Good Shit

Oct 09 00:38:13 <Tom90deg> "Anywho Samil, any other port may not have what we need, and the longer we run the greater chance of us getting cought."
Oct 09 00:38:33 <Nusquam> Once it's stowed in his pack, he takes a quick inventory of magazines, water, and food.
Oct 09 00:39:00 <Nusquam> Frowning, he heads to Eve's trailer, filling his pack with nonperishables.
Oct 09 00:39:04 <Nusquam> "Done talking."
Oct 09 00:39:10 <E4D> "Good. What's up, Kay?"
Oct 09 00:40:51 <Nusquam> Satisfied, he closes it up and rummages around the ammunition supplies, topping off his magazines and filling a pouch with ammunition.
Oct 09 00:40:58 <Dawny> "I just want to say sorry, I'm not thinking clearly."
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Oct 09 00:43:11 <Tom90deg> "Right then…"
Oct 09 00:43:14 <E4D> Jason shuffles his feet a little. "How do ya mean?"
Oct 09 00:43:17 <Nusquam> 5.56, 12 gauge shells, and 9mm rounds. After this is done, he collects a few packs of batteries, stowing these as well.
Oct 09 00:43:18 <Tom90deg> Zoe heads back on top of the Stryker
Oct 09 00:44:02 <Maddy> Alice watches, assuming Samil's leaving again, she resumes checking on the animals.
Oct 09 00:45:36 <Dawny> "It's not logical to want to see his grave so badly that I'd die for it…if only because it would mean we were buried together."
Oct 09 00:47:19 <Nusquam> Finally, he takes a fuel can and fills it to the brim, closing it and tying it to his pack.
Oct 09 00:47:24 <E4D> "Don't give me that shit, Kay. You're smarter than that. And you know that that ain't why we're here."
Oct 09 00:48:50 <Dawny> "But it's true. I miss him…more than I knew I could."
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Oct 09 00:49:46 * Salmander (~ten.elbacwahs.gc.63A9248-CRInys|rednamlaS#ten.elbacwahs.gc.63A9248-CRInys|rednamlaS) has joined #afteraction
Oct 09 00:51:09 <E4D> "Ain't nothing can be done about that now, Kay."
Oct 09 00:52:05 <Maddy> Alice flops on the ground near her tent, pulling out her sketch book.
Oct 09 00:52:10 <Dawny> "I *know* that, that's why I hate feeling how I do. If I could just stop and forget him, I would."
Oct 09 00:53:37 <Bright_> "Women have a vagina."
Oct 09 00:54:31 <Dexanote> Shank slowly turns to stare at Joey.
Oct 09 00:54:40 <Tom90deg> Zoe looks up and stares at Joey.
Oct 09 00:54:52 <Tom90deg> "Yes. Yes we do. That tree has bark,:
Oct 09 00:56:27 <Dexanote> Shank tilts his head at Joey. "Izzat like, some prophecy or somethin?"
Oct 09 00:56:38 <Dexanote> "Or are you high?"
Oct 09 00:59:28 <Tom90deg> "Can't it be both?"
Oct 09 00:59:37 <Dexanote> "… Aha, right."
Oct 09 00:59:39 <Dawny> "I'm sorry, this isn't your issue."
Oct 09 01:00:06 <E4D> He shakes his head. "It is."
Oct 09 01:00:32 <E4D> "I don't want to see you do something… ill-advised."
Oct 09 01:02:32 <Dawny> "What do you mean?"
Oct 09 01:04:13 <E4D> "I'm not tryin' to sound like a dick, I'm really not… but there's not a whole lot left you can do now."
Oct 09 01:05:28 <Dawny> "I know that, I honestly do. I'm not going to go out and *try* to get myself killed. It's just a risk I'm willing to take for the chance to see his grave one last time."
Oct 09 01:06:34 <Nusquam> Samil ducks into the LAV, taking a scrap of paper and a pen and jotting something down, and removing the human skin parcel from his pack. He takes a fistful of bright red joints and pockets them, and places the note in the parcel.
Oct 09 01:10:05 <Dexanote> Shank looks off to the distance and fades away.
Oct 09 01:15:22 <Dawny> "Sorry, I'm rambling."
Oct 09 01:16:41 <Nusquam> Having second thoughts, he unzips the parcel, and places his more standard joints inside as well.
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Oct 09 01:20:00 <Nusquam> Donning his helmet, he flicks down the nightvision monocle attached to it and turns it on, surveying the landscape through it.
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Oct 09 01:21:36 <Nusquam> He heads out a ways from camp, digging a shallow groove in the ground. Into this, he empties the fist full of demonweed joints.
Oct 09 01:22:09 <Nusquam> He briefly removes his helmet, donning his gas mask, and putting the helmet back on.
Oct 09 01:23:37 <Nusquam> Satisfied it's got a good seal, he flicks his lighter open, not lighting it until it's concealed within the shallow groove he dug, and igniting the some of Thanatos' finest.
Oct 09 01:24:16 <Nusquam> -1 the
Oct 09 01:24:26 <Dexanote> Everyone who is present and in the Scene, roll Perception.
Oct 09 01:24:34 <Tom90deg> 4df+2
Oct 09 01:24:34 <Glacon> Tom90deg: 1 (4df+2=-, +, 0, -)
Oct 09 01:24:35 <E4D> 4df+4
Oct 09 01:24:36 <Glacon> E4D: 3 (4df+4=0, +, -, -)
Oct 09 01:25:17 <Dexanote> That's it?
Oct 09 01:25:22 <Dexanote> Alright!
Oct 09 01:25:26 <Maddy> 4df+3
Oct 09 01:25:27 <Glacon> Maddy: 0 (4df+3=-, -, 0, -)
Oct 09 01:25:47 <Dawny> 4df+2
Oct 09 01:25:47 <Glacon> Dawny: 1 (4df+2=+, 0, -, -)
Oct 09 01:26:58 <Nusquam> He looks back toward the camp, watching patiently.
Oct 09 01:27:46 <Dexanote> The blunts roil, igniting in a slow burn and releasing a ton of the smoke. It obscures everything around the camp really quickly.
Oct 09 01:28:05 <Dexanote> It's like a deep fog in only a few minutes.
Oct 09 01:28:51 <Dexanote> It smells like weed. Really damn good weed.
Oct 09 01:29:12 <Dawny> "Corporal?" Kay coughs, her throat *burning*.
Oct 09 01:29:23 <Maddy> Alice coughs and looks kinda ill.
Oct 09 01:29:38 <Tom90deg> "Bla…what the hell is this?"
Oct 09 01:29:42 <E4D> Jason pulls his mask on, then extends his arms out, bringing them in to his head, repeating the gesture. "GAS! GAS! GAS!"
Oct 09 01:29:43 <Tom90deg> "Smells familar…"
Oct 09 01:30:07 <Maddy> Alice grabs her mask quickly.
Oct 09 01:30:15 <Tom90deg> "Gaah!" Zoe rolls off the top of the stryker, looking around for her mask.
Oct 09 01:30:28 <Dawny> Kay grabs at her own mask, sealing it as quickly as she can.
Oct 09 01:30:51 <Tom90deg> Zoe stumblesinto the stryker, pulling on her mask.
Oct 09 01:30:54 <Maddy> "…fucking great."
Oct 09 01:31:13 <Tom90deg> (retcon!)
Oct 09 01:31:26 <E4D> Jason feels…
Oct 09 01:31:27 <Tom90deg> Zoe stumbles into the Styker closeing the door and coughing.
Oct 09 01:31:46 <Maddy> Alice lays down and curls up, holding her stomach a little.
Oct 09 01:32:00 <Nusquam> Samil strolls back to the armored vehicles.
Oct 09 01:32:16 <E4D> He runs over to Alice. "Holy shit, Alice, are you okay?"
Oct 09 01:32:36 <Maddy> "I feel like I'm going t-to puke. A-and I'm halucinating."
Oct 09 01:32:59 <Dawny> Kay whimpers, looking down. She hits her knees, curling into a ball.
Oct 09 01:33:01 <E4D> "ALICE! DON'T. MOVE. Stay right there, I'm gonna get a doc…"
Oct 09 01:33:14 <Maddy> "Fffff…." she puts her hands over her ears. "Grrrr."
Oct 09 01:33:28 <Tom90deg> "SPider lion…What the hell is this some kinda gas attack?
Oct 09 01:33:43 <E4D> He raises up as he presses one hend to Alice's shoulder, and another across her thigh, bearing down hard. "CORPSMAN UP! ALICE IS HURT!"
Oct 09 01:33:51 <Tom90deg> Zoe pulls out her sword, edgeing dowards the door.
Oct 09 01:34:07 <Maddy> "I'm n-not hurt. The s-smell of pot just m-makes me gag."
Oct 09 01:34:11 <Tom90deg> «There is something in the stryker»
Oct 09 01:34:19 <Dawny> Kay drags herself toward Jason, low crawling.
Oct 09 01:34:39 <E4D> «Stay off the radio.»
Oct 09 01:34:54 <Maddy> "Eeeuuugh!" Alice flails a little. "T-that's fucking c-creepy!"
Oct 09 01:34:56 <E4D> "DOC! GODDAMNIT! WHERE ARE YOU!"
Oct 09 01:35:05 <Maddy> "Jason, s-shut up, I'm fine."
Oct 09 01:35:08 <Salmander> «Yeah, I'm in the stryker.»
Oct 09 01:35:13 <E4D> "Alice, just be quiet, please." There's panic in his voice.
Oct 09 01:35:18 <Tom90deg> Zoe swings at something, yelling. "Gaah!"
Oct 09 01:35:32 <Maddy> "Calm d-down, hun…w-what's wrong?"
Oct 09 01:35:44 <Dawny> Kay looks up and rolls under a tree. "I'M BEING FLAGGED, AND I CAN ONLY LO CRAWL SO FAST!"
Oct 09 01:35:48 <Dawny> low*
Oct 09 01:35:54 <Nusquam> As quietly and unobtrusively as he can, he attempts to sneak into the Dodridges' tent.
Oct 09 01:35:59 <Maddy> "Would you ease up? T-that's starting to hurt."
Oct 09 01:36:22 <Maddy> "Guuuuh!" she closes her eyes. "This is dumb"
Oct 09 01:36:36 <Tom90deg> "Oh bloody hell…I hate these things…Go on get!"
Oct 09 01:36:37 <E4D> "Alice, please just… be still, everything's gonna be okay, I'm right here. Relax… it'll stop faster like that… please? Goddamnit. Goddamnit. Goddamnit. KAY!"
Oct 09 01:36:41 <Tom90deg> "Creepy ass spiders…"
Oct 09 01:37:03 <Tom90deg> Zoe takes deep breath and closes her eyes, trying to calm herself
Oct 09 01:37:25 <Maddy> "What will? W-what are you s-seeing?" she still has her eyes closed, cause fuck that shit.
Oct 09 01:37:32 <Dawny> "I'M TAKING FIRE! COVER PLEASE!"
Oct 09 01:37:42 <Maddy> "You're not t-taking fire."
Oct 09 01:37:44 <Tom90deg> "Bugs..hate bugs…" Zoe starts to bat at her legs, trying to brush things away."
Oct 09 01:38:17 <Maddy> "Wh-…"
Oct 09 01:38:26 <Dawny> Kay continues to try and low crawl to Alice. "GIVE ME STATUS JASON!"
Oct 09 01:38:39 <Nusquam> 4df+2 Stealth, tapping Resourcefulness.
Oct 09 01:38:39 <Glacon> Nusquam: Stealth, tapping Resourcefulness.: 1 (4df+2=0, 0, -, 0)
Oct 09 01:38:49 <Maddy> "Status is, we're all on drugs."
Oct 09 01:38:58 <E4D> 4df+4 perception
Oct 09 01:38:59 <Glacon> E4D: perception: 1 (4df+4=-, -, -, 0)
Oct 09 01:39:00 <Nusquam> Perhaps there would be better luck if he wasn't wearing a big ass pack.
Oct 09 01:39:04 <Soulless> Alicel hops off the Eve and heads to the closest voice, going to Zoe first.
Oct 09 01:39:12 <Maddy> 4df+3 Alice opens her eyes to see what the fuck it going on now.
Oct 09 01:39:13 <Glacon> Maddy: Alice opens her eyes to see what the fuck it going on now.: 0 (4df+3=-, 0, -, -)
Oct 09 01:39:17 <Maddy> >:|
Oct 09 01:39:20 <E4D> …
Oct 09 01:39:37 <Dawny> "I'M TRYING, GOD FUCKING DAMN IT!" Kay r3eaches out and makes contact with Jason's boot. "I'm here now"
Oct 09 01:39:46 <Tom90deg> "Gaah, Alicel? That you? I've got bugs crawling all over me, they're not real I think, but i can feel them…"
Oct 09 01:39:48 <Maddy> "Oh for fuck…"
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Oct 09 01:40:06 <Nusquam> Ducking into the tent, he quickly rummages through Jason's pack, removing a black and white piece of cloth, and, in its place, placing the human skin satchel full of demonweed with the note.
Oct 09 01:40:34 * Dexanote (~ten.elbacogc.emoh.8DF857A-CRInys|alliztahc#ten.elbacogc.emoh.8DF857A-CRInys|alliztahc) has joined #afteraction
Oct 09 01:40:35 <Soulless> "I do not see anything." Alicel looks Zoe over.
Oct 09 01:40:56 <Tom90deg> "Of course not! You're not high! It's not real, it's not real…"
Oct 09 01:40:58 <Maddy> "Jason, get the fuck off me. Y-you're halucinating."
Oct 09 01:41:03 <Nusquam> Pocketing the piece of cloth, he steps out and faces toward Sydney. Removing the mask and stowing it, he takes a few deep breaths and steps off.
Oct 09 01:41:17 <Dawny> "Grandma? Jason, Alice cover!" Kay tries to stand between them and the clouds.
Oct 09 01:41:28 <E4D> Jason huddles down on top of Alice, trying to keep as close to the ground as possible. "Kay, please… please, please, please, please… right shoulder, left thigh… Jesus Christ, they're deep…"
Oct 09 01:41:57 * ChanServ gives channel operator status to Dexanote
Oct 09 01:41:58 <Maddy> 4df peemsh him to try to return his sensed
Oct 09 01:41:59 <Glacon> Maddy: peemsh him to try to return his sensed: -2 (4df=+, -, -, -)
Oct 09 01:42:06 <Dawny> "I'm trying to keep you from being shot, take my dmed kit."
Oct 09 01:42:07 <Maddy> Alice pinches herself.
Oct 09 01:42:37 <Maddy> "Jason, y-you are so much s-smarter…than…what the fuck."
Oct 09 01:42:53 <Nusquam> Once he's away from camp, he puts on the armband and keeps walking.
Oct 09 01:43:09 <Tom90deg> Zoe starts to wildy bat at her clothes, trying to brush off anything, getting more frantic.
Oct 09 01:43:11 <Dawny> Kay cries out, falling to the ground and shaking.
Oct 09 01:43:34 <Maddy> Alice is all of the >:| staring at her arm where she pinched.
Oct 09 01:43:43 <Tom90deg> Zoe stops, looking down at herself. "Um…."
Oct 09 01:43:47 <Soulless> Alicel has no idea what to do. This isn't like when Redd got high. "This is not real, calm down. There is nothing to brush o- Kay?"
Oct 09 01:43:55 <Tom90deg> "Minty…hehee…"
Oct 09 01:44:54 <Soulless> Alicel grabs Zoe's arm and drags her to the direction of Kay's shout. Best stick together in this fog. "Kay, what is wrong?" He kneels.
Oct 09 01:45:11 <Maddy> Alice just lays back and starts to chuckle a little. "Fuck it."
Oct 09 01:45:17 <Tom90deg> "Ahh! Let go of me!"
Oct 09 01:45:20 <Tom90deg> "You burn!"
Oct 09 01:45:21 <Dawny> "It hurts, oh god it hurts!"
Oct 09 01:45:29 <Tom90deg> Zoe tres to break free of Alicel
Oct 09 01:45:31 <Soulless> "I burn?" He lets go.
Oct 09 01:45:34 <Tom90deg> 4df+4
Oct 09 01:45:34 <Glacon> Tom90deg: 1 (4df+4=-, -, 0, -)
Oct 09 01:45:34 <Maddy> "I fucking g-give up."
Oct 09 01:45:43 <E4D> Jason pulls his boonie off, then the balaclava, pressing it against where he was before, batting at her shoulder and leg, trying to keep something off of her, looking more and more panicked with each passing second.
Oct 09 01:46:04 <Soulless> "Kay, what hurts? "
Oct 09 01:46:38 <Maddy> She just keeps giggling. "Jason. I l-love you, please calm down. Listen, my voice is n-no weaker, I'll be fine."
Oct 09 01:46:42 <Maddy> "You know better."
Oct 09 01:46:47 <Tom90deg> Zoe dashes back into the Stryker, closeing the door and locking it.
Oct 09 01:47:06 <Dawny> Kay takes a few deep breaths and swallows. "It…it doesn't hurt anymore…"
Oct 09 01:47:11 <Dexanote> Smoke's starting to dissipate…
Oct 09 01:47:18 <Soulless> "Ok. Come on, stand up. "
Oct 09 01:47:33 <Soulless> Alicel looks at his hands, then tries to help Kay up.
Oct 09 01:47:36 <Soulless> 4df Comeon
Oct 09 01:47:37 <Glacon> Soulless: Comeon: -2 (4df=+, -, -, -)
Oct 09 01:47:51 <Dawny> "I can't stand, I've melted"
Oct 09 01:48:01 <E4D> He stares at her for a few moments, eyes wild behind the gas mask's lenses.
Oct 09 01:48:05 <Tom90deg> Zoe looks arond, taking a deep breath. "Ooook….calm down…relax…"
Oct 09 01:48:13 <Soulless> He loses his balance and gets back up soon after.
Oct 09 01:48:24 <Maddy> Alice siiiiiighs, chuckles slowly ceasing. "You ok, babe?"
Oct 09 01:48:37 <Soulless> "You… What? You are not melted. Look." He squeezes Kay's arm gently. "See? It is solid. Come on."
Oct 09 01:48:54 <Dawny> Kay just lays there, ignoring the burning in her throat because, who fucking cares right?
Oct 09 01:49:20 <Dawny> "I don't mind being melted…I can be super stealthy."
Oct 09 01:50:09 <Soulless> "You cannot be stealthy if you cannot move. " Alicel tries to help Kay up again.
Oct 09 01:50:12 <Soulless> 4df >:|
Oct 09 01:50:12 <Glacon> Soulless: >:|: 1 (4df=0, +, -, +)
Oct 09 01:51:30 <E4D> Jason takes a few deep, heavy breaths, air whooshing through his mask's filters.
Oct 09 01:51:44 <E4D> He looks around him, then back down at Alice.
Oct 09 01:52:16 <E4D> He raises up slowly. "Y-… You're okay?"
Oct 09 01:52:27 <Dawny> "Put me in a bucket" Kay starts to cough and double over.
Oct 09 01:52:32 <Tom90deg> "Alicel? Is it still foggy out there?"
Oct 09 01:52:40 <Maddy> "Give me your hand."
Oct 09 01:52:57 <Soulless> "The fog has largely dissipated. Please help me lift Kay. It appears she cannot walk."
Oct 09 01:53:44 <Soulless> He is kind of having gathered part of her body into his arms. The weight of another person tacked onto his already heavy body is not exactly easy.
Oct 09 01:53:59 <E4D> He pulls his right glove off, reaching for her hand.
Oct 09 01:54:02 <Dexanote> You guys will gradually start to feel better, more normal. Overall, you'll /feel/ you had fun, even if you didn't think so.
Oct 09 01:54:26 <Dawny> Kay takes a few deep breaths after coughing her lounges out. "I'm fine…just give me a few…"
Oct 09 01:54:53 <Maddy> She graps his hand and pulls herself to her feet. "W-well that was- holdon." she pukes.
Oct 09 01:55:12 <Soulless> He is patting her on the back. Pat. Pat.
Oct 09 01:55:52 <Tom90deg> Zoe stumbles out of the Stryker. "Og…Kids, don't do drugs. What was that?"
Oct 09 01:56:12 <E4D> Jason stays where he was, on his knees, looking up at her. "Ugh, in the mask?"
Oct 09 01:56:38 <Dawny> Kay waits for the all clear, obviously shaken.
Oct 09 01:56:42 <Soulless> "I do not know, it was just a sudden fog. Kay, we should get you a drink. Zoe, could you see if everyone else is unhurt and accounted for?"
Oct 09 01:57:04 <Dawny> "I'm *fine*"
Oct 09 01:57:05 <Maddy> Alice never got her mask on, mearly grabbed it then felt like puking. She feels much better now.
Oct 09 01:57:41 <Maddy> "Bluuugh.
Oct 09 01:57:42 <Tom90deg> "It wasn't fog Alicel. Do yo have any kind of chemical sensors in you?
Oct 09 01:58:08 <Soulless> "Your coughing does not indicate health on the level of 'fine'. "
Oct 09 01:58:13 <Maddy> Bou rushes in. "GUYS! The air feels wrong, I think there's somethin' in it."
Oct 09 01:58:24 <Maddy> Slowpoke.jpg, Bou.
Oct 09 01:58:43 <Soulless> "Thank you, Bou. Could you get some water for Kay please?" Alicel figures water would help.
Oct 09 01:59:04 <Tom90deg> "No kidding Bou….Don't suppose you know what was in it?"
Oct 09 01:59:11 <Tom90deg> "Is evevryone here?
Oct 09 01:59:31 <Maddy> "Nope!" she gets some water for Kay.
Oct 09 01:59:34 <Dexanote> Shank fades back in on a cold wind. he pauses, tilting his head. "… Aight, who toked it up without me?"
Oct 09 01:59:39 <Soulless> Alicel scans around to see who is missing.
Oct 09 01:59:40 <Dawny> "My coughing is directly related to fucking up my throat, smoking, then inhaling whatever the fuck that-HOLY FUCK A TALKING PLANT!"
Oct 09 02:00:02 <Maddy> "Water, have it." she hold out a bottle.
Oct 09 02:00:03 <Soulless> "Bou is a friend please do not yell, it will make your throat worse."
Oct 09 02:00:18 <Soulless> 4df+2 he is loking around as he grabs the bottle from Bou and hands it to Kay.
Oct 09 02:00:19 <Glacon> Soulless: he is loking around as he grabs the bottle from Bou and hands it to Kay.: 2 (4df+2=+, 0, 0, -)
Oct 09 02:00:24 <Soulless> "Drink, this may help."
Oct 09 02:00:37 <E4D> Jason just remains where he is.
Oct 09 02:00:53 <Tom90deg> "That's Bou Kay. You met her right?"
Oct 09 02:01:08 <Soulless> "Thank you Bou."
Oct 09 02:01:13 * Nusquam is now known as Samil
Oct 09 02:01:23 <Tom90deg> "Toked? That was weed smoke? Geeze..I thoguht weed was supposed to make you all chill, not see lions made of spiders."
Oct 09 02:01:28 <Dawny> Kay looks around and takes a few more breaths. "C-corporal?"
Oct 09 02:01:46 <Bright_> "And into the valley of death rode the five million."
Oct 09 02:01:50 * Bright_ is now known as Bright
Oct 09 02:01:54 <Dexanote> "'swhat happens when you smoke tha devil's stash."
Oct 09 02:02:01 <Maddy> Alice wipes her mouth and gets her own water and sits next to Jason. "W-what did you see?"
Oct 09 02:02:09 <Dawny> "Fuck that shit"
Oct 09 02:02:11 <Tom90deg> "Devil…That was those red joints? How'd we get those?"
Oct 09 02:02:18 <Maddy> "You l-looked so scared."
Oct 09 02:02:19 <Tom90deg> "The cloud just rolled over camp."
Oct 09 02:02:21 <E4D> "'M right here."
Oct 09 02:02:54 <Dexanote> "I got em."
Oct 09 02:02:58 <Dawny> "Are we all clear? I really need a drink and my canteen straw got dropped somewhere…"
Oct 09 02:03:00 <Maddy> "…Jason?"
Oct 09 02:03:11 <Soulless> Alicel is holding the bottle of water at Kay.
Oct 09 02:03:17 <Soulless> He flatfaces and shakes it a little.
Oct 09 02:03:19 <Soulless> Shake Shake.
Oct 09 02:03:40 <Tom90deg> "Were you haveing a party witout us?"
Oct 09 02:04:06 <Dexanote> "No, I wasn't usin em. Hafta be careful wit tha fire."
Oct 09 02:04:32 <Tom90deg> "Well, they must've spontanouslycombusted then…" Zoe leands back on theg ground. "Oog…"
Oct 09 02:05:00 <Maddy> Alice continues to be ignored.
Oct 09 02:05:03 <E4D> He's still resting on his kneepads, breathing slowly. After a few seconds, he pulls his glove back on, puts a hand to his chin, and pushes up, lifting the mask away from his face and tucking it back into the carrier, quickly pulling his balaclava and boonie back on.
Oct 09 02:05:15 <E4D> "You were bleeding."
Oct 09 02:05:19 <Dawny> "I can't take my mask off without the all clear, Alicel."
Oct 09 02:05:29 <Maddy> "Well I'm fine n-now."
Oct 09 02:05:39 <Maddy> "If a l-little nauseous."
Oct 09 02:05:43 <Soulless> "I am pretty certain everything is fine. You can make a decision by yourself right?"
Oct 09 02:06:29 <E4D> Jason looks over at her. "It's clear…"
Oct 09 02:06:53 <Tom90deg> "Is everyone here? Noone went off screaming into the woods or anything?"
Oct 09 02:06:58 <Dawny> Kay takes her mask off and sips the water. "You just don't get it"
Oct 09 02:07:54 <E4D> Jason looks around, snapping to. "Jesus fuck… where is everyone?"
Oct 09 02:09:03 <Maddy> "L-looke like a f-fair amount of people slept through that."
Oct 09 02:09:03 <Dexanote> "Oi." Shank walks up, dragging the Scythe. "So the fuck happened?"
Oct 09 02:09:05 <Soulless> "I have not seen Samil. He was here earlier; now he is gone. He was packing his items beforehand."
Oct 09 02:09:26 * Nioki has quit (Quit: ChatZilla 0.9.87 [Firefox 7.0.1/20110928134238])
Oct 09 02:09:41 <Maddy> "Oh yeah, h-he was."
Oct 09 02:10:11 <Soulless> "Is he the kind to run from hallucinations?"
Oct 09 02:10:14 <E4D> "*What*?"
Oct 09 02:10:18 <Tom90deg> "Think he might've ran off? Some of that stuff was pretty nasty."
Oct 09 02:10:57 <Maddy> "He w-was starting to leave /bfore/ t-the smoke. Second t-time he's up and left th group a-after getting into i-it with someone."
Oct 09 02:11:08 <Tom90deg> "Does he do that often?
Oct 09 02:11:09 <Tom90deg> "
Oct 09 02:11:16 <Maddy> "…I just said."
Oct 09 02:11:33 <Tom90deg> "I mean…before…"
Oct 09 02:11:48 <Dexanote> "Din't 'e bugger off before?"
Oct 09 02:11:56 <Maddy> "I just said…it's t-the second time. That would imply h-he's done it before."
Oct 09 02:12:10 <Tom90deg> "I mean…didn't you guys know him from before? Sorry, I get mixed up.."
Oct 09 02:12:28 <Tom90deg> "WAsn't he part of te Jailers?"
Oct 09 02:12:36 <Soulless> "He was packing up right before? That is somewhat suspicious."
Oct 09 02:12:36 <Maddy> Alice's face is so flat it threatens to tear a hole in the timespace continum. "No."
Oct 09 02:12:44 <Maddy> "He's just some dude."
Oct 09 02:12:46 <Tom90deg> "Ah…Sorry, ok."
Oct 09 02:13:03 <Maddy> "I'm going to bed."
Oct 09 02:13:20 <Tom90deg> "Well, maybe he's one of those people who runs off when they have an argument, he came back before, right? Dunno why he had to smoke us out though…"
Oct 09 02:13:52 <Maddy> Alice heads back to her tent.