Interview with Abby

Nov 28 21:01:21 <TexasBigfoot> 4df
Nov 28 21:01:22 <Glacon> TexasBigfoot: 0 (4df=0, 0, -, +)
Nov 28 21:01:29 <Adhelami> Adhelami.
Nov 28 21:01:32 <Adhelami> is in the mess.
Nov 28 21:04:44 <Dawny> Jillian pulls out her side arm. «There's something moving by a wearhouse»
Nov 28 21:05:23 <PaulS_laptop> «What kinda something?» John heads up on deck, M82A1 w/ red dot in tow
Nov 28 21:05:56 <Dawny> «A shadow something, I don't know» Jillian slowly starts to advance.
Nov 28 21:05:57 <Adhelami> Adhelami blinks and looks down at her radio. She stands from her empty plate, and almost empty tea cup (Wow what an inconsiderate little— clean up your dishes, Addie) and HEADS UP TO DECK.
Nov 28 21:06:27 <Bouncl> Enoch heads up at a jog, curing beneath his breath.
Nov 28 21:06:44 <E4D> Jason heads up top a few moments later, rifle in hand.
Nov 28 21:07:01 <Maddy> Alice is close behind.
Nov 28 21:07:26 <Dawny> Jillian walks toward the wearhouse, side arm up and looking around.
Nov 28 21:07:41 <Adhelami> Adhelami watches as all these people come up with weapons. Oh yay, she has her gun with her— you never know when you need a bad shot!
Nov 28 21:07:49 <E4D> «GET THE FUCK BACK HERE, RETARD.»
Nov 28 21:08:01 <Adhelami> She moves to the edge of the railing, watching.
Nov 28 21:08:04 <PaulS_laptop> John chambers a round, already on deck.
Nov 28 21:08:25 <Laito> Artemis follows shortly, finding Adhelami among the others.
Nov 28 21:08:25 <E4D> «YOU *CAN'T* BE THAT DAMN STUPID.»
Nov 28 21:08:27 * Laito is now known as Artemis
Nov 28 21:08:33 <PaulS_laptop> «Jill, get back here. Jason, I'm gonna get on the 30»
Nov 28 21:08:44 <PaulS_laptop> John does so! He is now on the 30mm.
Nov 28 21:08:48 <Maddy> Alice :|'s
Nov 28 21:09:03 <Dawny> Jillian rolls her eyes, that's Jason for you. Total dick, 24/7.
Nov 28 21:09:38 <Adhelami> "Hallo Sehlvi." She smiles cheerfully to Artemis, and then points to what the others notice.
Nov 28 21:09:57 <Dawny> Jillian walks up to Jason. "Call me a fucking retard again!"
Nov 28 21:10:04 <Artemis> He smiles. "What is goin- oh my."
Nov 28 21:10:54 <E4D> Jason runs out with her. "Stay wide to the right flank, and wait for some goddamn support next time. John's on the 30."
Nov 28 21:11:12 <E4D> "Then stop acting like a girl scout reject."
Nov 28 21:11:32 <Maddy> Alice follows along, all of the eye roll.
Nov 28 21:11:56 <Dawny> "Do it your damn self then. Oh, and go fuck yourself when you're done"
Nov 28 21:12:03 <Adhelami> "Please stop fighting, Dahnel…" Adhelami says with a frown!
Nov 28 21:12:26 <Dawny> Jillian goes back to the ship. Fuck him and everyone else.
Nov 28 21:12:39 <Bouncl> "…"
Nov 28 21:12:40 <E4D> Everyone on shore, perception.
Nov 28 21:12:49 <Maddy> 4df+3
Nov 28 21:12:50 <Glacon> Maddy: 1 (4df+3=0, -, 0, -)
Nov 28 21:12:53 <Maddy> >:|
Nov 28 21:12:55 <Artemis> How about on the deck looking at the shore?
Nov 28 21:13:10 <Adhelami> "Eh! Dahn Ji— Hm…" She frowns as she goes. She turns back to the scene.
Nov 28 21:13:25 <PaulS_laptop> E4D, what do I roll for perc when on the gun?
Nov 28 21:13:33 <E4D> 4df+8
Nov 28 21:13:34 <Glacon> E4D: 8 (4df+8=+, 0, -, 0)
Nov 28 21:13:46 <Maddy> 4df+4 ! I forgot I put another point into this
Nov 28 21:13:47 <Glacon> Maddy: ! I forgot I put another point into this: 3 (4df+4=-, 0, +, -)
Nov 28 21:13:50 <TexasBigfoot> 4df
Nov 28 21:13:50 <Glacon> TexasBigfoot: 2 (4df=0, +, +, 0)
Nov 28 21:14:16 <Tom90deg> Zoe heads on dech, looking out
Nov 28 21:14:50 <PaulS_laptop> 4df+8 perception
Nov 28 21:14:51 <Glacon> PaulS_laptop: perception: 8 (4df+8=+, 0, 0, -)
Nov 28 21:15:02 <Artemis> 4df+3 Artemis is walking that way anyway.
Nov 28 21:15:03 <Glacon> Artemis: Artemis is walking that way anyway.: 5 (4df+3=+, +, -, +)
Nov 28 21:15:20 <Tom90deg> 4df+2 Zoe is following ARt, cause why not?
Nov 28 21:15:21 <Glacon> Tom90deg: Zoe is following ARt, cause why not?: 2 (4df+2=0, -, 0, +)
Nov 28 21:15:26 <Adhelami> 4df-2 Adhelami is following him!
Nov 28 21:15:27 <Glacon> Adhelami: Adhelami is following him!: -4 (4df-2=0, -, 0, -)
Nov 28 21:15:44 <Adhelami> 4df-1 oops, not that derp
Nov 28 21:15:45 <Glacon> Adhelami: oops, not that derp: -4 (4df-1=-, 0, -, -)
Nov 28 21:15:50 <Artemis> :|
Nov 28 21:15:55 <Adhelami> Nope, still that derp.
Nov 28 21:15:55 <E4D> The personnel on the ground and John can all make out a figure that vanishes around the corner of the building. Except Zoe. And Adhelami. And STILL Adhelami.
Nov 28 21:16:26 <Maddy> "I g-got movement." alice aims.
Nov 28 21:16:45 <TexasBigfoot> Ashford approached from the shadows, her arms up in surrender. "Easy! Easy! I'm unarmed! No threat!"
Nov 28 21:16:57 <PaulS_laptop> 4df+10 (assuming that's right for the 30mm?)«Everyone, hold up for a second» John belts out three rounds past/through the building.
Nov 28 21:16:58 <Glacon> PaulS_laptop: (assuming that's right for the 30mm?)«Everyone, hold up for a second» John belts out three rounds past/through the building.: 9 (4df+10=-, +, -, 0)
Nov 28 21:17:24 <Bouncl> Enoch trains his rifle on Ashford, from deck.
Nov 28 21:17:35 <E4D> Welp. Roll defense, Ashford.
Nov 28 21:17:43 <TexasBigfoot> Physical?)
Nov 28 21:17:46 <PaulS_laptop> Actually, assume they go over his head.
Nov 28 21:17:48 <PaulS_laptop> sorry, lag
Nov 28 21:17:56 <Maddy> Alice has her Shrike on the woman, but her finger is off the trigger.
Nov 28 21:17:58 <TexasBigfoot> OK.)
Nov 28 21:18:25 <E4D> A rather large section of the building explodes over Ashford's head, spraying concrete dust and shrapnel everywhere.
Nov 28 21:18:46 <E4D> "ON THE GROUND, *NOW*. DO IT NOW!"
Nov 28 21:19:06 <Maddy> "Want me t-to check her?"
Nov 28 21:19:13 <TexasBigfoot> Ashford dropped to the ground, covering her head.
Nov 28 21:20:05 <E4D> "Hands apart, spread your legs, on your face! Do you have any weapons or hazardous objects on your person! Alice, covering."
Nov 28 21:20:08 <Dawny> Jillian storms past John and puts her gun next to him. "Told you he thinks I'm useless"
Nov 28 21:20:29 * Nioki (~PI.AB9185D2.D8A0C2FC.AEA0D066|alliztahc#PI.AB9185D2.D8A0C2FC.AEA0D066|alliztahc) has joined #afteraction
Nov 28 21:20:43 <PaulS_laptop> "lemmie put it this way. If you were down there, I'd've prolly pasted you on accident"
Nov 28 21:20:47 <TexasBigfoot> Ashford went spread eagle. "No and no!"
Nov 28 21:20:51 <Adhelami> Adhelami brings her hand to her mouth, reminded of when she was found. Well, they weren't quite so rough with her.
Nov 28 21:21:03 <Dawny> "They're fucking down there!"
Nov 28 21:21:19 <Maddy> Alice moves over to the woman, searching her. Roll stealth if you are in fact hiding anything.
Nov 28 21:21:41 <TexasBigfoot> 4df - A small book!
Nov 28 21:21:42 <Glacon> TexasBigfoot: - A small book!: 1 (4df=0, 0, +, 0)
Nov 28 21:22:12 <PaulS_laptop> "Yes. After I already blew a corner off a building"
Nov 28 21:22:29 <Artemis> Alex wanders out to the deck to oversee the newcomer's welcome.
Nov 28 21:22:43 <E4D> Alice, perception!
Nov 28 21:22:47 <Tom90deg> Zoe wanders over to Alex, not like she can do much good
Nov 28 21:23:25 <Maddy> 4df+4 !
Nov 28 21:23:26 <Glacon> Maddy: !: 4 (4df+4=0, -, +, 0)
Nov 28 21:23:26 <Tom90deg> Zoe nods to Alex. "So, they find someone? And Jason is undoubtfully intergrateing himself with his winning charm and personality?"
Nov 28 21:23:57 <Dawny> "I'm sick of it, all of it. Jason's a bully, Alice agrees with whatever he says, and you…you go along with it." Jillian shakes her head. "I thought I knew you better" She heads to the mess for tea, then wonders around the ship.
Nov 28 21:24:02 <E4D> Yeah, if she's actually carrying anything, spill the beans.
Nov 28 21:24:02 <Artemis> "He's making sure we're safe," Alex replies calmly.
Nov 28 21:24:11 <Maddy> Alice finds the book, tossing it to the side. "O-other than that, she's good."
Nov 28 21:24:26 <Tom90deg> "Oh yes. Shooting everyone we meet in the head will also ensure we're safe."
Nov 28 21:24:32 <E4D> Jillian, Mdef
Nov 28 21:24:39 <Dawny> 4df+2
Nov 28 21:24:39 <Glacon> Dawny: 2 (4df+2=-, 0, 0, +)
Nov 28 21:24:45 <Artemis> "Thus far, I have not witnessed such a thing happen."
Nov 28 21:25:07 <Tom90deg> "So far."
Nov 28 21:25:30 <E4D> She recalls earlier that she was complaining about not being a fighter, and less effective than most, and that her first action on seeing the shadowy figure was to charge off the boat, alone, after it. She may think that this has something to do with what Jason said.
Nov 28 21:25:42 <Artemis> "So I think it may be a little out of line to make that exaggeration based on pure cynical expectation. I think we're all better than that, aren't we, Zoe?"
Nov 28 21:26:07 <Artemis> Alex smiles at the woman.
Nov 28 21:26:10 <Tom90deg> "Naw. I'm cynical as hell, I just hide it under a shell of optomisim."
Nov 28 21:26:26 <Artemis> "Thin shell," he comments.
Nov 28 21:26:40 <Tom90deg> "I think you'l agree, acting like every person is two seconds from killing everyone is also rather cynical."
Nov 28 21:26:42 <E4D> «We got a live one.»
Nov 28 21:26:46 <Tom90deg> "Eh, used to be thicker."
Nov 28 21:26:46 <TexasBigfoot> Ashford was still face-down in the dirt. She /really/ needed to work on her hellos, she thought, the warehouse on fire behind her.
Nov 28 21:27:02 <Artemis> "What makes you think he enjoys having to act that way?"
Nov 28 21:27:06 <E4D> «No threat, possession, single small book.»
Nov 28 21:27:15 <E4D> «Standing by for ID.»
Nov 28 21:27:18 <Artemis> Alex points? "See? Hard part is over."
Nov 28 21:27:21 <Tom90deg> "If he didn't like doing it, he wouldn't do it so often, and with everyone."
Nov 28 21:27:22 <E4D> "Alice, you got her."
Nov 28 21:27:34 <Maddy> Alice nods. "You g-got a name?"
Nov 28 21:27:45 <E4D> «Requesting another female down here.»
Nov 28 21:27:54 <TexasBigfoot> "Abby Ashford. Former CIA Agent."
Nov 28 21:27:59 <Tom90deg> "Naw. Now the hard part starts. The rest of the crew has to convince whoever it is that we're not all going to scream and tell her to fall to the ground. That we're not all crazy."
Nov 28 21:28:03 <Adhelami> Adhelami blinks and «Ah, i will?»
Nov 28 21:28:06 <Tom90deg> «Right. Comeing on down.»
Nov 28 21:28:14 <Artemis> "That seems a bit narrow-minded. Acting in such a way ensures safety." Alex shrugs.
Nov 28 21:28:31 <Tom90deg> "Talk later, gonna go see what the damage is."
Nov 28 21:28:35 <Adhelami> She looks to Artemis and scurries down! BECAUSE SHE WAS FIRST HEY >:C AND SHE'S TAKING THE HELM.
Nov 28 21:28:48 <Tom90deg> Zoe rolles her eyes and lets Ami go.
Nov 28 21:28:55 <Tom90deg> "Never mind, heh, let her have some fun."
Nov 28 21:29:05 <E4D> The warehouse collapses.
Nov 28 21:29:17 <Adhelami> Skfskfskf, her feet slide as she nears the grou— OH FUCK
Nov 28 21:29:23 <Maddy> Alice nods to Adhelami. "Ok. That's a s-start. Any p-proof- ok l-lets move a-away from the burning building."
Nov 28 21:29:24 <Artemis> Artemis accompanies Adhelami, of course, a bit behind.
Nov 28 21:29:37 <Tom90deg> "Anywho….what were we talkin about?"
Nov 28 21:29:39 <TexasBigfoot> "..Was that the warehouse? I can't see anything with my face in the dirt. It sounded like a warehouse collapsing."
Nov 28 21:29:57 <Artemis> "Half-empty glasses."
Nov 28 21:30:22 <Tom90deg> "I prefer to treat people with respect when i first meet them. It encourages them to do the same."
Nov 28 21:30:31 <Maddy> "You c-can get up, some on."
Nov 28 21:30:36 <E4D> "On your feet, Ashford. Ain't safe to be out here."
Nov 28 21:31:00 <Maddy> "Hence our l-less that hopitable reaction."
Nov 28 21:31:00 <Artemis> "That also runs the possibility of them killing you outright. If you treat them with caution first, ensure thier intent, there is always time for respect later, after no one is killed."
Nov 28 21:31:03 <TexasBigfoot> Ashford got up and dusted herself off, wiping her face with her sleeve. "I figured as much, might be people with autocannons."
Nov 28 21:31:08 <Artemis> Alex shrugs. "But maybe that's just me."
Nov 28 21:31:17 <Tom90deg> "Caution is fine, but there's a limit."
Nov 28 21:31:22 <Adhelami> Adhelami, despite the FIREY COLLAPSE NEARBY, offers Ashford a smile.
Nov 28 21:31:27 <Artemis> "Not… really…"
Nov 28 21:31:41 <PaulS_laptop> «We got her»
Nov 28 21:31:45 <Tom90deg> "Again, shooting everyone you meet in the head is VERY cautious."
Nov 28 21:31:55 <Artemis> "Again, that hasn't actually happened."
Nov 28 21:31:59 <Tom90deg> "but I thik you'll agre that's going to far."
Nov 28 21:32:13 <Tom90deg> "Again, hasn't happened yet."
Nov 28 21:32:47 <Artemis> "That? Yes. It is. Again. Hasn't happened. I also haven't stolen whatever is in your pocket yet. Will I? Have I yet?"
Nov 28 21:33:06 <E4D> Zoe, Mdef.
Nov 28 21:33:37 <TexasBigfoot> Ashford gave Adhelami a nod, picking her book up from the floor. "Aww." She mumbled, noting a dirt stain, shortly before putting it in her pocket.
Nov 28 21:33:51 <Tom90deg> "Dunno. I'd probaly just steal it back. It IS what I do."
Nov 28 21:33:54 <PaulS_laptop> Ashford may notice the 30mm's muzzle tracking her
Nov 28 21:34:05 <E4D> «John, shift fire.»
Nov 28 21:34:18 <PaulS_laptop> «Gotcha. Friendly?»
Nov 28 21:34:25 <E4D> «Tentative.»
Nov 28 21:34:29 <Artemis> "Watch for high flying planes, too," Alex replies, looking away from her to the others.
Nov 28 21:34:30 <Maddy> They move away from the burning building."S-so, f-former CIA? W-what you d-doing now?"
Nov 28 21:34:37 <Tom90deg> "But it's also not in your benifit to steal it for a few reasons."
Nov 28 21:34:44 <PaulS_laptop> «Where do ya want it?»
Nov 28 21:34:55 <TexasBigfoot> "Living out the end of the world in a beach house in the middle of bumfuck nowhere, Philipines. What are you- Who are you people?"
Nov 28 21:35:14 <Artemis> "So you -are- capable of seeing in color… That's good."
Nov 28 21:35:17 <Artemis> A smirk.
Nov 28 21:36:01 <Tom90deg> "Heh, Oh, I'm very capable of seeing in color. If you want a dog, look at our fearless leader."
Nov 28 21:36:07 <Maddy> "We're a b-bit of a hodgepoge. Living out the e-end of the world, here a-and there and e-everywhere."
Nov 28 21:36:30 <Adhelami> "We are a group protecting one another." Adhelami says with an odd accent and a smile.
Nov 28 21:36:48 <Nusquam> Tom, MDef for Zoe.
Nov 28 21:37:11 <Artemis> "You -could- leave, you know. I'm just saying this subjectively. Like, you teleport. You could be away from all this in a heartbeat."
Nov 28 21:37:25 <TexasBigfoot> "A girl can't even take a walk these days without getting shot at with high grade military weaponry."
Nov 28 21:37:33 <Nioki> Alanoch stands on the ship's deck, looking over the port.
Nov 28 21:37:46 <E4D> "Lot of shit's changed, Agent."
Nov 28 21:37:48 <Tom90deg> "I can't teleport that far. And I like some of the people here."
Nov 28 21:38:16 <Maddy> "I ap-pologize for the canon, honestly. T-that was a little…preemtive of the gunner."
Nov 28 21:38:17 <E4D> Jason halts her before reaching the gangway.
Nov 28 21:38:20 <Artemis> "So it's in your interest to try to compromise understanding? Work with what you got, yes?"
Nov 28 21:39:01 <Adhelami> "Dahn, you live in a culture of guns and death." She places a hand on her hip as she follows, "This is normal."
Nov 28 21:39:03 <Tom90deg> "Always work with what you got."
Nov 28 21:39:13 <Maddy> "W-well normal-ish."
Nov 28 21:39:27 <Adhelami> "Well, normal for what I see." Adhelami chuckles.
Nov 28 21:39:43 <Artemis> Alex takes a breath and keys his radio. «Jason?»
Nov 28 21:39:56 <Tom90deg> 4df+2 Mdef
Nov 28 21:39:56 <Glacon> Tom90deg: Mdef: 1 (4df+2=+, -, -, 0)
Nov 28 21:40:01 <E4D> «Go ahead.»
Nov 28 21:40:04 <Maddy> "Hehe, y-you were unfortunate t-to arrive in our w-world when we're not at our best."
Nov 28 21:40:29 <Artemis> «That thing we talked about. We should probably get that started soon. Probably tonight.»
Nov 28 21:40:48 <TexasBigfoot> The agent's eyes looked over the ship. She ran a hand through the crop of hair on her head, letting out a forced exhale.
Nov 28 21:40:55 <E4D> «Copy.»
Nov 28 21:41:05 <Maddy> Ashford! Perception!
Nov 28 21:41:18 <TexasBigfoot> 4df3
Nov 28 21:41:22 <TexasBigfoot> 4df+3
Nov 28 21:41:22 <Glacon> TexasBigfoot: 3 (4df+3=+, -, +, -)
Nov 28 21:41:25 <E4D> "Alice, can you give her a quick lookover before she comes on deck? Uhh, physical, I mean?"
Nov 28 21:41:26 <Adhelami> "I am doing ok, though, don't you think?" x u o
Nov 28 21:41:30 * Salmander has quit (NickServ (GHOST command used by Salmander|p))
Nov 28 21:41:46 <E4D> <Hey, we got any male personnel on deck, get your asses inside.>
Nov 28 21:41:48 * Salmander|p (~ten.elbacwahs.gc.63A9248-CRInys|rednamlaS#ten.elbacwahs.gc.63A9248-CRInys|rednamlaS) has joined #afteraction
Nov 28 21:41:48 <Maddy> Ashford can see a 4' tall plant woman doing a handstand on the railing.
Nov 28 21:41:57 <PaulS_laptop> <Gotcha>
Nov 28 21:41:58 * Salmander|p is now known as Salmander
Nov 28 21:42:02 <TexasBigfoot> ".."
Nov 28 21:42:03 <Maddy> "You're doing w-wonderfully, Dahn/
Nov 28 21:42:09 <PaulS_laptop> John heads downbelow, tipping his hat at Ashford along the way
Nov 28 21:42:15 <Artemis> Artemis nods and retreats inside. Alex shrugs. "Welp." Off he goes.
Nov 28 21:42:46 <Maddy> "Ok, Abby, r-right? I'm g-gonna have to give you a q-quik physical, that ok?"
Nov 28 21:42:49 <Artemis> 4df+3 Lingering insight, opposing Zoe.
Nov 28 21:42:49 <Glacon> Artemis: Lingering insight, opposing Zoe.: 2 (4df+3=0, -, 0, 0)
Nov 28 21:42:52 * Salmander is now known as salmander
Nov 28 21:43:06 <E4D> Jason walks off about 15 feet, back turned to the ladies.
Nov 28 21:43:24 <PaulS_laptop> John heads down to engineering. Maybe Jill's there?
Nov 28 21:43:37 <Dawny> Jillian is, tinkering.
Nov 28 21:43:43 <TexasBigfoot> "Fine with me."
Nov 28 21:44:13 <Maddy> "Anything I s-should know before I s-start? L-like cyborg p-parts, not b-being wholey human etc etc."
Nov 28 21:44:19 <TexasBigfoot> "I'm a vampire."
Nov 28 21:44:21 <PaulS_laptop> "Jill"
Nov 28 21:44:27 <Maddy> "…for real?"
Nov 28 21:44:32 <TexasBigfoot> "Yup."
Nov 28 21:44:35 <Dawny> Jillian continues to tinker.
Nov 28 21:44:39 <E4D> *Click*.
Nov 28 21:44:40 <Adhelami> "What is a Vampire..?"
Nov 28 21:44:52 <Maddy> "Like…D-dracula, like you suck p-people's blood?"
Nov 28 21:44:58 <E4D> «All stations, be advised, we have a Type Gray.»
Nov 28 21:45:03 <TexasBigfoot> "Not often. Mostly fish and rats."
Nov 28 21:45:06 <Nioki> Alanoch looks down at the newcomer. She probably won't feel comfortable once she knows his power.
Nov 28 21:45:17 <Maddy> "…ok…this is…hmmm."
Nov 28 21:45:40 <Adhelami> "Wah! You drink blood?? A Pahlair!"
Nov 28 21:45:55 <Tom90deg> «What's a type Grey?»
Nov 28 21:45:56 <Adhelami> said: "Pah-lie-ear"
Nov 28 21:46:01 * Bouncl has quit (Client exited)
Nov 28 21:46:31 <Artemis> "Ah shit," Alex walks back out. «Be right out.»
Nov 28 21:46:35 <PaulS_laptop> "Well, since yer pissed at me, I'm gonna say this an' then leave."
Nov 28 21:46:35 <PaulS_laptop> "The reason Jason says shit like that is 'cause he doesn't want you to get killed. The reason I agree with him is cause I didn't want you to get lit up by me. We care about you, even if you don't." And with that, he leaves for the Mess
Nov 28 21:46:43 <Maddy> "Should I s-still perform the physical…she says she doesn't do the human b-blood thing."
Nov 28 21:47:26 <Dawny> Jillian stops John. "So you agree with him?"
Nov 28 21:48:27 <PaulS_laptop> "That you shouldn't run into the line of fire of an autocannon against an unknown enemy, yes."
Nov 28 21:48:37 <PaulS_laptop> "He ain't tactful an' neither am I."
Nov 28 21:48:51 <TexasBigfoot> She checked her nails.
Nov 28 21:48:56 <Dawny> "That's I'm a fucking retard"
Nov 28 21:49:18 <Maddy> "Ok, I'm just gonna do this…if you t-try anything funny, I c-can pretty much garuntee someone will kill you."
Nov 28 21:49:45 <Adhelami> "Pahlair, It is best to just be of agreeing." She says to Abigail.
Nov 28 21:49:47 <Artemis> Alex walks back out on deck and toward the others.
Nov 28 21:49:53 <PaulS_laptop> "I don' think he meant it, an' if I thought you were, I'd've just shot you and dumped you overboard instead."
Nov 28 21:49:53 <PaulS_laptop> "You do gotta be less impulsive, though, Jill."
Nov 28 21:49:57 <TexasBigfoot> "If I was going to do something funny, wouldn't I have done it already? I've got an autocannon aimed -at my face.- I'm not a moron."
Nov 28 21:49:58 <Maddy> 4df+4 Alice bees a doctor, checking her over, though she doesn't really have a baseline for "vampire" so she's basically looking for injuries.
Nov 28 21:49:58 <Glacon> Maddy: Alice bees a doctor, checking her over, though she doesn't really have a baseline for "vampire" so she's basically looking for injuries.: 3 (4df+4=0, -, -, +)
Nov 28 21:50:32 <Maddy> "I know I know. Force of habit, you'd be surprised about h-how many morons w-we've met."
Nov 28 21:50:53 <TexasBigfoot> "I can only imagine how many morons that cannon's removed from the gene pool."
Nov 28 21:51:16 <Maddy> "Not a-as many as you might think, c-conserving ammo afterall."
Nov 28 21:51:55 <E4D> "That oil tanker blew up pretty good. So did the cargo plane. And the seaplane."
Nov 28 21:52:01 <Adhelami> "I have not seen very many die." Adhelami smiles.
Nov 28 21:52:01 <Maddy> "Hehe."
Nov 28 21:52:10 <Dawny> "What am I supposed to do. Sit in here all day? I'd love to, but someone keeps telling me I have to fight."
Nov 28 21:52:34 <PaulS_laptop> "Fight smart."
Nov 28 21:53:01 <Artemis> Alex looks between Jason, Alice, and Ashford.
Nov 28 21:53:01 <Maddy> If Abby has any injuries, Alie might find them, otherwise, her medical knowledge doesn't really over the undead.
Nov 28 21:53:07 <Maddy> "H-hey Alex."
Nov 28 21:53:16 <PaulS_laptop> "Use cover an' due caution. Engage people from a distance."
Nov 28 21:53:42 <Artemis> "Hey. Figured I might be of help. Professionalism trumps modesty."
Nov 28 21:53:54 <TexasBigfoot> ((I don't think she'd have any.))
Nov 28 21:54:14 <Adhelami> "Pahlairs are very interesting people." Adhelami nods.
Nov 28 21:54:20 <E4D> "Got somethin', Laito?"
Nov 28 21:54:21 <Dawny> "Fine John. And what do I do about the way Jason treats me? Let him do it?"
Nov 28 21:54:24 <Maddy> "Right. I g-gave her a look over, but this a-ain't my thing."
Nov 28 21:54:29 <E4D> "Also, we'll be down in a few."
Nov 28 21:54:40 <PaulS_laptop> "Don't let it get to you. He treats *everybody* like that, cept Alice"
Nov 28 21:54:49 <PaulS_laptop> "an that's cause he's fuckin' her"
Nov 28 21:54:56 <Dawny> "That doesn't make it right John"
Nov 28 21:55:00 <Adhelami> "…Maybe they aren't the same in my world." She then ponders on it
Nov 28 21:55:04 <Artemis> "Just making sure we're all safe here." He smiles at the vampire. "Can never be too safe, I'm sure you know."
Nov 28 21:55:22 <Maddy> "N-no injuries and she s-says she usually feeds on r-rats and fish." Alice nods. "T-though I'm sure she c-can speak for herself."
Nov 28 21:55:28 <PaulS_laptop> "No, but there ain't a hell of a lot you *can* do. I'll talk with him later on 'bout shit."
Nov 28 21:55:36 * Bouncl (~ten.nozirev.soif.cdhsaw.F89E38BE-CRInys|alliztahc#ten.nozirev.soif.cdhsaw.F89E38BE-CRInys|alliztahc) has joined #afteraction
Nov 28 21:56:14 <Dawny> "I doubt it" Jillian shakes her head and starts out.
Nov 28 21:56:28 <PaulS_laptop> John grabs her by the back of her shirt
Nov 28 21:56:44 <PaulS_laptop> "Hold it. You doubt /what?/"
Nov 28 21:56:53 <Dawny> "Let go"
Nov 28 21:57:50 <PaulS_laptop> "Tell me, then." he lets go "You doubt /what/?"
Nov 28 21:58:27 <Dawny> "That you'll say anything. You don't care about what he says to anyone."
Nov 28 21:58:52 <PaulS_laptop> "Did I say that I'd say somethin" dead. fuckin. serious.
Nov 28 21:59:12 <Dawny> "Yes, but it doesn't bother you"
Nov 28 21:59:40 <TexasBigfoot> Abby crossed her arms briefly behind her back, standing at attention. A forced inhale and exhale, blowing a bang out of her face.
Nov 28 22:00:12 <Tom90deg> Zoe gives Abby a wave from the deck, down at the gangplank.
Nov 28 22:00:23 <E4D> "What do you think, Laito?"
Nov 28 22:00:33 <PaulS_laptop> John grabs her shoulder and brings her around to him. "I'm a lotta things. One thing I ain't's a bullshitter."
Nov 28 22:00:48 <PaulS_laptop> His breath is kinda bad
Nov 28 22:00:57 <PaulS_laptop> mdef jill
Nov 28 22:00:58 <Adhelami> "You seem tense Pahlair. Do not worry." She pat pats her shoulder.
Nov 28 22:01:01 <Dawny> "Let. Go. Of. Me. "
Nov 28 22:01:14 <Dawny> 4df+2 why does everyone keep doing this to me
Nov 28 22:01:14 <Glacon> Dawny: why does everyone keep doing this to me: 3 (4df+2=+, 0, -, +)
Nov 28 22:01:33 <PaulS_laptop> 4df+3 avoid flinching from breath odor, she must beat this
Nov 28 22:01:34 <Glacon> PaulS_laptop: avoid flinching from breath odor, she must beat this: 1 (4df+3=-, +, -, -)
Nov 28 22:01:39 <Artemis> Alex studies the woman intently, gathering an answer for Jason. "I'm Alexander."
Nov 28 22:01:44 <PaulS_laptop> well, it stinks, but it's not that rank
Nov 28 22:01:48 <Maddy> "C-curious, what a-are Pahlair on your world?"
Nov 28 22:02:17 <PaulS_laptop> "All this time you've known me, have I /ever/ fuckin bullshitted /anyone/"
Nov 28 22:02:20 <Dawny> "I've put up with a lot of things, but I won't deal with someone grabbing me. Let. Go."
Nov 28 22:02:39 <PaulS_laptop> "Answer my question."
Nov 28 22:03:13 <Dawny> "Let go of me, or I will hurt you."
Nov 28 22:03:48 <Adhelami> "Pah-lie-ear, they are those that drink of blood. They are usually inflicted with the disease of Pahlairriha— we help them with their needs. It is a difficult life." She nods.
Nov 28 22:03:50 <TexasBigfoot> "Abby."
Nov 28 22:04:44 <Artemis> "I want to thank you for being open with us, Abby, we get a lot of rough first-meetings." Alex nods to Jason the all-good nod.
Nov 28 22:05:26 <Maddy> "Damn nice of you." she smiles, giving Alex his space to do his thing. "H-here? T-they are creatures of myth, people write horror s-stories about them, s-so we can never be sure what's t-true and what's story. S-she seems…nce though.
Nov 28 22:05:38 <TexasBigfoot> "I can only imagine. I figure if I lied, you'f finmd out about it and I'd get shot. I'm not big on death."
Nov 28 22:05:51 <TexasBigfoot> you'd find out*))
Nov 28 22:05:54 <TexasBigfoot> ((sorry, cold.))
Nov 28 22:06:01 <PaulS_laptop> "You won't." he lets go of her with a shake. "An it'd be a bad idea to ever try. Here I am tryin' ta fuckin help and not be a total shitpile, and here you go. I try Jill, I really do, but you just don't fuckin get it. You're too busy wallowin' in self pity an' accusin' me of shit" exasperation.
Nov 28 22:06:27 <Adhelami> "They are not any different from you or I in personality. They were once viewed as monsters, but we know now that it is an ignorant view to have."
Nov 28 22:07:10 <Artemis> "Heh, yes. The honesty is appreciated." Alex smiles amiably. "What'cha doin' in this part of the world, anyway?"
Nov 28 22:07:22 <Maddy> "Let's hope that's something our w-worlds have in common, Dahn."
Nov 28 22:07:28 <TexasBigfoot> "Trying to wait this all out."
Nov 28 22:07:44 <TexasBigfoot> "My partner's dead, and the locals aren't very intrusive, so I figured.."
Nov 28 22:08:20 <Artemis> "Us too. They uh… said you're a vampire?"
Nov 28 22:08:54 <TexasBigfoot> "I am."
Nov 28 22:09:09 <TexasBigfoot> "Not a problem with that, is there? I figured I'm the only one on the island. Last I checked."
Nov 28 22:09:51 <Artemis> "We're a bunch of freaks ourselves, we just wanna make sure the cons of being a blood drinker aren't going to cause us trouble. How's the hunger for you?"
Nov 28 22:10:04 <Artemis> Alex speaks with the measure of a guy who knows what he's talking about.
Nov 28 22:10:05 <TexasBigfoot> "I've been getting by on animal blood."
Nov 28 22:10:05 * Doctor_Light (||tibbiM) has joined #afteraction
Nov 28 22:10:48 <Artemis> Alex nods, smiling quirking in one corner. "How bad does it suck-no-pun-intended?"
Nov 28 22:11:27 <Adhelami> "Vhen, that is rude." Adhelami puffs.
Nov 28 22:11:34 <Artemis> "Heh."
Nov 28 22:12:20 <TexasBigfoot> "I don't know, how much does it suck to be you?"
Nov 28 22:12:27 <TexasBigfoot> She lifted a challenging brow.
Nov 28 22:12:42 <Artemis> "I mean the animal blood. Compared to human blood."
Nov 28 22:12:48 <TexasBigfoot> "It's passable."
Nov 28 22:13:04 <TexasBigfoot> "Chickens, hogs, fish, rats, birds.. Monkeys.."
Nov 28 22:13:26 <Artemis> "Got an appetite for anything else?"
Nov 28 22:13:49 <TexasBigfoot> "Everything else tastes rotten."
Nov 28 22:13:59 <TexasBigfoot> "And comes back up an hour or so later."
Nov 28 22:14:12 <Tom90deg> "Do you drink Dramatic Pause wine?"
Nov 28 22:14:19 <TexasBigfoot> "..No."
Nov 28 22:15:14 <E4D> "What happens if ya don't get none?"
Nov 28 22:17:05 <TexasBigfoot> "Y- No what, no wine?"
Nov 28 22:17:24 <Artemis> "Blood."
Nov 28 22:17:26 <Adhelami> "Human blood is best, Vhen— At least I am sure." Adhelami then blinks.
Nov 28 22:17:48 <Artemis> "And how long can you go without it?"
Nov 28 22:18:56 <TexasBigfoot> "I once went a month without it. I got sickly and thin, to the point of a skeleton, and barely looked human anymore. Could only think about drinking."
Nov 28 22:19:07 <Artemis> Alex Hmms in thought. "Well, nice a lady as you seem to be, Jason has a point. I'd be worried about stranding you on a boat with us without taking a separate stock of blood with us. That's up to Jason of course. Hey, you could have whomever we kill or don't want anymore." Alex' brow and smile lift together with the bright offer.
Nov 28 22:19:20 <Maddy> "…Well."
Nov 28 22:19:22 <TexasBigfoot> "..I can simply just fish up something."
Nov 28 22:19:29 <TexasBigfoot> "Fish have blood."
Nov 28 22:19:35 <Artemis> Alex shrugs. "I mean, I've seen a starving vampire. I think you're too pretty for that."
Nov 28 22:19:50 <Maddy> "I've b-been keeping the blood rich offal from fish…out of habit for Midnight." she looks sad.
Nov 28 22:20:08 <E4D> "I can- Well, I don't know it's a good idea."
Nov 28 22:20:18 <E4D> …
Nov 28 22:20:21 <Adhelami> "Vhen. Stop flirting."
Nov 28 22:20:37 <TexasBigfoot> She holds up her ring finger. "Taken."
Nov 28 22:20:46 <Artemis> Alex looks at Adhelami with a brief carely smirk. "Not flirting, it's fact."
Nov 28 22:21:09 <TexasBigfoot> She looked to Jason. "I can understand your apprehension, but I'm not sure you'll need me. I'm not a gun expert. I'm .. an expert in other things."
Nov 28 22:21:11 <Artemis> Careless.
Nov 28 22:21:13 <Adhelami> "See, Vhen, she is a married woman! That is rash."
Nov 28 22:21:36 <Artemis> "I'm taken too, you know," Alex says, brow furrowing in mock offense.
Nov 28 22:21:58 <E4D> "Nah, I was gonna suggest something."
Nov 28 22:22:14 <Adhelami> "By who, you odd man??"
Nov 28 22:22:20 * Doctor_Light is now known as Light
Nov 28 22:22:28 <Artemis> "Taken… by the melody." 8| Alex sweeps up to Adhelami, taking her hands and waltzing away with her a short distance.
Nov 28 22:23:04 <Tom90deg> "Horrible Alex. Does that line actually work?"
Nov 28 22:23:07 <Maddy> "…" she snickers.
Nov 28 22:23:40 <Adhelami> Oh! More of this dancing! She picks up his foot work rather skillfully. "I have growing Andir for you, Vhen~" She says with feigned swooning.
Nov 28 22:23:41 <Artemis> "Which line do you mean," he calls to Zoe, twirling about with Adhelami on the deck.
Nov 28 22:24:06 <TexasBigfoot> "Suggest what?"
Nov 28 22:24:08 * Light walks up to the deck at this moment, notices someone new, and hangs back by the stairs a bit.
Nov 28 22:24:17 <Artemis> "Also, yes, look at it. It is magic in the making." Alex dips the girl.
Nov 28 22:24:24 <TexasBigfoot> She looked over to Jason. "Please don't stake me, set me on fire, or otherwise crush my day. I've already had a tough one."
Nov 28 22:24:42 <Adhelami> "Ah! Let us wed under the moon~~" Diipp~
Nov 28 22:25:03 <E4D> Jason looks over at Alice, then back to Abby. "What type do ya prefer? And I need a serious answer. How long can you safely go?"
Nov 28 22:25:31 <TexasBigfoot> "I've been on animal blood for eight months. I'm fine the way I am now. I can go safely about three months, I'd guess."
Nov 28 22:25:43 <TexasBigfoot> "But I fish every night."
Nov 28 22:26:11 <E4D> "Three months without feeding?"
Nov 28 22:26:41 <Artemis> "Fate has brought us together~~ -but then-….." Alex spins Adhelami away from him, and drifts away from her, settling into a melancholy kneel upon the deck, signifying the tragic seperation of andirehv lovers, as per custom.
Nov 28 22:27:27 <TexasBigfoot> "..Yep."
Nov 28 22:27:31 <Maddy> "Hmm."
Nov 28 22:27:43 <TexasBigfoot> "I'd be /very/ unhappy, though."
Nov 28 22:27:50 <Maddy> "But yeah get sick b-before that…"
Nov 28 22:28:03 <E4D> "Human blood do ya better?"
Nov 28 22:28:20 <Adhelami> Adhelami gasps and throws her hand over her eye, "BUT WHY?? I cannot live without you!— How about we are just friends, then?" She peeks through her fingers.
Nov 28 22:28:24 <TexasBigfoot> "Yes, but I'm not going to run around biting people willy-nilly. I have standards, and it's fucking scary being bitten, you know?"
Nov 28 22:28:26 <Light> "Predators can go for a long time without prey," Light says, walking over to the others and the new one. "And blood has a lot of nutrients."
Nov 28 22:28:44 <Artemis> Alex stands up and stuffs his hands into his pockets. "Yeah okay, that's cool."
Nov 28 22:28:56 <Tom90deg> "Am I allowed to come down to the dock now?"
Nov 28 22:29:07 <Maddy> "W-well we fish occasionally, and we'r not using the blood."
Nov 28 22:29:07 <Artemis> Alex wanders back over to the group with the vampire, professionalism returned.
Nov 28 22:29:12 <E4D> "Never said you couldn't come down."
Nov 28 22:29:31 <Tom90deg> "Better to ask, you know?"
Nov 28 22:29:31 <E4D> He looks to Alice, leaning over to whisper something.
Nov 28 22:29:40 <Adhelami> Adhelami follows, completely professional Kehlvonia.
Nov 28 22:29:44 <Tom90deg> Zoe heads on down to the dock.
Nov 28 22:29:49 <Adhelami> Kehlvonian*
Nov 28 22:29:57 <Tom90deg> "Hi Abby. I'm Zoe."
Nov 28 22:30:05 <TexasBigfoot> She waved. "Pleasure."
Nov 28 22:31:33 <Maddy> "W-well…we could s-ee who would be ok w-with…volunteering?"
Nov 28 22:31:37 <Maddy> she says to Jason
Nov 28 22:32:17 <Tom90deg> "So, You're a vampire? I knew one a while back. Nice guy."
Nov 28 22:32:25 <Light> "Do you ever eat anything other then blood?" Light asks. "I also knew a vampire once, but it would kill for the occasional dram of marrow."
Nov 28 22:32:30 <Light> "Well, I say kill. Figuratively."
Nov 28 22:32:34 <Adhelami> "I am ok!"
Nov 28 22:32:40 <Adhelami> Adhelami raises her hand!
Nov 28 22:32:48 <TexasBigfoot> "We tend to put on nice faces for certain reasons. I don't eat anything other than blood."
Nov 28 22:33:24 <Artemis> Alex shakes his head, "Addie, that uh… not sure if that's a good idea."
Nov 28 22:33:41 <Adhelami> "Why? I want to help her." Puff.
Nov 28 22:33:46 * Light nods. "Uh, pardon me. Sophia." She extends a hand.
Nov 28 22:33:53 <Maddy> "W-we dont know if your b-blood would be…complatible."
Nov 28 22:33:57 <Artemis> "You're bloods a little off from ours." He shrugs.
Nov 28 22:34:07 <E4D> "I can. I'm a big guy. Few cc's here and there ain't gonna hurt me."
Nov 28 22:34:10 <Adhelami> "Well maybe it tastes like cookies!! >:C"
Nov 28 22:34:15 <Dawny> Jillian would do it, everyone should know that.
Nov 28 22:34:23 <Artemis> "We'll see."
Nov 28 22:34:50 <Maddy> Alice smiles at Adhelami. "I'd b-be willing to share a little."
Nov 28 22:34:53 <TexasBigfoot> "..I'm not just a vampire."
Nov 28 22:35:00 <TexasBigfoot> "I can help protect your boat."
Nov 28 22:35:08 <Maddy> "Oh?"
Nov 28 22:35:14 <PaulS_laptop> John wouldn't give much of a damn about it, if she needed a drink. Hell, it might even count as body damage?
Nov 28 22:35:15 <Maddy> Alice is le interest
Nov 28 22:35:22 <Artemis> "Please tell me you're a werew- Ah, good, yes, of course.
Nov 28 22:35:24 <Nioki> Alanoch chooses that moment to walk over.
Nov 28 22:35:42 <TexasBigfoot> "..Magical wards. Etch them into the side of the hull and nothing intangible can get inside, and some tangible threats could be repelled."
Nov 28 22:35:47 <Tom90deg> "I don't think you can be a vampire AND a werewolf."
Nov 28 22:35:48 <TexasBigfoot> "Demons /hate/ that shit."
Nov 28 22:36:00 <Artemis> "Actually, we're in need of that."
Nov 28 22:36:03 <TexasBigfoot> "..Werewolves exist?"
Nov 28 22:36:10 <Tom90deg> "Hm…That would've been useful…"
Nov 28 22:36:11 <Maddy> "Who knows. Probably."
Nov 28 22:36:22 <Adhelami> "Waao!" Adhelami blinks, "She is, ah, a mage!"
Nov 28 22:36:31 <Tom90deg> "Never met em, but we had a talking cat, a plant girl and a ghost."
Nov 28 22:36:44 <Maddy> "A-and a talking dog."
Nov 28 22:37:36 <TexasBigfoot> "..Not a mage."
Nov 28 22:37:48 <Light> "Sounds like you do magic."
Nov 28 22:37:53 <Maddy> "S-so how would we do this? Keep some b-blood in a s-seperate fridge for her?"
Nov 28 22:38:23 <Nioki> He look to be somewhere in his mid to late teens, with lightish brown hair and extremely clear grey eyes. He looks the newcomer up and down, memorizing her appearance.
Nov 28 22:38:24 <Artemis> "Might want to scavenge some extra containers for it."
Nov 28 22:38:30 <Tom90deg> "How long does blood keep?"
Nov 28 22:38:58 <Tom90deg> "And becides, if we want to be completly honest, i'm sure someone will come across us, try to start some shit, and then we'll have LOTS of blood."
Nov 28 22:39:12 <TexasBigfoot> "..In this state of the world? It's likely."
Nov 28 22:39:23 <TexasBigfoot> "Not that I've ever killed someone for blood. Certainly not."
Nov 28 22:39:38 <Light> "Long time if you freeze it. It's doable."
Nov 28 22:39:48 <Artemis> "Some of us have done worse things for worse reasons."
Nov 28 22:39:52 <E4D> Jason has a sudden terrifying though.
Nov 28 22:39:58 <Maddy> Ohno!
Nov 28 22:40:07 <E4D> His eyes go wide and he backs up a *considerable* distance.
Nov 28 22:40:16 <Light> She glances at Alice and Jason, but addresses Abby as she asks, "Are you staying with us?"
Nov 28 22:40:23 <E4D> "How does it spread?"
Nov 28 22:40:25 <TexasBigfoot> "It's up to you guys."
Nov 28 22:40:34 <Maddy> "…haden't thought of that…"
Nov 28 22:40:35 <TexasBigfoot> "..It spreads by me draining your blood and feeding you mine."
Nov 28 22:40:38 <Artemis> "Valid question from the Captain."
Nov 28 22:40:40 <Maddy> "Oh."
Nov 28 22:40:41 <TexasBigfoot> "..Extremely unlikely of happening."
Nov 28 22:41:15 <Maddy> "That's not so bad."
Nov 28 22:41:17 * Light shrugs and nods.
Nov 28 22:41:18 <Tom90deg> "How are you with crosses and whatnot?"
Nov 28 22:41:28 <E4D> "I'm gonna need more than that. Completely drained, what?" Jason glances at Alex.
Nov 28 22:41:37 <Nioki> Alanoch lets a few threads of pure darkness appear around his head. The drift along slowly, corkscrewing.
Nov 28 22:41:47 <TexasBigfoot> "Completely."
Nov 28 22:41:59 <Artemis> Alex gives the all-cool nod again. He would be around if he knew differently.
Nov 28 22:42:03 <TexasBigfoot> "It takes like, three days to do it."
Nov 28 22:42:24 <TexasBigfoot> "And.. I'm not big on creating /more/ of me. I already dislike myself."
Nov 28 22:43:17 <Tom90deg> "You don't seem so bad."
Nov 28 22:43:44 <TexasBigfoot> "Two vampires in a boat, one with no self control and hungry, the other having to put up with the other and cover his tracks?"
Nov 28 22:43:45 <E4D> "All right." Jason takes a deep breath and sighs, gesturing at the gangway.
Nov 28 22:43:50 <TexasBigfoot> "No thanks."
Nov 28 22:43:56 <TexasBigfoot> Abby stepped up the gangway.
Nov 28 22:44:06 <Tom90deg> "So, how are you with crosses and garlic?"
Nov 28 22:44:11 <TexasBigfoot> "I .. have a place I keep some things. I need them."
Nov 28 22:44:22 <Nioki> Alanoch stands at the railing next to the gangway, watching.
Nov 28 22:44:24 <Artemis> "Zoe, don't be racist." Hes probably joking.
Nov 28 22:44:28 <Maddy> "W-we can get them I'm sure."
Nov 28 22:44:31 <TexasBigfoot> "..Crosses only work with true faith, and you can hardly find that these days. Garlic is best on pizza."
Nov 28 22:44:37 <Tom90deg> Zoe heads up the gangway as well. "Just wondering. Todd didn't care about any of that stuff."
Nov 28 22:44:40 <Nioki> "What about light?"
Nov 28 22:44:51 <TexasBigfoot> "Light's fine. There's lights on the ship, right?"
Nov 28 22:45:00 <Light> "I daresay."
Nov 28 22:45:16 <Maddy> "W-what about UV?"
Nov 28 22:45:37 <TexasBigfoot> "Sunlight kind of ..causes me to burst, and what's left melts into a sticky, bloody mess that's impossible to get out of clothing and stains everything it touches. And smells like shit."
Nov 28 22:45:48 <TexasBigfoot> "..Going off of what happened to the guy who created me, of course."
Nov 28 22:45:51 <Maddy> "Good to know."
Nov 28 22:45:58 <TexasBigfoot> "UV is sunlight."
Nov 28 22:46:04 <Maddy> Alice makes a face like "Ugh that was not good to know"
Nov 28 22:46:38 <TexasBigfoot> "Though a torch and electricity arc will kill me if I'm nearby, I think. It's the light and radiation."
Nov 28 22:46:43 <Nioki> "You should probably keep very far from me at any time there is danger or any other call for me to use my abilities."
Nov 28 22:47:00 <TexasBigfoot> "I have protective clothing that protects me."
Nov 28 22:47:29 <Nioki> "One would imagine that protective clothing would do such, yes, but my advice still stands."
Nov 28 22:47:40 <TexasBigfoot> "Understood."
Nov 28 22:47:46 <Maddy> "Hmm, yeah, A-alanoch here is like…a lazer wizard."
Nov 28 22:48:11 <Adhelami> "He makes the white BOOM!" Adhelami laughs as she ends up on the deck
Nov 28 22:48:28 <E4D> "He generated a UV laser powerful enough to etch a crater into the moon."
Nov 28 22:48:28 <Nioki> "I have control over light. This will often result in variable electromagnetic radiation in my immediate vicinity."
Nov 28 22:48:50 <TexasBigfoot> "If I suddenly burst into flames, just put me out before I ash, okay?"
Nov 28 22:49:07 <Maddy> "Will do.
Nov 28 22:49:10 <E4D> Disregard, then
Nov 28 22:49:15 <Maddy> "S'only p-polite"
Nov 28 22:49:53 <Tom90deg> "Can you regen if you do get ashed? You know, pour blood on the ashes or something?"
Nov 28 22:50:50 <TexasBigfoot> "Nope."
Nov 28 22:50:54 <TexasBigfoot> "Dead is dead."
Nov 28 22:51:18 <Tom90deg> "Another piece of lore proved false."
Nov 28 22:51:37 <TexasBigfoot> "I -really- don't want to test it."
Nov 28 22:52:02 <Tom90deg> "That makes ence
Nov 28 22:52:14 <Light> "Mythology rarely gets /everything/ right."
Nov 28 22:52:46 <Maddy> "S-so, shall we get your things?"
Nov 28 22:53:28 <TexasBigfoot> "Up to the cap'n."
Nov 28 22:53:42 <E4D> Jason nods at the gangway.
Nov 28 22:53:55 <E4D> "Get this packed in before midnight."
Nov 28 22:54:03 <Nioki> "I have read a theory that suggests Vampirism is actually a rare, mutated form of cutaneous porphyria."
Nov 28 22:55:16 <Tom90deg> "I think Todd was some kind of muntant, but I never asked."
Nov 28 22:55:22 <Nioki> He doesn't say it to anyone in particular, and wanders off along the deck almost immediately after speaking.
Nov 28 22:55:39 <Maddy> Alice isn't sure what's going on, everyone is talking and she's confused.
Nov 28 22:56:35 <Adhelami> Adhelami has already wandered off below deck. Hum hum hum~
Nov 28 22:57:11 <Tom90deg> "Anywho, my trick is I can teleport."
Nov 28 22:57:34 <Artemis> Alex followed Adhelami for at least a short distance
Nov 28 22:58:39 <Maddy> "S-so, Abby, lead the w-way?"
Nov 28 23:00:08 <PaulS_laptop> John(and presumably Jill) walk into the Mess
Nov 28 23:01:29 <TexasBigfoot> "It's about nineteen miles away."
Nov 28 23:01:41 <Dawny> Yes. Jillian is with him. She gets t3ea and goddamn coffee.
Nov 28 23:01:47 <TexasBigfoot> "Beach house next to a rocky beach."
Nov 28 23:01:56 <Maddy> "Jesus…ok, Jason, you wanna come?"
Nov 28 23:02:34 <Tom90deg> "Long hike."
Nov 28 23:03:10 <E4D> "…"
Nov 28 23:03:16 <E4D> "We can hit that up tomorrow."
Nov 28 23:03:19 <Light> "It's on a beach? Couldn't you take this boat or steal another?"
Nov 28 23:03:25 <TexasBigfoot> "That's what I thought. Tommorow is best."
Nov 28 23:03:50 <Maddy> Alice nods and heads back on board
Nov 28 23:04:02 <E4D> "I'm not sendin' people out into another, even less familiar location in the middle of the night, unprepped. That's askin' for trouble."
Nov 28 23:04:15 <TexasBigfoot> "Smart man." Abby made her way below deck.