04:31:25) Mere_Observer: "Boy, I sure wish somethin' interestin' an climactic would happen…" Cigar puff.
(04:31:53) Vorcha: "Like?"
(04:32:08) Mere_Observer: "I dunno. Anythin'."
(04:33:26) Vorcha: "I'll go call Lucifer and ask him to harvest the potato crop then."
(04:33:42) Mere_Observer: "Would ya? I'd really appreciate it."
(04:36:14) Vorcha: "Fresh out of human sacrifices to pay the toll."
(04:36:26) Mere_Observer: "I can fix tha'."
(04:38:01) Vorcha: "Please don't."
(04:38:12) Mere_Observer: "Don't wha'?"
(04:39:14) Vorcha: "Don't fix it."
(04:39:29) Mere_Observer: "Don't fix wha'?"
(04:40:48) Vorcha: "Nevermind."
(04:41:25) Mere_Observer: "Nevermind wha'?"
(04:41:59) Vorcha: "Styer."
(04:42:14) Mere_Observer: "Aye?"
(04:42:27) Vorcha: Sigh.
(04:42:45) Mere_Observer: Styer chuckles.
(04:42:58) Mere_Observer: "Boy, I sure wish somethin' interestin' an climactic would happen…" Cigar puff.
(04:43:14) PaulS_laptop: "oops"
(04:43:32) Mere_Observer: Styer looks at Kyle. "Wha' oops?"
(04:44:17) Vorcha: Azazel makes an audible facepalm.
(04:44:57) PaulS_laptop: "nothin"
(04:45:04) Pemander: Ari walks out of the trailer.
(04:45:05) PaulS_laptop: "You wanted something anticlimactic, right?"
(04:45:36) Mere_Observer: "No. Climactic. Not Anticlimactic."
(04:45:50) PaulS_laptop: "Oh"
(04:46:15) Mere_Observer: "Oh wha'?"
(04:46:29) PaulS_laptop: "Sorry then"
(04:46:50) Mere_Observer: "……wha'd ya do?"
(04:47:16) PaulS_laptop: "Nothing cimactic"
(04:47:32) Mere_Observer: "….oh. Damn."
(04:47:36) Mere_Observer: Cigar puff.
(04:48:06) Pemander: "Are you guys still talking about nothing?"
(04:48:16) Mere_Observer: "Wha'?"
(04:48:28) TroyL: Perception Checks.
(04:48:55) Pemander: 4df+4 herm
(04:48:55) CROM: Pemander: herm: 4 (4df+4=-, 0, +, 0)
(04:49:27) Mere_Observer: 4df+3 Climactic!
(04:49:27) CROM: Mere_Observer: Climactic!: 2 (4df+3=-, 0, -, +)
(04:49:51) TroyL: Arianna is the only one paying careful attention. She sees nothing, but there is a sound far, far away. A cooing almost, like doves.
(04:50:03) Vorcha: 4df+4
(04:50:04) CROM: Vorcha: 5 (4df+4=0, +, -, +)
(04:50:04) Mere_Observer: Styer puffs his cigar.
(04:50:05) Vorcha: too late?
(04:51:40) PaulS_laptop: 4df kyle is under the truck
(04:51:40) CROM: PaulS_laptop: kyle is under the truck: 1 (4df=-, 0, +, +)
(04:52:37) Pemander: Arianna taps her foot.
(04:52:45) Pemander: "If you guys see black birds or black feathers, let me know."
(04:52:57) Vorcha: Azazel looks at his wings.
(04:53:04) PaulS_laptop: "Will do."
(04:53:18) Mere_Observer: "….tha's kinda random…"
(04:53:24) PaulS_laptop: "If I build a fire and cook more rabbit or something, it'll summon one of 'em"
(04:53:26) Pemander: "It should be obvious that Az does not count."
(04:53:36) Pemander: "No, I don't mean that kind of black wing."
(04:53:49) PaulS_laptop: "Styer, remember that dude who ruined our dinner? those guys"
(04:53:55) PaulS_laptop: "…oh?"
(04:53:58) Pemander: "He had bat wings."
(04:54:18) Mere_Observer: "Is there a /reason/ we're lookin fer feathers?"
(04:54:31) Vorcha: "Bat's don't even have feathers.."
(04:55:00) Pemander: "Yes, Styer. There is a reason."
(04:55:11) Mere_Observer: "And tha' reason is?"
(04:55:13) TroyL: For a moment, there is still, perfect silence. And then, there's a heavy, rushing sound. And for a moment, it looks like the moon is being consumed by something.
(04:55:21) Pemander: "…"
(04:55:37) Vorcha: "I think your friends might be finding us."
(04:55:40) Pemander: "That is the reason."
(04:55:44) Mere_Observer: "FINALLY!" Styer pulls out his rifle.
(04:55:57) TroyL: A hoard of wings descend from the sky, hurling themselves at the group of you.
(04:56:23) Vorcha: Azazel draws his bow.
(04:56:27) TroyL: PDef to try and take it; Athletics to Avoid.
(04:56:38) TroyL: 4df+5
(04:56:38) CROM: TroyL: 4 (4df+5=-, -, +, 0)
(04:56:48) Pemander: 4df+3 Arianna stands her ground?
(04:56:48) CROM: Pemander: Arianna stands her ground?: 3 (4df+3=-, -, +, +)
(04:56:58) Vorcha: 4df+3 DAMMIT BIRDMAN
(04:56:59) CROM: Vorcha: DAMMIT BIRDMAN: 4 (4df+3=-, +, 0, +)
(04:57:03) Mere_Observer: 4df+4 "…oh fuck." Styer tries to take it.
(04:57:03) CROM: Mere_Observer: "…oh fuck." Styer tries to take it.: 5 (4df+4=0, 0, 0, +)
(04:57:13) PaulS_laptop: 4df+3 ath kyle rolls under the truck
(04:57:14) CROM: PaulS_laptop: ath kyle rolls under the truck: 5 (4df+3=+, 0, +, 0)
(04:57:28) PaulS_laptop: *rolls back
(04:58:47) TroyL: Arianna: As the hoard starts to flap around you, you realize that it's a single object, not an individual. It coils, the wings beating slowly for a moment, then somehow constricts tightly around you, pinning you.
(04:59:04) TroyL: *a group of individuals
(04:59:11) Pemander: "…shit." She struggles to get free.
(04:59:39) Pemander: "Somebody help me!"
(04:59:42) Mere_Observer: Styer dives at the wings, swigging his arms to get them away.
(04:59:47) TroyL: Everyone who passed their check: Maintain positions. Order will be in the order that people rolled their perception checks.
(05:00:05) Mere_Observer: redact
(05:02:03) Echo [ten.knilneddus.nyd.wta.DF3839E7-CRInys|tibbiM#ten.knilneddus.nyd.wta.DF3839E7-CRInys|tibbiM] entered the room.
(05:02:03) mode (+qo Echo Echo) by ChanServ
(05:02:26) Pemander: Arianna is calculating a brilliant escape.
(05:02:40) Pemander: Not really. How the hell do you brilliantly escape from a situation like this?
(05:02:54) Pemander: 4df+2 She rolls athletics and tries to wriggle free from the bird-thing
(05:02:54) CROM: Pemander: She rolls athletics and tries to wriggle free from the bird-thing: 1 (4df+2=-, 0, 0, 0)
(05:04:08) TroyL: 4df+4 Opposed Athletics
(05:04:08) CROM: TroyL: Opposed Athletics: 3 (4df+4=0, +, -, -)
(05:05:14) TroyL: Arianna is held tightly, the wings battering at her face. The feathers seem to be trying to… coil?
(05:05:19) Pemander: "Shit, shit, shit."
(05:05:36) Pemander: "SOMEBODY SHOOT IT!"
(05:06:36) Mere_Observer: 4df+4 Not shooting, Styer dives at the wings trying to snatch Ari from them.
(05:06:36) CROM: Mere_Observer: Not shooting, Styer dives at the wings trying to snatch Ari from them.: 2 (4df+4=0, -, 0, -)
(05:06:57) TroyL: (Everyone shooting into the feathery mass can either risk hitting Arianna on a miss or take a -2 to purposfully avoid shooting her.)
(05:07:22) TroyL: 4df+4 Opposed Athletics: The wings attempt the bat Styer away…
(05:07:23) CROM: TroyL: Opposed Athletics: The wings attempt the bat Styer away…: 4 (4df+4=0, +, -, 0)
(05:08:02) TroyL: …and they do. A small cluster of them seem to reach out, striking at him and pushing him backwards, then coiling back into the writhing mass.
(05:08:11) Mere_Observer: "Gaaah. Trippy, do somethin Angelly!"
(05:08:45) Pemander: "Don't worry about hitting me! Just shoot!"
(05:08:55) Pemander: "If it gets any further, I'm dead anyway!"
(05:09:04) Vorcha: 4df+6 tagging Bbtpm just shout at the thing in the language of the damned to try and get it to go away or something
(05:09:04) CROM: Vorcha: tagging Bbtpm just shout at the thing in the language of the damned to try and get it to go away or something: 7 (4df+6=+, 0, 0, 0)
(05:10:16) Pemander: "You're /yelling/ at it?!?!"
(05:10:23) Ragazzo: Sleeps meanwhile is springing out from somewhere at an angle at the bird thing, trying to bat it off ari and squeeze the everloving fuck out of it.
(05:10:38) Ragazzo: 4df+5 Athletics maneuver, tagging consecration.
(05:10:38) CROM: Ragazzo: Athletics maneuver, tagging consecration.: 6 (4df+5=+, 0, 0, 0)
(05:11:53) TroyL: (Ragz. Get in Initiative.)
(05:12:16) Ragazzo: (what do i roll)
(05:12:57) PaulS_laptop: 4df+5 Old Time Spook (+3 to ranged 1AP). Kyle is still under the truck. He fires from where he is, since it will take too long to roll out and then shoot. He's an old hand at snap shooting from odd places, and still pretty fast, even when trying to avoid hitting someone
(05:12:58) CROM: PaulS_laptop: Old Time Spook (+3 to ranged 1AP). Kyle is still under the truck. He fires from where he is, since it will take too long to roll out and then shoot. He's an old hand at snap shooting from odd places, and still pretty fast, even when trying to avoid hitting someone: 4 (4df+5=+, -, 0, -)
(05:13:03) TroyL: (You're fine. Use that in a second. But get in there after paul goes)
(05:13:12) Ragazzo: (ok)
(05:13:27) TroyL: The mass of feathers ignores the screaming shout, continuing to coil and squeeze.
(05:14:03) TroyL: 4df+3 Physical Defense: The thing attempts to maneuver Arianna's body between the bullets and it's primary mass! D:
(05:14:04) CROM: TroyL: Physical Defense: The thing attempts to maneuver Arianna's body between the bullets and it's primary mass! D:: 3 (4df+3=-, -, +, +)
(05:14:31) TroyL: …and fails. Bullts rip through the central core of the thing, sending feathers flying out the other side.
(05:15:01) TroyL: Ragz: One second. Arianna: You may burn an AP to take advantage of the situation and roll Athletics at +1 to immediately escape.
(05:15:12) Pemander: Will do so.
(05:15:21) Pemander: 4df+3 Ath
(05:15:22) CROM: Pemander: Ath: 5 (4df+3=+, +, -, +)
(05:15:31) TroyL: 4df+3 Opposed.
(05:15:31) CROM: TroyL: Opposed.: 0 (4df+3=-, 0, -, -)
(05:15:41) TroyL: Arianna is good! Describe it!
(05:16:34) Pemander: As soon as the feathermass is distracted, she flails at it and pushes away, rolling to the side and hopping up to retreat.
(05:17:12) Mere_Observer: "HaHA, take tha' ye mass of chicken taint!"
(05:17:41) TroyL: (Rags. Proceed. You may wish to change action.)
(05:18:11) PaulS_laptop: Now that ari's free, Kyle rolls himself out from under the truck
(05:18:22) Ragazzo: He's leaping at the thing to choke the shit out of, and bite it. Can i keep the roll?
(05:18:41) TroyL: (It's a mass of feathers. I'll allow it.)
(05:19:17) Ragazzo: 4df+4 Fate point expended, following up with poisonous bites?
(05:19:18) CROM: Ragazzo: Fate point expended, following up with poisonous bites?: 3 (4df+4=0, +, -, -)
(05:19:57) TroyL: 4df+3 flailing buffets! SLAP DAT SNAKE!
(05:19:57) CROM: TroyL: flailing buffets! SLAP DAT SNAKE!: 1 (4df+3=0, 0, -, -)
(05:20:03) TroyL: :(
(05:20:14) TroyL: (Bite will be ineffective.)
(05:20:34) Ragazzo: ( D: )
(05:21:06) Pemander: "Sleeps! Be careful!"
(05:21:12) TroyL: (It's a mass of feathers. >:| Do your darn constricting so I can have it try to constrict you back and get you all tied up now >:|)
(05:21:33) Ragazzo: Sleeps chokes the shit out of it. He is constricting.
(05:22:20) TroyL: It flaps madly, trying to get itself on up outta there!
(05:22:27) TroyL: 4df+3 Take off! D:
(05:22:28) CROM: TroyL: Take off! D:: 1 (4df+3=-, -, -, +)
(05:22:45) Ragazzo: 4df+3 Noap. |:<
(05:22:45) CROM: Ragazzo: Noap. |:<: 2 (4df+3=-, +, 0, -)
(05:22:51) Mere_Observer: "Yeah! Get it Sleepy!"
(05:22:55) TroyL: It flaps a few feet off the ground, but it's unable to shake off Sleeps! D:
(05:23:01) TroyL: Ari: You're up.
(05:23:14) TroyL: (Same -2 applies. Don't kill Sleeps. :) )
(05:24:01) Pemander: Arianna grabs a knife from her waist pouch and tosses one at birdmass.
(05:24:07) Pemander: 4df+2 She is being careful to not hit Sleeps.
(05:24:07) CROM: Pemander: She is being careful to not hit Sleeps.: 2 (4df+2=+, -, +, -)
(05:24:22) TroyL: 4df+3
(05:24:23) CROM: TroyL: 4 (4df+3=+, 0, 0, 0)
(05:24:28) TroyL: :)
(05:24:47) TroyL: The knife gets lost in the mass of flapping feathers, falling out harmlessly below it!
(05:26:04) Ragazzo: "Stupid evil pfft birds!" Sleeps hisses as he struggles with feathery thing.
(05:26:09) TroyL: (Styer?)
(05:26:14) Pemander: "Get away from him. You're here for me, aren't you?'
(05:26:18) Mere_Observer: 4df+2 Styer aims at the mass of feathers, avoiding the snake.
(05:26:18) CROM: Mere_Observer: Styer aims at the mass of feathers, avoiding the snake.: 2 (4df+2=0, 0, -, +)
(05:26:41) TroyL: 4df+3 Yeesss! Feathery defense!
(05:26:41) CROM: TroyL: Yeesss! Feathery defense!: 0 (4df+3=-, -, -, 0)
(05:26:44) TroyL: ;-;
(05:27:25) TroyL: The bullets go perf-perf-perf through the feathery mass, sending out a cloud of them beyond Sleeps. Sleeps! Somma them bullets felt mighty close. o.o
(05:27:54) Ragazzo: Sleeps twists but tries to tail whip the mass as he goes?
(05:28:01) Ragazzo: *twists and slithers away
(05:28:28) PaulS_laptop: "hold it still if you can, sleeps"
(05:29:04) Vorcha: 4df+4 spending another AP so the tag negates the -2. GUIDE THE ARROW JESUS.
(05:29:05) CROM: Vorcha: spending another AP so the tag negates the -2. GUIDE THE ARROW JESUS.: 4 (4df+4=0, -, 0, +)
(05:29:18) TroyL: 4df+2 OH GOD NO NOT MORE
(05:29:18) CROM: TroyL: OH GOD NO NOT MORE: 2 (4df+2=0, 0, 0, 0)
(05:29:22) TroyL: ;-;
(05:30:06) TroyL: The arrows go flying through the mass, scattering the feathers! Sleeps! The mass is almost dispersed! You can't hang onto it anymore! D: D: D: You're going… tooo… faaalll! (About three feet.)
(05:30:26) Ragazzo: 4df+3 Sleeps smashes it with his tail once he lands?
(05:30:26) CROM: Ragazzo: Sleeps smashes it with his tail once he lands?: 1 (4df+3=-, 0, -, 0)
(05:30:30) Mere_Observer left the room (quit: Quit: http://www.mibbit.com ajax IRC Client).
(05:30:38) TroyL: 4df+1 Oh gosh
(05:30:38) CROM: TroyL: Oh gosh: -2 (4df+1=0, -, -, -)
(05:30:46) PaulS_laptop: 4df+5 same roll, same power use. Only this time, more than one shot. Still pistol shooting, though. No time to swap for bigger!
(05:30:46) CROM: PaulS_laptop: same roll, same power use. Only this time, more than one shot. Still pistol shooting, though. No time to swap for bigger!: 4 (4df+5=-, 0, +, -)
(05:30:54) Mere_Observer [ten.htuoslleb.dra.AB8F3F7D-CRInys|tibbiM#ten.htuoslleb.dra.AB8F3F7D-CRInys|tibbiM] entered the room.
(05:30:59) TroyL: (On sec, Paul. Unnecessary).
(05:31:31) PaulS_laptop: k troy
(05:31:53) TroyL: Ragazzo: Describe.
(05:32:26) Ragazzo: Sleeps tail thumps heavily gainst the earth, and hisses triuphantly seeing the mass burst into a cloud of drifting feathers and sweep away as he swipes his tail back to him.
(05:32:58) Maddy left the room (quit: Quit: WOOSH).
(05:33:01) TroyL: The feathers seem to disperse all over the ground… and everywhere they land… seems to be… stained. :|
(05:33:14) TroyL: Athletics of PDef to avoid feathery mass of death.
(05:33:16) TroyL: *or
(05:33:31) Vorcha: all or just sleeps
(05:33:51) Ragazzo: 4df+5 Phys. def tagging consecration
(05:33:51) CROM: Ragazzo: Phys. def tagging consecration: 7 (4df+5=+, +, 0, 0)
(05:34:01) TroyL: (Anyone directly under/around it. Those of you who moved away or took cover are fine)
(05:34:10) TroyL: Sleeps is good! :D
(05:34:26) Vorcha: 4df+3 welp
(05:34:27) CROM: Vorcha: welp: 3 (4df+3=+, 0, 0, -)
(05:34:34) Pemander: 4df+3 aw man dog im burning an AP for power
(05:34:35) CROM: Pemander: aw man dog im burning an AP for power: 6 (4df+3=+, +, +, 0)
(05:34:38) Pemander: …
(05:34:41) Pemander: A completely unnecessary AP.
(05:34:47) TroyL: You can have it back.
(05:34:56) Vorcha: if this fails the dc I'm burning AP to negate a lone point of damage
(05:35:07) TroyL: It ain't damage, bro. lawl
(05:35:14) TroyL: You're both fine, though!
(05:35:15) PaulS_laptop: 4df+3 to avoid it
(05:35:16) CROM: PaulS_laptop: to avoid it: 3 (4df+3=+, 0, -, 0)
(05:35:23) TroyL: Sneaking out nicely!
(05:35:32) Mere_Observer: 4df+4 Styer avoidy
(05:35:32) CROM: Mere_Observer: Styer avoidy: 6 (4df+4=0, +, +, 0)
(05:35:38) Pemander: Arianna scowls.
(05:35:42) Ragazzo: Sleeps peers at the ground, and then his tail.
(05:35:46) TroyL: Well done!
(05:35:51) TroyL: Sleep: You clean.
(05:35:54) Ragazzo: "We should leave here. We should have left days ago."
(05:36:17) Mere_Observer: "Why did we just get attacked by feathers…"
(05:36:41) PaulS_laptop: "No idea"
(05:36:48) Ragazzo: "Daevite schum."
(05:36:50) PaulS_laptop: "Ari, sleeps, you both fine?"
(05:36:51) Ragazzo: *scum
(05:36:58) Ragazzo: "Yes, we need to go."
(05:37:31) Mere_Observer: "…..well they came from somewhere…can we find where?"
(05:37:44) Ragazzo: "They conquer continents."
(05:37:47) Vorcha: "We should probably start packing. Styer we're not going to search for more."
(05:37:49) Ragazzo: "That is a bad idea."
(05:37:59) Pemander: "I don't think moving is going to stop them from finding us."
(05:38:04) PaulS_laptop: "Eventually we'll run out of continent"
(05:38:14) Mere_Observer: "Killing them would stop it…"
(05:38:33) Ragazzo: Sleeps shakes his head. "They have /armies/."
(05:38:44) PaulS_laptop: "We should move, but we need to make it too costly for them to keep bothering us"
(05:39:13) Ragazzo: Sleeps goes to pack.
(05:39:15) PaulS_laptop: "we see one, we kill it, whether it knows we're there or not."
(05:39:26) Vorcha: "Didn't your kind have weapons that could clear entire continents." Azazel don't know jack bout no nukes
(05:39:33) PaulS_laptop: "Styer, trippy, wanna give me a hand getting the truck ready?"
(05:39:47) PaulS_laptop: "Well, not entire continents, but we could clear a city or so"
(05:40:00) PaulS_laptop: "unless you count bio shit, which would just kill us"
(05:40:37) Mere_Observer: "…..I like tha' plan too…nukin' shite is always a game changer…"
(05:40:37) Pemander: "I don't think you guys understand what I'm trying to say."
(05:40:37) Vorcha: "I'm not recommending it, but if worse comes to worse."
(05:40:37) Ragazzo left the room (quit: Quit: http://www.mibbit.com ajax IRC Client).
(05:40:37) Mere_Observer: "Then spit it out!"
(05:41:08) Pemander: "Forget it."
(05:41:10) Mere_Observer: Styer nods. "Aye…..ya know….I bet the flame thrower would've ended those feathers right quick…"
(05:41:19) Pemander: Arianna heads into the trailer to pack.
(05:41:51) Vorcha: "Kyle, you think your truck is armored enough to knock away armies of those things?"
(05:42:07) Mere_Observer: Styer goes to load up the truck.
(05:42:30) PaulS_laptop: "Better to just burn them"
(05:42:42) PaulS_laptop: "Setting ari on fire wouldn't do, though."
(05:43:14) Mere_Observer: "Well, if we used if before it got Arianna, it've worked." Styer starts loading shite
(05:43:33) Vorcha: "Well we can't burn them all when we're leaving."
(05:43:51) Mere_Observer: "We can if they chase us."
(05:44:22) Mere_Observer: "I'm all about head on assaults, but platoons aren't really a head-on-assault kind of target."
(05:44:49) PaulS_laptop: "Exactly"
(05:45:00) PaulS_laptop: "Just make ourselves more expensive than they want to deal with"
(05:45:15) Mere_Observer: "Like the Chinese!"
(05:45:43) PaulS_laptop: "Pretty much"
(05:46:07) Vorcha: "Kyle, we're a small group against an entire army. We could cleave through all of them here and still not make a dent in their armies.".
(05:48:06) PaulS_laptop: "What I'm saying is to avoid them, but whenever we see them, eradicate them"
(05:48:19) PaulS_laptop: "Eventually, they'll just stop sending guys"
(05:48:22) Vorcha: "And if they amass as legion upon the road?"
(05:48:56) Mere_Observer: "Well they won't try tha same thing twice. Not if they're smart anyway."
(05:50:03) PaulS_laptop: "we have a tank…well, an APC, and a truck"
(05:50:19) PaulS_laptop: "Eve's got plenty of firepower, and I've got the flamethrower"
(05:50:55) Mere_Observer: "Did we finish the 'Stop the followers' mechanism?"
(05:51:03) PaulS_laptop: "Yup"
(05:51:05) Vorcha: "You mean the caltrops?"
(05:51:12) Mere_Observer: "Yup."
(05:51:15) Vorcha: "Why not just netguns, these things fly."
(05:51:36) Mere_Observer: "Because they'd still be alive. I don't want that."
(05:51:48) Mere_Observer: "Maybe a /flaming/ net gun."
(05:51:58) Mere_Observer: "Or an electric one…"
(05:52:03) PaulS_laptop: "the nazis experimented with something you might like"
(05:52:12) Vorcha: "I once heard of a type of net made of metal wires, the more the prey struggled the tighter the wires coiled and sliced through it."
(05:52:47) PaulS_laptop: "vortex cannons. They're just a nifty novelty, but they experimented with using them and coal dust to bring down bombers. Didn't work too well, but it might mess up wings better"
(05:53:12) Mere_Observer: "Alright, see? This is what we should be doin'. We shouldn't waste time on campfires. We should plan out our ARSENAL!"
(05:53:17) Pemander left the room.
(05:53:22) Pemander [~ten.tsacmoc.im.1dsh.46BAEE6E-CRInys|kcirtaP#ten.tsacmoc.im.1dsh.46BAEE6E-CRInys|kcirtaP] entered the room.
(05:55:44) TroyL: Observer: PDef.
(05:56:06) Mere_Observer: 4df+4 dafuk?
(05:56:06) CROM: Mere_Observer: dafuk?: 4 (4df+4=+, -, -, +)
(05:56:24) TroyL: 4df+8 (Tagging Assassinate and Murder)
(05:56:24) CROM: TroyL: (Tagging Assassinate and Murder): 10 (4df+8=0, 0, +, +)
(05:56:31) Mere_Observer: …
(05:57:23) Vorcha: "Kyle did you see where my arrow went?"
(05:58:38) TroyL: There is a sharp sound behind you, and a distant sound of screaming, like the world itself is suffering as something unnatural is forced through it. As you turn, you see a white face with yellow eyes. A mouth with cold, sharp teeththe color of old pagessmiles at your coldly, and lank, white hair hangs from the sides of its head. Incidentally, you feel something warm trickling down your
(05:58:38) TroyL: leg, and glacing down, you realize that it's blood. There is a bladewhite like bonelodged into your midsection. You didn't notice it go in. You're noticing it now.
(05:58:54) PaulS_laptop: "no"
(05:58:57) TroyL: -1 Body.
(05:59:25) PaulS_laptop: "holy shit styer!"
(05:59:27) Mere_Observer: "Well….tha' sucks.."
(05:59:32) Vorcha: "Did you see St-"
(05:59:34) PaulS_laptop: "dude, you alright?"
(05:59:42) Mere_Observer: "Um….."
(05:59:53) Vorcha: Azazel draws his bow and points it at the face.
(06:00:13) Mere_Observer: Is the thing holding onto the knife?
(06:00:17) TroyL: It slowly pulls the blade out of your stomach, Styer. It's laughing now.
(06:00:53) TroyL: (Yes. It still is.)
(06:01:08) Pemander: Arianna leans out of the trailer. "Did something happen?"
(06:01:13) TroyL: (Initiative is: Vorcha, Paul, Observer, whoever else walks in, back to it.)
(06:01:23) Pemander: "Wha-"
(06:02:27) Vorcha: 4df+4 Shot arrow good at face.
(06:02:28) CROM: Vorcha: Shot arrow good at face.: 4 (4df+4=-, 0, 0, +)
(06:02:49) TroyL: 4df+5 (Spending Last AP, Tagging Flicker)
(06:02:49) CROM: TroyL: (Spending Last AP, Tagging Flicker): 7 (4df+5=+, +, 0, 0)
(06:03:39) TroyL: It's there… and then it isn't. The arrow flies right through where it was standing. He casually shoves Styer and turns its attention toward Azazel. You seem to be an object of interest, Trippy.
(06:04:07) Mere_Observer: Styer holds his new wound, staring at the hole. "…."
(06:04:12) PaulS_laptop: "Ari, get over here. get sleeps if he's still up, styer's hurt"
(06:04:22) PaulS_laptop: 4df+7 OTS again, last AP. submachine gun snap shooting. Aiming for a headshot.
(06:04:23) CROM: PaulS_laptop: OTS again, last AP. submachine gun snap shooting. Aiming for a headshot.: 7 (4df+7=-, -, +, +)
(06:04:32) Vorcha: "Kyle, think you and I can handle this? We need to get Styer out now."
(06:05:39) CROM: TroyL: HHIIIIIIISSSSSSSSSSSSSS!: 5 (4df+3=+, 0, +, 0)
(06:05:52) TroyL: (Why am I rolling well now?)
(06:06:08) Vorcha: (You just jinxed it bro)
(06:07:15) TroyL: The bullet rips through the thing, a spray of ink and rot flying through the air as it staggers backward, flopping to the earth.
(06:07:24) TroyL: In a few moments, it's rotting.
(06:07:40) Pemander: Arianna rushes over to Styer. "Patrick, are you alright?"
(06:08:27) PaulS_laptop: Kyle produces a rag and passes it to styer
(06:08:31) TroyL: Styer: That is a deep, dangerous, gashing would. It heals at 1/2 the normal rate, and you have -1 on physical checks until it is fully healed.
(06:08:37) Mere_Observer: Styer's eye twitches, but he's chuckling.
(06:08:37) PaulS_laptop: "keep pressure on it, beo"
(06:08:40) TroyL: Currently, you are bleeding.
(06:09:11) Pemander: "What in the hell did it stab you with?"
(06:09:31) PaulS_laptop: «Medic!»
(06:09:33) TroyL: <What the hell is going on?> Oh shit! That is a Troy's voice.
(06:09:56) Mere_Observer: Styer looks at her, holding his wound tight. "A knife." He chuckles again, coughing hard.
(06:10:07) PaulS_laptop: «Styer's injured. Something flitted in and stabbed him with somethin»
(06:10:09) Pemander: Ari looks around for the knife. "Did it rot away with the thing…?"
(06:10:15) PaulS_laptop: "Lay down if you can"
(06:10:29) TroyL: Ari: The knife is near it's "hand." Or what's left of it.
(06:10:49) Vorcha: "I think we should travel in pairs until we leave."
(06:11:02) TroyL: «Flitted? Was it white and is he bleeding very, very badly?»
(06:11:22) PaulS_laptop: «He is, and it's rotting dead if that counts for anything now»
(06:11:29) Mere_Observer: Styer sits on the bed of Eels. "….foockin' thing didn't fight fair. He's like tha' root." He coughs harder, blood flowing around his fingers.
(06:11:37) PaulS_laptop: «Do hurry»
(06:12:04) TroyL: «On my way.» More cursing continues. From the distance, the sound of a four-wheeler reving pops up.
(06:12:13) TroyL: Lament will arrive shortly.
(06:12:19) PaulS_laptop: "Hang on." Kyle removes his shirt, wadds it up and passes it over
(06:12:22) Pemander: Arianna leans down and picks up the bone knife.
(06:12:27) Pemander: "…what in the world?"
(06:12:32) PaulS_laptop: "put this on top of it, keep pressure"
(06:13:01) Mere_Observer: Styer holds the shirt tight against his wound. "If I'd seen it, I coulda finished it…"
(06:13:01) Vorcha: Azazel keeps an eye out for any other surprises. "We need to move. /Soon/"
(06:13:26) PaulS_laptop: "Don't worry, Styer, fucker's dead an' rotting now"
(06:13:50) PaulS_laptop: "Here, drink" passes styer his canteen, already open
(06:13:59) Pemander: Ari discreetly palms the knife.
(06:14:11) Mere_Observer: "Is he?" Styer looks at the rotter. "Oh yeah…..foocker." Styer grabs the canteen and swigs from it.
(06:14:18) Pemander: "Looks like the weapon is rotted away too…"
(06:14:23) PaulS_laptop: It's water. he didn't have time to make coffee.
(06:14:36) PaulS_laptop: (water, the irishman's natural enemy)
(06:14:54) Mere_Observer: Styer spits it out. "Gah, where's mah flask…"
(06:15:02) TroyL: Lament pulls up a few moments later. He looks mildly harried, and is carrying a bag with yarn and other supplies. He drops it near Arianna, then steps at the corpse.
(06:15:15) TroyL: "Alright. It's dead. That's good."
(06:15:17) PaulS_laptop: "Drink, man. Gotta replace what you're losing."
(06:15:21) TroyL: "Let's run like bitches."
(06:15:25) PaulS_laptop: "Troy, c'mere"
(06:15:30) Pemander: "Are these things /that/ dangerous?"
(06:15:36) Mere_Observer: Styer sighs, drinking the water.
(06:15:59) Mere_Observer: "They stabbed me. Yes. They're hella dangerous."
(06:16:02) TroyL: Lament turns round and nods to Arianna. It's a short nod, and there is a distinct note of panic in his normally placid eyes. "Jesus Christ, yes."
(06:16:24) PaulS_laptop: Kyle is waving troy over to the tailgate and wounded buddy
(06:16:31) Pemander: Arianna rubs her face.
(06:16:39) Mere_Observer: "Oi! Doc! Care ta clog up tha leak anytime soon?" He chuckles, still coughing.
(06:16:43) TroyL: He walks over to join Kyle.
(06:16:59) TroyL: "…Shit. I am not a medic."
(06:17:08) TroyL: "Do we HAVE a medic, still?"
(06:17:15) PaulS_laptop: "You're a doctor, ain'tcha?"
(06:17:16) Mere_Observer: "Oh tha's good. I hate doctors…"
(06:17:25) Vorcha: "Didn't they say Scott was our resident medic?"
(06:17:28) Pemander: "Evans is a medic."
(06:17:34) Mere_Observer: "MEDIC!"
(06:17:40) Mere_Observer: Styer laughs.
(06:17:49) PaulS_laptop: «Scott?! you up?»
(06:17:55) Vorcha: "Do we have anything with the supplies that could help?"
(06:17:55) Pemander: "What is so goddamn funny about you being injured, Patrick?"
(06:18:32) Mere_Observer: Styer's eye twitches. "Cause it actually /hit/ me! Ya know how long it's been since I've actually been hurt!? This is awesome!"
(06:18:34) PaulS_laptop: "Azazel, check for anything in boxes marked with big red crosses in eve"
(06:18:43) TroyL: Lament cocks an eyebrow. "Jesus, no," he said. "I'm an engineer," he muttered, pulling out some tablecloths from the bag. "Here. Put that over him. Force some water into his gut. Try to get that shit stopped. They're nasty wounds, and they don't stop bleeding for a while."
(06:19:01) Vorcha: Azazel goes to search Eve.
(06:19:01) Mere_Observer: "Oh tha's good."
(06:19:02) TroyL: "I'm going to get the vehicles started and start rounding peopl- When the fuck did we get a damned angel?"
(06:19:13) TroyL: "Nevermind."
(06:19:15) Mere_Observer: "Oh tha's Trippy."
(06:19:39) TroyL: "I will deal with…" Stares. "…Trippy… later." He looks… more concerned as he goes to round up the camp.
(06:19:40) Mere_Observer: "Oi Trippy! Find me some booze while yer there!"
(06:19:59) Mere_Observer: Styer drinks some more water.
(06:20:00) Pemander: "Good idea. Pour some alcohol on his wound to disinfect it."
(06:20:05) PaulS_laptop: "Booze thins the blood. This is one'a the times you /need/ blood in youtr alcohol system"
(06:20:18) PaulS_laptop: "Alcohol is not good for stabs, ari"
(06:20:25) PaulS_laptop: "Nothin' deep"
(06:20:46) Mere_Observer: Styer feels light headed. "…ooooh tha's not good."
(06:20:54) Pemander: "What do you mean? Why not?"
(06:20:57) PaulS_laptop: "Lay down"
(06:21:04) Pemander: "It could get infected."
(06:21:13) PaulS_laptop: "cause it kills healing cells and causes chances for infection"
(06:21:14) TroyL: "Will someone shut him the fuck up and lay him down?" Across the camp. Lament. Annoyed! >:|
(06:21:38) PaulS_laptop: "I'm not a doctor, but I did learn some shit overseas"
(06:21:56) Mere_Observer left the room (quit: Quit: http://www.mibbit.com ajax IRC Client).
(06:22:02) PaulS_laptop: "When we get the bleedin' stopped, we'll get him some antibiotics if we can"
(06:22:19) Mere_Observer [ten.htuoslleb.dra.AB8F3F7D-CRInys|tibbiM#ten.htuoslleb.dra.AB8F3F7D-CRInys|tibbiM] entered the room.
(06:22:42) Dexanote [~ten.elbacogc.emoh.25717953-CRInys|etonaxeD#ten.elbacogc.emoh.25717953-CRInys|etonaxeD] entered the room.
(06:22:43) mode (+o Dexanote) by ChanServ
(06:23:33) Vorcha: Azazel returns with the only medical supplies he could find. A TAR and first-aid kit.
(06:23:57) Mere_Observer: Styer drinks more water and puts his head on his knee. He's holding the now partially damp shirt to his wound.
(06:24:21) Pemander: "Patrick, you should lay down."
(06:24:44) Mere_Observer: Styer lays down, and his eye doesn't even twitch.
(06:25:16) Pemander: "Jesus, he's losing a lot of blood."
(06:25:43) Pemander: Ari attempts to help him put pressure on the wound.
(06:25:48) PaulS_laptop: "Keep drinking"
(06:25:56) PaulS_laptop: "Good, ari, keep pressure"
(06:26:00) Mere_Observer: Styer drinks more water.
(06:26:11) PaulS_laptop: «Scott? Myrtle? Does anyone have their radio on?»
(06:26:24) Mere_Observer: "….it doesn't feel tha' deep….I'll be fiiiiiine……"
(06:26:25) Dexanote: Myr materializes, holding a medikit. "I'm right here."
(06:26:32) PaulS_laptop: "Okay, good"
(06:27:10) PaulS_laptop: "Thank god, someone else is around. This is out of my depth" his voice still hasn't regained it's warmth any. woo stress!
(06:27:47) Dexanote: "Make sure it's dead." Myr kneels, beginning to disinfect the wound. "Ari just keep pressure. Styer, keep talking."
(06:27:57) Pemander: "Yes, ma'am."
(06:28:27) PaulS_laptop: "Hey styer, I'll be right back. Myr's gonna patch ya up" Kyle walks over to the rotting mass. Is there anything identifiable as a limb or appendage?
(06:28:48) Vorcha: Azazel places the supplies he got within Myr's reach.
(06:28:58) Mere_Observer: "Wha' should we talk about doll face?"
(06:29:32) Mere_Observer: "Tha' weather's kinda nice."
(06:29:43) Dexanote: Myr swabs the wound. "Tell you what. You can say anything you want if you don't bitch about this hurting."
(06:29:57) Mere_Observer: "Deal!"
(06:30:06) Dexanote: I actually shuddered irl imagining disinfectant being spread over an open gut wound.
(06:30:23) Mere_Observer: "How deep is it?"
(06:30:29) TroyL: Lament has gotten the vehicles up and running. He walks over next to Myr. "Good to see you, love. He gonna live?"
(06:30:35) PaulS_laptop: Kyle shrugs, walks over to grab a jerrycan from the truck, walks back to the pile and begins dousing the entire corpse area
(06:30:49) PaulS_laptop: fwoomp, up in flames
(06:30:53) Dexanote: "Probably. Keep an eye out." NOW that my sheet's up, Medical Roll. Styer, roll against.
(06:30:58) Dexanote: 4df+2 Medical.
(06:30:58) CROM: Dexanote: Medical.: 5 (4df+2=0, +, +, +)
(06:31:09) Mere_Observer: What am I rolling?
(06:31:34) TroyL: Lament kisses Myr on the cheek, then goes to do his best Alanoch impression.
(06:31:52) Dexanote: Mere, roll the number of wounds you took
(06:31:57) Dexanote: Thats how Medikal works
(06:32:11) Mere_Observer: I knew that….
(06:32:16) Mere_Observer: 4df+1
(06:32:17) CROM: Mere_Observer: 3 (4df+1=0, +, +, 0)
(06:32:43) PaulS_laptop: Kyle walks back from the burning mass "Hey styer, got good news. burning the body"
(06:32:55) Mere_Observer: "Aww….I wanted ta do tha…"
(06:33:06) Mere_Observer: "Oh, make sure Eels is ready ta go."
(06:33:13) PaulS_laptop: "Will do"
(06:34:20) PaulS_laptop: Kyle does a check around and starts 'er up
(06:34:40) PaulS_laptop: "Trippy, I need you manning the back when we go."
(06:34:46) Dexanote: Myr presses the wound shut, spreading gauze and a thick bandage over it with a generous supply of medical tape. "Keep some pressure on it. If we're lucky you're not bleeding inside."
(06:34:54) Vorcha: "Alright Kyle."
(06:34:56) Mere_Observer: Oh god….."
(06:34:59) Mere_Observer: *"
(06:35:37) PaulS_laptop: "we got any antibiotics in stock?"
(06:35:51) Mere_Observer: Styer puts pressure. "What if I am bleeding inside?"
(06:36:26) Dexanote: "Don't sleep tonight. We'll keep someone near you until we're sure you won't bleed out." She glances up. "… I'm pretty sure we do. Haven't done inventory for a while. Anything we have is in the EVE."
(06:36:45) PaulS_laptop: "I'll stay up with him"
(06:36:53) Pemander: "There are at least two pill bottles full of them in there."
(06:36:55) Vorcha: "Kyle, I don't need to sleep."
(06:36:59) Vorcha: "I can do it."
(06:36:59) Pemander: "I just ran across them a few days ago."
(06:37:01) Mere_Observer: "Woooooo! Party!"
(06:37:17) Pemander: "Here, I'll go get them." Ari stands up and heads to the LAV.
(06:37:26) PaulS_laptop: "Good, two people up is better"
(06:37:34) PaulS_laptop: "Thanks Ari."
(06:37:51) Mere_Observer: "I want there to be hookers, and booze, and balloons, and hookers."
(06:38:07) PaulS_laptop: "well, there's pills and all the water you can drink"
(06:38:10) Pemander: She returns with the antibiotics.
(06:38:10) PaulS_laptop: "how's that?"
(06:38:19) Mere_Observer: "…what kinda of pills?"
(06:38:23) Pemander: Tosses them to Myrtle.
(06:38:24) PaulS_laptop: "Thanks"
(06:38:43) PaulS_laptop: "Myr, I don't know how to dose this shit, any ideas?"
(06:38:48) Dexanote: Myr snatches them out of the air, reading the label.
(06:38:57) Dexanote: "… No idea. Uh."
(06:39:02) Mere_Observer: "A handful at a time. Tha's wha' I say."
(06:39:42) PaulS_laptop: "We wanna make sure you get enough"
(06:39:58) Dexanote: "… Take two now." She pops two out and hands them to the jackass. "How much does it hurt?"
(06:40:53) Mere_Observer: Styer takes them. "Slight stinging, kinda numb, but not excruciating."
(06:41:16) Vorcha: "That also means you can't keep up your consistent alcohol system, Styer."
(06:41:32) PaulS_laptop: Kyle fetches more water
(06:41:43) Mere_Observer: "Oh…..then it hurts like hell. Actually hell. Burning and spikes of pain."
(06:42:24) Pemander: Arianna facepalms silently.
(06:42:42) Pemander: "Is this situation under control now? I've got some things I need to pack."
(06:42:53) Mere_Observer: "No wait!"
(06:43:54) Pemander: "Hm?"
(06:44:03) Mere_Observer: "I don't remember. Bye."
(06:44:46) Mere_Observer: Styer pops his pills.
(06:44:55) Mere_Observer: He downs them with water.
(06:45:03) PaulS_laptop: "got some water"
(06:45:09) Dexanote: Myr keeps pressure on the wound, trying to not move it.
(06:45:26) PaulS_laptop: "have a drink"
(06:45:26) Mere_Observer: Styer looks at her. "How /you/ doin?"
(06:45:36) Mere_Observer: Styer drinks again.
(06:45:39) Pemander: Ari walks into the trailer and closes the door behind her.
(06:46:22) Dexanote: "Troy?" Myr calls back. "We getting going?"
(06:46:24) Vorcha: "Kyle don't give him booze until he's done with the pills."
(06:46:54) PaulS_laptop: "gut wound, no booze for a while"
(06:47:06) Dexanote: "Don't give him booze until his gaping belly wound's stopped bleeding."
(06:47:06) Mere_Observer: Styer cocks an eyebrow. "Says who?"
(06:47:15) Dexanote: "Says everyone around you."
(06:47:15) Vorcha: "Us."
(06:47:31) Mere_Observer: "And who has the Medical Degree?"
(06:47:40) Vorcha: "Not you."
(06:47:52) Mere_Observer: Styer sighs, sipping his water.
(06:47:54) PaulS_laptop: "don't worry, man. I'll refine the batch for when you can"
(06:48:09) Mere_Observer: "I want it 200 Proof."
(06:48:39) Mere_Observer: "No! /400 Proof/."
(06:49:16) Vorcha: "At least his liver didn't get destroyed. I don't think he'd function the same again."
(06:49:32) Mere_Observer: "My liver got destroyed!?"
(06:49:40) PaulS_laptop: "If we find a cyclotron, I can do 307"
(06:49:51) PaulS_laptop: he's an irishman, he's all liver
(06:50:13) Mere_Observer: "And /where/ do ya propose we find a cyclotron?"
(06:50:32) Dexanote: "What's a cyclotron?"
(06:50:37) Mere_Observer: Styer looks at Myrtle. "Oh hey, when'd ye get 'ere?"
(06:51:06) PaulS_laptop: "I was referencing a song, but it's an atom smasher"
(06:51:20) PaulS_laptop: "a university maybe"
(06:51:21) Dexanote: "I dunno. I've been too busy putting pressure on your stab hole to look at a watch."
(06:51:35) Mere_Observer: "I got stabbed?"
(06:51:37) PaulS_laptop: "If you wanna go to bed I can take over, myr"
(06:51:39) Mere_Observer: "WHAT!?"
(06:51:45) PaulS_laptop: "There's the old styer"
(06:52:02) Mere_Observer: "Who ya callin' old?"
(06:52:13) PaulS_laptop: "You, in twenty years"
(06:52:22) Dexanote: "I'll go in a few minutes, Kyle."
(06:52:30) Mere_Observer: "Nah, all this alcohol is gonna keep my preserved."
(06:52:44) Mere_Observer: "I'll look this good when I'm seventy."
(06:52:58) PaulS_laptop: "I am seventy"
(06:53:03) Vorcha: Azazel sighs and goes off to retrieve his arrow.
(06:53:27) Mere_Observer: "Damn, yer a spry old timer, aren'tcha!?"
(06:53:34) PaulS_laptop: "Yup"
(06:53:44) PaulS_laptop: "Hey, thanks fer helpin, azazel"
(06:53:54) PaulS_laptop: sincere, and actually friendly again
(06:54:04) Mere_Observer: "Where'd Cap'n Trippy go?"
(06:54:30) PaulS_laptop: "he's getting some shit"
(06:54:40) Mere_Observer: "Him an his shite."
(06:55:27) Mere_Observer: "Oi, Kyle."
(06:56:15) Echo left the room (quit: Quit: http://www.mibbit.com ajax IRC Client).
(06:58:59) PaulS_laptop: "yo"
(06:59:10) Mere_Observer: "I gotta question."
(06:59:16) PaulS_laptop: "ask"
(06:59:24) Mere_Observer: "Are we friends?"
(06:59:32) PaulS_laptop: "course"
(06:59:48) Mere_Observer: "Then I gotta tell ya a secret."
(06:59:58) PaulS_laptop: "gotcha"
(07:00:07) Mere_Observer: "This hurts like 'ell." Styer chuckles.
(07:00:35) PaulS_laptop: "I won't tell"
(07:00:56) Dexanote: Myr quietly sighs.
(07:01:01) PaulS_laptop: "and yeah, that shit will. makes for a bitchin scar, though"
(07:01:14) Pemander: Arianna exits the trailer /once more/ and leans against the side with her arms crossed.
(07:01:38) Mere_Observer: "Damn right, make all these ladies want me even more."
(07:01:40) Dexanote: "We need to get moving." She looks at Styer. "Where'd it attack you?"
(07:01:49) Mere_Observer: "Here."
(07:01:50) Vorcha: Azazel returns to the truck.
(07:02:58) PaulS_laptop: "that burning pile"
(07:03:55) Mere_Observer: "I didn't get far."
(07:03:55) Dexanote: "We need to move."
(07:03:55) Pemander: "Agreed."
(07:03:55) Mere_Observer: "Ya just said tha'."
(07:03:55) Pemander: "Do you have anywhere in mind, besides 'not here'?"
(07:03:55) Mere_Observer: "East, where tha' zombies are!"
(07:04:04) Vorcha: "I think we should move south east."
(07:04:23) Mere_Observer: "Like Florida?"
(07:05:00) PaulS_laptop: "south. somewhere warm"
(07:05:05) Dexanote: "We
(07:05:06) Dexanote: fk
(07:06:16) Mere_Observer: "Louisiana's Warm. And crowded."
(07:06:24) Dexanote: "We'll get going tonight. Just keep driving until we find a gas station or something. We'll actually plan tomorrow when there's light." She looks to Kyle and Arianna. "Go find the stretcher, i think we had one folded up in the Eve."
(07:06:36) PaulS_laptop: "gotcha"
(07:06:44) Pemander: "Mhm."
(07:06:49) Mere_Observer: "WHhy can't I get it?"
(07:06:51) Pemander: Ari nods to Kyle and goes to grab it.
(07:06:55) PaulS_laptop: Kyle goes
(07:08:02) PaulS_laptop: "So this is who we're fighting?"
(07:08:03) Mere_Observer: Styer cocks an eyebrow at Myrtle. "Ya know, it's /very/ rude to ignore people."
(07:08:05) Dexanote: "Because I said so."
(07:08:19) Dexanote: "Oh, is it? I didn't know."
(07:08:28) Pemander: "This isn't who we're fighting."
(07:08:33) Pemander: "This is who we're running away from."
(07:08:40) Dexanote: "We can't fight them yet."
(07:09:32) Vorcha: "We should leave as soon as we're all packed."
(07:09:35) Pemander: They presumably take the stretcher out over to Styer.
(07:09:39) PaulS_laptop: "yup"
(07:09:42) Mere_Observer: "I can. Round two, mono y mono, me versus that guy who just died. I could take 'im."
(07:09:45) Dexanote: "Azazel where'd you go?"
(07:09:53) Vorcha: "I went get my arrows."
(07:12:08) Mere_Observer: "Sooooo…..ya gonna put me on tha thing….er wha'?"
(07:12:34) Pemander: "Yeah. Lift him on three?"
(07:12:48) PaulS_laptop: "one. two…three"
(07:12:56) Dexanote: "Azazel, Kyle, can I ask you to help Styer onto the strecher?" She looks at him. "This will hurt. Don't move. Relax, and you'lll go in the trialer tonight."
(07:12:56) Pemander: Ari lifts!
(07:13:15) Mere_Observer: "Weeeee!"
(07:13:18) PaulS_laptop: Kyle lifts with her
(07:13:31) Mere_Observer: Styer is /REALLY/ Heavy
(07:13:51) Dexanote: We have a redneck and a fallen angel picking him up.
(07:14:12) Vorcha: Azazel lifts Styer with Kyle.
(07:14:56) Dexanote: Styer's moved easily, and picked up with significant effort by the two in the stretcher. This is uncomfortable and jarring for Styer; Myr keeps pressure on the wound through the transfer.
(07:15:30) Mere_Observer: "Foock! Handle with care! I'm precious cargo…"
(07:15:31) Pemander: "Alright now," Ari says with more than a little bit of strain in her voice. "Into the trailer. Let's go."
(07:16:04) PaulS_laptop: "I gotcha dude" kyle helps load
(07:20:10) Vorcha: Azazel is sitting at the truck strumming the banjo, since the other two obviously had the lifting covered.
(07:20:32) Dexanote: "Azazel you jackass help us out here."
(07:20:53) Dexanote: They load him up. "Alright."
(07:20:57) Mere_Observer: "C'mere Trippy, don't make the Doc mad, she's keepin mah juices in me."
(07:21:18) Dexanote: "We'll get moving in 10 minutes. Azazel, come over here, let me show you how much pressure to apply."
(07:21:36) Vorcha: Azazel walks over.
(07:21:41) PaulS_laptop: "Ari, guess that means you're gunnin' with me"
(07:22:26) Mere_Observer: "I'm perfectly capable of using the flame thrower."
(07:23:00) Pemander: "That's fine, Kyle."
(07:23:27) Dexanote: Myr simply shows Azazel how to apply the proper pressure etc its not really importante except for offscreen. "Styer, still hurts?"
(07:23:35) Mere_Observer: "Noooooo. She's gonna blow it uuuup."
(07:23:48) Mere_Observer: "No, feels like daisys."
(07:23:52) Pemander: "I assume you're driving?"
(07:24:14) Mere_Observer: "I'm tha driver dammit!:
(07:24:16) Mere_Observer: *"
(07:24:18) PaulS_laptop: "unless you'd rather drive. it is rather…quirky though"
(07:24:26) Pemander: "Yeah, it's fine."
(07:24:35) Vorcha: "Styer cool it."
(07:24:38) Pemander: "I asked because I'm probably going to take a nap while we're going."
(07:24:52) PaulS_laptop: "cool, thanks."
(07:25:04) Mere_Observer: "Hmph."
(07:25:04) PaulS_laptop: "I'm sure the gunfire will wake you up"
(07:25:25) Mere_Observer: "Unless they send another Jeff, then you'll never see it comin'."
(07:25:44) PaulS_laptop: "next one'll die too"
(07:26:37) Vorcha: "Styer you are not the only one unhappy here."
(07:26:37) Dexanote: "Go take a nap, Ari." She sighs. "Styer, you're not doing anything until tomorrow. Think of it as vacation."
(07:27:14) Mere_Observer: "They're aren't any hookers, or booze, or drugs, or chips. Worse. Party. Ever."
(07:27:15) Dexanote: "Elle or Troy will drive us. I'm staying here with you because for some reason we haven't found a doctor yet."
(07:27:52) Dexanote: "I just gave you drugs."
(07:28:19) Mere_Observer: "I don't remember tha'. Give me more."
(07:28:42) Dexanote: "No."
(07:28:45) Vorcha: "Styer."
(07:29:04) Mere_Observer: "Wha'?"
(07:29:06) Pemander: "Taking too many antibiotics isn't going to make you feel better."
(07:29:09) Pemander: "You'll just die."
(07:29:19) Mere_Observer: "Then these are bad drugs."
(07:30:07) Dexanote: "Bad drugs for a bad wound."
(07:30:08) Vorcha: "Styer, remember that talk we had? Regardless of where you and I end up you're not getting this much of a headstart."
(07:30:49) Mere_Observer: "Pfft, you can't kill me."
(07:30:55) Mere_Observer: "No one can kill me."
(07:31:03) Mere_Observer: " /I/ can't even kill me."
(07:31:54) Pemander: "God, he sounds like /me/."
(07:31:56) Vorcha: "Cool it Rasputin. We've got a long night ahead of us."
(07:32:18) Mere_Observer: "In hindsight, I saved /everyone/ else by being stabbed. Your all welcome."
(07:32:35) Vorcha: "I would've gotten over it."
(07:33:22) Mere_Observer: "Then you can get stabbed next time. Just call ahead so they know who to gun fer would ya?"
(07:33:39) Vorcha: "I'll let you paint the target on me."
(07:34:14) Mere_Observer: "Deal."
(07:34:19) Mere_Observer: Styer drinks more water.
(07:34:57) Dexanote: Myr radios to the drivers; all non-present characters have packed. «We're moving now. Keep your radios on.»
(07:35:25) Mere_Observer: Styer picks up his radio. «Copy tha'.»