God Worm Hungers

Oct 06 19:13:05 <E4D> Jason sits down, leaning against Eve, rain still pelting down all around.
Oct 06 19:13:39 <Maddy> Alice plays Four Seasons - Spring.
Oct 06 19:15:19 * Sabitsuki is now known as Mal
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Oct 06 19:18:34 <Mal> "Slow day, huh, Senor Dodridge?"
Oct 06 19:19:00 <E4D> "…" Jason looks to his side, anticipating That Old Snake or That Old Man.
Oct 06 19:19:43 <Mal> There's a black mamba wrapped around a branch. The branch is growing out of the LAV.
Oct 06 19:19:52 <Mal> It hisses conversationally.
Oct 06 19:19:56 <Maddy> Bou STARES.
Oct 06 19:20:04 <E4D> "Back to your old self, huh?"
Oct 06 19:20:05 * Nioki (~PI.AB9185D2.5E14BAE5.CAD0461|alliztahc#PI.AB9185D2.5E14BAE5.CAD0461|alliztahc) has joined #afteraction
Oct 06 19:20:15 <E4D> "And yeah, a nice, slow, quiet, rainy day."
Oct 06 19:20:29 <E4D> "Must have heard the artillery last night, though, huh?"
Oct 06 19:20:36 <Maddy> "I l-like rain." Alice pauses her playing to say, then continues.
Oct 06 19:21:09 <E4D> Jason nods at the forested area around them. "You know, you could have just picked a branch."
Oct 06 19:22:01 <Mal> The snake glances at Bou, and she gets the distinct feeling of someone tipping their hat at her. "I could've." The voice becomes gruff and deep. "There are many like this branch, but this one is mine, sir."
Oct 06 19:22:43 <Laito> A clumsy beetle dawdles its way about the branch with Mal.
Oct 06 19:23:45 <E4D> Jason nods. "I can appreciate that… what brings you back our way, Mal?"
Oct 06 19:25:54 <Mal> Mal swats idly at the beetle with his tail. "Oh, I was just in the area. Gettin' ready for the big day."
Oct 06 19:26:16 <E4D> "The big day?"
Oct 06 19:26:24 <E4D> "Something we should know about?"
Oct 06 19:26:36 <Mal> "Halloween, my boy."
Oct 06 19:26:36 <Laito> The beetle is jostled. Poor Alex.
Oct 06 19:26:58 <Mal> "All Hallow's Eve. All Saint's Day."
Oct 06 19:27:10 <Maddy> "Samhain."
Oct 06 19:27:23 <Rights> ~OH, my favorite holiday!~ The ghost quitly comments.
Oct 06 19:27:53 <Mal> The snake smiles. It's a bit of a ghastly sight, considering it seems he now has more than two fangs to do it with. "Correct, miss."
Oct 06 19:28:08 <E4D> "Yeah. We were talkin' about that a little while ago…"
Oct 06 19:29:04 <Soulless> "Isn't that Shank's birthday?"
Oct 06 19:30:26 <Mal> "It's a lot of thing's birthdays. None of them particularly good, kid."
Oct 06 19:31:20 <Maddy> Alice plays "This is Halloween"
Oct 06 19:32:17 * Dexanote (~ten.elbacogc.emoh.8DF857A-CRInys|alliztahc#ten.elbacogc.emoh.8DF857A-CRInys|alliztahc) has joined #afteraction
Oct 06 19:32:26 <Rights> The ghost hums with Alice, in her head.
Oct 06 19:32:27 <E4D> "So… what are you gettin' at?"
Oct 06 19:32:35 <E4D> "Guns up on Halloween?"
Oct 06 19:33:51 <Dexanote> Shank appears. "Whazzat?"
Oct 06 19:33:54 * ChanServ gives channel operator status to Dexanote
Oct 06 19:34:42 <Mal> "Just saying. If you run into a Black Mass, you may want to go the long way around."
Oct 06 19:35:03 <Mal> "…Witches. Puh."
Oct 06 19:35:12 <Dexanote> "…"
Oct 06 19:36:20 <Maddy> Alice shakes her head still playing.
Oct 06 19:36:23 <Mal> "Knew a witch once. She was blonde." Pause. "Had great stonkin' tits."
Oct 06 19:36:44 <Maddy> "I knewa witch! She had one eye!"
Oct 06 19:36:54 <Maddy> Shut up Bou.
Oct 06 19:37:11 <Mal> "Didja? Interesting."
Oct 06 19:37:24 <Dexanote> "Yeh, a shame that."
Oct 06 19:37:38 <E4D> "…"
Oct 06 19:37:47 <Dexanote> "What? Tha one she had was pretty."
Oct 06 19:37:52 <E4D> "Got it. Watch our asses on Halloween."
Oct 06 19:37:53 <Mal> "Yep. Great…stonkin'…tits…" zzzsnore
Oct 06 19:38:04 <Laito> Beetle claws its way onto Mal's serpentine body.
Oct 06 19:38:07 <Maddy> Bou goes back to her boneless rain dance.
Oct 06 19:38:40 <Mal> "Lemme 'lone kid, I'm trying to foreshadow."
Oct 06 19:39:35 <Dexanote> "Yeh. Halloween. Great. Somethin comin on me birthday. Yep. Thaz jus' me luck."
Oct 06 19:39:49 <Dexanote> "… neva killed a witch before. Should be fun."
Oct 06 19:41:21 <Mal> "Ever kill a god, Chainshank?"
Oct 06 19:42:15 <E4D> "You know, I could have, once. Sat it out, though… Let the B-team handle it, ya know?"
Oct 06 19:42:34 <E4D> "They need facetime, too…"
Oct 06 19:44:11 <Mal> "Mm. Wanna see somethin' neat?"
Oct 06 19:44:30 <Mal> he actually says neat
Oct 06 19:44:33 <Mal> what a weirdo
Oct 06 19:44:44 <E4D> "…Sure."
Oct 06 19:44:47 <Maddy> Alice pauses playing for a moment, frowns and keep playing.
Oct 06 19:45:04 <Mal> "Look to tha' east."
Oct 06 19:45:14 <Dexanote> Shank is fixing his head. "Whazat?"
Oct 06 19:45:16 * Rights has quit (Quit: Leaving.)
Oct 06 19:46:14 <E4D> Jason turns, looking off toward Sydney.
Oct 06 19:46:29 <Maddy> Alice looks.
Oct 06 19:46:33 <Dexanote> Shank looks.
Oct 06 19:46:34 <E4D> He stands up, cradling his rifle across his elbows, stepping toward the treeline.
Oct 06 19:46:42 <Salmander> Redd doesn't
Oct 06 19:46:43 <Dexanote> 4df+2 Shank looks.
Oct 06 19:46:44 <Glacon> Dexanote: Shank looks.: 2 (4df+2=+, -, -, +)
Oct 06 19:46:51 <Mal> Mal doesn't move or look, himself. "Wait for it…"
Oct 06 19:47:58 <E4D> He kneels, absentmindedly shouldering the weapon into the alert.
Oct 06 19:48:16 <Mal> The earth shakes.
Oct 06 19:48:25 <Mal> "Waaaaaaait for it…"
Oct 06 19:48:39 <E4D> "What the *fuck*?"
Oct 06 19:50:56 <Mal> A elongated, pale, creature bursts from the ground beneath the Sydney Opera House. The red human eyes covering its frame gesture wildly, looking for anything to focus on. The God Worm opens its mouth and lets loose a titanic screech.
Oct 06 19:51:15 <E4D> "Jesus *fuck*…"
Oct 06 19:51:36 <Maddy> "…"
Oct 06 19:51:46 <E4D> Jason looks back at Mal. "The fuck is that thing?"
Oct 06 19:51:58 <Dexanote> "… Well."
Oct 06 19:51:59 <Maddy> "Welp. Nice knowing you guys." Bou scampers up a tree.
Oct 06 19:52:07 <Dexanote> "That looks like a fucking horror from beyond."
Oct 06 19:52:25 <Mal> "Turns out the flies had a natural predator."
Oct 06 19:52:38 <Mal> "And momma's hoongry."
Oct 06 19:52:42 <Dexanote> "Oh. Hahaha. Hahaha."
Oct 06 19:53:06 <E4D> "What about the CI around the city?"
Oct 06 19:53:22 <E4D> "They've got the place fucking encircled most of the way around?"
Oct 06 19:53:44 <Mal> "I don't like their odds," the snake says mildly.
Oct 06 19:54:09 <Dexanote> "So… what is that thing? Feels un-normal."
Oct 06 19:54:28 <E4D> "*Un* -normal?"
Oct 06 19:54:33 <Mal> The Worm gives a loose turn of the head, driving its skull into a building almost idly. The building reels and becomes a modern day Leaning Tower of Pisa.
Oct 06 19:55:09 <E4D> "Shit…"
Oct 06 19:55:13 <Dexanote> "Paranormal is kinda redundant now."
Oct 06 19:55:29 <E4D> "What is it?"
Oct 06 19:56:12 <Mal> "Sec." Mal hacks and coughs, and then spits up a wadded ball of paper.
Oct 06 19:56:27 <Mal> "There. Those things are floating around."
Oct 06 19:56:47 <Maddy> Alice picks up the paper.
Oct 06 19:57:23 <Mal> http://after-action.wikidot.com/forum/t-370636/the-great-worm-turns
Oct 06 19:57:33 * Salmander is now known as Salaway
Oct 06 19:58:27 <E4D> Jason makes a :| face at Mal.
Oct 06 19:59:05 <Mal> "What? Don't get mad at me. 'S out of my jurisdiction."
Oct 06 19:59:10 <Dexanote> "Ftagn an so on, right?"
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Oct 06 19:59:16 <Dexanote> He's irritable.
Oct 06 19:59:38 <Maddy> "S-sounds like, Shank." She passes the paper to Jason.
Oct 06 20:02:34 * Mal is now known as Sabitsuki
Oct 06 20:02:42 * Sabitsuki is now known as Mal
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Oct 06 20:03:17 <Mal> "All I know about the thing is what my man on the inside got me. Tha' flyer and some basic info."
Oct 06 20:03:33 <E4D> "Your 'man on the inside'?"
Oct 06 20:04:25 <Mal> "Ye. Ifrit named Sanft. He's awaitin' execution in Potts Point right about now, I reckon."
Oct 06 20:05:09 <E4D> "Execution?"
Oct 06 20:06:52 <Mal> "Ol' wormy there has a habit of waking up ghosts and rendin' Ways where she goes. Some old spirits up and took over the Potts Point Prison, starting throwing in anyone they found wanderin' around." Mal shrugs, somehow.
Oct 06 20:07:20 <Maddy> "Lovely."
Oct 06 20:08:08 <Dexanote> "…" shank tilts his head at the snake shrugging
Oct 06 20:09:50 <E4D> "All right, so we just stay out of its way."
Oct 06 20:10:23 <Mal> "Probably a good idea, me bosom ally."
Oct 06 20:11:02 * Laito (~moc.retrahc.om.slts.pchd.5D68B3DB-CRInys|sirhc#moc.retrahc.om.slts.pchd.5D68B3DB-CRInys|sirhc) has left #afteraction
Oct 06 20:11:51 <Mal> Mal hums "This is Halloween".
Oct 06 20:15:52 <Mal> "…Whoop. Got to go. Legion wants his pigs. You wouldn't believe what that fucker pays for hogs."
Oct 06 20:16:09 <Maddy> "…"
Oct 06 20:16:15 <Mal> The branch snaps off the LAV, and before it hits the ground, the snake is gone.
Oct 06 20:16:41 <Dexanote> "S'true."
Oct 06 20:16:48 <Dexanote> "Legion loves them pigs."
Oct 06 20:17:59 <E4D> Jason bends down to pick the branch up, and stops just short of touching it before thinking better of it.
Oct 06 20:18:08 <Dexanote> "Yeah no."
Oct 06 20:18:16 <E4D> He uses another fallen branch nearby to knock it into the woods.
Oct 06 20:18:42 <Mal> The branch ignites into a purplish flame that consumes it fully without burning anything around it.
Oct 06 20:18:53 <E4D> "…"
Oct 06 20:19:02 <Maddy> Bou comes down out of her tree.
Oct 06 20:19:14 <Dexanote> He nods, unravelling the cloth around his torso. Lichens are growing inside him. "So whaz tha plan, fearless leader?"
Oct 06 20:19:17 * Mal is now known as Sabitsuki
Oct 06 20:19:53 <Sabitsuki> The God Worm lounges on a bent skyscraper listlessly. Orcus on his throne.
Oct 06 20:20:03 <Sabitsuki> It is completely, utterly still.
Oct 06 20:20:05 <E4D> "We don't fuck with it."
Oct 06 20:20:12 <E4D> "*That* is the plan."
Oct 06 20:20:19 <E4D> "We have enough shit to deal with already."
Oct 06 20:20:53 <E4D> He points at it. "If that thing wants to tear ass around and fuck with the CI and eat the bugs, it's more than welcome to."
Oct 06 20:21:21 <Dexanote> "… Coo. I don' like it."
Oct 06 20:23:10 <Photosynthetic> Glen looks up at the Worm unblinkingly.
Oct 06 20:25:57 * Rights (~PI.BF0EFC49.1A349E52.3D65DC1F|ahtagA#PI.BF0EFC49.1A349E52.3D65DC1F|ahtagA) has joined #afteraction
Oct 06 20:26:48 <Maddy> "That worm must make a lot of durt."
Oct 06 20:34:05 * Waxx has quit (Ping timeout)
Oct 06 20:34:29 <E4D> "Well, fuck it. It don't matter."
Oct 06 20:34:40 <E4D> "Like I said, this ain't our bag."