Hungry Foliage

Oct 04 14:58:14 <Maddy> Alice gets out of her tent and wanders over to the edge of the forest.
Oct 04 15:14:52 <Dawny> "Thank you for backing me up yesterday"
Oct 04 15:15:16 <E4D> Jason looks over. "Huh? Me?"
Oct 04 15:16:10 <Maddy> Alice sits with ehr back against a tree.
Oct 04 15:16:13 <Dawny> "Yes, you Corporal"
Oct 04 15:17:23 <E4D> He shrugs. "Well, made sense."
Oct 04 15:17:34 <E4D> "They were fucked up for a while when it happened before."
Oct 04 15:18:03 <E4D> "Course, we could take better care of people at the Sites. Down for a day or so, but still. He didn't need to be back on that gun right away."
Oct 04 15:18:08 <Dawny> "Well, thank you. John can be…difficult at times."
Oct 04 15:19:01 <E4D> "Only reason he listens to be is cuz I was there from the beginning. Just gotta know how to handle 'em."
Oct 04 15:20:40 <Dawny> "Well, I don't yet. So thank you"
Oct 04 15:23:01 * Tom90deg (||ged09moT) has joined #afteraction
Oct 04 15:23:14 <E4D> He nods, starting off to where he saw Alice heading.
Oct 04 15:23:38 <Maddy> She takes out her flute and starts to play, facing into the forest itself.
Oct 04 15:25:25 <Maddy> Jason can probably hear Song of Storms from Zelda coming from that a-way
Oct 04 15:27:52 <E4D> "That's good, but can you play Saria's Song?" He plops down beside her, leaning against the tree.
Oct 04 15:30:17 <Maddy> She smiles a little, switching songs.
Oct 04 15:32:04 <Tom90deg> Zoe sits on top of the stryker
Oct 04 15:32:24 <Dawny> Kay tugs out her dogtags and plays with her ring.
Oct 04 15:39:29 <Maddy> 4df+3 vs ???
Oct 04 15:39:30 <Glacon> Maddy: vs ???: 2 (4df+3=+, 0, -, -)
Oct 04 15:39:36 <Maddy> 4df+5 ???
Oct 04 15:39:37 <Glacon> Maddy: ???: 5 (4df+5=0, 0, 0, 0)
Oct 04 15:39:42 <E4D> ?
Oct 04 15:40:02 <Maddy> There's a flurry of motion and Alice is jerked away, further into the woords.
Oct 04 15:40:20 <Maddy> Woods even
Oct 04 15:40:31 <E4D> Jason spins. "ALICE?"
Oct 04 15:40:52 <Tom90deg> Zoe picks her head up. "She's out in the woods somewhere I think!"
Oct 04 15:41:01 <Maddy> "J-jaso-" her voice is abruptly cut off.
Oct 04 15:41:16 * E4D is now known as Defcon
Oct 04 15:41:40 <Defcon> Jason charges into the woods, rifle slung, a blade in his hand.
Oct 04 15:41:58 <Defcon> «Guys, run tot he gunfire. Something got Alice.»
Oct 04 15:42:10 <Defcon> He draws his handgun, firing three shots into the air.
Oct 04 15:42:28 <Tom90deg> «On my way.>
Oct 04 15:42:34 <Dawny> Kay grabs her rifle and heads toward the shots, running.
Oct 04 15:42:58 <Tom90deg> Zoe hops down and runs towards the shots.
Oct 04 15:43:10 <Tom90deg> «Where was she taken? Any tracks?»
Oct 04 15:43:10 <Maddy> There's a rustling in the underbrush, you only notice how how unatually dark it is, like the trees are bowing towards eachother to block out the sun.
Oct 04 15:43:16 <Defcon> He switches hands, pistol in his right, blade in his left. "ALICE!"
Oct 04 15:44:08 <Maddy> perception, anyone who's in the woods.
Oct 04 15:44:38 <Tom90deg> 4df+2
Oct 04 15:44:39 <Glacon> Tom90deg: 5 (4df+2=+, +, +, 0)
Oct 04 15:44:41 <Dawny> 4df+2
Oct 04 15:44:41 <Glacon> Dawny: 2 (4df+2=0, 0, 0, 0)
Oct 04 15:44:48 <Defcon> 4df+4
Oct 04 15:44:49 <Glacon> Defcon: 4 (4df+4=0, +, -, 0)
Oct 04 15:47:09 <Maddy> Jason and Zoe can hear muffled cries from the underbrush. The rustling gets louder.
Oct 04 15:47:50 <Tom90deg> Zoe carefully and stealthy approaches the underbrush.
Oct 04 15:47:52 <Tom90deg> 4df+4
Oct 04 15:47:52 <Glacon> Tom90deg: 5 (4df+4=-, +, 0, +)
Oct 04 15:48:00 <Maddy> 4df No eyes
Oct 04 15:48:01 <Glacon> Maddy: No eyes: -1 (4df=+, 0, -, -)
Oct 04 15:48:10 <Defcon> Jason sprints toward the cries. "LET HER GO… I WON'T CUT YOU TO PIECES IF YOU DO…"
Oct 04 15:48:19 <Defcon> "I'M COMIN' MOTHERFUCKER…"
Oct 04 15:48:27 <Maddy> 4df+5 Roll athletics, Jason.
Oct 04 15:48:28 <Glacon> Maddy: Roll athletics, Jason.: 5 (4df+5=0, -, 0, +)
Oct 04 15:48:51 <Defcon> 4df+6 Tagging Defcon.
Oct 04 15:48:51 <Glacon> Defcon: Tagging Defcon.: 7 (4df+6=0, 0, 0, +)
Oct 04 15:49:50 <Maddy> Jason dodges a large, tendril like vine shooting from the darkness.
Oct 04 15:50:01 <Maddy> 4df+5 Meanwhile…
Oct 04 15:50:01 <Glacon> Maddy: Meanwhile…: 5 (4df+5=0, -, +, 0)
Oct 04 15:50:12 <Maddy> 4df+3 !!!
Oct 04 15:50:13 <Glacon> Maddy: !!!: 7 (4df+3=+, +, +, +)
Oct 04 15:50:45 <Maddy> The screaming get a little more clear.
Oct 04 15:51:28 <Dawny> Kay takes out David's knife, slinging her rifle.
Oct 04 15:51:28 <Defcon> He keeps running, firing three more shots into the air. "TRACK ON THE FIRE."
Oct 04 15:51:36 <Defcon> "LAST CHANCE, MOTHERFUCKER."
Oct 04 15:52:32 <Tom90deg> Zoe runs after it, shaking her head.
Oct 04 15:53:41 <Defcon> Jason stubled on overgrowth, his momentum carrying him forward as his legs wheel underneath him.
Oct 04 15:54:02 <Dawny> Kay follows, eyes darting around.
Oct 04 15:54:02 <Maddy> There's a large, thorny, viney bush thing, writhing in the underbrush. Jason can barely make out the glint from Alice's flute, tangled in the mass.
Oct 04 15:54:35 <Defcon> "ALICE! SAY SOMETHIN'!"
Oct 04 15:54:47 <Tom90deg> Zoe approaches the throny bush, trying to figure out a way to get past it.
Oct 04 15:54:55 * Nusquam has quit (Quit: ajax IRC Client)
Oct 04 15:55:11 <Dawny> Kay steps closer, trying to figure something out.
Oct 04 15:55:18 <Defcon> He holsters his pistol, blade out in a defensive parry, and reaches in for the flute, tossing it back and rummaging past it.
Oct 04 15:55:26 <Maddy> "G-get me oout of h-"
Oct 04 15:55:38 <Maddy> 4df+5 Defense Jason.
Oct 04 15:55:39 <Glacon> Maddy: Defense Jason.: 4 (4df+5=0, 0, -, 0)
Oct 04 15:55:40 <Tom90deg> Zoe grabs the flute, pocketing it.
Oct 04 15:55:40 <Defcon> "Reach for my voice!"
Oct 04 15:55:50 <Defcon> 4df+6 Tagging Defcon
Oct 04 15:55:51 <Glacon> Defcon: Tagging Defcon: 8 (4df+6=+, 0, +, 0)
Oct 04 15:56:05 <Tom90deg> Zoe pulls out her knife and starts to cut into the vines, trying to break into it.
Oct 04 15:56:12 <Defcon> 4df+6 Jason swings back at what's swinging at him, hacking viciously with the large blade
Oct 04 15:56:12 <Glacon> Defcon: Jason swings back at what's swinging at him, hacking viciously with the large blade: 6 (4df+6=0, +, 0, -)
Oct 04 15:56:28 <Defcon> "Mother *fucker*."
Oct 04 15:56:40 <Maddy> The mass attempts to swallow Jason, recoiling in horror when he starts to swing the knife.
Oct 04 15:56:50 <Maddy> 4df+5 Defence, zoe.
Oct 04 15:56:50 <Glacon> Maddy: Defence, zoe.: 4 (4df+5=+, -, 0, -)
Oct 04 15:57:24 <Tom90deg> 4df+4
Oct 04 15:57:25 <Glacon> Tom90deg: 2 (4df+4=0, -, -, 0)
Oct 04 15:57:54 <Dawny> "Fucking Harry Potter bull shit" Kay starts to hack at the vines.
Oct 04 15:57:55 <Maddy> Zoe is snared! Thorny vines biting into her arms. -1 body.
Oct 04 15:57:57 <Defcon> 4df+4 Athletics Jason grabs Zoe, trying to throw her back and away
Oct 04 15:57:57 <Glacon> Defcon: Athletics Jason grabs Zoe, trying to throw her back and away: 5 (4df+4=-, +, 0, +)
Oct 04 15:58:10 <Tom90deg> "Gaah! DAmn it Jason, I'm trying to help!"
Oct 04 15:58:21 <Maddy> 4df+5 holding onto zoe
Oct 04 15:58:22 <Glacon> Maddy: holding onto zoe: 4 (4df+5=-, 0, -, +)
Oct 04 15:58:27 <Maddy> Jason gets her free.
Oct 04 15:58:39 <Maddy> 4df+5 defense Kay
Oct 04 15:58:39 <Glacon> Maddy: defense Kay: 7 (4df+5=0, 0, +, +)
Oct 04 15:59:05 <Dawny> 4df+3 mother fucker
Oct 04 15:59:05 <Glacon> Dawny: mother fucker: 2 (4df+3=+, -, -, 0)
Oct 04 15:59:26 <Maddy> Smaller thorned vines wrap around Kay's throat, tight.
Oct 04 15:59:36 <Maddy> -2 body
Oct 04 15:59:57 <Maddy> 4df+5 Feed…
Oct 04 15:59:58 <Glacon> Maddy: Feed…: 2 (4df+5=-, -, -, 0)
Oct 04 16:00:01 <Maddy> 4df+3 !!!
Oct 04 16:00:01 <Glacon> Maddy: !!!: 2 (4df+3=-, -, +, 0)
Oct 04 16:00:04 <Defcon> 4df+4 Jason turns back to her grabbing the vines with glove hands, trying to rip them free.
Oct 04 16:00:04 <Glacon> Defcon: Jason turns back to her grabbing the vines with glove hands, trying to rip them free.: 5 (4df+4=0, +, -, +)
Oct 04 16:00:05 <Tom90deg> Zoe dodges around Jason and wraps her arms around Kay, Teleportg wiht her out of reach of the vines (2 AP)
Oct 04 16:00:19 <Defcon> Jason releases as he sees what Zoe's doing
Oct 04 16:00:36 <Dawny> Kay gasps for air, clutching her neck.
Oct 04 16:00:45 <Maddy> A sharp, pained whimper comes from inside the bush. "N-no!"
Oct 04 16:01:12 <Defcon> 4df+6 "Good." He hefts the blade again, diving at the bush, trying to find something to kill.
Oct 04 16:01:12 <Glacon> Defcon: "Good." He hefts the blade again, diving at the bush, trying to find something to kill.: 5 (4df+6=+, -, -, 0)
Oct 04 16:01:33 <Tom90deg> "JAson, This might not work….Let me get sucked in, and give me a clear exit point…"
Oct 04 16:02:06 <Maddy> The mass flails, whipping thorned apendages around. Defence.
Oct 04 16:02:35 <Dawny> Kay holds her throat, trying to stop the bleeding, knife still in hand.
Oct 04 16:02:43 <Dawny> 4df+3 no!
Oct 04 16:02:44 <Glacon> Dawny: no!: 2 (4df+3=0, -, -, +)
Oct 04 16:03:03 <Defcon> 4df+4 Jason unslings his rifle as the vines wrap around. The pilot light at the end of the underbarrel flares to life.
Oct 04 16:03:03 <Glacon> Defcon: Jason unslings his rifle as the vines wrap around. The pilot light at the end of the underbarrel flares to life.: 6 (4df+4=+, 0, 0, +)
Oct 04 16:03:11 <Tom90deg> 4df+4
Oct 04 16:03:11 <Glacon> Tom90deg: 2 (4df+4=0, 0, -, -)
Oct 04 16:03:26 <Maddy> 4df+5 FLAIL!
Oct 04 16:03:27 <Glacon> Maddy: FLAIL!: 7 (4df+5=-, +, +, +)
Oct 04 16:04:12 <Defcon> He reaches around with his free hand, trying to grab a sleeve, a collar, gear, a boot, a hand, anything.
Oct 04 16:05:31 <Tom90deg> Zoe reaches into her pocked and tosses Kay the Soma bottle she has and dives for Jason's hand
Oct 04 16:05:41 <Maddy> Everyone is whipped with heavy vines. Kay is knocked unconious, Zoe has the wind knocked out of her.
Oct 04 16:06:01 <Defcon> He's reaching for Alice. Fuck trying to get out. He has *fire*.
Oct 04 16:06:27 <Maddy> Jason gets his hand around an arm.
Oct 04 16:06:33 <Defcon> He pulls the trigger quickly, a small gout of flame belching from the end.
Oct 04 16:06:44 <Tom90deg> Zoe crawls to her feet, trying to see if Jason is still visible
Oct 04 16:07:17 <Maddy> The plant is licked by flame, stating to shrink back from the fire.
Oct 04 16:07:54 <Defcon> Jason gives a solid *yank*. "Alice?"
Oct 04 16:08:10 <Maddy> 4df+5 HUNGRY!
Oct 04 16:08:11 <Glacon> Maddy: HUNGRY!: 5 (4df+5=0, -, +, 0)
Oct 04 16:08:20 <Maddy> 4df+3 !!!
Oct 04 16:08:20 <Glacon> Maddy: !!!: 1 (4df+3=0, -, -, 0)
Oct 04 16:09:16 <Tom90deg> "Jason!"
Oct 04 16:09:22 <Maddy> Alice screams, but the plant matter is too busy fleeing to take her with it, the thorns that had coiled around her being torn out harshly when Jason pulls.
Oct 04 16:10:16 <Defcon> He tries to pull himself on top of her as it pulls away, angling the weapon at the pile, and empying the small tank.
Oct 04 16:10:21 <Defcon> 4df+4 *FIRE*
Oct 04 16:10:21 <Glacon> Defcon: *FIRE*: 2 (4df+4=0, -, 0, -)
Oct 04 16:10:25 <Maddy> In a flash, the writhing mass of thorns and vines is gone. Dispersed and wriggling deeper into the forest.
Oct 04 16:10:43 <Tom90deg> Zoe pulls out the bottle of Dusty speical, waiting for them to get clear.
Oct 04 16:11:23 <Tom90deg> Zoe runs over to Jason and Alice. "You guys alright? Kay's unconsious, she got a horrible shash on her throat…"
Oct 04 16:11:31 <Defcon> Jason puts the tank into his drop pouch, replacing it, and back up, grabbing Alice's collar and dragging her back, out of the treeline, weapon leveled.
Oct 04 16:11:54 <Maddy> Alice is bleeding from her face, neck, arms and legs. She spits little bits of thorny vine.
Oct 04 16:12:50 <Tom90deg> Zoe keeps Kay still, not sure if she should try to force the Soma down her throat or not."
Oct 04 16:12:58 <Defcon> "Jesus, hun, don't move." He doesn't stop moving as he hefts her over a shoulder. "Go get Kay. Just drag her out. Keep one hand pressed tight around her throat."
Oct 04 16:13:05 <Defcon> "I'll take care of this… just get her out."
Oct 04 16:13:39 <Defcon> He trundles through the bush, placing Alice gingerly to the ground as he breaks cover.
Oct 04 16:13:53 <Tom90deg> Zoe presses her hand on Kay's throat as she starts to drag her out of the woods.
Oct 04 16:15:39 <Maddy> Alice's pant legs are p. much shreded from the thigh down, and the thing seems to have made off with her CADPAT blouse, leaving her in her under armour top.
Oct 04 16:16:09 <Tom90deg> ~Midnight! Are you here?~
Oct 04 16:16:19 <Tom90deg> Zoe contines to drag Kay out of the woods.
Oct 04 16:16:28 <Defcon> "Shit… shit… shit… shit… shit…" He takes a deep breath, leaning over her face. "Alice? Hun, can you hear me?"
Oct 04 16:16:41 <Maddy> She winces, is a shiton of pain, still spitting blood and plant matter. "Y-yyeah.."
Oct 04 16:17:19 <Defcon> "Just keep talkin' to me. Goddamn, did you bite it?"
Oct 04 16:17:33 <Defcon> "Bring her over here, Zoe!"
Oct 04 16:17:50 <Defcon> "Kay! Go get one of the casevac packs!"
Oct 04 16:18:12 <Defcon> *Zoe
Oct 04 16:18:18 <Dawny> Kay just lays there, gushing blood.
Oct 04 16:19:01 <Tom90deg> Zoe uncorks the bottle of Soma she has and shoves it in Kay's mouth.
Oct 04 16:19:09 <Defcon> Jason flicks his Gerber open, cutting off both sleeves and slicing it in half lengthwise.
Oct 04 16:19:24 <Defcon> *them
Oct 04 16:19:56 <Tom90deg> (Retcon! No she dosn't)
Oct 04 16:20:19 <Defcon> Doubling them up, he wraps one around each of the most cut-up part of her legs, binding them tight.
Oct 04 16:20:22 <Tom90deg> Zoe runs off to get a cansevac packs and heads back over to Kay. "What do I do?"
Oct 04 16:20:39 <Maddy> "N-no…it…oh god…" Even her tongue is cut a little.
Oct 04 16:21:05 <Defcon> "Top pouch! Open it and dump it! Gauze pads. Press them to the wound and *hold* *it* *fucking* *tight*."
Oct 04 16:21:33 <Tom90deg> Zoe does so, holding the guaze tight on her neck. "We need Midnight or Dusty…"
Oct 04 16:21:37 <Defcon> "It what, hun?"
Oct 04 16:21:59 <Maddy> "T-tried to get inside me…"
Oct 04 16:22:17 * Laito (||sirhc) has joined #afteraction
Oct 04 16:22:33 <Defcon> «SOMEONE! ANYONE. REPORT TO THE GUNFIRE!»
Oct 04 16:22:47 <Defcon> Jason draws his handgun and fires another three quick shots into the air.
Oct 04 16:23:53 <Maddy> "I-I can help her." Alice tries to get up
Oct 04 16:24:08 <Defcon> "Alice, stay right there. Don't move."
Oct 04 16:24:11 <Tom90deg> "You stay the hell down."
Oct 04 16:24:30 <Laito> Artemis reports rather swiftly!
Oct 04 16:24:58 <Dawny> Kay starts to go pale, her breathing slowing.
Oct 04 16:25:00 <Maddy> "It's just blood, and you stopped it. Please. Let me help."
Oct 04 16:25:27 <Tom90deg> Zoe looks at Jason.
Oct 04 16:25:40 <Defcon> He tosses his gloves away, and presses his hands pressed over the lacerations in her legs. He deliberates for a moment. "All right." He tightens the improvised bandages a bit more and releases the pressure.
Oct 04 16:26:02 <Maddy> Alice limps to Kay's side.
Oct 04 16:26:26 <Maddy> 4df+3 I'm a doctor.
Oct 04 16:26:27 <Glacon> Maddy: I'm a doctor.: 3 (4df+3=+, +, -, -)
Oct 04 16:27:36 * Defcon is now known as E4D
Oct 04 16:27:36 * Notify: E4D is online (SCP and Related Channels).
Oct 04 16:27:39 <Maddy> Alice cleans up and bandages the nasty puncture wounds.
Oct 04 16:27:44 * ChanServ sets mode +q #afteraction E4D
Oct 04 16:27:44 * ChanServ gives channel operator status to E4D
Oct 04 16:27:58 <Dawny> Kay whimpers and her eyes flutter open. She opens her mouth, but nothing comes out.
Oct 04 16:28:35 <E4D> Jason edges over, walking on his knees. "You okay, hun? I know you're not… I don't mean… but… you're all right?"
Oct 04 16:28:40 <Tom90deg> For the frist time, Zoe notices that her arms and legs are torn up, blood dripping onto the ground.
Oct 04 16:28:52 <Tom90deg> "Alice…I got your flute. And I'm cut."
Oct 04 16:29:44 <Dawny> Kay reaches out for a gauze pad and Zoe's arm.
Oct 04 16:30:23 <Maddy> "Just a flesh wound, Jason. Can you help Zoe?" she looks at Kay. "Don't talk, as I'm sure you're aware, you've got a nasty throat wound." Alice does too, and sounds pretty aweful, but her's isnt as bad.
Oct 04 16:31:26 <Dawny> Kay blinks and shakes her head slowly. She mouths 'Help, my job'.
Oct 04 16:31:47 <E4D> "Shut up, Kay. Just lay there."
Oct 04 16:31:49 <Tom90deg> Zoe takes Kay's hand. "Not now, you stay here and don't move…"
Oct 04 16:32:06 <Maddy> "No, you're injured. Now your job is to get better." she grins.
Oct 04 16:32:23 <Maddy> It's not pretty, what witht he bloody face and all.
Oct 04 16:32:32 <Dawny> Kay half pouts, but mostly griminess.