Iain's Reprisal

Nov 26 19:37:18 <E4D> Jason looks around the port. <Any of youse guys got a "shopping list"?>
Nov 26 19:37:50 <Maddy> <Clothes, food, fuel. Yyou know, the r-regular.
Nov 26 19:38:35 <MisterFlames> "I'm sure we can figure things out, Captain." Henry says. He has his rifle slung, and pistol hanging opposed by his cutlass on his belt.
Nov 26 19:38:36 <Dr_Kens> "Hopefully, electronic components like wires, capacitors, that sort of thing. Rare medical supplies and instruments can help make my kit better."
Nov 26 19:39:41 <MisterFlames> Henry frowns faintly as he considers… A little deja vu? Perhaps.
Nov 26 19:40:10 <Maddy> The docks are mostly untouched. Looks very much like anyone who was here before jsut got up and left.
Nov 26 19:40:11 <Light> "Restock of medical supplies, maybe some chemicals, a look around some shops wouldn't hurt."
Nov 26 19:42:08 * Dawny (ten.tsewq.rtsr.949D23AC-CRInys|tibbiM#ten.tsewq.rtsr.949D23AC-CRInys|tibbiM) has joined #afteractionmission
Nov 26 19:42:12 <Dr_Kens> "Hopefully there's /something/ left here."
Nov 26 19:42:53 <Maddy> It looks fairly promising. No signs of looting or anything. Though, and odd…feeling hangs in the air.
Nov 26 19:43:12 <Praetor> Knight follows wordlessly, tired eyes searching for nothing in particular.
Nov 26 19:43:14 * Dr_Kens shivers slightly.
Nov 26 19:43:30 <Light> "How unusual."
Nov 26 19:43:56 <E4D> Jason shrugs, wandering around amongst the dockhouses a little, keeping in plain view of the others at all times.
Nov 26 19:45:12 <MisterFlames> Henry nods absently and looks around, himself.
Nov 26 19:45:37 <Maddy> Alice pokes around in general.
Nov 26 19:45:40 <Light> Light looks around warily.
Nov 26 19:46:05 <E4D> 4df+4 Looking for unmolested shipping containers, or a vehicle.
Nov 26 19:46:06 <Glacon> E4D: Looking for unmolested shipping containers, or a vehicle.: 4 (4df+4=0, 0, 0, 0)
Nov 26 19:46:10 <Dr_Kens> Kens walks down the docks a bit, keeping an eye out for any sort of building with any sort of red cross on it.
Nov 26 19:46:24 <Dawny> Jillian chews her lip and readjusts in Samson.
Nov 26 19:46:27 * PaulS_laptop (~PI.2447D932.FF38DDE6.801DA71E|luap#PI.2447D932.FF38DDE6.801DA71E|luap) has joined #afteractionmission
Nov 26 19:48:17 <PaulS_laptop> JOHN IS THERE
Nov 26 19:49:19 <Maddy> Jason /thinks/ he sees a…no there's a couple cars in the parking lot.
Nov 26 19:49:42 <E4D> <Hey, yo! Transport, over here!>
Nov 26 19:50:16 <Maddy> Alice heads over to check it out.
Nov 26 19:50:45 <Dawny> Jillian shrugs and heads over.
Nov 26 19:51:10 <Dr_Kens> Kens moves on over.
Nov 26 19:51:25 <PaulS_laptop> John shrugs, hefting the M82, and heads over
Nov 26 19:52:06 <MisterFlames> Henry keeps looking around as they approach.
Nov 26 19:52:23 <Light> Sophia follows them.
Nov 26 19:52:23 <Maddy> That odd feeling seems to come back as they approach the cars, but it's easily shaken off.
Nov 26 19:52:53 <E4D> Jason drops to his back, looking under the cars for any obvious damage.
Nov 26 19:52:58 <Praetor> Knight's grip tightens on the suitcase.
Nov 26 19:53:37 <Maddy> Things start to get really bright. Like painfully so.
Nov 26 19:53:40 <PaulS_laptop> "Jason, want me to check 'em for bein' rigged?"
Nov 26 19:53:52 * Light steps backwards.
Nov 26 19:54:06 <Maddy> The lines of everything start to fade everything becoming white.
Nov 26 19:54:08 <PaulS_laptop> John pulls the brim of his hat down low over his eyes
Nov 26 19:54:11 <E4D> <The fuck?> He rolls away, coming up to his feet and darkening his visor.
Nov 26 19:54:20 <PaulS_laptop> "Anybody else seein' this?"
Nov 26 19:54:31 <MisterFlames> "Too bright to see, John."
Nov 26 19:54:31 <Dawny> "I can check how well they run" Jillian blinks a few times and rubs her eyes.
Nov 26 19:54:33 <Light> She crouches and covers her eyes with her arm.
Nov 26 19:54:35 <Dr_Kens> "What the hell is that? Freaking 'a…"
Nov 26 19:54:41 <Maddy> The hat and visor don't seem to be helping. Even when you close your eyes, all you see is white. Freeze.
Nov 26 19:54:49 <Maddy> I'm about to exposit a bunch
Nov 26 19:55:01 <Maddy> If I don't mention you, wait for a PM.
Nov 26 19:57:32 <Maddy> It's December 24th, 9pm, 2016. Jason, Sophia, Jill and Knight are getting ready for the anual Christmas Eve movie night. Something of a tradition since the group settled in General Santos five years ago.
Nov 26 19:59:58 <Maddy> Jill's trying to get the projector working, finicky thing that it is, and Jason is doing spot touch ups on the shipping crate they painted white as a backdrop. Knight and Sophia are feeling awkward about being here, they both feel like the should be somewhere else, doing their own things, but tradition is tradition.
Nov 26 20:00:43 <Maddy> Everyone is dressed casually. Well as casually for their each individual tastes.
Nov 26 20:01:41 <Maddy> Still paused.
Nov 26 20:04:24 <Maddy> Looks like Alice, John and Kens are late. Again. They're always late.
Nov 26 20:04:45 <Maddy> Ok go.
Nov 26 20:05:50 <Dawny> Jillian cracks her knuckles and sighs, looking the projector over. Where is John with those spare parts?
Nov 26 20:05:51 <E4D> Jason checks his watch, wondering if they should hold up. He shrugs. Eh, of course they should. He straightens polo. Too warm for his tastes around Christmas, but hey, that's life.
Nov 26 20:05:57 <PaulS_laptop> John sets aside what he was doing and hurriedly puts on his Cleanest Dirty Shirt. He heads to the party, late as usual.
Nov 26 20:06:49 <E4D> "Don't worry, that piece of shit's held up this long."
Nov 26 20:06:52 * Light drums her fingers on the wall she's leaning on, mind elsewhere. She's wearing a clean white shirt with only a couple very recent dirt smears on it.
Nov 26 20:07:46 <MisterFlames> Henry walks up from the port, strolling casually from his sailboat. He managed to find something more like a yacht, so he could provision himself better. His usual attire of dungarees and cotton shirt is on, and even clean.
Nov 26 20:07:51 <E4D> "Still say we shoulda kept going to the States. Or Canadia."
Nov 26 20:08:55 <Dr_Kens> Kens walks in with his lab-coat, patched but clean, and a pack on his back. Has a streak on his left cheek from some…oil?
Nov 26 20:08:57 <Praetor> Knight remains quiet, and keeps to himself.
Nov 26 20:09:03 <Maddy> The weather is damn nice.
Nov 26 20:09:24 <Dr_Kens> "Sorry I'm late, folks. I was working on the filtration system. Dang thing seems like it's got a mind of it's own."
Nov 26 20:09:47 <E4D> "This is a casual zone. No lab coats allowed."
Nov 26 20:09:49 <Praetor> He looks out at the snow. Hm.
Nov 26 20:10:01 <Light> "Well, we're glad you're keeping it up."
Nov 26 20:10:14 <Maddy> No snow
Nov 26 20:10:20 <Maddy> We're in the philipines.
Nov 26 20:10:50 <E4D> "Where's Alice?"
Nov 26 20:11:05 <Dr_Kens> Kens smiles and takes off his coat. "Of course, dad." He puts his pack down. "Awful lot of time, isn't there?"
Nov 26 20:11:17 <Dawny> Jillian fixes her bun and tries to finish this stupid projector.
Nov 26 20:11:35 <Maddy> It's getting late, people want to get the movie going, the projector finally crackles to life.
Nov 26 20:12:20 <Maddy> Other members of The Convoy start to filter over to the screen, finding seats, bringing food nd drink.
Nov 26 20:12:55 <Dawny> "Bam, done, who's ready." Jillian slips her over shirt back on.
Nov 26 20:12:58 <E4D> "What do we got this year? What's playin' on the big screen?"
Nov 26 20:13:21 <MisterFlames> "I'm almost afraid to ask."
Nov 26 20:13:49 <Dr_Kens> "Should be fun!" He laughs.
Nov 26 20:13:58 <PaulS_laptop> John takes a seat with one empty to his right
Nov 26 20:14:33 <Dawny> "Um…how about…Lion King?" Jillian looks through the movies they have.
Nov 26 20:14:35 <Maddy> Movie of choice this year is Black Swan. Who chose that? I don't know.
Nov 26 20:15:25 <E4D> Jason shifts back in a relocated couch, checking his watch again. "Nobody's seen Alice?"
Nov 26 20:15:28 <Dawny> "Black Sawn" Jillian pops it in and plops next to John. "What are you wearing?"
Nov 26 20:15:55 <PaulS_laptop> "Awful lot of time, isn't there?" to jason
Nov 26 20:16:01 <Maddy> People are getting antsy. "Comeon bigguy. She's late /every/ year."
Nov 26 20:16:17 <Light> "I /love/ Lion King," says Light with unusual conviction. "But is this one about the animal or the probability theory?"
Nov 26 20:16:34 <Maddy> Bou tugs on Jasons shirt. "Just strt the movie, and she'll get here after it starts. Again."
Nov 26 20:16:45 <E4D> "Yeah, I guess."
Nov 26 20:17:24 <E4D> He gets up and hits [play] on the DVD player, and presses the [aux] button, before dropping back to his seat.
Nov 26 20:18:04 <Dawny> Jillian puts a hand on John's knee and smiles.
Nov 26 20:18:11 * Light frowns at the intro screen. THis isn't about either of those things.
Nov 26 20:18:22 <Maddy> The movie starts, drinks are passed and food is shared. Natalie Portmn is a dancer lalala.
Nov 26 20:18:32 <Maddy> I'm not expositing the movie
Nov 26 20:18:38 <Maddy> mdef!
Nov 26 20:18:55 <PaulS_laptop> 4df+4 "fuckin' chick flick."
Nov 26 20:18:56 <Glacon> PaulS_laptop: "fuckin' chick flick.": 5 (4df+4=-, +, 0, +)
Nov 26 20:19:32 <Maddy> More like phycological thriller, but it certinly starts like a chick flick.
Nov 26 20:19:34 <Dr_Kens> 4df+2 "Still interesting."
Nov 26 20:19:34 <Glacon> Dr_Kens: "Still interesting.": 0 (4df+2=-, 0, 0, -)
Nov 26 20:19:37 <Dawny> 4df+2 "Stop being grumpy"
Nov 26 20:19:37 <Glacon> Dawny: "Stop being grumpy": 3 (4df+2=0, 0, 0, +)
Nov 26 20:20:27 <Light> 4df+6, activating "Beacon of Solidarity" for herself
Nov 26 20:20:33 <Light> 4df+6
Nov 26 20:20:34 <Glacon> Light: 6 (4df+6=0, 0, -, +)
Nov 26 20:20:57 <Praetor> 4df+3
Nov 26 20:20:57 <Glacon> Praetor: 3 (4df+3=+, +, -, -)
Nov 26 20:25:00 <MisterFlames> 4df+2 Mind
Nov 26 20:25:00 <Glacon> MisterFlames: Mind: 0 (4df+2=0, -, -, 0)
Nov 26 20:25:24 <E4D> 4df+4 ?
Nov 26 20:25:25 <Glacon> E4D: ?: 1 (4df+4=0, -, -, -)
Nov 26 20:25:32 <E4D> …
Nov 26 20:26:35 <Maddy> Everyone sees it, in perfect terrifying clarity. Th movie stutters, changing to a shot of Alice, somewhere, she's tied to a chair, and she is in extreme distress. There is no sound, but she's saying something.
Nov 26 20:27:01 * Bouncl (~ten.nozirev.soif.cdhsaw.F89E38BE-CRInys|alliztahc#ten.nozirev.soif.cdhsaw.F89E38BE-CRInys|alliztahc) has joined #afteractionmission
Nov 26 20:28:17 <E4D> 4df+4 Perception. Jason clenches his fists, his knuckles turning white as he watches her mouth. Can he make out what she's saying?
Nov 26 20:28:17 <Glacon> E4D: Perception. Jason clenches his fists, his knuckles turning white as he watches her mouth. Can he make out what she's saying?: 2 (4df+4=-, -, +, -)
Nov 26 20:28:21 <E4D> Nope.
Nov 26 20:28:21 <Maddy> Then, it's gone, back to the movie like it never happened. Kens, Jason and Henry feel like they saw /something/ but they're not sure what. Jason feels…wrong, but he can't say why.
Nov 26 20:28:21 * Light doesn't say a word but leans forward and watchers the footage. She's trying to lipread her.
Nov 26 20:29:00 <Dr_Kens> "What just happened in the movie? I blinked and I missed something." He shifts in his seat.
Nov 26 20:29:12 <E4D> he looks back at the door, then worriedly glances down at his watch.
Nov 26 20:30:23 <Light> "I think they just went to a nightclub," says Light, who has not been paying very good attention at all. But for different reasons.
Nov 26 20:30:28 <PaulS_laptop> John throws popcorn at the screen
Nov 26 20:30:40 <PaulS_laptop> "it's still a chick flick."
Nov 26 20:30:55 <E4D> "*What* nightclub?"
Nov 26 20:31:18 <CondorTalon> Rosa runs in. "Sorry I'm late!"
Nov 26 20:31:20 <Dawny> Jillian slaps John's knee. "Shush, this is a good movie"
Nov 26 20:31:32 <E4D> "And Alice wouldn't go off anywhere without tellin' me."
Nov 26 20:31:34 <MisterFlames> "Only show in town."
Nov 26 20:31:43 <Maddy> The rest of the movie plays without issue. The credits roll and someone starts up some music.
Nov 26 20:32:20 <Light> "Who knows? Awful lot of time, isn't there?"
Nov 26 20:32:43 <Dr_Kens> Kens gets up and stretches after the credits. "Movie was decent enough."
Nov 26 20:33:03 <Dawny> "I liked it" Jillian shrugs and flips the projector off.
Nov 26 20:33:25 <Maddy> It's a night of celebration in general, people are ejoying themselves, dancing and laughing.
Nov 26 20:33:42 <E4D> Jason's not. "Why is everyone sayin' that?"
Nov 26 20:33:55 <PaulS_laptop> John gets up "next time, i get to pick the movie. I'll be right back, guys."
Nov 26 20:33:58 <CondorTalon> "?"
Nov 26 20:34:03 <CondorTalon> "Saying what?"
Nov 26 20:34:05 <PaulS_laptop> John heads off, disappearing shortly after leaving the room
Nov 26 20:34:06 <Dawny> "Saying what?" Jillian smiles to Jason, handing him a mug of chai.
Nov 26 20:34:12 <E4D> "'Awful lot of time.'"
Nov 26 20:34:17 * Bouncl has quit (Ping timeout)
Nov 26 20:34:26 <E4D> He's turning into a grumpybones.
Nov 26 20:34:26 <Dawny> "There is"
Nov 26 20:34:33 <Dr_Kens> "What are you talking about, Jason?" He looks at him worriedly. "Did you have too much to drink?"
Nov 26 20:34:46 <Maddy> The music starts to skip.
Nov 26 20:34:49 <E4D> "I haven't had *anything* to drink."
Nov 26 20:34:51 <Dawny> "Drink your chai, it's vanilla soy"
Nov 26 20:35:11 <PaulS_laptop> John is down working on something. Something *special*
Nov 26 20:35:40 <Dr_Kens> "Someone get the music!"
Nov 26 20:35:58 <E4D> Jason gets up. "I'm gonna go find her. She wouldn't want to miss everyone bein' here."
Nov 26 20:36:02 * Lyluh (moc.retrahc.om.slts.pchd.057D1BE1-CRInys|tibbiM#moc.retrahc.om.slts.pchd.057D1BE1-CRInys|tibbiM) has joined #afteractionmission
Nov 26 20:36:40 <Dawny> "I'm sure she's fine. Just relax and drink your tea."
Nov 26 20:36:51 <Maddy> The music distorts further.
Nov 26 20:36:57 <Light> Dancing isn't really Light's thing, but she enjoys an alcoholic beverage anyways. To hell with her projects, this is a partying night. Damn tradition. "Man, we've done good for ourselves."
Nov 26 20:37:14 <CondorTalon> "Hey, is something wrong with the music?"
Nov 26 20:37:19 <Maddy> <Ksssshhhhh…..ason? A-anyone I d-do- sssshhhk>
Nov 26 20:37:27 <E4D> "I don't have time. There's a difference between 15 minutes late and 2 and half hours."
Nov 26 20:37:55 <PaulS_laptop> John continues slaving over something in the dark recesses of not-there.
Nov 26 20:38:16 <Dawny> "Awful lot of time, isn't there?"
Nov 26 20:38:22 <PaulS_laptop> ain't nobody allowed ta see what he's up to, though. They'll *judge* him again.
Nov 26 20:38:46 <Light> "Amen."
Nov 26 20:38:46 <Maddy> <N-no, g-get back, don't t-touch me…> Everyone can hear this.
Nov 26 20:38:54 <Dr_Kens> "Weird song, this."
Nov 26 20:38:54 * Light looks up.
Nov 26 20:38:57 <E4D> He looks around. "What?" His eyes go wide at the CD player. "No, there's not a lot of goddamn time. Why the hell do - …"
Nov 26 20:39:24 <PaulS_laptop> It's something *big* alright.
Nov 26 20:39:42 <E4D> "THERE! THAT'S HER!" Jason starts for the door.
Nov 26 20:39:43 <Maddy> <Awww, Alice, I'm hurt…you don't like me? Here, let me get the hair out of your eyes.> This voice sounds…familliar to Jason and Kens.
Nov 26 20:39:51 <Light> "You might be right-"
Nov 26 20:39:57 <E4D> He stops.
Nov 26 20:39:59 <Praetor> "Something - hm."
Nov 26 20:40:00 <Dr_Kens> Kens twitches.
Nov 26 20:40:06 <Dr_Kens> "That…that voice. SON. OF. A. BITCH."
Nov 26 20:40:07 <CondorTalon> "What was…"
Nov 26 20:40:38 <Maddy> <DON'T TOUCH ME!> there's a pause. <You don't like the way I feel? I can fix that…> Then come blood curdling screaming, and the sound of something being poured.
Nov 26 20:40:40 <Maddy> Mdef
Nov 26 20:40:42 <Dr_Kens> Kens tosses his drink to the ground.
Nov 26 20:40:47 <Dr_Kens> 4df+2 Mdef
Nov 26 20:40:47 <Glacon> Dr_Kens: Mdef: 2 (4df+2=0, 0, -, +)
Nov 26 20:40:58 <Dawny> 4df+2
Nov 26 20:40:58 <Glacon> Dawny: 3 (4df+2=0, 0, 0, +)
Nov 26 20:41:05 <E4D> 4df+6 Tagging Defcon. >:|
Nov 26 20:41:06 <Glacon> E4D: Tagging Defcon. >:|: 5 (4df+6=+, -, 0, -)
Nov 26 20:41:13 <Light> 4df+4
Nov 26 20:41:13 <Glacon> Light: 3 (4df+4=-, 0, +, -)
Nov 26 20:41:25 <Praetor> 4df+3 hrmy
Nov 26 20:41:25 <Glacon> Praetor: hrmy: 0 (4df+3=-, -, -, 0)
Nov 26 20:41:30 <CondorTalon> 4df+2 o
Nov 26 20:41:30 <Glacon> CondorTalon: o: 2 (4df+2=0, 0, 0, 0)
Nov 26 20:42:27 <PaulS_laptop> John does more of what he's doing, but he has to keep up appearances. He heads back to the mess/caf/whatever
Nov 26 20:43:20 <Maddy> The music is back on, again like nothing happened. Rosa, Knight and Jill fell super uncomfortable, like they just watched a scene from a tortur fic, but they don't know why.
Nov 26 20:43:48 <Dawny> Jillian shivers and swallows back a bit of bile.
Nov 26 20:44:04 <CondorTalon> She shifts onto her right foot.
Nov 26 20:44:09 <PaulS_laptop> John goes and gets himself some coffee. He has new stains on him, but that's it.
Nov 26 20:44:52 <Dawny> Jillian sighs looking at John. "Why can't you keep one shirt decent?"
Nov 26 20:45:16 <E4D> Jason looks around between them all.
Nov 26 20:45:26 <E4D> "LET'S FUCKING GO."
Nov 26 20:45:30 <Dr_Kens> Kens brightens a bit. "WAIT.
Nov 26 20:45:32 <Dr_Kens> "
Nov 26 20:45:43 <Dr_Kens> "Not before I show my…" He grins. "…Past-Show!"
Nov 26 20:45:50 <Dawny> "Go where?"
Nov 26 20:46:05 <Maddy> "This again?" Bou would roll her eyes, but she doesnt really have ny.
Nov 26 20:46:25 <Dr_Kens> "Oh Bou, come on. It's the slideshow of the past year! It'll be fun!"
Nov 26 20:46:32 <Maddy> "Yeayeah."
Nov 26 20:46:51 <Dawny> "That does sound fun"
Nov 26 20:46:52 <Dr_Kens> Kens chuckles and starts to set up the slideshow up.
Nov 26 20:47:02 <E4D> "*Fuck* it." Jason reaches to the small of his back, drawing his handgun, and starts back for the door.
Nov 26 20:47:18 <Maddy> The slide show starts…but the pictures are going by really fast.
Nov 26 20:47:30 <Maddy> Like an old film reel fast.
Nov 26 20:47:34 <Light> "As long as it has the picture of you- Jason, jesus, calm down."
Nov 26 20:47:40 <Dawny> "Relly Kens, your timing is way off"
Nov 26 20:47:44 <Dawny> really*
Nov 26 20:47:54 <Maddy> It starts to looks like moving pictures.
Nov 26 20:47:55 <PaulS_laptop> "Dammit Kens."
Nov 26 20:48:12 <CondorTalon> "Kens… I think you messed something up…"
Nov 26 20:48:15 <E4D> He opens it and steps outside.
Nov 26 20:48:18 <Dr_Kens> "Whoops." He shrugs. "Enjoy it!"
Nov 26 20:48:20 <Maddy> Alice and Jason and walking an holding hands…wait that's not Jason.
Nov 26 20:48:28 <Dr_Kens> "Wait, Jason, where are you going?"
Nov 26 20:48:39 <MisterFlames> "What is this?"
Nov 26 20:48:48 <Dawny> "Alice with another man?"
Nov 26 20:48:56 <Maddy> The man turns to the camera, his face a mask, smiling.
Nov 26 20:49:00 <CondorTalon> "Wh-who is that?"
Nov 26 20:49:12 <Dr_Kens> Kens turns back to the screen. "…wh…what the hell is this?"
Nov 26 20:49:22 <Dawny> "You tell us, you took it"
Nov 26 20:49:24 <Dr_Kens> "…I…why is he there?"
Nov 26 20:49:31 <Maddy> Alice turns to the camera, she's so afraid. "Jason…."
Nov 26 20:49:32 <PaulS_laptop> "…."
Nov 26 20:49:48 * Light tilts her head, then gets up and goes for the door.
Nov 26 20:50:07 <Dr_Kens> "I…That son of a bitch…my wife…"
Nov 26 20:50:27 <Maddy> The pictures change, a strange loop, Iain is stroking Alice's face, and she pulls away.
Nov 26 20:50:33 <PaulS_laptop> A very slight tremor develops in John's hand. he *knows* who that person is…and he's not pleased
Nov 26 20:50:39 <E4D> "Motherfucker, fuck you, she's mine."
Nov 26 20:50:45 <E4D> Jason aims the weapon up at the ceiling and fires a single shot.
Nov 26 20:50:48 <Dr_Kens> "John…what the /fuck/ is he doing there…"
Nov 26 20:50:50 <Light> "/What/?"
Nov 26 20:51:16 <Maddy> He starts to pour something onto her face, the film burns out with her screaming ringing in your ears.
Nov 26 20:51:18 <CondorTalon> "Wh…what's going on?"
Nov 26 20:51:41 <PaulS_laptop> John's jaw clenches into *raegface*
Nov 26 20:51:46 <E4D> "THAT FUCK HAS MY WIFE."
Nov 26 20:51:50 <Light> "Jason. Do /not/ shoot the ceiling. Anyone, who is that?"
Nov 26 20:51:59 <Dr_Kens> Kens turns to John and Jason. "We're going. Now."
Nov 26 20:52:04 <Dawny> Jillian covers her ears and looks at John, confused.
Nov 26 20:52:06 <Maddy> You all remember this time.
Nov 26 20:52:17 <E4D> Jason's already out the door. "It's fucking Iain."
Nov 26 20:52:35 <Maddy> Yes it is. Right there. Infront of you.
Nov 26 20:52:38 <Maddy> <Hello.>
Nov 26 20:52:50 <Dr_Kens> "He fucked with my life and brain." He turns to Iain. "You mother fucker."
Nov 26 20:53:08 * Light turns and looks at this person. New development!
Nov 26 20:53:37 <PaulS_laptop> "This time, i'm'a gonna get me an angel scalp." dead calm, aside from the growing hand tremor
Nov 26 20:53:42 <PaulS_laptop> and the gun now filling said hand
Nov 26 20:54:02 <Maddy> The man is in an impressive suit, a mask where his head should be.
Nov 26 20:54:12 <E4D> Jason raises the pistol, taking aim at his face. "Where is she, motherfucker? You've got one chance, and you're gettin' it right now. Tell me where she is, and I *won't* cut you into little fuckin' pieces."
Nov 26 20:54:41 <Maddy> His voice is hollow and cold. <Oh Jason. There is an aweful lot of time, isn't there?>
Nov 26 20:55:08 <CondorTalon> Rosa is speachles
Nov 26 20:55:29 <E4D> "No, there ain't a lot, and yours is runnin' out. You got 5 seconds."
Nov 26 20:55:40 <E4D> "And I'm fuckin' countin'. Where. Is. She."
Nov 26 20:56:19 <Maddy> He walks through Jason, completely ignoring him and over to Bou, who has no idea what the fuck. <You already killed me. Can't do it again, you know. I'm stronger now.> he reaches out and caresses the side of the plant girls face.
Nov 26 20:56:31 <Maddy> She starts to wither and die right before your eyes.
Nov 26 20:56:47 <Dr_Kens> Kens takes out his pistol and shoots Iain in the head.
Nov 26 20:56:49 <Maddy> "W-wh-…>
Nov 26 20:56:50 <Dawny> Jillian grabs her pistol from her holster. "Leave her alone"
Nov 26 20:56:50 <Dr_Kens> 4df+2
Nov 26 20:56:50 <Glacon> Dr_Kens: 1 (4df+2=-, 0, 0, 0)
Nov 26 20:56:50 <Maddy> "
Nov 26 20:56:55 <Maddy> 4df+8
Nov 26 20:56:56 <Glacon> Maddy: 11 (4df+8=+, +, +, 0)
Nov 26 20:57:13 <MisterFlames> "Not good." Henry raises his rifle and aims.
Nov 26 20:57:28 <MisterFlames> 4df+4 Survival maneuver to draw a bead.
Nov 26 20:57:29 <Glacon> MisterFlames: Survival maneuver to draw a bead.: 3 (4df+4=-, 0, -, +)
Nov 26 20:57:37 <Maddy> The bullet passes through him harmlessly. <No no no. I came as a courtesy.>
Nov 26 20:57:53 <Maddy> <I'll show you where she is.>
Nov 26 20:58:30 <E4D> 4df+4 Perception, taking aim at the mask. "Not that easy. What were you doing to her?"
Nov 26 20:58:31 <Glacon> E4D: Perception, taking aim at the mask. "Not that easy. What were you doing to her?": 6 (4df+4=-, +, +, +)
Nov 26 20:59:18 <PaulS_laptop> 4df+5 tagging "and the answer is a gun". John's gun levels at Iaian. "More'n that. You give her over. Or I'll make a point'a doin somethin' I ain't done in a while. An' drawin' it out."
Nov 26 20:59:19 <Glacon> PaulS_laptop: tagging "and the answer is a gun". John's gun levels at Iaian. "More'n that. You give her over. Or I'll make a point'a doin somethin' I ain't done in a while. An' drawin' it out.": 5 (4df+5=-, +, 0, 0)
Nov 26 20:59:40 <Dawny> "John, I just cleaned your tools"
Nov 26 21:00:35 <Maddy> He waves a hand and you can see her. It's like a painting. She's tied to the chair still. <John. You know where she is. This is part of your plan…> Iain steps into the painting and lifts her head moving her hair and showing her face. It's horribly burned.
Nov 26 21:00:51 <Maddy> <Finish it, John. Protect them.> and he's gone.
Nov 26 21:01:09 * Nioki (~PI.AB9185D2.D8A0C2FC.91F43EA1|alliztahc#PI.AB9185D2.D8A0C2FC.91F43EA1|alliztahc) has joined #afteractionmission
Nov 26 21:01:17 <PaulS_laptop> "…what the fuck's he talkin about."
Nov 26 21:01:20 <Dr_Kens> Kens' pistol lowers a bit. "…what did he mean, John? What did he mean you know?"
Nov 26 21:01:25 * Light stares at the man, and wonders if she recognizes anything like this from the Foundation.
Nov 26 21:01:27 <Dawny> "John?"
Nov 26 21:01:41 <CondorTalon> "J-John… what was that? What did he mean?"
Nov 26 21:01:58 <Maddy> Bou's wilted corpse still lays on the ground.
Nov 26 21:02:15 <PaulS_laptop> "I ain't got any fuckin' clue."
Nov 26 21:02:15 <E4D> "Jesus, Bou!"
Nov 26 21:02:35 <PaulS_laptop> he looks a bit taken aback.
Nov 26 21:02:45 <Maddy> It looks like Iain just sucked the life right out of her.
Nov 26 21:03:02 <PaulS_laptop> "only plannin' I'm doin' is where ta start cuttin' on him."
Nov 26 21:03:04 <Light> "Hazard a guess, then." Light bends down and studies the plant girl for any signs of life or anything, not expecting any.
Nov 26 21:03:21 <Maddy> Yeah, pretty dead
Nov 26 21:03:23 <PaulS_laptop> "I got somethin' though. I'll be back. Almost finished it up."
Nov 26 21:03:28 <CondorTalon> She turns to Bou's corpse.
Nov 26 21:03:34 <CondorTalon> "Ch-Christ…"
Nov 26 21:03:41 <PaulS_laptop> and with that, John walks out, steeled with purpose
Nov 26 21:04:10 <PaulS_laptop> he's gonna fuckin' kill Iain. *Then* make sure that things work
Nov 26 21:04:24 <Dr_Kens> Kens holsters his pistol and runs after him. "John, let me come with you. Someone's got to keep you covered, and…after all, you saved my ass last time."
Nov 26 21:04:32 <PaulS_laptop> "No."
Nov 26 21:04:41 <E4D> "Where the fuck is Alice, John?"
Nov 26 21:04:59 <PaulS_laptop> "Where the fuck should I know?"
Nov 26 21:05:00 <MisterFlames> Henry is silence, because he does not know what the fuck is going on.
Nov 26 21:05:04 <Dawny> Jillian follows John. She's not letting him go off alone.
Nov 26 21:05:36 <PaulS_laptop> John continues to walk, at a steady pace. He heads to the workshop, slamming the door behind him in Jill's face.
Nov 26 21:06:00 <MisterFlames> "
Nov 26 21:06:21 <MisterFlames> "Jason… I don't understand a damned thing here. Who was that person?"
Nov 26 21:06:24 <Dawny> Jillian sighs and goes into the workshop. She leans against the door.
Nov 26 21:06:27 <PaulS_laptop> Then pulls a trapdoor., dropping it behind him. *klik* it locks. Through about ten feet of tunnel into a dark, dimly lit lair.
Nov 26 21:06:44 <E4D> Jason follows. "He's a bender. He takes what you're seein' and he turns it around. He's like 343."
Nov 26 21:06:53 <E4D> "Cept the opposite."
Nov 26 21:07:02 <Maddy> <Let them come, John. All in one place after all.>
Nov 26 21:07:04 <PaulS_laptop> pause
Nov 26 21:07:07 <Dawny> "Goddamnit John"
Nov 26 21:08:27 <MisterFlames> "Three forty-three?"
Nov 26 21:08:43 <PaulS_laptop> Inside is the mess of a private workshop is an assortment of equipment. Old projects, ordnance designed to do all sorts of things that in more civilized times would be called 'war crimes'. It looks like a cross between an Afghan armory and Stark Industries.
Nov 26 21:08:55 <PaulS_laptop> "You can fuck right off, Iain." to the air.
Nov 26 21:08:59 <E4D> "Jackass that thinks he's God. And has the power to make it seem like he is."
Nov 26 21:09:00 <Light> "Where's he from?" This is all very suspicious. Light wishes she had not left her gun with her things. She gets up and follows a few paces behind the others. "And what would John have to do with him?"
Nov 26 21:09:05 <E4D> 4df+5 Jason levels a kick at the door John closed.
Nov 26 21:09:07 <Glacon> E4D: Jason levels a kick at the door John closed.: 7 (4df+5=+, +, +, -)
Nov 26 21:09:34 <Light> "Does he make things, or just change your perception of them? This might be important."
Nov 26 21:09:35 <Maddy> <Glad you could make it to the party.> John's work space disolves as Jason bursts in.
Nov 26 21:09:52 <PaulS_laptop> John notices a door, and opens it.
Nov 26 21:10:02 <Maddy> There's Alice, behind that door.
Nov 26 21:10:15 <Dawny> Jillian follows behind Jason.
Nov 26 21:10:25 <PaulS_laptop> "The fuck?"
Nov 26 21:10:34 <PaulS_laptop> «Jason, found Alice.»
Nov 26 21:10:36 <CondorTalon> Rosa high tails it after them.
Nov 26 21:10:50 <PaulS_laptop> "Alice, how the FUCK did you get down here?"
Nov 26 21:10:55 <E4D> "Yeah, I can fuckin' see that. What the fuck is she doin' in your shed?"
Nov 26 21:11:09 <PaulS_laptop> "hell if I fuckin' know."
Nov 26 21:11:12 <Light> Light looks behind her repeatedly as she follows the others.
Nov 26 21:11:14 <Maddy> There's a gap of nothingness between lookers on and her. Iain is behind her, one hand on her neck, and the other stoking her face, burned with acis.
Nov 26 21:11:17 <Maddy> acid.
Nov 26 21:11:36 <PaulS_laptop> "ain't nobody goes in here cept-IAIN!"
Nov 26 21:12:06 <Dr_Kens> Kens follows them far behind, and comes up when John shouted Iain. "The fuck? Son of a bitch."
Nov 26 21:12:10 <E4D> 4df+10 Tagging the maneuver on Iain and Defcon. Jason sends a round at the mask, dead center of the forehead.
Nov 26 21:12:10 <Glacon> E4D: Tagging the maneuver on Iain and Defcon. Jason sends a round at the mask, dead center of the forehead.: 11 (4df+10=0, 0, 0, +)
Nov 26 21:12:44 <Maddy> <Part of the plan. Well my part. John didin't plan this.> he squeezes her neck and her eyes go wide. <So much time…and it will be mine.> the bullets don't seem to reach.
Nov 26 21:12:59 <MisterFlames> Henry is still hesitating, although now that Jason's shooting, that helps him make up his mind.
Nov 26 21:13:06 <Dawny> Jillian grabs John's 'tool kit' and hands it to him.
Nov 26 21:13:18 <Maddy> <John, You have a choice. Do what you planned, and I'll willingly die along with you.>
Nov 26 21:13:32 <PaulS_laptop> "Eat shit an' die"
Nov 26 21:13:38 <MisterFlames> 4df+3 Henry raises his rifle to shoot the mask.
Nov 26 21:13:38 <Glacon> MisterFlames: Henry raises his rifle to shoot the mask.: 4 (4df+3=0, +, -, +)
Nov 26 21:13:48 <Maddy> <You're going to kill them anyways, John.>
Nov 26 21:13:48 <Dawny> "What were you planing John?"
Nov 26 21:14:23 <Dr_Kens> "Bull. He may have shot me in the knee last time we all met, but he stopped you."
Nov 26 21:14:35 <CondorTalon> "J-John…?"
Nov 26 21:14:40 <PaulS_laptop> "No. Fuck you. You think I'd spend ALL THIS FUCKIN' TIME ON THAT DEVICE TO FUCKIN' KILL 'EM"
Nov 26 21:14:42 <Maddy> He squeezes harder, Alice is struggling, and looking right into Jason's eyes. Or she would be, if she still had eyes.
Nov 26 21:14:55 <Maddy> The bullets still do not reach.
Nov 26 21:14:55 <Dawny> "John wouldn't kill me"
Nov 26 21:15:42 <E4D> 4df+7 Tagging it again. Jason lunges at Iain, the butt of the pistol swinging down in a steep arc at the mask.
Nov 26 21:15:42 <Glacon> E4D: Tagging it again. Jason lunges at Iain, the butt of the pistol swinging down in a steep arc at the mask.: 7 (4df+7=0, +, -, 0)
Nov 26 21:16:43 <Maddy> <I want to hurt you Jason.> Alice isn't stuggling as much anymore.
Nov 26 21:16:48 <PaulS_laptop> 4df+3 athletics maneuver. John attempts to close the distance. He is royally fuckin' pissed. And if he gets close enough, maybe his shots'll reach. So he can cripple Iain and get to 'work' on him.
Nov 26 21:16:49 <Glacon> PaulS_laptop: athletics maneuver. John attempts to close the distance. He is royally fuckin' pissed. And if he gets close enough, maybe his shots'll reach. So he can cripple Iain and get to 'work' on him.: 5 (4df+3=+, +, +, -)
Nov 26 21:16:53 <MisterFlames> "Well, damn."
Nov 26 21:17:21 <Maddy> John makes it, as do Jason…but Alice isn't moving.
Nov 26 21:17:58 <Dr_Kens> Kens runs up and grabs the medkit, running back down with it. "Fuck, How is Alice?"
Nov 26 21:18:14 <Maddy> Iain lets go and meets Jason and John face to face.
Nov 26 21:18:31 <PaulS_laptop> John isn't looking at Alice. Rather, staring into Iain's mask. "Fuckin' with my people. Ain't killin' you once enough?"
Nov 26 21:18:57 <Maddy> <No, not really.>
Nov 26 21:19:26 <Maddy> <You can't kill The Beast.>
Nov 26 21:19:33 * Light takes a few steps back into the hallway, still glancing around her. Welp.
Nov 26 21:19:44 <CondorTalon> Rosa goes with Kens to help.
Nov 26 21:20:13 <Maddy> The gap is gone now, no use since they're right there.
Nov 26 21:20:24 <Maddy> <So Jason.>
Nov 26 21:20:32 <E4D> 4df+7 Play it again. Jason aims a kick square at his balls.
Nov 26 21:20:33 <Glacon> E4D: Play it again. Jason aims a kick square at his balls.: 8 (4df+7=-, +, +, 0)
Nov 26 21:20:33 <PaulS_laptop> 4df+5 intimidation maneuver. John looks over at the now hate-powered Jason. Then back at Iain. "Shall we?" John's own face is twisted into something feral and horrid.
Nov 26 21:20:34 <Glacon> PaulS_laptop: intimidation maneuver. John looks over at the now hate-powered Jason. Then back at Iain. "Shall we?" John's own face is twisted into something feral and horrid.: 5 (4df+5=+, -, 0, 0)
Nov 26 21:20:43 <E4D> Redact.
Nov 26 21:20:47 <Maddy> 4df+8 to John
Nov 26 21:20:47 <Glacon> Maddy: to John: 10 (4df+8=0, +, +, 0)
Nov 26 21:21:01 <Maddy> <Hmm. You know. I could bring her back.>
Nov 26 21:21:13 <Maddy> <It is well within my power.>
Nov 26 21:21:14 <E4D> "THEN FIX HER AND GIVE HER BACK." Jason's voice breaks a little.
Nov 26 21:21:21 <PaulS_laptop> "Jason, don't. Do *not* do what he's offerin'."
Nov 26 21:21:37 <Dr_Kens> Kens takes out a syringe of sedative, just in case…
Nov 26 21:21:42 <PaulS_laptop> "Fuck ain't got any power anyway, cept as a pissant little bender."
Nov 26 21:22:03 <Praetor> Knight is there, he totally was. He watches silently, his gun raised, not pointing at Iain.
Nov 26 21:22:28 <Dawny> Jillian softly strokes Alice's hair. "Fix her"
Nov 26 21:22:53 <PaulS_laptop> "He did this shit before, remember? The fuckin' illusions of us back in 23?"
Nov 26 21:23:01 <Maddy> He does the job half way. She's alive again and screaming. That burn looks pretty bad.
Nov 26 21:23:26 <Dr_Kens> "You have me, Jason. You don't need him."
Nov 26 21:23:27 <Dawny> "Shh…it's pkay Alice, Jason is right here"
Nov 26 21:23:30 <Dawny> okay*
Nov 26 21:24:06 <E4D> "Put her back the way she was…"
Nov 26 21:24:18 <PaulS_laptop> "Jason."
Nov 26 21:24:19 <Maddy> <No.>
Nov 26 21:24:53 <PaulS_laptop> John's gun wasn't pointing at much before, but now is casually within an easy swing of Jason's knee.
Nov 26 21:25:05 <Dawny> "Please fix her" Jillian continues to try and comfort Alice.
Nov 26 21:25:09 <Light> "Why are you doing this?"
Nov 26 21:25:21 <Dr_Kens> Kens coughs and gestures at John the syringe in his hand.
Nov 26 21:25:22 <Maddy> <John can fix her. All of you.>
Nov 26 21:25:52 <E4D> "Because he's a fuckin' child. He was killed during a little masquerade and thinks he's somethin' he's not."
Nov 26 21:26:04 <Dawny> "John…fix her…please."
Nov 26 21:26:13 <PaulS_laptop> "I ain't no doc."
Nov 26 21:26:18 <Maddy> <Awww, look, Jilly's beggin.>
Nov 26 21:26:25 <Dr_Kens> "I am. John. You get him down, I'll sedate."
Nov 26 21:26:48 <Dawny> "How do you know my name?"
Nov 26 21:27:04 <PaulS_laptop> "Ain't any sedatin' happening. I get the little prick down, I'm gonna have some fun with him."
Nov 26 21:27:08 <Dr_Kens> "And FUCK you, Iain. If you keep this up, I will tear that mask from your incorporeal fucking face and shove it so far up your ass that you'll have trouble sitting down in the 7th layer of hell."
Nov 26 21:27:34 <Maddy> 4df+8 Persuasion. <John. Moving on is a simple thing, you'll always sleep and feel no more pain. It's the living tht are scarred.>
Nov 26 21:27:34 <Glacon> Maddy: Persuasion. <John. Moving on is a simple thing, you'll always sleep and feel no more pain. It's the living tht are scarred.>: 6 (4df+8=+, -, -, -)
Nov 26 21:27:53 <Maddy> <They're all scarred, look at how they look at you.>
Nov 26 21:28:05 <Maddy> <Prove that you're doing it for them>
Nov 26 21:28:46 <PaulS_laptop> 4df+6 tagging "and the answer is a gun" John considers the options. Then realizes he *probably* has enough ordnance to kill him. Probably.
Nov 26 21:28:46 <Glacon> PaulS_laptop: tagging "and the answer is a gun" John considers the options. Then realizes he *probably* has enough ordnance to kill him. Probably.: 5 (4df+6=+, 0, -, -)
Nov 26 21:28:48 <Dawny> Jillian reaches a hand to John. "What is he talking about?"
Nov 26 21:29:29 * Nioki has quit (Connection reset by peer)
Nov 26 21:29:29 <PaulS_laptop> John pauses. "It's a…long story. *big* ordnance.*
Nov 26 21:29:39 <Light> "Leave us alone. Please. We haven't seen you in years."
Nov 26 21:29:54 <E4D> Jason turns away from the mess, tired of it, and undoes Alice bonds. "Then if you won't send us away, I'll take us back." He picks her up, cradling her in his arms, and starts out the shed.
Nov 26 21:30:11 <Maddy> <Last chance John.>
Nov 26 21:30:16 * Nioki (~PI.AB9185D2.D8A0C2FC.91F43EA1|alliztahc#PI.AB9185D2.D8A0C2FC.91F43EA1|alliztahc) has joined #afteractionmission
Nov 26 21:30:22 <Dr_Kens> Kens takes his pistol and aims it at John's knee. "Don't make me…"
Nov 26 21:30:26 <Maddy> Iain…smiles?
Nov 26 21:30:54 <E4D> He walks slowly, rocking her a little. "It's gonna be okay, hun… I'll fix it, I swear…"
Nov 26 21:31:14 <Dr_Kens> "John, he's fucking smiling. The last time he did that I was about to say yes to him."
Nov 26 21:31:20 <PaulS_laptop> "Kens, how many times did I tell you threatenin' me ain't a good idea. EVERYBODY, GET THE FUCK OUT OF HERE. MINIMUM SAFE DISTANCE IS FIVE MILES. JASON, GET HER OUT OF HERE. TAKE EVE. JUST FUCKING GO."
Nov 26 21:31:30 <Dawny> "No"
Nov 26 21:31:34 <Maddy> "I c-can't s-s-see you…." she feels his face.
Nov 26 21:31:39 <Dr_Kens> 4df+2 SHOOT HIM IN THE KNEE.
Nov 26 21:31:39 <Glacon> Dr_Kens: SHOOT HIM IN THE KNEE.: 0 (4df+2=0, -, -, 0)
Nov 26 21:31:43 <Dr_Kens> …
Nov 26 21:32:40 <PaulS_laptop> 4df+3 John grabs Kens's gun arm and twists.
Nov 26 21:32:40 <Glacon> PaulS_laptop: John grabs Kens's gun arm and twists.: 3 (4df+3=+, -, +, -)
Nov 26 21:33:04 <E4D> 4df+7 Jason stops, and turns, guessing it's necessary, and turns around. Old solutions are best solutions. "I'm sorry John." The gun barks once, the barrel aimed squarely at his shoulder.
Nov 26 21:33:04 <Glacon> E4D: Jason stops, and turns, guessing it's necessary, and turns around. Old solutions are best solutions. "I'm sorry John." The gun barks once, the barrel aimed squarely at his shoulder.: 6 (4df+7=0, +, -, -)
Nov 26 21:33:31 <Maddy> <No. No this shant do.>
Nov 26 21:33:31 <PaulS_laptop> 4df+3 again. Armor ftw.
Nov 26 21:33:31 <Glacon> PaulS_laptop: again. Armor ftw.: 2 (4df+3=-, 0, +, -)
Nov 26 21:33:46 <E4D> Shoulda went full body.
Nov 26 21:33:52 <Dr_Kens> "Mother fuc-" Kens screams out in pain as John twists his arm, making his shot go wild.
Nov 26 21:33:56 <Maddy> <You aren't ready, John.>
Nov 26 21:34:01 <PaulS_laptop> The bullet slams into him, puncturing the rear armor plate cleanly., penetrating through.
Nov 26 21:34:13 <Maddy> Everything starts to go white again.
Nov 26 21:34:15 <PaulS_laptop> it stops after deforming the front plate
Nov 26 21:34:32 <MisterFlames> Henry's still standing there with a bit of what the fuck?
Nov 26 21:34:48 <PaulS_laptop> The impact is enough to knock John forwards and down.
Nov 26 21:34:52 <CondorTalon> Rosa covers her eyes.
Nov 26 21:35:00 <Maddy> "Jason…"
Nov 26 21:35:02 * Light goes to pull Kens back out of John's grip once the shot hits, but slows down as the brightness grows.
Nov 26 21:35:38 * Nioki has quit (Broken pipe)
Nov 26 21:35:39 <Dawny> "No, fix Alice…please."
Nov 26 21:35:56 <Maddy> The lines start to fade. "You are t-the reason, I'm not afraid…"
Nov 26 21:36:00 <E4D> "I'm right here."
Nov 26 21:36:14 <PaulS_laptop> John impacts the ground, rising slowly.
Nov 26 21:36:19 <Light> "Saps," Light mutters.
Nov 26 21:36:30 * Nioki (~PI.AB9185D2.D8A0C2FC.91F43EA1|alliztahc#PI.AB9185D2.D8A0C2FC.91F43EA1|alliztahc) has joined #afteractionmission
Nov 26 21:36:31 <PaulS_laptop> "Should be, ya little fuck."
Nov 26 21:37:01 <Maddy> The lines come back…you're all in General Santos Port, just like before…it's November 26. 9:36 PM
Nov 26 21:37:22 <PaulS_laptop> "the fuck?"
Nov 26 21:37:24 <MisterFlames> Henry shakes his head. "Did that happen?"
Nov 26 21:37:42 <Light> Do they remember all of that?
Nov 26 21:37:47 <Praetor> "Probably."
Nov 26 21:37:55 <Maddy> Yes
Nov 26 21:38:12 * Light blinks.
Nov 26 21:38:13 <E4D> Jason looks down at Alice.
Nov 26 21:38:15 <Maddy> Any injuries incured are healed, but the painfrom there is still there.
Nov 26 21:38:29 <Dawny> Jillian looks around and blinks a few times.
Nov 26 21:38:58 <Dr_Kens> Kens cradles his right shoulder. Stumps hurt when a man twists the attached arm.
Nov 26 21:39:01 <CondorTalon> "What… what the hell was that?"
Nov 26 21:39:02 <PaulS_laptop> "I AIN'T DONE WITH YOU YET." fucking ANGER, even though it hurts to talk
Nov 26 21:39:11 <PaulS_laptop> he's yelling at the sky
Nov 26 21:39:39 <Praetor> "Magic."
Nov 26 21:39:42 <Light> "SHUT up."
Nov 26 21:39:50 <Maddy> The port is still as it was.
Nov 26 21:39:59 <Praetor> Knight pulls a Marlboro from his shirt pocket and lights it.
Nov 26 21:40:23 <Light> "What was that?" SHe looks around, ascertaining injuries on anyone- maybe? No, doesn't look like it.
Nov 26 21:40:30 <Dr_Kens> "Every single goddamn time I see him, he fucking gets me hurt."
Nov 26 21:41:04 <PaulS_laptop> John cringes. Gunshots hurt.
Nov 26 21:41:13 <E4D> Jason lays Alice flat on the ground, running his hands over her face, looking for injury.
Nov 26 21:41:27 <PaulS_laptop> e makes a mental note to see if he can't scrounge up a way to make his armor better
Nov 26 21:41:28 <Maddy> Alice looks fine, phisically, but she seems ti be in shock.
Nov 26 21:41:45 <Dawny> Jillian walks over to the cars and starts to inspect them. "We want these running, or scrap parts?"
Nov 26 21:41:45 <Dr_Kens> Kens moves over to Jason and Alice. "Here, let me help."
Nov 26 21:41:58 <E4D> He snaps his fingers in front of her face. "Alice!"
Nov 26 21:42:11 <Dr_Kens> 4df+4 Treating shock like a boss.
Nov 26 21:42:11 <Glacon> Dr_Kens: Treating shock like a boss.: 6 (4df+4=+, +, 0, 0)
Nov 26 21:42:19 * Ampersand (~moc.sregor.elbac.ten.epc.4DCF5DB1-CRInys|resu#moc.sregor.elbac.ten.epc.4DCF5DB1-CRInys|resu) has joined #afteractionmission
Nov 26 21:42:56 * Nioki has quit (Connection reset by peer)
Nov 26 21:43:16 <Light> How unusual, Light thinks.
Nov 26 21:43:34 <Maddy> "J-jason?" she looks at him, frantically, feeling her face. "I-it hurts…"
Nov 26 21:43:42 * Nioki (~PI.AB9185D2.D8A0C2FC.91F43EA1|alliztahc#PI.AB9185D2.D8A0C2FC.91F43EA1|alliztahc) has joined #afteractionmission
Nov 26 21:43:53 <Dawny> "Can I get an answer please?"
Nov 26 21:44:10 * CondorTalon has quit (Ping timeout)
Nov 26 21:44:24 <Dr_Kens> "Hold up a second, Jill." He takes out some water.
Nov 26 21:44:45 * Ampersand is now known as CondorTalon
Nov 26 21:45:03 <Dr_Kens> "Alice, here. Take a little water."
Nov 26 21:45:10 <E4D> "You're ok. It was like before." He shakes his head frantically. "It's not real. Don't worry, we're all here, and we're all okay. You're ok." He pulls her up against him, kneeling beside her. "Everything's fine. I'm here."
Nov 26 21:45:23 <Dawny> Jillian sighs and rolls her eyes. She opens the hoods and checks basic functions.
Nov 26 21:45:28 <Maddy> She takes it shakilly. "A-alex said there were no greens…"
Nov 26 21:45:56 <Maddy> The cars are good.
Nov 26 21:46:28 <MisterFlames> Henry looks over his rifle, unloading it to see if he had actually fired.
Nov 26 21:46:30 <Dr_Kens> "No greens…"
Nov 26 21:47:05 <Dr_Kens> "What does that mean?"
Nov 26 21:47:50 <E4D> "Alex was goddamn wrong."
Nov 26 21:47:57 <Dawny> Jillian leans against a hood and sighs.
Nov 26 21:48:04 <Maddy> Everyone gets a feeling like something that was pushing on their minds is slowly leaving.
Nov 26 21:48:15 <Maddy> Something they'd not noticed untill it was gone.
Nov 26 21:48:21 <MisterFlames> Henry shakes his head.
Nov 26 21:48:25 <E4D> "Green. GOC designate for a bender. Foundation calls 'em Bixbies."
Nov 26 21:48:58 <Praetor> Knight exhales smoke and turns to leave.
Nov 26 21:49:04 <Light> "Why would he think that?" Light is pacing a little, getting her brain used to the idea of 5 missing years.
Nov 26 21:49:18 <Dr_Kens> "Fucking 'a…."
Nov 26 21:49:26 <CondorTalon> Rosa shakes her head. That was crazy.
Nov 26 21:50:53 * Praetor has quit (Quit: http://www.mibbit.com ajax IRC Client)
Nov 26 21:51:10 <E4D> "Wait…"
Nov 26 21:51:21 <MisterFlames> "Yes?"
Nov 26 21:51:42 <E4D> "He's not the same."
Nov 26 21:52:42 <MisterFlames> Henry sighs, "I really wish I knew what was going on."
Nov 26 21:52:45 <Dr_Kens> "Hey, Alice, I'd like to ask you something. Did Iain offer you anything?"
Nov 26 21:53:02 <E4D> "Before, during the masquerade after we escaped 23. We shot him. And I shot him in the movie room. Round hit him. One side and out the other."
Nov 26 21:53:14 <E4D> "We *killed* him before."
Nov 26 21:53:39 <Maddy> "N-no he just…"
Nov 26 21:54:26 <E4D> "He what?"
Nov 26 21:54:27 <Light> "Maybe he got better. Was he following us for revenge?"
Nov 26 21:54:38 <Light> "Or what?"
Nov 26 21:55:27 <Maddy> "He just kep s-saying things, t-trying to hurt me…he kept…touching his mask's forehead to mine…
Nov 26 21:55:54 <Dawny> 4df+4 Jillian starts to rip apart on of the smaller cars.
Nov 26 21:55:55 <Glacon> Dawny: Jillian starts to rip apart on of the smaller cars.: 3 (4df+4=0, 0, -, 0)
Nov 26 21:56:19 * Light considers.
Nov 26 21:56:38 <Dr_Kens> "Why…why did he-" Kens' eyes open in horror. "You don't think that he lives through his mask…do you? That he transfers hosts by switching masks?"
Nov 26 21:57:28 <Maddy> "W-what? Host?"
Nov 26 21:59:26 * Light frowns, what the fuck.
Nov 26 21:59:50 <Maddy> "No…he's just a b-bender."
Nov 26 22:01:03 <Dr_Kens> He sighs. "You freaked me out a second, Alice. It sounded like he was trying to do something to you."
Nov 26 22:01:56 <Maddy> "Jason u-understands."
Nov 26 22:02:23 <Dawny> Jillian checks the fuel level in the car she just tore apart.
Nov 26 22:02:39 <MisterFlames> "I'm glad the captain does, XO."
Nov 26 22:02:58 <Dr_Kens> Kens frowns and moves away. He goes over to Jill. "Need some help? I need to get my obsession off of that fucking bender."
Nov 26 22:03:25 <E4D> Jason helps Alice to her feet. "We can check this place out later."

Nov 26 23:19:22 <Maddy> Theres a faint, dirty smell in the air. It's odd, this is the first time they've noticed the smell, but it's as if it's been there the whole time.
Nov 26 23:20:13 <Light> Light helps herself to some leftovers in the mess hall.
Nov 26 23:20:26 <Maddy> "…d-do you smell that?"
Nov 26 23:20:50 <E4D> "Yeah, smells like… garbage?"
Nov 26 23:21:10 <Maddy> "Where's it c-coming from." Alice begins to follow her nose.
Nov 26 23:21:23 <Maddy> Anyone bellow decks might notice the same smell.
Nov 26 23:21:40 <E4D> "Thought you needed some *fresh* air?"
Nov 26 23:22:03 * Light wrinkles her nose, and digs around in the fridge for rotten stuff. No, that is probably not where it's coming from.
Nov 26 23:22:18 <Maddy> "F-fresh air w-won't do a-a-any good if I come b-back to this s-smell."
Nov 26 23:22:18 <CondorTalon> Rosa sniffs.
Nov 26 23:22:44 <CondorTalon> "Eugh…"
Nov 26 23:23:08 <CondorTalon> She heads up onto the deck to get fresher air.
Nov 26 23:23:25 <Maddy> Alice comes to a door…another storage area. Funny, her brain is telling her it's always been there, but she's never seen it before.
Nov 26 23:23:29 <CondorTalon> Nope. Still smells.
Nov 26 23:24:08 <Maddy> The deck smells fine
Nov 26 23:24:18 <Dawny> Jillian lights a cigarette and continues to watch the waves.
Nov 26 23:24:24 <Maddy> She looks at Jason. "?"
Nov 26 23:26:08 <E4D> He pushes her back a bit behind him, drawing his handgun. «Anyone belowdecks, we have an anomaly in the fore section, subdeck one, just past the private rooms.»
Nov 26 23:26:32 <Light> «What is it?»
Nov 26 23:26:42 <E4D> «Got a room that wasn't here before.»
Nov 26 23:27:19 <Dawny> Jillian ignores it, she doesn't care anymore.
Nov 26 23:28:04 <Light> «Have you opened it?»
Nov 26 23:28:28 <Maddy> the door is sliiightly ajar
Nov 26 23:28:37 <E4D> «Negative, standing by to breach and clear. Garbage smell's comin' from here.»
Nov 26 23:30:05 <CondorTalon> Rosa stands away from the door, but close enough to see what's going on.
Nov 26 23:30:06 <Light> «It's below deck too,» Light notes.
Nov 26 23:30:31 <Dawny> «I'm going to scrap those cars if no one objects»
Nov 26 23:31:55 <E4D> «Copy, clearing.»
Nov 26 23:31:55 <Dawny> Jillian grabs her tool kit and a large bag, then heads off the ship.
Nov 26 23:32:55 <E4D> 4df+4 Perception. He flicks the pistol's taclight on and flips the door open wide, leading in with the handgun, checking his front, then swinging right to left. Target?
Nov 26 23:32:55 <Glacon> E4D: Perception. He flicks the pistol's taclight on and flips the door open wide, leading in with the handgun, checking his front, then swinging right to left. Target?: 3 (4df+4=0, 0, -, 0)
Nov 26 23:34:17 <Dawny> Jillian walks off the ship and toward where the cars were left.
Nov 26 23:34:26 <Maddy> Nothing. The room is ripe with decaying foodstuffs, and general trash. There's also a book and a digital camera.
Nov 26 23:35:47 <Maddy> It's pretty gross, but not like super super nasty, but it looks like it's been this way for about a month.
Nov 26 23:36:27 <Maddy> "Euugh, what the fuck…"
Nov 26 23:36:48 <Dawny> Jillian wonders into AAM to do her work
Nov 26 23:36:58 <CondorTalon> "How… how long has this been here?"
Nov 26 23:37:50 <E4D> Jason keeps the handgun up for a second, then holsters it, snatching the book and camera up. He looks around for a moment, closes the room's vents, and backs out of the room, sealing the watertight and locking it. "I've got a guess." «Looks like we had a stowaway.»
Nov 26 23:39:01 <E4D> «Jill, this is Jason, what were you on about cars?»
Nov 26 23:39:53 <Dawny> «I'm scrapping them»
Nov 26 23:40:03 * Tox|Laptop (~ten.nozirev.soif.cdhsaw.0C999153-CRInys|norcimO#ten.nozirev.soif.cdhsaw.0C999153-CRInys|norcimO) has joined #afteraction
Nov 26 23:40:03 <E4D> «Where's your escort?»
Nov 26 23:40:04 <Light> «Are you sure this isn't that bender again?»
Nov 26 23:40:40 <Maddy> To be sure, I'm sure there are floor plans somewhere on the ship, so you can tell if this room is real or not.
Nov 26 23:40:49 <E4D> «I think… this is that bender takin' his leave.»
Nov 26 23:40:53 * Tox|Laptop (~ten.nozirev.soif.cdhsaw.0C999153-CRInys|norcimO#ten.nozirev.soif.cdhsaw.0C999153-CRInys|norcimO) has left #afteraction
Nov 26 23:40:57 <Dawny> «I'm a big girl Jason»
Nov 26 23:42:10 <Maddy> Does he read the book or peruse the camera?
Nov 26 23:43:59 <E4D> He does, as he leans against the bulkhead beside the hatch. He tries the camera first, passing the book to Alice.
Nov 26 23:44:41 <E4D> «Alice and I'll be out there in a minute, Jill. We found somethin' on the ship. Recommend you stand by on board until then.»
Nov 26 23:45:19 <Maddy> The camera has mostly pictures, candid shots of the crew doing inocuous things from weird angles. There are a lot of Bou, Alice, and Jason sleeping. There re 3 videos.
Nov 26 23:46:04 <E4D> "…" >:|
Nov 26 23:46:16 <E4D> He goes through the videos one by one.
Nov 26 23:46:21 * Tox|Laptop (~ten.nozirev.soif.cdhsaw.0C999153-CRInys|norcimO#ten.nozirev.soif.cdhsaw.0C999153-CRInys|norcimO) has joined #afteraction
Nov 26 23:46:27 <Dawny> «Already working, I'll be fine alone thanks»
Nov 26 23:47:56 <Maddy> The first video is Iain, in his normal human form, talking to the camera in this very room. "They have no idea he's here. I keep trying to warn them, but he wont let me leave this room. I don't know how he's keeping them from finding me…sometimes he lets me see, though. That pretty little plant girl hangs around this hall a lot…"
Nov 26 23:51:06 <Maddy> The second is a POV of someone walking the halls. <Discusting creatures, humans. They cannot even see their own sins and lies, but I will have them all.> the camera pans to the mess, a few people are eating, Iain zooms onto Artemis. <Some are so full of thier false gods…they will all be mine…>
Nov 26 23:52:45 <E4D> «More on our bender, Light…»
Nov 26 23:52:53 * Ampersand (~moc.sregor.elbac.ten.epc.4DCF5DB1-CRInys|resu#moc.sregor.elbac.ten.epc.4DCF5DB1-CRInys|resu) has joined #afteraction
Nov 26 23:53:55 <Maddy> The last video is simply a POV of Bou sleeping. <Facinating is she not?> "Please…don't hurt her…she's just a child…" <I cannot read her…she might as well not be there…> "No no no…please!" a hand enters the frame, going to pet Bou's leaves, which wither and shrivle when it gets close. "Please!" <Alright, alright.> the hnd withdraws.
Nov 26 23:55:13 <E4D> Jason passes Alice the camera.
Nov 26 23:55:28 * CondorTalon has quit (Ping timeout)
Nov 26 23:55:32 * Ampersand is now known as CondorTalon
Nov 26 23:55:37 <Maddy> Alice flicks through it, shaking her head.
Nov 26 23:56:03 <Light> «Should I come up?»
Nov 26 23:56:09 <Maddy> She passes him the book. "Insane r-ramblings in here."
Nov 26 23:56:30 <Light> *over
Nov 26 23:56:58 <Maddy> "Mostly the humn persona talking about obeservations on the crew."
Nov 26 23:59:12 <E4D> «We're down in subdeck one, fore end, past the personnel quarters.»
Nov 26 23:59:49 <E4D> "Good to know we had somebody watching us at night." Jason sounds *incredibly* miffed.
Nov 27 00:00:14 <E4D> Jason looks through the book, checking first for his and Alice's names.
Nov 27 00:00:41 <Maddy> Jason is mentioned a lot, Alice not so much, only really in refference to Json again.
Nov 27 00:00:57 <Light> Light shows up shortly, treading down the hallway. "Huh."
Nov 27 00:01:04 <Maddy> The phraze "He want Jason to hurt" is written a lot.
Nov 27 00:01:42 * Adhelami (moc.retrahc.om.slts.pchd.057D1BE1-CRInys|tibbiM#moc.retrahc.om.slts.pchd.057D1BE1-CRInys|tibbiM) has joined #afteraction
Nov 27 00:02:09 <Maddy> Occationally, usually out of nowhere and seemingly not in reffernce to anything, the phraze "Awful lot of time, isn't there?"
Nov 27 00:02:14 <Maddy> appears.
Nov 27 00:03:07 <E4D> He checks for mention of anyone else.
Nov 27 00:03:26 <E4D> He leafs through the pages quickly, looking for names.
Nov 27 00:04:33 <Light> Light peers about, looking around his shoulder. (Not over, because let's face it, Light is short.) "That was in here?"
Nov 27 00:05:21 <Maddy> Just about everyone in the group is mentioned in the latter half of the book, mostly in passing observations. One page is blank but for "Travis? Who is that?" Another talks in detail about The Satan persona's obsession with "having" john.
Nov 27 00:07:56 <Maddy> Iain's psychological issues are practically text book with his obsessions and delusions.
Nov 27 00:08:13 <E4D> "Yep."
Nov 27 00:08:25 <E4D> He passes her the book. "Show her the camera, hun?"
Nov 27 00:08:52 <Maddy> The first half of the book seems to be entries from before the end of the world, and barely mention anyone Jason knows.
Nov 27 00:08:58 * Adhelami is now known as Laitops
Nov 27 00:08:59 <Maddy> Alice passes the camera to Light.
Nov 27 00:09:14 * Light takes it and flips through the record of pictures.
Nov 27 00:10:33 * Bright (~ten.labolgcbs.imzmlk.lsd.858F9E73-CRInys|77tahCecI#ten.labolgcbs.imzmlk.lsd.858F9E73-CRInys|77tahCecI) has left #afteraction
Nov 27 00:11:33 * Laitops is now known as Adhelami
Nov 27 00:12:13 <Light> "Huh."
Nov 27 00:12:18 <Light> She passes it back.
Nov 27 00:12:21 <Light> "That's, uh."
Nov 27 00:12:57 <Maddy> "W-well…he's gone now…"
Nov 27 00:13:10 <Light> "I hope so."