Garnet Ghost Town

Dec 07 21:31:39 <Echo> Evans follows directly behind the LAV's trailer, about 20 meters back.
Dec 07 21:31:54 <Ragazzo> Arnold scans to and fro with the gun
Dec 07 21:31:55 <Maddy> Elle sets out for Garnet! «It's about 3 hour drive, mayve longer if roads are shitty."
Dec 07 21:31:57 <Maddy> »
Dec 07 21:32:34 <Echo> «That ain't bad. You think we ought to drive lights out?»
Dec 07 21:33:21 <Dexanote> «Lead vehicle should keep its lights on. Leave the rest off?»
Dec 07 21:33:56 <Maddy> «Sounds good to me.»
Dec 07 21:38:03 <Maddy> As she drives, they finally break free of the magic forest, and things look almost normal again.
Dec 07 21:38:16 <Pemander> «Huzzah.»
Dec 07 21:39:38 <Ragazzo> «Calm down. That was just the mirkwood. We still need to get through he misty mountains.»
Dec 07 21:40:49 <Pemander> Radio silence.
Dec 07 21:40:57 <Maddy> «…that was gay.»
Dec 07 21:41:09 <Ragazzo> «No it wasn't.»
Dec 07 21:41:25 <Maddy> Eventually they head on to a more rural road, and the hours go by with little happening.
Dec 07 21:41:45 <Dexanote> «… What's Mirkwood?"
Dec 07 21:41:47 <Dexanote> »
Dec 07 21:42:16 <Maddy> «Lord of the Rings and or Hobbit reff, I think.»
Dec 07 21:42:35 <Dexanote> «Oh. That.»
Dec 07 21:42:56 <Ragazzo> «Was in the hobbit first, if we're talking about order of release.»
Dec 07 21:43:06 <Echo> «*Nerd*.»
Dec 07 21:43:20 <Ragazzo> «Phillistine.»
Dec 07 21:43:57 <Pemander> «You know, I was enjoying the silence.»
Dec 07 21:44:35 <Ragazzo> Silence.
Dec 07 21:44:40 <Maddy> Eventially the light of the LAV fall onto a sign. "GARNET GHOST TOWN! Open 930-4 all season." the sign is half off the post.
Dec 07 21:44:58 <Ragazzo> Arnold looks around in the gunner position.
Dec 07 21:45:06 <Pemander> «Oh, it's supposed to be a ghost town?»
Dec 07 21:45:09 <Ragazzo> «Literally ghosts, you think?»
Dec 07 21:45:11 <Pemander> «That sounds fun.»
Dec 07 21:45:26 <Dexanote> «Probably not. Haunted places don't usually advertise being haunted.»
Dec 07 21:45:48 <Echo> «Ghosts aren't real.»
Dec 07 21:45:49 <Maddy> «Nah nah, I came here when I was like 10. It;s cool as hell. Jsut an abandoned gold mining town."
Dec 07 21:46:01 <Maddy> »
Dec 07 21:46:13 <Maddy> «And they totaly are. Ari and I met some.»
Dec 07 21:46:14 <Ragazzo> «Ghosts are real.»
Dec 07 21:46:21 <Ragazzo> «What she said. Yeah.»
Dec 07 21:46:25 <Pemander> «It's true.»
Dec 07 21:47:40 <Maddy> She pulls into the parking lot and parks it. «Shall we clear some buildings, then?»
Dec 07 21:47:55 <Ragazzo> «Sounds good.»
Dec 07 21:48:04 <Pemander> Arianna hops out of the LAV.
Dec 07 21:48:20 <Echo> What's the place look like?
Dec 07 21:48:31 <Maddy> Elle gets out, all ready to kick down doors and shit. Most of the buildings are in shitty repair but 4 main large buildings are good.
Dec 07 21:48:36 <Ragazzo> Arnold hops out.
Dec 07 21:48:39 <Dexanote> Myr parks and climbs out of the pickup. Bruce wallows in the pickup and eventually gives up.
Dec 07 21:48:42 <Maddy> heres some picks cause I'm shitty at descriptions
Dec 07 21:48:47 <Echo> Evans pulls the Hummer alongside the LAV, lining the backs of their trailers up.
Dec 07 21:50:06 <Ragazzo> Arnold picks up his can of beans on the way down.
Dec 07 21:50:14 <Ragazzo> Slides it into a pocket.
Dec 07 21:50:48 <Pemander> "Is this place really going to have anything we can use?"
Dec 07 21:50:51 <Echo> He shuts the vehicle off and climbs out, takes a deep breath of the night air, and zips his coat back up.
Dec 07 21:50:58 <Ragazzo> Arnold buttons his coat.
Dec 07 21:51:26 <Maddy> "Who knows but it's a damn sight safer than in a forest in the winter, and were still clsoe wenough to town to go looking for shit."
Dec 07 21:51:36 <Ragazzo> "Mnm."
Dec 07 21:51:48 <Pemander> Arianna nods.
Dec 07 21:52:12 <Dexanote> "Lets clear a building to sleep in. We'll be more thorough tomorrow." She looks around for a bigger building. "One with a fireplace."
Dec 07 21:52:17 <Maddy> the three buildings on the left side of the road are the only ones that look habitable.
Dec 07 21:53:31 <Ragazzo> Arnold rub shis cheek.
Dec 07 21:53:36 <Echo> Evans clicks his rifle's light on and shines it over the faces of the buildings. "Not exactly a lot *to* the place is there?"
Dec 07 21:53:42 <Maddy> The cabin in the forground on the right has its roof caved in, and the smal church looking building a ways up has burned down som very very long time ago.
Dec 07 21:54:23 <Maddy> "Its a tourist trap, man, but like I said, woodburning stoves, that kinda stuff, so we can keep warm and eat without worrying about fuel."
Dec 07 21:54:39 <Pemander> "Mm."
Dec 07 21:54:39 <Ragazzo> "Mnm."
Dec 07 21:54:43 <Ragazzo> "…"
Dec 07 21:54:49 <Ragazzo> He looks askance at arianna.
Dec 07 21:54:55 <Pemander> "I'm going to check this one over on the left." She points at it with her flashlight.
Dec 07 21:55:05 <Echo> Scott wanders a little closer to the building with the long porch across the front and presses his face against the glass of a window.
Dec 07 21:55:21 <Ragazzo> Arnold glances over to scott.
Dec 07 21:55:29 <Ragazzo> "What's in there?"
Dec 07 21:55:42 <Maddy> Looks like some kinda bar/tavern thing. The one Ari looks at is a school house.
Dec 07 21:56:02 <Echo> "Well." He leans away and looks back at Arnold. "I'm not sure. That's usually the biggest reason to look, huh."
Dec 07 21:56:11 * Roget (ten.tsacmoc.lf.1dsh.110DCAFD-CRInys|tibbiM#ten.tsacmoc.lf.1dsh.110DCAFD-CRInys|tibbiM) has left #afteractionmission
Dec 07 21:56:14 <Ragazzo> "You're looking."
Dec 07 21:56:18 <Ragazzo> "What do you see."
Dec 07 21:56:20 <Echo> He steps over past a few more windows and checks the door.
Dec 07 21:56:28 <Echo> "Looks like a bar."
Dec 07 21:56:31 <Maddy> It;s not locked, but ther eis infact a door
Dec 07 21:56:34 <Ragazzo> "Hmmm."
Dec 07 21:56:37 <Pemander> Arianna walks over to the school house.
Dec 07 21:56:53 <Ragazzo> Arnold heads to chekc otu the bar.
Dec 07 21:57:55 <Pemander> She tries the door.
Dec 07 21:57:58 <Maddy> It;s a one room school house, huge black board at the back, covered in graffiti from right when things went down, probably. Desks are broken, there are torn books and such on the shelves.
Dec 07 21:58:11 <Maddy> She goes in and sees what I just sad
Dec 07 21:58:21 <Pemander> "Hm. Books make good tinder."
Dec 07 21:58:30 <Echo> Evans takes a breath, then slams the door open, stepping in quickly and sweeping left to right, corner to corner with his rifle as he rushes in and to the left.
Dec 07 21:58:51 <Ragazzo> Arnold waits for evans to clear the bar.
Dec 07 21:58:57 <Pemander> Arianna walks over to the blackboard.
Dec 07 21:59:01 <Maddy> The tavern isn't bad either, ome chairs and stools are broken, more graffiti, empty cans of beer etc etc.
Dec 07 21:59:14 <Maddy> Theres a door that leads to what might be the kitchen.
Dec 07 21:59:37 <Pemander> Is there any chalk in the school house?
Dec 07 21:59:39 <Echo> "Clear. You're up, Arnold. Give that room a look-see."
Dec 07 21:59:59 <Maddy> There is!
Dec 07 22:00:06 <Maddy> Multiple colours!
Dec 07 22:00:08 <Ragazzo> Arnold heads throught he door, holding a gun at ready. Scans from eleft ot right.
Dec 07 22:00:16 <Ragazzo> left to right
Dec 07 22:00:18 <Maddy> And one of those chalk holder things.
Dec 07 22:00:18 <Ragazzo> words
Dec 07 22:00:33 <Pemander> Arianna takes some purple chalk and draws a large penis on the black board.
Dec 07 22:00:39 <Pemander> She snickers to herself.
Dec 07 22:01:03 <Maddy> The kitchen is messy as all fuck, but there's a wood burning stove, pots and pans, and some other kitchen stuff.
Dec 07 22:01:12 <Dexanote> Myr drifts along with the group. "Nice Ari. Either you can't draw or you've never seen one of those before."
Dec 07 22:01:27 <Pemander> "Quiet, you."
Dec 07 22:01:36 <Ragazzo> "Got a stove in here."
Dec 07 22:01:40 <Ragazzo> "Messy though."
Dec 07 22:01:45 <Ragazzo> "Wood burning."
Dec 07 22:01:53 <Maddy> There's a wood burning stof in the school house too, but not for cooking likely, just keeping the building warm.
Dec 07 22:03:44 <Maddy> Elle is securing the perimeter.
Dec 07 22:04:06 <Pemander> «Nothing worth salvaging in the school, aside from these books. Could burn 'em.»
Dec 07 22:04:40 <Ragazzo> «Got what looks like a functional stove here.»
Dec 07 22:04:46 <Ragazzo> «In the bar.»
Dec 07 22:04:55 <Maddy> «I got nothing nasty out here. Signs of some wildlife, but nothign weird, bear, deer, that kinda thing.»
Dec 07 22:05:22 <Ragazzo> Arnold mosies otut o check another building.
Dec 07 22:05:28 <Ragazzo> Picks one at random.Enters.
Dec 07 22:05:40 <Maddy> Give me more to go on dude I have this shit planned
Dec 07 22:06:04 <Ragazzo> Uhhh.
Dec 07 22:06:13 <Ragazzo> One between the school and the bar?
Dec 07 22:06:14 <Maddy> heres the picture again.
Dec 07 22:06:18 <Echo> «Got a bar. Decent size, kitchen, and a big-ass wood-burner.»
Dec 07 22:06:37 <Maddy> the fist on the left is the school, the second is the bar. The two on the right are fucked
Dec 07 22:07:05 <Ragazzo> The church then
Dec 07 22:08:02 <Maddy> >:| Jsut a second.
Dec 07 22:12:08 <Maddy> THERE
Dec 07 22:12:38 <Ragazzo> oh
Dec 07 22:12:40 <Ragazzo> uh
Dec 07 22:12:54 <Ragazzo> HE goes to unexplored!
Dec 07 22:13:34 <Maddy> It's a BARN!
Dec 07 22:13:42 <Ragazzo> He looks around inside!
Dec 07 22:13:53 <Ragazzo> «Found a barn.»
Dec 07 22:14:23 <Dexanote> «Any livestock?»
Dec 07 22:14:27 <Maddy> But it's been altered to be a gift shop.
Dec 07 22:14:36 <Maddy> two floor
Dec 07 22:14:37 <Maddy> s
Dec 07 22:14:42 <Ragazzo> «…except the barn is a giftshop.»
Dec 07 22:14:49 <Ragazzo> «Checking for livestock.»
Dec 07 22:15:04 <Ragazzo> He checks for livestock on the first floor.
Dec 07 22:17:12 <Maddy> No live stock
Dec 07 22:17:19 <Maddy> Theres some shirts
Dec 07 22:18:00 <Ragazzo> «No livestock yet.»
Dec 07 22:18:08 <Maddy> Some hand carved nick nacks
Dec 07 22:18:10 <Ragazzo> He checks upstairs.
Dec 07 22:18:20 <Ragazzo> «Some clothes and trnkets in here.»
Dec 07 22:18:44 <Ragazzo> «This place has two floors, and seems in pretty good shape.»
Dec 07 22:18:59 <Ragazzo> «Don't know if we could keep warm here though.»
Dec 07 22:19:35 <Maddy> Upstais looks like someone might have mad a sleeping area for a buncha fold, but their all long gone
Dec 07 22:19:47 <Echo> Evans has wandered to the back of the bar, past the counter. Any other rooms?
Dec 07 22:19:49 <Ragazzo> Fold?
Dec 07 22:19:51 <Maddy> The place has electic lighting and heating, but the genny is empty.
Dec 07 22:19:57 <Maddy> *people
Dec 07 22:20:01 <Maddy> I dont knwo why I typed fld
Dec 07 22:20:09 <Ragazzo> "Mmm."
Dec 07 22:20:12 <Pemander> folks
Dec 07 22:20:25 <Maddy> Probably
Dec 07 22:20:30 <Ragazzo> "We have a generator here. And it looks it could be used ot heat this place."
Dec 07 22:20:38 <Maddy> There are even bathrooms!
Dec 07 22:20:53 <Ragazzo> «There's bedding. Seems like there were people here, a good while ago.»
Dec 07 22:20:58 <Ragazzo> He said his last line into the radio.
Dec 07 22:21:11 <Ragazzo> «Bathrooms too, but still…lack of water…so…»
Dec 07 22:21:16 <Ragazzo> He checks out the bathrooms.
Dec 07 22:21:25 <Maddy> They're kinda groaty.
Dec 07 22:21:25 <Echo> «You can dump water in, genius.»
Dec 07 22:21:29 <Maddy> Like Fallout 3.
Dec 07 22:21:34 <Ragazzo> «True.»
Dec 07 22:21:41 <Pemander> «Rude.»
Dec 07 22:22:21 <Echo> «Just sayin'.»
Dec 07 22:22:30 <Maddy> Back in the bar, Scott finds a trap door to the root cellar.
Dec 07 22:23:10 <Echo> He slings his rifle and pulls his handgun from the holster, then tries to yank the door open.
Dec 07 22:23:14 <Echo> Any luck?
Dec 07 22:23:28 <Maddy> He succeeds!
Dec 07 22:23:52 <Maddy> It smells kinda groce, like trapped smells escaping for the first time in years.
Dec 07 22:24:38 <Echo> He doesn't care. Is there a ladder? Stairs?
Dec 07 22:24:43 <Maddy> Stairs
Dec 07 22:25:55 <Echo> After flicking the pistol's light on, he starts the descent, pausing as he reaches the bottom.
Dec 07 22:27:02 <Ragazzo> Arnold pokes about, looking through the bedding for any items of interest. Or alarming nature. Such as bones.
Dec 07 22:27:20 <Maddy> It's not huge but there's a fair ammout of space, and it looks like theres some potatoes and onions down here, they're all growing though. Also a dead racoon, practically mumified.
Dec 07 22:27:22 <Pemander> Arianna starts creating a mural on the chalkboard, after erasing the dong.
Dec 07 22:27:57 <Maddy> No bones, but he does fins a suitcase with some clothes, a photo album and teady bear.
Dec 07 22:28:13 <Ragazzo> He looks through the photos, and evaluates the clothes.
Dec 07 22:28:18 <Echo> "Welp." What's the place look like down there? Wooden floor? Planks? How about the walls?
Dec 07 22:29:41 <Maddy> Planks, everywhere, and stone walls with wood panneling halfway up.
Dec 07 22:30:30 <Maddy> the planks are torn up a bit where the dead racoon is, like it tried to get out
Dec 07 22:33:17 <Maddy> Arnold finds the photos are of a family, mostly pitures of a single child. Pitcures of baby's first bath so on and so on.
Dec 07 22:33:31 <Maddy> There are no childrens clothes in this case
Dec 07 22:33:37 <Maddy> just a woman and man's/
Dec 07 22:33:38 <Ragazzo> Arnold hums.
Dec 07 22:33:42 <Echo> «Root cellar's mine.»
Dec 07 22:33:55 <Maddy> «What are you gonna do with a root cellar?»
Dec 07 22:34:02 <Ragazzo> He looks throught he rest of the bedding.
Dec 07 22:34:21 <Maddy> Boring old used bedding.
Dec 07 22:34:23 <Ragazzo> Takes the teddy bear.
Dec 07 22:34:30 <Ragazzo> What sort of clothes are they?
Dec 07 22:34:31 <Maddy> the teddy bear is well loved.
Dec 07 22:34:48 <Maddy> They're just kind normal clothes.
Dec 07 22:35:05 <Maddy> Jsut liek whoever packed crammed as much in as they could and ran.
Dec 07 22:35:52 <Ragazzo> He puts the stuff back, and shuts hte case. "Useful."
Dec 07 22:35:52 <Echo> «Uhhh, sleep here?»
Dec 07 22:36:10 <Maddy> «Ok, hope it structurally sound.»
Dec 07 22:36:35 <Ragazzo> «The barn slash gift shop seems like a bbetter choice."ard
Dec 07 22:36:37 <Ragazzo> »
Dec 07 22:36:42 <Ragazzo> *-ard
Dec 07 22:37:25 <Echo> He climbs back up the stairs, dropping his pack.