Fr. Fenwick

Feb 03 13:40:26 <E4D> Jason pushes through the light underbrush easily. It's hard for light scrub and bushes to provide meaningful resistance to 400 pounds of flesh and metal.
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Feb 03 13:44:14 <Maddy> Alice follows him quietly, staying ever aware of her surroundings.
Feb 03 13:49:21 <Heiden> The woods are thick, but thankfully, this area appears to be free of 610 infestation so far.
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Feb 03 13:52:12 <E4D> <Think we might be safe. Maybe the shit we were seein' before was, uh, outliers? Just a few random entities that had pushed out a little farther than usual?>
Feb 03 13:52:57 <Heiden> This part of the woods seem, actually, extremely quiet. Strangely so. Mental Defense.
Feb 03 13:53:00 <Maddy> <Probably, considering a-all we got was a sable and s-someone who w-wasn't here before.>
Feb 03 13:53:03 <Maddy> 4df+3 Oh dear
Feb 03 13:53:04 <Glacon> Maddy: Oh dear: 6 (4df+3=0, +, +, +)
Feb 03 13:53:06 <E4D> 4df+4
Feb 03 13:53:06 <Glacon> E4D: 3 (4df+4=0, -, +, -)
Feb 03 13:53:08 <Maddy> what
Feb 03 13:53:10 <E4D> …
Feb 03 13:53:14 <Heiden> 4df+4 Force of Will
Feb 03 13:53:14 <Glacon> Heiden: Force of Will: 4 (4df+4=-, 0, +, 0)
Feb 03 13:53:29 <Heiden> Jason, you're feeling much calmer than you were before. Alice, you're as alert as ever.
Feb 03 13:53:39 <Heiden> Perception (Occult) if you want.
Feb 03 13:54:17 <Heiden> …er. Scholarship. Scholarship (Occult).
Feb 03 13:54:31 <Maddy> 4df Lololol I read book
Feb 03 13:54:32 <Glacon> Maddy: Lololol I read book: -3 (4df=0, -, -, -)
Feb 03 13:54:34 <Maddy> NOMPE
Feb 03 13:54:44 <E4D> <There was that owl, but I killed that. I'm thinkin'… yeah, I mean, the only reason it made it that far was cuz it could fly. The sable? Those little things move a lot, right?>
Feb 03 13:54:52 <Heiden> Alice herps so hard she derps.
Feb 03 13:55:40 <Maddy> <R-right. ferrety things.>
Feb 03 13:56:41 <E4D> Jason continues on, stepping this way and that around trees, right once, left once, pausing here and there to check for any sound.
Feb 03 13:57:24 <Heiden> It's subdued but surprisingly ordinary. An occasional bird chirps.
Feb 03 13:57:46 <Heiden> A ramshackle, worn-down hut is barely standing up in the clearing ahead.
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Feb 03 13:58:12 <E4D> <610 don't… chirp.> Jason freezes, raising a closed fist.
Feb 03 13:58:44 <Heiden> BUT THE BIRDMAN DOES
Feb 03 13:58:46 * Ragazzo (ten.llebcap.ac2tks.lsd.0217B85-CRInys|tibbiM#ten.llebcap.ac2tks.lsd.0217B85-CRInys|tibbiM) has joined #afteractionmission
Feb 03 13:59:12 <Maddy> Alice stops
Feb 03 14:01:23 <E4D> 4df+4 Perception. He watches carefully for any movement around the hut, presumably held together by mud and hope, from the looks of it.
Feb 03 14:01:23 <Glacon> E4D: Perception. He watches carefully for any movement around the hut, presumably held together by mud and hope, from the looks of it.: 6 (4df+4=0, +, +, 0)
Feb 03 14:02:22 <Heiden> No noise, but an insistent tapping sound… like something knocking on the door from the inside.
Feb 03 14:03:46 <E4D> He somewhat uselessly snaps his fingers, causing no sound, but the movement's noticeable enough to Alice. He points off to their right, then draws a slow arc in the air with the point of his finger. [Go around]
Feb 03 14:05:41 <Maddy> She nods and goes.
Feb 03 14:08:27 <E4D> Moving as quietly as he can, Jason advances up to the edge of the clearing, grimacing for a moment once he reaches the treeline. No other way. He *hated* dealing with obvious hazard areas. He settles for the next best thing to avoiding a location like this: a quick sprint up to the objective, careful to keep an eye on where his feet were going every few steps
Feb 03 14:09:22 <Heiden> The door opens.
Feb 03 14:10:07 <Heiden> An older man walks out, running his hands over the door. He pauses on the other side, running his hands on the exterior side, frowning.
Feb 03 14:11:12 <Maddy> Alice freezes for a moment and looks at Jason.
Feb 03 14:11:28 <Heiden> He's dressed in a tattered, dingy white robe with a similarly battered black cloak over it, and he seems -completely- oblivious to their presence.
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Feb 03 14:13:55 <E4D> Jason pauses as the door opens, grateful he's looking at a flesh-and-blood human. <Sir?>
Feb 03 14:17:28 <Heiden> The man starts as Jason's voice cuts across the clearing. "Uh… hello?" He turns to face Jason's general direction, palms turned outward with nothing in them.
Feb 03 14:17:30 * Heiden is now known as Fenwick
Feb 03 14:20:51 <E4D> He turns a little off in Alice's direction, his own hands conspicuously not bearing a weapon. <Alice, uninfected human.> <Sir? My name is Jason Dodridge. Are you aware of…> He stumbles over words for a second, looking for exactly what to say. <… of what's happened here?> Of *course* he does, you dumbass. He *lives* here.
Feb 03 14:21:23 <Maddy> Alice nods.
Feb 03 14:23:12 <Fenwick> "There's… something foul in the woods, I know that. Dangerous and hungry. I tried to protect this area as best I could, but…" William shrugs wearily. "It'll not last long. I've only been here a week or two, and I was hoping to find a Way out." As Jason gets a better look at the friar, he notices the opaque whiteness of the man's eyes - he's clearly blind.
Feb 03 14:25:18 <Maddy> <P-protect?>
Feb 03 14:25:39 <E4D> <I don't think you're going to find a Way here. The Library's closed.>
Feb 03 14:26:04 <E4D> There's no sense in beating around the bush.
Feb 03 14:28:46 <Fenwick> "All roads may lead to Rome, but not all Ways lead to the Library, I've been told- but you seem to be better informed than most. I will take your word for it, as I was certainly having no luck with the Knock." He chuckles ruefully. "Are you with the government, then?"
Feb 03 14:30:44 <E4D> <Something like that. My wife and I here are on our way to the coast. Our team is camped out about a mile northwest.>
Feb 03 14:31:23 <E4D> <The "somethin' foul" is mostly behind us, I think.>
Feb 03 14:32:44 <E4D> Jason taps the side of his helmet and speaks. «Ladies and gents, we got a survivor.»
Feb 03 14:33:52 <Fenwick> "-A- survivor? Surely it's not… it's not as bad as all that, is it?"
Feb 03 14:34:43 <Maddy> <It's p-pretty bad. D-do you know where you are?>
Feb 03 14:35:15 <Fenwick> "I haven't a clue. I was unceremoniously escorted out of the Library and kicked out of the nearest Door."
Feb 03 14:38:43 <E4D> <You guessed right. There's somethin' bad in the woods back to the northwest. I dunno if it's spreadin', but we got lucky. Plane crash put us here. Like I said, we're headin' to the coast.>
Feb 03 14:39:07 <Maddy> <W-we're in Russia, just a w-ways from Yakutsk.>
Feb 03 14:39:13 <E4D> <We're in Russ- yeah.>
Feb 03 14:43:44 * Fenwick rocks back on his heels for a moment, chewing on his lower lip. "I see. That's, ah, not what I'd expected. I suppose I ought to be thankful I wound up on Earth at all, though, picking a Door at random."
Feb 03 14:44:47 <Maddy> <Are you injured o-or hungry?>
Feb 03 14:45:42 <Fenwick> "I could eat," William admits. "Nothing really wants to trouble me here, so I haven't had to contend with the wildlife or the other creatures out there."
Feb 03 14:46:53 <Maddy> <W-what do you say, hun?>
Feb 03 14:50:08 <E4D> <We can lead you back to the camp if you like, provided you're not hiding anything from us. Any weapons?>
Feb 03 14:53:34 <Fenwick> "I have a walking staff inside, but I am a man of peace, Mr. Dodridge. Beyond that…" He looks embarrassed to even say it. "I know a bit of what could perhaps be called, ah," he's wincing just to say the word, "…magic?"
Feb 03 14:55:19 <Maddy> <T-that what you meant by P-protecting this area? N-neat. Had a couple mages t-traveling with us a-at one point or another.>
Feb 03 14:56:13 <Maddy> <I go b-by Alice, b-by the way. I-if you need anything carried, w-we can help out.>
Feb 03 14:58:48 <Fenwick> "Mages? I'm nothing so accomplished as that, miss. And the collection of items inside are few - my vows do not permit much in the way of possessions."
Feb 03 14:58:58 * Fenwick seems greatly relieved that no one laughed at the word 'magic'.
Feb 03 14:59:39 <E4D> A modulated voice again comes from Jason's direction. <There anything you require assistance with?>
Feb 03 15:02:13 <Fenwick> "No, no. If you'll excuse me for a moment, I'll fetch them." William heads inside the hut for a moment, and emerges with a small bag slung over his shoulder, and a long walking stick in his hand.
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Feb 03 15:09:42 <Maddy> <S-shall we go then? G-got soup back at c-camp.>
Feb 03 15:11:27 <Fenwick> "That sounds like a fantastic idea. Mr. Dodridge?"
Feb 03 15:12:03 <E4D> <Let's go.>
Feb 03 15:13:04 <E4D> <Alice, you mind assisting… dear Lord, I completely forgot to get your name.>
Feb 03 15:14:07 <Fenwick> "Oh, ah, William. William Fenwick."
Feb 03 15:15:59 <Maddy> <N-nice you meet you, sir.> Alice moves to his side,touching his elbow gently as she speaks and offers her arm, not sure how blind he is.
Feb 03 15:17:01 <Fenwick> Well, medically speaking, Alice can't figure out how he's moving as well as he is when his eyes are as obviously ruined as his are.
Feb 03 15:17:04 <Fenwick> Then again, /magic/.
Feb 03 15:19:27 <E4D> Jason nods. <Fenwick. This way, sir.> He starts off back in the direction they came.
Feb 03 15:20:27 <Maddy> Alice helps incase of shitty terrain, but doesn't drag him along since he sems to know wht hes doing
Feb 03 15:21:21 * Fenwick seems to be navigating the terrain reasonably well, and they make their way to wherever they're going.