House Hunting

Jan 04 21:48:45 <jedifan> "Probably wouldn't have even made it to the crash given how he was shot without your help"
Jan 04 21:49:01 <Puppetmaster> Lilin's off about ten meters, on a flanking position on the group. She's holding her knife, but the blade's still in the handle.
Jan 04 21:49:17 <Gara> "I know."
Jan 04 21:49:25 <MereObserver> Samson is still patting water out of his ears, following the rest of them.
Jan 04 21:49:28 <Tehpillowstar> "I do hope that house's abandoned. Fuck, I wish I had my gun with me."
Jan 04 21:50:05 <jedifan> "I'm hoping we find some chemicals myself."
Jan 04 21:50:05 <Echo> As they approach, they can see a sort of half fence, half wall thing constructed out of sheet metal and some conex shipping containers.
Jan 04 21:50:45 <Tehpillowstar> Adelaide examines it. "Huh."
Jan 04 21:50:49 <MereObserver> "…well this is odd."
Jan 04 21:50:50 <Echo> There are a few trees here and there, but past the wallfence they can see a trio of small buildings.
Jan 04 21:50:55 <jedifan> Phelan veres from heading to the house for the conex containers.
Jan 04 21:51:07 <Gara> "Huh."
Jan 04 21:51:31 <jedifan> "God I hope I can find some supplies in there."
Jan 04 21:51:57 <Tehpillowstar> Adelaide walks with Phelan, trying to keep the group together.
Jan 04 21:52:08 <jedifan> Phelan opens up one of the conexs
Jan 04 21:52:38 <Echo> Surprise! It's fucking *nothing*.
Jan 04 21:52:39 <Tehpillowstar> Adelaide leans over to Phelan and whispers, "Need any light?"
Jan 04 21:52:50 <MereObserver> Samson is still walking for the houses.
Jan 04 21:53:18 <Puppetmaster> Lilin looks for an opening in the fencewall and or wallfence.
Jan 04 21:53:18 <Gara> "You think there's anyone living here?"
Jan 04 21:53:42 <jedifan> "Nah, nothing in here."
Jan 04 21:53:42 <jedifan> "Assuming that there isn't lodgings in the house, might be a nice place to move the group though."
Jan 04 21:53:58 <jedifan> "Maybe."
Jan 04 21:54:01 <MereObserver> "Well someone must've put those containers here."
Jan 04 21:54:02 <Puppetmaster> Actually.
Jan 04 21:54:09 <Puppetmaster> Can Lilin agility to climb it?
Jan 04 21:54:09 <Gara> "And then what?"
Jan 04 21:54:15 <jedifan> "If not, we claim squatter's rights."
Jan 04 21:54:27 <Gara> "If so, we still try to claim it."
Jan 04 21:54:37 <Tehpillowstar> "What if we meet resistance?"
Jan 04 21:54:41 <Echo> Lilin can!
Jan 04 21:54:52 <jedifan> "That's what squatter's rights are, the right to claim unoccupied land."
Jan 04 21:55:03 <jedifan> "If it is occupied, we negotiate."
Jan 04 21:55:12 <Puppetmaster> "I'm gonna go scope it out."
Jan 04 21:55:14 <Gara> "Then we do what we can to ingratiate itself with the community."
Jan 04 21:55:18 <MereObserver> "Maybe, if there are people, we should, oh I don't know, ask first. People don't take kindly to others just barging in."
Jan 04 21:55:39 <Gara> ourselves*
Jan 04 21:55:44 <Tehpillowstar> "If shit gets hot in here…I think I can pull us out."
Jan 04 21:55:53 <Gara> "We'll be fine."
Jan 04 21:56:08 <Gara> "Most folks don't pull the trigger without a conversation first."
Jan 04 21:56:09 <Puppetmaster> "You see, asking is a nice idea, but as it stands I don't see anyone waiting to be asked."
Jan 04 21:56:10 <jedifan> "Exigentcircumstances."
Jan 04 21:56:22 <Echo> Which of the buildings are they headed for?
Jan 04 21:56:29 <Tehpillowstar> "Let's just go."
Jan 04 21:56:44 <Puppetmaster> 4df+4 Fencewall is my bitch.
Jan 04 21:56:45 <CROM> Puppetmaster: Fencewall is my bitch.: 3 (4df+4=-, +, -, 0)
Jan 04 21:56:56 <Echo> She's up and over effortlessly.
Jan 04 21:57:32 <Puppetmaster> She moves up to whichever building looks most like a house.
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Jan 04 21:58:00 <Puppetmaster> And if there isn't one that stands out, whichever's closest.
Jan 04 21:58:14 <Gara> John will try to get them to whatever Lilin's going to.
Jan 04 21:58:33 <Echo> The closest one to the bitch-ass fencewall looks like little more than a storage shed.
Jan 04 21:58:43 <Puppetmaster> Fuck that thing.
Jan 04 21:58:50 <Echo> To the right, however, across from it, is what could be a beach house.
Jan 04 21:58:58 <Puppetmaster> That's better.
Jan 04 21:59:00 <Gara> John goes for that one.
Jan 04 21:59:04 <MereObserver> Samson goes to that one too!
Jan 04 21:59:13 <Tehpillowstar> Adelaide goes for that one too
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Jan 04 21:59:22 <jedifan> "Let's head to the house, but i want to check the shed out later."
Jan 04 21:59:51 <jedifan> "Given that we know hostiles aren't too far away, I want supplies to set up a surprise for any visitors."
Jan 04 22:00:10 <jedifan> "I'll teach them to shoot at a chemistry teacher."
Jan 04 22:00:11 <Gara> "We don't know that."
Jan 04 22:00:22 <jedifan> "Someone shot us down."
Jan 04 22:00:24 <Gara> "There are guns that can hit a big target at long range"
Jan 04 22:00:29 <Echo> Inside the beach house… there's not much but furniture.
Jan 04 22:00:47 <MereObserver> Samson knocks on the wall. "Hellloooo?"
Jan 04 22:00:49 <Tehpillowstar> Adelaide begins checking the shelves and cabinets.
Jan 04 22:00:49 <jedifan> Any cleaning supplies or other chemicals?
Jan 04 22:00:55 <Echo> A few wicker sofas and chairs, a bathroom, a spartan kitchen.
Jan 04 22:01:05 <Puppetmaster> Lilin calls out. "Anyone alive in here? Friend, not foe."
Jan 04 22:01:10 <Echo> Hmm. There's nothing in the drawers.
Jan 04 22:01:19 <Echo> No knives, flatware, no nothing.
Jan 04 22:01:28 <Gara> "I think this place was abandoned."
Jan 04 22:01:41 <MereObserver> "Looks like it was cleared out fast."
Jan 04 22:01:43 <Puppetmaster> "Perfect… Probably."
Jan 04 22:01:52 <jedifan> "Still looks more defensible than the beach we are at."
Jan 04 22:01:57 <Puppetmaster> "There's a reason people abandon things… Especially times like this."
Jan 04 22:01:57 <Gara> "Oh it is."
Jan 04 22:02:07 <Gara> "Migration?"
Jan 04 22:02:10 <Gara> John shrugs.
Jan 04 22:02:14 <Gara> "Evacuation?"
Jan 04 22:02:21 <MereObserver> "Maybe they got scared off by guys that shoot down helicopters."
Jan 04 22:02:22 <Puppetmaster> What's the last of the three buildings look like?
Jan 04 22:02:33 <Tehpillowstar> Adelaide checks the lights, the water and to see if the stove still works.
Jan 04 22:02:40 <jedifan> "Before we head back to the group, I'd like to check out the other buildings."
Jan 04 22:03:15 <Gara> "Sounds good."
Jan 04 22:03:18 <Echo> It's little surprise there's no utilities.
Jan 04 22:03:59 <jedifan> Phelan heads to the shed.
Jan 04 22:04:00 <Tehpillowstar> "Nothing's working here, big woop."
Jan 04 22:04:12 <Gara> "Shocker."
Jan 04 22:04:15 <Puppetmaster> Lilin heads to whatever the fuck building 3 is.
Jan 04 22:04:28 <Gara> Beat. "Well Iguess we are all seperating now.'
Jan 04 22:04:36 <MereObserver> Samson walks outside and follows Lilin.
Jan 04 22:04:48 <Gara> John follows Phelan.
Jan 04 22:04:56 <Tehpillowstar> Adelaide goes with John.
Jan 04 22:05:55 <jedifan> Phelan investigates the shed.
Jan 04 22:06:17 <Echo> Phelan's intrepidity is greeted by a bounty.
Jan 04 22:06:41 <jedifan> What does Phelan find?
Jan 04 22:06:43 <Echo> Looks like the place was used for dive equipment.
Jan 04 22:07:17 <Echo> Among the random crap he finds are a few wetsuits, a couple tanks, various diving apparatus and… bangsticks?
Jan 04 22:07:24 <Echo> Yep, those are bangsticks.
Jan 04 22:07:27 <Echo> Three of them.
Jan 04 22:08:03 <Tehpillowstar> "Heck yeah." Adelaide begins examining the equipment to see if they're still in working order.
Jan 04 22:09:10 <MereObserver> Samson is still going to this mysterious third building.
Jan 04 22:09:41 <jedifan> Phelan grabs the bang sticks and checks the tanks.
Jan 04 22:10:03 <jedifan> "Looks like this stuff might actually help us survive for a bit."
Jan 04 22:10:04 <Echo> The large building in the middle looks a little more rustic in its construction. A proper house.
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Jan 04 22:10:35 <Tehpillowstar> "Let's grab this stuff on our way back. There's still other stuff to check out."
Jan 04 22:10:39 <Echo> The tanks are full, but there's no telling if the lines and feeds are good.
Jan 04 22:10:52 * MonkeyBomb (||d.eht) has joined #afteraction
Jan 04 22:11:10 <Gara> "Yeah."
Jan 04 22:11:14 <Puppetmaster> Lilin heads up to the house and knocks on the front door.
Jan 04 22:11:25 <Echo> There's no response.
Jan 04 22:11:36 <Gara> "Okay. To the last building."
Jan 04 22:11:36 <MereObserver> "No one's home I guess."
Jan 04 22:12:30 <Tehpillowstar> "Tanks are good but the lines and feeds are questionable. Can't check in this light."
Jan 04 22:12:51 <Puppetmaster> Lilin pops the door.
Jan 04 22:12:53 <Puppetmaster> And heads in.
Jan 04 22:13:06 <Puppetmaster> She keeps her knife ready, in case.
Jan 04 22:13:17 <Puppetmaster> "Hello? Friend, not foe."
Jan 04 22:13:39 <Echo> There's a tile entryway, with a stairway leading upstairs just inside. There's a doorway right, to what looks like a kitchen, obscured by the darkness. Off to the left looks like what might be a living room.
Jan 04 22:13:44 <Echo> It's quiet.
Jan 04 22:13:45 <jedifan> "Lets check out the 3rd building before we head back to camp."
Jan 04 22:13:58 <Gara> "Camp? If you want to call it that"
Jan 04 22:14:09 <Tehpillowstar> "Good with me." Adelaide steps out of the shed and heads to the big house.
Jan 04 22:14:15 <MereObserver> Samson follows Lilin inside, looking up the stairs. "I'll go look up there."
Jan 04 22:14:21 <Puppetmaster> "Moving quiet."
Jan 04 22:14:24 <jedifan> "We have fire so it counts as a camp."
Jan 04 22:14:26 <Puppetmaster> 4df+4 Subterfuge.
Jan 04 22:14:26 <CROM> Puppetmaster: Subterfuge.: 4 (4df+4=-, 0, +, 0)
Jan 04 22:14:38 <Puppetmaster> Lilin moves to clear the kitchen.
Jan 04 22:14:47 <Gara> "Okay."
Jan 04 22:15:14 <MereObserver> Samson starts up the stairs, putting little effort in being stealthy.
Jan 04 22:15:15 <jedifan> Phelan heads over to the third building.
Jan 04 22:16:00 <Puppetmaster> She's checking for people, not supplies, moving quickly.
Jan 04 22:16:09 <Echo> The stairs creak under his he tromps up the stairs.
Jan 04 22:16:18 <Echo> No one inside.
Jan 04 22:16:28 <Tehpillowstar> Adelaide opens the door and begins searching the first floor.
Jan 04 22:16:42 <MereObserver> Samson looks around upstairs, then calls back down. "Clear up here."
Jan 04 22:16:51 <Puppetmaster> Lilin sweeps the entire lower floor.
Jan 04 22:16:52 <Gara> John walks on in.
Jan 04 22:16:56 <jedifan> Phelan heads inside and checks for any chemicals that might have been left there.
Jan 04 22:17:23 <MereObserver> What's the upstairs look like?
Jan 04 22:18:10 * MonkeyBomb has quit (Quit: Massive lag die lag die)
Jan 04 22:18:12 <Echo> There's a bedroom with two baths up top, a few closets, a laundry room.
Jan 04 22:18:39 * MonkeyBomb (||d.eht) has joined #afteraction
Jan 04 22:18:40 <Tehpillowstar> Anything of use? Sheets of plastic, pots, buckets?
Jan 04 22:18:53 <jedifan> cleaning supplies?
Jan 04 22:19:02 <jedifan> steel wool even?
Jan 04 22:19:28 <Echo> There's plenty to be found in this one.
Jan 04 22:19:39 <Echo> Each of the rooms looks like someone actually *lived* here.
Jan 04 22:19:41 <Puppetmaster> Lilin, once she's satisfied no one's around, just looks for a fucking /towel/.
Jan 04 22:20:08 <MereObserver> Samson starts going through the closets, drawers and cabinets upstairs.
Jan 04 22:20:08 <Echo> There are a couple hanging in the bathrooms up top. Looks like a his and hers.
Jan 04 22:20:19 <Gara> "Hey, guys."
Jan 04 22:20:22 <Gara> "We can do this later."
Jan 04 22:20:27 <Gara> "Lets go get the others."
Jan 04 22:20:59 <Puppetmaster> Lilin shakes out one and quickly dries herself and her weapons off.
Jan 04 22:21:16 <Tehpillowstar> "Uh, how about you" She motions to Phelan, "And the others stay here and me and you" she motions to John, "Tell the others."
Jan 04 22:21:26 <Tehpillowstar> ~I don't know your names!~
Jan 04 22:21:37 <Gara> "Sounds good."
Jan 04 22:21:38 <jedifan> "Sounds like a plan."
Jan 04 22:22:00 <MereObserver> "Okay." Samson calls down from upstairs.
Jan 04 22:22:15 <Gara> John walks out of the house.
Jan 04 22:22:23 <Tehpillowstar> Adelaide closely follows.
Jan 04 22:22:45 <Gara> And starts back to camp.
Jan 04 22:22:51 <Gara> "I'm John, by the way."
Jan 04 22:23:00 <MereObserver> Samson looks through the closets for anything that is pre-weaponized.
Jan 04 22:23:21 <jedifan> Phelan heads back to the camp to tell everyone what they've found.
Jan 04 22:23:36 <Tehpillowstar> "Adelaide."
Jan 04 22:23:47 <jedifan> redact
Jan 04 22:24:06 <Puppetmaster> Lilin heads downstairs and sizes up Samson. "Lilin, by the way."
Jan 04 22:24:58 <Echo> Samson finds nothing.
Jan 04 22:25:03 <Tehpillowstar> Adelaide starts to jog back to the folks at the beach, her back starting to get sore from lugging her seabag all around, but she didn't trust anyone yet to just leave it somewhere.