Goodnight and Goodluck

Jan 31 20:51:53 <E4D> Jason's finishing up another sandwich after finally getting a chance to shower. Standing around in Oxide was getting old.
Jan 31 20:54:57 <Maddy> Alice is nibbling at a sammich.
Jan 31 20:55:00 <Maddy> nibble.
Jan 31 20:56:04 <E4D> «Who do we got up and runnin'?»
Jan 31 20:56:51 <Dexanote> Myr's been restlessly moping around Common Room enough
Jan 31 20:57:09 <Laito> «Artemis.»
Jan 31 20:57:52 <E4D> «Alice and I are about to get John loaded up, we're heading out.»
Jan 31 20:58:24 <Dexanote> «Is everything safe to touch now?»
Jan 31 20:59:26 <E4D> «Outside, or…»
Jan 31 21:02:21 <Dexanote> «In the trailer, or wherever you were working.»
Jan 31 21:02:39 <Liebe> «I am awake too.» Tau
Jan 31 21:03:19 <E4D> «We never had infectious materials anywhere near the vehicles. We moved him through the bay in a BSL4-safe body bag. So yes, it's safe.»
Jan 31 21:03:35 <E4D> «John's clean, but he's a fuckin' beanbag at the moment.»
Jan 31 21:03:47 <Dexanote> «I'll be careful.»
Jan 31 21:03:52 <Dexanote> «Thanks»
Jan 31 21:05:01 <Lilah> Adhelami smiles at the radio. She's glad John is ok. She gathers her various little things near her.
Jan 31 21:05:23 <Ragazzo> 'Lancius', at least, the body language and such indicates it's lancius, is sitting in the common room, reassembling and dissasembling his practice rifle.
Jan 31 21:05:56 <Ragazzo> 4df+4 Perc. maneuver to gun shoot
Jan 31 21:05:56 <Glacon> Ragazzo: Perc. maneuver to gun shoot: 5 (4df+4=0, 0, 0, +)
Jan 31 21:06:21 <Ragazzo> 4df+2 Gunshoot for proper, and speedy taking apart, and putting back together
Jan 31 21:06:22 <Glacon> Ragazzo: Gunshoot for proper, and speedy taking apart, and putting back together: 3 (4df+2=0, 0, +, 0)
Jan 31 21:07:03 <E4D> Jason sets his radio on the table, glancing at his half-finished sandwich, then at Oxide's helmet, sitting a foot or so away, then up at his wife's face. He says, a little quietly, "It'd be nice to settle down for little while, wouldn't it."
Jan 31 21:09:12 <Maddy> "Yeah…"
Jan 31 21:10:14 <E4D> He leans back a little, stretching, and stands to leave… then wolfs down the sandwich.
Jan 31 21:10:54 <E4D> "Might as well get underway." The helmet gets clipped to his LBE, and he starts off toward the vehicle bay.
Jan 31 21:11:07 <Maddy> Alice stands as well hooks her arm with him.
Jan 31 21:11:28 <E4D> «Mount up, people.»
Jan 31 21:12:20 <Laito> Artemis had packed the trio's things earlier. He wanders if Tau will need a moment with her grandmother before going.
Jan 31 21:15:01 <Dexanote> Myr arrives with the others, not drawing much attention to herself.
Jan 31 21:15:58 <Liebe> Tau finishes in the shower and wheels down to her grandmother's bedside, the older woman asleep. She looks at her face for a long while, then plants a little kiss on her cheek.
Jan 31 21:16:13 <Maddy> Alice helps peopl pack up where she can.
Jan 31 21:16:28 <Liebe> She wheels back down to the LAV silently as Emory begins to stir.
Jan 31 21:16:31 <Ragazzo> Liang goes and packs up as well, all while maintiaining hsi facade.
Jan 31 21:17:13 <Lilah> Adhelami, upon gathering her things, scurries along to the vehicle.
Jan 31 21:20:49 <Liebe> Tau pushes herself out of the wheelchair and sits gingerly next to Adhelami, holding the chair in place with a free hand.
Jan 31 21:21:28 <Lilah> The white-haired girl gives Tau a kiss on the temple, "Hallo Sehlvi!"
Jan 31 21:22:31 <Liebe> Weak smile. "Hallo, love. Are you feeling better today?" she means the emotion thread.
Jan 31 21:22:55 <Lilah> "Yes!" She nods, "All of my emotions are back to normal." Smile.
Jan 31 21:23:41 <Liebe> "Good." Bonk. Tau exhales tiredly.
Jan 31 21:24:16 <Laito> Artemis sits beside one of the two.
Jan 31 21:24:57 <Maddy> Alice gets into the LAV and starts her up. Rrrrrbbbbrbrbrb
Jan 31 21:26:59 <Dexanote> Myr wedges herself into the LAV.
Jan 31 21:28:09 <Maddy> «W-we ready?»
Jan 31 21:29:39 <E4D> «Fire it up.»
Jan 31 21:29:57 <E4D> «Put on the elevator, I'll get it movin' up top.»
Jan 31 21:30:20 <E4D> Jason walks over to the open cargo elevator, standing close to one side.
Jan 31 21:30:37 <Maddy> «Roger that, babe.» she carefully manouvers the vehicle and trailer onto the lift.
Jan 31 21:34:55 <E4D> Jason mashes a button, closing the shutter behind the large vehicles.
Jan 31 21:36:18 <E4D> Jason keys his radio as he waits for the elevator to reach ground level. «Stay safe, Doctor Vriska.»
Jan 31 21:37:59 <Maddy> «Ok so, t-this is our plan a-as it stands, g-guys. W-we're heading South t-to Vladivostok. H-hopfully L-lady luck smiles upon us a-and we can find a vessel t-to take us to Japan.»
Jan 31 21:38:12 <Liebe> The elevator reaches the top with a shuddering thunk. Cold Mother Russia awaits.
Jan 31 21:38:56 <Maddy> Alice eases the LAV out, mindful of the very injured John in the back, and heads for the road.
Jan 31 21:38:59 <E4D> Jason quickly clambers up the side, drops down the gunner's hatch, and seals it behind him, booting up the infrared scopes as soon as he's settled.
Jan 31 21:39:19 <E4D> «Alice, engage the CBRN filters. Lock this bitch down.»
Jan 31 21:39:36 <Maddy> «Can do.» and she does.
Jan 31 21:27:10 <Liebe> Emory pushes herself blearily out of bed and leans on the wall as she pushes into the observation room and collapses into a swivel chair.
Jan 31 21:28:14 <Liebe> She sits there, doing nothing for a minute, but staring at Sarah's empty and now sickeningly sterile tank.
Jan 31 21:29:13 <Liebe> She spins over to her desk, and unlocks a drawer with a key on a necklace hidden under her shirt.
Jan 31 21:31:04 <Liebe> From within, she takes a yellow satilite phone and an odd weapon - a Mateba autorevolver. She opens it and checks the chamber. One bullet. Emory sits the gun on the desk and raises the sat phone to her ear after turning it on and making a call.
Jan 31 21:31:30 <Liebe> Pause.
Jan 31 21:31:44 <Liebe> "…Hello, Delano."
Jan 31 21:31:59 <Liebe> "Yes."
Jan 31 21:32:55 <Liebe> "I do not know. The 05 have been silent."
Jan 31 21:33:46 <Liebe> She rolls over a console and waits for EVE to clear the elevator, staring at it on a camera. "Failure. A complete failure."
Jan 31 21:34:41 <Liebe> "610 has claimed much of the Block. The last forces stole the 500 pill and departed. Sarah is dead."
Jan 31 21:36:15 <Liebe> "How is Steve and Novikov?"
Jan 31 21:36:47 <Liebe> "I see. Unforunate. They were both good men."
Jan 31 21:37:15 <Liebe> She pauses to look at her radio.
Jan 31 21:38:37 <Liebe> "I have nothing left to me."
Jan 31 21:39:01 <Liebe> "It means what it means."
Jan 31 21:40:37 <Liebe> "No, you can't. Good bye, Delano. You were a good partner." Emory lowers the phone and seals the outpost completely, and then turns on her radio.
Jan 31 21:41:01 <Liebe> «Director Dodridge?»
Jan 31 21:41:26 <E4D> «Yes ma'am?»
Jan 31 21:42:00 <E4D> «There a problem?»
Jan 31 21:42:17 <Liebe> «No, no. Ack, I will assume everyone can hear me. I just wanted to say good night and good luck.»
Jan 31 21:43:38 <Maddy> «T-thank you, Dr. Vriska. M-may the goddess s-smile on you.»
Jan 31 21:44:28 <Lilah> Adhelami blinks and clicks her radio, «I apologize sincerely for last night, Dahn. Please be well, ok?» Adhelami clicks it off and sets it aside.
Jan 31 21:45:21 <E4D> «Uh, thanks, Doctor. You sure you won't be comin' along with is? We're makin' for- Alice, stop the vehicle. We're makin' for the coast. Hitchin' a sealift to Japan. US military's runnin' evacs back to the States. GOC and USSOCOM workin' on securin' the mainland on that side.»
Jan 31 21:45:34 <E4D> He pauses, then continues. «We got room.»
Jan 31 21:45:57 * Light starts to key her radio, then stops and listens.
Jan 31 21:46:34 <Maddy> Alcie sighs and stops the vehicle.
Jan 31 21:47:52 <Liebe> «No. Just listen to the last words of an old woman.» Beat. «…I have done many terrible things in my life. I will not apologize for all of them. Some of them were needed. But. Some of them were cruel and hardhearted.» She pauses, unused to speaking emotionally. «I suppose I just wanted to make the world black and white and believe I was in the white.»
Jan 31 21:48:51 <Liebe> «So I will apologize before I walk down to Hell. It almost assuredly means nothing to you, but I cannot rest without saying it.»
Jan 31 21:48:55 * Light has quit (Quit: ajax IRC Client)
Jan 31 21:50:02 <Lilah> "Ehh?!" «Dahn! You have life ahead of you, surely! You must not make such rash decisions!»
Jan 31 21:50:17 <Ragazzo> Lance claws his way to the front. All AP expended. He listens, finger hovering over the transmit button of his radio.
Jan 31 21:51:29 * Tom90deg (||ged09moT) has joined #afteraction
Jan 31 21:51:58 <Lilah> «There are people in the world who love and care about you… Who forgive you, who do not even think you have done wrong… I'm sure you hate me, and I am sure my words are worthless, but… Try and hear the message.»
Jan 31 21:52:24 * Doctor_Light (||alliztahc) has joined #afteraction
Jan 31 21:52:39 <Liebe> «It is too late. I have sealed the site and engaged its Lost Cause protocal. I have about 4 more minutes before I choke on the VX about to be pumped.»
Jan 31 21:52:53 <Liebe> «There is no redemption for Emory Vriska.»
Jan 31 21:53:09 <Liebe> «The Flesh will not have me, though.»
Jan 31 21:53:16 * Doctor_Light is now known as Light
Jan 31 21:53:37 <Lilah> «Those are harsh and stubborn words…» Adhelami's eyes tear up.
Jan 31 21:53:42 <Light> Sophia sits up in her seat, when she hears this.
Jan 31 21:55:02 <Liebe> Tau looks at her radio shocked. «I say again, good night and good luck.» Pause. «[Good night, little Tau.]»
Jan 31 21:55:44 <Lilah> «But, It is my fault, a-and I will take blame for this..» Adhelami is obviously crying.
Jan 31 21:49:36 <Liebe> Emory engages the VX pump and wheels over to the desk and takes the gun, hands shaking as she speaks into the radio.
Jan 31 21:57:43 <Liebe> She finishes her message and puts the gun to her head. VX isn't a way to go, and this will be on her own terms. She adjuts the barrel so there's no chance of anything stupid happening.
Jan 31 21:57:43 <Liebe> She closes her eyes and Emory Vriska dies quickly a moment later.
Jan 31 21:55:58 <Tom90deg> Zoe is doing math in her head, speed and distance and movement, but can't come up with a satisfactory answer
Jan 31 21:56:39 * Light leans forward. «Are you really, really sure you want to do this? Earth needs people, especially people with resources.»
Jan 31 21:57:43 <Liebe> There is no response.
Jan 31 21:58:32 <Lilah> Adhelami stands from her seat, and decides to move to s more secluded seat or space in the vehicle.
Jan 31 21:58:58 <Ragazzo> Lance breathes out silently. Rubs his head.
Jan 31 21:59:03 <Maddy> «Goddess take you, Emory Vriska.» Alice mumbles a small prayer to herself before starting the vehicle again.
Jan 31 21:59:48 <Laito> Artemis doesn't pursue Adhelami for her desire of privacy, but prays silently next to Tau.
Jan 31 22:00:01 <Dexanote> Myrtle's near the back, quietly listening.
Jan 31 22:00:04 <Light> "Can't they tell us they plan to do these things -before- we waste all those bandages sewing them up?" Light mutters, more to herself, and leans back in her seat. Well, she'll remember where it is.
Jan 31 22:00:50 <Maddy> Alice eases onto the road and starts the next leg of their journey.
Jan 31 22:01:01 <Liebe> «Grandma. I love you.» Tau blinks heavily and then silently sets the radio aside after no response is forthcoming.