Flight and Respite

Dec 14 22:09:18 <Praetor> Physical defense.
Dec 14 22:09:24 <Praetor> Everyone that feels like it.
Dec 14 22:09:39 <Artemis> 4df+5 I suppose
Dec 14 22:09:39 <Glacon> Artemis: I suppose: 4 (4df+5=0, -, +, -)
Dec 14 22:10:01 <PaulS_laptop> 4df+3
Dec 14 22:10:02 <Glacon> PaulS_laptop: 3 (4df+3=-, 0, 0, +)
Dec 14 22:10:11 <Dexanote> 4df+2 «Found my glasses!»
Dec 14 22:10:11 <Glacon> Dexanote: «Found my glasses!»: 3 (4df+2=0, +, 0, 0)
Dec 14 22:10:13 <Adhelami> 4df+2
Dec 14 22:10:13 <Glacon> Adhelami: 3 (4df+2=0, +, 0, 0)
Dec 14 22:10:47 <Adhelami> "He is very far, still. But he is moving faster." Maybe he discovered cars.
Dec 14 22:11:08 <Praetor> 4df+2 honk honk motherfuckers
Dec 14 22:11:09 <Ragazzo> 4df+3 Can cailelach be a part of this?
Dec 14 22:11:09 <Glacon> Praetor: honk honk motherfuckers: 3 (4df+2=0, +, -, +)
Dec 14 22:11:09 <Glacon> Ragazzo: Can cailelach be a part of this?: 5 (4df+3=-, +, +, +)
Dec 14 22:11:37 <E4D> 4df+5
Dec 14 22:11:37 <Glacon> E4D: 6 (4df+5=0, 0, +, 0)
Dec 14 22:12:08 <Maddy> 4df+4 I'm late
Dec 14 22:12:09 <Glacon> Maddy: I'm late: 5 (4df+4=+, 0, -, +)
Dec 14 22:13:06 <Praetor> There is an earsplitting foghorn in the distance. No one suffers saves some flinching.
Dec 14 22:13:49 <Artemis> Artemis perks up, setting his tupperware down to stand so he can investigate.
Dec 14 22:13:52 <PaulS_laptop> John shrugs, then goes back to playing. Specifically, in the direction of the foghorn.
Dec 14 22:13:58 <PaulS_laptop> 4df+5 intimidation
Dec 14 22:13:58 <Ragazzo> Cailleach blinks, and looks her shoulder, at Liadan, who has hastened to her side. They go to the the front of the boat, curiously.
Dec 14 22:13:58 <Glacon> PaulS_laptop: intimidation: 3 (4df+5=0, -, 0, -)
Dec 14 22:14:06 <Maddy> "W-what in g-god's name w-was that?
Dec 14 22:14:24 <PaulS_laptop> he's in no mood tonight to be fucked with. He just want sto enjoy the music.
Dec 14 22:14:25 <Ragazzo> The shriek has awoken Liang, who they nearly trod on.
Dec 14 22:14:37 <Praetor> John succeeds in intimidating a wall of fog. It is too scared to move.
Dec 14 22:14:41 <E4D> «John, on the 30. Grab the Javelin on your way up.»
Dec 14 22:14:42 <Ragazzo> "Ah…I apologize, you should really sleep elsewhere."
Dec 14 22:14:57 <PaulS_laptop> «Be there in a sec. You want the FLASH?»
Dec 14 22:15:09 <E4D> "Alice? Run the Eve up, power on." «Bring it up top.»
Dec 14 22:15:16 <Adhelami> "What is that…?" Adhelami stands and moves to the railing, looking out.
Dec 14 22:15:24 <Maddy> "Should I dress up?"
Dec 14 22:15:30 <Dexanote> Myr shudders, and drops and breaks her glasses. They were in a bathroom; they are now on the bathroom floor. She sighs and goes up on deck.
Dec 14 22:15:32 <PaulS_laptop> John gets up, slings the banjo and heads down to the Armory, where he grabs the FLASH, the Javelin and deposits the banjo somewhere safe.
Dec 14 22:15:56 <PaulS_laptop> As he goes up on deck, he tosses the four barreled launcher to Jason "Catch!" and carries on to the 30mm
Dec 14 22:16:18 <Artemis> "Ah… bring me my lance, sehlvi. And Emilio, yes?" he smiles assuringly at her.
Dec 14 22:16:32 <Adhelami> Adhelami blinks and nods, scurrying off below deck!!
Dec 14 22:16:37 <E4D> Jason's belowdecks.
Dec 14 22:16:47 <E4D> The weapon clatters to the deck.
Dec 14 22:16:58 <Ragazzo> Liadan looks questioningly at Cailleach as the others begin to arm themself, and throw weapons around.
Dec 14 22:17:01 <Ragazzo> She shrugs.
Dec 14 22:17:04 <Maddy> Alice dreses up and heads to the Eve.
Dec 14 22:17:13 <PaulS_laptop> John steps over and scoops it up. "He's usually there"
Dec 14 22:17:23 <PaulS_laptop> then gets back on the gun, now surrounded in weapons
Dec 14 22:17:33 <PaulS_laptop> «Jason, grab my flamethrower too. I got the flash for you»
Dec 14 22:17:37 <E4D> Jason shows up a few moments later by the 30.
Dec 14 22:17:49 <PaulS_laptop> he passes off the weapon
Dec 14 22:17:53 <E4D> <Uh, derp.>
Dec 14 22:18:07 <Artemis> Artemis goes to the prow to look out over the ocean.
Dec 14 22:18:23 <Adhelami> Scurrying to her bunk where Artemis left his weapons, she gathers them up, along with his pistol and knife, and marches out into the hall.
Dec 14 22:18:38 <Ragazzo> Cailelach turns to Art. "Is there any manner in which we could aid you all?"
Dec 14 22:18:42 <Adhelami> Her* pistol and knife
Dec 14 22:19:02 <Artemis> "Zhat is up to Mister Dodridge."
Dec 14 22:19:44 <E4D> Jason turns to face the fae. <That will *not* be necessary.>
Dec 14 22:20:12 <Dexanote> She arrives. "We've got this Cailleach."
Dec 14 22:20:26 <Ragazzo> "We understand. If you should change your mind, we are at your disposal."
Dec 14 22:20:33 <Ragazzo> Humble and contrite.
Dec 14 22:20:49 <E4D> Jason heads to the closest .50. «We got anyone on the bridge?»
Dec 14 22:21:18 <Adhelami> She marches up the stairs and onto deck, "Seehlllvvi." She moves over to him, and hands him Emilio and his Lance. :>
Dec 14 22:21:51 <Ragazzo> All the same, Cailleach leans up, and murmurs into Liadan's ear, he nods.
Dec 14 22:21:54 <Praetor> From the wall of fog behind the ship, comes an massive iron wall - it stretches many feet above the deck of the ship. On the side, the words "RHF Ninebreaker" is written in yellow bold stencil.
Dec 14 22:22:34 <Artemis> Artemis takes the lance and slings the shotgun over his shoulder, stopping midmotion and gaping at the huge ship before them.
Dec 14 22:22:47 <Praetor> A study thrum of a massive engine echoes as it draws as close alongside as possible with breaking the smaller ship on it's bow.
Dec 14 22:22:53 <Praetor> *without
Dec 14 22:23:10 <Ragazzo> "…." Cailleach looks up.
Dec 14 22:23:12 <Adhelami> Adhelami's eye widens at the great sight… D:
Dec 14 22:23:15 <E4D> How big is it? Dimensions?
Dec 14 22:23:17 <Ragazzo> She and Liadan recoil.
Dec 14 22:23:56 <PaulS_laptop> 4df+6 tagging "I solve practical problems" engineering maneuver, John calculates the spots of the ship he has the best chances of inflicting crippling damage to the ship with his current weapons
Dec 14 22:23:57 <Glacon> PaulS_laptop: tagging "I solve practical problems" engineering maneuver, John calculates the spots of the ship he has the best chances of inflicting crippling damage to the ship with his current weapons: 7 (4df+6=0, 0, +, 0)
Dec 14 22:24:19 <Maddy> «…what.»
Dec 14 22:24:30 <Praetor> It's at least 50 feet straight up to the Ninebreaker's deck from your current positions on your ship's deck.
Dec 14 22:25:07 <PaulS_laptop> The 30mm whirrs around, before settling in on a suitably crippling spot, roughly wher ehe'd shoot, accounting for lead, to strike the rudders or driveshafts
Dec 14 22:25:13 <Ragazzo> Liang peers muzzily at the large iron wall, puzzled by it's appareance. He looks up..a.nd up..and up.
Dec 14 22:25:32 <Dexanote> Bruce rolls by, stops, and stares.
Dec 14 22:25:49 <Praetor> John will note the entire visible side of the ship is a gigantic wall of pig iron - iron that seems to shift and auidbly moan as he looks.
Dec 14 22:26:02 <Praetor> not pig, dark black iron. bleh
Dec 14 22:26:08 <Adhelami> "W-What is it..?"
Dec 14 22:26:16 <E4D> «KNIGHT.»
Dec 14 22:26:23 <Praetor> «YEP. COMING.»
Dec 14 22:26:27 <Artemis> Somewhere around Bruce, an encouraging voice whispers to him, "Scare 'em off, Bruce. GETTIM!"
Dec 14 22:26:28 <PaulS_laptop> John, seeing a massive wall of iron ahead of him, is steeled all the more to make DAMN sure he's got a good shot lined up to cripple the fuck out of it.
Dec 14 22:26:43 <Dexanote> 4df+4 TAGGING EB Occult
Dec 14 22:26:44 <Glacon> Dexanote: TAGGING EB Occult: 3 (4df+4=0, -, +, -)
Dec 14 22:28:17 <Praetor> Mrytle knows the Ninebreaker is one of the few American Civil War Ironclads that was never accounted for afterwards - presumed lost at sea. It should be this large, however.
Dec 14 22:28:22 <Praetor> *should not
Dec 14 22:28:57 <Ragazzo> Liang /stares/ at the presumably not entirely normal ship. Cat's eye uncovered.
Dec 14 22:29:26 <Ragazzo> 4df+6 Perc, tagging cat's eye to spot magical weirdness
Dec 14 22:29:26 <Glacon> Ragazzo: Perc, tagging cat's eye to spot magical weirdness: 6 (4df+6=+, 0, 0, -)
Dec 14 22:30:34 <Praetor> It is not regular iron, that much is obvious to filthly fucking Chinese Lance, as he seems to perceive momentary signs of structal weakness that vanish before he can even blink.
Dec 14 22:31:37 <Praetor> Knight barrels up on deck. "What - holy shit."
Dec 14 22:32:57 <Adhelami> Adhelami turns to look at Knight. He always seems to have ODD ANSWERS "What is it..?"
Dec 14 22:33:05 <Ragazzo> "That is…a mmnm….irregular vessel…."
Dec 14 22:33:10 <Ragazzo> He yawns
Dec 14 22:33:12 <Dexanote> "No shit Sherlock."
Dec 14 22:33:32 <Ragazzo> "Oh no, I am the magistrate."
Dec 14 22:33:36 <Praetor> He sighs tiredly. "Immense trouble."
Dec 14 22:34:00 <Dexanote> "…" she rages for a moment before sighing and looking back at the IRON WALL.
Dec 14 22:34:12 <Praetor> There is a loud click, and a amiable voice echoes over the waters. «Ahoy!»
Dec 14 22:34:15 <PaulS_laptop> "Jason, you want me to cripple the thing so we can leave?"
Dec 14 22:34:37 <Dexanote> "John you're vastly overestimating your strength of arms."
Dec 14 22:34:42 <Adhelami> Adhelami gasps!!
Dec 14 22:34:45 <E4D> «Just get up to the bridge. Full speed away.»
Dec 14 22:35:12 <E4D> <How are we overestimating strength of arms?>
Dec 14 22:35:20 <E4D> <It's fuckin' *iron*.>
Dec 14 22:35:27 <Dexanote> "It's probably thirteen feet thick."
Dec 14 22:35:38 <PaulS_laptop> "Doubt it."
Dec 14 22:35:45 <E4D> <If it was 13 feet thick it couldn't float.>
Dec 14 22:35:47 <Dexanote> note this is coming from the chick whose preferred weapon is a gilded 8 shot 9 mm
Dec 14 22:35:48 <PaulS_laptop> "Can't be too thick. Plus, it's still got a rudder"
Dec 14 22:35:56 <Ragazzo> "It is…" Snooooze. Snerks awake. "-somewhat magical. Or something."
Dec 14 22:36:00 <PaulS_laptop> "I'll be on the bridge. Jason, take the gun"
Dec 14 22:36:11 <Dexanote> "They talked to us, did anybody else hear that?"
Dec 14 22:36:11 <Ragazzo> "The metal is moving, constantly."
Dec 14 22:36:20 <Praetor> «Kill the engine Aside, I can't hear their reply.»
Dec 14 22:36:23 <PaulS_laptop> John gets up and heads to the bridge. Jason may note that the 30 is still trained on the rudder.
Dec 14 22:36:30 <Praetor> The thrum dwindles.
Dec 14 22:36:49 <E4D> He mounts up on the gun. <Take us away, John.>
Dec 14 22:37:25 <Praetor> «Drake, let me talk to the -» «Iyo, get off me lap lass -» «Mr. Dodridge? Hello?»
Dec 14 22:37:48 <E4D> «…»
Dec 14 22:37:53 <PaulS_laptop> John sets the ship to pull away from the vessel at a shallow enough angle that they could still engage with the gun
Dec 14 22:37:54 <E4D> «… here.»
Dec 14 22:38:01 <Maddy> «What.»
Dec 14 22:38:35 <Praetor> «Mr. Dodridge! You're - » « - in dangerous waters.» Shikoku's dry monotone finishes.
Dec 14 22:39:03 <E4D> «How's that?»
Dec 14 22:39:24 <Artemis> Artemis looks around at the others. Zis is not cool.
Dec 14 22:39:48 <Praetor> «You've been, um, uh…sailing. On top of a hydra. For a couple days.»
Dec 14 22:40:11 <E4D> «What?»
Dec 14 22:40:19 <PaulS_laptop> The Hawkesbury continues to travel at roughly 20 degrees away from the Ninebreaker
Dec 14 22:40:36 <E4D> Jason angles the .50 straight down, over the side.
Dec 14 22:41:00 <Praetor> The speaker dwindles with distance. « - the water -»
Dec 14 22:41:24 <Dexanote> "…"
Dec 14 22:41:39 <Praetor> The sea appears to be perfectly normal sea water. There is nothing odd about it. Nope nope nope.
Dec 14 22:41:49 <E4D> «USE THE RADIO.»
Dec 14 22:43:20 <Praetor> «*click* THE WATER IS ALIVE, HOLY SHIT.»
Dec 14 22:43:41 <PaulS_laptop> «What?»
Dec 14 22:43:55 <Praetor> The sea…twitches.
Dec 14 22:43:56 <Praetor> All of it.
Dec 14 22:43:57 <Dexanote> «Can you not hear, John?»
Dec 14 22:43:58 <Praetor> At once.
Dec 14 22:44:08 <Dexanote> Myr's got a low, even tone.
Dec 14 22:44:30 <Artemis> Artemis shifts uncomfortable. He does not do as well with giant sea beasts.
Dec 14 22:44:56 <Praetor> Spots of the ocean start to bulge, like gas bubbles in a hot spring.
Dec 14 22:45:06 <Ragazzo> "…."
Dec 14 22:45:22 <E4D> «ALICE! GET OUR SHIT TO THE EVE. *NOW*.»
Dec 14 22:45:27 <Artemis> "Engines…. we need to move, Jason…"
Dec 14 22:45:37 <E4D> «JOHN! DOUBLE TIME! GET SOME!»
Dec 14 22:45:44 <PaulS_laptop> «Course?»
Dec 14 22:45:44 <Maddy> «R-right…» Alice books it and starts loading the LAV.
Dec 14 22:45:55 <Artemis> "STRAIGHT!" Artemis answer John.
Dec 14 22:45:57 <PaulS_laptop> Calm, collected. He slams the throttles down
Dec 14 22:46:04 <Praetor> «Ninebreaker, battle stations, move move move - alert the Lady her quarry is here.»
Dec 14 22:46:10 <Praetor> «*click*»
Dec 14 22:46:23 <Ragazzo> Liadan looks over the side, then at Cailleach. Hurried, whispered conference.
Dec 14 22:46:25 <Adhelami> Adhelami FREAKS! And turns to RUN down to her bunk.
Dec 14 22:46:33 <Dexanote> Myrtle calmly glides to her room, packs her meagre collection of everything into a bag, and moves to EVE.
Dec 14 22:46:46 <Dexanote> «Jason, the dullahans?»
Dec 14 22:47:01 <PaulS_laptop> John sets the autopilot for their next waypoint anyway. And then strides down belowdecks, to engineering
Dec 14 22:47:15 <Ragazzo> Liang is pushed out of the way for doctor cole who /runs/ his ass to get hsi shit together, and to the eve.
Dec 14 22:47:22 <Adhelami> She grabs her looms and clothes and various sentimental objects. FFFF why am I so messy, she berates herself.
Dec 14 22:47:36 <Adhelami> She also is sure to collect anything that may belong to Artemis.
Dec 14 22:47:44 <E4D> «Don't put everything on the fucking Eve! Zodiacs! Zodiacs!.»
Dec 14 22:47:47 <PaulS_laptop> 4df+6 tagging "I solve practical problems" eng maneuver, John looks around for the governor
Dec 14 22:47:47 <Glacon> PaulS_laptop: tagging "I solve practical problems" eng maneuver, John looks around for the governor: 2 (4df+6=-, -, -, -)
Dec 14 22:48:00 * Dexanote eyebrow
Dec 14 22:48:01 <PaulS_laptop> welp, I paid for that crit earlier
Dec 14 22:48:03 <E4D> He finds something that looks an awful lot like it.
Dec 14 22:48:07 <Ragazzo> Lance hurriedly complies with jason's request.
Dec 14 22:48:22 <Dexanote> Bruce is still staring at the HUEG ship./
Dec 14 22:48:31 <Dexanote> Myrtle's in a Zodiac
Dec 14 22:48:36 <Dexanote> (Or near one)
Dec 14 22:48:45 <Adhelami> Adhelami brings her bag. It's not very big. The only bulk is the mini loom, which is folded and fits in that same bag. D:
Dec 14 22:48:57 <Artemis> Artemis goes inside to rouse Illia and Tau to start packing their shit.
Dec 14 22:49:19 <PaulS_laptop> 4df+6 tagging maneuver + "I solve practical problems". John disables it, inducing the ship to run entirely faster than it's supposed to safely operate. it *should* be able to take it for the foreeable future.
Dec 14 22:49:20 <Glacon> PaulS_laptop: tagging maneuver + "I solve practical problems". John disables it, inducing the ship to run entirely faster than it's supposed to safely operate. it *should* be able to take it for the foreeable future.: 6 (4df+6=+, +, -, -)
Dec 14 22:49:44 <Praetor> Anyone still on the deck will see a woman swam dive off the Ninebreaker and into the water, just as the ports open on the side. Metal walls swing aside, revealing modern autocannons, an battery of actual black iron cannons, and more.
Dec 14 22:49:51 * Dr_Kens (~ude.sregtur.9E82832F-CRInys|alliztahc#ude.sregtur.9E82832F-CRInys|alliztahc) has joined #afteraction
Dec 14 22:50:18 <Dr_Kens> Would you look at that.
Dec 14 22:50:32 <Adhelami> Adhelami goes back down, poking her head into the clicker space, "Dahnel, is there anything I can do to help..??"
Dec 14 22:50:41 <PaulS_laptop> He pats the engine as it picks up speed, thrumming faster and faster, and makes his way to the Armory, grabbing his banjo and all the demolitions on hand, and makes his way to the deck, setting the stuff down.
Dec 14 22:51:31 <Praetor> «Send your Zodiacs over here, we can pick your people up - *BOOM* *BOOM* *BOOM* SOMEONE SHUT THAT BOILER UP! *click*»
Dec 14 22:51:57 <Ragazzo> Cailleach and Liadan have crossed over to stand by the zodiacs, but are not in them yet.
Dec 14 22:52:05 <E4D> «Uhhh, negative.»
Dec 14 22:52:10 <Dr_Kens> Illia jerks awake, reaching for her sword.
Dec 14 22:52:36 <PaulS_laptop> «Jason, I got the ship. It'll run like this for several hours.» John is…somewhere in the bow?
Dec 14 22:52:40 <Dr_Kens> Kens, on the other hand, almost falls off his bed and scrambles to collect his pack and medkits.
Dec 14 22:52:40 <Adhelami> "Dahn." Adhelami is standing over her.
Dec 14 22:52:44 <Artemis> "Pack your sings, we need to be ready to abandon ship." Artemis hustles about, then goes to the armory.
Dec 14 22:52:46 <PaulS_laptop> *on
Dec 14 22:52:52 <Praetor> «You aren't going to make it Mr. Dodridge, it - oh lord what smells like sulfur - it's bigger than uh»
Dec 14 22:53:15 <Praetor> «It's about the size of Europe.» Shikoku finishes drawly.
Dec 14 22:53:32 <PaulS_laptop> «Will someone get my flamethrower from below, and the banjo? I'd hate to lose wither of them"
Dec 14 22:53:50 <E4D> «Then what are *you* going to do?»
Dec 14 22:53:51 <Dr_Kens> She nods, and collects her bags and looks through a small bin for a small, worn book. She packs it away and follows Artemis to the armory.
Dec 14 22:54:00 <Praetor> The gas bubbles break, the water below them forming into an array of watery hands.
Dec 14 22:54:10 <Adhelami> Adhelami follows Artemis dutifully. She has arms.
Dec 14 22:54:16 <PaulS_laptop> John has a modest level of tremor in his hands, but he's got quite a level of impassiveness going aside from a set, locked jaw.
Dec 14 22:54:17 <Praetor> They grip and groan, tentacles gripping at each ship.
Dec 14 22:54:23 <Maddy> <What the fuck?> Alice gets the animals onto the Eve.
Dec 14 22:54:34 <Praetor> «We're going to move out of Earth until it dies.»
Dec 14 22:54:44 <Artemis> Artemis looks aroudn at the array of stored weapons… and sighs. He would hate to lose all this. «Should I box what I can in zhe armory, Jason?»
Dec 14 22:55:07 <E4D> Jason removes the .50 from its cradle and charges to the Eve, tossing the .50 in the back. «Everything you can grab *now*.»
Dec 14 22:55:22 <Ragazzo> Cailleach turns to Jason. "Allow Liadan to help. He can carry more then you could possibly imagine."
Dec 14 22:55:26 <PaulS_laptop> John shrugs. «Doesn't Mal owe us that nuke?»
Dec 14 22:56:02 <Adhelami> "There are many pockets in my cloak!" DUFFEL BAGS?! ANYWHERE?!
Dec 14 22:56:06 <Praetor> *BOOM* *BOOM* *BOOM*
Dec 14 22:56:20 <Dexanote> 4df+3 Panicking, Myr shoots at the closest tentacle.
Dec 14 22:56:21 <Glacon> Dexanote: Panicking, Myr shoots at the closest tentacle.: 0 (4df+3=-, -, 0, -)
Dec 14 22:56:33 <Dexanote> -jam-
Dec 14 22:56:36 <PaulS_laptop> John walks back belowdecks, grabbing the last of his gear. Really just a flamethrower and a banjo. He heads back up on deck, dropping off his gear in a Zodiac, including all of the explosives
Dec 14 22:56:45 <PaulS_laptop> Then heads to the 30mm
Dec 14 22:57:01 <Artemis> Artemis starts to box up the most important weaponry he can discern. He gestures the ammo boxes and small arms boxes to Illia and Adhelami. "Eve," he instructs. "Quickly."
Dec 14 22:57:08 <Dr_Kens> Kens scrambles to the med bay, carrying a duffel bag and stretching out a collapsable stretcher, filling them both full of medical equipment, medicine, bandages, etc. He does everything he can to salvage the medbay.
Dec 14 22:57:14 <E4D> Jason simply boards the Eve. «We're done here. If you're coming, you need to board now.»
Dec 14 22:57:20 <Dr_Kens> Illia, on the other hand, follows Artemis' orders.
Dec 14 22:57:22 <PaulS_laptop> 4df+7 tagging "and the answer is a gun" The autocannon fires. *Thump* *Thump* *thump* *thump*
Dec 14 22:57:23 <Glacon> PaulS_laptop: tagging "and the answer is a gun" The autocannon fires. *Thump* *Thump* *thump* *thump*: 6 (4df+7=0, -, 0, 0)
Dec 14 22:57:34 <PaulS_laptop> He then gets up, and heads to the Zodiac
Dec 14 22:57:37 <Praetor> The tides of human arms burst as the support fire from the Ninebreaker and the Hawkesberry washes down upon them.
Dec 14 22:58:04 <Praetor> Something deep below moans, the impact causing the Hawkesberry to shudder.
Dec 14 22:58:07 <PaulS_laptop> "Jason, want me to cover y'alls's escape. I'll run Hawkesbury up close to the Ninebreaker"
Dec 14 22:58:07 <Maddy> Alice gets in the drivers side of the Eve.
Dec 14 22:58:11 <Adhelami> Adhelami grabs everything she can, until she hears Jason's order, "We must go..!" Her cloak is FULL of bullets, and her arms with EVERYTHING SHE CAN POSSIBLY CARRY.
Dec 14 22:58:34 <Adhelami> And she urges the Adjutants to get a move on out of there. Time to go upstairs!
Dec 14 22:58:36 <E4D> «Negative, get back here and man a Zodiac.»
Dec 14 22:58:51 <PaulS_laptop> John shrugs and gets on one of said zodiacs.
Dec 14 22:58:55 <PaulS_laptop> «Gotcha»
Dec 14 22:59:45 <Artemis> Artemis hauls the immensely heavy crate up the stairs and drags it to Eve.
Dec 14 22:59:56 <Ragazzo> Cailleach turns to Liadan, and simply points to one of the zodiacs, boaring. Lance has boarded one of the vehicles a long time ago.
Dec 14 23:00:09 <Dr_Kens> He moves most of the medical supplies into Eve, while packing his personal backpack with the rest. His slingbag is full of tools and calibration kits he needs.
Dec 14 23:00:56 <Maddy> Alice does a quick animal headcount.
Dec 14 23:01:41 <PaulS_laptop> John sits in one of the Zodiacs, laden with his personal weapons, demolitions, etc.
Dec 14 23:01:45 <Maddy> «T-tell me when, Jason.»
Dec 14 23:01:56 <PaulS_laptop> «Anybody riding with me, get in the starboard zodiac»
Dec 14 23:02:01 <Dexanote> Myr helps here and there, an afterthought, then boards up on a Zodiac with JOHN.
Dec 14 23:02:16 <E4D> «Boardin' Eve? Do it now.»
Dec 14 23:02:22 <Praetor> *BOOM* *BOOM* *BOOM*
Dec 14 23:02:24 <E4D> «You got 15 seconds.»
Dec 14 23:02:32 <Adhelami> Adhelami unloads whatever she managed to bring. A rather scattered inventory. She drops most of it in the same crate. Then she boards the EVE? if there is room.
Dec 14 23:02:43 <Dr_Kens> Kens hops into Eve with everything he can salvage. And a rifle.
Dec 14 23:02:44 <Praetor> The bubbles and arms continue to multiply faster then the support fire can keep them down.
Dec 14 23:03:14 <Artemis> Artemis shoves the weapon crate into EVE then, !!!!! "STAY HERE SEHLVI!" Artemis sprints off along the deck, vanishing inside again!
Dec 14 23:03:34 <Adhelami> THERE IS ONE ANIMAL MISSING !!!!!
Dec 14 23:03:35 <Dr_Kens> Illia motions Adhelami to move into Eve.
Dec 14 23:03:38 <PaulS_laptop> «If you're boarding with me, do it now. I'm dropping it.»
Dec 14 23:03:40 <Praetor> O_O
Dec 14 23:03:42 <Dexanote> BRUCE IS DERP SCARED
Dec 14 23:03:49 <Maddy> «
Dec 14 23:03:54 <E4D> «Eve is shoving off. Zodiacs, prepare to launch.»
Dec 14 23:03:59 <Adhelami> AHZIR! AND BRUCE! THAT'S TWO!
Dec 14 23:04:03 <PaulS_laptop> «Finger on the button»
Dec 14 23:04:09 <PaulS_laptop> «Everybody aboard?»
Dec 14 23:04:16 <Praetor> The ship rocks. Artemis, athletics or Physical Defense, yo choice.
Dec 14 23:04:28 <Artemis> 4df+5 Hauling ass fffffffffff
Dec 14 23:04:28 <Glacon> Artemis: Hauling ass fffffffffff: 4 (4df+5=0, +, -, -)
Dec 14 23:04:31 <Ragazzo> Is bruce not on board?
Dec 14 23:04:36 <Praetor> 4df .
Dec 14 23:04:36 <Glacon> Praetor: .: -4 (4df=-, -, -, -)
Dec 14 23:04:38 <Ragazzo> ONe of the ships, or eve?
Dec 14 23:04:51 <Dr_Kens> Illia is in Eve.
Dec 14 23:05:04 <Praetor> Artemis doesn't even stop his stride as the ship careens dangerously. Damn, what a cool guy.
Dec 14 23:05:33 <Maddy> «We;re missing someone.»
Dec 14 23:05:38 <Adhelami> Adhelami looks horrified. Artemis still isn't back!! Her hands are shaking! They are going to leave without him! T^T
Dec 14 23:05:42 <E4D> «Who?»
Dec 14 23:05:43 <Dexanote> «Artemis is going dor the kitten and rock.»
Dec 14 23:05:47 <Dexanote> *for
Dec 14 23:05:53 <Maddy> «What she said.»
Dec 14 23:06:06 <Ragazzo> Cailleach looks at Liadan.
Dec 14 23:06:48 <E4D> «Artemis, get your ass up here, NOW!»
Dec 14 23:06:54 <Artemis> Artemis is srs bsnss. He tears down the stairs to Adhelami's room and scoops up the kitten that was hiding under her bed, wrapping it up in his cloak. "Sorry, mon chat, we must hurry." He tears it back to the deck, boots thumping.
Dec 14 23:07:08 <Adhelami> BRUCE!!
Dec 14 23:07:12 <Praetor> With every passing moment, the distance between the Ninebreaker and the Hawkesberry increases, and the arms multiply.
Dec 14 23:07:20 <Artemis> He'll try to scoop up Bruce as he goes.
Dec 14 23:07:20 <Praetor> Soon, it will be impassable.
Dec 14 23:07:33 <Ragazzo> "Go help the man with the animals. Liadan hauls ass, making for bruce, to help art carry the fat stone cat.
Dec 14 23:07:41 <E4D> «Alice! Off the back!»
Dec 14 23:07:42 <Ragazzo> animals."
Dec 14 23:07:44 <Maddy> «Art, get on a zodiac» Alice starts to drive.
Dec 14 23:07:45 <PaulS_laptop> «Jason, Port Zodiac, launch. I'll wait for the stragglers»
Dec 14 23:07:58 <Maddy> VVVVrrrrrrr WOOSH SPLASH!
Dec 14 23:08:01 <E4D> «We're gettin' Eve off now.»
Dec 14 23:08:12 <Artemis> 4df+6 Tagging CC | SAVIOR OF CATS
Dec 14 23:08:13 <Glacon> Artemis: Tagging CC | SAVIOR OF CATS: 6 (4df+6=-, 0, +, 0)
Dec 14 23:08:22 <Maddy> Assum she closed the ramp, she's not stupid.
Dec 14 23:08:23 <Dexanote> YANK
Dec 14 23:08:37 <Ragazzo> 4df+5 Liadan also helps with bruce, for what it's worth.
Dec 14 23:08:37 <Glacon> Ragazzo: Liadan also helps with bruce, for what it's worth.: 5 (4df+5=+, +, -, -)
Dec 14 23:08:42 <Adhelami> T^T!! Adhelami clings a little to Illia, though quietly…
Dec 14 23:08:54 <Artemis> Artemis hauls Bruce, letting the kittne bounce helplessly in his bundled cloak, probably yowling in panic.
Dec 14 23:09:03 <Artemis> He gets into the Zodiac.
Dec 14 23:09:10 <Maddy> Alice heads for the other ship.
Dec 14 23:09:12 <Dexanote> Liadan grabs his face, Art gravs his tail. They're in wherever!
Dec 14 23:09:20 <Dr_Kens> She rubs her arm reassuringly.
Dec 14 23:09:21 <Ragazzo> Liadan gets back in with whoever as well!
Dec 14 23:09:37 <Maddy> Anyone in Eve's crew compartment probably notice Alice's rabbits are freaking the fuck out
Dec 14 23:09:52 <Ragazzo> Probably behind cailleach.
Dec 14 23:09:57 <PaulS_laptop> John starts lowering the zodiac
Dec 14 23:09:57 <Dexanote> mm-HM
Dec 14 23:10:00 <Adhelami> Adhelami tries to calm them? She's pretty good with animals?
Dec 14 23:10:04 <Dr_Kens> Kens coos at them, trying to calm them down.
Dec 14 23:10:04 <Praetor> Scene aspect: Adrenaline. +2 to Physical Defense and Melee to anyone in a Zodiac.
Dec 14 23:10:08 <Maddy> There's no calming these dudes.
Dec 14 23:10:09 <Dr_Kens> "Coo, coo, please coo."
Dec 14 23:10:44 <Adhelami> "[Ah, poor things…]" She pulls her radio, «Please be careful, everyone!»
Dec 14 23:10:48 <Praetor> «Open the bottom ports! Release the bilge, prepare to receive! Hawkesberry, you need to move now!»
Dec 14 23:10:53 <Adhelami> «Sehlvi, you are safe??»
Dec 14 23:11:53 <Dr_Kens> Illia: «She is, Artemis.»
Dec 14 23:11:58 <Artemis> «OUi, yes Sehlvi, I am safe. So is Azhir."
Dec 14 23:12:14 <Maddy> «We /are/ moving.»
Dec 14 23:12:15 <Dexanote> «MYOW.»
Dec 14 23:12:51 <Adhelami> «Please protect Azhir! And rock-cat..!»
Dec 14 23:12:57 <PaulS_laptop> John slams the down button, and motors away
Dec 14 23:13:18 <Praetor> As the Zodiacs leave the ship, they speed into a forest of tearing watery arms, swaying like a forest in the fall.
Dec 14 23:13:35 <Artemis> How thick are the arms?
Dec 14 23:13:55 <Praetor> Each is about the size of a girl's wrist - ~2 inches at most.
Dec 14 23:14:20 <Artemis> Artemis sweeps his lance this way and that, cutting at the tentacles.
Dec 14 23:14:40 <Praetor> Melee!
Dec 14 23:14:52 <Artemis> 4df+7 Adrenaline
Dec 14 23:14:53 <Glacon> Artemis: Adrenaline: 5 (4df+7=-, -, +, -)
Dec 14 23:15:00 <Praetor> 4df
Dec 14 23:15:00 <Glacon> Praetor: 2 (4df=+, +, +, -)
Dec 14 23:15:05 <Ragazzo> Liadan clutches Cailleach unceremoniously to his chest, and -punches- at any arm who come near her with his fist.
Dec 14 23:15:19 <Maddy> Alice just drives.
Dec 14 23:15:46 <PaulS_laptop> 4df+5 John takes the PDW off his hop, and while piloting the Zodiac, fires into the water ahead of them
Dec 14 23:15:47 <Glacon> PaulS_laptop: John takes the PDW off his hop, and while piloting the Zodiac, fires into the water ahead of them: 4 (4df+5=-, -, 0, +)
Dec 14 23:16:54 <Praetor> «Precision support fire, avoid the Zodiacs -» .50 calibur fire creats splash waves nearby the Zodiac, as Artemis, John, and that one dullhan whose name I can't be fucking bothered with valiantly clear the way.
Dec 14 23:17:02 <Praetor> Alice just fucking bowls the arms over.
Dec 14 23:17:14 <Maddy> Alice is pretty awesome
Dec 14 23:17:18 <Dexanote> 4df+5 Dualwield handgun; Gilded 9mm 8-shot and Deagle brand Deagle.
Dec 14 23:17:19 <Glacon> Dexanote: Dualwield handgun; Gilded 9mm 8-shot and Deagle brand Deagle.: 6 (4df+5=0, 0, +, 0)
Dec 14 23:17:24 <Praetor> She is.
Dec 14 23:18:14 <Praetor> Something deep below *moans* again, in pain. Louder than the first. The earth shakes.
Dec 14 23:19:11 <Praetor> scene aspect for Mrytle: Rule of Cool. -2 on all 684 defense rolls
Dec 14 23:19:24 <Praetor> 4df-2 That said
Dec 14 23:19:25 <Glacon> Praetor: That said: -2 (4df-2=0, 0, -, +)
Dec 14 23:19:40 <Adhelami> "What is it..??" Adhelami is still clinging to Illia. T^T
Dec 14 23:19:48 <Praetor> Describe at your lesiure, Dexanote
Dec 14 23:19:56 <Dr_Kens> "A demon, young one."
Dec 14 23:20:08 <Dr_Kens> She hisses softly. "They have it handled."
Dec 14 23:20:42 <Maddy> Alice is chewing the everloving shit out of her cheek right now.
Dec 14 23:21:38 <Praetor> The Eve's windshield wipers go go go speed racer as they constantly wipe the mist off. There is a final wave of arms -
Dec 14 23:22:06 <Praetor> Weapons rolls, anyone who cares for them
Dec 14 23:22:23 <Dexanote> Turns out Myrtle's handguns suck while hitting multiple skinny moving targets. She quickly holsters them, before swinging her M4 out and unloading a clip on a half-dozen limbs.
Dec 14 23:22:36 <Artemis> 4df+7 Slicin and dicin
Dec 14 23:22:36 <Glacon> Artemis: Slicin and dicin: 9 (4df+7=0, +, 0, +)
Dec 14 23:22:59 <Ragazzo> 4df+7 multifists from liadan
Dec 14 23:23:00 <Glacon> Ragazzo: multifists from liadan: 10 (4df+7=+, 0, +, +)
Dec 14 23:24:03 <Dexanote> holy shit
Dec 14 23:24:12 <Praetor> 4df+8 Battle at Sea modifier
Dec 14 23:24:13 <Glacon> Praetor: Battle at Sea modifier: 9 (4df+8=0, 0, 0, +)
Dec 14 23:24:15 <PaulS_laptop> 4df+7 tagging "and the answer is a gun" John drops the empty PDW on it's hanger and grabs a nearby M240. Picture Animal Mother one-handing his 60 and you have John, firing and clearing to his front and sides, while steering the Zodiac.
Dec 14 23:24:15 <Glacon> PaulS_laptop: tagging "and the answer is a gun" John drops the empty PDW on it's hanger and grabs a nearby M240. Picture Animal Mother one-handing his 60 and you have John, firing and clearing to his front and sides, while steering the Zodiac.: 6 (4df+7=0, +, -, -)
Dec 14 23:24:36 <Maddy> Alice vrrrrrrrrs, not really able to do anything else.
Dec 14 23:24:39 <PaulS_laptop> tagging "and the answer is a gun" for a reroll
Dec 14 23:24:43 <PaulS_laptop> 4df+7
Dec 14 23:24:43 <Glacon> PaulS_laptop: 7 (4df+7=-, +, +, -)
Dec 14 23:25:16 <Ragazzo> Liadan presses cailleach down, and in a controlled whirlwind of limbs, smashes aside a helluva of a lot arm.
Dec 14 23:25:30 <Adhelami> Adhelami is glad she is in this sweet ride. Phew.
Dec 14 23:26:06 <Praetor> The group slams into the bottom ports as they scythe through the remaining arms, and as the ports close over them, those in the Zodiacs will see pillars of water, larger than the Ninebreaker itself, rising in the water.
Dec 14 23:26:12 <Praetor> *in the distance
Dec 14 23:26:43 <Praetor> Black scales are seen briefly - and then, silence and darkness as the ports close.
Dec 14 23:27:00 <Dexanote> nope.jpg
Dec 14 23:27:15 <Praetor> «Aoi, take us out now. Inflate the bilge again, bring them up to the bottom level.»
Dec 14 23:27:32 <Maddy> <Jason…what jsut happeed?>
Dec 14 23:27:39 <E4D> «What the *fuck* is going on?»
Dec 14 23:28:03 <Praetor> There's a rocking, a *creak*, and a sense of motion sickness passes over the group.
Dec 14 23:29:15 <Ragazzo> Lance groans, and holds down his toast.
Dec 14 23:29:27 <Ragazzo> He's in the same one as the dullahans.
Dec 14 23:29:31 <Maddy> The rabbits are doing the "dead rabbit" stare. Frozen in terror.
Dec 14 23:29:35 <Adhelami> Blurg… Adhelami puts a hand to her stomach…
Dec 14 23:29:43 <Artemis> Artemis tries to calm the frightening young cat bundled helplessly in his pinned up cloak.
Dec 14 23:29:49 <Dexanote> Myrtle reloa- hrk
Dec 14 23:29:50 <Praetor> The water level rises, bringing the group up into the bottom level of the Ninebreaker. A group of men in uniforms - The US Navy, Marines, SAS, special forces from all over the world - all await the Convoy at attention.
Dec 14 23:30:16 <Maddy> Alice isnt getting out of the LAV.
Dec 14 23:30:39 <Dr_Kens> Kens does not give a shit. He vomits into a bag. Illia looks at him with disdain.
Dec 14 23:31:02 <Praetor> «We're safe for now, lads. Hawkesberry, leave vehicle at lesiure.»
Dec 14 23:31:05 <Ragazzo> Cailleach pushes Liadan away, firmly. Straightens her veils.
Dec 14 23:31:06 <PaulS_laptop> John steadies himself and reloads his PDW, and straps on the flamethrower. And slings the banjo.
Dec 14 23:31:21 <E4D> Jason climbs out, the rear of the LAV, desert MARPAT evident over Oxide.
Dec 14 23:31:51 <Maddy> <…> Alice follows Jason
Dec 14 23:32:01 <PaulS_laptop> John vrrrrms the zodiac over, and steps off it to tie it up
Dec 14 23:32:09 <PaulS_laptop> he off3rs a hand to Myrtle
Dec 14 23:32:23 <Dexanote> She slings her gun and takes it. "Thanks."
Dec 14 23:32:28 <Dexanote> Oh, people.
Dec 14 23:32:47 <Dr_Kens> Kens peeps out at the people. WELP, time to not show his arm.
Dec 14 23:32:49 <Praetor> A man in a ratty black greatcoat with hair as white as snow stands in front of the soldiers, waiting and leaning on his wooden leg.
Dec 14 23:33:34 <Adhelami> Adhelami creeps to the front of LAV, looking out the front window. D: SOLDIERS AHH
Dec 14 23:33:41 <Dexanote> 4df+4 Stealth, as Myrtle stumbles back a bit, sweeps her foot across the deck before her, turns and straightens her posture.
Dec 14 23:33:43 <Glacon> Dexanote: Stealth, as Myrtle stumbles back a bit, sweeps her foot across the deck before her, turns and straightens her posture.: 7 (4df+4=+, +, 0, +)
Dec 14 23:34:20 <Dr_Kens> Illia rests her hand on her sword as she rests her other hand on Adhel.
Dec 14 23:34:28 <E4D> Jason slings his weapon, looking for the ranking individual.
Dec 14 23:34:28 <Praetor> Iyo comes stumbling through the wall of soldiers, pushing them aside. "Lemme through, you old ghosts - oh thank the various gods, they're all not dead."
Dec 14 23:34:33 <Ragazzo> Liadan exits, and offers a hand to help Cailelach out. She accepts it, stepping out gracefully. After that, the dullahan receives a murmured order from his woman superior, and hefts the large-eared doctor over a shoulder. He appears unconscious.
Dec 14 23:35:01 <Artemis> Artemis gets out of the boat, a bit wet from the boat battle. He scrutinizes the military personnel carefully.
Dec 14 23:35:07 <Praetor> "SHIKOKU! YOU OWE ME 100 MORE YEN AND ANOTHER COOKIE!" And then she waits next to the man in the greatcoat.
Dec 14 23:35:15 <Praetor> Said man nods his head at Jason.
Dec 14 23:35:17 <Dr_Kens> Kens wanders out and softly walks over to Jason.
Dec 14 23:35:34 <Ragazzo> The three stand a little off to the side of the convoy, but level with them.
Dec 14 23:35:52 <Ragazzo> Well, lance isn't standing, but yeah
Dec 14 23:36:01 <PaulS_laptop> John stands by the Zodiac, bedecked in weapons
Dec 14 23:36:17 <Adhelami> Adhelami peeks out of the LAV
Dec 14 23:36:30 <Maddy> <Someone going to explain?>
Dec 14 23:36:43 <E4D> Jason salutes. "Good evening, sir. Permission to come aboard?"
Dec 14 23:36:59 <Maddy> <…>
Dec 14 23:37:06 <Praetor> "Aye, permission granted. Welcome aboard the Ninebreaker, Convoy."
Dec 14 23:37:26 <Praetor> "And to those of ye of the more mystical bent, you are invited and welcome in this place."
Dec 14 23:37:39 <Ragazzo> Cailleach nods graciously.
Dec 14 23:37:47 <Ragazzo> But says nothing.
Dec 14 23:37:48 <Adhelami> Adhelami scurries out, then, to Artemis. Gypsy dash!!
Dec 14 23:38:14 <Maddy> Alice sighs a little.
Dec 14 23:38:25 <Praetor> The dullahans will feel any unease at being contained in a big iron tub fade from them.
Dec 14 23:38:48 <Ragazzo> They visibly relax.
Dec 14 23:38:54 <Ragazzo> That was a big thing.
Dec 14 23:39:21 <E4D> Jason steps down from the ramp to the deck of the Ninebreaker, glancing around. <Where are we?>
Dec 14 23:39:56 <Artemis> Artemis unwraps the kitten and gives it to Adhelami as she approaches.
Dec 14 23:40:23 <Adhelami> Adhelami accepts the wet and agitated pohnpohn. :< She eases his kitten stress.
Dec 14 23:40:34 <Praetor> "In a spacial sense, I reckon we're just outside the Vast Red. C'mon, let's walk above deck. Gentlemen, escort the more tired of 'em to their quarters."
Dec 14 23:40:44 * Lilah has quit (Ping timeout)
Dec 14 23:40:45 <Praetor> The soldiers silently aid the NPCs offstage.
Dec 14 23:41:13 <Praetor> Greatcoat dude turns and clanks up a nearby ramp.
Dec 14 23:41:33 <Ragazzo> Lance, suddenly capable of walking, continues with the convoy, while the dulalhans are guided off.
Dec 14 23:41:43 <Maddy> <What about my animals?>
Dec 14 23:41:44 <Praetor> Iyo and Shikoku trade glances, and follow the man.
Dec 14 23:42:01 <Adhelami> "Sehlvi, are you hurt?" She pats his wet clothing.
Dec 14 23:42:12 <PaulS_laptop> John walks over to Jason
Dec 14 23:42:46 <Praetor> "We'll take those, ma'am, if you wish. We'll put them in your quarters." A pair of blonde men with British accents and the rank and uniform of the SAS approach her.
Dec 14 23:43:12 <Artemis> Artemis shakes his head, "Non, I am fine. So is Azhir." Smile.
Dec 14 23:43:24 <Dr_Kens> Kens walks aboot
Dec 14 23:43:31 <Adhelami> Adhelami smiles and looks around at the soldiers, "Is this out new ship..?"
Dec 14 23:43:36 <Adhelami> our*
Dec 14 23:43:52 <Maddy> <Thanks.> Alice subonciously holds on to the back of Jason's shirt.
Dec 14 23:44:37 <E4D> Jason doesn't leave the Eve, their gear, their other vehicles, the animals, and all of their worldly possessions.
Dec 14 23:44:45 <E4D> <I need an answer.>
Dec 14 23:44:55 <PaulS_laptop> John keeps an eye on his shit on the Zodiac
Dec 14 23:45:17 <Artemis> Artemis suddenly has a thought… then asks a nearby military fellow how to get to the deck.
Dec 14 23:45:20 <Dexanote> Myrtle lurks by Jason and Alice.
Dec 14 23:45:21 <Praetor> The men pause, trade glances, and shrug. "It's quicker to see for yourself. The Captain promises you your saftey."
Dec 14 23:45:37 <Ragazzo> Lance is filtering between everyone from the convoy, eying them up, checking for injuries.
Dec 14 23:45:44 <Maddy> <Cause we know how that is, a-and will totally trust them a-at face value.>
Dec 14 23:45:46 <Praetor> The nearby military fellow silently points to the ramp Greatcoat dude walked up.
Dec 14 23:45:51 <Ragazzo> Not actualyl talking, or such, just red visual examinations.
Dec 14 23:45:54 <PaulS_laptop> "I'll watch the shit, Jason."
Dec 14 23:45:55 <Ragazzo> *tired
Dec 14 23:46:04 <Artemis> Artemis nods and follows Greatcoat Dude.
Dec 14 23:46:21 <Adhelami> Adhelami follows!
Dec 14 23:46:39 <Praetor> The ramps winds and turns upwards, and exits…to a black alien sky.
Dec 14 23:47:02 <Praetor> Iyo, Greatcoat, and Shikoku stand nearby.
Dec 14 23:47:24 <PaulS_laptop> John sits on Eve.
Dec 14 23:47:26 <E4D> Jason just stays there.
Dec 14 23:47:34 <Maddy> Alice stays with Jason.
Dec 14 23:47:40 <Praetor> The deck is almost as vast as the starry sky - nebulas, stars, etc. A clear and upclose view of space.
Dec 14 23:47:46 <Dr_Kens> Kens stands there with Eve. "So what should I do with all of our medical shit?"
Dec 14 23:48:02 <Artemis> Artemis looks about. He'll go to the edge if applicable to see how the Hawkesbury is doing.
Dec 14 23:48:06 <Ragazzo> Lance goes over to kens, rubbing the back of his head.
Dec 14 23:48:10 <Maddy> <Nothing. W-we're not staying here long if w-we dont' have to.>
Dec 14 23:48:15 <E4D> <Well, it's all in here. Just organize it and get it packed away.>
Dec 14 23:48:44 <Ragazzo> "I'll help out…" He exhales, and starts organizing.
Dec 14 23:48:45 <Praetor> The assembled men slowly come off attention, trade glances, and murmur to each other. Then nod at once, and walk away. Through the walls.
Dec 14 23:49:17 <Praetor> Below is the same black, as if the ship was contained in a marble of black sky.
Dec 14 23:49:25 <Praetor> The Hawkesberry is no where in sight.
Dec 14 23:49:31 <Dr_Kens> Kens sighs and collects all the medical equipment, and packs them away in Eve properly. Aww yeah, he's a boss organizer.
Dec 14 23:49:38 <Maddy> Alice gets into the Eve and- <Who t-the fuck said that?"
Dec 14 23:49:46 <Maddy> She spins around.
Dec 14 23:49:54 <E4D> <What?>
Dec 14 23:50:01 <Ragazzo> "…huh?"
Dec 14 23:50:18 <Ragazzo> Lance looks at Alice, blinking.
Dec 14 23:50:36 <Maddy> <someone just w-whispered in my ear.>
Dec 14 23:50:37 <Praetor> "You'll get vertigo, boy." Says greatcoat, lightly pushing away Artemis.
Dec 14 23:51:15 <Artemis> Artemis looks at the man and steps away, brow furrowing. "What of our boat?"
Dec 14 23:51:22 <Dexanote> Myr sighs, and slouches, dropping shroud.
Dec 14 23:51:30 <Ragazzo> Lance blinks. "…ghosts? I don't think this is a normal ship, so…"
Dec 14 23:51:39 <Ragazzo> "Oh…it's /you/."
Dec 14 23:52:03 <Maddy> <…> Alice reumes what she was doing and checks on her rabbits.
Dec 14 23:52:23 <Praetor> "Your boat is safe. Our mages put a cloak on it, so the beast doesn't assimilate it like it does most ships."
Dec 14 23:52:26 * Dexanote (~ten.elbacogc.emoh.AB16CE54-CRInys|alliztahc#ten.elbacogc.emoh.AB16CE54-CRInys|alliztahc) has left #afteraction
Dec 14 23:52:29 <Adhelami> Adhelami blinks and frowns…
Dec 14 23:52:31 * Dexanote (~ten.elbacogc.emoh.AB16CE54-CRInys|alliztahc#ten.elbacogc.emoh.AB16CE54-CRInys|alliztahc) has joined #afteraction
Dec 14 23:52:31 * ChanServ gives channel operator status to Dexanote
Dec 14 23:52:49 <Praetor> "It'll reach whatever destination the auto-pilot set it too."
Dec 14 23:54:46 <Praetor> "I'll see to it they stop it there, as well." He adds
Dec 14 23:58:03 <E4D> Jason stays where he is still, not sure what to do with their vehicles, possessions, and animals, and in large part unwilling to leave their stuff there.
Dec 14 23:58:26 <Maddy> Alice takes her helmet of and goes to stand with Jason.
Dec 14 23:59:03 <PaulS_laptop> "Jason, I'll wath the shit."
Dec 14 23:59:17 <PaulS_laptop> there's a John sitting on the turret of Eve
Dec 14 23:59:23 <Maddy> "So w-will we."
Dec 14 23:59:42 <PaulS_laptop> "Someone's gotta find out what the fuck's up, and I ain't exactly diplomatic"
Dec 14 23:59:57 <Maddy> "They c-could have explained here."
Dec 14 23:59:58 <Praetor> The floor the Eve and Zodiacs remain floating on is empty, save the Convoy members that remained behind.
Dec 15 00:00:36 <E4D> «I need to speak to the captain.»
Dec 15 00:01:08 <Adhelami> "Let us go back to our things, Sehlvi…"
Dec 15 00:01:27 <Praetor> Greatcoat mumbles. "No one listens to an old man."
Dec 15 00:01:28 <Artemis> Artemis nods. "Yes, Azhir is very upset."
Dec 15 00:01:45 <Praetor> "This way, then." He clanks back down the ramp.
Dec 15 00:02:42 <Dexanote> 4df+4
Dec 15 00:02:43 <Glacon> Dexanote: 3 (4df+4=-, -, +, 0)
Dec 15 00:03:17 <Praetor> Greatcoat clanks back down to the landing level. "I am the captain."
Dec 15 00:03:57 <Adhelami> Adhelami urges Artemis toward the Eve, looking to Alice, "We do not trust this boat?" She asks lowly.
Dec 15 00:04:17 <Maddy> "Not till they e-explain what we asked, instead of walking away."
Dec 15 00:04:22 <E4D> Jason nods. <Evenin', sir.> Jason looks around. <I hate to be so blunt, but would you mind explaining exactly what's going on?>
Dec 15 00:04:23 <Dexanote> Myr plops down over near EVE.
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Dec 15 00:04:52 <Praetor> Iyo tugs at the man's coat. "Drake, let me explain." "Go for it, lass. They'll believe you anyway."
Dec 15 00:05:20 * Maddy has changed the topic to: Welcome to After Action. Please refer OOC text to #afteractionooc | Secondary room: #afteractionmission |RouteMap:http://maps.google.com/ Point A: Hong Kong Island, Hong Kong B: ??? - Current Location: On a Magic Boat.
Dec 15 00:05:33 <Praetor> "Okay, um…" She steps forward with hey clipboard, and adjusts her glasses. "Remember when we showed up in China and talked to you?"
Dec 15 00:07:38 <Praetor> "We were there to capture a phoneix for the Red Lady. When we were leaving we got wind of a Hydra in the sea off to the coast of China. Um…your people called it…"
Dec 15 00:07:56 <Maddy> "What"
Dec 15 00:08:05 <Praetor> She flips through the clipboard's content. "SCP-684?"
Dec 15 00:08:30 <Maddy> "Don't know t-that one."
Dec 15 00:08:51 <Adhelami> Adhelami blinks and looks at Artemis?
Dec 15 00:09:09 <Artemis> Artemis shakes his head. "Somesing from zhe Foundation."
Dec 15 00:09:20 <Maddy> Alice looks at Jason.
Dec 15 00:09:33 <PaulS_laptop> "I didn't do biological scips"
Dec 15 00:09:40 <Ragazzo> "Oh…the large one."
Dec 15 00:09:53 <E4D> "Leviathan."
Dec 15 00:09:55 <Ragazzo> "Jormungundr. Or whatever."
Dec 15 00:09:57 <E4D> *<>
Dec 15 00:09:59 <Ragazzo> "Yeah."
Dec 15 00:10:06 <Praetor> "Hydra, Leviathan, Jormungunder."
Dec 15 00:10:34 <Praetor> "The point is, it is a sea dwelling legendary serpent. After the Event, it matured rapidly."
Dec 15 00:10:47 <Maddy> "Wonderful."
Dec 15 00:10:51 <Praetor> "What the Foundation observed was it's embryonic form."
Dec 15 00:11:14 <Praetor> "What we just encountered…was its adult form."
Dec 15 00:12:10 <Praetor> "While it is impossibly large in this state, it is slothful and will only actively hunt things directly above its head."
Dec 15 00:12:20 <Praetor> "You were, um, over its head."
Dec 15 00:12:34 <Maddy> Siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiigh.
Dec 15 00:13:03 <Praetor> "The Lady gave us one favor we could ask of her when we joined up, and I asked her to save you."
Dec 15 00:13:10 <Praetor> She adjusts her glasses.
Dec 15 00:13:11 <Adhelami> Adhelami brings a hand to her mouth, "Oh..!"
Dec 15 00:13:17 <Praetor> "And…well, here we are."
Dec 15 00:13:21 <PaulS_laptop> "Well, thanks"
Dec 15 00:13:32 <E4D> <Very well. When can you drop us off in China?>
Dec 15 00:14:34 <Praetor> Iyo flips through the clipboard. "As soon as the Lady kills it, or we outdistance it…at most a couple days."
Dec 15 00:14:49 <E4D> <I mean… we can't be more than… very well.>
Dec 15 00:14:50 <Praetor> Shikoku tramps down the ramp and stands next to his sister, looking disgruntled. Iyo subconciously takes his hand.
Dec 15 00:15:13 <Praetor> "I aplogize, Mr. Dodridge."
Dec 15 00:15:22 <Praetor> Iyo bows.
Dec 15 00:15:32 <Praetor> Shikoku rolls his eyes, and half heartedly bows.
Dec 15 00:15:55 <Praetor> "Oh, this is the Captain, by the way."
Dec 15 00:16:01 <Praetor> "Mr. Allabeth Drake."
Dec 15 00:16:07 <Praetor> She pats Greatcoat on the shoulder.
Dec 15 00:16:27 <PaulS_laptop> John nods from atop the LAV's turret
Dec 15 00:17:09 <Praetor> "By my own favor and the Lady's order, we're to quarter and feed you like kings." Drake says.
Dec 15 00:17:47 <Maddy> Alice glances at Jason again.
Dec 15 00:17:50 <Adhelami> "What is kings?"
Dec 15 00:18:14 <PaulS_laptop> "royalty, adhel"
Dec 15 00:18:14 <Maddy> "Royalty. H-hight members of society."
Dec 15 00:18:29 <PaulS_laptop> "An' it's appreciated, Cap'n"
Dec 15 00:20:26 <Adhelami> "O-Oh.." She blinks. :o
Dec 15 00:20:30 <Praetor> "Personal quarters have been arranged for each of you, along with a few couple's quarters, if you prefer. We have an armory, a kitchen and cafeteria, the deck, and a market."
Dec 15 00:20:45 <Dexanote> "A market, now?"
Dec 15 00:20:52 <Adhelami> Adhelami glances at Artemis. COUPLE'S QUARTERS.
Dec 15 00:20:55 <E4D> <We won't be needing the armory, but thanks.>
Dec 15 00:21:21 <Praetor> He nods to both mentions. "Ye, a few Outsiders have set up shop in the bottom floor."
Dec 15 00:21:28 <Praetor> "And the ballroom, captain!"
Dec 15 00:21:44 <Praetor> "And the ballroom…ye, but no one cares about that, Iyo." Iyo frowns.
Dec 15 00:21:52 <Adhelami> "What is a ballroom?"
Dec 15 00:22:08 <Maddy> "A large r-room for celebration, and dancing sometime."
Dec 15 00:22:26 <Adhelami> "A dancing room??" Eye brightens!
Dec 15 00:22:53 <Praetor> "When you're ready, Iyo and Shikoku will help you out. I've got to go navigate through this mess. Excuse me."
Dec 15 00:22:59 <Praetor> He clanks up the ramp.
Dec 15 00:23:08 <Dr_Kens> Illia sits on the deck, staring up at the sky.
Dec 15 00:23:45 <Maddy> "So, now w-what, hun?"
Dec 15 00:24:18 <Ragazzo> Lance roams around briefly.
Dec 15 00:25:17 <E4D> <I'm… I'm gonna be staying here in the Eve.>
Dec 15 00:25:34 <Maddy> She nods. "W-want me to set us up a bed?"
Dec 15 00:25:40 <Adhelami> "…Should we not trust this ship?
Dec 15 00:25:42 * Dr_Kens is now known as Illia
Dec 15 00:25:43 <Adhelami> "
Dec 15 00:25:47 <Adhelami> Adhelami is suddenly the worrys!
Dec 15 00:26:10 <PaulS_laptop> "If'n you don't mind, I'll take the quarters elsewheres. May as well see where we are inside the ship an' what's going on 'round it"
Dec 15 00:26:14 <Illia> Kens is still on/around Eve, organizing everything.
Dec 15 00:26:38 <Dexanote> "I'm taking other quarters, but I'm a bit better at getting away from people than you are."
Dec 15 00:27:05 <PaulS_laptop> "I figure we may as well know what's going on outside'a here."
Dec 15 00:27:23 <E4D> <If we leave the Eve, nothing will be touched?>
Dec 15 00:27:36 <Dexanote> "I'm sure they know you'll nuke their boat if you do."
Dec 15 00:27:37 <Ragazzo> "I'm going to as well, but only because it's not as though we aren't already trapped. And we may as well see what's around, like john sadi."
Dec 15 00:27:49 <Ragazzo> *said
Dec 15 00:28:20 <Praetor> "Mr. Dodridge, no one on this ship will touch your things. The soldiers are all men of honor, and I can keep Shikoku in line."
Dec 15 00:28:32 <Praetor> "And…it's not like they need anything anymore."
Dec 15 00:28:36 <Adhelami> "Ah, I am one to heed the Elder-Leader's worries." Adhelami shifts.
Dec 15 00:29:01 <Praetor> "They're all dead men, every last one of them, if you haven't figured that one out."
Dec 15 00:29:06 <Praetor> Shikoku says flatly.
Dec 15 00:29:13 <PaulS_laptop> *thud* *thud* John drops off the side of Eve to standing.
Dec 15 00:29:38 <Maddy> Alice stands around, waiting for some kinda direction like a good little soldier.
Dec 15 00:29:42 <E4D> <Alice?> Jason steps inside to grab his and Alice's bags.
Dec 15 00:29:54 <Maddy> "Mhm?" she follows/
Dec 15 00:30:04 * Illia is now known as Smut_Master_Kens
Dec 15 00:30:28 <Praetor> "Anyone who would like quarters, please follow me?" Iyo turns and looks over her shoulder.
Dec 15 00:30:42 <Adhelami> Adhelami looks to Artemis… and follows Iyo!
Dec 15 00:30:51 <PaulS_laptop> John follows Iyo
Dec 15 00:30:59 <PaulS_laptop> he clanks as he walks again
Dec 15 00:31:02 * Smut_Master_Kens is now known as Dr_Kens
Dec 15 00:31:03 <Artemis> Artemis follows!
Dec 15 00:31:17 <Ragazzo> Lance follows.
Dec 15 00:31:46 <Adhelami> "Sehlvi, do you want a room for two?" She asks quietly.
Dec 15 00:31:46 <Dexanote> MYRTLE FOLLOWS
Dec 15 00:32:03 <Artemis> "Oui," he says lowly, without pause.
Dec 15 00:32:05 <Praetor> Iyo walks over to a wall, and presses her hand against it. A maw opens on it, revealing an olde time elevator. A bellboy waits inside, hand on a lever.
Dec 15 00:32:17 <Maddy> "…?"
Dec 15 00:32:54 <Praetor> "Good evening, Iyo. Shikoku." "Evening, Steve. Quarters, please?"
Dec 15 00:33:58 <Adhelami> Adhelami manages to get near Iyo when they enter the elevator, "Ah, Dahn..?"
Dec 15 00:35:38 <Maddy> Alice sits on the rabbit crate as she waits to get wherever they're going.
Dec 15 00:36:28 <Praetor> She smiles. "Yes, hello." The elevator descends.
Dec 15 00:37:16 <Praetor> Pause.
Dec 15 00:37:19 <Praetor> "Wait, I'm Iyo."
Dec 15 00:37:31 <Praetor> "Derp." "Shut up, brother."
Dec 15 00:38:03 <PaulS_laptop> John tries really hard to surpress a snerk
Dec 15 00:38:03 <Adhelami> "Eh…" She looks around for a moment and then whispers, as if she's TERRIBLY EMBARRASSED. Like some young teenager buying condoms…
Dec 15 00:38:47 <Praetor> "Yesss…?" She leans in slightly closer. Whisper whisper. "Ah ha, yes of course."
Dec 15 00:38:59 <E4D> <It's not polite to whisper, especially in front of friends.>
Dec 15 00:39:03 <Maddy> "G-guess Jason and I w-would like a room together."
Dec 15 00:39:15 <Ragazzo> Lance shakes his head, and chuckles quietly.
Dec 15 00:39:16 <Maddy> "You know…makes sense."
Dec 15 00:39:21 <Adhelami> "We are not married…" Whisper whisper… Sshyyy…
Dec 15 00:39:28 <Praetor> "Oh my."
Dec 15 00:39:51 <Maddy> "Nothing t-to be ashamed of. J-jason and I shared a r-room a while b-before we were married."
Dec 15 00:40:18 <Adhelami> Adhelami is turning red. HOW DO THEY KNOW WERE MY WHISPERS NOT WHISPER ENOUGH?!
Dec 15 00:40:45 <E4D> <Yeah. I was gonna pop the question, but I asked her when I did because she was sort of pregnant, and her grandfather threatened to kill me.>
Dec 15 00:40:45 <Praetor> Elevator stops. shunk. The bars slide aside to reveal a wide, plush carpeted hall.
Dec 15 00:40:54 <Praetor> Doors on each side of a long hallway.
Dec 15 00:40:55 <E4D> Akwardness ride over!
Dec 15 00:41:18 <Adhelami> "I-It is not as if we have been sl-sleeping in the same room o-or…"
Dec 15 00:41:41 <Adhelami> "I would just feel safer! YES!" SOLID. Man, they don't even know.
Dec 15 00:41:44 <Maddy> "G-glad to know you w-were going to ask b-before gramps g-gotten weird." she smiles, genuinely happy to hear that.
Dec 15 00:42:07 <Praetor> "*Snrk*" "Brother, if you make fun of her, there will be punishment."
Dec 15 00:42:10 <Praetor> …
Dec 15 00:42:16 <Praetor> Shikoku goes deathly still.
Dec 15 00:42:29 <PaulS_laptop> at this, John *does* snerk
Dec 15 00:42:34 <Adhelami> Frrrooowwnn… Bluuussshhhh…
Dec 15 00:42:38 <Artemis> Artemis looks at Shikoku in a similar, yet lesser fashion.
Dec 15 00:42:38 <E4D> "It's okay, Adhelami." Jason pulls his helmet off and shifts the packs and bags over each arm and shoulder. "We been over this before, remember?
Dec 15 00:43:00 <Maddy> "N-no one's judging."
Dec 15 00:43:04 <Praetor> "Okay, this way, this way~" Iyo steps out onto the red carpet.
Dec 15 00:43:19 <Praetor> "First door on the left, the Dodridges!"
Dec 15 00:43:32 <Maddy> "T-thanks…"
Dec 15 00:43:37 <Praetor> there's even a nice little gold plate on the door with that on it. The Dodridges.
Dec 15 00:43:40 <Adhelami> Gulp… Huuhh… It's ok, Adhelami. THEY DON'T EVEN KNOW. YEAH.
Dec 15 00:43:43 <Ragazzo> Lance exits, looking around
Dec 15 00:44:52 <Praetor> "First door on the right, um, Miss, uh." CLIPBOARD. "Miss Adhelami and Artemis."
Dec 15 00:45:00 <PaulS_laptop> John exits. Various gear and weapons clank and rattle
Dec 15 00:45:01 <Artemis> "Merci."
Dec 15 00:45:07 <Adhelami> Bluush.
Dec 15 00:45:13 <Adhelami> "Thank you, Dahn."
Dec 15 00:45:18 <Praetor> "The rest of the rooms are singles, take them at your lesiure!"
Dec 15 00:45:34 <Ragazzo> There is a quietly fuming lantern-mist head outside one of the doors. It's the deep red of anger. There's somehow a handprint on the not at all solid face.
Dec 15 00:45:54 <Ragazzo> Just sitting right by the door.
Dec 15 00:46:32 <Dexanote> Myr goes through, and picks a room.
Dec 15 00:46:42 <Ragazzo> Lance picks a room as well.
Dec 15 00:46:52 <Praetor> The rooms are spacious affairs, each more condos then rooms - they are split into a bathroom, stocked kitchen, and bedroom.
Dec 15 00:46:57 <PaulS_laptop> John walks down looks at the head
Dec 15 00:46:57 <E4D> Jason enters the room, holding the door for Alice.
Dec 15 00:46:58 <Adhelami> Adhelami opens the door to their room, moving inside.
Dec 15 00:47:00 <Maddy> Alice wheels the animals inot her room.