Kidnapped!: Changes

Feb 26 16:58:45 <Lilah> Line's room, a dark groan sounds out. Breathing… another cry. And then a sniffle…
Feb 26 17:01:58 <Liebe> Line enters the room with the little lantern, and shuts the door behind him, removing his mask and setting aside as he turns and puts the light into a little stand. "Adhelami…?"
Feb 26 17:02:46 <Lilah> "….Line…?" Her voice hoarsely speaks.
Feb 26 17:04:02 <Liebe> His mind flashes with sudden concern and he darts over to the bed. "Adhelami?? Are you ok?"
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Feb 26 17:05:45 <Lilah> She is sitting in the shadow of the corner and quickly backs up, smashing into the wall with a thump. She'd been gone for… a day? Maybe two? Time doesn't pass properly here, it seems. Hours feel like minutes, and minutes feel like entire days. Nothing works. She huffs out, shaking, fear in her voice breathing out with pathetic sound.
Feb 26 17:08:17 <Liebe> He stands at the foot of the bed, looking nervously in her direction. What did they do…? He swallows quietly, running his palms over each other. "Love…? Adhelami?"
Feb 26 17:11:48 <Lilah> "…Don't…" She says lowly, in only a little whisper, "…I…"
Feb 26 17:13:14 <Liebe> "Adhelami, please, talk to me…"
Feb 26 17:20:52 <Lilah> Suddenly, something comes out of the darkness of the corner. Something long and thin. It moves smoothly out, up, and then down, gently pressing into the bed. Black, and shiny, another one pushed out from the darkness… and then another… and soon, Adhelami herself, her head down and her hair in her face, moved out too…
Feb 26 17:21:27 <Lilah> Huge spider legs, protruding from her back most likely, pulled her forward… She sniffles.
Feb 26 17:25:08 <Liebe> Line jolts a little, taken aback. A twinge of hope in his gut is extinguished - he'd hoped when she'd been completely whole that'd they hadn't done anything. He freezes on the spot, face featuring a faint look of anger and self-loathing for letting this happen, unsure what to do.
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Feb 26 17:29:38 <Lilah> She breathes out heavily, her face lifting as hair slides away from her face. The eye-wrap is gone. She has both eyes now… but there is no life in them. Black orbs, the lantern mirroring in them, she huffs… His reaction hurts. Suddenly, the legs swiftly click off of the bed, skittering away of into a far, dark corner. Nestling into the darkness, she wraps the legs around her body as she curls up and begins crying.
Feb 26 17:32:27 <Liebe> He snaps out of it, jolted again by her crying. No, no. "Adhelami, please, come here. Please?" There's a note of worried pleading in his voice as he looks at the cocoon of black with the lovely girl inside.
Feb 26 17:32:47 <Liebe> He kneels down as he speaks.
Feb 26 17:35:16 <Lilah> Sniffle, sob… huff… Sob, sob, "…I'm so hungry…" She peeps out.
Feb 26 17:36:30 <Lilah> "I… I don't… want to hurt you, Line… I'm… so.." Her voice suddenly turns hoarse and deep, "/Hungry./"
Feb 26 17:38:18 <Liebe> He exhales. Oh, god. "…What do you want to eat, Adhelami…?" He echoes his question from a few days ago.
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Feb 26 17:44:01 <Lilah> "S-Something hot… S-Something… alive…" She huffs deeply, "S-Something that… makes creatures live.." She sobs gently at her own description, "I just… Want to…"
Feb 26 17:46:25 <Liebe> Line pauses, thinking, and then reaches into his pocket with his free hand, the Knife there as it is always. He looks at it - a serrated combat knife - and then draws it carefully over his palm, grunting.
Feb 26 17:47:24 <Liebe> He offers the hand in her direction. "It's ok, Vhen, I'm not afraid. Let me see you, please?"
Feb 26 17:48:29 <Lilah> Adhelami's legs tighten up around her, and she huffs with a small gasp, "……." She smells the blood almost instantly, and begins to cry uncontrollably, "No no no no no..!!! I..! Nooo!!"
Feb 26 17:50:04 <Liebe> "You won't hurt me, Adhelami, please. It's ok." He huffs desperately. "Let me help you."
Feb 26 17:53:50 <Lilah> The girl huff, huffs… and her legs slowly unfurl, and pull her up from the corner. The little feet click on the cold, hard floor as she approaches him, sniffling.
Feb 26 17:54:22 <Lilah> Almost immediately, she buries her mouth into the palm of his hand and ravenously begins to lick at the blood.
Feb 26 17:56:52 <Liebe> He exhales sharply, drawing in the breath in nearly the same second. He closes one eye and uses the other to affectionately rub her crown. "See, it's ok, I'm here for you."
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Feb 26 18:03:01 <Lilah> Huffing and huffing as she licks wildly, she cries at the same time, tears dropping onto his palm. Suddenly, however, she bites at the wound some. Sharp, knife-needle fangs cut at the wound more to make more blood, "I'm sorry…" She sobs, and licks, the blood all over her lips, "I'm sorry Line… I'm sorry…"
Feb 26 18:06:46 <Liebe> Flinch, flinch. He bites his lip, and allows her to suckle from the palm while the free hand throws the knife away and pulls the shoulder of his silk shirt down, revealing shoulder. He pulls her into a little embrace, her head up next to his bare skin. "Here. Eat." Back rubs.
Feb 26 18:09:51 <Lilah> "L-Linee…" She whines, shivering… Her spider legs click up, and then suddenly wrap around him, "…NNooo…" She breaths heavily. His skin is so alive and warm and enticing and perfect and delicious and…
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Feb 26 18:16:16 <Praetor> "Adhelami, it's ok…you won't hurt me. It's alright. I'm pretty tough." He hugs her back - she's so warm like this. He wonders if its the legs faintly. "Please." Squeeze.
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Feb 26 18:18:22 <Lilah> "I don't… want… to… go out of control…" She sobs.
Feb 26 18:20:22 <Praetor> "I won't let you. I'll find a way. Just eat." He thinks; he needs a way to the outside world…maybe if there'd been someone here recently, he could slip away…no, no one has gone back - Line stops.
Feb 26 18:20:29 <Praetor> The scarecrow.
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Feb 26 18:21:03 <Praetor> Plots fall into place. "I'll get you out."
Feb 26 18:21:09 <Lilah> Adhelami's needle-knife fangs then suddenly dig into his flesh, sinking in deeply.
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Feb 26 18:29:14 <Praetor> He breathes in sharply through his noise, grunting airly in pain once, and then is silent as he considers a point on the far wall. He lets her drink freely - he has suffered worse pain from women he cared less for.
Feb 26 18:29:43 <Praetor> After a minute, he kisses the tip of her ear and whispers something to her.
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Feb 26 18:37:55 <Lilah> Adhelami cries gently as she drinks from the wound, huffing as she hugs him close and quietly eats. She won't drink a lot, she won't, she is sure she wont.
Feb 26 18:40:03 <Liebe> Pat pat, pet pet. "We'll go outside again after you eat, and I'll show you a better place, alright? And I'll stay with you. Don't worry."
Feb 26 18:41:38 <Lilah> "I don't…" She sniffles, licks, "… want anyone to see…"
Feb 26 18:43:18 <Liebe> "I'll find a dark place. No one will see." He rests his head against hers.
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Feb 26 18:51:31 <Lilah> "I…" She licks and suckles, pulling her face away a little, "I… I'm… I don't… want anymore…" She does. She totally does. God, it's so sweet and delicious and warm and wonderful…
Feb 26 18:53:18 <Liebe> He reaches out, blindly, and rips the silk red sheet off the bed with a couple quick tugs, pulling it over the girl's back and head. It's not much of a disguise with the legs still hugging him, but he hopes it'll make her feel a bit more secure as he shifts his weight and stands with her.
Feb 26 18:54:33 <Liebe> The sudden act makes him slightly dizzy, no doubt aided by the blood luss, but he finds footing and cradles her tightly, shifting the door with his foot to open it as he carries her down the hall.
Feb 26 18:55:57 <Lilah> Adhelami keeps her face hidden in his uninjured shoulder, not wanting to show her eyes, not wanting to look at the blood. The smell drives her crazy. She hugs him tighter.
Feb 26 18:58:49 <Liebe> Squeeze. Line's face is pale as he goes as quickly as he can down the stairs, and through the gate, spiriting her into the breezy artifical night. He carries her towards a structure Selana Xeland had grown one afternoon, in her boredom - a dome made of flowering scarlet and jade vines. He steps into the little arch that marks it as the entrance, most of the
Feb 26 18:59:40 <Liebe> moonlight failing to filter through the canopy above. He pants and lowers her to the grassy ground, still bundled up in the soft bedsheet.
Feb 26 19:01:33 <Lilah> "D-Don't move a lot…"
Feb 26 19:05:50 <Liebe> "I'm sorry, I'm sorry…"
Feb 26 19:11:46 <Lilah> "Are… Are you ok…?" She gulps.
Feb 26 19:13:48 <Liebe> "I'm fine." Shakey smile. "Still hungry?"
Feb 26 19:14:02 <Lilah> "N-No."
Feb 26 19:16:06 <Liebe> He wraps her up in the sheet as best as possible, and then moves her hair out of her face, the half-of-a-smile not even slowing at her dead empty eyes.
Feb 26 19:16:51 <Lilah> As she looks, she quickly brings her hands up, pulling her hair into her face once more and dropping her eyes, "Don't look, don't look…"
Feb 26 19:18:07 <Liebe> "You told me you weren't scared of me." He moves back out of the way. "I'm not scared of you, either."
Feb 26 19:18:57 <Liebe> "Please, Adhelami. Trust me."
Feb 26 19:20:16 <Lilah> Adhelami sniffles and frowns deeply, nodding. She then pushes in, and lays her head on his chest, "…I just… want to sit."
Feb 26 19:21:57 <Liebe> "Alright." He rubs her head and hair, laying down next to her. "Let's just lay here then." He'll wait and see if she can sleep.