Kidnapped!: Aftermath

Mar 07 22:45:29 <Liebe> There is a sound like a sigh of leaves rustling, and a number of familiar faces simply appear just outside of the hotel, boots, shoes, and stalks lightly touching down from a short height.
Mar 07 22:45:47 * Lilah is now known as Adhelami
Mar 07 22:46:11 <Artemis> Artemis looks around, calmly assessing the new surroundings.
Mar 07 22:46:15 <Maddy> Alice, still on the roof looks down with erh rifle.
Mar 07 22:46:19 <Adhelami> "Are we sure this is where they are..?" Adhelami blinks.
Mar 07 22:46:31 <Dexanote> The Chainshank breathes. "Thissis it, yeh."
Mar 07 22:46:59 <Dexanote> It looks at one hand; the fingertips are turning grey. "Not good at tha time thing."
Mar 07 22:47:01 <Maddy> «Jason. They're back…and they brought Shank…or S-shank brought them.»
Mar 07 22:47:28 <E4D> «WHAT.» There's a clatter from the LAV. «*WHERE*.»
Mar 07 22:47:41 <Liebe> Line blinks wearily and inhales, hands in his pocket as he looks around.
Mar 07 22:47:42 <PaulS_worktop1> «Shank's back?»
Mar 07 22:47:58 <PaulS_worktop1> John looks out a window with his rifle
Mar 07 22:48:00 <Maddy> «Out front. G-got them in my sites. Unfamilliar face with them. E-everyone seems unharmed.»
Mar 07 22:48:29 <Ragazzo> Lance blinks, in his room, and pulls himself out of bed. Grabs -both- his swords, and pulls somnethings together, shrugging into hsi coat. Heads outside.
Mar 07 22:48:38 <Maddy> 4df+4 Percep to ranged. Alice doesn't think shits going to go down, but it never hurts to be prepared.
Mar 07 22:48:39 <CROM> Maddy: Percep to ranged. Alice doesn't think shits going to go down, but it never hurts to be prepared.: 2 (4df+4=0, -, 0, -)
Mar 07 22:48:43 <PaulS_worktop1> «Cover me»
Mar 07 22:48:43 <Maddy> aaaand she sucks
Mar 07 22:48:49 <Adhelami> Adhelami goes and places a hand on Line's shoulder, "Do you feel ok?"
Mar 07 22:49:03 <Artemis> "They're going to want your head, demon, beware," Artemis warns.
Mar 07 22:49:04 <PaulS_worktop1> John piles together his gear and heads outside to meet them.
Mar 07 22:49:04 <Dexanote> It straightens up, turning to glare directly at Alice on the roof. "Well they know yor home."
Mar 07 22:49:21 <Dexanote> Its cloak begins to crumble.
Mar 07 22:49:32 <Liebe> "Air is weird. Natural." He sniffs. "Not used to it." He looks at Adhelami and smiles softly.
Mar 07 22:49:40 <Ragazzo> Lance meanders out the front, and watches, standing out of the doorway. He waves at the group.
Mar 07 22:50:01 <Dexanote> The scarecrow looks at Artemis. "… Now… our deal."
Mar 07 22:50:12 <Adhelami> Adhelami blinks and looks up, "…Deal?"
Mar 07 22:50:18 <Artemis> "Soon. We have things to do first."
Mar 07 22:50:34 <Dexanote> "'m sure we do."
Mar 07 22:50:40 <PaulS_worktop1> «You guys still got yer radios on?»
Mar 07 22:50:45 <E4D> Jason emerges from the of the LAV a couple moments later, looking around wildly left to right in search of the scarecrow.
Mar 07 22:50:52 <Adhelami> "Lehlna, are you sure this is what you want..?"
Mar 07 22:52:42 <Dexanote> The scarecrow is somewhat hunched over, covered in a rapidly crumbling cloth. Its pumpkin glow flickers. "… Oi. OI. RABBITFACE. ALICE. WHAT DAY IS IT?" He shouts up to the roof.
Mar 07 22:52:46 <Artemis> Artemis nods with certainty. "It is, Lehlna." He looks around for the inevitable appearance of Jason and the rest, looking to slay the Chainshank.
Mar 07 22:53:07 <Maddy> "M-march 7th!"
Mar 07 22:53:56 <Adhelami> "Where is Sehlvi Tau..?"
Mar 07 22:53:59 <Dexanote> "Hrh." He looks at his stiffening arm. "Well that explains it…"
Mar 07 22:54:15 <PaulS_worktop1> «Tau, you got visitors» John is roughly half way there
Mar 07 22:54:32 <Artemis> "We'll find her as soon as we prevent zhe ozhers from destroying our temporary ally."
Mar 07 22:55:21 <E4D> «Get away from the scarecrow! What's he doing here?»
Mar 07 22:55:27 <Dexanote> "Y'know, Artemis. I hope you die of zombies." 4 Body.
Mar 07 22:56:00 <Artemis> "I hope you find what you are looking for in life, demon," Artemis contradicts unexpectedly.
Mar 07 22:56:21 <Dexanote> 4df+5 Ath. Shank reaches with his still-green hand, grabbing at Adhelami's throat. "I'll jus' take thissas collateral." Anybody can step in however they want.
Mar 07 22:56:22 <CROM> Dexanote: Ath. Shank reaches with his still-green hand, grabbing at Adhelami's throat. "I'll jus' take thissas collateral." Anybody can step in however they want.: 4 (4df+5=-, 0, +, -)
Mar 07 22:56:57 <Artemis> 4df+7 Soul Mate
Mar 07 22:56:57 <CROM> Artemis: Soul Mate: 8 (4df+7=+, 0, +, -)
Mar 07 22:57:05 <Maddy> 4df+4 Alice takes the shot
Mar 07 22:57:06 <CROM> Maddy: Alice takes the shot: 3 (4df+4=-, +, -, 0)
Mar 07 22:57:17 <Adhelami> "A-AHH!!" Adhelami screams out, flinching away from Shank's hand.
Mar 07 22:57:18 <Artemis> One moment
Mar 07 22:57:22 <Liebe> Tau is already rushing out towards Artemis, spares a hug for him, and then Adhelami. Artemis explains the situation to her because fuck typing all that out and oh jeez
Mar 07 22:57:42 <PaulS_worktop1> 4df+7 And The Answer Is A Gun. John opens fire with the M82A4, hoping for a clear shot on the chain without hitting any of the friendlies
Mar 07 22:57:43 <CROM> PaulS_worktop1: And The Answer Is A Gun. John opens fire with the M82A4, hoping for a clear shot on the chain without hitting any of the friendlies: 10 (4df+7=+, +, +, 0)
Mar 07 22:58:04 <Dexanote> Artemis, then Alice, then John, describe. react to the one before you.
Mar 07 23:00:25 <Artemis> Artemis was going to step forward to confront Jason, but reacts to the creaking of plantflesh, pivoting on his heel. He kicks out with a foot at Shank's knee to stagger the scarecrow, and grabs hold of its outstretching arm by the 'wrist', and slams his other palm into the joint, breaking off the arm entirely and shoving the demon away.
Mar 07 23:00:47 <Artemis> "Do NOT touch her," he roars furiously.
Mar 07 23:02:07 <Maddy> Alice takes a shot at the scarecows big, dumb, pumpkiny head, doing her best not to shoot Artemis or Adhelami in the mean time
Mar 07 23:02:17 <Dexanote> The scarecrow stumbles back, cackling. The arm crumbles to charcoal in Artemis's hands. "Yor such a human."
Mar 07 23:02:40 <Artemis> "Do not turn zhis into a fight you cannot win, beast," Artemis growls, shaking the dust from his hands. "I was going to -protect- you from zhem."
Mar 07 23:03:27 <E4D> Jason arrives, readying his rifle, not pointing it at anyone, and waiting for the situation to settle.
Mar 07 23:03:42 <PaulS_worktop1> "Everybody, get the FUCK DOWN"
Mar 07 23:03:58 <Dexanote> Alice's bullet rips clean through Shank's chest, the hole growing bigger with rot. John's magdump severs the scarecrow clean in half.
Mar 07 23:04:24 <Adhelami> Adhelami has taken to clinging to Line's sleeve, because it's a whole lot better than clinging to rather mobile Artemis.
Mar 07 23:04:35 <Ragazzo> Lance watches curiously, flipping through a journal, but does not, in fact, get down at John' shout. He just waits, leaning against the wall.
Mar 07 23:04:41 <Artemis> "And I would still do so," he mutters bitterly. "Zhat is what you fail to unzherstand."
Mar 07 23:04:41 <Dexanote> The legs crumble, but the upper torso and arm laugh. "Thissisn't a perennial, Rusty."
Mar 07 23:05:48 <E4D> The Marine kneels slowly, raising a palm, hand flat, and waves it rapidly. "EVERYONE! CHECK FUCKING FIRE! CHECK FIRE!"
Mar 07 23:06:09 <PaulS_worktop1> "Fuck you"
Mar 07 23:06:14 <Liebe> Line looks down at Shank with a :| face. "Not very bright, are you?"
Mar 07 23:06:16 <PaulS_worktop1> John advances on Shank
Mar 07 23:06:37 <Dexanote> It collapses, the lights fading. All that remains are some bits of charcoal and some rusted metal.
Mar 07 23:06:41 <E4D> "JOHN! Settle down, man, and back the hell off."
Mar 07 23:06:45 <Maddy> «Situation, hun?»
Mar 07 23:07:08 <E4D> «Shank just… turned to dust.»
Mar 07 23:07:13 <Artemis> Artemis curses lowly in french.
Mar 07 23:07:18 <Liebe> He shrugs and pats Adhelami on the head. Tau looks slightly confused.
Mar 07 23:07:32 <PaulS_worktop1> "Y'all alright?"
Mar 07 23:07:53 <Adhelami> "He was helping us…" Adhelami frowns, unaware of the 'deal' Art and Shank has made.
Mar 07 23:07:55 <Adhelami> had*
Mar 07 23:08:20 <Liebe> "His metal did not sing like it usually does." She hmms.
Mar 07 23:08:45 <Artemis> The monk heaves a frustrated sigh and turns to face the others. "We're leaving," he announces.
Mar 07 23:08:46 <Artemis> "We've come for out sings, and for Tau."
Mar 07 23:08:53 <Artemis> Our. Our sings.
Mar 07 23:10:21 <E4D> "Why the hell would you make a deal with it?"
Mar 07 23:10:48 <E4D> DURR
Mar 07 23:10:56 <E4D> Redact
Mar 07 23:11:44 <Liebe> "We're leaving?"
Mar 07 23:12:21 <Adhelami> Adhelami moves over to Tau, and puts an arm around hers, "We have a direct way to France…"
Mar 07 23:12:46 <Artemis> "Our friend here is taking us," Artemis nods. "I am sorry but zhis convoy is not safe."
Mar 07 23:13:09 <E4D> "And you know where you're headed *is*?"
Mar 07 23:13:25 <E4D> "You think you're safer dealin' with *SHANK*?":
Mar 07 23:13:54 <Artemis> "It's no longer business of yours, Jason Dodridge. We will take our own risks."
Mar 07 23:14:14 <Artemis> "Excuse me, I must get my sings, assuming zhat you've kept zhem." He looks at Tau.
Mar 07 23:14:32 <E4D> «Alice? You readin' this?»
Mar 07 23:15:03 <PaulS_worktop1> "Y'all got room fer one more?"
Mar 07 23:15:18 <Maddy> «Yeah, I got Zoe t-to pack their things. S-should be in the trailer.»
Mar 07 23:15:53 <Liebe> "I was worried," she says quietly.
Mar 07 23:16:22 <Adhelami> "I am sorry for our rather abrupt leave…" Adhelami gives a sad little nod-bow, "Lehlna feels it is safer to go directly to our destination. It is still dangerous, but there is less danger in the middle."
Mar 07 23:16:27 <Adhelami> "If that makes any sense…"
Mar 07 23:16:31 <Ragazzo> Lance looks at Alice and Jason. Then at Art and company.
Mar 07 23:16:33 <Artemis> Artemis looks at John sternly. "We're going to France to fight a war. If you come wizh us, you leave your wickedness behind and become a man I, and Adyelami, know to be better zhan you are."
Mar 07 23:17:21 <PaulS_worktop1> "If yer goin' to France to right in a war, yer gonna need more fighters'n you've got. Count me in."
Mar 07 23:17:29 <PaulS_worktop1> He nods and extends a hand to Artie
Mar 07 23:17:38 <Ragazzo> "Good bye, Alice, Jason. Tell the others the same." He approaches Artemis. "I don't suppose you'd mind if I joined you? WAr's need doctors. And I did promise you my help once."
Mar 07 23:17:40 <E4D> "You're leavin' us, John?"
Mar 07 23:17:50 <Artemis> Artemis looks at the hand, then back up at the huge man. "Leave your trophies behind."
Mar 07 23:17:59 <Artemis> He mean the scalps.
Mar 07 23:18:10 <E4D> Jason's glance flicks over to Lance. "And you too?"
Mar 07 23:18:20 <Adhelami> Adhelami looks at Tau, speaking to her quietly…
Mar 07 23:18:26 <Ragazzo> "It's a historical imperative sort of thing."
Mar 07 23:18:40 <Ragazzo> "Sorry. To be fair, you'll likely be better off without me."
Mar 07 23:19:15 <Maddy> «…»
Mar 07 23:19:18 <Liebe> Tau leans down and hugs Adhelami very tightly. "You are alright, and that is all I care about, you silly woman."
Mar 07 23:19:45 <PaulS_worktop1> He pulls the scalps off the belt and passes them to Jason. "Looks like I really *won't* be around too much longer." A smirk. Jason should know what he means.
Mar 07 23:19:57 <Adhelami> Adhelami smiles and hugs her back tightly.
Mar 07 23:20:25 <Artemis> The monk shakes the burned and scarred hand of John Williamson before pullign away to go fetch their things from the trailer.
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Mar 07 23:21:11 <Adhelami> "…Lehlna has been a bit sharp lately. My being gone has worn on him quite a bit…"
Mar 07 23:21:48 <Liebe> "…He was very worried and angry."
Mar 07 23:21:58 <PaulS_worktop1> "Y'all been alright?"
Mar 07 23:22:10 <PaulS_worktop1> "Also" he turns to Jason again "I'm takin' my ordnance"
Mar 07 23:22:18 <Maddy> «Well, s-sad to see you go, but I know you g-guys had plans for France. A s-short cut ain't so bad.»
Mar 07 23:23:31 <PaulS_worktop1> John turns and heads out, bundling up the demolitions supplies they gained from Mac.
Mar 07 23:23:35 <Adhelami> "You will see us again in France, and we will welcome all of you with open arms into the new Church." Adhelami smiles brightly.
Mar 07 23:24:33 <Maddy> «If we g-get that far…g-good luck.»
Mar 07 23:24:57 <Artemis> From the trailer, Artemis takes up a radio. «It is so very dangerous for you all here. I have too much to lose now. I wish you all zhe best fortune.» He starts to trot back to Adhelami and the others laden with their bags and such.
Mar 07 23:25:29 <PaulS_worktop1> John returns as well, laden with demolitions, ammunition and grenades
Mar 07 23:25:37 <Maddy> «Dangerous e-everywhere, dude.»
Mar 07 23:25:48 <Liebe> Line takes a step back and pulls out that awful reaver of a knife. It's a serrated combat version, as it usually is in Line's nonstressed hands. He spins it briefly before drawing it down through mid-air.
Mar 07 23:25:49 <PaulS_worktop1> "Didn't know if you had enough 12ga." he passes a can to Art
Mar 07 23:25:50 <E4D> Jason watches him as he steps back past him, rifle now cradled in his arms. "Gonna have to leave some of that."
Mar 07 23:26:06 <PaulS_worktop1> "Ain't takin' it all."
Mar 07 23:26:10 <Artemis> «I'd razher not face dangers on zhe ozher side of zhe world from where I belong,» Artemis replies.
Mar 07 23:26:38 <Maddy> Alice waves from the roof. She's said her bit.
Mar 07 23:27:06 <Liebe> He sniffs, nothing apparently happening, and then reaches a hand through the space where the cut was. Hand goes through and disappears. He grunts and withdraws.
Mar 07 23:27:13 <Adhelami> "Thank you for letting us stay with you, Vhen." She nod-bows to Jason.
Mar 07 23:27:23 <Adhelami> She then turns to look at Line, "Vhen, what are you doing..?"
Mar 07 23:27:45 <E4D> He nods back to Adhelami. "Only right."
Mar 07 23:28:13 <Ragazzo> Lance wanders to his room, then back out, carrying some scant medical supplies, and his belongings in a duffel bag. Not much there. Pauses by artemis. "You are ok with me coming, aren't you?"Mar 07 23:28:41 <Liebe> "Cutting," is all he answers. He pockets the knife again before he turns. "Ready when you are."
Mar 07 23:28:46 <Artemis> Artemis sets the things down by the others and nods up at Lance. "If zhat is what you wish."
Mar 07 23:29:12 <PaulS_worktop1> «Good workin' with y'all. Look me up in Texas some time.»
Mar 07 23:29:31 <Ragazzo> "There's people in france I am supposed to meet. Some of them I even look orward to seeing."
Mar 07 23:30:04 <Artemis> He turns to Jason. "Sank you for your hospitality zhese months. I trust we will meet again some day." He offers a hand.
Mar 07 23:30:15 <Artemis> WARRIOR HAND EMBRACE: ENGAGE
Mar 07 23:30:57 <E4D> He takes it and gives it a firm shake, nodding slowly, not really sure what to say.
Mar 07 23:31:58 <PaulS_worktop1> John turns to face Jason, offering his hand when Art finishes.
Mar 07 23:33:28 <Artemis> Artemis turns away to join Adhelami and Tau.
Mar 07 23:34:07 <PaulS_worktop1> John steps off
Mar 07 23:34:46 <E4D> Jason catches his hand and shakes it as he steps off. "Take care of yourself JOhn."
Mar 07 23:35:09 <Ragazzo> Lance waits for john and jason to finish up.
Mar 07 23:35:22 <Liebe> "This way." Line waves forward and walks into empty space, disappearing halfway through some invisible window before he turns back to look.
Mar 07 23:36:24 <Adhelami> Adhelami tears up a little… Whew… "Ah… Well… Thank you all so much…"
Mar 07 23:37:12 <Ragazzo> "Jason, stay the hell away from africa if you can?"
Mar 07 23:38:25 <Adhelami> "I am not very good at these sort of goodbyes." She sniffs, "I hope to see you all again. I am sure Line can help if we must. Tell all the other Vhen goodbye." Wiping her eyes, she suddenly turns and follows Line with a swiftness because if she stays any longer… well…
Mar 07 23:38:55 <PaulS_worktop1> "If yer ever down in Texas, look me up, Jason."
Mar 07 23:39:16 <PaulS_worktop1> John walks over to the cut, waiting for Lance, Art, etc. to go through first
Mar 07 23:39:47 <Ragazzo> He nods lightly at jason, then hustles off without waiting for a reply.
Mar 07 23:40:26 <E4D> "Try not to kill them."
Mar 07 23:44:03 <PaulS_worktop1> John steps through wordlessly
Mar 07 23:44:06 <Artemis> Artemis takes Adhelami's hand and leads her through the warp.
Mar 07 23:46:16 <Liebe> As they go through, Line pauses for a moment, twists his head over his shoulder, and stiffly flips the Shankpile the bird.
Mar 07 23:46:41 <Maddy> «Who was that guy even?»
Mar 07 23:46:42 <Liebe> And then turns and disappears last.