In Service to the Swarm

(3:58:34 AM) Tox|Laptop: Vance is flying! He might be weirded out were he conscious. Fortunately and unfortunately, he is not.
(3:58:43 AM) Dawny [ten.xoc.ds.ds.A6BD9D39-CRInys|tibbiM#ten.xoc.ds.ds.A6BD9D39-CRInys|tibbiM] entered the room.
(4:00:52 AM) Sabitsuki: The flies move on, carrying him quickly over the outback landscape. Eventually Vance is…lightly…deposited on the bud of a large sunflower
(4:01:04 AM) Tox|Laptop: Presumably still unconscious?
(4:01:26 AM) Sabitsuki: He can awake now if he wants.
(4:02:18 AM) E4D [ten.knilneddus.hd.avnbsa.9ACD50F7-CRInys|tibbiM#ten.knilneddus.hd.avnbsa.9ACD50F7-CRInys|tibbiM] entered the room.
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(4:02:24 AM) Tox|Laptop: Vance swims back to consciousness…approximately two seconds before he wishes he hadn't. He howls in pain, looking at his gouged, mangled leg. Fortunately the blood's stopped flowing, but goddamn it hurts like a whore.
(4:03:43 AM) Tox|Laptop: He reaches for his radio. ((Where would I post Vance's radio call? Here, in Main, or both?))
(4:04:21 AM) Sabitsuki: Neither, because a tiny barb shoots from the gigantic queen's stomach in front of him and pierces the radio.
(4:05:06 AM) Tox|Laptop: Vance swears as the radio is cored by the barb. He looks back towards what shot it, and his face pales even further. He swallows, looking at it. "F-fuck…"
(4:06:32 AM) Sabitsuki: Everytime the queen speaks, I need you to roll MDEF, Vance.
(4:06:41 AM) Tox|Laptop: Can do
(4:07:46 AM) Sabitsuki: «YOU ARE THE ONE SHE CHOSE»
(4:07:50 AM) Tox|Laptop: 4df+3(4:07:52 AM) Tox|Laptop: 4df+3
(4:07:54 AM) Quidmore: Tox|Laptop: 4 (4df+3=0, 0, +, 0)
(4:07:59 AM) Sabitsuki: 4df+3
(4:08:00 AM) Quidmore: Sabitsuki: 0 (4df+3=-, -, -, 0)
(4:08:30 AM) Sabitsuki: The voice echos from Vance's own mind, the dull buzzing of the swarm behind it.
(4:08:35 AM) Tox|Laptop: "Wh-what? Ch-chose for what? Who?" His mind races. "Y-You mean that lady with bugs in her teeth? Turned my arm into a tree?"
(4:08:56 AM) Sabitsuki: «SILENCE YOU CHITTERING APE»
(4:09:02 AM) Tox|Laptop: 4df+3
(4:09:03 AM) Quidmore: Tox|Laptop: 3 (4df+3=0, 0, +, -)
(4:09:07 AM) Sabitsuki: 4df+4
(4:09:07 AM) Quidmore: Sabitsuki: 4 (4df+4=-, +, +, -)
(4:09:11 AM) Sabitsuki: Mind damage.
(4:09:33 AM) Tox|Laptop: Vance raises a hand to his temple and hisses, eyes driven shut.
(4:10:24 AM) Tox|Laptop: 4df+3
(4:10:25 AM) Quidmore: Tox|Laptop: 2 (4df+3=-, 0, -, +)
(4:10:29 AM) Sabitsuki: 4df+5
(4:10:30 AM) Quidmore: Sabitsuki: 5 (4df+5=-, +, 0, 0)
(4:10:33 AM) Sabitsuki: Mind damage.
(4:11:12 AM) Tox|Laptop: Vance raises his other hand to his temple, his brain pounding as he edges towards the side of the flower, and the interminable drop below.
(4:12:44 AM) Sabitsuki: «BRING THE UGLY ARM TO ME» A pair of grubs land Vance's clock arm and *pull*.
(4:12:48 AM) Tox|Laptop: It's hopeless, and he knows it. Inching himself closer to the edge, the overriding thought in his mind is - if he dies here? If his will dies? On his terms.
(4:12:49 AM) Tox|Laptop: 4df+3
(4:12:51 AM) Quidmore: Tox|Laptop: 4 (4df+3=0, 0, +, 0)
(4:12:58 AM) Sabitsuki: 4df+6
(4:12:59 AM) Quidmore: Sabitsuki: 7 (4df+6=0, 0, +, 0)
(4:13:08 AM) Tox|Laptop: 0. Call it.
(4:13:56 AM) Sabitsuki: Mind damage. He's unconscious from the psychic assault, but close enough to the edge that dead weight takes over, and, well…
(4:14:35 AM) Tox|Laptop: Vance, were he conscious, would enjoy the fact that he did, in fact, plummet on his own terms, the crushing embrace of gravity doing its inexorable duty.
(4:14:50 AM) Sabitsuki: Not quite. Physical defense.
(4:14:53 AM) Sabitsuki: Roll it.
(4:14:55 AM) Tox|Laptop: 4df+3 PDEF
(4:14:56 AM) Quidmore: Tox|Laptop: PDEF: 2 (4df+3=0, -, +, -)
(4:15:10 AM) Sabitsuki: 4df+3 The sudden stop at the end
(4:15:12 AM) Quidmore: Sabitsuki: The sudden stop at the end: 2 (4df+3=0, 0, -, 0)
(4:16:28 AM) Sabitsuki: A fly - fast little thing these guys are - catches Vance before he can splat like a bird turd on the windshield of life. He lands hard on the carapace just as the other two flies remove the clockwork arm.
(4:17:07 AM) Tox|Laptop: Being unconscious, Vance doesn't have a whole lot to say. Somewhere, his brain registers that he's not dead yet, but he is breathing very shallowly.
(4:17:41 AM) Sabitsuki: The fly carries him up to the gaping maw of the queen.
(4:18:10 AM) Tox|Laptop: Again. Not a whole lot to say, being unconscious, but were he, he would mourn the sad irony that he can't even die on his own terms.
(4:18:21 AM) Sabitsuki: The last thing Vance hears before his world goes completely black is the distant, mocking laughter of the woman with bugs in her teeth.
(4:18:30 AM) Sabitsuki: *crunch*
(4:18:52 AM) Tox|Laptop: Ouch.
(4:18:59 AM) Sabitsuki: Indeed.
(4:19:07 AM) Sabitsuki: Scene.