Gaodong Paradise

Jan 20 22:02:25 <E4D> Jason pulls his helmet on, groaning as the seal slides over the still-fresh wound on his face, and reclines back. <Transform and roll out.>
Jan 20 22:02:55 <Maddy> Alice starts up the LAV, and someone presumably starts the APC
Jan 20 22:03:11 <Tom90deg> "Think it's time we blow this scene, get everybody and the stuff together."
Jan 20 22:04:15 <Maddy> Alcie starts driving.
Jan 20 22:04:53 <Dexanote> "… I might have left the stove on."
Jan 20 22:05:01 <Maddy> <…Welp.>
Jan 20 22:05:06 <Ragazzo> "…?" Lancius looks at her blankly.
Jan 20 22:05:14 <Ragazzo> "Stove?"
Jan 20 22:05:15 <Dexanote> "… Eh. Keep going."
Jan 20 22:05:22 <Dexanote> "Cooking box."
Jan 20 22:05:27 <Ragazzo> "I see."
Jan 20 22:05:35 <Ragazzo> "Like the bread baking box."
Jan 20 22:05:51 <Tom90deg> "If the mall blows up, we'll all know who's fault it was, and we'll talk for days about how cool it looked."
Jan 20 22:05:54 <Dexanote> "… yes."
Jan 20 22:06:01 <Tom90deg> "Not like we're gonna be coming back."
Jan 20 22:06:05 <E4D> Jason's still feeling like shit, and doesn't talk much.
Jan 20 22:07:03 <Ragazzo> Lancius nods, and peers at myr thoughtfully, before continuing to sketch.
Jan 20 22:07:12 <Ragazzo> "You were cooking?"
Jan 20 22:08:45 <Maddy> GM Fiat, they drive for a few hours, most of this area completely deserted, even by the PLA. Occasionally they see signs of the Terracotta army having been around this area.
Jan 20 22:09:24 <E4D> Jason's nodded off by now, lulled to sleep by the rocking of the vehicle and a mild fever.
Jan 20 22:10:15 <Maddy> Perception!
Jan 20 22:10:22 <Tom90deg> 4df+2
Jan 20 22:10:23 <Glacon> Tom90deg: 5 (4df+2=0, +, +, +)
Jan 20 22:10:40 <Ragazzo> 4df+5 Tagging's cat's eye, if I can
Jan 20 22:10:41 <Glacon> Ragazzo: Tagging's cat's eye, if I can: 4 (4df+5=-, -, 0, +)
Jan 20 22:10:42 <Light> Light has brought her ever-neat, now more-stuffed-then-ever hiking backpack, staring at houses as they pass. She says little.
Jan 20 22:10:43 <Maddy> Only if you're somwhere that can see out
Jan 20 22:10:46 <E4D> Jason's sitting in the passenger compartment of the LAV, asleep and dead to the world.
Jan 20 22:10:49 <Ragazzo> Oh, nevermind
Jan 20 22:11:01 <Maddy> 4df+2 Alice is drivin.
Jan 20 22:11:02 <Glacon> Maddy: Alice is drivin.: 4 (4df+2=+, -, +, +)
Jan 20 22:11:38 <Tom90deg> Zoe, of course, was sitting on top.
Jan 20 22:11:41 <Light> Well, okay, so Light isn't looking at houses, but she would be if she could.
Jan 20 22:12:54 <Dexanote> 4df+4 tagging SS
Jan 20 22:12:55 <Glacon> Dexanote: tagging SS: 4 (4df+4=-, +, -, +)
Jan 20 22:13:45 <Maddy> Alice, Myrtle and Zoe all see it. Looks like a fire burning in a little town, a little ways off the road.
Jan 20 22:14:01 <Dexanote> "Oh a fire. That was fast."
Jan 20 22:14:31 <Dexanote> "Now, who wants to bet it was some kind of creature?"
Jan 20 22:14:37 <Ragazzo> "Hmmm?"
Jan 20 22:14:44 <Maddy> A fire as in one people would light to keep warm
Jan 20 22:14:50 <Tom90deg> «We got a fire. Checking it out?»
Jan 20 22:15:32 <Maddy> Alice prods Jason.
Jan 20 22:15:49 <Maddy> «Coming to a stop.» she stops, as does the APC.
Jan 20 22:15:55 <Light> «How big?» Sophia sits up.
Jan 20 22:16:04 <Ragazzo> Lancius waits, and listens.
Jan 20 22:16:21 <Tom90deg> «Can't tell. Anyone have a pair of glasses?»
Jan 20 22:16:35 <Dexanote> "…"
Jan 20 22:16:52 <E4D> <Huh?>
Jan 20 22:16:56 <Ragazzo> Centurion tries to puzzle this out.
Jan 20 22:17:00 <E4D> He looks around groggily for a moment.
Jan 20 22:17:01 <Maddy> <Fire.> she points.
Jan 20 22:17:05 <Tom90deg> «Feild glasses, binoculars, sorry»
Jan 20 22:17:07 <Ragazzo> He can't seemt o comprehend what zoe means.
Jan 20 22:17:13 <Dexanote> «Shall I?»
Jan 20 22:18:08 <E4D> Jason stumbles to his feet and climbs up past whoever's in the turret. If it's a female, he excuses himself.
Jan 20 22:18:52 <Dexanote> Its probably Alanoch. He'd be annoyed enough to not help.
Jan 20 22:20:19 <Maddy> «I can't see m-much form here guys, n-need you to be my eyes.»
Jan 20 22:20:34 <Ragazzo> «I will go and have a look.»
Jan 20 22:20:38 <Tom90deg> «Can't tell much, it's too far off…»
Jan 20 22:20:40 <Dexanote> «I'll be right back, then.» Any Scene Aspects?
Jan 20 22:20:49 <Dexanote> 4df+4 because if yes, add +2
Jan 20 22:20:49 <Glacon> Dexanote: because if yes, add +2: 2 (4df+4=0, 0, -, -)
Jan 20 22:20:52 <E4D> 4df+4 Jason fumbles with the visor's focus and magnification for a moment.
Jan 20 22:20:53 <Glacon> E4D: Jason fumbles with the visor's focus and magnification for a moment.: 4 (4df+4=+, -, +, -)
Jan 20 22:21:10 <Ragazzo> Lancius also disembarks, and peers towards the fire.
Jan 20 22:21:11 <Dexanote> make it a reroll.
Jan 20 22:21:19 <Ragazzo> 4df+3 Same as myr.
Jan 20 22:21:20 <Glacon> Ragazzo: Same as myr.: 5 (4df+3=+, +, -, +)
Jan 20 22:21:26 <Dexanote> you fuck o
Jan 20 22:21:43 <Dexanote> 4df+4 reroll, The Way You Move, ignore my previous.
Jan 20 22:21:43 <Glacon> Dexanote: reroll, The Way You Move, ignore my previous.: 4 (4df+4=-, +, -, +)
Jan 20 22:22:57 <Dexanote> Myr stealths up i guess. She climbs out of the LAV and pulls on a black touque, all catburglar like.
Jan 20 22:23:11 <Maddy> Looking closer, you can see that there are difinitely people, and they're definitely crouding around the baracaded entrance to the town
Jan 20 22:23:28 <Tom90deg> «Shall I go with Myr and Lance?»
Jan 20 22:24:06 <Ragazzo> «Group of people. Defending a barricade into a town."
Jan 20 22:24:09 <Ragazzo> »
Jan 20 22:24:09 <Maddy> Some figures dart into houses, mostly shorter people, probably children.
Jan 20 22:24:15 <E4D> Jason hops off the side of the LAV, blows the landing, and ends up in a heap before shuffling to his feet.
Jan 20 22:24:40 <Tom90deg> «You are graceful like the swan.»
Jan 20 22:24:54 <Maddy> «What's the plan?»
Jan 20 22:25:08 <Ragazzo> «They seem aware of our presence.»
Jan 20 22:26:21 <Tom90deg> «So should we just approach like we did on that Island?»
Jan 20 22:26:51 <Light> «Do we need to approach them?»
Jan 20 22:27:18 <PaulS_laptop> John is there. armed to the damn teeth.
Jan 20 22:27:19 <E4D> <Uhh… fuck.> He checks his rifle, then looks around him again, checking the terrain.
Jan 20 22:28:01 * Leonard has quit (Ping timeout)
Jan 20 22:28:10 <Maddy> They seem to be right on the edge of a large forest, the town is tiny as hell. Almost more like a collection of cotages.
Jan 20 22:28:39 <Ragazzo> «If we approach peacefully they may allow us to take shelter in their borders.»
Jan 20 22:29:04 <Ragazzo> «Small as this town is, it would be preferable.»
Jan 20 22:29:04 <Tom90deg> «Or at least tell us some info, maybe trade for something.»
Jan 20 22:29:22 <Dexanote> «Should I just check it out anyway? See if it's hostile looking or not?»
Jan 20 22:30:20 <E4D> <Go for it, Myrtle.>
Jan 20 22:30:32 <E4D> He gestures forward, keeping the weapon down.
Jan 20 22:30:34 <Tom90deg> «Mind if I join her?»
Jan 20 22:30:55 <Light> «Two is safer.»
Jan 20 22:31:21 <Tom90deg> Zoe hops down, taking up postion by Myrtle.
Jan 20 22:31:29 * Leonard (~ten.labolgcbs.omslts.deepsthgil.5CE9768D-CRInys|7tahCecI#ten.labolgcbs.omslts.deepsthgil.5CE9768D-CRInys|7tahCecI) has joined #afteraction
Jan 20 22:31:54 <Dexanote> «I can't hide you.» She slinks off towards the left, Planning to hug the treeline to approach from the side.
Jan 20 22:32:09 * PaulS_laptop has quit (Ping timeout)
Jan 20 22:32:25 <Maddy> Roll stealth.
Jan 20 22:32:27 <Tom90deg> "I can hide myself, heh, don't worry about that. But if you're prefer solo…"
Jan 20 22:32:48 * PaulS_laptop (||luap) has joined #afteraction
Jan 20 22:32:51 <Dexanote> 4df+4
Jan 20 22:32:51 <Glacon> Dexanote: 7 (4df+4=+, +, 0, +)
Jan 20 22:33:05 <Dexanote> "I never said that." She tur- SQUIRREL
Jan 20 22:33:12 <Light> «One of you speaks the langauge, yes?»
Jan 20 22:33:24 <Dexanote> Sigh.
Jan 20 22:33:27 <Ragazzo> «The chinaman does.»
Jan 20 22:33:39 <Tom90deg> «Ah…We may need him.»
Jan 20 22:33:53 <E4D> «We'll all go. Alice, be ready to bring the vic around.»
Jan 20 22:34:00 <Ragazzo> «I will endeavor to bring him out.»
Jan 20 22:34:16 <Maddy> Despite Myrtle's extreme sneakiness, one of thw watchers hears the radio and shines a light in her directin.
Jan 20 22:34:29 <Dexanote> She stops.
Jan 20 22:34:31 <Dexanote> Completely.
Jan 20 22:34:40 <Maddy> Someone starts yelling in chinese.
Jan 20 22:34:57 <Tom90deg> "Damn."
Jan 20 22:35:05 <PaulS_laptop> John is hanging back on this one
Jan 20 22:35:20 <Ragazzo> Lancius reaches for his spear, eyes narrowing.
Jan 20 22:35:27 <Dexanote> «Radio traffic. Lovely.»
Jan 20 22:36:02 <Maddy> They man is still yelling and gesturing.
Jan 20 22:36:05 * Light nudges Lancius. "Isn't one of you Chinese?"
Jan 20 22:36:41 <Ragazzo> "Yes. I am trying to bring him out."
Jan 20 22:36:43 <Dexanote> Myrtle looks up at the light. :|.
Jan 20 22:37:08 <Dexanote> «Can anyone see if they're aiming at me?"
Jan 20 22:37:08 <Dexanote> »
Jan 20 22:37:20 <PaulS_laptop> 4df+2 survival, who is waving the light? what're they doing?
Jan 20 22:37:20 <Glacon> PaulS_laptop: survival, who is waving the light? what're they doing?: 3 (4df+2=+, -, +, 0)
Jan 20 22:37:22 <Ragazzo> 4df+3 Lancius looks
Jan 20 22:37:23 <Glacon> Ragazzo: Lancius looks: -1 (4df+3=-, -, -, -)
Jan 20 22:37:33 <Maddy> A plastic bag hits Lancius.
Jan 20 22:37:34 <Ragazzo> Fuck. Plastic bag. In his eye.
Jan 20 22:37:39 * Light nods.
Jan 20 22:37:44 <Tom90deg> 4df+2 looking for the people with the light.
Jan 20 22:37:44 <Glacon> Tom90deg: looking for the people with the light.: 1 (4df+2=-, 0, -, +)
Jan 20 22:37:50 <E4D> Jason goes down to the prone.
Jan 20 22:37:54 <Ragazzo> "Pfft. Argh. Blah."
Jan 20 22:38:09 <Light> 4df+4 Perception, just for shits and giggles
Jan 20 22:38:09 <Glacon> Light: Perception, just for shits and giggles: 0 (4df+4=-, -, -, -)
Jan 20 22:38:13 <PaulS_laptop> John thumbs a 40mm into the 203
Jan 20 22:38:14 <Ragazzo> Lancius pushes the bag away, distracted.
Jan 20 22:38:15 <Dexanote> 4df+2
Jan 20 22:38:15 <Glacon> Dexanote: 6 (4df+2=+, +, +, +)
Jan 20 22:38:20 <Tom90deg> "Can we just…drive up and approach? Might be the best idea…"
Jan 20 22:38:22 <Dexanote> For a moment.
Jan 20 22:38:27 <Dexanote> Everything is clear for Myrtle.
Jan 20 22:38:36 <Maddy> John and Myrtle can see that there are 5-6 people standing at the baricade, none seem to be armed.
Jan 20 22:39:04 <Maddy> Two larger men seem to be wearing some shitty body armour. Looks like it's seen better days
Jan 20 22:39:19 <PaulS_laptop> Five or six unidentified footmobiles, two in armor.
Jan 20 22:39:24 <Dexanote> She relaxes, still in the light. « No weapons right now. Come on.»
Jan 20 22:39:34 <Maddy> Myrtle can actually pick out odd scars on one of the men's arms and hands.
Jan 20 22:39:46 <Dexanote> 'Come on' as in "god fucking dammit i was scared for nothing'
Jan 20 22:40:06 <PaulS_laptop> "Second that, unarmed"
Jan 20 22:40:19 <Ragazzo> «Should we go to you?»
Jan 20 22:41:04 <Light> "If you're sure, I'd send two in first who are armed or can hide. They might be able to find a translator, unless-" She looks at lance.
Jan 20 22:41:11 <E4D> Jason raises up from the prone and advances toward Myrtle, checking along the sides of the road as he goes.
Jan 20 22:41:23 <PaulS_laptop> "I'll cover y'all"
Jan 20 22:41:43 <Ragazzo> Lancius follows, moving swiftly towards myrtle.
Jan 20 22:42:03 <Dexanote> She shifts and sidesteps, then carefully approaches the light and barricade. Hands out.
Jan 20 22:42:22 <Maddy> The man seems to figure out they can't understand them. "Stop! Stop!"
Jan 20 22:42:42 <Tom90deg> Zoe follows Lance, and then stopping when she hears them.
Jan 20 22:42:46 <Ragazzo> Lancius halts, staying beside myrtle, a little in front of her.
Jan 20 22:42:48 <E4D> Jason halts.
Jan 20 22:42:59 <Dexanote> She halts.
Jan 20 22:43:00 <E4D> <English?>
Jan 20 22:43:06 <PaulS_laptop> John had since stopped a while ago
Jan 20 22:43:13 <E4D> <Do you speak English?>
Jan 20 22:43:26 <Maddy> "Your not P…PLA?" English clearly isn't his strong suit.
Jan 20 22:44:27 <Dexanote> She evenly shakes her head 'no'.
Jan 20 22:44:27 <E4D> He looks back at Myrtle and then John. <American.>
Jan 20 22:44:52 <Tom90deg> Zoe mutters, "English…"
Jan 20 22:45:01 <Ragazzo> "Roman."
Jan 20 22:45:11 <Maddy> The man almost seems excited. "Come, come!"
Jan 20 22:45:57 * Light has quit (Quit: ajax IRC Client)
Jan 20 22:46:54 <E4D> «Looks tentatively friendly, people. They're inviting us in. Seem happy to see us.»
Jan 20 22:46:57 <Tom90deg> Zoe looks around, «So, shall we?»
Jan 20 22:47:23 <Ragazzo> Lancius keeps a hand on his sword, waiting.
Jan 20 22:47:31 <Maddy> He starts to yell in chinese again, and the two large, armoured men move the barricade…with ease. Something Jason might have trouble with.
Jan 20 22:47:45 <Maddy> With Oxide's help even.
Jan 20 22:48:11 <Tom90deg> "Damn…."
Jan 20 22:48:22 <Ragazzo> Lancius raises an eyebrow, and casually flips up his eye-patch, revealing the cat's eye briefly, and peers at the large men.
Jan 20 22:48:24 <Maddy> Alice brings the vehicles a little closer.
Jan 20 22:48:43 <Maddy> "You can bring cars too."
Jan 20 22:49:02 <PaulS_laptop> 4df+2 what does John see of the men
Jan 20 22:49:03 <Glacon> PaulS_laptop: what does John see of the men: 2 (4df+2=+, 0, -, 0)
Jan 20 22:49:18 <Ragazzo> 4df+5 Perc. as well, tagging cat's eye because dark
Jan 20 22:49:18 <Glacon> Ragazzo: Perc. as well, tagging cat's eye because dark: 3 (4df+5=-, +, -, -)
Jan 20 22:49:33 <E4D> «Eyes open.» He turns and waves the vehicles in.
Jan 20 22:49:47 <Tom90deg> Zoe approaches the gate, following the vehicles
Jan 20 22:49:55 <Ragazzo> Lancius follows.
Jan 20 22:50:09 <Dexanote> Myr's somewhere in there.
Jan 20 22:50:20 <Maddy> At this distance, anyone looking can see the scars on eveyone's outer arms, and hands.
Jan 20 22:50:38 <Dexanote> 4df+2 occult!
Jan 20 22:50:38 <Glacon> Dexanote: occult!: 2 (4df+2=+, -, -, +)
Jan 20 22:50:58 <PaulS_laptop> "What's with their hands?"
Jan 20 22:51:03 <Maddy> After the vehicles are in, the armoured men move the baracade back. Myr doesn't recognize the scars.
Jan 20 22:51:29 <Ragazzo> "We will find out, I am sure."
Jan 20 22:51:32 <Maddy> The man from before aproaches Jason. "Sir?"
Jan 20 22:51:44 <E4D> Jason taps a few fingers together, then begins broadcasting silently to Alice. «Somethin's wrong wi-» <Yes?>
Jan 20 22:52:34 <Maddy> «Wrong with??»
Jan 20 22:52:42 <Maddy> "American Army?"
Jan 20 22:53:48 <E4D> «Marine Corps. And not all of us.» He gestures around, indicating "everywhere." <International. And non-military as well.>
Jan 20 22:53:48 * Nusquam has quit (Quit: ajax IRC Client)
Jan 20 22:55:44 <Maddy> The man seems to understand most of that, though Marine and Army and Navy and so on probably all mean the same to him. "You have…" he mumbles something in his native tongue, looking at others for help, but they shrug. "Just come, you see."
Jan 20 22:56:43 <Ragazzo> Lancius lets his gaze slide around, taking in everything.
Jan 20 22:56:54 <E4D> He looks at the others around him, then nods forward.
Jan 20 22:57:06 <Tom90deg> "I think we've stumbled into something bad here…" Zoe follows the person who's speaking english.
Jan 20 22:57:32 <E4D> «Alice, everyone here showin' bare skin's got scarring on their arms and hands.»
Jan 20 22:58:01 <Ragazzo> Lancius follows Zoe.
Jan 20 22:58:26 <PaulS_laptop> 4df+2 John looks again. Do the scars look like torture scars?
Jan 20 22:58:27 <Glacon> PaulS_laptop: John looks again. Do the scars look like torture scars?: 3 (4df+2=-, +, +, 0)
Jan 20 22:58:57 <Maddy> The man leads the group into a large building. There are a few people milling about. A casual glance at anyone with short pants or skirts have the same ropey scars on their outer legs. They just looks like scar tissue, I'm not sure how you would tell.
Jan 20 22:59:34 <Maddy> One woman, having some bandages changed, and thus just in a bra, has the same scar up her spine and along her ribs.
Jan 20 22:59:56 <Ragazzo> Lancius blinks.
Jan 20 22:59:59 <Dexanote> 4df+4 tagging Employee Benefits; Occult.
Jan 20 23:00:00 <Glacon> Dexanote: tagging Employee Benefits; Occult.: 4 (4df+4=0, 0, +, -)
Jan 20 23:00:05 <Maddy> «Oh? Tribal s-scarification, you think?»
Jan 20 23:00:28 <PaulS_laptop> «Thinkin' possibly PLA torture?»
Jan 20 23:00:31 <Tom90deg> "Ok, I am begining to worry here…Sir?" Zoe raises her voice asking the english speaker.
Jan 20 23:00:36 <PaulS_laptop> «Prison camp shit?»
Jan 20 23:00:37 <Ragazzo> The doctor comes up, and lancius let's him. There's a brief spark in lance's eye, and thne he focuses. "…hmm."
Jan 20 23:00:45 <E4D> «Bilaterally symmetrical.» Jesus, Jason nice words.
Jan 20 23:00:53 <Ragazzo> All fate burned.
Jan 20 23:01:54 <Tom90deg> "Sir, do you mind me asking…what's happened to all these people?"
Jan 20 23:02:07 <Dexanote> Her eyes narrow… where…
Jan 20 23:02:16 <Ragazzo> 4df+5 Medical, he evaluates the scarring on those around, trying to tell if it's surgical, or…
Jan 20 23:02:16 <Glacon> Ragazzo: Medical, he evaluates the scarring on those around, trying to tell if it's surgical, or…: 5 (4df+5=-, 0, 0, +)
Jan 20 23:02:28 <Ragazzo> Just looking, of course.
Jan 20 23:03:22 <Maddy> "What?" he looks at the woman. "Hunter. Hurt in woods. Have doctors, but no…" he makes a hammering motion, still leading them further in.
Jan 20 23:03:49 <Tom90deg> "A wounded hunter did this?"
Jan 20 23:03:58 <Maddy> The scars seem like the kinds you would get from repetedly having a wound reopened.
Jan 20 23:04:11 <Maddy> "No no. Woman is hunter. Hurt. We take care, no worries."
Jan 20 23:04:29 <Ragazzo> "…who has been treating her?"
Jan 20 23:04:34 <Maddy> "Doctor."
Jan 20 23:04:59 <Tom90deg> "Then what did do that to her? Something in the woods?"
Jan 20 23:05:06 <Ragazzo> "I'm a doctor. If you'd like, I'll examine your injured later."
Jan 20 23:05:20 <Tom90deg> "Alice is a good doctor as well."
Jan 20 23:05:24 <Dexanote> Myrtle leans in and looks closely, pulling her glasses down her nose.
Jan 20 23:05:52 <Ragazzo> Lancius continues to follow, hesitantly.
Jan 20 23:06:05 <Ragazzo> Lance
Jan 20 23:06:05 <Tom90deg> "Where are we going Sir?"
Jan 20 23:06:28 <E4D> Jason takes a moment to lock the CBRN seal, feeling a rush of cool, dry filtered air blow over his face.
Jan 20 23:06:40 <Maddy> "Is ok!" he seems a little annoyed, since he's trying to get them to help with something else. "Just got…aahhh." he stumbles with his english. "Accident, something snuck her."
Jan 20 23:06:54 <Ragazzo> "Struck? Stung?"
Jan 20 23:07:22 <Ragazzo> "…" Oh god.
Jan 20 23:07:27 <Maddy> "No, snuck…like suprise." He turns over his shoulder. "Too cold for fire now." Finally they reach a large generator.
Jan 20 23:07:48 <Maddy> "Need power again, no…" the hammering motion again.
Jan 20 23:08:01 <Ragazzo> "Mechanic?"
Jan 20 23:08:05 <Ragazzo> He looks at john.
Jan 20 23:08:19 <PaulS_laptop> John grunts "I can."
Jan 20 23:08:22 <Maddy> "Yes! Meh-ca-nik"
Jan 20 23:08:32 <Tom90deg> "John's one of the best."
Jan 20 23:08:36 <PaulS_laptop> John hangs the PDW on his hip again
Jan 20 23:09:16 <E4D> Jason eases back away from the man, nodding at him as he steps off, and turns away from the gaggle, setting up outboard security, not that the man would know that.
Jan 20 23:09:21 <Maddy> «The only thing I can think of is r-ritual scarification.» Alice finally says to Jason again. «Unless you think they're up to something foul, nothing to worry about,»
Jan 20 23:09:35 <PaulS_laptop> 4df+6 tagging "now look buddy". He grunts again at the man and looks at the generator
Jan 20 23:09:35 <Glacon> PaulS_laptop: tagging "now look buddy". He grunts again at the man and looks at the generator: 5 (4df+6=0, -, +, -)
Jan 20 23:09:51 <PaulS_laptop> «someone watch my back, I'm gonna check out the generator»
Jan 20 23:10:10 <Dexanote> 4df+4 Stealthing attempt.
Jan 20 23:10:10 <Glacon> Dexanote: Stealthing attempt.: 5 (4df+4=+, +, -, 0)
Jan 20 23:10:17 <Maddy> The generator has plenty of fuel, and theres just an old pice that needs some cleaning.
Jan 20 23:10:21 <Maddy> 4df+3
Jan 20 23:10:22 <Glacon> Maddy: 4 (4df+3=-, 0, +, +)
Jan 20 23:10:29 <Maddy> Myrtle is invisible.
Jan 20 23:10:36 <Ragazzo> Lance turns back to their guide, nodding slightly to John. "While he works, could I ask about your group?"
Jan 20 23:11:00 <Maddy> "I can try." He seems to mean he's worried about the language barrier.
Jan 20 23:11:22 <Ragazzo> The doctor nods understandingly. "How many of you?"
Jan 20 23:11:36 <Dexanote> She weaves in and out of the villagers, looking close at whoever might have bigass scars here or there. She KNOWS she's seen something like this before.
Jan 20 23:11:42 <Maddy> "…hmmm. Number?"
Jan 20 23:12:01 <Ragazzo> "Roughly."
Jan 20 23:12:03 <Tom90deg> Zoe stands over by John, watching him work. She's been meaning to get better and engeniering.
Jan 20 23:12:07 <Ragazzo> "Estimate."
Jan 20 23:12:39 <Maddy> The wounded woman and a few others, men and women, seem to have the biggest scars. They all seem to be dressed similarly, and are likely all hunters.
Jan 20 23:12:51 <Maddy> "I guess…200."
Jan 20 23:13:14 <Ragazzo> He nods, and seems to think for a long time.
Jan 20 23:13:17 * Praetor is now known as Trumpeteer
Jan 20 23:13:23 <Ragazzo> "How many injured?"
Jan 20 23:13:25 <PaulS_laptop> 4df+6 tagging again. John pulls the part(the fuel stopcock has a bit of baggie in it), stopping fuel flow with a rag from his pocket, before clearing the obstruction and putting it back
Jan 20 23:13:26 <Glacon> PaulS_laptop: tagging again. John pulls the part(the fuel stopcock has a bit of baggie in it), stopping fuel flow with a rag from his pocket, before clearing the obstruction and putting it back: 6 (4df+6=-, +, -, +)
Jan 20 23:13:32 <PaulS_laptop> He fires up the generator
Jan 20 23:13:57 <Maddy> As the woman pulls her shirt back on, Myrtle notices the hunters all hace slits in their tops that lind up with the scars on their ribs.
Jan 20 23:14:09 <PaulS_laptop> "take better care'a yer shit. Any one'a y'all coulda fixed that" not really talking to the man as much as at
Jan 20 23:14:36 <Maddy> As the power in the building kicks in, a few people cheer! The man smiles, but keeps talking with Lance. "Not many. Maybe 10?"
Jan 20 23:15:02 * Trumpeteer is now known as Praetor
Jan 20 23:15:13 <Tom90deg> "Very nice John. Have to teach me one of these days"
Jan 20 23:15:40 <Ragazzo> "Are there any in need of serious help?"
Jan 20 23:15:42 <Dexanote> Myr stops, a pit forming in her gut.
Jan 20 23:15:55 <Maddy> One man seems to take interest in the generator. He points to the genny, then to himself.
Jan 20 23:16:05 <Maddy> Trying to get John's attention.
Jan 20 23:16:18 <PaulS_laptop> "It's easy. Jus' look for where something's not working, and then make it work"
Jan 20 23:16:22 <Dexanote> "… They're not cutting INTO the shirts… they're coming OUT…" She turns and nips back to the group.
Jan 20 23:16:34 <Maddy> "No, no, we have good doctors. PLA not come for while."
Jan 20 23:16:47 <Maddy> "Just hunters hurt on hunt."
Jan 20 23:16:53 <Tom90deg> "Heh, easy for you."
Jan 20 23:16:55 <PaulS_laptop> "Hm?" at the guy
Jan 20 23:17:00 <PaulS_laptop> the one bothering him
Jan 20 23:17:20 <Ragazzo> "I'd like to take a look at your people all the sa-" Glances at myrtle. Continues. "I am sorry, but I can't help worrying."
Jan 20 23:17:39 <Ragazzo> "Just something I've always done." Smiles apologetically.
Jan 20 23:17:57 <Dexanote> Myr slides up to Lance's ear. "They;re cut from inside out. Not outside in."
Jan 20 23:18:18 <Maddy> He rattles of some Chinese, then repeats the gesture, trying to get John to show him something.
Jan 20 23:18:21 <Ragazzo> Lance blinks.
Jan 20 23:18:39 <PaulS_laptop> "waddya want?"
Jan 20 23:18:47 <PaulS_laptop> he waves the man over to the generator
Jan 20 23:18:58 <Maddy> "You can look, but we need more importan-" he notice the exchange, and goes to translate.
Jan 20 23:19:03 <Maddy> "He want to learn."
Jan 20 23:20:07 <PaulS_laptop> "Show me what ya want"
Jan 20 23:20:12 <PaulS_laptop> he gestures at the genny
Jan 20 23:20:43 <Ragazzo> "If possible we'll help with that too…" He briefly reaches behind his back, pulling a journal from his back pocket. Scribbles a note on it, thoughtfully, with an obvious flourish that will draw myr's attention. 'Tell Jason'
Jan 20 23:21:00 <Dexanote> Peeeek.
Jan 20 23:21:10 <Ragazzo> Holding it so myr can see if she looks. Looks back up at the guide dude. "I'm sorry. I often take notes."
Jan 20 23:21:27 <Maddy> The non english speaker goes over to the genny, trying to motion like he's cleaning it and rattles off some more Chinese. The man Translates. "Maintenence?"
Jan 20 23:21:39 <Maddy> "Have to keep going, at lest for winter."
Jan 20 23:21:52 <PaulS_laptop> "I'mma need a translator"
Jan 20 23:22:03 <Maddy> "I try."
Jan 20 23:22:10 <PaulS_laptop> "Works"
Jan 20 23:22:12 <PaulS_laptop> he shrugs
Jan 20 23:22:45 * Strife has quit (Quit: ajax IRC Client)
Jan 20 23:23:05 <PaulS_laptop> John goes through the time consuming effort of trying to explain, in actions as much as possible, how to maintain a diesel engine
Jan 20 23:23:25 <E4D> Jason's still walking around the group, several meters away, eyes outboard.
Jan 20 23:23:55 <Maddy> The man trranslates, and the other man nods, and seems to understand for the most part. It's likely that a couple things have to be repeted, but it seems to go well, and the man is a fast learning.
Jan 20 23:23:59 <Maddy> *learner
Jan 20 23:24:09 <Ragazzo> "I'm going to see you injured. Is that ok?" To the english speaker.
Jan 20 23:24:37 <PaulS_laptop> "Least he's payin' attention"
Jan 20 23:24:46 <Maddy> "Uhm! I don't know…they not…English."
Jan 20 23:25:55 <Maddy> "Actually…" comes a soft voice. A young girl stands. "I speak english." she's a little shy.
Jan 20 23:26:01 <PaulS_laptop> "He should be able to take care'a this."
Jan 20 23:26:09 <PaulS_laptop> "An' if he can't, he'll figure it out"
Jan 20 23:26:31 <Ragazzo> "Ah." Lance turns, and smile kindly to the young girl. "Would you mind helping me, young lady?"
Jan 20 23:26:33 <Maddy> "Thank you!" The man bows.
Jan 20 23:26:53 <Tom90deg> Zoe gives the little girl a frendly wave.
Jan 20 23:26:58 <Maddy> She nods, keeping her head down and going to Lance.
Jan 20 23:27:31 <PaulS_laptop> "Get him somethin' broken to play with"
Jan 20 23:27:38 * Salmander|Away (~ten.elbacwahs.gc.63A9248-CRInys|rednamlaS#ten.elbacwahs.gc.63A9248-CRInys|rednamlaS) has joined #afteraction
Jan 20 23:28:03 <Ragazzo> "I hope that your not putting yourself to any trouble. Callme Dr. Cole, if you like, by the way."
Jan 20 23:28:11 <Maddy> "Will do. Have many broken things."
Jan 20 23:28:11 * Salmander|Away is now known as Salmander
Jan 20 23:28:21 <Maddy> Is John wearing armour?
Jan 20 23:28:51 <Ragazzo> Lance starts away, heading for the woman they passed on the way in witht he big scars.
Jan 20 23:29:10 <PaulS_laptop> Low profile
Jan 20 23:29:23 <Maddy> "No, no trouble…we don't see many outsiders." her English is much better, which s understandible, since she's much younger. The woman nod-bows to Lance as they aproach.
Jan 20 23:29:24 <PaulS_laptop> polymer plate
Jan 20 23:29:32 <PaulS_laptop> front and back of his chest
Jan 20 23:30:00 <Maddy> "Where did…Marine go? He is your leader?" The man eyes John's vest.
Jan 20 23:30:02 <PaulS_laptop> he has no armor over his sleeves, and indeed his shirt's sleeves don't really qualify much anymore
Jan 20 23:30:40 <Ragazzo> Lance returns a polite nod. "You're a secluded group of people then? Even before…all this?" He smiles to the lwoman. "Could you tell her I'm a Doctor, and my name is lance cole? And that I'd like to just make sure she's ok?"
Jan 20 23:30:51 <E4D> Jason's standing a few meters away.
Jan 20 23:30:57 <E4D> 4df+0 stealth'
Jan 20 23:30:58 <Glacon> E4D: stealth': 2 (4df+0=0, +, +, 0)
Jan 20 23:31:05 * Dawny has quit (Broken pipe)
Jan 20 23:31:07 <E4D> He unintentionally inconspicuous.
Jan 20 23:31:11 * Dawny (~ten.sndomt.A04C4088-CRInys|criordna#ten.sndomt.A04C4088-CRInys|criordna) has joined #afteraction
Jan 20 23:31:35 <Dexanote> 4df+4
Jan 20 23:31:35 <Glacon> Dexanote: 3 (4df+4=0, -, 0, 0)
Jan 20 23:31:47 <Dexanote> Myr's There. There's a crowd now.
Jan 20 23:31:47 * Dawny has quit (Client exited)
Jan 20 23:31:54 * Dawny (~ten.sndomt.A04C4088-CRInys|criordna#ten.sndomt.A04C4088-CRInys|criordna) has joined #afteraction
Jan 20 23:31:56 <Maddy> The girl nods, both to his question and to the translation. The woman smiles and nods in return, removing her top again. While they are seculded, they don't seem to be very shy.
Jan 20 23:32:54 <Ragazzo> "Turn around, please." Lance's eyes trail over the scarring visible from the front, but is more curious abotu the one along her back.
Jan 20 23:33:39 <Maddy> The woman nods, showing the bandage on her shoulder and asking something. "Should she take the bandage away?"
Jan 20 23:33:48 <PaulS_laptop> John's armor isn't visible below his shirt. The flamethrower, however, is fairly big on his back. He looks quite scary.
Jan 20 23:34:03 <Ragazzo> He considers. Does it look as though she's bleeding under the bandage?
Jan 20 23:34:11 <Maddy> He eyes the flame thrower then. Questions still stands.
Jan 20 23:34:35 <Maddy> A little, but it seems the doctor did a pretty good job.
Jan 20 23:35:04 <Ragazzo> "Tel lher I'll do it, but I'm only going to take a short look."
Jan 20 23:35:23 <Maddy> She girl translates, and the huntswoman nods.
Jan 20 23:35:33 * Lyluh has quit (Quit: AndroIRC - Android IRC Client ( ))
Jan 20 23:35:46 <Ragazzo> He produces a pair of gloves from a pocket in his doctor's coat, and gently removes the bandage, scanning the wound underneath.
Jan 20 23:36:03 <PaulS_laptop> [[what question, maddy?]]
Jan 20 23:36:22 <Maddy> "Where did…Marine go? He is your leader?" The man eyes John's vest.
Jan 20 23:37:13 <PaulS_laptop> "I'll call him ovwer? You need him?"
Jan 20 23:37:42 <Maddy> "Yes, please."
Jan 20 23:37:54 <PaulS_laptop> «Yo Jason, guy wants you.»
Jan 20 23:38:11 <Maddy> Lance will notice the wound is a bite, and completely unrelated to the scaring.
Jan 20 23:38:28 <Maddy> It's not a pretty wound, but it's not terrible either.
Jan 20 23:38:37 <Ragazzo> "Could you ask if she knows what bit her?"
Jan 20 23:39:14 <Ragazzo> He takes a scrutinizing look, trying to figure it out himself, before closing th ebandage bac up.
Jan 20 23:39:19 <E4D> Jason turns from where he's standing and makes his way over, covering the short distance in a few seconds. He keeps his rifle cradled low across his chest, and taps his visor, "unfogging" it before speaking. <Yes?>
Jan 20 23:39:19 <Maddy> The girl nods again, translating an answering. "A wolf."
Jan 20 23:40:10 <Ragazzo> "Thank you. If I could aks one more thing. What are these sccars from. Many of your people have them."
Jan 20 23:40:16 <Ragazzo> *ask
Jan 20 23:40:18 <Maddy> "Yes, Sir. I see your weapons are many. Armour too. Maybe you have surplus?"
Jan 20 23:40:54 <Ragazzo> His eyes flicker over the younger girl, searching her for any signs of scarring.
Jan 20 23:41:04 <Ragazzo> Briefly, before returning to the woman.
Jan 20 23:41:12 <Maddy> The girl looks a little bashful, looking at her own scars. "A long time ago, manybe people got sick. They became like this, now everyone is like this."
Jan 20 23:41:22 <Maddy> "It's just how we are."
Jan 20 23:41:39 <E4D> He looks over to John, then back to the speaker. <We have a few sets we could spare.>
Jan 20 23:41:54 <Ragazzo> "He nods. "It is nothing to be embarrassed of. I apologize…"
Jan 20 23:42:00 <Maddy> "Maybe..we trade? Have surplus food."
Jan 20 23:42:14 <Maddy> The girl shakes her head. "People are curious."
Jan 20 23:42:34 <PaulS_laptop> "Got any booze?"
Jan 20 23:42:40 <Maddy> The woman puts her shirt back on.
Jan 20 23:42:47 <Maddy> The man shakes his head.
Jan 20 23:42:53 <PaulS_laptop> "Darn"
Jan 20 23:43:01 <Ragazzo> 4df+5 Medical. He lightly touches the scaring along the woman's back, as well giving a more in-depth examination of her markings. "Do either of you know anything about the illness that caused these?"
Jan 20 23:43:01 <Glacon> Ragazzo: Medical. He lightly touches the scaring along the woman's back, as well giving a more in-depth examination of her markings. "Do either of you know anything about the illness that caused these?": 6 (4df+5=0, -, +, +)
Jan 20 23:43:19 <E4D> «Alice? Do me a favor? John's gonna run back to the LAV. Can you get a couple medium flak jackets laid out for me? Throw the plates in?»
Jan 20 23:43:27 <Ragazzo> Oh, doesn't examine her marks then
Jan 20 23:43:33 <Ragazzo> Shirt's on, derp
Jan 20 23:43:45 <Maddy> Redact the shirt thing. The scar twitches.
Jan 20 23:43:50 <Maddy> «Will do, hun.»
Jan 20 23:44:00 <Maddy> "It was too long ago."
Jan 20 23:44:26 <Ragazzo> He nods, pausing at the twitch, and looks at the woman. Did she move?
Jan 20 23:44:50 <Ragazzo> Touches lightly again, watching.
Jan 20 23:44:51 <Maddy> She did not. The woman says something and the girl translates. "Her great grand mother was one of the first. Very long ago."
Jan 20 23:45:07 <PaulS_laptop> John grunts
Jan 20 23:45:12 <Dexanote> 4df+4 STEALTHING again
Jan 20 23:45:12 <Glacon> Dexanote: STEALTHING again: 5 (4df+4=+, -, 0, +)
Jan 20 23:45:14 <PaulS_laptop> And walks back
Jan 20 23:45:14 <Ragazzo> "I see. Thank you for being so forthright."
Jan 20 23:45:26 <Maddy> it tiwtiches again. The woman laughs a little, seeming to be amused by Lance's curiosity."
Jan 20 23:45:28 <Maddy> -"
Jan 20 23:45:49 <Ragazzo> "…your doctor's. What do they about this?"
Jan 20 23:46:10 <Ragazzo> He's more then a little disquited by the laugh.
Jan 20 23:46:19 <Ragazzo> disquieted.
Jan 20 23:46:19 <Maddy> "Nothing. just make sure our tools don't get hurt."
Jan 20 23:46:51 <Maddy> "Doctor things."
Jan 20 23:46:52 <Ragazzo> "Tools?"
Jan 20 23:46:57 <Ragazzo> "Ah."
Jan 20 23:47:42 <Maddy> The girl seems bashfull again, mentioning something to the woman, who laughs boisterously. Apparently she's used to this question. "She says back up please."
Jan 20 23:47:59 <Ragazzo> "OH. Of course."
Jan 20 23:48:02 <Ragazzo> He backs up.
Jan 20 23:49:06 <Maddy> the scars on her ribs move, unshething what look like sharp rib bones, but more fiberous and kind of blue-ish.
Jan 20 23:49:22 <Maddy> The apendages flex a little. "Tools."
Jan 20 23:49:30 <Ragazzo> "…I see."
Jan 20 23:49:51 <Ragazzo> He passes a hand over his eyes. Blinks.
Jan 20 23:49:59 <E4D> Jason's waiting on those vests.
Jan 20 23:50:09 <Ragazzo> "And…do all your people have such tools?"
Jan 20 23:50:21 <Maddy> The woman smiles and looks back at herr troop who colectivly sigh and roll their eyes. She's likely the show off in the group. Probably how she got careless enough to be wounded.
Jan 20 23:50:43 <Ragazzo> "I noticed a pair of large men by your entrance…"
Jan 20 23:50:52 <Maddy> Alice shuffles in with the vests, looking for Jason.
Jan 20 23:51:26 <Maddy> "Yes. It's just how we are."
Jan 20 23:52:11 <Ragazzo> "I'll admit, I'm relieved. I was worried something much more…gruesome was the cause of these scars."
Jan 20 23:52:38 <Ragazzo> "Thank you for your patience." He nods gratefully to the girl, and the woman.
Jan 20 23:52:44 <E4D> Jason takes them from her with a smile behind his helmet and passes them to the man he was speaking to.
Jan 20 23:52:46 <Ragazzo> "And I am sorry for prying."
Jan 20 23:52:56 <Maddy> "You are wlecome. It's no trouble." she bows.
Jan 20 23:53:35 <Maddy> "We will share our food." the man's face lights up.
Jan 20 23:53:40 <Ragazzo> "That said, if there is anyone in your group in particular need of medical aid."
Jan 20 23:53:55 <Ragazzo> "I'd be happy to help. Antibiotics, or such."
Jan 20 23:54:20 <Maddy> She shakes her head. "We sent some people to near towns. We should be ok."
Jan 20 23:54:54 <Ragazzo> "Very well. Thank you, again."
Jan 20 23:55:15 <Ragazzo> "She can put her shirt on, and please, tell her thank you as well."
Jan 20 23:56:07 <Maddy> The girl goes back to her group and the huntswoman puts her shirt back on and winks at Lance before heading to ther other hunters.
Jan 20 23:56:10 <E4D> Jason's completely oblivious to any of the other goings-on.
Jan 20 23:56:58 <Maddy> "You helped much, Marine." he bows. "Not many people want to help."
Jan 20 23:57:11 <E4D> "Why's that?"
Jan 20 23:57:12 <Ragazzo> Lance's ears redden slightly, and an awkward smile, before he goes back over to jason and them.
Jan 20 23:57:15 <E4D> *<>
Jan 20 23:57:33 <Tom90deg> Zoe gives Lance a nod. "What's up?"
Jan 20 23:58:09 <Ragazzo> "The people here fine. They're just a bit different."
Jan 20 23:58:18 <Ragazzo> He looks around for myrtle, to hell to relax.
Jan 20 23:58:21 <Ragazzo> *to tell
Jan 20 23:58:37 <Maddy> "Even after real bad things came, people still think we are bad." he motions to his scars.
Jan 20 23:58:43 <Tom90deg> "Ah, diffrent like Myrtle and me?"
Jan 20 23:58:52 <Ragazzo> "Yeah."
Jan 20 23:59:03 <Ragazzo> "A bit of a genetic trait, I think."
Jan 20 23:59:07 * Dexanote has quit (Ping timeout)
Jan 20 23:59:08 <Ragazzo> "Not sure."
Jan 20 23:59:21 <E4D> <… oh?>
Jan 20 23:59:29 <Tom90deg> "Intresting….Think it's some kinda goverment testing?"
Jan 20 23:59:41 <Ragazzo> "I…doubt it."
Jan 20 23:59:54 <Maddy> He nods."Not bad. Just different. How we are."
Jan 20 23:59:56 <Ragazzo> "The woman did mention a disease…"
Jan 21 00:00:18 <Ragazzo> "Yes. You're not bad people, you seem like better folk then we've met, honestly."
Jan 21 00:01:17 <Tom90deg> "And we're right alongside of diffrent. Don't worry about that."
Jan 21 00:01:34 <Maddy> "Different helps."
Jan 21 00:01:37 * Dexanote (~ten.elbacogc.emoh.CBFED478-CRInys|alliztahc#ten.elbacogc.emoh.CBFED478-CRInys|alliztahc) has joined #afteraction
Jan 21 00:01:46 <Ragazzo> "It definitely does."
Jan 21 00:01:49 <Maddy> Alice just watches, standing with Jason.
Jan 21 00:01:58 <Tom90deg> "Heh, don't have to tell me how much that helps."
Jan 21 00:02:00 <E4D> <Wait, what are we talking about?>
Jan 21 00:02:01 <Ragazzo> He chuckles briefly, and rubs his ears.
Jan 21 00:02:18 <Ragazzo> GEt that red out lance, gogogo.
Jan 21 00:02:28 <E4D> <What's this about a disease?>
Jan 21 00:02:37 <PaulS_laptop> John, meanwhile, is watching and listening, off to one side
Jan 21 00:02:48 <Tom90deg> "Their scars, some kinda…genetic…thing."
Jan 21 00:03:04 <Tom90deg> "Lance?"
Jan 21 00:03:12 <Ragazzo> "As far as I can tell, Jason, it's something from a long way back in their history. At least six or some generations. It…altered them."
Jan 21 00:03:24 <Ragazzo> "OR at least, those who survived had different genes."
Jan 21 00:03:43 <Ragazzo> "They can do this kind of…thing, with their bones."
Jan 21 00:03:50 <Maddy> The man looks worried and shakes his head. "No no, no disease." he's heard that before. "Sick many years ago, and never…uh not catch?"
Jan 21 00:04:13 <Tom90deg> Zoe's eyebrow raises. "Really? What kind of thing?"
Jan 21 00:04:17 <Ragazzo> "Not infectious?"
Jan 21 00:04:57 <Maddy> He nods to show that what Lance is saying is true. "Sick people changed, childen come out changed. Soon only changed people."
Jan 21 00:05:17 <Ragazzo> "Kind of like…spines."
Jan 21 00:05:26 <Ragazzo> "They come out along the scars."
Jan 21 00:05:30 <PaulS_laptop> John looks slightly on edge about it
Jan 21 00:05:43 <Dexanote> Myrtle watches with interest.
Jan 21 00:05:55 <Ragazzo> "A woman showed me hers. They're tools to these people."
Jan 21 00:06:07 <Tom90deg> "Ahh…intresting. Seems useful."
Jan 21 00:06:18 <Ragazzo> "Nothing…really dangerous. No more then a sword, I imagine."
Jan 21 00:06:49 <Maddy> "Hunters hunt. Sometimes some strong. Different for everyone."
Jan 21 00:07:04 * ChanServ gives channel operator status to Dexanote
Jan 21 00:07:14 <E4D> <… really.> Jason turns back to the man he passed the armor off to.
Jan 21 00:07:40 <Ragazzo> Lance nods. This makes some sense.
Jan 21 00:07:41 <Maddy> "But not like armour. Still just…people."
Jan 21 00:07:57 <Maddy> "Armour will help."
Jan 21 00:08:03 <Tom90deg> "Sounds very intresting. I can't do anything like that, but it sounds very useful."
Jan 21 00:08:51 <Maddy> "You stay for food? Stay long as you need. You helped."
Jan 21 00:10:39 <Tom90deg> "Want to see my little trick? Probaly not as impressive as yours though…"
Jan 21 00:10:50 <E4D> <Well, then… uh, Alice? Get the vehicles staged? Everyone else, limited unpacking. Just enough to be comfortable. Be ready to get up. Post a watch.>
Jan 21 00:11:02 <PaulS_laptop> "Gotcha"
Jan 21 00:11:04 <Ragazzo> "Right…"
Jan 21 00:11:04 <Tom90deg> "Rodger."
Jan 21 00:11:46 <Maddy> Alice nods and heads over to do so.
Jan 21 00:12:23 <E4D> Jason extends a hand toward the man. <What's your name?>
Jan 21 00:12:33 <Ragazzo> Lance goes to help unpack some, and then stows the few things he takes with the others.
Jan 21 00:13:03 <Tom90deg> As soon as the vehicles are staged, Zoe ports onto the roof of EVE and sits back.
Jan 21 00:13:15 <Ragazzo> Looks around for familiar faces among the people as he does.
Jan 21 00:14:07 <Maddy> The man tilts his head briefly at Zoe, but is distracted by Jason. "Jian-Shu"
Jan 21 00:15:28 <Maddy> He shakes Jason's hand
Jan 21 00:16:50 <Maddy> A strong looking woman moves over to the man and nods to Jason, mumbling something to Jian.
Jan 21 00:16:51 <E4D> He flicks his head back, locking the visor open, and nods. "Jan-shoo? My name's Jason." He turns the man's hand slightly, glancing down for a moment at the scars, then releases it.
Jan 21 00:18:04 <Maddy> "Jason? Yes. Glad to meet. Where you going?"
Jan 21 00:19:05 <E4D> "Uh, Shanghai."
Jan 21 00:20:25 <Maddy> He nods, but offers nothing more, small talk not his forte. He mumbles back to the woman, who nods and heads off, picking up a large barrel of fuel with ar too much ease and moving it elsewhere.
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Jan 21 00:21:03 <E4D> "If that's all, Jan-Shoo? I'll be headed back to our vehicles."
Jan 21 00:21:09 * Maddy has changed the topic to: Welcome to After Action. Please refer OOC text to #afteractionooc | Secondary room: #afteractionmission |RouteMap: Point A: Undesignated SCP Facility, Pingtan, China B: Shanghai, China - Current Location: Gaodong Paradise, China.
Jan 21 00:21:17 <Tom90deg> Zoe watches the woman lift the huge barrel. "Bet they don't have much of a problem with security…"
Jan 21 00:21:35 <Maddy> "Yes, thank you again. We will bring food?"
Jan 21 00:22:15 <Ragazzo> Lance watches this as well, with interest. Huh…another side effect of their genes?
Jan 21 00:22:31 <E4D> "If you like."
Jan 21 00:23:10 <Maddy> He nod bows then heads off to find the food, letting people go about their buisness.