Grocery Shopping

Sep 15 17:10:58 <EchoFourDelta> Evans hops up the ramp and plops down into one of the bucket seats. He looks around the inside of the armored vehicle, tapping his feet,
Sep 15 17:12:45 <Maddy> Claudia, now sure her violin is in tune sits in the LAV.
Sep 15 17:12:49 <Dexanote> "Claudia, you want to drive? I dunno if you want to have to climb in and out of the tank." Myr sits with Scott.
Sep 15 17:12:59 <Maddy> "…I can't drive. I have not feet."
Sep 15 17:13:14 <Maddy> "But I am a fairly good spotter."
Sep 15 17:13:42 <Dexanote> Myr shrugs and climbs over to the driver's seat.
Sep 15 17:13:53 <Dexanote> "Which way you want to go?"
Sep 15 17:14:00 <Tom90deg> Zoe climbs up in Gunner's seat.
Sep 15 17:14:22 <EchoFourDelta> "So, where are we headed to?"
Sep 15 17:14:23 <Pemander> Arianna is swaying back and forth slightly on top of EVE.
Sep 15 17:14:27 <Maddy> "ust further into town, a grocery store, perhaps? Though a residential area would be good too."
Sep 15 17:14:32 <Mere_Observer> Styer ties his scarf over his mouth and puts his goggles on his eyes.
Sep 15 17:14:53 <EchoFourDelta> "Hey, Styer, you see the rat?"
Sep 15 17:15:19 <Mere_Observer> "Rat? No, wha' rat?"
Sep 15 17:16:51 <EchoFourDelta> "Something crawled up out of Arianna's throat last night."
Sep 15 17:17:00 <EchoFourDelta> He nods. "Big enough to shoot with a rifle."
Sep 15 17:17:10 <Dexanote> Myr starts the LAV and they head off. "Grocery first."
Sep 15 17:17:23 <Maddy> The GPS, if Myrtle looks at it, shows a large grocery mart a few minutes away.
Sep 15 17:18:02 <Mere_Observer> Styer cocks his eyebrow. "Out of her /throat/ ?"
Sep 15 17:18:15 <Maddy> "She's with us, you could ask her about it."
Sep 15 17:19:11 <Mere_Observer> "….." Styer closes his eyes and sighs. "Just tell me when we get there."
Sep 15 17:19:12 <EchoFourDelta> "Yeah, she kinda puked it up."
Sep 15 17:19:25 <Mere_Observer> Eyes still closed. "Gross."
Sep 15 17:20:35 <Maddy> They get there fairly quickly. Driving up, the windows are blacked out probably from a long while of no one cleaning them.
Sep 15 17:21:45 <EchoFourDelta> Evans bangs against the roof with the butt of his rifle. "Open up! I want out!"
Sep 15 17:22:10 <Mere_Observer> Styer opens his eyes. "Guess we're here…"
Sep 15 17:23:04 <Tom90deg> Zoe climbs on out. "Been a while since I've raided a market…"
Sep 15 17:23:07 <Dexanote> Myr stops the LAV outside the grocerystore, climbs out of the driver's seat, and opens the hatch, escaping the LAV. "Alright. Careful guys."
Sep 15 17:24:11 <Mere_Observer> Styer steps out of the LAV, rifle in hand. "Well doesn't this place look homey…"
Sep 15 17:24:20 <Pemander> Arianna slides off the roof. "It will do."
Sep 15 17:24:49 <EchoFourDelta> Evans clambers out, looking around, then heads toward the store… nope, to a vending machine beside the store.
Sep 15 17:25:05 <Maddy> The first set of automatic doors look like they powered down while open, the inner doors are closed.
Sep 15 17:25:54 <Mere_Observer> "Evans, now probably isn't tha' best time fer a snack."
Sep 15 17:26:17 <Tom90deg> Zoe approaches the doors, seeing if she can make anything out in the gloom
Sep 15 17:26:21 <Maddy> nope
Sep 15 17:26:28 <EchoFourDelta> "Duly noted. Hey, it's got Brisk!"
Sep 15 17:26:53 <EchoFourDelta> He turns and heads for the door. "They got tea!"
Sep 15 17:27:01 <Tom90deg> "Looks quiet, but can't make out much. Shall we try to get em open?"
Sep 15 17:27:05 <Maddy> Claudia, similarly is trying to see in, to no avail.
Sep 15 17:27:11 <Tom90deg> "And Styer, you know how old that stuff is?"
Sep 15 17:27:26 <Tom90deg> "It's not been refrigrated for about a year."
Sep 15 17:28:13 <Pemander> "Automatic doors are not difficult to pry open."
Sep 15 17:28:13 <Dexanote> "Come on. Someone push them open, we'll search now before night falls."
Sep 15 17:28:28 <Pemander> Arianna grabs one of the doors and starts pulling it.
Sep 15 17:28:30 <Pemander> 4df+2 ath
Sep 15 17:28:30 <CROM> Pemander: ath: 4 (4df+2=0, +, 0, +)
Sep 15 17:28:43 <Tom90deg> 4df+3 Zoe grabs one of the doors and tries to force it open
Sep 15 17:28:44 <CROM> Tom90deg: Zoe grabs one of the doors and tries to force it open: 2 (4df+3=+, 0, -, -)
Sep 15 17:28:46 <Maddy> Wait
Sep 15 17:29:03 <Maddy> Where is everyone?
Sep 15 17:29:16 <EchoFourDelta> Evans went inside.
Sep 15 17:29:16 <Pemander> Ari is trying to open the front doors.
Sep 15 17:29:24 <Mere_Observer> Styer is in the front of the store.outside
Sep 15 17:29:25 <Tom90deg> Zoe in in front of the doors.
Sep 15 17:29:25 <Dexanote> Myr will be with Evans.
Sep 15 17:29:27 <Pemander> Inner doors, that is.
Sep 15 17:29:58 <Tom90deg> Zoe's trying to open whatever doors are shut.
Sep 15 17:31:26 <EchoFourDelta> "Are you gonna get those doors open, or…"
Sep 15 17:31:31 <Maddy> I said wait
Sep 15 17:32:46 <Maddy> The inner doors don't budge.
Sep 15 17:33:28 <Maddy> ok og
Sep 15 17:33:29 <Maddy> go
Sep 15 17:33:31 <Maddy> qlwkjdal
Sep 15 17:33:37 <Tom90deg> "Hold on, is there a crowbar in Eve?"
Sep 15 17:33:44 <Dexanote> "We can shoot them open."
Sep 15 17:33:50 <Dexanote> "or you can pop inside and unlock them."
Sep 15 17:33:52 <EchoFourDelta> "Yo! Styer! C'mere! Let's be gentlemen and get the door."
Sep 15 17:34:13 <Tom90deg> Zoe presses her face up against the glass, looking and making sure things are clear."
Sep 15 17:34:14 <Dexanote> "Or the big, /strong/ /men/ can go and open them."
Sep 15 17:34:17 <Mere_Observer> "Alrighty!"
Sep 15 17:34:23 <Tom90deg> "Alright, but take a few steps back."
Sep 15 17:34:34 <Tom90deg> "In case I gotta port back out fast, don't wnat my arm stuck in your chest."
Sep 15 17:34:54 <Pemander> Arianna is peering curiously at the doors.
Sep 15 17:34:57 <Dexanote> "Uuuh. Okay/"
Sep 15 17:35:02 <Pemander> "I think they might be held shut by something, actually."
Sep 15 17:35:06 <EchoFourDelta> Evans gets a grip on the left door. "On three?"
Sep 15 17:35:22 <Mere_Observer> Styer heads for the doors and nods. "Aye."
Sep 15 17:35:24 <Dexanote> "Let them try, Zoe, actually." Myr rolls her eyes.
Sep 15 17:35:42 <Tom90deg> Zoe smirks slightly and steps back. "Naturally."
Sep 15 17:35:53 <Maddy> As soon as Styer enters, the outer doors slam shut.
Sep 15 17:36:00 <Tom90deg> "I could also try to…Oh come ON!"
Sep 15 17:36:10 <Pemander> "Hmph."
Sep 15 17:36:14 <Mere_Observer> Styer jumps. "THA" FUCK!?"
Sep 15 17:36:15 <Pemander> Arianna draws a few knives.
Sep 15 17:36:18 <Maddy> It's ptich dark. The group can hear ssssssssssss.
Sep 15 17:36:20 <Pemander> "Is this an ambush?"
Sep 15 17:36:25 <Dexanote> "Oh god damn it."
Sep 15 17:36:29 <Maddy> They start to get very sleepy, very fast.
Sep 15 17:36:40 <Dexanote> "Oh. Gas. Okay."
Sep 15 17:37:06 <Tom90deg> "Myr, hold still! Everyone hold still."
Sep 15 17:37:14 <Mere_Observer> Styer has a scarf over his face, is he sleepy too?
Sep 15 17:37:21 <Maddy> And they're out. Myrtle rests easy knowing her possible last words were "Oh. Gas. Okay."
Sep 15 17:37:23 <Maddy> Yes
Sep 15 17:37:43 <Mere_Observer> Aww…
Sep 15 17:41:14 <Maddy> They all start to hazilly come to, not knowing how long it's been. There are muffled voices, and you're all tied to chairs with bags over your heads.
Sep 15 17:42:21 <Mere_Observer> "Mmm…I told ya' I'd get you yer money next week Thomas…."
Sep 15 17:42:47 <EchoFourDelta> Evans tries not to throw up. Urgh. What was that shit.
Sep 15 17:43:03 <Maddy> The voices get closer, and a door opens. "I think you'll like what we picked up. They had some kinda tank too, so they might be important or some shit. That one's got weird legs, but the other girls are pretty, so they'll fetch a good price."
Sep 15 17:43:40 <Dexanote> Myr's eyebrow twitches under the bag.
Sep 15 17:44:06 <Pemander> Arianna hears 'fetch a good price'.
Sep 15 17:44:09 <Pemander> She does not like this.
Sep 15 17:45:08 <Maddy> A second voice hmmms, and walks back and forth. "I want to see that one." Myrtle has the bag pulled off her head. She's in a dark room with the others, a well dressed man scrutinizing her. Through the door behind him there's a lavish office with an aqarium.
Sep 15 17:45:33 <Maddy> You can respond and such, but only myrtle can see, and you're still too groggy to doo much.
Sep 15 17:45:46 <Dexanote> She squints. "… Have we met?"
Sep 15 17:46:25 <Mere_Observer> "Uuughh…."
Sep 15 17:46:36 <Maddy> "You look familliar…" the man grunts. "The men." Styer and Evans are unmasked.
Sep 15 17:46:39 <Tom90deg> Zoe feels the ropes on her wrists, trying to see if there's any play.
Sep 15 17:46:43 <EchoFourDelta> "Mamoof. Affuck." Scott tries talking, but he's got cottonmouth like a motherfucker.
Sep 15 17:47:04 <EchoFourDelta> "Amacop."
Sep 15 17:47:26 <Mere_Observer> "Uuugh…no' again…"
Sep 15 17:47:51 <Maddy> "Hmm no, I've never seen them before…" the well dressed man is acompanied by two dirty punk looking mother fuckers, like some kinda raider out of Fall out or somerhing.
Sep 15 17:48:20 <EchoFourDelta> He takes one look at them and starts laughing his ass off.
Sep 15 17:48:36 <Tom90deg> Zoe looks up, face still covered. "What's so funny?"
Sep 15 17:48:50 <Maddy> "Boss, if he ain't buying, I wanna beat the shit out of that one." says one of the punks.
Sep 15 17:48:51 <Dexanote> Myr looks around, wincing at the Flalout douchbags. "Eugh. Their hands were on me?"
Sep 15 17:49:17 <Mere_Observer> Styer laughs as well. "Ya' look like somethin' from a bad movie!"
Sep 15 17:49:50 <EchoFourDelta> After a few seconds, it turns into dry, hacking coughs, then he starts laughing again.
Sep 15 17:49:51 <Maddy> "The voice is familliar too. Unmask the rest." the man points. The raiders seem reluctant but do so.
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Sep 15 17:50:14 <Tom90deg> Zoe shakes her head, looking around, trying to get a headcount.
Sep 15 17:50:18 * Notify: Echo is online (SCP and Related Channels).
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Sep 15 17:51:10 <Maddy> He looks at Zoe, then Claudia, then Claudia's legs, then Myrtle again. "Oh my, my my my. You boys have quite a catch here. I shan't by buying."
Sep 15 17:51:17 <Echo> "AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA GEM WEZ"
Sep 15 17:51:27 <Echo> "HUMUNGUS"
Sep 15 17:51:41 <Dexanote> "Alright so…" She counts. "… Gonna need… three graves… okay.
Sep 15 17:51:43 <Dexanote> "
Sep 15 17:52:01 <Dexanote> May Myr roll knots to undo the bindings on herself?
Sep 15 17:52:05 <Tom90deg> "Hmm…You like em big or with poor fashon choices Myrtle?"
Sep 15 17:52:21 <Echo> Scott's laughing again, making a little whistling heeheehee sound.
Sep 15 17:52:25 <Dexanote> "I like them washed."
Sep 15 17:52:31 <Tom90deg> "Well, don't we all."
Sep 15 17:52:43 <Mere_Observer> "Styer can't stop laughing at them.
Sep 15 17:53:05 <Pemander> Arianna is blinking in an attempt to adjust to the light.
Sep 15 17:53:26 <Maddy> "It's a shame about losing your group as a supplier, but I don't think this group will leave any survivors. They have a nasty hatred for slavers. Frau Zann, it's good to see you again." the man grins, then in a flash of llight, he's gone. The aquarium in the other room explodes sometime after.
Sep 15 17:53:49 <Maddy> You may act now. There are two really nervous looking goons in the room with you
Sep 15 17:54:04 <Pemander> "C'n I have a glass'f water?"
Sep 15 17:54:06 <Dexanote> "Oh of course you know one of us."
Sep 15 17:54:09 <Pemander> Arianna is still a bit groggy.
Sep 15 17:54:32 <Tom90deg> Zoe gives the two goons a big grin. "'Ello poppet."
Sep 15 17:54:49 <Mere_Observer> Styer stop laughing. "Oi, lads, ya' wanna let us go? We might not kill ya' if ya' do." Styer grins as well.
Sep 15 17:55:05 <Tom90deg> "Now now, don't make promices you can't keep Styer. That's just good manners."
Sep 15 17:55:36 <Mere_Observer> Styer snickers.
Sep 15 17:55:51 <Echo> Evans stops laughing for a second, gets deathly quiet, then stares around.
Sep 15 17:55:58 <Maddy> "Or I could jut shoot y'all since you're stilled tied up." he lifts his gun…or should I say Styer's gun.
Sep 15 17:55:59 <Echo> His eyes go wide. "Whoa, what the fuck!"
Sep 15 17:56:00 <Pemander> 4df+2 I do not like ropes
Sep 15 17:56:00 <CROM> Pemander: I do not like ropes: 3 (4df+2=0, 0, +, 0)
Sep 15 17:56:01 <Tom90deg> 4df+5 (Tagging Can't Cage Me)
Sep 15 17:56:01 <CROM> Tom90deg: (Tagging Can't Cage Me): 3 (4df+5=0, -, 0, -)
Sep 15 17:56:04 <Dexanote> 4df+4 Knots! Myr fiddles with the knots!
Sep 15 17:56:05 <CROM> Dexanote: Knots! Myr fiddles with the knots!: 1 (4df+4=-, -, -, 0)
Sep 15 17:56:13 <Maddy> Zoe and Ari are out.
Sep 15 17:56:15 <Dexanote> Her finger gets stuck. "… Dammit."
Sep 15 17:56:29 <Pemander> She does not let on that she has escaped her bonds.
Sep 15 17:56:39 <Mere_Observer> "Tha's mah gun! Mother fucker!"
Sep 15 17:57:27 <Dexanote> Myr pauses, looking at Styer's gun. She realizes that her guns and knife are gone.
Sep 15 17:57:31 <Dexanote> "… Oh hell no."
Sep 15 17:57:41 <Pemander> Where is Myrtle in relation to Arianna?
Sep 15 17:57:47 <Echo> Scott's tripping, and is unable to focus enough to do anything with his rope.
Sep 15 17:58:12 <Tom90deg> Zoe stays still, hands still behind her, trying to see if she can spot any of the weapons of the group.
Sep 15 17:58:20 <Maddy> The room is set up with the 4 girls in front and the men in the back.
Sep 15 17:58:38 <Maddy> Girls left to right claudia, zoe, myr, ari
Sep 15 17:58:52 <Maddy> boys left to right styer evans
Sep 15 17:58:54 <Pemander> Ari lifts up her left leg and pulls something out of her shoe.
Sep 15 17:59:01 <Pemander> 4df+3 Stealth to be subtle about it
Sep 15 17:59:01 <CROM> Pemander: Stealth to be subtle about it: 5 (4df+3=0, +, +, 0)
Sep 15 17:59:31 <Maddy> 4df+2 perception of a goon who is now kinda freaked out
Sep 15 17:59:32 <CROM> Maddy: perception of a goon who is now kinda freaked out: -1 (4df+2=-, -, -, 0)
Sep 15 17:59:33 <Dexanote> Myr mutters under her breath. "Two enemies, Scott's useless, someone stole my guns, and someone exploded an aquarium."
Sep 15 17:59:37 <Maddy> he doesnt see shit.
Sep 15 17:59:58 <Pemander> Ari reaches over and starts sawing Myrtle's bonds with a straight razor.
Sep 15 18:00:22 <Echo> Scott's staring *hard* at one of the goons.
Sep 15 18:00:28 <Mere_Observer> 4df+4 Styer pulls on his ropes subtlety.
Sep 15 18:00:29 <CROM> Mere_Observer: Styer pulls on his ropes subtlety.: 4 (4df+4=0, +, -, 0)
Sep 15 18:00:30 <Echo> *LASER* *BEAM* stare.
Sep 15 18:00:43 <Tom90deg> "Just say when Myr."
Sep 15 18:00:51 <Dexanote> "Lemme do my thing."
Sep 15 18:00:59 <Tom90deg> "You're the boss."
Sep 15 18:01:01 <Pemander> Myrtle is presumably untied at this point.
Sep 15 18:01:06 <Pemander> Arianna nods to her.
Sep 15 18:01:13 <Dexanote> Myr pulls at her ropes.
Sep 15 18:01:18 <Maddy> "What do we do with them? The Master was scared…" "Just kill them, I;ll sound the allarm." "No you kill them, and I'll sound the allarm." they start shoving eachother.
Sep 15 18:01:40 <Mere_Observer> Styer looks at the goon with his gun and laughs. "Oh this will be fun…"
Sep 15 18:01:50 <Dexanote> Tell me when Myr's free.
Sep 15 18:01:56 <Maddy> Myr is free.
Sep 15 18:02:08 <Echo> Evans *screams*. Like throws his head back, blood-curdling, howl at the moon scream.
Sep 15 18:02:18 <Tom90deg> Zoe winces. "Ow."
Sep 15 18:02:33 <Maddy> Claudia is stoicly whatching, not really able to do much else.
Sep 15 18:02:38 <Mere_Observer> "Oi! Evans, tha's mah ear lad!"
Sep 15 18:02:47 <Echo> He starts stomping and thrashing in his chair.
Sep 15 18:02:59 <Dexanote> Spending 2 AP. First to declare a Scene Aspect, "Panic", after Evans flips his shit. Tagging it. Second to use Stealth.
Sep 15 18:03:02 <Dexanote> 4df+6
Sep 15 18:03:02 <CROM> Dexanote: 8 (4df+6=0, 0, +, +)
Sep 15 18:03:19 <Dexanote> Myr stands, steps with her left foot, and fades behind the group. "Go."
Sep 15 18:03:35 <Echo> He stops, then goes back to his thousand-yard-stare, seemingly catatonic.
Sep 15 18:03:41 <Pemander> Arianna stands up from her chair and throws the straight razor at one of the men.
Sep 15 18:03:54 <Maddy> Roll thrown.
Sep 15 18:04:04 <Pemander> Can I tag Panic still?
Sep 15 18:04:16 <Maddy> yes
Sep 15 18:04:21 <Tom90deg> Zoe blinks out of sight, reapering beghins the goon that Ari didn't throw the knife at. Instakill attempt
Sep 15 18:04:25 <Pemander> 4df+6 AP spent
Sep 15 18:04:25 <CROM> Pemander: AP spent: 6 (4df+6=+, -, -, +)
Sep 15 18:04:43 <Maddy> 4df+2 vs Ari.
Sep 15 18:04:44 <CROM> Maddy: vs Ari.: 4 (4df+2=+, 0, 0, +)
Sep 15 18:05:24 <Tom90deg> 4df+7 (Tagging panic, Thinking with Portals, 4 AP) Zoe trys to teleport the back of the goon's spine out of his neck.
Sep 15 18:05:24 <CROM> Tom90deg: (Tagging panic, Thinking with Portals, 4 AP) Zoe trys to teleport the back of the goon's spine out of his neck.: 9 (4df+7=+, -, +, +)
Sep 15 18:06:18 <Mere_Observer> Styer just stands up, rubbing his wrists.
Sep 15 18:06:19 <Maddy> The razor hits him right in the throat. He goes down, clutching at it and gurgling. The other goon sees this and turns to run, only to be face to face, well more chest to face, with Zoe. "What the."
Sep 15 18:06:26 <Maddy> 4df+2
Sep 15 18:06:27 <CROM> Maddy: 1 (4df+2=0, 0, 0, -)
Sep 15 18:06:40 <Maddy> Okay roll again.
Sep 15 18:07:27 <Tom90deg> 4df+3
Sep 15 18:07:28 <CROM> Tom90deg: 1 (4df+3=0, -, -, 0)
Sep 15 18:07:56 <Maddy> 4df+2
Sep 15 18:07:57 <CROM> Maddy: 1 (4df+2=-, 0, -, +)
Sep 15 18:08:02 <Maddy> Failed.
Sep 15 18:09:29 <Mere_Observer> Styer just straight up swings the chair he was sitting in at the surviving goon.
Sep 15 18:09:35 <Maddy> He bumps into Zoe..
Sep 15 18:10:05 <Mere_Observer> 4df+3 Whap
Sep 15 18:10:06 <CROM> Mere_Observer: Whap: 4 (4df+3=0, +, -, +)
Sep 15 18:10:21 <Maddy> 4df+2 vs Styer
Sep 15 18:10:22 <CROM> Maddy: vs Styer: -1 (4df+2=-, -, 0, -)
Sep 15 18:10:49 <Maddy> Goon two goes down. Goon one, who has Styer's gun is still laying on the floor gurgling.
Sep 15 18:11:32 <Pemander> Arianna walks over peers down at him.
Sep 15 18:11:40 <Pemander> "Now look at this mess you've got yourself into."
Sep 15 18:11:45 <Pemander> "What would your mother say?"
Sep 15 18:11:54 <Mere_Observer> Styer walks over to the goon. "I tried to be nice about it lad."
Sep 15 18:12:08 <Maddy> He tries to shuffle back, getting blood everywhere.
Sep 15 18:12:32 <Pemander> Arianna reaches down and pulls the razor out. "I need this back."
Sep 15 18:12:36 <Tom90deg> "I didn't. Now, just shoot him, and lets find our gear and get out of here. And Claudia? you know him?"
Sep 15 18:13:04 <Mere_Observer> Styer kicks the goon in the face.
Sep 15 18:13:26 <Echo> Scott's still completely zoned out, staring dead ahead.
Sep 15 18:13:28 <Maddy> Pulling the razor our sends a nice gush of blood over everyone near by, then he expires, and is kicked.
Sep 15 18:13:41 <Pemander> "Blech."
Sep 15 18:13:46 <Pemander> "Bodily fluids are disgusting."
Sep 15 18:13:58 <Maddy> "Nein, though the way he looked agt my legs, I can only assume he works for the man who took me."
Sep 15 18:14:24 <Mere_Observer> Styer picks his guns back up. "Tha's better."
Sep 15 18:14:28 <Tom90deg> Zoe's eyes narrow. I thoguht he was dead."
Sep 15 18:14:32 <Dexanote> "Speak for yourself." Myr mutters to Ari, as she heads to the door and drops her Shroud.
Sep 15 18:14:49 <Maddy> "I don't know why you would think that."
Sep 15 18:15:01 <Tom90deg> Zoe follows after Myrtle.
Sep 15 18:15:19 <Tom90deg> "I would think that cause Alanoch, you may remember him, sacraficed himself to nuke the entire valley."
Sep 15 18:15:40 <Maddy> "The man who had me taken was not in the valley."
Sep 15 18:15:42 <Pemander> Arianna leans down in front of Evans.
Sep 15 18:15:43 <Tom90deg> "Myr, we need to find our gear."
Sep 15 18:15:46 <Pemander> "Are you going to be okay?"
Sep 15 18:16:08 <Dexanote> "We do." Is the door locked?
Sep 15 18:16:18 <Tom90deg> "Oh wait."
Sep 15 18:16:25 <Mere_Observer> Styer looks over his gun and goes for the door aswell.
Sep 15 18:16:28 <Maddy> No it's still open into the office.
Sep 15 18:16:34 <Tom90deg> Zoe heads over to Claudia and unties her. "Ari, could you untie him?"
Sep 15 18:16:44 <Maddy> "Danke." she gets up.
Sep 15 18:17:03 <Tom90deg> "Think nothing of it."
Sep 15 18:17:08 <Echo> Scott FREAKS
Sep 15 18:17:15 <Echo> When Arianna leans in front of him
Sep 15 18:17:19 <Echo> 4df+3 tagging panic
Sep 15 18:17:20 <CROM> Echo: tagging panic: 4 (4df+3=0, 0, 0, +)
Sep 15 18:17:20 <Tom90deg> Zoe looks at Scott. "Um..Myr?"
Sep 15 18:17:23 <Echo> Defene
Sep 15 18:17:28 <Dexanote> "Alright." Maddy, can you give a brief description of the immediate area and building structure while we deal with Scott?
Sep 15 18:17:33 <Maddy> "Oh dear, he seems to be having some kind of reaction.
Sep 15 18:18:00 <Dexanote> "No shit."
Sep 15 18:18:14 <Tom90deg> "He seems to be flipping out. Myr! I got an idea. Can you do that trick and look like Atropa?"
Sep 15 18:18:33 <Pemander> 4df+3
Sep 15 18:18:34 <CROM> Pemander: 5 (4df+3=+, +, -, +)
Sep 15 18:18:52 <Echo> He headbutts her in the tit, missing her face.
Sep 15 18:18:54 <Maddy> the room you are in is just barly bi enough to fit you all in, the office attached to it is large, and had a desk/chair/aquarium set up much like the office the woman slaver had back in the valley.
Sep 15 18:19:06 <Echo> ":LKJASHF:LKJSHDJKLSDHG"
Sep 15 18:19:20 <Echo> He stops, goes quiet again, then looks around, eyes… normal.
Sep 15 18:19:20 <Pemander> Arianna pats his head. "There, there. It's okay."
Sep 15 18:19:26 <Echo> "Where the fuck are we!"
Sep 15 18:19:34 <Dexanote> "Scott."
Sep 15 18:19:42 <Echo> "Huh? What?"
Sep 15 18:19:45 <Tom90deg> "You flipped the hell out."
Sep 15 18:20:10 <Echo> He's breathing heavily, face covered with sweat.
Sep 15 18:20:13 <Mere_Observer> "It was hilarious." Styer is laughing.
Sep 15 18:20:17 <Dexanote> "Scott. Sit down. We were drugged and we just killed two men. You had a reaction."
Sep 15 18:20:57 <Pemander> Arianna is exploring their surroundings, no longer interested Evans.
Sep 15 18:21:05 <Echo> He's still seated, but nods as he glances around. He takes a few deep breathes, shakily exhaling.
Sep 15 18:21:21 <Pemander> She tries searching through the desk drawers.
Sep 15 18:21:41 <Mere_Observer> Styer is leaning on the door.
Sep 15 18:21:42 <Maddy> "We cannot have been taken far." Ari finds them unlocked, and full of folders.
Sep 15 18:22:01 <Pemander> Ari opens up a random folder and reads the material found therein.
Sep 15 18:22:19 <Tom90deg> "How do you know? I don't know how long we've been out."
Sep 15 18:23:02 <Mere_Observer> "The faster ya' go out, the faster ya' come to."
Sep 15 18:23:43 <Tom90deg> "And they could've injected us with something after we quickly passed out."
Sep 15 18:24:06 <Mere_Observer> Styer shrugs. "I 'spose."
Sep 15 18:24:30 <Maddy> The folder seems to outline the surgical prosedures of a young woman being turned into some strange fighter called "Dravn"
Sep 15 18:24:37 <Maddy> this picture is included
Sep 15 18:25:05 <Maddy> "Well they didn't manages to search us thoroughly, I can only assume they were rushed." Claudia plods into th office.
Sep 15 18:25:35 <Pemander> "This is interesting."
Sep 15 18:25:46 <Dexanote> Myr looks over the pictures. "Bioweapons. Okay."
Sep 15 18:26:16 <Mere_Observer> "Bioweapens?"
Sep 15 18:26:17 <Maddy> There's a file with a healer being turned into a slug creature Myrtle might reconize from the valley.
Sep 15 18:26:26 <Tom90deg> "Seems like it."
Sep 15 18:26:45 <Echo> "Okay, guys. I'm good."
Sep 15 18:26:50 <Dexanote> "… Yep, they all need to die."
Sep 15 18:26:51 <Echo> "Someone get me up."
Sep 15 18:26:58 <Tom90deg> "Agreed."
Sep 15 18:27:02 <Dexanote> She glances over to Evans. "Styer help him up."
Sep 15 18:27:05 <Maddy> "Lili" it's labeled.
Sep 15 18:27:08 <Dexanote> "Be ready for a fight."
Sep 15 18:27:29 <Tom90deg> Zoe nods. "Right."
Sep 15 18:27:58 <Pemander> "I fail to understand what is even accomplished by this."
Sep 15 18:27:58 <Mere_Observer> Styer goes over to Evans and helps him up.
Sep 15 18:28:03 <Pemander> She sets the folder down on the desk.
Sep 15 18:28:14 <Pemander> "Turn people into monsters. Woo."
Sep 15 18:28:19 <Pemander> "Is that the end game?"
Sep 15 18:28:28 <Dexanote> "As far as we know."
Sep 15 18:28:33 <Tom90deg> "Seems like it."
Sep 15 18:28:50 <Pemander> "How idiotic."
Sep 15 18:29:01 <Tom90deg> "Agreed."
Sep 15 18:29:08 <Dexanote> "People have done worse for stupider reasons. Anyway, come on.
Sep 15 18:29:10 <Dexanote> "
Sep 15 18:29:16 <Pemander> "Right. Lead the way."
Sep 15 18:29:21 <Maddy> "Some people have very strange tastes." Claudia shrugs. "I will not be of much help without my instruments."
Sep 15 18:29:23 <Pemander> Ari keeps her razor at the ready.
Sep 15 18:29:28 <Tom90deg> "Right behind you."
Sep 15 18:29:33 <Echo> Evans hops to his feet and wobbles around a bit.
Sep 15 18:29:37 <Tom90deg> "And yah, we need our gear, i'm hopeing it's closeby."
Sep 15 18:29:46 <Dexanote> Myr looks to the office. "We need our weapons. They're probably in a locker or something."
Sep 15 18:29:48 <Echo> "Where's uh… where's my guns?"
Sep 15 18:29:54 <Dexanote> "They took our guns, Evans."
Sep 15 18:29:57 <Echo> "Where are we again?"
Sep 15 18:30:01 <Mere_Observer> Styer cocks his rifle. "Not mine." He grins.
Sep 15 18:30:13 <Tom90deg> "WE got kidnapped. Bad people, we kill them now."
Sep 15 18:30:20 <Tom90deg> Zoe raises an eyebrow. "Follow that?"
Sep 15 18:31:26 <Dexanote> "We don't know, Evans. SOme men drugged us, dragged us here, took our guns. These are probably the people who did the thing to Claudia's legs. They don't like us because a person who used to travel with us nuked their old facility."
Sep 15 18:31:42 <Dexanote> Myr says matter-of-factly. "Anything else?"
Sep 15 18:31:55 <Mere_Observer> "Can we go now?"
Sep 15 18:32:00 <Echo> "All right." He blinks a few times and rubs his face.
Sep 15 18:32:26 <Echo> "I think I had a reaction to whatever they used on us."
Sep 15 18:32:43 <Mere_Observer> Styer chuckles. "Ya' don' say…"
Sep 15 18:33:33 <Dexanote> "Yep. You'll be fine."
Sep 15 18:33:41 * MisterFlames (||malFretsiM) has joined #afteractionmission
Sep 15 18:33:41 * ChanServ gives channel operator status to MisterFlames
Sep 15 18:33:51 <Tom90deg> "Myr, should we try to scout it out a little first?"
Sep 15 18:34:27 <Echo> Evans looks around, then goes to the desk and starts rifling through it.
Sep 15 18:34:40 <Echo> "There's gotta be something…"
Sep 15 18:34:42 <Dexanote> "Come on." She nods. "Everyone else stay together. Zoe and I will lead." By which she means 'Zoe will lead and I'll hide in plain sight'.
Sep 15 18:35:17 <Tom90deg> "Right."
Sep 15 18:35:23 <Maddy> He finds the same files, even finds Claudia's, though it's much shorter snce her surgery wasn't finished, and there's a huge note that says "OFF LIMITS"
Sep 15 18:35:45 <Echo> "Hrm. Well fuck."
Sep 15 18:36:30 <Echo> He walks back over to the only door out, stumbling once on the way, and peeks out both ways down the hall.
Sep 15 18:37:02 <Mere_Observer> Styer pats his pockets. "Those basterds took mah canteen an' mah cigars. Goddammit."
Sep 15 18:37:24 <Maddy> When he looks out he'll find that they're still in the grocerystor, just in the back managers' offices.
Sep 15 18:37:25 <Tom90deg> "Come on Myr…"
Sep 15 18:37:26 <Dexanote> Myr slips past Scott, looking up and down the halls.
Sep 15 18:38:00 <Tom90deg> 4df+7 (Stop, Thief!, Stealth 3 AP)
Sep 15 18:38:00 <CROM> Tom90deg: (Stop, Thief!, Stealth 3 AP): 9 (4df+7=-, +, +, +)
Sep 15 18:38:20 <Tom90deg> Zoe quietly follows after Myrtle, trying to spot anything of intrest.
Sep 15 18:38:50 <Dexanote> 4df+4
Sep 15 18:38:51 <CROM> Dexanote: 7 (4df+4=0, +, +, +)
Sep 15 18:38:53 <Pemander> Arianna is tailing Evans I guess.
Sep 15 18:39:05 <Dexanote> Myr keeps against the wall, but stays around the main group.
Sep 15 18:39:31 <Mere_Observer> Styer just trots with the group.
Sep 15 18:40:11 <Pemander> 4df+4 perception to make sure there is nothing hostile in the grocery store
Sep 15 18:40:12 <CROM> Pemander: perception to make sure there is nothing hostile in the grocery store: 3 (4df+4=0, +, -, -)
Sep 15 18:40:12 <Maddy> The place is dim, dirty and barely lit. There are planks on the tops of the shelves and you can hear people walking around.
Sep 15 18:40:20 <Pemander> That answers that question.
Sep 15 18:40:53 <Maddy> Ari spots a couple people with shitty guns, dressed much like the goons, patroling on top of the shelves.
Sep 15 18:41:36 <Pemander> There doesn't happen to be a robot around that Arianna could activate to attack the guards?
Sep 15 18:41:40 <Tom90deg> 4df+2 Perception, Does zoe see them as well.
Sep 15 18:41:40 <CROM> Tom90deg: Perception, Does zoe see them as well.: 1 (4df+2=-, 0, 0, 0)
Sep 15 18:41:55 <Dexanote> 4df+3 Myrception!
Sep 15 18:41:55 <CROM> Dexanote: Myrception!: 1 (4df+3=-, -, +, -)
Sep 15 18:42:02 <Maddy> There are no robots.
Sep 15 18:42:04 <Dexanote> Myr pokes herself in the eye.
Sep 15 18:42:16 * Dr_Kens has quit (Connection reset by peer)
Sep 15 18:42:20 <Maddy> Zoe and Myr both get hit with plastic bags.
Sep 15 18:43:52 <Pemander> Arianna gets down low to the ground. "I am going to give you two a distraction."
Sep 15 18:43:58 <Pemander> 4df+3 Maneuver, stealth to throwing?
Sep 15 18:43:59 <CROM> Pemander: Maneuver, stealth to throwing?: 4 (4df+3=0, -, +, +)
Sep 15 18:44:16 <Echo> Evans blinks a few times, still feeling wobbly.
Sep 15 18:44:23 <Maddy> Its a pass!
Sep 15 18:44:43 <Pemander> She aims very carefully and then tosses her knife at one of the guards.
Sep 15 18:44:46 <Pemander> 4df+6
Sep 15 18:44:55 <Pemander> 4df+6 eh?
Sep 15 18:44:56 <CROM> Pemander: eh?: 5 (4df+6=0, -, +, -)
Sep 15 18:44:57 <Maddy> 4df+2
Sep 15 18:44:58 <CROM> Maddy: 4 (4df+2=+, 0, 0, +)
Sep 15 18:45:20 <Maddy> Woosh-THUNK she hits one right in the face. He goes down.
Sep 15 18:45:22 <Maddy> 4df+2
Sep 15 18:45:23 <CROM> Maddy: 0 (4df+2=-, -, +, -)
Sep 15 18:45:32 <Maddy> He doesn't survive the fall.
Sep 15 18:45:42 <Pemander> "Go now. The others will likely notice that."
Sep 15 18:45:49 <Pemander> "Find our weapons."
Sep 15 18:45:54 <Maddy> The other one patroling is now freaking out, looking around. "Where?"
Sep 15 18:45:59 <Echo> "…" Evans runs out to the body, staying low. Is there a gun?
Sep 15 18:46:07 <Dexanote> Myr takes off from the group, staying to the edge of the store and passing by Zoe and Arianna. She counts whatever guards she can see, getting an idea of where everyone would be.
Sep 15 18:47:01 <Tom90deg> Zoe crouches down, waiting to spot anyone up on the shelves.
Sep 15 18:47:01 <Maddy> "Guys! We got someone on the loose in here!" Evans finds the body, it has hoerrible dirtly clothe, a knife in the face and a shitty bolt action rifle.
Sep 15 18:47:17 <Maddy> Dexanote, percep.
Sep 15 18:47:29 <Dexanote> 4df+3
Sep 15 18:47:30 <CROM> Dexanote: 1 (4df+3=0, -, -, 0)
Sep 15 18:47:32 <Maddy> Tom90deg, there's only one guy up there and he's shouting to other people.
Sep 15 18:47:36 <Dexanote> can't see shit camptain
Sep 15 18:47:38 <Maddy> Myrtle sees nothing.
Sep 15 18:48:06 <Echo> "…" He grabs the rifle and kneels. "Hey! They're over here!"
Sep 15 18:48:25 <Mere_Observer> Styer leans just outside of an aisle and see if he can see a goon.
Sep 15 18:48:38 <Tom90deg> 4df+5 (Thinking with Portals 2 ap) Zoe moves fast, and ports up to the shelves, trying to tackle him off of the shelves.
Sep 15 18:48:39 <CROM> Tom90deg: (Thinking with Portals 2 ap) Zoe moves fast, and ports up to the shelves, trying to tackle him off of the shelves.: 3 (4df+5=-, -, -, +)
Sep 15 18:48:51 <Maddy> 4df+2 "Gary? That you?"
Sep 15 18:48:51 <CROM> Maddy: "Gary? That you?": 1 (4df+2=-, +, -, 0)
Sep 15 18:48:58 <Maddy> Zoe gets him!
Sep 15 18:49:07 <Echo> He sights in, hoping someone falls for the oldest trick in the book >_>
Sep 15 18:49:22 <Maddy> She lands with a thud on top of the groaning man.
Sep 15 18:49:26 <Tom90deg> Zoe ports up on the shelf, and slams into him, dropping him onto the floor and landing on top.
Sep 15 18:50:03 <Tom90deg> "Ari, here!"
Sep 15 18:50:42 <Maddy> 4df+3 He swings at oe.
Sep 15 18:50:43 <CROM> Maddy: He swings at oe.: 7 (4df+3=+, +, +, +)
Sep 15 18:50:47 <Dexanote> O
Sep 15 18:50:55 <Echo> …
Sep 15 18:51:05 <Tom90deg> 4df+7 Teleport Dodge 1 ap
Sep 15 18:51:06 <CROM> Tom90deg: Teleport Dodge 1 ap: 6 (4df+7=-, 0, -, +)
Sep 15 18:51:24 <Pemander> Arianna is at this time sneaking over to Zoe.
Sep 15 18:52:08 <Pemander> 4df+3 heck lets find out how sneaky she is
Sep 15 18:52:09 <CROM> Pemander: heck lets find out how sneaky she is: 2 (4df+3=+, -, -, 0)
Sep 15 18:52:11 <Maddy> She doesn't teleport fast enough and his studded gloved fist connects with her jaw, sending ehr flying off of him. Pause on Ari/Zoe Everyone else do stuff if you're gonna do stuff.
Sep 15 18:52:38 <Mere_Observer> Styer is crouching around the aisles, looking for goons.
Sep 15 18:52:55 <Maddy> Percep if you're looking for people.
Sep 15 18:53:10 <Mere_Observer> 4df+3 It's goon-huntin' season
Sep 15 18:53:11 <CROM> Mere_Observer: It's goon-huntin' season: 3 (4df+3=0, +, -, 0)
Sep 15 18:53:46 <Maddy> He hears foot steps coming from a couple ilse down.
Sep 15 18:54:04 <Echo> 4df+2 Cop senses aren't as sensitive after being gassed and having a flipout, but Evans tries to be as quiet and calm as possible, listening for anyone close by him.
Sep 15 18:54:04 <CROM> Echo: Cop senses aren't as sensitive after being gassed and having a flipout, but Evans tries to be as quiet and calm as possible, listening for anyone close by him.: 1 (4df+2=-, -, +, 0)
Sep 15 18:54:10 <Maddy> Nope!
Sep 15 18:54:16 <Maddy> Myrtle?
Sep 15 18:54:37 <Mere_Observer> Styer creeps over a few aisles to see where the foot steps came from.
Sep 15 18:55:17 <Dexanote> Myr circles around, searching for a closeby guard. ARE THERE ANY CLOSE TO HER, AND WHERE ARE THEY?
Sep 15 18:55:31 <Maddy> perception if youre looking
Sep 15 18:56:54 <Dexanote> 4df+3
Sep 15 18:56:54 <CROM> Dexanote: 6 (4df+3=0, +, +, +)
Sep 15 18:58:02 <Maddy> Myrtle can spot 3 goons coming down her ilse
Sep 15 18:58:52 <Maddy> She can hear 4 more yelling back and forth further back
Sep 15 18:58:59 <Maddy> ok back to Ari.
Sep 15 18:59:05 <Maddy> 4df+2 eyes
Sep 15 18:59:06 <CROM> Maddy: eyes: 0 (4df+2=-, 0, -, 0)
Sep 15 18:59:11 <Maddy> Ari is super sneak!
Sep 15 18:59:37 <Maddy> 4df+3 the man swings at Zoe again.
Sep 15 18:59:37 <CROM> Maddy: the man swings at Zoe again.: 5 (4df+3=+, +, -, +)
Sep 15 19:00:08 <Maddy> Compelling Soul graft, -2 to defence. The Souls are freaking out at the pain in her Jaw.
Sep 15 19:00:58 <Tom90deg> 4df+3 Dodge
Sep 15 19:00:59 <CROM> Tom90deg: Dodge: 3 (4df+3=+, 0, 0, -)
Sep 15 19:02:16 <Maddy> This time hs punches her right in the stomach. Ari, your go.
Sep 15 19:02:45 <Pemander> Ari comes up behind the man and wraps her arm around his neck in an attempt to choke him out.
Sep 15 19:02:53 <Pemander> 4df+2 Ath, one AP spent rigging the game
Sep 15 19:02:54 <CROM> Pemander: Ath, one AP spent rigging the game: 1 (4df+2=+, -, -, 0)
Sep 15 19:02:59 <Pemander> Corrected roll: 3.
Sep 15 19:03:15 <Maddy> 4df+2
Sep 15 19:03:15 <CROM> Maddy: 4 (4df+2=+, -, +, +)
Sep 15 19:03:33 <Maddy> The mand throws her off, and into a shelf, it hurts but no body damage done.
Sep 15 19:03:50 <Maddy> Styer, your turn
Sep 15 19:03:54 <Maddy> wai zoe
Sep 15 19:03:57 <Maddy> Im dumbe
Sep 15 19:04:04 <Maddy> Zoe's turn, the styer
Sep 15 19:04:16 <Maddy> Then Evans then Myrtle
Sep 15 19:04:55 <Tom90deg> 4df+5 (Soul Graft) Zoe lets out a oddly sounding howl, seeminly more than one noise from her mouth, and jumps forward, clawing at the mook
Sep 15 19:04:56 <CROM> Tom90deg: (Soul Graft) Zoe lets out a oddly sounding howl, seeminly more than one noise from her mouth, and jumps forward, clawing at the mook: 2 (4df+5=-, -, -, 0)
Sep 15 19:05:20 <Maddy> 4df+2 Raw deal yo.
Sep 15 19:05:21 <CROM> Maddy: Raw deal yo.: 2 (4df+2=+, -, 0, 0)
Sep 15 19:05:21 * Dr_Kens (~ude.sregtur.824A2F53-CRInys|sneK_ehT#ude.sregtur.824A2F53-CRInys|sneK_ehT) has joined #afteractionmission
Sep 15 19:05:48 <Maddy> She connects but he's wearing a lot of leather, and she just seems to be scratching it up.
Sep 15 19:06:41 <Maddy> Styer, your go.
Sep 15 19:07:21 <Mere_Observer> Styer peeks around the aisles looking for where the footsteps came from.
Sep 15 19:08:04 <Maddy> He can see 2 goons, walking carefully down the ilse.
Sep 15 19:12:00 <Mere_Observer> -1 AP Styer touches the marble floor and gets a new coat of skin.
Sep 15 19:12:31 <Mere_Observer> 4df+6 He runs towards the two goons to close line them both.
Sep 15 19:12:31 <CROM> Mere_Observer: He runs towards the two goons to close line them both.: 8 (4df+6=+, 0, +, 0)
Sep 15 19:13:01 <Maddy> 4df+2 goon L
Sep 15 19:13:02 <CROM> Maddy: goon L: 0 (4df+2=0, -, 0, -)
Sep 15 19:13:05 <Maddy> 4df+2 goon R
Sep 15 19:13:06 <CROM> Maddy: goon R: 1 (4df+2=0, -, 0, 0)
Sep 15 19:13:26 <Maddy> He takes them both down with a "GAH FUCK" almost in unison. Evans!
Sep 15 19:14:22 <Echo> ! Evens pokes his head up, looking for any obvious targets, eyes wide. O_O
Sep 15 19:14:35 <Maddy> perception!
Sep 15 19:14:46 <Echo> 4df+ 2 He clutches the crappy bolt-action rifle in a deathgrip, ready to murder.
Sep 15 19:14:58 <Echo> 4df+2
Sep 15 19:14:58 <CROM> Echo: 1 (4df+2=-, -, 0, +)
Sep 15 19:15:16 <Maddy> You dont hear nothing, and the goons are still a ways off from you.
Sep 15 19:15:23 <Maddy> Myrtle!
Sep 15 19:15:36 <Dexanote> How many men are coming towards her/passing her.
Sep 15 19:15:53 <Maddy> 3.
Sep 15 19:16:38 <Dexanote> Are they all armed the same way?
Sep 15 19:17:24 <Maddy> One has only a pistol the other two have bolt action rifles.
Sep 15 19:17:30 <Maddy> Wait.
Sep 15 19:17:34 <Maddy> That's your gun!
Sep 15 19:17:53 <Dexanote> …
Sep 15 19:20:34 <Dexanote> Spending three AP. One to declare a new Aspect: Ninja in the Dark. Tagging it to have Myr dip in, steal a gun. Second to roll Blank and third to tag The Way You Move.
Sep 15 19:20:49 <Maddy> Do it.
Sep 15 19:21:41 <Dexanote> Myr's expression immediately shifts from careful watching to annoyed jealous protetiveness. She moves like liquid, stepping between the men and snatching her plated revolver from the man's hand, shoving him as she goes. First roll.
Sep 15 19:21:53 <Dexanote> 4df+6 Stealth + Ninja in the Dark.
Sep 15 19:21:54 <CROM> Dexanote: Stealth + Ninja in the Dark.: 7 (4df+6=-, +, +, 0)
Sep 15 19:22:43 <Maddy> 4df+2 does the drug addled slaver notice?
Sep 15 19:22:44 <CROM> Maddy: does the drug addled slaver notice?: 1 (4df+2=-, 0, -, +)
Sep 15 19:22:45 <Maddy> NOPE
Sep 15 19:22:51 <Dexanote> She turns as the men look in her direction, standing up straighter, spreading her legs slightly, and stiffening her posture. Both hands go to her gun, and her expression hardens. Second Roll.
Sep 15 19:23:10 <Dexanote> 4df+6 Blank + The Way you Move to threaten.
Sep 15 19:23:11 <CROM> Dexanote: Blank + The Way you Move to threaten.: 7 (4df+6=0, +, 0, 0)
Sep 15 19:23:26 <Maddy> 4df dude1
Sep 15 19:23:27 <CROM> Maddy: dude1: -2 (4df=-, +, -, -)
Sep 15 19:23:29 <Maddy> 4df dude2
Sep 15 19:23:29 <CROM> Maddy: dude2: 1 (4df=0, +, 0, 0)
Sep 15 19:23:32 <Maddy> 4df dude3
Sep 15 19:23:33 <CROM> Maddy: dude3: 2 (4df=0, 0, +, +)
Sep 15 19:23:38 <Maddy> RP it and I;ll react.
Sep 15 19:24:35 <Dexanote> The men turn to see a strange person, standing strong, holding a gun to their faces. The figure stands with a power and anger, physically imposing yet waifish. Myrtle growls with the aggression of a provoked Jason Dodridge. "Drop your weapons. Get on the ground. Keep your mouths shut."
Sep 15 19:24:45 <Dexanote> Myr has 1 AP left.
Sep 15 19:25:16 <Maddy> Dudes 2 and 3 do as their told, shaking with fear. Dude 1 starts running!
Sep 15 19:25:56 <Maddy> Back to Ari! Go Ari.
Sep 15 19:26:21 <Dexanote> «We've got a runner.»
Sep 15 19:26:28 <Maddy> You dont have radios
Sep 15 19:26:41 <Dexanote> If we do not, ignore!
Sep 15 19:26:53 <Pemander> Ari looks at the shelf she was slammed into.
Sep 15 19:27:02 <Pemander> Are there any small throwable objects? Cans of soup or vegetables, perhaps?
Sep 15 19:27:50 <Maddy> There are! It seems your'e in the canned fruit section.
Sep 15 19:28:05 <Pemander> Ari tosses can after can at the mean guy!
Sep 15 19:28:09 <Pemander> 4df+4 get canned asshole
Sep 15 19:28:10 <CROM> Pemander: get canned asshole: 3 (4df+4=-, 0, +, -)
Sep 15 19:28:23 <Maddy> 4df+2 oh boy!
Sep 15 19:28:24 <CROM> Maddy: oh boy!: 1 (4df+2=-, -, 0, +)
Sep 15 19:28:40 <Pemander> "Improvised weaponry is just the best."
Sep 15 19:28:42 <Maddy> He get dinged in the face! He goes down.
Sep 15 19:28:55 <Maddy> Zoe! Your go
Sep 15 19:29:15 <Tom90deg> Zoe gets to her feet, breathing heavily. "BLoody hell…"
Sep 15 19:29:35 <Maddy> Those souls don't have teeth, but if they did, they'd be gnashing them.
Sep 15 19:29:46 <Tom90deg> Zoe crouches down and quickly searches the body.
Sep 15 19:30:21 <Tom90deg> 4df+2 searching
Sep 15 19:30:22 <CROM> Tom90deg: searching: 3 (4df+2=-, +, 0, +)
Sep 15 19:31:47 <Maddy> Zoe finds a hand gun and matching rifle. They look like the ones Evans carried, complicated and expensive.
Sep 15 19:32:07 <Tom90deg> "Can you…" Zoe takes a breath. "Shoot?" to Ari
Sep 15 19:32:50 <Maddy> Styer's go.
Sep 15 19:34:21 <Maddy> The men you knocked down are a little dazed, you can take a shot at one of them if you wish.
Sep 15 19:35:15 <Mere_Observer> Styer looks at the two goons on the ground. "tsk tsk tsk." He aims his gun at mook one
Sep 15 19:35:38 <Mere_Observer> 4df+4 *bap*
Sep 15 19:35:38 <CROM> Mere_Observer: *bap*: 4 (4df+4=+, -, -, +)
Sep 15 19:35:46 <Maddy> 4df+2 D:
Sep 15 19:35:47 <CROM> Maddy: D:: 2 (4df+2=0, 0, +, -)
Sep 15 19:36:08 <Maddy> Mook on is bleeding horribly, mook 2 is getting up.
Sep 15 19:36:16 <Maddy> 4df+3 he shoots!
Sep 15 19:36:17 <CROM> Maddy: he shoots!: 2 (4df+3=0, -, 0, 0)
Sep 15 19:36:39 <Mere_Observer> 4df+4 dodge
Sep 15 19:36:39 <CROM> Mere_Observer: dodge: 1 (4df+4=0, -, -, -)
Sep 15 19:37:12 <Maddy> Sorry, Styer, it seems you can't dodge bullets today! You're hit in the shoulder.
Sep 15 19:37:53 <Maddy> Evans! It would be your turn but there's an INTERUPTION! Dude 1, who was running from Myr is comming right for you!
Sep 15 19:38:00 <Mere_Observer> Styer winces and recoils. "Shite!"
Sep 15 19:38:34 <Maddy> QUICK TIME EVENT
Sep 15 19:39:16 <Echo> 4df+4 O_O Evans isn't having a good day at all. He's been tripping balls for the past half hour, and all he's heard for the past 10 minutes is screaming and sporadic gunfire. And NOW this asshole is after HIM, *too*. He shoulders the rifle and shoots for the head!
Sep 15 19:39:17 <CROM> Echo: O_O Evans isn't having a good day at all. He's been tripping balls for the past half hour, and all he's heard for the past 10 minutes is screaming and sporadic gunfire. And NOW this asshole is after HIM, *too*. He shoulders the rifle and shoots for the head!: 5 (4df+4=+, 0, 0, 0)
Sep 15 19:39:37 <Maddy> 4df+2 Bad day for Dude 1
Sep 15 19:39:38 <CROM> Maddy: Bad day for Dude 1: 1 (4df+2=-, -, +, 0)
Sep 15 19:40:29 <Maddy> The caliber is pretty shitty with this gun apparently, cause the guy goes down flailing and screaming but he's not dead.
Sep 15 19:40:35 <Maddy> Myrtle!
Sep 15 19:41:12 <Echo> "ZOMBIES!"
Sep 15 19:41:33 <Echo> Evans picks up and runs like a crazed motherfucker down some random aisle.
Sep 15 19:41:34 <Dexanote> Myr kneels, pressing the gun barrel into one of the goons' heads. "Where is the rest of our equipment. My friend is altered and might come to kill you soon. Tell me and I'll convince him you aren't zombies."
Sep 15 19:42:00 <Maddy> Ari and Zoe now know Evans is in the isle next to them but he's running to the next collumn of isles.
Sep 15 19:42:07 <Dexanote> "Radios, weapons, and the rest."
Sep 15 19:42:46 <Maddy> "W-w-we passed out the gund among us, and anything else we tossed in your taaaaank…." he sounds like hes gonna cry
Sep 15 19:43:58 <Dexanote> She nods slowly. "Now go to sleep. When you wake up, leave this organization and find a new life." She pistolwhips him and the other guy, standing up and calling out. "Who's not dead
Sep 15 19:44:01 <Dexanote> ?" She calls out
Sep 15 19:44:16 <Tom90deg> "I'm not.." Zoe hisses, "Not good."
Sep 15 19:44:31 <Maddy> "I am alive." Claudia is still in the office.
Sep 15 19:45:04 <Maddy> Ari, your turn.
Sep 15 19:45:33 <Pemander> The guy that Ari canned is still alive, yes?
Sep 15 19:45:43 <Maddy> Nope
Sep 15 19:45:50 <Pemander> Oh.
Sep 15 19:45:53 <Maddy> He is a pulpy mess.
Sep 15 19:46:23 <Pemander> Arianna finally stands up and dusts herself off.
Sep 15 19:46:29 <Pemander> "I am also alive."
Sep 15 19:46:44 <Pemander> 4df+4 perception, any more doods?
Sep 15 19:46:45 <CROM> Pemander: perception, any more doods?: 5 (4df+4=0, +, +, -)
Sep 15 19:47:01 <Dexanote> "Alright. Find me. Asile…" She looks. "Four."
Sep 15 19:47:34 <Tom90deg> Zoe picks up the fancy guns, and heads off at a painful walk towards asile four.
Sep 15 19:47:50 <Maddy> She can hear Evans still running up the next collumn of isles, and what sounds like two guys in the same direction.
Sep 15 19:48:08 <Maddy> Zoe taking a pass to walk to Myr?
Sep 15 19:48:12 <Pemander> Arianna shrugs and starts walking to aisle four. She is sure Evans can handle herself.
Sep 15 19:48:16 <Tom90deg> Yes
Sep 15 19:48:30 <Dexanote> r63 evans plox
Sep 15 19:48:42 <Maddy> Styer. You have one goon alive, and bleeding horribly, the other has just shot you. Go.
Sep 15 19:50:19 <Mere_Observer> -1 AP Styer get's Marble skin again. He runs tries to ram the goon with the gun into a shelf.
Sep 15 19:50:31 <Mere_Observer> 4df+6
Sep 15 19:50:32 <CROM> Mere_Observer: 7 (4df+6=+, 0, -, +)
Sep 15 19:50:43 <Maddy> 4df+2 oh dear.
Sep 15 19:50:43 <CROM> Maddy: oh dear.: 0 (4df+2=-, -, -, +)
Sep 15 19:52:57 <Maddy> He hits the mook into the shelf! It tips and hits the next shelf! luckily it does not domino.
Sep 15 19:53:13 <Maddy> Myrtle!
Sep 15 19:53:47 <Maddy> Wait fuck, Evans.
Sep 15 19:53:49 <Dexanote> "… Obviously not everyone answered when I asked if they weren't dead." She mutters.
Sep 15 19:54:04 <Maddy> I'm retarded, sorry
Sep 15 19:54:34 <Echo> Evans pauses for breathe, exhausted, terrified. Zombies everywhere. He could have *sworn*… No he *did* hit the man in the head. But why didn't he die?
Sep 15 19:54:39 <Echo> "FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK"
Sep 15 19:55:00 <Echo> He starts running again, looking for a door. "EVERYONE! WE NEED TO LEAVE *NOW*."
Sep 15 19:55:20 <Dexanote> "Sit down, Scott."
Sep 15 19:55:27 <Dexanote> "Wherever you are, sit down."
Sep 15 19:55:38 <Maddy> Evans runs face first into 2 more mooks, since he didn't go in the direction of Myrtle at all.
Sep 15 19:55:56 <Maddy> 4df+3 one mook reacts and swings his gun at him.
Sep 15 19:55:56 <CROM> Maddy: one mook reacts and swings his gun at him.: 5 (4df+3=+, +, -, +)
Sep 15 19:56:42 <Echo> 4df+4 O_O He doesn't even give a fuck. A zombie that's not biting isn't worth worrying about. He takes the hit, cycles the bolt and fires again!
Sep 15 19:56:43 <CROM> Echo: O_O He doesn't even give a fuck. A zombie that's not biting isn't worth worrying about. He takes the hit, cycles the bolt and fires again!: 4 (4df+4=+, 0, 0, -)
Sep 15 19:57:09 <Maddy> 4df+2 He gets hit, and takes 1 body but also shoots this jackass.
Sep 15 19:57:10 <CROM> Maddy: He gets hit, and takes 1 body but also shoots this jackass.: 4 (4df+2=+, +, +, -)
Sep 15 19:57:24 <Maddy> And misses.
Sep 15 19:57:30 <Maddy> Ok now it' yoru turn myrtle
Sep 15 19:57:54 <Echo> "GAH FUCK! CHRIST. THEY HAVE GUNS."
Sep 15 19:58:57 <Dexanote> Myr rolls her eyes, running off in the direction of those gunshots. "Dammit Scott." She keeps her gun raised, though the Jason illusion fades.
Sep 15 19:59:20 <Maddy> She gets there pretty fast. There are 2 mooks and Evans.
Sep 15 19:59:38 <Echo> "YOU CAN'T SIT DOWN IF THE ZOMBIES HAVE GUNS!" He runs past Myrtle.
Sep 15 20:00:24 <Dexanote> Myr raises to the one on the left.
Sep 15 20:00:26 <Dexanote> 4df+4 Shoot.
Sep 15 20:00:26 <CROM> Dexanote: Shoot.: 5 (4df+4=0, -, +, +)
Sep 15 20:00:39 <Maddy> 4df+2
Sep 15 20:00:40 <CROM> Maddy: 2 (4df+2=-, +, -, +)
Sep 15 20:01:00 <Maddy> He goes down, screaming.
Sep 15 20:01:14 <Maddy> Still alive but thrashing and bleeding a lot.
Sep 15 20:01:17 <Maddy> Ari!
Sep 15 20:01:17 <Dexanote> She aims at the other. "On your face, don't move, don't breathe. I'm in a bad mood."
Sep 15 20:02:22 <Pemander> Ari has walked up behind Myrtle. "How's it going? I see you have someone under control there."
Sep 15 20:02:37 <Dexanote> "Calm scott down, damn."
Sep 15 20:02:44 <Maddy> The guy is not really under control, its jsut someone elses turn,
Sep 15 20:02:50 <Dexanote> "My neck's cramping from being a Marine."
Sep 15 20:03:13 <Pemander> "Can I kill him? I really want to just kill him."
Sep 15 20:03:21 <Pemander> "This has gone so far out of hand."
Sep 15 20:03:25 <Maddy> Still in combat here, this guy isn't just like, standing there listening to you guys
Sep 15 20:03:33 <Pemander> OKAY FINE
Sep 15 20:03:36 <Pemander> 4df+4 get canned you asshole jesus
Sep 15 20:03:37 <CROM> Pemander: get canned you asshole jesus: 3 (4df+4=-, +, -, 0)
Sep 15 20:03:37 <Echo> Scott's elsewhere.
Sep 15 20:03:46 <Maddy> 4df+2
Sep 15 20:03:47 <CROM> Maddy: 2 (4df+2=-, 0, 0, +)
Sep 15 20:04:06 <Maddy> He gets dinged in the head and fals down holding his face. "WHO THE FUCK THROWS A CAN?"
Sep 15 20:04:17 <Pemander> "I do, obviously. Don't ask stupid questions."
Sep 15 20:04:21 <Maddy> "God, jesus, ok you win, christ."
Sep 15 20:04:38 <Tom90deg> Zoe comes up behind Myrtle, breathing heavly,carrying those two guns. "Hi…Myr."
Sep 15 20:04:49 <Maddy> Ok turns are over.
Sep 15 20:04:52 <Dexanote> "Whatever." She looks at Zoe. "… Goddamn."
Sep 15 20:05:04 <Echo> Evans hauls ass past Zoe.
Sep 15 20:05:20 <Maddy> Claudia is over in the office still and pokse her head out. "Is it safe?"
Sep 15 20:05:26 <Tom90deg> "Found some of our…guns." Zoe has a massive bruse on the side of her face and one arm around her waist. "And the little bugger are…noisy…"
Sep 15 20:05:27 <Mere_Observer> Even Styer's?
Sep 15 20:05:37 <Tom90deg> "They want blood."
Sep 15 20:05:45 <Maddy> Styer has styers gun.
Sep 15 20:06:04 <Dexanote> Myr rolls her eyes. "Scott god damn it stop."
Sep 15 20:06:31 <Maddy> "What? Why in gods name would we want blood, and WHO THROWS A CAN?"
Sep 15 20:06:42 <Maddy> "Jesus, this is gonna leave a fuckin mark."
Sep 15 20:07:03 <Mere_Observer> Styer pops the two goons that he clothes lined again with his gun. *BAP* *BAP*
Sep 15 20:07:04 <Tom90deg> Zoe bends down, hissing. "The little parasitical souls that are leaching on me want blood and I'm inclined to GIVE IT! So be quiet!"
Sep 15 20:07:09 <Dexanote> "Good. Now what the hell is going on here? We don't have time for you to bitch about Ari's throwing arm."
Sep 15 20:07:28 <Dexanote> "My friend's posessed by demons and she's pissed off too. So… yeah."
Sep 15 20:07:41 <Maddy> The mook hit with a can kicks the one Myr shot. "Davie, fucker stop your moaning, it' jsut a gunshot wound."
Sep 15 20:08:06 <Pemander> "Yes, Davie. At least you didn't get hit with a can."
Sep 15 20:08:14 <Tom90deg> Zoe straighens up, putting the guns on the ground, and closes her eyes, trying to controll her breathing, leaning against a shelf.
Sep 15 20:08:18 <Maddy> "What do you mean what's going on here, you shot Davie and shit, and I'm not an idiot, you're clearly like super deltaforce man. I'm done, I'm fucking done."
Sep 15 20:09:12 <Mere_Observer> Styer walks up to the group. "Tha' fuck is this one complainin' 'bout?" Styer has his scarf wrapped around his shoulder.
Sep 15 20:09:43 <Echo> Evans walks up, fairly calmly, out of breath. "Hey, it's my rifle!
Sep 15 20:09:45 <Echo> "
Sep 15 20:09:55 <Pemander> Arianna facepalms.
Sep 15 20:10:04 <Tom90deg> "Found your gun. Are you not tripping?"
Sep 15 20:10:14 <Echo> Hey picks up the 556, and palms the 225 sitting close by. "What?"
Sep 15 20:11:55 <Dexanote> Myr sighs. "… Alright."
Sep 15 20:12:30 <Mere_Observer> "Okay, now tha' we're back together, can someone please tell me wha' tha' fuck we're doin'?"
Sep 15 20:12:48 <Tom90deg> "I want my sword back…"
Sep 15 20:12:50 <Pemander> "I don't know. I'm waiting on Myrtle's orders."
Sep 15 20:13:24 <Maddy> "Uh, if you're not gonna kill me or someshit, can I take Davie and go? I'm assuming you kill the rest of my crew."
Sep 15 20:14:02 <Dexanote> "… Alright." She looks at Davie and Bro. "What's going on, here? Who're your bosses?"
Sep 15 20:14:50 <Maddy> "Well, judging by the gun you're holding, you already took care of my boss."
Sep 15 20:15:50 <Dexanote> "Uh. I knocked a couple people out, they're lying in the cereal section."
Sep 15 20:16:00 <Echo> "Wait…" Evans rubs the side of his face, where a bruise is already forming. "Where're the wounded."
Sep 15 20:16:14 <Maddy> "Well shit."
Sep 15 20:16:26 <Echo> He looks at Myr, wide-eyed for a second, but his pupils are clear. "We can't just leave 'em shot up."
Sep 15 20:16:40 <Dexanote> "Everywhere, Scott." Myr's frustration and discomfort in leadership is becoming apparent. "We did, Scott. Your freakout didn't help."
Sep 15 20:16:59 <Echo> He rubs his face again, no longer jittery.
Sep 15 20:17:09 <Pemander> "I think that we should just walk out of here."
Sep 15 20:17:22 <Pemander> "There is no longer any opposition, and I doubt these idiots will be trying to capture us again."
Sep 15 20:17:30 <Maddy> "I ain't gonna stop you."
Sep 15 20:17:32 <Tom90deg> "We should get supplies first. The whole reason we came here."
Sep 15 20:18:01 * Dr_Kens is now known as Dreadlord_no2
Sep 15 20:18:15 <Mere_Observer> "I wouldn't mind goin' down the aisle and cappin' each one of tha' fuckers…" Styer glares at Davie's bro. "But supplies are why we came here, true."
Sep 15 20:18:26 <Maddy> "Hell, you want supplies? Take the whole damn store. I'll take whoever's still alive and leave."
Sep 15 20:18:42 <Tom90deg> "LEts just get what we need and go…"
Sep 15 20:18:54 <Dexanote> "… Aaalright. Sorry about this, we're used to people kidnapping us and trying to kill us."
Sep 15 20:19:05 <Dexanote> Myr holsters her gun and rubs her eyes.
Sep 15 20:19:18 <Tom90deg> Zoe smirks. "Does happen often…Think they'd learn."
Sep 15 20:19:35 * Dreadlord_no2 is now known as Dr_Kens
Sep 15 20:19:40 <Mere_Observer> "But…they took us as prisoners…"
Sep 15 20:20:15 <Maddy> "From the looks of it, you don't usually leave many alive to learn anything from." Bro gets up and helps Davie up. "Come on ya whiner. We're getting the others and leaving."
Sep 15 20:20:27 <Dexanote> "Well obviously these guys don't know who the guy in the suit was."
Sep 15 20:20:34 <Tom90deg> "Damn it."
Sep 15 20:20:42 <Pemander> "Did that man teleport?"
Sep 15 20:20:45 <Dexanote> She furrows her brow. "… Or. Wait. Thatw as a thing, right?"
Sep 15 20:20:54 <Pemander> "Yes, that happened."
Sep 15 20:21:22 <Mere_Observer> Styer eye twitches. "We're lettin them go…really….tha's just fuckin' great."
Sep 15 20:21:31 <Maddy> "The magic dude? He's just a buyer."
Sep 15 20:21:38 <Maddy> *dudes
Sep 15 20:21:42 <Tom90deg> "Think of it this way Styer."
Sep 15 20:21:48 <Dexanote> "A buyer of what?"
Sep 15 20:21:50 <Maddy> *they're
Sep 15 20:21:55 <Pemander> "A buyer of us, obviously."
Sep 15 20:21:57 <Tom90deg> "It's increasing our mythos."
Sep 15 20:22:09 <Maddy> "Whatever we catch. They ain't picky most of the time."
Sep 15 20:22:30 <Maddy> "Pays us less for "stock" though. Bastard."
Sep 15 20:22:36 <Maddy> *Bastards
Sep 15 20:22:37 <Mere_Observer> "We're lettin' /slavers/ go…"
Sep 15 20:22:40 <Tom90deg> "Stock?"
Sep 15 20:23:41 <Maddy> "Slaves what aren't very pretty or whatever. Don't know what he uses them for but that's what they call them. Can I go now or you got more questions?"
Sep 15 20:23:43 <Dexanote> Myr sighs. "ANd where could we find him, now?"
Sep 15 20:24:35 <Maddy> "I don't know man, we don't do much than keep his stupid office ready for a visit."
Sep 15 20:25:21 <Maddy> "We're independant contractors." he laughs.
Sep 15 20:25:37 <Dexanote> "Ugh. Fine then. We'll take some stuff and leave you alone." She points at Claudia. "Last time we saw the slavers they did that to her legs. We nuked their base."
Sep 15 20:25:38 <Pemander> "That's really not funny."
Sep 15 20:25:47 <Dexanote> "So we're a bit jumpy about the subject."
Sep 15 20:25:59 <Dexanote> She turns to grab some canned tuna.
Sep 15 20:26:04 <Dexanote> Go and find some*
Sep 15 20:26:11 <Pemander> Arianna walks up to Bro and pats him on the cheek. "I want you to know, if you ever try capturing people again, I am going to perform a vivisection on you."
Sep 15 20:26:22 <Tom90deg> Zoe starts to gather up cans and well. "She'll do it too."
Sep 15 20:26:26 <Dexanote> "She'll do it." Myr calls over her shoulder.
Sep 15 20:26:33 <Mere_Observer> Styer looks pissed. "Let me try this again…we're letting /SLAVERS/ go!?"
Sep 15 20:26:33 <Dexanote> In unison with Zoe
Sep 15 20:26:58 <Dexanote> "Do you wanna chase them? Zoe's beaten to shit, Scott's high as a kite, and we left half the team at home."
Sep 15 20:27:07 <Maddy> "Yeah yeah, we'll find another way to get high, I'm sure." she starts leading Davie off towards the cereal isle.
Sep 15 20:27:07 <Tom90deg> "Yes Styer. Now go and get a shopping cart, there's a good boy then."
Sep 15 20:27:09 <Dexanote> "They'll find us."
Sep 15 20:27:33 <Maddy> "Find you? Are you nuts? You took out like the entire crew?"
Sep 15 20:27:41 <Maddy> "Why the hell would we come after you?"
Sep 15 20:28:26 <Mere_Observer> Styer points his rifle at Bro. "Oh just let me shoot 'em. It'll tie off the loose ends."
Sep 15 20:29:12 <Maddy> "Aw come on dude, we're leaving aimiably before."
Sep 15 20:29:14 <Dexanote> "Not you, the suit. And no, Styer, goddamn it. "
Sep 15 20:29:23 <Tom90deg> "Styer, no. This way, they'll be more afraid to come after us. Cause they'll know what'll happen if they try it again, don't they?"
Sep 15 20:30:07 <Mere_Observer> Styer puts his gun down and walks the other way. "…whatever…"
Sep 15 20:30:15 <Maddy> Claudia looks around at everyone. "The suited man seemed to imply he wouldn't deal with anyone who captured me."
Sep 15 20:30:31 <Maddy> she holds up her file. "I am, off limits."
Sep 15 20:30:45 <Tom90deg> Zoe keeps on gathering any canned goods, and pileing them up in the main aisle.
Sep 15 20:30:54 <Pemander> Arianna grabs a shopping cart and does the same.
Sep 15 20:31:25 <Mere_Observer> Styer goes to the RX department and gets medical supplies.
Sep 15 20:31:45 <Maddy> Claudia goes with Styrr.
Sep 15 20:32:04 <Echo> Evans checks his weapons and holsters the handgun, but keeps the rifle in his hands, following behind Steyr.
Sep 15 20:32:07 <Dexanote> STYRR
Sep 15 20:32:17 <Echo> :>
Sep 15 20:32:28 <Tom90deg> "Myrtle, did they say where the rest of our gear was?"
Sep 15 20:33:17 <Maddy> "Aw man you guys killed Gary?" Bro yells from some other isle. "You fucking suck." eventually you hear the front doors open. The Slavers are gone.
Sep 15 20:33:38 <Tom90deg> "Gary was a dick."
Sep 15 20:34:24 <Pemander> "My attempt to cause a distraction was a complete and utter failure."
Sep 15 20:34:39 <Tom90deg> "Eh. It's ok."
Sep 15 20:34:42 <Pemander> "So his death was unfortu- oh, wait. Lily wants to say something."
Sep 15 20:34:48 <Pemander> "Smell ya later? I don't know what that means."
Sep 15 20:35:59 <Maddy> There's a lot of non parishables, the Slavers seemed to survive on junk food anf drugs.
Sep 15 20:36:02 <Echo> Scott wanders through the pharmacy, grabbing a few things here and there, working his jaw now and again. Fuck, his face hurts.
Sep 15 20:36:11 <Dexanote> Myr passes by the group, a cart full of canned fish and peaches. "In the tank Zoe."
Sep 15 20:36:40 <Maddy> "I'd say this was marginally successfull…"
Sep 15 20:36:56 <Echo> After picking out all the antibiotics and painkillers he can find, he tosses them into a grocery bag and heads for the exit.
Sep 15 20:36:58 <Tom90deg> Zoe nods, and starts carting the stuff out to the tank, and retrieves her gear and radio. "Think we should call Kyle, maybe he can bring a big truck or soemthing, so we can take more stuff?"
Sep 15 20:37:26 <Mere_Observer> Styer grabs some antiseptic from the Pharmacy and puts it on his gun shot, then wraps it up with gauze and medical tape.
Sep 15 20:39:15 <Pemander> Arianna takes a shopping cart full of goodies out to the LAV.
Sep 15 20:39:44 <Tom90deg> Zoe takes another lap, carting more stuff out to Eve.
Sep 15 20:39:53 <Mere_Observer> Styer grabs the remaining medical stuff, aspirin, ibuprofen, etc. then gets a bunch of other canned food. He takes them out to the LAV.
Sep 15 20:41:34 <Maddy> Claudia gets back into the LAV. "We dont' have a big truck."
Sep 15 20:42:46 <Tom90deg> "There may be something at the airport."
Sep 15 20:43:06 <Mere_Observer> Styer nods. He looks around for a truck or something to make him feel better.
Sep 15 20:43:08 <Tom90deg> "Could ask Kyle to take a look around."
Sep 15 20:43:35 <Maddy> "I don't think you need to add another vehicle to the convoy. You already have 3."
Sep 15 20:43:48 <Tom90deg> "I'm not saying we keep it."
Sep 15 20:43:58 <Maddy> "Where would you put the supplies then?"
Sep 15 20:44:01 <Tom90deg> "But we could store stuff in the trailer."
Sep 15 20:44:15 <Mere_Observer> 4df+3 Looking fer a Pick'emup truck.
Sep 15 20:44:15 <CROM> Mere_Observer: Looking fer a Pick'emup truck.: 5 (4df+3=+, +, -, +)
Sep 15 20:44:42 <Maddy> There is a shitty pick up truck, probably the slavers, but since you killed most of them, they didn't need to take all their cars.
Sep 15 20:44:49 <Pemander> Oh man, is Arianna's motorcycle around?
Sep 15 20:45:16 <Mere_Observer> Styer walks over to the truck. Are the keys inside?
Sep 15 20:45:20 <Maddy> Unless she brought it it's likely at the Airport
Sep 15 20:46:52 <Mere_Observer> Are the keys inside the truck?
Sep 15 20:47:07 <Maddy> yep!
Sep 15 20:47:16 <Maddy> That said, its a rust bucket
Sep 15 20:47:54 <Mere_Observer> Styer opens the door of the truck and sits inside. He doesn't care what it looks like, does it start? He puts the key in and turns it.
Sep 15 20:48:13 <Maddy> It does, but it doesn't sound like ths slavers know how to keep a truck healthy.
Sep 15 20:48:57 <Mere_Observer> Styer pats the dashboard. "There there, I got ya' now." Styer yells out of the side window. "Hey, look what I found!"
Sep 15 20:49:08 <Tom90deg> Zoe keeps on treckin in and out, loading up the LAV. "Think we got enough stuff for you Claudia?"
Sep 15 20:49:39 <Maddy> "Yes, I should be very well off, thank you very much."
Sep 15 20:50:13 <Tom90deg> "Good to know. Myrtle, you think we should take those files with us?"
Sep 15 20:50:30 <Dexanote> "… Yes! Go grab those.»
Sep 15 20:50:32 <Dexanote> ""
Sep 15 20:50:34 <Dexanote> Fuwg
Sep 15 20:50:50 <Mere_Observer> Styer drives up beside the LAV.
Sep 15 20:51:20 <Maddy> Whenever you guys are ready to go, head back to the main channel.
Sep 15 20:52:05 <Tom90deg> «Hey guys, we're heading back.»
Sep 15 20:52:29 <Tom90deg> Zoe heads inside, and empeties out the desk, taking the files, and anything else with her.
Sep 15 20:53:05 * Pemander (||tibbiM) has left #afteractionmission
Sep 15 20:53:17 <Tom90deg> She loads them up in the LAV
Sep 15 20:53:48 <Dexanote> Myr climbs into the LAV, after loading up all the canned fish and peaches. "Come on, then."
Sep 15 20:53:51 <Mere_Observer> Styer helps load, then gets back in /HIS/ truck. His truck.
Sep 15 20:54:16 <Tom90deg> Zoe climbs aboard. "Rough day. But better than last time."