Evil Minds That Plot Destruction

[11:07] <E4D> Jason works on refueling the Eve, running a line from the fuel trailer to the Piranha's tank. «Hey, yo, Dusty, you up?»
[11:07] <Ragazzo> «Yep.» Dusty is inside florence.
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[11:09] <E4D> «See up by Eve?»
[11:09] <Ragazzo> «Sure.»
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[11:09] <Ragazzo> «Hey, didn't want on the vehicles nearly get their side melted through before?»
[11:09] <E4D> He cuts off the nozzle as diesel fills the guard, caps it, and winds the hose before wiping his hands on a rag, and stepping of to light a cigarette. He heads about 20 meters from the convoy.
[11:10] <Ragazzo> Dusty hops out. Looks around briefly for jason, and heads off in that direction.
[11:10] <Ragazzo> *didn't one
[11:12] <E4D> "Nah… things were reaching through like it wasn't there…"
[11:12] <Tom90deg> Zoe is up on the roof again, and gives Dusty a wave.
[11:12] <E4D> He takes a drag, exhaling slowly, pondering the ramifications of what he's about to ask.
[11:13] <E4D> "That swarm…"
[11:13] <Tom90deg> Zoe hops down and follows Dusty
[11:13] <Ragazzo> Dusty waves back, before turning to Jason.
[11:13] <Ragazzo> "What about it?"
[11:15] <E4D> "Lot of goddamn bugs, huh?"
[11:16] <Ragazzo> "Yep."
[11:16] <Ragazzo> "It was pretty awful."
[11:16] <E4D> "Need something awfully big to get rid of them all."
[11:17] <E4D> "Fucking *locusts*. You heard what they wanted, right?"
[11:19] <Ragazzo> Dusty scratches his nose. "World domination, assimilate all species, blah blah blah?"
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[11:22] <E4D> "Yeah."
[11:22] <E4D> "I was gonna ask…"
[11:22] <E4D> "You've heard John talk about nukes, right?"
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[11:22] <Ragazzo> "Yes…"
[11:23] <E4D> "Could you make transition elements? The radioactive ones? Weapons-grade concentrations?"
[11:23] <E4D> "Or is that something we'd have to find ourselves?"
[11:24] <E4D> "It's the only way to be sure."
[11:24] <Ragazzo> "Er…yes. But…you know. Have you considered these things might have come about as a result of all the nukes that got tossed around before?"
[11:25] <Ragazzo> "I can't do anything like that with out a lab anyway."
[11:28] <E4D> "No, I haven't, because this isn't a 1950's B movie."
[11:28] <E4D> "And even if it did, anything standing at ground is gonna be burned out of existence when we light it."
[11:28] <Tom90deg_> "Are you sure? We're haging out with a talking cat, a ghost and an animate scarecrow demon."
[11:29] <E4D> "I'm pretty sure none of you are giant ants mutated by radiation."
[11:29] <E4D> "Shank didn't come about because his parents lived under high-tension electrical lines."
[11:29] <Ragazzo> "Right. Only giant spider wasp things."
[11:30] <Ragazzo> "But what's your point?"
[11:30] <E4D> "Midnight wasn't the result of too much iodine in the water."
[11:30] <E4D> "These things are anomalous. They're a threat to existence. And we need to fucking kill them."
[11:30] <E4D> "*That* is my point."
[11:31] <Tom90deg_> "Can't argue with that."
[11:31] <Ragazzo> "I completely agree with you."
[11:31] <Ragazzo> "I can't do what your asking without a lab though."
[11:32] <E4D> "Then we'll find one." He pulls a green, rubberized device about the size of a VHS tape from a utility pouch on his belt, and taps at a screen on the top half. "Yeah… we can make that work. What kind of lab you need?"
[11:34] <Ragazzo> Dusty names an appropriate type, because fuck if his player knows.
[11:34] <Ragazzo> "What is that thing?"
[11:35] <E4D> "Hmm? It's a Foundation-built PLGR. GPS receiver/transceiver."
[11:36] <Tom90deg_> "You wnat to go to a foundation lab? Arn't they all destroyed?"
[11:37] <E4D> "All dedicated Keter and some Euclid containment facilities got scuttled. Well… that's the plan."
[11:37] <E4D> "You see… to scuttle a site, personnel have to activate the warhead. You don't key the warhead, site doesn't go boom."
[11:37] <E4D> "Site doesn't go boom, it's still live."
[11:37] <Ragazzo> "Huh."
[11:37] <Tom90deg_> "So some sites could still be around, with a live nuke in it?"
[11:37] <E4D> "Depending on what's inside, we might have in."
[11:40] <Tom90deg_> "One question…even if we get this bomb, how would we get close enough to get it into the hive?"
[11:42] <E4D> "Yes. And I have no idea."
[11:43] <E4D> "And the nukes aren't live."
[11:43] <Tom90deg_> "Right then, just asking. This may be a dumb question, but I don't suppose you Yanks have any secret orbital bombs or anything that we could use?"
[11:44] <Ragazzo> "Ehn. I could probably figure out a way to wrap it in a shell we could fire with john's help."
[11:44] <E4D> "They're only live if we arm them. And they're still safe. Until we detonate them."
[11:44] <E4D> He smiles at Zoe. "That's classified."
[11:45] <E4D> "But no… I don't know anything about any of that. And I have no idea how any of it would work. Or how to operate it."
[11:46] <E4D> He takes a drag, muttering off-handedly. "Man, I'd KILL for that nuclear grenade I killed myself with."
[11:46] <Tom90deg_> "Oh, maybe that'll work…"
[11:46] <Tom90deg_> "We could stick it on a robot of some kind…"
[11:47] <Ragazzo> "We coul probably just blast them with some insecticide. I'm sure I could figure out something to poison them if I got a look at the one on Kay's car.
[11:47] <Ragazzo> "
[11:47] <Ragazzo> *could
[11:47] <Tom90deg_> "That would be simpler…"
[11:48] <Tom90deg_> "Maybe get a helicopter and just crop dust the whole area."
[11:48] <Ragazzo> "Yeah."
[11:48] <Ragazzo> "Well, not a helicopter."
[11:48] <Ragazzo> "Might be dangerous."
[11:48] <Tom90deg_> "Ghost can fly helicopters, but don't know if anyone else can fly a plane."
[11:48] <Ragazzo> "Always wanted to try setting the sky on fire."
[11:49] <Tom90deg_> "You made a fair go at that yesterday, I saw that fireball. CI is probaly still dazzled."
[11:49] <E4D> "Left the body back on the SUV."
[11:49] <Ragazzo> "Aww, thanks. Um, sorry about your shoulder by the way."
[11:49] <E4D> "Looked… funny. 'S why I had ya'll abandon it in the first place."
[11:49] <Ragazzo> Dusty pulls on his gloves.
[11:50] <Ragazzo> "Well, I'm going to go take a look at it."
[11:50] <E4D> "Those things' fluids are weird anyway. You saw what the did when the thing came out of Vance's arm."
[11:50] <Ragazzo> "Erm…no."
[11:50] <Ragazzo> "I don't know who Vance is."
[11:50] <Ragazzo> OR does he?
[11:50] <Ragazzo> I forget.
[11:51] <E4D> Yes, he does.
[11:51] <Tom90deg_> "No worries, It's feeling better now."
[11:51] <Ragazzo> Retcon.
[11:51] <E4D> "
[11:51] <Ragazzo> He didn't see the wasp come out the arm though.
[11:51] <Ragazzo> That was lance.
[11:52] <E4D> "Things had some shit that made people crazy."
[11:52] <Ragazzo> "Huh…"
[11:52] <Tom90deg_> "Well, that won't effedt Dusty then."
[11:52] <Ragazzo> "Hahaha."
[11:54] <E4D> "They came from the same direction as the CI. Hopefully… *hopefully*… they might have engaged."
[11:55] <Ragazzo> Dusty comes back after a cursory examination.
[11:55] <Ragazzo> "That thing has a god damn uterus."
[11:55] <Tom90deg_> "So? Don't most animals have those?"
[11:55] <Ragazzo> RETCON
[11:56] <Ragazzo> Dusty goes to look for the SUV, and remembers they left it way the fuck back there.
[11:57] <Ragazzo> He shrugs.
[11:58] <E4D> Jason shuffles his stance a little, and bounces, redistributing the weight of his gear, squaring off at the two. He lights another cigarette before offering the pack to Zoe and Dusty.
[11:59] <Tom90deg_> Zoe shakes her head. "No thanks."
[11:59] <Ragazzo> "I''ll pass. I have enough trouble with smoking as it is."
[12:00] <E4D> He shrugs. "All right. Anyway, reason I'm asking all this, beyond being sure… I honestly have no other idea how we'd deal with it. I've never seen that many potential targets in my life. It goes so far above and beyond a target-rich environment that it boggles my mind."
[12:02] <E4D> "Even if we had, say, an aircraft with multiple gun stations… say we had a nose gun and two door guns? That's three targets at a time. How many bugs would you say you saw, Zoe?"
[12:02] <Tom90deg_> "some kind of Posion may be the best way to go. In a ideal world, maybe some kind of biological warfare that'll only effect the Hellflies, but that's a bit beyond."
[12:03] <Ragazzo> "I could do it…maybe. The delivery would be tricky."
[12:03] <Tom90deg_> "Heh, I ave no idea, I was knocked on my ass by that morphine, but a lot. if we killed one for every bullet we had, Maybe we'd be able to get em all.
[12:04] <E4D> "Hah!" He shakes his head. "I think they'd have to end up sharing bullets."
[12:04] <Ragazzo> "Do we have any idea where they are right now?"
[12:06] <E4D> "They left back the same way we came. If I get could get a working satellite feed of this area, we could find the heart of the swarm easy enough."
[12:06] <Tom90deg_> "they problay have those at Sites, right?"
[12:10] <E4D> "Should."
[12:11] <E4D> "Goddamn, you couldn't even get much effect on target with missile salvoes…" He shakes his head, still obviously pondering over kill methods. "It *has* to be something big."
[12:11] <Tom90deg_> "guess we can nuke two birds with one stone then. Heh, maybe they'l even be a big "Orbital Laser" button as well."
[12:11] <Tom90deg_> "How about Napalm? Something that'll burn?"
[12:12] <Ragazzo> Dusty rubs his cheek.
[12:12] <Ragazzo> "How large exactly? A mile or so across?"
[12:12] <E4D> "I couldn't tell."
[12:13] <Tom90deg_> "Maybe we could set something up and get them to follow us? That's risky as hell though…"
[12:14] <E4D> "Napalm? That shit's dispersed in big, straight lines. Wide, but straight. Effective on ground targets only. No way we could get a bird in the air to carry it anyway. Even if we could, you're looking at the world's most advanced fighters carrying four to six of the things."
[12:14] <Tom90deg_> "Right, sorry..heh, just throwing out Ideas. I never had to kill a swarm of bugs the size of a Mini."
[12:16] <E4D> "Don't feel bad. I'm busting my cherry on this, too.."
[12:17] <E4D> "This was *not* my job in the Foundation."
[12:17] <Tom90deg_> "We need something that has area of effect. Bullets would be inefective…I heard they actually use Flamethrowers somewhat routinely to fight killer bees."
[12:17] <Tom90deg_> "I don't suppose that if we kill the queen, the rest'll die out?"
[12:18] <E4D> "Dunno. Does killing a bee hive's queen kill the rest?"
[12:18] <E4D> "But hell, these ain't bees."
[12:20] <Tom90deg_> "Don't know, heh, I'm not an apiarist."
[12:20] <Tom90deg_> "I like my women like I like my coffee…coverd in beeees!"
[12:20] <Ragazzo> Dusty rolls his eyes.
[12:20] <Ragazzo> "Beeeeeeees."
[12:22] <E4D> "Something to keep in mind. Alice was a Director like me. Joey had clearance higher than both of us. Between us, we'll see if we can get into someplace that's got what we need."
[12:22] <Tom90deg_> "In a dream world, we'd want something that would kill just the hellflies, and then go away. Some kinda…parasite or something…I dunno. As much as I hate to say it, a huge nuke would be the best bet."
[12:23] <E4D> "Now you're talkin'."
[12:25] <Tom90deg_> "Heh, but still, we'd have to get it in there. Maybe a missle? An ICBM, if there are any around…"
[12:26] <Tom90deg_> "One thing I do remember from BBC though…Bee hives do have several queens in potentia, and every now and then they take some of the hive and swarm off…I think we need to kill the Hellfly swarm soon."
[12:26] <E4D> "I don't even know how we'd mount and fire a warhead we made. Hell, I wouldn't know how to fire one that's just laying around."
[12:27] <Tom90deg_> "Heh, you mean the missles don't just have a big 'Launch' button on a panel?"
[12:27] <E4D> "I think a naked package might be the best bet. Slip it in under their nose, and fuck 'em up."
[12:28] <E4D> "And yes. They do. But you have to have them fueled right, and targeted. And launch codes…"
[12:28] <Tom90deg_> "Ahh…damn those saftey methods…"
[12:28] <Ragazzo> "The blast would have to reach all the way up…"
14:04 Sabitsuki *bzzzzz*
14:05 E4D Jason looks back from where he's smoking in the direction of the bzzzz, already hauling ass for the LAV.
14:05 Tom90deg_ Zoe starts running after Jason.
14:06 DawnyWorks Kay's already in the stryker, cleaning up stuff from helping Zoe the night before.
14:06 Sabitsuki Thing Two from last night glides up into sight distance from behind a hill, a struggling humanoid in its massive hands.
14:07 E4D "Jesus *FUCK* ing Christ."
14:08 Sabitsuki It pauses, holding the man still with ease despite the dude obviously being in decent shape and pretty well muscled.
14:09 Sabitsuki The cloth ripples once, and a black hairy scorpion tail slides out of the bottom of the robe, and pierces the man's heart from behind, the stinger implaing his body easily.
14:09 Tom90deg_ "It's got someone in it's…hands."
14:09 Tom90deg_ "Um…Never mind."
14:09 E4D 4df+4 Jason aims his rifle, trying to get the thing In His Sights.
14:09 Glacon E4D: Jason aims his rifle, trying to get the thing In His Sights.: 5 (4df+4=+, 0, -, +)
14:10 Sabitsuki The tail whips around, taking the body with it, and throws it at the LAV with sheer momentum almost lazily.
14:10 Tom90deg_ Zoe stands back from the body, she's seen this movie before.
14:10 Sabitsuki The man's body flies a fair distance, and then hits the sand, sliding further.
14:11 Sabitsuki The creature makes a fist, beats it upon its chest once, and the glides back behind the hill and out of sight.
14:11 Sabitsuki *then
14:11 E4D "HEY! Anyone in the vehicles! We need some backup out here!"
14:12 Tom90deg_ Zoe carefully approaches the dead body.
14:12 DawnyWorks Kay steps out, looking around, and raises her rifle. "Zoe! Get your ass away from that body."
14:13 Tom90deg_ "Right right…"
14:13 Tom90deg_ Zoe stops moving forward, still watchuig the body closely
14:14 Sabitsuki It doesn't move, lying face down in the dirt. A massive hole is visible in the back of black and white uniform the man wears.
14:15 Tom90deg_ "I'm pretty sure he's not getting up."
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14:16 DawnyWorks "Not the point"
14:17 E4D "CI."
14:17 Tom90deg_ "Then come over here, we need to figure out who he was and why they felt like they had to throw him on us."
14:17 Tom90deg_ "CI? Um…do they have tracking devices on their solders as standard?"
14:18 DawnyWorks Kay walks toward the body. "Corporal, cover me?"
14:20 Tom90deg_ "We might need to run again."
14:20 E4D "Negative. And yeah, I gotcha Doc."
14:21 DawnyWorks Kay looks for signs of breathing and slings her rifle.
14:21 Tom90deg_ "Right, just wondering if this was a…odd way of the Hellflies telling CI where we are."
14:22 DawnyWorks Kay kneels and feels for a pulse on the guy's neck.
14:23 Ragazzo Dusty moves up beside Zoe.
14:23 Ragazzo "So…"
14:23 Tom90deg_ "Hmm?"
14:23 Ragazzo He shrugs.
14:25 Sabitsuki Deader then dead. The hole in his back goes through several armored plates and through his heart.
14:25 Tom90deg_ "I'm worried that this was either a homing becon for the CI, or a wierd way to show that the Hellflies are 'protecting' us. I'm not sure which is worse."
14:26 Sabitsuki His only personal possession appears to have been a single canvas bag.
14:26 DawnyWorks "Welp, this guy's dead"
14:26 Ragazzo "I think they're both pretty terrible."
14:26 DawnyWorks Kay grabs the bag and opens it.
14:26 Tom90deg_ "What's he got on him?"
14:26 DawnyWorks "I'm checking"
14:27 Sabitsuki Inside is a journal.
14:27 DawnyWorks "Huh…a journal…" Kay pulls it out and opens it.
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14:34 Waxx Blood has stained the first few pages, causing the owner's name to run into an unintelligible mess of ink.
14:34 Waxx Taking a quick glance through it, it looks like the first third of it or so was written before The Event, the rest taking place afterwards.
Welcome to After Action. Please refer OOC text to #afteractionooc | Secondary room: #afteractionmission | Route Map: http://maps.google.com/ Point A: Alice Springs, Northern Territory, Australia Point B: Potts Point, New South Wales, Australia - Current Location: 10 miles outside Mudgee
Topic set by Maddy on Sun Sep 11 14:36:41 EDT 2011
14:36 DawnyWorks "Huh…looks interesting enough…I'm going to keep this and read it. Maybe it'll have some info about what they're planing."
14:36 E4D Jason steps over to the body, tapping the corpse's head with the but of his rifle.
14:37 Waxx It is clearly something you will have to read over some time to get the most out of it. There's quite a bit written in there.
14:37 Sabitsuki The body does not react.
14:37 Waxx It could be a useful insight into the thinking behind the rank and file of the Chaos Insurgency.
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14:38 DawnyWorks Kay heads into the shade, sits down, and starts at the begining.
14:38 Ragazzo "Mindif I take a look at that body?"
14:39 Ragazzo *Mind if
14:39 E4D "Sure. Incinerate it in 5, though. If there IS a tracker, I want it destroyed. You want a jerry can of diesel, or can you do it yourself?"
14:40 Ragazzo "I can do it myself. Less smell that way."
14:40 Waxx "Back from leave. Mum gave me some fresh cookies to bring back, said not to eat them all at once. They are all gone now! It's going to be a long train ride home, now."
14:41 Ragazzo Dusty pulls on his gloves, and leaning down, examines the hole running through the corpse.
14:41 DawnyWorks "Mmm…cookies…"
14:41 Waxx Most of the entries in the beginning are about garrison life, normal army duties and making friends.
14:42 Waxx Right around when you remember THE EVENT taking place, there is an abrupt gap in entries, which lasts for about four or five months.
14:42 Ragazzo Is there anything weird about the wound?
14:43 Ragazzo Goop or such?
14:43 Sabitsuki No.
14:43 DawnyWorks "Wait…" Kay does some quick calculating. "Corporal, it's been what…two months sence this crap started?"
14:43 Ragazzo Just a straight up hole?
14:43 E4D "Damn near it."
14:44 DawnyWorks "Okay, thanks"
14:45 Waxx Fuck you, it's only a month lapse
14:45 Ragazzo Dusty shrugs, and begins chalking a circle around the corpse.
14:46 Ragazzo 4df+4 Occult maneuver
14:46 Glacon Ragazzo: Occult maneuver: 4 (4df+4=-, +, +, -)
14:46 Ragazzo 4df+6 Blah blah, body goes poof
14:46 Glacon Ragazzo: Blah blah, body goes poof: 5 (4df+6=0, 0, -, 0)
14:47 Sabitsuki Poof.
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14:47 DawnyWorks Kay keeps reading, this guy is kinda funny.
14:47 Ragazzo Dusty digs through the ashes for any non biological matter.
14:47 Sabitsuki None.
14:48 Waxx The first entry reads: "I apologize, much has happened and there has been little time to write. I wish I could begin to describe things, but I honestly can't find the words. Nothing makes sense. Our structure bled away and our command structure is gone. James deserted, only Peter and I are left. Everyone else ran off."
14:49 Waxx "We get lots of foot traffic through this place, mostly people heading either to or away from their homes. There are rumors of a new government being formed, but I haven't seen anything to make me believe it yet."
14:50 Waxx "I think about you often. Maybe you are still out there? I hope so." That entry ends.
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14:52 DawnyWorks Kay silently wonders who he's talking to, but keeps reading.
14:52 Ragazzo Dusty shrugs, and dusts off his gloves, before going elsewhere.
14:53 Waxx The next page starts a new one, a week later. "The rumors are true, they found Peter and I today. They aren't quite a new government, but they at least have organization and resources behind it to boot. They gave us the best meal we have had in weeks, and offered us positions in their security forces. We both accepted; what else are we going to d?"
14:53 Waxx do
14:54 Waxx "We ran into some old acquaintances, it seems they have been grabbing up military personnel whenever they find them. There is a mish mash of police and military experience here, all rolled into one big group now."
14:56 Waxx "There are plenty of opportunies for training exercises. Some of the strange things I've been unable to write about are cropping up all over the place, and we do what we can to deal with them. It's dangerous work; Peter and I have been very lucky so far, but I wonder how long that can last. These things are certainly something we never were prepared to deal with until now."
14:59 Waxx "Truthfully though, I can't complain much. There are regular rations and we are all working together here to stay alive. We take in new people every day, and it feels good to be doing something as opposed to sitting on our behinds all day waiting for something to happen. I feel as if I have purpose, now." A new paragraph. "I think of you always. I look for you in every group of survivors
14:59 Waxx we come across, but I haven't found you yet."
15:02 Waxx The next day. "Peter is gone. Something took him and several others, in the night. They moved so quickly, I couldn't do anything. None of us could. Whatever sort of hell has opened up and bled into our world is truly terrible. We lost some good officers, and they are drumming up replacements now. I've heard it said that my name is in the lot, I don't know what to think of that. The men
15:02 Waxx are scared, I'm scared too. I suppose you'd have to be foolish not to be scared in these darkest of days."
15:04 Waxx "I never thought of myself as officer material, but someone has to step forward and take charge of things, I suppose. I will endeavor to do my best, regardless of the difficulty." This entry ends as well, signed, "Missing you as much as ever."
15:09 Waxx A few days later. "We have encountered another, hostile group of survivors. They are certainly heavily armed, traveling with light armored support and heavy weapons crews. They have ambushed and destroyed some of our forward elements, with no apparent reason. Nothing more than disgusting bandits, taking advantage of this situation to sate their craving for violence and bloodshed. We will
15:09 Waxx do everything we can to stop them, before more innocent lives are lost at their hand."
15:11 Waxx "It could not come at a worse time. The paranormal attacks are happening with increasing frequency and ferocity, and we lose men every day. It makes it difficult to collect civilians, what with most of our resources being spent to fight off these demons and monsters from the other side. I do not envy the kill teams sent out every night; many of them don't come back."
15:12 Waxx "Dubbo is just ahead. Duty and thoughts of you keep me going."
15:13 Waxx And that's as far as Kay gets today.