Grave Robbing

Jan 06 11:14:41 <Echo> Mitchell brings the other set of gear down to the beach, nodding at Jani as he approaches.
Jan 06 11:14:57 <Maddy> Renee surfaces a little ways off the beach and waves.
Jan 06 11:14:57 <Tehpillowstar> Adelaide is there.
Jan 06 11:15:05 <Tehpillowstar> She waves towards Renee.
Jan 06 11:15:11 <Echo> "Aight. So who's goin' underwater?"
Jan 06 11:15:31 * lurkd (||tibbiM) has joined #afteractionmission
Jan 06 11:15:37 <Pryor> Benny tosses his shirt off and pulls a sharpened flint knife out of his boot. he places it in his belt "I'm going"
Jan 06 11:15:55 <Maddy> "I am."
Jan 06 11:15:56 <Tehpillowstar> "I'll go with you guys."
Jan 06 11:16:18 <lurkd> Munroe wanders towards the equipment. "Frank, you can go wade ahead."
Jan 06 11:17:04 <Maddy> Renee heads up onto the beach, she's topless again, but wearing aquaman boxers
Jan 06 11:17:37 <Echo> Pfffft.
Jan 06 11:17:55 <lurkd> Munroe glances but catches himself.
Jan 06 11:17:58 <Echo> "All right, geniuses. Work it out."
Jan 06 11:18:11 <Echo> "There's two sets. Who. Is. Going. Under. Water."
Jan 06 11:18:25 <Maddy> "Oh."
Jan 06 11:18:43 <Tehpillowstar> "The people with diving experience should go diving down."
Jan 06 11:18:48 <Pryor> Benny raises his hand and puts a finger on his nose
Jan 06 11:18:50 <lurkd> "We will."
Jan 06 11:18:59 <Pryor> "called it."
Jan 06 11:19:32 <lurkd> Munroe picks up the toolbox and shuffles forward.
Jan 06 11:19:32 <Maddy> "Alright I guess ill give you two a crash course."
Jan 06 11:19:47 <Pryor> benny steps to the gear
Jan 06 11:19:52 <lurkd> "Aye, that be helpful totty."
Jan 06 11:20:26 <Echo> "It really ain't that hard."
Jan 06 11:20:44 <Maddy> "As I said, biggest thing is breathe normally once you're under."
Jan 06 11:20:54 <lurkd> Munroe watches Frank walk into the water. "Not even waiting?"
Jan 06 11:21:17 <Pryor> "yeah, I was a little wigged out, but if we've got frank, we should be fine."
Jan 06 11:21:24 <Maddy> "You're going a little deep, you might wanna hyperventilate, like three breaths beore you go under."
Jan 06 11:21:31 <lurkd> His attention snaps back and he nods in understanding.
Jan 06 11:21:54 <Pryor> Benny turns to mitch "can I borrow your knife? It'll do me a bit better than this flint piece"
Jan 06 11:22:31 <Maddy> "I cans protect yous." says Renee.
Jan 06 11:22:47 <Maddy> "Should keeps your hands free or carrying things."
Jan 06 11:22:51 <Maddy> *for
Jan 06 11:22:56 <Pryor> "yeah, but I may have to cut into things, Ratchet straps, that sort of thing"
Jan 06 11:23:04 <Pryor> "some of the cargo is probably tied down":
Jan 06 11:23:16 <Maddy> "I cans do that too."
Jan 06 11:23:52 <Pryor> Benny shrugs "alright then, let's do this"
Jan 06 11:24:09 <lurkd> Munroe sets aside a spanner, a screwdriver, and ratchet set to bring down instead of the whole box.
Jan 06 11:24:40 <lurkd> "This should be enough to loosen some bloody bits."
Jan 06 11:24:53 <Pryor> "how much air do we have in the tanks"?
Jan 06 11:25:17 <lurkd> "Bloody good question that is."
Jan 06 11:25:37 <Echo> "'Bout 45 minutes, countin' comin' back up."
Jan 06 11:25:47 <Tehpillowstar> "You guys need any help on the surface?"
Jan 06 11:25:57 <Pryor> "we'll make it quick then. maybe we can salvage tanks from the chopper"
Jan 06 11:26:00 <Tehpillowstar> "Like haulin' shit back, I can do that."
Jan 06 11:26:47 <lurkd> "Hauling, yeah… take some of the bloody burden off."
Jan 06 11:27:09 <Pryor> "It's possible, are you guys just going to be treading water?"
Jan 06 11:27:29 <lurkd> Munroe suits up. "Alright, mate… you ready to cock up?"
Jan 06 11:27:47 <Tehpillowstar> "I hope not. It's the reason why I proposed the idea of making some kind of shoddy raft."
Jan 06 11:27:53 <Pryor> "fuckin' right" benny says, getting geared up
Jan 06 11:28:38 <lurkd> "Let's get going you bloody show pony!" He laughs.
Jan 06 11:29:31 <Pryor> "You good frank?" he calls out in his vague direction
Jan 06 11:29:45 <Maddy> "Ifs you needs my help, point to the surface."
Jan 06 11:30:06 <lurkd> "Yeah, that tosser went on ahead. We'll catch up."
Jan 06 11:30:13 <Maddy> "And if you hear uhm, whales sounds, Im tryings to get your attention."
Jan 06 11:30:17 <Pryor> Benny slips his belt around the suit and sticks the flint knife at the ready
Jan 06 11:30:43 <lurkd> "Too right, totty."
Jan 06 11:30:57 <Maddy> "What's a tottys?"
Jan 06 11:32:13 <lurkd> "It means a fun girly."
Jan 06 11:32:49 <Maddy> "Go gets in and get aclimatized."
Jan 06 11:32:52 <Echo> Mitchell calls from the shore. "The longer y'all stand there, the more oxygen you're wastin'."
Jan 06 11:33:46 <lurkd> Munroe gives a thumbs up and hustles into the water. *splooosh* *glub*
Jan 06 11:33:54 <Pryor> Benny follows
Jan 06 11:34:14 <lurkd> Swimming and swimming.
Jan 06 11:34:16 <Echo> The water's surprisingly clear, brightly lit by the noonday sun.
Jan 06 11:34:39 <Maddy> Renne stretches for a moment. "Okays, we'll be back."
Jan 06 11:34:43 <lurkd> perc to see wreckage?
Jan 06 11:34:44 <Echo> "Renee!" Mitchell points at where Benny went in.
Jan 06 11:34:50 <Echo> Then points to his eyes.
Jan 06 11:34:51 <Maddy> "Hmm?"
Jan 06 11:35:02 <Maddy> "Oh." she nods.
Jan 06 11:35:06 <Echo> lurkd: Go for it!
Jan 06 11:35:17 <Maddy> And splooshes after them.
Jan 06 11:35:25 <lurkd> 4df+4 looking!
Jan 06 11:35:26 <CROM> lurkd: looking!: 5 (4df+4=+, -, 0, +)
Jan 06 11:36:13 <Tehpillowstar> Adelaide watches for a bit before beginning to pace around.
Jan 06 11:37:13 <Echo> Munroe (and Frank) can clearly spot the crashed CH-47 below him. Looks like it's a good thirty meters down. The "top" of it looks flat. Upside down.
Jan 06 11:37:44 <Pryor> "alright mate, lets do this" he says, muffled by the mask
Jan 06 11:38:11 <lurkd> Munroe gives Frank a thumbs up and descends. *blub*
Jan 06 11:38:34 <Pryor> Benny follows keeping his eyes peeled
Jan 06 11:38:44 <lurkd> Frank stands there at the bottom looking up at them.
Jan 06 11:39:10 <Maddy> Renne circles down with them.
Jan 06 11:39:19 <Echo> About all that Munroe got out of that was "WAH-WAH-WAH-WAH-WAH-WAH." as Benny performed his best impression of an underwater Charlie Brown teacher.
Jan 06 11:40:05 <lurkd> Munroe stops short of the entrance to the wreckage and waits for others.
Jan 06 11:41:18 <Pryor> Benny's not too far behind, no time to waste
Jan 06 11:41:36 <Echo> The helo's open on a few sides. The rear cargo hatch is open, and the shoulder gun ports look like they could be used as entryways.
Jan 06 11:42:35 <lurkd> Munroe looks through the rear cargo hatch, Frank just hovers around out of the way.
Jan 06 11:42:55 <Pryor> Benny points inward and slowly makes his way in, beckoning Munroe to follow
Jan 06 11:43:57 <Echo> Munroe's greeted by a body floating against the "ceiling".
Jan 06 11:43:59 <lurkd> He shrugs and follows. Any supplies, scraps, or junk?
Jan 06 11:44:31 <lurkd> *blub* He's startled a bit but presses on.
Jan 06 11:44:32 <Pryor> Benny examines the body
Jan 06 11:44:41 <Echo> The inside's basically a horrorshow. As he looks up at the ceiling, he can see little holes where sunlight streams through, created by the gunfire that brought the helo down.
Jan 06 11:45:07 <lurkd> 4df+4 looking for supplies, ammo, or scrap…. even guns
Jan 06 11:45:07 <CROM> lurkd: looking for supplies, ammo, or scrap…. even guns: 2 (4df+4=+, -, -, -)
Jan 06 11:46:18 <lurkd> He shudders from the said horror show.
Jan 06 11:46:43 <lurkd> ~stay focused~
Jan 06 11:46:59 <Pryor> 4df+2 hunting for any thing useful
Jan 06 11:46:59 <CROM> Pryor: hunting for any thing useful: 0 (4df+2=-, 0, -, 0)
Jan 06 11:47:11 <Echo> Well… Munroe's in luck! The body that's floating has a pistol on its hip. As he looks closer, a couple others tied into their harnesses have M16s.
Jan 06 11:47:18 <Pryor> specifically on the corpse
Jan 06 11:47:33 <Echo> Benny spots the same handgun Munroe does.
Jan 06 11:47:53 <Pryor> benny reaches for it and pulls it down,
Jan 06 11:48:46 <lurkd> Munroe quickly starts stripping them of guns and ammo. Anything to tie them all together?
Jan 06 11:48:51 <Echo> Back past the seats, toward the front of the craft, looks like a few supply boxes. Heavy, durable plastic, secured by clamps.
Jan 06 11:49:05 <Maddy> Renee keeps with the guys, watching.
Jan 06 11:49:27 <Pryor> Benny points to one of the rifles and motions for Munroe to let him have it. he slips the pistol into his belt
Jan 06 11:49:48 <lurkd> Munroe tells Benny to grab the boxes while he gets the M16s.
Jan 06 11:50:00 <Echo> Hard to tell what's inside without opening the upside-down, secured to the ceiling that's the roof boxes.
Jan 06 11:50:03 <lurkd> points rather.
Jan 06 11:50:11 <Echo> And here they hit along an apparent problem.
Jan 06 11:50:30 <Pryor> Benny salutes and heads for the boxes
Jan 06 11:50:49 <lurkd> welp
Jan 06 11:51:07 <Echo> With all that gear on, they're going to have a hard time both swimming and carrying something like rifles, or that occupies their hands. *Very* difficult operation that, just using your legs with the added weight and lack of training.
Jan 06 11:51:44 <Pryor> benny still just has the pistol, he's digging through the boxes
Jan 06 11:51:52 <Echo> That pistol's no problem.
Jan 06 11:52:05 <lurkd> ~fuck~ Munroe realizes this and looks for an inflatable emergency raft maybe.
Jan 06 11:52:15 <Maddy> There's a clicking sound that kinda comes from…everywhere around them.
Jan 06 11:52:27 <Echo> As Benny pops the supply box open, an enormous rush of air escapes.
Jan 06 11:52:37 <Pryor> Benny's suddenly more alert.
Jan 06 11:53:21 <lurkd> Munroe pawns two rifles for now under his arm with a few magazines.
Jan 06 11:53:22 <Echo> Three brown cardboard cases tumble out to the ceiling of the helo.
Jan 06 11:53:55 <lurkd> He pokes Benny to hurry up!
Jan 06 11:54:50 <Pryor> benny does, scrambling
Jan 06 11:55:25 * Pryor has quit (Quit: ajax IRC Client)
Jan 06 11:55:25 <lurkd> Does he have the boxes?
Jan 06 11:55:27 <Echo> They're labeled "MENU CASE B"
Jan 06 11:55:42 <Echo> Benny has a terrible oxygen deficiency and surfaces.
Jan 06 11:55:52 <lurkd> Munroe swims up and out, rifles and ammo in tow.
Jan 06 11:56:24 <lurkd> *gasps* "Shite"
Jan 06 11:56:41 <Maddy> Renee helps benny to shore.
Jan 06 11:56:54 <Maddy> "Guys, he can'ts swims well."
Jan 06 11:57:45 <lurkd> Munroe scrambles for shore, 2 rifles with extra ammo, and places it on the beach. "…bloody hell."
Jan 06 11:58:52 <lurkd> Can we assume Benny got the box?
Jan 06 11:59:02 <Echo> No.
Jan 06 11:59:08 <Echo> Because there wasn't just one box.
Jan 06 11:59:20 <lurkd> Kay
Jan 06 11:59:24 <Tehpillowstar> "Fuck. Is that it?"
Jan 06 11:59:34 <Tehpillowstar> Adelaide helps pull Benny back to shore.
Jan 06 11:59:39 <Maddy> "I trieds to wanrs him he was breathing funnys."
Jan 06 12:00:01 <lurkd> *coughing* "Oi, got some firepower." He gets out of the gear.
Jan 06 12:00:11 <Echo> Munroe makes it back with a pair of M16s… in exchange for about a 1/4 of his tank.
Jan 06 12:00:21 <Maddy> she shrugs.
Jan 06 12:00:48 <Echo> Benny's tank was also emptied a little.
Jan 06 12:00:58 <Echo> Mitchell makes his way over. "You all right, Munroe?"
Jan 06 12:01:15 <lurkd> "There's more down there, and I still got three quarters of a tank."
Jan 06 12:01:17 <Tehpillowstar> Adelaide checks Benny if he's alright.
Jan 06 12:01:34 <Echo> He checks Munroe's tank. "Looks about right."
Jan 06 12:01:50 <Echo> Benny's fine. But good lord, he has a gun tucked into his diving belt.
Jan 06 12:01:52 <lurkd> "Frank and I can make another trip. He alright?"
Jan 06 12:02:29 <Tehpillowstar> "Yeah, he's alright." Adelaide takes the pistol and hands it to Mitchell, the barrel pointing away from him.
Jan 06 12:02:59 <Echo> Mitchell passes it to Jani. "You good to make another dive, Munroe? What else is down there?"
Jan 06 12:03:30 <lurkd> "There were boxes and more guns. I can grab them right quick."
Jan 06 12:03:42 <Maddy> Jani looks it over makes sure its safe and puts it in her back pack.
Jan 06 12:03:42 <Tehpillowstar> "I can go with you."
Jan 06 12:03:57 <lurkd> He seems eager to go for another trip.
Jan 06 12:04:09 <Maddy> "I can carries like one thing, but not somethings important. I gotta drops it if one of yous need hels."
Jan 06 12:04:24 <lurkd> "Rack up, missy. Day is wasting."
Jan 06 12:04:30 <Echo> "Hell, go for it."
Jan 06 12:04:50 <lurkd> Munroe splashes back in!
Jan 06 12:05:48 <Echo> The other pair of 16s greets him as he dives back down. The body Benny disturbed floats past him, drifting against the deckplates of the upside-down helo.
Jan 06 12:05:50 <lurkd> He swims back into the wreckage and grabs the box with the lettering described.
Jan 06 12:06:11 <Echo> There are three cases that fell out of the supply locker.
Jan 06 12:06:18 <Tehpillowstar> Adelaide takes the gear and nervously suits up, then goes after Munroe.
Jan 06 12:06:28 <lurkd> What do the other 2 say?
Jan 06 12:06:33 <Tehpillowstar> ~Breath normally.~
Jan 06 12:06:39 <Tehpillowstar> *Breathe
Jan 06 12:06:41 <Echo> Same thing.
Jan 06 12:06:56 <Echo> Three boxes fell out of the one supply locker Benny jiggered open.
Jan 06 12:07:14 <Tehpillowstar> Where is Adelaide now?
Jan 06 12:07:14 <lurkd> When Adelaide arrives, Munroe points to the weapons for her to bring back up.
Jan 06 12:07:47 <lurkd> Munroe rummages through the box that is open, just a quick check.
Jan 06 12:08:17 <Echo> Looks like the only thing that was inside was the boxes of MREs.
Jan 06 12:08:35 <Tehpillowstar> Okay. She gets her bearings before grabbing the rifles, idea forming in her head.
Jan 06 12:08:52 <Tehpillowstar> 4df+3 Anything else to be found?
Jan 06 12:08:53 <CROM> Tehpillowstar: Anything else to be found?: 1 (4df+3=-, -, -, +)
Jan 06 12:09:24 <Echo> There's another cargo box like the one Munroe is digging through, on the opposite shoulder of the helo.
Jan 06 12:09:35 <lurkd> Munroe does a quick check to make sure the only useful things in here are MREs and guns. He also takes a quick peak inside the cockpit.
Jan 06 12:10:00 <Tehpillowstar> Adelaide kicks her way to the other cargo box.
Jan 06 12:10:05 <lurkd> He checks out that cargo box too.
Jan 06 12:10:20 <Echo> Both pilots are still there, strapped to their seats.
Jan 06 12:10:36 <Echo> As they pop this one open, another gush of air escapes.
Jan 06 12:10:46 <lurkd> ~poor buggers~
Jan 06 12:11:08 <Echo> Out tumble two cases of bottled water.
Jan 06 12:11:13 <Tehpillowstar> Adelaide stares at them for a moment. ~Man…~
Jan 06 12:11:18 <lurkd> Munroe grabs a box of MREs and looks what Adelaide found.
Jan 06 12:11:44 <Tehpillowstar> Adelaide pops open the cargo box she swam to.
Jan 06 12:12:02 <Echo> He just opened that.
Jan 06 12:12:05 <Echo> Pay attention.
Jan 06 12:12:16 <Tehpillowstar> Sorry.
Jan 06 12:12:55 <Tehpillowstar> She grabs one bottle.
Jan 06 12:13:05 <lurkd> He nods. Could he taje a box of MREs and a few more magazines with him?
Jan 06 12:13:25 <lurkd> *take
Jan 06 12:13:29 <Echo> It's gonna be hard enough to muscle that case up on its own.
Jan 06 12:13:41 <Echo> Looks like he could collect all the extra ammo in one go, though.
Jan 06 12:14:16 <Tehpillowstar> Freshwater is less dense than salt water. Can Adelaide push the water bottles up to the surface?
Jan 06 12:14:30 <lurkd> He gets the case then and surfaces.
Jan 06 12:14:32 <Tehpillowstar> Sorry redact taht
Jan 06 12:15:42 <Echo> Mitchell helps Munroe haul it ashore as he comes up.
Jan 06 12:16:13 <lurkd> *gasps* "Oi, how much is in my tank?"
Jan 06 12:16:13 <Maddy> Renee starts clicking again as she swims back with adelaide
Jan 06 12:16:39 <Echo> "You got about half a tank, if you want to use it."
Jan 06 12:16:55 <Tehpillowstar> Adelaide takes the extra guns and surfaces.
Jan 06 12:17:48 <lurkd> "One more time, I'm going to rack up all the ammo I can find and another rifle, mate. There's water and more MREs too."
Jan 06 12:18:00 <Echo> After Adelaide gets her cargo ashore, there's now arrayed four M16s, and a case of MREs.
Jan 06 12:18:14 <Maddy> "There's waters down there too."
Jan 06 12:18:20 <Echo> "Go for it, dude."
Jan 06 12:18:32 <Tehpillowstar> "How's my air?"
Jan 06 12:18:37 <lurkd> "Or is 4 rifles enough?"
Jan 06 12:18:38 <Maddy> "Halfs."
Jan 06 12:19:18 <Maddy> "You should probably call this the last trips, unless you wanna risk drownsing."
Jan 06 12:19:19 <Echo> "You could make two more trips if you're willin' to cut it close, but… that'll be all on those tanks."
Jan 06 12:19:29 <Maddy> "Or what he saids."
Jan 06 12:19:30 <Echo> "We ain't exactly got a dive shop around here."
Jan 06 12:19:48 <Tehpillowstar> "Alright then."
Jan 06 12:20:00 <lurkd> He looks at Adelaide. "One more time, you get ammo, I'll get water."
Jan 06 12:20:42 <Maddy> "I can gets something too ifs you're only going once more."
Jan 06 12:20:57 <Tehpillowstar> "Did we find any first-aid kits?"
Jan 06 12:21:36 <lurkd> "Aye. You get another water maybe. I didn't see any kits. Nor a flare gun."
Jan 06 12:22:02 <lurkd> *coughing*
Jan 06 12:22:07 <Maddy> "I'll looks. Careful."
Jan 06 12:22:42 <lurkd> He nods and dives in, making a B-line for the water case.
Jan 06 12:22:56 <Tehpillowstar> Adelaide dives down for the last of the ammo and the other water case.
Jan 06 12:23:12 <Maddy> Renee looks around for a first aid thingy.
Jan 06 12:23:15 <lurkd> Frank just watches peopke work, real credit to the team.
Jan 06 12:23:20 <Echo> She's going to have to pick one.
Jan 06 12:23:54 <Maddy> The clicking is neas constand now, since Renee's not keeping a direct eye on them.
Jan 06 12:24:11 <Tehpillowstar> The ammo. She takes the ammo.
Jan 06 12:24:12 <lurkd> Assuming he doesn't hit snags, Munroe wastes no time in getting that water to the surface.
Jan 06 12:24:52 <Maddy> Renee finds the kit and heads up after them
Jan 06 12:25:02 <Echo> The both of them snatch up what they're looking for without incident.
Jan 06 12:25:31 <Tehpillowstar> Adelaide takes one last look at the machineguns and decides that they don't have enough time for that shit.
Jan 06 12:25:53 <Echo> Maybe…
Jan 06 12:26:00 <lurkd> *gasps* "That's the last we can get up."
Jan 06 12:27:01 <Tehpillowstar> She pauses and gives them a real good look. Roll engineering?
Jan 06 12:27:32 <Echo> It'd take a while to get one of them detached. Probably as long as she's got left.
Jan 06 12:27:53 <Tehpillowstar> "…" She decides to risk it.
Jan 06 12:28:38 <Tehpillowstar> 4df+3 Let's roll.
Jan 06 12:28:38 <CROM> Tehpillowstar: Let's roll.: 2 (4df+3=-, -, 0, +)
Jan 06 12:28:39 <Echo> She's going to have to abandon her ammo to do this.
Jan 06 12:29:01 <Maddy> Renee brings the kit up before she realizes Addy's not with her anymore. "Oh…
Jan 06 12:29:02 <Maddy> "
Jan 06 12:29:29 <lurkd> "Where is she?!"
Jan 06 12:30:07 <lurkd> Before Munroe gets an answer he dives back down for her!
Jan 06 12:30:26 <Maddy> "I'll go find her." she tosses the kit ashore and goes back.
Jan 06 12:30:57 <Maddy> She starts clicking at Munroe. He can feel the click in his chest as much as he can hear it.
Jan 06 12:31:03 <lurkd> ~bloody hell, dont drown~
Jan 06 12:31:51 <Tehpillowstar> Adelaide surfaces.
Jan 06 12:32:00 <lurkd> Frank looks at Munroe worriedly from the bottom.
Jan 06 12:32:01 <Tehpillowstar> That is, she heads to up to surface.
Jan 06 12:32:07 <Tehpillowstar> With the ammo.
Jan 06 12:32:17 <Maddy> Renee points up.
Jan 06 12:33:10 <Tehpillowstar> She wastes /no freaking time/ with handing over the rest of the ammo. "Got an idea." Before diving back down.
Jan 06 12:33:54 <Echo> Adelaide dives back down!
Jan 06 12:34:13 <Maddy> So does Renee, cursing in clicks, not that you'd know.
Jan 06 12:34:25 <Echo> Mitchell stands on the shore, starting at Munroe. "What's she talking about?"
Jan 06 12:35:31 <lurkd> "Prolly going for the big guns, mate. Check my tank right quick."
Jan 06 12:36:17 <Echo> Mitchell jogs out, grabbing the frame of the tank and twisting Munroe a little. "Uhhh, you got about a quarter tank."
Jan 06 12:36:33 <Maddy> redact renee going down. "Guess I shoulds go makes sure she doesnt's drown."
Jan 06 12:36:55 <Echo> "Maybe."
Jan 06 12:37:19 <Tehpillowstar> When she reaches back to the crash site, she wastes no time trying to see what she needs to do to free the gun, that is if she has to take the time to unscrew it or if she can just rip if out with magic.
Jan 06 12:37:20 <lurkd> "Renee, thoughts on going down to help her?"
Jan 06 12:38:26 <lurkd> Frank is right there watching Adelaide work.
Jan 06 12:39:06 <Echo> Ehhhh, ripping it out would just damage the gun and its feed mechanism.
Jan 06 12:39:22 <Maddy> "You shouldn'ts go back, I could only really carry one of you if something happeneds. I'll go."
Jan 06 12:39:47 <Tehpillowstar> 4df+3 Engineering to free the gun.
Jan 06 12:39:47 <CROM> Tehpillowstar: Engineering to free the gun.: 2 (4df+3=-, 0, 0, 0)
Jan 06 12:40:24 <lurkd> "I'll sit this one out, here take some of my tools if you're going." He hands them to her.
Jan 06 12:40:48 <Maddy> "Ok." she takes them and heads under.
Jan 06 12:41:19 <Echo> It's not difficult, it just takes a bit to perform. Series of steps, underwater, by a less-than-perfectly-trained diver.
Jan 06 12:41:29 <Echo> The actions are familiar, they're just taking her longer.
Jan 06 12:41:42 <Maddy> Renee brings some tools to Addy. Click click, oops im late.
Jan 06 12:42:25 <lurkd> Munroe sits standby. "Oi, mate… watch the time for me so we know how long they been down there."
Jan 06 12:42:37 * WalrusKing (~ten.tsacmoc.jn.1dsh.0707116F-CRInys|niKsurlaW#ten.tsacmoc.jn.1dsh.0707116F-CRInys|niKsurlaW) has joined #afteractionmission
Jan 06 12:42:45 <Echo> She finishes undoing the gun's mount. Her regulator's running low.
Jan 06 12:43:37 <Maddy> "!!!!" frezied clicking.
Jan 06 12:43:44 <Maddy> *frenzied
Jan 06 12:43:55 <Tehpillowstar> Adelaide can feel the stress of the time limit hang over her. She realizes that the gun may be heavy enough that she might not make it.
Jan 06 12:44:04 <Echo> "She's comin' up on fumes."
Jan 06 12:44:09 <Echo> And then it runs out.
Jan 06 12:44:19 <Maddy> Renee drops the tools and goes to help.
Jan 06 12:44:23 <Echo> Hope that last breath was a big one.
Jan 06 12:45:02 <Maddy> She graps addy around the waist and start heading for the surface.
Jan 06 12:45:06 <lurkd> Munroe is getting anxious, he gets ready to dive. "I'm going if they don't come up in 30 seconds."
Jan 06 12:45:09 <Tehpillowstar> 4df+5 tagging Neat Parlour Trick to do two things: blast the gun back to the surface of the water and to give her to speed necessary to surface without drowning.
Jan 06 12:45:10 <CROM> Tehpillowstar: tagging Neat Parlour Trick to do two things: blast the gun back to the surface of the water and to give her to speed necessary to surface without drowning.: 7 (4df+5=+, +, 0, 0)
Jan 06 12:45:25 <Tehpillowstar> That was for magic.
Jan 06 12:45:41 <Echo> Gonna have to pick one action. Two things with one roll ain't gonna cut it~
Jan 06 12:46:21 <Tehpillowstar> Can she keep hold to the gun and use the roll to push her way to the surface?
Jan 06 12:46:43 <Echo> Maybe.
Jan 06 12:46:52 <Echo> .choose yes, no
Jan 06 12:46:52 <CROM> Echo: yes
Jan 06 12:47:33 <Echo> Tehpillowstar: Go ahead and describe it!
Jan 06 12:49:57 <lurkd> Frank starts to tread back to shore.
Jan 06 12:50:48 <Tehpillowstar> She clutches her prize to her body with her left arm as she tries to forget the godawful need to breathe and with her right hand, points down to the ocean bottom. Pouring will and dicipline and an alarming amount of prayers, she unleashes a powerful punch of power from the SEED
Jan 06 12:51:08 <Tehpillowstar> And like a cork, she shoots up…and up…and up…
Jan 06 12:51:50 <Tehpillowstar> Up to the surface, where she rips off her scuba mask and like a little mermaid decades before on a silver screen, takes a deep breath of salty air.
Jan 06 12:52:08 <lurkd> !!!!
Jan 06 12:52:44 <lurkd> Munroe rushes in to pull people out. "Hang on ya wanks!"
Jan 06 12:52:50 <Echo> She makes it up top with a 240… sans the tools… and sans ammo.
Jan 06 12:52:58 <Echo> *for the machine gun.
Jan 06 12:53:09 <Tehpillowstar> She falls, exhausted, still clutching her prize, as she weakly begins swimming back the the 1000 meter distance to the shore. A distance that seems forever, but she's a goddamned Marine. She'll make it.
Jan 06 12:53:54 <lurkd> Munroe helps tow her along.
Jan 06 12:54:26 * PaulS_laptop (||46c) has joined #afteractionmission
Jan 06 12:54:26 * ChanServ gives channel operator status to PaulS_laptop
Jan 06 12:55:53 <Maddy> Renee helps too.
Jan 06 12:55:54 <Tehpillowstar> "Renee"
Jan 06 12:56:00 <Maddy> "Yeah?"
Jan 06 12:56:01 <Tehpillowstar> "You got the tools right?"
Jan 06 12:56:04 <Maddy> "No."
Jan 06 12:56:31 <Tehpillowstar> "…"
Jan 06 12:56:40 * MereObserver (ten.htuoslleb.dra.C3F9753-CRInys|tibbiM#ten.htuoslleb.dra.C3F9753-CRInys|tibbiM) has joined #afteractionmission
Jan 06 12:57:06 <Tehpillowstar> "I'm a fucking idiot."
Jan 06 12:57:21 <Maddy> "I'm sure we cans find more tools."
Jan 06 12:57:25 <lurkd> Munroe curses upon hearing this. "Fucking hell, really?"
Jan 06 12:58:45 <Tehpillowstar> "Renee, I'm fine. Can you get the tools?"
Jan 06 12:59:14 <Tehpillowstar> "If we don't have that, then there's no… fucking…point…ah…"
Jan 06 13:00:39 <Maddy> "I could looks, but there's probably a screws driver in the house somewhers too, so we shoudl both looks."
Jan 06 13:01:31 <Tehpillowstar> "Yeah, can you look?"
Jan 06 13:01:37 <lurkd> "Guys… I got a brilliant idea. How many life vests we got?"
Jan 06 13:02:56 * MonkeyBomb (||d.eht) has joined #afteractionmission
Jan 06 13:03:03 <Echo> Final haul of the dive… four M16s, an M9, some ammo, two boxes of MREs, a case of bottled water, and a first aid kit.
Jan 06 13:03:06 <Echo> "For what?"
Jan 06 13:03:33 <Maddy> "I'm gonna go gets the tools." splash splash splash fluke.
Jan 06 13:05:07 <lurkd> "I got a quarter tank. I can get the other boxes, wrap them in life vests to have them float up. The second I run out of air, I float up with a few vests as well."
Jan 06 13:05:46 <Echo> "You're gonna swim down carryin' a bunch of inflated life vests?"
Jan 06 13:05:57 <Echo> "They're only good once, dude."
Jan 06 13:06:10 <Maddy> She comes back up later with tools. "Gottem."
Jan 06 13:06:22 <Tehpillowstar> Adelaide drags herself onto the beach, sheds her SCUBA gear, tosses the machinegun onto the sand and declares. "I'm fucking retarded." she then starts to walk off away from the house, away from the people.
Jan 06 13:06:27 <lurkd> "Got any that aren't blown up?"
Jan 06 13:07:00 <Echo> "I almost got away with mine. Malfunctioned in the crash, someone popped it manually."
Jan 06 13:07:03 <lurkd> "Good on you!" He smiles at the recovered tools.
Jan 06 13:07:57 <lurkd> "So that's a no then… at least we have enough air for one more bloody dive."
Jan 06 13:08:14 <Maddy> "One ways, maybe."
Jan 06 13:08:17 <lurkd> "Nother time though."
Jan 06 13:08:32 <Maddy> "Lets takes this back to the towns."
Jan 06 13:08:50 <Echo> Mitchell starts looking the weapons over. "These things is gonna need some cleaning."
Jan 06 13:08:51 <lurkd> He takes off the gear. *coughing*