(12:46:16 AM) E4D: He nods. "I agree. Last chance. But first…" He looks at the cat again. "You and the Lieutenant, dig a hole. Quickly. As fast as you can."
(12:46:37 AM) Dexanote: Bruce waddles towards the hotel
(12:46:41 AM) Dawny: Kay stretches out and mumbles a goodnight to Misha, then falls asleep on the couch.
(12:46:49 AM) Waxx: Dmitri nods. and grabs a shovel from the nearest vehicle.
(12:46:50 AM) E4D: Jason catches it, rolling it with his boot.
(12:47:00 AM) Maddy: "…" Alice looks at the cat thing too…and tries not to snicker.
(12:47:04 AM) Waxx: "Sage, come on. Help me dig."
(12:47:10 AM) E4D: He begins riolling it back toward the LAV, talking sweetly.
(12:47:18 AM) *MartinSage nods and folds out his combat shovel, passing it to Dmitri.
(12:47:19 AM) E4D: "Awww, come on, who's a good kitty?"
(12:47:19 AM) Dexanote: "Mmmmrrrmrmrmmwww"
(12:47:27 AM) Dexanote: > : [
(12:47:31 AM) *
MartinSage pulls out his combat knife and follows.
(12:47:39 AM) Waxx: Dmitri begins digging, a man possessed.
(12:47:46 AM) Dexanote: 4df+4 Ath | it tries to catch the ground and roll away
(12:47:46 AM) Glacon: Dexanote: Ath | it tries to catch the ground and roll away: 3 (4df+4=0, +, -, -)
(12:47:51 AM) *MartinSage uses the blade to dig opposite him.
(12:47:52 AM) Maddy: It's really hard for Alice not to snicker.
(12:48:01 AM) E4D: 4df+6 Not now, damn it.
(12:48:02 AM) Glacon: E4D: Not now, damn it.: 6 (4df+6=-, -, +, +)
(12:48:09 AM) E4D: That's a fate point.
(12:48:10 AM) Dexanote: : [
(12:48:20 AM) Dexanote: "MRRR"
(12:48:28 AM) Ragazzo: «Anyone seen bruce…?»
(12:48:35 AM) Nusquam: Samil watches quizzically from the dinner table, bottle of whiskey in hand.
(12:48:44 AM) Nusquam: vodka*
(12:48:50 AM) Salmander: «Fuck the cat.»
(12:48:51 AM) Nusquam: «Nah, man.»
(12:48:55 AM) Nusquam: He takes a sip.
(12:48:55 AM) E4D: Jason looks at the whole dug by the frenzied Russian.
(12:49:22 AM) Ragazzo: «Ugh. Fine.»
(12:49:25 AM) Dexanote: 4df+7 tagging Grumpybones and FFF because Bruce is a bit pissed.
(12:49:26 AM) Glacon: Dexanote: tagging Grumpybones and FFF because Bruce is a bit pissed.: 6 (4df+7=0, -, -, +)
(12:49:32 AM) Maddy: Alice looks at The Bruce's derpface.
(12:49:37 AM) Dexanote: Ath. Bruce tries to roll waay away
(12:49:39 AM) MartinSage: dig dig dig
(12:49:44 AM) Dexanote: derpin hard, Alice
(12:49:46 AM) E4D: 4df+6 burning fate and tagging IFF. That cat is DEFINITELY Jason's enemy.
(12:49:47 AM) Glacon: E4D: burning fate and tagging IFF. That cat is DEFINITELY Jason's enemy.: 5 (4df+6=+, 0, -, -)
(12:49:47 AM) Dexanote: derpin hard
(12:49:50 AM) Maddy: She snickers more.
(12:50:00 AM) Ragazzo: Dusty starts down and out the hotel.
(12:50:05 AM) Ragazzo: «….»
(12:50:05 AM) E4D: "ALICE! GET IT!"
(12:50:09 AM) Ragazzo: «God damn it.»
(12:50:11 AM) Nusquam: He rises from the table and staggers over.
(12:50:11 AM) Maddy: She gets up and jogs over.
(12:50:11 AM) Waxx: Dmitri keeps digging.
(12:50:13 AM) Dexanote: the bruce waddles away from Jason
(12:50:15 AM) Ragazzo: Dusty hurries!
(12:50:20 AM) Nusquam: Still holding the vodka.
(12:50:22 AM) Maddy: 4df+6 grabbin cats
(12:50:23 AM) Glacon: Maddy: grabbin cats: 5 (4df+6=-, +, 0, -)
(12:50:24 AM) E4D: Jason draws his weapon.
(12:50:24 AM) Ragazzo: 4df Athletics to exit the hotel.
(12:50:25 AM) Glacon: Ragazzo: Athletics to exit the hotel.: 0 (4df=+, -, +, -)
(12:50:26 AM) Dexanote: 4df+3
(12:50:27 AM) Glacon: Dexanote: 2 (4df+3=0, -, -, +)
(12:50:32 AM) Dexanote: Alice grans Bruce!
(12:50:35 AM) Dexanote: grabs!
(12:50:38 AM) Maddy: Rollrollrollroll
(12:50:42 AM) Nusquam: 4df Opposing Dusty!
(12:50:42 AM) Glacon: Nusquam: Opposing Dusty!: 0 (4df=+, -, -, +)
(12:50:43 AM) E4D: He prepares to hold Duty off as they dispose of the cat.
(12:50:49 AM) Ragazzo: Does dusty exit the hotel!
(12:50:51 AM) Ragazzo: !?
(12:50:56 AM) Dexanote: "Mmmmrrr" DERPRAGE
(12:51:03 AM) Maddy: "Shush you."
(12:51:08 AM) MartinSage: dig dig dig
(12:51:12 AM) Nusquam: A Caution: Wet Floor sign seems to be in order, but he manages to keep his footing.
(12:51:17 AM) E4D: "Alice! Hurry! The hole!"
(12:51:24 AM) Nusquam: What the liquid on the floor is, who knows.
(12:51:27 AM) Ragazzo: Dusty storms oout the hotel.
(12:51:29 AM) Waxx: "Faster, Sage! We have to be ready!"
(12:51:30 AM) Dexanote: piss
(12:51:33 AM) Maddy: 4df+6 another AP to get him in the hole!
(12:51:33 AM) Glacon: Maddy: another AP to get him in the hole!: 7 (4df+6=-, +, 0, +)
(12:51:34 AM) Ragazzo: "Where is my god damn cat."
(12:51:38 AM) Dexanote: 4df=3
(12:51:39 AM) Maddy: "FORE!"
(12:51:42 AM) Dexanote: 4df=3
(12:51:45 AM) Dexanote: 4df+3
(12:51:45 AM) Glacon: Dexanote: 6 (4df+3=+, +, +, 0)
(12:51:53 AM) E4D: PLUNK.
(12:51:54 AM) Maddy: XD
(12:51:55 AM) Dexanote: Alice spartakicks Bruce into the hole!
(12:52:01 AM) E4D: Bruce hits a rock at the bottom of the hole.
(12:52:08 AM) Nusquam: Samil stares at the unfolding spectacle blankly.
(12:52:19 AM) Ragazzo: Dusty moves over to the hole.
(12:52:22 AM) E4D: Jason begins shovelling dirt in with his boot.
(12:52:25 AM) Ragazzo: "Oh fuck you guys."
(12:52:29 AM) Nusquam: "'s goodonya mate."
(12:52:30 AM) Waxx: Dmitri begins piling the dirt on top of it.
(12:52:31 AM) Maddy: Alice helps!
(12:52:35 AM) Waxx: "KEEP PILING. BURY IT!"
(12:52:43 AM) Ragazzo: "I'm going to dig him out again, you know."
(12:52:51 AM) Maddy: Alice is snickering a little the entire time.
(12:52:52 AM) Ragazzo: "Hell, he'll manag it himself."
(12:52:55 AM) Nusquam: He takes another sip. There's not much vodka left.
(12:53:07 AM) Maddy: "Or h-he'll be too lazy and stay."
(12:53:30 AM) E4D: "Dusty, if you attempt to dig this thing up, I will open fire, and I will keep shooting until I am satisfied you are dead."
(12:53:36 AM) Dexanote: "MRFFFF."
(12:53:36 AM) Nusquam: "…goddammit nah everone back up I gotthis."
(12:53:41 AM) Ragazzo: "You can go to hell."
(12:53:59 AM) Dexanote: "MRFFF-mmhF. eh"
(12:54:02 AM) Ragazzo: "It's a gdo damn cat. What's your problem with it?"
(12:54:06 AM) E4D: "Not really, but."
(12:54:07 AM) Ragazzo: *god
(12:54:50 AM) E4D: "Honestly? My problem? Sometimes you seem okay. Othertimes, you set where we're staying on fire and turn it into a gigantic smoke signal to the armored battalion in pursuit of us."
(12:55:09 AM) E4D: "I was taking retaliatory action."
(12:55:16 AM) Ragazzo: "Against a cat."
(12:55:23 AM) E4D: "Samil told me that the thing spits up superheated hairballs."
(12:55:41 AM) E4D: "That can set off the vehicles fire systems."
(12:55:48 AM) E4D: "It can also ignite fuel and ammunition."
(12:55:56 AM) E4D: "It can also incinerate where we stay."
(12:56:03 AM) E4D: "It can injure personnel."
(12:56:04 AM) Nusquam: He unslings his M4, placing the vodka bottle in a drop pouch attempting to load a grenade into the underbarrel launcher. He drops it, and stoops to pick it up, spilling some of the vodka.
(12:56:15 AM) E4D: "However inadvertently, keeping this thing is a bad idea."
(12:56:21 AM) Nusquam: The second attempt is successful.
(12:56:24 AM) Ragazzo: "So you want to bury it."
(12:56:40 AM) Ragazzo: "Because that's not cruel."
(12:56:43 AM) E4D: "Yes."
(12:56:49 AM) Nusquam: "I says everyone back the fuck up I godiz."
(12:56:56 AM) E4D: "IT'S BARELY ABLE TO MEOW."
(12:56:57 AM) Maddy: "Samil, s-simmer."
(12:56:59 AM) Ragazzo: "…the fuck is he doing."
(12:57:19 AM) Waxx: Dmitri jabs a finger at Dusty. "-You- caused the death of this cat, by creating it in the first place."
(12:57:33 AM) Nusquam: "…I…" he waves vaguely, "terrible cook!"
(12:57:36 AM) Waxx: "I hope you are happy."
(12:57:46 AM) Ragazzo: "You're burying it!"
(12:57:53 AM) Ragazzo: "You have the shovel!"
(12:57:55 AM) E4D: "You're a terrile person, Dusty, consigning it to a fate like this."
(12:58:06 AM) Waxx: "This is all your fault. You should not have played god."
(12:58:10 AM) E4D: Jason gestures at himself, trelnikov, and Sage.
(12:58:12 AM) Maddy: "…t-terrible cook?"
(12:58:16 AM) Dexanote: "Fuck's goin on in 'ere?"
(12:58:18 AM) Salmander: "Yeah, fuck off, sparky." Redd comes walking out of the hotel.
(12:58:23 AM) Dexanote: Shank skitters up
(12:58:27 AM) Ragazzo: "I'm a fucking alchemist! It's all we do!"
(12:58:36 AM) Waxx: "And what did you learn from that?!"
(12:58:36 AM) Ragazzo: Dusty stomps the ground where bruce is buried.
(12:58:40 AM) Waxx: "You lit our fuckink building on fire!"
(12:58:42 AM) E4D: "What? Derp so hard you flerp?"
(12:58:44 AM) Salmander: "Well maybe ya shoulda become a doctah. Or a lawyah."
(12:58:44 AM) Ragazzo: "BRUCE! GET UP HERE."
(12:58:47 AM) Waxx: "And now your cat is dead!"
(12:59:11 AM) Dexanote: "Mmr."
(12:59:12 AM) Soulless: Alicel half stumbles outside.
(12:59:16 AM) Dexanote: so fucking indifferent
(12:59:22 AM) Ragazzo: "NOW!"
(12:59:27 AM) Maddy: "Look h-he doesn't eve care."
(12:59:31 AM) Dawny left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
(12:59:45 AM) Soulless: "What is going on, everyone?"
(12:59:50 AM) Ragazzo: "I don't give a damn. He isn't staying in a hole until he rots."
(12:59:57 AM) Salmander: "Yeah Sparky, seriously, nobody's gonna be takin' you advice. Not even the dumbshit cat."
(1:00:00 AM) Maddy: "He can't rot."
(1:00:02 AM) Waxx: "It cannot rot, it is made of stone."
(1:00:04 AM) E4D: "If it comes out of the ground, I'm going to pretend it's Pet Sematary and do what the dude should have done."
(1:00:14 AM) Dexanote: "… you buried the bouldercat."
(1:00:18 AM) Nusquam: He sighs, everyone seeming to ignore him.
(1:00:19 AM) Dexanote: "Thaz fucking gold."
(1:00:40 AM) Nusquam: He mumbles something under his breath, but it's difficult to make out.
(1:00:42 AM) Soulless: Alicel walks over to the group, and the buried cat. "What is everyone arguing about, if I may ask?"
(1:00:46 AM) E4D: "I only came up with the idea. Alice caught it, and the Colonel and Lieutenant dug the hole."
(1:01:03 AM) E4D: "Samil! We buried the cat!"
(1:01:12 AM) Ragazzo: "They buried Bruce!"
(1:01:12 AM) Waxx: He points at Dusty again. "Consider yourself on notice, Dusty. One more fuckup and it is to the ditch with you."
(1:01:23 AM) Soulless: "They.. Excuse me?"
(1:01:24 AM) Waxx: "This cat is paying the price for your own mistakes."
(1:01:35 AM) Ragazzo: "You *buried* a living thing."
(1:01:40 AM) Ragazzo: "An animal."
(1:01:45 AM) Waxx: "I WILL BURY -YOU-."
(1:01:46 AM) Salmander: "It's not livin' ya fuc."
(1:01:46 AM) E4D: "It's not alive. Not really."
(1:01:48 AM) Maddy: "It's not an a-animal."
(1:01:50 AM) Nusquam: "…grenades." he says, gesturing to the M4.
(1:02:02 AM) Dexanote: "… Uh."
(1:02:03 AM) Nusquam: "Or…"
(1:02:11 AM) Dexanote: "Iff 'es made of lava innt that a bad idea?"
(1:02:13 AM) Nusquam: He waves in Eve's general direction.
(1:02:31 AM) E4D: Jason's eyes settle on the weapon. "Nah, it's okay. We got it handled."
(1:02:44 AM) E4D: "Remember? YOU were the one who said cracking it might be bad?"
(1:02:44 AM) Nusquam: "No'f wheel stand back."
(1:02:55 AM) Ragazzo: "…"
(1:03:00 AM) E4D: "So I took your advice and we simply buried it."
(1:03:12 AM) Nusquam: Samil stares blankly a moment.
(1:03:15 AM) Ragazzo: "He's drunk?"
(1:03:31 AM) Nusquam: "Right on." he says, half to Dusty, half to Jason.
(1:04:05 AM) Nusquam: He lets the sling take the rifle and goes to retrieve the bottle of vodka that Dmitri had passed around earlier, raising it to his lips only to find it's empty.
(1:04:26 AM) Nusquam: He looks deeply saddened as he stumbles back toward the motel.
(1:07:49 AM) E4D: "So… yeah. If you set one of us on fire again, or burn down where we live, I'm going to shoot you if you stay."
(1:08:31 AM) Ragazzo: "Yeah. I get that. Now stop torturing my cat."
(1:08:47 AM) Doctor_Light left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
(1:08:55 AM) Salmander: "Just in case, sparky, couldja make me fire retardant?"
(1:09:13 AM) Ragazzo: "Sure thing. Been meaning to anyway."
(1:09:34 AM) Ragazzo: "By the way, shank, what's wit the screen."
(1:09:40 AM) E4D: "He's among friends. All the rocks he could want. Hell, I think he landed on one when Alice whomped his ass."
(1:09:42 AM) Ragazzo: "I keep forgetting to ask."
(1:11:03 AM) Ragazzo: "He's got /one/ god damn friend in the world. Me. Do you know how bloody awful that is? For someone like me to be the guy who looks out for you?"
(1:11:27 AM) Maddy: "Again. I d-don't think he cares."
(1:11:37 AM) Dexanote: Shank's not paying attention, just watching the fire.
(1:11:56 AM) Nusquam: "znot like 'e burns er anythin'!"
(1:12:09 AM) E4D: "Yeah. It's scary."
(1:12:28 AM) E4D: "I'd imagine he's pretty happy to be away from the one thing in the world that's likely a hazard to him."
(1:12:49 AM) E4D: "You know, the thing that constantly explodes or burns, or sets the place where it lives on fire?"
(1:12:52 AM) Nusquam: Samil again turns around and gestures to the M4.
(1:12:54 AM) Dexanote: "Huh?"
(1:13:13 AM) E4D: "Yeah, I'd be awfully sad if I didn't have to hang around THAT guy anymore, Dusty."
(1:13:20 AM) E4D: "It'd break my heart."
(1:13:33 AM) E4D: He raises a hand, rubbing two fingers together.
(1:13:36 AM) E4D: "Know what this is?"
(1:13:50 AM) Maddy: Alice manages, barely, not to snicker
(1:13:50 AM) Ragazzo: "The sound of you being an asshole."
(1:13:58 AM) E4D: "It's the world's tiniest violin playing 'My Heart Bleeds For You."
(1:13:59 AM) Nusquam: "Is smalles' violin?"
(1:14:07 AM) E4D: He raises another. "Stereo."
(1:14:17 AM) E4D: "Samil? Put yours up."
(1:14:27 AM) Maddy: "…snrk…."
(1:14:30 AM) E4D: "Dolby 5.1 Surround."
(1:14:33 AM) Nusquam: He obliges.
(1:15:05 AM) Nusquam: "I think mines broken."
(1:15:26 AM) Soulless: Alicel shakes his head. He does not understand the cruelty of humans, their anger and grumpiness.
(1:15:28 AM) Dexanote: "… Oh hey."
(1:15:34 AM) Nusquam: "Can'' hear nothin'."
(1:15:43 AM) Dexanote: Shank roots around in his core and pulls out a pack of guitar strings.
(1:15:56 AM) Dexanote: "One sec…" He crudely fashions a lute/harp from his arm.
(1:16:01 AM) Nusquam: Samil slowly turns and stares.
(1:16:09 AM) Dexanote: plackplinkabalkack
(1:16:14 AM) Dexanote: "That ain't right…"
(1:16:20 AM) Dexanote: "How do ya make a violin?"
(1:16:28 AM) Dexanote: "Oi Minnight get over 'ere."
(1:16:45 AM) Nusquam: "Like this," he says, demonstrating the finger rubbing violin technique.
(1:16:55 AM) Nusquam: "Mine's broken."
(1:17:31 AM) Dexanote: "You are altered."
(1:17:55 AM) Nusquam: "Wazzat mean?"
(1:18:33 AM) E4D: Jason glares at Dusty, but loses some of the edge in his voice. "Let's be civil for a minute. You can understand why an otherwise reasonable motherfucker like myself might get a little bit pissed when you threaten the lives of everyone he takes an interest in the safety of right? With the threat of painful death in a fire, or suffocation, or something."
(1:18:35 AM) Soulless: "I do not believe violins are made that way, Shank. They are stretched so they vibrate sound when rubbed against."
(1:18:50 AM) E4D: "When one of the people is his wife? Other people he's worked with?"
(1:19:04 AM) E4D: "When it can draw the attention of people out to fucking murder us?"
(1:19:27 AM) Nusquam: Samil loses interest and wanders inside to pass out, and his player decides this sounds like a grand idea as well.
(1:19:34 AM) Ragazzo: "…."
(1:20:01 AM) Ragazzo: "I can."
(1:20:04 AM) Nusquam left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
(1:20:41 AM) E4D: "When that person's cost the lives of two people already. However indirectly."
(1:21:00 AM) E4D: "What that person's set a close friend on fire, made her cry, burnt up her hair."
(1:21:18 AM) Ragazzo: "I know what I've done."
(1:21:34 AM) E4D: He takes a step closer, leaning forward. "You've fucked up nearly everything you touch."
(1:21:46 AM) Dexanote: ?everything
(1:21:52 AM) E4D: "Tonight, you threatened everything I've tried to save."
(1:22:05 AM) E4D: "Again."
(1:22:18 AM) Ragazzo: Dusty doesn't take a step back. He just listens.
(1:22:30 AM) E4D: "Your touch is a fucking virulent *poison*."
(1:23:56 AM) E4D: "Again, with Jill? Remember Jill? Sure ya do. Setting her on fire, *deliberately* wasn't enough. The next day you had to get her almost killed by the fucking Snake. Did you need to try to cram that alchemy shit onto her that bad?"
(1:24:21 AM) E4D: "Goddamnit, you yourself ADMITTED it was a bad idea, that it could be hazardous… but you kept on fucking around."
(1:24:39 AM) Ragazzo: "I didn't do it on fucking purpose! She asked me to take it off! What would you have done, with with a god damn his snake on her arm?"
(1:24:50 AM) E4D: "Melting rocks that goddamn important? I guess it was. Laito and Geier. I hope it was fucking worth it."
(1:25:05 AM) Ragazzo: *hissing
(1:25:34 AM) E4D: "*YOU* ARE A *GODDAMN* /CANCER/."
(1:26:42 AM) Maddy: Alice winces a little. It's not really funny anymore.
(1:27:41 AM) *
MartinSage stands in back, arms crossed, rifle slung, slightly entertained by the evening.
(1:28:22 AM) Dexanote: "E killed a god once."
(1:28:26 AM) Soulless: Alicel takes Dusty's shoulder. He tries to remove him from the situation and being yelled at.
(1:28:27 AM) Salmander: "Boss…"
(1:28:34 AM) Ragazzo: "Shut up shank."
(1:28:44 AM) Ragazzo: Dusty shrugs off alicel.
(1:29:19 AM) E4D: "*I* *DID* *NOT* *FUCKING* *THINK* *SO*."
(1:29:22 AM) Soulless: Alicel looks confused. He was not programmed to deal with this.
(1:29:43 AM) ***MartinSage takes a few steps out towards the road and starts checking around with binoculars. All the noise is making him a little edgy, what with a god damn raging fire and all a few blocks away.
(1:31:05 AM) E4D: Jason spits next to him. "You've got your merits. I'm sure you do. But you need to find them. And you need to find them in a hurry. You want the cat? Dig it up. But goddamnit, Dusty, *please* for your sake and the sake of everyone around you…"
(1:31:13 AM) Maddy: Alice decides to mentaly cancel the dinner date, and sighs a little.
(1:31:15 AM) E4D: "Check your fucking actions before you execute."
(1:31:50 AM) E4D: He gestures around. "There's not enough of us left to weather mistakes."
(1:32:26 AM) E4D: Jason almost visibly deflates a little, looking tired.
(1:32:32 AM) E4D: He turns and heads inside.