Enter the Traders

(3:03:33 AM) laito: "We were going to -land- at 23, before our craft suffered a bit of a malfunction. No, I didn't see much else."
(3:03:50 AM) Nusquam: Johnson and Vance can see a horsedrawn cart, approaching from the south along Gap Road. Two horses, their heads and chests apparently armored with polished steel, one red and the other black.
(3:04:03 AM) Dodridge: "23's a radioactive crater. 67's a melted river of bronze."
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(3:04:16 AM) Vance: Vance leaps into the minigun mount. «Jason, Vance, come back.»
(3:04:17 AM) laito: "What of 23's staff?"
(3:04:18 AM) Johnson: «Director, it's the horse cart. They're wearing armour and coloured red and black respectively.»
(3:04:44 AM) Dodridge: "We got to Alice Springs and Cthulu fucking ate everyon…" Jason keys his handheld. «What?»
(3:04:45 AM) Johnson: «They're certainly not Amish horses. Awaiting orders.»
(3:04:46 AM) Vance: «The horse-drawn fuckos are approaching. I'm on the minigun turret.»
(3:05:52 AM) Dodridge: «Jesus fucking Christ.» Jason has no idea why Vance continues to insist on manning turrets a cop would know none of the fucks about. «Hold fire until you're aware of intent.»
(3:06:02 AM) laito: "Fuck it, I'm going inside. We'll talk later, Captain, you've got business." Whether or not Dodridge is a Captain doesnt seem to matter as Alex grabs his case and wanders into the hospital.
(3:06:02 AM) Johnson: Can he see what's in the cart and/or driving the horses
(3:06:04 AM) Johnson: ?
(3:06:20 AM) Vance: Seeing as Dodridge himself said the turret's as simple as an XBox.
(3:06:37 AM) laito left the room.
(3:07:20 AM) Nusquam: He cannot see what's in the cart, no, as it's covered. The cart's driver appears to be wearing a crimson cloak. It's tough to tell much else from this difference.
(3:08:16 AM) *Vance simply sits tight, obeying orders to hold.
(3:08:49 AM) Nusquam: The horsedrawn cart slowly pulls up to the hospital, circling around to where the LAVs are, and halts about twenty yards away.
(3:10:10 AM) Johnson: Johnson trains the sniper on the cart
(3:10:12 AM) *
Vance calls out, "Identify yourself!"
(3:11:34 AM) Nusquam: The cart's driver releases the reins and climbs down. He probably can't hear Vance shouting from inside the LAV.
(3:11:54 AM) Vance: Vance isn't inside the LAV. He's on the spotter turret, on the outside.
(3:13:37 AM) Nusquam: The man looks up at Vance. From this distance, it's apparent his face is heavily bandaged, bloodstained gauze rapped around it from the bridge of his nose down to his neck.
(3:13:54 AM) Nusquam: Perception, Vance.
(3:14:06 AM) Vance: 4df+6 Spotter Perception
(3:14:06 AM) Quidmore: Vance: Spotter Perception: 6 (4df+6=0, +, 0, -)
(3:14:41 AM) Nusquam: Roll your normal perception, please.
(3:14:54 AM) Doctor_Light [ten.tsacmoc.aw.1dsh.5300FD19-CRInys|tibbiM#ten.tsacmoc.aw.1dsh.5300FD19-CRInys|tibbiM] entered the room.
(3:15:30 AM) Nusquam: Vance.
(3:15:32 AM) Vance: 4df+3 Vance Perception
(3:15:33 AM) Quidmore: Vance: Vance Perception: 2 (4df+3=-, +, -, 0)
(3:16:22 AM) Nusquam: Vance can hear the man talking, but he's too far away and his voice too muffled to be understood.
(3:16:45 AM) Vance: "I cannot hear you. Please speak up, or step forward slowly and say again."
(3:17:38 AM) Nusquam: The man stares for a moment. He turns back, glancing at the cart, and snaps his fingers. As he slowly walks forward, the horses follow at the same pace a few yards behind.
(3:18:07 AM) Dodridge: Jason abandons his discussion in the back, walking around to the nose. He spots the figure and raises his rifle to the alert. "YOU! HALT!"
(3:18:56 AM) Nusquam: The man glances at Jason and stops, the horses instantly doing so as well.
(3:19:33 AM) *Strelnikov looks up at the sound of Dodridge shouting, and contemplates if he should go help. Ultimately, he's too reluctant to leave her alone.
(3:19:56 AM) MisterFlames: A sigh can be heard from the little cat on Dmitri's lap.
(3:20:31 AM) Nusquam: He speaks, softly in Latin, his voice muffled. <Fear not.>
(3:22:38 AM) Dodridge: Jason cocks his head, a little confused. "WHAT?" He bangs on the side of the LAV, and keys his handset. «Hey, I don't know what this guy is sayin'.»
(3:23:14 AM) Jillian: Jillian steps out "What makes you think I would?" Jillian eyes the man "Hello Sir, may I help you?"
(3:23:39 AM) Nusquam: The man repeats himself, this time in English with a faint Italian accent. "Fear not."
(3:24:01 AM) Jillian: "How can you not understand that?" Jillian gives Jason a look
(3:24:11 AM) Nusquam: "I sometimes forget…"
(3:24:12 AM) Dodridge: He looks at her a bit sheepishly. "He wasn't sayin' like that a second ago."
(3:24:49 AM) Jillian: "Forget what Sir?" Jillian tilts her head to the man
(3:25:28 AM) Nusquam: The man looks between Jillian, Jason, and Vance.
(3:25:44 AM) Vance: Vance looks at the man.
(3:26:15 AM) Johnson: Johnson is still watching from his sniper perch.
(3:26:53 AM) Nusquam: Jason and Jillian might be able to see the blood dripping from the gauze wrapped around his face.
(3:27:20 AM) Dodridge: "Well?
(3:27:40 AM) Nusquam: "We saw the crash. We thought you might need assistance."
(3:27:46 AM) Jillian: "Jason, cover me?" Jillian glances over to him and looks back at the man, taking a step closer "Are you alright Sir?"
(3:28:11 AM) Nusquam: "Yes."
(3:28:44 AM) Dodridge: "Gotcha."
(3:28:50 AM) Jillian: "Are you sure, you're bleeding…"
(3:29:02 AM) Nusquam: He turns to Jillian. "Yes."
(3:29:42 AM) Jillian: "What's your name Sir, or would you rather not say?"
(3:30:40 AM) Nusquam: "…call me Too."
(3:31:09 AM) Jillian: "Too? Well my name is Jillian…is there anything we can help you with?"
(3:31:14 AM) Dodridge: <Too?>
(3:31:37 AM) Nusquam: "Did you recover any wounded from the wreckage?"
(3:32:53 AM) Jillian: Jillian glances back to Jason and tilts her head in a 'should I tell him?' way.
(3:33:05 AM) Dodridge: <Two casualties. One wounded. One KIA.>
(3:33:31 AM) Jillian: "We did Too, were they friends of your's?"
(3:33:42 AM) Nusquam: He slowly begins approaching, the horses remaining behind. "No."
(3:34:00 AM) Johnson: «Orders?»
(3:34:03 AM) Vance: "What's your interest, Too?"
(3:35:01 AM) Nusquam: "You have wounded. We may be of assistance." He glances around at the deserted town. "By the looks of things, you could use all the help you can get, can you not?"
(3:35:19 AM) Vance: Vance looks at Jason.
(3:35:33 AM) Jillian: Jillian chews her lip slightly "Are you a doctor?"
(3:35:49 AM) Nusquam: "No."
(3:36:11 AM) Dodridge: "What's your game?"
(3:36:21 AM) Jillian: "Then what can you do to help?"
(3:36:33 AM) Dodridge: "And what's with the horses?" Jason looks him up and down. What's he wearing?
(3:36:33 AM) Jillian: Jillian gives Jason an 'I got this' look.
(3:38:24 AM) Nusquam: A long crimson cloak, hood up. His face is wrapped in bloodsoaked gauze from the bridge of his nose to his throat. His hands appear to be wrapped in strips of tattered linen, although they're devoid of bloodstains.
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(3:39:15 AM) Nusquam: "What do you mean?"
(3:39:31 AM) Nusquam: He continues slowly advancing.
(3:40:04 AM) Dodridge: <Vance? Spin 'er up!>
(3:40:10 AM) Jillian: "Jason, chill" Jillian looks back to the man "What can you do to help"
(3:40:14 AM) Nusquam: Also of note is the large red tower shield and… some kind of spear carred on the man's back.
(3:40:15 AM) Nusquam: carried*
(3:40:19 AM) Vance: The gun goes hot, barrels starting to rotate.
(3:41:06 AM) Nusquam: "I'm a trader, of sorts." He glances up at Vance.
(3:41:15 AM) Nusquam: Vance, mental defense, please.
(3:41:21 AM) Vance: 4df+3 MDef
(3:41:22 AM) Quidmore: Vance: MDef: 5 (4df+3=+, +, 0, 0)
(3:41:36 AM) Heiden is now known as Heiden_zzzz
(3:41:49 AM) Jillian: "How can that help us?"
(3:44:09 AM) Vance: Vance tightens his eyes. "What's 'good' about this?"
(3:44:44 AM) Sabitsuki is now known as Mal
(3:44:46 AM) Jillian: "What are you going on about Vance?"
(3:45:15 AM) Johnson: «I wouldn't trust a guy who's offering to help for a price. Those stories always have bad endings.»
(3:45:31 AM) Vance: "He said 'Good,' and laughed as I spun the barrels." Which are still spinning, and his eyes are still focused.
(3:45:54 AM) Nusquam: The man stops, now a scant handful of yards away.
(3:46:05 AM) Mal: A black shadow stretches and moves under the man in red's cloak, and a black mamba snake rises out of the folds.
(3:46:20 AM) Mal: "We can make a deal, miss."
(3:46:32 AM) Johnson: «Permission to fire.»
(3:46:35 AM) Mal: It doesn't move its mouth when it talks.
(3:46:43 AM) Vance: «Orders.»
(3:46:57 AM) Dodridge: <What the *fuck*…>
(3:47:01 AM) Dodridge: <Stand by.>
(3:47:10 AM) Jillian: "No he didn't, and he didn't say that Johnson" Jillian looks back at the guy and the color drains from her face a bit "What kind of deal?"
(3:47:14 AM) Nusquam: He glances over at Jason. "Fear not."
(3:47:39 AM) Mal: "…Oh, nine hells, it smells like shit and brimstone in that cloak." You all hear chuckling from the snake. "Fear not! Fear not!"
(3:47:47 AM) Vance: "Yeah he did. I heard, plain as day." He spins the barrels slightly faster, inching them towards maximum.
(3:48:22 AM) laito [~ten.labolgcbs.ligchc.lsd.DABD58D9-CRInys|sirhc#ten.labolgcbs.ligchc.lsd.DABD58D9-CRInys|sirhc] entered the room.
(3:48:50 AM) Vance: "You're not giving us a reason to fear not, yet."
(3:48:58 AM) MisterFlames: Midnight hops off of Dmitri's lap, and walks out to see what's going on.
(3:49:17 AM) Jillian: Jillian tilts her head "Vance, stop" she looks back to the man and snake "What are you saying?"
(3:49:35 AM) Nusquam: "You have not been given one to." There's a faint hint of venom in his voice at that remark.
(3:49:42 AM) laito left the room.
(3:49:52 AM) Mal: "Heheheh. Heh. Heeeeeeeh."
(3:50:29 AM) Mal: "What's with the long faces and the bad remarks? Did someone die? Are we crying? Oh. Oh boohoo."
(3:50:43 AM) Johnson: «Director.»
(3:51:04 AM) Jillian: "Get to the point, or go" Jillian's voice is stern "We have things to take care of"
(3:51:42 AM) Nusquam: "I thought we had. We're traders. You have wounded. We can assist."
(3:51:55 AM) Jillian: "How?"
(3:52:06 AM) Mal: "She's a deaf one, ain't she?"
(3:52:13 AM) Nusquam: "Seems that way."
(3:52:14 AM) MisterFlames: Midnight sits down and listens.
(3:52:16 AM) Vance: "What's your price?"
(3:52:33 AM) Johnson: «Ambulance chasers.» Johnson mutters.
(3:52:57 AM) Nusquam: "You are not who we wish to barter with."
(3:53:10 AM) Jillian: "Who is?"
(3:53:19 AM) Mal: "I can smell it, boss. He's in the big machine."
(3:53:33 AM) Mal: "No, no, in the hospital. Christ on a stick."
(3:53:40 AM) Vance: Vance tightens his jaw.
(3:53:47 AM) Nusquam: "…there are two, then."
(3:53:56 AM) Mal: "Hm~"
(3:54:23 AM) Mal: "Hey. Hey you. Girl."
(3:55:01 AM) Jillian: Jillian takes a breath "Jillian…sorry if there's to many syllables for you"
(3:55:21 AM) Mal: "Girl-Jillian. You got a man?"
(3:55:32 AM) Vance: Twitch.
(3:55:34 AM) Mal: "A boyfriend? A booty call? A fuck buddy?"
(3:55:35 AM) MisterFlames: 4df+4 Midnight attempts to identify theses people or beings. (Occult)
(3:55:36 AM) Quidmore: MisterFlames: Midnight attempts to identify theses people or beings. (Occult): 6 (4df+4=+, +, -, +)
(3:55:56 AM) Jillian: Jillian takes a deep breath "Why?"
(3:56:06 AM) Mal: "You should buy him an apple."
(3:56:10 AM) Mal: "Bitches love apples."
(3:56:30 AM) Mal: "We have apples. Boss, we have apples, right?"
(3:56:39 AM) Nusquam: "Right."
(3:56:42 AM) Vance: His face smooths.
(3:56:45 AM) Jillian: "What..an apple…what?"
(3:56:55 AM) Mal: "Yeah, c'mon."
(3:57:04 AM) Mal: "Give her a sample or something."
(3:57:22 AM) Jillian: "We have apples" Jillian rubs her temples
(3:57:39 AM) Mal: "Oh. Oh ho. Not like *these* apples, I'm telling you."
(3:58:01 AM) Jillian: Jillian glances to Jason "The fuck?"
(3:58:17 AM) Vance: «Orders,» he repeats.
(3:59:18 AM) Dodridge: «Stand. By.»
(3:59:19 AM) Mal: "Oh, lord. They're dumb as rocks."
(3:59:24 AM) PaulS_laptop: John returns from wherever he was off at «Jason, I found some coffee!» Then he notices the two "trader" dicks
(3:59:38 AM) Vance left the room.
(3:59:43 AM) Vance [~ten.nozirev.soif.cdhsaw.D1BB1404-CRInys|agemO#ten.nozirev.soif.cdhsaw.D1BB1404-CRInys|agemO] entered the room.
(3:59:44 AM) PaulS_laptop: "Who the fuck're you?"
(3:59:56 AM) Mal: "Who the fuck're you?"
(4:00:04 AM) Dodridge: "Check fire, John."
(4:00:07 AM) Nusquam: The man ignores John.
(4:00:25 AM) Jillian: "What's so special about your apples?"
(4:00:50 AM) Mal: "What - what's so special about our apples, she says." The snake shakes its head in mock sadness.
(4:01:17 AM) Jillian: "Jason, don't start"
(4:01:46 AM) Dodridge: <You're talking around in circles.> Jason looks at the man, ignoring the smartass snake. <What's your intent here? Your purpose?>
(4:01:55 AM) MisterFlames: Midnight starts scratching into the dirt, doing some prep work.
(4:02:26 AM) PaulS_laptop: to jason "This place sure ain't eden, so why's a snake offering Jill an apple?"
(4:02:37 AM) Nusquam: "We are here to render assistance. In my cart are a number of things you may find useful. We may also be able to aid your wounded."
(4:03:38 AM) Jillian: "Jason, I'm done with this…you got some instant coffee?" Jillian turns around
(4:03:52 AM) Mal: "They're not listening. It's you, boss. You're dull."
(4:03:58 AM) Mal: "D-U-L-L."
(4:04:14 AM) Mal: "Dull as goddamn Job on Sunday."
(4:04:20 AM) Mal: 4df
(4:04:20 AM) Quidmore: Mal: 0 (4df=0, +, 0, -)
(4:04:22 AM) Nusquam: 4df
(4:04:23 AM) Quidmore: Nusquam: -1 (4df=-, +, -, 0)
(4:04:31 AM) Dodridge: <We've got doctors, thanks…>
(4:04:34 AM) Jillian: "Just tell use what you want in exchange for help"
(4:04:36 AM) PaulS_laptop: "I got some real coffee finally, Jill. If you - Job?"
(4:04:46 AM) Nusquam: "Dull things hurt more, don't they, friend?"
(4:05:16 AM) Mal: "…Er. Yes. You got that look in your beady little eyes, man."
(4:05:37 AM) Nusquam: "You're not the one we wish to barter with. Please, allow us to speak with him."
(4:05:57 AM) Jillian: "WHO. DO. YOU. WANT>?"
(4:06:07 AM) PaulS_laptop: John's hand is sitting casually on the butt of the Martini. When Jason says "check fire" it generally means something will die soon.
(4:06:33 AM) Nusquam: "You know. I do not."
(4:06:40 AM) Nusquam: "But I know that it is not you."
(4:06:50 AM) Vance: "Wait."
(4:07:04 AM) Vance: Vance cocks his head. "If he's talking about wounded, Misha's pretty bad off…"
(4:07:07 AM) Jillian: Jillian tosses her hand up "I fucking quit, I don't get paid enough for this crap, shoot them already"
(4:07:26 AM) Mal: The snake dances from side to side, swaying.
(4:07:53 AM) PaulS_laptop: "Gladly"
(4:08:04 AM) Dodridge: «Negative.»
(4:08:15 AM) Jillian: "And /someone/ give me some instant coffee"
(4:08:23 AM) laito [~ten.labolgcbs.ligchc.lsd.DABD58D9-CRInys|sirhc#ten.labolgcbs.ligchc.lsd.DABD58D9-CRInys|sirhc] entered the room.
(4:08:27 AM) Mal: "Misha. Huh. Girl's name. Anyway, they're in the hospital, boss."
(4:08:33 AM) Mal: "Upper floor, smells like."
(4:09:11 AM) Nusquam: "Perhaps you care not for the lives that will be lost. This is really none of my concern; I care not. I thought you might like to save them."
(4:09:37 AM) Nusquam: "If this is not the case, then let us not waste any more time."
(4:09:53 AM) MisterFlames: "Actually, Misha's a nickname for Mikhail, or Michael." Midnight speaks up. "These are practical people who do not care for riddles and you're making them nervous."
(4:10:16 AM) Jillian: Jillian kneels to Midnight "Hey girly"
(4:10:28 AM) Nusquam: He looks over his shoulder to the horses drawing his cart, and snaps his fingers. They quickly trot over and halt beside him.
(4:10:44 AM) Mal: "Oh, a little /familiar/ is telling /me/ what is true or not. This is cute. Adorable, really. I'm getting diabetes."
(4:11:13 AM) Vance: Vance bites off the obvious comeback.
(4:11:22 AM) Waxx is now known as Strelnikov
(4:11:46 AM) Dodridge: Jason waits a moment, then calls up on the radio… «Can someone get ahold of Strelnikov?>
(4:12:05 AM) MisterFlames: "Hey, Jill." Midnight doesn't seem offended by the talk of the snake. "Personally, I'd tell you to keep on walking, myself. I don't recognize you, but those that Trade in such tend to be bad news."
(4:12:33 AM) *
Strelnikov appears in the doorway, leaning unsteadily on the wall.
(4:12:37 AM) Mal: "Pfft."
(4:12:40 AM) Mal: "Bad news."
(4:12:43 AM) Mal: "Ahahaha."
(4:12:46 AM) Mal: "AHAHAHA."
(4:12:52 AM) Jillian: Jillian jogs up to him "Need help?"
(4:13:06 AM) PaulS_laptop: "You know, I've always enjoyed the taste of snake"
(4:13:14 AM) Nusquam: The man turns to face Strelnikov in the doorway. "…or perhaps you do." he says, his voice low.
(4:13:17 AM) MisterFlames: "I'll have to add that to my achievements that I can make a snake laugh."
(4:13:21 AM) *Strelnikov says quietly to Jillian, "What goes on here?"
(4:13:24 AM) PaulS_laptop: «Jason, ever had fried snake?»
(4:13:27 AM) Mal: "…That's him, boss."
(4:13:30 AM) Mal: "The Russian."
(4:13:50 AM) Vance: "Mm, John, snake doesn't taste too good if it's cut into tiny pieces," Vance says with a clinical detachment.
(4:14:19 AM) Mal: 4df
(4:14:19 AM) Quidmore: Mal: -1 (4df=-, 0, -, +)
(4:14:31 AM) Nusquam: The man stares at Strelnikov. "What would you give to hear her speak again?"
(4:14:40 AM) PaulS_laptop: "If it's deep fried it does"
(4:15:07 AM) Vance: "Would getting cut up by bullets count as some sort of preparation, I wonder."
(4:15:16 AM) Mal: The snake continues to move back and forth.
(4:15:16 AM) Jillian: "They're trying to make some sort of deal…and sell apples" Jillian whispers back
(4:15:20 AM) laito: Alexander wanders outside. "Snake? Is Jack here too?"
(4:15:30 AM) PaulS_laptop: "Eh, maybe if we only blow the head off?"
(4:15:36 AM) *
Strelnikov 's shoulders sag as he realizes they're addressing him. He's too numbed to answer, so he says nothing.
(4:16:03 AM) laito: "Dmitri?"
(4:16:06 AM) Vance: "I don't think I have that sort of precision with this gun," he replies. The barrels of the minigun are still rotating.
(4:16:13 AM) Mal: "Would the peanut gallery stop blowing each other and shut up, please? You're really intimidating no one."
(4:16:29 AM) Nusquam: The man stares expectantly at Dmitri.
(4:16:46 AM) Strelnikov: "What do you want with me."
(4:16:49 AM) Dodridge: <Cut the fuckin' barrels off, Vance, goddamn. Stand by.>
(4:17:10 AM) Vance: "Copy." Vance grins, and allows the barrels to slow and stop.
(4:17:25 AM) PaulS_laptop: "Intimidation? nah, I'm just hungry"
(4:17:57 AM) Mal: The snake stops moving back and forth. He stops and trains his dead, beady eyes on Strelnikov. "What would you give to have her speak to you again?"
(4:18:19 AM) Nusquam: He slowly turns to John "We have food in the cart. We are happy to negotiate prices with you for it, but there are more pressing matters to discuss."
(4:19:04 AM) *Strelnikov grinds his teeth momentarily. "She is at peace. Leave me be."
(4:19:43 AM) laito: Relieved, and proud of the big man, Alex merely observes the scene.
(4:19:51 AM) Nusquam: "So be it. What of the other?"
(4:20:28 AM) *
Strelnikov turns back to laito and says quietly, "I would give myself…but there is more suffering to be done."
(4:20:46 AM) Nusquam: "Deal."
(4:20:53 AM) Nusquam: "And the other?"
(4:21:00 AM) laito: "No deal. He said nothing about a barter."
(4:21:34 AM) MisterFlames: "Agreed, you merely asked." Midnight says, "Don't try to assume."
(4:21:50 AM) Mal: The snake snorts. Somehow.
(4:21:58 AM) *laito furrows his brow at the strangers.
(4:22:55 AM) Strelnikov: "I need a cigarette."
(4:23:08 AM) Nusquam: "Not yet… no. Deals between civilized men are sealed with handshakes. The terms put forth, however, are acceptable."
(4:23:47 AM) Jillian: Jillian digs a pack out and hands him one with a lighter "Go for it"
(4:24:27 AM) *
Strelnikov clears his throat again. "No, I am sorry. I must grieve." Dmitri turns and walks back inside.
(4:24:31 AM) Mal: "The man. The other man. Hold on. Jesus, Son of Mary, these smells are hard to make out. The one armed one."
(4:24:37 AM) Mal: "…Misha?"
(4:24:39 AM) Mal: "Yes?"
(4:24:48 AM) laito: "Dmitri is not interested."
(4:25:07 AM) *Strelnikov is already gone.
(4:25:14 AM) Nusquam: "So be it."
(4:25:17 AM) Mal: "Ugh."
(4:25:19 AM) Mal: "Boring."
(4:25:23 AM) Mal: "/Boring/."
(4:25:47 AM) *
laito reaches into a pocket and produces an iPod. http://27.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_looqd3O5nA1qjtvg7o1_500.jpg He lights up a cigarette of his own.
(4:26:23 AM) laito: "What are you two about then huh," Alex asks, mumbling through his cigarette.
(4:26:23 AM) Jillian: Jillian shrugs and walks back over lighting a cigarette "Jason, Vance?"
(4:26:38 AM) Vance: "Please."
(4:26:39 AM) Dodridge: "Please."
(4:26:47 AM) PaulS_laptop: "Jason? May I?"
(4:26:58 AM) Mal: "I don't want to deal for mundane shit. This is boring." The snake curls back into the robes. "Call me when the others start dying."
(4:27:03 AM) Nusquam: "We have provisions you may find useful… cigarettes, for instance." the man says, looking between them.
(4:27:18 AM) Nusquam: "Remember your manners, snake."
(4:27:27 AM) Jillian: Jillian gives them both one and passes her lighter "Now…what's with these apples?"
(4:27:35 AM) Dodridge: <Negative, John. We're not shooting people up for no reason.>
(4:27:35 AM) Mal: "Remember your mother, you old sod."
(4:27:45 AM) Vance: Vance lights and passes the lighter to Jason.
(4:27:54 AM) Mal: 4df
(4:27:55 AM) Quidmore: Mal: 2 (4df=+, +, -, +)
(4:27:58 AM) Nusquam: 4df
(4:27:59 AM) Quidmore: Nusquam: 2 (4df=+, +, +, -)
(4:28:38 AM) Jillian: Jillian fiddles with her phone a second and smiles
(4:28:47 AM) PaulS_laptop: "What about the snake? It's not a person"
(4:28:50 AM) Nusquam: The man begins reaching up to his neck, but stops, again letting his arms hang by his sides.
(4:28:55 AM) Strelnikov is now known as Waxx
(4:28:58 AM) laito: Alex keenly watches the two bicker. "You want to make a deal? Fine, let's make a deal. What can you offer me? You just soul peddlers or…?" Alex tucks his hands into his pockets and approaches the strange merchants.
(4:29:23 AM) Nusquam: The man laughs, heartily.
(4:29:32 AM) MisterFlames: "I'm opposed to 'person' applying only to plains-apes." Midnight states.
(4:29:32 AM) Mal: A snicker comes from the cloak.
(4:29:34 AM) Nusquam: "So that's what you think, is it?"
(4:29:59 AM) laito: "I think you offered some half-assed spooky promise to bring dead people back to life. What am I supposed to think?"
(4:30:05 AM) Mal: "Show 'em the guns. Or ammo."
(4:30:19 AM) Mal: "Or swords. Or bows. What the fuck do they fight with in this age, anyway."
(4:30:54 AM) laito: "I'm in favor of the pointed rock myself."
(4:30:56 AM) Nusquam: He lets out a deep sigh, looking at Alex. "I did no such thing. You wrongly assumed she was dead. This is your problem, not mine."
(4:31:38 AM) Nusquam: "She will be, soon enough. Not sure about the other. He's close… could pull through."
(4:31:39 AM) laito: "We didn't like her that much anyway."
(4:32:52 AM) Jillian: "You know what, fuck the apples" Jillian turns to John "Let me get some of that coffee"
(4:32:58 AM) Nusquam: The man whirls around and approaches his cart. "But enough of that. Tell me what you need, and we'll go from there."
(4:33:14 AM) Mal: "We have coffee, too."
(4:33:20 AM) Mal: "Reallll good coffee."
(4:33:26 AM) Mal: The snake winds out of the cloak.
(4:33:35 AM) laito: "Oh I like coffee, now you have properly tempted someone."
(4:33:38 AM) Mal: "Heavenly, really."
(4:33:43 AM) Vance: "Oei."
(4:34:16 AM) PaulS_laptop: John is suddenly interested in something besides eating fried snake, at the mention of coffee
(4:34:27 AM) Mal: "Give 'em a hot plate and some coffee for being boring as shit."
(4:35:34 AM) Nusquam: The man reaches into the cart and can be heard fumbling around with its contents. He withdraws an electric hotplate and a burlap sack. "What's it worth to you?"
(4:36:00 AM) Mal: "Watch 'em get all offended and think we want their souls or some shit."
(4:36:05 AM) Mal: "Honestly."
(4:36:19 AM) *laito strategically takes a long puff from his cigarette, so that someone else could answer.
(4:36:28 AM) Mal: "As if a soul had any more worth than any other."
(4:36:36 AM) Mal: "Which is zero, by the way."
(4:36:39 AM) Mal: "Zero worth."
(4:37:08 AM) laito: "You remind me of someone," Alex says to the snake.
(4:37:11 AM) Mal: "Market oversaturation, you understand."
(4:38:39 AM) Mal: "Do I? I get that a lot. Is it a man named Elroy?"
(4:38:59 AM) laito: "Ha, no shit?"
(4:39:38 AM) Mal: "Figured. I've meett him." He sniffs a bit. "Bit of an asshole. I approve."
(4:40:04 AM) laito: "Oh yeah? Make some deals with you, did he?"
(4:40:31 AM) Mal: "Naw, see, when you die - hey, now, haha. That's info you'll have to trade for, my man."
(4:40:44 AM) *
laito grins. He decided he liked the snake.
(4:40:52 AM) Mal: 4df
(4:40:52 AM) Quidmore: Mal: 2 (4df=+, 0, +, 0)
(4:40:56 AM) Nusquam: 4df
(4:40:57 AM) Quidmore: Nusquam: -1 (4df=0, -, 0, 0)
(4:41:00 AM) laito: "So you -do- deal in information?"
(4:41:05 AM) Jillian: Jillian takes a drag off her cigarette "This is boring me"
(4:41:26 AM) Nusquam: "We deal in many things," he says, slowly unwinding the snake from around his neck.
(4:41:33 AM) Mal: "Oh, hell."
(4:41:37 AM) Mal: "No, listen, boss."
(4:41:39 AM) Mal: "Boss."
(4:41:45 AM) Nusquam: He grasps it by its tail, cracking it like a whip.
(4:41:50 AM) *laito quirks a brow, watching.
(4:42:08 AM) Vance: "I'm a little bored, too."
(4:42:27 AM) Mal: "Oh, man. Small children may want to avert their eyes. Which means all of you, really. Boss, come on, here."
(4:42:52 AM) Nusquam: He drops it to the ground and removes the pilum from his back, skewering its head.
(4:43:27 AM) Mal: It writhes for a second, and then turns into dust, which is conviently blown away by a stray gust of wind.
(4:43:33 AM) Mal is now known as Sabitsuki
(4:43:35 AM) *
laito puffs smoke.
(4:43:38 AM) Vance: "How interesting."
(4:43:48 AM) laito: "I was talking to him, you know."
(4:43:57 AM) Jillian: Jillian takes a drag "At least it shut up"
(4:44:12 AM) Nusquam: The man nods to Jillian.
(4:45:05 AM) Nusquam: He sighs, picking up the sack of coffee beans.
(4:46:12 AM) Jillian: "Bye" Jillian smiles cheerfully
(4:48:01 AM) Nusquam: He tosses the sack to Jillian. "On the house." He picks up his pilum, and climbs into his cart.
(4:48:25 AM) laito: "You guys have a business card, or a website or something?" Puff.
(4:48:58 AM) Nusquam: "No."
(4:49:28 AM) Jillian: Jillian catches the bag and shrugs "Cool, thanks"
(4:50:08 AM) PaulS_laptop: "hey, free coffee"
(4:50:23 AM) Nusquam: "I will say a prayer for your friend." He again reverts to speaking Latin. <God be with you.>
(4:50:25 AM) Jillian: "Hey, Jason, wanna hear that joke now?"
(4:50:27 AM) laito: "I was gonna trade until you killed the snake." Alex flicks his half-burned cigarette haphazardly away.
(4:50:51 AM) Jillian: Jillian perks <and you>
(4:51:06 AM) MisterFlames: <And also with you.>
(4:51:10 AM) Nusquam: He cracks the reins, and the horses turn and head for the street, going north on South Terrace.
(4:51:17 AM) *laito turns to go back inside.
(4:51:24 AM) Waxx left the room (quit: Quit: A bear is just a man who made a choice.).
(4:51:29 AM) Sabitsuki: As the cart pulls away, you hear a voice. "On the house? ON THE GODDAMN HOUSE?"
(4:51:30 AM) Vance: "Well that was interesting."
(4:51:37 AM) Sabitsuki is now known as Mal
(4:51:52 AM) *
laito pauses at the door and watches the man cart away…
(4:51:53 AM) Mal: "You are the *worst* businessman."
(4:52:32 AM) Jillian: "So…Jason…that joke…you ready?" Jillian takes another drag
(4:52:39 AM) Nusquam: The man can be seen reaching for his neck. A distant crack sound is audible.
(4:52:49 AM) Dodridge: <Yeah?>
(4:52:58 AM) Nusquam: Something long, slender and black is dropped to the ground beside the cart.
(4:53:10 AM) Mal: "Fuck you!"