Kidnapped!: Captive

Feb 19 20:50:35 <Liebe> When Adhelami wakes up, she will be in the dark, a heavy cold weight clamped around each of her legs.
Feb 19 20:51:40 <Adhelami> The white-haired girl wakes up with a start, gasping and looking around, "Lehlna..??"
Feb 19 20:53:50 * Adhelami tries to stand or move… then notes her feet weighed down. She groans, looking up and around in the cold place. She breaths heavily, and begins to tear up, "…Adrien? Somebody..?" She speaks pathetically in her haze.
Feb 19 20:54:36 <Liebe> Nope. Dark. She's on a feather bed, bright red and white sheets and pillows visible even in the darkness. A bit of moonlight comes from a window to her left. Somewhere close, beyond depth perception, a door opens and shuts.
Feb 19 20:58:01 <Adhelami> Adhelami sits there for a moment, het gut wrenching and dropping with fear. She chokes out a little sob and breaks into tears. Is it ever safe anymore? If she ever, ever gets back, she'll never be leaving Artemis' side again…
Feb 19 21:01:25 <Liebe> The white masked man ignites a gas lantern a few feet away from her with a match and then places it in a stand, flicking light going over the room. There's a carpet, and a bookshelf, but not much else besides the window is in the room. The irons and chains saround her ankles appear to exit into a circular hole in a corner, allowing her freedom to move about
Feb 19 21:01:39 <Liebe> to move about the room but little else.
Feb 19 21:02:59 <Adhelami> She gasps and squeaks out a noise of fear, bringing her hands to her mouth and backing away on the bed.
Feb 19 21:05:19 <Liebe> "Sorry," he says, muffled. He shuffles away from her. "They took away my presence, and, well, er…" He stops, realizing this is grossly inappros and stupid.
Feb 19 21:06:08 <Adhelami> She is merely crying and staring at him with fear, for at least a good moment, "…W-What??"
Feb 19 21:06:35 <Adhelami> "Why did you take me away from… from…" She huffs, her breath caught in her throat.
Feb 19 21:07:29 <Liebe> "Sorry, sorry…" He steps away, back towards the door, vaguely cloaked in shadow, hiding his body almost completely.
Feb 19 21:08:05 <Adhelami> "Why a-are you apologizing, just give me an Answer..!" She wipes her eye.
Feb 19 21:09:53 <Liebe> He shifts a little bit, his body uncomfortably thin, as if he could turn sideways and disappear. "The people who own me made me take you because they…have an interest in your…uhm, people, I suppose…"
Feb 19 21:10:52 <Adhelami> "…Will I ever get to see Adrien again..?" She asks, then, sadly.
Feb 19 21:11:46 <Liebe> "I don't know who that is," he offers, sounding almost depressed himself.
Feb 19 21:12:54 <Adhelami> "A man back where I was from that I love very, very dearly…" She wipes her cheeks. At least he's nice-seeming.
Feb 19 21:14:04 <Liebe> He's quiet for a long time. "Maybe…I'm the only one they've ever kept, but…"
Feb 19 21:15:59 <Adhelami> "…Thank you for at least entertaining the thought for me…" She sniffles, "I'm sorry…"
Feb 19 21:18:40 <Liebe> He rubs faintly at his own neck, though she can't see this. "They'll probably be here shortly. I can kinda feel them movin' around."
Feb 19 21:19:11 <Adhelami> "…What do they want with me..?"
Feb 19 21:20:58 <Liebe> "They're, ah, changers…they like to make people different. There was a lady here for awhile, I think, time is funny - but she's…well, she's half snake now."
Feb 19 21:21:16 * Adhelami gasps and suddenly breaks into tears again…
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Feb 19 21:26:19 <Adhelami> She buries her face in her hands and shakes her head… "No no no… Adrien…"
Feb 19 21:30:50 <Liebe> "I'm sorry, uh…I'll be, just over here, in the corner, if you need anything…" He whispers sadly and stands over there. It's a little too dark to see him, and the young man really doesn't have much of a presence.
Feb 19 21:34:03 <Adhelami> "I-I… I'm sorry… C-Company is b-better than none…"
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Feb 19 21:35:31 <Liebe> "I understand…I was, pretty much like you when they got me, so, uhm."
Feb 19 21:37:50 <Adhelami> She tries to control her crying again, "…I am Adhelami…" She says softly, sniffling.
Feb 19 21:39:45 <Liebe> "Ah. I'm, uh, well, they call me Line, because of the whole cutting away thing. I think my name before was Craig - doesn't matter. Sorry we had to meet like this, Adhelami." He's obviously unused to conversation.
Feb 19 21:40:16 <Adhelami> "I-It's ok…" She huffs with sorrow.
Feb 19 21:44:12 <Liebe> "I, uh…" He shifts and moves out of the dark, sitting down on the far end of the rather large bed and hold his head in his hands. "I'm sorry. There's no excuse for this."
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Feb 19 21:48:09 <Liebe> *holding
Feb 19 21:48:43 <Adhelami> Adhelami blinks and looks him over, gulping a little… She wipes her eye with her palm, moving it down her cheek, "Please don't apologize. It's ok…"
Feb 19 21:52:10 <Liebe> "No, no, fuck, I can't even get too mad or they'll notice…" He makes a frustrated little noise, then sighs and slumps back, falling onto the bed. "At least they gave you my room."
Feb 19 21:53:49 <Adhelami> The chains make a noise when he slumps, "I am sorry… But… It's nicer to have company. I'm sorry that I took your room, though… I-Is this your bed?"
Feb 19 21:55:28 <Liebe> "Yeah. There's a, uh, prison here, but they don't like to use it for their own reasons."
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Feb 19 21:55:54 <Adhelami> "I'll get off your bed and let you lay down, Dahn Line."
Feb 19 21:57:30 <Liebe> "Ah, geez, no, don't do that. I don't sleep much anymore anyway, and you might as well be comfortable. If I get tired I'll find a blanket and curl up on the floor or something." He waves a hand, then sighs again, muddled under the mask.
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Feb 19 22:08:52 <Adhelami> "I sleep a lot on hard surfaces. I won't take your bed from you, Dahn…"
Feb 19 22:15:57 <Liebe> He sighs again, exasperated. More with himself than Adhelami. "Well, I'll just sleep on the foot of the bed, then. We're both not that big."