Eyes of Rage
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Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures:
SCP-XXXX is contained at Site-██ in ██████, The subject must be contained in an ovular container made of two layers of SCP-148 separated by a layer of gaseous anesthetics. This Telekill container resides inside of a 10x10 meter chamber comprised of SCP-143. These organic compounds must remain dry, and no liquid substance is to be allowed near the vicinity.
SCP-XXXX must be monitored at all times by at least three Level 3 security personnel. Security personnel will participate in a sleep-rotation schedule in which exact timing does not matter so long as two personnel are awake at all times. 360-degree camera monitoring will be active in SCP-XXXX’s containment chamber in order to ensure that the inner chamber has not sustained any damage.
When in an aggressive state, security personnel must immediately activate a mist of liquid helium, which comes from a system implemented in SCP-XXXX’s chamber, initiating cryo-stasis. In the case of containment breach, personnel must do everything possible to incapacitate the subject, and apply cryogenics.

The subject appears to be a Caucasian male approximately two meters tall and of average stature. The subject has a relatively distinct English accent, and seems to be around twenty-five years of age; however due to its assumed point of origin, it is believed to be much older. The subject’s eyes are metallic silver in color, with flecks of red that enlarge based on level of fury. When the subject is in a fully enraged state, its irises are enveloped by the red hue.
The anomalous properties of the subject take place on the subatomic level. SCP-XXXX can alter all matter that it comes into contact with, with the exception of SCP-148. The subject also appears to only be able to manipulate organic matter in the presence of water. Most natural organic matter contains water; therefore only processed materials are problematic to SCP-XXXX. Inorganic materials, such as titanium, can be completely absorbed and manipulated in any way the subject wills; for example, self-preservation, structural reinforcement, and weaponization among others. Biological tissues directly increase the subjects own body mass, and muscle build.
SCP-XXXX has three distinct emotional states, which he has minimal control over. In its docile state it almost completely refrains from using its abilities due to a desire to preserve life. It enters its second phase when angered beyond a certain point. It is difficult to discern what point SCP-XXXX becomes aggressive due to the danger it poses to the site and personnel. In this state its destructive instincts initiate and it loses all semblance of control. It lashes out at anything it sees and attempts to ‘consume’ everything that it possibly can. Its third phase can only be activated by the use of one of five known trigger words. In this state it will unleash a powerful burst of energy, in a wave pattern, that destroys the molecular bonds of all matter within a within 25 meters, effectively disintegrating said matter. These trigger words are as follows:
• Croatoan
No personnel are to use any of these words within audible range of SCP-XXXX without a majority vote from O5-level staff.


Interview 1345-01

Interviewed: SCP-XXXX

Interviewer: Dr. ████

Foreword: After retrieving SCP-XXXX, Dr. ████ attempts to determine the subject’s origin. Dr. ████ is informed to take precautionary procedures, and to refrain from angering the subject.
<Begin Log>

Dr. ████: Good afternoon.

SCP-XXXX: Who are you?

Dr. ████: Irrelevant. What we are here to find out is, what exactly you are.

XXXX: My name is Michael.

Dr. ████: What happened at incident [DATA EXPUNGED]?

XXXX: At what?

Dr. ████: The crater outside of [DATA EXPUNGED]. You were recovered unconscious.

XXXX: I’m not sure. I can’t remember much from the past few days.

Dr. ████: So you suffer from amnesia?

XXXX: Yes. It has happened once before. I woke up near a large crater and couldn’t remember anything. I named myself Michael and attempted to live on my own.

Dr. ████: Exactly how long ago was this?

XXXX: About four hundred years I think.

Dr. ████: Four hundred years? You were responsible for [REDACTED]? We’ve had researchers in North Carolina for years. What else can you tell me?

XXXX: Leave. Now.

Dr. ████: We aren’t finished yet. Tell me what else you…. What is happening to your eyes?

XXXX: Get out! I can’t hold this back much longer!

Dr. ████: Hold what back? What are you… Oh god! What happened to the table? What are you d…

<End Log>

Closing Statement: The subject absorbed [DATA EXPUNGED], Impaling Dr. ███. It then proceeded to [REDACTED], doubling its muscle mass. The subject was contained via portable cryogenics.

Interview 1345-02

Interviewed: SCP-XXXX

Interviewer: Dr. Johnson

Foreword: Subject is transported to location [redacted]. Dr. Johnson attempt to further known knowledge of SCP-XXXX, and related incidents.

<Begin Log>

Dr. Johnson: Hello SCP-XXXX.

XXXX: Hello Doctor.

** Dr. Johnson:** After our previous interview, we have been re-examining our Intel on site ███. I would like to ask you a few questions.

XXXX: Go ahead.

Dr. Johnson: Do you remember anything from the incident?

XXXX: No, I do not.

Dr. Johnson: Do you know what happened to the colonists who resided there?

XXXX: I do not.

Dr. Johnson: When conducting an investigation of the area, researchers discovered an unidentified word engraved on site.

XXXX: Okay?

Dr. Johnson: Do you recognize the word “Croatoan”?

<End Log>

Closing Statement: Area within a twenty-five meter radius of interview location is [REDACTED]. The subject is returned to containment, and investigation of affected area is commencing.