Etcetera-112 Backup

This is a WIP. If someone could critique this, and give me feedback, that would be great. Also, could someone tell me whether they think it should be Eucilid or Keter?
Item #: SCP-XXX

Special Containment Procedures:
SCP-XXX is to be contained in -a locked metal filing cabinet in Dr. BLANKS office.- Since incident XXX-B and SCP-XXX's reclassification to Euclid, new containment protocol have been put into effect. SCP-XXX is to be contained in a airtight sleeve of opaque rubber. This sleeve is to be attached to the floor of a 10 x 10 x 1 meter titanium plated room with rivets composed of REDACTED and REDACTED. This room must be located at least 10 meters beneath any other chambers, especially those used to store paperwork. The only entrance to SCP-XXX's chamber is to be a 1x1 meter hole, well lit, and containing a ladder that only lowers when the room is opened for testing of SCP-XXX. The top end of the entrance to SCP-XXX's chamber is to be secured with a 2-inch thick steel door, locked with a electronic keypad. No cameras are allowed within SCP-XXX's containment chamber. SCP-XXX's chamber is to be checked daily by class D personnel wearing opaque goggles, with radio communication to a supervisor in a separate chamber. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES should the personnel remove their goggles. If SCP-XXX is free within its chamber it must be returned ASAP. If SCP-XXX is no longer within its chamber, any rooms containing paperwork must be evacuated, and searched by class D personnel wearing the equipment listed above. If SCP-XXX is not found the entire station must be activated, and staff should make a call for assistance.
SCP-XXX is a sheet of old fashioned parchment (referred to as SCP-XXX-A), inscribed with a sign (referred to as SCP-XXX-B). Carbon dating has placed the sheet as about 3000 years old. It is inscribed with an unknown sign, which as of yet has not been translated as any known language. It was discovered buried in the ruins of REDACTED by a small group of looters. The looters sold SCP-XXX to a small antique store without viewing it, thus avoiding its effects. The shopkeeper, upon viewing it, exhibited effect XXX-4B (see Addendum XXX-A) and wrote SCP-XXX-B on the front of his shop, and then committed suicide, beginning Incident XXX-A Thus, approximately 17 people were exposed to SCP-XXX-B, and exhibited effects XXX-2A through XXX-6C. Luckily, SCP was notified in time, and any further instances of SCP-XXX-B were either prevented or destroyed, all people exhibiting the effects of SCP-XXX were documented and terminated, and SCP-XXX was secured and contained. It has been discovered that upon viewing SCP-XXX-A, any human or human like entity exhibits one of the effects listed in Addendum XXX-A. It has been maintained through testing that SCP-XXX-A cannot be torn, burned, wet, or destroyed by any other means, nor can SCP-XXX-B be removed from it. -It has been determined that since SCP-XXX can not move on its own, and that SCP-XXX-B can not self duplicate, it can be assumed as relatively safe, and can be contained with minimum effort.- Since Incident XXX-B, SCP-XXX has been re-classified as Euclid, and it has been discovered that it can teleport. It is still not known whether SCP-XXX is sentient, and whether it can control where it ends up. At current times, it must be assumed that it teleports to random locations, usually where paperwork is stored. It seems to exert a mental pull on any near human or human like entity, causing them to feel extreme curiosity as to the nature of SCP-XXX.

Addendum XXX-A
Known effects of SCP-XXX-A:
1— Instant Death
Thinking reduced to that of a 2 year old
3Long, shallow cuts all over the body
Killing spree, followed by suicide
4BWriting of SCP-XXX-B, followed by suicide
6Major sections of vital organs instantly vanishing
Extreme, permanent fear
Unknown, fatal disease

Addendum XXX-B
It has been discovered that if SCP-XXX is contained in a chamber a significant distance above or below any other rooms/open spaces the chance of SCP-XXX teleporting out of its confinement chamber is significantly reduced. Confinement protocol changed accordingly.