
Oct 20 03:21:04 <Rosenthal> Nick runs over with his SCAR. "Dmitri, come on! We're set!"
Oct 20 03:21:08 <AliceD> <Right here, hun!> she waves.
Oct 20 03:21:09 <Waxx> An M60 Main Battle Tank rolls down the road, crudely daubed in black and white colors.
Oct 20 03:21:13 * Chuckie makes sure the cat is safe, then goes to the gangway, ready to help. He is a fighter, damn it.
Oct 20 03:21:21 <JasonD> «… Holy fuck.»
Oct 20 03:21:24 <ZoeChantili> "Bugger."
Oct 20 03:21:24 <Waxx> The infantry pours around it and prepares for the blast of the main gun as it begins rotating its turret.
Oct 20 03:21:29 <John_W> john hauls his ass down from the crane
Oct 20 03:21:31 <Kayleigh> "I have to be able to fire if needed. Let the fuck go! NOW!"
Oct 20 03:21:34 <Waxx> "GET DOWN!"
Oct 20 03:21:38 <Alicel> "HMAS Hawkesbury, love, this may be difficult for you after this time. I will be sure to operate you as smoothly as physically possible."
Oct 20 03:21:49 <Waxx> The turret ceases rotating and the gun depresses.
Oct 20 03:21:57 <Alicel> «Quickly, tell me the second we are ready!»
Oct 20 03:22:08 <John_W> John doesn't see the tank
Oct 20 03:22:10 <JasonD> Jason flattens himself against the dock, rolling behind a tie-down.
Oct 20 03:22:14 <Waxx> The man inside peers through the gunsight and lines up directly on Hawkesbury's aft section. You might call it a poopdeck, I guess. I call it an aft section.
Oct 20 03:22:14 <ZoeChantili> Zoe dives for covers, diving on top of KAy and Red
Oct 20 03:22:28 <AliceD> Alice dives to cover.
Oct 20 03:22:28 <Rosenthal> Nick hits the dirt and pulls Dmitri and Misha down too.
Oct 20 03:22:34 <JasonD> «COLONEL! FIRE THE SMAW!»
Oct 20 03:22:42 <Rosenthal> Redqct
Oct 20 03:22:44 <ReddnJohnny> "How about: Don't stand where you can find enemy fiyah when you're BLEEDIN' ALL OVER THE FUCKIN' GROUND!"
Oct 20 03:22:46 <Rosenthal> Redact
Oct 20 03:22:54 <Rosenthal> Nick hits the dirt.
Oct 20 03:22:58 <Waxx> Dmitri looks between the SMAW and the RUSTED PANZERFAUST WARHEAD.
Oct 20 03:23:25 <Waxx> 4df+9 Throw the warhead.
Oct 20 03:23:26 <Glacon> Waxx: Throw the warhead.: 7 (4df+9=-, -, -, +)
Oct 20 03:23:32 <Waxx> Well, I've seen better.
Oct 20 03:23:35 <Kayleigh> 4df+2 "LET GO!"
Oct 20 03:23:36 <Glacon> Kayleigh: "LET GO!": -1 (4df+2=-, -, -, 0)
Oct 20 03:23:46 <ReddnJohnny> 4df+1 no
Oct 20 03:23:47 <Glacon> ReddnJohnny: no: 0 (4df+1=0, 0, -, 0)
Oct 20 03:23:50 <Waxx> Dmitri hauls back and lets loose the RUSTED PANZERFAUST WARHEAD.
Oct 20 03:23:54 <ReddnJohnny> Nope
Oct 20 03:24:05 <John_W> John's vision swims. He is *not* in good shape. He still isn't paying attention to the goings on
Oct 20 03:24:07 <Alicel> Alicel looks over at the goings on briefly, he is silent. His fingers play on the ship's buttons, teasing, waiting, ready for the final act.
Oct 20 03:24:18 <Waxx> The streamer, made of old SS cuff titles, unfurls behind it as it sails through the air, devoid of any real propellant other than Dmitri's arm.
Oct 20 03:24:26 <ZoeChantili> Zoe is also on top of Kay and Redd. "Kay, don't be in such a hurry to throw your life away!"
Oct 20 03:24:31 <Waxx> It hits a man in the face and detonates, handily obliterating him, but it does not reach the tank.
Oct 20 03:24:52 <Waxx> Time seems to stand still for a moment as the gunner depresses the trigger for the tank's main gun.
Oct 20 03:24:57 <Kayleigh> "I'm *NOT*! I need to help! I can shoot, let me do it"
Oct 20 03:24:58 <Waxx> He presses it fully down.
Oct 20 03:25:03 <ReddnJohnny> Redd ties up his sleeves, preventing further escape. His glove detaches and walks over on two fingers, covering Kay's mouth.
Oct 20 03:25:03 <Waxx> ….nothing fucking happens.
Oct 20 03:25:17 <Rosenthal> Nick reaches out to pull the two down.
Oct 20 03:25:27 <Rosenthal> His hands stop.
Oct 20 03:25:28 <ZoeChantili> "You think you can take on a tank with a rifle?"
Oct 20 03:25:28 <Waxx> Somewhere, Tau Vriska smiles.
Oct 20 03:25:33 <John_W> "Kayleigh…c-come on…" John is dragging his ass to the ship. He still doesn't see the tank.
Oct 20 03:25:43 <Waxx> And somewhere else, there is a battle cry. A cry of fury, a cry of rage, a cry of hope.
Oct 20 03:25:49 <Waxx> A very English, very posh battle cry.
Oct 20 03:25:50 <JasonD> Jason opens fire with the M240, raking the 7.62x51mm NATO rounds across the incoming wave. His suit's recoil compensators engaged, he funnels the cone of fire along his predetermined ranges at the motherfuckers that have the *gall* to fire at his *Convoy*. Final blood must be drawn
Oct 20 03:26:01 <Kayleigh> "Mmmfff" Kay struggles, seeing John.
Oct 20 03:26:10 <Rosenthal> He stands. "Dmitri! Misha! WE NEED TO GO!"
Oct 20 03:26:24 <ReddnJohnny> Kay's on the ship, dumb but
Oct 20 03:26:29 <Waxx> Convoy fires its ordnance, seemingly defeated despite the tank's inability to fire. There are just too many of them, moving too fast, getting too close.
Oct 20 03:26:38 <ZoeChantili> «Get on BOARD!»
Oct 20 03:26:41 <Waxx> There are hundreds of them now, all armored, all faceless, all coming for you.
Oct 20 03:26:54 <Waxx> And through it all, that Very English Battle Cry.
Oct 20 03:27:02 <AliceD> <JASON!>
Oct 20 03:27:17 <Chuckie> "Should I take them, huh huh? I can do it!"
Oct 20 03:27:21 <JasonD> He keeps firing, intent on dumping the entire belt of ammunition.
Oct 20 03:27:23 <Waxx> In the back of your minds you wonder who the fuck has a bullhorn, when suddenly the wall of an adjacent building is punched outward and a second MBT drives through it.
Oct 20 03:27:42 <John_W> 4df+4 ranged weapons. John finally drags himself on board. M240mk2 rests in shaky hands on the rail of the ship. he dumps the belt at the CI.
Oct 20 03:27:42 <Glacon> John_W: ranged weapons. John finally drags himself on board. M240mk2 rests in shaky hands on the rail of the ship. he dumps the belt at the CI.: 6 (4df+4=+, +, -, +)
Oct 20 03:27:46 <Alicel> Alicel's fingers twitch. He is just waiting for the moment to go, they are taking too long. They need to go. *He* needs it.
Oct 20 03:27:49 <Waxx> Its turret, covered in dust and battered, swings past you and aims directly into the side of the Insurgent MBT, its muzzle nearly pressing against the hull.
Oct 20 03:27:59 <Kayleigh> 4df+2 "Mmmnnnfftfftt" <translation, get the fuck off me»
Oct 20 03:28:00 <Glacon> Kayleigh: "Mmmnnnfftfftt" <translation, get the fuck off me»: 2 (4df+2=-, +, -, +)
Oct 20 03:28:07 <Waxx> On the side of the gun is painted a very crude Union Jack. The gun fires.
Oct 20 03:28:13 <ZoeChantili> 4df+2 Zoe's keeping Kay pinned
Oct 20 03:28:14 <Glacon> ZoeChantili: Zoe's keeping Kay pinned: 2 (4df+2=0, -, +, 0)
Oct 20 03:28:17 <Rosenthal> Nick readies his SCAR. "So we're really doing this Dmitri? We're not moving?"
Oct 20 03:28:23 <ReddnJohnny> 4df+1 add to Zoe's roll
Oct 20 03:28:24 <Glacon> ReddnJohnny: add to Zoe's roll: -2 (4df+1=0, -, -, -)
Oct 20 03:28:25 <Waxx> "HOLD THE LINE."
Oct 20 03:28:28 <ReddnJohnny> Ahaha
Oct 20 03:28:35 <ReddnJohnny> Kay gets loose
Oct 20 03:28:40 <Rosenthal> Nick shrugs.
Oct 20 03:28:41 <AliceD> <Jason now!> Alice is on the edge of the boat, ready to jump back on the dock if she has to.
Oct 20 03:28:42 <Waxx> The armor piercing round passes cleanly through the turret, crew, and other side of the turret, and keeps going.
Oct 20 03:28:58 <Waxx> From the top of this newly arrived tank stands a man with a bullhorn, of which only Dmitri and Laito would recognize.
Oct 20 03:29:24 * Chuckie stalks down the gangplank and nudges Jason in the leg. "'C'mon, or let me help!"
Oct 20 03:29:26 <Kayleigh> Kay grabs her rifle and goes to the edge of the boat, shouldering it. "I'm still on the boat Sir"
Oct 20 03:29:36 <Waxx> He raises the bullhorn, taking advantage of the surprise, and shouts, "FOR THE COMMONWEALTH!" A man in an Australian Army uniform takes the bullhorn from him and shouts again, "SHUT UP YA GIT, FOR AUSTRALIA! MAY SHE NEVER BE CONQUERED!"
Oct 20 03:29:46 <ZoeChantili> "Then fucking stay there you buggering crazy Jenny."
Oct 20 03:29:51 <JasonD> The bolt of his M240 slams home, all ammo expended, and he stands, hauling ass up the gangplank.
Oct 20 03:30:08 * Chuckie follows jason
Oct 20 03:30:08 <Waxx> A whole fucking platoon of Australian regulars comes through the wrecked building, tearing into the flanks of the Insurgency.
Oct 20 03:30:14 <John_W> John catches his breath "Dimitri, Misha, Nick, GET YOUR ASSES ON BOARD GODFUCKINGDAMMIT"
Oct 20 03:30:15 <AliceD> Alice has her hand stretched out for Jason.
Oct 20 03:30:15 <Laito> Mother
Oct 20 03:30:15 <Laito> Fucking
Oct 20 03:30:15 <Laito> Wellington
Oct 20 03:30:37 <Rosenthal> Nick grins.
Oct 20 03:30:41 <Kayleigh> "Sir, I have you covered, get on board…please"
Oct 20 03:30:43 <ZoeChantili> "All aboard you ASSHOLES!"
Oct 20 03:30:55 <Alicel> «Just tell me when. Please.»
Oct 20 03:30:55 <ReddnJohnny> Redd unties himself
Oct 20 03:30:56 <Waxx> Dmitri grabs Nick and Misha. "THAT IS OUR CUE. GO!"
Oct 20 03:31:09 <Waxx> Dmitri runs!
Oct 20 03:31:09 <Rosenthal> "Come on, Dmitri, we've gotta leave. The line has been held."
Oct 20 03:31:16 <AliceD> Inside Eve, Bou is having a pleasant conversation with Dancer and Cupid, who are FREAKING THE FUCK OUT WHY IS THE WORLD MOVING OH GOD!
Oct 20 03:31:18 <Chuckie> Any bad guys heading for the gangway?
Oct 20 03:31:20 <Rosenthal> redact
Oct 20 03:31:28 <Rosenthal> Nick runs to the ship.
Oct 20 03:31:36 <ReddnJohnny> *Click* Johnny pops out of his case and aims his bazooka along with Kay.
Oct 20 03:31:40 <Waxx> No, they're all too busy being attacked by the ragtag militia of Terrance Wellington Windsor III and what's left of the Australian military.
Oct 20 03:32:05 <Waxx> Dmitri and Misha clang up the gangplank in their hobnailed boots, just as the roar of propellers grows in the distance.
Oct 20 03:32:44 <Waxx> Everyone fucking scatters. DARKSTAR/LAWNDART comes in at a bare fifty meters altitude and expends the last of its ammunition, the last piece of Foundation resistance left on this continent.
Oct 20 03:32:49 <ZoeChantili> «Everyone on board?»
Oct 20 03:32:54 <John_W> john tries to laugh, quickly runs out of wind and falls into a coughing fit. Some blood comes up. His throat hurts.
Oct 20 03:32:55 <Kayleigh> "Johnny! Get in your fucking case!"
Oct 20 03:33:11 <Waxx> The docks erupt in flame and smoke as the heavy cannons tear through the advancing infantry and armor, just as everyone makes it aboard the ship.
Oct 20 03:33:17 <John_W> «LAWNDART, I love you. Thank you.»
Oct 20 03:33:25 <Waxx> «Hey fuck you, buddy!»
Oct 20 03:33:28 <ReddnJohnny> "No can do Kay. You have set an example for me."
Oct 20 03:33:36 <Rosenthal> «We're on board.»
Oct 20 03:33:37 <Waxx> LAWNDART peels off into the distance, pursued by white contrails that streak into the sky.
Oct 20 03:33:38 <ZoeChantili> «Alicel! We're on, GO!»
Oct 20 03:33:40 <John_W> «Alicel, gun it!»
Oct 20 03:33:49 <Alicel> Alicel guns the boat like a boss.
Oct 20 03:34:05 * Chuckie finds a place at the front of the ship, digs his claws in, and enjoys the spray.
Oct 20 03:34:06 <Kayleigh> "The fuck are you talking about?" Kay drops to a knee, letting her rifle hang.
Oct 20 03:34:14 * Chuckie is now known as Joey
Oct 20 03:34:16 <Waxx> HMAS Hawkesbury's diesel engine purrs, kicking up a mean wake as her screws bite into the water.
Oct 20 03:34:28 <AliceD> Alice hauls Jason onto the boat and falls back on her ass.
Oct 20 03:34:30 <ReddnJohnny> "Your bravery in not leaving the dock has inspired me, Kay."
Oct 20 03:34:37 * Joey leans on something. "I'm on a boat, motherfucker."
Oct 20 03:34:50 <John_W> out of the corner of Kay's eye, she might notice that john is now supporting himself very barely on the rail.
Oct 20 03:34:51 <Rosenthal> Nick claps a hand on Dmitri's shoulder. "Good work, old man." He says with an ear-to-ear grin.
Oct 20 03:35:09 <Waxx> The ship slowly, agonizingly moves away from the pier, leaving nothing but petrol-fueled and patriotic carnage behind.
Oct 20 03:35:10 <Kayleigh> "It wasn't bravery, it was stupidity and promises made to myself."
Oct 20 03:35:14 <John_W> His vision swims and he damn near drops, as he hauls his sorry ass belowdecks
Oct 20 03:35:15 <ZoeChantili> Zoe pulls out her radio. «Hey German. Remember me?»
Oct 20 03:35:40 <ZoeChantili> «You still alive out there?»
Oct 20 03:35:42 <Waxx> Dmitri smiles, having a lovely coughing fit as he sits down tiredly on the deck, bleeding from the multiple wounds they've all received at this point.
Oct 20 03:35:58 <Waxx> As you look back, you see one last piece of oddness.
Oct 20 03:36:06 <ReddnJohnny> "And I promised myself I would do whatever it takes to lead us to victory!"
Oct 20 03:36:17 <Kayleigh> «Anyone that needs medical…meet me right the fuck here, I'm not moving.»
Oct 20 03:36:23 <Rosenthal> Nick sits with him. "We'll get you patched up and back to your old, crabby self in no time."
Oct 20 03:36:29 <Waxx> A twisted hunk of red hot metal falls from the fucking sky and lands on the dock, squarely where your firing line used to be. It looks vaguely like an APC.
Oct 20 03:36:52 <AliceD> <…>
Oct 20 03:36:52 <ReddnJohnny> "Gimme that." Redd takes the radio from Zoe. «Ish nein, der Juden. Nein nein nein. Strudel leiderhosen!»
Oct 20 03:37:00 <John_W> «fix yerself fir-first»
Oct 20 03:37:05 <AliceD> <Heh…>
Oct 20 03:37:09 <AliceD> <Hehehehe….>
Oct 20 03:37:16 * Joey watches the dock sail away, and smiles. "Dead on target."
Oct 20 03:37:19 <John_W> John finds himself a cabin to sit in. And he sits there til his vision stops swimming.
Oct 20 03:37:28 <Waxx> Australia falls away behind you. Much has been left.
Oct 20 03:37:30 <AliceD> <Hehehehehehehe!> Alice lays on the deck laughing.
Oct 20 03:37:36 <Waxx> Karen Marie Eduarte.
Oct 20 03:37:38 <Waxx> Novikov.
Oct 20 03:37:42 <Waxx> Akane.
Oct 20 03:37:47 <Waxx> Vance.
Oct 20 03:37:48 <ZoeChantili> Zoe grabs it back. «You should've asked what was coming. Told you you'll never catch me.»
Oct 20 03:37:55 <Laito> Florence.
Oct 20 03:38:01 <Waxx> Frederick Heiden.
Oct 20 03:38:05 <John_W> Bruce
Oct 20 03:38:17 <ReddnJohnny> «Auf Weidershein Goodbye!» Redd points his Magnum in the air and shoots. "Yehooo!"
Oct 20 03:38:17 <Alicel> «Is anyone unhurt able to give me a hand driving her? She is not a one-man vessel.»
Oct 20 03:38:21 <Joey> Bruce is in the eve.
Oct 20 03:38:26 <Waxx> Through Sydney, a hot wind blows, carrying the groaning of metal and men with it.
Oct 20 03:38:29 <Waxx> The sounds of a dying city.
Oct 20 03:38:32 <Rosenthal> Nick lights up a smoke, offering one to Dmitri. "You smoke old man?"
Oct 20 03:38:50 <Waxx> The Chain Shank stalks through the streets, reaping souls as he finds them.
Oct 20 03:38:51 <John_W> A few resounding clumps from an exhausted man, and John is on the bridge
Oct 20 03:39:15 <Waxx> Dmitri coughs again and nods, accepting the smoke. "Spasibo, Nikolas."
Oct 20 03:39:15 <Kayleigh> Kay makes her way over to Dmitri. "Not until you use your inhaler." She opens her med kit and winces.
Oct 20 03:39:22 <ZoeChantili> Zoe looks out over the bridge as the motor out.
Oct 20 03:39:26 <Waxx> "Kay-lee, are you alright?"
Oct 20 03:39:36 <Rosenthal> "You did good out there."
Oct 20 03:39:42 <ReddnJohnny> «Gooodbye. Gooooodbye. Goooooooodbyyyyyyye….»
Oct 20 03:39:48 <Waxx> Credits roll.
Oct 20 03:39:50 <Waxx> The end music plays.
Oct 20 03:39:51 <Waxx> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mHPgco6GQk8
Oct 20 03:39:52 <Glacon> Waxx: Roy Orbison-Oh Pretty Woman (with lyrics) - length 2m 59s - rated 4.96/5.0 (843) - 262851 views - MsLanguageTutor on 2010.07.20
Oct 20 03:40:02 <Kayleigh> "Fine. You promised me stories. Start talking Sir." Kay starts to patch Misha up.
Oct 20 03:40:12 <Waxx> "…after we sleep."
Oct 20 03:40:15 * Joey takes a seat beside Alice. "So…Uhm… Not to sound like a downer, but…where the fuck are we going?"
Oct 20 03:40:18 <ZoeChantili> "Well….Eve had food in it right?"
Oct 20 03:40:23 <Rosenthal> Nick smiles, laughing happily.
Oct 20 03:40:26 <Waxx> HMAS Hawkesbury pulls away into the night.
Oct 20 03:40:42 <John_W> John grabs a seat on the bridge. He turns and looks off to his side at a woman he still can't see and has no idea if she's even there. He decides to choose that she's there anyway. "We made it, Akane."
Oct 20 03:40:43 <AliceD> Alice sits up. <N-not sure. Ask your f-father.> she nudges JasonD.
Oct 20 03:40:44 <Kayleigh> 4df+4 Cleaning, sterilizing, and bandaging.
Oct 20 03:40:44 <Glacon> Kayleigh: Cleaning, sterilizing, and bandaging.: 3 (4df+4=+, -, 0, -)
Oct 20 03:40:51 <JasonD> <Shit. Stay out of the Eve.>
Oct 20 03:41:02 <AliceD> <Why?>
Oct 20 03:41:18 <Alicel> Alicel is manning the main controls at this point, just staring into the sea.
Oct 20 03:41:22 <Kayleigh> that was for Misha
Oct 20 03:41:36 <Flames> Midnight is somewhere, purring softly.
Oct 20 03:41:36 <ZoeChantili> "Why? What's in Eve?"
Oct 20 03:41:45 <John_W> "Alicel, can you read a map?"
Oct 20 03:41:54 <ZoeChantili> Zoe wanders off to find Midnight and gives her pets.
Oct 20 03:41:58 <Alicel> "Yes. Just provide me one and our destination."
Oct 20 03:42:00 <JasonD> <Nothing. I need to have John help me get it oriented on the front deck.>
Oct 20 03:42:05 <Joey> "Jason, where we going now?"
Oct 20 03:42:08 <ZoeChantili> "Hey Miss Kitty."
Oct 20 03:42:11 <JasonD> «Who do we have piloting the boat?>
Oct 20 03:42:17 <Alicel> «John and I.»
Oct 20 03:42:18 <AliceD> <Check on the bunnies?>
Oct 20 03:42:19 <John_W> «Alicel and I»
Oct 20 03:42:40 <ReddnJohnny> Redd takes out his sewing kit and begins sewing something large and elaborate
Oct 20 03:42:45 <Rosenthal> He takes a drag, relaxing on the deck.
Oct 20 03:42:49 <Kayleigh> «Who all needs medical?» Kay moves over to Dmitri, shaking her head slightly.
Oct 20 03:42:57 <John_W> "Go talk to Jason, then. He'll get us oriented. I'll take the conn"
Oct 20 03:43:12 <Alicel> "You are certain?"
Oct 20 03:43:13 <JasonD> «Kay, go see Alice.»
Oct 20 03:43:25 <John_W> "yeah. And thanks for the help earlier on."
Oct 20 03:43:28 <Waxx> A FINAL SURPRISE
Oct 20 03:43:31 <John_W> "Couldn't'a done it without y'all"
Oct 20 03:43:34 <AliceD> <I dont need medical.>
Oct 20 03:43:40 <Waxx> Two experience points for all involved!
Oct 20 03:43:42 <Kayleigh> «I'm fine Corporal, let me do my job»
Oct 20 03:43:45 <ZoeChantili> "I'm fine"
Oct 20 03:44:18 <Alicel> "You are welcome. Thank you for finding the last explosions."
Oct 20 03:44:20 <JasonD> «Well…»
Oct 20 03:44:28 <John_W> "You got the bulk of 'em"
Oct 20 03:44:32 <John_W> John hauls his tired ass over to the conn and sits.
Oct 20 03:44:36 * Joey climbs the spire in the cneter of the boat, as far as he can, then points off into the distacne. "Yarr mateys! Two stars to the right, and straight on 'till morning!
Oct 20 03:44:42 <JasonD> Jason starts to say something, and then trails off,walking off toward the front of the boat.
Oct 20 03:44:49 <Alicel> "I will be back shortly for you to sleep."
Oct 20 03:44:52 <AliceD> Alice follows.
Oct 20 03:44:54 <Alicel> «Jason? Where are you?»
Oct 20 03:44:58 <John_W> «Jason, Alicel's coming down to you to get us on some kind of course» "thanks"
Oct 20 03:45:08 <JasonD> «John, think you can centerline and get some gripes on the Eve?»
Oct 20 03:45:09 <Alicel> "You are most welcome."
Oct 20 03:45:18 <ReddnJohnny> Redd keeps sewing quite diligently. He is very into it.
Oct 20 03:45:22 <Kayleigh> 4df+7 Tagging Corpsman Up! Kay does her best work for Dmitri. She cleans, bandages, and does everything she can to ease his pain.
Oct 20 03:45:23 <Glacon> Kayleigh: Tagging Corpsman Up! Kay does her best work for Dmitri. She cleans, bandages, and does everything she can to ease his pain.: 7 (4df+7=-, 0, 0, +)
Oct 20 03:45:34 <John_W> «I got the conn right now. Gimmie a sec»
Oct 20 03:45:45 <Alicel> Alicel goes to find Jason.
Oct 20 03:46:03 <Waxx> Dmitri pats his chest and coughs again, quite winded from all of that.
Oct 20 03:46:32 <Flames> Midnight's unconscious, in pain, and purring like a RC plane.
Oct 20 03:47:00 <Kayleigh> "Inhaler"
Oct 20 03:47:03 <ZoeChantili> Zoe still pets, staying by Midnight all night. She did it for her once.
Oct 20 03:47:27 <Waxx> [Misha, I wasted it.] [Kommandir?] [The warhead. I hit a man with it, and not the tank.]
Oct 20 03:47:38 <Alicel> Alicel finds Jason. "Have we a direction to head towards?"
Oct 20 03:47:47 <Waxx> [Should we turn around and get it, Kommandir?] [No, it detonated just fine. But I really wanted to hit the vehicle.]
Oct 20 03:47:49 * ZoeChantili has quit (Quit: ~ Trillian Astra - www.trillian.im ~)
Oct 20 03:48:00 * ReddnJohnny is now known as Salmander
Oct 20 03:48:21 <John_W> John kicks his feet up on the conn, and pulls out the now insanely dented and battered old tin mug. He goes to pour some coffee, only to find the glass inside his dewar shattered. He does his best to use his fingers to strain out the now tepid brew
Oct 20 03:48:25 <JasonD> <Stand by, Alicel…>
Oct 20 03:49:04 <Alicel> "Understood." Alicel watches Jason carefully, waiting to relieve John quickly. Everyone is tired.
Oct 20 03:49:09 <John_W> and then sips through his teeth, to catch any remainders. siiiip "ahhh"
Oct 20 03:49:11 <JasonD> «Colonel? Alice? Midnight?»
Oct 20 03:49:31 <AliceD> <I'm r-right here, Jason, and Midnight is…she's in a bad way.>
Oct 20 03:49:33 <JasonD> «Would you care to meat me by the prow?»
Oct 20 03:49:46 <Alicel> "Shall I be coming, Jason?"
Oct 20 03:49:52 <Alicel> "Or shall I just remain here for now?"
Oct 20 03:50:00 <AliceD> <You're already…this is the prow.>
Oct 20 03:50:16 <Alicel> "Then the question is, should I leave?"
Oct 20 03:50:25 <Alicel> Alicel doesn't know the terminologies.
Oct 20 03:50:31 <Waxx> «Dodge Ridge, yes. Hello.»
Oct 20 03:51:07 <JasonD> <Could you excuse us for a moment, Alicel?>
Oct 20 03:51:14 <JasonD> «Colonel, I need you up front.»
Oct 20 03:51:42 <Alicel> Alicel nods. "Let me know when you can tell me our destination."
Oct 20 03:51:47 * Joey stays up high
Oct 20 03:52:03 <Waxx> «Yes, coming.» Dmitri stands slowly and sort of shambles up to the prow, the fatigue coming in now that the adrenalin has bled away. Quite literally.
Oct 20 03:52:15 <Alicel> He walks off back to John.
Oct 20 03:52:30 <Alicel> "As you have heard on the radio, they are discussing matters. Shall I be relieving you? You deserve the rest."
Oct 20 03:53:24 <JasonD> He pulls his helmet off, his face red on one side from an errant round that impacted the helmet. "Alice? Colonel? We missed a fairly critical objective we had…"
Oct 20 03:53:35 <Waxx> "What was that?"
Oct 20 03:53:46 <JasonD> "The ULF transmitter."
Oct 20 03:54:07 <AliceD> Alice winces at Jason's face.
Oct 20 03:54:09 <JasonD> "We can make an island port and refuel, but… we're still out of comms."
Oct 20 03:54:19 <John_W> "Gotcha. I've got to get Eve squared away still. She ain't on straight, and ain't tied down. Call me if'n you need me"
Oct 20 03:54:32 <Salmander> Johnny appears to have escaped from Kay's pocket and is standing over the controls, examining them.
Oct 20 03:54:44 <Waxx> Dmitri shrugs, too tired to care at this point. "God willing, we will find a way."
Oct 20 03:54:47 <Alicel> "Understood. Please do not hesitate to get sleep after that."
Oct 20 03:54:54 <Waxx> "I did not expect everyone to make it out alive. I am just happy to be on this tiny boat."
Oct 20 03:55:02 <Alicel> Alicel takes over for John and lets him go.
Oct 20 03:55:08 <John_W> John staggers down, calling out over his shoulder "I'll sleep when I'm dead."
Oct 20 03:55:30 <John_W> he makes his way to where Eve rests.
Oct 20 03:56:26 <JasonD> Jason nods.
Oct 20 03:56:51 * JasonD is now known as E4D
Oct 20 03:56:51 * Notify: E4D is online (SCP and Related Channels).
Oct 20 03:57:05 <Waxx> "I hope some of us can fish."
Oct 20 03:57:08 <Alicel> He shakes his head. "Understood." He focuses on keeping the ship straight… wherever the fuck they're going. He keeps a mental map of how fast and how far to get vaguely where they should go later.
Oct 20 03:57:13 <AliceD> Alice pulls her helmet off. "When have w-we ever not found a wway, love? N-now let me give you a once over."
Oct 20 03:57:16 <Waxx> "I have the feeling we are going to be eating a lot of fish, these coming weeks."
Oct 20 03:57:37 <E4D> Jason keys his remote mic, working his jaw before talking. «Hey shitheads. Good job on not dyin'.»
Oct 20 03:57:37 <Salmander> Alicel roll perception
Oct 20 03:57:51 <Alicel> 4df+2
Oct 20 03:57:51 <Glacon> Alicel: 2 (4df+2=-, +, 0, 0)
Oct 20 03:58:25 <Salmander> Alicel notices Johnny cradled in the bottom rim of the wheel
Oct 20 03:58:34 <E4D> «Alicel, put this thing full stop.»
Oct 20 03:58:42 <Alicel> Alicel brings the boat to a stop.
Oct 20 03:58:57 <John_W> At this point, John's wound has since soaked through his rag. He continues dragging himself to where Eve is «Why we stopping»
Oct 20 03:59:03 <Alicel> "Hello Johnny. Are you not usually with Kay?"
Oct 20 03:59:04 <E4D> «Dead in the water for the time being. Turn off the radio, kill anything in the bridge that puts out a signal.»
Oct 20 03:59:08 <Rosenthal> «Thanks Dodridge. You did damn fine yourself.»
Oct 20 03:59:47 <Alicel> Alicel nods and starts shutting things down that need to be shut down.
Oct 20 03:59:49 <Waxx> «I also wish to extend congratulations.»
Oct 20 04:00:17 <Salmander> "She wants me in the case. It is very stuffy."
Oct 20 04:01:10 <Alicel> «Everyone here performed splendidly.»
Oct 20 04:01:29 <Alicel> He's pacing the main controls now, not knowing what else to do.
Oct 20 04:01:33 <Flames> 4df+4 Midnight concentrates on her magic, now that she's conscious.
Oct 20 04:01:33 <Glacon> Flames: Midnight concentrates on her magic, now that she's conscious.: 5 (4df+4=0, 0, +, 0)
Oct 20 04:02:45 <Flames> 4df+4 (Healing Magics.) Midnight concentrates on her painful wounds.
Oct 20 04:02:46 <Glacon> Flames: (Healing Magics.) Midnight concentrates on her painful wounds.: 2 (4df+4=-, -, +, -)
Oct 20 04:02:49 <Salmander> Johnny looks over the vast amount of controls. "I think I could operate this."
Oct 20 04:02:58 <Alicel> "You can help me?"
Oct 20 04:03:09 <Waxx> Dmitri suddenly feels very tired. He decides that the prow of the ship is a decent enough point to lay down, so his knees give way and he falls to the deck.
Oct 20 04:03:17 <John_W> «We fucked the CI up along the way, too. Left 'em hurtin. Good on y'all.»
Oct 20 04:03:24 <Kayleigh> Kay sits on the deck, smoking a cigarette, ignoring her own wounds for the moment.
Oct 20 04:03:27 <Alicel> "It would be a pleasure to work with you, Johnny."
Oct 20 04:03:46 <AliceD> "Shit…" Jason, c-can you help me move the Colonel somewhere better?"
Oct 20 04:04:04 <Salmander> Johnny gets up and examines the controls
Oct 20 04:04:22 <Alicel> Alicel lets him. "Mind you we are dead in the water now, please do not touch anything."
Oct 20 04:04:33 <Salmander> 4df+4 Miscellaneous Piloting
Oct 20 04:04:33 <Glacon> Salmander: Miscellaneous Piloting: 4 (4df+4=-, +, -, +)
Oct 20 04:04:41 <Kayleigh> "He's patched up, make sure you put him somewhere nice though."
Oct 20 04:04:41 <E4D> He obliges. Jason kneels down, hefting the colonel into a fireman's carry.
Oct 20 04:04:46 <Rosenthal> Nick walks over to Kay. "Can I sit with you? I'll keep my mouth shut."
Oct 20 04:04:58 <Waxx> Dmitri seems content to just stay dormant.
Oct 20 04:05:04 <AliceD> "And then y-you're letting me g-give you a once over."
Oct 20 04:05:06 <Salmander> "Yes. Steering will be very involved, though."
Oct 20 04:05:08 <E4D> "You're gonna have to get the doors. Can you grab my helmet?"
Oct 20 04:05:18 <John_W> «Jason, can you gimmie a hand to get Eve situated?»
Oct 20 04:05:28 <AliceD> Alice picks up his helmet. "Of c-course."
Oct 20 04:05:31 * Topic for #afteraction is: Welcome to After Action. Please refer OOC text to #afteractionooc | Secondary room: #afteractionmission |RouteMap:http://maps.google.com/ Point A: Alice Springs, Northern Territory, Australia Point B: Potts Point, New South Wales, Australia - Current Location: Madison's Mountain Retreat
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Oct 20 04:05:33 <Kayleigh> "Sure" Kay takes a drag.
Oct 20 04:05:51 <Alicel> "Do not worry about steering. I can take care of it."
Oct 20 04:06:00 <E4D> «Carrying the Colonel. He passed out. Nick, Help John out with the Eve?»
Oct 20 04:06:01 <Rosenthal> Nick sits down and lights another, not saying a word.
Oct 20 04:06:32 <Alicel> "Any help would be a pleasure. This ship is not made for one person, or even two. Thankfully, I have no need for sleep."
Oct 20 04:06:43 * AliceD has changed the topic to: Welcome to After Action. Please refer OOC text to #afteractionooc | Secondary room: #afteractionmission |RouteMap:http://maps.google.com/ Point A: Potts Point, New South Wales, Australia B: ??? - Current Location: ON A BOAT
Oct 20 04:06:44 <Rosenthal> He mutters under his breath. "Shit…" «On it Dodridge.»
Oct 20 04:07:12 <Rosenthal> "Nevermind." He stubs out the cigarette and replaces it in the pack for later.
Oct 20 04:07:40 * Joey mutters from his perch. "Suck on a goat dick."
Oct 20 04:07:40 <Kayleigh> Kay lays back thinking that she should really stop some of the bleeding…later.
Oct 20 04:07:44 <Rosenthal> Nick gets up and heads to where John is with Eve.
Oct 20 04:08:10 * Laito (~moc.retrahc.om.slts.pchd.5D68B3DB-CRInys|sirhc#moc.retrahc.om.slts.pchd.5D68B3DB-CRInys|sirhc) has left #afteraction
Oct 20 04:08:18 <Salmander> Johnny jumps onto the steering wheel and hops from side to side, attempting to turn it either way
Oct 20 04:08:59 <John_W> How is Eve sitting at the moment? And where?
Oct 20 04:09:05 <Rosenthal> "Whatcha need, John?"
Oct 20 04:09:24 <John_W> "getting this thing on straight an' tied down"
Oct 20 04:09:33 <John_W> "Don't want to lose her off the side"
Oct 20 04:09:33 <Alicel> Alicel removes John from the controls immediately.
Oct 20 04:09:37 <Alicel> *Johnny
Oct 20 04:09:48 <John_W> "Especially not with the shit we went through to get it up"
Oct 20 04:10:14 <John_W> John's voice is particularly raspy, and another coughing fit happens, more blood on his hand.
Oct 20 04:10:18 <Salmander> "I cannot move this wheel. I will have to think about this." He walks off, away from the control room.
Oct 20 04:10:24 <E4D> Jason deposits the Colonel in the Executive Officer's cabin. Jason heads back up to the Eve and retrieves his and Alice's gear, carrying the load down to the captain's quarters.
Oct 20 04:10:28 <Alicel> "The boat is dead in the water right now and are we not going anywhere. Please do not a- Understood, Johnny."
Oct 20 04:11:07 <AliceD> "OK, hun. Out of that a-armour." She digs out a med kit.
Oct 20 04:12:05 <Rosenthal> "Want me to spot?"
Oct 20 04:12:16 <Salmander> He comes to Kay and taps on her head.
Oct 20 04:12:29 <Kayleigh> «Who still needs medical?» "What's up Johnny?"
Oct 20 04:12:58 <E4D> «I'm good, Kay. Alice gots it.»
Oct 20 04:13:48 <Salmander> "You're injured."
Oct 20 04:14:03 <Kayleigh> "I'm fine"
Oct 20 04:14:04 <AliceD> 4df+4 "Hold s-still."
Oct 20 04:14:05 <Glacon> AliceD: "Hold s-still.": 3 (4df+4=+, -, 0, -)
Oct 20 04:14:09 <Flames> "God, that hurts," Midnight says softly. She's still purring.
Oct 20 04:14:18 <John_W> "If you drive it, i'll spot and strap it down"
Oct 20 04:14:34 <John_W> "With how I drive, it'd go over the side if I tried."
Oct 20 04:14:52 <Kayleigh> «Anyone else?»
Oct 20 04:14:55 <Salmander> Johnny frowns and climbs on top of her, examining a wound.
Oct 20 04:15:10 <Rosenthal> "Sure thing boss man."
Oct 20 04:15:23 <John_W> "thanks fer the hand"
Oct 20 04:15:25 <Kayleigh> Kay has one in the shoulder, one in the thigh, and one in the calf.
Oct 20 04:15:28 <Flames> Midnight looks around her a moment, ~Alice?~
Oct 20 04:15:33 <John_W> «You done fixed yerself yet, kay?»
Oct 20 04:15:44 <Kayleigh> «Yep, I'm good»
Oct 20 04:15:58 <AliceD> ~Yeah, girly?~
Oct 20 04:15:59 <Rosenthal> "No prob." He climbs into Eve, waiting for the word.
Oct 20 04:16:03 <E4D> Alice is successful enough.
Oct 20 04:16:21 <Salmander> Johnny opens her medical kit and removes several bandages. He climbs on top of her again and applies one to her shoulder.
Oct 20 04:16:22 <John_W> «I'll be down in a bit, then»
Oct 20 04:16:36 <AliceD> "Y-you f-feeling dizy or anything, hun. L-looks like your head got knocked around."
Oct 20 04:16:38 <John_W> John taps on the side of the hull «Alrighty, start 'er up»
Oct 20 04:16:40 <Kayleigh> «Good» "What…what are you doing Johnny?"
Oct 20 04:16:57 <Salmander> "I am fixing you, Kay. You are injured."
Oct 20 04:17:43 <Flames> ~I guess we made it. What did I miss?~
Oct 20 04:17:57 <E4D> "I feel fine."
Oct 20 04:17:59 <Rosenthal> Nick starts Eve up. «Where to?»
Oct 20 04:18:10 <E4D> "This sorta thing happens all the time."
Oct 20 04:18:11 <Kayleigh> "What medical training do you have?"
Oct 20 04:18:28 <Alicel> Alicel lets the anchor go to keep their ship in place.
Oct 20 04:18:30 <AliceD> ~Everyone l-lived, I assume that w-wave was you?~ Alice looks at Jason. "You're a-absolutely sure?"
Oct 20 04:18:51 <John_W> John looks. How is Eve sitting? Which way is it crooked?
Oct 20 04:19:08 <E4D> "Positive."
Oct 20 04:19:18 <Salmander> "Served as field medic in Issue #3."
Oct 20 04:19:34 <E4D> Nose to the starboard side, toward the prow.
Oct 20 04:19:46 <Alicel> They haven't gone too far that the anchor won't work, thankfully enough. He pats the door to the control room as he leaves to look for Midnight.
Oct 20 04:19:59 <Flames> ~Yeah, I used the ocean to try to get an undine to work with us. The bullets made it a bit difficult to concentrate, though.~
Oct 20 04:20:00 <Kayleigh> "I'm not even sure if the bullets went through.
Oct 20 04:20:01 <John_W> «Bring 'er to the left. Easy now»
Oct 20 04:20:02 <Kayleigh> "
Oct 20 04:20:09 <AliceD> "Ok." She flops next to him, smiling. "We m-made it."